Brandi Glanville Podcast – Carlton Gebbia as Guest

Brandi Glanville Podcast Recap by Kit9

Guest, Carlton Gebbia

Introduces Carlton as a really good friend. Carlton was the only HW that gave Brandi money for Celebrity Apprentice.  The only HW’s Brandi called for $ were Yolanda and Carlton. Yo said yes but there was some “time constraint” and she couldn’t get a hold of her. Brandi says Carlton gave her “thousands and thousands of dollars”. Carlton responds with a noise I’d hoped to never have to hear again, a baby-voiced, “Yay!” (freaking barf).

Brandi asks her reaction to Andy’s apology. She was happy and felt validated by it and says that both Andy and Lisa V said she got a bad edit. Brandi thinks it’s hard to show all sides of all of them and that they each get something attached them…she’s “drunk Brandi”, Carlton is the “sexy witch”. But, Carlton complains that everyone else doesn’t get treated that way and that it’s biased. Brandi immediately reverses herself and agrees (a record flip flop from the Queen of flip flopping!).

Carlton says they shot some great stuff with her kids and husband that didn’t air. Brandi asks if she’d be open to coming back because she “really needs a friend”. Carlton would come back, absolutely. Was the HW a positive experience for Carlton? Yes because it was about her and “her journey” (her journey to the stripper pole store, her journey hiring strippers, you know). Carlton met some amazing people on Twitter as a result of the show and has actually met some of them and had them to her parties. Brandi says she’d be scared to meet her fans IRL.

Brandi claims all she hears from people is how much they loved Carlton (rigghhtt, sure she does).

Does Carlton keep in touch with any ladies from the show? After sarcastically saying Kyle and the two cackling like shrews for a moment, Carlton says she heard from Yolanda and Lisa and, of course, Brandi, after the show ended. But, that it “fizzled out” with both Yo and Lisa with Carlton only hearing from them a couple times after she left. She touched base with Lisa after Andy’s comment, for instance.

Clearly trying to point out that Lisa is a phony, Brandi makes sure to note that Lisa’s comment about Carlton’s bad edit happened long after the show ended and, at that time, Lisa and Carlton were pretty close. Carlton says they were but that maybe it was a situation where they were “close on screen and then not”. Carlton says that she’s more of a committed friend.

Brandi says she is, too, and that she takes her friendships very seriously. She is a friend on and off the show and that she doesn’t fake it for tv. Brandi asks is Carlton thinks she was sort of dropped a little bit as a friend by Lisa. Carlton says she knows Lisa was very busy with her businesses and that may have factored in but that they did have a couple dinners. “But when she found out you weren’t coming back, you didn’t talk anymore”, Brandi laughs. Carlton says she did hear from Lisa and Brandi says, “ok, ok”.

Brandi whines about getting hate on Twitter but says people are nice in real life–though she does mention getting in a fight with someone that approached her at a Laker’s game for a photo and then started telling her how “crazy” her face was. Brandi controlled herself because she was with her son.

Brandi talks about how much money Carlton has and that a lot of the other ladies don’t, except Lisa and Yolanda, and that wasn’t showcased on the show. Brandi talks about Carlton’s amazing home and parties and how they may not be tea and crumpets (she’s really getting in those Lisa digs!) but that they are sexier and different and, therefore, more interesting.

Brandi thinks that’s what people tune in to see on the show–the over the top houses, the private planes (or in her case, the rented house in the Valley and her leased Range Rover) and that Carlton had all that and it frustrated her that Carlton didn’t come back when she had all these things. Carlton thinks it would have been nice to see the “glamorous side, the couture” (wait, is she conceeding that raunchy poll dancing parties aren’t glamorous?).

Brandi then whines about not being in control and blathers on about the show being a double edged sword and that you put yourself out there to be ridiculed but it also gives them a platform to sell other products and books…”and then to throw wine in people’s faces and get called an alcoholic every day” in her case (she’s actually lumping in the wine toss with things she can’t control?). She says it’s hard but you have to take the good with the bad.

Carlton decided when she agreed to do HW that she was going to show everything-all or nothing, good or bad and that she was going to show “her truth” (a ‘her truth’ flashback: threatening people with harmful spells and then denying she did). She claims, again, that she never watched the show despite someone claiming she did-referring to Kyle. Yet, two seconds later, Carlton admits she did watch a few episodes, as she puts it, “to know what was going on”.

