Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Vanderpump Rules – In the Doghouse – Recap at Lynnfam

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Pay Attention to Me!” – S5E3

By Stars99


It’s time for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Darling! Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi! (Waves at VV™). I’ve got to admit that I’m suffering from severe dehydration because I really haven’t had to participate in this season’s drinking game – I’ve rarely felt the need to yell “STFU” during these last couple of episodes. Hulk sad. Hulk thirsty.

Remember last week… Lisa R decided to audition for a part that was characterized as “Youthful and relatable – With highlights.” Sounds like a perfect match to me! YoYo wants to surround herself with “positivity” but inexplicably says this while on a walk with Brandi. Umm, hello!  Brandi expressed how she is “genuinely sorry” for what happened last season. Brandi is baffled at why Lisa can’t forgive and forget her for all the crap she threw at Lisa throughout last season. Well Brandi, I don’t know if Lisa has forgiven you but she certainly HAS forgotten you…Move along…

It’s Lisa R’s birthday, woo hoo! There’s a birthday party at… Wait for it… Wait for it… Yeppers… At “PUMP” – Lisa V’s new restaurant and bar. Color me shocked! Lisa R says that aging is inevitable but she’s doing it as well as she possibly can. She really DOES look amazing – Although I’d love to feed her a sandwich or two. I gotta say that I love how Lisa R is doing her own makeup and hair for her party. Lisa R. asked her daughter to help her pick out what she would wear for the party. Lisa admits that having teenaged girls makes her humble that she probably would have turned into a huge narcissist if she hadn’t had any kids.  Lisa’s daughters are waiting on the couch for their Mom to make her grand entrance.  It does not surprise them at all that she is wearing a completely different outfit than they had discussed. It’s like she’s saying, “Thank you for helping me pick out what to wear even though I didn’t choose to wear a single danged thing you suggested.”



YoYo’s daughter, Gigi is home from college. Well, technically, she’s only home for 3 days before she leaves to go jet around various places for her career. She’s currently studying Criminal Psychology – I have a feeling she will be putting her college education on a back burner while she continues her very successful modeling career. It appears to me that YoYo would rather her daughters be models than for them to obtain  a college education. We saw the first signs of this last year when she actually tried to talk Gigi out of going to school. This just gets under my skin and goes against every fiber of my being. Getting a college education was expected – it wasn’t a choice. It is perfectly wonky to me for YoYo to be trying to talk her kids out of college and into a fleeting career like modeling. YoYo confirms that Dad wants all 3 kids to go to school but YoYo thinks that if you hit that one “sweet spot” in a career that you should take it with both hands and go for it because you don’t know when an opportunity like that will come back again. She almost has a point… but my logic and reasoning will not allow me to actually agree with her.

YoYo and Gigi seem to be of similar perfectionist temperament but Bella is more relaxed, cool, and edgy. YoYo considers her daughters to be a much better version of herself. #proudmommy… Bella has been accepted to Parsons for next year (Project Runway, anyone?) YoYo says she can’t wait to see what kind of “trouble” Bella can get into with her career and life… Bella insists she is not going to get into any trouble…lol… Foreshadowing much? Lol… (Next week seems to be the week we find out Bella gets a DUI…).

The birthday girl arrives alone for her birthday party at PUMP. This promises to be one honkin’ gratuitous plug for Lisa V’s new establishment. While Lisa enjoys having parties for friends, she feels like she is working and not enjoying the party. I’m sure Lisa V is crying all the way to the bank with all of this free advertisement. Lisa explains that Harry will be there soon but that he is on his way back from Vancouver.

Kyle and Lisa

Kyle loves being able to laugh and tease with Lisa V. once again.  Their relationship took a beating last year but Kyle’ is glad they’re friend again. Lisa R tells us that being married to an actor is tough because of all their scheduling issues. Oh, cry me a river, Lisa…lol… You’re married to freakin’ Harry Hamlin… Sit yourself down…lol. Rolls my eyes…

We learn Kyle first met Mauricio on Kyle’s birthday. She was engaged to a CBS newscaster who was 24 years older than she at the time. Evidently, that night, she and Mauricio just clicked and talked for the whole night. At some point during the night, Kyle confesses that she turned her engagement ring around on her finger so the diamond didn’t so obviously show. Kyle thinks she did the right thing. I’ve got to agree with her… Isn’t that why we have the engagement process? I don’t even want to go into the psychology of her original choice…lol.

Lisa R surprised at K

We also learn that Harry was married to Nicollette Sheridan (who had just left Harry for Michael Bolton) when Lisa R first met him. She worked at an eyeglass store and he came in to pick up his glasses. I wonder how big Lisa’s lips looked thru Harry’s glasses.  Harry was very famous at that point – he was on LA Law, etc. Fast forward to 21 years later to when she and Harry were sitting at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge. Lisa sees Michael Bolton sitting at a nearby table. Lisa walks up to Michael and thanks him from the bottom of her heart – because if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be married to Harry and have the fantastic family that she does. Michael Bolton looked at her and without batting an eye, nexplicably began to sing a medley of, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Said I Love You – But I Lied,” and “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” Actually, he looked her right in the eye and said, “You are so welcome.”…lol… As if on cue, Harry shows up to the restaurant.

Late Come w gift

Lisa and Harry have been married for 17 years. They both work at their relationship.  In another gratuitous plug tonight, Harry gives Lisa this huge Cartier box that contains a really kewl ring. Lisa explains the significance of it in her blog when she writes, “You see, he gave me a similar ring upon the birth of our firstborn, Delilah Belle, and it had her name engraved on it. The ring meant absolutely everything and when it went missing from our home a few years back, I was beyond devastated. Being the wonderfully thoughtful man he is, HH bought me this one with the three bands all engraved. One with Harry, one with Delilah and one with Amelia. I now have my family with me always.”


Brandi is at her house almost wearing clothes when her friend comes to visit. I’m all for wearing or not wearing whatever you want when you’re alone or with your significant other at your house but come on… You’re filming for a TV show and you’re wearing little more than a very transparent beach cover-up even though no swimming whatsoever was involved… Oh wait, I get it.., it’s another gratuitous plug – but this time the plug is Brandi herself as she lewdly advertises for her future boyfriend/boytoy… #Dontchoke (Sorry, obscure reference to last year’s revelation of one of Brandi’s sexual preferences)… #Donotask.

Brandi explains she’s waiting for a phone call from her attorney about her child support and alimony issues with her ex-husband (Eddie Cibrian). Remember we found out last season that there was a recalculation of all the payments Eddie has made to her over the last 5 years and they found out that he had significantly overpaid Brandi (Like over $100,000). If you just looked at this episode, you would think Eddie’s trying to get out of paying Brandi what she’s due. Honestly, who knows what is really true? What I DO know is this… It would be smarter for Brandi to keep this dirty laundry in the hamper where it belongs, I mean, really – How fun do you think it is for Brandi’s kids to hear their Mom talk about their Dad like this on national TV?

Perhaps Brandi is banking on using FaceTime and hoping her skimpy outfit will get her a lower rate with her attorney. Who knows? She’s using an egg timer to time her phone calls with attorney because you know… they actually BILL for their services and stuff…lol.

In this week’s edition of, “I Kid You Not,” After Brandi blames her continual moving from house to house and not being able to buy a house of her own on this issue with Eddie, she actually says she would rather use this money she’s paying an attorney on her children’s future college education. No seriously, she does…lol. Brandi, could you puhleeze pick a complaint and stick to it? Is this situation keeping you from buying a house or is it keeping your kids from attending college? Oh, and by the way, the reason you’ve had to move 5 times in 5 years is because you’re a horrible and piss poor renter (Emphasis on “piss”…lol) And please, break out the violins cuz it’s not like these kids don’t have a very well-to-do Dad and step mother or anything. She thinks we’re idiots.

Oh, but I almost forgot to tell you the fun part about this whole scene. The rocket scientist Brandi and her friend decide to hang stuff on her new walls. Evidently, Brandi can’t grasp the concept of how to nail anything except but maybe the pool boy cuz she certainly can’t hang a picture on her wall without some sort of screwing being involved… Well, I mean to say, she’s using screws.  No seriously, she actually used a screw to almost hang a large frame on her wall… That is until the screw that only went into the wall a tiny bit instantly came out. Okay, I’m refraining from making any more sexual innuendos right here and now….But it’s just really, really hard… ßThat’s what SHE said…lololol…(Oops, sorry…lol…  smacks myself)… Okay, I’ll try to be good from now on…lol.

Left my Louis

It’s family vacation time again for Kyle and her family. They’ve decided to rent a yacht in Spain (Such a rough life, no? I wonder if they’ll consider adopting me – I’m potty trained and have had my shots and everything…lol).  Kyle, Mauricio and Portia are clothes shopping for Portia for the trip. They find an adorable dress that says, “I left my Louis in the jet” (Referring to Louis Vuitton purses, luggage, shoes, etc.) Now, for most of us, that would be a hilarious thing for any fashionista to wear unless of course there was any potential for it to be true. Then it becomes ostentatious and obnoxious.

Kyle is determined to make sure Portia understands the value of a dollar and refuses to buy her everything she wants.  Kyle tells us that she does NOT want to raise a brat. However, Mauricio wants to spoil Portia rotten because they’ve worked hard for their money. Portia throws a little fit and Mom is quick to correct her attitude.  Tears are involved and Portia is so not happy that she didn’t get everything she wanted. But before you shed a tear for poor, little, deprived Portia – They end up spending $564.62 on this little spree alone.


Kim’s daughter Brooke is getting married and everyone is way too excited for words. So obviously, it’s time for Brooke to try on bridal gowns at a local designer’s (Mark Zunino) studio. Kim and Kyle launch into a discussion about how neither one of them are actually “in” the wedding. Fortunately, it’s decided that since Kim is the MOB she will have to get a shiny new dress. Then the Wicked Witch of the West, aka “Kathy Hilton” shows up riding her broomstick that’s somehow gotten lodged up her ass (sorry.. it’s true). Brooke proudly comes out modeling her first bridal dress, and Kathy immediately and intrusively chirps, “It’s pretty – but I don’t see it as the wedding dress” and implied it was more like a cocktail dress. Everyone was shocked and aghast at Kathy’s words. Brooke’s glowing face instantly fell… I only wish that someone had a bucket of water to throw at Kathy’s crazily plastic face so it, too, would fall…  Then I could immediately break out into song:

“Ding-dong the witch is dead…Which old witch? That Hilton witch!

Ding-dong that Hilton witch is dead!

