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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Season 5 Episode 3

 by Namaste

Lisa Rinna

God Bless Michael Bolton

Lisa welcomes us to this week of RHBH and talks about how grateful she is for our kind words.  We have all been super nice to her so far…but the bloom will be off the vine soon enough.

Lisa R. Party 2 (Small)

Speaking of my birthday dinner at Pump, how freaking amazing is Lisa?! Words simply cannot express how grateful I am for my friendship with Lisa and Ken! The restaurant was insanely gorgeous, and the company I shared that evening was nothing less than perfect. Our neighbors, Robin and Jim Botko, along with Kyle and Mauricio and Lisa and Ken, set the scene for the intimate dinner setting I had wanted. 

Please dear God, please let me have friends like Lisa Vanderpump in my next life who will throw me these kinds of birthday parties.  Please?  Haven’t I been good enough?  Lisa tells us how Harry has been in Canada and then explains how the ring was actually super special…

Lisa R. Talking Head (Small)

Needless to say, the Cartier Trinity ring he gave me that night was also very meaningful and special for me. You see, he gave me a similar ring upon the birth of our firstborn, Delilah Belle, and it had her name engraved on it. The ring meant absolutely everything and when it went missing from our home a few years back, I was beyond devastated. Being the wonderfully thoughtful man he is, HH bought me this one with the three bands all engraved. One with Harry, one with Delilah and one with Amelia. I now have my family with me always. 

OK, I am jealous.  I would love a ring like that.  And the Michael Bolton story is just divine.  I love how Hollywood is “so small” when it comes to stuff like this…everyone knows everyone and has been with everyone.  PERFECTION!

By the reaction I have seen on Twitter, I know that I am certainly not alone in my great excitement that Eileen Davidson has made her debut as a Housewife this week! We worked together on Days of Our Lives from 1993 to 1995, and we spent a lot of time together. We worked 18-hour days and when neither of us had to be on set, we would be found together, gossiping and hanging out in one of our bunker-style dressing rooms in the basement!

I actually had to look up Eileen on her IMDB to see who she was on Days (I used to watch and she looked so familiar but couldn’t remember who she was…and then Lisa explains!  She was Kristen DiMera (married to Tony I believe).  She was also on Young and the Restless but I never watched so don’t know anything there.

Oh my God, you guys…How pretty did Kim’s daughter look in the Mark Zunino wedding dresses? Wow. She’s already a beautiful girl, but then to see her in Mark’s fabulous dresses was breathtaking. He is a dear friend of mine, and I’m honored to have a clothing line on QVC alongside of his.

Kims Daughter Dress (Small)

And here comes the portion of the blog with Product Placement.  I did skip on over to QVC to see her clothes.  Not bad.  Reasonably priced and quite cute.  I doubt very much that she wears any of these clothes cause they are kinda flowy and more “Kyle” to me, but hey, maybe they sell.  Lisa R. loves Yolo’s girls.  Says they are gorgeous and love the scenes with her and her daughter.  I find them weird.  I will go more into in Yo’s blog, but just sayin here, who tells their kid NOT to get a college education?  She asks us to keep tuning in and says she loves being on this journey.  “Until next week” with X’s and O’s.


Kyle Richards

An Invite to a Party isn’t Always the Answer

Kyle starts off by relating to Lisa R.’s experience of having her lovely girls help her get dressed and how she, too, never takes their advice.  She loves seeing Gigi’s career take off and claims that Gigi has a good head on her shoulders.  Well, she has been dating some major hotties so I am thinking she has some other special skills.

When I met Mauricio, there was an immediate attraction. Like nobody else was in the room. After I told him I was engaged that night, I didn’t see him again until six months later when I ran into him at a club. I had  broken up with my fiancé by that point, and we picked up where we left off six months earlier. We have been together ever since. 

Kyle Shopping with Portia (Small)

Very sweet story although I would kinda love for the X-Fiance to share his side, but that’s me.

Have to give Brandi props for the timer idea while talking to her lawyer. I haven’t had to deal with many lawyers, but the couple times I did, I wish I would have thought about that! 

Wow, it’s like Brandi discovered the cure for Ebola.  Yes, lawyers bill you in segments and that is why you don’t make idle chit-chat with them cause you are paying them to hear all about your crap.  Keep it short and to the point.

Taking the girls shopping is a fun daddy/daughter time for Mauricio. Portia, like most kids, will try to test us at times. She has her moments where I have to keep her in check. I am always the disciplinarian with our kids. She’s at that age where she likes to see how far she can push us and what she can get away with. I’ve seen it with all our girls around this age, and it can be challenging. Mauricio usually makes it more challenging. I will say no while he says yes. I am constantly asking him to not undermine me. It’s unavoidable that these moments will happen with little ones, but how it’s handled is very important. You have to nip it in the bud.

I was actually really impressed by Kyle in this scene.  She was irritated by Mo, as would I have been.  She stuck to her guns.  Didn’t seem to care too much about Portia’s tears.  Unfortunately, Bravo is going to continue to capture those moments when Portia acts like a brat (like all typical kids her age) and those will be what we will see.  Kyle and Mo’s older girls seem to be very sweet which reflects on their parenting skills.  I will not judge Kyle by the same standard that I have judged Tre.

My niece Brooke getting married is an exciting time for our family. She’s the first of our kids to be walking down the aisle. And Kim will be the first Mother of the Bride. Looking for dresses was fun with all my sisters and a bunch of our kids in tow. Our children (there are 12 between us) are extremely close. More like siblings than cousins. Everyone knows everything that’s going on with each other at any given time, so it seemed appropriate that we would all weigh in on which was the best dress for Brooke.

I’m gonna say it: I thought Kathy was a total bitch.  Last season when she came to Kim’s house before Kimberly’s graduation she did the same thing to Kim and I thought it was awful.  I think any bride has the right to try on and wear whatever her little heart desires.  Shame on Kathy and now wonder her daughters are such rotten little bitches.

I knew that day Kim and Brooke were to be getting news about Monty’s health. My heart broke for Kim and Brooke. Monty has always remained close with our family, and to see what he is going through is heartbreaking. This should be the happiest time of Brooke’s life, and I know she is constantly worried about her father. 

I know many divorced people DO NOT remain friends with their X’s and I am always imrpessed by those that can continue to have a relationship.  Kim inviting Monty into her home shows true compassion and grace.  It will allow her daughter to have as much time with her Daddy during this heartbreaking time.  Huge props to Kim for being a very classy gal!

Brandi invited me to go on a hike with her. At this point we are becoming friends. Not close, but at least getting to know each other. When Brandi said she was going to call Lisa V. right then and there, I didn’t think it would go over well .  Plus, I didn’t think she was going about it the right way, and I didn’t want to be there when she called her. However, she was set on calling, so I decided to just stay quiet. When her battery died, I hesitated to offer my phone. Lisa V. and I had just recently had our lunch and were working on our friendship. I didn’t want to be a part of Lisa V.’s and Brandi’s issues. However,  I thought Lisa would think Brandi  hung up on her, and I knew that would be another setback for them. Lisa isn’t going to forgive Brandi overnight. And an invite to her housewarming isn’t the answer. 

Hmmm, Brandi has been on the show for 3 seasons now and Kyle says “we are becoming friends”- speaks volumes.  Brandi reminds me of the saying, “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.”  The conversation with Lisa was awkward to say the least.  Lisa obviously wasn’t having it and wasn’t gonna give Brandi the easy pass.  Good for you Lisa!  Too many people in Brandi’s life have allowed her to behave like this (you teach people how to treat you) and Lisa has decided she is not one of those people.  I have people like this in my life…or not anymore for that manner.  I am actually a little like Dina where I have a funeral in my head and I am done.  I have no room in my life for certain people.


Eileen Davidson

A Long Career is the True Reward


Eileen begins by asking for our patience while she learns the ropes of blogging.  Me thinks she will not have hard time picking this up.