Carlton then kisses corporate butt.., “I did love the journey, I did love working for Bravo and I don’t have any regrets” even as ugly as it got. Brandi thinks you can have regrets but you say sorry and then move forward. Carlton agrees and adds that you can’t hold onto grudges. “You should call Kyle and tell her that”, Brandi quips (right, cause it was Kyle holding onto a grudge on Poker Night when she got drunk and let her true feelings for Brandi come out. Oh, wait, no..).

Brandi asks about David. He just shot a pilot about his stock market business which explains “margin calls or whatever”. The show focuses on several women and she describes it as sexy female Wolf of Wallstreet. She says she used to work in the industry, too, and that’s how she met her husband (Ms. ‘margin calls or whatever’ worked in the stock market?). She also discusses her stab at an acting career (doesn’t mention her soft core past or her awesome porny name, Carlton Lynx). She’s a Libra so she likes the financial side as well as the artistic side (eyeroll).

Brandi asks what she does to stay in shape. She works out 3 or 4 times a week. Brandi admits she’s very lazy when it comes to working out. Carlton isn’t drinking any more and Brandi complains that she lost her drinking partner.  Brandi is trying to give up soda and says the carbonation is bad for your bones.

Carlton’s friend Colette is there and she donated money to Brandi on CA, too, through something called Planet Beauty. And, for the second effing time, I have to endure Carlton’s idiotic baby voiced “Yah!”. Brandi says she doesn’t have their kind of money and Carlton says that’s going to change and then scolds her for not burying the crystal she gave her (oh, brother). Brandi’s bf gave her a rose gold and diamond ring for Christmas (wonder what he gave his other gf).

WARNING: You may want to have a bucket handy for this next part…

Brandi talks about Carlton coming back on the show because she needs somebody on her side. She tells Carlton that some crazy shit happens on the show this season and whines about it being “really tough”. Carlton thinks being in that arena without any allies is difficult. Brandi says she has Yolanda and Kim but that it’s hard because Kim is the “other scapegoat” (and by scapegoat, she means drunk) and that “if they don’t take it out on me, they take it out on Kim” (all aboard the delusional victim express!!).

She mentions that she and Kim don’t have husbands and thinks that something to do with it. Brandi then claims that when she shows up with a date, the women show her more respect and are so much kinder to her. “Is that bizarre?”, she asks. She says maybe they feel they “CAN’T ABUSE HER ANYMORE” when she’s with a man. “It’s sexist to say that, but I’ve noticed when I have a date, people are more respectful. It’s so sad” (um, gee, maybe because when you have a date, you actually try not to get fall down sloppy drunk).

Next guest is Carlton’s friend Colette, author of Twilightesque books. I don’t give two shits about her and don’t want to listen to it. Sorry. Had enough of these idiots. Kit out.


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186 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast – Carlton Gebbia as Guest

  1. jezzibel says:

    wow Kit, I am so sorry you have to listen to that load of bovine excrement

  2. California35 says:

    I don’t blame you, you endured enough. Thanks for the recap. You are right, delusional drunk. What we see is she not showing respect to others, what she sees is others not respecting her. Funny that she mentioned that we tune in to watch the money ~ the houses, the planes…She has none of that, why does she think we want to see her and her life? Also funny how she talks about friendships being so important to her, when she is who ruins them. I am realizing, to her friendship mean hang out all the time, talk all the time, be there all the time, you know not have a life or other friends, so they can be there for HER all the time. If they fail in any of those, she then says they were not real friends. Ugh clingy friend, imagine that now as a girlfriend. Who wants to have her as a friend or girlfriend. Then you add her drinking, her constant blabber mouth, her constant problems with or about her ex. Again, who wants to hang out with her? Even those with the best intentions will fail in her eyes. She asks for a lot when what she has to offer is so little and lots of mess.

  3. California35 says:

    Oh, and we don need Carlton back. I don’t think. I like the additional wives of this season.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t know how to do those emoticons for a “high five” to your comment. The only thing that could make this franchise EXCELLENT would be to also FIRE THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI

    • RabbleRouserR2010 says:

      I despise Carlton and Andy is a big freaking fool if he thinks I care to see the side of Carlton that is on the PTA. Any parent of a school age child can be on or in the PTA…

      Carlton was a nasty bore.

      Joyce was interesting and he cut her loose.

