Happy Veterans Day and Happy Remembrance Day from Lynnfam


For those of you that are Citizens of the United States of America

Remembrance_Day (Mobile)

For those of you that are Citizen of Canada or other Commonwealth Nations



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20 Responses to Happy Veterans Day and Happy Remembrance Day from Lynnfam

  1. HuskerHuny says:

    I just talked to a gentleman from Fremont who puts out the American flags (flags that decorated the coffins of veterans) down the Avenue of Flags (Military Avenue) on each ‘flag’ holiday (Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) and he told me that they (he and other volunteers) put out 350 flags this morning in ice, snow and 5 degree wind chills. Again, these veterans giving their time to celebrate our freedom and those who achieved it. He also said that no other community in the country does this on the scale that Fremont does. God bless our veterans!

    I just posted this on my Facebook page as well. It’s such a sight to see all of those flags blowing in the wind as I drive down this street and know what they represent. I’m so lucky to live in this community and in this country. Our freedoms are not to be taken for granted and our thanks to those who helped to make it happen, my deepest appreciation and thanks.

  2. TexasTart says:

    I appreciate all who have served and who are still serving our great country! There are 19.6 million veterans in the US, take time to acknowledge one today.

  3. ladebra says:

    I am thankful for those who protect and serve, and those that sacrifice to keep us free.

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    When I was growing up in Canada, everyone wore a poppy on Remembrance Day. It’s similar but different than Veteran’s day – it’s a remembrance of the members of the armed forces that have died in the line of duty. It’s celebrated on or near armistice day from WWI – with the symbol the red poppy from Flander’s Field – the red poppies blooming and symbolizing the blood lost at the battle.

    • chismosa says:

      I feel like I see red poppies 🌺on a lot of men’s Blazers – celebs and such.

      Not just around now —-
      I wonder if that’s what it’s for

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      “Nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau, à vous toujours de le porter bien haut.”

      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high.”

    • NJBev says:

      The Red Poppies are given out by Veterans
      when they are collecting for a specific fund-
      We tie them around our rear end mirrors in
      our cars-

  5. Orson says:

    Yes, to the rest of the world, Remembrance day is more like our Memorial Day, without the picnics and partying.

    A Poem for Remembrance Day

    “The inquisitive mind of a child”

    Why are they selling poppies, Mummy?
    Selling poppies in town today.
    The poppies, child, are flowers of love.
    For the men who marched away.

    But why have they chosen a poppy, Mummy?
    Why not a beautiful rose?
    Because my child, men fought and died
    In the fields where the poppies grow.

    But why are the poppies so red, Mummy?
    Why are the poppies so red?
    Red is the colour of blood, my child.
    The blood that our soldiers shed.

    The heart of the poppy is black, Mummy.
    Why does it have to be black?
    Black, my child, is the symbol of grief.
    For the men who never came back.

    But why, Mummy are you crying so?
    Your tears are giving you pain.
    My tears are my fears for you my child.
    For the world is forgetting again.

  6. Itsnotreality says:

    I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have served and serve this country!! I would like to also like to give a shout out to my sister,(she reads the blog sometimes) my sister is a Explosive Specialist. She is the strongest and bravest person I know. In our culture women are just supposed to get married and have kids, anyone over 20 is considered an old maid. She has since we were little never followed what was expected of a girl in our culture. She would play with boys(which was frowned upon) sports and beat all of them. One time she got this 7 in huge cut on her leg while playing soccer and she kept playing for another hour until she scored the winning goal. She needed staples to close it up. She went against my fathers wishes and followed her dream and went away to GMC and now is in the Army. Thank You little sister!!

  7. shamrockblonde says:

    Thank you to all of our Military – past, present and yet to come – because of you, my children will live free – you are all the definition of the word hero – thank you seems so little for all that was given and continues to be given – I will keep you and all your care in my prayers and thank you for your service –

    All gave some
    Some gave all

    If I lead: Follow me . If I hestitate: Push me . If they kill me: Avenge me . If I’m a traitor: Kill me

    My Dad served in the Navy – when we were little, he taught us how to salute, and would ask us if our rooms were “squared away” – he was the bravest man I’ve ever known –

    *hugs Itsnotreality’s sister really hard* – thank you for your service!

  8. shamrockblonde says:

    one more – one of my favorite quotes –

    It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protestor to burn the flag.”
    Father Denis Edward O‘Brien, Sergeant, USMC

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