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Well, the days of all of the Atlanta housewives submitting a blog are officially over.  It was too good to last.  Kandi’s mother in law Sharon passed away unexpectedly from a stroke on Tuesday, so I’m sure a Bravo blog was the last thing on her mind.  LynnFam’s thoughts and prayers go out to Kandi, Todd, and their family.  If anyone is wondering, Kandi’s mom Joyce has already spoken out to say that she regrets her toxic relationship with Joyce – the toxicity caused by Joyce repeating a false rumor on national TV that Sharon was a prostitute.  Joyce will not disrupt the funeral with her presence.


NeNe is on Broadway and too busy to blog about her role in a silly little reality show.

But no worries, the other four ladies did blog for our amusement.

Claudia (in a Q & A style blog) explains that she was surprised by the shade thrown by Porsha during this episode, and says that they had hung out a few times in NY – so the shade was shady.  One might suspect that Porsha got a clue and realized Claudia was auditioning for the role of an Atlanta housewife, and in the game of musical chairs, she’d be the one left standing.  But Porsha getting a clue is an oxymoron.  Or is Porsha just a moron.  You pick.  Porsha tweeted that she was a victim of editing.  Which would mean Claudia is already part of a giant Bravo conspiracy to make Porsha look bad.


Claudia then goes on to explain in great length how she’s they type of person to give someone the benefit of doubt, and a second chance, and that she’s open to people changing.  By the third paragraph I’m wondering how she was cast on this show.  She seems too normal.

Then she explained what was wrong with her toes.  It was a long tale of woe – involving too small track shoes (when she ran track in high school) and too small or non-broken in high heels when she was on deal or no deal.  Plus a story involving Vicodin and her wisdom teeth and breaking a few toes.  The real question is – what isn’t wrong with her toes.  And all the talk about unbroken in high heels makes me wonder about 1200 shoes in Teresa Giudice’s closet, and wouldn’t that suck because none of the shoes would ever be broken in.  But I digress.  Claudia needs to cut to the chase with her stories.  She’s not writing a manifesto.

GSN's 1st Annual Game Show Awards

Goodness.  Her next question was on why Porsha wouldn’t talk about Kenya, and the answer went on and on and on.  Since I couldn’t give a hoot about Porsha and her situation with Kenya, I chose to fast forward through that part of the blog.

By the time I reached the final question Claudia was asked, I was more than annoyed by the Q & A format.  Really?  Do I really care if Claudia – who just joined the cast – was surprised if some of the ladies didn’t believe Apollo’s new declaration that he was a liar.  If you’re wondering, Claudia was disappointed in the ladies – except Kandi, who ignored NeNe.  I think Kandi was right, the ladies just don’t like Kenya.  Period.

Phaedra is back to her old tricks of double talk and avoidance in her blog.  When asked what she thought about NeNe saying that she thought Apollo was “lying about lying,” Phaedra said she thought NeNe was coming from a good place when she suggested it (ha) – and it could be true (doubtful).  But that in the end she didn’t really care because she had two boys to raise and Apollo had abandoned his family.  Phaedra is trying hard to scrub the slime that is Apollo off her skin.

I did like this Q & A: What were your thoughts on Apollo’s conversation with Peter?
PP: All you needed was one more person and it could have been a Three Stooges movie.

She did have something to say about Kenya’s little crying jag in the bathroom though:

“Playing victim is a tool of distraction people use to get others to forget the role they played in a situation. Kenya wants everyone to forget that she is the person who brought up the texts in the first place (and beat the subject to death), flaunted inappropriate, flirty behavior with numerous men, and repeatedly lied about her male suitors or lack thereof. You cannot make it so easy for people to believe salacious stories about you and then expect pity when one story may not be true.”

If anyone would know about tools of distraction, it’s Phaedra.

