Brandi Glanville Podcast – She lets loose and you won’t believe her opinions!

Brandi Glanville Podcast Recap by Kit9

She talks Cosby, calls Kyle Richards a horrible bitch, says Kim Kardashian is ruining her life, tells people how to stalk her, and says upcoming comments about Eddie will raise a shitstorm

Brandi saw Bill Cosby once. He looked at her, not like he was checking her out, but like he hated her. Brandi doesn’t understand why Cosby, being rich and famous, needs a pill to get a girl(facepalm). Thankfully, her producer isn’t as dumb as she is and points out that Cosby is probably “sick in the head” and that’s part of his problem. Brandi wonders if Cosby is a bad performer in the bedroom so he has to drug them to make himself feel better(double facepalm).

Brandi thinks the allegations are true. She believes the women but “probably” not Janice Dickinson because she thinks those days were “pretty foggy for her”. Brandi feels sorry for Cosby’s wife. Brandi was on Celebrity Apprentice with former the Cosby Show actress who played Rudy and the other contestants wondered why she didn’t call Cosby for charity $. She told them not everyone keeps up relationships w/former cast mates. Brandi thought that was really odd at the time and now wonders if it is because she knew about Cosby.

They talk about Cosby in prison but Brandi thinks he’d commit suicide first. She says she hopes he does. Brandi would kill the person if something like that happened to her and is upset the women waited so long to come forward. She says she knows there’s “a lot of embarrassment that goes along with rape” and that she doesn’t “pretend to know all of it” but wishes women would be stronger and come forward. She says women need to “get out there” and “take the power back”.

Last night at dinner at Craig’s, she met an actor she claims everyone would know who thinks Cosby’s a rapist, too. She adds she’ll be at Craig’s nearly every Thursday so people can “stalk” her there (apparently making fun of stalking is her idea of taking the power back?). Speaking of celebrities, Kim Kardashian is “ruining” Brandi’s life. In a recent pic Kim is wearing a corset that Brandi ran out to buy. You’re supposed to wear the thing 24/7 and Brandi can’t breathe in it but she wants a smaller waist after kids and turning 40. She seems to believe that this thing will make her permanently smaller.

Mark Hasche tweet

Mark Hasche tweet

(Note from Veena – Mark got a lot of tweets about his tweet and took it down, but Brandi liked it, so I added it to the blog.)

She talks about her on/off boyfriend and how she allows her friend Mark to listen to JR’s calls without him knowing (nice!). Brandi says her BF wants be a priority in her life. JR told her that he’s not just her play toy. But, her kids and work come first as she has to pay for their college. She says there’s nothing like the unconditional love for your children even when “they’re snotty and you’re wiping poop off their legs”. She’s having bathroom problems at home that make her want to throw up. “Boys are gross” (and angry if these choice tidbits manage to get back to their friends).

Takes calls. First caller mentions her new car. Brandi named it Shayla and loves it but says the gas for it is costing her a fortune. Next caller asks if Kyle and and her can make amends. Brandi says no and calls Kyle a “horrible bitch” and she doesn’t ever want to be friends with her. She says Kyle’s “not a good person” and that “she’s obsessed with fame and money and doesn’t care about her own family” and it’s “sad”.

Kyle Shopping with Portia (Small)

Brandi asks the caller if they have siblings and could they imagine throwing them under the bus and not helping them when they needed help (clearly the beef involves Kim). Brandi says she has a brother and sister and she just could never do that (Brandi has said she and her sister fight all the time so I’d love to hear her sister’s take on that).

Kyle is a “crazy bitch and that’s the truth”. Brandi laughs and notes she’ll “probably get in trouble for this” but that she doesn’t care (Shayla and the college fund might care, genius). Brandi says in about 2 episodes things are going to blow up. The caller likes Lisa R and Brandi says she causes some serious problems but that she does like her.

Brandi says that on CA, Terrell Owens, former NFL’er, cut his finger doing shooting and he was the biggest baby. Brandi says “shit went down” between her and Owens on the show. She talks Kenya and claims Kenya, in an interview, said Brandi needs to eat a sandwich. She also claims that Kenya has it written into her contract for CA that she not be filmed while eating but Brandi stresses that the “bitch EATS” and it’s not pretty. She said Kenya would go into a corner to eat.

