Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “It’s Just a Scratch”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“It’s Just a Scratch” – S5E11

by Stars99

NOTE: As a reminder – I have stopped censoring all of the cussing in these episodes. Everyone is cussing these days. I will take responsibility when I cuss and will dutifully put money in the “Cussin’ Jar” when appropriate – But when I’m quoting these dunderheads, I think THEY should put money into the jar when they cuss, no? You have been warned. However, the good news is that there isn’t much straight up vulgarity in tonight’s episode, so at least there’s that… lol.


Remember last week…

The big deal last week was the Poker Night at Eileen’s house. Lisa V and YoYo were not in attendance. Unfortunately for us, Kim and the wagon she fell off of managed to attend. Kim went absolutely batcrapcrazy before our very eyes and before the night ended, she had turned against just about everyone except Brandi.  Is it too early in this blog for me to declare my undying love for “That Tramp” (Eileen) and Lisa R? I think not… lol… Brandi was just her crappy, drunk, vulgar self who ended up being a “mister who got in between two sisters” as Kim tried to leave the party after saying some stuff to Kyle and a very worried Kyle wanted to talk to her.  I start to inexplicably sing Bette Midler’s song, “Sisters” –

The pink elephant in the room is Kim’s sobriety. In her blog, Kim said she had been battling “bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks” and that she shouldn’t have even attended Poker Night (Or Spa Day – Which happened the previous day). Ummm… Kim, wasn’t it YOU we saw smoking a cigar and NOT coughing at all during Poker Night? How does one do that when you have bronchitis or pneumonia? Kim says that Monty gave her some pain medication before she got into the car to go to Poker Night. Okay, riddle me this… If the medication was indeed prescribed to Kim (as she told Kyle during the episode), why is Monty giving it to her? I know some addicts need others to handle their medication because they can’t be trusted to do so themselves. But even if that’s true in Kim’s case – Why is Monty the one giving it to her when he has a history of disappearing for days at a time? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks Namaste for your great recapping of their blogs – They would have driven me crazy for sure (Yeah, yeah, yeah… short drive, I know, I know…lol). Hazard pay to Namaste!! (Hey, that rhymes…but not the LeAnn Rimes kind of way…lol)…

brandi hors

This week…

The episode begins with a replay of Brandi shoving Kyle out of the way while Kim was leaving the Poker Party. Brandi continues to usher Kim out and tells her that she and Kyle got into a little bit of a fight. Kim seems more concerned about what happened to her piece of pizza that Brandi was carrying for her rather than in what happened to her sister. You know, because it must be Brandi’s personal responsibility to deliver Kim’s pizza to her chauffeur-driven car for her. Give me a freakin’ break. Although, on second thought – It might be a good thing because it would provide Brandi with some valuable on-the-job training for her future job as a pizza delivery person once her 15 minutes of fame ticks down. Aren’t we down to like one minute, 40 seconds? (I do hope so…) Brandi, I hear Pizza Hut is hiring… Just a thought…


Kim delusionally tells Kyle, “I think that you were out of line in there.” Huh?? KYLE was out of line? Whoa…  Now isn’t THAT the sun telling the moon it shines too bright. For those that didn’t see the episode last week – It was CLEAR that Kim was being loopy. I mean, we ALL knew something was seriously wrong with her… She was back to her mean self that we have experienced on screen when she’s ummm… Using creative things to alter her normal self… Some might guess alcohol was involved… (That’s what Lisa R and Kyle guessed and both directly asked Kim about it)… Others might guess drugs… I dunno what it was… But I know this… It WAS something… Or a mixture of something(s)… I mean allegedly and stuff.

Lisa R and “That Tramp” Eileen come to the door to see what was going on. Brandi “The Twit” explained to them that the sisters hate each other. She explains that they’ve had jealousy going on since childhood. “That Tramp” (whom I love) in her talking head (TH) says that she knows the sisters may have issues, but that they hate each other? Eileen says, “Brandi, that’s crazy!” I just love how the newbies have both Brandi and Kim’s numbers already.


It comes out that Lisa R evidently clued in Kyle about something being up with Kim after Lisa’s wonky experience with Kim on the drive to Poker Night. She said something like she thought that Kim wasn’t feeling well – but honestly, I’m guessing Lisa was a little more descriptive than that with Kyle. Kim found out about it (probably because Kyle told her about it when they were having the conversation in the bathroom) and was pissed off at Lisa for saying something to Kyle. Ummm… Kim… It’s no secret – We all saw it. You were wonky.

Brandi continues to get in between the sisters. Brandi compares war wounds with Kyle and then kind of dares Kyle to go “ghetto” and to, “Bring it bitch. I know how much you’ve been there for her and that’s zero.”  Oh, Brandi, you think you’re so danged tough. Puhleeze. Sit yourself and your suburban ass down. When Kyle tells Brandi basically that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, Brandi says that she talks to Kim every day and that Kyle doesn’t talk to her at all. She’s been the one that Kim has leaned on for the last 6 months. Kim now tries to physically keep the two of them apart. Kim leaves Brandi to go after Kyle who has now walked away – Explaining to Brandi that it’s because it’s her sister… Putting Brandi solidly in the “You’ll never be as important to me as my sister is” category. Kim hugs Kyle.

kyle kim hug

After Kyle gets into a car, Kim goes back to talk to Brandi. As they’re standing there, Kim suddenly notices the scratch on Brandi’s arm, and Brandi says, “It’s swelling now… I’m gonna fuckin’ kill her.” After looking at it, Eileen completely dismisses Brandi’s comment with the kewlest, “Oh shut up… How about a little Neosporin? Get a grip… I’m going over here…” OMG… I love her… Even though she did end up stealing my boyfriend, Vince (That Tramp!).

Kim feels torn between Brandi and Kyle. At the end of it all, she is standing next to Brandi – Well, I should say “almost standing” because Kim seems to barely be able to stand straight up and Brandi is propping her up but Brandi’s hands are almost mauling Kim’s breasts… Kim asks Eileen what she should do. Eileen mutters, “Bunch of fucking drama queens – Is all I can say.” I love that Tramp (I know this is getting repetitive…but I cannot express how much I love she and Lisa R…lol).

kim beg

After everyone finally left their house, Eileen “That Tramp that I love” and Vince “My Boyfriend” sit down and attempt to decompress after the horrible “party from hell” they just endured. Eileen understands that sisters have issues from time to time since she has some with her own sisters. And she has certainly fought with them like that – but not in the last 30-40 years since they’re now “grown ass women.”… lol… Vince seems dumbfounded. He watched everything from the safety of a window. I hope it was bulletproof glass… or at least stiletto-proof… (I wouldn’t put a good pump throwing past any one of them, to be honest…lol). Eileen thinks that it’s not cool for Brandi to try to get in between the sisters. Eileen calls Brandi, “Toxic.” I call her, “The Twit.” You say pohtaytoh… I say pohtahtoh…

dog 2

Lisa and 4 of her dogs (The Gigster, Lollipop, Giggy’s father – Daddy-O, and Pink) are nicely sitting on a bench when Ken drives up with their other dog, Rumpy. Evidently, Rumpy has been away at training camp for the last 3 months…lol. Lisa calls Rumpy, “The naughtiest 4-legged thing on the planet.”

dog 1

Ken has a surprise when he and the dog trainer bring in the beautiful golden retriever (Avery) that Rumpy fell in love with while at camp. She’s a pretty big dog and Lisa observes of Rumpy, “I love the fact that he’s not a superficial guy – There were 90 dogs to choose from and he choose the oldest, fattest lump in the school – So that says a lot about his character.” The dog trainer says that Rumpy could use a friend. Even though Lisa is reticent about adopting yet another dog, she finally agrees to it. The dog trainer explains to Lisa that Avery has a thyroid condition as an explanation for her size. Lisa isn’t buying it and wants to rename her, “Pumpy” (it may have been “Plumpy” – I couldn’t tell for sure)…  But Lisa rethinks it once she sees how sweet Avery is… Avery and Rumpy are so danged cute together.

dog 5

There is a scene between Kyle and Mauricio when they are talking in their kitchen just before Kyle is about to leave to go to visit Kim. Kyle tells Mauricio that Kim is in the hospital but that she’s not exactly sure why. Evidently, there is talk of an ulcer. Mauricio says that it doesn’t sound like it’s related to anything that took place the night before (Presumably Poker Night) and Kyle agrees.  Kyle’s not sure if the hospital is guessing it’s an ulcer because of the symptoms – Or if they ran a test and they saw evidence of one. She knows that Kim said she was “100% in pain” which is why she took the pill the night before that Monty gave her. Footage is replayed of Kim saying that Monty gave her a pill that the doctor gave her. I know different people think it may have been one of Monty’s major pain pills because he must have an arsenal since he has cancer and is going thru chemo and radiation therapies.  I dunno… But I do know… That it’s not wise to always believe the words of an addict even when they’re “sober.”

Lisa R is throwing a jewelry party as a breast cancer fundraiser for the Noreen Fraser Foundation ( Noreen’s sound bite for the event was, “We need to turn cancer into a disease that you can live with and not die from.”

Lisa R puts a lot of pressure on herself when she throws parties. She confesses that she wants people to like her. Don’t worry, Lisa – We like you, we like you! Heck, we’d like you even if you threw a bad party! It’s kewl that Lisa still has the head table from her wedding and she calls it a “good luck” table. Awww… I just love that!  I also love that she confesses that she has a huge control issue as she turns the lamp shade around so that the seam doesn’t show. I would soooooooooooo do that, too. I’m mercilessly teased by people who know me well about my perfectionistic tendencies…lol.  Lisa just wants things to be perfect even though she knows it’s an impossibility by definition. I can so relate to Lisa on this subject…lol.

YoYo not buying

Everyone is at Lisa R’s party except Kim, who is still in the hospital. Kyle says they still don’t know anything yet – But they’re running all sorts of tests.  Brandi and YoYo sit down to talk about what happened at Poker Night. YoYo asks Brandi if she was drinking. Brandi immediately tells her of course she was – That she’s a grown-up and she’s allowed to have some drinks. YoYo reminds her that she’s on “Probation.” Brandi insists, “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” Brandi doesn’t want a lecture from YoYo right now. YoYo just kind of looks at her. YoYo says in her TH, “If she thinks I’m mothering her – Then maybe she should start behaving like an adult and not as a child.” I gotta admit that I kinda love that!


Kyle tells both Lisas that she’s throwing “A gay mixer” and that she put on the invitations, “Bring your tops and bottoms – And I don’t mean your bikini.” Lol… See – I love this side of Kyle. At first, in her TH Lisa R seems not to understand exactly what Kyle means…Then Lisa R decides that it must mean “naked”… No, that doesn’t make sense to her… Then she says, “Am I so dumb?” I think someone finally clued her in and she apologizes to “the gays” because she feels like she let them down. See, and I think it just makes her more endearing.

Lisa V meets Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen’s ex) and discovers the only thing she has in common with Charlie Sheen is that both of their cars were stolen and driven off a cliff. Denise doesn’t look amused. I think Denise thought she should be known by the Royal Vanderpump. It was a little funny to me. I think it would be tough be known as “Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife” all the time when you have a career in the entertainment industry, too.

Okay… This next part is making me giggle a lot. Eileen “That Tramp that I love” sits down and attempts to talk to Brandi “The Twit.” In an adult, calm way, she talks about what Brandi said to her at Poker Night. She mentions how Brandi dissed her house and said it was kind of scary – and that it was offensive to her because it’s her family home… but she let that particular comment go that evening and didn’t say anything about it. But Elaine describes that there was a build-up of things… And there was a lot of cussing – and her son was upstairs… and that it started feeling a little disrespectful to her.

brandi th

And, in this week’s installment of “I Kid You Not”… Our cute, loveable, wonderful, and completely remorseful Brandi courteously and politely said in her TH of Eileen…I KID YOU NOT, “If she thinks fucking saying the word fuck is fucking provocative – Then she needs to get out a little more. It’s a fucking word. And if you’re having a late night party at your house where you’re serving drinks and playing poker – Get a fucking nanny to take your kid out.”  Oh Brandi, you never disappoint me in demonstrating just how much of an inarticulate moronic idiot you really are. Okay, Ms. Shock Jock… Gosh… I’m just so shocked by you… NOT.

