Vanderpump Rules Recap at Lynnfam – Someone finally gets fired!

Vanderpump Rules

“All Fired Up” – by HydrangeaHussy

Last week ended with a fight between Tom and James at Scheana’s birthday party.  Tom makes fun of James’ selfies with his BMW and James makes fun of Tom’s Honda Civic.  They’re both immature and annoying.  Other Tom get involved somehow.  Kristen tries to break the fight up by hitting Tom and Ariana just stands by.  Scheana is cut on some broken glass from the fight.  Kristen makes excuses for James, as he was just defending her.  Tom is pissed that he let James antagonize him.  Jax, thankfully, stays out of it.  Remember there was a fight between Tom and Jax at Scheana’s engagement party last year.  Maybe she needs new friends?


Lisa is having interviews for the staff at Pump.  She hopes that her new staff will be less drama than the Sur staff.  Jeremy, one of her Sur bartenders, comes to the interview because he wants something different.  Lisa decides to give him a chance at Pump.  The staff will wear tight, pink button-downs.  She knows that she needs gorgeous men to attract her clientele.

It’s the morning after the fight.  Ariana is taking care of Tom’s swollen face.  At least he admits that he got his butt kicked.  Tom is embarrassed for letting James get the best of him.  Ariana is upset that Kristen tried to sabotage their relationship.  I don’t understand why Kristen is involved in this anyway.  Ariana tells Tom that she was only confused because the Miami girl believed that she and Tom broke up.  Tom denies saying that.  Are these kids so famous that party girls all over the country are talking about them on social media?  Ariana has decided to trust Tom because she can’t be around him 25/8.  Did she mean 24/7 or am I missing something?

Other Tom and Jax are back at the tattoo parlor again to get his Stassi tattoo covered up.  I think we all knew that was a bad idea when he got it.  He gets a black rose to cover her name.  After Stassi, Jax began dating Carmen.  He impulsively got Carmen’s name on his other arm.  He’s also dating Tiffany.  Does this guy get every girl’s name put on his body permanently?  What is wrong with him?  Stassi is still staying with Katie and Other Tom.  Other Tom is ready for her to go.  She’s a little spoiled and I don’t think I could stand it either.  Other Tom doesn’t want Lisa to find out about the fight because he has a job at Pump.  Last year, he had a job lined up at Sur, but got in a fight at Scheana’s party and lost the job.  Jax tells him that Lisa will find out and advises Other Tom to say that he was breaking the fight up.  Jax has to decide between Tiffany and Carmen.  While it appears that Jax was dating both of the ladies at the same time, he made it clear on Twitter that he was not.  He says that both ladies know about each other.


Kristen isn’t proud of her behavior at Scheana’s party, but is mad that she’ll probably get the blame.  Tom has covered his bruises and scratches with concealer.  Jax lets him know that James, the busser, is at work.  Scheana was in the hospital getting stitches until 6am.  Tom sent her a video apologizing for his behavior.  Lisa approaches Katie because she heard about the fight from Peter.  Katie tells her that she knows what happened but that she wasn’t there.  Lisa advises that Other Tom now has two strikes against him.  Katie wants Lisa to give him a chance so that he has a steady job/income so that they can get married.  I actually agree with Katie when she asks why Kristen still has her job when she’s always involved in these things.  Katie chases Lisa out of the restaurant, when she should be working.  Lisa tells her that she’s going to investigate and will decide what to do.  It looks very bad for her business when her staff is out starting fights.

Stassi and Other Tom are at Katie and Other Tom’s.  He tells her that Jax got his Stassi tattoo covered and Stassi is pumped about it.  Other Tom describes the fight.  He’s worried that the fight will cost him the job at Pump.  Stassi advises him to talk to Lisa about it.  He needs to be remorseful, no excuses.  He needs to promise that it will never happen again.  Other Tom is intimidated by Lisa, but knows that he needs to face her.  Probably a very good idea.

