Teresa Giudice – Love Her or Hate Her – Monday is D-Day

Teresa Giudice – Love Her or Hate Her – Monday is D-Day by Veena

There are probably no greater public experts on the exploits of Teresa Giudice than the readers of this (and the IHJZ) blog.  Most of us have been watching the show from the beginning, and have been dissecting every tweet, news story, and minute of footage. We know when a tabloid runs a bullshit story; we know when the woman behind the smooth PR mask.  Some of us love her, some hate her, and others are both tired yet still fascinated by the entire situation.


Stepping back to the first time we met Teresa on the premiere episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey – the warning signs were already there.  While we were introduced to a carefree, young mother trying on bikinis and showing off her toned abs as the Manzo sisters schooled her on needing bubbies (boobies), we were also introduced to a woman who shopped with no spending limit, who visited her husband’s workplace while he joked that they needed to hide the checkbook, a woman that was described a the biggest jewelry whore of the bunch.  Who can now look at the footage of the 100,000 plus furniture shopping spree with Teresa explaining that she’s heard there’s a recession, so she’s paying in cash, without cringing?  Then there was the new mansion being built out of granite and onyx, with enough land that she could run around naked, because she found living in used homes gross.

By season two the facade was already slipping.  Castmate Danielle Staub let viewers know that Teresa’s home was in foreclosure.  Stories about a bankruptcy began to emerge. While this was the public start of her financial problems, it later emerged that the trouble started well before she joined housewives.  During the building boom in the early 2000s, builders like Juicy Joe were pulling in money hand over fist.  There were no bad investments.  He was probably not alone in going to multiple banks and getting loans until he was up to his eyeballs in debt.  Unfortunately for Teresa, most of the loans had her name (and signature) on them, secured by income from jobs she didn’t have.  It was a house of cards, and as long as the real estate kept increasing in value, and the luxury homes were selling, enough money was coming in to pay off the debt and fund an over-the-top lifestyle.  But as we all know it didn’t last.  The housing market plummeted.  The bills couldn’t be paid.  The couple faced bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy created a whole set of other problems.  Income was about to come in from housewife ventures like Teresa’s cookbook, so it appears that the main reason for the bankruptcy filing was to discharge their debt so they could start fresh.  Creditors cried foul, and the depth of their deception and lies began to emerge.  The bankruptcy was thrown out of court.

This was all shown on Season Three of the show, and viewers began to polarize around the castmates.  Tree Huggers (self-proclaimed Teresa fans) saw her as a devoted mom and wife, putting her nose to the grindstone to bring in enough income to pay off her family’s debt.  Others began to see Teresa as a poster-child for greed and excess.  Castmate Jacqueline Laurita fueled the fire – tweeting that Teresa’s plan was to make it seem like she was going to pay off the debts, but in reality she was going to file for bankruptcy again to discharge her debts.  Ironically, Jacqueline’s husband Chris was going through his own bankruptcy at the time, which is now mired in legal proceedings as it appears as though the couple siphoned off business funds to feed their ‘housewife’ lifestyle.  Standing with Jacqueline on the “I hate Teresa train’ was Caroline Manzo, who steadfastly gave viewers the impression that Juicy was a fun loving guy who just wanted to please his wife – who was a greedy self-absorbed bitch.

Haters gonna hate but I love love love became Teresa’s tagline, as she smiled her way through it all and launched business after business.  But all the while the feds worked diligently in the background amassing an iron-clad case of fraud and tax evasion.  Charges were filed, and a plea bargain was reached.  Even then many thought that Teresa would escape with probation.  But that wasn’t the case.  When the couple failed to complete their their financial paperwork accurately (apparently the jewelry whore only wears cheap costume jewelry – no one is going to believe that!), Teresa was given a 15-month sentence in federal prison, with expectations that she’ll serve at least 85 percent of that time.  On Monday she has to surrender to the authorities.