Cynthia’s blog was also Q & A, but she made it seem like she was answering her own questions.  The problem was that they were the same questions the other ladies were answering.  Her answers were very predictable.  She’s team Kenya.  Kandi got a shout out for not listening to NeNe’s tricks.  I’m trying to remember if Cynthia was even in the episode.

Kenya spends her entire blog rationalizing her behavior.  At least she’s not just answering the now mind-numbing questions.  She goes through all of the things she’s been accused of lying about one by one – the fake boyfriend (Walter), the fake African Prince boyfriend, the meeting Apollo in LA – and claims that each has been proven untrue.  Then she concludes with, “Unfortunately, the women on this show have tried to paint me as a crazy, drunken, delusional, wanton hussy and liar, none of which I am. What I am is a woman who has made mistakes and will continue to do so as I grow. What I am is a woman who doesn’t want to hurt families or break up happy homes.  What I am is someone who is strong. What I am is a woman who will continue to be an eternal optimist and pray for those who try to harm me. What I am is not a victim. What I am is human.”

I suppose all I can say is, where there’s smoke, there is fire.  There has to be some reason why everyone thinks she’s lying – even if she wasn’t lying about meeting Apollo in LA.  It’s just very tiresome.  And she’s not helping herself by laying it on so thick.  She may say she’s not a victim, but she sure acts like she’s a victim.


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning, everyone. 😀

    Rabblerouser – I hope you’re doing good and healing as expected.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. NMD you’re up early.
    I think we are in for not so nice weather today. I hope it’s nice in your neck of the woods. Have a great day.

  3. ladebra says:

    Turpigen lol

  4. Powell says:

    “Playing victim is a tool of distraction people use to get others to forget the role they played in a situation. Kenya wants everyone to forget that she is the person who brought up the texts in the first place (and beat the subject to death), flaunted inappropriate, flirty behavior with numerous men, and repeatedly lied about her male suitors or lack thereof. You cannot make it so easy for people to believe salacious stories about you and then expect pity when one story may not be true.”. This is SO dang true. I couldn’t agree more. What Apollo did was totally wrong but Kenya’s actions prior to and after the lie heard around the world didn’t help her cause of “poor me. I’m just a pretty misunderstood victim”.

  5. Powell says:

    I believe Walter was a fake BF for the season. Why she felt the need to have a fake relationship is beyond me. I don’t believe she had this African Prince or non-Prince BF. I believe this make believe African BF was for our & her castmates benefit to say she wasn’t after Apollo. That she had her own man.

    • ladebra says:

      I’ve always had the feeling that everything we see on camera of Kenya has been carefully scripted by Kenya. Walter, the African BF, the invitro stuff, or the surrogate stuff, the Marlo stuff, the provocation at the late by a couple of hours drama at the slumber party, the couchie crack stuff, and the scepter and bull horn at the reunion – all of it written and acted by Kenya for our entertainment. And it is entertaining to some people, just not to me.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Kenya has to create a storyline for herself because she really doesn’t have anything else going for her. Her entire life is a facade.

      • Powell says:

        Well said ladebra. When you put it all together it’s like nothing about her “life” on ATL is real.

      • chismosa says:

        I get your point lady bra – and I know many don’t like kenya — but – what is Porsha’s storykine ? Now that she’s divorced? She sullied her family’s legacy and showed what a beast she was last season (at reunion )
        Claudia ???? Storyline???

        Kandi – legitimate storylines.
        PhaKEdra – I guess, but kind of snoozey to me.

        Nene? Did we see much of her “fabulous” acting life last season?

        Everyone seems cast in each new season of HWs as a foil to another one ….
        I think we all just like some “characters” 😉 vs others.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Personally, I like watching Phaedra with her boys. I think her storyline continues to be attached to Apollo but life without him. Which is a good thing for her and her sons.