Let me tell you about how I landed on Housewives. Lisa Rinna and I have know each other since the 1980s. She was dating an actor that I was working with on The Young and the Restless, and I would see them socially on occasion. We became friends when we were both working on Days of Our Lives in the early 1990s. The show was much different in those days. Eighteen-hour days were not unusual, and Lisa and I spent a lot of time in our dressing rooms talking, rehearsing, and generally kvetching about the amount of work we were doing. We bonded during that time for sure. Our lives took us in different directions, but we still saw each other over the years. I was on her talk show Soap Talk, and we would run into each other on various red carpets. Seeing her for lunch was our chance to reestablish a friendship I treasure.

Eileen has arrived (Small)

Hollywood and Beverly Hills seems like a very small world.  She goes on to mention Kyle’s brief stint on Days of our Lives and that her husband worked with Kim on Nanny and the Professor.

Yolanda’s daughter, Gig went to High School with my stepson Vinny. She was actually at our house for a pool party a couple of years ago.

God, I hope Eileen served this girl some food.  I hope there was a cake and brownies.

Winning the Emmy for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have said so many times that the true award is having a long career. Well, that’s true…but now that I’ve won an Emmy, I have to say that there’s something to be said for getting a trophy! Honestly though, I love playing the character Kristen Dimera on Days of our Lives (that’s the show I was working on when I was nominated). She’s out of her mind but so multidimensional. It’s both a challenge and so much fun to portray her. I’m incredibly blessed that I get to play two completely different characters on two different shows at the same time.  And now be myself on a third. Oy!

I have a feeling Eileen is going to BRING IT from here on out.  She gives me hope.  I wish her luck.  XOXO!


Yolonda Foster

50 is the New 30

Yolo starts out by giving compliments to PUMP and admiring its picture-perfect setting.  Yolo says “50 is the New 30”.  Um, no.  50 is 50.  I am 42 and 42 is well, 42.  I wish my body looked the way it did when was 30…no, I wish it looked the way it did when I was 4 B.K. (4 years before kids).  I was pretty rocking way back then.  I didn’t have road map of stretch marks on my belly, my thighs didn’t move like a loose jelly mold and my upper arms didn’t wave at people on their own.   But I digress.

It’s interesting as a mom to reflect on your own parenting skills. The core of our beliefs may stay the same, but our perspective changes over the years and evolves with each child that comes through us. I love each of my kids in unique ways and try to meet their different needs, so they can thrive and be their personal best.

Gigi cover (Small)

Now, for those that like to “read ahead” or even those that follow gossip sites, we are about to find out some big news on the next episodes that is gonna give us some insight into Yolo’s parenting…

After Bella graduated this summer, I felt very confident in dropping the reins for her last month in Malibu before moving to New York. Eleven-thirty curfews seemed needless at that point. I thought if there was anything important that I had not taught her by now, I probably failed at my job.

Yolo Bella Gigi (Small)

I think Yolo is gonna eat her words.  She is gonna have a HUGE plate filled with those words.

I fly commercial and have my whole life, so I recognize what a crazy luxury it is to travel in a private plane, but that’s what my husband works for. We appreciate every minute flying and never take it for granted. David’s childlike obsession with airplanes is his greatest joy in life. He has been a pilot since he was 20 years old. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we end up living in a hangar at a cute airport somewhere. 

Yolo with Gigi listening (Small)

I don’t watch these shows to watch the HW fly commercial; I FLY COMMERCIAL and noone wants to watch that!  I wanna see these ladies on huge private jets living the life I can only dream of, but having problems that make me grateful that my home is only 2400 square feet and I drive a Ford Flex (don’t judge!  It looks like hearse, but drives like an SUV).

It was nice to see Brandi make the effort to reach out to Lisa V. I believe forgiveness is the best form of love in any relationship. It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and an even stronger person to forgive. The truth is that some people never take any responsibility for their actions, never say sorry, and are never able to really forgive and move on. Unfortunately that’s just a fact of life.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Yolo continues to remind us that it is much easier to be Brandi’s friend than her enemy.  And Yolo who has alleged put her transgressions with Lisa V. aside, threw a little shade at Lisa.  Not cool.  So not cool.

Brandi is working hard and has created a beautiful home for her children. I wish she and Eddie could work things out and put all that money going to lawyers into an education fund for their boys, instead. Life is too short.

Blah blah blah.  Brandi has worked very hard at partying and living the single life.  The only thing she cares about is herself.  If she cared about her boys she wouldn’t speak about their father on national tv the way she does.

Look at Kim and Monty. Seeing them puts everything in perspective. Kim has shown such a beautiful act of love by moving her ex into her home to care for him. I am happy to see the sisters pull together in this difficult time. Life is just so bittersweet. 

Agreed.  Enough said.

I can’t even imagine how the joy of preparing Brooke’s wedding is overshadowed by such tragic news. Watching Brooke just made me cry. She showed such inner strength and looked like an absolute angel to me; beautiful in every dress.

Does anyone mind if I mention again that Kathy was a complete bitch?  No?  Well, Kathy was a complete bitch during this scene.

Yolo is excited that Eileen has finally arrived.  She loved seeing the old video of Lisa and Eileen.  She is proud to have these kind, fun and extraordinary working women in the group.  Yeah, let’s ask her about that at the reunion!  Until next week…


Kim Richards

The Words You Never Want to Hear

Kim hopes everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  She made 2 turkeys and they cooked for two days.  She then goes on to say how she thinks Gigi is just “adorable”.  Not sure there is a model anywhere over the age of 13 that wants to be “adorable”.  I had been trying to figure it out for ages and I was watching old episodes of Ally McBeal when it me: Gigi looks like Portia DeRossi (to me).

It’s nice to see Lisa V. and Ken’s restaurant PUMP doing so well! It is such a beautiful restaurant, and they are always so kind and thoughtful to host dinners for their friends on special occasions.

And we have arrived at the part of the blog where we suck up to Lisa.  Everyone is successful so far.  I am not a person who can just “let something go” when I am hurt.  Things that Kim said to Lisa last year were pretty awful.  I’m glad to see them put it behind them, but I just don’t believe it.

Wow, and then there’s my baby girl! My first born… Brooke got engaged last Christmas! One of the most exciting calls I’ve ever gotten. I just love her fiancé Thayer. He is like a son to me. I couldn’t be more thrilled. My little girl, beautiful and sweet.  My daughter is getting married, and it is so exciting!

Nolan Miller and Mark Zunino designed my wedding dress many years ago, so no better place to go than to see Mark. Just walking in the door with my girls and “the bride to be,” it became so surreal I almost started to cry!

Group Dress Shop (Small)

I have to say that has to be a huge deal to moms.  I remember when my Katie tried on First Communion dresses…well, it was a pretty big deal to me.  We have never really gotten to see Kim in the “mom” role.  I imagine her kids’ childhood was very difficult while Kim was struggling with her sobriety.  I hope they are making up for lost time.

Brooke likes a very simple dress, not fluffy or with too many sequins. She had already decided what kind of dress she liked by looking at pictures in magazines. She wanted to try some on and see what she and Mark could come up with. My sister Kathy definitely had something different in mind for our girl. I think we were a little quiet for a moment, but Kathy has amazing taste. She only wants the best for us, and she’s definitely going to give her opinion! Kathy says you don’t buy the first thing you see. You have to try until you find the right one. Which is exactly what Brooke did! She and Mark worked together and designed the perfect dress! It wasn’t even something you could go in and buy. Mark sketched, Brooke told him what she liked, and it was the most beautiful dress for the most beautiful bride.

Kathy, Kim and daughter (Small)

I am reminded of one thing: Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one and everyone thinks their’s doesn’t stink.  Every bride is so individual and envisions herself one way and it is very hard to mind.  When I was married in 93, I chose the very first dress I tried on.  It was a mermaid dress with huge puffy sleeves.  Did I mention the sleeves were huge?  Anyhoo…when my mom took me to try on dresses, she tried to get me in anything but this mermaid style.  It didn’t work.  I took her MY dress and tried it on and she realized that I had met my dress and I was done.