Wake up you sleepyhead… Rub your eyes, get out of bed…

Wake up that Hilton witch is dead!

She’s gone where the goblins go,.. Below – Below – Below Yo-ho,

Let’s open up and sing… And ring the bells out.

Ding Dong’s the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low…

Let them know that Hilton Witch is dead!”

brandi and Kyle

Brandi and Kyle go on a hike in the hills. Brandi is having a house warming party – and has sent “Save the Date” emails to everyone. Kyle is dutifully wearing a ball cap that advertises, “The Agency” while Brandi is inexplicably wearing a knitted beanie…While on a hike.. In the hills of Southern California… (just shakes my head). They’re wearing sleeveless tops so it must be hot. Brandi decides she wants to “cold call” Lisa to see if she’s coming to her fabulous party. Brandi starts out the conversation with, “We haven’t talked for a while… I’m hoping to get back on track with our friendship.” Lisa is kind of awkwardly surprised but quickly and clearly tells Brandi that the crap Brandi said about her throughout last season just doesn’t disappear overnight. I refuse to rehash it yet again. Brandi maintains that Lisa can’t say she’s “Sorry” ever because she’s perfect. Lisa doesn’t think she owes Brandi an apology. Bravo owes us all an apology for putting us through this yet again.

In the middle of their conversation, Brandi’s phone went dead and she was forced to call Lisa back using Kyle’s phone so Lisa wouldn’t think she had hung up on her. Of course, Brandi had the whole conversation on speakerphone and did not tell Lisa that Kyle was there listening. Kyle was pretty innocent in this whole set-up scene, in my opinion – but I’m sure she will have some explaining to do…  Kyle and Lisa had just made amends… Oh well… Lisa wants to keep things civil between the two of them.  Brandi says, “If you don’t to be my friend that’s fine… but I’m not going to kiss your ass for the rest of my life.” Whatever, Brandi.  Brandi says some lame thing about it taking Lisa 10 years to forgive someone. Like I said earlier, I don’t know if Lisa’s has forgiven Brandi or not – but it certainly only took Lisa about 10 minutes to forget her.


Other Things we learned from this episode:

4  Lisa R wonders why no one watches porn…lol… She says, “I mean, how could you not?”  I dunno… whether you watch porn or not… But how could you NOT love someone who is so open about it?

4  Brooke’s Dad has Stage 3 Lung Cancer which has now spread elsewhere.

4  Portia wants to wear an identical dress as Brooke’s in the wedding… Brooke agreed. .

4  YoYo is flying to Holland for a week to take care of her Mom who is battling uterine cancer. She has already survived breast cancer.

4  YoYo and her husband fly on private jets 90% of the time. And the jets are gorgeous!

4  We barely met Eileen, the new girl – Lisa knows her from her soap opera days. Eileen has won an Emmy.

I think it’s hilarious that the 2 new kids this year are both soap opera stars. I can’t wait for the overly scripted and completely overly-acted drama to ensue… We should have some pretty visual fight scenes coming up…lol… KMN! (Kill me now!)

Thanks for reading… See you next time!

Happy Trails!





Vanderpump Rules

“In the Doghouse” – by HydrangeaHussy

Tom and Ariana are helping Other Tom adopt a dog.  Is this his way to prove to Katie that he’s responsible?  Tom notes that this is the wrong reason to adopt a dog.  I completely agree!  You can’t handle a bartending job, how are you going to take care of an animal?  Other Tom is hoping that the dog will buy him some time since Katie wants to get married and have a baby.  Other Tom has trouble selecting the dog, but finally commits.

Lisa is at Sur with Stassi.  She says that Lisa doesn’t quite know how to treat her now that she’s no longer employed.  Stassi seems to think that she’s on Lisa’s level now that she’s .  Lisa asks how she’s supporting herself.  Stassi has a fashion blog, but isn’t making money.  Lisa offers Stassi a job styling her for a photo shoot.  She gives Stassi a list of what outfits she would like for the shoot.  It seems that Scheana has a problem serving Stassi, but does so because Lisa is there.  Stassi explains that she was upset that Scheana is now friends with Kristen.  Lisa doesn’t know why everything is complicated between the girls, and thinks that they need to put their differences aside.  Somehow, I think that will never happen.

1 (Small)

Jax is going to his follow-up doctor’s visit.  He thinks that the dog is a bad idea for Other Tom.  Jax says that Other Tom is constantly complaining about Katie – she wants to get married, they never had sex.  I suspected their relationship wasn’t as perfect as Katie makes it out to be.  Jax has still managed to have sex, even though his nose was bandaged up.  How in the world does this guy get so many girls?  I don’t understand!  Jax is happy with his nose, but Tom can’t see a difference.

Katie and Stassi are in the living room when Other Tom brings the dog home.  Stassi seems way more excited than Katie.  Katie can’t believe that Other Tom got a dog for her.  She’s really touched by the gesture.  She thinks that it will help her & Other Tom become parents.  I see this ending badly for the dog.

2 (Small)

It’s time for Kristen and Tom to go back to work.  Jax wonders why everyone is asking about his nose, but he’s wearing a brace on it!  He just wants the sympathy!  Katie asks how he’s doing and he gives a snotty remark.  He is pissed that Katie didn’t check on him.  Jax thinks their relationship is a sham and doesn’t care about Katie.  Why does he spend so much time worrying about her then?  Jax proceeds to tell customers all about his nose job and how he didn’t follow the rules given by his doctor.  What a moron!  Scheana comes up and they talk about Katie some more.  Apparently Katie motorboated some guy’s crotch at a club.  Kristen gets to wait on Lisa and Ken.  She better do a good job, since she’s on her last chance.  Kristen apologizes, but tries to push some of the blame onto Peter.  Lisa is buying it and won’t let Peter get thrown under the bus.  Even Ken is tired of it.

Jax and Kristen talk outside.  Of course, he brings up Katie again.  They think that she’s under Stassi’s thumb.  Jax brings up Katie’s behavior and wonders if he should throw it in her face.  Kristen is pissed that Katie doesn’t get called out for her bad behavior.  Man, they’re really struggling for a storyline here.

Stassi is Lisa’s stylist for the day, but Lisa is making all of the decisions.  Lisa talks about Scheana, and Stassi decides to just avoid her.  Lisa doesn’t think Stassi is being professional enough.  She doesn’t seem to appreciate the opportunity very much.  The photoshoot is at Pump and the staff looks great.  Stassi is late with Lisa’s clothes, but is mad that Lisa doesn’t greet her properly.  Spoiled!  I have to wonder how she ever held a job.  She needs to appreciate the opportunity that Lisa is giving her.  The photographer asks for her card, but Stassi doesn’t have one.  Stassi is upset that Lisa didn’t thank her.  Umm, you were working.  My boss doesn’t thank me daily for doing my job.

3 (Small)

Tom, Ariana, Scheana, Shay, Jax, and Peter are having a pool party.  Katie refused to come because Scheana is there.  Other Tom didn’t come.  No one thinks their relationship is in the right place to get married.  Jax makes it seem like Other Tom just doesn’t want to go through a messy breakup.  I’m over the bash-Katie episode.  Tom and Jax ambush Other Tom at his apartment.  They tell him that it was a good party.  Jax calls Other Tom out for trying to enjoy some peace.  Other Tom doesn’t believe the story about Katie at the club, since Jax is known to lie.  I wouldn’t believe Jax either.  Other Tom just wants to be left alone so he can be happy.

Kristen misses her friends, especially Katie.  The two are outside at the same time, so Kristen strikes up a conversation.  She finds it awkward, but Katie doesn’t.  Katie says that their friendship wasn’t healthy for awhile before the break-up.  Kristen doesn’t understand why Katie can be friends with Tom and Ariana, but not her.  Katie says that it’s because Other Tom is friends with Tom.  Katie admits that she expected more from Kristen.  I would feel bad for Kristen, but she brought this upon herself.  Kristen then brings up the rumor that Katie cheated.  What a great way to get your friend back!

4 (Small)

Katie, Stassi, and Kristina are at brunch.  Stassi complains about Lisa wanting her to be friends with Scheana.  Katie complains about Kristen.  She admits that Stassi has kicked up some stuff, but that it isn’t Stassi’s fault.  Stassi wonders why Katie lets Other Tom hang out with Tom and Jax.  She thinks that Other Tom should stick up for his girlfriend and stop hanging out with them.  The three amigos are riding bikes.  Jax doesn’t have a license because his dad didn’t pay his auto insurance.  No comment from me, it’s just too easy.  Jax still wants to talk about Katie.  At this point, Other Tom does need to shut it down.  I can’t believe I agreed with Stassi on something!  The boys are on their way to meet Katie, so Kristina and Stassi bolt.  Katie knows that the boys were trashing her and it upsets her that Other Tom continues to hang around them.  There is so much tension when Jax arrives.  Katie tells them that she knows the boys were talking about her and wants them to stop.  Jax keeps saying that he saw Katie’s behavior.  They won’t let anyone intervene.  Tom tells her that three people saw it, but she maintains that it didn’t happen.  I don’t know why Jax is so involved in Other Tom and Katie’s relationship.  Tom and Other Tom keep asking Jax to stop, but he won’t.  Other Tom should have gotten more involved and shut Jax down in front of Katie, but Katie also shouldn’t have brought it up.






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262 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Vanderpump Rules – In the Doghouse – Recap at Lynnfam

  1. Good morning and happy day after RHOBH! It is quickly becoming my favorite day since I get to read blogs and comments about BH as everyone recaps Tuesday evening, thank you Lynnfam peeps!

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning 😀

  3. Ok, the more I think about Tampon String’s call to Pump the more frustrated I get. Brandi said it goes both ways – how? Should Lisa have had Scheana around Brandi as much? Nope, but seems like she had made real effort to separate them in the beginning and after Scheana and Tampon String did their sit down, Pump thought it was ok. It is TV so I think it is fair game and production probably had some input here, but Lisa could have dialed back Scheana and Brandi could communicated better with Lisa (she says she did, but let’s face it she isn’t the most adult or intelligent communicator). So all season Brandi talks smack about Lisa (I was her puppet, she is manipulative, she is Bobby Fisher) and Lisa really never says anything bad about Brandi, because Brandi is doing it behind Lisa’s back. Lisa did apologize at Reunion (and yes, I know Lisa isn’t perfect). Ok, so how is both ways?

