Andy Responds to Brandi’s “Bullying” Tweet plus Vanderpump Rules “Miami Vices” plus Marriage Boot Camp “Natalie Goes BSC Again”

Andy Speaks out on Brandi’s “Bullying” Tweet

by Veena

ask andy

In the latest “Ask Andy”, Andy Cohen speaks out on receiving the following tweet from Brandi Glanville:

brandis tweet to andy

Andy’s response: “I hate the word bullying.  I feel like it’s a serious thing, where people gang up on someone who’s weak, and I don’t feel like Brandi’s weak, she’s strong, and I don’t think anyone is ganging up on her.  I don’t want to upset her but we’re doing a show about her show, the other night, about the episode that had just aired and she was a big part of it, and the viewers were asking a lot of questions about her, which I then asked the guests to respond to.  I actually didn’t say anything out of turn about Brandi, I think I asked some questions that upset her, and I don’t blame her for being upset, but it is what it is.  I don’t know what to say.”

Say “you’re fired,” Andy – or #byegirl

ask andy 2


Vanderpump Rules

“Miami Vices” – by HydrangeaHussy

Last week, Stassi was left in tears after Katie dumped her.  I, for one, am super proud that Katie finally stood up to Stassi.  In other news, Kristen is still determined to ruin Tom and Ariana’s relationship, much to her little Brit BF’s dismay.  She’s now involving “Miami Girl” and plans to ambush Tom at work.  Wasn’t she suspended from work because of hijinks like this?  Anyway, here we go.

Anne Marie (aka Miami Girl) is in town and  meeting with Kristen.  Kristen thinks that she is Tom’s type for a brief hook-up.  Miami Girl says that they were all at the hotel pool and Jax was drawing attention.  She met Tom, who said that he was single.  He held her hand and they talked for 7-8 hours.  Miami Girl says that all he talked about was Kristen and that he’s still in love with her.  She is playing right into Kristen’s plan.  Even though Kristen says that she’s happy with James, she keeps saying that she would have a chance with Tom if Ariana was out of the picture.  They decide that Miami Girl would confront Tom at work.  Ok, even if Tom slept with Miami Girl – it was ONE NIGHT!  It’s crazy for her to track him down in LA and confront him for never calling or whatever else she’s mad about.

1 (Small)

Other Tom was pre-med in college, but decided to become an actor/model.  He admits that his parents were concerned at first.  Katie visits him on a job.  They discuss Katie’s sit down with Stassi.  Stassi was most upset that Katie didn’t tell her about the Miami trip.  Other Tom notes how much Katie has been there for Stassi, even giving her a place to stay when she returned to LA.  Stassi is so focused on herself and her problems, that she can’t see anyone else’s problems.  Katie still hopes to fix their friendship, but she’s going to wait on Stassi.  I think she’ll be waiting for a long time.

Ariana and Tom are at work.  Rachel and Kristen are sitting in the bar, in plain view of Tom.  He doesn’t acknowledge them.  In walks Miami Girl.  She walks up to the bar and orders a cosmo.  Tom doesn’t know she is there until he looks up.  Kristen has the perfect spot to watch this and she is loving it!  I can almost hear her witch-cackling with glee.  Tom says hello and walks away.  Kristen leads Miami Girl to the back of the restaurant.  The girls take this as a sign of guilt.  Tom says that he was so angry that a stalker showed up at his work, he thought the best plan was to remove himself.  He is correct, he shouldn’t have to involve management and security while he’s working.  There is a time and a place for the confrontation.  During his shift was not it.  But we all know that Kristen doesn’t care about Sur or her job, so she would think it’s appropriate.  Miami Girl hangs out behind the restaurant for awhile.  Ariana attempts to leave, but the girls chase her through the parking lot.  Miami Girl is not coming off as completely sane at this point.  I think she wanted her 15 minutes of fame and this was a way to get it.