          • chismosa says:

            Yes, I agree. I think without family issues and a husband issue, parents issue, and/or kids ======>>> limits your storyline.
            Then it’s up to the HW and direct interaction with the other HWs

  6. T-Rex says:

    It’s clear to see that ScarecrowInSearchOfABrainPorshette, is JEALOUS, and in this case that is very true of Claudia, not only did she steal her Peach(in her mind), she also got the Radio Gig on the Smiley show that she thought was hers, she gave tons of interviews that she was the replacement for the girl that was on the show previously, Ebony Steele. Then she got all busted for taking cars, money and gifts from some 60 year old man from Africa in exchange for sexual favors, oh and she has had to sell most of that to pay her bills since OLD man cut off the money-faucet after his wife found out. They are denying it, but uhm moron, his name is on the bill of sale on the Rolls Royce you were sitting your ass in that you just sold! Claudia doesn’t need that, she makes her own money.

  7. T-Rex says:

    Okay, for those that want to know, here is a link to the Malpractice suit that ConvictFelonTeresa has made against her former bankruptcy attorney. Couple of notations her knew attorney has tried to insinuate that all legal functions were performed in New York, and all documentation and filing were done in New York to justify filing this in New York. I have offered my attorney friend’s opinion and have read some other opinions online and every single one would be astonished to see this not dismissed due to jurisdictional problems. Again, I doubt that Kridel et. al will file for legal fees at this time for having to file dismissal actions. One attorney noted that Legal Malpractice is HUGELY difficult to pursue and reach adjudication in a court, they are extremely expensive on the part of the Plaintiff, and several have noted that the lawsuit is not being brought by both parties in this matter, only ConvictFelonTeresa. Why you may ask, that is so any judgements or settlements will go strictly to HER, and not be party to any legal payments owed by ConvictFelonJuicyJoe, another RED FLAG according to my attorney friend, which could ultimately be argued that this is a nuisance lawsuit. In addition, they said it’s going to be again extremely expensive and the fact is ConvictFelonTeresa PLED GUILTY to committing Federal Crimes, she was not FOUND GUILTY, I don’t think she understands the difference. She is a liar and a Felon in the eyes of the law, because she admitted in a Federal court of law she was a liar and a felon. Will be interesting to see the response from Mssrs Kridel et. al. to this initial Suit. On many dismissals we have sent out or receive from folks we sue it’s usually a one page, two or three short paragraphs as to why the lawsuit is bullshit and needs to be immediately dismissed.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex so what’s she gonna say? The attorney didn’t listen all the assets. The attorney is gonna say I listed what I was told were all the assets. She signed on the document filed that the items listed was accurate. The judge will say ConvictFelonTeresa is this your signature? Tre will say yes that’s my signature. The judge will say case dismissed. LOL I don’t know who deserves the “Most StupiD Award” more. Tre or Brandi. 😄

      • T-Rex says:

        It gets BETTER! Okay, so I didn’t realize that there is BRAVO footage of them meeting with this Bankruptcy attorney, on camera in August 2011, wherein he was talking of the BK case and the case regarding the former partner that sued and won against ConvictFelonJuicyJoe. The meeting took place in NEW JERSEY, and I am sure that if subpoenaed there will be more footage from that day that wasn’t shown. In addition, someone has posted there is a signin log at this Legal office which they keep, because you get charged when you meet with your attorney and that will show they met with the attorney at the NEW JERSEY offices, numerous times, and in addition all phone correspondence is recorded and noted. From what I read and have confirmed when you sue your attorney for Malpractice, ALL attorney client privileges become immediately null and void, and they can produce documents that may incriminate their clients in order to defend their case. SO folks, would this mean that the Federal Prosecutors could go back after these two yo-yos? In a word would be yes, now would they, who knows! But why would you open that “can o’ worms”!!!