    • Powell says:

      SJP after the sit down Brandi did seem like she dealt w/Scheana and moved on so I can see Lisa thinking it was good. After that I only remember Lisa saying to Brandi “Scheana is engaged, congratulate her. Give her some advice”, something to that affect. Brandi congratulated her. Not w/excitement but she did it. Then Scheana served at Lisa’s dinners. I think Lisa still thought it was ok, but Brandi did show she was uncomfortable, but I don’t recall Brandi saying anything. To me since Brandi was Lisa’s friend I would think she saw how uncomfortable Brandi was and would stop having Scheana work her dinners. So I thought Lisa could have been more sensitive to Brandi and stop having Scheana work when she had dinners. Now regular events at the restaurant was a different story. That was strictly work and Brandi didn’t have to go. So really Brandi had no problem standing up for herself so blaming Lisa doesn’t cut it w/me when she could have stood up for herself and told Lisa she didn’t want to be around Scheana. No one tells Brandi what to do she says so how could Lisa pull her strings like a puppet?

      • VV™ says:

        Brandi on WWHL told Andy she was fine with Scheanna. Brandi on interviews to media said she had moved on with Scheanna. She said that MULTIPLE times. I think either her friends, Yolanda or her head got too big with her newly found fame and just like that Brandi flipped a switch and went back to square one with Scheanna.

    • T-Rex says:

      I guess I see this SO differently than other folks! My BFF works at the Ritz-Carlton has for almost 20 years, she is so good at her job that she is often hired by the residents(her Ritz-Carlton has floors with permanent residents) to help in serving at their private parties, they love her and want to make sure their guests are happy at dinner parties having such a great person handling their service. SO I totally get TheRoyalVPumps wanting Scheana to handle their private parties, not just be a server at their Restaurants. I have heard from MANY sources that Scheana is their top server and that folks ask for her specifically when they go to SUR, especially the rich and most famous, because they want someone serving them who knows what their doing. The Service industry is not easy, and when you find someone young and who gives her “ALL” for your business, you cultivate that, because one day you are going to need that person to possibly help in running your restaurant in the future. I think TheRoyalVpump had THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi sit down with Scheana to iron things out. THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi told TheRoyalVPUmp, the RagMags, MzAndy at that time she was “cool” and “good” with it. Now, when she has no storyline to bring to the show, and she certainly can’t remember all her lies, she brings up this feud. UGH!!! GET OVER IT YOU HAG!

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        One other thing to point out is that Brandi is SO upset with Sheanna, you know the young thing that Leann’s husband seduced a decade ago, that she continued to go to the Pump’s bars for free drinks, knowing FULL WELL that Sheanna was there. She was so upset that she tried to avoid her like the plague (sarcasm). I can see why Lisa seemed to think Brandi was ok with Scheanna when she constantly pulled her rented Range Rover packed full of other sponges to leech off of Lisa and Ken’s good will.

    • kit9 says:

      Lisa didn’t do everything she could-that was nonsene. And, she lied about it. Lisa tries to blames production but she IS production. She’s a producer of VPR along with Ken. So, there’s that. And the much bigger matter that she was saying she did everything possible to keep them apart but then is caught(oopsie!) telling Brandi to go talk to Sheana. Course Brandi’s problem is, she was happy to lick Lisa’s backside and do the sitdown to help VPR’s so can’t really complain that Lisa keeps shoving her in her face now.

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone.. Happy hump day. 🙂

  5. Powell says:

    Stanger is on GMA. She’s tried to ombre her hair. The ends are blondish but it doesn’t look ombred correctly. Not gradual from dark to light.

  6. Powell says:

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Patti is giving do’s and don’ts of dating. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. VV™ says:

    I think the cast of Vanderpump Rules lnow how reality TV works. They sure bring the drama because they know at the end of the day the cameras eventually will turn off. “The Three Amigos” make a lot of appearances together. I’m sure they get pay pretty well plus trip expenses.
    Stassi tried to difuse her bratty actions of this episode on her blog by saying she’s not a stylists. She missed a very good opportunity. Her 15 min are up and this show can survive without her. It is obvious she’s avoiding filming with Jax. I still haven’t made up my mind if this is producer induced or not.

    • No Bidness Card?!?

      Wth? Even babysitters carry those! So half assed!

      • T-Rex says:

        Exactly!! Even if you are a fake-blogger-wannabe you should always have a Business card with your information on there. It takes about five minutes to make one, with a computer and some card stock from Office Depot. OR since her daddy pays for her upkeep(apartment, car, insurance, clothes, all daddy paid for), he would certainly buy you some professional ones if you asked. This is why she is unemployed, and as I posted downthread TheRoyalVPump felt sorry for her and was the one to bring her back this season so she could have a job on the show, but SuperMegaSpoiledBratStassi has not said a Thankyou what she has done is tried to say nasty things about TheRoyalVPump to make herself somehow appear better than she is. UGH.

    • Powell says:

      You’re right the show can survive w/o her. I think the only one of value is Scheana. Stassi hated her w/o knowing her thinking Scheana would go for Jax when Stassi’s best friend went for Jax. Bunch of jaxasses.

    • T-Rex says:

      If you want to be in the Fashion industry or even be a blogger, you should know a little something about being a stylist, sorry, but if you don’t know what does and doesn’t look good on someone, how the heck you going to critique or talk about fashion! PLUS, you didn’t have to really STYLE anything, you just had to schlep the clothes TheRoyalVPump already chose for the shoot!

    • kit9 says:

      Probably because the show isn’t reality tv. It’s straight up scripted. I’ve literally seen better acting in p*rn. lol.

  8. Powell says:

    Oh gosh reading about Barney, I mean Pump Rules just made my head hurt even more. Boy oh boy what 1st graders Lisa employs

    • VV™ says:

      Lisa employs over 100 people. These are only 8 of them that happen to be on a reality show. These are the people that Bravo and Evolution picked. The smart ones declined. I remember Arianna was asked to be on the show S1 and she declined. She changed her mind obviously. Pete Madrigal, SUR Mgmr has a recurring role but is not a cast member.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Lisa is an EP on the show-she had some say in who was going to be on the show-why she picked these losers is a mystery to me.

        • VV™ says:

          VPR has 8 Executive Producer (Lisa & Ken are only 2 of them) and an 1 Co- Executive Producer. Sure she has some say but so do the other 6 EP.

    • kit9 says:

      It’s Lisa’s show and these are the people she chooses to represent her businesses? It’s such a joke! They are so gross I wouldn’t want them taking my garbage out much less handing me food. And, I’ve seen so many of them drink while at work!

  9. Plain Jane says:

    What is Stacy doing there? I know Andy paid her to come back….for what? She’s not working at the restraunts.

    • T-Rex says:

      SuperMegaSpoiledBratStassi is back because she couldn’t “make it” in NYC. She couldn’t get a job, and she was living in a hovel of an apartment(300 square feet) with her boyfriend who also wasn’t making any real money. They moved back to LA because she knew she could make some money on VPUmpRules, and her boyfriend got a job with SiriusXM, but still makes very little money, but at least he has a job in Radio. SuperMegaSpoiledBratStassi thought that TheRoyalVPump would give her, her job back, and would get Pandy to hire her back at the blog, neither of which has happened. Her Father is paying for her apartment again now that she is back in LA, and pays for her other expenses as well. For some reason Bravo thought it would be a good idea to have her back, and that’s been proven to be wrong! Personally, from what I have heard she will not be asked back for another season, she is bossy and a diva and brings nothing to the show. I think TheRoyalVPUmp felt sorry for her, she does like to take on those in trouble but even she has had enough of her antics. She was especially peeved when SuperMegaSpoiledBratStassi said that SHE ran SUR, uhm you were a freakin waitress in a restaurant you do not own, and you were a SHITTY waitress as well. Most of the bad habits of other waitstaff there are from crap she showed them.

      • Powell says:

        If she couldn’t make it in NYC she can’t make it anywhere. NYC is the fashion capital.

        • T-Rex says:

          IN the NYC Fashion world, they don’t care how you “did it in LA”, it’s a whole nuther Oprah in NYC. It’s very cut-throat and you have to put in your “dues” working as an intern, as basically someone who wrangles coffee and donuts, until they feel the need to move you up the food chain. SuperMegaSpoiledBratStassi things she is all that and bag o chips, and that attitude will not get your big toe in the door of any design house or magazine out there. Your stupid little blog, that NO ONE is reading doesn’t mean squat to them, it’s like one of those cheap diary’s with a broken clasp to them. I am SURE her daddy was footing the bills for that apartment, and when she had the chance to go back to the show for a real paycheck she decided to jump on that and move back to LALA Land. I do not for the life of me understand why Katie and some of the other girls feel the need to rent out space in her ass!(thank you Cynthia for this line, I use it a lot now, LOL!). She is a mean-girl, and a wannabe, and she ain’t gonna be anyone, any time soon. If she wants to be a socialite, she is going to have to marry for money, because she really doesn’t have a lot of talent. I read her blogs and they are not very good.

  10. T-Rex says:

    So, the person VileKyle was engaged to was a gentleman named Michael Tuck, he has had an up and down career in broadcasting and is definitely much older than her. I have ZERO issues with her being engaged when she met Murray, stuff happens, and they weren’t married nor had children and Vilekyle had already been married/divorced and had a child by this time. My mother was engaged to someone else when she met my Dad, I have heard the stories for years, and that worked out. My sister met her current husband when engaged to her first husband and wishes she had broke off the engagement at the time and gone with her “gut instinct”, would have saved everyone a lot of grief and she wouldn’t have had to go through a divorce and married Mr.Wrong.(he was awful we found out he had been cheating on her for two years through their engagement and marriage). She has been married to Husband2.0 for almost 18 years now, and doing great. Some folks get engaged for all the wrong reasons, in VileKyle’s case it could have been to have security while she was a single with a child. In any case, she married Murray, she seems to absolutely love and adore him, she puts up with his cheating, and she has some lovely children from the union and he pays her nicely in jewelry and cars to put up with his outside shenanigans.

    • Powell says:

      Like you have shown it’s better to break off the engagement whether you meet someone else or not than to get married and have misery. I think big Kathy nudged her girls into marrying money and security. When Kyle met Mo she saw there was more than money and security. She did the right thing. She’s living a great life.

    • Toodybird says:

      My take was that Kyle was hinting how desirable she was–two men wanted her, yet she was not being up front with them both (for the evening?), while Lisa R was sharing that she got lucky with the timing of meeting HH. So, Kyle’s story tilted towards self-promotion. Lisa’s story was rather sweet.

  11. TexasTart says:

  12. TexasTart says:

    VPR – the one with the selfish dog adoption. Shame on Schwartz for adopting a dog for all the wrong reasons! 😦 The incessant whining in that episode made my head hurt! Get out the pacifiers!

