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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Who Stalked J.R.?” – S5E2

By Stars99


It’s time for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Darling! Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi! (As our own VV™ would say…lol) Remember this season we’re playing the drinking game wherein anytime that you feel like yelling “STFU” during the episode – Just go ahead and take a drink!

Awww, now isn’t that the sweetest thing?  Kim is visiting Brandi’s new empty house on moving day.I think it’s because Kim knew there were going to be some young, hot movers involved.  My, my, my… Look at all those beautiful wooden floors… At least the landlord now has “before” pictures so when Brandi allows her dog(s) to destroy them by peeing all over them they have photographic evidence. (Remember last season we had footage of seeing the dogs actually doing it… Who does that?) Inexplicably, Brandi seems to think that living in 5 different houses in 5 years makes her a wandering gypsy. Sorry Brandi, it just shows you’re a really bad tenant who habitually uses social media to badmouth your landlords and the real estate people involved in getting your lease(s) in the first place. She tells us that she has “3 giant trucks of stuff” making their delivery. Whoa, that’s a lot of stuff for just one cougar and her two cubs, I mean sons. The moving guys are young, hot, and innocent gazelles and the cougars wantonly salivate while watching the young guys sweat as they work. There was an actual competition for which moving guy has the best abs – although I suspect they agreed to it only because they were going to be on national TV. The gazelles have no chance against these cougars.

Lisa V

Lisa and Ken talk about the decision to return to the show this year. It seems like we were correct in thinking that after last season, that Lisa didn’t want to see these women ever again.  I’m sure Ken was so done with the cast that he actually wanted to put a fork through a couple of them. We learn that one of the perks of being rich is having a clothes designer come to your house with material swatches so that she can custom design  your clothes for the season.  We see blouse after blouse bedazzled with Lisa’s name on the cuffs. Perhaps the rhinestone sparkles also serve to keep freeloaders from stealing her clothes unless they’re named, “Lisa.” I’m trying to remember the last time I wore anything with “Stars99” on it other than a hat or perhaps a piece of jewelry. Yeah, I think I was like 10…lol. Lisa tells us that she’s been working like a dog recently… But not like one of her rich bitch overly pampered dogs but like, you know, one of those “other” dogs from the other side of Rodeo Drive.

Lisa tells a cute story about her employee, Magdalena, who has worked for her alongside Rocio for the last year. Evidently, Lisa was driving up the hill on her way home and saw Magdalena walking up the steep grade. Lisa kindly offered her a ride and found out that Magdalena was on her way to a job interview. Lisa told her that if she didn’t get that job that she should give her a call.  She didn’t get the job and has been working for Lisa ever since.


Kyle’s family is on their way to Lake Tahoe and they’ve chartered a small plane to take them there. Evidently, Mauricio doesn’t like to go to airports with all of their kids. Really? With the exception of Portia, all of your kids are MORE than old enough to be able to handle airports. Let’s be honest… You don’t like airports and you have the money and so you splurge… There’s nothing wrong with that! Just don’t blame it on your kids, though…Puhleeze. I find it mildly amusing Kyle has to go on these smaller planes, though – because she’s so deathly afraid of flying. She seems to be handling it much better than she used to.


We also find out that Kyle is trying hard to make sure Portia doesn’t turn into a spoiled, rich, snooty little brat. They have way more money now, than they had when their other kids were Portia’s age. We are then treated to snippets of Portia acting exactly like a little brat – but probably no more so than others her same age. I gotta hand it to Kyle because she genuinely wants Portia to appreciate every single thing they have.

Lisa R is having lunch with her new 25 year old agent who really hustles so he can secure auditions for Lisa. Lisa looks at the menu and decides on the “Frank Stallone Salad.” She loves him and announces she will eat anything named “Frank Stallone.” Lisa’s agent explains they’re casting a series based on the “Scream” movies. The character that pops out to Lisa is the one described as, “youthful and relatable – with highlights.” Lisa believes she’s perfect for the part!  Over her career, Lisa tells us that she has had to reinvent her and her lips over and over again. Her agent tells her that it’s all about her branding and endorsements. We see Lisa’s commercial for “Depends” and Lisa laughed all the way to the bank on that one. She earned more for that commercial than she ever earned for anything else in her entire career.

Lisa R

In this week’s edition of “I Kid You Not,” – With a completely straight face, Lisa R. tells us that, “I will do ANYTHING to make a buck… I don’t say ‘no’ very much, I say ‘yes.’” I just can’t help but laff at this…lol! I love Lisa R.!