Brooke and Thayer originally were to get married early next year– a destination wedding on the beach. Brooke’s dad/my best friend Monty wasn’t feeling so good. He went in for a check up. He said it would be a few hours, but as I dropped him off and drove away, I got a horrible feeling. I turned the car around and headed back the doctor. He called me just a few minutes later and told me he had lung cancer. I said I knew that something wasn’t right and that I was already there! The words you never want to hear! And the thought of telling our daughter! Over that week we decided to have a wedding with just our immediate family, so that we could be sure that Monty would be able to walk Brooke down the aisle. It is something every little girl and every father dreams of! I was going to make sure that happened!

This is so perfect and sweet.  We don’t know yet if the wedding has already happened (or do we), but I hope Monty is there to walk his little girl down the aisle.

For all you mothers out there with daughters who are becoming engaged to be married, this is a very exciting time! Wait until you see your daughter in her dress. It really is an amazing feeling. I can’t really describe it, but when when you experience it, I hope you remember reading this! The joy, pride, love, and emotion that you will feel is overwhelming…enjoy every moment of this experience!

If I read that paragraph again, my eyes might leak so I will just leave it at that.  Much love to Brooke and Thayer.


Lisa Vanderpump

Hindsight is 20/20

The Divine Miss V greets us warmly and jumps right in.  She loved seeing Gigi and Bella.  She clarifies the following:

…witness their progress with countless lunches and dinners spent with their Daddy Mohamed, gorgeous girls. 

Me thinks she has not spent much time with these kids while they were with their mother.  Lisa goes on to talk about PUMP and the b-day celebration.  She loves Lisa R.  For now.

We absolutely had an enjoyable evening, not peppered with negativity and provocative comments, but a dinner that was relaxed and funny, which has been a rare phenomenon in this arena, and I know Lisa loved it. As she opened her gifts, her man came to join her, and she was supported by true friends. That’s what life should be: Women who are comfortable in their own skin, so that they don’t feel compelled to compete. It was rather last minute, and I was happy to arrange it for her.

This was one of the few RH dinner parties that was pretty low-key.  No one got drunk, no one accused another person of anything, no one decided to bring up something that happened 27 months ago.

Well as you saw, I was happily spending a rare moment of peace at home when I received the phone call from Brandi. I was oblivious to the fact that she was hiking with Kyle until she had to borrow her phone. I then realized how I was probably the topic of conversation as in the previous time they were hiking.

Lisa V. and Ken the call (Small)

I bet Kyle made a poo in her pants when she had to hand her phone over.  Kyle really had no way out of that.  Brandi kinda set her up there.  (Who else was impressed that Ken was planting rose bushes?  He was a little sweaty in the pits and such so you could tell he was actually doing the work.)

Brandi had sent me an invitation, or rather her assistant had, and I had yet to respond. She was having a house warming, and she wanted her friends to come and toast her success of moving upwards, which I understood, as before I met her, before she was part of this whole scenario, she had explained to me life was difficult.

So, Brandi can blame Eddie for not being able to qualify for a mortgage, BUT she can pay an assistant?  Or maybe the assistant was lent to her by Sonja and is really an intern working on college credit.

She had been challenged financially and was only too aware the benefits of being included in this group of women could entail.

Can I get an AMEN?  I think we have finally found the root of why Brandi is in this group.

Just because time passes, feelings might change, but principles don’t. I was absolutely steadfast in my resolve to never acquiesce, to stand resolute by the fact that she had created a whole scenario which ultimately backfired and now perhaps to reignite the friendship would benefit her. Well that ship had sailed. Just unfortunately, she wasn’t on it.

I think Brandi really regrets throwing her mealticket under the bus.  All her free meals at Sur and Villa Blanca are gone.  No more free drinks served by hot waiters.

It is not about forgiveness, it is about awareness, and you will see how this relationship in the coming months unfolds: the sharp turns that were unforeseen, times of laughter that precede sudden moments of realization that maybe you were right all along.

God teaches that we must be forgiving.  I get it.  BUT, He didn’t make us stupid.  That’s our choice.  I’m with Lisa all the way on this.

I think the most important factor when you have been deeply hurt is to understand that whoever was responsible had their reasons, and sometimes they are too complicated to comprehend, but to rid yourself of the anger, as that is what is detrimental to yourself moving forward. But as I noted in my interview, hindsight is 20/20, but foresight would have been better. An apology would have gone a long way.


Brandi keeps griping that Lisa hasn’t apologized yet doesn’t clarify what she thinks she is owed an apology for.  What great offense did Lisa commit in Brandi’s teeny brain?  I will not apologize for something I did not do NOR will I apologize for something I am not sorry for doing.

You will enjoy getting acquainted with Eileen, a lovely woman that I am happy to call a friend, someone who is understated about her success and supportive of others. But adding a new cog to this wheel often changes the complexion of these existing friendships, so as always stay with us!

I think the two new gals this year are NOT shrinking violets.  They are strong women who have had success in their lives.  If I was one of those “shrinking violets” I would be afraid.  Very afraid.  Lisa hopes we had a happy thanksgiving and reminds us to count our blessings.  Love.


Brandi Glanville

Not a Good Time for My Phone to Die

Brandi dives right into Lisa R.’s b-day bash.  Brandi is surprised Lisa is 50 and relates because they both like porn.  Wow.

I have a house filled with boys and can’t imagine what it would be like to raise girls. Watching Yolanda with Bella, I feel I have a special connection with her, because like her, I too am a middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. We are not the firstborns, and we are not the babies. I feel, much like her, I am a bit of a rebel and don’t like it when people try and tell me what to do. I’m sure Bella will find her fair share of trouble as she grows into a strong woman, but I also know she will come out on top in the end, because us middle children are built tough.

Brandi would have been a terrible mother of a girl.  Some women cannot handle their husband or partner loving another woman/girl and I imagine Brandi would have been jealous of her beautiful daughter…or if she felt her daughter was not “beautiful enough” she would have made that girl’s life miserable.  This reminds me that God knows what he is doing.

We also see very serious scenes with Kim and Yolanda dealing with serious illness. It is very touching watching then talk about how much they love and care for their families. First, Yolanda’s mother in Holland and then Kim taking in her ex-husband Monty. I applaud them both. Two very strong, fierce women taking care of loved ones in need.

Kim xhusband Monty (Small)

I actually give Kim a little more credit on the “caregiving” front by inviting in her X and caring for him personally.

Cut to my house where I’m having fun trying to decorate with my very good friend Adrienne. We have been friends for decades, and she always has my back. We were interrupted with a call from my attorney. I am really trying to find peace and happiness in my life, even when it comes to my ex husband. It’s been five long years since we split, and I would really like the fighting to just stop. Eddie decided after my second best-selling book Drinking and Dating was released, that he had overpaid me in child support and alimony over the past five years and would like to be reimbursed for the back payments–already spent on rent, food, and clothing to raise our children. Since I didn’t have the cash lying around, he was happy to take it from my tiny retirement fund, a small $114k. I had no choice but to hire a lawyer to fight for my retirement. Although I’m not going to just roll over and let him take my retirement account, I’m also bummed that this fighting continues. One thousand a month in L.A. is kinda sad for a guy who can earn $300k a year only working part time. So, now you know.

Brandi phone attorney (Small)

I kinda want to see an accounting of Brandi’s child support.  How much is really spent on JUST rent, food and clothing (for the boys)?  Also, SHAME ON BRANDI for airing her dirty laundry like this.  This is the father of your and while you have every right to take this man to court, you do not have the “right” to do this publicly to your children’s father.

Eileeen is new to the group of women and knows Lisa R., whom I still at this time have not yet met. I see that Eileen won an Emmy for the soap that she was on, and I actually watched her on Days of Our Lives growing up and always “loved to hate her,” for breaking up Roman and Marlana. She said in her interviews she really liked attention, but then she also really didn’t like attention. I’m confused. After all, she did join Housewives, a cult pop culture series that gets a lot of attention. Maybe she is confused or, much like the character she plays, has an evil twin somewhere with a more outgoing personality. Or maybe she was being a smartass like me.

Oh, Eileen is gonna be Brandi’s arch enemy?  Or is it Lisa R.?  I am waiting with bells on.  Last season was kinda a snooze fest and we knew from episode 2 what was coming.

