Gia’s 3KT “Season of Joy” plus Real Housewives of Atlanta – New York and Hair Burglar

Gia Giudice’s 3KT Releases “Season of Joy”


Real Housewives of Atlanta – New York and Hair Burglar

by RamonaCoaster

It is the start of the episode and Nene is still screaming at Cynthia at the restaurant.  She is pointing her finger, asking why Cynthia accuses Nene of being a bad friend in front of people who could care less if they were friends or not, and then she gets up to leave.  Nene is shocked and appalled that Cynthia tried to blindside her.  Phaedra has never seen Nene this emotional so it must really hurt her.  When Nene comes back, the ladies decide to leave Cynthia and Nene to talk by themselves.  I guess the dinner was the stale crackers.  Cynthia thinks the “Peter is a bitch” comment was where the friendship went downhill.  Nene asks why Cynthia months later after hanging out decides to end the friendship.  Cynthia wonders if they both have gone too far and if it is too late to continue to be friends.  Nene wants to move on.  They give each other a hug.  It’s a very long tearful hug.  Cynthia is optimistic that they can get their friendship on track meanwhile Nene has a difficult time letting people she had a falling out with get close again.  I don’t think the dynamics change that much on the show if they are friends or not.  It wouldn’t matter if they talk about how great their friendship is or how crappy their friendship is.  They’re still talking about each other.


Todd and Kandi are face-timing because Todd is in New York and Kandi is still in Atlanta.  The reflection off Kandi’s laptop makes Todd’s hair look like a golden afro.  Sharon is still pissed about what Joyce called her.  Todd wants Kandi to come to New York to show her da Bronx and try to fix some of the mama drama.  Cynthia will be in New York for fashion week so it is a perfect trip to film as a housewife.

Derek J has an appointment with Phaedra for a legal matter.  Derek J is being accused of stealing some woman’s hair by doing a fake hair and switch. Phaedra says Derek J is becoming a more recognized celebrity so people will try to take advantage of him.  Phaedra is happy to represent him because she wouldn’t want him to take on the name “Hair Burglar.”  She tells him they will talk about courtroom attire later.  I wonder if she wants to talk about it later because he would show up looking like a Fabulous Fashion Queen Fashionista or if she wants him to look more serious, conservative Testosteronista.  Appearances do matter in the courtroom.


Nene is telling Greg to take vitamin c for his immune system because he sounds sick.  It’s hard for Nene to make boiled water for tea in his toilet shaped mug because she is unsure what button to push.  Nene tells Gregg that she spoke to Cynthia to talk about their issues.  Gregg thinks they both miss the other.  Nene is not ready to sit down and talk to Cynthia about what happened.  Nene says Peter has been attacking her on social media.  Nene complains that if she calls Peter names, Cynthia has a problem but Nene thinks Peter shouldn’t act like what he’s been called.  Just say he is acting like a bitch.  It’s already out there.

Cynthia is hesitant to tell Peter that Nene and she made up.  Peter thinks Cynthia is crazy and isn’t happy about Nene and Cynthia’s détente.  Peter is being “like a bitch” when he doesn’t want to compete with Nene and Cynthia’s friendship. Peter has noticed how much sex they were having since Nene has been out of the picture.  Now Cynthia has been happy and over the moon since Nene and her made up.  I thought it was the fibroids that dampened their sex life.  Was it really Nene all along?  That’s weird.  Peter doesn’t want Cynthia to look like a punk and he tells her to address things with Nene.  I don’t think Cynthia should let her relationship with Nene affect her relationship with Peter and vice versa.  Peter should really stop sticking his nose in housewives’ business.  He’s looking like the “Simon” of the group.  It’s fine for him to make comments and give his opinion to his wife but ultimately Cynthia is the one that deals with the women on the show.

Todd and Kandi are walking around New York City which is the best mode of transport there.  They go down into the subway.  Hold your noses and keep your valuables close.  Kandi says she has been to da Bronx before.  She knows how to act.  Todd shows her literally his old school which looks like a jail because of the bars and metal nets on the window.  They get some New York pizza. Yum!  They get some Timberland boots and a Yankee hat to make them look like they are from da Bronx.  I bought a pair of Tims once. I never had to worry about slipping on a patch of ice wearing Tims.  They had great traction.

