Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Wining and Dining” – S5E8

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Wining and Dining” – S5E8

by Stars99

***WARNING*** Brandi makes me cuss. Again this week, since this episode was Brandi-centric there is a lot of vulgarity and cussing. Even people around Brandi have resorted to cussing because it’s just almost impossible not to when you’re referring to Brandi.  Read at your own risk – You have been warned.


Remember last week…

There was lots of cussin’… Oh yeah, that’s because Brandi was a huge part of the episode…lol. Okay, first Brandi had a house warming party (for her 5th rental in 5 years) and Lisa and Ken actually showed up – I was shocked. Lisa showed up because she wanted to silence her critics and to hear crap first hand, I guess. Brandi rips a branch off of Lisa V’s expensive imported, 100-year-old olive trees and extends it as one would with an olive branch. Lisa wasn’t amused. YoYo learned a new word that rhymes with “stunning linguist” when Brandi vulgarly offers to eat at Lisa’s “pussy.” It was such a charming episode. I make no promises about anything this week… Quite frankly, I’ll be doing well if I can get through the episode without throwing something at the TV.

B friendshiop summit


This week…

The episode begins with Lisa V and Ken talking about Lisa’s upcoming “Friendship Summit” she has scheduled with Brandi. Lisa wants to hear what Brandi has to say once and for all. Lisa invites Ken to the summit – No way in this lifetime that he’s going.

Captain Delusional (Brandi) says, “I’m owed an apology from Lisa – But do I think I’m getting it 100%? Probably not…Lisa’s a very stubborn individual.” They both arrive at the Friendship Summit and Lisa tells Brandi she’s all ears. Brandi wants to wait for wine before getting into a heavy conversation… because you know Brandi functions so well with alcohol. Lisa tells Brandi that if she believes all the things that she said about her last season – then why on earth would Brandi want Lisa back in her life? Lisa doesn’t understand what Brandi wants from Lisa. Lisa says Brandi has to be accountable for she says and does. Lisa brings up how Ken always defended Brandi to almost the extreme and for Brandi to turn on him is unconscionable.

L friendship summit

Brandi tells Lisa that she wants to have fun with her again. Lisa demands that Brandi apologize. Brandi asks if Lisa is going to apologize to her. Lisa is baffled at why she needs to apologize. Lisa asks, “What do you want me to apologize for?” Brandi tells her it’s the Scheana stuff. Lisa says, “I apologize for not giving you a heads up that Scheana was there.” Brandi, in turn, says, “And I apologize for repeating things that I heard that were gossip. I was an ass to you – and you were an ass to me.” Lisa says that she can’t be the friend that Brandi wants – but that she can be friendly. They’re going to take it slowly – and baby steps are okay with Brandi. Lisa insists Brandi buy her lunch – and decides that she may get something to go as well. Brandi says that she did that – then Lisa would be taking advantage of Brandi. Really Brandi? Can we please compare how many times Lisa has bought you lunch or dinner and compare it to the times you’ve bought her a paperclip? Seriously…

Lisa R, YoYo, Eileen, and Brandi get together for dinner at a very nice restaurant. They make small talk about YoYo’s dinner party she’s having the following evening and they also talk about Brandi and Lisa V’s friendship summit being a positive first step in rebuilding their friendship. [Insert gratuitous eye roll here.]

Rut roh

Somehow they talk about how Brandi’s dad is 65 and Lisa says that her husband, Harry, is 62. Evidently, Harry and Lisa R are totally opposite. Out of the blue, Brandi asks “That Tramp” (Eileen) if “My Boyfriend” (Vince) was married when they first met. Eileen confirms that they both were married. They met because they worked together on a soap opera. Eileen explains how they were friends and that neither of them were looking to get out of their marriages. Everything was fine… but then at one point they both realized they weren’t happy in their marriages because of how they felt about each other. Brandi is clearly not okay with any of this because both her ex-boyfriend J.R. and ex-husband Eddie cheated on her.

Brandi thinks, quite appropriately, that if people are unhappy in a relationship that they should first breakup and then get together with someone else. No arguments from me. Eileen said she and my boyfriend met in 2000 and they were together by 2001. She hastens to add that it was one of the most horrific experiences in their lives. Brandi (The Twit) tries to trip Eileen up by asking how her ex-husband dealt with the situation. Eileen carefully explained that her ex-husband was okay because she was upfront about her feelings. Eileen says that’s why she has so much empathy for Brandi – because they never intended to hurt anyone.

In her talking head, Eileen says, “But if a marriage is in good shape… Then a 3rd party can’t come in and destroy it…And that’s the bottom line.” Brandi (The Twit) further tries to come up with something to argue with Eileen about when she asks if Eileen is friendly with Vince’s ex-wife. Eileen says that she is very friendly with her. It’s hard for Brandi (The Twit) not to feel mad at Eileen for the situation.


Brandi (The Twit) then explains YoYo that Eileen is a whore on TV. Brandi wants Eileen to go into her soap opera character. Eileen playfully tells her to pay her some money and she’ll do it. Brandi pulls out some money and hands it over to Eileen. Brandi wants to see the side of Eileen that she sees on “Days of Our Life wherein she’s the villain who sleeps around and tries to steal men.” Ummmm… News flash, Brandi (The Twit) – That’s just a TV and is not real… Eileen is an Emmy Award-winning actress. Eileen thinks she’s being treated like a circus seal. Brandi (The Twit) threatens to throw her drink on her. Eileen playfully claps her hands together while making the requisite trained seal kind of sounds. In her talking head, Eileen says that she doesn’t want to re-enact a scene from the show and that Brandi is just not getting it. After telling YoYo that Eileen had won an Emmy…

In this week’s edition of, “I Kid You Not” – Brandi (The Twit) takes a gulp out of her wine glass and then just throws the remaining wine from her glass onto an unsuspecting Eileen for no apparent reason. Even YoYo is asking Brandi why she did it. Immediately after she did it, Brandi (The Twit) starts laughing and smirking. Seriously – I kid you not!

Everyone is totally flabbergasted. As Eileen tries to wipe the real wine off her hair, makeup, and leather top, Eileen graciously tries to explain it away by saying that Brandi has had a few drinks. YoYo has no idea where that came from or what to say to that…

Wine throw

Brandi (The Twit) tries to explain herself that she thought that since Eileen is a soap opera actress that she thought she would have just sat there and taken it… Ummm… Brandi, you moron, TV isn’t real – You should know because after all, you’re on a fabricated reality show, you imbecile! In the make-believe world of TV – If there ever was a point where someone threw a wine glass of something at someone – It was probably water, you idiot. Through misty eyes, Eileen sarcastically says that she has people throwing glasses of wine at her every day. In her talking head, Brandi (The Twit) says that she thinks she was going for a soap opera moment… or maybe it was because Eileen told a romantic story about her cheating… or that it could have been a combination of everything. We don’t hear Brandi (The Twit) saying she’s sorry at all… Now that could be creative editing – I don’t know.

Eileen calls it as she sees it and says, “There’s an ick factor here – but I’m going to get over it… but I’m going to be fine… but there’s just an ick factor here.” In her talking head, Eileen says she’s never had a glass of wine thrown in her face. She’s angry and humiliated – and that the whole thing is shocking and bizarre. Eileen turns to Lisa R and asks her to change the subject so they could move on… Even Lisa R is so shocked that she is speechless and flounders around totally not knowing what to say. YoYo calls for the check and ends the scene. I’m thinking, bullcrap… Right, as if they actually had to pay for that meal.

Yoyo gasp

Vince and Eileen sit down to relax before going to YoYo’s dinner party. Eileen wants reassurance that she looks okay. Vince says he likes her dress and he offers her some wine. I have to giggle. Eileen, understandably wants to stay away from wine for a while. Vince calls Brandi a, “Damn psycho.” I really love him for that. Vince goes on to say of Brandi, “Look, she’s obviously weird…” Again, have I mentioned how much I love him?  Vince doesn’t think Eileen should take it personally because he thinks Brandi likes her. He tells Eileen to put on her “fun face” as they go off to the party. I may have smacked my boyfriend for saying that…. Just sayin’…

It’s time for YoYo’s dinner party that she’s putting on with the help her friend who is a party planner. YoYo tells us she would be horrified if Brandi misbehaves in her home. So one by one everyone arrives at YoYo’s house and is immediately clued in as to what happened the previous night. Everyone is shocked and knows this is a new low for Brandi. By the time Brandi (The Twit) walks in everyone knows about what happened and Eileen says it feels like high school all over again.

Brandi (The Twit) asks Eileen if she can talk to her outside. In a moment of comedic brilliance, Eileen directs Brandi to leave her wineglass behind. Brandi (The Twit) says that Eileen owes her and can feel free to throw some wine on her but YoYo quickly steps in and says that there are rules inside the house…. Lol.. Eileen also asks Brandi if she left her “weirdo super fan” persona at the door. Brandi (The Twit) admits, “I was wrong” and then tries to explain it by saying she has really bad anxiety. Right – because all the people I know who have anxiety issues are willy nilly throwing glasses of wine at each other.

Brandi TH

Brandi (The Twit) goes on to say that she really doesn’t have an explanation. Fortunately, she brought a “Friendship Necklace” as a peace offering to give to Eileen. I thought this was wonky – because it wasn’t in a gift box or wrapped in any way – She just kind of brought it out and thrust it at Eileen. Brandi (The Twit) said that she really wanted Eileen to go into one of her characters at the time and that she’s really sorry. Brandi (The Twit) says that she’s never thrown a drink at anyone. Umm… is that true? Haven’t we seen her throw a drink at someone before… or am I misremembering? I’m sure someone will remember in the comments….

Eileen TH

Eileen tells Brandi that it was a creepy fan type thing to do. In her talking head, Eileen says, “I can accept an apology from Brandi because I don’t like to get caught up in the petty, small stuff that doesn’t really matter – but I still don’t trust her – but I’m willing to accept her apology.”

Kim arrives later than everyone else, as usual… but she looks awesome. They all sit down for dinner. I looked for special place cards written with little hearts reserved for only “special teams” like YoYo has done in the past – but sadly, there was none of that. YoYo makes a toast to her King, David, “Thank you for being my strength when I lost my strength for the last 2 years.” YoYo also makes a toast to Eileen’s Emmy win (lol). Also, during the toast, YoYo tells Brandi that she’s in “Time-out.” Eileen tells Brandi that she’s armed because she has a wine glass in hand. Then, because YoYo can’t help but harassing and putting Lisa down, YoYo toasts Lisa on the opening of “Pump.”  And then YoYo says, “Next time, invite us.” Moving on… lol. #toastnotatoast  In her talking head, Lisa tells YoYo in her talking head, “Maybe you should figure it out why I didn’t invite you – it’s not rocket science.”

