Real Housewives of Atlanta – Awkward Hug!

Real Housewives of Atlanta – Awkward Hug!

by RamonaCoaster

Kandi and Todd are going to a family barbecue where the family is talking about the torn up house that Joyce’s boyfriend still hasn’t fixed.  Kandi thinks it is funny that Todd hasn’t done anything but Joyce’s boyfriend ripped out the bathrooms in the house without telling Kandi.  Joyce doesn’t appreciate being talked about and threatens to live in the house that has no bathrooms.  As long as she doesn’t mind getting up in the morning and pee in a hole in the floor, sure why not? Kandi just came back from NY defending her mother from Sharon.  Joyce says Kandi hurts the people that help her.  I guess she has to take the good with the bad.  One of the aunts pulls Kandi to the side to talk to Joyce.  When Kandi brings up the torn up bathrooms, Joyce tells her she is taking medicine to prevent an aneurysm so she doesn’t want to argue.  Holy cow, she can say and do whatever she wants and when confronted will always play the aneurysm and age card.


Cynthia is at the Bailey Agency with Demetria McKinney, an actress and singer, that is shooting a video.  McKinney wants a fly, chocolate, 6ft 5in dude for her video.  Peter strolls in because he likes to be on camera and gossip.   Demetria is dating her manager, Roger Bobb and wants people to know about it.  Apparently there was a picture of Kenya and Roger Bobb at Peter’s birthday with Cynthia and the gossip blogs assumed Kenya and Roger had a thing.  Claudia wants to put a stop on those mouths and hang a property of Demetria sign on Roger Bobb.  Apparently people don’t just call him Roger, like Madonna or Cher, but everyone calls him Roger Bobb. Claudia has been seeing Roger Bobb for 8 years and Cynthia was surprised because Roger Bobb never said he had a steady girlfriend.


Kenya is modeling at a photo shoot.  She wants to get publicity photos so she can get back into acting and producing.  Cynthia is helping her out with her poses and looks.  Claudia struts in and Kenya takes a break to chat.  Can you get a ticket when you’re driving and on your cell phone in Atlanta?  Apparently Claudia needs her GPS on her cell to get around Atlanta and she is holding it while she driving.  Hope someone gets her a cell phone car mount for Christmas.  Kenya wants to form a Sex and the City group.  Too bad she didn’t get along with Phaedra because she’d make a good Miranda.  They talk about Roger Bobb being a good catch and Cynthia puts the brakes on that.  She was told Demetria has been dating Roger Bobb for 8 years.  Kenya is puzzled because some of her girlfriends have dated Roger Bobb.  Cynthia is giving Kenya the heads up about not addressing the rumors that Roger Bobb and her are dating.  Kenya already has a lot of fake boyfriends. Ahem, Walter the tow truck guy.  It is hard to keep track.

Nene is trying to sell her clothes on HSN.  She sells a peek-a-boo shoulder tunic that you could get at H&M.  Nene has to be high energy at midnight when she is used to going to sleep.  Nene is wearing a wig in her TH that looks like straw.  She could be the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  She wakes up when she hears her tunics have sold out.

Phaedra is at Kandi’s house.  Kandi is eating healthy because she is trying to get pregnant.   Kandi asks about Apollo and their relationship.  Phaedra doesn’t talk to Apollo but no one knows if Phaedra is giving him the cold shoulder or Apollo is moody and not at home.  Kandi asks her cousin Melvin whose father has been to prison for advice.  He tells Phaedra to be honest because you don’t want your child to resent you for being lied to.  Melvin has been to prison as well and he confirms Phaedra’s fears that her children will think that people going to jail is normal.  Melvin thinks jail is something that happens.  Melvin wants to be a child psychologist so let’s hope nothing comes between his dreams.  It’s understandable that Phaedra is nervous about how their father’s actions could negatively affect her sons’ lives and shape their view of the world.

Kenya has a meeting with Roger Bobb to talk about an actor-producing gig she wants to corroborate with him.  Roger Bobb wants to make things happen for her.  Kenya asks him if he is dating Demetria.  He confirms that Demetria is his lady.  Kenya has a fake smile plastered on her face because it looks like an opportunity for drama was lost.

