Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Medford, 90210”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Medford, 90210” – S5E6

By Stars99



Remember last week…

We found out that YoYo was stuck on Kyle’s yacht for an extra day because her husband and her ex-husband wanted her to stew for a day before returning to the reality of her daughter’s DUI… We learned “That Tramp” (Eileen) is returning to work on “The Young and the Restless” after being off for a year… Lisa got a star on the Palm Springs “Walk of Stars” and yet she was the only one not wearing pink… In addition, she only invited Lisa R. from the franchise cuz she didn’t want to ruin her special occasion by inviting her “friends”… Kim’s daughter got married and the very few parts we saw were beautiful… There is a swan that guards the Vanderpump footbridge and you can actually hear him squawk, “You Shall Not Pass” to everyone trying to escape the grounds… even Ken. (Obscure Lord of the Rings reference once again…lol)… And Brandi was once again, an afterthought. Unfortunately, it looks like this week – she’ll take a more prominent role.

Now one might think that since it’s the holiday season and all that this lil blogger would be festive, fun and relatively snark-free… And if that’s what one thinks… One would be wrong… Very wrong.

This week…

We’re at Lisa R’s house and we find out that her teenaged daughter, Amelia, borrows and wears Lisa’s jeans. Lisa expects her daughters to ask before they wear her clothes so she has the opportunity to say, “No.” lol… It’s kewl Lisa has good enough taste that her daughters would even WANT to wear her clothes and that they’re even able to fit into them size wise… #humblebrag… I love my Mom dearly… but honestly, there weren’t many of her clothes I would have ever wanted to wear…But of course she wasn’t a celebrity who bought designer clothes, either… but then, neither was I…lol.

Lisa R daughters


For health reasons, it seems that Lisa’s parents are selling her childhood home in Medford, Oregon. Lisa still has some of her stuff there from 28 years ago that she needs to pick up. She blames her Mom for “keeping” her stuff. Ummm… How about you taking all the stuff that you want to keep and getting rid of the rest so your parents didn’t have to… That would have been nice to do, oh, say… 28 years ago… or at least 20 years ago, no?

Lisa wants her daughters to go with her on the trip to Oregon to help her clean out her stuff. One of the girls has a driver’s test that she doesn’t want to miss. The girls first say they wanted to be paid to go… (Are you freakin’ kidding me?)… And then they complained about how they didn’t want to move boxes (Are you FREAKIN’ kidding me?)… It’s decided they will go. They won’t be required to move boxes. KMN (Kill me now).

Kyle loves entertaining is planning her next barbecue with her “ladysitter” Justin. Is that supposed to be cute? “Ladysitter?” Wow… Just wow. Kyle likes to call it a barbecue so people’s expectations aren’t high. She knows it will be way more highfalutin than just having hot dogs… Kyle says she wants an English countryside barbecue with “non-ghetto sangria”… You know, cuz I’m SURE they served sangria (originating in Spain and Portugal) often along the English countryside, no? But it’s kewl cuz Kyle just returned from Spain and stuff…



Lisa R and her daughters are in Medford, Oregon. Lisa says that she negotiated with her daughter to agree that she fly back early so she can take her driver’s test. Lisa said it was all about negotiation. Really? Ummm… Cuz when they’re under 18… Is it really smart to negotiate that something like that? I don’t get the whole flying back early to take her driver’s test… Get your license a week later…There’s no negotiation necessary… Get your ass on the plane, we’re flying to Oregon… If you cop an attitude – watch your favorite things disappear one by one. I mean, seriously… I love Lisa and all… but there are 5 nearby DMV offices that serve Beverly Hills and a million more in the rest of the County that readily take driver’s test appointments.

Lisa R gives us some background information about herself. She lived in Newport Beach, CA (Orange County) until she was 7 when her dad was transferred to Medford, Oregon. It was a HUGE culture shock. She explains how she wore really short dresses and that she always felt out of place. She felt that she belonged in a big city. She had the feeling, “Why am I here? I am more fabulous than this.”

Lisa R talking head

Lisa R tries to see her parents once a year. (Okay, I’ve got to stop right here… I admittedly have a lot of personal bias on this subject matter… Just wanted to warn you…lol.) I’ve got to be honest that it baffles me when someone has a very flexible work schedule, a whole lot of money, kids old enough to handle it, and they STILL don’t find time to visit their elderly parents. Love them while you have them. Seriously.

It looks like her parents have recently moved into a nice assisted living facility. Her dad is 92 and Lisa thinks he stays so strong because he doesn’t want to leave her mom. Last year, her mom had a stroke and lost a lot of her memory. Both of her parents are very spry and they go into a room that is featuring some of Lisa’s dad’s artwork. Holy crap on a cracker – her dad is a great painter! No really…

Lisa complains that it’s hard not having your parents be young and full of life. They both looked pretty great to me and were able to walk around on their own and stand around and talk. Lisa is lucky that her parents are even still with her. She may regret not making more time for them in her life when they’re gone. I know I do. I’d do almost anything to have another day with my mom or my dad.

It’s sad to Lisa that he can no longer paint and do things that make him happy. Her dad expresses that he doesn’t feel like he belongs where they are now living and that he can’t seem to settle down. He talks about not being around in 15 years. This conversation isn’t easy for Lisa or her kids.

At lunch, Lisa admits to her step sister that she’s avoided stuff with her parents. It sounds like the caretaking and financial management responsibilities have fallen to her step sister.  Lisa is sad that her dd is suffering and is miserable. Her parents and her daughters join them at the table for lunch. She tells everyone the girls are returning home early the next morning. I can’t gauge how long they’ve been there – it feels like it’s been only a day or so, but you know editing.

