Brandi Glanville Podcast – Brandi wants to Know Why Lisa has a Problem with Brandi making out with Girls plus Trainer calls Kim Richard’s Dog Kingsley the most Dangerous Dog he’s Ever Met

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Brandi wants to Know Why Lisa has a Problem with Brandi making out with Girls

She reads something her son wrote about her for class which I don’t quite understand but involves a headdress, an African tribe, and women’s rights. In it he calls his mother “fierce, loving and kind”. He also calls her crazy and vicious. It’s pretty damn cute, I have to say. She explains him calling her vicious because she told her kids she could snap a coyote’s neck–a lie she told so they wouldn’t be afraid of them(yeah, makes no sense to me, either. Does she want them trying to pet them?).

Brandi talks the “Sony Pictures hacked by North Korea shit”. Again she says she thinks that the whole thing is a hoax(again, I’ll say, she’s a freaking moron.). “It’s a hoax, I KNOW it”. She says that when she saw the news anchors saying it on tv that she didn’t think THEY believed it(facepalm). Brandi claims, as she has in the past, that Seth Rogen said he would do her podcast and she says that when it’s revealed to be a hoax, she’s going to call him out on it(this I would love to hear!).

Brandi wonders “what else is going on in the news?” and tells us that she’s got some tabloids with her(got that? She’s referring to the tabloids as “the news”) Brandi reads from The Star about Timberlake getting divorced. She doesn’t believe it. She mentions some rumor out there about her having x-mas dinner with Eddie and Leann. She’s not. She thinks all tabloid stories have a little bit of truth about it(so, she’s having lunch with them instead?).

Brandi jokes about being close to getting her “comedian’s license”. She then wonders what it takes for someone to be called a comedian(talent, genius. See also: people not named Brandi Glanville). She apparently mentioned Del Taco in both her books and they’ve sent her gift cards as a result. She goes on about their food at length. She says their food is not unhealthy.

She talks her new car and whines, again, about what a gas hog it is. They talk the Honey Boo Boo porn tape(what?). Brandi knows the owner of porn studio Vivid(shocker!)and wonders if she should call him to see if it’s true. Brandi likes TMZ. It’s where she goes when she wants gossip(didn’t she just claim she isn’t interested in gossip or did I dream that?).

Brandi claims to have killed a rattlesnake in her yard as her son filmed it. Brandi has falsely accused friends of hers of selling stories to the tabloids. Others actually have and they’re no longer friends. Stephen Doriff has been hitting on Brandi for 13 years.

Brandi talks about going to Kathy Hilton’s X-mas party and dancing with Vanna White and Daisy Duke(real bunch of A-listers). Then Kathy Hilton prank called people. NO joke. Kathy was grabbing people’s phones looking for celebrity numbers to call to prank. She called Andy Cohen doing a phony voice at 4am and he hung up!

Brandi talks her WWHL appearance and claims that Andy handed her the list of questions to ask him in their turn the tables segment. Brandi wanted to come up with her own questions. Brandi says that Leann took meetings with the Housewives producers and that she also approached Andy about being on his show. At least that’s what she’s heard.

Brandi decides to pull a Kathy Hilton and prank call someone. The lucky winner is Chelsea Handler’s brother, Roy, a friend of Brandi’s. She going to try to get dirt on Chelsea. He doesn’t answer. Then she has her producer call her book agent pretending to be calling about her agent’s dog’s health insurance.

He tells him that the dog has some type of herpes that can infect humans. He tells the agent that the dog’s health insurance could be canceled unless the dog takes a course of antibiotics. Her agent has no clue what he’s talking about and doesn’t understand when they could have given his dog the test. The call goes on and on and on. Hilarious, right?(it’s actually even less funny than it sounds if that’s possible). Brandi snickers in the background.

When Brandi let’s him in on the joke, her agent says, “that’s not funny” and hangs up on her. She calls him back and he hangs up on her again which Brandi finds hilarious. Brandi takes calls. Someone calls to thank Brandi for helping raising funds for a single mother affected by Ferguson. Not clear what this is about.

Brandi tells the next caller who is a fan that she just tries to be real while some of the other ladies on the show put on “a front”. The caller mentions that Lisa Vanderpump “freaked out” when Brandi made out with a woman but now owns a gay bar. Brandi says, yes, that is ironic and says that Lisa has owned, like, 17 gay bars in London and now has one here. And, Brandi asks, “If it’s boys, it’s OK, if it’s girls it’s not?”