In a gratuitous plug for some hoity-toity Beverly Hills jeweler, Lisa goes jewelry shopping with Shiva, Mohammad’s fiancé (YoYo’s Ex-husband). Lisa and Shiva share a similar sense of humor and Lisa doesn’t feel like she has to watch every single word coming from her mouth like a hawk in fear that it will be picked apart and criticized. Let’s put this whole jewelry shopping experience into perspective – When Lisa goes jewelry shopping, she’s looking at $64,000 rings and $72,000 pendants. I wonder what it’s like to wear a house as a pinky ring or around your neck. The jewelry is for both Lisa’s birthday and her wedding anniversary, so I guess that’s supposed to explain the price tag. Lisa playfully wonders if the jewelry store will accept personal favors as payment – The owner says he doesn’t know if they can accept favors, but they do accept, Visa, MasterCard and icky cash. In one breath, Lisa says that she feels like “life should be simple” and in the next breath she is considering selling her husband for the amazing pink sapphire she fondles longingly. Thus is the Zen of Lisa.



YoYo greets hubster David Foster who arrived home for their weekly date night and she was wearing nothing more than black lingerie and a smile.  She seems to be finally feeling better after battling Lyme Disease for these months. The two of them eat YoYo’s lovingly cooked meal on a breathtaking patio overlooking the ocean. David shares with us how one year for Valentine’s Day, YoYo arranged to meet him at a hotel.  They were sitting at a bar in a dark corner… And suddenly YoYo unbuttons the overcoat she’s wearing to reveal only to him that she was clad in nothing but red lingerie. As he is clearing the dishes (Yes, I was shocked, too that the “King” can be a bus boy), he declares that YoYo is going to be dessert.  We also learn David is on his way to Shanghai to be a mentor on their version of “The Voice.”



Brandi visits Kim at her house and reveals that she went out with Jake from State Farm – No actually, it was Jake, her 23 year-old hunk of a mover. Brandi also reveals that she is still seeing J.R. but that they’re not sleeping together because that would be “cheating”– However, to clarify, they HAVE slept in the same bed but they haven’t you know… Remember, J.R. has been Brandi’s on again – off again kind of boyfriend. He found a girlfriend while on a trip and she has now moved here. Kim thinks that if Brandi sees him with his new girlfriend that it will help her to release him altogether.  So they decide to put on disguises so they can stalk him and his girlfriend at a local bar where they think he will show up.

On a side note…There is something really wonky going on with Brandi’s face… I can’t quite put my finger on it – Nor could I put anything else on it without fearing it would bounce right off of her rubber looking exterior.


Brandi boasts that she and Kim are “doers” and that the others just want to hang around and polish their diamonds and gold. They get to the bar and decide first to hide in some bushes while wearing their disguises. You heard me right – They’re actually squatting in some ivy. Once they figure out they’re probably not the only rodents in the ivy, they reposition themselves to a place with a better view. J.R. does in fact, show up – but he isn’t with his girlfriend or anyone else.  So they successfully stalked J.R. and found out that he was doing absolutely nothing with nobody. Way to go! On a side note, is anyone watching, “Stalker?” I have watched it from the 1st episode… It’s so creepy and I have to watch it during the day cuz I’m a wimp and because I’ve been stalked… but it’s so good…

Kyle Tahoe

Oh goodie… Next we have a “Frenemy Summit” featuring Brandi and Adrienne. While on her way to the summit, Brandi calls Kyle for moral support. It’s interesting she didn’t call YoYo, no? Well, Kyle knows the situation better, I suppose… but Kyle is at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Brandi senselessly chants to herself, “Think before you speak… Think before you speak… Think before you speak…”  At least she’s not trying to “think AND speak” at the same time because she can’t possibly do those two things at once. She explains to Kyle that she just wants to clear the air with Adrienne after last season’s cataclysmic divulging of spectacularly private information about the surrogacy of Adrienne’s children – a fact largely unknown to even members of Adrienne’s family AND her children. Brandi doesn’t want to “braid Adrienne’s hair on the weekends” (nice to know) but she wants to be able to be okay when she sees her in social situations.


Brandi said that she was sorry for everything and that she regretted what she said. She divulged that she didn’t intend on hurting Adrienne’s family. And then, because she can’t help but blame Lisa V. for her own mistakes, she explains that Lisa was her bestie at the time and that because Lisa had issues with Adrienne, evidently she felt like she could divulge huge family secrets about Adrienne on national TV (without any repercussions). Brandi says she hopes that Adrienne doesn’t hate her. Adrienne tells Brandi she doesn’t hate her. I’m sure Adrienne would still like to kill her just a lil. Adrienne tells us she welcomes Brandi’s apology because it’s heartfelt but WE know it’s because it’s in front of TV cameras and she probably wants back on the show in some capacity.