Of course the ride is far from over.  She’s been filming for housewives through the holidays, and teenage daughter Gia is reportedly filming for her own reality show – to be shopped around at a later date but presumably not for Bravo.  Since she’s almost completely disappeared from social media (good for her), tabloids and blogs are growing increasingly desperate for news-worthy items.  It appears as though they’ll run with anything.  I’m tempted to email in a completely fabricated story to RadarOnline or one of the worse blogs and see if they’ll run with it.  But that would be cruel, and I don’t roll that way – even for a social experiment.  Even Teresa’s former crisis manager appears to be cashing in with a book in the works.  She’d better hire a ghostwriter.  Based on her blogs, she’s barely literate.

Prison will be the chance at a reset button for Teresa. I have a feeling she will survive all of this and come out smiling.  I doubt she intends to fade from the public eye.  She’s one of the most popular housewives on the franchise, and certainly one of the most polarizing.  If anything, the last few months have shown that for Teresa, it’s all about her children.  In Season One Teresa was shown as the ultimate stage mom.  Daughter Gia was shown modeling, dancing, and singing.  Things were quiet on the Gia-front for the last few years, but ever since Teresa learned about her sentence date her focus has been all on Gia and launching her girl band.  So now it’ll be up to Gia to carry the show until her mom is released from prison.  It makes me sad, but it is real, and that is why people are paying attention.






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  1. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    I read 2 ROL articles this morn where their source is W. Feldman. We know to take those articles w/a grain of salt. Wow it’s hard to believe Monday is the day. I feel for their entire family.

  2. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Excellent summary Veena. Thanks.

  3. Sus says:

    Gia breaks my heart! All of the girls do. Even Milania even though she scares the pants off me.

    Nevermind used houses, what about “used” undies, “used” prison uniforms, “used” toilets. We binged watched “Orange is the New Black” and I read the book. The book was much more realistic. Really horrifying.

    I’d love to know exactly what is going on in Tre’s mind right now. I’d be terrified of leaving my kids and terrified of where I was going.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Well said, Sus. Tre would probably say she’s just not thinking about prison. I hope that she’s no longer in denial and realizes she’s going to prison and not for a few weeks. I think she’ll be better once she says goodbye to her girl–I think that part must be the worst. I’d want to go ASAP!

  4. Great recap- thank you.

    I sorta admire Teresa. (Gulp) No, really I do.

    She is blithely going about her business trying to hook up even more business. All about the dollar.

    At one point last week, I started thinking maybe she knows something we don’t? Because she doesn’t seem bothered by a pending jail sentence in the least.

    Completely unfazed. Compartmentalizing? I don’t think I could do it.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      In public at least. She’s very good at hiding her emotions.

    • Exit4 says:

      I think the public has that impression because she simply goes about life quietly. The few times she’s been seen-at Gias show and an innocuous photo at a ski lodge, makes it seem like she doesn’t care. I doubt that’s true. When she’s at home and the doors are shut-that’s where she allows herself to break down.

      I think people are looking for her to be wailing and screaming apologies. They’re looking for a total public persona change that just isn’t going to happen. At least not now. I do think she can compartmentalize like a champ though. I couldn’t do it either.

    • Powell says:

      OMIB I’ve been reading Tre is on vacay, she should be ashamed. Well we don’t know where the money is coming from and she’s going to prison so what’s she supposed to do? Hide in the house?
      As far as biz I hope she’s got something in the works. She’s going to need to earn money as soon as she is out.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great comment. I agree with your admiration for her strengths. There are some major flaws there, but if we choose to look at her strengths and she does have them, she is a remarkable woman. Her instinct to survive is paramount.

  5. Laineylainey says:

    Wow! It’s d day??? Already??? Hard to believe.

  6. Gia’s tweet doesn’t really concern me. It could be about a boy for all we know.

    It’s the gun pointed at the head that is troubling.


    • Exit4 says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into it. I pray for the sweet relief of death weekly, but I’m not going to off myself! I’m sure this is all tough for her-but they have family and they’ll be ok.

      • Except you’re an adult.

        Gia’s only 13 and I feel like Teresa has piled up responsibility on her shoulders to take care of her sisters and to be the mom while she’s away at “college”.

        Lord knows Juicy’s not going to.