She also says Kenya’s a big girl and thinks her ass is silicone. Brandi says that Kenya is “built like a guy”. Brandi talks again about Kenya keeping the tags on her clothes. Brandi wouldn’t want to wear anything Kenya’s worn. Her producer wants to know if Kenya smelled. Brandi said she didn’t get that close and then gags at the thought of it (she’s how old, again?).

Brandi says her problem with Kenya all started with a comment she made on the Atlanta HW’s in some article about how she loved Kenya but that Kenya “reeks of desperation” in dealing with her BF and wanting to get married. Brandi tried to explain the comment to Kenya, which she says was taken out of context, but Kenya was not having it. She also claims Kenya recently accused Kate Gossling of slepping with her bodyguard. Brandi thinks Kenya is just doing things to draw attention to herself (triple facepalm? I need more hands for this).

Kenya looks fit and healthy to me.  People eat.  That is how we fuel our bodies.

Kenya looks fit and healthy to me. People eat. That is how we fuel our bodies.

A caller from Canada. Brandi pokes fun at Canadian’s saying “oot”. The caller is freaking out with excitement to be talking to Brandi. This caller goes on about how great Brandi is and calls her “perfect” at one point. The caller asks what hair products Brandi uses. Brandi says Pantene.

Next caller says she wants to address the notion that by simply wanting to ask Lisa V questions, the other ladies were trying to take her down. Brandi doesn’t understand what “take down” means “take her down off what? Is she better than all of us? No. We’re just saying what happened and we all need to own it”.

She thinks some don’t want to be seen as less than perfect. Brandi says there are a lot of egos on the show and that some women on the show-she swears it’s NOT her-want to be the Queen Bee and are vying for position. She says it’s very High School, very cliquey. Brandi claims a lot of it is between Kyle and Lisa. Brandi thinks the show needs all of the women and nobody should be Queen.

She talks Beiber. She thinks Justin needs a spanking, he’s a brat. Her kids don’t like him. She hopes he gets a job at Home Depot when his voice changes and his career is over. Brandi’s fav current song is Selena Gomez’s song about Beiber. Brandi wants to see Selena with someone else and ponders who she should date (…this is a 40 something year old woman, right?)

Brandi says they are going to show Teresa going to prison. She thinks they are negotiating right now and that Teresa’s getting a lot of money thrown at her to film her going off to prison. Brandi wishes Teresa well and hope she gets out fast. She feels for Teresa because she signed anything her husband put in front of her, too. Brandi wouldn’t ask questions, just say, “sure, here you go!”

Brandi claims Eddie got her to sign her name off their house right before she found out about the affair. So, when she got divorced, her name wasn’t on anything and she “got screwed out of a lot of things”. Brandi thinks something like that happened to Teresa. Brandi says it’s her fault she didn’t read what she was signing. Still, Brandi thinks Joe is kind of an asshole for doing this to Teresa.

Caller praises her putting her kids first and putting her temper in check. Brandi says she has her dad’s temper and is trying to control it and tries her best to “be honest and set a good example” for her kids. She doesn’t always succeed but she tries her best (try harder). Caller says she needs to try to keep from bashing Eddie and Brandi says she doesn’t speak negatively about him front of her kids.

However, she mentions that she is seen talking to her attorney on camera this year and explains she “doesn’t want it to be a conversation but unfortunately it’s her “reality and they’re filming it”. She says she wants to move forward with Eddie and for things to be peaceful but knows that when that epi airs “it’s going to be “a shit storm” (to sum up, she doesn’t speak negatively about Eddie in front of her kids but does on tv which she can’t help because she’s made the choice to be on reality tv. Got that? Facepalm).


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115 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast – She lets loose and you won’t believe her opinions!

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – a day and a half without power. Whaaaa. But I’m back in business. That was some Podcast Kit – yowza.

  2. Kit – did you take a shower after listening to that tramp? Once again many thanks for taking the bullet for us and listening to this trash.

  3. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Would you rather…….

    Spend a whole day with Jill Zarin
    Or spend a whiole day (and evening out) with Brandi?

  4. ladebra says:

    I really am speechless. I don’t know how you do it Kit. It’s true this town is the narcissistic capital of the West …. But it always amazes me to watch them twist every single thing into something about them. sigh – 5 minutes I will never get back.

    It looks cloudy, I might get another chance to use my new umbrella before I loose it lol. Have a great Saturday!

