Ally (Jill Zarin’s Daughter) joins All Star Cast on Millionaire Matchmaker plus Things from the New Jersey Reunion that Made me Chuckle

Ally (Jill Zarin’s Daughter) on Millionaire Matchmaker

First of all, hats off to Patti Stranger for making it to eight seasons on Bravo.  I may detest the woman, but she’s hung in there despite a despicable personality, lack of success in actually making any matches, insulting her fellow bravolebrities and Bravo executives, low ratings, the list goes on and on.  But she’ll be back on our small screen starting December 7.  I seriously don’t mind.  I enjoy an evening where I’m not even tempted to turn on Bravo.

Anyhow, this season seems to be celebrity matchmaker – and the short preview clip released by Bravo shows a lot of familiar faces – including Chris and Caroline Manzo, Sonja Morgan, Reza from Shahs, Chilli from TLC, Heidi and Spenser, Marysol Patton, Perez Hilton, and Ally Shapiro and Jill Zarin.

Last we saw Ally, she had been hunted down by her mom and a camera crew, and was humiliated on-screen as they went clothes shopping.  Shortly after that she transferred colleges and moved to Nashville – far far away from Jillzy.  It’s hard to believe she could be talked into appearing on this fiasco.  On a positive note, the preview shows Jill reaching for her drink and inadvertently sticking a straw up her nose – so that’s good for a chuckle at least.

mmjillstrawupnosmmchris mmheidiandspencer mmmarysol mmperez

mmreza mmsonja

As for Patti, as the seasons have progressed, her show has turned into more and more of a joke.  I know nothing about this woman, so I decided to see if she even had a website for her dating service company.  She does – and it’s pretty slick.  Every wonder what she charges (assuming there are real clients).

There are a range of basic packages:

$ 25K – 6 months of unlimited dating US/Canada

  • 30 minute relationship counseling session & Patti’s commandments of dating and steps to success (aren’t those free?)

$ 45K – 1 Year of unlimited dating US/Canada

  • 1 hour relationship counseling session & Patti’s commandments of dating and steps to success

$ 65K – 1 Year of unlimited dating US/Canada (Bronze Package)

  • 1 hour date coaching session with the dating coach
  • 1 hour image consulting session with the image consultant
  • 1 hour hypnotherapy session with the hypnotherapist

$ 85K – 1 Year of unlimited dating US/Canada (Silver Package)

  • 1 hour of relationship counseling with Patti Stanger
  • Patti Stanger will personally match and introduce you to the love of your life (and if you tell her no – that is not the love of my life she will yell at you and insult you and send you packing)

$ 100K+ – 1 Year of unlimited dating US/Canada (Gold Package)

  • This package will be fully customized to your needs including international searches and more. (Mail order bride?)

And wondering how much the add-ons cost – such as The Millionaire Matchmaker®Mixer Experience

$ 35K +Expenses – As Seen on Bravo’s Hit Show The Millionaire Matchmaker®

  • One-time mixer event held at an upscale location in your city
  • MC matchmakers will hand select up to 25 daters of the opposite or same sex of your choice
  • Your MC matchmaker will introduce, guide you on your mini-dates
  • *Expenses do not include food, alcohol, venue of mixer or hotel stay. Those must be purchased for an additional fee

To receive Patti Stanger as your personal matchmaker (along with an assistant matchmaker) there is an additional fee of a minimum of $35,000 on top of a Millionaire Matchmaker Membership Package. Patti limits her personal matchmaking to an average of 10 club members based on schedule, availability and space per year.

Veena’s note – all of the information was taken from Patti’s website.

Here is the preview clip:


Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Highlights by Veena

Good gracious the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion has been hard to watch.  With the Giudice’s just learning that they face prison time, it was about as subdued as the Season Two Atlanta Reunion that shortly followed Kandi’s ex fiance’s (AJ’s) death.  There was barely a furrowed brow, much less a raised voice, and each of the six ladies seemed to have half smiles frozen on their faces as they all feigned sympathy for the Giudices.  But among the hours and hours of footage there were a few slips of the tongue, glimpses of real humans behind the caked makeup and zombie-like facade, and even a few moments of levity:

10.  Melissa, Kathy, and Rosie telling Dina that she should expect her relatives to return to the show and address their issues with her – because the show was a great place to work out family conflicts.