Cynthia loves New York fashion week. She goes to meet Kithe Brewster a stylist turned fashion designer.  He wants Cynthia to close his fashion show.  He measures her for a fitting and announces that Cynthia’s ass grew.  Cynthia feels insecure about her butt, her weight and her walk.  Cynthia feels she needs to practice her runway model walk after all the criticism she took from her so called friend. He looks like he could lose a few pounds too.  I see her “grin and bear it” attitude comes from being a model.


Phaedra goes to visit Derek J’s salon to investigate what could have happened at the scene of the alleged “hair” crime. Derek sat Phaedra in the chair the lady sat in and he showed her that her hair was always in full view, no secret back room to hide the stolen weave.

Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter go to Spice Market restaurant serving Southeast Asian cuisine in the Meatpacking District.  They talk about Todd getting along with Mama Joyce and now it’s time for the mother-in-laws to get along.  Sharon is still sore over getting called a prostitute and Todd’s father getting called a pimp.  Peter’s mom is still sore over the marriage certificate drama and Peter & Cynthia have a minor row over that.  Kandi wants to sweep everything under the rug without holding Joyce accountable for her unfounded accusations.  Todd doesn’t think it is right.

Claudia and Kenya take a cooking course and kind of makes double entendres during the dessert making. Peaches and grand marnier over ice cream and biscuits sound yum!

Kenya traveled to New York to Cynthia in the fashion show.  Kandi, Kenya, Peter & Todd watch Cynthia walk in the show.  Cynthia looked fab in the red dress.  She is happy with her walk and is ready to celebrate.




This behind the scenes shot from Bravo's website shows Sharon at the fashion show .  I didn't see her in the footage that aired.

This behind the scenes shot from Bravo’s website shows Sharon at the fashion show . I didn’t see her in the footage that aired.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-7-kithe-brewster-bts-05Kandi and Todd go to Sammy’s Fish Box for some seafood dinner. Todd asks his mom when she is going down to Atlanta.  Sharon doesn’t want to live in Atlanta because of Joyce.  Sharon said check her resume, she was never a prostitute.  Well that proves she was never a prostitute because prostitutes wouldn’t need a resume anyway.  Sharon is upset that Joyce lied about her before the start of Todd and Kandi’s marriage.  Sharon accused Kandi of lying saying her mother never called Sharon a ho and a prostitute.  the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-7-mobile-next-an-atlanta-hair-burglerKandi tries to defend the situation saying Joyce calls everyone names.  Todd wants to confront the situation.  Kandi doesn’t care what anyone thinks about Joyce, she is still her mother and she is not going to diss her mother or let anyone diss her.  Sharon gets up and grabs the salt to shake on her food.  She threatens to punch Joyce in the mouth and looks really upset.  I think they are getting angry over nothing because if everyone understands how Joyce is, they wouldn’t pay attention to anything she says anyway.  Sharon is drinking a bunch of fruity drinks and getting more heated.  In hindsight, I’m sure people watching would have liked her to put down the salt, put away the drinks and not get so spitting angry over the stuff that comes out of Joyce’s mouth.



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100 Responses to Gia’s 3KT “Season of Joy” plus Real Housewives of Atlanta – New York and Hair Burglar

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s not too cold out so that’s a good thing for me. I hope the weather is cooperating in your neck of the woods.
    It just made me sad to see Sharon and she’s gone. She died w/o an apology from Joyce. I really do hope that weighs heavily on Joyce. Kandi yet again disappointed me not really listening to Todd and Sharon and understanding how they feel. You could see the frustration in Todd’s face. When Sharon said she wanted to do something to Joyce , Todd right away told his mother no. He didn’t disrespect her, tell her he wouldn’t speak to her or disown her. Kandi has a totally different relationship w/Joyce. And that’s sad. Just pull out her checkbook and that will solve everything according to Kandi.
    The hair burglar sounds like McDonald’s Hamburglar. LOL. Have a great day.

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    This is Gigi’s year

    • Powell says:

      Yup. Just keep working hard a d stay out of trouble she will be fine.

    • chismosa says:

      I saw on the E Ticker that she is teasing being a Victoria’s secret model/angel whatever. SPITting image of her dad.
      Those shoes don’t do much for her feet 😬

      Is she still going to school 😳???

      She’s very lovely

      • VV™ says:

        She’s too pretty for Cody. Cody is not handsome at all. He has a potato nose.

        Chismo, I think Yofo hinted that Gigi had to stop school due to the modeling demands…………Like she really went to NY to go to college.
        You can criticize Donald Trump all you want but he always emphasized the importance of college to his kids. Don (who was not a very good student) said he would have the best tutors and help. Any of the 3 kids on CA are very well educated and well spoken. Not sure about Tiffany.