        • Powell says:

          😮 😧 T-Rex this just keeps getting juicier. All that Bravo footage. 😀

          • T-Rex says:

            I personally think this will be thrown out of court for jurisdictional issues as they never once met with the attorneys in NYC, only in New Jersey. The case was filed in New Jersey, the lawyers petition of record with the Bankruptcy docs, states that they are filing as a sanctioned attorney in the state of New Jersey. All of their contact information is the New Jersey office only. I found out WHY they are using only Teresa’s name and not Joe’s on the documents. Joe had seen this attorney NUMEROUS times, and I guess what they are trying to say is that TERESA didn’t see the attorney that much(which is a lie as we see from Bravo footage) and that they should have investigated her finances. Well your dumbass husband handed the attorney the documents and you both signed they were true, if one hands over IRS documents and lists of assets and says they are true, your lawyer believes you, because who is STUPID enough to file bankruptcy in Federal Court with falsified documents? Oooop, we know who, the ConvictFelonJuicy’s!!. The person she should be suing for getting her in this mess is her danged HUSBAND! And again you are PAYING for lawyers to get you money not owed to you and STILL haven’t given Judge Salas your income/debt information as required.

            • Limespider says:

              Thank you, T-Rex! You said exactly what I was thinking–she should be suing her dumbass husband for getting her into this predicament. Had Joe not involved her in the falsifying of mortgage and tax documents and ultimately lying in their bankruptcy filing, she wouldn’t be counting down the days to 1/5/2015 (31 as of today).

              I really appreciate your insights into the tangled legal webs that Real Housewives weave!

          • T-Rex says:

            Oh forgot to mention that in Civil cases like this, there is no “spousal privilege”, in other words, they can call that ConvictFelonjuicyJoe to the stand and rake his cajones over the grill, and her lawyers can’t do squat about it either. Oh and if he lies, it’s perjury and rack up more time in jail bucko, and I will tell you this, nothing would please a judge more than to place an already convicted Felon back in jail or give more jail time for LYING to them! In addition, the Defendants can sue him directly for perjury, in civil courts it’s way worse to lie on the stand, and they can get him for a boatload of money!

    • Maybe Tre just wanted to see herself listed as Plaintiff for once!

  8. HuskerHuny says:

    It is so cool outside now. We are currently in a deep, misty fog and it’s almost 10 a.m. I love fog; makes me feel like I’m inside a Nancy Drew mystery book from my youth.

    • T-Rex says:

      COOL! We are going to be in the 80’s today, we had a fog this morning, which led to us not being able to see the nifty Orion Rocket Liftoff! Usually we can sometimes see this from our home, even though I am on the west coast of Florida, but alas not today!

    • 2Stupid says:

      My son just started reading the Hardy Boys and asked if I read them. I said I was a Nancy Drew girl. He asked who was she. I said much cooler than the Hardy Boys!

      • Orson says:

        Tell him Nancy always got an ice cream sundae with Bess at the end of each story.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Many a Saturday afternoon I would spend at my little village library reading Nancy Drew books. I think the entire library was maybe 12 foot x 12 foot, but they had an entire set of Nancy books and I read most of them more than once!

          • NJBev says:

            I plowed through the Nancy Drew Brooks-
            At a pace my parents assumed I was lying b/c
            I never read any book “willingly”
            My beloved folks ate many ounces of pride
            when they realized I was far more literate
            than they ever gave me credit for-
            I gotta laugh now, as most of our kids
            play us the same way-

            • NJBev says:

              oh, i forgot to mention that my folks
              had to pay my College Education
              b/c I got into the University that my
              sibling was “denied”……
              HIs greatest disappointment and my
              greatest joy.
              He ended up doing extremely well in life…
              very, very well.–
              he has a very wonderful, prosperous life.
              I’m very happy.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I used to read Nancy Drew too and the Bobbsey Twins (sp)

      • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

        Me too Mrs. Peabody. Nancy Drew got me started on my mystery addiction which is still going strong.