There’s a scene at Lisa’s childhood home where everything is neatly displayed on tables for her to go through.  She visits her old room that still has the same wallpaper on it from when she was a kid.  She talks to her mom about how it’s a weird feeling to say goodbye to a house. Her mom says, “Let somebody else have this nice house.” Lisa tells us that it’s weird for her since she’s the adult now and that she is now taking care of her parents. Ummm… Actually, you’re not… You see them once a year. Puhleeze… Talk to me when you have to change their diapers daily.  I dunno… Perhaps she’s taking care of them financially or something – but it really seemed like her sister was taking care of things. But Lisa seems to have a great heart – So she may be quietly funding that nice assisted living facility for her parents.

Lisa R and her mom


Meanwhile, we transition to the next segment where we learn that Eileen and her husband Vince (my boyfriend) live about an hour away from the city in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. As she and Vince walk down the stairs leading to their backyard and pool, she makes a remark about how much dog poop there is and why aren’t the kids cleaning it up. Vince says the gardener should be cleaning it up. I love that Eileen expects her kids to do it. She and Vince have erratic schedules but end up spending a lot of time together. As they pick tomatoes and water their garden (cuteness overload)… Vince playfully turns the hose on her. Sigh… Dagnabit… I really like them as a couple the more I see of them together. Damnit (excuse the cussin’…).

That tramp and my boyfriend


Oh goodie… It’s time for Kyle’s barbecue… Kyle tells us that Mauricio likes to waltz in after everything is already done and THEN ask if he can help…lol. Kyle phones him and tells him he needs to stop and get ice. Okay, raise your hand if you think Mauricio actually stopped to pick up ice on his way home? Why on earth, with the amount of entertaining Kyle does… Why wouldn’t she have a professional ice machine?  This makes no sense to me.

Kyle says that when her friends are fighting – that she just invites everyone to her event and leaves it up to the individuals involved as to whether they want to attend or not. She says after all she’s not in high school anymore. True, but you and your friends too often act like you’re still in Junior High.

Lisa meeting the tramp


Lisa decides to attend Kyle’s event because she is not going to let Brandi’s presence dictate if she goes or not because it gives Brandi all the power. Everyone arrives and introductions of the new girl (Eileen) and my boyfriend, Vince, are made… Vince thinks he’s worked with Kim when they were kids – but Kim doesn’t remember it… But seriously, does Kim remember anything? Kyle remembers Vince, though… I mean, who wouldn’t? lol… Kyle also remembers Eileen from being on the soap opera with her…

YoYo lisa inviteYoYo immediately accosts Lisa as she enters Kyle’s backyard because Lisa had the audacity not to invite YoYo to her Palm Springs Star ceremony… If you remember, Lisa was invited last season to the unveiling of David Foster’s Star on the real “Hollywood Walk of Fame.” YoYo is cranky that Lisa didn’t reciprocally extend an invitation to them to attend her ceremony in Palm Springs. Lisa shrugs it off that it was 120 degrees, in the middle of the week…etc… but YoYo is having NONE of that…lol.

As a point of reference, Palm Springs is about 140 miles away and can take easily 3 hours to drive there – Lisa eyerollSo you almost have to spend the night and is therefore not an easy event wherein you just show up. Lisa lies and says she didn’t invite anyone to the ceremony… but YoYo knows she actually DID invite Lisa R. YoYo thinks that Lisa says she wants to move on – but that somehow the fact that since Lisa didn’t invite YoYo to her star ceremony indicates that Lisa hasn’t actually moved on. I think it does indicate Lisa’s moved on – She just has done so without YoYo. YoYo keeps bringing up the subject because she wants to talk about it but Lisa just wants to go get a drink. I’m with Lisa.

Eileen is the kind of person who sits back and observes people when she first meets them and lets them reveal who they are.  Sure enough… Kyle’s friend Michelle brought up Brandi’s book and her vagina surgery… Eileen asked Brandi about the surgery and our little Brandi explained she had her vagina tightened. Eileen explains that she hasn’t met too many people who immediately throw out their vagina news like that. The thing is… Brandi isn’t the one who brought it up – She was merely answering questions about it. And yes, it’s pissing me off that I’m actually defending Brandi at the moment… but I’m confident that will change momentarily…lol.

Brandi kim


As they’re sitting around talking, Kim says that when you’re going after acting parts that if they ask if you can do something, you always say, “Absolutely” just so you get the part. So Kim gets this part, and she’s reading the script –and she sees that she’s supposed to be a tennis pro. Kim said that she had only casually batted around balls with a boyfriend at… (Okay, wait for the name to drop)… “Charlton Heston’s house”(thud…lol). Kim tells how Nels Van Patten, Vince’s brother, helped her learn how to play enough so she could do well on the Magnum, P.I. episode – Whoa… I actually remember that episode and I had no idea that was our Kim as the tennis player…lol… How hysterical…

It was cute cuz Eileen then tells us a story about how she lied to get an acting part but it required her to ride a motorcycle… Unfortunately, the moment she got onto the motorcycle, she immediately popped the clutch and the bike fell on her. A homeless guy ran to her assistance and spit on a bandana and wiped the blood off her face. She remembers they had to paste her hair over the scrap marks on her face for the segment…lol.

Kyle talking headKyle also lied about being a nerd and was told by her mom that she had to wear her grandfather’s glasses and pretend they were hers. Somehow, I don’t think it’s the same thing, but okay.


Brandi and Eileen get into a back and forth discussion about something that happened on the soap opera series in which Eileen acted and in which Brandi was a huge fan. Brandi was trying to correct Eileen on some detail but Eileen summarily tells Brandi that she was actually there… You know… filming it.  Lol… They bet $100 on something. I really don’t care who was right or wrong – The takeaway was that Brandi once again looked like an idiot. Is it wrong that it brings me so much joy? I think it might be…lol.
YoYo THIn this week’s edition of, “I Kid You Not”… Our little Miss Pretentious YoYo ACTUALLY uttered these words when explaining why she and David vacationed in Turkey this summer for the first time in 10 years… YoYo said, “And it was great because we do, you know, the Almalfi Coast – You know that whole thing every summer – And it gets old – you know – it becomes such a… it becomes a job.” Oh, cry me a freakin’ river, YoYo. Poor you, having to vacation on the Amalfi Coast every summer. Puhleeze. #richbitchproblems


Other Things we learned from this episode…

~~I’m noticing that the talking head interviews are so much more aesthetically pleasing to the camera this year than in previous seasons. In each designed scene, there are flowers, windows, etc. Heck, even Kim’s blouse matches her vases perfectly in her talking head interviews. It also cracks me up that in YoYo’s there’s actually a fire roaring in the fireplace for ambiance. Honey, there is NO reason to ever have a fire going on in Southern California. Well, unless you’re toasting marshmallows for s’mores or you live in the mountains. At the risk of “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” – It’s going to be 66 degrees here on Christmas.