Scheana arrives at Sur to eat with her fiancé.  She really appreciated Tom’s apology video and has forgiven him.  Peter believes that James started the whole confrontation and that someone needs to put James in his place.  I couldn’t agree more.  Katie thinks that she should have avoided the place because of the fight at her party.  James approaches to make sure that Scheana is ok.  She heard that James wanted to start a fight, which James denies.  James, rather than apologize, tries to put all of the blame on Tom.  Scheana has decided to take a break from Kristen and James.


Katie, Stassi, and another Sur girl are looking for an apartment.  Stassi wants to make a home with her new boyfriend in LA.  She wants 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large closet.  Stassi talks about how hard it was to live in a small NY apartment with her boyfriend.  Her new relationship is equal parts lust and love.  She says that it doesn’t take much to make her happy – sex, wine, brunch, her dog.  The girls are excited that Stassi has a mature boyfriend now.  I really didn’t the detailed description of the ladies’ sex lives.

Jax told Carmen that Tiffany is in town and wants to see her.  Carmen is upset and Jax doesn’t know what to do.  He really likes both of them and doesn’t want to lose either.  It seems that Carmen believes Tiffany is just a friend, but Jax hasn’t been honest about his true feelings.  Tom thinks that Jax likes to take things to extremes.  I would freak out if some guy got my name tattooed on his arm after a short time, and while he was seeing someone else.  Jax thinks that he really wants to date Tiffany, but she lives in Vegas.  Carmen is in LA and is friends with the Sur group.  Tom is worried that Jax will make a snap decision and regret it later, because Jax never makes the right decision.

Jax takes Tiffany for drinks.  They’ve known each other for nine months.  Jax met her in Vegas.  He feels like they have an adult relationship.  She’s only in town for two days.  Jax likes Vegas, but is intimidated by her group of friends.  She admits that they are spoiled.  Tiffany is a director of marketing at a casino in Vegas.  Tiffany asks about Carmen.  Jax says that Carmen is very young and that he prefers someone like Tiffany, who is established in her career.  He finds it hard to be with someone in LA, while he’s thinking about Tiffany.

Lisa is at Pump, getting ready for the opening.  Other Tom comes by to discuss the fight.  He is shaking and very upset.  Lisa wants the truth from him.  He admits that they had a fight at Mixology, which is owned by Lisa’s friend.  Other Tom says that James instigated the fight and that he tried to get James off of Tom.  Lisa is embarrassed by her staff’s behavior in her friend’s bar.  Lisa wants hardworking and loyal employees.  She is going to let Other Tom work the opening, but then they will have a talk.

Jax meets with Carmen.  He wants to end this in a mature way, rather than lead her on.    They go to a small pizza place because Jax doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a relationship that’s over.  Carmen arrives and Jax kisses her.  Carmen seems to know that something is up.  Jax bites the bullet and just comes out with it – they need to talk.  He wants Carmen to have fun this summer.  He says that he doesn’t want to hold her back in her career.  Carmen is confused – Jax got her name on his arm and told her that he wants her to have her babies.  She notes that he is good at manipulating the situation so that he looks like the good guy.  I like this girl!  Carmen doesn’t want to see Jax after this.  She tells him to get his life together because he’s already 35.  She wants a man that’s motivated to do the right things.  Jax flashes back to Stassi dumping him.  It’s the same thing – he’s immature and needs to grow up and get his life together.  Carmen leaves, telling him that he can’t have his cake and eat it too.

4 (1)

It’s the day before the opening of Pump.  Lisa is mad that she’s having to deal with the Sur staff while trying to open a new restaurant.  She has the staff to Pump for a meeting.  She tells them that she is most upset because her staff started a brawl in her friend’s restaurant.  They are acting like trash and she’s tired of it.  I don’t blame her.  It reflects poorly on her.  She doesn’t want the staff ruining her reputation.  James begins by saying that he chose to retaliate when Tom made a comment about James’ car.  Things escalated from there.  Lisa doesn’t understand how the two expect to work together when they are ready to start a fight at any time.  She wants things to change.  Lisa tells Kristen that she is tired of Kristen always being involved and not taking responsibility.  Rather than admit that she’s partly to blame, Kristen talks back.  Peter tells Kristen that she’s a liability because she’s drinking on the job.  Lisa thinks that she’s sucking James into her issues.  Kristen tries to deflect by saying that everyone does the same things.  Not a good idea.  Lisa tells James that she has loyalty to Tom and Kristen, but not to him.  She tells Tom that, this time, he went too far.  Kristen and Tom are suspended, James is fired.