9.  Teresa giving Melissa the cold shoulder through the entire reunion, as Melissa sat there and had to pretend that they were getting along.

8.  Amber saying Jim had an asshole problem and people agreeing immediately, until she clarified that he had problems with assholes.

7. Teresa laughing hysterically as Andy questioned Dina about whether the show had a impact on her relationship with Jacqueline and Caroline – then when asked why she was laughing, explaining that she was glad that Andy finally acknowledged that the show did have a negative impact on people’s lives. Andy’s dumbfounded look was priceless.

6.  Teresa getting a burst of energy and jumping up to tell the other ladies that “people will come on the show to hurt you – be careful,” then suddenly realizing she’s sitting beside Melissa Gorga – who came on the show just to hurt her.

5.  Teresa G. asking Andy why it was insulting for Teresa (twin) to say “clink clink” and tap her wrists together.  Okay – that was just sad.

4.  Melissa Gorga saying something like, “When beautiful girls like Teresa (twin), or pretty girls like Amber, date rich men, people tend to think they are gold diggers.”  Ouch to Amber.

3.  Dina turning to Andy saying, “I thought we weren’t allowed props,” as Jim Marchese brought out his folder of evidence, spilling the beans that Andy had to BAN props – probably because of Kenya Moore.

2.  Joey Gorga, Joe Giudice and Dino giggling like little girls as Jim Marchese waved around his lame folder of evidence that Bobby (gasp!) went to a few housewife cookbook or appearances prior to joining the show.  Not sure if they were laughing at Jim or Bobby, probably both.

1.  Teresa Giudice turning to Bobby and saying “thank you for supporting me,” as Jim Marchese waved around a photo of Bobby at one of her book signings.  Specifically, watching Jim’s face deflate as she shut down his idiotic rant.

NJ 2


The Hobbit trailer has been released –  movie will be out December 17


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135 Responses to Ally (Jill Zarin’s Daughter) joins All Star Cast on Millionaire Matchmaker plus Things from the New Jersey Reunion that Made me Chuckle

  1. Powell says:

    T-Rex isn’t it funny how Kingsley is in Kim’s room. She knows he’s in her room and people keep going in her room and getting bitten.

    • Dramamamma says:

      This reply is really to something from the last blog regarding California law and vicious animals. I’m a native Californian and my family is active in pit bull rescue, so many of us are familiar with this area.
      California law allows BSLs (breed specific legislation) only in terms of breeding and spay/neutering. California does not ban specific dog breeds from being in the state – that is illegal. Cities are able to put their own restrictions on specific dogs, again with regard to spaying/neutering and breeding. That doesn’t mean that all cities do, just that they can make legislation with regard to that.
      To be termed a vicious or dangerous dog, certain procedures must be followed and the law relies on reporting to make it work. A dog has to be reported twice for sanctions to start and for it to be considered dangerous (dangerous and vicious are two different things under California law; dangerous are generally dogs who have attacked twice, vicious are dogs who have previously been labelled dangerous and have attacked more than twice or dogs who have maimed/killed in any attack and of course all these attacks have to have been reported). So if nobody has reported the dog to animal control, then animal control looks at the dog as a non dangerous dog. In addition, when an attack happens animal control officers have latitude to determine the danger. If they find that the animal was provoked or teased, then the animal attack doesn’t “count” against the dog.
      Finally, owners of dogs that they know to be dangerous (either because they’ve been reported or the dog is just known by the owner to be vicious) must be kept inside or in a special area outside away from people.
      So this is long, but let me just end it by saying that most pit bull rescues perform home checks before allowing the dog to be adopted. They look at whether a family has the right stuff to handle this breed. The ASPCA does not.
      I’m not saying I’m the expert on this – I’m not. I can only speak to my experience and that of my family.