2 (Small)

The girls return to the restaurant for dinner.  Scheana joins the table and refuses to shake Miami Girl’s hand.  Kristen tells her to leave if she’s going to be a b*tch.  Scheana points out that her wedding is coming up and she doesn’t have time for the drama.  There’s some lady with a phone taking pictures in the background.  That would probably be me!  Anyway, Ariana is Scheana’s BFF and Scheana doesn’t think that it was right for her to be confronted at work.  Kristen is the only one who thought it was ok!  Well, Kristen, her friend Rachel, and Miami Girl.  Scheana says that Ariana believes Tom and that they are happy.  That is all that matters to her.  It’s good to see her sticking up for Ariana.  Scheana has been the only one on Kristen’s side lately, but Kristen is clearly taking Miami Girl’s side in all of this.  She tells Scheana to be nice to Miami Girl when Scheana asks for an explanation.  Oh, drunk crazy Kristen is coming out!  People are starting to stare.  I still can’t figure out why Kristen is so involved in her ex-boyfriend’s relationship.  Kristen tries to put all of the blame on Tom, but she’s the one who set him up this time.  It has nothing to do with whether Tom cheated, this is Kristen trying to punish Tom again.  Finally, the manager (Diana) tells the ladies to stop.  When Diana tells Kristen to leave, Kristen tells her to suck it.  So mature.  If I were Lisa, I would fire Kirsten immediately.

3 (Small)

Jax and Other Tom are having drinks.  They complain that they always end up staying out later than they intend.  Jax has been seeing a lot of Carmen.  He wants to have a girlfriend, but no responsibility.  He plans to take Carmen shopping before Scheana’s wedding so he can get her a new dress, shoes, etc.  Didn’t she say that she wouldn’t go with him?  Run Carmen!  Do not get sucked back in!  I really don’t know what women see in Jax.  He’s immature, manipulative, irresponsible, and untrustworthy.  Anyway, Kristen has texted him to come to Sur, but he isn’t going to get involved.  Now that he’s seeing Carmen, he has to hang out with Kristen and James.

Meanwhile, at Sur, Lisa arrives.  Diana pulls Lisa and Ken aside as soon as they arrive.  She explains the fight between Kristen and Scheana.  She tells Lisa that Kristen refused to leave when instructed because Diana is just a manager.  Lisa is furious that Kristen has not respect for rules or management.  Scheana approaches the table, immediately apologetic.  She explains Kristen’s plan to bring Miami Girl to Sur.  Lisa refuses to hold Kristen’s insane plan against her because it doesn’t deal with work, but will hold her disrespect toward Diana against her.  Lisa lets Scheana leave after apologizing profusely.  Kristen isn’t going to be so lucky.  Lisa and Ken constantly make excuses for her.  Ken advises Lisa to talk to Kristen first, but Lisa is hesitant to continue dealing with Kristen.  Lisa calls Tom and asks him to come back to work.  He and Ariana were already on their way.  Kristen and Miami Girl are both gone.  Lisa leaves Peter and Diana in charge.

4 (Small)

Katie arrives to pick Jax and Other Tom up.  She got texts from Scheana about the fight.  Jax and Other Tom are shocked that Kristen would orchestrate that.  Jax tells us that, “On a scale of one to ten of craziness, Kristen is a fifteen to twenty.”  I actually agree with Jax on that.  Other Tom feels bad for James.  They can’t figure out why James keep putting up with Kristen.  Katie doesn’t believe Tom cheated, but says that he did act guilty when Miami Girl arrived.  Jax brings up Katie’s new position on Stassi’s blacklist.  Katie still maintains that she wasn’t controlled by Stassi.

Tom and Ariana are going to try to make it through their shifts.  Neither wants to be a part of any scene, but they don’t want to walk out on their jobs.  Tom is shocked that Kristen would do this after the closure talk in Miami.  Miami Girl returns to Sur.  I would have walked away and gotten security at that point.  Miami Girl confronts Tom with what she considers his lies.  He denies hooking up with her.  The get into a “you shut the F up”-“no you shut the F up” fight.  I’m expecting Brandi to walk in any minute.  Ariana steps in to defend her man.  Why has no one gotten security to remove this girl yet?  Ariana calmly tells Miami Girl to leave their work because this is inappropriate.  Ali (security) finally arrives to remove Miami Girl.  She continues to criticize Tom’s supposed performance in bed as Ali escorts her out.  Yet again, Kristen has attempted to break them up, but Tom and Ariana come out even stronger.

5 (Small)

Here’s what I don’t get.  Carmen seems like a pretty smart girl, but she’s still friends with Kristen.  I knew girls like Kristen in high school, and probably had some of them among my group of friends.  But, as an adult, I have cut people like that out of my life quickly.  At some point, you’re just too old for the constant drama.  But Carmen is friends with Kristen, so she and Jax meet up with Kristen and James.  Jax immediately jumps into it because he keeps getting phone calls about the fight.  Kristen describes the fight from her perspective – she did nothing wrong, Tom was guilty, Scheana lost her mind.  Not quite how it went down.  Jax seems to get why Scheana is upset and worried about the wedding, but no one else does.  James has Kristen’s back, but also realizes that she is obsessed with destroying Tom.  I still can’t figure that out, since she cheated on him too.  Jax asks Kristen what she gets out of it.  Kristen says that she just wants to clear her name.  She’s mad at Jax for not backing her up.