Claudia complains about her single life when she likes getting licks on her arm from her cat.  Peter tells her as long as her arm is the only thing her cat licks.

The party to debut Demetria’s music video is on.  Derek J is on the step and repeat wearing what looks like Nene’s peek-a-boo shoulder tunic.  Kandi and Phaedra look like they are wearing the same purple lipstick that has blue undertones.  You need very white teeth to pull that off and with the lights of the nightclub makes the lipstick even more blue. Claudia tells Demetria that she saw her boyfriend Roger Bobb.  Demetria tells her that Roger Bobb wasn’t able to attend her party.  Porsha shows up and she seems to know Demetria too.  Kenya shows up and is disappointed to hear that Roger Bobb isn’t there to introduce her to business partners and potential boyfriends/ husbands.  Demetria’s side boob is about to come out of her dress.  Hope she got a lot of boob glue.  Demetria talks to Kenya and announces she is dating Roger Bobb.  She brings up the rumors of Kenya dating Roger Bobb.  Kenya sets it straight and Demetria is chill.  Kenya apparently knows about Roger Bobb’s way with the ladies and wishes Demetria a lot of luck.


It’s time for Apollo’s entrance.  Brandon hugs Apollo and puts his animosity aside.  He probably feels bad he is going to jail. Andy on WWHL said there is a scene that is very uncomfortable and hard to watch.  For those that are just reading the blog and not watching the show, I will try to paint a picture for you.  Apollo calls Phaedra’s name twice as he is sitting on the other side of a coffee table in the middle of a night club. He asks her to sit next to him.  They haven’t been in a communicating mood so now he wants to talk.

141216_2835174_Apollo_and_Phaedra_s_Tense_Reunion 141217_2835607_Apollo_Still_Loves_Phaedra___

He talks to her and Phaedra isn’t facing him or talking to him.  He wants to work on the marriage even though a few episodes back he was talking to a divorce attorney.  His behavior seems unpredictable.  He has been physically aggressive on the show before.  Phaedra finally faces him and tells him he doesn’t need to start a conversation at a nightclub.  He tries to hug her.  Kenya is enjoying watching Phaedra and Apollo.  Phaedra looks uncomfortable, is about to cry, her body language looks like she is shut down while Apollo is talking to her with his arms around her in front of their friends in a crowded nightclub.  Phaedra says love is a verb and not a noun.  There are some technical difficulties with Demetria’s music video debut; there is no sound, so everyone decides to leave.  Apollo seems to want to do anything and everything on camera to piss Phaedra off.  He is being a petulant child.


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78 Responses to Real Housewives of Atlanta – Awkward Hug!

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Christmas eve eve. 😀 🎄🎁

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good morning everyone! There was a boatload of awkwardness in Atlanta last night…not just the hug…but that should have made everyone watching cringe!

    BBL to read RamonaCoaster…thank you and Venna for the blog today.

    • Powell says:

      Two hugs,
      Joyce having the gall to say Kandi’s not grateful for people helping her,
      Joyce taking anti-aneurysm meds,
      NeNe’s Moe of the Three Stooges hairstyle, Kenya trying to start something again w/regards to someone else’s man

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    I am trying to piece that episode together in my brain. Porsha is still thinking she’s a full housewife and showing up at everything – and this is the first night the remainder of them are meeting Claudia – who has already shot a lot of footage for the show.

    Phaedra is doing everything she can to hold on to the peach but not have to shoot with Apollo. He threatens her – whispering that he may turn into someone she doesn’t want to be around if she isn’t nice to him – is that a physical threat or a ‘I’ll start talking on camera’ threat, and if it’s the latter, how ballsy of her to stay on the show with that hanging over her head, Her body language showed fear – so it was probably a combo of both physical and the other.

    Andy Cohen went there on WWHL – and she acknowledged that he was violent at times and going through a rough time. She managed to masterfully answer the questions, let viewers know what she went through, all without seeming like a victim or slamming Apollo. It was a very good performance. For those of you wondering, she talks to Apollo 4-5 times a week and the boys talk to him as well. She is working on the divorce.