Lisa TH

As they’re eating dinner, Brandi is making small talk with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds (Multi Grammy Award winning R & B musician, singer, songwriter, record producer), who is sitting next to her. Scowly-faced YoYo and David are busy judging everyone’s interactions from where they’re sitting at the head of the table. David interrupts the whole table’s conversatoin just to clue in Brandi that Babyface is newly married. David was clearly implying that Brandi the Twit was having a big flirtfest with him. Brandi points to his beautiful wife who is sitting right next to him. It was hilarious.

Brandi tells Babyface that he’s a lucky man because his wife is so gorgeous – But because Brandi is a nitwit, she can’t help but say,“I do feel though, by the way – Let me see the ring [Wife reaches across her husband to proudly show Brandi her new wedding ring] – We could go bigger.” Babyface and his wife are shocked. Lisa V, from across the table tells Brandi that she can’t say that but Brandi insists that she can. In Lisa V’s talking head she goes on about how emasculating it is to do that to a man – that it’s like a man taking his clothes off and you telling him that his penis isn’t big enough.

Babyface defends himself by saying, “It’s not about the size but it’s about the love.” Brandi, like a dog with a bone says, “She’s going to need one of these [gesturing to the ring on Brandi’s own finger] – but not right now – If you’re too young – and you have this giant rock it means that your husband’s cheating.” Nicole is over 40. Babyface thinks that Brandi’s saying this crap (my words, no his) because of some of the things that she’s gone thru. Brandi says that he’s right. YoYo says it’s time for s’mores!

YoYo dancing

They all go outside to an amazing fire pit and toast marshmallows for s’mores. How fun is that? And because Brandi hasn’t been creepy enough thus far, actually tells Eileen, who is sitting next to Lisa R – “You’re so fucking sexy – it’s ridiculous.” “You’re walking the line of being a crazy, like weirdo fan” says Eileen. Lisa R says, “Brandi, you’re kind of fucking crazy.” Brandi says, “Cheers to that.” Then, abruptly Brandi leaves them and goes and physically sits on David Foster’s lap. She laughingly says, “Yolanda, I’m sitting on David’s lap.” Yolanda immediately walks over and takes Brandi’s hand and escorts her off his lap…lol… I don’t think YoYo was happy with that…lol.

While Brandi is distracted, Lisa R and Eileen escape into the house to talk about just how batcrapcrazy Brandi is acting. Lisa R says, “I like her – but she’s nuts.” They talk about how Brandi says all those things because she wants a reaction and wants to be center of attention. They decide Brandi is neurotic enough to be an actress. Lisa R tells us in her talking head, that she sees a wounded little girl inside of Brandi – and that no one drinks that much if they’re happy.

Later, as everyone is back in the living room – it’s music time with David Foster and Babyface. How fun! David asks for random thoughts suggestions that they can turn into a freestyle kind of song. Babyface is playing a guitar and David is playing the piano. Kyle offers her perfectly lovely suggestion, “I love my life.” David directs Kenny that it has to be a sexy, slow jam. But Brandi interjects, “Why did you do it like this [insert vulgar finger up a hoohaa gesture] – like you were finger banging your wife?” “Why do you have to ruin a beautiful moment?” asks Kyle. YoYo tells Brandi she’s on a time-out. Brandi ruined the mood.

David and Babyface launch into a song that combines “I love my life” with “finger banging” – because that’s just how they roll in the shire (sorry, obscure Big Bang Theory reference because I needed to laugh after this moronic episode.).

Other Things we learned from this episode…

~~ YoYo’s daughter Bella can’t wait to move to New York to go to “Parsons – The New School for Design” and is willing to even sleep on the floor to be there. They’re looking for an apartment for her near the school. YoYo tells us that she’s feeling disappointed, scared and vulnerable about Bella’s leaving. I’m sure there were other punishments, but YoYo tells us that as a result of Bella’s DUI, that she took away her phone for 21 days and that she did not have access to social media. Bella is also going to have to pay for her lawyer fees with her own savings (I’m sure there were other punishments, too). YoYo says she has to trust that Bella has the tools to make the right decisions. Okay wait a minute – Do you mean to tell me that you punished Bella for a whole 21 days? Whoop-de-freaking doo! I routinely got put on “restriction” for 2 weeks at a time when I was growing up merely for not emptying the dishwasher or for not refilling the ice cube trays. And in my case, no one’s life was in jeopardy due to lack of ice. Although, truth be told, now that I’m an adult – Not having adequate ice could quite possibly be categorized as justifiable homicide, in my opinion. Sorry, Mom!

~~ Kyle is finally teaching Alexia, her 18 year old, how to do laundry. Kyle thinks she has prepared her kids for a lot of things in life – but laundry just isn’t one of them. Kyle tearfully emphasizes to Alexia that she can always come home – that she always has a soft place to land. She’s specifically referring to next year when Alexia goes off to Arizona to go to college – Kyle wants her to know she can come back at any time and that there are plenty of colleges here… lol. This is so not going to be pretty…

Kyle th


Funniest Moment of the Epsiode…

Lisa R sees YoYo’s stunning, clear glass fridge for the first time and Lisa V tells her to get into it and she will take a picture of her. As Lisa R is in the fridge, Lisa V says that it’s a good way to preserve you – and Lisa R says that she’ll take it!

Delusional Thought of the Episode…

“I think we have a very similar personality.” Brandi says this to Lisa. Hardee har har har. Lisa, obvi, disagrees.

Quotes of the episode…

“Absolutely inappropriate and fucking weird.” Lisa R says in her talking head about Brandi’s wine throwing at Eileen.

“If Brandi had thrown the wine in my face – I would have gone across that table… and I don’t know what I would have done – but I probably would be in a cop car.” Lisa R admits after Brandi throws wine at Eileen.


“I’m a freak standing in Yolanda’s fridge. What the fuck?” – Lisa R says in her talking head when narrating that she’s ummmm… standing in Yolanda’s fridge…lol… She immediately recognizes because she’s doing so – she says, “I’ll stay beautiful forever!”


“I’m sorry, but in your own words, ‘Shut the fuck up!’” – Lisa V says to Brandi in her talking head after Brandi insults the wedding ring Babyface’s wife is wearing in front of the whole table.


“If that’s not some white trash – I don’t know what is!” Lisa R says about Brandi in her talking head – after Brandi made her vulgar wife banging comment during music time.


Next week…

Lisa V’s son is saying he doesn’t have proof of insurance in either car and Lisa thinks he’s being irresponsible (and illegal.) Brandi meets with her lawyer who tells her that Eddie is asking for child support and spousal support that he says he overpaid. Brandi wants to fight him in court. Eileen observes that one by one you watch you children grow up and leave – and the house gets quieter and quieter. YoYo’s daughter, Bella, tells her that it was a bad mistake but that YoYo can still trust her. YoYo says that Bella knows that there is no 2nd chance in this. Kyle talks about how their home dynamic changes with each child that leaves. I see a pattern – but fortunately, no wine throwing… lol.

Well, that’s it for this episode… Thanks for reading… Have a most excellent week! Happy Trails!


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359 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Wining and Dining” – S5E8

  1. Cartwheels says:

    Trashbox hooker Glanville is now saying that everything was staged and Jeff and her were in on the joke.

    I don’t believe her, I bet Jeff will never be with her on another show.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I believe her – the wine throw was certainly cooked up between the two of them. I’m sure Andy will take it as a joke – he loves Jeff, and he’s a good sport.

      Viewers on the other hand will have more reason to feel that the entire show (housewives) is fake. And she’s now lost her “shock” factor which was her most interesting dimension – so for Brandi it’s a fail.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I believe her too (for the first time EVER) she’s a crappy actress and it felt fake from the start-she was edgy all night b/c she knew she had this little act to perform. She’s a mess and only proves that more and more every time she opens her mouth. Sadly she is going to take her name being mentioned as a good thing but she won’t bother to understand what most people are saying. She has been given so many opportunities to move up the ladder of life but she can’t get out of her own way. She squanders every opportunist and gives people more reason to NOT root for her. She shameful and childish-she said last night that she was sorry she wasted wine by throwing it at Eileen-“alcohol abuse”-what a moron.

        • auntannmarie says:

          TOTALLY AGREE Jill!!! I knew from the moment the “bit” started it was fake. When she turned you could tell she was laughing. I think I even expected some sort of set up?

          I love when these idiots think as long as people are talking about you its a good thing. Krazy Kelly Bensimon blocked me from twitter because I tried explaining to her that it isn’t a good thing and that her girls were going to be reading all about her crazy antics. They will not be proud of mommy being labled “Krazy” whenever her name was mentioned. They will be mortified and embarrased beyond belief and no amount of money was worth it for your kid to feel that way about you. Smh.

          Brandi has an entire history of crazy antic prior to even joing RH – I don’t think there is going to be anything good come up once her own kids google her! As crazy as Leann is she’s beginning to look more sane than Brandi.

        • Powell says:

          Yes. “Alcohol abuse”. I’d show her abuse.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I re watched it, knowing what would happen. I still say, even if Jeff knew it was happening (and I wish that he would acknowledge that) that he did look shell shocked.

          I think Andy has truly had enough of her. How do you play a “joke” on your boss on live television. Andy had tweeted afterwards that he couldn’t fall asleep.

          I think Brandi is gone after this season. She has pushed way too many buttons and gone way too far.

    • I’ll believe her when Jeff confirms it.

      He’s been awfully quiet.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        OMIB he never ever ever really talks.
        unless he’s on some interview with Andy. He never tweets or anything. Just random tweets with posing with people sleeping and also his fights with either United or American …. those are hysterical.

        or just his paint stuff. But never gossip, Bravo-related crap.

      • Cartwheels says:

        exactly, Andy has not made any remarks yet, so while psycho Brandi might have made it as a joke , I doubt that Jeff and/or Andy were on it.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. No snow but it’s bitter cold in my neck of the woods. I hope you are warmer.
    Thks NMD for the wwhl blog you did so DANG fast. You have super fingers. BH & wwhl were both painful because of Bobble Head. She’s just disgusting. Can’t wait to read Miss Stars.

  3. Another blog! You are like the Energizer Bunny!

    And you need Hazard Pay after this last episode.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Lol OMIB – I had to change my batteries today… Hopefully, they’ll last thru tomorrow at least! lol

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    Thank you Starzy – you are like the energizer bunny! Another amazing blog!

    • Buttercream says:

      Yes, Starzy, (Clap, clap both hands loudly) great job on this blog! 🙂

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Awww… thanks my favorite kind of frosting… Wonky episode, no? lol

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Veena – Just had my first cup of tea from a new Keurig machine hubster and I bought for each other for Christmas that just arrived… I love me some Good Earth tea… If I drink many more I may start spazzing out down the bunny trail… lol

  5. Starzy – Great blog and I am sorry if you were offended that I was crushing on The Tramp last night, but I think she may be my favorite right now. Of course when I was in high school I always thought Ashley was a class act so maybe I am just being a super creepy fan.

    Thanks to all Lynnfammers who kept me company last night, I was very entertained!