Lisa and Tom have a sit down about his leaving during his shift.  Tom doesn’t think he was responsible for the scene.  Lisa tells him that it’s none of her business whether he cheated until it ended up in her restaurant.  It looks badly for customers to see the fight.  Lisa finds it odd that Miami Girl flew across the country when nothing happened.  Lisa doesn’t care about that, she only cares that Tom left during a shift.  He apologizes and she forgives him.  She empathizes with his situation.  Lisa also wants to talk to Ariana.  Ariana says that her intention was to remove herself from the situation and quickly return.  Ariana doesn’t believe that any of Miami Girl’s story adds up.  Lisa isn’t sure that Tom is being honest.  Lisa asks if Ariana can continue to work with Kristen.  Ariana doesn’t think that she can move on because Kristen has crossed the line too many times.  Ariana apologizes and is forgiven.  Lisa says that the only thing that saved their job was that they returned to work.

Scheana is recording her new song, with James as producer.  She doesn’t know why Kristen is there.  Everyone seems to love the song, but Kristen has to make fun of her.  Kristen is made that Scheana made the Miami Girl thing about her wedding.  Scheana attempts to explain her concerns, but Kristen never thinks anything is her fault.  Scheana questions what Kristen will do at the wedding.  She has a point, Kristen isn’t known for her composure.  I would be livid if someone risked a scene at my wedding.  Scheana thinks that dis-inviting Kristen will be too much of a hassle so she lets Kristen come.

6 (Small)


Marriage Boot Camp by Veena

Last week on Marriage Boot Camp, Natalie (Bad Girl’s Club) went BSC over nothing.  This week we pick up in the middle of the night after her big meltdown. Natalie is over her tantrum, and she and Heidi (supposedly coincidentally) both sneak down to look at the answers to the “deal breaker” questions (all on camera of course).  Reid busts them as they are doing it.  Is it just me or does anyone else find him creepy?  They giggle as they read Tyson’s answer to his deal breaker – his question was “will you still be single in 5 years?”  They say he’s just playing Rachel.  You could take that both ways – either he’s playing Rachel because he has no intention of getting married, or he’s playing Rachel because he does want to get married but he’s pretending he doesn’t so that they have a story line for the show.  Either way, both Natalie and Heidi seem intent on humiliating Rachel in their streak to be the top “mean girls” in the house.


The next morning they are busted, as the therapists do a drawn out thing saying they know some envelopes were opened.  Aviva looks furious, then confused when Heidi fesses up to doing most of the envelope opening.  Eventually Natalie fesses up as well.  Reid doesn’t say a word.  The two ladies are assigned a punishment of mucking out the stables.

Boot Camp is all about role playing and exercises, so this morning the couples must use a marker to write their most pressing need on their partner’s white T-shirt. Then they cut the needs out to make holes in the T-shirt, because they are holes in their relationship, and they want to expose the ladies’ chests.  No one seems to mind.  I’d be embarrassed as heck.

After this exercise, Natalie and Heidi head off to work in the stables, while the rest of them go to lunch.  Needless to say Heidi and Natalie whine their way through their punishment.  At lunch Spencer outs Reid as an accomplice, and Aviva gets pissed.  Is it me or does anyone else think he’s a jerk?  Reid tries to lie his way out of it, saying he never touched an envelope – as the camera cuts to Natalie saying he read Aviva’s answer over her shoulder.  Technicality Reid – go muck out the stables.


Next up, the couples are forced to split and go on “dates” with someone else.

Heidi and Jacob – who both crave a simpler life – go horse back riding.  They call Heidi a nurturing woman – I guess – compared to Natalie.  They talk about how similar they are – both want children, and don’t feel the need to be financially settled before that happens.  Heidi cries a little – I’m crying too at the thought of Spencer spawning.  Finally they end their little jaunt with Jacob taking off his shirt and posing (like Natalie likes to do) and Heidi (who conveniently has a camera) taking photos.  Heidi – who remember is now Natalie’s BFF – thinks the photos will teach Natalie a lesson about how it feels when your partner is a narcissist.