  9. 2Stupid says:

    OT but wanted to share something I am dealing with today. I am in total shock. A parent that I worked with on Committes at my children’s school and who also all took all the sports picutres as he was a photographer was shot and killed in his studio yesterday. His mother was also shot and killed. He was my age 42. Another good friend of mine’s mother is the one that discovered them and had to call the police. She was going to pick up a picture of all of ther daughters (5) because today marks the one year anniversary of her daughter’s death. It is just awful. The police determined a suspect and went to question him. As they were approaching the man’s home, he shot and killed himself. They said the two knew each other and no motive has been released. My children go to school with his two children. I just spoke with him two days ago regarding my daughter’s cheer picture. Every year he takes picutures with Santa at our annual Christmas tree lighting which is this Tuesday. I mean there are only 300 children at our school PK-8. We know everyone. I am just so saddened that something like this could happen to one of our school family members. Our community doesn’t see things like this very often. I just wanted to share.

    • Oh my gosh- I am so so sorry. This is just horrible.

      The poor lady that found them- she must be so shaken up.

      Saying a prayer for you and your community and sending you love…

    • T-Rex says:

      OMG! So sorry for you and their family! How just terrible, and probably no closure for the family as to why that gentleman took it upon himself to murder two folks. This is just so sad to hear and I hope that the community comes together for their family and for the kids that knew them.

    • chismosa says:

      2Stupid my condolences — what a shocking crazy terrible thing to happen. The poor families 😦

      I agree with TR- I hope the community rallies together.
      Best to you XO

    • Powell says:

      Oh my 2Stupid. I’m so sorry for your and the community’s loss. Sounds like a great guy. Him and his poor mom. Just awful. And your friend that lost her daughter finds them. Gosh my heart breaks for her. God Bless you all. BIG hugs.

    • NJBev says:

      Holy Crap, you poor thing-
      I wish I knew what to say to you…..

      but I just don’t.. I wish you the love
      of God to deal with what has been thrown upon you-
      and of the poor soul who lost her own child to end
      up discovering this—
      I am aching for you, your friends and your family.

  10. 2Stupid says:

    Thanks OMIB!

    • How r u doing yourself?

      Take time to do something nice for yourself-even if it’s just to take a walk- you’ll need ur strength to be able to give strength to others.

      Surrounding you with a white light of protection…

      • 2Stupid says:

        I am fine. Thanks for asking. I just cannot believe this has happened to such a nice decent person. I really don’t understand this world. Good news, is our school and parish will rally around this family and they will have all the strength they need. Our principal is so giving, that if for whatever reason, the children couldn’t afford tuition anymore that would never be an issue. I just grieve for them. He took so many children’s pictures and that is such a personal thing people feel connected to him for that reason alone.

        • NJBev says:

          I cannot wrap my head around what you have had to deal with.

          I want to wish you strength and hope and love, and also the ability
          to move forward- You, and this family, have been so blessed to have
          a Parish that will wrap its arms around its family
          and take such good care of them..
          There is a God.
          And he Loves you.

  11. Orson says:

    31 days.

    Maybe Teresa has the idea that by filing this suit, she’ll be able to get an extension on her reporting date?

    • T-Rex says:

      This is a civil lawsuit, so wouldn’t have anything to do with one an another, but someone may have put it in her bone-head that this could stall the reporting, it can’t. I believe someone from the BOP or the federal prosecutors office have stated this has no bearing on her Federal sentencing.

      • kit9 says:

        I think is nothing but another scam attempt for money. Once a grifter always a grifter.

        • Orson says:

          I think it’s more of “I never do anything wrong! Since I didn’t do anything wrong, it must be the lawyer’s fault! He’s just jealous of me.”

  12. chismosa says:

    I haven’t read anything ^^^^^^ yet but I didn’t get this job I had been applying for so you all need to entertain me with laughs today.