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125 Responses to Vanderpump Rules Recap at Lynnfam – Someone finally gets fired!

  1. I feel so ashamed that I watched this

    • Orson says:

      You should feel ashamed because you win George for the day.

    • Sus says:

      Two mornings in a row – the walk of shame! I hate myself even more!
      I hope Lainey is around. I couldn’t stop laughing that Scheana got hurt during the fight. I was praying she was going to start yelling “Why Why Why” like Nancy Kerrigan. So ashamed of myself! She wasn’t even near the fight. There was no reason that she should have gotten hurt.
      Jax and tattoos – WTF?? I know I’m old but WTF??? Is it a thing to tattoo the flavor of the month on yourself??

      • Powell says:

        Jax is addicted to Jax. Too many girls have told him he so good looking. Too bad the inside doesn’t match the outside.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m here, I’m here!!!! “Why MEeeeeeeeeee?????? “. You are so funny! I agree, how the heck did Scheana manage to be the only one truly hurt from the fight that was not anywhere near her. Oh yeah, flying glass…. Only Scheana!!!! I always thought Jax was so handsome, but he’s growing a bit long in the tooth to be making these dating decisions,…the tattoo one day, breaking up with Carmen the next day. Why the Face, right??? I.e. Wtf????

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    I am reading Andy Cohen’s Diaries. It is fascinating. I’m torn between reading, eating breakfast, and going out to garden (it is sunny out). I’ll blog about it later, but …

    Ramona squashed Jill’s return to RHONY – she was supposed to film a tennis scene – Ramona called Andy and said the cast would revolt if she did – so he killed the scene.

    He also dishes about firing various ladies last Sept (OC & NJ) and one of their husbands kept calling (by process of elimination it has to be Richie Wakile and begging for their job back.)

    • Sus says:

      I will not download this book. I will not download this book. I will not download this book. I will not download this book. I will not download this book. It’s downloading 😦

    • chismosa says:

      It makes me sick that he’s going to do gangbuster sales SIMPLY because people want to learn the secrets of the HWs shows. If it had ZERO to do with him, I’d pay. Maybe take off the metallic sticker and sneak it out of barnes and Noble 🙊😉JK!

      He wants to do better than his first book. Get more Twitter followers- his ## is not that high IMHO, for who he is and his adoring blabbering fans that call him live on TV.

      He was very smart to use this as his way to “do” his 2nd soon to be {doesn’t mean/ take much anymore} NYT bestseller. I wouldn’t watch his shows if I was a Nielsen house, so I don’t matter. He’s deplorable

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ya know what’s funny-I don’t find him to be a misogynist at all but the women that he has to deal with are dreadful!! If I were him I would be in prison for murdering one of these women-they are awful and demanding and they make themselves look bad-that’s on them not on Andy. This book is so Andy-I’m enjoying every entry. I hope it does better than his first book because it is better and it isn’t just about HWs-it’s about so much more.

        • chismosa says:

          I get you …. They sign on for this.
          He is the drug dealer ….. For the drug of fame.

          He gets them hooked. The smart ones work the game or get out.

          I find him shallow with no empathy.
          And tonight with the FAUXFAUXFAUX x100000000000 “oh teresa youre going to get me emotional? Is this your last time on RH’s”
          As IF. STFU LIARS! just want pleas pleas pleas for TRE to come back, “””””stronger””””” than ever. Reassurance to the execs of what casting must be for next season.

          Manipulation…… By Andy.
          Vomit… chismosa 💩

        • Powell says:

          I agree. And since they exploited themselves Andy said “well hey let me take it even further”. Andy/Bravo can’t do what they don’t let them do besides holding up their side of their contracts. The rest is up to them .