Rachel and Kiwane go canoeing because they are both quiet but crave to be heard. They talk – and – shockingly – listen to each other.  Sadly, I didn’t pay attention to what they said.

Reid and Selena get a lesson in mixology – because she’s a diva and he’s married to a diva (hmm – I guess they were the last pair left).

Spencer and Natalie get physical with a Ju-Jitsu lesson, because Spencer is supposed to step up and take control, and Natalie needs to chill out.  They roll around on mats while there are voice overs of Jacob getting jealous.  They really get into it – like major wrestling and straddling and such.


Aviva and Tyson roll suschi, because he’s fun and she’s uptight and they both live mainly in their own heads.  This is just filler stuff, although their date is sort of sexually-tense, and he has to wear short-shorts, but he cracks jokes to ease the discomfort we’re all feeling.


After the dates, the couples get back together to tell their partners how their date met their needs.  At this point three of the couples might as well not even be there, because clearly the producers know who’s going to bring the drama.  Is it just me, or is anyone else surprised by how subdued Aviva is on this show?   Anyhow, in the center ring of this circus are Natalie, Jacob, and Speidi.

Natalie and Spencer validate each others’ narcissism, and (throwing up a little) get that they each need to be the center of attention.  (No body likes me, everybody hates me, I’m going to the garden to eat worms inexplicably starts playing in my head as these two famewhores talk.) Heidi and Jacob pretend to be mad.  It’s their job to fuel the narcissism!

Drum roll as Jacob pulls out the IPAD with his shirtless photos.  Give me a break.  Natalie Nunn is famous for posting sexy booty shots.  Jacob can do better than a shirtless photos!  Natalie works herself up into a fury over the photos – most of her anger is directed at Heidi for being involved in photo-gate.  A fake fight ensues, as Heidi says she’s mad that Natalie was rolling around with her husband.


The therapists voice over that Heidi and Natalie are both insecure in their relationships and proved it by opening the envelopes with their game-changer question.  Maybe – or maybe they both wanted more screen time.

The episode ends with Natalie going BSC – I think she’s going to take down Heidi next week. She’s the star of this show.  It takes a real diva to overshadow Speidi.


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98 Responses to Andy Responds to Brandi’s “Bullying” Tweet plus Vanderpump Rules “Miami Vices” plus Marriage Boot Camp “Natalie Goes BSC Again”

  1. jezzibel says:

    I don’t really care for VPR, but is it possible, Tom is guilty of thinking about sleeping with crazy lady from Miami, rather than actually doing the deed? If he spent 7 or 8 hours (allegedly)talking to her, I’m pretty sure he figured out she was BSC, and that might be why he was surprised/annoyed to see her turn up at his place of work, I give him props for being smart enough to see that her turning up at his place of work was going to go no place good and walking away from the situation and her(if he was guilty I think he would have reacted differently to her, either confronting her on the spot or being super nice to her in the hope that she would go away quietly).

    • Powell says:

      How you doin Jezzible? Would he tell some random girl where he works while having a GF? That wouldn’t make sense to do.

      • jezzibel says:

        I can’t complain…it wouldn’t do any good anyways.
        How are you doing Powell.
        I had a major family issue that occurred before christmas and I had to go to California to be moral support for my family. I did check in on the blog when I had a spare moment, I might not have been commenting, but I was lurking. I’m back home and I’ve finally caught up on everything.

  2. I find it highly improbable that a girl would travel clear across the country to confront a guy about sleeping with her if nothing happened.

    Unless it was done just for ratings. I mean I just can’t imagine Bravo stooping that low. 😉

    • I could really less about VPR, but they all seem like attention whores so I could see someone who really wanted to be on tv doing this.

    • California35 says:

      Yhe this is a weird one. Can’t trust Tom, but can’t trust this stranger, and trust Krsten? Hmm.

      • Powell says:

        I wouldn’t put it past Tom to cheat but I’m not sure he did this. I don’t trust the girl, nor Kristen. But out of all of them the girl is the stupidest. If she did or didn’t sleep w/Tom she’s saying to the world she sleeps around w/strangers. Tom. He’s a guy. He’s looked at differently if he sleeps around or cheats on his GF. So even if this was just for the show, just for her to get her 5 minutes of fame, She’s a slutty girl. I wouldn’t want to be viewed as “that girl”.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I can’t imagine Bravo stooping that low either.