    Next week better have substance! Whining about who likes or disses who might be reality for these folks bet this episode was almost unwatchable. Thanks to HydrangeaHussy for making it through! 😀

    • Powell says:

      I know. Why are they whining? “I’m not your friend if your friends with her/him.” It’s so ridiculous. People can be friends w/whoever they want. Everyone doesn’t have to be friends.

  13. jezzibel says:

    Todd Tuckers mother passed away suddenly of a stroke, I’ll find the story and link it here

    • Powell says:

      OMG!! So sad. RIP Todd’s mom. 😔

      • TexasTart says:

        It’s going to be extra hard for Todd because of how close he was, I learned during the wedding show that he and his mother talked everyday and not just once but several times….and this article supports that too.

        I really hate that Sharon had to endure Joyces’ evil spirit and attempts to publically humiliate and Sharon and Todd’s deceased father. So much unnecessary stress and you know Joyce amped that UP for TV. I don’t think she would have been as brutal if not being filmed. Shame on you Joyce.

        • Powell says:

          That was the most horrible thing Joyce did was make up lies about Todd’s parents and then boast them on national tv. She loved to basically say “word on the street” that Todd was this/that/and the other and his parents were this/that but we all know “the word” was all Joyce trying to break Kandi and Todd up. I don’t know how Kandi forgave her. I bet Sharon didn’t.

      • Powell says:

        I’m glad she stood up for Todd.
        Joyce is so scared that Todd will spend Kandi’s money so she can’t get any and was so jealous that Todd and Kandi invited her to spend time w/them I wouldn’t be surprised if Joyce thinks that Sharon’s death puts her in a better position. It’s sad to say that but to me that’s the type of person Joyce has shown herself to be.

    • VV™ says:

      Here is what he posted:

      Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!

      • NJBev says:

        Oh Dear God in Heaven, Please welcome Sharon with open arms and help Todd to heal his heart. Please show Joyce the error of her ways-may this loss soften her stone cold, almost
        dead, and the most selfish of selfish hearts.
        PLEASE God, allow Kandi to recognize her
        husbands loss and treat him with the Kid gloves he deserves……
        Peace be with Kayla.

        I am so blown away by this news–
        (are they still filming,I hope they are- I WANT TO SEE JOYCES” reaction
        -plus Nene just started on Broadway, so I don’t think they would miss that)
        God Bless you Todd and Kandi and Kayla Tucker-
        this is a huge loss for the Tucker family—-

        oh God, Joyce. This is your chance at redemption-, you have your
        new house, please let this new family grieve. And give them a chance
        to be a family.

        If Not. Joyce- I hope to Hell Sharon haunts the shit out of you—
        (but of course wether she does or not you’ll blame it all on her)
        ……self serving B/tch.
        (I’m sorry for getting nasty, Sharon, pls forgive me…… Godspeed,
        beautiful woman)

  14. Orson says:

    33 days.

  15. VV™ says:

    ….And before I forget. A few days ago I posted how I sawLisa Vanderpump apologize to Kyle and I also wrote that if Kyle EVER says Lisa never apologizes again she would by lying. Well, last night on WWHL Kyle did it again. She said Lisa Lisa never apologizes. Brandi does the same thing. They repeat this lie over and over because they think people are stupid and buy that lie or that people will forget she has apologized plenty.
    #manipulators #liers #backstabbers #jealous

    • Powell says:

      Why oh why isn’t Andy playing all the times Lisa apologized to both of them?

    • T-Rex says:

      VV – Exactly and it’s why VileKyle has so many “haters” out there! Believe me, I have TRIED to like her, honestly, but then she does something so stupid as to LIE, when we have tape, interviews, etc. to the contrary. She is just SO jealous of TheRoyalVPump and she is still “smarting” over the fact that they are no longer BFF’s and TheRoyalVPump doesn’t feel the need to be her BFF even though VileKyle longs for them to be where they were. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t ask for your friendship back, then go out and BASH the person you are trying to be friends with UGH! She is losing more fans by the day from the blogs I have been reading, because she can’t be her own person! Stop trying to setup this Me or HER scenario with the TheRoyalVpump, and her sidling up with THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi this season after everything that has gone down, is not helping her at all!

      • VV™ says:

        I was going to give Kyle another chance this season. I thought she was being honest about repairing her friendship with Lisa. I realized last night she’s only doing it because she got too much backlash last year and wants to be on the fans good side. She’s not doing it because she wants a friendship back.
        #user #kyleisstilljellyoflisa #fake

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Why is it always jealousy? A few women on this show how fabulous lives and seem quite happy so what the hell is there to be jealous of? What does Lisa have that Kyle wants? The fan support? Kyle has plenty of that-check her twitter-her fans love her-she gets haters like ALL the HWs but she has lots of fan support. I don’t think Kyle is jealous of Lisa-I think Kyle KNOWS Lisa.

          • VV™ says:

            If Kyle “knows” Lisa, why does Kyle want a friendship with Lisa?

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Because they were friends before the show started and-let’s face it-being on Lisa’s good side makes life a lot easier on this show than being on her bad side. Kyle “knowing” who Lisa is isn’t a bad thing-if you know the way someone operates then you are better equipped to have a relationship with them.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                VV-I see you said a few times that Kyle is lying about Lisa not apologizing-when exactly did Lisa apologize to Kyle and what did she apologize for?

                • VV™ says:

                  Jill, this just aired a few days ago. Kyle at Reunion said she was hurt that Lisa said that Moe only befriended people to sell their homes. Lisa apologized to Kyle for that. Do you not remember?

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    No I didn’t remember -that’s why I asked. But I see you said Lisa apologized plenty-I think Lisa apologized for only that. By the way-that was a crappy thing to say and she said it more than once.

                    • VV™ says:

                      Nope. Lisa also apologizedto Kyle for bringing the tabloid rumors in from of Porshia

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      When did she apologize for that? She said it was a joke -I don’t remember an “I’m sorry” from her -Ken even said it was a joke and kind of told Mauricio to get over it.
                      Lisa has a hard time admitting that when she does wrong-her fans have the same problem.

                  • kit9 says:

                    What Kyle really wanted an apology for from Lisa and has NEVER gotten is for her to admit that she vindictively and manipulatively put the tabs on show and that she’s sorry. Lisa, disingenuous liar that is, would only cop to and apologize for bringing them up but claimed, absurdly, she was trying to help her, which is a big fat crock o’ chit. Lisa lied repeatedly at the reunion which I got to see again yesterday on this whole issue.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I feel like we started this season right where we left off last season, bashing Lisa, and that no time has elapsed at all. That scream you probably will hear next Tuesday is me screaming and pounding my head against the wall when we have to watch another episode of the Lisa bashing by Brandi and Yolo. I’m so sick of Yolo and her gushing over her kids and life. It’s obvious Gigi is her favorite.

          • VV™ says:

            Yofo needs to go. She’s not likeable at all. She’s to condescending and has this superioty complex.

            The show needs to fire Yolanda, Brandi and Kim.

            Well, Bravo will never fire Kim…..

            • mrs peabody says:

              So right on the firing of Yolo and Brandi, Kim I don’t care one way or another. In fact Yolo is the one I like the least, I find her to be very condescending and that is why I don’t understand her relationship with Brandi at all, if she thinks King David wouldn’t give Ken the time of day why oh why would he give Brandi a 2nd look. No sense at all. I think she should move to NYC so she can live with the all mighty GiGi. You know not that I think her daughter should have been drinking or doing whatever she got arrested for but it will sure be nice to see Yolo get her wake up call her kids are not perfect. Oh wait it wasn’t GiGi that got arrested and the other 2 don’t matter so I guess she won’t have a problem with it. I can’t stand her.

              • Toodybird says:

                Do you notice the the former models talk about modeling? Still want to model? Feel a kinship with former models? Live in the past? Fixate on their bodies?

  16. Powell says:

    On Wendy – Only ab 10 people in her audience still watch NY. LOL. 😆 But apparently Bethenny isn’t bringing the drama the producers want her to. She’s a biz woman and doesn’t see the need to. She’s not bringing on her BF either. And Bryn either. We shall see. 🙂

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Wendy may have picked up this story from NaughtButAnnoyingRob-he ran this story on his stupid blog the other day-he hates Bethenny and has been waiting for years to see her go down in flames!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Jnntj- PLUS RobShutterShouldbeGONEFromAnyone’sInterest, is also renting room up in TheLunaticZarin’sASS still, so remember he gets a lot of his info directly from her, and she knows Zippo about production any longer, they are told not to talk with her. You can look this up, she has been trying to be seen in the background of filming this season and has been showing up anywhere she can to try and get on the air! UGH. As far as Bryn well of course she isn’t going to be shown, MzAndy and production were FULLY WELL aware that no way in Hell was Jason going to let that happen! As far as her BFriend not filming she has also made that information perfectly clear that she is NOT going to rehash another on-screen romance, she has said that didn’t go so well before so again, Bravo and the Producers were fully aware he wouldn’t be filming either.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Probably a good idea to leave that off screen. I would have liked to see Bryn and how she is now just because we saw her from birth but I do understand not having her on the show, it’s really no place for kids.

        • Powell says:

          LOL wouldn’t it be so funny if JZ actually got on film and during production they saw her and said “we will not only cut her out we will shred that piece of film”? HAA!! To be a fly on the wall in that scenario. 😆

  17. not THAT Jill says:

    Just in case anyone thinks Kyle is besties with Brandi-I’m going to say NOT!!

    • T-Rex says:

      They were friendly though in the beginning of filming this season and after the Reunion last year, there are lots of twatters to each other! Of course VileKyle for some reason doesn’t remember that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi is a heartless bitch and only looks out for herself and no one else and lies, lies, lies, and then lies about lies to somehow justify her pitiful behaviour!! I actually feel for her if this interaction with THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi hurts her. There are a few articles from October last year where she states that they are in a “good” place. Also she was on WWHL in the beginning of April this year and stated that she and THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi were friends.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        T-Rex-there were not lots of tweets to each other-maybe one or two but nothing in the tweets led me to believe that Kyle and Brandi were BFF. When Kyle said they were in a good place I just took that to mean Brandi wasn’t telling Kyle’s secrets!!

      • Powell says:

        And watching part of the reunion yesterday I still don’t get why Kyle didn’t say anything when Brandi tried to throw her under the bus when they were talking about Lisa supposedly lived in Calabasas. Lisa said “who said I used to live in Calabasas?”. Brandi turns to Kyle and said “Kyle.”. Kyle said “I never said thst.” Brandi said “You said x y z.” Kyle didn’t call Brandi out on that, neither did Andy and Andy hasnt brought it up on WWHL. I don’t get it.