        • Exit4 says:

          True. It’s a lot for a 13 year old to process.

          She has 2 grandmoms that will be there. joes brother and sister and those cousins that she’s very close too. Her school counsellor is already on top of things. Joe and Melissa may not be as close, but they’ll surely help in small ways. Joey gorgas mom won’t let him abandon them! (I hope). I don’t think teresa expects her to shoulder the load and she won’t.

        • nyc mama says:

          I agree. I am most concerned for Gabriella I hope someone takes her under their wing;

          • TexasTart says:

            I agree, she’s so different from her sisters. She never wanted any attention from the cameras either.

  7. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Terrific summary, Veena. I remember Jac going crazy on twitter but I don’t remember her tweeting about Teresa’s bankruptcy. Wow, this woman has no boundaries! Something snapped with Jac where she became unhinged. Anyway, I think Teresa will learn the ropes fast in prison and she and her girls will be ok after all of this. Joe–I really don’t know. I hope he does his best with the girls whilst Teresa is away.

  8. Exit4 says:

    The only thing I don’t really agree with is the perception that Gias girl band is something that teresa cooked up to make money. I think that’s all her talent agent. There’s 2 other girls involved who are completly unrelated to HWs. Their parents aren’t involved in HWs. Besides the fact that their earning potential wouldn’t even come close to supporting a family-Gia is only a third of the group. It seems to me that her talent agent is using teresas infamy, so to speak, to promote her agenda-as opposed to a teresa created agenda.

    I would believe that she was exploiting her daughters for $ if this girl group consisted of all the Giudice sisters. If it was some sort of leopard printed, bedazzled Von Trapp family singers. The other girls live quietly. Well, maybe not milania-but they do nothing like gia does. Although, I’m sure milania wants IN.

  9. nyc mama says:

    Wonder how Yo reacted to thius tweet and especially the retweet from Shiva since on one of her blogs she claimed Shiva as her own with “our” Shiva. Yolanda seems to like teams.

    mohamed retweeted
    Lisa Vanderpump @LisaVanderpump · Jan 1
    @MohamedAHadid @navygirl05 @Andy @realshivasafai
    Yes and I love you too.
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    Reply Retweet5 Favorite19
    Laguna Niguel, CA
    mohamed @MohamedAHadid · Jan 1
    @navygirl05 @Andy @LisaVanderpump the secret is out.we are the worlds best friends..@realshivasafai and Ken are Ok with it.I love my friend.

    Shiva Safai retweeted
    mohamed @MohamedAHadid · Jan 1
    @navygirl05 @Andy @LisaVanderpump the secret is out.we are the worlds best friends..@realshivasafai and Ken are Ok with it.I love my friend.

  10. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Dear Shiny & the rest of the gang,

    I feel it’s my duty to remind us all how we were brought together. I’m in awe of how one smart, determined woman (may you rest in peace Lynn) decided to share her unhappiness with a horrible reality personality with the world via her brilliant blog. Now Veena and the recappers work their asses off to keep us together and give us a forum to laugh at and debate these crazy shows.

    Every time that horrible redhead puts herself on a Bravo show, I will be there, with my dragon backups, to call out her annoying, narcissistic, intelligence-sucking way of pissing off smart, hardworking women and for ruining their well deserved evening entertainment. We don’t watch tv to raise our blood pressure, bruise our foreheads from too many face palms, strain our jaws.

    I will continue to remind the bitch that yes, people STILL HATE JILL ZARIN. If she didn’t want a blog named I HATE JILL ZARIN, maybe she should keep her shitty attitude and self entitled character to herself. Typing in I HATE JILL ZARIN 50 to 250 times per blog is worth it.

    Peace out peeps,


    P.S. I hate Jill Zarin

  11. California35 says:

    Great recap !
    I had wondered if T has been taking meds to reman calm, to ge through all the interviews, reunion and the season. So much self control, whrn before dhe would blow up. However if she did take meds, it will be more dificult for her, when she is in prison with no meds and with the realitity of it all. So how has she done it?