      Did I write that with straight fingers, because I sure couldn’t say it with a straight face.

      Girl got her story in the tabs; She got on the show; No worries if she looked the fool.

    • TexasTart says:

      Why would any girl want to confront a guy to have him admit he slept with her?! I believe it’s entirely probable a person would do this to get on TV! Kristen probably bought her ticket, lol

  3. California35 says:

    I agree! Say “you’re fired” Andy.

    • California35 says:

      Good morning and happy Saturday 😊

      Man, what’s going to happen at the reunion? She has a problem with everyone INCLUDING Andy. Ok, except Kim, who may or may not show up.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        I’m wondering about the ATL reunion with NeNe C&D’s against Kenya and Claudia. Will she show up? Does her contract make her show up?? If she has to show up, will she talk???

        • Mene?
          She can do pissy faced like last year or the one reunion seasons ago where she doesn’t even engage …..

          She’s so OVER hw’s!
          I SO want to be her. It hurts.

        • Exit4 says:

          I think they have to show up because it’s part of their contract. Unless they have good reason and/or bravo lets them skip-like Kim being in rehab and jac in NJ. Adrienne didn’t show up and she was done. (Well, sort of! I personally think Adrienne quit, but you never know).

          • Good call on Adrienne.

            Just like I never understand – I know some were speaking of it here the other day- Joyce from BH quit? Not let go?

            And Jack Wack attack artifact was specifically held back by bravo from attending or she just didn’t want to go? There were so many theories going around at the time

            Uvbhhhh …. Sorry to being up past things – don’t hate me
            I have 🚬&🍻

            • Exit4 says:

              I could never hate the awesome sauce Chis!!! 😍

              The year jac didn’t go was when they were shooting season 4 while season 3 was airing. The night before was the infamous “Melissa is a dancer” episode and jac outed the ending of the 4th season on Twitter. They were afraid that she’d make it about things that went on in a season that didn’t air yet! Plus her son was just diagnosed and she was an emotional mess.

              Joyce I think, was let go. Andy said in his book he said that he looked at her and carlton and just felt they were done. He felt bad for carltons edit and Joyce was a river of words, pissing off Yolanda. I don’t think andy disliked Joyce, but he just wasn’t feeling her. I don’t think she really cared that she didn’t come back either. She seemed to nice and normal for this show!

        • T-Rex says:

          Well a C&D order is nothing more than a letter from a lawyer that a lawsuit may be in their future, it’s nothing more, it’s not an actual lawsuit, it’s just a scare tactic to say STFU about whatever they are claiming in the document. This is how the Ho-Wives are getting around that whole you can’t file a lawsuit clause.

      • Powell says:

        Right. If everyone is her “enemy” except Kim and she verbalizes it at the reunion that will put the nail in her coffin.

    • Powell says:

      You now what Andy very rarely shows his hand w/regards to the HWs. On occasion while the season is on he has shown his feelings. So from what Andy’s response was he’s hearing what we’re saying. I’m trying to read between the lines and hoping Andy is firing her.

      • Exit4 says:

        Ratings were up last week-but that happens all the time when there’s a fight. I think andy likes outrageous behavior and justifies it in certain circumstances. But when it seems like they get to personal with him-he starts to turn on them. Probably why she deleted that tweet!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    This little cutie pie is here for a visit..going to see her in a few!! I can’t wait to get my hands on her!
    Happy Saturday…enjoy your day friends!

  5. OMIB – Thanks for the links about Heidi’s dad. Yikes 😁

    I WANT IT AND I CAN AFFORD IT—- Totally going to use for now on also …. 🙂

  6. Want to jump on the where’s Lainey train 🚋🚃📣📣

    Hope you’re well girl – thinking of ya!

  7. I thought Andy was pretty gentle on Brandi. Nicer than he was with Jillsy or Kelly BeenSomeOne.

    • Exit4 says:

      I’m not sure about this one-bravo and E are both part of NBCU so I don’t think he would have the power to tell his employer who they could and couldn’t hire? She could easily do both-and I would see it as advantage-people who like her on fashion police who never saw Atlanta may check it out and like it.