        • kit9 says:

          Kyle said she never said anything about bankruptcy when Brandi turned to her at the reunion. Then, on the issue of Calabasas, Kyle said that Ken said that.

      • kit9 says:

        Kyle has no delusions about Brandi which she made clear again last night on the after show. She said she was working on her friendship with Brandi at the time of last night’s episode. That she was trying to get to know her but that she was always guarded with Brandi because of her past actions. Kyle also repeated what she’s said last season, that she and Brandi, while trying to work on a relationship, were never close.

    • VV™ says:

      They are not besties anymore. I posted here that Kyle was distancing herself from Brandi that something must have happened during filming.

    • Powell says:

      I read a few of the tweets in the timeline. I say Brandi has hypnotized these people thru the tv screen. How do they show her so much love?

  18. VV™ says:

    Starzy99 👋👋👋

    Thanks for the blog. I think Brandis storyline this year is “single mom”. I could careless about her when she comes on I read tweets.

    Not enough Eileen last night. Will see as the season progresses.

  19. VV™ says:

    Jill, got skiny up there. YES, Lisa did. I just watched the reunion show a day or two ago and heard it with my two ears. That is why I made it a point to write on this blog about Kyle will be lying if she says that Lisa not apologizing ever. She apologized to Kyle for bringing the tabloid story in front of Porsha AND she apologized for saying Moe befriends people so HW can sell their homes.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I honestly do not remember her apologizing for the rumor comment-why did she apologize if it was just a joke?
      I like Lisa-I really do but she doesn’t want to admit to having her hands in anything-I imagine it gets annoying to have a friend who is always right and never admits to anything-and a friend who wants to move on from things without any resolution-it’s funny that Lisa is that way but she’s the one who kept bringing up what Adrienne said about her selling stories-she sure didn’t want to move on from that.

      • T-Rex says:

        Jnntj- Please see if you can find a You-Tube of the Final Reunion show, TheRoyalVPump did MOST CERTAINLY apologize to Kyle for the tabloid stuff. Then Ken went on to apologize to YOLO-LemonHead for his behaviour. It wasn’t a joke and Kyle accepted the apology!

        • VV™ says:

          Lisa also apologized to Brandi for not giving her the heads up that Scheanna was serving at Moe&Ken Bday party.
          Team Jelly wouldn’t stop asking for apologies at that reunion.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Haha team Jelly-isn’t that funny…remember the Dream Team? Back when Lisa ran with her besties Brandi and Yolanda? They weren’t team jelly then but now they are? I don’t think anyone is jealous of Lisa-Lisa can be a pain in the ass and I think they are all willing to say so-that doesn’t make them #teamjelly it makes them normal. She’s not perfect-she’s not really a queen and the other women (except Brandi) all have more than enough in their own lives-please tell me what they are all so jealous about?

            • VV™ says:

              Dream Team was Yolanda’s doing. Yolanda never really like Lisa.

              Jill, they are jelly of Lisa’s popularity.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Says who? I don’t think any of them have any reason to be jealous-anytime one woman doesn’t like another people say it’s jealousy-I don’t believe that. Lisa does do some things that piss the other women off-they all do. When Lisa gets upset with someone is she jealous or is jealousy beneath the Queen?

                • Laineylainey says:

                  They are jealous of her fabulousness! Her popularity, SUR, Pump, her spin-off, her booty, her connections, her cute dog, her goat cheese balls, her house, the fact she pays for no electricity at SUR (you know cause it’s do dark), that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We may not like it that people are jealous, but THEY ARE. They are So jelly. It jumps thru the Telly!

                  Not saying they should be jelly, but they are!!! What a shame and waste of time, right?

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        She apologized – more than once.

    • kit9 says:

      I’m bringing my post upthread down here…What Kyle wanted was a real and sincere apology from Lisa and has NEVER gotten is for her to admit that she vindictively and manipulatively put the tabs on show and that she’s sorry. Lisa, disingenuous liar that is, would only cop to and apologize for bringing them up on camera but claimed, ABSURDLY, she was trying to help Kyle, which is a big fat crock o’ chit. That’s not a real apology. It’s a joke. Lisa lied repeatedly at the reunion which I got to see again yesterday on this whole issue.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think Kyle deserves a sincere apology for the rumors and for saying that shit about ” if you want Kyle to be your friend you have to put your house on the market” that was a bitchy comment and Lisa knew exactly what she was doing when she said the FIRST time. When Lisa wanted an apology form Kyle she wanted a real one-so much so that she told Kyle the exact words she wanted to hear-but she’s the queen and I suppose that’s how one would apologize to a queen…even though she’s really NOT a queen!!

        • Remember, I’m “new” to BH — but Kyle has PLENTY of asides that she’s said ……like last night on WWHL … About Lisa not being “able to apologize”

          Maybe this goes back behind last season which was my first ……. But Kyle seems to somewhat delight and sit with other cast members & joke on Lisa ?

          Lisa only —on tape— we see
          Speaking to her husband. ((Edit?))

          Joked to Kyle on the premiere last year in front of Porsha & Mauricio ((nobody seems to like that joke))

          That lunch with –I forget who – where she said to put her house up for sale to make friends quick.

          When else has Lisa sat around cackling with crackle-voice about Kyle ??? Like Kyle does?
          I don’t get it

          If Kyle (and Brandi, and Kim, and …………..??????? ) has such issues with Lisa – but that’s LISAs sense of humor ? Why act like you just met her?

          Its like I get upset when a friend or family member is shocked at me saying something — whatever , or being gullible —I’m like “HELLO WE JUST MET TWO DAYS AGO, welcome to my personality…..!!!!!!👅🙇🙇🙇”
          And it infuriates me ! You know who I am by now STOP being surprised !

          How long has it been that Lisa has done shady things to ALL these other gals ??
          I’m only 2 seasons in

          I’m seriously trying to figure out this angst the cast has against Lisa that can objectively NOT be jealousy ??

          They know Lisa is fan fave, Queen to some, so they bother trying to maintain friendships with her ……
          Right ?

          Because to me, the sort of newbie — it still seems everyone ELSE likes to sit around and chat about Lisa and her character flaws —-

          I still don’t understand what an apology is needed for — and I hate to say this – but without the magazine BS last year (oh and the witch not liking her) — what storyline did Kyle have last season ???

          And W T F her daughter was out of school a MONTH from the dog bite????!!!!!!

          Did they clump in a rhinoplasty at the same time ???

          Yet they had so much fun they could post pics all day online. Girl please 💁

          • VV™ says:

            PREEEEEEEACH!!!!! 👏👏👏👏

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Girl-don’t come for Kyle!!
            I think Lisa jokes about everyone and that’s not really the issue-the thing with Lisa is she says things that she knows are going to be taken a certain way or will make people believe certain things-Lisa is a savvy savvy queen-she plays the HW game better than any other-that makes her a great HW but perhaps not a great person. I think I would not get on well with Lisa because I wouldn’t become her “pet”-her money and life style seem fab but I kiss no ass-it’s not my style. Lisa seems to like people who look at her like she’s not real-when she gets caught acting real she knows how to cover herself up. It’s a HW gift. I think Kyle is ok with the joking but she knows Lisa for a long time and she’s onto her game-believe me Lisa is playing the game-she even said she makes the rules.
            Lisa likes to sit and chat about everyone too-what HW doesn’t?
            I’m still not sure why they would be jealous of her-to me that’s not the problem at all. They are all fabulous except Brandi-but who cares about her.
            Idk why Kyles daughter was out for so long but I know that dog jacked her up-she needed surgery so it was pretty bad. It’s obvious you don’t like and I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Such a shame…I really liked you…bye Felicia!!
            Hahahaha I love you too much to ever end US!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

            Chianina, one more point for you….. Lisa spends holidays with Kathy Hilton and fam. I think Kyle and Kim know that Kathy has supassed them as the big cheese from their family as THEY were child stars and not Kathy. Yet everybody knows who Kathy Hilton is and I totally believe Kyle can’t get over Kathy’s role as the family’s biggest name (less her kids). Now Lisa has become more popular than Kyle as well and is hey-hey closer to Kathy than Kyle.

        • VV™ says:

          Kyle accepted Lisa’s apology. Her blog dated Apr 1, 2014, she wrote so. It’s been 8 long months and Kyle still like a broken record on the same subject about Lisa not apologizing. ENOUGH!!!! ( ala Taylor)
          So, if Kyle accepted Lisa’s apology why is the sincerity of Lisa’s apology being questioned? Kyle accepted it.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            talk about a broken record-how many times is Lisa going to talk about how hard last season was for her and how Andy beat her up at the reunion…cry me a river Vandervictim!!
            How many times has Kyle talked about Lisa needing to apologize besides last night on WWHL when a caller asked her about it?

            • VV™ says:

              My point was that Kyle accepted the apology 8 long months ago and she’s still acting as if Lisa never apologized and why is the sincerity of it question when the recipient accepted.
              Why is the subject being changed about how many times Kyle has talked about an apology ( that she already got long ago)?

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Who changed the subject-did you not read my comment? I asked how many times Kyle talked about the apology since you said she is going on like a broken record? Was they not the subject?
                The sincerity is being talked about because apparently Kit and I both thought Lisa’s apology was bullsh*t.

                • VV™ says:

                  “Going forward, I accepted Lisa’s apology. All I wanted was for her to acknowledge my feelings so we could move on. I can always forgive and forget if I care about someone. Only time will tell where our relationship will go. I know that I am only interested in moving forward in a positive way and don’t want to continue to bring up the past over and over. Life is too short and we all have too much to be grateful for.”

                  Kyle wouldn’t say this if she didn’t mean it, right?
                  So, Kyle accepted and you cannot…It’s your opinion.

  20. About Stasi on VPR- she *did* thank Lisa when Lisa first offered her the stylist gig. I specifically heard her say thank you fir this opportunity or something like that so I Wonder why Lisa said in her TH that she would like a thank you?

    If I were Stasi I would also thank her after the gig but I could also see that she thinks once is enough.


  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    Blog updated – crazy day – sorry for all the confusion.