    I do feel for her, I have said it before. I know she did this it herself, but i still frel bad or her and her girls. Any was, D day iscomig soon, we will see.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Tre has said she’s a different person than she was when this show started. No more flipping tables. You could see at the last two reunion she was very calm. I wish she was like this at the other reunions so she could of expressed herself better.

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Veena, great commentary. As always.

    It is hard to think that one of the HW’s is actually going to jail. I’ve watched them all (except Atlanta and Miami) since the very first episode. Love them, hate them, they do entertain & let’s face it, without them, we wouldn’t of all been brought together!

    I have to admire how Teresa is handing all of this. I agree with the above posts. I believe that she presenting a brave front, but at night, she is terrified. I mean, we are talking jail. Actual jail. Away from her girls.

    I do not excuse Juicy at all for what he did. Did lots of people do it? Yes. Did the banks and lenders allow it to happen? Yes. Are the banks paying for it? No. Juicy believed he was untouchable. He deserves to go to jail.

    But I still believe that Teresa was unaware. Joe said sign this. Teresa said where do I sign. She loved the money coming in. She loved that lifestyle. Did she know it was illegal? I’m sure Joe said everyone does this. Teresa, let’s be real, is not the brightest bulb, and she trusts her husband completely and totally.

    I wish she got house arrest and community service. My heart breaks for her girls. Joe had better step up, stop the drinking and be the father Teresa expects him to be. Yes, the moms can help. But he is the father.

    Kim G. Monica Chacon. This is what they wanted. And I will always believe they were the ones that made sure the government had what they needed. Caroline and Jacqueline did their part. Caroline made sure on the cameras that the world knew that Tre got paid for articles. She mentioned Tre’s expensive bags. Jac brought this up over and over on camera. Caroline could never accept that she and her children were not the breakout stars.

    I will be sad on Monday. But I think she will endure. As she said on the reunion, “Empires Fall. And they are built back up again.”

    • Personally? I think Melissa &Poison helped the government out too. I don’t think they ever thought Teresa would do time.

      Again, IMHO- Teresa knew it was fraud, knew it was wrong, justified by saying that everyone else was doing it- but was as complicit as Juicy was.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Bravo PVS! I completely agree. Jac and Caro, Kim and Monica are all doing the happy dance and Tre still keeps on keeping on. I think she will be fine in prison, and come out like a Rock Star. Then, she’ll have her own show, it will be the biggest Bravo hit of all time, Danielle will do some guest spots, Tre will move to Beverly HIlls and Lisa will invite her to all the shi shi shi events. She’ll write a bestselling book about her “experiences.” Joe will come home a changed man and join her on her #1 rated Italian cooking show. She’ll jet-set across the world and film different kinds of ingrediences for international restaurants. Gia will have a hit record– that she wrote all of the songs for– that gets picked up by a new television show– that becomes a cult favorite, but decides to dump it all and attend Harvard before continuing her music career. The other girls are in private school in Switzerland. Melania’s company, “Yes, I AM Melania” goes public before her 16th birthday, she’s debating college or acting school.
      Jac who?
      Caro who?
      Melissa who?
      Kathy who?

      • Orson One Hundred says:

        I can’t see Tre being happy in LA. Her loud, brassy, Italian-American personality would absolutely NOT fit in with the Rodeo Blvd crowd. She’d be an object of derision out there. She’d make Bobblehead seem like a sophisticate.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Love it Sparkle!!!!!

    • Plain Jane says:

      We get it…you love Teresa. 🙈

  13. Orson One Hundred says:

    As we’d say in the Coast Guard, “One day and a wake up!” 🙂

  14. Exit4 says:

    PVS and OMIB both make good points as to Teresas knowledge of the mortgage fraud. I don’t think anyone will ever know the whole truth. It doesn’t matter really, of all the counts of mortgage fraud they were charged with-they government accepted a guilty plea on just one. One. Their titanic was filing for bankruptcy. Opening up that can of worms and doing it dishonestly, that killed them. That’s where the bulk of the charges (3) they plead to came from. Lying with regards to the bankruptcy. And a tax charge for joe. No one would have ever discovered the mortgage fraud if they never filed that BK. Even if someone did-they would have taken a similar plea and would have probably served no time. Or very little.