Eileen nicely asks Brandi if there’s something about Eileen that makes Brandi antagonistic towards her… Okay, you just gotta laff at that… Ummm… No, Eileen… Brandi’s just a Twit – She’s aggressive with just about everyone. Brandi snottily says in her TH of her talk with Eileen, “Oh goody, another lecture!” After Brandi tries to convince Eileen that she really isn’t a mean girl… Eileen “That Tramp that I love” calls Brandi out in her TH, “What is that behavior if it’s not mean? It’s hurtful – It hurts people’s feelings… She’s got ‘Mean Girl’ written all over her… I don’t care what she says.”

After the jewelry party, Lisa V. and Kyle go to Villa Blanca for drinks… You know, cuz it’s free publicity time. They commiserate together about Brandi and about how neither one of them will be able to trust her ever again. The dynamic has changed and neither Kyle nor Lisa want to put forth the effort anymore. Kyle said she had high hopes for her relationship with Brandi but that she’s been let down. Kyle doesn’t want to put herself in a position to be able to be hurt by Brandi either emotionally or physically ever again.

Lisa says in her TH that Brandi is always trying to be the center of attention – That Brandi isn’t happy unless she’s provoking a situation and that maybe it makes her feel more important than she really is… Lisa tells Kyle, “For me, once bitten, very, very bloody shy.” Kyle knows that she could forgive Brandi for what just happened – but that she just really doesn’t want to. Lisa hopes that Kim doesn’t get hurt by Brandi, too.

Other Things we learned from this episode…

~~ YoYo was having issues with using Facetime on her phone call with Bella. The picture kept going sideways. After Bella tells her how to fix it – and YoYo successfully does so – Bella playfully screws with her own picture thus making it appear sideways again to YoYo. It was hilarious. We also find out that YoYo texts the girls the minute she wakes up in the morning and she wants to know when they’re home at night. She says they can do whatever they want in between time. Whoa… Is that what Mothers do these days? I guess, come to think of it, my roommate in college did call her Mom every day…I’m kind of feeling sorry for my Mom – I don’t think I talked to her much more than once a week when I was in school…


~~ YoYo’s son Anwar has really grown up. He is really going to be a heartbreaker. I must say, that I LOVE how after he ate a snack (or it could have been an entire meal, who knows? My definition of a meal is much different than YoYo’s)… that he automatically put his plate in the sink without being told. I really love that. I mean it’s such a normal kid thing to do – But you just never know what is expected of kids in these pampered environments. You’ll be happy to know that YoYo asked Anwar if he needed to take a snack along with him to soccer practice… She offered him “almonds”… Yes… not just ONE almond… but more than one!! I know, I was shocked, too! I guess she reserves the only “1-almond-per-serving” diet to her supermodel daughters.


~~ The day after the Poker Party, Brandi had a talk with her good friend Jennifer, who we know is familiar with issues of addiction. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really concentrate on what was being said because I was so distracted by the ginormous amount of plastic, Botox, and miscellaneous fillers the two of them had going on in their shiny, stretched faces. Jennifer, like Brandi, used to be so danged pretty…but holy cow… Reynolds called and they want their plastic wrap back!


~~ After seeing Lisa V’s closet for the first time – Complete with her “altars to purses” Eileen puts her hand out to give Lisa “Knucks”… The Royal Vanderpump does NOT know what Eileen is doing… So Eileen quickly taught Lisa a new word of the day. Eileen is shocked Lisa isn’t familiar with it…lol.. Btw… Knucks is just when two people put their hands in a fist with their thumbs facing down and then hit the flat part between the rows of knuckles together.  I think the reason it confused Lisa V was because she couldn’t extend her little pinky.


Delusional Thought of the Episode…

At one point, in the Poker Night aftermath, Brandi “The Twit” says she thinks that Kyle is jealous that Brandi has been there for Kim for all this time – But at the same time she recognizes that Kyle doesn’t actually want the job. Brandi, you really ARE a twit… Don’t you see that Kyle has been taking care of Kim and all of her crap their entire lives? We found out last week that Kim and Kyle’s Mom never wanted to say anything about Kim’s alcoholism – It was this huge family secret (Which is actually quite common in the homes of alcoholics). Their mom died in 2002 so I’m not sure how long Kim has had these issues, but it’s been quite a while.


To be fair, I think their family lived predominantly off of Kim’s earnings all those years when she was a childhood actor. For kicks, I looked up the laws pertaining to this subject. If you aren’t particularly interested – just skip the next couple of paragraphs…(I know I would, depending on my mood…lol)… The California Child Actor’s Bill (also known as Coogan Act or Coogan Bill) was passed in response to Jackie Coogan’s situation. As a child actor, Jackie had earned millions of dollars but found out when he became an adult that his family had spent almost all of the money he had earned all those years. At that point of time, it was considered that all of the income generated by a child actor belonged solely to their parents. Even though the Coogan Bill was put into effect back in 1939 – It was a horribly flawed law that left huge, gaping loopholes without providing adequate protections for a child entertainer’s earnings. Finally, in 2000, changes in California law provided and determined that earnings by minors in the entertainment industry are the property of the minor, not their parents.


California Family Code, Section 6750, ( defines child performers who provide artistic or creative services including, but not limited to, “services as an actor, actress, dancer, musician, comedian, singer, stunt-person, voice-over artist, or other performer or entertainer, or as a songwriter, musical producer or arranger, writer, director, producer, production executive, choreographer, composer, conductor, or designer.”  I wonder where models fit in? I guess maybe they’re not considered to be in the “entertainment industry” but in private industry. I hope they have laws that protect their earnings, too.


Now, California law also safeguards a portion of a child actor’s earnings for when they enter adulthood. Not only are all the earnings a child makes considered their own earnings, but also their employer is required to set aside 15% of their gross earnings into a trust (Often called a “Coogan” account).


However, these safeguards were not in place when Kim and Kyle were kids. I think Kim has some really deep-seated anger about it. I also think Kyle has some deep-seated anger about always having to take care of Kim and I can only imagine that by now she’s really tired of it. Heck, I’m tired of watching it. Kim expects everyone to cater to her every need – She is the REAL princess of this franchise – and not in a good way (No offense to good and noble princesses, like our own Princess Pindy and DJ Princess!).

Quotes of the episode…

“I rode in the car with Kim on the way out to Malibu…Nutso… Cuckoo-bird for Cocoa Puffs… Like out of her fucking mind.” Lisa R regarding her crazy car ride to Eileen’s house for Poker Night.

“You know I like Brandi – but she’s a drunk… She needs rehab.” Lisa R says to Kyle in the car ride home from Poker Night.

“Can’t we all just get along? A simple little poker game…” Vince “My Boyfriend” says to Eileen “That Tramp that I love” while they’re decompressing after the horrific Poker Night.

“So Rumpy went to school – He had his nuts chopped off and then he got married… Normally, it’s the other way around.” Lisa says of Rumpy’s romance with the beautiful Avery.

“This bitch is easy to deal with… Unlike some others in my life.” Lisa V says of Avery, her new female golden retriever.

“If I throw a bad party – I’m a bad person.” Lisa R being honest about the pressure she puts on herself when she throws a party of any kind.

“How can you not love a house with swans?” Eileen says of Lisa V’s amazing home. Eileen visits Lisa to clue her in on the happenings at the Poker Night.

“It seems that Brandi is addicted to chaos – And it’s just negative energy that creates bad feelings and you just want to stay away from it.”  This statement of Eileen’s in her TH completely nails Brandi. Why, yes, Eileen… We ALL want to stay away from her… Can you please make that happen?

Next week…

Kim tells Kyle that she doesn’t remember everything from the Poker Night. Kyle doesn’t seem to understand why. Brandi tells Kim that she was just trying to protect Kim from her sister. Lisa has a talk with her son, Max, who asks her what his last name was before he was adopted by them. Lisa’s warning bells are going off that he wants to find his biological family. Rut roh… As an adoptee, I’m gonna have all kinds of opinions on this topic… This is a warning…lol… Brandi and Kim walk into Kyle’s “Gay Mixer” – and Kyle tells Brandi point blank that she wasn’t invited. Brandi makes a jab to Kyle about Kyle’s husband. Fun times ahead. Wow.

Well, that’s it for this episode… Thanks for reading… Have a most excellent week! Happy Trails!


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358 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “It’s Just a Scratch”

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Hump DAY. 🙂 It’s freeeeezing outside. 🌀🌀🌀😖
    I hate it. 😝👎
    I don’t know about y’all but Kyle should have said, “It’s just a punch” to Bobble Head. POW 💥 BANG 💣 👊 YES! Batman style.

  2. Powell says:

    I really didn’t want Lisa R and Eileen joining this mess cuz frankly I think they’re too good for this show. Yes I SAID IT!! But I am loving them. Lisa R is a freakin hoot and a half and Eileen sees through the mind field which is Bobble’s mind. And of course the man that shoulda been Stars husband Vince is funny. He’s really not phased by “Hollywood” and knows BS when he sees it. Since Lisa V has been laying low so to speak the new ladies are making it kinda,.hurt me 😏, bearable.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I totally agree. More so with Eileen because it has seemed Lisa Rinna has been jockeying to get on this show for a while.

    • Totally agree.
      Starzy – great blog. I love how you have come to love the Tramp!

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        lol SJP… No one is more surprised than me that I’ve come to love “That Tramp.”… And… and… AND… I kinda love “That Tramp” and “My Boyfriend” together. In other news, along with the entire east coast… Hell HAS frozen over…lol

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh, I totally agree, Powelly-Pooh! Elaine “That Tramp that I love” and Lisa R have been such amazing additions… They just crack me up! It DOES make watching more palatable. The hilarious thing to me was that Eileen actually though she could have an adult conversation with Brandi… Bwaaaa haha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa….lol

  3. vilzvet says:

    Loved everyone’s analysis of the latest episode, just finished watching it. Oh boy is it going to get worse before it gets better. Simply put Lisa R and Eileen MUST return, they’re the voices of reason and soooo funny. Eileen’s home is incredible no matter what Brandi says, that is what a steady soap paycheck brings you, my God. (By the way they hardly ever show Brandi’s house from the outside because it looks do tragic compared to the others lol). Does anyone agree that Anwar is just too cute? Love that he does normal stuff like play soccer. And holy moly is Monty still alive?! Poor guy.

    • Anwar’s adorable.

      Sadly it seems Yo lets him play football as she said “she’s not so sure about this football thing” and was looking forward to him going back to soccer 😔😕 hear hear.
      – I love that Yo had him eat about 4 strawberries and a glass of grapefruit juice with a vitamin before his SPORTS practice. My brother downs like major carbs and protein before engaging in basketball. And my brother is slim- not huge or anything!
      Dear GODDDD Yo. He’s a growing boy/ teenager!

      Yo had like 300 bottles of vitamins and drops — did everyone see that?
      This must be pre-relapse? Just her daily meds – she was divying up her pills for each day. Damn I feel bad for her – but please: more food for your freakin’ SON!

      • vilzvet says:

        You are so right, the poor kid was heading off to a two-hour practice! I was squinting at first to make out what that measly amount of strawberries was! And definitely pre relapse and I bet she gets nauseated taking all those vitamins without the proper amount of food.

      • Powell says:

        I read a recent interview of Gigi’s where she basically eats by portion control and one day a week of whatever.

    • Powell says:

      Vilzvet I read between the lines on everything Bobble says. She’s so jealous of Eileen’s home.