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      Ladebra, thank for the super cat pic on the last blog. I was missing the cute pics recently so I was happy to see it.

      • ladebra says:

        Thank you sweet lady. How is your kitty? Seems my days are just jam packed the last few weeks, and will be until the end of January, but I saw that little super hero and thought “that’s what I need! To the Bat Cave!” Lol. So glad you got a smile 💕👍

  5. Wow.

    Thanks Kit9 for taking one for the team.

    No words.

  6. plainviewsue says:

    As always, you deserve hazard pay for this!!

    The worst part is, dear lord, I actually agree with Brandi on something. Regarding Teresa & just signing what Joe put in front of her. Tre trusted Joe implicitly. In my younger days, I would of done the same.

    oonce again, Brandi is divulging spoilers from this season. She is one hot mess.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Silly question. Does anyone else have difficulty typing on the blog? I find a lot of times while I’m typing the letters don’t appear or else it just kind of freezes. I would think it’s my computer but it only happens on this blog.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      A lot of people have been mentioning having issues. I can’t even access the comments (to free them) from my windows phone – the app doesn’t work at all. But wordpress works fine through my internet browser. Grrrr. I don’t have the knowledge on how to find a new platform.

      • Exit4 says:

        The problem is with WordPress and whatever device people are using. It probably happens on a lot of blog sites. I’m on wifi and having no issues right now. It happens randomly.

    • Exit4 says:

      It happens to me a lot-usually when I’m on my phone. It also only happens when I’m on wifi-it’s a glitch.

  8. Veena (NMD) says:

    More trouble with Dance Moms

    I stopped watching. I think they are all crazy.

    • Laineylainey says:

      After she collected how many? pay checks from associating with and costarring with this so-called “bully” and bringing her own child to this so-called “bully” for dance training and to promote her daughters career. I’m not judging her for doing the show to help her daughter, but to then turn around and criticize the morals of viewers?

      She wasn’t exactly an angel on this show. She was a fan favorite for awhile for the way she verbally assaulted Abby on a weekly basis. People loved her for that and She was quite clever with the insults and enjoyed the attention from the public. I imagine the producers encouraged that behavior but for her to now imply that there is only one bully on this show, is preposterous. If Abby is a bully, so is Christy. Abby is no angel either but Christy is no better. Somehow her sweet daughter Chloe managed to come off in a positive light. Perhaps their association with Abby Lee will be the stepping stone they had hoped. She is beautiful and talented and seems to be very sweet. I do give Chtisty credit for her sweet kid.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Totally agree.

        I get that the moms were caught between staying so their daughters’ careers would grow and leaving because of the abuse – and I do think Abby was abusive to some of the girls, especially Chloe and Paige. But to insult the viewers because they didn’t leave when she did? That’s just a little too much. Did she tell everyone to leave when Kelly left the show?

        I do wish all of them well. Chloe seems like a darling. But sadly many child stars go on to have a lot of trouble as adults, so I’m not optimistic that this show was good for these girls.

    • Powell says:

      I never watched and thought they were all crazy.

  9. Veena (NMD) says:

    Oh Bella

    • Laineylainey says:

      She is a beauty. Teens do that. I have a niece. I’ll stop there.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        What does your daughter think of Istanbul?

        • Laineylainey says:

          She has been there many times and loves it! In terms of how goes she like living there? So far, so good! Except They both got sick, sinus infections. But they are both feeling better now. They are at the movies now, watching Interstellar. Tomorrow marks her first week living there.

          • VV™ says:

            Is this a temporary move? I mean for a few years or Is it permanent move? I done recall reading if you’ve addressed this before.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I can’t really answer that with 100% certainty. He has a year and a half left on his contract with his current team in Istanbul. After that, it’s a wait and see kinda deal to see if his contract gets renewed, if they trade him, if he gets invited back to try out for the NBA, or if he’s even still playing. There aren’t a lot of sure things in life, as you know, but especially in professional sports. Their sincere mutual intention is to stay together forever. So wherever he goes,she will go. He makes more than she makes right now so his career is the one that dictates where they live.

              • ladebra says:

                It all just sounds so wonderful, and exciting, and may they always be as in love as they are today. May the road rise to meet her. May the wind be always at her back. May the sun shine warm upon her face; the rains fall soft upon her fields and until you meet again, may God hold her in the palm of his hand.💕

                • looneylucy says:

                  This just made me cry. How beautiful ladebra. And best wishes for Lainey girl also.