I hadn’t really stayed in touch with anyone from this group while I was away in NYC filming Celebrity Apprentice, other then Yolanda and Carlton, both of whom were very helpful to me during that time. Celebrity Apprentice, by the way, was fabulous, exhausting, a full-time job, and all-consuming. Sorry, friends. I’ll make it up to you!

I think her friends should write her a thank you note.  But that is just me being mean.

While hiking with Kyle, she gave me the extra needed support to call Lisa V.. The first call since the reunion, the reunion where she said she would forgive me. We all just want to get along.  So I took a breath and decided to call Lisa V. and just go for it and ask her about coming to my housewarming party. During the call, my cell battery went completely dead, right in the middle of an important part of our conversation. I quickly asked Kyle if I could borrow her phone to call Lisa V. back, because I didn’t want Lisa V. to think I hung up on her. It was not a good time for my phone to die. I knew full well that Kyle’s number would come up, which is irrelevant. I had nothing to hide. There was nothing devious at all. I was trying to make peace. It’s pretty normal to call someone back ASAP after a phone call is disconnected during a tense call. Sorry.

Brandi The Call with Kyle (Small)

This was just bad all the way around.  Until Brandi can sincerely apologize for her behavior from the last season (which will never happen) I don’t see any reason for Lisa V. to forgive much less, move on and go back to BFF again.  I am sick of hearing Brandi say, “I am in a good place.”  When Brandi is not in a go0d place, it is because of her CHOICES.

Having said that, I take responsibility for my fair part in any fallout with a friend. However, “it takes two.” I want to move forward, and I try, with Adrienne last week, which was successful, and with Lisa V. this week, which was not.

With Adrienne, Brandi actually apologized for what she had said and done.  With Lisa, she didn’t.  I am still surprised Adrienne was willing to sit across the table from her.  But, as I said before, I think it is easier to be Brandi’s “friend” than her enemy.

Let’s sum this up, once and for all and then let it rest. I loved Todd and Lisa V. They were very important to me. Lisa asked me to have a sit down with the woman who was my husband’s mistress for three years, throughout my entire second pregnancy! This woman announced the affair on national TV, not to me, not to confess, not to apologize, but on Access Hollywood, for fame. That’s how I found out my old life had ended. So, with great reluctance for my new “good” friend, Lisa V., I threw myself on my sword and did it. It was hard. It was the first scene on Vanderpump Rules, the crossover. It was a onetime favor. Or it was supposed to be. You’ve all seen Lisa V. throwing that beautiful catered engagement party for that mistress at her house. Treating the mistress like family.  It happened a lot. A lot.

Oy vay.  Get over yourself.

So, here’s my take or example or whatever: Do you think any of Princess Diana’s really “good” friends ever threw catered engagement parties at their big houses for Camilla Parker-Bowles?

I’m not sure.  Maybe if Camilla’s boss was also an acquaintance of Diana’s perhaps it happened.  Diana was also not known to be a bitch like Brandi though so there is that, too.

(Veena note:  Plus Scheana wasn’t marrying Eddie – that alone makes the comparison wrong to me.)



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    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Powell…it’s POURING!! Rain rain rain all day!! And wind too!! What a horrible day! I’m inside nice and cozy…for now!!

  2. Kansas Girl says:

    Good morning! Didn’t get far till I was going but…but…but…

    Re: the Brandi/Lisa V phone call. Cameras were set up on both ends. This was planned. Brandi knew she’d be calling, so why wasn’t her phone charged? Did Kyle know this is why they were being filmed? What other reason did cameras follow them on their walk? To me, this was set up and Brandi is full of it.

    • VV™ says:

      I actually think Brandi DID HUNG UP on Lisa. She was getting a little bellicose on that phone call. Perhaps, Producers and/or Kyle came up with the “I ran out of battery” excuse to smooth things over between Brandi and Lisa. I think Brandi fighting with Lisa is not the direction they wanted to take this show this season.

      • VV™ says:

        *Brandi was getting bellicose. Something happened on that entire scene that they came up with the “ran out of battery excuse”

    • T-Rex says:

      OF COURSE it was a set-up. Personally, I think that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi and the producers thought it would be a great idea to throw VileKyle under the bus, I don’t think that TheRoyalVPump knew that VileKyle was there, but only that she would be receiving a call from THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi. We have heard, and kinda have seen already this season, that VileKyle is getting the bitch-edit this season. I think that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi was fully on board to help that along. Kinda feel sorry for VileKyle, but then she will do something stupid later to make me not feel sorry for her, like asking TheRoyalVPump ad nauseum to apologize for something she already apologized for in the third installment of the Reunion which we all saw and is on tape!

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        You’re right. I think the only “real” surprise was that Lisa didn’t know Kyle was there.

        However, I for one take joy is Kyle getting some of the crap thrown back at her for all the mean things she continues to say about other women. Not gonna feel sorry for her one bit.

  3. T-Rex says:

    Oh good grief, THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi, just needs to STFU with two items, her divorce and this stupid Scheana BS! It’s old, it’s tiresome and it makes you look like an idiot! Scheana is “family”, so get OVER IT! YOU could have been family, TheRoyalVPumps, took you in, they gave you food and drinks, they introduced you to numerous folks in the rich and famous “set” in BHills, they allowed you to bring in anyone you wanted to their restaurants and comped the bills, she bought you other presents as well, and you STABBED her directly in the back! I agree with Veena, I would LOVE to see the so-called child support agreements, because I would bet they are NOT what she is stating in her blog. When she sent that letter from the Retirement Plan attorney straight to TMZ, she conveniently didn’t include the information that was enclosed, showing how Man-Candy overpaid her, which was in detail, and then said he was SUING her. Uhm NOPE, all he was doing was letting them know NOT to transfer a dime of that IRA account over to you until the over-payment mess was sorted out, that is NOT suing you, you twit! She just spews this garbage out into the universe and says, well I said it, so it’s true, when 99.9% of the time it’s a complete and utter lie, and we here, folks on other blogs, other media have proven most of what you say to be untrue! Argh! Bravo, seriously, let this bitch go, fire her, take her off our screens permanently please. I am not going to go over that BS about her comparison to someone else because it’s utter nonsense, and since her IQ is about 45(and that’s generous), she can’t even actually read a history book or google something before comparing ones self to something that isn’t even remotely related.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Eddie’s lawyer sent her a letter. Or maybe Eddie’s lawyer sent somebody else a letter. Too bad her head didn’t actually explode.

      • T-Rex says:

        The letter from Eddie’s attorney was NOT to THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi, it was to the attorney that was handling the distribution of the 401K account, per their divorce agreement, showing that there is an issue with the distribution, and that nothing is to be sent to THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi, until resolved Then SHE sent that letter directly to TMZ, because that’s how you handle things as an adult, you send the TABLOIDS the information and not an actual attorney, the lawyers documents were “enclosed”, but she neglected to send that to TMZ because that would show she is a complete LIAR!! The attorney handling the 401K distribution is a “third party” attorney, he works for the account, he was hired by BOTH of them to help distribute the 401K funds as directed in their divorce agreement, he isn’t for anyone’s “side” he is an impartial third party, and HE isn’t nor did, nor will SUE anyone in this case. I am sure that Man-Candy’s attorneys also sent her a copy of that letter to disclose what they were sending to the 401K-Lawyer, because from everything I have read and seen, Man-Candy has been doing everything on the up and up, and is represented by a very well thought of attorney!

    • Powell says:

      Lisa also got her that modeling job for that magazine.

  4. Did anyone else notice on the show that Kathy Hilton’s shirt was too small? The buttons were “pulling” at her boobs. Kinda made me giggle.

  5. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Let me clarify Eileen Davidson’s fame.

    Eileen actually made her mark on the soaps as Ashley Abbott Newman Abbott Carlton Abbott Howard Abbott McCall Abbott on Y&R. She’s been there since the early 80s. I think she was also Kelly on Santa Barbara after Robin Wright left. Then came Days where she is somehow Stefano DiMera’s daughter and daughter-in-law. She was also Ashley on B&B for a while where she slept with both Ridge and Rick Forrester. phew

    Still more believable than RH….