    Monica Chacon had some role here-her husband repped joes ex business partner (who regrets even bothering to sue) so I’ve always thought he clues them into the schemes. Wouldn’t take more then a phone call to the trustee to share whatever he told her husband. Kim G though? She’s just a nut! I doubt she has the power to do anything except in her own head! I don’t think Joe and Mel were involved either. Only because I don’t think joeys clean either and he’s street smart enough to know not to let the government in your door. Especially if Joe mentored him in the flipping business. I think he’d just keep his mouth shut.

    • Joey filmed a scene with a contractor and admitted on film that he called inspectors on Juicy.

      He’s a rat.

      • p.s. How was Juicy arrested for a faked ID card when he NEVER used it?

        Someone ratted him out…

        • Exit4 says:

          This one I know! Pete (his bro) got pulled over and when the cops ran the license joes photo popped up. At That point it was obvious! They went to joes house to confront him. We’re all digital here so it’s easy to investigate.

          I don’t know…it’s one thing to call the building inspector and make juicys pay for permits and inspections-I’m just not convinced he’d go to the Feds voluntarily. But-maybe-the Feds came to him??

          • Well.

            That could be. Maybe said if you give up info you’re protected.

            Personally? All I ever heard last season was “Teresa must pay” blah blah- I think he enthusiastically gave up any and al info he had on Juicy and Tre, with Melissa egging him on. No way to prove it but it’s my opinion.

        • Veena (NMD) says:

          Because his brother was pulled over and when they ran him through the computer they noticed the photos didn’t match. I don’t see a conspiracy on this one ….


          • C’mon! Total conspiracy!

            Cops have the information and have to do something- how else could they arrest him?

            Other than pulling over the original license holder? Then just happened to notice the photos don’t match?

            Puh leeze

            • Exit4 says:

              Pete is the one at the total disadvantage in the situation because when Joe got the license-it renders Petes invalid. Joe had to be holding the dupe, which was current, because his picture popped up.

              Also, we have a 6 point system here-Pete had to give Joe the needed documents, otherwise he’d never be able to get the license in the first place.

              That’s where I see stupidity as opposed to conspiracy. Would Pete and Joe even let joey gorga know what they did? Knowing it could hurt Pete?

            • Exit4 says:

              Although….now that I think about it-who would Joe trust enough to share that with? Like a, “hahaha I still drive-I got a license in petes name” kind of thing? I have a thought….

              • Ding ding

                Winner winner chicken dinner

                • Veena (NMD) says:

                  You don’t think that Pete’s licence came up as expired when they ran it?

                  I actually wouldn’t have a problem with someone ratting him out – dude should not be driving after a DUI!!!!

                  • Exit4 says:

                    Here in NJ it happens all the time. It’s not a criminal offense, but they show no mercy in punishment. No special deals. This is a car reliant state and most people just have no choice but to keep driving.

                • Exit4 says:

                  Same thought as you did! It didn’t hit me until I hit send. Chris Laurita. I know sue mentioned above that caroline never got over not being the breakout star. I disagree with that a bit (and I love PVS) but manzos got the elusive spin off. Caroline hated teresa out of the blue because of Punta Cana.

  15. TexasTart says:

    Very well written blog, dare I say the cliff notes for Teresa Giudice, Real Housewife. She will be okay. I think she has a survivor mentality and can hustle (borrowing Lisa’s Rinna’s term) her way back from this. I just hope she learns from it, but I’m not overly convinced because she seemed too hard-wired to the scheme. The kids are the only ones to worry about.

  16. Hubby and I are binge watching Orange is the New Black. he has never seen it and I think he is addicted!

  17. Exit4 says:

    Veena-it was getting skinny up there. The cops here have scanners now -so they just put the bar code under the scanner. So when Pete got pulled over-it would come up invalid, because it was reported, most likely, lost and a new one issued. But his abstract would still show the current license with a photo. Joes photo. The info is the same-just a change in bar code.