    • Powell says:

      Yes Anwar is cute. Yo & Mohamed have good genes. From the pics I’ve seen of Mohamed’s older kids they’re nice looking too.
      I hope Monty survives, goes into remission, poor guy.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Vilzet… I didn’t understand why Brandi dissed Eileen’s house, either… I found it to feel pretty comfy and inviting…. but I guess I have eclectic taste, too… Too often everything is matchy match and I have to gag. But I guess that’s my issue… lol

  4. thank you for the shout out! WOOT WOOT!
    I still have to say the best part was Vincent watching all this unwind from the safety of his garage. LOVE! (I can see why you love him, Stars!) I, too, am a fan of Eileen’s ability to dismiss Brandi. Usually others have fed into her drama and such and Eileen is having non of that.
    Does anyone else think Lisa V. should auction off an opportunity to spend the day in her closet? ME ME ME!
    I also agree that Kim’s young acting career supported their family for many years. I think Kyle worked “some” but Kim was a Disney kid and was featured in many movies and tv shows. (Although Kyle has had more acting opportunities than Kim as an adult.) I recently read Corey Feldman’s Coreography (don’t hate! My daughter loves The Goonies and he talked about the filming a great deal in the book). He wrote extensively about how he and his sister, who was in the Mickey Mouse Club, basically supported their whole family. His parents farmed them out, were paid to chaperone and basically used all his money for houses and drugs. I think the money he has in his adulthood are from guest appearances and small spots in movies. I am glad the laws have changed for these kids. I know he was emancipated at a young age. It is sad to see what happens to these childhood actors who are robbed of a normal childhood.

    • Powell says:

      Namaste Lisa’s closet? How about the home? Spend time w/those cute dogs, the swans, Lisa’s closet and Ken. I bet he’s full of knowledge.
      That’s sad about Hollywood acting kids whose parents just treat them as a paycheck. The guy that had his show Everybody Hates Chris, now he’s on the walking dead, Tyler something(I forgot his last name), but he was on Wendy Williams and said his parents work, have jobs are his parents. He has a manager but his mom looks at every deal. He said his mom doesn’t trust anyone w/his career. Now that’s how you want your parents to be when your a child actor.

    • T-Rex says:

      Namaste- A huge majority of child actors in the 50-90’s were ‘farmed out’ by their parents for money and had no childhood what so ever, it is very sad. I remember an article where they interviewed Ron Howard who talked about growing up in the industry with his brother(clint howard), and that his parents were very involved in making sure his money was put away properly, that he had friends outside the business, he attended a school etc. They were the exception in Hollywood he said, that most kids parents were complete stage parents and that’s why a majority of kids in the business are now dead, or had huge issues with drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc. A lot of kid actors became “emancipated minors” in their very early teens to keep their parents grubby paws off their money! It’s sad.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Namaste… You totally deserve the shout-out and so much more… It’s so hard to wade through all of those blogs week after week… AND worse yet… You have to navigate Bravo’s crappy site. Vince cracked me up that he watched from behind a window… I also loved his, “Can’t we all just get along?” comment, too…. Hi.lar.i.ous! 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    LOL at the “Sisters” reference, although I usually picture Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby lip synching to Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen’s version in the moving White Christmas. Does that make me old?

    Great recap – thank you. I agree with your observations. I too am interested to see who the adoption storyline gets handled. There are some complex family dynamics and feelings that arise on the part of both parents and children. I have been researching my family history for years and as part of, got my DNA tested last year (to check ethnicity and hopefully find more cousins). It turns out that there are lots of people who have discovered adoptions further back in their family history (not discussed in the 1800’s and early 1900s) and are now trying to trace their ancestry. One of my fourth cousins (found thru is trying to track down his mother-in-law’s bio grandfather). She is 83.

    Did anyone else notice that Brandi is much less drunk in the car after the fight? She does not slur her words as much as she did at Eileen’s house before, during and after the fight. Maybe the alcohol metabolized? It made me wonder how drunk she actually was at during the party.

    Eileen and Lisa R. are good additions to the cast. Since they worked in soap opera, I imagine that they’ve seen it all (and then some).

    • Brandi had metabolized a bit by the time she was trying to be “straight” with Kim on the way back.
      She was lucid enough to fully attack kyle — verbally and physically — oh and with her GASHING WOUND ON HER ARM …..
      Also to step off when Eileen laid the Neosporin on her.

      That DNA testing thing – I know it costs $$$$- I’ve seen on TV where you can find out exactly where in the world your actual DNA traces back to. I wrote that one down when I saw it and want to do it one day.
      It’s not ancestry – (I couldn’t do that because I’m only 1st gen. here) – it’s literally cheek swab/DNA/ what continents you descend from. So interesting !
      Good luck with all that

      • Powell says:

        Yeah the 5 bottles of champagne had gone thru her. I hope she had plastic surgery on the big gapping wound Kyle caused. 😏

      • it’s $100 and you spit in a tube. No cheek swab

      • Anne says:

        Chismosa — You could just do the DNA test on ancestry. One of my first cousins didn’t buy a membership — just the test when it was $79 last summer (usually it is $99). The test just involves a little saliva in a small test tube and then, the wait for results. There are a couple other companies that test — I can’t remember names, but if you google “Finding Your Roots” or check the PBS website, I think that they are all mentioned in the DNA section on that website. Dr. Gates does quite a bit with DNA tests as part of his show.

        There are lots of people without family trees who’ve been tested through DNA, because you also get an ethnic profile as well as a list of possible matches (up to 8th cousins). I had a couple surprises in mine with regard to ethnicity. has also really expanded their records to include international records – in part because in the LDS church, they ‘baptize” ancestors into the LDS church. (Baptize isn’t the correct word, but it is the best way that I know to describe what happens). I’ve been focusing primarily on US, but am going to start looking at Canadian records next (my Irish ancestors came to the US via Canada in the 1850s and my brother-in-law’s French ancestors have been traced back to Quebec in the 1600s).

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Hi Anne. While I totally believe that Brandi was putting on for the cameras, AS USUAL, maybe she had an ‘Awww sh$t’ moment and was quickly snapped out of her sweet spot. The fight and fall out could have had a sobering effect on her.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Anne… I am so glad you understood my obscure reference to “Sisters.” lolol… I just kept thinking about it ever since last week…lol… Yeah, I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode because of the adoption issue. I’m not liking that they’ve made it a storyline in a show like this. It’s a very personal thing and I hope they have really already worked it all thru and are just re-enacting things for the sake of filming. But I have a bad feeling about this… And you’re right… Eileen and Lisa R have seen it all… Lisa R has perfected the dramatic face and I absolutely LOVE it…lol

      • Anne says:

        Hey Stars — I love that movie! I’m shocked that I’m the only one who picked up on the reference. We used to watch White Christmas every year with my parents. When my oldest niece was little (under 5) she used to act out that song for my parents and make us (her doting and very foolish aunts) sing along with her. Thankfully, this was in the 90s’ before cell phone cameras so there is no evidence that it occurred. It was hilarious — I don’t remember all the words, but I’ll never forget those blue fans!

        I hope that the adoption search is handled well. I have friends who have searched for birth parents. One had a good experience and the other did not. One waited until after her adoptive parents passed to search and the other did not. It is hard on everyone involved…. so I hope that there is sensitivity to that during the filming.

  6. Catch yall later but for now, after this mess – still have to read – but thanks for the recaps!
    Happy Wednesday ❄️⛄️☀️

    I was dying laughing because my cc’s said that Eileen said:
    “there was a freakin BRA in my driveway ” LOLOL
    She mumbles a bit

    I liked Eileen on WWH. She seems very reserved – whitney I’m a fan of for some time, she had a rough upbringing – lots of $$$ but she had to take care of her sister. I wonder if the Kim/Kyle thing hits home for her at all. Andy must have LOVED that he had his mortal enemy #1’s BFF there as a guest.
    She called Lisa R “hungry” – does she think Lisa is too thin, like I do? Whit put on a couple of pounds… she was too thin before she looks SO much better. Gorgeous girl and super funny, saw her on letterman last night also.
    Eileen and her didn’t tape live. No poll, no live phone calls. Letterman tapes at 4/5 i think – so I wonder what time they taped WWH last night.

    As for garage gate – just what I noticed and was just shocked about –
    Kyle said to Kim- “whisper in my ear so at least I know — -you’re ok —?” Right when Brandi comes at her to show the massive bloody 💉🚑🏥🆎🅾wound on her arm.

    B says “I’m closer with her than you are” to kyle, right before kyle goes to take her shoes off, right in front of the garage. B literally has both her arms (wounded one!) PULLING kyle away from Kim.
    Jesus effing Christ. Next week I would beat the $hit out of Brandi for showing up at my “gays” party and then did something to my sister for bringing her. What a holy mess.

    I’d have knocked the $HIT out of that anorexic alcoholic janky giraffe in the driveway.

    VV – JANK said that Kim was “planning Brooke’s wedding and the others leaving for college” so I don’t know, bc that looks like a recent TH, not necessarily filmed near/at time of event. Not sure for your timeline.
    VV also Yo said “what happened Friday” to B – so Eileen’s party/ pokergate was a Friday

    I’m sorry, I still say –

    I hope ratings are actually down.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Whitney was always a fave of mine on Chelsea-she was hard on Brandi last night but that’s her act-I’m thinking the Brandiacs are going to attack her all day on twitter-she will handle it well.
      Who is Andy’s mortal enemy???
      Brandi knows Kyle won’t fight her-That’s why she keeps telling her to “bring it bitch” “I can get ghetto”….and then she cries about her invisible scratch!! (If you watch the extended scene you can see Brandi’s wrist is scratch free) for a chick who can get ghetto she sure goes on a lot about her “war wound”!!!

    • VV™ says:

      Thank you, Chianina, China-Moon!

    • TexasTart says:

      ROTFL ✊🐆

    • Powell says:

      Chismosa truly I just want someone to punch Bobble. I’ve never wanted a woman on these reality shows to punch another woman but I want one of them to lay her out. POW💣💥

  7. PJ says:

    I’m glad you brought up the stuff about Kim supporting the family as a child actor, this is exactly what I think is the root of all her issues. I also believe there is jealousy between kyle and Kim. From season one I thought that kyle didn’t treat Kim well. If the alcohol issues were never addressed it is possible that it was because Big Kathy didn’t want the money train to stop. I can see how Kim would resent supporting her family and I think it makes sense when she said to Kyle that stuff about the house. I can see Kyle being resentful of Kim because Kim was a much bigger star and Kyle wasn’t, big Kathy would probably have wanted to protect that. I think it was probably a very dysfunctional family. I can also see Kyle being resentful of Kim for the alcohol issues, but what I will never understand is why would you come on a show like this with a sister you know has these issues, it seems deliberately unkind and uncaring to me. It’s just my opinion but I can see Kyle kind of enjoying Kim’s issues, but then I really dislike Kyle.

    As for Brandi I’m sure I’m alone in this but I do feel for her because I believe she is completely heart broken because of Leann and Eddie. It’s not up to others to tell someone how deep their pain should be or how long they should grieve. I don’t like watching a person implode, I think it’s really sad. Of course I don’t approve of her behavior at all. I think it’s sad that she was left in the position where she has to expose herself like this to earn a living and while her ex lives in luxury she get a mere $1,000 per month to take care of her children. That’s groceries for growing boys. I’m not going to jump in on the name calling but I do understand why people don’t like her. I don’t think that just because she has become so unlikeable that everything she says is a lie while others always tell the truth. I think they ALL lie.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t think people call Brandi a liar because she unliked-I think she’s unliked in part because she’s a liar. It’s a fact that Brandi stretches the truth to within an inch of it’s life.
      Do you know for sure that Eddie only gives Brandi one thousand dalloars a month? I looked everywhere for confirmation of that I have come up empty-I don’t believe it to be true because I know Brandi lies.
      I do not know anyone else in the world who had to go on a reality show and act like a drunken fool to make ends meet. Brandi could have chose an ordinary life and none of the things people say about her would be said. She got cheated on by her husband and decided to share her life with the world-and not a pretty life-a disaster of a life where she says gross things and behaves like a teenager and is judged for it. That’s the choice Brandi made-it didn’t have to be her life-but she WANTED it. Lots of women get cheated on and lots of women get divorced-not many go on TV and do the things that Brandi does.
      If Brandi is still mourning the loss of her marriage then she should get some help-and I would say this to anyone I know who would feel heart broken 5 years later and behave the way Brandi does.

      • Orson says:

        I’m thinking Kyle “let” Kim be on the show because probably they asked Kim to be on first, for one thing. Kim was promoted as the former Disney child actor and Kyle was the “oh, yes, she was an actor too”. And because Kim really needed some income of her own because as Kim’s children hit 18, the child support was going to go away, and Kyle and Maury were getting tired of supporting Kim (who knows how much help Kathy gives?).

        And Brandi? She’s just a professional bitter ex-wife now. How long ago did her modelling career fade away anyway?