Kim talking head


~~Brandi says that Lisa is a very stubborn individual. I guess that may or may not be true. Brandi also says she thinks she’s attracted to the challenge – because she always wants what she can’t have. Why, how totally mature of you, Brandi. Lisa tells Brandi straight up that she probably won’t attend her party because they have some work to do to repair their relationship before Lisa wants to warm Brandi’s house or anything else.

~~We meet the swans! We meet the swans! Hanky and Panky are Lisa V’s two male “gay swans” that YoYo’s ex-husband, Mohamed, gave to Lisa back when they were tiny babies. They LOVE Lisa and actually hug her – Well, as well as a swan can hug, I guess. However, there doesn’t seem to be much love between the swans and Ken. Perhaps they’re jealous of him. It’s kinda interesting… One of them wanders into the house and kinda has words with one of their poof balls of a dog before it’s swooshed back out of the house.

Lisa talking head


~~Lisa V. is baffled at why Brandi has invited her to her house warming party. Lisa wants Brandi to know that she hasn’t changed from last season – That Lisa is still the same horrible person that she was last season when Brandi felt the need to keep running to all of her friends and badmouth Lisa. Okay people… Why is it soooOOOooo hard to understand why Lisa wouldn’t want to go to a party at Brandi’s house? I mean seriously… Lisa said she was testing out the waters to see how things went at Kyle’s barbecue since it’s the first time they’ve actually seen each other since last season’s wackadoodleness.

~~Lisa R introduces her friend Eileen to YoYo for the first time when they all sit down and have lunch in Malibu… YoYo and Eileen both live in Malibu and they have several things in common. Eileen tells YoYo that YoYo’s daughter, Gigi went to school with Eileen’s step son and had attended a party at their house. They actually had a real talk about teenaged sex. Lisa R (who has all girls) doesn’t know if it’s too early to get her daughter(s) on “the pill”… and Eileen says she’s constantly saying to her sons, “Don’t forget the condoms.”  Lol… It’s got be tricky to be a parent of teenagers nowadays.


Funniest Moment of the Epsiode…

Brandi, who seems to be sitting on a bar stool, wraps her arms around Ken to hug and hold onto him… and Ken is so determined to get away from her that he physically moves Brandi’s chair as he leaves. HI-lariously funny… I mean you know, if Brandi wasn’t so danged pathetic.


Quotes of the episode…

“The only thing that Lisa holds onto more than Giggy… Is a grudge.”

Kyle said this about Lisa V. but let’s be honest – Most of the housewives hold so many grudges they could hold daily grudge matches and never reuse subjects. Of course Lisa holds resentment against the rest of the cast for ganging up on her last season… When Lisa says she’s, “moving forward” – It doesn’t mean her scars have magically disappeared… I think it just means she’s choosing to keep walking while they’re healing. Let’s face it… Lisa is on this show for the publicity only. I highly doubt she will ever again trust any of you who were involved in last season.


“My life does not revolve around Lisa Vanderpump.”

Brandi says this to whomever would listen…lol. Ummm Brandi, who says it does? Or who says it should? But isn’t it crystal clear that Brandi that wants nothing more to do with Lisa… I mean it’s not like she begged Lisa to come to her house warming party like 2 million times or anything… Then Brandi tried to manipulate Lisa into coming when she told Lisa that her parents would be there and that they wanted to see her. Puhleeze.


Next week…

Lisa R. does the ice bucket challenge on Access Hollywood Live… Brandi asks Lisa to go to lunch with her and when Lisa asks her why would she want to do that… In next week’s edition of “I Kid You Not” – Brandi said, “To eat your <bleep>”… Okay, where in the HELL did that come from? Everyone’s eyes immediately pop out of their sockets… Another ummm… creative word that rhymes with “stunning-linguist” is discussed and YoYo acts like she’s never heard of the word before… However, my eyes pop out of my sockets when I think I see Lisa and Ken actually show up to Brandi’s house for her “I’ve moved 5 times in 5 years because I’m an idiot” party… Good times…

Well, that’s it for this episode… Thanks for reading… See you next time!


Have yourself a merry, little Christmas – Or any other reason you celebrate this time of year… Hug and love on those you are lucky enough to have around… Allow yourself to be mentascental about those who aren’t around anymore but celebrate in a manner that would make them smile… Give generously from your heart… Receive enthusiastically… Listen to stories like it’s the last time you’ll ever hear them… Play games… Sing songs… And as usual, have way too much fun for words.

See you next time!


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning! I look forward to reading Stars version of it all! 😀

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Merry Christmas Eve. Love love love the recap Stars!

    Loved stiff Ken trying to get out of Brandi’s one-sided hug. #getaclue

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Veena – And thanks so much for what you do every single day for this blog… Have yourself a merry, little Christmas!

  3. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas this year is to have tea in Lisa Vanderpump’s closet and a swan.

    Thank you,

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy-thanks for the early Christmas Eve cry!! That little message at the end of your blog did me in!! I love Christmas -it was my mothers favorite time of year. I’m still wondering all these years later how exactly she pulled it all off. 7 kids and an ex husband who wasn’t (at the time) a
    co-parent and contributed minimally financially and emotionally and yet there were plenty of presents under the tree and an excited Mother waiting for all of us to wake up. She made it magical and special and showed her kids the meaning of Christmas. We all try to do so much but in reality none of the “stuff” matter because I don’t remember the “stuff”…I remember the magic. I see the magic in the eyes of my own kids and I know that my mother would be proud that I try to keep it as special for them as she did for me.
    Merry Christmas Eve everyone-I shall do as Starzy says and have way too much fun for words!!