        • Powell says:

          NMD and JNNTJ I might just buy this book. Hard cover. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Why chismosa? That’s the hook to this book. Why shouldn’t it be successful and him make a profit? He’d be crazy not to reveal behind the HWs curtain. And depending on HWs contracts they should capitalize and write books about what he’s disclosed. How they saw it. If the right publisher gets them and it’s written well they could benefit.

        • chismosa says:

          I just don’t care for him as a person. From people I know who met him yrs ago and just how he comes off. My intuition makes him rub me WAYYY wrong.

          If another HW writes yet A N O T H E R book, no one will give 1/10000th of a $hit.
          But if he does, it’s cool. 🙄

          He can continue on and on until the next drug overdose or crime or death occurs on his shows. It’s all cool, I’ll just like the HWs that I do. And relish the triumphant return of Skeletor to ny! 😆

    • Powell says:

      I’m can’t wait. I’m glad it good. 👍 We get the cliff notes! YES!! 😊

    • VV™ says:

      Veena and Jill, you two are bad influence. I refuse to put more money into Andy’s pocket. Tempting as it sounds. I prefer you guys share as much as you can about it.

    • Exit4 says:

      I’m reading too! I guessed wakile as well for the second example, I think lauritas were the first. The other one was Gretchen.

      I’m a freakishly fast reader-I skimmed through a little, there’s not as much HWs gossip as Id hoped! I hope someday he writes a book just about THEM!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I guessed Wakilies and Gretchen also-did you get to the Lisa thing yet? I’m guessing it was about “I just check mated you bitch” in response to something Lisa did that they edited out!

        • Exit4 says:

          No-which season-I read all of fall-skimmed before I had to pick up from pre school school. Now I’m picked up at winter again. Def. Rich was the one yelling about paying the taxes. But the first phone call, the husband with no back up plan-I think that was Jacs husband.

          Guesses on the husband who made the demands on the phone while he was at the dog park?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I think New York was on Air at the time so I’m guessing Avivas husband?

            • Exit4 says:

              The only other show airing then was OC and the only one i’d imagine doing that would be terry dubrow. But I don’t think heather was unpopular. Totally right it’s Aviva!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I want to know what it was…that whole I check mated you thing. We were robbed. All season we were teased and then nothin,

    • Trashy T says:

      Okay I’m on a plane ready to take off and had to download this… And it’s all YOUR fault! I’m sure I’m gonna luv it!

  3. chismosa says:

    Karen’s back on Mob Wives. I may actually watch this time ! 👊👊

    • Powell says:

      I’m looking forward to this season. What happened w/the one that was going to jail?

      • chismosa says:

        Powelly I missed the reunion thing where they were sitting at like a dinner table???

        I didn’t see her on—- one of the Philly chicks. Maybe a condition of her sentencing is no reality TV?

        Imagine teresa got that !!! LOLLLLLLLLL

  4. chismosa says:

    Ewwww I’m not the richest in BH but I am the luckiest.


  5. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Happy Veterans Day. I’m hanging w/my mom. I tagged along w/her to the hairdresser and went shopping for some Christmas gifts while she gets her hair done. It’s nice out. 69 degrees. I hope you’re having a great day.

  6. chismosa says:

    For the 30-70% of you that are reading/ going to read:
    Andy says he could have named the book Diary of a Name Dropper.

    Using the dog for attention 😠. Gets him some a$$ and more love from followers ! He said he’s the samantha after all jmho. Makes this dog lover/person annoyed.
    Dog people will flock to him.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      The dog part of the book did nothing for me…just sayin’!!!
      The name dropping IS the point of the whole book-Andy totally gets the joke and he’s smart enough to let us know that he know he’s the punch line!!!

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t think he thinks the women and gays calling him crying how much they love him on WWH are thinking of him jokingly. They really honestly like him. 👐

        He uses the “”joke”” to suit him.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t think you “get” what I’m saying about him but that’s ok-I know you don’t like him and I’m not going to try to change your mind!!