    • Powell says:

      Ashley on Y&R is my girl. I’m so glad Eileen is done w/Days and back permanently. Thats why I didn’t want her on BH. She’s a class act and I didn’t want her infected by Bobble Head. I guess I shouldn’t say “infected” cuz Bobble just might cry. I guess I’m a super creepy fan right along w/you SJP.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh SJP – No problem – I’m having a hard time calling her “That Tramp” myself these days – since she is a voice of reason and propriety in a nest of messy wonkiness.

  6. not THAT Jill says:

    Lisa Rinna said a lot more to Brandi at the dinner party -this is the extended scene-it’s delightful!!

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ she thinks it’s funny. “Yes I was drunk”. “I felt like I was in an episode of Days.” This all makes it OK? DAMN why wasn’t I Eileen’s BFF for that night sitting next to her? DAMN I would’ve punched the hell out of her. I can visualize it.
      👊 BAMMM!! I don’t cause fights. I’m not a violent person. But I coulda done it.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Brandi knows exactly who to “go after”-she went after Joyce last season b/c Joyce was everything Brandi isn’t but she seemed a bit timid-Eileen wasn’t going to kick Brandi’s ass-but Lisa R would have!!

  7. T-Rex says:

    Holy crap on a cracker! Sorry, but this viewer who was down to just two measely Ho-wives franchises to watch, just left the building on BHills. Sorry, I don’t think it’s funny, nor amusing to hear about wanting to lick a hooha, then talk about banging that hooha with and appendage the very next episode. I have been to some swanky soirees, I have been to Skanky Soirees and at not a one of them were these two items ever been spoken about in what we used to call “mixed company”. Of course the Jeff Lewis WWHL was a complete setup due to the inappropriate wine throwing at TheTrampEileen, as some sort of joke, it wasn’t funny. As long as THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAG-LYINGLIARWHOLIESTOLIE-MORONSTFUBrandi is on this show, this view is “OUT”. I wanted to make it through this season, but I.JUST.CAN’T! I am not in any way a prude, and have been known to cuss worse than any sailor I know, but I have some class, and you just don’t say those sort of things in public. Look she knows there are a full set of cameras, she is miked, they are with other Ho-wives, none of whom she would be around if it weren’t for the show, so it’s not like “whoopsie” on the comments. They are meant to shock and draw attention to her, and I am not playing, so I am “tagging” myself out of the game! I will continue to read the wonderful blogs, and let me just say that the blogs have just been so amazing, I don’t know how you guys do it!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      BUT…. do you still hate Jill Zarin?

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I don’t blame you sista. I can go back at the entire HW history and there have been some moments that were shocking, disappointing and disgusting but last night was the worse. Bobble didn’t do it just once, but twice I one epi. Throwing wine in Eileen’s face. then insulting Babyface and his wife, people she does not know was the most vile and disgusting thing ever. Bobble doesn’t have any mental issues as some might want to think. She’s just disgusting. She has the mentality “I’ll get you before you get me” and takes it into overdrive.
      Yo just tells her not to talk, she’s on time out, when she comes in the house. Like that was gonna happen. What I don’t understand is since Yo is so proud of David and his career, his collaborations, why didnt she call Bobble and ask to speak to her in private, then tell her to leave? She let Bobble sit there after she insults a guest. Forget Bravo. She should have told her to leave her house. There was no consequences to her actions. She’s a Bit*h.

    • lila1star says:

      Great blog as usual! T-Rex–I hear you! I am down to one HW show–this one and had Lisa not come back I would not be watching. Sending others packing while they keep Brandi is just crap imo. But then again–this is the monster the producers created. She just brought a whole lot more of crazy than they expected. Remember the petition last year to have her fired? Didn’t work but they truly almost lost Lisa V. Eileen wont last if she doesn’t bring the drama where it concerns Brandi. Bravo really thinks this is what we want–cray cray in the form of BG.

      Not long ago no one was allowed to move if Sir David was doing his music and YoYo made sure all understood that and now he is asking for requests (sort of)??? Maybe the Fosters need the Bravo check because no way and now how would this had been allowed. Hypocrites and suspends belief as far as they are concerned. So is Brandi going to go to Kyle and talk about how Yo has her under her spell and made her a puppet like she did to Lisa last year?
      Right now I am on the fence on whether I finish this season….

      • T-Rex says:

        I personally think they are on the show to SELL their house, they originally went on to promote the girls modeling careers, IMO, and now it’s to get anyone to buy that house! DavidBananasFoster is worth is about 30 million and McJudgeyJudgersonMcNeedyYoloLemonhead got a nice stipend when she divorced Mohammed, so I don’t think they are doing this for money. I think the music scenario was a complete producer setup to change the perception of DavidBananasFoster as some persnickety old dude. Note, I don’t think that McJudgeyJudgersonMcNeedyYoloLemonhead got the even close to the dough that DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja received, but she did well with her own money prior to meeting DavidBananasFoster, so kudos to her for living within her means!

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks, Lila – Yes, I agree… They created a monster… Run for your lives!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      lol T-Rex… Tell us how you really feel…I love it! It’s sad that you’re not watching anymore… I’m guessing that’s not Bravo’s goal… lol… Maybe they should figure out how to lure you back in…no?

  8. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    “Brandi is clearly not okay with any of this because both her ex-boyfriend J.R. and ex-husband Eddie cheated on her.”


    First off, JR has a live-in girlfriend. Brandi and JR are cheating (if he really does have anything to do with her, and I think not) on HER.

    Secondly, Eddie had a live-in fiance when Brandi got together with him. Since she obviously puts as much emphasis on a cheating boyfriend as a husband, that what kind of home-wrecker is she when this woman expected to share HER life with Eddie, but the half-price whore came along and broke THAT up?

    • Wait, wait, wait – Eddie had a live-in fiance when he met Brandi? How did I miss this? I think you make some excellent points especially about her and JR cheating.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        why is this not pointed out EVERY time… i don’t get it….

        just like jennifer aniston- having Brad “”””” stolen””””” from her when her current fiance of like 2+ yrs (giggle) was with his partner for like almost 15 years !!????
        Yes, not married, not engaged. But still.

        I always forget that about Brandi- it’s never brought up when she starts getting all high and mighty about the ‘fooling around’ stuff– and that is what WINE TOSS #2 2015 is going to be about- because it involves Lisa2 yelling about ‘how dare you say my husband cheats’ etc….
        (though i think it’s Kim, Brandi’s proxy that gets the wine thrown at her then)

    • I Need a Life! says:

      T M Z reports that a certain mansion in New Jersey has lowered the price by one million.

      I can’t imagine how hard it will be to move without Teresa directing traffic. T REX..use you energy on getting the low down on that for us. I’ve been over Brandi and it’s very freeing.

      • T-Rex says:

        INAL- Capt Real Estate is ON IT! They reduced their McMansionMonstrosity another 500k yesterday, so that it’s now still an overpriced 2.99 million listing. They are a million less than initially listed back in September, but had dropped it 500K back in November. So this is just a 500K reduction from what it was currently listed at a few days ago. It’s still overpriced for the comps in the area, the four other homes I found even close to theirs are in a WAY better area, the homes are far better in appearance, and amenities, and all have a large pool area, not like the Juicy’s, In addition, they are in a better neighborhood with views that are amazing and none back up to an interestate.

        • I Need a Life! says:

          Many thanks, Captain. Cheaper for them to just walk away or can they?

          • T-Rex says:

            INAL – They could easily throw their hands up and walk away and give the house to the banks! Here is why they are still morons regarding their finances and I don’t know who for the love of pete is advising them, but the banks have liens on the house to the tune of about 2.4 million dollars. I think, THEY think they are going to walk away with monies after they sell their home, they are not. There are OTHER liens on this home, and judgments against them, that will have to be satisfied for the sale to be transferred via Title. This is what they originally were looking for a home around .1.4 million on the show, they did their convoluted math and thought if they sold for 3.99 that’s what they would walk away with, uhm NOPE NOPE and NOPE! As someone semi-related to this business of collections, trust me, when a shark smells blood in the water they come a running, and once there is a title search launched, EVERY creditor will be notified, since if you are like me they have something on file to be notified! I don’t know where these folks are going to live, but they shouldn’t have let their old home fall into foreclosure since it costs less to maintain, and not a single bank out there is going to give them a loan for a million dollar house. The only thing they could probably do is rent or lease a home since you don’t really have to get a bank loan to do that.

            • I Need a Life! says:

              I can see dragging this on until Joe leaves, for the sake if the kids, but how to pay 34 grand in taxes alone makes my skin itch. I just don’t see how they can live there at all. Thanks.

            • Powell says:

              T-Rex I think they think they can walk away w/the money to buy a new home too.

              • T-Rex says:

                Powell, with 11 million dollars in debts, banks owed upward of 4 million, with additional folks that have secondary liens and judgments, how would you think that’s possible? They are not in bankruptcy protection which would allow you to gain a profit from your home in order to downsize into another property, so they are fair game for the sharks to come after them. Let me assure you, if I was a creditor, I am not signing off on a Lis Penden(judgement if there is a dime of profit in the transaction of the house sale. The ONLY way to get out of a Lis Penden, is to show there are no monies to be had after other creditors have been paid, or the house sells in foreclosure for less money then the actual mortgage on the home. Either way the seller walks away with zippo!

            • Orson says:

              Okay, there’s something here I don’t get.

              I do understand the local RE people saying at best, the house is worth maybe $2.1 million and T&J are asking for more. Because in my mind, the bottom line on what something is worth is how much someone else is willing to pay you for it. But here’s the thing… suppose I offered $2.1 mill for it and T & J accepted it. What about all the liens and stuff against it? How the heck would I get a free and clear title to the place?

              • T-Rex says:

                Orson, there will be a lot of negotiations between banks and creditors to get at title free and clear to transfer the property via a RE sale. I think that the ConvictfelonJuicy’s are running under the “assumption” of what the rules were, when they were in bankruptcy regarding the sale of the house. When you are in bankruptcy you have protection for your primary residence, it can’t be taken by the banks to satisfy your loans and liens, via foreclosure. You can actually downsize to a smaller home, in that 1.5 million dollar range if you have bankruptcy protection. They do not! They are at the mercy of the banks once their house sells, and I seriously do not think they realize this. As long as they are paying their mortgage on the home, the banks are not going to swoop in and call in their loans and liens, however the hot minute you try to sell that house and transfer title, everyone going to have their hand out for the monies they are owed from these two morons. In all these myriad of attorneys, not a single one of them is an ESTATE or INVESTMENT attorney, which is something they are in extreme need of at this point, but they won’t get because they like dealing with money on a less than legal field! I don’t personally see why they are even bothering to sell their home, if they can afford the mortgages, maybe someday the house will be worth more than what they owe to creditors. Again, I think they are under the delusion that they have the same rules as if they had completed their bankruptcy and it’s not the case, their home is NOT protected from creditors

                • Exit4 says:

                  When you did your comp search did you compare not just the sq. footage of the homes-but the big factor-the acreage? They have 3+ that matters a lot!
                  A lot! It doesn’t matter what’s on that land-it matters how much there is. Land is at a premium in NJ.