    • Just saw this, ashy, I wish you a happy and not too bittersweet christmas. You have two beautiful girls, a great hubby, brothers and sisters – and ….. GLITTER by Maggie !
      Your mama sounds amazing …….so all good memories bestie 💜👭

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Always happy this time of year-never sad!! It’s not a time for my family to be sad-that would be the exact opposite of what we were taught!! I have so many reasons to be happy and Merry!!
        Enjoy your festivities tonight-especially your lamb!! Marry Christmas bestie! XOXO ❤️

        • 2Stupid says:

          What an awesome attitude. I could use a little dose of that! Merry Christmas to your family! My kids are acting like they are on crack today, I can only imagine how tomorrow is going to be!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I think all kids take it to the next level on this day!! Each day in December flies by but Christmas Eve day lasts a lifetime!! “When is Santa coming” “How many more hours till Santa comes”…all day long!!
            Merry Christmas to and yours!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Love ya, Jill – No not THAT Jill… but that other one… It can be so tough, can’t it? Let’s hold hands and have as much fun as we possibly can this Christmas! 🙂

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Christmas eve. 😊🎄🎁🙏😇

  6. Merry Xmas eve all- this is the night we do christmas – not tomorrow so, looking forward to some good lamb tonight.
    I wish you all a healthy & happy holiday 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅🎅🎁🎁🎁
    For festivus- 🎋

    Stars – awesome recap – hysterical –
    And I’m so so happy you saw kind of what I saw with Lisa2.
    Other than this – I do like her a lot.

    I truly really love LiRi and her daughters – and im really liking her personality – but HOW on earth does she not take her daughters to ever see where she grew up? I mean- Oregon >>>LA – that far? I’ve gone international to see where my parents grew up and they’re not famous, wealthy ACTORS!
    They didn’t know their own mom went to church ? Does she never tell her daughters how she grew up and what she did ?
    Harry’s like a die-hard WASP so maybe church isn’t “part” of the family dynamic. Fine I get that – but to not know or boohoo that their mom did that ? How do you not know this, i.e. things your mom did when younger – lisa is chatty, I’d imagine she’d share and be warm with her daughters.
    Is this for the camera ? I didn’t get it.
    Also,😬 the reactions the girls had to their mom’s town and “””OMG – FAST FOOD restaurants.”””
    LiRi is very skinny (subtract 10-15 lbs from what we see on film) – and her daughter’s comment about “chubs” or something like that – makes me think staying thin is a huge priority in that house.

    It makes me kind of sad about maybe the way girls grow up nowadays (or is this privileged post-millennial hollywood only) – or maybe it’s cultural ?- don’t know about their parents’ past nor are interested ?
    That saddened me. I have to be honest.

    I can’t imagine – FATHOM not taking care of my parents or being extra close to them or visiting more often — at that age. I just can’t. (And with the extra financial resources available to me 😳)
    And those parents have daughters- they should be extra lucky! (Daughters stay, sons go away w/ wife’s fam, whatever the ••general•• saying goes- GENERAL)

    Eileen – seems cold – very hand-shaky. Like girl, hug a bit@h when you meet her. Jeez.
    And that bravo choppy edit (hi VV!) – of eileen saying “wow” was about trashbag Brandi ….NOT lisa.
    Bravo …. 😑

    VVVVVVVVV come baaaaaaaack. Yes I’ll beg, I don’t care how dumb I look!

  7. California35 says:

    First of all, thanks for your wishes. They are sweet and same to you 😊

    Second, thanks for the blog. You are making it very fun.

    And third ~ thanks to all the bloggers for the hard work and for entertaining us all year long.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Awww… California, my neighbor… Thanks for your kind words… and I hope you have a really great holiday season!

  8. Powell says:

    I’ve been having the wrong kind of BBQs. Catered and having my female guests wear Brian Atwood and Loubitons.
    Brandi keeps saying she’s not going to kiss Lisa’s ass but she sure asked Lisa 50 Xs to come to her 5th house warming party.
    I tell you I love Ken even more. He was sure trying to get away from Brandi. I could see his mind racing and saying “Brandi don’t touch me.”. Bobble Head. 🙄
    And Yo. OMG. Get over it. Lisa didn’t invite you to her Star event. She doesn’t have to invite everyone. Just cuz you invited her to David’s she’s obligated to invite you to hers? Boy oh boy I coulda had a V8. 😏

  9. Powell says:

    How cute are Lisa Rs parents? I can see they were quite a great looking couple in their day. Love his paintings. That was sad Lisa knowing how ill he was.

    • California35 says:

      I was blown away when i saw the paintings. WOW i dont know what i was expecting, maybe recent painting and not knowing he was talented. I dont know. He is a very talented painter.

      • Agreed. And I agree with Starzy point about Lips visiting her parents only once a year. I lost my almost 92 year old grandma last January, she was in Virginia Beach and I live in NYC. I flew down pretty much every two months to see her, while maintaining my almost full time job and my family in NY, granted I don’t have kids, but that would not have changed I would have just dragged them with me.

        • Powell says:

          I don’t Get these people w?money not seeing their parents. Yo can take David’s jet anytime he’s not using it. Lisa may not have the luxury of flying private but she can go commercial or drive or higher a driver.

          • kit9 says:

            SO agree. It seems that Yo’s mom is terminal but Yo can’t manage more than 2 weeks? She doesn’t have a job, her kids, who are older, have their father RIGHT THERE in LA to step in for Yo and care for them. Lisa R’s parents are even closer, she is an actress with a very flexible schedule but she only sees them once a year. Meanwhile she claims she’s now caring for her parents but, as the blog so rightly points out-no she’s not her step sister is. I don’t get it.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Looks like Lisa came from some pretty good genes when it comes to good looks. Too bad she ruined it by screwing her face up and the eye makeup last night was quite severe. Her mother is a beauty!