  2. Powell says:

    Orson yes you have to respect a dog’s space. That reminds me of when I was growing up. One of my aunt’s neighbors had a female German shepherd named Broomhilda. She was big and beautiful and scary. The only one that could handle her was the owner. She only listened to him and sadly he didn’t teach her to be obedient. I grew up w/my aunt’s neighbors kids. The kids were afraid of their own dog. When she would come out on the porch no one would go on the porch. She was so bad that she killed several if her puppies from different litters she had. She was so scary that when she escaped from her dog house the word got out around the neighborhood, “Broomhilda is loose!! Broomhilda is loose!!”. All kids, every man, woman and child stayed their behinds in the house until she was caught. The neighborhood was quiet until she was caught. Can you imagine a neighborhood full of kids playing ball, riding bikes, playing music not doing those things because of a vicious dog? I don’t recall her biting any kids or anyone. But she was scary and everyone took it seriously that she was not a dog to mess with

    • vilzvet says:

      Oooh we had the same situation, though not nearly as bad, with a German Shepherd named Tug. The only one who could handle him was my uncle. I still want a Shepherd one day, they’re so beautiful.

  3. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. Good morning. I haven’t gone out yet but my mom said it’s cold. 39 degrees. 😨😨😨😨 Yikes!! But it’s supposed to warm up around 60. Don’t you just hate it how the bright sunny day is deceiving? It looks so nice and warm but it’s cold. Oh well. 🙂
    Has anyone watched “Chrisley Knows Best”? I’ve only seen maybe the last 10 minutes of aa couple of epis. Just watched. This is their 2nd season. I don’t know who Todd and Julie Chrisley are. I started looking but not thoroughly cuz I’m being lazy but they’re in the midst of what may be, allegedly be bankruptcy fraud. Their bankruptcy trustee has asked the judge for more time to review docs cuz he thinks a few of the docs are fraudulent, the Chrisley’s aren’t being truthful about their assets. Sounds sooooo familiar huh? Who are these people? 🙂

  4. Powell says:

    OMIB, NMD, T-Rex and Orson sorry I wasn’t back on after my comment yesterday about Tre. I was at the doc getting my treatment, went shopping not feeling well and when I got home I mostly slept. I’m back to normal today. 🙂 I know what you said regarding Tre’s sentence was how it went down. That was just my medicated short hand frustration at Tre saying she didn’t know her plea deal included prison. I’m really tired of her saying she didn’t know this, she didn’t know that, she didn’t understand. Do y’all think it’s going to just take her being in an orange jumpsuit for her to take her head out of the sand or is this just going to be Tre’s modus operandi?

    OneMoreInBoston on November 8, 2014 at 8:04 am
    It’s al good baby doll ! No worries- I’m glad your feeling better today.

    IMHO- sometimes God, The Universe, whatever you believe in- has to send a very powerful message in order to facilitate change.

    Look at the amazing platform the RH franchise provides, yet very few try to do anything meaningful to benefit our larger society

    Yet Teresa’s “story” is being followed around the country- and is even in the European tabloids.

    It’s a compelling morality play and when she gets out? I really don’t think Teresa will fade into obscurity- she is very charismatic and my fervent hope is she will begin to use her power for good.

    We may see this situation turn into something amazing.

    Maybe Melania will become the first female president.

    Or a stripper.

  5. Powell says:

    Oh well I guess if the redhead isn’t getting on tv then bygolly someone in JZs family will. LOL. I gotta give it to her for persistence. Hehehe. Day and night that poor woman is plotting and planning how to get back on bravo. If is was so dang funny it would be tragic. 😉

  6. plainviewsue says:

    Millionaire Matchmaker worked so well for Albie (not) that now she is forcing Critofer to go on? Talk about a fame whore. Caroline has really changed for the worse since season one.

    Poor Allie. I wonder how much Jill had to pay her to be on the show.