  4. Exit4 says:

    Between Gias video and this podcast I feel like poor Kit is curled up in a ball somewhere. Let us know you’re ok girl! 😉

    Brandi will be lucky if she comes back-forget about carlton. Good try getting an ally though. Even though andy apologized for recognizing she got a crappy edit-I don’t think she will ever recover from it. You just can’t go from giving your mother in law a lap dance and licking a stripper pole to an all American (well, British) PTO mom. Some thjngs you just can’t unsee.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah, well THeFakeWitchBitchonaPoleGebbia AIN’T coming back, the fans don’t like her, MzAndy doesn’t really have an affinity towards her, he hasn’t even had her on the WWHL show since she left the Ho-wives, even her own people the Wiccans(who claim she is not a part of them) don’t like her. Interesting to note that they mention the Wolfs of WallStreet in that conversation, uhm mmmkay, lets compare yourselves to folks that bilked folks out of their hard earned savings and squandered it on whores, drugs, boats and cars, then went to PRISON and received a lighter term for ratting out every person he could.

      • California35 says:

        Yeah cme on, I know now that the franchise is bringing wives back, I highly doubt Carlton could be one to be back. Why would she want to any ways, she knows and dislikes getting s bad edit. It’s too soon too. There are others, a long list of them for BH who would make it first, BTW I thought Malouf or Camile were coming back. What happened?

        • T-Rex says:

          Cali- My opinion only is that their brief showing in the first part of the season gave no UPtake in ratings, in addition, NO ONE is clamoring for their return. Folks are going giddy that Jeanna is coming back to OldCronesofBeverlyhillsadjacent and the Return of Bethenny on NYawk is also being highly anticipated. Frankly, the HoofMaloof brings nothing and that fake relationship she was having they dissolved(once young busch found a younger “pond” to swim in) once it was learned she was NOT coming back to the Ho-wives. Now, I will note that TwofaceShitstirringCamillizilla may be seen later this season she has made sure to attend ANY ho-wife outing on camera to try to get her place back on the show.

          • Exit4 says:

            I love Camille-she’s a jersey girl!

          • California35 says:

            That does make sense, I don’t think we care for any of the 3 old wives now that we have Eileen and Lisa R. Definitely not interested in Maloof and Taylor. Maloof was boring, she and Camille won’t bring their kids into it. Camile may have more to offer, if she has story.

            • nyc mama says:

              I agree. I don’t think Camille has a storyline except her cancer recovery. She doesn’t have a career or anything worthy of following. We already have 2 illness story lines on the show and Camille is no longer will to be the Camille of season 1.

        • Powell says:

          I really don’t see how Carlton got a bad edit. As Exit said she was licking pokes, giving her MIL a Lap dance, having a dinner for her husband w/naked entertainment, building a S&M stripper room, taking her MIL w/her getting sexy undergarments, kissing and rubbing her nanny. She did those things. What she took her kids to school a couple of days and read bedtime stories to her kids and they edited that out? If Carlton wants back on a reality show then she should fine one on MTV.

          • RabbleRouserR2010 says:

            LOVE it POwell

          • kit9 says:

            Yes, Powell! I agree! It’s not like we never saw her husband. It’s just when we did, he was with his mother shopping for freaking sexy lingerie with Carlton. Or getting a Wiccan tattoo. And we did see her with her kids several times, but, there were SO many scenes of Carlton doing sleazy things, how much more footage could they have had with her that showed her differently? Because she def spent a great deal of time presenting herself with the sexy stuff.

          • austin1963 says:

            She can’t deny the things that we actually heard come out of her mouth. She’s just gross.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think-but in not sure-carlton was “in the industry” as in she was an admin asst to her husband. That’s how they met. Basically she was banging the boss, not handling people’s money!

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh, I totally get that, it’s just that those two are complete moronic idiots to liken themselves to that charlatan, thief of Wall street. Hope auditors aren’t listening lest they decide to open the books of her husband’s business. Just Sayin!

      • kit9 says:

        When Carlton started with the I loved working for Bravo stuff-for the first time I thought, oh no, maybe they are considering having her back. And, it’s not in the recap but Brandi actually said something about wanting Andy to have Carlton on WWHL. Let’s hope this is all Brandi driven lobbying and nothing more.