  10. Powell says:

    Mwaaahh BIG hugs and kisses to you our Walk of Fame Stars and to the family. 🙅🙅🙅😘😘😘

  11. HuskerHuny says:

    Does Lisa hold a grudge? What I see is this . . .

    Brandi, Yolo, Kim and Kyle came at Lisa in Puerto Rico with all barrels loaded. Lisa was deeply hurt by this. She and Ken left the island and the toxic situation. Seems like a smart idea to me. They all go on the reunion and the four wicked step sisters, once again, attack Lisa for what, I still don’t understand.

    Now, is Lisa holding a grudge? I don’t think so. She’s learned from this nastiness, she’s put it behind her, but like the smart woman that she is, she’s not going to play like absolutely nothing happened. She’s moved on. In fact, she’s moved on much further than the rest of them. They (the wicked four) are the ones that keep bringing it up and dwelling on it. Lisa is keeping them at arm’s length and to me, that’s a classy way to handle those four hussys.

    And, oh yeah, Brandi is not going to kiss up to Lisa and Ken ever again. Don’t look now Brandi, but that’s exactly what you are doing and you are losing! And more than ever, after watching last night’s epi, I truly realized how much Brandi is not representative of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. She is way out of place with these women in class and status. She’s the red-headed step child, she knows it and it shows.

    Medford, Oregon looked like a great community to me. Maybe Lisa should raise her daughters there and they might be a little less snooty. And have these girls ever been in a church at all? Not preaching here (see what I did there!), but it sounds like they could learn a bit of humility by doing so. And how talented is Lisa’s father? Amazing. I would love to have one of his paintings in my home.

    Just waiting for noon when my baby granddaughter will be in town and then home to the rest of my family. We all get together twice a year – 4th of July and Christmas. Lots of food, presents, laughs and love. I wish the same to all of you.

    • HH I love everything you wrote, nice analysis. Have a great time with your baby granddaughter

    • Soooo with you and enjoy your granddaughter !

    • plainviewsue says:

      HH, fabulous post. Agree w/every word!

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Every.Single.Word – perfect & I agree with all of them!! give that baby kisses for me!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I get why most folks would see that Lisa was piled on in Puerto Rico but with that being said, I am not quite sure why Kyle (and KIm) are getting lumped in with Brandi and Yo.
      The issue that Brandi and Yo had with Lisa was stuff they had been stewing over for a while, I don’t think it was a coincidence that they decided to wait until they were in away to drop it in her lap.

      But Kyle, only found about about the ‘magazines’ while they were there, it;s not like she kept this ace in her back pocket and only then decided to drop the bomb. On the contrary, it was part of Yo and Brandi’s pile on plan.

      I also don’t really remember Kim fighting with Lisa, I remember her losing it when Ken when Ken tried to shut down the conversation at the dinner table when Kyle was asking about the magazines.

      I thought Lisa’s daughters were shockingly rude and snotty. It actually makes me fear the day my girls turn into teenagers, because I will feel failed if they act like that.

      Oregon is a beautiful state and they just turned up their noses at it because it was as luxurious as living in Beverly Hills. It was also offensive that they think people are weirdos because they go to mass; I also don’t understand why if Lisa is Catholic she was sending her kids to kabbalah classes with Kyle Richards kids. it seems to me that Lisa R was buying into ‘whatever is trendy’.

      I also wasn’t very impressed about how little time Lisa spends with her folks and what little she does for them. It actually really irks me that Lisa lives this ‘fabulous’ lifestyle and is quiet comfortable to sit back and watch her half sister do all the work.

      • Exit4 says:

        It didn’t seem all that strange with her sister doing most of the work. My mom is one of 7 and only 2 stayed in their hometown. The rest were farther away. We saw them a few times a year- but my aunt and uncle and their families bore most of the burden of their care because they were close. My Pop pop lived with my aunt for years, until he had to go into a home-dementia. My parents and other aunts who could, helped out financially-because that’s all they could do-since they weren’t there day to day.

      • Rabble I agree about Lisa R.
        Sad to me. Truly.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      PS Enjoy your precious grandbaby. Have a blessed Christmas.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Thanks Ramble – they just left my office after getting to spend about 90 minutes with her. I get off at 2 p.m. and will see them at home.

        I think Kyle’s issue with Lisa was when Lisa brought it up about Mo having lunch with ‘another’ woman (meaning Portia) while they were sitting in Kyle’s kitchen – sometime around the first epi of that season. Kyle and Mo got all bent out of shape thinking that their 5 year old daughter was somehow damaged by Lisa’s joke. And if Portia was indeed damaged, that’s one 5 year old who is too smart for her britches. Kyle let is fester until Puerto Rico when she decided to have it out with Lisa.

        As for Kim, she was so distraught when Lisa and Ken did not attend her daughter’s high school graduation party, even though L&K said they would be out of town via RSVP and sent along a very nice (and expensive) gift, thereby acknowledging the event properly. When Kim found out that they were in fact back in town but chose not to attend the party (as it was late and a long drive to get to it), K&L went to their restaurant to check in and relax feeling that they had already handled the party invite appropriately. Again, Kim chose to come after the two of them at Carlton’s husband’s business party and then again in Puerto Rico.

        So along with Brandi and Yolo and their issues (with Sheana and Yolo not getting visits when she was ill), all four of them came with guns a blazing at Lisa. Even at the reunion, all four of them so wanted Lisa to admit to something that Lisa felt she didn’t do and thereby, didn’t need to apologize for anything.

        Lisa made a joke (and it was a joke), she RSVPd, she called her sick friend and checked in with her and she did make efforts to keep Brandi away from Sheana, but production wanted other things. I don’t know how much more this woman could have done other than give an empty apology just to appease these women, which in my mind, is far worse than not saying anything at all. I hate phonies.