          • chismosa says:

            Sorry Ash — :/
            I’m having a tough day also. So seeing the AndyAdoration is extra Annoying to me today!

            I just think he uses the “I’m part of the joke I’m so lame im so funny and into celeb worship!” And thinks he comes off one way but it comes off another way ….
            He thinks his ***examination*** into reality & celeb culture makes him an anthropologist/ sociologist/Andy Warhol. He idolizes him. The CBS interview was desperately lacking. I’m surprised with CBS.

            Sorry girl —- its ok
            Love YA 😘😘
            MinorityMary all over again, wahhhhh 😭🙍LOL

  7. chismosa says:

    Brandi taking XANAX and showing her thigh with the black thing holding her mike, just like she did in Palm springs.

  8. Orson says:

    I finally figured it out! I get how the Andy Cohen, the RH franchises, WWHL, social media, and the fanbase fit into the universe! Andy is a student of one of those fuzzy sciences, sociology, criminology, psychology, etc. and these programs are just research projects and case studies to find data to prove or disprove his hypothesis for his Doctoral Thesis. He’ll have to pad out the name by many polysyllabic words, but he’s been working on The Universal Famewhore Theory.

  9. Veena (NMD) says:


    • VV™ says:

      Tom felt really bad that during the altercation with Janes – and he should – because Tom pushed Shay’s Dad aside causing Shay’s brother to protect his father and join in the fight. I think Tom was truly embarrased by that and the injury to Scheanna. Apparently, she was at the ER until very late.

    • Powell says:

      I’m watching VPR now. I’m glad he apologized. The crying was a but much. But whatever. These people are adults right? They fight at every BD dinner since S1. It’s getting old.

  10. TexasTart says:

    3.8 million for the Atlanta season 7 premiere – not bad

  11. TexasTart says:

    Oh poor, Chismosa. 😦 sorry you have your panties in a bunch for Andy getting all this attention and making a little pocket change on his new book, lol

    As for the Human Stain; I have no idea why Adrienne’s voice is so gross and annoying! Maybe damaged vocal cords from trying to be like a woman. Allegedly.

    You probably haven’t seen any Season 3 yet, but at one of their many glorious and memorable dinners – Brandi manages to tell Adrienne to STFU and makes Kim cry. When Kim cries, Adrienne, very loudly announces “Uh OH, somebody’s cryyyyying” to draw everyone’s attention at the table. Such fun memories. So when you see some of us say “somebody’s crying” it’s often followed by “….gravel….gravel….” and that’s Lainey creation of a way to imitate Adriennes voice, haha. So know you have another little bit of very important (eyeroll) insider info on all things BH.

    • chismosa says:

      Oh tarts I don’t mind…… He’s going to have his. He is just shallow and I hate shallow.

      I’m just mad he’ll believe “accolades” when he gets a “bestseller” when EVERYTHING is a bestseller these days! You’re a joke dude !
      I think he has resentment for straight men since he’s the “pitcher” and he can’t land the hottie guys the straight gals do. But he operates like a slutty male Samantha, so he’s a 💩🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽


      Oh and I’ll write about BH in a bit im running around

      • TexasTart says:

        But no, Chismosa, the YEAR was shallow, not the man! I’m just playing off the book subtitle, you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Andy. Actually, I’ve never loved nor hated him, so that’s not a good description! He’s just so damn full of himself. Sometimes I find him entertaining and other times extremely annoying. OH! Mama Elsa! I had forgotten that! She had his number!!!
        I’ll check back for your deep thoughts on BH!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I no likey the Andy either

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Awwww! Good times “…gravel, gravel…”

  12. Veena (NMD) says:

    Shawn Johnson (gymnast) is also on celebrity apprentice. My guess is she’s out early – that young lady is far too nice to be on that nasty show.

    It makes me a little sick to my stomach to think that she’ll have to be in Donald’s boardroom. He makes my skin crawl.