                  Orson-you’d have to have a good lawyer and a crack title person. You may have to assume some liens (like electric, gas, h2o if they exist). If they were wise they should have just let everything foreclose 5 years ago, made the deals with the banks and creditors. No bankruptcy MAY have meant no charges, no jail and she would have had her mini food empire in tact and made bank. Bad moves all around.

                  • T-Rex says:

                    Yes, I did factor that in, the other homes interior and amenities were so much nicer. I haven’t personally been in the ConvictFelon’s home, but a lot of the stuff just doesn’t look “high-end’ at least by the pictures. I would bet they aren’t and they did the same shortcuts on their home the Gorgas did on theirs. There were really only 3 homes in that whole area that had the same basic rooms and square footage at just that price and they were all in the same neighborhood and they are GORGEOUS, and they have these beautiful views, all were close to 3 acres and none were on a highway. Exit you have been in that area, it looks to be like large hills or mountains over there, would this be correct? If not, the views look like it from the other homes. In addition, I used a factoring system that a real estate person I know has and actually zillow is about right, she guestimated it to be about 2.1 million and zillow is at an even 2 million, she said no way she would list that at 3.4(which was the price when I asked her to look at the home). Also it’s not a true 3.5 acres in her mind as there has to be a huge buffer of land between that highway and the house that you won’t really be able to use, in her opinion

    • Powell says:

      Yes Rebecca B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T

    • plainviewsue says:

      I never knew this. Eddie had a live in fiancé???????? Why has this not come up?????

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        I’ve given details before. Julianne Morris was Amy on Y&R with Eileen!!!!!!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Rebecca has Julianne ever spoken about this publicly? I would love to hear her take on how things went down!!

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

          this comes full circle………. did this chick film with Eileen!

          hence… Brandi/ Twit/ Nit-twit/ Tramp/ Trashbox/ WT/ not liking Eileen. ……….

          ooooh……….. JUICY!!!

          • 2Stupid says:

            I just googled her and Eddie was on their with her. That means Eileen was on Y&R with Eddie!!!!!

            • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

              and Eddie likes blondes……..

              this is getting better and better. Maybe they hooked up too. ooooooooh………

              this is getting SO good

  9. Buttercream says:

    T-Rex… I’m with you .. sitting this out after two back to back vulgar scenes with Brandi .. it’s not entertainment and sad when BRAVO Producers approve the segment(s) before airing .. the Producers have ruined (once again) another HW Franchise …

  10. TexasTart says:

    In case you missed it, here are some interesting links provided by INAL and Orson last night. They have to do with the prison Teresa is incarcerated and a commissary list. I think she can get a maximum of $320 in commissary a month. Some reported that amount in a week, which would be so excessive, I can’t even believe it! The commissary list is a bit surprising too. Funny that they sell foods you cook, but not a hot plate or microwave…which leads me to believe these are available for their use. Seems like you could eat very good there and do it any ole’ time of day. Look at all of the choices! I could go on, but just know that prisoners can buy sunblock, you know, since they’re in prison and all, that is very important! No wonder it’s been called “Camp Cupcake”.

    Click to access DAN_CommList.pdf

  11. Look at the brown odd mess on those pics of Brandi at the wine throwing party —– like sprayed on brown stuff – so weird !!

    Thanks for writing up — will read as soon as I sit and watch this !

    Happy Wednesday all. The city is freeeeeeeeeezing today.
    Loving it. Enjoying my iced tea. ❄️❄️☁️☁️

    • TexasTart says:

      I noticed her weird hair during that scene…almost like she had a hair net on – a brown defined border. Funny thing is she has her bitch film with her all them time, her hair and make up guy who obviously he thinks this look and that hideous hair bump with the jewels (at Yo’s party) looks good. NOT! Okay, that is all, I am not supposed to be chatting, I have too much work to do!

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        LOL Tarts, sorry to take you away!
        —- and her roommate/friend/stylist-who-needs-glasses also was one of the checks she was given at the PIE FACE Celeb Apprentice thing– her roommate– but he said ‘in name of the —— salon’ – must be where he works.

        But they cut Andy and Kristen and kept him…. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
        :LOL: x 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      • Limespider says:

        Even Snooki is not wearing the hair bump anymore. Did Brandi and her hair dresser steal a bunch of Bumpits from Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium???

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

          my best friend was telling me how she was in a hair salon and across through the mirror she could see the LI Medium getting her hair done. She freaked out because she could see the woman looking around and my friend was worried she was going to pick up on some spirit on my friend.
          she said her hair was actually GORGEOUS when done, but then she shellacs and spackles it up with the Aqua net after….

          i dont watch- just the SNL spoof.

  12. I am blown away by this episode. While the wine throwing might have been provoked by production, it was clear that no one else at the table knew it was gonna happen. I think Eileen (The Tramp) handled the situation very well and I loved that Lisa R. said she would be in a police car if it had happened to her. I have never not once had wine thrown at me so I am unsure as to how I would react. I am happy to note that it was not red wine. Whew.
    Brandi so obviously has a drinking problem and the problem is obvious that wine is too accessible! She has not changed from season one. Her conversation with Babyface was just so wrong and I am surprised at how people can sit there and not react to her horrible behavior…although, that would be giving her what she wants to as they say, “Don’t feed the animals at the zoo.” I practice the mantra, “I will not reward bad behavior.”
    BTW, did anyone notice how short Brandi’s dress was?

    • Powell says:

      Namaste I would’ve punched her square in the face.
      And then on wwhl Jeff is telling her she is mixing drinking w/her meds and she says it’s out of her system by the time she drinks. And she says she apologized several times to Eileen, how many more times does she need to apologize and then laughs. Just disgusting.

    • Powell says:

      I think the guests through no fault of their own helped feed the beast. If she didn’t leave they should have and that would have had her seeing how stupid and idiotic she was. But it wasn’t the guests fault. It was Yo that needed to put a stop to it by telling her to leave.

      • Agree! Obviously, Babyface is a friend and colleague of David’s and what Brandi said was offensive to him and to his beautiful well poised wife. I think it would have been appropriate for Yolonda or David to call her out on her behavior right there and tell her it was unacceptable and if she did not apologize for it, she could leave. She needs to be embarrassed and made to be ashamed. Ignoring it and laughing her behavior off has not made her change her behavior. There is a reason Lisa V. keeps her distance now. I am sure Brandi has said and done things in front of Lisa’s business associates.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah you’re right they should have embarrassed her in front of everyone.

          • plainviewsue says:

            Putting her in time out??? I thought Brandi hated when Lisa mothered her. And even Yolanda called Lisa out on that.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            David and Yolanda for whatever reason tolerate Brandi’s boorish and obnoxious behavior in their home that is directed to other guests. I am still disgusted how Brandi went after Joyce at their table, especially because David specially asked Joyce to make a toast.

            • kit9 says:

              Right! Brandi sat making snide remarks and laughing as Ken and Lisa laughed along and encouraged her.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I totally agree. Yolanda always give Brandi the benefit of the doubt. Read Lisa V’s blog. It was perfection & she called out Yo for looking the other way.

          She should of been asked to leave. When she said what she did to Babyface, I literally could not close my mouth. She is disgusting.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I haven’t read Lisa’s blog yet but I really don’t think she has much room to talk.

            Last season, not only did Lisa look the other way when Brandi repeatedly went after Joyce at various diner tables, but egged it on by laughing- and not an nervous laugh…but a snickering grade school one.

          • kit9 says:

            Oh, hells no, Lisa did not say that! Hypocrite! She was Brandi’s enabler in chief when Brandi was awful to Joyce on at least 3 different occasions..Lisa was literally laughing her arse off. And, it wasn’t just in the moment because Lisa was still cackling about it in her TH’s.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I did and so out of place at that party. I think Brandi has a horrible figure, she’s just bones and it does not look good. If I had skinny legs like that no way would I be showing them off in that short of a dress. I just don’t understand why someone like Yolo would allow someone like Brandi to even be at her house for a party when there are other people besides housewives there and why the King would even consider being on film with someone like her. At least Ken has the right idea, stay away from her. I’m glad Lisa told her she can’t be the kind of friend Brandi wants but so nice to know Yolo can. Did anyone else catch that comment Bella made about “mother knows best” when Yolo was talking to her on the steps, I found that very telling. What about the look on babyface’s wife’s face when Brandi made the comment about the ring. I think it’s time for everyone to let Bravo know starting next season we will not be watching if Brandi continues with this show. I do think Kim looked great and actually I like her this season and would rather see more of her and less of Brandi/Yolo.

      • I did catch Bella’s comment and I have a feeling Yolo is very controlling and perhaps that’s why Bella acted out when Yolo wasn’t around.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        Mrs. P you have me thinking about why YoYo is taking Brandi- or rather, i just lost the word- placating? her by keeping by her side, hushing her- being a ‘mommy’ to her (vomit)

        I mean- is it self-protection- does Brandi hold secrets of Yo’s and Yo is smart enough to know to STFU about how terrible Brandi is for fear these things will come spewing out of her mouth?

        Like now, in real time, Brandi is very vocally anti-Kyle— so Yo is probably playing safe????
        The Yo we see and the high and mighty way she acts would never put up with these shenangigans by skinny legs trashbox. How does King David deal with this $hitbox tramp?

        Lisa R seems to KNOW how to tread lightly with this wacko…. she isn’t immune to watching past seasons, plus she seems to have had a friendship with Kyle and Lisa a bit.
        so she was ‘prepped’.
        How Harry and Matthew Weiner (of Mad Men) must feel watching Lisa appear on this train wreck ….
        we need more shi shi…. please more vacations……
        diving off huge yachts into donuts PUHLEAZE.
        Get the SLEAZE OFF!!!!

        #IHJZ (for Rebecca)

  13. California35 says:

    Im with you all about her ~ im glad I am not the only one. Drugs? Alchool? convention? But with or without it, she is a mess. From poor her to flirt to offensive to gross to on and on. She is not smart and she values things that are and have slipped away. She adds more reasons to look worst and worst and keep losing more.

    So how much do her kids spend with her? At thr begining i thought she was the main parent, then she was 1/2 parent, now i wonder if she is the one that only has them every other weekend OR only when their dad feels bad for her AND under supervision.

    I dont know, i am just going on and on and with no realy sence lol just so much to think or say about it.

    • Powell says:

      Just from last night alone Eddie has evidence on tape that could be used against her for him to get full custody. If that were to happen I think Bobble would be another statistic. She’d drink and drug herself to a tragedy.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, from what I hear Eddie has the boys about 60-65% of the time already, so why would he rock that boat and drag his kids through the courts with a custody issue, you see ManCandy is something called a “parent” and thinks of his children over the needs of “winning”. He would never win supervised custody or visits, because she would just say the TV show is fake and it’s all setup and not real, just like ConvictFelonTeresa did in court. Just be so very happy they have their dad in their lives because from all accounts he is a full hands-on Daddy-O, he is there for ALL of their activities and takes them most of the time.