                • Laineylainey says:

                  LadyB, I love you! I love what you wrote. It’s a lovely blessing and I have screen grabbed it to share it with her. I do so much wish you had come to the La Brea tar pits that day! You take care of your sweet self and again…THANK YOU!

      • Orson One Hundred says:

        Which one has she named “Calvin” and which one is “Kleins”?

  10. plainviewsue says:

    How dare Brandi blame the victims by saying they should of come forward sooner. Shame on her. Brandi has such a pea brain; she doesn’t understand the power and shame of rape.

    She needs to shut her trap and just comment on what she knows about. Which is how to behave like a trashy whore. I cannot believe that I ever supported her.

    Veena, I had no issues typing this post!!

    • I completely agree.

      But she’s such an idiot that I had a hard time summoning any moral outrage.

      It’s like being mad at a used Q tip.

    • Powell says:

      Sue Bobble Head would be sitting there in silence if she didn’t speak of what she doesn’t know. 🙄 Bobble Head.

    • kit9 says:

      Yeah, her comments on this really annoyed. “Take the power back”?!! Glib catch phrases criticizing women who were mostly assaulted back in the stone age of rape attitudes? When unless someone broke into your house, beat you nearly to death and held a gun to your head(preferably while a male witness watched), you weren’t going to be believed. Oh, and you’d better be a virgin when it happened cause it was legal to bring up your sexual history in court. And, that’s not even factoring in the power and fame of the alleged attacker. Grrrrr. Oh, but SHE would have killed him.

  11. boston02127 says:

    Just got caught up on a week of blogs. Thank you guys for all the great blogs and the great comments.

    Once again Brandi is totally classless.

  12. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re having a great day. I’m shopping. It’s not too bad. I hope you’re shopping or just having a great day and relaxing.
    So Kit has Bobble Head for us today. Can’t wait to read it when I get home.
    See ya later. ✋✋✋✋ 🙂

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I am cleaning. I have not started Christmas shopping, except for some on-line things for relatives in Canada, yet somehow I don’t feel stressed. Hmmmm – denial or just low maintenance family?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I am watching “Snow White and the Huntsman” with occasional bursts of cleaning during commercials. I have the dishwasher going, the washer going and the dryer going…it will all stop in about 30 minutes and then I’ll have my usual dilemma. Which one to attend to first, the dryer or the dishwasher… I usually do the dryer first because of wrinkling. It’s funny how I always feel so productive as I start all the machines and then I feel like a slug when the timers go off! Haha!

        Wow, Charlize Theron plays an evil queen really well!

        Shiny object!!!!!

        What housework? LOL

  13. plainviewsue says:

    Listening to the Kelly Clarkson Xmas CD. Her voice to me is pure perfection. Great CD.

  14. LaineyLainey says:

    Kit9, thanks for the blog. I hope “Rudy” was never hurt by Bill Cosby.

    • mrs peabody says:

      It’s so sad to think he was like that, I’ve watched him since he was on I Spy and always liked him. I know you are innocent until proven guilty but I’ve got to say with that many women coming forward and the time frame the complaints cover I have a sinking feeling he is guilty.

    • ladebra says:

      I remember reading that “Rudy” Raven Symone answered an article saying that Cosby had molested her with a denial saying that she was “practically a baby on that show and this is a truly disgusting rumor that I want no part of. Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness.”

  15. Veena (NMD) says:

    Looks like everyone but B?

    58 seconds ago
    Saturday afternoon shopping with friends 🙂 Happy Holidays! #Rhony @caroleradziwill @countessluann @ramonasinger @sonjatmorgan @iamheathert

  16. Veena (NMD) says:

    Hmmm- I wonder if this was filmed for his show – and if so, why she was allowed to instagram it when she who should not be named wanted people to keep a lid on her 51st b-day party.

    1 hour ago
    I’m screamin Thank you @davidtutera My Naked Lingerie Launch Fashion was a Hit! You are just amazing thank you for bringing the entire LA team to the A just for lil ol me! Last night was a dream come true! #TodayIsTheFirstDayOfTheRestMyLife *Line Avail. Feb! #Celebrations Dress: Lisa Nicole

  17. Veena (NMD) says:

  18. Kit, thanks again for listening to this crap for us!! Maybe we need to get you ear candles for the Holidays, lol!! Once again I am compelled to ask about a HW, this time Sonja, “What the hell did she do to her face???” That one cover picture doesn’t even look like her and the twitter shots, is it the cheeks?? Oy vey!!!