    • California35 says:

      Hahaha yeah poor Kit

  5. T-Rex says:

    Thanks Kit again where do we send you the gifts for taking a “hit” for the team blogging this PodCrap? MMmmkay, wow with all the double speak and the basic wanting to play a dog lapping water in Carltons lap(sorry couldn’t resist but wanted to clean it up a bit) this was the most moronic conversation on the Ho-wives planet! I want to seriously add like five more adjectives to THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, but just changed this one a bit. First off, Carlton is NOT the most “well heeled” Ho-wife on BHills, in fact, the only two folks that should not be on that show due to money is THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI and the SpaceCadetDRUGAddictDrunkKim. Kyle and Murray are worth more than 30 million, and that ain’t chump change, also JoyceyG is worth as much money as TheFakeAssWickedBitchGebbia, so again, not sure what that idiot was referring to regarding money, and the BHills Ho-wives. Now, with that being said, almost all the OldCronesofBeverlyHillsAdjacent(RHOC) and the JerseyShoreGrowsUptobeConvicts(RHNJ( re broke ass wannabee’s, compared to the BHills ladies, and only two ladies on the NewYawkersHo-Wives are without real money and one of those is THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI BFF the Taekmans of course the other is the DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja(who squandered a double digit million dollar settlement she was gifted by her ex, plus several properties to boot). Of course this could also be a dig at the ThugsRUsOfAtlanta because none of them come even close to the bankrolls of other franchises, but they live in Atlanta and it’s easier to live a RICHBItch life there with lower means.

    • Exit4 says:

      The Manzos have a lot of money. The Brownstone is a go to place. I remembered it a little from the NJ Bridal magazines-every now and then It pops up on FB. I have college friends in that area who still go to events there. That and the manor where the infamous christening party was! Even the wakiles have real money. Not as much as they pretend to-but the gas station business is very lucrative. That’s what my father did, he’s was corporate, he didn’t own stations. Just for fun one day I looked up trying to get a franchise and I stoppped reading after the $500,000 initial capital investment. Lol

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh, the Manzo’s MOST DEFINITELY have money, but they aren’t on the show any longer either, they are the true EXCEPTION!! They have their own show now and I don’t think that they have any intentions of going back to the Ho-wives. Again the WackyWakiles have some money, more than most, but still on the lower end compared to the BHills, and NewYawk Ladies, however way more than THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI and the SpaceCadetDRUGAddictDrunkKim! Also, the reason production provides the Planes, trains and automobiles on the show, is that they get them for free for advertising them, and it also keeps them from driving drunk and doing damage while filming, and with the planes, they don’t have to wait on time and schedules and the random masses, of public transport, THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI shows yet again she is a complete and utter uneducated, clueless, braindead idiot!

    • California35 says:

      Isn’t it funny? Brandi talking about money and all of that for BH, when SHE DOESNT HAVE IT!!! She is bringing it up, she should… Ugh never mind lol so do you have dumb in that long name you have for her? 😋😛

    • Carlton and her husband are worth $50M.

      They have significantly more money than Kyle and her husband who are valued at $20M.

      IMHO, whatever your opinion of Brandi, she did her research.

      A gold digger like her always does.

      • Exit4 says:

        Right? It’s so funny though-it’s almost as if she kind of turns her nose up at Kyle for only having say 20 million. Like they’re poor!

      • T-Rex says:

        OMIB well Kyle and Murray are actually worth more like 30 million, and frankly that AIN’T BROKE, nor destitute, and would be considered in almost every single category of being wealthy! I don’t like Kyle, but one thing she ain’t, is broke. Not sure what the link has to do with what THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI “Knows” or does homework about, but the link is about re-tooling of the JerseyshoreConvicts, which we have been hearing about for months.

        • Crap- cut and pasted the wrong link. Now I can’t find it again- isn’t that always the way?

          Anyhow- this link says Carlton and her husband are worth $150M

        • Exit4 says:

          After the raid debacle I tend to not believe anything AATT says (not that I ever really did before that anyway!) but we’re not curing Cancer here so no harm in reading it!

          One weird detail was that production wants central jersey people to keep the key players closer together and save production money. The “originals” all live in north jersey. The newbies are all from colts neck which I consider central. There’s much argument as to what is north jersey and south jersey-with Trenton being the dividing line. Some people don’t buy central nj! Anyway-Franklin lakes and colts neck are about an hour from each other.

          So-if this is true (grain of salt) they’re saying that all the originals will be no more and jim marchase is casting as we speak! Minus of course whatever they do with teresa-

          • T-Rex says:

            Exit I am WITH YOU, I don’t “buy” any more insider information from other sites especially THAT one after that debaucle with the raid, and a lot of other stuff they “claim” as insider and true that never came to fruition either.