        • Powell says:

          Ivanka went to Wharton and modeled. She had to get a job to pay for anything outside of her education. Her parents wouldn’t foot anything other than education. Taught her a great work ethic.

          • chismosa says:

            Yes I saw her during a Saks special shopping thing they did years ago not sure if they still do it – and samantha from sex and the city was there too – but the show hadn’t become the HUGE thing it became and I almost died when I saw samantha. I was only one of the few who went cray. She was so gracious.

            Ivanka – this was pre- boobs – she was SUCHHHH a snob at her “table” on her floor – wherever she was …..

            But I love her on CA. I hope she beats down Brandi 👊👊

      • Powell says:

        Chismosa I saw pics of her on VS instagram w/VS models and I thought she was doing the show at first but going thru many of the pics I could see she wasn’t.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    14 hours ago
    It’s so weird watching this episode knowing that #MamaSharon isn’t here anymore. I truly miss her! On tonight’s episode you’ll see her let me have it about the things that were said about her, but what you won’t see is how two seconds later she was ready to go have fun. The cool part about Sharon was that she would speak her mind & put you in your place if she needed to but as soon as she got it off

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Dear Kandi: What was weird was watching you raise your voice to her and being sarcastic ” ok, I lied!” What was weird was watching you mock her in your TH’s. We know what we saw. But you just keep telling the viewers how great it was when the cameras were off. We believe you. #sarcasm

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    I’m surprised she’d change her name.

  5. Veena (NMD) says:

    I sense live chat night. Have people seen the previews with the straw going up Jillzy’s nose.

  6. T-Rex says:

    I really wanted Kandi to have a wonderful life with Todd and to be happily married because I thought she deserved that, but alas I don’t see this marriage as a long termer, unless Kandi does some SERIOUS changing of her life and attitude! Kandi has her Crappy low-classno-classfreeloadingGoldDiggaForKandi’smoney Mother so far up her ass, she definitely has a permanent residence up there. There seems to be no room for anyone else in her life, but that loser Mother. That woman has guilted Kandi into letting her do whatever she wants to her and to anyone around her because she lost her son and kandi is now her only child. I really think Kandi needs to go to some serious therapy and cut those apron strings asap, if she has any chance of this marriage making it. Todd is a great guy, and he isn’t going to put up with this nonsense for very long, when those “hard” years come up in their marriage, he is going to “exit stage right” to not have to put up with this crap from Crappy low-classno-classfreeloadingGoldDiggaForKandi’smoneyJoyce!

    • Powell says:

      Yup. He’s gonna be out of there. And then Joyce will say, “See. I told you he was no good. He’s just leaving you.” What did Kandi say to Todd last season? “No matter what if people leave my mom will always be here and have my back”, or something to that affect. She’s gonna eat those words.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Remember they just show us the worst of it – Todd will learn with time to ignore Joyce.Some people just become distilled versions of their younger selves as they age and get nastier and nastier – Kandi gets that her mom is toxic, but still loves her. I get it.

        • T-Rex says:

          Veena, from what I have read, Crappy low-classno-classfreeloadingGoldDiggaForKandi’smoneyJoyce has always been like this. I have hateful In-Laws and had Mr T-Rex sided with them over me, I believe I would have left our relationship when things got bad early on in our relationship. Only so much one can take, before saying Sayonara, especially when you have a great relationship with your own family and Mr T-Rex had a great relationship with my parents, which is why he basically had to cut out his family from our lives. I didn’t ask him to do this, they just would not stop with the bashing of me personally, and constantly telling him to leave me, he could do better, I am driving him away from them, etc.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I think, as long as they are both faithful, they will make it.

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

    They must have been filming the video

    • chismosa says:

      i just have an queasy feeling about after january whatever date, that her mom says ba-bye …
      I hope Gia excels in school and shines there too.

      • T-Rex says:

        I hope so too, because once January comes and ConvictFelonTeresa goes to Prison, no one will be funding these girls any longer. The other parents aren’t putting in hardly any monies, and I doubt ConvictfelonJuicyJoe will be sending any money to the PR team for them either. They have not sold hardly any of their downloads of the song on ITunes that corresponds to that video made in November either. The artist only gets approximate .08 of each download and only about 35 downloads have been made so far. I would hope that Gia would NOT follow in her ConvictParents footsteps and do extremely well in school, go to a legitimate college and get a degree. Again, I hope that she keeps up with her schooling for acting and singing because she isn’t really good now, but who knows with practice and classes she could be some day!