Brandi and Adrieenne


Other Things we learned from this episode:

  • Lisa R. will eat anything named “Frank Stallone”… So step right up, all the Frank Stallones of the world… Unite!
  • Even modelesque women like YoYo sometimes have problems zipping up their pants.
  • Dutch horses don’t fart.
  • Lisa V’s sage advice to women was NOT to wait to “put out” on their birthday or anniversary – but instead they should do it weeks BEFOREHAND… Cuz you know… You’ll get a better gift.
  • There are ghosts in Lisa R.’s house… Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
  • Kim can actually ride horses – And I don’t mean that mamby pamby Disney kind of riding…

Next time we get to meet the newbie…Fireworks ensue… Should be fun!

Thanks for reading… See you next time!

Happy Trails!


Vanderpump Rules

“Jax ‘Nose’ Best” – by HydrangeaHussy

The guys, Jax, Tom, and Other Tom, are getting their eyebrows threaded.  They stop on the street to pour beers into glasses.  Jax has breathing issues, so he has to have surgery.  Ala Alexis Bellino, he’s going to get a nose job while he’s under.  They also pass out t-shirts with Jax’s old nose on them.  It’s like a big frat party with these guys.  Isn’t Jax 35 years old?  The boys are embracing their metro-sexuality.  Whatever.  I don’t want a guy who spends more time on his appearance than me.  I’m tempted to fast-forward through this.


Stassi is at Sur.  She wants some food, but doesn’t want to pay full price for them.  Ariana helps her out.  She and Tom are doing very well.  Stassi is very happy for them.  Apparently these two will now be friends because they have a mutual enemy – Kristen.  Ariana describes Kristen’s visit – Kristen was very dressed up and cried for 45 minutes.  Stassi thinks that Kristen wants to weasel her way back into the Sur group.  Stassi doesn’t understand why Ariana is ok with her BFF (Scheana) being friends with Kristen.  If Stassi wants me to believe that she’s over Sur, she needs to stay out of the drama and quit stirring stuff up.  She thinks that she used to run Sur with an iron fist.  Lol.

Pump is open for business and doing well.  Lisa is relieved to have the restaurant busy.  Other Tom had a panic attack at work and walked out on his shift, so the Pump manager is bartending.  He told Other Tom that he shouldn’t come back.  Lisa is really disappointed in him and thinks that Katie needs to be careful.  He doesn’t seem like a very reliable guy to me.  Katie arrives home to find Other Tom there.  She was worried because she has never seen him that upset or frantic.  Other Tom explains that he got overwhelmed by the rush of people and his lack of training.  Katie thinks that three bartenders should have been able to handle it.  Other Tom didn’t think that he’d really have to work at this job, he thought he could coast through it on his charm and looks.  Katie is embarrassed by his behavior and lets him have it.  I would be embarrassed too!  I’m surprised to see her standing up for herself.  Good for Katie!


It’s surgery day for Jax.  Other Tom takes him.  I think I would have chosen a different friend after the panic attack.  The doctor comes in and advises Jax to avoid physical activity after surgery.  I don’t see Jax following the instructions.  He’s nervous because his face and body are his best assets, but he comes through ok.  Jax is not the best patient.  Other Tom has his hands full.  Jax’s main concern is getting the drugs to knock himself out, which may not be a bad idea.  Other Tom has bigger issues – like being fired from Pump.  Peter arrives with Lisa to check on Jax.  I think it’s sweet that she checked on him.  Other Tom didn’t want to see Lisa right now, but is going to take the little digs.  When he attempts to talk to her, she advises him to keep his mouth shut for now.  Lisa doesn’t understand young American men – “one’s got a nose job purely for vanity, one ran away from his job like a scared little bunny, and then they’ve both got eyebrows like Greta Garbo.”  Hehe!  Tom and Scheana visit Jax and bring doughnuts.  Jax still doesn’t have his pain meds, so the Toms go to pick it up.


Katie and Stassi are having drinks.  They discuss Other Tom’s job performance.  Katie is jealous of Stassi’s boyfriend, who has his life together.  Stassi is no longer stressed because her boyfriend is an adult.  There’s an OK Magazine party coming up.  Everyone is going, except for Jax.  Stassi wants to avoid the group and doesn’t care why Jax won’t be there.  Katie tells her about the nose job and Stassi loses it.  At least she admits that she’s being a hypocrite – criticizing Jax for plastic surgery when she’s had a chin job.


Kristen and James go to the gym.  It’s like she’s trying to make us believe that she’s completely over Tom and is happy.  She’s never happy, so I’m not buying it.  James explains that his parents have been friends with Lisa for years, which isn’t exactly what Lisa said.  I think he exaggerates to make himself look better.  James is expecting to get his job back.  I hope Lisa doesn’t hire him back.  James and Kristen are going to the OK Magazine party, even though they don’t want to see the awful Sur staff.  If they hate these people so much, why don’t they get another job?