        I think both of their continued roles as RH’s is now just an act of charity on Bravo’s part.

        • T-Rex says:

          Actually Kyle was asked to do the show first! SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim signed on much later.

          • PJ says:

            Who ever heard of Kyle before this show, not me.

            • Exit4 says:

              Funny enough I did! I am too young (ha!) to remember Kim’s heyday. But I remembered kyle from Little House. Then ER and guest spots on shows I watched. Including when Paris hilton did simple life.her looks are more distinctive which is probably why and like starsy said in her blog-Kyle worked more as an adult.

            • I remember Kyle from when Paris Shiloh went to jail and she was like the unofficial family spokesperson. I liked her- she came across as very done to earth.


            • T-Rex says:

              UHM well, do you live in LA? Murray and Kyle were well known as being part of the Hilton crew. MzAndy wanted Kathy Hilton for the show, Kyle has been trying to get on reality TV for a couple of years before BHills, her husband was very well known. I have this in fact from the original producers that they offered the show to Kyle first. Also read the information that was sent out when BHills was first going to be a Ho-wives show and you will see that in a number of articles KYLE was asked to be on the show. SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholKim hadn’t even been really seen in public for YEARS! She also gave an interview at the time that Kyle was the one that got her to do the show!

            • Looks up Kyle on IMDB. She has a pretty good resume and actually has been a working actor as an adult. She was a nurse on ER for years!

            • Powell says:

              I remember seeing a little house on the prairie epi when they showed it on the show. Yrs later twice Kyle was the Hilton family spokesperson on E True Hollywood Story. One they did on the Hilton’s and one they did on Paris. Kyle used to have chin length hair.

            • austin1963 says:

              Lots of people.

      • PJ says:

        I believe that if Brandi wasn’t telling the truth about the amount of child support she gets then Leann would shout it from the roof tops, give interviews, tweet about it. Plus Eddie would give an interview calling her out. Their silence speaks volumes because this is something easily proven. Eddie sure didn’t keep quite when Brandi came out saying he wanted her to pay child support; that was something that couldn’t be easily proven since it would take an accountant to figure it out and BTW he didn’t get what he asked for. I don’t feel like a debate but what I actually said wasn’t what you responded to. What I said was not that Brandi doesn’t lie, maybe she does. What I said is that other people are believed instead of Brandi because she is unlikeable. Please don’t tell me this isn’t true since I have read here many times that so an so said that’s not true. Kyle said she didn’t scratch Brandi but she did so who was lying. I personally don’t believe much of what the other ladies say. I think they ALL lie.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Since you don’t feel like a “debate” does that mean I should just keep my comments to myself?

          • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

            Jill – The best Jill in all the land… If you EVER keep your comments to yourself…Well… well.. I think I would just explode!! We don’t always agree… but your comments are always so great… Don’t make me come over there and kick your dupa…lol 🙂

        • T-Rex says:

          Anyone here can tell you that I was a fan of THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI from day one! I went on a number of “healthy debates” with a lot of folks here defending her LYING ass, ad nauseum. That was until I got information from a friend of mine who was knows the producers and filled me on what a lying sack of crap she really was! I then started to piece together her interviews, book stuff, etc. comparing it and this woman is pathological in her lies, seriously there is something truly wrong with her. Her OWN family has stated, on the record, she has a problem with the truth, and most don’t even speak to her! You want facts, then go through all her interviews and you will see all of the lies, double speak etc. from her, and all she does when caught in a lie is say “my bad”, whoopsie, or Shut the F**Up! In addition, MancandyEddy and CrayCrayRimes have NEVER said one iota in the public about their custody arrangements and payments are, ever! They have asked that loser THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI to shut her yap about it in the public as well, but she won’t! The information regarding the lawsuit and the overpayment of child support was given to TMZ from HER, not anyone else, her lawyers information was on the documents! You go through the past two seasons of information from these boards, I have clearly laid out, with facts, the numerous LIES that she has spewed. Yes, the others lie a bit, but she takes it to an art form! Oh, and don’t get me started on the boohooing about the love of her life divorcing her, She cheated with HIM when she met him, he was involved with someone else, he cheated the ENTIRE time they were dating(her words), they got married because she got pregnant(her words), she had broken up with him before she found out due to his cheating. They had numerous women in their bedroom together(her words), so that he wouldn’t be crawling the streets for random hook-ups but home with her hooking up. She knew what she was getting when she married him, stop playing the martyr.

        • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

          Kyle said her bracelet scratched Brandi.
          Brandi said Kyle’s fingernails gauged her arm.

          Who’s lying?

          Did ANYONE see any blood?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            If you watch the extended clip you do not see blood…or a scratch.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Kyle’s nails looked very short to me. However, I did see Brandi grabbing both of Kyle’s arms. Brandi needs to go. I would never put two people against each other even if I disliked the other person, especially a sister. I always go by how people give advice. Brandi telling Kim that she has her and not Kyle, wow.

            • T-Rex says:

              Jnntj, YOU most definitely know I am not a Kyle fan, so if I saw she scratched that loser, I would be the first one to call her ass out as a liar as well, but she didn’t scratch her. I have watched it and if anything it’s like Kyle said she grabbed KYLE and her bracelet may have snagged her, but she put her hands on KYLE in that instance. In addition, they all use those gel nail polishes, I have acrylics, but my co-worker does gel, I had her try to scratch me with them today to see if she could, she couldn’t, the gel sort of wraps around the tip of our nail. (I told her it was an experiment for something else, not a Ho-wives experiment, LOL!)

              • not THAT Jill says:

                OMG T-Rex!! What did your co-worker say? She must be like WTH!!??!? Hahahaha I love it!!

                • T-Rex says:

                  i had a sweater on and was trying to see if her gels would snag my sweater then I joked about them being so short and looked like they were wrapped, and said “could you even scratch with those”, LOL! I was telling her I was thinking about changing my nails from acrylic to gels, LOL!

              • nyc mama says:

                I have a gel manicure and you most definately can scratch someone. The difference is I have longer nails than Kyle. Her nails are always short. In this case I don’t think Kyle scratched her.

                • austin1963 says:

                  If she did scratch her, who doesn’t doubt that there would be huge closeups of it all over twitter by now?

        • Mrs Peabody says:

          Remember her child support is only for half the month as they are with him the other half and she does has more monthly income than him at the moment

          • austin1963 says:

            I don’t understand why there is hand wringing over the fact that Eddie may give Brandi $1,000 a month for groceries. As you mention, they’re with him half the time and is anyone telling me that you can’t feed two kids on $500 a week? I fed three sons, who all ate high on the hog, for a lot less than that. Yes, poor, poor pitiful Brandi. Give me a break.

        • austin1963 says:

          Just as you don’t tend to believe anything Kyle says because you dislike her intensely. How is it different?

    • nyc mama says:

      Brandi’s lies, aggression, manipulations, bad behavior, etc. started long before her divorce. She was damaged long before her marriage. There are no excuses for her continued atrocious behavior. She is simply self-destructive and bites every hand that feeds her or tries to help her.

      I was on Brandi’s bandwagon until it became clear she was her own worst enemy and destroys everything she touches. I hope she doesn’t destroy her boys too.

    • kit9 says:

      Kim treated Kyle like chit Season 1. I never understood why most thought Kyle was so bad to Kim when, imo, you could combine everything Kyle said to Kim and it still wasn’t as bad as what Kim did to Kyle. I sometimes felt like I was watching a different show. The jealously thing, to me, is silly. At least Kyle being jealous of Kim. Kyle is 5 years younger and a very young child at the height of Kim’s career. Kyle worked a lot as a child but still, as Kim has complained, had lots of friends and she didn’t because she worked so much. No way do I think Kyle is jealous over Kim’s career that was over 35+ years ago or would trade what normal aspects she had as a child actor compared to Kim. As for her supporting the family, Kim’s claimed that but Kyle said that wasn’t true and her father worked. Kim was right there and said nothing in response. As for the show, I can totally see Kyle encouraging Kim to be on the show not because she didn’t care but the exact opposite. For a long time of my sister’s alcoholism, I tried to help what I thought was causing her to be depressed and drink. To basically “solve” my sister’s issues so she wouldn’t want to drink. I spent an insane amount of time and money trying to make my sister’s life what she wanted. Kim’s issue when the show started was she was lonely..Kim’s kids were older, leaving the home and those still there had their own lives and were gone most of the time. Alone at home=drinking (Note that in the first season, some of the first scenes of Kim and Kyle is trying to get Kim to move closer to her and their family. Kim, of course, chooses a home far away. Why? Because the last thing she wanted was for her sister to drop by in the middle of the day. Alcoholics love isolation.) So, I totally understand Kyle encouraging Kim to ‘work’ again, get her out there, reconnect with any fans still out there, get a life outside her kids again. Kim has shown real pride in her accomplishments as a child star and, while not acting, it’s still a tv show, with a crew and being in front of a camera. More importantly, it give her a schedule, things to d and places to be so she’s not home alone. Did it work? No. I remember when it finally dawned on me that there was absolutely nothing I could do to help my sister and that her life situation didn’t matter. My sister would drink when she was depressed. She’d also drink, I would finally realize, when she was happy. A genie could appear and make her life exactly as she claimed she wanted it and she’d still drink. It took a very long time for me to realize and accept that.

      • austin1963 says:

        People act like 5-year-old Kyle was kicking 10-year-old Kim out the door saying, “Don’t come home until you earn a big paycheck”. No matter what happened with Kim’s childhood, it WASN’T Kyle’s fault, no matter how much someone hates her. Kim had parents, but those parents didn’t include Kyle.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hi PJ… Yeah, I think you’re right about Kim being cranky about their childhood and her family living off her earnings. The problem I have with it – was that none of that was Kyle’s choice – it was their parent’s choice. I also think it’s difficult if you’re used to being the center of attention – when suddenly you’re just not. Kyle moved forward with her life and married someone who ended up being able to provide for her and her family. Kim hasn’t been so lucky. Life is marching on for everyone – including her kids. I think Kim is broken… but I’m hoping she finds her way back out of the addiction. It isn’t fun to watch – but it’s probably the major way she’s supporting herself at this point… Perhaps there isn’t a choice?

      As for Brandi, I used to be a HUGE Brandi supporter in her first season… maybe even her 2nd. I think she’s in pain, too because of the disintegration of her marriage. – particularly because it’s been so public. It’s got to be very painful. The thing is… at least to me… I think Brandi has consciously decided to go all “shock jock” on us all… and THAT’s why she says the outlandish things she does…. Perhaps she thinks that’s the only way she can support herself… Or she’s identified it as her “niche.” I don’t know… but I vehemently snark at her because I think she’s vulgar, rude, and obnoxious. If the divorce had happened more recently, I’d be more eager to give her a pass on some of it – but still… she’s so danged crass. She can totally drum up drama, like what she’s supposed to do as a Bravo employee, without being so danged horrible. I don’t like seeing it. I think she’s better than that… but unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of “the better” over the last couple of seasons.

      I’m sorry I wrote this novella… but I just wanted you to know that I hear your words… and I agree with many of them… I is important to me that you know that… I mean, if you happen to even read this…lol.. Or could actually read through it without falling asleep…lol. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! I love differences of opinion… Especially if we can keep our snarking aimed at those on TV!

      • Toodybird says:

        Jimminey crickets. I read, whenever I can go online, the entirety of everyone’s comments on this site. That’s what it is all about. Although I usually respond to comments that parallel my obserbation/views. So to your comment. My initial positive attitude towards Brandie was due to the smarmy closeness of Kyle/MCFR/Shanna. More specifically MCFR. But have read since that Kyle, MCFR and Kris Jenner were cronies back in the day along with Nicole Simpson. And we know the Nicole and Faye stories/practices. Gossip. Still.
        Always heard that in the industry crazy drugs and sex are usual. Heard a great anticdote from a friend that was recording an album for,a popular group ; it included nearly nonstop drugs and rests. For months is www excruciating to focus them to actually push them to make the recording. But what the heck. !it was their money. Did I say Fleetwood Mac? I meant slow marsh slug putters.