  19. Veena (NMD) says:

    Brandi says she got in more than one physical altercation – one with Kyle, and that Kyle was completely to blame for the two of them falling apart. She says that Kyle threw Kim under the bus and Brandi stuck up for Kim. That she pushed Kyle after Kyle grabbed her.

    • kit9 says:

      Wow. So, that’s now twice that she’s made it clear it involves Kim and why. Bravo’s Brandi whisperer/handler must be on vacay.

    • kit9 says:

      Also, Kyle should not have put her hands on Brandi but it’s hypocritical of Brandi to play victim on this because she’s gotten physical on a couple of occasions where she put hands on other women first. She did it to Kim on Game NIght- slapped her arm away when Kim was pointing but not touching her. Did the same to Kyle at the beach house..then, of course, lied about how Kyle actually touched her first(she didn’t) and then she tried to smack Kyle in the head but missed. Oy. This chick belongs anywhere but BH.

  20. Veena (NMD) says:

  21. Powell says:

    JNNTJ I don’t know if you’re still partying but are your little ladies watching Frosty the Snowman or are they too cool for school? 😁 😉

  22. Powell says:

    When T.O. was on TMZ Sports he said that Kenya and Bobble Head fought.
    Don’t y’all just feel so sorry for Bobble Head? No one likes her. They all pick fights w/her. Everyone else is wrong and she is right. NOTTTTTT!!! Bobble Head. 🙄

    • kit9 says:

      She’s the only HW I can think of that has fought w/women from other shows! Multiple women from other shows.

  23. Exit4 says:

    I don’t think this counts as posting blog drama because it’s not bloggers fighting. If Veena doesn’t want it here, totally remove it, I’ll understand.

    Another blog posted an interview with Kathy wakile. It’s the purple blog. The girl who writes it and rich have gone at it. Anyway, Kathy basically lectured the poor girl who interviewed her and called the blog owner and her posters racists over the negative comments they’ve made about Richie. Well that started a shitstorm! How stupid is this woman? You make NICE with the fans, win them over not piss them off! Lol.

    • Powell says:

      Oh boy. No one ever said she was smart.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Is that AllaboutTRH ? Kathy and Rich are always fighting with her – isn’t she a young woman. They are soooo lame.

      • Exit4 says:

        Yes! Kathy invited her to a book event and agreed to an interview. She didn’t go-one of the people who writes for her did and Kathy let her know she didn’t like the comments and threw out the racist thing. The girl who started that blog is only about 21 and she’s Lebanese as well-which Kathy pointed out.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Are you effing kidding? That house is still not finished? Those idiots ran out of cash. She takes phony and pathetic to a whole new level.

      • Exit4 says:

        Not a fan of those 2-but I have to give them a sympathy pass on this one-our weather was so bad last year, they lost months of building time. My moms neighbor just got into their home-it took a year and a half, all due to weather. NJ got slammed last year-I’m sure that’s what’s taking so long.

  24. Powell says:

    If you read between the lines you can get that Bobble Head is veryyyy jealous of the women she’s talking about whether it’s their looks, financial or their family, even their popularity. She’s so jealous that her way of coping w/it is to trash these women.
    And the Bobble Head followers. What are they drinking when they call in? She’s a good mother? They applaud her?

    • Exit4 says:

      Brandi is jealous of the other ladies. She wants what they have. It’s not even about money-most of the ladies are happily married, nice families, comfortable stable homes-and that’s what she really wishes she had. Actually, scratch that, it’s about the money too! Lol. I remember in her book complaining about where eddie made her live. I know jill agrees with this, the Brandi followers are scorned women taking their anger out on leann rimes. I won’t say she’s a bad mom-every mom does the best they can in the circumstances they’re given. But I don’t think she’s going to be able to handle what’s coming for her and the boys will suffer for it. I didn’t like Brandi from day 1. People who act like her are bad news.