    • she is so ignorant to be filmed behaving like that while drinking. Didn’t Simon use Tamara’s bad behavior on RH against her in court to get more custody? She just proves how very dumb she really is.

    • And interestingly not one peep about RHOBH or Brandi in ROL.


      • California35 says:

        Hey! I wanted to tell you – i feel about this Brandi mess very uncomfortable top. Not fun at all. I left Bravo last year around the time i started feeling like this last season OVER THE same person. I was sticking around this time for the begining (like last season) hoping to see her fade away or get what she deserves. With last episode, I dont know it will happen (and WWHL!!??)
        I wil just read the blogs and coments, i dont want to watch it anymore. I will read here IF i want to know what is going on.

        Luckiky this place gas not turned into a mess like the shows, i enjoy this NOT the shows. I will stick to scripted enjoyable tv thank you! Lol

        • Waving at Cali!

          Hi baby doll- I know how you feel. Is it scripted or is she really insane? Regardless, I just don’t want to be subjected to the locker room talk anymore.

          Bravo/Andy exploits mentally ill, substance abusing women for ratings. It makes me really uncomfortable.

          Itchy from the Ick.

        • Powell says:

          Well I understand how you and T-Rex feel. I stopped watching NJ because of two families disgusting behavior. I didn’t want to stop watching BH because of one person’s disgusting behavior. BobbIe Head I can’t take. Yo I like 80% of the time so I can watch her. I can tolerate the Richard sis. So glad Kim looks and sounds good. I wish she didn’t hang w?Bobble. I love Lisa & I’m enjoying Lisa R and Eileen although I still think they’re too good for this show. I’ll continue to watch this season but next season is on shakey ground w/me. This could be my last season.

          • mrs peabody says:

            Hopefully they will help bring the glamour and dignity back to this show. With better acting women maybe it will make some rethink their image on this show (yes Yolo I’m looking at you). Since Kim is sober she is acting better and I’m enjoying her. Brandi will never act better because she knows she can’t compete with these women in intelligence, money or class, the only way she can stand out is by acting the way she does and her pea brain hasn’t figured out yet that ladies do not act like this. She is way out of her league on this show and needs to go. Kyle knows how to act right and I think without Brandi and the conflict with Lisa she will act more lady like. Yolo knows how to act too but she needs to stop trying make excuses for Brandi’s behavior. Interesting how Lisa was mothering Brandi and it was wrong but it’s not when Yolo does it and she’s worse than Lisa ever was.

          • California35 says:

            Oh! I stoped watching NJ looong time ago. I know what’s going because of this place 😊 but that’s it. Also Atlanta and OC. I keep giving BH and NY a chance lol

            • sparklemuffy says:

              Cali, I stopped watching ALL— w/ the previews of the vineyard episode of NJ. That was it for me. Joe calling Tre a- ——- I think that was real. Sleaze.

              • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

                that really was the beginning of pure trash for these shows. A very very new, raw, low.

                I agree.

  14. Orson says:

    So, let’s look at the scoreboard:
    Lisa V wants NOTHING to do with Brandi, but seems to be willing to appear with her as her contract requires.
    Eileen (the Tramp) will probably want nothing more to do with Brandi.
    Lisa R is probably frightened of Brandi now.
    If Yolo has the brains of a doorhinge pin, she’ll dump Brandi. If for no other reason, King David doesn’t want her around.
    Kim is so addlepated from her years of substance abuse and missed appearances, she’s glad to have a friend who will play with her and not tell her what to do.
    Kyle… now this is interesting. She’s trying to get back into LVP’s good graces and doesn’t want to make an enemy of Yolo. And she’s still Kim’s sister. I’m guessing she’ll end up dumping Brandi, go ping ponging between LVP and Yolo (who don’t care for each other very much) and whenever she gets into a confrontation with Kim, she’ll burst into a crying jag.

    • mrs peabody says:

      anyone get the feeling that Yolo and Brandi were working on getting the new girls on their side with the dinner just between the 4 of them.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        i haven’t watched yet and i scream a resounding YESSSSS.

        Yofro wants “friends” that she can point out on when they dis-include her to things.

      • California35 says:

        Good point!!! But failed ovbiously ~ Brandi just didnt stick to it

      • T-Rex says:

        My personal opinion would be YEPPERS! I think that McJudgeJudgeMcNeedyPantsYoloLemonHead, lost more friends than just Mohammed in her divorce from him. So, I think that’s why she is SO bitter towards TheRoyalVPump.

        • mrs peabody says:

          With her holier than you attitude I’m betting she didn’t have many friends to begin with and they were probably happy to get Mohammed over her.

      • Powell says:

        L.R. and Eileen are smart and not letting them influence them. They tried last week at the tea and it failed.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        YES! And I bet when Brandi threw the wine at Eileen, Yo was like, “Brandi you idiot!” Lol

    • Powell says:

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Orson I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Orson – No, not wells – but the one from Ork – Nice breakdown… I was working on one myself… but it got so discombobulated that I never actually finished it… lol

    • R u kidding me with this?


      Bravo really thinks this is what we want to see. Conflict with crazies.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        it’s not going to happen because even Bethenny is not bringing her old ‘self’ back…
        i’m sure her self-deprecating super-witty commentary on the talking heads will be back but i doubt true drama DRAMA.
        I think as Lu has been resurrected and is now tolerable- she won’t have issues with Beth… so maybe they’re reaching here…..

        not sure.
        I’d like a Holla vs. Beth or Carole vs. Beth issue.

    • Powell says:

      Well B can say “I’m 500 mill up here and your $500 thou down there”. 😏

    • boston02127 says:

      If they bring Kelly back, I’m totally out. I can’t with her.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    if they are, its not working…looks like Lisa R and Eileen (the cupcake cuz I like better than the tramp) seem to be a kind of actions speak louder than words kind of ladies and so far, they can clearly see that Bobble is unstable, to put it kindly –

    when I saw the previews of this episode, I had been really curious as to what caused Bobble to throw that glass of wine – I thought maybe there had been an argument, or the Eileen said something positive about either Eddie or Leeann…could not believe what I saw…

    and don’t blame any amount of alchol on her profane language – she is using it mainly because she is not educated enough to express herself properly – she also knows that shock and awe bring the attention to her – I suspect that she is very very jealous of the cupcake –

    Yoyo is an asshat – and I never watch WWHL – for good reason –

    oh! and I STILL hate Jill Zarin!!!

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      keep it alive

      you are so right about Brandi just having nothing to use to have a real conversation or excuse for any behavior. i can’t wait till she is set free from our tv screens….

      then she’ll move onto WE and Oxygen shows to try to maintain relevance… ahhhhhhhh

      (ps can’t wait to watch Aviva and Reid– Reid seems to get chewed out by Spencer and i am SO looking forward to this)

      • Powell says:

        LOL chismosa support your girl with that hashtag. 😀

      • Powell says:

        When is Celebwhatchamacallit coming on? I was thinking about it last week wondering.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

          Powell i’m new to that show and I’M SOOOOOO WATCHING it.

          I was a big Hills fan. I know the manipulations MTV did with how they faked a lot of the drama of the show. But Heidi and Spencer – plus a girl from Bad Girls Club (ducking now)- and the piece de resistance- LEG and Reid on….
          I think Reid is going to show his real colors– like the ones of him allegedly calling Andy and begging for his wife’s job back … (right? I didn’t read … i think you all said that happened)

          I believe it’s this friday .
          (friday ??? yikes)

          • Powell says:

            Ok. Yes I watched The Hills. Didn’t watch Laguna Beach though.

            • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

              same as me! i was a newbie to the Hills.
              loved Lauren Conrad. I wanted my brother to marry her. Unfortunately she just got married 😥

            • I watched both, lol. PBB and I were at a restaurant yesterday and reenacted the famous Audriana scene where I sip on my straw and say, “Isn’t it weird how all this stuff happens when Lauren’s out of town?” and PBB puts on her most vacant cross-eyed stare and says, “I love Justin Bobby.” hahaha!!

              • Powell says:

                HA!! You too are so crazy silly. Too darn cute. 🙂

              • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

                Pindy i should have realized if anyone on here would have been a loyal Hills fan it would be

                big glitter letters if i could:
                Y O U!!!!!

                justin bobby was the BOMB.COM
                Lo making up that name for him when they first met him– Ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaaa
                Audriana was so annoying. JB was hot!

                Lauren Conrad had her head on straight and i truly liked her… all the way to the end…. wahhhhhh..i wanted her for a s.i.l…… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I ❤️ Shamrockblonde!

      But I still hate Jill Zarin.

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Starzy…take a break woman!! We got you writing day and night!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Brandi is gross for the sake of being gross-I’m over her! She will ruin any moment just to get the attention back on her and she has done this from day 1! The only thing I can say about her is that she hasn’t changed a bit. I just read Lisa’s blog and I had to laugh because Lisa is calling Yolanda out for the exact same thing I called Lisa out for since she became besties with Brandi! Lisa wants Yolanda to be harder on Brandi! Come on-that’s nervy for Lisa to say-she defended Brandi when Brandi was gross mean drunk and disgusting-now it’s Yolanda’s turn!

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      tweet that to lisa beeeyotch! come on!

      Your heart is black black black ….. ON MY PC. lololololololololololololololol!!!!

      You had Brandi’s # from the GET it seems! Kadooze to you. clap clap emoji.
      what a royal mess this is. She needs to get off. I’ll deal with raspy janky hair Adrienne and Camille over this!

      • Powell says:

        Oh gosh I never wabred Adrienne and Camille to leave in the first place.

      • Powell says:

        It’s funny. I don’t know the timeline of when Bobble and Adrienne’s friendship summit commenced in relation to the wine throwing and the dinner party but Adrienne told Bobble she needs to think before she speaks and acts and take responsibility for her actions. She did just the opposite last night. It was like a parent telling their kid that and then the kid doing the same thing again.

    • Cartwheels says:

      LOL, that made me chuckle

      Brandi at her worst was when she spilled Adrienne’s secret and made up a whole lawsuit. Not only Lisa was not hard on her at all but she was her side kick and protected her from whomever dared to critisize her.

      Remember Joyce, Lisa? Remember how your BFF at that time badgered her and insulted her in very possible way while you laughed? Lisa, save your indignation for your hordes of blind fans. Such a hypocrite.

      Lisa’s only good graces is that she has withdrawn from that friendship, she must be breating with relief.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I see where you’re coming from. Also I think Lisa is like “DAMN. She hasn’t grown one iota!”. Lisa was saying she’s hurt, she’s alone, she’s sad. And 3 yrs later Yo is continuing to say the same.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      LOL- God I love you Jill. I pretty much just said the exact same thing up thread (although after your post). Back when Brandi was still Lisa’s lackey… , not only did Lisa turn a blind eye- and encouraged it by laughing like a school girl. Lisa DEFENDED the behavior.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I cracked up reading her blog!! Seriously did she forget all the times she defended the behavior? When she laughed at all the crazy drunken antics that she now finds so disgusting. I get that we live and learn but let’s not pretend we didn’t do the things we did and don’t call out someone who picked up where you left off. She has a set of balls on her that Queen!!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh and I love you right back RR-our BH thoughts have always been the same!!