    Strange episode – and I hope both Cynthia and Kenya feel ashamed of themselves for shading Phaedra – there are times when you should just zip it.

    • Powell says:

      NMD at that moment Apollo should be glad Phadera is his wife and not Powell cuz I would have slapped him so hard everyone would have heard it I’m that noisey club. The only thing about that scene that was good is thk our Goddess that he said it on mic and camera. It is now public that he’s threatened her so when he’s out if he does it again there’s proof he’s done it in the pass.

    • Powell says:

      Yes Kenya and Cynthia should be ashamed. They have no idea what she was going thru. Kandi cracked me up when she said “oh look he’s apologizing”, like he was being loving and kind. Did Kandi see what we saw?

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        He whispered the threats in her ear – Kandi would have had no idea until the cringing started.

      • austin1963 says:

        Let’s face it, Kandi can sometimes be a moron. That wasn’t love, that was intimidation. Kandi’s idea of conflict resolution is to just sweep anything and everything under the rug. Her marriage is probably doomed because of it.

    • chismosa says:

      Wendy W (many don’t care for her but just saying what she said and I believe that) said that Phake www playing safe and sweet because he will 1/spill secrets about how they met and how that all went down 💥 and 2/ he can take her for money in a divorce, I believe

      • Powell says:

        He can blackmail all he wants. Phadera needs to divorce him. If she has to give him 50% so be it. She can earn it back.

        • chismosa says:

          I agree – just love that her “perfect southern belle” image who chastises everyone else is being broken a little.

          Ratchet comes in all forms – she’s not fooling me with her airs. Girl, please.

          I think Andy’s love of Aidan will be the only thing keeping her on the show….

    • Austin says:

      I was very horrified at both Cynthia’s and Kenya’s behavior. I already have nothing but contempt for Kenya, but Cynthia is starting to come in a close second on that score. Shameful. I am generally not a Phaedra defender, but for the love of god, have some humanity, witches.

  4. ladebra says:

    Thank you Ramonacoaster for the blog! I watched this morning. It’s a little strange. Meh. I don’t want to watch Joyce, and I don’t want to watch Apollo, and I personally don’t want to watch Kenya (kenya lost all credibility with me long ago. She might entertain some people, but she lost me with the fake boyfriend story line years ago). I don’t much want to watch Nene. So just watching Cynthia, Kandi and Phaedra I miss a lot 😜

    Happy Monday! 🎄

    • Powell says:

      Ladebra I did not like Kenya from the “coochie crack” comment she made ar the Bailey Agency. She was at it again trying to cause trouble between Demetria and Roger Bob. Can you believe they said his name 16 times?

  5. California35 says:

    Good morning and happy short week ☺️

    Short work week can mean busy week, to get everything done early. It will be worth it!

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    We hiked this ‘rock’ – fantastic place

  7. SoutheastVA says:

    Phaedra looked like it to so much to not cry in the club. I bet she cried a lot in the privacy of her bedroom. Apollo is a mitch.

    • Phaedra looked like she thought he was miked and she better not say a thing because she’s dirtier than he is.

      iMHO she’s the mastermind and that’s why Appollo is so angry and how he knows exactly what buttons to push.

      They were in public. She could have easily walked away with no physical repercussions because of the security in “Da Club”. She stayed because- again my opinion-she knows if he “switches his mode” or whatevs he’ll spill the beans in public and she’ll go to the pokey too.

      And btw? The time to worry about how to tell your children their father is in jail is before you actually get knocked up and then marry a convicted felon.

      • Powell says:

        Sorry. Not buying she had anything to do w/his little enterprise. I don’t really bebelieve she had anything to do w/that Angela girl and the criminal activity yrs ago either. But if she did that was before kids and Phadera wouldn’t jeopardize her kids.

        • How are you gonna have your husband, a convicted felon with limited earning potential, spending up to 8k a nite on strippers and NOT know where that kinda $ is coming from?