        Ms. Brandie is a typical user. She may sleep late and farm out her kids, but jeepers, she expects the men to be sexually attracted to her (-beyond their attraction for their wives) or, or what then? Gah! Say the right thing to naive people who believe everything you say. Now you reel in their commitment, and it always includes a moneary donation

    • Powell says:

      PJ I can totally understand Bobble still being upset at what Eddie and Leanne did. She has every right to “get over it” on her own timetable. But she has to move on. She’s still stuck back 5,6 yrs ago. She has to get her head right to move on w/her life. Whether or not she wants to believe it, it’s affecting her son’s too. They have a mother that constantly says she’s over Eddie by her words but her actions show otherwise. Because she hates Leanne she hates Lisa V, Kyle, Eileen right off the bat. She’s trying to be friends w/Yo and Kim but she’s going to hate Yo in a bit and eventually Kim cuz they all have success whether it’s money, homes, husbands. There hasn’t been one legit thing between her and the ladies that gives her reason to treat them the way she does. It’s been 5, 6 yrs and she’s not in a long-term relationship? Why cuz guys see her as a good lay. Not a woman they can see having a relationship with. She’s moved 6 times. Why? Why can’t she find a stable home? She lives a negative life and it’s all cuz she’s not moved forward in her life.

      • Mrs Peabody says:

        She stopped moving forward when she was a teenager her divorce had nothing to do with that. She hasn’t aged mentally since she was 15 maybe even earlier than that. There is something mentally wrong with her.

    • Austin says:

      She needs to get the heck over it, already. It sucks, but spouses cheating and leaving happens ALL the time. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least.

      And yes, you really do dislike Kyle. lol

  8. VV™ says:

  9. Orson says:

    Starzy, for the last time, you don’t have to pay if you’re quoting someone cussing. You only have to pay when you lose control of your own potty mouth. Or is it potty fingers?. But I hoped you washed your hands after you typed that recap. Maybe even wiped down your keyboard with alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the kind in your wine glass). Great recap!

    “Knucks”? I thought it was a “fist bump”. Ah, it could be a regional thing, like “soda” versus “pop”.

    This could be an interesting reunion. I think there are 3 teams now. 1) Two Lisas and The Tramp, B) Brandi and Kim, and iii) Yolanda and Kyle. Good luck, Andy!

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh crap, read below I think I am now the biggest contributor to our jar, LOL!

      • Orson says:

        Jeeze, T-Rexy, you had me all excited. I only spotted one b-word. You did some self-censoring there. shaking Cussin’ Jar under your nose Here’s a helpful tip: Back in my days as a Guide in chatrooms on AOL, when I had to “monitor” the language there, I suggested that “ef” was a useful and effective replacement. And some ways you can use it are in “Brandi is really effed up!” or “Brandi should shut her effing mouth!” or “Ef you and ef everything that looks like you!”.

        That reminds me, Lisa V has dogs and a swan, right? So, why would Brandi offer to lick her cat? Or those fuzzies that grow on a willow branch?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Lol Orson… I was just makin’ sure… Cuz typing all this cussin’ is new to me… but dagnabit… they’re ALL doing it… It’s wonky! It’s like they’ve all been hanging out with the wrong people… or maybe it’s just that they’ve all just hung out with Brandi too long, no? I am taking donations for the Tangerine scented anti-bacterial hand sanitizer I go through each week after typing these blogs…. lol. 🙂

  10. T-Rex says:

    Oh goodie I get to hate and disrespect that idiot who BRAVO needs to FIRE THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI. UGH! Seriously she sucking the life out of this show. I have a sister, we have had our ins and outs through the years, but she is STILL MY SISTER, and if MY SISTER was a Drug and Alcohol Addict and some stupid TWIT I worked with was enabling her when she was supposed to be “on the wagon” and undermining all of that I would Punch that bitch square in the face! SpaceCadetdrugaddictAlcoholicKim is grasping onto THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI because she doesn’t care ONE FRIGGIN IOTA about her sobriety, and that is completely disgusting and again shows what an absolute loser and despicable piece of trash she is. She hasn’t been there for the twenty, yes the alcohol issues with SpaceCadetdrugaddictAlcoholicKim started over twenty years ago! I believe it’s one of the reasons her first marriage broke up. SpaceCadetdrugaddictAlcoholicKim has followed in the footsteps of numerous, upon numerous child stars. They were bringing in money for their families, they were placed on a pedestal, they were waiting on hand and foot, but working the whole time instead of having a normal childhood, and in her case she had an unfit stage mother that kept her working instead of growing up normally, so you end up with a completely damaged adult that doesn’t know how to function in real society since they grow up on soundstages and adults. SO to cope with that you self-medicate, with drugs and alcohol. SpaceCadetdrugaddictAlcoholicKim should have been in therapy and rehab AGES ago to deal with this but her MOTHER wouldn’t hear of it because that would make HER look bad, she looked at her children as money bags, and was a horrific human being(tons of stories on how awful that woman was). So as an outsider THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, who has known them for two freakin minutes how the F**k do you get the balls to judge how these folks interact, and to undermine things going on in a family you know really nothing about??? She takes despicable and disgusting to all kinds of new levels, and I am truly happy the new girls are commenting on this, because maybe then Bravo would get their heads out of their ass and finally do something about this Toxic, waste dump called. THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI !

    • Orson says:

      Rexy, you know they say it’s not healthy to keep things bottled up inside. Back in the Lynn Chat days, Starzy used to just put a 10 or 20 in the cussin’ jar and I’d let her know when she used it up. So don’t hold back, m’kay?

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Giggles… Orson, No not Wells… but the one from Ork – I feel like such a delinquent with all this cussin’… Perhaps I should wash my own mouth out with soap, no? lol

  11. designernailsdiana says:

    HaPpY HuMp dAy everyone.
    Before I read I just have to say OMG STFUBrandi I see a bunch of food in that first photo on the blog. Nothing to eat? Oh wait she prefers dirty wieners and hairy tacos. Yes I went there, Yes I said that. I’ll wait while you go look at rainbows and puppies to erase the visual.
    Ok time to go read the blog that I know will have me rotfl

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy Starz-great blog-your Vince love is now out of control and has spilled over to THE TRAMP!! I love it!!
    Let me say my most unpopular comment first-Lisa has too many dogs!! How the hell does she keep her house smelling not doggish? She must hire a full cleaning crew to come in 3 times a week! And who picks up all the poop? Seven dogs (2 that are BIG) must make mountains of poop-who takes care of all of that?? (You can tell I’m not “dog crazy” since all I’m worried about is who is in charge of poop!!!) I did love that plump new dog and I don’t think could have said no to her even if she wanted to. The dogs sitting on the bench waiting for Rumpy -so cute!!
    (coming from a non dog lover that is a great compliment-trust me on this one)
    Yolanda’s son is gorgeous! He was cute with her but it’s easy to see she misses her girls. I’m sure sons are fabulous but since I have only girls I relate more to the mother/daughter dynamic I guess.
    Funny that she offered him almonds as a snack-does the whole family live on almonds and lemons? Have a pizza!!
    The rest of poker night and the cover up of Kim’s relapse all went to shit when Brandi said in her TH “Kim fell off the wagon”. I have to wonder why Brandi edited her Facebook comment last week about the relapse when she’s the one who says this in her TH? She said “wait and see”? Ok wait to see what? I think it’s been established that Kim took pills so what are we waiting for?
    Kyle talking to Mauricio about Kim being in the hospital was weird-why would Mauricio say that it wasn’t anything to do with what happened “last night”? Why are they covering for Kim? Is that what they are doing? Are they all blind or do they think we are all dumb? Idk…
    Brandi saying she is getting lectured is just more proof that she thinks she is a teenager-just because a grown up speaks to you about being insulted by what you say doesn’t mean it a lecture-unless you’re 14. In grown up land it’s called a conversation-does Brandi have conversations with other grown ups? I think NO!
    Lisa R and Eileen have been great in these episodes and I love them more every week! Lisa R and her bad party phobia-I totally get it!!
    Next week looks crazy and I’m already over this stupid fighting.
    I don’t care what anyone says-watching the ladies bring their kids to college and watching the ladies go on vacation is way more enjoyable to me than watching the crap that’s gone on. I’m over the “bring it bitch” talk …someone needs to “bring it”and get it over with!!’

    • Exit4 says:

      Dominic loved Rumpy! I love other people’s dogs. I don’t want one.

      Sons are fun in a different way. They’re more physical though that’s for sure! And they like gross things. Farting, burping….but that’s just a phase. Joseph is Dominics built in entertainment! Everything his big brother does is hysterical! Until he takes every toy Dominic touches-but he’s starting to fight back. He’s more territorial and is smart enough at almost 3 to hide his favorites.

      I hate the fighting too. Brandi does not fit in with these ladies at all. My husband likes to say-white trash with money is the same as white trash without money-white trash. It’s internal not external. Brandi labels herself as that and wears it like a badge of honor. She’s proud to be provocative and offensive. The other ladies pegged her perfectly. She’s addicted to chaos and being the center of controversy makes her feel more important then she is. Even though she does a good job manipulating people with her “my husband left me, I’m a struggling single mom” act-brandi tells us all the time the way she feels about her life. “I can do whatever the F I want, say whatever the F I want and if you don’t like it STFU!” Her own parents said “that’s Brandi!” She’ll say things to hurt you and 5 seconds later she’s sorry. Obviously, she was raised to believe it’s perfectly acceptable to be am a-hole and if you say sorry it’s ok! Too bad normal people don’t accept that. I wish she’d go away!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:


      Oh, how I love your comments, Jill – The Best Jill in all the Land… Yeah, I was surprised at how many dogs Lisa has… I mean… so many of them are small… but Rumpy and Avery are gonna be a handful, that’s for sure. But I love that Rumpy has someone his size to play with… those tiny “almost a dog” sized doggies must be pretty frustrating for him…lol… I’m confident there is a team of people in charge of scooping the pooping… They have such a huge house… And they can have entire walls open at a time – so I’m sure it just smells “pink” in there at all times. And no, I don’t know how “pink” smells… it’s just that’s how I imagine Lisa’s house would smell.

      I gotta say, that every time that Brandi pretends to go all gangsta… I just have to laff… I mean, puhleeze…It’s like she has become this cartoon parody of herself that people just point and laff at. It’s sad, really. I do think she needs some serious help… But as long as she thinks she can, “Do whatever the fuck I want”… How can anyone help her? When was the last time any of us even dared to think we could do whatever we wanted without consequences? I keep hearing my 5th Grade teacher yell at my class to, “GROW UP!” I think Miss Block needs to make a visit to Brandi’s house, no?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      OMG Jill… I had this huge long response written to you… and I clicked to post it… but it disappeared and I can’t find it now… Hulk sad!!!

      Any, it’s only because I love you so much that I’m going to try to capture the salient points and not put you through reading the whole danged…

      It really surprised me at how many dogs Lisa V has… but I’m glad she added Avery as a playmate for Rumpy. They are adorable… And I’m sure Lisa has a team for scooping all the pooping… So don’t you worry. I’m sure their house smells “pink” all the time… I’m not sure exactly what pink smells like… but that how I imagine their house to smell…lol.

      These days, every time I see Brandi on the screen, I hear my 5th Grade Teacher in my ear yelling at my class to, “GROW UP!” I think Miss Block should make a trip to Brandi’s house, no?

      And I do love Eileen and Vince…I even like them together… go figure? I loved how he watched the whole fight from behind a window… I even loved that I captured that in picture even though that wasn’t what I was concentrating on…lol… (Shhh… don’t tell anyone…)

      I love your comments, Jill… even when we disagree… or especially when we disagree… somehow when we disagree it seems like all is right with the world…lolol 🙂

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    Hahahahahaha this from the woman who said Joanna’s pu**y smelled on WWHL!!! What a friggen hypocritical crybaby-always dish and then play the victim when it’s served back up!

  14. boston02127 says:

    Great recap. I missed the show last night.

    In the pic above is there a head peeking in the window? *fourth pic from top

  15. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Starzy, this blog was perfect, thanks!!