Lisa and friends arrive at Sur for dinner.  It’s Lisa, Ken, Lance Bass, and Lance’s fiancé.  The shift is almost over and the girls are counting their money.  James arrives in the back while Peter is outside.  Peter tells him that Lisa is there, but not available.  Peter agrees to tell Lisa that James is there to talk to her.  He’s worried about his job because he needs the money to pay his bills.  Peter tells Lisa that James is back.  She agrees to give him one shift per week because they need busboys right now.  Peter gives the news to James, advising him that he will be under scrutiny.  Katie is worried because Other Tom hasn’t tried to get his job back.  I agree, Tom doesn’t seem to worry about anything.


Other Tom finally approaches Lisa.  She agrees to speak with him.  He begins by saying that he has respect for Ken and Lisa, but Lisa shuts him down.  She doesn’t think he respects her or Katie and hopes that Katie is making him pay for his irresponsibility.  Other Tom doesn’t even try to plead his case, just returns his shirts.  Lisa respects hard work, but doesn’t think that Other Tom is a hard worker.  I think that she would have given him a chance if he had made any effort to get his job back.

Jax is still in pain, but doing better.  He’s drinking, even though the doctor told him not to drink alcohol for a week.  Tom, Ariana, Other Tom, Scheana, and Shay are going to the OK Magazine party.  Jax is disappointed that Katie hasn’t checked on him.  He thinks that she’s back on Stassi’s leash.  Other Tom defends her.  Scheana finds it odd that Katie never hangs out with all of them.


Scheana, Shay, Ariana, and Tom are at one table.  Stassi, Katie, Other Tom, Peter, and company are at another table.  Scheana notes that the other group didn’t even say hello as they walked past.  I’m sure Stassi wouldn’t let them.  She seems to love keeping the drama going.  Scheana is looking for drama too, as she’s asked James and Kristen to join them.  Really?  Why would you do that?  It does appear that the Scheana table is having more fun than the Stassi table, despite the tension.  The Stassi table is focused solely on making fun of the Scheana table.


Stassi loses a bet and, horror of horrors, has to spend five minutes at the Scheana table.  If I were Scheana, I would just ask Stassi to leave because nothing good will come of her presence.  Scheana is gracious and talking to Stassi, while Katie and Kristina make fun of her.  Kristen is confused as to why Stassi is at their table.  Kristen is less mature, bringing up Jax.  Scheana and Kristen decide to go to Stassi’s table, since Stassi came to theirs.  Ugh, can’t they just let it go.  Stassi doesn’t understand why Scheana and Kristen are friends.  Stassi wants Scheana to take responsibility for being friends with Kristen, but seems ok with Tom being friends with Jax.  Stassi gets pissed and leads her following out of the party.


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136 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Who Stalked J.R.?” / Vanderpump Rules “Jax Nose Best” Recaps @ Lynfamm

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Five heart tweet

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Does anyone else think Shiva was considering joining housewives. She had a lot of screen time.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    And in case you missed it last night

    • T-Rex says:


    • VV™ says:

      Is Brandi saying that because she was unwilling to participate in the take Lisa down meeting prior to Reunion S2, she started having issues with Adrienne? Because that is not what I heard last night on film. It seems Brandi has a version on film, another one on Twitter and another one on blogs.

      • T-Rex says:

        VV- She LIES so much she can’t manage to keep them all straight, and she is so DAMNED STUPID to realize that there is film, twatter and blogs all with the information there for folks to see and realize what a lying sack of crapola she is. THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi proves yet again why folks dislike her and why TheRoyalVPUMP is DONE DONE DONE with her. Now if Bravo could only follow suit it would make for a much better show.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      What a contradictory statement. Does she not see that she’s doing the exact opposite of what she is saying? Smh

    • Powell says:

      That’s just stupid. If you’re a real friend to people and two of them are currently at odds you don’t have to go against either of them. Brandi just did it because she wanted to hurt Adrienne. It had nothing to do w/Lisa. She’s like a little kid doing something wrong and says she did it because her friend was made at the other friend. It’s just stupid and sophomoric.

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

  5. California35 says:

    Good morning,
    Great recaps. I catch the episode, not very exiting really. I enjoyed the scenes with Lisa, and her glamours things. Rhinestones? hhmm well they shine 😛 The jewelry, my goodness how beautiful and expensive. AND where was she when I was walking around looking for a job? Darn it, I knew I was supposed to go to Beverly Hills. I liked when Lisa said that she has to be careful on what she says around others, it sure seemed like that last season.