      • ladebra says:

        I was on Brandi’s side when she first came on the show and Kyle and Kim were being mean to her, for what looked like no reason other than she was the new girl. And then season two with the argument with Paul and Adrianne, she again looked like the one being threatened by people with more money and power. But at some point after that season, with the continual victim story, I wondered why she would come back season after season, and with her off camera antics, and social media outbursts, she just became less sympathetic. And she constantly defends her choices saying “it’s just a television show”.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Brandi is a hot mess, always has been and always will be. I know someone just like her who is not in my life for that very reason. She too is a hot mess, has been one the whole time I’ve know her and will never change. That’s just how she lives her life. I’m glad she is no longer in my life. The only time I think about her is when we talk about Brandi and then it reminds me of her. Always one problem after another and 99.9% of the time it’s their own poor choices that cause their problems. I do agree that she is very jealous of the other women and what they have, nice adult lives.

          • Exit4 says:

            When Brandi was being hazed at that party-when they hid her crutches-it was like sorority pledging all over again! Except she didn’t have to wear a blindfold, eat a banana out of a toilet (among other things) and sing and dance blindfolded (with actions) in a bikini top to “I Touch Myself”. Only to discover your audience was a bunch of frat guys! lol! Annoying and embarrassing? Yes. But her reaction-to go for the jugular, Kim doing Meth in the bathroom etc…was beyond. Maybe because I was hazed myself, I got it. Nobody likes to be singled out like that-but your reaction to it says a lot. You laugh. You don’t let people know you’re bothered by it. She wasn’t in any danger, but her reaction was beyond. I saw who she was that moment. Then spilling Adrianne’s secrets, obviously lying about the legal bills-I had her number! Like your ex friend Mrs. P-some people just can’t function without drama and conflict! I’ve known them too-and like you I cut them out and never trust them!

            • kit9 says:

              I had the same reaction…Kim and Kyle were being-well by future Brandi standards-mildly bi*chy–and had Brandi reacted like an actual adult, I would have been on her side. But, her reaction was out of proportion. Same with Adrienne. Nothing Adrienne did warranted her reaction. And, then, of course, there’s Joyce. Brandi turned it up to cartoon levels of mean girl with her. Hey, anyone know anything about divorce law in Cali? Brandi’s comment about how Eddie got her to take her name off the house and her getting screwed as a result…why would that be? With Cali being a community property state, wouldn’t the house be half hers if they’re married anyway? Her story just sounds fishy to me.

  25. Veena (NMD) says:

    1 hour ago
    Dinner! Wish I could tell you with who and where. Maybe you can guess?
    #saturdaynight #Rhony #Ramona

    • California35 says:

      Thanks OMIB ~ all i keep thinking is wow about all of this.
      The death, the business, the ex wife, Noelle, the $$. The way he died. Yikes!

  26. kit9 says:

    Oh, this is priceless!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She’s so dumb….
      So so so so dumb!!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        This tweet has over 400 “favorites” and over 130 “retweets”…when she tweets about her FU hoodies and blunder blocker app she gets less than 20 retweets and less than 10 favorites. The Brandiacs really do not know how to support their leader!!

      • Powell says:

        Bobble Head. 🙄

      • kit9 says:

        So, I guess when she says that Kenya has body like a man or when she tells Rachel Zoe to eat a sandwhich, she meant them as compliments?

  27. TexasTart says:

    She’s so dumb!
    Thanks Kit!

  28. not THAT Jill says:

    This is so gross to even type but I’m surprised Brandi wasn’t offended that Bill Cosby didn’t try his act on her-remember she was offended that her sister was molested and she wasn’t. Don’t ask me where these thoughts come from -they just pop into my head at random times while reading about her podcast!
    Who is she to say anything about people who attack others looks? It’s all she does-whenever someone says something she doesn’t like she goes right for their looks-like an immature ass-she either attacks their looks or their age…”like Mean Girls… but 70″.

    • Powell says:

      Yup. That’s Bobble Head. 🙄

    • Orson One Hundred says:

      She’s a victim, remember? Well, you don’t have to remember, because she’s certain to remind you. And FTR, no one attacks Bobble-head over her cosmetic surgery and treatments, they attack her for her contradictory lies about said surgeries and treatments.

  29. not THAT Jill says:

    Off to finish my Christmas shopping-Maggie is coming with me-to “help”…God HELP me!!!
    Have a great day everyone!

  30. California35 says:

    RHBH on right now, I liked Kim’s dress for the wedding. Elegant and not revealing ☺️ Im glad she will not wear something focused on “sexy”.

  31. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday. 🙂

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