          • rabblerouser2010R says:


            Her blog killed me…she starts off about Ken defending Brandi to his own detriment (and never acknowledge her own behavior).

            Then she admonishes Yolanda for not putting her foot down with Brandi.

            I swear Lisa must think she shits put pink roses.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I wish she would have said something like “I know how Yolanda feels because I was the same way with Brandi”…then I wouldn’t I have a problem with her blog but to go on and call Yolanda out? Nah-that ain’t right!!

            • kit9 says:

              There is a REAL hardcore arrogance to be able to write such cr*p w/a straight face. Lisa thinks we don’t have memories? That we’ll all just play along and pretend we didn’t see her all last season LOVING Brandi’s nasty behavior? Unfreaking real.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Jill – The best Jill in all the land… Yeah… Brandi’s antics are just painfully stupid now… It’s insulting.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes! Lisa didn’t just sit along and cackle at every nasty rude things she did to Joyce, she actively encouraged and defended her. And, not just once but over and over and over.

  17. plainviewsue says:

    Excellent blog write up, as always!! You had me laughing so hard. And Brandi will forever now be called The Twit!!!

  18. Teresa says:

    Brandy should be charged with assault and fired! Thought Bravo said they would not tolerate violence of any kind? But then they reward her with a spot on WWHL? Forget her even moving to Orange Co, she would be best on Honey BOO BOO!

  19. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Excellent blog-

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Awww… thanks, Rabble, my neighbor! Hope you’re doing well, my friend!

  20. Orson says:

    I think there are still some repercussions to come from Bobble sitting on King David’s lap. From Bobble’s point of view, it’s the same stuff she did with Ken before she switched teams and since it got chuckles then, it should get chuckles now. Of course, Ken and Lisa were together pretty much 24/7. He didn’t spend a LOT of time out of town on business trips. And Ken is on his second marriage and has over 20 years in on this one.

    From Yolo’s side… let’s face it, she’s a former model who is now a Professional Trophy Wife. And if King David divorces her (she’s either wife #5 or 6, right?) I don’t think there’d be any child support from him and she’s approaching her Trophy Wife “sell by” date. Wealthy Men of an age she’d want are more likely to be shopping for a much younger model. So she wants to hang on to King David.

    Yolo’s already given Brandi a ‘time out’ or two and that’s the sort of thing that turned Bobbles against LVP. I think the clock is ticking on this friendship.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think that friendship is only on when the show is filming, I can’t imagine her spending an evening out with Yolo and her King or being invited to any of their non housewife events. Would you want her around your real friends

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      oooOOOoo Orson – No not Wells, but the one from Ork – I think you’re absolutely right – YoYo was SO not amused with Brandi sitting on David’s lap… She was embarrassed by it… It will be interesting if we hear anything more about it…

  21. Constance says:

    Anyone notice that the Brandi throwing drink in face dinner must ahve lasted a long time. Started in bright daylight and finished in the dark

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t notice. I was too shocked. I’ll have to see that again.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      I’M soooo watching with binoculars ….. …

      have to catch this stuff!!! Thanks

      • not THAT Jill says:

        When they got to the restaurant it was looking like sunset time but when they got the check it was dark…I have gone out to brunch at 11am and left the restaurant when it was dark out so I could totally see staying from sunset dill dark!

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

          11am ———->sundown …. i can TOTALLY see your drunky smokes happy hours taking that long!
          Start with a bloody mary. Ending with beers and shots…..

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Mimosa first-cause I’m classy like that yo

            • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

              uh huh……… 🙄

              bloody mary is like Elaine Benes’ peach schnapps— that’s my secret drink! All the secrets pour out! Give me a celery stalk and i’m all yours

  22. T-Rex says:

    Exit – It got skinny again up thread, and you said that the ConvictFelons should have let their home foreclose at the time they had the money issues and walked away, and I have to whole hardheartedly agree with you on that, I also do not think they would be in the mess they are in now if they had done this. They have no one really advising them financially and that is such a really BAD thing! It’s going to keep getting them into trouble if they don’t get that stuff cleaned up! Had they not even built that place to begin with, they would not be in any of this trouble either! They should have lived within their means instead of trying to “one-up” her brother when he started building his “moneypit” of a house, but nope she wanted a big house just like her brother. UGH!

    • Exit4 says:

      They actually beat her brother with the house. They moved in there in 2008 after 3 years of building. They just showed ep 1 last week-so it’s fresh in my head! Joey didn’t start building until after, so it wasn’t them trying to keep up with Joey! Even so, the last big loan they took was to finish that place-the 2008 construction loan. Had they just kept slowly building and stayed in the old place they’d have no problems. But a little show came along…..

      Yes, it’s very hilly in her area. Danielles home was at the top of a huge hill-I remember thinking I would NOT want to live here in the winter! You’d just slide into the main road! Lol. But Danielle lives in a real neighborhood, so to speak and the juicys don’t. I couldn’t even try to comp Montville because it’s so big and has multiple little townships within in. The juicys live in towaco. Well just have to wait and see what happens. I don’t see it selling all that soon. The whole situation makes it hard for a buyer to want to touch it.

      • T-Rex says:

        One Realtor comment, if you can really believe that it came from a Realtor on some of these websites and not a phoney baloney, stated that they had been to an open house and the grounds are atrocious! They would need to spend 50 to 100K in landscaping alone to get it even just to nice, not even to outstanding! They said that a lot of things aren’t really “finished” either. I have to agree after seeing some of the Virtual Tours of several of the other homes in the area and then their pics, there is a LOT of work that needs to be done to get that house even close to nicely landscaped. Also, the house was “added” onto, they took the existing house and just added to it, they didn’t tear it down and make it new, so that some rooms don’t make sense as to where they are located. Now, I have not seen the home, and I can’t even be sure the person that wrote that information actually saw the home either.

        • Exit4 says:

          Who knows? At this point anyone who’s even considering looking at that house is going to have to have their financials preapproved before they even get in the door. Other than a brokers open (if they even would do that) I don’t think they would have any open houses. They want to sell it, not have fans traipsing through! I can’t recall much about their landscaping, it’s so far back to really see-but I do remember Danielles and it was AWFUL! I mean bad. I’d be pissed if I was her neighbor. Jacs house was my favorite. She’s got a yard to die for.

          • Well then obviously if you don’t have one, you need to get a Real Estate friend to take you to the broker’s open….I have been to them with my friend before…so get on that please!!

          • Powell says:

            I remember on the show Danielle’s realtor pointed out all the work that had to be done before pricing it and putting it on the market.
            Well since Chris and Jac allegedly raided the coffers of the biz their home and landscaping should be to die for.

          • T-Rex says:

            This person claimed that they had been at a Broker’s open that was done when they first placed the home on the market, again I don’t know this person, nor can confirm even that there was a broker’s open, I would assume there was, but it was probably definitely only open to a select group of realtors, those in that area that do high end listings. They could have easily made their landscaping assumptions via the numerous pictures on the internet of the property which is really bad, it still looks like a construction zone in a couple of aerial pics I have seen. I wish Ms Exit had an “in” with a realtor over there to get us the real scoop!

        • Powell says:

          Oh so it was an existing house on the property and they just did an addition? Interesting. Since the landscaping is “aatrocious” what made them think the property is remotely anywhere worth their original asking price? They’re not Mr and Mrs Bob Hope where the name does add value.

          • Exit4 says:

            I think they tore whatever was there basically to the studs and went from there. It’s how you skip an actual demolition and saves you new construction taxes. I’m sure you’d never know where the old foot print was-it’s a little trick I learned from jersey shore building.

  23. Wow. So Eddie was living with Julianne Morris when Brandi hooked up with him.

    Julianne Morris played roles on the Young & Restless twice.

    I’m sure she knows Eileen.

    So that’s the real reason she thru the wine on Eileen. Or one of the myriad of reasons.



      I didn’t know that she was on Y&R with Eddie. So of course Eileen knows him too.

      The plot thickens. Or what little plot there is,

      • Powell says:

        I couldn’t remember Eddie on Y&R but now I do. Julianne just was on in December. She played Nick’s GF when they were in H.S. Nick dumped her for Sharon. Julianne and Eddie’s characters got together. Julianne was on for one epi when Nick got drunk by himself and started going back in time to all the relationships he had. Julianne and the other actresses came back & were saying what happened in their relationships. It was a good stroll down memory lane.

    • T-Rex says:

      They also didn’t get married until THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAG-LYINGLIARWHOLIESTOLIE-MORONSTFUBrandi got pregnant, they had actually split up right before she found out she was pregnant, because as SHOCKING as this may sound ManCandy had been sleeping with a couple of other women! I know it’s just so SPOILER ALERT to find this out,(LOL).

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      that’s exactly what i responded to DragonRebecca above! This answers so much.

      I believe, but i’m not sure- that weeks ago when the show was just starting Brandi only said of Eileen “i just found her a little wooden at first”

      I could have just come up with that out of thin air but i really think she said that.

  24. T-Rex says:

    So since I like BabyFace Kenneth Brian Edmonds he has written some really nice stuff, just like to mention that this “deadbeat” that can buy a decent ring, is worth 80 million dollars, and has 10 Grammys, so suck it THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAG-LYINGLIARWHOLIESTOLIE-MORONSTFUBrandi. Also, my first engagement was when I was super young(pre Mr T-Rex), had a four carat diamond, it looked STUPID on my tiny T-Rex hand! I have small hands and skinny fingers(wish the rest of my body would follow suit, but I digress) and a honking diamond looked SO out of place. I saw the ring Mrs Edmonds is sporting and it was very nice, completely appropriate, especially if you wear it everyday, in addition the quality could be extremely high making it even more valuable. In addition, she could have designed the piece herself, for her own tastes so who is that LooneytuneBobblehead to comment. They also aren’t really “just married” he has been with his wife since 2007, they had a kid in 2008 and then got married in 2014. However, you should not be dry-humping someone’s married guests at a party, whether their spouse is there or not, this isn’t the Playboy mansion! I think McJudgeyJudgersonMcNeedyYoloLemonHead needs to keep that HELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAG-LYINGLIARWHOLIESTOLIE-MORONSTFUBrandi at arms length from HER husband. DavidBananasFoster likes to get married, he likes it a lot since he has done it four times(and has a baby with another woman), and he likes long legged blonde women.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She so immature and silly! Imagine being in your 40’s and not knowing how to act around rich successful people? It’s so weird! She has such a need to bring attention to herself that she just lets the verbal diarrhea take over! I have never seen someone of her age (or any age really) act this way at a dinner party and I have had some wild parties in my time!
      My family get togethers are insane and outlandish but when we have “company” we know how to pull it together and act like civilized people-if we could do it-anyone can!!