  18. I don’t think Tre is one bit insightful. I don’t think she understands the gravity of what SHE did. While I believe she was too trusting of her hubby, her naivety does not excuse what she did! Had she filled out the forms properly for her sentencing, she would not be going to prison on Monday, but she decided AGAIN to lie and now she will pay the piper. I am sick that someone like this has been given every opportunity to make it right and has still managed to F it up. As for her believing her children think she is “going away”. She is just plain stupid or she is simply trying to put it out there that her kids have no idea. I am sure those kids are terrified of what is happening and she is delusional. Shame on her. While I do not take joy in her pain (which I am sure she is in pain knowing she will be away from her girls and her make-up and her hair extensions for the next year), I do think it is VERY important for her to pay for her crimes.

    • Exit4 says:

      That’s the most frustrating thing of it all. I don’t think its a lack of insight-I think its that’s what in her psyche-it’s so ingrained to protect what’s hers. This comes from her upbringing and joes too. Protect your stuff. Stuff has meaning to her-stuff defines her. Do I think she’s incapable of love? No. She loves her husband and kids. Maybe to a fault. Had she just have been capable of letting go of the material things-this wouldn’t be happening. I also think she’s motivated by fear-fear of losing her possessions, fear of getting in trouble, getting someone else in trouble, disappointing her family. She needed to let that go and I hope, when she’s in prison, she gets the help she needs to break that pattern and break that cycle.

      As for her kids, they know. The youngest probably less so, but they know. We only see them in the box of TV world-we forget they live in the real world of Internet, other kids, family and real life. These stories and sources are for outsider consumption-not what’s happening in their real world.

      • If she was truly motivated by fear, wouldn’t she have made sure that financial disclosure was completed properly so as not to offend the judge? That’s where I think she gave away her arrogance and truly believing she was above the law.

  19. TexasTart says:

    The Interview is already on Directv for $5.99 I will not be watching, but surely that is the fastest track to the 2nd tier (home viewing) ever.

  20. So I was looking at Bravo Blogs today for BH and they have pictures of YoYo and David’s vacation on the black yacht. And the one picture of Yoyo I noticed her implants. I was looking up websites and there are a lot of stories of autoimmune illness with implants both silicone and saline. It is often misdiagnosed as something else. Just a “Random Thought”….

    • interesting. very interesting. When Lisa dumped the water on her (there is a pic of it on Bravo site) you could really see her side view. She is very small and narrow on the bottom but has very broad shoulders and those big boobs. I don’t judge big boobs although mine came with the package…don’t judge me, but mine are “G” and I had a reduction 20 years ago and they came back after having my twins!!! So, I am one of the people that would love to be a member of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” and, sigh, I never will be.

  21. ladebra says:

    My kitty and I did feel this one else!

  22. I Need a Life! says:

    Orson…I’ll go with the tan scrubs for dinner tomorrow! So funny.

    Nice blog, Veena. In honor of Tre…I took my mom downtown to Macy’s in Chicago for a late lunch under the famed Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room. It’s a tradition, but I’ve been dragging my feet. Glad I did. Thought about Tre’s situation and decided to get up and do something fun. She can’t. Over the next year, I think I’ll force myself to do things that I really enjoy, but don’t do. All in honor of Tre. Think of her every time you wake up and stand in the shower….alone. Your day will be filled with gratitude for the simple joys of freedom.

    I’ll miss her on television. She was such a lightening rod…like the person I love and you guys hate. I personally can’t get into the Housewives other than the Housewives of Downton Abbey and Mob Wives.

    Rebecca… I guess I like my blood to boil rather than watch “annoying and intelligence sucking women” like the entire cast of New Jersey and Atlanta and “narcisstic” women like the entire cast of BH. New York cast hands down wins on all counts. You can have fun smiling while Carole and Ramona suck you dry. Don’t forget the Countess.

    I’m dog sitting my “grand dog.” The dog peed on the couch tonight. I’m ok with it. The couch was in really bad shape. I’ve been needing to replace it. I hated Tre being able to hand over more than a hundred grand for new furniture. On Monday I’m buying a new sofa and I’m paying with cash!!!! I’ve been saving for this moment.