The caller goes onto say that she’s baffled by Lisa’s reaction when so much of her money comes from the gay community. Brandi says that Lisa would like it if she just kissed her once. Brandi says that Lisa is a “good sport” and she gets it for guys but not for girls. The caller asks if Brandi would ever date a woman again. Brandi says she’d like to be a full lesbian because her friends are better than the men in her life.

She’s open to it and would marry her best friend Trina(who?)but she’s married. This caller I think has a wee crush on Brandi. Brandi says she’s the closest thing to bi-sexual on the Housewives. Next caller wants to know how scripted the show really is. Brandi says there is no script and if there was she wouldn’t get in so much trouble.

Aside from knowing where they are going so they can get permission to film there, there is no script. The caller asks specifically about the scene where she’s with Kyle and they call Lisa. She wants to know if Brandi knew she was going to do that beforehand. No, and that she would have charged her phone if she did.

But then Brandi says, “They set up the hike, obviously”. Production asked what they wanted to do and Brandi said exercise. She says they run out of things to do. And, she says sometimes they’ll tell her to have her phone on at specific times-sometimes a call comes, sometimes it doesn’t.

Her producer tells her people love her and women want to be like her. Brandi talks “haters” and says that they’re cowards so they don’t call in. Brandi says what she thinks she lacks an embarrassment “gene”(I think she lacks a dignity gene).

She tried to get her ex to come on her show but he said no. She says some nice things about JR before saying that it’s good to stay on good terms with ex’s who may have “pictures and videos of you”(oh, joy. We can all look forward to the inevitable Brandi sex tape at some point?). She talks about that stupid corset and how it took a week before she could get the thing fastened all the way up. But, she’s still wearing it.


Trainer calls Kim Richard’s Dog Kingsley the most Dangerous Dog he’s Ever Met


The following is from a facebook post on Christmas Eve from Kyle Schwab, a trainer who worked with Kim Richard’s dog Kingsley.

Kyle reposted some photos of bite marks from one of Kingsley’s alleged victims, then wrote;

“Police evidence photos of one of four victims thus far from the same dog. Kingsley. The dog owned by one of the real housewives of BH. It took me four hours to subdue him and be able to work with him.  I believe his nest victim could end in death.  He is the single most dangerous dog I have ever worked with. And if I didn’t go there with the proper equipment. I wouldn’t be typing this right now.”

Asked: “Did Kim relinquish Kingsley to you I hope? He almost bit the “trainer” that came to work with him?

The trainer responded: “Kingsley never showed up the next Wed morning after I worked with him and made room. I believe I was his only hope. Even though he tried to kill me. I thought he was workable and was going to do a joint custody thing where he was with me during filming for the safety of the staff and crew.  And or I would maintain him on set (off camera) during filming days. I will tell you he is the most dangerous dog I have worked with in terms of his level of aggression. I’ve trained more dangerous dogs like Neos and Corsos. But I have never experienced such a willingness and drive towards humans as Kingsley. One trainer was attacked, one was unable to enter the house, one FaceTimed Kim and was unwilling to enter the house.  I walked in and worked with him and Kim for four hours.  I’ll be seeing them in court after the new year for non payment.
He has been removed from the house and according to Kim herself. The trainers at the boarding/training facility where he’s at are unable to approach him.  After that. Radio silence. They will not return my calls, texts, or emails.  They have now registered the dog in someone else’s name thinking the bite history won’t follow him.  He a dangerous dog in the hands of the wrong people and I will get paid for my work.  I have all the documentation, pictures, texts, and videos.  Interesting that coming to the end of the year my only two outstanding invoices are celebrities. Or in this case. A wanna be.  Can you say “entitled” Kim is not emotionally or physically capable of handling this dog.
It will strike again. It’s not if. It’s when.  Unless they just keep it in the $6,000 cage Bravo built in her backyard.  I’m not going to put my life in danger and not get paid.
It’s principle. Not the money. Where there’s risk. There’s reward. Until you deal with entitled celebrities.”