        Got to go – they are shutting off the lights. Merry Christmas Rabble!

        • Powell says:

          Yes that’s when Kyle got her panties in a twist. I get it. She didn’t like the joke and I think Lisa should have apologized for that. The only thing Kyle said to Lisa was don’t say that. She should have told Lisa she didn’t appreciate it at that time. But yes like you said Kyle let it fester and then listened to Bobble Head lie that Lisa said to pack the mag. Even the witch Carlton said she was there when Bobble Head had her suitcase and she didn’t hear Lisa say that. I mean just think about it. Who went to the store and bought the mag? Who said to Kyle I can hurt you? Bobble Head. I sure would believe Lisa over Bobble Head.

    • Powell says:

      So Husker you got the first 3 paragraphs right out of my brain. That’s exactly how I see it.
      IDK how Lisa R just picked one painting. Her dad is so talented.
      You and the family have a blast. Don’t go spoiling that cute little baby too much.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You said exactly how I see it. No way is Lisa holding a grudge, she is just being smart and not trusting them and I don’t blame her, I know I sure would not ever trust those B’s again. Brandy hasn’t moved on at all she still wants Lisa as her friend and will do anything to get her back. Hopefully that will never happen.

  12. BB says:

    My Christmas wish is that you all have a wonderful holiday season, whatever it means for you. For those who are missing your loved ones, I pray you will find comfort and peace, especially at this time of year. For those who are stressed out and tired, I hope you will take some time for yourself to relax and recharge. For those who are dealing with health issues, I hope you can forget about them for at least a little while. For those who are celebrating joyous events in your lives, party on. Merry Christmas, everyone.

  13. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Dear Brandi,

    Lisa’s not stubborn. She is repulsed by you. Take that big book check a buy an effing clue.


    Common Sense

  14. plainviewsue says:

    Starz, your write up was stellar, as always. I really loved this episode. Watching Lisa R with her parents is something so many of us can relate to. Starz, I thought the same thing. It isn’t like Oregon is on the other side of the world. Seeing them only once a year? But maybe she is the one who is financially taking care of the assisted living expenses. Even so, the once a year is bothersome. But I love Lisa R, so I’ll give her some slack!

    I also loved hearing the former child stars chat about their glory days. I think Kim looks the best she has ever looked as a RHOBH HW. She looks happy, which makes me happy for her.

    Yes, the line about the Amalfi coast was typical Yolanda and I loved Eileen’s response in her TH.

    Did anyone watch WWHL with Yolanda? You could see from the start she wasn’t feeling well at all, and on twitter, we have seen she posted that she has suffered a relapse. My eyes welled up for her when she was speaking about her condition and what it is like to have an invisible disease. I can totally relate to her, and it was heartbreaking to watch and listen. I had a relapse back in May and I’m still struggling to recover. Good days/bad days is our manta.

    Brandi, oh Brandi. Does she expect her and Lisa to go for pedicures together now?? Lisa was honest in her responses. It is not a grudge. It is reacting to how someone totally betrayed a friendship. Ken was the best!!

    Happy holidays all!!

  15. Dear Santa –
    All of us at Lynnfam simply wish the creme de la creme of the HWs franchise to be just that- the creme of the freakin CREME

    But please, as our one wish, please have this be our last season with TrashbagBrandi™
    Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    (2nd wish is the Lisa’s closet thing mentioned above ^^^^)

    Thanks –
    LynnFam readers

  16. Orson One Hundred says:

    I thought “You shall not pass” was a Monty Python Holy Grail reference?

    I guess sangria wine is okay for a barbecue because Jerry Jeff Walker sings a song named “Sangria Wine”. I think “Ghetto sangria” is grape kool aid and everclear and maybe some orange sections and apple slices. I worked at the Ohio State Fair for several years and on the last night, we made a punch out of peach kool aid and peach schnapps. It was tasty, but you had to be careful because it could really sneak up on you.

    And you folks are being mean. Brandi doesn’t hold grudges. Well, there’s Lisa V, Eddie, Leanne, Sheanna, Johanna Krupa, and Kenya, but really, she’s not a grudge holder. Honestly! She’s a truth cannon.

    • Wait wut?

      Peach koolaid with peach schnapps?

      Stawp it! I want some right now!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Giggles at Captain 100 Upmanship… I can’t bemember about the Monty Python reference, Orson… but it for sure is Lord of the Rings… I guess I need to rewatch Monty Python, no? And lol @ “Honestly! She’s a truth canon.” Hope you’re having a mahvelous holiday season, my friend.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Orson, that’s “None shall pass.”

  17. Exit4 says:

    When Brandi was telling Eileen who was on her show (Days) and when (Brandi was wrong-Lisa rinna was the original Billie) and Eileen commented that while Brandi was watching, Eileen was actually there, you know, filming it-it reminded me of these shows and all of our discussions!

    The way these ladies react to each other and their opinions of each other come from actually spending a lot of time interacting and filming for months. Or knowing each other, in some cases, for years. Sometimes they’re even related! We see an edited version of everything-there’s a lot we don’t see and don’t know.

    Brandi is getting frozen out and I kind of love it. It was such a lovely episode and then she shows up. Her clock is ticking. Oh and Brandi is the same age as me. I clearly remember Eileen’s time on Days because I watched it back then. I was just out of college when she had her big storyline. I didn’t have a “real” job after graduation-so I stayed down the shore by myself and worked at a deli until Christmas 1995. I graduated May 1995. After the new year I started looking for a job and my mom and I would watch at lunchtime. I actually got my mom hooked on it since I was watching it for a while! Good try trying to bring your age down Brandi!!