        • Orson One Hundred says:

          Gia might find herself too busy helping out around the house and tending to her sisters to spend time being a teenage pop tart. Does anyone think she knows how to do a load of laundry?

          • T-Rex says:

            As soon as ConvictfelonTeresa is squarely out of the home, MamaGiudice will move in to help out with the girls and the housework. She HATES ConvictFelonTeresa and this is the reason she lives with ConvictFelonJuicyJoe’s brother right now. She is only like 63 years old so she can easily help out with the kids

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I think the money would have been better spent if they literally put in a fire and burned it, at least it would keep them warm.

          The bottom line is these girls have no talent and are clearly autotuned..(anyone remember Gia singing acapella the song she wrote for Miliana- it was in the same vein as the other housewives that deluded themselves into thinking they are singers).

          Nor does the viewer market of housewive shows 18+ lend itself to a girlband interest.
          The reality is, none of us are going to buy their records…go to their shows or even take our daughters.

  8. chismosa says:

    Fyi my guide says she’s on. Don’t know about what – maybe canine alopecia but I’m dvr’ing

  9. chismosa says:

    I haven’t watched last night but on WWH last week didn’t Lenethia say that she truly WILL NEVER be friends with cynthia ?

    I’m just wondering about the filming time vs real-time crap and Bravo manipulations.

  10. BTW? That lipstick that Kandi is wearing? Is it blue? Is it Purple?

    It IS heinous.

  11. So I don’t want to be offensive….I’m just truly perplexed…it seems like Porsha is maybe mentally handicapped?

    Like a little…slow?

    Not normal.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Do I think she rode the short yellow bus to school? No. Do I think she went to remedial classes at a regular school? Probably. There is something off about her.

    • T-Rex says:

      She is a spoiled brat that was catered to her whole life and never had to actually “learn” anything, as she was a debutante and part of the high society in Atlanta, due to her name and lineage. She was brought up to rely on her looks to snag a wealthy man, they didn’t care if she even learned to read from what my cousin says. Her father died in 1998. She went into business with her mother in the daycare industry and she modeled a bit, her name got her into doors, but mostly she is just uneducated

      • Her mother Runs the Hosea Williams Foundation.

        With an annual budget of 2M it makes Project LadtBug look pretty MuckeyMouse in comparison.

        She went to college and has a degree in business systems or something- so what the hell happened?

        I dunno if I can lay the blame for her ignorance at her mothers feet or accuse anyone of spoiling her- she is a grown ass woman who clearly has no understanding of the legacy her grandfather left her when she thinks the UnderGround Railroad is an actual railroad.


        wth? Sniffing weave glue? Does that cause mental problems? Or just sniffing the plain old white stuff?

        Did Kordell drop her on her head one time too many?

        Something’s just not right

        • T-Rex says:

          This is incorrect OMIB, the organization is run by Hosea Williams Sr.’s daughter Elizabeth, not Porsha’s mother, who is Diane Williams(she has remarried so not sure her new name). Her mother runs a couple of Daycare centers. Porsha once said (lied through her teeth) they were involved in this organization, but they are not and they are not listed under any board affiliations either, and several went to the press ASAP when she started to appear on Ho-Wives to state she has zero to do with the organization other than being a relative. My cousin knows two folks on that board, and Porsha and her mother are NOT a part of this group!

          • Ahhhh-ok…that actually explains why porshas mother has 2reputations lol because I’ve been reading about two different ladies.

            Thank you for the explanation..

            And maybe explains why Porsha seems so far away from her grandfathers civil rights legacy

            So ask your cousin- or maybe you know…the woman who is suing the Hair Burgler, I heard that she is related to a serial killer? Or murderer? Anything to that? And that he should be more worried about her family than her?

            • T-Rex says:

              I don’t watch the Atlanta show so you got a name for me? Thanks!! Some light on Porsha and the Williams family, her father I believe was a bit estranged from the family, and he passed away in 1998, from Leukemia and I believe had been ill for a few years before he passed. Interesting Mr. Hosea Williams, who died in 2000, own children said that he traveled so much and was unfortunately incarcerated for heading up a large part of the Civil Rights movements that he wasn’t there as much as he would have liked as they grew up, I would be certain that it would even be more unlikely he had a large part of his grandchildren’s lives either. He was an Important man and important in the Civil Rights movement and like many others, sacrificed his own life for the lives of countless others.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That girl ain’t right. (My nod to King of the Hill)

    • Powell says:

      I don’t think anything is wrong w/her but what T-Rex said. She was spoiled, felt entitled and didn’t apply herself. Lots of people think the family legacy will carry them.