    I watched Patti Stanker only once, when Albie was on. I probably will watch when Allie is on. She seemed like a good kid.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I think Chris was on the show with Albie – they both had dates.
      I think Ally is probably a great kid, but she doesn’t need help dating at her age and still in her school years. Silly premise.

      • Orson says:

        I think I remember reading that at her first college, she was socially rejected by her peers. It could have been she went there with a “My mother’s a celebrity” attitude, it could have been peers rejecting a bravolebrity scion, it could have been anti-semitism, or other reasons. She ended up going to Nashville? Didn’t Ramona’s daughter go there (probably to get away from her mother)?

        • Veena (NMD) says:

          Ally went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville – a step up from her first year.
          Avery was in Atlanta for her freshman year and is in Virginia now.

          I’m actually sort of shocked Ally allowed herself to be talked into this – she hasn’t been the sort who has tried to hog camera time – unlike the Manzo kids who are really not kids anymore – probably older than most of the cast on Vanderpump Rules.

  7. Powell says:

    LOL NMD. “I seriously don’t mind. I enjoy an evening where I’m not even tempted to turn on Bravo.” 😀

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Veena, thanks for the talking points on the reunion!!! I would of added Kathy & Rosie feigning sympathy. And what was Kathy’s comment. “You hurt the people you love.” What the hell does that even mean?

  9. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Veena for this Juicy Blog!

    So… This is the Readheaded “Return” to a TV program she confided to A Fan of hers ( A Whole ONE fan she believes she has left)… Run Allie, Run!

    Very good points on the Second Part o RHONJ Reunion, Veena.

    Tre look really NUMB as well as Juicy for the most part… In this case it fits that they were Numb and Numb-er… And sometimes Numb-est… Really sad… To not understand ‘click, click’ is very telling of her state of mind.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Which is why Jac is desperate for the RHONJ paycheck. I have a feeling she will get screwed. If they haven’t started filming yet and Dina doesn’t return, I wouldn’t be surprised if NJ is on hold till Teresa gets out. Who is going to carry the show? Melissa????? She proved this season all she is is wallpaper w/o going after her SIL.

      • cusi77 says:

        ITA Plainviewsue! If they could cancel RHODC, they could wait 18 months for RHONY… they can for sure wait for Teresa to be back…. Imagine RHONJ with the twins, amber, Kathy and Jax… B-O-R-I-N-G! Do we know if Dina brought higher ratings? Caroline and her kidz are boring to tears!

        • plainviewsue says:

          RHONH was off the air for a year and a half if I’m correct. I don’t think Teresa will serve 15 months. The only way they film earlier is if they show Juicy with the girls. None of these HW’s can carry a show.

      • Powell says:

        Wallpaper Sue? HAAAA!!!! 👍 😃

    • Powell says:

      Why do these cases keep being postponed? Sighhhhh.

  10. Veena (NMD) says:

    Patti retweeted the blog – I guess she didn’t read it LOL

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Kim Richards has released another statement – this one is lifted from Perez Hilton’s site

    “I was shocked to learn that life long family friend Kay Rozario is bringing suit against me for an incident that took place in March. Mrs. Rozario has long played an important part in my life and is someone that I have looked at as a second mother. When the bite occurred I offered immediately to handle any and all costs associated with the hospital visit but was told that would not be necessary and there was nothing she needed me to do because insurance covered all costs. Her details of what happened that morning are vehemently not true, she walked into my bedroom the next morning reaching across Kingsley towards me and Kingsley went after her. She was fully aware that I had a dog before she came to town and saw him upon her arrival. In the past Mrs. Rozario has sold multiple stories involving my family and myself and was paid for her participation in a book about my family. This event took place on the morning of the first time I saw her in over 10 years after a reconciliation for her part in the book. It’s unfortunate how people can go against decades of friendship when something like this happens and make their rounds to the media for money.”

    My thoughts – it’s absurd to say that this woman is just doing this for attention – she was seriously bitten on her arm and hand – the photos TMZ posted were very graphic.