    I see those movers trucks everywhere around here, in fact I just saw a few of them together last weekend. I wonder if they were moving her again 😛 By the way, the first time I saw them I thought they were those food trucks because of the “meat”.

    Last day before a long weekend, I hope everyone has a nice day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I love rhinestones, too! The good ones aren’t cheap! LOL

      • California35 says:

        I do too, and she wears them well, but i was surprised.
        Ugh! Trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear and what is not at certain age, at certain weight and at certain budget 😒
        I guess if one likes it, one should wear it. End of story 😛 if one likes rhinestones one can😊

    • Powell says:

      Yes Cali you should’ve been walking in Lisa’s neighborhood. That could’ve been your job. Shoot you wouldn’t have been able to tell us much though since you’d probably have to sign a confidentiality agreement. 🙂

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. We are getting quite the rain coming down. Oh gosh let it just rain and not turn into SNOW. 😨 Who Stalked J.R.? Sounds like Who shot J.R.? LOL. Have a great day. ☔ 💦 💦 ❄ ❄ 😨

  7. T-Rex says:

    Uhm kay! So, THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi is again blaming everything she has ever said or done on someone other than herself and since TheRoyalVPump has more fans and friends, she is blaming her, UGH. So, this is also during the time that VykeKyle was still all Besties with THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi because I still think VileKyle has TheRoyalVPump Envy issues still at this point in filming, I hope that dwindles. Good luck with that, because we will soon see THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi turn against you! Oh, and let’s put into perspective that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi has moved after her BRAVO PAID FOR RENTAL has come up for re-lease and A) she couldn’t afford the rent and B) she has damaged almost every place she has lived and was actually EVICTED out of the house from her first full season. Nice to know that I can still keep the SLUTBAG moniker after she mounted the mover like a bitch in heat. Nice to see YOLO-LemonHead feeling much better, I have now met three people personally with Lyme Disease and none have had the issues that she has had, so glad she is finally not using that any longer as a crutch on the show. Now to the HoofMaloof meeting, that was clearly again set up to bash TheRoyalVPUmp since The HoofMaloof despises her, and nice touch that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi advertised the HoofMaloofs new product on her twatter, I have decided I will try to somehow not dislike VileKyle but she doesn’t give me much to work with! STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP with TheRoyalVPUmp, BE YOURSELF! UGH~ You would get more fans if you just did that, she is getting blasted on other blogs, and her fan base has shrunk, so again I think if she were just herself, she would do so much better!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I have a friend with Lyme, and she’s pretty much disabled. Of course she can’t afford the treatments Yo gets, and in fact insurance won’t cover much. It can be very devastating if it isn’t caught early – it has a systemic effect on your body – so it’s hard to roll back the effects.

      • plainviewsue says:

        As do I. T-Rex, if it’s caught early, it is easily treated with antiobiotics. The problem is when it isn’t and that is what happened with Yolanda and my good friend and neighbor. By the time it was discovered my friend had it, it had gone into her joints. She was in ongoing pain and has had multiple surgeries on her knee. This happened about 20 years ago, and thankfully, she is doing better. But she will live with the repercussions forever. With Yolanda, it affected her brain.

        • Powell says:

          Wow that’s awful Sue. I guess it’s so hard to diagnose cuz symptoms mimic other illnesses. We hear about Lyme so much now you’d think it wouldn’t still be so hard to diagnose.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        It’s so hard to watch our friends suffering, I’m sorry for your friend. I hope she can find some joy in life, somehow,

        • plainviewsue says:

          She is doing much better. She will always have pain, but it’s manageable. She works, travels, etc. But this disease really did her in. I feel for Yolanda. I may not agree with her words and actions all of the time, but it is heartbreaking to be healthy one day, and then sick the next. I, as well as many others, live with that.

      • Powell says:

        That’s awful NMD. Sorry your friend has suffered from this disease. Yo is lucky she can afford treatments from around the world. She’s been to at least 4 countries I think, being treated.

      • lila1star says:

        Hi Everyone–I really am not new here I just do not post much. I am posting now regarding Veena’s post. I was diagnosed with Lyme over 10 yrs ago–it was caught very late and has disabled me. Yo was not making it up when she mentioned how this disease mess’s with ones mind. Everything from loosing words and train of thought(very embarrassing). In my case I suffered the facial palsy as if I had a stroke. Some things get better with time and other stuff pops up like chronic pain and arthritis. The treatments are varied and because so little is understood there does not seem to be one standard way to go. Yo chose the controversial IV anti-biotic long term treatment–that treatment alone will make one sick. I chose one round of anti-biotic and a more organic approach such as mind exercises which do work after a while. But to this day I can wake up and simply not be able to walk. Long story short–Yo was correct when she said Lyme is now at epidemic levels in this country. Many are DX with fibromyalgia and sent on there way when in truth it is Lyme. Lyme is deadly for kids so needless to say I am fanatical with my grandkids. Sorry this ended up long–thanks for listening. I have a Lisa V story to share–on March 31st my Pom passed and I posted on twitter–I received 2 PMs from Lisa offering to help me get another if I wanted. I decided to rescue a cat instead 🙂
        Debbie Happy Turkey Day

        • TexasTart says:

          It’s so scary that an insect bite can ruin life as you knew it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

        • plainviewsue says:

          Thank you so much for sharing your story. Enjoy the good days. That is my motto.