    • Powell says:

      Lol T-Rex your tiny T-Rex hands. Too funny. 🙂
      BobbIe Head knows nothing cuz as you pointed out it’s the quality, rarity of the stone, not the size. You can have a 20 carat man made diamond which looks good, looks authentic, but if you took it to a jeweler it could be worth $1,000 bucks. But I wouldn’t expect someone that owes her ex money, needs to buy a house for her kids, come into over $100 grand and spends it on a car cuz some stupid publicist tells her she can afford it.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
      the freakin’ episodes i’m behind on is this one.

      ###########Fix it jesus!

  25. boston02127 says:

    Well…….I’m speechless. Speechless! Me, big mouth me….speechless. Brandi is……everything that is not right in this world.

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Here’s the thing you insipid twit-you don’t have to beg “barrow” or steal or you need to do is WORK!! Do something you take pride in-even if it doesn’t provide you with the lifestyle you THINK you deserve!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Please and thank you!!

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      Jill i can’t wait to BARROW Maggie for a day or two!!!


      • not THAT Jill says:

        BARROW her for a whole weekend-she likes to sleep late on Saturdays and then have a leisurely breakfast of bacon eggs and toast followed by a glitter sesh and mani/pedi..

    • T-Rex says:

      UHM for like the BAZILLIONTH time you are not a SINGLE PARENT, your kids Father is in the picture and provides quite nicely for his children, they also spend about 60% of their time with HIM NOT YOU, you pathetic excuse for a mother. You see he doesn’t take a 100K check and buy a Car to impress you, he probably does the responsible thing like, uhm, place it a college fund for your kids, and we know he knows how to create and keep a 401k which to you is probably a DRINK name.

      • PJ says:

        Hate to get Involved in this but I have to say since when is a divorced mom not a single parent, of course she is. She is also entittled to a portion of that 401k. I know you can’t stand Brandi but she is a single Mom and we don’t actually know the exact amount of time the kids spend with Eddie v Brandi or the exact amount of child support.

    • boston02127 says:

      What soul? She’s an empty pit.

    • Powell says:

      Stupid. She needs to stop using her kids as her excuse for everything she does. Her kids are fine and will always be fine financially. She really thinks we’re that stupid.

    • mrs peabody says:

      It’s amazing to me how women like her act like they are the only one supporting their children. The father has the 60% of the time, pays child support that is more I’m sure than most women get yet she is the one supporting them. She is exactly like my granddaughter’s mother. Never once bothered to mention how much our family was helping with her but always ready to claim she was raising and supporting this child by herself which was completely a lie from day one. Can’t stand women like this.

  27. So I have been obsessively compulsively watching the wine throw at Jeff on BravoTV to see if Brandi was laughing or crying- prolly like 15 times now….so I just noticed Andy’s dog Wacha looks over at her when she starts to cry/laugh and then picks up his ball and goes over to her.
    He’s kinda behind Andy’s chair watching her and you can see his wagging tail.

    Wagging because yay she’s laughing and maybe she’ll play with me?

    Or wagging because oh noes! Crying lady- maybe I can cheer her up?

    Sigh. I need to get a life.

    It was cute tho.

  28. chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

    sorry, i’m trying to not read too much about the epi before i watch (though thanks so much for blogging it!!!)
    but there’s a campfire???? Is this where BBBBB sits on the King’s lap???

    Does HARRY make an appearance???? I just want to watch his face during anything on this show. He can’t have ANY tolerance for this tomfoolery. Especially when it’s involving trashbox of BH.
    I’m forcing myself to watch it tonight right after i watch Harry on L&O!

    • There is a campfire. Deluxe style. Like a fire pit for the stars.

      They make s’mores. It made me hungry.

      Yolanda did a strange dance and I thought she would pitch forward into the fire. Doesn’t Lyme disease cause balance problems? It was odd.

      No Harry. Too smart for this.

      Then Brandi sat on MyLoveDavids lap. He did not push her off, recoil or flinch. Just saying.

      Yolanda scolded Brandi. I think. I went looking for chocolate because the s’mores made me hungry.

      And this chillens is why I don’t write recaps. I am too easily distracted by shiny things.

    • kit9 says:

      What I can’t wait to hear is Eileen’s reaction to hearing Brandi’s Talking Heads. Because, in real time, Brandi played it off(lied)that she was just caught up in a moment with a TV star…all that nonsense. As far as any marriage/cheating, Brandi told her how great it was they were having the convo, that Eilene was so honest, etc. But, of course, the truth was, Eileen cheating on her husband really made Brandi mad. But not a word about that to Eileen! Oh no! Just a lot of nonsense and lies about being a superfan.

      • Eileen knows that Brandi stole Eddie from his live in GF. She knows about the skeletons in Brandi’s closet.

        And that closet is deep.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

          Is it a better closet than Lisa’s… that’s all i want to know.

          can you have some tea in there?

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        This is all too juicy. seriously. i need some crackers.

        thanks Kitkat & omib also

        OMIB you should do one recap of one funny thing — we’d all get such a kick

    • He is on Law and Order SVU this week!!!

  29. chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

    i see the blog is a bit up in arms over this Brandi shamefulness that has happened over at BH.

    Is Twitter and other sites also going cray cray over this? Like- is this a big deal? i didn’t see anything trending on twitter last night… (though sometimes Andy will say something was ‘trending’ when i did not see it in the listed ‘trending’ things on my phone so i don’t know wtf he’s talking about)

    Are other people as up in arms as you / we all are???? just wondering…..

    This has to be the final nail

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Even the Brandiacs are in shock-they are all tweeting her advice like “leave Bravo” “go to TLC-you are perfect for their demographic” “stop doing what Bravo wants”…blah blah blah! At least they aren’t trying to make excuses and blaming it all on Leann Rimes!!

      • They are spinning it to say it is Bravo’s fault, oh, ok?? Was it Bravo’s fault when Jill Z was awful or Tamara, or Taylor???? SMH!!

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

        THANK YOU —-
        all (up & down….)

        this seems like total wack. This reunion is going to be interesting. She’s got to be seriously drugged for that. Needs a handler with her there.

    • kit9 says:

      I typed in Brandi’s name on Twitter, came back shortly and there were 200 plus comments added! This was also after the WWHL, too though.

    • Powell says:

      Well I tweeted my disgust last night and today. Look at what I got. Probably one of Bobble’s bffs.

  30. not THAT Jill says:

    I love this time of day when Starzy comes by and comments on our comments…I’m always impatiently waiting for MY comment!! (See how I made it all about me?…Lainey would be so proud!!)

  31. Exit4 says:

    It’s cold. It’s 16 degrees. If pindy gives me her weather I will throw a glass of wine at her!

    The only reason I’m not sure it was a “joke”-is because as they were finishing the show-Brandi very clearly said to Jeff “you’re a effing ahole”. Unless that was part of the joke? I’m so bored of Brandi.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

      that’s right before they sign off to the after show right??

      I feel like i used to watch an aftershow on my phone (this is like at least 1 year ago….)- and it would show the last few minutes of the on-air- of Andy saying goodbye…and then flow seamlessly into the aftershow.
      So that would seem interesting- to see the exact after-effect of her saying that to Jeff and then how it went down….

      too much

      girl — it’s cold out!
      Get your sweaters and thermals FELICIA

    • Great Blog Stars!!! You must be exhausted!!!!
      I have so many thoughts, “Random Thoughts”, lol… OK, First, I know it may sound amazing but I haven’t really been truly SHOCKED by anything Brandi has said up until this episode. I actually “GASPED” and clutched my pearls when she said “the thing” around the piano…..other things she has done and said have had me shaking my head and omg-ing…. but I literally, figuratively and actually GASPED!!! BUT, the thing that no one has said on the blog, because we are all so shocked by “the thing” she said, is what KING DAVID said, JUST BEFORE…she said, “the thing” that she said!!!!
      The “suggestions” for songs were “I love Policemen” and “I HATE MY WIFE”, wow, talk about your Freudian Slip Showing!!!! Damn King David, seriously???
      Second, I don’t believe Brandi when she says it was “a Joke” because when they went to commercial before she threw it, I was watching closely cuz I read the East Coast comments….she gave him a death stare…… She lies about lies and then lies about it… Jeff looked shocked and so did Andy, and it would be just like her to “stew” about what he said and then do something inappropriate after her tiny little hamster wheel had turned for awhile…..
      Third, the Hobbits of the Shire would have kicked Brandi out on her boney little ass, because “The Bravest Little Hobbit of them all”, Bilbo Baggins is a gentleman and they would have run Brandi out of town with torches!!!
      Fourth, is there a fourth…..oh yeah, somebody needs to bring to Brandi’s attention that her new BFF, YoYo is a home wrecker too AND now it seems like Brandi fooled around with Eddie that was already in a relationship, hypocrite much????? I am over her and her janky ass weave, she needs to hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more, hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more…..(Oh woman, oh woman don’t you treat me so mean, you’re the meanest old woman that I ever seen…..)
      Fifth, I hate Jill Zarin.

      • Powell says:

        And, “Kenya wears weave. we get our hair and makeup done together. I saw the pieces going on.”, or however she said it. Look y’all know I don’t like Kenya but who the hell asked Bobble to reveal anything about Kenya? The focus is on her and her antics but then she tries to turn the light on Kenya.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Ok, your comment made me laugh so hard!
        I didn’t hear him say the two suggestions for songs–wow! Let’s give that marriage 1 more year? I also think that King David hates Brandi, jmo.

        Gasped and clutched my pearls!! I love it! 😉

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks Tiara… and I always love to read your thoughts! 🙂

      • mrs peabody says:

        I know nothing about Yolo being a home wrecker, whose home did she wreck and when, do tell. I must have missed that.

        • I just read somewhere today that Mohammad was married when they got together…I will see if I can find it…. just because I say it doesn’t make it true, so I will look for it!!

        • I think my info might be wrong…there are mistakes on Wikipedia because there is a famous Iraqi politician with the same name and “the internet” has his children attached to a picture of Yoyo’s ex….so I don’t know if what I read was right….I KNOW he didn’t have children born in 1950, lol!!! So until I can find the info I retract my statement… 😉

  32. chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:

    Tarts— my phone is off right now:

    i did not go with Melissa to NYE. She really really wanted me to attend, but i had made prior plans. Plus at midnight i have to do like 15 things at around midnight. It’s kind of messy!!!

    She truly wanted me to go- she knew i’m a big supporter of Joey and her. ⭐


  33. VV™ says:

    This is funny.

    She also plays Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Dolly Parton and Britney Spears.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa's Rep on the blog says:


      VHERE HAVE YOU VEEN !!!!!????

      MISSED YA GIRL!!!!

      Figures you drop in during this BROUHAHA of a mess!!!! Are you up to date? I am not….

      How was your new year’s??? Any special underwear color???

      Missed you amor!

      • VV™ says:

        I’m on the sidelines. Still working on the BH TL. I’ll post here.
        Gracias por tus mensajes. Cuidate! xo ❤️

    • SHE IS SO GOOD!! Great find, I don’t know how I missed this show, what fun!! Thanks VV!!