    • Powell says:

      Hmmm. Something smells fishy. 🐡🐡 wasn’t it Namaste that said she had her neighbor pay for her son’s memedical bills after his bite? Why would you use your insurance for someone’s dog biting them? I mean to get treated right away of course you’d use your insurance but you’d want your insurance be reimbursed. I don’t believe Kim just sayin.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        It’s not like car insurance – I think my insurance would pay if I were injured – regardless of why – but I’d have had Kim pay the deductible and co-pay – any out of pocket costs – if she offered,

        • cusi77 says:

          What I find ‘out of place’ is Kim’s statement that she loves Mrs. Rozario like a second mother… After her involvement in a family damaging book? After not seeing her for ten years? Yeah… Sure… A second mother phau$&r!

          • vilzvet says:

            A second mother? She had a horrible relationship with her “first” mother, who was a real piece of work.

      • It would be submitted to your insurance and then your insurance would question the injury….did it happen at work, in someone else’s home, etc.

  12. Powell says:

    Why does a MMM need a hypnotherapist? To forget they were ever a member maybe? 😉

  13. Veena (NMD) says:

    Are curls back in?

  14. Powell says:

    I’m catching up on WD. The guy from Everybody Hates Chris Tyler James, he was a kid then, and Beth try to escape the hospital. He gets away but the police officer captures Beth. Wooo that was good. The Lady police officer doesn’t know Beth at all. 🙂

  15. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for all the juicy juice! I may have watch MM a few times.

  16. Veena (NMD) says:

    Apparently at Bethenny’s birthday party some sort of drama (gasp) ensued. Followed by a lot of dancing, and Sonja and Ramona trolling for young men. No word on what the drama actually was – perhaps this was just a drama leak to get people excited now that B’s returned.
    “Everyone arrived by 9 p.m. The cast was ushered upstairs into a private room for filming. Producers had the room guarded off while, downstairs, everyone was buzzing there must be major drama going on.” (Right – or they were just having dinner.)

    While it’s unclear what went down between the ladies, a resolution was seemingly reached around 11 p.m., when the group headed downstairs to dance.

    “At that point, Bethenny’s boyfriend had arrived and the two took over the dance floor. They were kissing and seem very much in love. (vomit)

    “Sonja was openly making out with a guy who easily looked 20 years younger than her. Ramona was spotted chatting things up with a handsome young admirer, too. They left together.” (Were the young men pirates?)

    Meanwhile, Carole, Luann and Heather boogied down while snapping selfies. “Everyone looked great and seemed to be having a blast,” the source dished.

    • chismosa says:

      I think Bethenny’s boyfriend the rapist is also a bit younger than her. Like not insignificantly.
      Boy how the mighty have fallen 🌠

  17. VV™ says:

    The blog on Millionaire Mismatched-Maker it’s spot on. Year in and year out Bravo renews this Escort service. Not sure why… Patty must have dirt on some high up executive at NBC. Who knows?! The renewal of this shows does not make sense.

    • Powell says:

      I say that season after season. Either that or she had a hellafied contract that Bravo cannot break w/o severe financial consequences to her.

  18. VV™ says:

    Kim Richards, if you know the dog attacks people, why not put him outside while people visit you? I think dog needs to go to a more capable owner. She needs to get a Fish pet.