        • T-Rex says:

          Thanks for your story and glad to hear that you are doing well. I guess the folks i know are just really lucky in their diagnosis, and the way the reacted to treatments since you can barely tell they have the disease. Good luck and good vibes to you. Oh and once your are out of the closet you have to keep posting here!

        • VV™ says:

          Thank you fm for sharing. Post more often 🙂

        • Veena (NMD) says:

          Thank you for sharing your experience. You should post more often 🙂

    • jezzibel says:

      I get the impression Brandi lets herself be passed around from realtor to realtor like a box of tissues at a funeral, in exchange for them finding her a place to live for a few months.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I still love Maloof Hoof. Big mistake that Adrienne didn’t call her shoes that. If she can forgive Brandi for outing her secret she’s got to forgive Lisa for Maloof Hoof and Crackpot Jackpot or whatever Lisa called Jackpot. Does Adrienne even still have Jackpot? Does she still have the German Shepherd Paul gave her for her BD? Adrienne should have told Brandi not to blame Lisa or anyone else for the things she says or does. How can Brandi ever discipline her boys on anything that they may do that remotely resembles what she has done? If her boys tell a friend’s secret how can she tell them it’s wrong?

      • T-Rex says:

        Jackpot is long gone as is the Shepherd they purchased, they have gone through a number of dogs, they don’t think they are live beings to them they are disposable accessories they are disgusting pet owners. The HoofMaloof still despises TheRoyalVPump and I think Dr. Paul got them in the divorce anyway.

        • VV™ says:

          She still has Jackpot and the German Shephard. She just added more dogs to her household. She has like a pet store. Seriously! Name the breed and she probably has it. She also added a couple of cats. She’s wealthy, I’m sure servants take care of all those pets.

  8. Great recaps!!!

    Big golf claps- much more enjoyable then sitting through these episodes

  9. Great blogs ladies!!! Last night was boring, they could have edited all the Brandi/Kim scenes out and put more Lisa~s in and I would have been happy.

    So…I just found out this week that Maurice is 38, that means he was only around 20/21 when they got married (4 months preggo) and she was around 27, I didn’t do the exact math…..

    That changes a lot of what I think of him….I thought he was older than she was and tbh, I thought she was closer to 50 than she is….. In other words, all this time I thought he was immature, he was pretty much acting his age, HAHAHAHA!!! How did I not know this, or worse, did I know this and completely forget it???

    Last night I saw on twitter someone tweeted kyle that Portia was “killing it”, no….the only thing being killed was my desire to watch…… I think they may have hired an editor from Toddlers and Tiaras or someone watched it and thought it would be funny to show the child behaving exactly the opposite of what the parent says they want the child to do or be. Not at all what I want to see.


    • mrs peabody says:

      I also thought he was older than her. It was ok watching a bit of Portia but let’s not let it happen again, once was more than enough.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I didn’t get to see the show until the 11:30 run as my husband turned the power off right as the first showing started and I only got one minute taped. It sure seemed to me there was a lot of Kim on that show last night, of course I kept falling asleep and every time I woke up she was on screen again. First she was running around in this stupid wig thinking she was Kim K (her wig episode trying to spy on her sisters) and then her riding horses. It seemed boring to me. Guess I’ll rewatch the scenes without her, Yoyo and Brandi. They could leave them all off for all I care, just give me Lisa.

        • Yeah, way too much Kim and way too much Brandi, Boooooring!!!! It wasn’t even funny it was pathetic!!

          • Orson says:

            Maybe they wanted to use all the Kim footage they had at the beginning of the season because, if the past is any example, there won’t be much of her later. You think they were still taping when her dog mauled her niece?

    • California35 says:

      She is that much older than him?

      I agree, less Kim and Brandi would har been good. There was a lot with them.

    • Powell says:

      I thought Mo was older too. Hmmm. Love the hashtag #morelisa-s

  10. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks for the recaps/blogs and photos! What a treat for someone looking for a reason not to vacuum…LOL. OR WORSE, DUST!!! I love stars’ and HH’s humor!