    Ok, I’m loving Eileen and Lisa R.! They bring everything I like to see when I watch BH.
    Brandi’s friend Jen…..Jennifer was trying to tell her that she should talk to Kyle on the phone to perhaps apologize. But I get the feeling that no one can tell Brandi no. She’s so arrogant and delusional that she makes things about her and lies on top of that!
    I’m glad that Kyle and Lisa are friends again because it reminds me of Season 1.
    Overall, I think Brandi will be gone next season. Eileen and Lisa R. are keepers. Yo would be wise to “naturally” distance herself from drunken Brandi. Btw, Brandi’s hair is horrible. It looks greasy and the weave looks awful. I’d fire her hair guy.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Orson says:

      Ah, I don’t think LVP and Kyle are friends again. I can’t believe LVP will trust Kyle again after last season. There’s a difference between being “friends” and “friendly”.

      • T-Rex says:

        Orson I agree, did no one else not get that “dig” she through out, that wasn’t just meant for the situation with THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, she meant that for Kyle as well! I think it was a clear signal she doesn’t trust any of you bitches from past seasons that had it out for her!

        “Lisa tells Kyle, “For me, once bitten, very, very bloody shy.””

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        You know what I meant. Friendly on the show. 🙂

      • VV™ says:

        Heck, I don’t or wouldn’t trust Kyle either.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Foxy, you’re always so kind…I love the new girls, too… They just so much fun! I agree with you that I don’t think that Brandi can handle being told things… even from very close friends. I have really good friends that will tell me when i’m out of line… They’re not shy about it…lol… and I’m glad.

  16. lila1star says:

    Great recap as always! 🙂
    What does Big Cathy have to do with Kim as a child star and keeping the money train going? I don’t understand that? No question their mother did a dis-service to Kim and Kyle (especially Kim) as a stage mother and robbing them of normal kid stuff so they could live Hollywood but I do not see Kyle as jealous of Kim. I anything–or if there is any jealousy then I think it lands at Kim’s door.

    IMO it is more that Kim (as so many child stars do) craves the coddling she once had. No question she is a mess and I think way to much of the responsibility some how fell on Kyle. But at some point a time comes as it has for Kim where she has to take control of her own life. Like her or not–none of this falls on Kyle.

    I don’t know who landed the HW gig first of if they came as a pair but given that Kim did not live up to any expectation for a few years she is still on either because of Kyle or maybe the Hilton money plays a part–who knows.

    Eileen and Lisa R are a breath of fresh air and I really hope they stay. I did not sense that Eileen was having second thoughts as some suggested–maybe you guys could explain? But Eileen does seem bewildered by it all and yet I find it hard to believe she didn’t know what she was getting into.
    It has been stated that they are all on to promote something so I assume as long as the show isn’t hurting Eileen’s career it will be ok. Last Year Joyce found that the show was actually hurting her ventures and wanted out.

    One thing is for sure–Brandi has to go. Yes–bravo wants the drama but as we learned with the NY HW–even Bravo has a limit. (I hope)

    • I just keep having this picture in my mind of Eileen talking to her agent on the phone saying, “What the hell did you get me into???”

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Lila1star – I’m not sure who your question was directed to about Kyle and Kim’s mom/parents and their earnings… I just think that whatever money Kim and Kyle made when they were growing up is long gone…And that could be very hurtful for someone like Kim who realizes as an adult that she worked really hard and sacrificed her childhood and has little to show for it. Nowadays, she would at a minimum have 15% of her earnings in a trust fund… but most alcoholics that I know would have blown through that trust fund money in a heartbeat anyway…It just seems like Kim should at least have a nice house to call her own… But arguably, most child actors have had to actually earn a living as adults… I’m not sure how Kim can sustain her lifestyle… but I hope she comes out of this all okay.

  17. Once again, Great Blog Stars!! I too had a hard time hearing what Brandi and Jenn were saying because their faces were just so distracting….scary!!! If I had that big of a yard and house I would have that many dogs, especially since Lisa isn’t doing any of the real work, just getting the loving!! I have nothing to say about Kim and Kyle, except that they are “His-sters”….my his-ster, my his-ster, I have to talk to my his-ster….the way the say it cracks me up alll these years!!!

    • VV™ says:

      They looked HORRIBLE! 😱😱😱

      • I find it mesmerizing to look at what “these women” which includes all of the HWs and other celebs have done to their faces. Leeza Gibbons is another example, she looks so strange to me….I can’t see past it.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I know right? Sometimes I miss what they’re saying because I’m too focused on their faces. 😂
          I do think Eileen looks stunning! I don’t know what she’s doing but I want to know. Susan Lucci is another person on the soaps looked amazing to me!

      • TexasTart says:

        They did look HORRIBLE and together the two of them … were they talking on Brandi’s bed again? Does she not have furniture? ….sorry, lost my train….they reminded me of the movie ‘Death Becomes Her’ Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep had Bruce Willis as their plastic surgeon.

        Seems to me that Goldie – IRL was the first I remembered with the inflated mouth. Amazing she has continued that puff fish look consistently for this long! 🐡

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Tiara… I’m sooooo glad you understand what I was talking about… I just couldn’t concentrate because Bandi and Jennifer’s faces were so distracting to me… It is just so sad to me that women so young have already destroyed their looks with plastic… it’s just crazy!

    • TexasTart says:

      HIS-STER! Thanks for spelling how “sister” sounds when the Dick sisters say it. I never could put my finger on that!

  18. not THAT Jill says:

    Vanderdoglover has her blog up

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      She seems to really back Kyle up! What do you think?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think it’s funny that she’s acting like Kyle really really really wanted to be friends with Brandi. Kyle made it seem-to me anyway-that she wanted to “get along” with Brandi not be best friggen friends with her. Lisa is acting like she’s had Brandi’s number since day one. Come on now Lisa-stop playin’ like you didn’t love that crazy drunk girl! She made you laugh and laugh and you loved every minute of her disgusting stupid antics…until you didn’t. That doesn’t mean Lisa doesn’t get to say anything about Brandi ever again but I think the “warnings” are kind of funny since Kyle knew who Brandi was long ago!

        • VV™ says:

          Kyle hung out with Brandi in the off season, even after Puerto Rico. Kyle said on interviews she wanted to get to know Brandi better. If Kyle knew who Brandi was,why all the effort in the off season when cameras were not filming to go out with Brandi?

          • T-Rex says:

            VV- I had also heard that Kyle was spending more time with THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBRANDI, after the Reunion last season, I was wondering if it was because she has gotten so close to SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholKim, but there were twats they were hangin out occasionally and they were twatting each other niceties for a while.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              You can’t mention anything, I mean anything personal to Brandi. She’s scummy and manipulative and can spin the truth. Kyle just mentioning Kim’s sobriety makes her prey for Brandi. Brandi won’t be happy until everyone’s as miserable as her. Check out the previews when she low blows Kyle by mentioning her husband. Pure evil.

            • VV™ says:

              Yes, Puerto Rico made the Jellys close. The purple blog wrote articles with pics of Kyle and Brandin hanging ( they love Kyle on that blog). There are also many paparazzi that spotted them out and about. I even think to recall a playday with the kids.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            All the effort in the off season? A picture? That’s not being best friends VV
            Lisa is the one who was in Brandi’s corner against anyone who dared to say one about Brandi but it’s Kyle who is in the wrong for trying to keep peace with a person who she knows would be vicious as an enemy? Kyle was keeping Brandi exactly where she should have-a place where Brandi wouldn’t hurt her. That may be called phony or whatever but I think it’s smart when dealing with a person like Brandi. Lisa is in no position to say a word about anyone who is willing to talk to Brandi-Lisa was singing Brandi’s praises to everyone not long ago.

            • VV™ says:

              No, you are incorrect. Kyle went out with Brandi a few times and when asked ( prior to what happened last night). She was happy with Brandi and on interviews (not TH) saying she wanted to get her to know better. #fact

              Lisa learned about Brandi after Pto. Rico. Why wouldn’t Lisa be in any position to talk about Brandi?

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Kyle and Brandi were never friends-they hung out but that doesn’t mean much. Kyle said she was getting to know Brandi better-and she did.
                I didn’t say Lisa isn’t in any position to talk about Brandi I said she’s in no position to talk anyone who is willing to talk to Brandi-there is a difference.
                I know it’s kind of embarrassing for Lisa and her fans to have to look at Brandi and know how close they were…I would feel kind of foolish for every being Brandi’s friend.

                • nyc mama says:

                  I don’t think there is anything for Lisa or anyone else to be embarrassed of. Everyone makes mistakes including backing the wrong horse or friend. She moved on when she got burned which is what one does and that was over a year ago.

                  I too remember Kyle getting closer to Brandi after the Lisa debacle that LaRue manipulated last year but I thought it was just an eff you to Lisa. IMO Kyle resents that Lisa became Queen of this franchise. That is what she expected her role to be.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I think Kyle resents that Lisa became friendly with Brandi.

                    • nyc mama says:

                      IMO Kyle resented Lisa before B came on. That just made it worse.

                    • T-Rex says:

                      Oh, no KYLE had it out for TheRoyalVPUmp between Season One and Season Two when it was announced that SHE was not getting the spin-off from the show and that TheRoyalVPump was! She gave numerous interviews that there was a rift between them between Season one and two that she “couldn’t talk about”.

                • VV™ says:

                  They were friends for maybe a little over a year. I think Lisa learned a lesson. There is nothing embarrassing about that. Embarrassing would be that after you see what Brandi is capable of doing, you continue to allow her in your home and life on and off camera.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Lisa saw clearly what Brandi was capable of doing-she watched and encouraged Brandi while Brandi was going around lying and telling family secrets-Lisa knew exactly who Brandi was but as long as she was hurting others-especially others who lisa didn’t care for-then it was fine-fun even.

                    • VV™ says:

                      *She encourage Brandi? I don’t think Brandi needs encouragement. She’s a lose cannon. Are you now believing Brandi that she was “manipulated” by Lisa?

              • kit9 says:

                Kyle and Brandi were never close. They have both said so. What they both said was they were trying to get along. A couple dinners? I doubt that would have even happened had Brandi not been dating JR.

              • austin1963 says:

                Lisa V. was far from ignorant of Brandi and her behavior. She just happened to think it was all hilarious as long as it wasn’t directed towards her. And she egged it on, plenty.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              If I were Kyle, I too would be pissed because of what Brandi’s done. Too bad she had to learn her lesson on her own and not listening to her gut when she knew long who that Brandi was a snake.ssssssss

      • VV™ says:

        I think she did back Kyle up.

  19. Alright PJ you need to get outta my head. Because I agree with everything you’ve written including Brandi.

    I don’t like Brandi- in fact can’t stand her- but I agree she’s in a huge amount of pain.

    • T-Rex says:

      I highly doubt this is true. Since we know they are looking to “consolidate” a cast into one area, and that area ain’t lookin to be Franklin Lakes, sorry but without ConvictFelonTeresa not sure they want to bother with filming what’s left to hire there. JMO. DiabolicalDina is donezo, I don’t think they want to put up with WackyJackDaniels as a regular on the show, so that leaves Wakiles, Megos’ and Danielle, uhm I don’t see ANYONE watching that mess. My guess is the twins are back, probably AmberCancerAlert and her myrant, and probably a couple of other ladies over there that have actual money.

  20. Exit4 says:

    Starsy-we have something in common! When I saw the preview I said a big “oh crap.” I am an adoptee as well. I’ve talked about on the blog before-back when the surrogacy thing came out and there were so many misconceptions about just, all of it! I hope to God bravo doesn’t make a mockery of it.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Sits down with Exit… and promises that we’ll get through this next episode together somehow. I’m sure we probably will our own unique points of view… I just don’t particularly like what Lisa has said about Max’s adoption thus far… So I’m afraid I’m gonna hafta snark at her…. And this is sooooooooooo not going to be popular…lol… Oh well… But perhaps she will surprise me… I can dream, can’t i?