    Is LVP stubborn? I think so! Does she hold a grudge? I think so too! Is this a bad thing? NO! It’s completly normal. LVP will never forget brandis a-hole behavior. She sees her for what she is and will never let her back in. That’s a grudge to me. And it’s ok! I hold grudges against certain people and I’m a nice person. Really, I am! For all the complaints about Kyle and the way she occasionally throws shade Lisa’s way-LVP doesn’t freeze Kyle out. LVP recognizes that sometimes Kyle gets pissy and offended or upset at little things. Just like most normal people do-including LVP herself. She keeps Kyle in her life because, even though they may have little fights, her and Mo are decent people who have never trashed Lisa and Ken publicly like Brandi did and does. Brandi burns bridges.

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Lynnfam! I have a very excited little boy (the 7 year old) who just can’t wait for Santa! My youngest doesn’t quite grasp it yet (he’s 2 1/2) but I think tomorrow he’ll really love it! Last year he was a little overwhelmed-my oldest didn’t really get it until around 3, so I still have some time to really love the Christmas “magic”. I will not however, miss that freakin elf. I hope you all have a great holiday-whichever one you celebrate! ❤️🎅🎄🎁 and I’ll throw in some 🍸🍻🚬 just because!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Merry Christmas and enjoy your little ones. My girls are super excited that Santa is coming and that Jesus was born.

      My MIL got them a advent calendar a few days ago that she found on the PX- so they have been gorging on chocolates for the past few days trying to catch up on all the days they missed.

      • Exit4 says:

        Thanks! You too! My oldest loves his calander to-every morning he opens the new day after looking for the elf!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Exit – You’re so right… I, too, think Brandi’s being frozen out… so is YoYo… Brandi is grasping and trying to stay relevant by saying things like a shock jock (I guess, in some ways she thinks her podcast makes her one, too)… I appreciate hearing your point of view… Hope you have a great holiday season!

  18. Oh hai!

    -I didn’t really like last night’s episode. While LisaR’s family issues are reality- it bummed me out- I’ve got enough of my own problems and I tune in to the HWs as a way to escape them not see elderly patents selling the old homestead. IMHO of course.

    -Not to take away anything from any actresses- I’m sure it’s very stressful and all that- but I thought it was very interesting that Yolo, Lisa R and Eileen sat around bitching and moaning how tough it is give their house staff directions- while Lisa VanderPump gives direction to multiple staffs of 100’s of employees and manages not to complain too much about it.

    -Ken seems a little checked out this season, looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

    – I didn’t know you say p*ssy in that context on TeeVee. And to use it as a teaser with the goal of getting more viewers to tube in? Well. I could climb up on my soapbox about the moral collapse of our modern society, blah, blah, but I’ll spare you all of that.

    – Super Merry Merry Christmas Eve to all my LynnFamily that celebrates the holiday!

  19. Exit4 says:

    I also will NOT miss Calliou’s holiday movie!!! That little Canadian rat bastard is more annoying then the elf-and unfortunately doesn’t go away on Christmas eve!

  20. lila1star says:

    Everyone have a safe and fun Holiday. Your post touched home for me. I took care of my mom until she passed away in my arms in 2007 and then I lost my Dad this past Dec. 3rd–he was 83. They both loved the magic of the season and that is what I will concentrate on 🙂

    • Sounds like you were a great daughter and gave both your parents a lot of love and respect. Holidays can be rough but try your best to treasure the good holiday memories. I am atheist with a Xmas tree because my mom loved xmas and I have tons of ornaments she handpainted. She has been gone 5 years and it is the good things I remember

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Lila… the firsts are always so hard, aren’t they? Allow yourself to be mentascental… But also try to celebrate the season like they would want you to since they loved it so much… You’re such a strong person to be able to hold your mom in your arms as she transitioned from this life to the next. What a gift you gave to her! Try to laugh when you feel like laughing… Cry when you feel like crying… Be a goofball when you feel like being a goofball… Remember fondly.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss.

      Sending you love and surrounding you and your family with a white light if protection…

    • Powell says:

      lila1star I’m sorry your dad passed away recently. It’s just so sad but your mom and dad are together again. BIG hugs to you and have a great Christmas.

      • lila1star says:

        Thank you all for your warm words. I managed to make it through the day without tears until last night–oh well I am just glad its over .

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    Did anyone hear Brandi’s comment about having met stars while Kim was speaking with Starz’s boyfriend? How she had been around them? she said that she had even “blanked” some of them…oh yes, she fits right in…..

    I know that Lisa R’s girls are all teens, and that age lends itself to being a bit cocky and sounding as though you are above it all, but I did not care for the coments – but then I did not enjoy the whole nature of the conversation as they all drove through Lisa’s hometown either – as for Lisa seeing her parents only once a year – whether or not she is fully funding their stay at the assisted living space, she has the money and the ability to adjust her schedule to see them more often – I would give anything to see my Dad again –

    The swans scare me, so Lisa can have her Hanky and Panky – I thought she handled herself quite well at the BBQ – Yolanda – get a hold of yourself! – Lisa is under no obligation to invite you anywhere – stop making her honor about yourself –

    Eileen, please pay attention to the Brandi you met during the discussion about what happened on your show – the one where you were there and actually filming – this is Brandi – take that hundred that you won in that bet and buy her a book about manners, class, and….oh nevermind – it won’t do any good –

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Okay, Shamrock… I LOVE how you referred to Vince as “Starz’s boyfriend.” Made me laugh so hard! Hope you have the Merriest of Christmases, Miss Hug Specialist of the World!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    • Powell says:

      IDK why Bobble Head says stuff like that. People are shocked and she sits there w/a smile on her face thinking it’s cute but it’s not. She’s a one hit wonder. Men hit it and quit it. She’s never getting married again. That’s why JR isn’t making a commitment to her. He wants nothing but what she’s given him. 🙄

  22. Exit4 says:

    I think what Lisa R. Said was she only goes up to see her parents in Oregon once a year or so. Not that she only sees them once a year. It’s pretty likely that she has then visit her in her own home at other times! I’d also guess that she is paying for their expenses.

  23. rabblerouser2010R says:

    If I don’t have a chance to pop back on today, I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our friends who may celebrate something else.