    • T-Rex says:

      She’s a moron! This case will wind up going nowhere, there will be NO sanctions and no million dollar judgements! I have read the bankruptcy documents, I have sent them to my lawyer friends previously and they were like every other case, when dealing with clients who are liars. Sorry but if you give your lawyer lies and garbage, they are going to file lies and garbage, because in Bankruptcy it’s different and the ones filing, are the ones that sign that everything is CORRECT. Oh, and the ConvictFelonLyingTeresa neglects to point out that she and her lying ass husband, in a court of law under oath, attested to the information in those documents being correct, and they absolutely asked them very detailed questions, they CHOSE TO LIE. The attorney she is suing is their Bankruptcy attorney, not the attorney in her Federal Case, the one she pled GUILTY on. The fact is, she got PRISON TIME because she and her deadbeat lying husband couldn’t be truthful to the FEDERAL courts, even after they pled guilty and had 3 continuances to get their shit together financially for the courts. Oh, and let’s not forget these folks PLED GUILTY to Federal Crimes, the bankruptcy attorney didn’t have squat to do with that. Oh and before everyone starts the same old crap of this attorney should have checked out their information yadda yadda NONSENSE, that is NOT WHAT LAWYERS DO! In Bankruptcy, here is what happens, you give your Lawyer ALL DOCUMENTS that pertain to your bankruptcy, bank information, loans, debts, etc. They then put this into a cohesive document to submit to the Bankruptcy courts, again you SIGN a document that what you gave them was true and correct. Then your case is assigned TRUSTEE from the courts, they go over your case, and most times they are the ones that will then ask the Lawyer to submit documents to attest to certain debts, incomes, etc. By the way, everyone that loses in bankruptcy tries to sue their lawyers, guess what the rate is in success for these cases? .000001, That’s correct, it is EXTREMELY rare for an attorney to lose a malpractice case in Bankruptcy courts. Oh and let’s mention that the fact they are CONVICTED FELONS who Pled to Lying and Fraud, will not bode well in this case either. Once you have that record, your credibility is zero when it comes to the courts!

      • T-Rex says:

        I also want to mention that LyinConvitFelonJuicyJoe, handed his lawyers, and the courts his IRS Tax forms, several times, then after the Bankruptcy TRUSTEE said that he could not find anything that matched that information did he fess up that these documents were NEVER ACTUALLY Filed. So uhm, how is that YOUR attorney’s fault, they asked you to provide documents, you gave them false documents and then the IRS was alerted, BY THE TRUSTEE, that you had committed Tax Fraud.

    • T-Rex says:

      Sorry to keep posting to this but I read the documents for the Malpractice Lawsuit against Mr, Kridel, and it’s so preposterous. Oh and it won’t fly either, because these morons filed their Bankruptcy in NEW JERSEY, the statue of limitations in the state for Malpractice in any legal case is two years in New Jersey, which has past. Their new attorneys have filed the case in Manhattan, NYC, because the statute of limitations is three years, their defense of this, is that Mr. Kridel has an office in NYC so they can sue him there. UHM That is the stupidest argument for a malpractice case and I can’t believe some attorney would even file this! Oh, and just a side note that if they try this crap against the Federal Attorneys, by law, they would be forfeiting their Plea Agreement and all charges, ALL 41 CHARGES, would be back against them and they would have to report to PRISON immediately, both of them, and then the Prosecutors would go after them for ALL COUNTS, and they would be defending them directly from PRISON. That Plea deal was VERY airtight in what would happen if they tried this nonsense against the Federal attorneys!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Keep posting!! I don’t read a lot of stuff on line about Teresa-I get my info from you and Exit!!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Great explanation T-Rex. Just another example of how utterly stupid this woman is and to think that Bravo keeps giving her opportunities to earn money when the majority of us know exactly where it will go and it’s not to pay off her debts. Turns my stomach!

        And how does this speak to the stupidity of her new lawyers? Obviously they are in it for the ‘fame’ and seeing their name attached to this sinking ship. Money can’t fix stupid and all people involved in this situation have stupid down to a science!

        • T-Rex says:

          I am really mad at especially TMZ they are supposed to have lawyers reading their crap before they spew it, and I know that Harvey doesn’t read his own website, or even know what is being published on TMZ but good grief, someone do a little homework. It took me all of about 15 minutes to pull their old bankruptcy documents, which are online and I have bookmarked, the information in the interim hearings in 2010 where they were caught lying and the 2011 documents wherein they withdrew their own case because they were going to be in more trouble continuing the case. Then when pulling the other information somehow I happened upon the malpractice information for the state, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they were suing in New York, when their case was filed and all information filed in the state of New Jersey, I know that the two states happen to be next to each other, but they don’t share the same laws and government, they aren’t interchangeable. I would venture to state that Mr. Kridel has already filed a motion for dismissal on those grounds alone, and I would say that the case will be dismissed. Again, these two idiots don’t understand they are CONVICTED CRIMINALS at this point, they PLED Guilty, which means they ADMITTED THEY DID THE CRIMES, not found guilty, the courts do not look at criminals the same as law abiding citizens, it’s not fair, but it’s true. Your credibility for telling the truth has a much higher standard, in addition, you do something shady like filing in another state because of the statute of limitations, on a frivolous technicality of the lawyer having an office there. He didn’t see them in NYC, he only met with them in Jersey and again all documents were filed there.

      • Powell says:

        Is the new lawyer doing this pro bono? This is a waste of time and money. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh. 😔

        • T-Rex says:

          Nope! Their lawyers I am sure were paid a retainer up front, no way someone takes this type of case on contingency, not this type of case, from these type of folks. They only cases on contingency are usually medical malpractice cases, because those type of attorneys only take a case they know will pay out from the insurance agencies. I know you see a lot of commercials on TV for these cases, but those attorneys don’t take on your case unless they know they can get money out of the insurance companies.

    • Powell says:

      Are you FREAKING kidding me? This is another case of them not taking ownership.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, you have to remember the LAWS do NOT apply to them! They are special! UGH. Oh and those two morons need to spend more time getting their financial documents to the courts as they demanded, they haven’t done that yet, but they can pay another attorney to file a frivolous lawsuit for them, UGH. Guess what buckos you don’t file those documents prior to January you can kiss that good time off buh-bye and do the WHOLE time. The judge is going to be PISSED OFF if that paperwork isn’t completed and filed with the courts!

        • Powell says:

          They still haven’t done that? It’s December. Oh gosh almighty. They make my teeth itch. 😨

          • T-Rex says:

            Oh, I am sure they are going to blame the Bankruptcy attorney for that too. UHM you idiots, you should have hired an accountant and a money manager to sort out your business and do a real assessment of your assets and finances, along with your debts to the courts. Oh, and you want to know what they provided to the Judge that pissed her off, they took the pages of their bankruptcy where they lied about their assets, and made notes on those and submitted them! The 2009 documents by the way, which is why most of their real assests like the cars, jewelry, quadrunners, equipment, etc. were left off, because they didn’t admit these in their documents until the Trustee did so in late 2010!

            • While I appreciate your passion- it seems like this is just a tactical PR move on Teresa’s part.
              It’s actually smart to create doubt in her fans mind and makes her into a “true” victim to them.
              And with Teresa’s fans- let’s face it- it will totally work.

              • T-Rex says:

                Actually I think they think they are going to get money out of this attorney to help pay their bills and support a lifestyle they can no longer afford, and frankly never could actually afford to begin with. I will bet that if their home doesn’t sell soon, they are going to have to default on their mortgage, this is a desperation move.

                • So it’s a Hail Mary pass.


                  I’d do it in a heartbeat. Exhaust every single avenue I had as long as I could.

                • Veena (NMD) says:

                  If they pled guilty to the fraudulent bankruptcy counts, won’t that be used as evidence against them in this case?

                  So much for her understanding that she was responsible.

                  • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

                    Yes, and she’d better just quit while she’s ahead. Yes I think her sentence was quite light and she’s getting off a bit easy considering the charges.

                    Remember, Martha Stewart went to jail for perjury, not insider trading, in the course of defending herself. Teresa is going down this same path.

                • Orson says:

                  I don’t see how they’re getting any money out of this. Please expand on this idea.

    • Orson says:

      The word “stupid” just fails me. Both for Tre and the lawyers who took this case.

  22. RabbleRouser2010R says:

    Hi everyone. Surgery went well and I am in the recovery area waiting to be taken up to my room

  23. T-Rex says:

    Thanks Starzy for your recap, even more fun than watching because we have to unfortunately be inundated with the THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi on our screens, UGH.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Yes yes!! Thanks Starzy-great blog as usual!! I love the part where you remind us what we learned this week!!
      And thanks HH for the VPR blog-I missed this episode and you saved me from having to watch it!! It’s way more fun to read what you guys write than actually watch some of these shows!!

  24. not THAT Jill says:

    VV-what do you think of Lisa R so far??

  25. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Wonderful recaps, Starsy and Hydrangea hussy!

    I hope you all are doing well! I see that the party really doesn’t start until you’ll chat at night. Hehe 😉

    Brandi has ruined this show for me. I don’t care about her rent, moving, child support, being broke, etc. This is supposed to be a show about women that are fabulous and rich! I almost threw up when she called Lisa whilst Kyle sat back and watched. Why does Lisa need to apologize if she could care less about Brandi? I also think that if Brandi wanted nothing to do with Lisa, then she shouldn’t have to apologize either, but Brandi is truly delusional and I am sick of watching her.
    I enjoyed Kathy on the show– I know she comes off as mean but it makes me laugh to see Kim and Kyle squirm. Hehe

    I hope to see more of Eileen and to see what she’ll bring to this show. I want to see more jet setting and all things Shi shi shi–Shout out to VV!

    • T-Rex says:

      I didn’t get that whole scene that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi didn’t want to kiss TheRoyalVPumps ass any longer, than quit the show! You would be doing all of us a huge favor. First off, you said libelous things against her! You said they filed for bankruptcy, LIE! you said they lived in the Valley LIE(not that there is anything wrong with that the Bieber dude lived there), you fed LIES to the Tabloids against them, etc. What the HELL does TheRoyalVPump need to apologize to you for? For being too nice to you and giving you free drinks, food, etc. Probably helping you out with money here and there, for being to nice to a back stabbing, lying hag! UGH! Oh, and that whole I am broke and my Ex isn’t paying me crapola, uhm he OVERPAID you, that came to the press, via your skank ass, and EVERYONE knows you are lying about this. You have been divorced for over five years! You didn’t get stuck with his bills, or credit issues, you created all of those on your own! The fact you were EVICTED from a home that Bravo paid rent for while filming, you don’t have a credit track record for rent, why because Bravo has paid that for the past 3 years of the show! That’s not your Exes fault, that’s all you! This goes to show as well, that she isn’t making diddly squat off those books either! Truly successful authors that manage their money and actually sell books, live quite well off their writing careers.