  34. VV™ says:

    Gigi and Bella before nose job. Gigi only had a small bump fixed. Bella, on the other hand has a completely new nose now. I think they are both gorgeous and wish them success.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi has this friend on twitter-Jezi . They have been tweeting each other for years. Jezi’s husband cheated on her (but they got back together) and I guess Brandi and Jezi bonded on twitter over their cheating husbands. Jezi live in NY and had a baby last year, Brandi was here for her baby shower so I guess they are “real” friends…anyway Jezi has been tweeting all day about the Brandi WWHL thing. She says she was there and witnessed Brandi and Jeff plan out the whole thing. Now I’m sure some people still won’t believe that it was a prank and that’s just great-we all have our theories about this chick. I will also add that Jezi says Brandi is “playing the part of the drunk girl” on the show”…ummmm sorry but Brandi ain’t playing shit-she IS the drunk girl on the show!!

    • Powell says:

      Real not really, like Ken & Kim said, “We don’t care”. She needs to stop using her kids as an excuse for disgusting behavior.
      “Acting drunk”. Although it’s a semi-scripted real life show, its not a true scripted comedy or drama and sooner or later she won’t have this job that she keeps crying is paying for her kids. She’ll be fired. If she doesn’t believe it she needs to ask JZ.

  36. Exit4 says:

    I only saw bits of the episode-but they had a scene on of Brandi going on and on apologizing for the wine throw and how she was back in high school on the set of days! For some reason that’s driving me nuts! I actually checked-Brandi is a few months older then me. I actually checked when LR and Eileen started on Days. If I was out of high school and in college when they started airing-how was Brandi in high school? I was out of school when Eileen had her big crazy storyline! She’s such a loser. I thought she was cooler then me and was modeling all over the world?? Did she get held back? Lol. I don’t know why but that’s bugging me!

    • It’s just a way to slam Eileen by saying she’s soooooo much younger than her.

      It also covers her crazy, stalkerish, Stan, SWF behavior- oh yeah I watched you after school not oh yeah I totally followed you and hid in the bushes until I slept with Eddie.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She kept saying “when I was in high school” because she wants to appear so much younger than them-it’s insulting!! She’s old like the rest of us!! Dumbass is only a few years younger than I am but she would probably call me OLD!!

    • So I checked IMDB and Lisa R./Billie (born 1965) started on Days in 1992 and was consistent til 1995. She then reappeared off and on in 2002, 04, 05, 12, 13.
      Eileen Davidson/Kristen Blake-DiMera (born 1959…OMG? She looks pretty f-ing awesome! started on Days in 1993 and appeared through 1998. She came back from 2012-14
      Brandi was born in November 1972 which strangely means she and I are the same age. Shit. Anyhoo…this means Brandi was one year out of HS when Billie arrived in Salem and 2 years out of HS when Kristen arrived…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Now that’s just annoying! Brandi knows damn well when she got out of high school so why the sham? She’s just wants to throw shade at their age-dumbass!!

        • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

          Maybe the dumbass was still in high school.

      • Exit4 says:

        I started college in fall 1991 and graduated May 1995. I remember both billies. Brandi only remembered Billie 2-way after rinna and waaaay after HS! lol. When I actaully moved home in winter 1995-I watched days at lunch with my mom. I kept up for a while-but eventually stopped watching all together. Soaps mive soo slow!

        Tartsy-who did they find on the Bayou? The new Billie? It’s runs together!

        • TexasTart says:

          Swamp girl! Are you asking if they changed Lisa R to Krista Allen around that time? Maybe so, I can’t remember!

          • Exit4 says:

            The new Billie or hope was swamp girl? There was a baby? Bo’s baby? I don’t remember exactly either! Rebecca????

            • TexasTart says:

              I think Bo and Billie were posing as drug dealers and Billie had a miscarriage. Swamp Girl lead them to Princess Gina, who was really Hope. That’s all I can remember about the bayou.

      • kit9 says:

        huh? Mark Hasche ‏@PeterMar is Brandi’s hairdresser/roomate who was there last night

      • mrs peabody says:

        I didn’t think she even finished high school

  37. Veena (NMD) says:

    In case anyone is wondering, Millionaire Matchmaker didn’t make the top 100 cable shows for ratings last Thursday with the Jillzy episode.

  38. Why does stupid Bravo’s website have the shows lined up right to left not left to right on their show schedule?

    Who’s bright idea was this?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Stupid Bravo website – I can’t find anything.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      OMG… Don’t get me talking about Bravo’s wackadoo website… It is HORRIBLE… Just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. not THAT Jill says:

    “Maggie turn off the light in the kitchen but first make me a cup of tea”
    Her response…” Nice try”
    I wonder how fast Felicia or Powell can get here to save her life!!!

    • Powell says:

      Haha. “I’m coming to rescue you Maggie!!”
      You sound like my mom and aunts when I was a kid. “Make me such and such. Get me such and such.” “Why. You’re right there.” “That’s why I had you. To do things for me.”. 😉

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I usually ask her to get me things that she can’t actually get-like a coffee or tea-it’s kind of a running joke with us. She wants me to teach her how to use my Keurig so she can make my coffee…I’m going to teach her very soon!! Ohh and she wants to be allowed to use the toaster oven-I’m not ready for that yet!!

    • Orson says:

      My mom was known for using the phrase “…and while you’re up, would you…”

    • You sneaky mommy you.
      My Maggie won’t fall for that. Haha.


      She’s too much 💚💚💚

  40. Powell says:

    Empire is on at 9 and American Horror is back at 10 EST.

    • California35 says:

      i have been watching this season of American horror – Scary but I got so into it 😋

      • I and all my girlfriends dropped it this year ! Well, one stayed. I dropped.
        I LOVED the witches one last year.
        But never saw the previous two.

        Maybe it will end really well.

        • California35 says:

          This is the only one season I have seen. The others seemed so scary I didn’t dare. I don’t know what this one showed on previous that made me watch. But now I’m into it and want to see it through.

  41. Powell says:


  42. California35 says:

    I had forgotten she is also on CA! No wonder people are getting sick of her!

  43. Veena (NMD) says:

    Atlanta won the cable ratings race (again) on Sunday night.

  44. VV™ says:

    I sympathize with Yolanda and wish she gets better. However, I can help but to think is curious how she always gets treatment when RHOBH airs. I see her never missing a summer vacations, travels to NY or filming the show due to her illness. Yes, it sounds harsh. It’s just an observation.

  45. kit9 says:

    I hope this posts right..

    • kit9 says:

      release the tweet!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Kit-I don’t know if you saw my post about Brandi’s twitter friend Jezi but she said something about this tweet-if I remember tomorrow I will try to find it-but it was something like “he knew about the plan but didn’t know how far Brandi and Jeff were going to take it”…something like that.

  46. VV™ says:

    I might cut Kyle some slack, if Khloe starts dating Giggy.

    • Orson says:

      It needs some music. Maybe “There’s A Place For Us” or “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet”? Heck, 2 different songs about the same damn story.

  47. Tarts and Ashy- re: New Years –
    A/ I had to freakin find new yellow underwear or “panties” for those of you that love that word 😂😂😂-
    The night before- running around shopping. Ughh. Technically they should be “new”

    B/ at 12 I had to litralee do a billion things.
    Go under a table to eat the 13 grapes and say each month as I eat each one. Plus the ones I freakin bought were like HUGE. They were the kind they train the drug mules on how to swallow the packed heroin !!
    Drink a glass of champagne with a piece of gold jewelry in it
    Drink a glass of champs with a note listing my 5 wishes on it.
    Go outside and throw lentils over my shoulder for good luck.
    Outside throw 12pennies over my shoulder for good luck
    Put beans in my pocket – for “money” to fill my pockets this year
    Make sure my father steps out of the house (any male) – and steps in first after midnight right foot first. Then I entered, right food first.
    A sweet natured innocent kind hearted person / soul is supposed to enter first , for greeks that’s usually children but since I haven’t given any to my parents yet – my dad just entered – two stones — he’s a kind soul.
    I think that’s everything.

    Can’t do that in some rinky dinky club with melissa G !!!! ON DISPLAY!
    My grapes on display on display 🍇🍇

    I’m tired. 😴😴
    Please let 2015 be awesome. 🙏

    • not THAT Jill says:

      You put in a full year on day one!! I’m exhausted by that list! Imagine being at the club in your yellow undies-eating giant grapes and throwing a million things over your shoulder and making your dad go in and out!! Hahahahahaha -it would be the best ever!!
      FYI when I first read the post I thought you meant the yellow undies were HUGE-I had to completely edit my comment!!

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m tired reading it! I think you forgot Twerkin By The Piano. You certainly were working hard on bringing the good will and prosperity, so if anything goes wrong this year it will be someone else’s fault! 😉

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Tartsy!! Twerkin By The Piano!! She ran out of time-she was done with her grapes, undies, beans, pennies,champagne and traipsing her dad in and out of the house it was January 3rd!!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      You forgot the Polish cabbage! You’ll have to do that one next year.

    • NJBev says:

      I am exhausted just reading all that, Chi!!
      Well, Happy New Year!!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      You’re so stinkin’ hilarious! Good thing I didn’t tell you another tradition we do with suitcases at midnight. Lol 😉

  48. VV™ says:

    Chris Cortazza is the real estate agent to Camille and Yolanda. He was also Yolanda’s date at the White Party.

  49. Veena (NMD) says:


  50. Veena (NMD) says:

  51. Veena (NMD) says:

    • kit9 says:

      I fully expected Andy to open tonight’s show and say that he/we got punk’d. He didn’t. In fact, he handled references to last night’s show from his guest like it was real and gave his dog the Mazel of the Night for “knowing cray(aka Brandi) when he sees it” and referred to last night as “a disaster”.

  52. NJBev says:

    Hi Everyone
    Had to quickly tell you that NeNe re-tweeted my daughter!!
    Veena, my daughter is going to tag you in the post!!

    I told you all the other day how Nene was so great in the play,
    and she was so gracious to everyone at the door, took pictures,
    and signed all programs- sooo many people..
    I think I posted it on Jan 4?

  53. mrs peabody says:

    I just watched WWHL and up till Brandi threw the wine I had no idea that she was upset with Jeff. I think she just decided to repeat her wine throwing stunt because it gets her attention. I think she turned because she was going to laugh and didn’t want anyone seeing her, then she faked crying. I do think Jeff and Andy were totally surprised by it.

  54. NJBev says:

    Veena- my e-mails to you did not go thru, I’m sorry, I just noticed.
    I will e-mail again-
    And I’m pretty sure that Christa already tagged you?

    I just re-read my post from the other day, I did it from the phone-
    NOW I totally understand everyones complaining about auto-correct!
    Love to all- Husband has flu and Mom back in Hosp.
    But my daughter is happy. 🙂

    I’m telling you guys, Nene was such a pro that day!! She had to have worked
    so hard as hers was a major part. She had another show that night-

  55. VV™ says:

  56. Rebecca says:

    It wasn’t Kyle who said, “I love my life”. It was Kim.

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