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    wishing all of my “family” here a very happy and blessed Christmas – may the season fill you with love, laughter, joy and peace – please know that I keep you all in my heart, especially this time of year – this is a time of light, and wonder – a reminder of how pure and wonderful life can be – enjoy it, hold it and share it – remember that sometimes grace is glimpsed in the simplest of things – from a smile to a stranger, to reaching out to those that are alone, to bringing joy to those who have none – it is a powerful thing, love – start with yourselves and then share it with all – be safe – be happy and know that you are loved – know that your loved ones are proud of you, that they are happy for you and that they are with you even if you can no longer see them – Merry Happy Joyous Christmas to each and every one of you – much much love, Shamrock *hugs entire lynnfam really really hard*

  25. Shiny says:

    Stars99, your recaps are great. While watching the show, I look forward to seeing how you’ll sum it up and shake your head over the craziness.

    Loved seeing the reality of Lisa R’s younger life, hearing her daughters be typically eye-rolling teenagers who get teary and sassy by turns, and id’ing with Lisa having aging parents, too.

    Eileen sitting back at that party, forcing her husband out of the house for a social occasion, and being unimpressed by Brandi…all put her in the “real” group, too.

    And Lisa V is always in the real group, although fabulously wealthy real, of course. I could watch an entire season of her wandering around her house, laughing at everything, and picking up her dogs.

    Happy 2015, everyone.

    And here’s hoping that Brandi quickly goes the way of former NY RH leg-thrower. Time for her to be fired.

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Off to get my Christmas Eve on-have a magical night everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

  27. Powell says:

    God Bless Us Everyone – Scrooge. 🙂

  28. ladebra says:

    Merry Christmas! … Hope you found your kitty Veena!

  29. Hey Everyone!
    Merry Christmas Eve! I wanted to thank everyone for helping create this amazing place that I can come to and just relax. I have used the reality shows, especially the housewives, as a bit of an escape from some of my own personal stress. Raising a child with autism is challenging on its best day. Today was a VERY hard day for my girl. She is 16 and knows there is no Santa, but the anticipation of waiting is so very hard for her. She got up at 4am this morning and we went to an annual family function this evening and it all went to shit. We finally threw in the towel and came home. I sat down with my laptop and my wine and read todays blog and comments and just feel better. So, to all of you out there, thank you for making my life a little bit better this evening. Hoping everyone has a beautiful holiday and that each and every one of you are blessed this year with much love! xoxo!

  30. SoutheastVA says:

    Merry Christmas eve to everyone! Wishing you all the best today and always.

  31. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Merry Christmas one and all.

  32. lillybee says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you.

  33. Exit4 says:

    What a night! Both little guys napped today until almost 5-which I wouldn’t normally allow but hey, it’s christmas! Headed to 6pm mass-my husband and I sat with Dominic in the “cry room” and Joseph went off with grandmom to the big church. Dominic made a few little friends! Very cute-he’s 2 1/2 and doesn’t last long in church. As luck would have it-we got a very long winded priest and by the time we went out to meet them for communion Joseph was done, so we took our communion and left!

    Headed over to a restaurant down the street from us-Joseph ran into a school friend and we had a nice dinner. Even nicer not to have to make anything or clean up! Christmas Eve is always casual dinner here anyway. During dinner Joseph asked where Santa was-so I pulled up NORAD on my phone and showed him the updates. Then, my mom (the traveler) and my husband start discussing Santas route and questioning why he’s doing it the way he’s doing it. Then they started coming up with THEIR ideas of how Santa should go about his delivering of gifts. Halfway through I said (cryptically as possible) “I don’t think it actually matters guys” LOL

    Got them home, cleaned them up, put in the Xmas PJs and opened grandmoms gifts. As well as the gifts Joseph bought us (and the cat) at Santas Secret Shop and the class trip to the $1 store. My husband and I got pens. Dominic got a ball and grandmom got a high heeled shoe that’s actually a ring holder. Shades of Jersey HWs! Dominic finally “got” the gift concept and was totally nuts! Went crazy for Thomas and Joseph was over the moon with his hourglass-just like the witch in the Wizard of Oz has.

    My husband just took Dominic to bed-at almost 11:30! He just can’t calm down. He’s excoted so I’ll forgive him! Joseph went into bed with grandmom-they sleep together when she visits. A few minutes later I hear commotion. He shows up downstairs upset because he forgot Santas cookies. Mommy did too. Lol. Pulled that together and then he asked for the reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter). I sent him outside (in 60 degree weather-not complaining!) to spread it on the lawn. My neighbors wind chimes were ringing and he’s looking around, calling Santa-it was funny. I said hurry up-he won’t come if your awake and he hauled ass into the house. But, insisted on peeking one more time-I let him go back onto the porch and someone in the neighborhood was hammering. I convinced him it was Santa on someone’s roof and he ran to bed so fast-OMG. I was questioning if he was still buying Santa…..I think so!

    Enjoying some 🍷🍷🍷 until the little one is out and then Santa will come! Santa is tired. But very excited that I’m going to have 2 very happy little boys tomorrow morning and that’s my favorite part-watching them come down the steps and seeing the excited faces! And the joy when they get that gift they really want. They don’t believe in the magic for long-so I soak it in while I still can! Merry Christmas everyone!!🎄🎅🎁

  34. adamay411 says:

    Happy Holidays to all and, “to all a good night.”

  35. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and peace with family members!! Merry Christmas!!

  36. Orson One Hundred says:

    There was this Exmas tradition where I grew up in Philly. We lived in a row house. Jimmy’s dad was a real fireman and he had an extension ladder! Every Exmas eve Jimmy’s dad would rig out the ladder and the neighbor dads would go up on the roof. They’d have some Xmas spirits and then go up and down the row of roofs making clunking noises and ringing jingle bells. Then one of the dads would shout “I don’t care what your name is, Fatso, get those reindeer offa my roof!” and one of the other dads would shoot off a couple of rounds from the M-1 Garand he managed to bring back from the Italian campaign.

    Anyway, you all have a cool yule, m’kay?

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