  6. Oh hai!

    Well I’m prolly a party of one but I think that Brandi has a point. Whether you dislike Brand or not Lisa was at the very best “tone deaf” by insisting she interact with scheanna. I think it was callous.

    While I’m getting real tired of hearing all about it- I do get it.

    Brandi is pretty much always the victim in her own life story and Lisa just played into that.

    • VV™ says:

      I will grant you that. Except that Brandi agreed to talk to Scheanna to secure a spot as a full time housewife. Also, Brandi mentioned to Andy on WWHL “all is good with Scheanna” and also. I posted a link here were Scheanna running into Brandi. It last one minute.

      Brandi changed her tune about Scheanna after Yolanda joined the show.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Why would Yolanda care about Schaena? Are you saying Yolanda told Brandi to be upset about Schaena?
        I think the whole thing was Effed up since day 1. Brandi never should have agreed to sit down with that girl-NEVER! She did it for several reason but none of them were wise. I don’t know if I would ever ask such a thing of someone.

        • VV™ says:

          I think Yolanda wanted to be Queen B of BH. She was the star of her own reality show and in my opinion, she feels superior to her castmates in RHBH intellectually and money wise. I think Yofo needed an allied on the show and started to buy Brandis friendship by buying her shoes in Paris. She wanted to break the Lisa/Brabdi friendship.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Buying shoes is one thing but what does Yolanda have to do with Brandi/Schaena? You think Yolanda was in Brandi’s ear about Schaena? People said the same about Lisa being in Brandi’s ear about Adrienne. Lots of room in Brandi’s ear I guess.

          • Powell says:

            Yes. So as the violins played for Brandi Yo sympathized by saying “if Lisa was a good GF She would know how you feel; if Lisa were a good GF she wouldn’t have Scheana work events that you are attending”. And bobble head Brandi said “Yes. You get it. Obviously Lisa doesn’t care about me.”.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              The same can be said about Lisa saying to Brandi”Adrienne is so mean to you” “you should fight back”…and Brandi deciding maybe she should fight back by revealing something that maybe Lisa told her? If Brandi is so easily swayed-these HWs know it and they ALL use it!!

              • VV™ says:

                Lisa told Brandi what about Adrienne?

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I’m just making a point-if Brandi is mad at Lisa because of what Yolanda says then why is it a jump for Brandi to be mad at Adrienne because of what Lisa said? (You know they all talk about each other’s secrets-Brandi had to learn Adrienne’s secret from someone right? Why not from Lisa? They were besties at the time. It’s not a stretch to think Lisa spoke about Adrienne to Brandi and more than Yolanda speaking about Lisa/Schaena to Brandi)

                  • VV™ says:

                    It was Adrienne’s old assistant who happened to be a friend of Brandi, Genevieve who told her about the surrogacy.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      I’m sure Lisa and Brandi discussed Adrienne plenty during their morning phone calls-why wouldn’t they? Lisa had a few things to say about Adrienne just like Yolanda has a few things to say about Lisa.

              • Powell says:

                Bobble head isn’t easily swayed. She keeps saying no one tells her what to do, she speaks before thinking. She’s right. Lisa nor Yo influences her, hypnotized her, pulls her strings like a puppet. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t think pass that moment in time when she says or does something. Lisa and Yo have said, “she’s upset. She’s on her own. She has no one to stand up for her.”. She’s used their kindness and protection as a means to do bad things, then a year later say she’s learned from her mistakes and wants people to accept her apology like she did w/Adrienne.

            • VV™ says:

              Exactly, except that VPR cast already in place before Brandi was a friend of HW.

    • Powell says:

      I did agree w/that too that after Brandi agreed to meet w/Scheana at SUR Lisa should not have kept telling Brandi to “say hi to Scheana; congratulate Scheana on her engagement”. I get that Lisa sees Scheana differently than Brandi but Brandi has the right to not want to interact with a woman that slept w/Eddie while they were married.
      I don’t agree w/Brandi blaming Scheana for her marriage breaking up cuz she’s not responsible for that. Eddie left Brandi for Leanne. Scheana has nothing to do w/that.

      • Hmmm… Am i in moderation for a naughty word?

        Lemme try again…

        • inoright?

          Lisa/Bravo knew Brandi wanted in- so they chose the most embarrassing and humiliating route possible.

          Personally- IMHO Yolanda had nothing to do with it- I think Brandi sat and stewed about it while it always festered in the background.

          Not enuf $$$ in the world for me to sit down with one of the girls that fornicated with my husband when I was oreggers with his baby, Never would happen.

          That more than anything else- it shows me how truly lost and crazy Brandi is.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I think Brandi was ok doing the initial sit down but I don’t think anyone would be ok with seeing the girl everywhere. If Brandi saw her at SUR it’s clearly not the same as seeing her at Lisa’s house and having Lisa tell her to go congratulate her on her engagement. That’s over the limit-it was stupid to suggest and stupid to have her at the party. I think it showed that Lisa didn’t really care about Brandi and I don’t think Brandi needed anyone to tell her that.

            • VV™ says:

              Yet, Brandi at a Bravo party approached Scheanna and asked her not to leave?! What gives?

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Was the party at Lisa’s house? Was it being filmed? Brandi having to be nice to the girl who screwed her husband while she was home pregnant has to be kind of humiliating no? It would be to me.

                • VV™ says:

                  Watch the video I posted above. It was a a Bravo event.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    But not at Lisa’s house and not filmed right? If they are filming and throwing them together it’s not cute-if it’s her own choice it’s different-you know I can’t even with Brandi but I do understand this one situation. Lisa screwed up with the party-it was a crappy move. She put business first and Brandi knew it-if that’s who Lisa is then that’s on her but she can’t pretend that it was an ok thing to do-it was a crappy thing to do to a friend.

                    • VV™ says:

                      Isn’t that double standard? On the one side outside of filming you are friendly and give the impression you’re over it. On the other hand on camera on TH you b*tch about it?

                      MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND BRANDI!

      • VV™ says:

        Powell, yet again Brandi went and talked to Scheanna at that scene and she was nice to her. She only complained on TH about it. She could’ve refuse to do it, she didn’t. It was her choice.

        • VV™ says:

          …and I’m talking about the part for Mauricio and Ken at Lisa’s house, not the sit down.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          No more of a double standard (although that’s not the word to use-it’s more like a lie) to say Schaena is just a girl who works for you but then you have her getting engaged in your home.
          Lisa and Brandi both played games with this situation-I can understand Brandi’s side because she really thought Lisa was her friend-Lisa was never her friend. Brandi got played and now she feels stupid-I always thought she was stupid so it doesn’t surprise me but I think it shocked the shit out of her to find out that Lisa wasn’t really her friend. Brandi acted like an idiot about it and went after Lisa in the dumbest way she could-it’s the only way she knows-attack!! It didn’t work and now she’s on the outs-with only Yolanda as her friend-let’s see how that turns out.

          • VV™ says:

            Scheana is a friend of Pandora. She is also the star of Lisa’s spinoff.
            It was double standar. When Brandi on camera tells Scheanna that she understands now that Scheanna was a victim of Eddie that tells me Brandi was getting over the part of her life.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              The star of Lisa’s spin off yet Lisa had no idea the girl was in tabloids and on TV telling the world she slept with Eddie-yes I know Lisa says she is too busy with all her business to know what Schaenna does in her free time-however I believe this is crap and everyone involved knew all along-big whoop-people use each other all the time-especially in show business-but stupid Brandi took a lot longer to catch on than most of people.
              And just out of curiosity-when did Pandora and Schaena become such besties? I though Pandora and Stacci and were such great friends? Seems the Vanderpumps go from bestie to bestie rather seamlessly.

              • VV™ says:

                I had no clue who Scheanna was before VPR. I really didn’t know who Eddie Cibrian was. I knew LeAnn was a country singer.
                Are you saying “Bravo” hired Brandi as a friend of HW because there was a pilot for VPR where a D-lister actor slept with a waitress that will appear on the show WHO was married to Brandi?