    Thanks 👍

    • T-Rex says:

      Chisy- So sorry, it’s their loss~~ Hope you get the next one~

    • Powell says:

      Awwww. I’m so sorry Chismosa. Their loss. BIG hugs to you. 🙅🙅🙅

    • No worries my darling- everything,even the things that don’t seem so at the time, happens for your higher good.

      Everything is always okay in the end.
      If it’s not okay?
      It just means you’re not at the end.

    • California35 says:

      So sorry Chismosa 😞
      Hang in there, something will come up if you dont stop looking.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      WTF?? Who the hell wouldn’t hire you?!?! You’re PERFECT!! Screw them-it’s their loss!!
      Love love love you Felicia!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🍸🚬🍸🚬🍸🍻🍻🍻🚬🚬🚬🚬 I will two drinks for you at Happy Hour today!!!

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the Blog says:

        thanks bestie… add a couple of shots of tequila just for ME!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m so sorry Chismosita! You’ll get the next one!

      I’m going to cheer you up a. It and chat Mob Wives. Holy cow! Natalie is so ghetto fabulous! Loving her crazy ombre hair and the clothes she’s wearing. I can’t believe her boyfriend is making so much sense when it comes to staying out of the other girl’s problems. Renee has no one to film with, so her sister had to dig Up Karen from the grave and have her shoot with her. Which is juicy since Natalie has been talking smack about her. Drita pretends to be this bad biatch that will beat yo a$$ but she can’t tell her husband to make his own dang dinner whilst she’s working. Big Ang’s hair looks so much better shorter and I still find it funny when she tries to be tough about the Renee situation because I think Big Ang is a big teddy.
      Renee got a$$implants over the break and now looks just crazy. Lol

      Thinking about you, sweetheart!

      • Powell says:

        Karen comes back and stirs up nothing but crazy. IDK why Natalie was trashing Karen, her father & family on Twitter. ALL of these ladies husband, father, bro, BF, uncle or grandfather was dirty. Why talk about another’s family? Doesn’t make sense to me. But if Natalie is gonna talk smack, don’t run away.
        I think Drita can walk the walk. She’s not afraid of any of them. I love Drita and BIG Ang. Renee needs to keep seeing the psychiatrist and attend AA.

        • foxymel11 says:

          I agree with you, Powell! I just wish that Drita wouldn’t out up with Lee’s crap all the time. She’s working!
          Big mistake for Natalie to talk about Karen and now she’s back. I wonder who the new girl is???

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      The next one will be even better a and just perfect for you. 🙂

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am so sorry…I am sure this has to be a blessing in disguise.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the Blog says:

        Rabble! just hope you’re feeling better girl!

        Jillzy will have some drunky smokes for me, i’ll be fine. LOL

        thank you, and please take care of yourself! try not to miss any HWs shows 😉
        JK. Truly, take care of yourself. ❤

  13. Powell says:

    NeNe has a new online talk show. Fab Gab With NeNe Leakes &
    Good for NeNe. I just WISH she didn’t let new successes go to her head.

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs 2Stupid really hard* – that man and all his care will be in my prayers this night, along with you and your community – knowing that there are people like you in the community, I feel certain that those left behind will be supported and cared for –

    *hugs chismosa really hard* – I agree with T-Rex – it’s their loss! – all it means is that you are free to accept an even better offer – no worries! –

    my prayers are also with Todd’s family – glad to see that Joyce does know where the high road is…

    • Powell says:

      That will NEVAAAAAA work. Lisa is a restaurantuer #1. #2 Ramona doesn’t have the temperament to run a restaurant, to be the boss of that type of staff. They say new restaurants fail w/in what 6 mths of opening?

    • Powell says:

      Do what you know Ramona. Retail.

    • Oh good lawd. Will she be featuring Sonja’s Toaster Oven recipes?

    • Powell says:

      Opening a restaurant to showcase her wines is not a good reason to open a restaurant.