          Kids or not- IMHO she not only knew but was the mastermind.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I agree with you, I don’t think she’d do anything to jeopardize those boys of hers. I don’t think she had anything to do with his latest activities either and probably didn’t want to ask any questions given his history.

        • austin1963 says:

          I agree, Powell. It’s just fueled by hate of Phaedra. And how was she supposed to get up and walk away without making a scene? He had encircled her tightly with his arms, so unless she was willing to resist and make a scene, she was pretty stuck. If she had made a scene, then she would be criticized for that.

  8. Well.

    That ratchet viewing party or whatever that was- made me miss Melissa’s lip synching par-tays with Poison doing his best Chippendales impressions.

    Ahhhh…the good ole days

    • Powell says:

      LOL that was a mess. If Roger Bob wasn’t going to be there why didn’t he make sure someone knowledgeable would be there to start the video?

  9. There’s a strip club in Atlanta called the Claremont. It features an…act by a woman named Blondie, who crushes Pabst Blue Ribbon cans with her, well cans.

    There’s speculation that’s who Phaedra was referring to when she said Nene heinous wig was giving her Blondie on WWHL.

    Mess in a dress.

  10. Who else thinks that nenes wig was payback by one of her special gay stylists?

    Can just hear the guy saying “check” under his breath.

  11. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m really offended how Nene talks about her ‘gays’ like they are possessions to be coveted like her bags and shoes. Quit the labeling already and let’s just be human beings, O.K. heifer? How’d you like that label?

  12. T-Rex says:

    Hey guys, something I wanted to answer over here regarding how SuperBratStassi got back on VPRules, someone said it was MzAndy, but he has nothing to do with that show. He doesn’t pull the strings at Bravo, with the exemption of the Ho-wives shows, not this spinoff. She was brought back because she was broke in NYC and her pappy wasn’t going to pay her bills if she stayed out there any longer. So her and her boyfriend moved back to LA and she BEGGED TheRoyalVpump for her place back on the show, and her job back, and TheRoyalVPUmp and execs decided she would be okay for the show, but NO WAY for the restaurant, it’s been running way better since she left, and she is a SHITTY waitress! They brought her back because she is a MEAN girl with no redeeming qualities, as she is an equal opportunity offender and has no loyalty what so ever and would spill everyone and anyones dirty laundry for more air time.

  13. chismosa says:

    Hey all – reading upwards but is Brandi on steve Harvey today ???

    I saw nothing listed – as most are repeats. –
    It repeats at 3am so I can dvr then —
    Just wondering as someone mentioned.


    • designernailsdiana says:

      Yes she was on and he did a little meet and chat with 2 guys for her to pick from. As usual though she was her gross Brandi self and asked Steve to change his 3 month rule to a 2 date rule or something stupid along those lines.

  14. designernailsdiana says:

    I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANUKKAH.
    I’ve stopped by to read a few show recaps. Since I no longer have bravo on cable I don’t see the shows. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything though. I’ve gotten into a few shows like Forever and How to get away with murder. Mike and Molly is back on so I have my Monday shows to watch, but I’ve been doing more reading, sewing and crocheting.
    A big hug to everyone and Prayers for those facing an illness or recovering from an illness.

    • Powell says:

      The food looks so so good. The atmosphere looks inviting. 25 beers on tap? Cheers. 🍺🍺🍺
      IDK about the website though. It wouldn’t change from mobile to desktop so I don’t know if I’m missing anything. No info on how long it’s been opened. Who the chef is, owner? I say it will be a success as long as Ramona doesn’t try to be the “manager”. Her and those saucer eyes and less than welcoming personality doesn’t mix well w/employees and customers. But good luck. Our NY & NJ fam should check it out.

    • California35 says:

      Hi! I was just coming in to see you guys knew about this ☺️

  15. chismosa says:

    VV—–> if you’re poking around – I miss ya ! 😢😢😢
    Wish I had your email 😦

  16. ladebra says:

    Now this is a hamster!

  17. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Christmas eve eve. I left off an eve yesterday. 🙂 🎄🎁

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