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  VV I’m totally not surprised you didn’t know who Schaena was before VPR-why would you? She wasn’t working for you.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    And are you really #syh? Why? bravo would never do such a thing? Now it’s my turn #smh!!

                  • VV™ says:

                    I don’t think Scheanna wrote on her app to that she cheated with Eddie.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Oh I’m sure she didn’t either….it’s sad that Lisa isn’t smart enough to know there was a connection between her waitress who happened to “such good friends” with her daughter and her new co-worker who she just so happened to take under her wing…what a friggen coinky!! Yeah right-Bravo and Lisa had no idea!!! They must have been “gobsmacked” when they found out!!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I thought Lisa said she shouldn’t have told Brandi to congratulate Sheana on her engagement? Am I wrong? Brandi has ruined this show. I am tired of seeing her on TV already!

          • VV™ says:

            Yes, you are correct Lisa apologized for that to Brandi at reunion. The thing is Bravo keeps playing THs of her castmates repeating over and over that Lisa never apologizes. People think she never does, when in fact Lisa has apologized plenty.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Oh here we go with Lisa and her apologizing plenty-Andy had to practically beg Lisa to apologize about anything-she didn’t want to apologize-she’s not sorry – she doesn’t care about Brandi-she never did. It’s not a big secret-it was clear from the start that Lisa and Brandi weren’t actually friends…just not very clear to Brandi

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay, well OMIB I love ya! With that being said, let’s put this into perspective, if THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi had to spend her time avoiding all the women her EX slept with, she couldn’t even live in LA!!!! Scheana was NOT the only person he cheated with, he had been cheating since DAY ONE of their relationship, and from what has been said his count on bedding the masses was 25+! IN ADDITION if she were all pissed off really about the whole thing then why did SHE!!!!!!!!!!! allow other women to sleep with BOTH OF THEM at the SAME TIME! Sorry, there is NO apology, there is NO issue, you were married to a MAN-WhORE and the only thing you are pissed about is that HE LEFT YOU! YOU went on a Reality program, you knew Schaena worked at Villa Blanca for YEARS before you went on this show, Scheana was moved to SUR to do the VPRules show, again, you sat down on camera went on numerous programs and gave print interviews that you were now “all good” with the situation! UGH! GET OVER IT! Yes, you don’t have to like her, then STOP trying to show up at TheRoyalVPumps restaurants to get your ass free food and drinks and free tabloid publicity! That’s what normal folks do!! If I had a restaurant and had a Great Waitress that all my TOP clientele wanted waiting on them, I would keep her employed as well. Sorry Scheana worked for TheRoyalVPumps, many years before that skank hag THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi was foisted upon our TV screens. Scheana has been friends with her daughter Pandy for many years, again way before the skank hag was even on anyone’s radar in Reality land.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah he slept w/a lot. Left her for Leanne but she’s constantly boo hooing about Scheana. Bobble head is pathetic and we see right thru her.

      • Hey my T-Rex- right back atcha!

        True that she can’t walk a block without tripping over someone her ex slept with while married to her but shouldn’t They be called the slutbags? Jes sayin.

        As far as threesomes go- totally different animal and IMHO is irrelevant to the conversation.

        Despite your breakdown I stand behind my statement. Regardless of what deal Brandi had worked out with Bravo I really don’t think Lisa should’ve rubbed her nose in it so to speak by asking her to congratulate Scheana on her engagement.

        As far as the party for Scheana is concerned Its Lisa’s prerogative and none of Brandi’s business.


        Big side eye that Lisa thinks it’s ok for her daughter to be friends with a girl who’d fornicate with a married man that has a pregnant wife at home.

        • T-Rex says:

          OMIB – Again I have worked in a Bar and can see things from the perspective of a young person that first off didn’t know Man-Candy was married, he lied to her at first, he was also with another woman at the time, not his wife and told her he just broke up with his girlfriend. Men are constantly hitting on you in a Bar or Restaurant, it’s so easy to take a hot guy up on his offer, when you don’t think he’s married, especially since you had seen the guy with a woman that wasn’t his wife before. When she found out, she should have ended it, I think she did, then he flat out told her he was separated so she went back with him, she didn’t know his wife was pregnant until after that. I believe that Scheana said all of this to THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi in their “summit”. Now, if TheRoyalVPump didn’t have anything to do with her staff that may have schtupped a married guy or three, she wouldn’t have much staff! Cripes this is how the DrunkenDelusionalGreyGardensSonja nailed her husband, and she was also named in “several” divorce petitions for sleeping with the married clientele at the restaurant she was a hostess at, it’s the nature of that biz. Now, again why are you so shit-fired mad at TheRoyalVPump, she didn’t sleep with Man-Candy she didn’t know at that time that Scheana was sleeping with a married man, just that she was an excellent worker in her employment, she could care less, who she is schtooping. ALSO, both THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi and TheRoyalVpump stated that Scheana DIDN”T wait on them when THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi was in the “house” for a long time, she would change Scheana’s shift or working section to accomodate THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi, both of them agreed that this happened. It wasn’t until AFTER the “summit” that TheRoyalVPump had Scheana as her wait staff for her big events. As TheRoyalVPump stated, THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi wasn’t REQUIRED to be at her restaurant eating her food for free, drinking her liquor for free, she didn’t have to set one fat toe in her establishments if she didn’t like it. PLUS, most of this animosity about the situation didn’t happen until THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi started this vendetta against TheRoyalVPump.

          • I put myself thru BU as a makeup artist and a bartender. I’ve worked in bars as a young girl- shhhh- I was underage when I first started.

            My managers deliberately put me at size 36DDD In a size XS uniform. So yeah-been there, done that, and still have the XS t-shirts- no need to educate me on a bar environment.

            Please don’t get it twisted. I don’t hate Lisa- she’s actually one of my favorites.

            Don’t particularly care for Brandi either- I think she’s batshit crazy.

            I just think asking her to congratulate scheanna on her engagement was a shit thing to do to Brandi. I recognize she was complicit in some 0f her interactions with scheanna-but it honestly made me look at Lisa differently.

            As far as Scheana is concerned- as Nene says? The thirst is real. IMHO she’s no victim.

            Like everyone here- I am getting mighty tired of hearing Brandi go on about the break up if her marriage and her family. But honestly- who am I to tell anyone t get over it or to move on? Her feelings are valid- she has a right to her anger and her betrayal.

            Besides what other story line does she have 😉

        • Powell says:

          People do make mistakes and Lisa and Pandora have looked past that. And Lisa can’t tell Pandora who she can be friends with.

        • Powell says:

          At the finale Lisa told Brandi she doesn’t see Scheana the way Brandi does.

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, she definitely has a point. At the same time Lisa was claiming she was doing everything to keep Sheena away from Brandi, she was caught telling Brandi to go talk to her about her engagement. Lisa is such a snake. But, Brandi happily played along when she agreed to the sitdown when she was trying to crawl up Lisa’s backside so I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for her that she discovered her new bestie was using her. Yo, Brandi, she was using you from the get go.

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    I really really want to know what Brandi spent 40 thousand dollars on in 2 month? Moving is that expensive??? 40 THOUSAND is a lot of money!!!
    (Watching a rerun!!)

    • Powell says:

      That’s expensive alright. She said she had stuff in storage. She’s been moving for 5 yrs she said. Maybe she finally paid off her storage fees which can be expensive. But if you add drinking onto it, you know getting a new liquor store to deliver to start a new stock, 40 grand might be reasonable.

    • T-Rex says:

      In addition, she didn’t move across the country she moved less than 50 miles away! This is yet another UNSUBSTANTIATED dollar amount that is ridiculous because why she is a lying liar, who lies to lie, then needs to lie some more! UGH!

      • kit9 says:

        It reminds me of the ever increasing/fluctuating dollar amount Brandi claimed she spend fighting the non existent law suit from Adrienne. 40 grand? You have to assume that number’s been put it through the Brandi exaggeration machine.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Trust me (being in that business), there is no way she spent $40,000 in 2 months moving, she doesn’t have that much stuff and she was only moving locally not across county. If she did she wasn’t using one of the major moving companies and she was to stupid to se they were ripping he off.