UPDATE: more from Kyle

Asked about why he was sharing about Kim on facebook, he answered:

“I don’t owe anybody any respect that calls me in as a last resort after multiple trainers have failed this dog.  Kim is no different then anyone else except she’s entitled and has now re-registered this dog in someone else’s name in attempts to limit liability. And try to make a dog with a propensity and bite history disappear.  But it’s the same county and same address.  I went back and read my comment which was an answer to someone’s question. Since when did dog training become a privacy issue ? I trained multiple celebrities dogs and been on set to maintain dogs for shows and commercials.
The difference is I’ve always been paid.  Your comments are absurd. I’ll just leave them for people to see.  If you knew anything about the four cases. The common denominator is that Kim blames the victim every time.  That’s how sad this is. And now he’s going to pay with his life.  I was the only stranger able to approach him (per Kim herself) and she’s now fucked him and jeopardized his safety. And the safety of others.  Here’s the kicker…….. Someone leaked that I was there and every media and online outlet wants the story.  I actually kept it under wraps even with their offers.”

And more from Kyle – responding on whether or not he wanted to be on the show: I wanna be on the Price is Right and play Plinko. Or Judge Judy to be yelled at. Other then that, I will continue to take the multiple TV offers and kabosh them like I’ve been doing for the last 10 years.

It’s never been about the money for me. I could have been a made man in 07 with Discovery Ch’s offer. But they made a big mistake. They tried to script me. A year or my life wasted on negotiations and pilots. Real is raw, no editing. That’s how they drew me in. By telling me everything I wanted to hear. Then came the storyboards, line producers, actors, fake girlfriends, and hot super model co-hosts.
Basically taking away the true, raw, grit of what I do. And the real calls I get to pick up dead dogs, or remove dangerous dogs. They called it “too harsh” I called it life. They said they needed people to get to know the “real Kyle” Things like my friends, family, girlfriend, dinners, etc…..

All shit filler that had nothing to do with the dogs. Just shit to boost ratings in middle America where they said: “They won’t get you if we don’t add elements of your real life, love life, etc……. Eventually someone will want to follow me around. And it may be to extreme for prime-time. But I think it’s time people know about the death and destruction that a real Pit Bull rescuer faces. And what I am called out to do, and what I see. I remember specifically my producers saying we need resolve at the end of each episode. I responded: That’s the thing. There’s not always resolve. So they creatively created one. Well that’s what you’re watching when you watch reality tv. BULLSHIT.”

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61 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast – Brandi wants to Know Why Lisa has a Problem with Brandi making out with Girls plus Trainer calls Kim Richard’s Dog Kingsley the most Dangerous Dog he’s Ever Met

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Don’t forget – Chat Blog – Jan 1 – for Millionaire Matchmaker – she’s back ….

  3. That is absolutely horrible about Kim and Kingsley. Does anyone remember if Kingsley was a rescue or not? What was his back story? I also believe that dogs are not born vicious and that it is the people around them that make them that way. Of course, Kingsley is a pit bull and by breed, he is a “bully” (I have experience. we own boxers which are also known to be “bullies”). These dogs need to be “controlled”. They must know their boundries and the owners must be willing to train them properly. These breeds are not like goldens or labs. They come with a great deal of aggression and are known to be very stubborn and protective. We had seen Kim not take her trainer seriously in the past…saying she thought Kingsley’s behavior was so cute. NOT CUTE when he bites your nieces hand. While I never advocate for a dog to be destroyed, this dog NEEDS to be placed in a safe environment with a trained professional. If not, then the dog must be destroyed. Shame on the HUMANS that did this to this poor beautiful guy!

    • jezzibel says:

      I think Kim latched on to Kingsley, because in her swiss cheese brain she thought she could get some of the popularity that Giggy/Lisa has for herself …..obviously not a well thought out plan or idea. There is a pitbull in my neighborhood, looks like a devil, but is a total cupcake, his owners put a lot of time and effort into training him, socializing him and loving him. My terrier mix loves his BFF, Bruce and Bruce is always happy to see Nemo. I hope that Kingsley gets the time and attention he needs. Kim is not the type of person who should own a animal, it seems like she can barely take care of herself, maybe stick to a houseplant or a rock garden

    • Powell says:

      Lol Namaste you give Kim too much credit thinking she got Kingsley to compete w/Giggy & Lisa for viewers attention. 🙂
      No way. She got him for a companion but got the wrong dog and refused to do what was right by him. I don’t think she’ll ever admit what she did wrong to Kingsley or the harm she’s responsible for.