  12. Powell says:

    Lol Ramonacoaster. I still have my Tims. Haven’t worn them in a few yrs. They still look like new. 🙂

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I had to throw mine out because of the mud stains. Still thinking about buying a new pair though.

  13. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks for the blog/recap RamonaCoaster. Great job!

  14. Orson One Hundred says:

    20 days.

    Another one of my Meta posts, this time on RHOA:

    In Nene’s “acting” career, has she ever had a role where she wasn’t the big sassy black woman with maybe a rare moment of understanding (I’m thinking in ‘Glee’)? I think that at best, she’s a novelty character actor. Think Wally Cox or Charlie Weaver. If Hollywood Squares came back, that would be her post RHOA future.

    Cynthia: She did some runway walk in a bathing suit a season or 2 ago and I noticed her tush was sort of bulbous. Is this the latest style? What with KK, Phaedra’s donkey booty, etc? I think if she wants to get back on the modeling circuit, she needs to put in some hours on a treadmill, stair climber, or stationary bike. She’s not 19 years old anymore, and she’ll have to put some maintenance into her shape now.

    I’m afraid Joyce will probably win the war. Kandi and Todd have to work out whether Todd is a producer or the boss’s husband. And if he’s the boss’s husband, where does he fit in the chain of command. If he’s a producer, on the other hand, while he’s out on a shoot (which will probably involve travel), Joyce will be back home poisoning Kandi’s mind against him.

    Porsha? T-Rex nailed it. She was raised to be a wealthy man’s wife. And she missed the part where she’d supposed to squirt out a couple of scions to nail down some child support.

    Phaedra: She’s playing it low-key. Wise thinking on her part. The flamboyant, sassy Southern Belle entertainment lawyer is a bad role for her. She has to be the sensible working single-mom of 2 pre-schoolers if she wants a career now. I hope she’s smart enough to realize the Bravolebrity status of all RHs is very ephemeral and in the long term, she’s much more likely to be in “Where are they now?” columns than walking down red carpets.

    • Powell says:

      Orson that’s the only type of acting role NeNe has had. When it was suggested two seasons ago that she take acting lessons, she scoffed at that. She should be doing just that to get other jobs.
      Cynthia’s body type is fine but not for “regular” runway now. She’s not plus size but she’d be considered that. But if she wants to go back to “regular” runway she’d have to lose the booty and about 20 lbs. No booties are not the new thing on the runways. The designer last night made the dresses to specifically fit Cynthia but size 2 is usually the runway size.
      Phadera hasn’t talked about the mortuary biz this season so she can still do that if she’s now licensed and she has her law career, however that is going.

  15. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Oh, that video. The song is not bad but, why in the hell does it look like Melissa choreographed that mess?

    • T-Rex says:

      It’s not good either though! Maybe their dance teacher came from the same place that taught MeGo how to dance? The video is bad though. There are so many others out there on YouTube that are far superior, and kids are actually singing, not lypsynching to auto-tuned nonsense. Again, I hope that some day with hard work she gets better.

      • Orson One Hundred says:

        I didn’t want to comment on the video because 1) I’m the wrong demographic. Its target audience is NOT men my age. B) I’ve never enjoyed videos. III) It features dancing. I don’t dance and don’t enjoy watching other people dance.

        I did watch a bit of this video. Of course, the lyric about having to go shopping was Gia’s. After all, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the Tree. I guess the Tree didn’t teach her the head tilt by the time they shot that video.

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    great post Orson! – Phaedra is playing it very smart – I think she knows exactly what the shelf life of a Bravo HW is – Porsha is the definition of “you should be seen and not heard” – what is truly sad is that despite her very obvious lack of education – at least as far as US history goes – she has no clue whatsoever that she could work to correct that – she is too cool for school – her looks will not last, and sadly, she has nothing to fall back on – she is more of a honey – you know – every time she opens her mouth, you end up saying “oh honey” –

  17. Well.

    I’d rather see three sorta teen girls singing and dancing then Melissa lip synching and vamping it up. Gag.