  8. TexasTart says:

    Namaste – I enjoy your take on the blogs! Kim’s daughter was married months ago in, what appeared to be a small gathering at a private residence. Not sure if we will see any of that on BH, as they had not wrapped filming yet. I kind of doubt her daughter would want to share much of that day.

    I’ll bet Kathy is like that often. I giggled at her blouse and was mesmerized by her face!

    I’ll bet Brandi tells production that they might want to film her phone call to Lisa V. Somehow Kyle is pulled in but doesn’t know B planned to make that call…I think the battery going was planned or she hung up to USE Kyle’s phone to make the point she is with Kyle. And Lisa was told to be camera ready on such day that she would receive a phone call – but was not told who. She and Ken’s surprise/disgust seemed genuine.

    Oh, I find it interesting Kyle mentions in her blog about forming a friendship with Brandi…..really? I can’t even begin to comprehend WHY she would ever want to after all they’ve been through! That just can NOT be real…I refuse to believe it!

    • Powell says:

      TexasTart I like your assessment on how that scene was planned/played out. I know things have drastically changed on HWs but I remember them saying they get a call and are told to be prepared for a phone call and sometimes they don’t know who it will be from. And that sounds Like something bobble head Brandi would do to say “see Lisa Kyle and I hang out”. I wouldn’t put it pass her.

  9. VV™ says:

    The only reason Lisa tolerates Yolanda is because of Mohamed and his kids. Lisa knows she will run into Yolanda on and off at parties, Mohamed’s home etc etc. If that connection wasn’t there, Lisa would send Yofo packing. IMO.

    • Prolly.

      Yolanda’s insufferable.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        They seems pretty friendly a few seasons ago-everyone loved Yolanda back then-even though she was a shit “steerer”!!!

        • VV™ says:

          I never liked her. Her superiority complex is suffocating.

          • T-Rex says:

            VV- I didn’t like nor dislike her at first, she was just meh as a ho-wife, and I guess the producers thought the same way so she started “bringing it”. I believe, she believes she is ABOVE all the Ho-wives, including TheRoyalVPump, but the reality is she got the fame and prestige in BHills due to the fact that she married men with oodles of money.

            • VV™ says:

              You are absolutely correct!

            • mrs peabody says:

              And I wonder how many of those people in BH talk about her behind her back. I can’t imagine she is real popular with the other wives in that area if she looks down her nose on others who think they are better than everyone else and look down their noses too.

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    Look at Brandi’s face-what the hell has she done to herself??

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • kit9 says:

        lol! Since when, last week?! Rofl!!

      • mrs peabody says:

        I hate skinny legs like hers, I think legs look much better when they have some shape to them and look like women legs not a 10 year old’s leg. I’m always amazed at how some of these skinny lollipop people think they look so great without an ounce of fat on their bodies.

    • VV™ says:

      I saw a few month back Brandi tweeting something and Stassi chimming in out of the blue. Brandi didn’t reply back….
      Stassi and Brandi are cut from the same fabric except Stassi hides it better. 🐍🐍🐍

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I Don’t think Stacci hides it at all-I think all the VPR kids are quite proud of the way they are-in their simple little minds they are STARS!!

        • T-Rex says:

          SupremeSpoiledSuperBratStassi, lives in her own little mind. She thinks she is all that and a bag of twinkies, when in reality she is a fame-whore wannabe. She rode the coattails of PandyVPump, then when she finally jettisoned her from her blog, is creating her own, that is really bad though. Seriously, it’s bad. She talks of her boyfriend having a “career”, uhm not really, your dad is still paying all your bills and she came crawling back to LA when no one in NYC would give her the time of day in the fashion industry and the only money she could make was appearing the VPRules. To ME, pretty bad move to be sucking up to THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi, cause that could possibly signal your swan song from VPR, since TheRoyalVPump is EP and does have a say in casting. In addition to her saying some not so nice things also about her employer. Katy and Kristen are pretty bad on the show but for some reason SupremeSpoiledSuperBratStassi just really makes my skin crawl, probably because i have known girls like her.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Holy cow! She looks like that dancer Robyn from the Pussy Cat Dolls. What has she done to her face?

    • VV™ says:

      Stassi posted the same but used hashtag “ballsyblindes”

    • Orson says:

      I think she’s going for the Joycelyn Wildenstein look.

    • Powell says:

      I loved me some Joan Rivers, RIP Joan and I love me some Dolly Parton. I love(d) them for their craft but also because they were/are so honest about their plastic surgery and could laugh about it. Brandi can keep up w/the plastic surgery/injections all she wants but she lies about what she does and it doesn’t make her more attractive by any means. It just shows more how insecure she is.

  11. lila1star says:

    I really look forward when you write about the blogs It had some LOL moments-ty needed just that. 2 things—I read some where that Kims ex was indeed able to give his daughter away.
    2nd–can yoyo grow lemons at her knew hanger house? 🙂
    Wait–it is 3—–I will lend you my sister for B-day. Not as grand as LV but it was to me. My sister is 15 yrs younger than me. She is an event planner and for my big 60 she took me to NY and it was first class all the way. Oh the pampering!
    p.s. you don’t like the 40ish body changes–ah wait for 60 and what I call the great “Shifting flab meld” lol Debbie

  12. Orson says:

    26 days.

    Re: Sheanna vs Brandi. My understanding is that S did not know Eddie was married when he was cheating on Brandi with her. Under those circumstances, I’d be less angry at S.

    • VV™ says:

      Scheanna said when she found out he was married she left him then he pursue her again and told her he was “separated”. Whatev’ she was one of many. Little did she know he was also cheating on her (Scheanna) with LeAnn.

    • I saw all of those stories.

      Dunno if I believe it.

      Some random dude asked me for my number the other day. I wouldn’t give it and asked him for his business card instead- I was googling the sh*t out of him as soon as he was out if sight.

      And he was just a run if the mill lawyer- if a hunk hunk o’burning love like Eddie asked me? Forget Kim kardashian breaking the internet I would’ve broken Google.

      • T-Rex says:

        Well this was over 8 years ago, people weren’t really “googling” each other yet, In addition from what I remember Man-Candy told Scheana he was divorced and had just broken up with a girlfriend. When she found out he was married, she also found out he was seeing someone else, this was prior to CrayCrayRimes.

        • There was also the story that Eddie broke it off with her to be with Leann.

          She knew all along he was married but was “in too deep”

        • not THAT Jill says:

          In 2005 Eddie was still on Third Watch-his face was on TV-if Schaena didn’t know he was married then she’s a real asshole!! She knew-of course she knew!! Maybe he said he was getting divorced or whatever but she knew who he was-Schaena has always wanted to be a star-she’s not just some luck girl who happened to fall into this life-she’s been climbing forever. 8 years ago the internet was available to all-even Brandi was checking out Leann on the internet back then!

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, yes they were! The fist thing she would have done after meeting him was run home and look him up online.

      • Powell says:

        LOL OMIB!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! 😆 I know quite a few police officers my mom has worked with. Not only would I Google the hell out of him, I’d have him run to make sure he did/didn’t have a rap sheet.

        • T-Rex says:

          OMFG Powell, I have links to every single counties Who’s in Jail/Been Arrested website in the state and also the Federal stuff too, plus other states. Anyone around me who goes out with a new Boyfriend or Girlfriend, they get me to look it up for them. Believe it or not it’s been the girlfriends with the issues, one of our guys had me look up a new girl he met, she had a rap sheet, drugs, dui and domestic violence/stalking, he was like, man didn’t see that coming, she looks so innocent, he broke it off with her and yep she stalked him, wanting to know exactly WHY he wasn’t returning her calls and texts. Had to have her removed from the premises. Two others, it was for Drugs and Shoplifting and one for misappropriation of funds, which is the less fancy words for embezzlement.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah she said that. I’m on the fence about that cuz this is Hollywood and we’re in the internet social media age and you didn’t look him up? #Justsayin

    • kit9 says:

      There’s no way Sheena didn’t know he was married from the beginning. She was dating an actor and never Googled him? Just not remotely feasible.