    • VV™ says:

      FoxyMel!!!! 👋👋👋

  26. You know it is beginning to sound like a Pump lovefest. I think most of tend to like Lisa and generally most of us realize she isn’t perfect. Amazingly it seems that Brandi has enhanced Lisa’s image because we are so fatigued and frustrated with Brandi’s antics and drama that we kind of jumping up and down to defend and protect Lisa. It is kind of an interesting dichotomy to observe.

    Oh, I saw the clip where Lisa interviews Andy – did you guys notice the pink sapphire ring she had on? Assuming that is the one she tried on at the jeweler with Shiva? I hope so, I think she is a shrewd business woman who should enjoy the money she and Ken have made.

  27. Veena (NMD) says:

    This was just posted, but on an older blog – RR if you get to this blog – I’m so glad things went well!

    Submitted on 2014/12/03 at 1:18 pm
    Hi everyone , surgery went well and I am resting comfortably in my room watching Mob Wifes. The nurse wanted to know if Big Anj was a man or a woman

  28. Hi all—- reading upwards …….

    But my question I jotted down watching this :

    So kyle : if she turned the ring 💍💍 around – WOULDNT THAT LOOK LIKE A WEDDING BAND???
    That’s worse right !???? I didn’t get that.

    Lisa R has been married for 17 years – but she said running into Michael Bolton they were married 21 years later at the time??? Huh ???
    So they dated 4 years ?

    Kathy hilton’s fillers ! 😳yikes. I agree with SJP!!!!! Scary …….

  29. VV™ says:

    Was Brandi sending mixed messages to Scheanna? I think yes!

    • VV™ says:

      I also recall a WWHL appearance by Brandi where she is asked what is her relationship with Scheanna now ( after the sit down with Scheanna) Brandi replies: “it’s good” I remember Brandi telling Andy that when she sees Scheanna at SUR she asks her for drinks or bread.

      Brandi started to change her tune after she met Yolanda. Reading blogs from S3, you can read Yolanda throwing subtles digs about the Scheanna. It is obvious to me now by reading blogs from that season that Yolanda casted a spell on BG that continues to this date.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s kind of funny that Brandi says Lisa had mind control over her and she became a laughing stock-but Yolanda has mind control over her and that makes sense? So Brandi can be Yolanda’s puppet but not Lisa’s?
        Frankly I think Brandi sitting down with Shaenna ws the dumbest thug I have seen a HW do in a long time-Brandi looked stupid and it made Shaenna the star of that stupid show. Brandi did it to get in with Lisa-they used each other.

        • VV™ says:

          Brandi did it to secure a spot as a full time housewife. IMO. People like me tuned in to VPR because it was Lisa’s spinoff not because Brandi and Scheanna were having a one on one.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes but don’t forget everyone loved Brandi back then-Lisa used Brandi as the perfect segue into VPR-Brandi used Lisa and Lisa used Brandi-neither went into this without knowing who and what the other person is.

            • VV™ says:

              That’s your opinion. I think this sit down came from a producer’s mind. I don’t think VPR needed a transitional scene because people due to the Queen’s high popularity were tuning in anyways.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Lisa is a producer…

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  If Lisa didn’t want the sit down for the show then what the hell did she want for? For the good of Brandi and Shaenna?

                  • VV™ says:

                    I think a Producer came up with the idea for that scene. I think Lisa said it would benefit both to put that part of their life behind and that they didn’t need to be friends but at least not feel uncomfortable with each other when they ran into each other at SUR. Brandi went to Camille for advice on this meeting and Camille told Brandi that if it was her she would do it. It worked at first as Brandi acted as if she had put that behind her UNTIL Yofo started chirping in her ear and Brandi’s head got to big to think she was the star of RHOBH.

                • VV™ says:

                  Along with 7 other people. She’s smart enough to get their advice about which of her 100+ employees would be good for TV. The show its a hit. Had better ratings than BH last year. Do, they must know something we don’t.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I don’t care if the show is hit-I never talked about it not being a hit-Lisa is EXECUTIVE producer -She wanted that sit down and at the time she didn’t know if the dumb show would be a hit or miss-we even talked here about how sneaky it was that BH went right into VPR without warning-Lisa was counting on BH crossover and used Brandi as the bridge-Brandi used Lisa and Lisa used Brandi-I guess that’s the way it works in BH.

                    • VV™ says:

                      I get it now. See, you’re not a Lisa fan. So, you wouldn’t understand about us fan tuning in BECAUSE IT WAS HER SHOWwith or without crossover. You will never then understand because you’re not a fan.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      VV how can I make you understand that I like Lisa but Lisa isn’t perfect! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to say that she does some shady things sometimes. She works for Bravo-these women have built in shade!! If Lisa was the royal queen you believe she is then what the hell is she doing on a reality show? She’s not any different than any other HW-she has her drama and crap like all the others and she will use who ever she needs to keep herself where she is. She used Brandi-so what? Why is that so hard to admit?
                      Tell me-why do you think she wanted Brandi to sit down with Shaenna?
                      I might not be Lisa’s number 1 fan like you but I have been watching these HWs since the first show aired-a I understand! I would have watched the first show no matter what-please VV you know I watch them all.

                    • NJBev says:

                      I adore
                      you. But
                      you very
                      I wish
                      I knew

        • I LOVE Lisa and totally think she had Scheana on with Brandi deliberately or if not deliberately, not caring about Brandi’s feelings at all. Or maybe not understanding them.

          Because despite Brandi saying -what do you know,you’ve been with the same man for 100 years!- at the reunion, I think Ken has cheated on Lisa big time. I think Lisa believes that you suck it up and don’t air your dirty laundry in public.

          I’m more interested in learning about all this mind control, and I can make $$$ at it. Suggestions please.

  30. NENES WIGGGGGGGG on The View 😳😳😳😳😳😳😩😩😩😩😩😩😂😂😂

  31. not THAT Jill says:

    View this post on Instagram

    Spending the day with @bethennyfrankel ❤️

    A post shared by Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny) on

    • KMN
      this always saddens me. 👅💩💩💩💩💩💩

      • VV™ says:

        (((chismosa))) 😝

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's rep on the blog says:

          jadore him and j’hate her you know???? well, hate, blah blah, strong word, blah blah.

          just like j’adore Jill but j’a not so sure about Kyle, you get me???
          HA HAHAAAAAAAAA jk!

          PS the gossip is that she is acting ‘too nice’ this season on HWs … not the ‘real’ Bethenny we all knew to grow and love http:/

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes yes your best friend NaughtButAnnoyingRob told us all about Bethenny being sooooo boring blah blah blah…

            • chismosa says:

              HAHAHAHA. Yup we’re Besties. YOUVE BEEN REPLACED 👭—>👫

              No I honestly truly feel that marianne – the other gossip lady – was very very true besties with Bethenny and was DROPPED and I feel like I trust what marianne says.

              She seems to not want to be nasty or say something bad about Bethenny for no reason whatsoever. I just feel that …..
              She always comes clean and says she is being objective about stuff. But with B, the curtain kind of has been pulled back now.

              Rob is just a gossip boy and is actually BFFS with marianne and thus has heard what a B Bethenny is, or at the very least, treated Marianne. Who by all accounts is a lovely person.

  32. Still no blog by Tampon String – she is usually pretty prompt.

  33. Hello! Happy Birthday BlueSkyForever!

    Thank you for the Blogs les filles! HH and Starsy!!!!!

    Still without Computer but reading without being able to comment! Buhhh!

    Love to all!

  34. chismosa aka/ Lisa's rep on the blog says:

    Ok — jill / VV…..

    above was the LONGEST thing ive typed on the dinosaur ipad so i don’t think i was expressing as clearly as i wanted to, though i get that VV got me. and jill you did too….


    I get the ‘pet’ thing— though i see glimpses of Lisa joking with Kyle and they seem to be ‘real’ and Kyle is not like being her pet, get me?
    i can’t diagnose Brandi because i never watched when their friendship was in full bloom, two seasons ago???

    YOYO- i think is jealous that Lisa 1/ works hard and makes her own damned money (Yo worked, before when younger- she could model now IMO- they do use older models you know!) 2/ has a long steady healthy marriage 3/ most of all ⭐ ⭐ is besties with Mohammed.
    YO is like the 3rd person to say on her TH: ‘well i have to accept Lisa as she is’… “Lisa is too proud to apologize”

    KYLE—– (i’m comin’….)—> she was a sneaky little thing saying that Lisa is a perfectionist and doesn’t want to apologize to show she has faults on WWHL

    i think the BIGGEST DIGS that the ladies are throwing to Lisa is “she’s so savvy” “she’s such a smart, smart person”…..
    it OOOOOOOZES patronizing and passive aggression. Brandi maybe started this???
    and the ooze got to Yo and Kyle. Maybe Kim not sure…..

    Brandi is being a savvy little bit*h of a scorpio going AT Lisa by saying these little things. To try and twist it and turn it.
    Now, this is not to say I believe every single thing— this is just how i’m noticing the fighting turning out.

    Remember i know nothing of Scccchhhaeanneaneana and that garbage… i’m new to this.

    —–RE: the pet friend:
    Adrienne, Camille, trailer Taylor (?) —- they had $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Others on the show—- friends of ???——-> was Lisa perfectly fine getting along with them????
    Does everyone have to be this ‘pet’ or is this Brandi starting this lingo and it being the way Yo and Kyle will also come AT Lisa????

    I’m NOT SAYING LISA’S PERFECT (well, not really…. 😉 ) OBVIOUSLY she’s NOT… but the DIGS are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not going unnoticed by me in the TH’s and the way they ‘speak’ of Lisa.

    Lisa can talk and needs to talk- as per producer prodding/ edits, etc.. i believe that.
    But in any talking head she is not bit*hing about the ladies OFFENSIVELY– she is being DEFENSIVE in reply to something they said or did…. just what i’m noticing on the TH’s or when Lisa DOES indeed speak of the other girls….

    I’m sorry i’m NEW to bh- and i know Morris is like #1 realtor in CALI or whatever- but i STILL FOR THE LIFE OF ME think Morris and Kyle’s house looks very very very small for him being #1.
    Maybe they do save it for the yacht/plane RENTALS (not ownership) cars, Kyle’s MAJOR beauty upkeeps— and sending girls to college?? did all the girls go to college??? Farrah, and the next others??? I mean i know that costs a fortune!
    And why couldn’t Dr. Nassif do the nosejobs for free–??? He does EXCELLENT work!