            • Exit4 says:

              The only reason a detail like that would even catch my eye is because I live here. Up until last season, everyone lived near each other. The new additions are an hour away. So, if the production people want a situation closer to earlier seasons where everyone was within 20 minutes of each other-they’re going to have to choose-north or central.

              • T-Rex says:

                Yeah, that was really odd, having everyone be hours away, with all the traffic, and the weather, and ho-wives temperamental fits, the logistics of filming last year must have been a bitch! Ooooo and weird, word on the street is that DiabolicalDina was asked to “leave” her rent-a-HO situation from TwoTimingTommy, which is why she is in NYC and I think staying at a rental of a friend. She doesn’t own and she has no money, TwoTimingTommy DID have the forethought of a Pre-Nup. Heard she is shilling to a lot of production companies up there on a new design show, or a show of her own showing her starting over after a divorce.

  6. ladebra says:

    On my phone, hope this works

  7. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you, Kit for the terrific blog and for taking another hit for us.

    I am just hoping that Yo turns on Brandi soon and the ladies (at least Lisa, Kyle, Eileen and Lisa R) band together to have very limited scenes with Brandi next season. Hopefully this will reduce her role as friend status and we’ll never hear from her again.

    • kit9 says:

      Thank you. I did find it interesting the Brandi still included Yo on her side given the preview for next week with Yo saying Brandi needs to stop drinking and, well, Brandi not taking it well. Course it could be an exaggeration from Brandi that she and Yo are still good.

      • T-Rex says:

        JudgeyMcjudgeMcNeedyYoloLemons stated on twatter just before this season aired that we all needed to play nice regarding THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, that she makes a lot of mistakes but we all need to give her a pass, UGH! We will I guess chalk that up to her issues with her brain functions and her disease I guess.

  8. Exit4 says:

    Carltons other storyline was yelling at people for asking about her religion and hating Kyle and Joyce. Oh and making out with Brandi. And talking to the closet. Oh one more-having a weird homoerotic relationship with her nanny.

  9. TexasTart says:

    Wow, I’m shocked there was no sex talk in the Podcast! I mean, outside of referring to Carlton as a “sexy witch” that was a clean conversation compared to other podcasts! No innuendos, no flirting. They were well behaved. Hmm, maybe we know why Carlton gave up drinking…..I’ll leave it at that for someone else to ponder.

    The most interesting comment was” Brandi says she’d be scared to meet her fans IRL.” As well she SHOULD be, LOL. Also interesting to know Yo didn’t come through with money for Brandi on CA.

    Thanks Kit, I bet is was rough to sit and listen to Brandi blabber, especially after having these fresh images of the last episode….but at least you were spared the sex talk….or was it you, that spared us???!

    • Yes- Yolanda was somehow unavailable.

      Why am I not surprised?

      • VV™ says:

        👀 (roll)

      • Toodybird says:

        Good note, OneMore. Unavailable except that she had reception AND answered when David my love called when on vacation with Kyle, whilst yachting on the (yawn) ocean/sea. Thinking Unresponsive…

    • Exit4 says:

      Brandis Twitter fans are scary, scary people! They serve their purpose defending her online-that’s where it ends!

      • PJ says:

        The scary scary people are the Twitter haters (not just Brandi’s haters). I’ve seen some comments that shock me on Twitter. But these hateful comments are made by fans of other celebrities so apparently the fans of other celebrities can be pretty scary people. The need to express hate on social media says more about the person expressing the hate than the person they hate.

        • sparklemuffy says:

          after watching Kate plus 8 yesterday, I read a couple of articles about her and the children. The comments were so bad — especially about the children– I was shocked– makes you wonder who those faceless hate-mongers are in real life– evil stuff–
          Thanks Kit– another bullet taken– Brandi is so vulgar so it makes sense that she and Carlton are friends?

          • PJ says:

            I don’t get the hate comments about anyone but especially children. No ones kids are perfect. Some of the comments I’ve read on Brandi’s Twitter by her haters are so vile they make Brandi look like a Disney princess. Reading them made me realize I don’t need to be on Twitter.

      • kit9 says:

        Omg, they are so scary! I don’t really follow much of the Twitter stuff normally-but did take a peek after the wine toss and her fans are insane. They were saying that the the whole wine toss scene was scripted and they were all in on it. They had no defense of her insane actions so they just made the whole thing fake. Crazy.