    That tweet from Gia does take this whole Tre situation to a different level of reality. Very sad.

  23. Just a random early morning thought…what if Teresa isn’t stupid. Isn’t arrogant. Doesn’t have a sense of entitlement.

    What if she subconsciously and deliberately sabotaged herself by not producing the court required documents?

    That she was paralyzed between a fear if failure and a fear if success. Knowing that she couldn’t keep up appearances too much longer, her relationship with her brother in disrepair, sick of the demands of Bravo, Juicy’s cheating, the intense public scrutiny and hostility, and just kinda threw in the towel.

    Didn’t perform the simplest of acts to prove credibility to the court therefore insuring punishment.

    Self sabotage?

    • Orson One Hundred says:

      Okay, that is some food for thought. This season I’d say was very atypical for Tre. Where several seasons ago she’d make Caroline (while enduring a major migraine) and Albert sit through a fashion show modeling EVERY freaking bikini she brought along on vacation, this season she took a back seat and let the twins and amber and their men get all the attention. Of course, if it hadn’t come down all ready, she knew there was a legal sword of Damocles hanging over her head and she was trying to play nice for the prosecutors/judge.

      I think Tre is the sad example for what will, in time, prove to be the aphorism for most of these RH Bravolebrities: Be careful whose toes you step on on the way up, because they’re connected to the asses you’ll have to kiss on your way down.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Great blog and posts.

    I feel so sorry for T’s kid. 😦

  25. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning, late to the party on the blog, read through a lot of comments, and my only two cents regarding Gia is WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY does a 13 year old have a twitter account! She is not an adult, she is barely a teenager. It’s DISGUSTING, sorry but that’s how I feel about that sort of thing. This kid has been bred and brought up to be “famous” by her misguided Stage parents, and she is not talented, sorry she isn’t. she may be one day, but right now she is no different then any other no-talent pre-teen. I feel supremely sorry for her, she has been dragged to numerous talent agencts, publicists, that turned then down because she doesn’t have “IT” right now. Her ConvictFelon Parent I believe went on the show at first to promote her kid, but then got bitten by the FAMEWHORE bug herself. I fully believe she knew exactly what her ConvictFelonHusband was doing regarding his nefarious activities and went along right with it because she wanted the fancy house, clothes, and status and knew fully well that this entailed acquiring monies through illegal sources. Did a LOT of folks in their business do this, ABSOLUTELY, they just figured they had covered their tracks and just as they do today, feel they are above the law! They have yet to pay back their 200k still owed to the courts, they have yet to pay a single dime to the 11 million in creditors, and have not given the courts a full accounting of their finances even though they were ordered to do so! Now, they are going to “use” their kid to make ends meet for the next year or two, when ConvictFelonTeresa is in jail. They have placed unrealistic goals in their child’s head, insted of letting her be a kid, nothing short of those “pageant” moms that spend copious amounts of money creating miniature Barbie dolls to compensate for their inadequate lives. I think that they need to turn off their kids Social Media, and public lives for this next year, be a FAMILY while ConvictFelonTeresa is in jail. Sorry for the rant, but I just see so many bad things down the rode for this poor kid because her parents a FAMEWHORING idiots,

    • I am not surprised she has a twitter. I have teens and it is all the rage. I am surprised that it has NO PROTECTION and that it is public. THAT IS BAD! Since she is a “pseudo-celebrity” and a minor one would think someone would be protecting her privacy. Allowing her to communicate her personal stuff to friends and family on a private account and then having a public account for her publicity stuff for her new music group. Obviously, no one is concerned about protecting her. Sad.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        She’s had it for years. I assume the PR team monitored it for her when she first got it, and maybe they still have a PR team who helps. Maybe they have it set up so she can’t see incoming tweets – just tweet out or something.

        My brain is going back to the days when my kids used MYSPACE and one of my friend’s daughter had some ‘boys’ on there asking her out for dates – but she didn’t know them and my friend freaked out thinking they might be predators. And the account was private. I sure hope someone is keeping an eye on the social media of these kids and making sure the crazies are no where near them.

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