  13. VV™ says:

    Namaste, HILAROIUS blog. These ladies ARE exhausting! Your blog is to the point with no BS.

  14. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    I’ve have a good bitch story for you. We have two supervisors in the same department, but different employees report to each. I’ll call one Smokey and one Youngy. Youngy has advanced degrees and has been prepped for management from the start. Smokey came on just over a year ago, with her son, who reports to Youngy. Youngy got promoted to Supervisor last month. She’s been debating on how to reconfigure her employees, and finally talked herself through it in my office today. Smokey came in and said she was moving employees around, Youngy’s employees. I think this was a pre-emptive strike so her son could get a office to himself. Youngy just stood there, shrugged, and said ok.

    I HATE when bitches pull this intimidation BS on new, young supervisors. She’s not expecting Youngy to stick up for herself. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she has her next one-on-one with the boss.

    • Huh. Most companies I’ve worked for won’t let relatives report to supervisors. For just this kinda bs.

      Youngy will find her inner bitch at some point- just part of the process right?

    • T-Rex says:

      Like OMIB – We not only don’t let relatives in the same department, we don’t even like to hire them at the same locations. We only have one office that has folks that are related and they are completely different departments. Daddy been with the company 25 years, Youngster was a temp until last year when we hired him full time after two years of temping, and then our President had to okay the hiring. I worked at a place with relatives once, and OMG it was horrible, I was so happy when I came to work here and noted that no one was related to one another. We have six separate locations and have I think another set of relatives that one works about 1500 miles from the other one.

    • Powell says:

      Grrrrrr!!!! Youngy should have stood up for herself there. Smokey will just do it again and again. Smokey is a BITCHY. 😏

  15. Powell says:

    Kyle is on TMZ Live.
    Alexia is back at school. She’s better. Christmas should be ok with her and Kim. They are just moving forward.
    Kyle is taking flack because she said on the show she doesn’t want Porsha spoiled. They explain to their kids they are very fortunate. Teach them to give back.
    The season is about to get crazy.
    She and Lisa are in a good place right now.
    It’s somebody else that’s the problem. It’s Brandi. She likes to go thru people like it’s a sport. Kyle thinks it’s a sport for Brandi.

  16. Great blog! Thank you!

  17. VV™ says:

    Powell, I think the cast of VPR make this outrageous accusations to catch reactions and play along. They know they can fix the accusations later. I think they do it to create drama for the show. They know they need to bring in drama. I follow the cast of this show on Social Media. the way the social media goes is the way in real life. Katy is friends with Scheanna.

  18. Powell says:

    Watching ATL. I missed this part before. Kenya says being in a long distance relationship is hard enough. Neither she nor the African guy are willing to move. So now she’s saying she doesn’t have this BF any longer. Now come on. Why would she think this “guy” would really move to ATL. And would she really move to Africa? Total BS. She never had a BF.

  19. VV™ says:

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! This theory that Bravo hired Brandi part time so that she agree to have a sit down with Scheana so that THEY could film a scene that DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! A TV Company and Producers don’t GO through the expense of filmimg a pilot in the hopes that pilot gets picked up so that Schaenna and Brandi can have a sit down. SUR is not based on Scheanna’s affair with Eddie.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      FOR CRYING OUT LOUD-there is now way in hell that Lisa didn’t know there was a connection between Schaenna and Brandi-no way in hell!! Why the hell would Schaenna be mic’d for the BH finally? Because Bravo AND Lisa knew there was a connection-Lisa is a shitty actress and so is Schaenna-
      I never said anything about them filming a pilot in hopes it gets picked up and all that-all I said was that Lisa and Bravo knew there was a connection. No need to cry out loud.
      SUR is not based on the affair but it sure as hell helped get things going no? The first season Stacci brought up the affair a bunch of times right? She hated Schaenna because she had an affair with a married man-that went on for a while no?
      Lisa knew and Bravo knew-they used Brandi and Brandi used them.

      • T-Rex says:

        You have this wrong, sorry, but THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi told TheRoyalVPump about the Scheana information the minute she met her! This has been confirmed by many sources as what went down, once producers found out, they ran with it. If you read the information and watch from that time they talk about a “waitress” issue and TheRoyalVpump said on camera that she had been moving Scheana around since day one to not be an issue for THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi. Sorry, look it up, youtube it whatever, but again this was brought up when THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-SCUMBAG-LIAR-MORONSTFUBrandi was still a “friend” of the show!

        • VV™ says:

          You are once again. Absolutely correct. Lisa kept them apart. Brandi was the one that claimed it was fine and approached Scheanna for small talk. Then out of the blue Brandi changed her tune. On camera she never refused to talk to Scheanna even on TH. It was until the Take Lisa down season and her befriending Yolanda that Brandi changed her tune.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Wait so Lisa knew right away when she met Brandi that Schaenna screwed Brandi’s ex husband? Is that what your telling me? Because Lisa swore a million times that she didn’t know anything about this until Bramdi told her at the finale party at the very end of the season

          • VV™ says:

            Lisa and Brandi did not speak to each other until Hawaii trip. Brandi was still a friend of HW.
            Episode 17 Hawaii trip
            Episode 18 Hawaii trip
            Episode 19 SUR Lounge opening were Brandi saw Scheanna.
            Episode 20 Pandy’s wedding and End of regular season. Brandi was not invited to the wedding.

            When Brandi was introduced to the group “I think” either a Taylor or Kyle said Brandis claim to game was that her husband cheated with LeAnn Rimes.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              So during the Hawaii trip Brandi told Lisa that Schaena screwed Eddie?

              • VV™ says:

                On Camera, Brandi told Lisa at SUR Lounge opening that Scheanna was one of Eddie’s mistress. I think this is what T-Rex meant. So, that would be Episode 19.
                Did you not watch that episode?

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I watched every single episode girlfriend-but I see you guys are saying that Lisa knew before then-that’s what I’m having a hard time understanding? Did she know or didn’t she? I believe she did and it seems like T-Rex believed it too and you said she “absolutely correct”.

                  • VV™ says:

                    Know what? You are confusing me? If you know that Lisa first learnt about Schaenna affair with Eddie at Episode 19 why are you asking? 😕

    • TexasTart says:


      Nothing to add to that, I just felt like saying it too! hehe

  20. Powell says:

    “She been around the block. I don’t know how many times but she been round there.” Every time I see NeNe say this about Kenya I just crack up. Her expressions while she says it makes it even more funny. 😆😆

  21. Namaste, thank you for the blog, you crack me up! I am excited for tonight…it’s been a long time since I have really looked forward to a HW show…

  22. Powell says:


    This is a pic of Lydia from OC and her baby.

    • Well whatever you wanna say about this felon? This looks delish- I am sooo hungry now.

      But angry too – because she’s a crook.

      Hangry. Again.

    • Powell says:

      She likes when the shrimp turn pinky and she jars her own sauce. 😊 Tre cracks me up how she uses words.
      Did you catch Tre’s recipes are passed down from her mom? I bet Kathy’s head exploded when she watched.
      Does she make her own pasta? Are her recipes all made from scratch?
      I like Sandra Lee. She makes dishes where she buys some of the ingredients such as buying the pasta but everything else is made from scratch.

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    Stacci saying Jax hit her-why wait all this time to tell this story? She should have told Andy last night

  24. TexasTart says:

    Namaste – you nailed it with saying Gigi and Portia DeRossi have a similar look! I never.could put my finger on it, until you said that!

  25. Exit4 says:

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Didn’t brandi first come on the BH scene (in the media-as a potential HW) when she was hanging out with her BFF, Manny/Modeling buddy Cedric? Lisa’s lackey/con artist? If Lisa asked anyone who this Brandi was, wouldn’t they have mentioned BTW Schena slept with her husband Eddie Cibrian? He was on Baywatch Nights? The same show you appeared on? These people all know who each other is-Lisa reads the tabloids. They all do! The restaurant business is full of actors and wannabe actors, it’s incestuous, it’s gossipy and everyone knows who’s schtupping who-especially if it’s a famous guy. Lisa knew everything.

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