Real Housewives of Atlanta – Finally a new Housewife who Doesn’t think We’re Stupid – enter Claudia Jordan

Real Housewives of Atlanta – Finally a new Housewife who Doesn’t think We’re Stupid – enter Claudia Jordan by Veena


Claudia Jordan has only had a few minutes of on-air time for Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I already luv, luv, luv her. First of all she followed the blog on twitter. Such a simple thing, but none of the other Atlanta ladies will even respond to one of my tweets – they fly above me – have left me in their dust – you get the point. But Claudia, on the other hand, is a twitter pro – she actually tweets funny stuff herself. Again, luv her.

In her first Bravo blog, Claudi mentions that she’s known Kandi for years – and even had a tiny part in a music video eons ago for a group Kandi managed.  “I was casted in Jagged Edge’s first video when Kandi was managing them. I remember seeing her on set and always respected her, because I knew she was a young woman doing her thing and I have ALWAYS been the type to give successful women their props!”  YES – we must give successful women props!

We know that Cynthia is going to have a hard time with NeNe and Porsha this year, but it seems like Claudia found her warm and welcoming – which is great – because one new housewife coming in to “audition” for the show generally means one is gone.  We all know it was Porsha that lost her peach, but at this point in the filming it probably wasn’t clear.  “Cynthia has the most kind and welcoming energy! I remember she looked me in the eye and said, “I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!” I thought she was very sweet and I was happy and grateful that she was so open to a new woman in the group. Not all women would be so open-minded and they don’t HAVE to, so when it does happen, I truly appreciate it! “

Finally, Claudia went on to say that she was surprised when Apollo admitted he lied about Kenya.  She knew he had lied, but she was surprised when he admitted it.  She went on to talk about how the dynamics between the women might have been different if he hadn’t lied – but I doubt it.  Perhaps Phaedra wouldn’t have called Kenya a whore so many times – but other than that ….

What I love about this blog was there was no fake pretend story line added in – some of the newbies just think we’re stupid – but I think Claudia will fit right in!

On to Cynthia’s blog.  She explains why she didn’t invite either Porsha or NeNe to her party – basically because they were both being unkind.  Her problems with Porsha stem from her not supporting Porsha at the reunion – you know – when Porsha flew out of her seat and attacked Kenya.  I know many people think Kenya had it coming when she stuck that bull horn in Porsha’s ear – including that woman from the view that was on WWHL with Porsha.  That’s sort of akin to a scantily-clad woman having a sexual assault coming.  No.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions.  Porsha physically attacked Kenya and that was not right – not for any reason.  Cynthia agrees – saying, “In my opinion, Porsha could have made a better choice than resulting to physical violence. If I were in that situation, I would have demanded the props be removed and walked off set until they were.”

Cynthia and I seem to be on the same page lately, because she also luvs Claudia “My initial impression of Claudia was that she seemed very comfortable in her own skin and had no problem asking questions or voicing her opinion. I also felt an immediate connection with her, because she has a modeling history and we both are New York City girls. Claudia understands the NYC hustle and grind that is necessary for being successful in the Big Apple. “

Cynthia expressed disappointment in Apollo, but it seems as though she didn’t believe his lies in the first place.  She’s praying for him, and hopes Kenya can forgive him in time.  I think Kenya should be happy he came clean on camera, and not give him another thought.  It’s not like they are likely to run into each other at parties.

Kandi weighed in on the Apollo-Kenya thing.  Unlike the others, she didn’t think Apollo was lying until he fessed up.  “Kenya has definitely said the whole time that it wasn’t true, but with all the other stuff that had happened, I didn’t know whether to believe her. Apollo was our friend, so we definitely didn’t think he would keep a lie going like that for two years… Why? What was the point? We were shocked! I was just waiting for him to say he was joking or something. I felt bad for Kenya afterward. Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s done a lot of crazy things to make people pissed off, but accusing her of going around offering blow jobs just wasn’t right.”  

This is important, because Porsha is claiming Kenya admitted to Kandi that she did see Apollo – but we wouldn’t expect Porsha to get it right, would we?  Porsha didn’t blog for Bravo, but she did give an interview for OK Magazine, saying:  “I remember Kenya admitting to Kandi that she did see Apollo in LA last season. That’s why I don’t understand why she’s now forcing Apollo to back track and clear something she admitted in private with Kandi. But hey, that’s none of my business.”  It’s pretty clear Porsha’s hatred for Kenya is getting in the way of what little common sense she has.

Kenya’s blog goes on and on about her character being maligned, and wanting an apology from Phaedra.  I don’t think that will be coming any time soon.

Phaedra basically said “no comment” about the entire situation in her blog.

NeNe continues to use her blog to distance herself from her castmates.  Does she not realize she’s on an ensemble show?  “We’ve got one woman working in Vegas at Zumanity doing something different and out of the box, while the others sit around a bar to gossip and lie.”

 Then she goes on to talk about her castmates “We have a broken friendship that has affected one woman’s marriage and a career because it took so much energy, yet the other relocates to different cities with her husband and child to work and start new business ventures. We have one husband with no respect for his wife and children. We have a provoking bully that wants you to now believe she’s a victim. I can’t keep up, but I know you can, so why worry about people that talk behind your back? They’re behind you for a reason, right?”

Then she goes on to tell us she doesn’t want to talk about her castmates:  “With that said, there’s no need for me to waste words on people that deserve my silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing, so I’ll let you be the judge. Speak on it!”

I’ll be the judge.  NeNe – get over yourself.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but you don’t need to step on everyone on your way up.


Happy Birthday LaineyLainey

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      Thank you VV revere and Sparkles!

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    Happy happy birthday birthday Lainey Lainey!! From another November baby!

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    I don’t watch ATL. I think I’m only interested this year because of what happened to Apollo. Oh, and because I like Ayden. He’s a smart little boy.

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    I meant to wish you Happy Birthday Lainey..I was so surprised to be first I forgot …sowwy…anyway cheers and have a great day

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      I went to a gossipy all girl high school. Some of the girls came up to me and said, “I heard you had a great hair style. It doesn’t look so great.”

      TT….it will grow back. So sorry.

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    Hope you have a great day Lainey!!!

  19. disgrazia4 says:

    Very nice writeup Veena!! Loved the easy breezy style!! I agree with your assessments of the ladies too. This group I will continue to watch as they don’t give me the agida! I like them all to a degree also. AND, I NEVER believed Apollo. Know that. Kenya was right to make his azz be specific too. As Nene would say, Apollo? #GirlBye

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    Things that happen when you stay close to where you grew up….

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    Retweeted by Sonja. The big 5-0

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    Just in case anyone else was wondering

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    And on outing Kevin Spacey

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    Interesting that Ally would tweet this – when she was with Jill. Ally rarely uses her twitter account. I guess that WWHL struck a nerve.

  26. Happy Happy Birthday LaineyLainey!!!!

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    I guess I was the only one who didn’t know about kevin spacey. #holycow

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    Hmmm- Jax’s ex-girlfriend Carmen really doesn’t like Andy Cohen much.

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