    • I have been thinking about you and LG leaving and I don’t approve. 😦 Are you going to see her before she goes, how long is she staying, are you going to go worldwide and visit…..inquiring minds want to know….

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I want to know all!! I saw on the blog that she was leaving but I didn’t know that we could outwardly not approve!! I’m sure she’s missing her BF and I’m sure she’s so excited to go-but is it too much to ask that he live around the corner?!?!?! Love you Lainey!!!

        • I don’t know if LL can outwardly disapprove but I can!!!! It’s just too far!!!! But I can be the voice of unreason for LL!!! But also, I don’t want to upset LL….just know we are here for you!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          LOL. I love you guys! Openly disapproving is not a thing, y’all (Pindy)!!! Well, g’head and disapprove! She’s still going!!!!!!! She has completely moved out of her place in LA, she had her car shipped back to Texas, and graced us with her presence for Thanksgiving. I love having her home for this short time. It’s sweet. We’ve kicked hubs out of our room and she and I are even sleeping together. We watch Netflix til the wee hours, talk, laugh and (sniffle) I’m going to MISS HER!!!!! She leaves Dec.6. 😳

          • TexasTart says:

            Glad you’re having quality time together. 🙂

          • Powell says:

            LOL PrincessP disapproving and JNNTJ saying can’t he live around the corner. Too funny ladies. Lainey I hope TheLaineyFamily has a blast w/LaineyGirl before she’s off. You let her know we’re going to miss her. Give her BIG hugs from us. Tell her to have safe travels. You all have a great Thanksgiving. 🙅🙅

          • ENJOY EVERY SECOND!!!!!

          • Orson says:

            LL, I think you should just let her know who’s the MOM and ground her! I’ll even let you use one of the lines I’ve had to use around here (giving the hairy eyeball to… well, you know who you are). Try this: “Now you march yourself back to your room, young lady, and don’t you roll your eyes at me!” She’ll have to learn to fear the furry of your wrath.

          • Lainey—-this is amazing —- I’m sorry for you but I wish her all the best. I hadn’t realized this was an actual move/ M-O-V-E. Wow 🌏🌎

            Every house hunters I watch is a woman in a foreign city trying to start up her own yoga business, so maybe that’s a great thing she can do there?

            All the best to her and very very safe travels & transitioning ! 💗💗💗
            -and un abrazo for you 🙅xo

  11. Hey just checking in—– since most of you may not be around later and tomorrow — I didn’t watch last night but Lisa’s assistant #2 (this time, normally I communicate with assistant #1)—–>> she said Lisa’s been especially swamped the last few days with these episodes airing and the holiday. But Lisa will get back to me with a message for the blog …… 💖🙋⏰

    Didn’t watch yet but saw the description said something SO dumb re: Brandi or Kim 😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤💤💤💤 x2000000000000

    Want to wish you all happy thanksgiving – I’m thankful for all the laughs here and the notoriety the blog’s brought me recently 😩……

    Seriously thanks all ……

    PINDY, ice says HI👋👋👋 ……. coco is hard at work on a turkey. 🍖

    Catch yall later ……working on connecting some dumb webcam. God help me 🙈

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    As I won’t be online tomorrow, I am posting this a day early for all of my Lynnfam loves –

    May your holiday be filled with good food, lots of laughter and love – May your journeys, whether long or short, be safe and free of worry. May you see in each face the reflection of all the good the world has to offer. May memories be made to last a lifetime, and may there be a lifetime of love found in every minute shared with those you love. May your night carry you into sweet dreams and peace

    Let this day be a source of strength. Let it be a time to give thanks for things, for people, remembered. In those memories, find strength hiding in a smile, courage in the echo of laughter, and love in the memory of a gentle touch, a warm embrace.

    Give thanks and remember too, all those who serve in our military. Each day is uncertain for them, their time, their very lives, bound to the commitment of protecting and defending all of us. Give thanks for their bravery, their honor and remember their families, whose courage is endless.

    I will keep you all in my thoughts, see you in the smiles, and hear you in between the giggles, the food, the football and the feeling of closeness that exists when in the company of loved ones.

    God bless and keep you all – in the palm of His Hand –

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends – *hugs entire Lynnfam really hard*

  13. VV™ says:

    View this post on Instagram

    200K🙏🙏🙏 #grateful #humbled 💋

    A post shared by Shiva Safai (@shivasafai) on

    • Powell says:

      Shiva we’re the ones blinded by that gorgeous rock. 😎💎

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        Holy shit! I went to a Pete Sampras match in Scottsdale a few years back when they held a USTA tourney at the Princess. I happened to sit four rows back from his wife Bridgette. Everyone behind her was stunned to see how large her rock was. You could look from person to person and see mouths drop. She was stunningly beautiful with no makeup and freshly showered hair. (Hate her – not really) But yeah, that was last time I saw a diamond THAT big.