      • Powell says:

        I meant Jezzibel, not Namaste. 😉

        • jezzibel says:

          Brandi might have helped her reach that conclusion…you never know, I think after years of messing around with mind altering substances and alcohol, Kim probably has a convoluted thought process

      • MelTheHound says:

        I would rather watch Kingsley than that rat Giggly any day. Look at the way that dumb fuck trainer handles that dog and tells them to handle him.. Knee him in the chest when he doesn’t bend to their will. I would be lashing out too.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      That dog is going to attack one of her children. Is she going to blame one of her own kids for having an untrained dog?

    • I feel really bad for the dog, he didn’t get the home he needed. Kim needed to “man” up before it reached Kinglsey behaving so aggressively

  4. plainviewsue says:

    Brandi is a moron. That is all.

    Wow, saying Kingsley is the most dangerous dog he ever worked with!!! Thank god Alexia wasn’t hurt even worse. So frightening.

  5. Veena (NMD) says:

    Does anyone have any idea what that caller was talking about when she said Lisa ‘freaked out’ over the kiss? Was it the Carlton kiss? I feel like I’m missing something. Lisa may have rolled her eyes or something, but I don’t remember anyone having a reaction except for Carlton who wished Brandi hadn’t shared on TV.

    • I agree. I don’t think she “freaked out” I think she was more annoyed by Brandi’s ridiculous attention seeking behavior. I think Carlton was def bisexual. Brandi is a “shock-sexual” meaning she will do anything with shock value without a care in the world. Remember when she went after Joyce last year for her suggesting Brandi had a drinking prob? Um, Brandi has more than willing put her drinking, drug abuse and exploitative sexual behavior out there for everyone to see!

      • Powell says:

        Namaste I agree and can’t see Lisa being “shocked” at Bobble Head kissing a woman. Yes rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the ridiculousness of Bobble Head attention seeking I can totally see.

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    My dog is being a pain with the new cat. She acts all sniffy and interested but calm, and then when we let our guard down for a moment goes in for a butt nip. Her jealous meter is off the wall. I suppose she’s enjoyed being the dominant (only) one for the last nine months or so, and can’t deal with the idea of having to share – or worse – go down in the household pecking order if the cat ends up being dominant.

    I predict it’ll take at least a week of hard work to get these two to a place where they can go-exist – and a month before they are besties.

  7. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a great holiday.
    kit I suppose you had a few drinks to help you get thru Bobble Head’s podcast.
    Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

  8. jezzibel says:

    Generally Coyotes are nocturnal and very skittish, they are nothing like dogs, that you can run up and pet one, let alone grab one and snap its neck. I lived with my grandparents at their house up the sierra nevadas(and I’ll be spending next month there getting my grandparents house in order). The only coyote I saw during the day when I lived there, was a very sick one that my grandpa put down from a distance, because it was a threat to our dogs and us. Mountain lions are much more frightening especially when you find fresh tracks along the property line.

    • THE KISS…. it was when Leeza and Brandi went shopping and Brandi brought the KISS up…I made out with Carlton [Gebbia] yesterday, in the hot tub – Brandi Glanville

      What do you mean ‘made out?’ Apparently,, we housewives are at each other’s throats or down each other’s throats. – Lisa Vanderpump

      It was all innocent fun. – Brandi Glanville

      I’m gonna lock my door at night. – Lisa Vanderpump
      hugs and peace

      • kit9 says:

        Anyone else catch the preview of BH? Lisa and her hooker shoes show up. Awkwardness follows. Also saw the preview of Ally on Millionaire Matchmaker. Ally is living at home and Jill reminds the world why everyone loathes her.

  9. plainviewsue says:

    “There’s something psychologically going on, and I’m not going to give that to her. I’m gonna stick by her until we get her behaving properly and being the good person that she is.”

    This is a quote from Yolanda regarding Brandi on WWHL. If I was Brandi (heaven forbid!), I wouldn’t appreciate someone saying that. If Lisa had said that, Brandi would of flipped out.

  10. Wow. I’m pretty pissed off at Kim right now. How freaking irresponsible can one person be? She has basically sentenced that dog to death.

    Never mind the people and children she has and continues to put in harm’s way.

    While the trainer does sound a little full of himself (turning down multiple TV offers blah blah) he also said Kim was “entitled” multiple times.