    • T-Rex says:

      UGH! Just because you have eaten in a restaurant doesn’t mean you should own one! TheRoyalVpumps, just didn’t start opening restaurants yesterday, they have been doing so for many, many years. Lisa met Ken when he owned a bar(She was 21), and she and Ken helped design and open 20 or so different restaurants and bars across London before opening a restaurant in the US! In addition, they opened the US Restaurants with other real restaurant investors. I would bet that this is going to be another “slap your name on this bitch, for two bucks” sort of deals. Have to give her credit though, she at least has businesses going, as opposed to her idiotic partner in crime Drunk-DELUSIONAL-GreyGardensSonja!

    • Orson says:

      They can use Sonja’s toaster ovens in the kitchen.

    • California35 says:

      Interesting, i have been wondering about her and all the businesses she has or had. Were they all “hers” or theirs. Also his family business that she was involved in. Now that she and Mario are done. I never thought of any new business…

      • T-Rex says:

        Calli- She owned several business before she married LetharioMario. She had a clothing business selling secondary merchandise to outlet stores and malls, I know she started the Wine business and Skin Care lines after going on Ho-Wives, but I would bet that it’s in both their names. I don’t know how crappy this divorce is going to get, but she may have to end up buying him out of that business down the road. Hopefully, he wouldn’t do that and just let her have it, since she started it.

        • California35 says:

          Yeah, lets hope they dont have a messy divorse. I know emotionally it was, but the businesses and money should be fair. Also, remembering what she would say about having her own money not only the husbands had made me wondered if they had ALWAYS made sure things were properly set in the case of a divorse or dispute of any kind. Hopefully she did, so that at least that part of the divorse is all clear and easy to deal.

          • T-Rex says:

            Well here is the issue, they have filed for the divorce but they haven’t finalized a darned thing, this will probably take years. From some little birdies it isn’t going so well already, but hey that’s why it’s a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. She wants the apartment in her name, she doesn’t want to sell, so no clue as to how they are going to manage around that. I just hope they keep it out of the tabloids as much as possible.

            • California35 says:

              Thanks for the replies 😊

              Too bad, but as you said it is a divorse 😕

              Also i agree that it would be good to keep it out of media.

            • Powell says:

              Well hopefully she can be like Charlotte on Sex and the City where Trey gave Charlotte the apartment that his family owned for yrs. 😉

  15. chismosa says:


    LOL just kidding — thanks all! ^^^^^^^

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh c’mon, imagine Drunk-DELUSIONAL-GreyGardensSonja’s reaction to CraggyBitchRamona’s restaurant news! First she will probably say she owned a restaurant, she Ran a restaurant, she has a restaurant idea already in the planning stages, ALL RESTAURANTS want her to plan parties for them, . hehhehehehe!

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    oh my gosh!! – imagine the parties that Sonja would plan for Ramona’s opening night?? what could possibly go wrong…..

    between trying to get the toaster ovens to work, and dealing with Sonja “sampling” the wine, Ramona’s head would be spinning – how about a sign upon entering the establishment that reads

    No Legs on the tables!!!

  17. 2Stupid, I am so sorry!!! That is just too much!!! (((((2Stupid)))))

    LAINEYLAINEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINKING OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ಠ_ಠ

    Ramona is so rude to the waitstaff……can’t even imagine how rude she would be to customers…she really does need to stay in her lane!

    Chis, sorry that job didn’t work out, obviously someone is delusional at that place!! Did you forget to tell them that Dr. Dre tweets about you???? #theirloss

  18. kit9 says:

    Anyone else read Brandi’s blog? Rofl! One bit is absolutely hilarious it’s so absurdly FOS. She’s finally doing another podcast today and i’m taking bets on if she’s able to get thru it w/out revealing show deets.

    • Oh, yeah, she won’t be able to help herself!!!!

    • cassie ann says:

      On her australian press junket they asked her if she slapped Lisa. Dodge 1…..oh I cant answer that or I would get fired…they pressure her, is it you? Dodge 2….I am not the only tall blonde on the cast. Then they ssk well whp WOULD you slap? No dodge….if I could slap anyone it would definately be kyle.