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    just when I think that it cannot possibly get any more insane – another episode of BH airs – I don’t know who came first – Kyle or Kim – and I don’t know why Kim is still on this show – what I do know is that if it was my sister, she would not be on the show – and if that meant that I could not be on either, then oh well – I don’t know if that wine mishap at the spa was production driven or an honest mistake that no one foresaw – I don’t know if Kyle was contractually obligated to go through with it if was production driven – I do know that if it was my sister and I realized that this particular segment might not be the best thing for my sister, whether an oversight or production made, I would have stopped it right there and made arrangements for a full lunch, another massage for everyone, or a mud bath or something – and if production did not like it – oh well – so Kyle’s behavior confused me at the spa – I felt so badly for Eileen and Vince – and while I admire their restraint, I probably would have made the booze disappear, and if things did not calm down, I would have asked them to leave – nicely – but firmly – I realize that contractually that might not be possible, but honestly, I think their home life is worth way more than a contract, so I don’t get that – and yes it would stink for us, because we would lose two wonderful people to watch, but at least their lives would be better for it – maybe ours as well –

    as for Kim – Brandi may not encourage her addiction, but she certainly does nothing to stop it – and I am not talking about the actual consumption of drugs or booze – I am talking about letting her think that she is ok, that she is doing well and that everyone else is just mean – that is a terrible thing to do to someone who is as fragile as Kim – whenever it started, however it started, something broke inside her and this show is NOT the place for her – Brandi is not the friend for her –

    someone said something about Branid being heartbroken over her divorce from Eddie – I watched my daughter go through that – her ex cheated on her when the twins were less than a year old – she loved that boy with all of her heart – when she moved in with Bob and I, after I got the twins settled, I would lie down with her and literally rock her to sleep as she sobbed – he destroyed much more than a marriage – he destroyed her way of looking at things – her confidence – and yes, she went a little bit off the rails following the divorce – but that lasted only two or three months or so, and then slowly she started remembering that there were two other little lives that needed her much more than she needed to crawl up into a ball and withdraw – way more than she needed to lash out, and far more than she needed to be made to feel desireable – the twins were always her first priority, and while she may have let her broken heart lead her down some not so great roads, she found her way back and is now stronger than ever before – Brandi may very well have had her heart broken – but she is long past the point of picking herself up, dusting herself off and getting back to the job of being a MOM first – no Mother worth her salt would let her children see them this way, let alone be seen on tv like that – my Dad used to say that some people just need to hit the absolute rock bottom before they can begin climbing out of the hole they fell in – I think right now we are seeing Brandi’s rock bottom – and I worry that she somehow sees nothing wrong with being there –

    sorry for the length – I’m actually quite angry with all three of them – Kyle, Kim and Brandi – I’m going for a walk – love you all –

    • Well said.

      You’re a good mom. And a good sister.

      Sending you love.

    • nyc mama says:

      I agree. I am tired of Brandi using her divorce as an excuse for her behavior. There are no excuses for a mother to behave the way she does on air and off. She is consumed by her own need for attention and doesn’t care who she hurts to get some.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        I understand her broken heart – I truly do – what I cannot understand is her refusal to let it heal – her refusal to let grace shine through – she is using that hurt to justify horrid behavior because she believes that it will keep others focused on her – she is right – it will – and it will do it horribly – worse it will do that to her sons and that I cannot abide – she claims to be a “grown-ass woman” – I think she says that only when it justifies her behavior – like when she wants to drink – she does not wish to put anyone ahead of her own fears including her sons – she needs to be off this show – not just for us, but for her as well – and again – an education would do her some good….

        • nyc mama says:

          Because it is her only identity. She chose this. First she chose to be “the wife of” and now “the scorned wife of”. She isn’t smart enough to look at other, better options. IMO She is going to grow into an old, foul mouthed former bravolebrity and she will inevitaby burn all her bridges based on her pattern..

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Sending you love too. 💕

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Shamrock!! I’m always glad when you share about your daughter b/c I know she’s doing better and it’s nice to know that!
      Brandi is a grown adult woman but when we talk about her and what she does or how she handles things I feel like we are talking about a child-a teenager. She doesn’t seem to have any coping skills but instead of finding some she lashes out and it’s not amusing.

    • Shamrock sending you love – 💖I know you went through a lot with your daughter.

      Why doesn’t Brandi have any competent people in her life who can make her see the error of her ways. So so sad

    • austin1963 says:

      Regardless of what people think Kyle should have done or not done vis-a-vis the wine tasting, there’s no evidence it had anything to do with what happened with Kim during the poker night.

  22. Has anyone actually looked at these cease and desist letters? The one Kenya posted doesn’t look quite…right.

    Between “Black Wives Matter” and these two cease and desist letters I wonder if there’s some sort of fan f*ckery going on.

  23. VV™ says:

    RHOBH better change soon. It’s tiresom to watch.

  24. Buttercream says:

    STARS! Great blog .. lol at work during my wish it was longer than an hour lunch break ..
    What is up with Brandi and all her “looks” during her TH’s? Valley of the dolls to Veronica Lake to slap the paint on your wagon look … I can take Kyle’s eyebrows going from thin lines during filming to thicker blocks in her TH’s ,, but Brandi … ewww ..
    Love the two newbies Eileen and Lisa R! They speak the truth which others dance around! Now, that’s the Bravo HW show I like to watch! Not the foul mouth trash talking wine tossing mean girl act from BG!
    /// STARS //where do you do with the proceeds from your money jar?? Mani-pedi?

    • Orson says:

      She’s just the potty fingers who feeds the jar. I’m the Keeper of the Jar. 😉
      I haven’t decided what I’m saving up for. Maybe a bar of Lifebuoy to wash someone’s hands with.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Now I’m going to be on #eyebrow watch!! I have t noticed anything about the eyebrows but I’m going to be obsessed with seeing them!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      lol Butter… You crack me up! Brandi’s looks in her TH have been cracking me up, too! It’s like, “The 60s called and they want their hairdo back.” But the problem, is that I think she thinks she’s being cool… and she’s just not. And I don’t actually have the cussin’ jar in my possession – Orson keeps it… but sadly, I feed it regularly. I am thinking of starting a collection for Tangerine hand sanitizer, though… lol… 🙂

      • Buttercream says:

        We need to keep tabs on the swear jar! $$$
        Let’s count how many different looks BG TH has next week, too! xo Stay warm!

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi must be in BIG FRIGGEN TROUBLE-she deleted her tweet to Andy-Brandi NEVER deletes a tweet-EVER!

  26. adamay411 says:

    From last blog:
    Is it possible that Brandi and Kim have had an “intimate” experience? Just a thought.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Adamay… I was watching the way they looked at each other… It was weird, no? And the way Brandi was holding her was wonky to me, too… Although… I will say they both were in an altered state of normalcy… so it just could have been that… but I kind of felt it was a little odd… and my eyebrow may or may not have shot up a time or two while watching them… allegedly and stuff…

    • Powell says:

      That’s Bobble Head’s type of thing but I don’t think Kim would but who knows.

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    Seriously…what in F???

    • not THAT Jill says:

      And this one is taking her life back…after she cursed out her boss!!
      Hahahaha I LOVE THE HWs

      • Almost sounds like she got pink slipped

        • T-Rex says:

          OMIB from your mouth to Mz Andy’s ears! My guess is we are going to hear of yet another Wine by Ho-Wives, and a fashion line that doesn’t yet exist that she is going to “create”(ie have someone else design and create and slap her name on it). I hope she isn’t going to announce a makeup or facial line of products, LOL!

          • nyc mama says:

            She supposedly has wine and/or vodka (I dont remember) She was looking for name suggestions.

            • T-Rex says:

              Yeah, she claimed this at the end of the last Reunion, but yet, we still haven’t actually heard of the product. Here is the thing, can you picture her actually going out and “shilling” this product, you know appearances and such? Nope, neither can I. You see when you get a check to slap your name on a product, that has been produced and manufactured by someone else, your job is just to “sell” that product. Yeah, I can’t see her rolling up to the Costco to sell products, LOL!

              • nyc mama says:

                She was still tweeiting about it recently – at least within the last few months.

                I am not sure that a company with any integrity would want her as a spokesperson. She would certainly be a liability. If it was still in the cards it wouldn’t surprise me if it is now off the table.

                She’s trying to play spin doctor like she does every time she is caught behaving atrociously with al these positive tweets.

                • T-Rex says:

                  She spoke about it after CA was filmed, which was a year and a half ago if I remember correctly, then brought it up again during the beginning of filming, but I think those twatters were from her handler and not her.

                  • nyc mama says:

                    CA started filming last March. I remember the filming at Pie Face at Union Sq…

                    She was still tweeting about a name for her wine as late as Sept.

                    If this is her handlers doing then she needs a new one along with a new stylist, She or whomever hasn’t tweeted about it in a while.

                    Brandi GlanvilleVerified account‏@BrandiGlanville
                    Every single wine name I like is taken!! Maybe I just call it “Slut Pig” Chardonnay :/
                    5:39 PM – 3 Sep 2014

          • shamrockblonde says:

            worse – a hair care line………or extension/wig line………..

      • nyc mama says:

        Ha. More accurate would be #tryingtotakingmylifebackwhiledestroyingothers #selfdestructive

      • Exit4 says:

        Wait? You guys didn’t buy a STFU shirt from her t-shirt line???

    • T-Rex says:

      You took NARCOTIC DRUGS illegally, and you took them while claiming you are sober, so yeah, not sure most folks would do that!

    • nyc mama says:

      If I had Kim’s history and in “pain” and/or had bronchial problems which both she and her bff have now back peddled on, I would not take a pill, smoke or go to a party that was being filmed but thankfully I am not an addict or addleminded like Kim and Brandi.

    • TexasTart says:

      KIM ! The problem with people backing you up is that you NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR REALITY!

  28. not THAT Jill says:

  29. VV™ says:

    nyc mama, I think you are correct.

    • VV™ says:

      …about Kyle being jelly of Lisa Vpump before Brandi.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I will reply to your above comment down here VV
        Please don’t twist what I say -I never said Lisa manipulated Brandi and never assume I believe a word Brandi says-unlike others who believed her lawsuit lies all season long I always knew what liar Brandi was. I said Lisa ENCOURAGED Brandi’s behavior -wanna know how she did that? By laughing and defending it at every turn-and by Lisa’s own words she defended Brandi when she was indefensible. If that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is.

        • VV™ says:

          By laughing? Are you serious? Are you Talking about laughing in Pt Rico? Because if that is the case when Lisa was laughing at a very drunk Brandi, She was laughing at the drunk behavior. I don’t think she was laughing because she really thought Joyce was a pig. C’mon? even now Joyce and Lisa get along very very well. Lisa didn’t defend Brandi’s behavior at every turn.

          If you still want to go back about the Adrienne letter, I’ll have to remind you Taylor and Marissa Z. thought there was a letter sent to Brandi as well because Brandi told everybody. Paul acknowledged that Brandi was warned.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Am I serious?? You’re kidding right? You are defending a women who by her own admission said she defended the indefensible!! But you ask if I’m serious?
            And Taylor…really?

            • Exit4 says:

              Until they realized it wasn’t true. Lisa kept it up becasue she was in an anti maloof kick back then. And she thought Brandi was refreshing. Refreshing like an STD.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I can’t wait till Lisa writes in one of her blogs that Brandi is such a liar she even lied about Adrienne suing her!!! Hahaha it will be the best blog ever written!!!!

              • VV™ says:

                Lisa kept what up? I believe Lisa like Taylor, Marissa, and Yolanda ALL believed what Brandi was saying. Why is Lisa being singled out?

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Because she fought the hardest for Brandi and because that’s who we are talking about.

                  • VV™ says:

                    When you say she fought the hardest, you are basically saying other fought for Brandi too. They all believed what Brandi told them. Lisa was no different than Yolanda at the time.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      so because others like Taylor fought for Brandi about her lying that takes the queen off the hook? Really? It wasn’t only the lawsuit-Lisa stuck up for Brandi with everyone-she had excuse after excuse for Brandi-she didn’t hold her accountable for anything. Was she the only one? Probably not-does that make Lisa right? Absolutely not!

            • Exit4 says:

              And brandi was warned-by the person who actually got the letter-to STFU.

              • VV™ says:

                At White Party, Brandi had some papers in her hand that she handed Paul. Paul looked puzzled when he read them. There were several. If those paper were nothing or fake. Paul or Adriene would’ve mentioned that on a TH or the least on a blog. How do you know how Brandi was warned? I certainly don’t know how.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Brandi brought emails to the white party-and copied Facebook posts from Bernie. That is how smart Brandi is.