    • Is she engaged to MOMO?? how is this new ?
      She’s so beautiful

  14. TexasTart says:

    Thank you Stars and HydrangeaHussy for the recaps! ❤

    Hoping everyone has someone to share the day with tomorrow. Safe travel for those that do and good luck in the kitchen for the rest of you!

  15. rabblerouser2010R says:

    HI everyone. xoxooxx. I won’t be one much for the next couple of days. I wanted to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and thank you all for the blogs.

    I just wanted to share this with you.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      So after karate I pulled to a local burger drive though to get me and the kids something to eat, to our pleasant surprise the Marine in front of us paid for our food. Unfortunately he was long gone before we got our food so we were unable to thank him. Nor was there a car behind me to pay it forward….but I also had to pull into taco bell to get something for DH. It was RAMMED…about a 20 minute wait. The young man at the drive through apologized and explained that there was some power outages at Camp Pendleton which closed all the mess halls, so the boys were driving into San Clemente to get something to eat. Because it was so busy, I got the chance to pay it forward. Thank you to the kind Marine who made my night and showed my young daughters an example of a random act of kindness.

  16. Powell says:

    Stars I do watch Stalker. Usually the rerun. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.
    I’m looking forward to watching this epi of BH. Very interesting Lisa and Ken discussed the possibility of not coming back. Very generous of Lisa to hire Magdalena the way she did. See if Brandi had been nice she could’ve had the job.
    Nothing wrong w/taking a private plane so I don’t know why Mo put that on the kids. When I see celebs on TMZ at the airport catching a commercial flight I always say, why not take a private jet. I sure would. Kyle couldn’t borrow a Hilton private plane? What are filthy rich relatives for? 😏
    Brandi and Kim would be polishing their diamonds and gold too if they had any.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t think Murry is on the Hilton’s “guestlist” after ditching their firm to start his own.

      • VV™ says:

        I think they are civil for the sake of family.I think a Kyle mentioned on an interview that Rick Hilton understood……,I guess she meant that Rick understood that Moe took a chunk of his clients with him to the Agency.
        I’m glad Ken and Lisa went back to Hilton and Highland after the debacle of Reunion Season 3.

  17. Powell says:

    HH you were watching “Barney” and they were playing “Ring Around the Rosie” right? Gosh are they sure they’re adults? Love Lisa saying what she did from visiting Jax. A bunch of prima Donna s.

  18. Orson says:

    I had to pick up something just down the street a bit from Walmart, so I stopped at WM and stocked up on stuff I really wasn’t out of, but I didn’t want to risk running out of over the holiday because I don’t want to go near WM tomorrow or Friday. Maybe I’d risk o-dark thirty on Saturday or Sunday.

    • TexasTart says:

      Stocking up in case. Why not?! I make certain to have everything in advance so I don’t have to leave for 5 days! I could probably make it much longer….hubs told me this morning that we are looking pretty good if the zombie apocaylypse hits now, lol

  19. VV™ says:

    Stars99. Thanks for the BH blog. I made a drive by posting earlier on the blog but had not read it. There isn’t a better BH recapper out there in the blogosphere.

    HH, Thanks for recapping VPR. I’m actually watching this series as it airs this year. Great recap as well.

  20. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi explains why no one on the show likes her-they are all jealous because she was doing Celebrity Apprentice-don’t you understand they are all JEALOUS of Brandi-she’s so damn fabulous right???

    • TexasTart says:

      Of course, Celebrity Apprentice, the show that started Nene falling into the unbearable category. Funny how that affects people, now Brandi, but Kenya is still the same, lol.

      So was this something she posted and took down? Or something assembled from quoting her?!

    • California35 says:

      I am so glad she explained, now it all makes sense… lol

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

  22. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Stopping by to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. If the weather behaves I hope to make it to my friend’s house for dinner. If not there is always the hungry man turkey dinner in the freezer. Lol

  23. TexasTart says:

    This clip is 10 minutes and pre-HD….probably only of interest to those that watched Days Of Our Lives

  24. TexasTart says:

    Kenya posted this during RHOBH show…

  25. Happy Gobble Gobble! I hope everyone has a great day.

  26. jezzibel says:

    I don’t think my disdain for Brandi (or any HW really)is any great secret, However, she did right by a person in need and I think that needs to be acknowledged and commended
    If Brandi does read this blog: more of the selfless actions and less of the drunken whore-ish stuff.
    Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!!

  27. OK, I admit it, I check a certain gossip site from time to time…R.O. For some reason, the site is gone! Anyone know why or is it my server?

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