    • kit9 says:

      There was one when Brandi mentioned David’s supposed large member and a quick mention of their kiss-something about how people are still talking about it(delusional!)but didn’t make the edit. It really was mercifully, sex free other than that! Yah, I thought the Yo thing was interesting too. Didn’t really make sense. She claims Yo said yes but then something about a time issue and not being able to get a hold of her? Huh?

  10. nyc mama says:

    Nice to see that Vince has kept his sense of humor after all he has experienced in so little time.

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 23
    “@grwoobie: @eileen_davidson @VinceVanP_WPT love that you have garage fridge with beer. TY Libby that garage is my fav room in house !!

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 22
    “@LynnGilmartin: Just saw this week’s #RHOBH episode. Much respect for @VinceVanP_WPT patience teaching the ladies how to play poker! Tx Lyn

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 22
    “@franklintree5b: @VinceVanP_WPT nice hiding in the garage!!” That’s right ..I’m not going outside and getting between those crazy bitches

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 22
    “@rocknsj: @VinceVanP_WPT I can’t believe you let those hoodlums in your house. ”don’t over rate me u should meet my friends .. Ah friend

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 22
    U RHBH gang that saw me in preview I ask “can’t a man peek at an occasional cat fight at his poker game” ? I paid 4 the skimpy dinner lol

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 21
    “@Mossback: @VinceVanP_WPT You didn’t take them all to the cleaners ?”lol. No they took me back to high school

    Vince Van Patten @VinceVanP_WPT · Jan 21
    All the strange poker in my life RHBH game completed me . We had swearing crying shoving drinking hating laughing n nobody even lost a dime!

    Amazing how eventually all Brandi’s attempts at manipulation wind up as epic fails. If there is a bad choice, she is guaranteed to make it.

    Kit, I have ordered a vat of brain bleach for you. When Cuckoo becomes irrelevant then hopefully you can erase this trash from you brain. In the meantime thank you!

    • I think I am in love with Starzy’s boyfriend. How refreshing normal him and Eileen come off, I hope it lasts and they don’t end up doing a bitch edit down the road on Eileen, because that would seriously piss me off.

    • T-Rex says:

      You know I really am enjoying everything about this season, sans THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, who needs to be fired, and in a REFRESHING turn of events, we all seem to like the Ho-Husbands of the BHills crowd too! We aren’t screaming at the cameras and about their twatter accounts to STFU!

  11. Toodybird says:

    Kit, we applaud you for your endurance and thank you for the update. It was very good considering the assignment you accepted. Now to read the comments. This site is really fun.

  12. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone.

    • Hey Powelly, how you feeling these days?

      • California35 says:

        Hi! Still morning here, and so far so good. Just trying to stay in – hot and windy. 2nd day of that. Luckily, I have plenty of things to do inside.

        • We may finally get some real snow here on Tuesday, I am making a big batch of butternut squash soup so I can huddle inside if necessary.

          • Exit4 says:

            We’re getting it tonight and Monday. Anything from 1-3 and up to 12. Sigh.

            • Powell says:

              Yup Exit us too. 😦

              • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

                Just shoot me now!

                • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

                  Just heard 1-2 FEET. Pray the power does not go out. I’ve only got about 26 hours left in the massive oxygen tank. We already had a power failure once this year so I had to use it.

                  • Exit4 says:

                    If you haven’t yet call for your tanks! It’s always a mess in the snow. My husbands already prepping the drivers.

                    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

                      I just checked the status of the tanks and with the portable concentrator I have an additional 10.5 hours besides the massive tank. I also have the number for emergency supplies. I am going to believe we won’t lose power because I want to be positive lol. Plus I don’t want to think about not having heat. Jenga the cat and I will have to keep each other warm. 😀

            • nyc mama says:

              U recieved a blizzard alert on my phone earlier and watched the mayor’s press conference Looks like 12-18 inches here in NYC.

              • nyc mama says:

                Exit they now changed us to 18″-36″.through Wed. sigh.

                • Exit4 says:

                  OMG-you guys are really getting it! They still can’t nail us down-it depends how it ends up developing on Monday. So it could be a foot-could be 4 depending where you are. We’re prepped and ready for whatever we get! Including my wine. Priorities! Be safe!!

      • Powell says:

        Feeling fine SJP. I hope you’re doing the same. 🙂

  13. Thanks Kit- you definitely took one for the team.

    So Carlton’s father in law, husband and his two brothers run their families investment business.