            • VV™ says:

              I forgot Kyle’s new bestie Yolanda also believed Brandi. So, that four castmates.

              Paul said they warned Brandi. Can you tell me how? I’m not disputing a lawsuit here because we know that didn’t happen BUT Brandi was indeed warned. Whichever way Brandi was warned Taylor, Yolanda, Marissa, and Lisa took it as Brandi did indeed get something. She must have gotten something if she was “warned” those are Paul’s words not mine.

              • Exit4 says:

                She was warned-by the person who actually got the letter. An ex employee of Paul and Adrienne. I think her name was in the letter. As in you repeated XYZ to Brandi Glanville and she then repeated XYZ on camera. At most, she may have gotten a copy. I remeber she went on and on about the money she spent on it and I think jill and I were the only ones back then who didn’t believe any of it!

                • nyc mama says:

                  Speaking of Maloof, It makes me wonder how she was able to become friendly with B again. It is one thing to be pleasant at events and another to attend her party after what she did. But then again we are talking about the woman who falsely accused her husband of abuse and employs that sick chef.

                  I also wonder how and why Camille still likes her as she stated on WWHL.

                  • Exit4 says:

                    I think it’s just to steer clear of Brandi’s truth cannons. It’s just much easier to say we’re fine, were cordial-then to battle her.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      If I had to work with Brandi and I thought she knew something about me that she would reveal if we had an argument I would try my best to be at least cordial-who knows what that Drunky would say!!!

                    • nyc mama says:

                      I understand but in her case, no contractual obligations, why go to her home? Camera time?

                • Wasn’t Jennifer (the one with all the facework) a previous employee of Adrianne’s? I think she got the letter.

              • austin1963 says:

                I guess you don’t see that you are defending Lisa V. for doing the exact thing that you are condemning the other women for. Okay, then.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I did believe the liar at first cuz she kept saying how much it was cosru her, what she received, etc, etc. It was hard to believe Adrienne cuz of how she let Bernie post a that stuff about LIsa on his FB.
          Yup Lisa did say she defended what was indefensible. Lisa would say Brandi don’t say that and laugh at it. But Bobble insists no one manipulates her or tells her what to do.

          • austin1963 says:

            Lisa V. definitely egged her on. That doesn’t make her a bad person, but let’s at least be real about it (VV).

  30. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Anyone read Kim’s blog? Victim

  31. VV™ says:

    T-Rex, got skinny up there. Yes, it was Kyle on an interview that said that she got mad at Lisa between S1 and S2. Many say it was the spinoff. I think Lisa’s popularity on the show didn’t help either.

  32. shamrockblonde says:

    can someone please explain the whole “bring your tops and bottoms” thing? – I just don’t get that – also did anyone see the tweet that Brandi sent and deleted? and YAY for MickeyMouth!!!

    Stars!! – thank you for the blog too!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It refers to sexual positions for gay men

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        I loved how embarrassed Lisa R was for not “getting it.” You’re welcome, Shamrock! And I love how Jill KNEW what it meant…

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I was a little embarrassed to answer shamrock but then I thought-frig it-let me school on her on the gay way…and no one else was answering!! Haha
          ❤️❤️❤️ you both!!!

          • TexasTart says:

            Jill has to take the hit for the proverbial team. I remember the first season of Queer as Folk taught me that little ditty…and I learned some other stuff that plays no valuable role in my life other than if someone asks “what is..” 😉

      • lillybee says:

        I knew what it meant but only because I have a gf who is into BDSM.

  33. On a side note…Stars mentioned Jennifer and Brandi’s plastic surgery and let me say, Jennifer looks BAD! I remember seeing her way back at SUR opening. Very pretty (Also remembered her from that addiction reality show with Dr. Drew). She is a beautiful girl…and then she did something to her lips and her cheeks and then her lips and maybe her eyes and her lips. WOW! Just wow.

  34. shamrockblonde says:

    ah – well – so basically bring your signifcant other? just written naughty? and I don’t like it when anyone uses the phrase “my gays”” – I get the apology – just wish she did not phrase it that way –

    thanks for the explanation Jill – I would never have worked that one out…….

  35. Powell says:

    After Yo told Bobble she can’t get drunk, Eileen talks w/Bobble and says she didn’t like what Bobble said about her house, her son was home, etc. Bobble starts saying to Eileen, “oh another lecture”,.or something to that affect. Well if 2 people that you are supposed to be friendly w/tell you you acted like an ass, don’t you think there must be something to that? Instead Bobble cops an attitude that she can do whatever the eff she wants. That girl just isn’t right in the head.

    • austin1963 says:

      Good point. If people were literally lined up to tell me what an ass I had been, I’d start paying attention.

  36. Shiny says:

    Stars – great recap, as always. Thank you for all the work. I couldn’t find words to express my disgust at Brandi during this episode, but you provided me with them (and many of the rest of you are equally creative).

    I want a whole episode just touring slowly through Lisa’s house, or even just the closet with Eileen and both Lisa’s. Now that I would DVR and watch & slo-mo through over and over! Love those three ladies.

    Loved the dog scene. Lucky Pump to join the crowd and give Rump someone his own size to play with. Swans are going to be well exercised.

    Brandi isn’t a grown-up, she’s still a totally self-centered teenager ( and definitely not a nice one, either). She thinks she’s an adult so getting drunk and doing whatever she wants should be fine? Fine if you want to be treated accordingly – everyone else will be walking away from her fast – except other drunks and wannabes. Please, Andy, drop her off the show and back into obscurity.

    • Powell says:

      I’d like to know how in the hell is Bobble going to discipline her boys when they do the exact same things as she has been doing? So I guess her boys saying eff this and eff that is ok, cuz eff is just a word. And if she has parties and her kids are w/her she just hires a nanny to take them out at 10, 11, 12, 1 o’clock so they’re not around for the cursing and guests getting drunk? Her actions alone just last night shows me she’s not a good mother at all.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Shiny… and I agree… I would love to spend some time in almost any of their houses… Well, you know, except the obvious… lol 🙂

  37. TexasTart says:

    STARS! This is for you 🏆 a trophy for your recap craft. You can use it as a Cussin’ Cup.

    I like that you point out Kim is the biggest Princess of them all. SHE IS. And that you included the fist bump that I thought was hilarious because LVP didn’t have a clue and I couldn’t figure what in the world Eileen called it – Knucks…thank you. I need to know these things 😉 And pointing out how horrible Jennifer looked – Reynolds called and they want their plastic wrap back – LOL! The delusional afterthought…..interesting. I did not skip it. The quotes.
    Boy howdy, we get a lot of bonuses with the recap and I appreciate it! 😀

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Awww… Tartsy… You’re so kind… and I’m glad you enjoy the weird way I organize things… I had to turn on the closed-captioning to fully understand the “knucks” reference….I honestly call them “fist pumps” … but then again I thought maybe I didn’t know what I was talking about… I’m so glad we’re all in the loop now about “knucks.” lolol… Who said this wasn’t educational TV? LOL

  38. Powell says:

    When Anwar put his dishes in the sink I was like, “that’s so good. He didn’t leave it on the counter just because they have a housekeeper.”. I like that. Yo is teaching manners.

    • TexasTart says:

      I assume that scene was planned and edited, but I couldn’t help but notice a 1/3 cup of juice and a few Strawberries on a plate. Please tell me he ate already – he’s a growing boy! Which reminds me

      Where’s my pizza?! 🍕

    • Orson says:

      Just FTR, he could have put them in the dishwasher.

  39. TexasTart says:

    Jill – so she took that tweet down, the one slamming WWHL. Interesting.
    And what else was interesting is I would have thought there would be a blank on the blog where you posted it, but the text remained!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I took a screen shot of it JIC-I usually don’t SS Brandi’s tweets b/c she always leaves her tweets up but something (or someone named PP) whispered in my ear to SS!!
      I wonder if she got a call from Andy or Bravo or if her handler just deleted ?

      • TexasTart says:

        Jill, I feel real strongly that she received a message from Andy or one of his people suggesting to take it down because it directly tied to the show with the #WWHL . She used the word abusive for heavens sake. She’s so dumb.

        • Exit4 says:

          Or, minus her Twitter minions supporting her, she got horrible feedback. She is dumb-but she has to know people hate her!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            The feed back was terrible-her Brandiacs of course supported her but there were so many negative tweets-I never saw her get that many! The Brandiacs didn’t fight anyone because there were just too many people to fight!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Abusive and bullying!!

  40. nyc mama says:

    Does anyone else think she threw her phone in a rage after reading so many negative tweets about her. She seems frazzled and trying to deflect with her new tweets, as if anyone is going to ignore the elephant in the room…her behavior.

    Brandi Glanville @BrandiGlanville · 8h 8 hours ago
    Hi to any one trying to get a hold of me I just dropped my phone and its completely not working and I will be spending my day at verizon.

  41. not THAT Jill says:

    • Powell says:

      I watch their show. Not Ashamed to say I do. I don’t watch on a regular basis but when Kim was getting married Bruce was living by himself in Malibu. He started letting his hair grow long. When they were being fitted for gowns, discussing hair Bruce had his hairstylist come do his hair. Color, haircut. Kris wanted him to cut it. He wanted it longer and just had it trimmed. The girls were telling Kris to leave Bruce alone. It’s his hair blah, blah, blah. From the time he moved he was happy he didn’t have to listen to Kris telling him what to do. His words were he didn’t have to hear her say wear this, wear that. Whatever he is doing IMO is a feeling of freedom from Kris. He admitted on the show that he lost control over the family letting Kris run the family. He wasn’t man of the house.

      • Exit4 says:

        I see the repeats from time to time and their spinoffs. Kourtney us the most miserable person!

      • TexasTart says:

        I watch too and I never cared for how she treated him…but on the other hand, he allowed it. I guess that formula worked for them up to a point and I think they will always be friends…he should have sought his freedom sooner. Maybe he was holding out for their daughters to be older (and realized he had even less control than ever!)

  42. Powell says:

    Isn’t it sad that Patrick Dempsey and his wife are divorcing? She filed.

  43. ash do you have the screenshot of the tweet.


    I must see — and savor 🍹🍴🍝

  44. California35 says:

    Thanks Namaste and Starz for the blogs…. And Venna of course 😊

    What can I say about the episode or the girls – hay
    I feel bad for some, I feel annoyed by others (sometimes the same people)
    I love Eileen, Lisa R and Lisa V. And all the dogs 😊

  45. not THAT Jill says:


  46. TexasTart says:

    STARS! I found your lost post to Jill in the spam folder and released it with a note – so no one thinks your crazy posting similar stuff.. ..
    JILL you might go look I think it had something different than the retyped post.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Thanks Tartsy!! Did her comment go into spam because she used the F word?? If so-how friggen funny is that???? It’s Brandi’s fault-totally and completely!! She has turnd Starzy in to a cussing machine!! Hahahaha I kind of love it!!

      • TexasTart says:

        Yep, she repeated something Brandi said.

        :::ching ching clank clank:::: Orson shakin that Cussin’ Jar.
        Who knew Lifebuoy soap still existed?!!

  47. TexasTart says:

    Oh, I thought this episode was titled “Go scratch”!

  48. Nickel says:

    Hi there! I quit watching shortly after Brandi joined but I’ve (somewhat) followed through your recaps over the seasons. The last thing I REALLY remember about Kim, Kyle, and Brandi is they hid Brandi’s crutches on game night and it went from there. So my question is why are she and Kim so buddy buddy? Did something happen that I missed from not watching, or is this out of the blue? I only started watching again because I wanted to see Lisa R and Eileen (love them!)

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Nickel! Both Brandi and Kim are castaways, by default of their long term actions….they eventually ran out of people on the show who had respect for them. And they have addiction in common. And not accepting responsibility. And… well that’s enough already.

      • Nickel says:

        Oh ok. Just trying to figure it out. Was worried I’d actually have to go back and watch lol. I almost had quit all the HWs but NY brought me back last year and BH this year. Thanks so much!

    • ladebra says:

      Hi Nickel! What Tarts said … They are co-dependent.

  49. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. #TGIT Who’s watching Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder? 😊
    I just saw this article
    Oh boy.

  50. Powell says:

    Where’s AZGirl? What’s going on w/Super Bowl week in the AZ?

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