    It was cute. Not amazing but cute,

  18. Don’t know if there’s a new blog for tonight —- but can anyone confirm for me, Tree is CONFIRMED to be going to Danbury ???
    I thought that was never finalized/ released to the media???


  19. Veena (NMD) says:

  20. Re: the NY HWs photos being posted, thanks for the links- I feel like they are not in the US ?
    Were they away?
    Maybe post thanksgiving and pre- holiday now ? I believe that’s when Scary Island took place.
    Those pics do NOT look like they are in the US.
    Maybe this was confirmed already, I’m behind so forgive me if it has.


    EXIT – interesting story about you getting hazed – and comparing it to Bobblehead & her crutches
    ASHY- how was the firehouse party??? 🚒🚒🚒🚒 I hope a blast 💥🚬🚬🍻🍻🍟
    Shopping with Maggie? Hope your wallet didn’t get too much of a workout


    KIT- thank you so much for that psychotic podcast recap … Still don’t know how you do it !

    re: Jillzy and/or Simon -Alex doing any sort of book ……
    When Jill did her appearance on WWH she said she had gone “to Andys office and told him the story idea of the fight with Bethenny” — and Andy never denied she did that.
    So….. As long as there are no secrets of a Jewish mommy and daughter and stepmommy and blah blah blah — I’d BUY the book. Hell yeah!
    As for any of these women and their contracts, can’t someone publish some sort of expose using an alias and co-writer ?
    I mean if the fantastic exposes have come out on Scientology, John Travolta, Oprah, Princess Di, Corey Feldman, and so so ……many more – especially the Kings of LITIGATION – the Scies 👽👽👽👽👽, then if I were Simon or Jill I’d sneakily find a way to do this. And they could self-publish if need be. Everyone’s doing that these days.

    Just an idea.
    Anything to get at Andy would surely delight 🌟✨

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Felicia! The party was fab-everyone had a blast-not many 🍻🚬🍻🍻🍻 but still a fun day! I have a great picture of Annabelle with Santa that I will tweet in a few…
      Shopping was quite productive-Maggie stayed in her lane and didn’t ask for everything in world-just a little mirror compact and a very fashionable cocktail ring-ya know for wearing when she attends all her cocktail parties!! She did tell me to hold on to both and ask Santa to put them in her stocking on Christmas.
      Now I need to organize and wrap gifts-Annabelle can help me with that but not Maggie-she wants to snoop out her gifts-she’s just like me and it scary!!

      • Exit4 says:

        I used to open mine and rewrap them. Does Maggie still believe in Santa? I’m pretty sure Joseph is onto the whole thing! Dominic point to all things Christmas and yells “ooh-it’s a hoho”! He also steals my ornaments and there was a slight pileup in the manger. The baby Jesus got taken out by Thomas the train. Tomorrow it’s Dominic’s holiday concert. I have to look decent at 9:30 am to watch him not sing and hide from the people. Happy Holidays!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      The NY ladies were in the Berkshires last week.

      • Exit4 says:

        God forbid, I hope Ramona survived!

      • chismosa says:

        I was analyzing those photos from yesterday and it seriously seriously looked like they were in a plaza in Austria or germany.
        Like, for real …..
        Maybe they’re staying at Dorindas place

        Ok that surprised me – wonder IF they have the budget to go anywhere fun this season

    • Exit4 says:

      Getting hazed was an experience! 3 months plus a hell week. It wasn’t completely mean spirited. They looked out for us. Then we turned around and did the same to the pledges after us! It’s gotten worse since I was in it though-girls and guys. More vicious and risky. It’s scary.

      I think teresa is going to Danbury. It’s the first option under the guidelines. They were supposed to transition it into a men’s prison, but the federal government doesn’t exactly move quickly-so they may not be done. If not then WV. It will come out eventually-like January 5th.

      I can’t wait for an insiders book on HWs. Even if it was under an alias-it would probably be obvious who wrote it or participated in it. Someday. I call Alex and Simon first out of the gate! Lol.

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    Really? Fashion collection?

    58 seconds ago
    Thank you my dear friend @vanessanoelstyle for hosting my #sonjainthecity production and my new fashion collection #sonjamorgannewyork Another successful collaboration. #cover #latinshowmagazine
    Vanessa is kind and generous and supports many. #fashion #friends #jetset #social #sofun #rhony

  22. VV™ says:

    Beso is owned by Eva Longoria.

  23. Veena (NMD) says:

  24. Veena (NMD) says:

  25. Exit4 says:

    This cracked me up.

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