  19. Veena (NMD) says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say they were laughing AT Jim, not with JIm.

  20. Powell says:

    I’m watching reunion part 2. Jim pulls out pics of Bobby w/Tre, Jac, etc and tries to say cuz he was in these pics that it’s proof he wanted to be on the show. That’s not proof to me. Jim graduated law school 2001, 2013 takes the bar. His excuse is he was making so much more money in the mgt biz. If you went all the way thru law school why wouldn’t you take the bar even if you decided not to pursue it? Why not have your license to practice? Something isn’t right about that.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It proves Bobby is a fan. That he makes a point of attending HW appearances. Is it some great sin? No, but he is a bit of a hw stalker, based on the photographic evidence. And why do we need proof that he wanted to be on the show. HE IS ON THE SHOW. He wanted that. Obvi, right? Everyone who is on the show WANTS TO BE THERE. The difference b/t Bobby and the others is that Bobby does not need the money. He is excited about being part of the show, being famous, …again, not a sin. But don’t pretend you are not a fame who-er. Why else would he be doing this? To save people’s lives? Not that any of them do…but at least peeps like Dina and Amber mention their pet causes (Cancer and THE Cancer). I’m rambling. Jim is no better, he’s loving the attention too. He might not have stalked the Hw’s at their appearances, but he is loving this, too. I think he sees how bad it looks that he doesn’t have his license to practice,…he’s taken steps to change that. We shall see….

      • chismosa says:

        Totally agree. The fame thing is the drug of choice for many with tons of money.

        The Cancer vs Cancer – giggle

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I agree. It was just so crazy Jim pulling out these pics like he was a private eye and had evidence. They were just pics. Dina cracked me up when she said to Andy, “Andy I thought you said no props.”. Andy says, “it’s evidence.” 😉 I hate the “evidence. i e texts, VM, pics. Sighhhhh.

        • mariareads says:

          Also Jim is all over twitter insulting people, insulting cast mates. He’s a complete buffoon. Mr. 8.5 million $$ has nothing better to do than show his ugly cards on twitter. Something is very wrong with this guy.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Jim is not the only Nj cast member being negative on twitter. For some reason his ugliness on twitter seems to really hit a nerve. Even Classy Andy said Jim needed etiquette twitter lessons. But has anyone looked At Bobby’s timeline? Not nice. Dina? Not nice. Love never looked at the twins’ timeline.

    • Overit says:

      ITA. I was so confused by his explanation. He basically said he “advises lawyers on what to do”, yet has no experience practicing law and has never passed the bar. Since I’m a RN, I was trying to imagine someone who graduated from nursing school but had never passed the NCLEX or done real patient care, “advising me on what to do”. Ummm… Yea right. Lol.

      As much as Jim is an idiot, he stilly highly amused me when he called Bobby out. For some reason Bobby gives me the creeps! And those loudmouth trashy twins that bring nothing to the show…

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    Here is your chance

  22. LaineyLainey says:

    Veena, reading your blog now. I love your choice of words: “zombie-like facade”. Accurate and funny. Being a fan of zombie shows, I’d rather we not insult the zombies,…but you made me laugh. Great list. Points out the absurdity of the whole show that is RHONJ. Poor Mel had nothing to say or do since her whole persona was “Get Teresa” from day one,…this unexpected shift in direction has been nothing short of sobering for their “get Tre” plan. I imagine her inner dialogue. “What do I do now? Support Tre? Ummmm…how do I do that? How do I act supportive. What should I say? She won’t even look at me, so….ummmm… I know I’ll blink my eyes really fast. And shake my head in a concerned manner. Yeah, that’s it…”

    As for Patti. Yeah, i guess we have to give her props for lasting. That’s something. She has an assistant I really like. David. He seems really classy, sweet and positive. I follow him on twitter. @DAVIDCRUZIIITMM he tweets nice stuff about her, but she is his boss.

  23. Veena (NMD) says:

    I wonder if they’ve started filming (PS – Is Jim there to carry their bags?)

  24. cusi77 says:

    Anyone knows when will air RHONJ Reunion part 3? Not tomorrow?

  25. So I always thought Allie was gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

    Maybe that’s why Jill stuck a straw up her nose- she was confronted by Allies same sex date.

    Perfect beard/gf for Albie.

    • chismosa says:


      LOVE your last sentence.
      I still need to understand what is up with Albie’s extreme awkwardness.

      • He *is* an odd duck isn’t he?

        The only person he seemed comfortable with was Greg. It doesn’t mean he’s gay- but his extreme intensity and awkwardness, combined with his anger and acting out makes me kinda think he is.