  13. TexasTart says:

    Thanks HydrangeaHussy for VPR. I was laughing a bit too much when Scheana banged her fist on the bar out of frustration, don’t they know by now if you celebrate your birthday on this show, it will be ruined?! A show of hands for anyone who thinks Scheana, dropped a glass on her foot? I mean, she was across the room from the scuffle! What was up with that? I certainly hope someone visited her at the hospital or after her injury for heaven’s sake – or we’ll have to hear about it!

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t see the fight. I started watching about 20 minutes ago. I’ll have to watch again so I can see if she dropped a glass in her foot. I like Scheana but she does like the attention she gets when she’s injured.

  14. TexasTart says:

    Last minute notice for our LI people – but not chismosa 😛

  15. VV™ says:

  16. Exit4 says:

    Joyce got a major diss in andys book! Jill is right about Aviva-won’t give it away unless someone asks-but I think now, it wasn’t george, or her asthma (which Andy has!), or missing the trips that got Aviva bounced-it was HER and her husband being jack holes!

    • Orson says:

      This is me, asking.

      • Exit4 says:

        Andy was at the dog park-on the phone with a husband who was desperate to renegotiate his wife’s deal and was requesting multiple things to make her feel more loved. Andy also mentioned that in 7 years he never had an experience like that! Although, the husbands get involved, but the level of demands was cray. He said no to all of it-and hit back with her low Q rating. He still wouldn’t take no for an answer and told Andy to call him next week to answer his demands. I think that’s the moment she was dunno.

    • Powell says:

      Give Exit. 📘 👈 😊

  17. chismosa says:

    If the blog doesn’t move soon, just a fun post – I’m excited.

    So — very OT —
    I’m going to this 25$ cash psychic tomorrow and it was so last minute and I’m excited!

    Apparently she reads from a cigar she smokes? She has a waiting room full of people all the time.

    So this beautician I go to— she went to the psychic for the first time: the psychic said- 3 things are going to happen- in this order to you:
    1/ your sister is going to have a baby
    2/ your brother is going to get arrested
    3/ you’re going to meet someone super important for your life …..
    (As in, love)

    AND ALL you tell this woman is hello!!!!

    So the girl I know said to herself oh please whatever…… BLAH blah. And it

    (I mean I don’t know what’s up with arrested …. 😁 but it all happened!)

    So she told her other clients about it – they forced her to take them to her. – to translate (The cigar smoker only speaks Spanish)

    So this one client of hers had just had a baby and thought her husband was possibly cheating on her but she wasn’t sure. She just “felt” it.

    The psychic immediately says to her:
    “Hi, hello.. … Oh wow you just had a baby, congratulations…
    Um, I think you should move in with your mom for a little while.”

    The woman was like “what!?? Why????”
    The psychic said, “well just for a little while, trust me, just …. Just do it”

    Then the psychic said – “look, you’re not ‘ready’ for this, so instead of telling you, I’ll show you. Go to 239 west Main Street on 11/3 at 3:30pm and just wait there. You’ll figure it out”
    (I made up the address)

    The woman was like WTF????!!!

    Psychic INSISTED she just do it and then come back to her.

    So—- the woman goes.
    She waits — and is waiting and nothing — so she calls screaming at my friend, the beautician who set it up —” I’m sitting here for 1 hour and NOTHING. this is ridiculous!”

    So my friend calls the psychic and says the client is upset and not seeing anything. So the psychic said- “let her wait another 20 minutes or 1/2 hr and if nothing …. Come back to me this week and I’ll explain”

    So the SECOND the girl gets off the phone with the psychic, the client woman calls her screaming and crying, wailing because she saw her husband come out of a bank right there holding hands with her STEPSISTER.

    – so …. I’m going.

    We’re all very wary of it, and so was the girl who is sending me to her. But the MOST you tell this woman AT ALL is – your birthday.

    I’m so excited. Except my face is peeling. LOL!
    So wish me luck all! 😁😳🔮🔮🔮👻

  18. LaineyLainey says:

    Hydrangea – love the blog/recap of the show I’m ashamed to admit I watch!!! THANK YOU!

  19. chismosa says:

    Are we continuing here ?

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