    It was started in Boston, and as far as I know, has never had any regulatory issues.

    But this drama queen has to consistently find a darkness, a problem, an issue -where none exists.

    It can’t be good for business to claim it’s the same as the wolves of wall street or whatever f*ckery this lunatic is dreaming up for attention.

    I don’t get it- this broad has everything and more than most of us dream of, yet it’s still not enough. The relentless self promotion is disgusting.

    • Powell says:

      OMIB I thought last season T-Rex posted something about their biz. Something about lawsuits?
      I don’t get why she would want their company to be looked at as a company that lies, cheats, steals and schemes.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powelly, nope didn’t have anything on the investment group that the Gebbia family runs. I never even looked actually. Oh and the websites about their net worth are wrong. The Investment company is worth 150 million dollars but that the couple themselves only about 50 million. I remember back when she was first on the show she even mentioned that the net worth was their family company. Oh and I did find information that TheFakeWitchBitchONaPoleGebbia has been trying to get back on the show for months! She did interviews when they were even filming that she missed filming with the ladies.

  14. Exit4 says:

    Trex-I imagine last season was a nightmare to film-winter was brutal. In decent weather, the distance isn’t so bad. I actually think they may have delayed their filming not because of teresa but to bypass the worst of the weather-its not just the wives they need to worry about. It’s the entire crew being able to get around and do their jobs too. Maybe pick it up in March. Just a theory. I know NY is filming-but maybe the logistics aren’t as difficult there?

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh, yes, I am sure NYC is much easier, even with the weather, that city is suited to shutting down for filmings, parades, etc. It’s congested and such, but again production companies know how to deal with it. That is WAY different then having to film 30 to 40 miles away, in traffic, trying to get everyone to show up to events and meetings, so they would have to have each wife with a production team to get them to filming, had to be expensive, then to include all that bad weather, YIKES.

    • Powell says:

      NY knows how to clean their streets when it comes to snow.

  15. sparklemuffy says:

    Has anyone heard of a Spanish TV drama called “Velvet?” It is WONDERFUL. Set in 50’s Madrid in a close-to-bankrupt haute couture fashion house. It’s like a Downtown Abbey meets Mad Men meets Dynasty telemundo. The clothes.holy.cow. Anyhow, It is so worth the subtitles and is on Netflix for just an FYI–

  16. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Doesn’t Beandi call Kristen Taekman on of her bffs? Funny. No mention of her giving money for CA and she lives right there in the NYC.

  17. TexasTart says:

    • nyc mama says:

      LOL. Her dress cost $20.

      • nyc mama says:

        lisa rinna @lisarinna · 5h 5 hours ago
        “@mamagina16: @lisarinna Who made your dress? It’s gorgeous! You two look great.”
        MY DRESS H+M $20 bucks!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      She looks so good here. I swear when she posted the Golden Globes dress she wore this year vs. the one a decade ago, I couldn’t tell!

    • T-Rex says:

      Just really loving LypsLisa being a part of this show. I love her and that TrampEileen(oh and I TOO want to know how she married my boyfriend Vince, seems we all want him to be our boyfriend, LOL!) I hope they stay with the show. I know that Bravo wants DRAMA but how about a Ho-wives show wherein for the most part the ladies get along, just watching some RichBitches, who are well connected having fun and doing stuff we wish we were doing. Lose THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, The SpaceCadetDruggedDrunkKim!

      • Powell says:

        Oh now you’re claiming him T-Rex. 😊

        • T-Rex says:

          Well I am older than you other ladies(I don’t think Orson wants to claim him), so I have had a crush longer probably, LOL! Of course from Apple’s Way I love him, I even remembered the episode of Adam 12 he was on he was a bad boy but he was so cute, LOL!

  18. nyc mama says:

    I say we get them off the show and give them their own show that we don;t have to watch. “The real caregivers of BH”

    We all know that Kim’s storyline this year is Florence Nightingale so she can care for Yo and Brandi can enable, um, I mean care for Kim.

    Everyone wins including my remote which is always exhausted after BH

    Just a thought.

  19. Oh Kit!!! Wowza, you are a saint, seriously!!! You make reading enjoyable, how do you do that with the crap you have to listen to..??? You are a miracle worker, lol!!