        Either that? Or he’s an ax murderer. Dunno.

  26. Veena (NMD) says:

    That pose, they sure learn it early

    • I love this kid. She is turning out to be a beautiful young lady.

      Now where is Milania? Eating her way thru the store probably.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It’s better than what my son does for pictures. Perfectly straight, hips square to the camera lifeless arms at his sides, void of any human emotion. He poses the way I imagine a corpse would stand if it could. I’ll say, honey please pose naturally, he’ll say, you know that’s an oxymoron, right?

      • Lol! He’s a funny kid! Love it!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Thanks OMIB but he’s an adult, 26 y.o., he’s always been funny and smart like that. High I.q. He displays a bit of asperger’s. I never had him tested, but he found an article about 8 years ago. He emailed it to me and said, “please read this, I feel less “weird” now. This explains me to me. I think it will help you understand me better. You always seem a little bit frustrated by me, and I think I hurt your feelings a lot, but I don’t meant to.”

          I cried when I read it, I felt so bad for not having provided some kid of early intervention. I am a teacher. Irony. My husband made me snap out of it, by reminding me that he (our son) at the time was doing great in college, he had a Girlfriend, 2 jobs, no criminal record, no baby mama, tons of friends who loved him…etc. My hubby says I’m an easy target for guilt.

          But back to the article, it did help me relate to him better and to not get my feelings hurt all the time. He’s not very affectionate, but he is very considerate, thoughtful…a super nice guy overall. I still think it wouldn’t kill him to pose “naturally” for a pic. LOL

  27. So when is the Victoria Gotti reunion show?

    After all she sold out Santa for it.

    Might as well see if destroying a family’s reputation on national TV was worth it.

  28. cusi77 says:

    Today googling to know whe Reunion part 3 will be airing y found myself reading a Blog from someone called Tamaratattles… I have never had ventured reading any other Blog other than RCHW and Empress…

    I mostly read some comments… Different names but I think I saw some familiar avatars… I can be totally wrong, of course! There were very interesting comments (as much as we have here) what surprised me was the way the commenters attack each other and even TT , the blogger, was part of it…

    I had to venture out of our safe environmrent to realize that Thank to Veena and ALL we keep Lynn’s spirit of compassion and love towards each other… Good Job! We had something I treasure with all my heart.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I’ve seen the same thing, Cusi. Lots of meanness. I share yr appreciation for the atmosphere we have here. I feel that we each bring something special which is why it is sad when we lose someone. I also want to take this moment to say that Texas tart brings a friendliness, a welcoming and engaging presence to this board. I miss her and wish she would return to us soon. She is a good egg and deserves to be asked back by the party or parties who unintentionally hurt her. There I said it. Don’t hate me. But there needs to be some resolution. That’s my two cents. I value each of you and would be in your corner if I perceived you as having been treated unfairly. Or if I senses that you needed a little extra love. I am not taking sides, I just wish for peace in my favorite online home.

      • chismosa says:

        LAINEY thank you SO much for saying that about Texas Tart.
        I’ve been feeling quite uneasy about it for some time now and you put it PERFECTLY.

        I miss her and she worked so damn hard here while our Veena was out in the world. I can’t fathom the work to run this place especially with health issues and daily LIFE. :/

        There I said it too. 😉
        Friends ✊

        Thanks LAINEY!

      • ladebra says:

        I miss Tartsy a lot. I am so much hoping she comes back. It really brings tears to my eyes thinking she won’t come back to us. And that’s the truth. Cross my heart. You are a star Tartsy. 🌟✨🌟

    • TexasTart says:

      So true, Cusi. Aww shucks, Lainey, Chismosa and LAdebra. 😕

  29. chismosa says:


  30. So this is a Very Tardy to the Party question- but why is Reza from Shahs of Sunset going to be on MM?

    Isn’t he engaged to whathisname? He had the dinner party with the caviar to announce it?

  31. I feel all important now!

  32. ladebra says:

    I love these colors!💕

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