    And i’m sorry, Kyle wants to be queen Bee. She does. Maybe when the show started, she was?? I don’t know.

    I love how she is the one holding the diamonds in the opening scene when IT’S CLEAR WHO HOLDS THE DIAMONDS DARRRLING….. But i’m sure Kyle bit*hed and moaned about wanting to be in center…. just an inkling i have.
    Lisa probably was like what the hell ever- move me anywhere….

    ok let me think what else i’m trying to communicate here, my thoughts are muddled….

    • VV™ says:

      According to an interview that Kyle have, her problems with Lisa happened between Reunion S1 and prior to filming S2. However, she has never mentioned exactly what it was. “Some” speculate it was that Lisa got a spinoff and Kyle’s pilot for a spinoff was not picked up. So, this has been festering for a long time.

      • Hmmmm…interesting. Makes sense.

        • VV™ says:

          If you watch early Kyle interviews of S1 of BH, she is being introduced as the breakout star of the show. It was neck to neck with Lisa in popularity. Heck!, I was even a fan of Kyle ( I was no longer a fan after Reunion S2).
          I think ego got hurt. IMO.

      • T-Rex says:

        VV – Exactly we had a whole lot of proof back then that was confirmed that Bravo was looking for a spinoff of B-Hills, Murray was already looking to start his own firm and leave Hilton and Hyland and it was pitched as a cross between MDL and Ho-wives them starting a family business, VileKyle and Murray had been pitching this, and somehow someone asked TheRoyalVpump or she proactively went to producers who knows, but she said why not do a show about the restaurant biz, and they could do it from her restaurant, and that’s what happened. Kyle was SUPER PISSED.

        • VV™ says:

          To be honest I don’t know if this is what happened or not but it does make sense. If you watch closely the start of S2, Lisa was already being targeted by her cast mates. Taylor brought some emails to Kyle’s home and accused Lisa of selling stories. Taylor again accused Lisa of selling stories at a dinner at her house where Moe and Kyle were guest. Lisa was not invited to a Taylor event the rest of the cast attended. Adrienne’s chef starts making digs at Lisa. What happened in my view that S2 they wanted to take Lisa down but the storyline changed due to Russell’s suicide. S2 has a very choppy edit. It was at reunion were the topic of Lisa is Bobby Fischer, manipulator, selling stories surface and you see her castmates for whatever reason were mad at her.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      In my opinion they say Lisa is smart and savvy instead of saying Lisa is manipulating and shady-it’s not passy/assy it’s just a way to survive the wrath of Lisa-she doesn’t like when people play HER game. Lisa likes to give digs with a dash of humor and blame it on being British-I say bullshit-her way is passy/assy- don’t call me an asshole and say it’s a joke-call me an asshole and do it right!!
      Kyle’s home probably cost a few million dollars-it’s no Vandermanor but lord knows there is only room for one Vandermanor on this show.
      Lisa loves to have a pet-season one it was Cedric then at the end of season 2 she adopted Brandi-all the girls started out not liking Brandi b/c they were led to believe that she was friends with Cedric-Lisa flip the script and Brandi became her pet-as well as her ears and eyes and ran back to Lisa with everything she could make up about the other girls-and she did make shit up-and Lisa the poor fool feel for Brandi’s crap hook line and Vandersinker!! Lawsuit lawsuit-Lisa said “lawsuit” and “Adrienne’s suing her” more than Brandi did!!
      I don’t get the Kyle wants to be queen bee stuff-sorry I don’t see it. I’m happy as hell she holds the diamond in the middle but don’t fool yourself-Vanderpump doesn’t love it and she cares…..believe me she cares!!!

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa Vanderpump's Rep on the Blog says:

        PASSY/ ASSY —- lolololololol! love it!

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa Vanderpump's Rep on the Blog says:

        Ok, thank you for the background info, i should bookmark this… just to have……..
        i getcha…..

        I still think, objectively, even watching last season as a NEWBIE and not curtsying yet for the Queen because i was NEW — i saw Kyle as wanting to be #1. Maybe Lisa does too, but doesn’t show it so easily??? not sure…..

        I think Lisa has gots to have friends she just lays low with and has a beer and a smoky–
        DRUNKY SMOKES with sometimes.. And maybe they just don’t film Lisa with her other friends???? I don’t know.
        I need to tweet her to please read today’s blog comments and get back to me ASAP.


        • VV™ says:

          Chismo, you need to catch a marathon of S1 of BH. It was fun w/ some drama of course. Just to give you perspective at Reunion S1, Lisa sat on the far end of the right side coach ( if you’re facing the TV ). Taylor got better sitting than her. Lisa came out of left field and became fan fave.

      • Powell says:

        I do think Kyle wanted to be Queen Bee. “I was born in Beverly Hills. This is my town.”, however she previously said her tag line. She said it like she built BH. I believe she wanted a spinoff too. The HWs that want spinoffs but don’t get it are not pleased when someone else gets a spinoff.

  35. Powell says:

    I was just on Lisa’s instagram and saw LVP Sangria instagram. I went to look at the pics which are very nice, lots of pics w/the sangria, looks like publicity pics also and guess who is in a few of the pics? Scheana. Well I’d say if there was a fire and Lisa could only save one person Scheana or Brandi I’d say Scheana would be saved, rushed to the hospital by Lisa and when out Lisa would buy her a new wardrobe. 😉

  36. “long ass ET finger”


  37. VV™ says:

    Number got better this week for RHOBH.

  38. Humbly asking: Can we please stop rehashing who said what when and/or did/did not apologize LAST year? (It’s enough of that on the show…) Meanwhile I DO think at least some of the cast members have left that old stuff in their wakes and moved on. I found Kyle on HuffPost Live, giving a 22 minute interview, 12/2/14, almost all about the present season of RHOBH.
    Just briefly:
    Kyle and Brandi are no longer speaking, and Kyle doubts they’ll ever be friendly again.
    Kyle and Lisa V are in a really “good place,” like old times.
    When asked about the rumors and tabloids last season, Kyle said it hurt her, and that Brandi brought it up first, and then Lisa, and then everybody talked about it.
    Here’s a link:

    • Powell says:

      See Kyle even said Brandi bought it up first. Brandi admitted she bought the tabloid. But Kyle wanted Lisa’s head on a spit because Brandi said Lisa says “take the tabloid w/you. Put it in your suitcase.” Now who should Kyle have been mad with? PastBostonian I’m sorry to rehash it but this BS gets on my nerves. They take it around in circles. In the interview Kyle says Brandi started it but last season on the trip Kyle, Mo and Kim were all up in Lisa’s grill blaming her. The at the reunion blaming Lisa. Why didn’t Kyle say at the reunion Brandi said it first? Grrrrrr. 😠

      • That’s the problem, exactly: they go around and around in circles. I’m off their carousel. And I’m not going to waste any energy on helping them spin it around, because, truly, I can not take any of them seriously enough. Just give me fabulous closets, some nice trips with scenic vistas, some things to smile at, and I’ll ignore the rest. 🙂

    • I hear you Past Bostonian ……

      I don’t think the tennis games 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾 shall ever truly end between the sunflower and the green quilt, however we can try !!

      The shade ⛅️⛅️⛅️👥👥Kyle was tossing around on WWH last night quickly followed by a “but Lisa and I are in a good place now” and a crackle cackle don’t help matters.
      But I guess Lisa and Kyle both have their way of “””playing””” and ribbing each other, as per VV and Jill above, so who knows.

      But good points —- and Powell also !

      • VV™ says:

        I’m Diamonds and Rosé! (Pink background) in honor of the Queen.
        ALL HAIL TO THE QUEEN! 👑💖 ( 🎧 Fanfare music )

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Wait-Felicia you don’t enjoy the tennis match??? Since when?? WTH??

  39. NJBev says:

    NJBev says:
    December 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Oh Dear God in Heaven, Please welcome Sharon with open arms and help Todd to heal his heart. Please show Joyce the error of her ways-may this loss soften her stone cold, almost
    dead, and the most selfish of selfish hearts.
    PLEASE God, allow Kandi to recognize her
    husbands loss and treat him with the Kid gloves he deserves……
    Peace be with Kayla.

    I am so blown away by this news–
    (are they still filming,I hope they are- I WANT TO SEE JOYCES” reaction
    -plus Nene just started on Broadway, so I don’t think they would miss that)
    God Bless you Todd and Kandi and Kayla Tucker-
    this is a huge loss for the Tucker family—-

    oh God, Joyce. This is your chance at redemption-, you have your
    new house, please let this new family grieve. And give them a chance
    to be a family.

    If Not. Joyce- I hope to Hell Sharon haunts the shit out of you—
    (but of course wether she does or not you’ll blame it all on her)
    ……self serving B/tch.
    (I’m sorry for getting nasty, Sharon, pls forgive me…… Godspeed,
    beautiful woman)
    (I brought this down here regarding Todd’s Mom, which had a profound
    effect on me for some reason………….. )


    Trying to put this link ……

  41. VV™ says:

    Why are Emojis showing SUPER SIZED!!! 😳

  42. NJBev says:

    ok, one quick (I hope) point before I go to bed-
    Everything changed between Lisa and Brandi
    when Yolo showed up.
    Yolanda and Lisa must have quite a history
    between them as Mohammed was Yolo’s
    husband, and one of Lisa’s best friends-
    They MUST have spent years socializing together–
    So- Mohammed is unfaithful, Lisa, I’m sure, probably
    knew this. Yolanda resents Lisa for siding and
    staying with Mohammed and I’m sure she is horrified
    that Lisa was quick to “dismiss” her when they divorced.
    I would not find it to hard to believe
    that Yolanda has great resentments towards Lisa
    for things we will never know about-
    (rmbr how forceful Yolo was in Puerto Rico —
    “Lisa, am I your REAL friend, or am I a camera
    friend? Answer me–“)
    I’m sure Yolo is extraordinarily resentful, and even
    hateful toward both Lisa and Ken!! I wouldn’t
    even be surprised if her primary objective of
    going on the show was to take Lisa and Ken
    down a notch or two—-

    Yolanda was the queen for many years, being
    Mohammed’s wife. Lisa and Ken dismissed her
    after the divorce-
    Lisa is now the Queen, and Yolanda wants the
    title back, But she realizes now that she went about it the
    wrong way, the first time—-
    Yolo is patient. She will wait. She wants to win.
    She has to win, it’s all she knows——-

  43. NJBev says:

    oh by the way
    the twins of NJ got resigned for NJ
    They are developing a new fitness clothing
    line, and the people in the building had to
    sign releases.
    but you never heard it from me.

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