  20. VV™ says:

    The person that tweets for Yolanda has tweeted this picture. I noticed this person also “liked” some of Yolanda’s friends pics…..
    That’s a big book to read for somebody that lost the ability to read, write and comprehend.
    #sometimesithinksheexagerates #fatherforgivemeforihavesinned #🙏

    • Orson says:

      Maybe it’s the Large Print Edition? Am I too suspicious or is that product placement thing just a little too blatant? Though with the HWs, I’m not certain there can be too blatant. I think she should have made clear whether she’s plugging Givenchy or Singapore Air. though I guess that hashtag settles that.

      • T-Rex says:

        I think Singapore Airlines is a sponsor of Asia’s Got Talent and I am sure that her trip was “comped” due to her husband’s place as a judge on the show. Yes, the book placement is completely staged.

    • Ugh.

      “Freedom from Lyme Disease”

      Just in case we forgot.

    • Powell says:

      Well she’s got a highlighter and she wears readers. It probably takes her longer to read it.

      • VV™ says:

        She cant read. It was all over the National News. Lyme disease has robbed her of the “ability to read, write, or even watch TV.” So, those readers and highlighter must belong to the person that does social media for her.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I’m happy her social media person tweeted this for her…..

          • VV™ says:

            My issue with her is not whether Lyme Disease is real or not. NEVER has been. My issue with her SINCE last year is that she uses her condition as an explanation or lack of for questionable behavior. Last year, we all knew when she would come off bad on RHOBH because a few days before the episode would air, she would tweet pics of her getting treatment EVERY SINGLE TIME. It actually became a joke on this blog.
            She blogged recently, her words, not mine:
            “I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV, because I can’t process information or any stimulation for that matter,”

        • Can you bring over the Eileen’s husbands’ tweets when they’re good ? I can’t read them if they’re not in the boxes.
          Is he being funny ? I know you all 💜him around here

          Not now…… Just as it happens

  21. TexasTart says:

    I’m sure somebody will ridicule her leg position, but you can not deny flexibility is a good thing!

  22. TexasTart says:

    Finally! I knew one day someone would refuse E! ‘s manicam!

  23. TexasTart says:

    Orange is the New Black has finally got recognition in the form if winning a SAG award for best comedy ensemble and “Crazy Eyes” won for best actress.

    • Orson says:

      I just finished rewatching OITNG. Season 2 is a comedy?

      • TexasTart says:

        I found it to be more of a drama. I watched S1 and S2 this summer. Can’t wait for it to come back!

        • Orson says:

          Me too. I wonder if Caputo will still be deputy warden after the 2 escapes on his 2nd day in the new job. I think that given the chance, he’d be good.

  24. Exit4 says:

    Barb-you and Jenga stay warm! Positive vibes for the power to stay on!

  25. To all you East Coasters, I know I tease about the weather but please stay safe and warm and inside if you can!!!! ❅❅❅❅❅❅❅❅

  26. KIT — thanks for this recap —super gross and thanks for taking the HIT

    Is this the chat place for ATLANTA ?
    I’m watching SAGs

    • TexasTart says:

      I watched SAGS. And switchd to Miss Universe in time to see Lisa Vanderpump speaking —she’s a judge! Too much TV night. Going to watch Atlanta on DVR

  27. VV™ says:

    Eileen on WWHL. That is such a trashy show and she’s too classy, I think. I will tune in.

  28. ladebra says:

    This looks very dangerous! Please be careful out there!

  29. TexasTart says:

  30. Exit4 says:

    They’ve back off a foot of snow for us. Now it’s 4-8. It’s coastal, so its going Northeast of me. My moms looking at 12-18. Of course, they keep saying it could change. Looks like the northern gals are getting the brunt. Barb, jill, chis, the nyc ladies and the Boston girls-stay safe and check in! No power outages!

    Joseph is on early dismissal tomorrow-wait and see for Tuesday. If he’s late going in or off on Tuesday-those are Dominics half school days and I won’t even bother sending him. What’s the point? We’re prepared here regardless. Food, alcohol (because-duh) and the one side of the garage is ready for my car! East coast winters-I know you Cali girls are jealous!❄️⛄️☁️

  31. not THAT Jill says:

    Hunker down East Coasters-let’s ride out this blizzard safely!! Everyone be careful-stay in and keep warm!! I hope none of us lose power!!
    There is a half day of school here today but I kept Maggie home. Annabelle has midterms this week and her first one was supposed to be this afternoon-it has been cancelled, she’s been studying all weekend but I think she will be happy to have a few extra study days!!
    ❄️❄️❄️❄️BE SAFE!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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