  19. Every time I see YoYo’s #GetWise on her Twitter I just want to tell her to #FuckOff…ugh!~

  20. chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the Blog says:

    just saying thanks down here to the replies above ^^^^^^^^^

    i’m running on different devices right now so i would usually repsond to each.

    Melicta>>> i have mob wives on dvr— have to watch. I always liked Karen so i don’t mind. And Renee is like a Kenya to me. Just a WACKJOB but harmless in the end. (well Renee did go CRAY CRAY in Las Vegas last year at Natalie)
    I had to look up to see what happened to Alicia— she got PROBATION I BELIEVE.
    TREX- would be interesting to compare what that Alicia was complicit in her husband’s doings vs. Teresa.

    OMIB>>> loved that line- i’ve never heard that before.

    thanks all, have some drunky smokes this weekend!!!

    thanks all, always supportive and loving…. 🐻

    and most importantly: funny! 😆 forever

    • TexasTart says:

      I watched that Mob Wives episode and those chicks are scary compared to HW…it is amusing though.

      Never watched Jersey Shore, but have watched some Snooki and JWoww – it was hilarious!

      That’s all for now, haven’t read comments yet. My phone and WordPress are not on good terms now.

    • Powell says:

      Chismosa I’m glad we’ve made you feel a little better.
      Yes we will wait w/baited breath for that reservation at Chateaux Ramona.
      A comparison between Tre and Alicia’s fraud woes would be interesting. I’m guessing Alicia was a lot in the dark at what her husband was doing and that she completely cooperated with what the court asked unlike Tre. I was wondering what happened in her case since it hasn’t been finalized yet on the new season. We may not see her.

  21. chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the Blog says:

    Where’s VV…..


    ehhhhh it’s friday….. party your a$$$$es off, Jill style! And i mean Zarin! LOLOLOLOLOL

  22. Powell says:

    Downton Abbey Rediscovered is on now.

  23. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Twitter Q&A with one of the actors from The Dragon (Hobbit) movie:

    • Oh daughter got a selfie with Lee Pace at Comic Con. He came out to the Hall H line at 2am to check out the nerds. He was super nice, he hugged her. She also got one with Evanagline Lilly…she is so beautiful!

  24. Orson says:

    29 days!

    And in other good news, some of you may recall my posts about my high school buddy’s grandchild invasion. It started when his Daughter #1 adopted a newborn boy last July. Then DIL gave birth to a boy in August. And Daughter #2 is expecting a boy in January. And Daughter #1 is expecting a baby in April. Well, the gender reveal was last night. They had the sonogram tech seal the results in an envelope they delivered to the bakery. Only the tech and the baker knew until the party when they cut the cake. Blue icing between the layers. So, 4 grandsons in less than a year. How about that?

    I hope Daughter #3 is happy with just being an aunt and doesn’t try to make it 5 in a year. Mostly because she’s still in college and is single. Though, I guess if she had a really great halloween…

  25. rabblerouser2010R says:

    HI everyone. I am home from the hospital since Thursday afternoon . I have been feeling pretty miserable and vomited a few times although thankfully there is no fever, so it might just be a reaction to the pain meds. I have also been using an ice pack which seems to help with some of the discomfort. I’m feeling kind of bummed out because one of my girlfriends is having a christmas party tonight and I am sure I will not be up for it. I have been pretty much bed ridden other than getting up to go empty my catheter out or sitting at the computer for a few minutes.

    I know they said to give it a month but I really hope it doesn’t take that long as I am wanting to get my christmas cleaning and baking done…not to mention getting gifts. Hopefully, when I go to the doctor on wed, they can remove the catheter and I will start to feel better.

    Thank you to all of you for the kinds words of support and prayer. I really appreciate it.

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