    Add selfish and criminally irresponsible too.


    • WasLurking says:

      I just lost my Pit of 14 years. He was the most loveable dog I’ve ever had. It is NEVER the dog’s fault. They are NOT born aggressive. It’s how they are treated/raised. I’m not ready to get a new dog yet, but when I am it will be a rescue and will be a Pit or Pit mix. If you have never known the love of one…… ’tis your loss. As for the trainer, something wrong with him. No real dog whisperer would deem a dog of any breed UN-savable.

      • Exit4 says:

        I’ve had friends with the “vicious” dogs-Pits and Pit mixes, rotties, Germans and 1 Doberman! They were all good dogs. Although the Doberman wasn’t my favorite! Lol. They were all brought into the families as puppies and trained extremely well. The Rotweiler rang a bell at the door to go out. It was so funny to me! The breed I saw do the worst damage, to a child no less? A Dalmatian.

        That being said, I’m wary of some rescue dogs. Especially pit bulls. Not because I don’t think their new owners can train them correctly-but because I always feel like you just don’t know what they’ve been through-and if they could turn in a dime. That’s not to say I won’t go to someone’s house with a pit rescue-I’ll simply avoid the dog, I won’t approach it. If it comes to me, I’ll just be extra careful. We have tons of dogs in our neighborhood and I’m working with my 7 year old who loves to pet them on letting them sniff him and to only pet their backs-don’t put his hand in or near their faces.

        I’m sorry you lost your dog. I have a cat-first one died in 2013 and this last ones on her 8th life! Losing a pet is awful. I wasn’t prepared for how hard it was with the first one.

        • Exit I’ve always read that Dalmatians are actually quite nasty.

          Happy holidays girl !

          • Exit4 says:

            They can be a nasty breed. They have a lot of issues and were over-bread around the time this happened-when the movie came out.

            Happy holidays to you too!!! Did you find your yellow undies yet or what???

            • LOL— well, I’m going to BUY new ones – because apparently them being “new” is important
              But then foxyMEL told me it doesn’t have to necessarily be underwear, BLAH blah blah so we’ll see what I’ll do!

              Thanks for enlightening me on the dalmations. I should read up on that. So sad if it’s all due to that 😦

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                I was thinking about the yellow undies. I can’t find any yellow clothes to wear, can you imagine having to look for yellow undies? Ha! I’ve got my oranges and rice ready to go too!!

                I hope your Christmas was beautiful!

            • Orson One Hundred says:

              The way I heard the story was that dalmatians always were a working breed that needed a lot of attention but there was no mention of that in the Walt Disney movie that made lots of people want to own one. And the breeders supplied the demand.

      • WasLurking – sorry for your loss.

        My older one is turning 12 and his bro 11 and I’m tearing up already. They’re a bit smaller so I pray PRAY they’ll live long but I’m depressed nevertheless.

        I hope you find a great new love soon, when you feel up to it

      • MelTheHound says:

        We had a poodle cocker spaniel mix when I was growing up. That mean little fucker pissed on and destroyed every thing in the house. Tried to eat the house too.

        • Jeff – that is a great visual to start my day, a rabid poodle cocker spaniel mix! I am going to be chuckling all the way to breakfast.

        • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

          We had a pure cocker spaniel and it was the only dog that bit me. He also hated cigarettes so if you left the pack on a table he claimed it and tore it up. In fact anything that landed on the floor he considered his to destroy. But, he loved water. I was sitting in the tub once and had my head turned. All of a sudden this huge dog was in the tub with me. Quite a surprise 😀 When his water bowl was empty he would flip it up on his head and bring it to you for filling. When he wanted a walk he brought his leash to you. (Tricks curtesy of his former owner.) Good old Penny. Memories.

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    This article on Gia’s group’s performance mentions that camera crews were there. I guess Tree is filming

  12. Kitkat thanks so much for the blog – this week was full of a lot — God bless you !

    Veena – best of luck with new cat

    JAM- belated happy birthday 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  13. JJ Neilson says:


    • TexasTart says:

      I’d believe that! The dog trainer that Bravo hired was a joke – not a real trainer…in my opinion he was an actor. I don’t know if this Kyle guy is the same person. But I assume he’s not being paid because he didn’t provide a valuable service. Poor Kingsley didn’t have a chance with all the idiots that handled him…including clueless KIM. 😦

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