  8. Powell says:

    Good afternoon peeps. Oh SUGAR!! I missed Boot camp. I wasn’t feeling well and totally forgot. I woke up in time to watch 20/20. That Vanderbilt rape case was just horrific. I feel so bad for the victim. I just cried watching it.
    Let me read on. 🙂

  9. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to HydrangeaHussy and Veena for the recaps. Hope everyone has a good day 😀

  10. nyc mama says:

    Brandi posted a pic of Kim to promote her role on Revenge on Twitter and Kim looks out of it.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi nycmama, I see what you see, but I do not think that is a current or recent pic. Also found a pic of her youngest son without a shirt. I swear the only time I see her boys fully clothed is when they are with their father.

      • nyc mama says:

        Hey TT!! Old or new what kind of “bff” does that especially now. The more Brandi opens her mouth the stupider she comes off. She makes my skin crawl.

    • Powell says:

      I’m is gonna be on Revenge? That’s my show. The actors on there are fantastic. I’ll see how I’m measures up.

  11. Powell says:

    What the hell is Kristen trying to clear her name from? After sleeping w/Jax Kristen was mad a him because he told Tom so why the hell should Jax back her up for anything? James is an idiot. He’s desperate to have a GF. No way would a guy put up w/his girl being obsessed about her ex.
    Lisa has to talk to Tom and Ariana and what saved their jobs is that they went back to work? They got the hell out of there as to not cause a scene. They cared about LIsa customers and the rep of her biz. Kristen could care less if every last one of Lisa’s customers left. Lisa should be firing Kristen no it’s and or buts because she’s the one that brought the girl to Lisa’s place of biz. Kristen didn’t wait until Tom was off work. She brought the girl there on purpose during work hours. If Lisa can’t see Kristen has no respect for her, the biz and the customers I don’t know what will get Lisa to open her eyes to Kristen’s games.

    • ladebra says:

      *cough* Scripted *cough*

      • Powell says:

        LOL. But the thing is it’s a “reality” show so, not a scripted show and Lisa’s looking stupid not firing idiots and Miami girl is looking like a slutty girl. Now if it’s a scripted show then we are “acting” a part, but we look like idiots showing how we are at work and outside of work.

        • ladebra says:

          I know, and it’s a quandry. Maybe it’s a semi-scripted show. I just don’t believe it’s reality. 😦 no one can be that stupid, can they? )

  12. Powell says:

    I’m watching Lion in the Winter. Katherine Hepburn and Peter O’toole. Love this film. Seen it at least a half dozen times.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Oh juicy! I thought I was reading something Kenya wrote since she takes Vivica ‘s phine next episode. I can’t wait to see what Steve Sanders does. 😉

      • Powell says:

        I get what everyone is doing but Kenya and Bobble. The rest are “playing” the game, strategizing. Even Gerry as some of you call him is strategizing by getting on their nerves. Kenya and Bobble are using backstabbing, tricks and childish behavior to try to win, which they won’t. Especially Kenya. She’s supposed to be so smart but she will take Vivica’s phone and send tweets under Vivica’s acct saying nasty things. That’s not “playing” the game. I never thought Ian was doing anything but playing the game.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Hi Powell. I want to watch the episode so I can see exactly what Kenya does, because if you actually did what you’re saying she did then that’s just so childish. It’s like those two haven’t left housewife land and are trying to pull stupid stunts.

          I still don’t know why Leeza seems to like Brandi so much.😒

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Hmmm- apologizing before it airs – how Housewife of him.

      • sparklemuffy says:

        I just want to mention that John Rich didn’t do anything arrogant or ugly and he won like the superstar he is Eye-an. #jerk
        Thanks guys for the blogs….”I’m crying at the thought of Spencer spawning.”…lol

    • Thanks for this tarts — wouldn’t there be SCREENSHOTS captured some time ago about this if indeed Twirl tweeted from Vivicas phone?

      Something which, btw comedians and actors are known to do – but it’s kenya so it’s “nasty”
      🙄 😏😑

  13. TexasTart says:

    Cute pic

  14. TexasTart says:

    The flowers are from Kris Jenner. Both of these women have done an excellent job of boosting careers for their children with the help of reality TV

  15. TexasTart says:

  16. T-Rex says:

    You know it would just be too refreshing and too amazing if MzAndy would finally tweet to THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi “Bye Felicia!” as he finally fired her ass from Bravo! That would be so cool!

  17. Does she mean burn Andy or like “burn” as in some expression of cooking im not familiar with ?


    • T-Rex says:

      Sounds like somebody hacked back into her twatter!! Wonder how long it will take before her handler gets it back and removed. My guess she is now trying to get fired!

    • lillybee says:

      Does Brandi ever cook? I think that she and her kids live on take out.

  18. adamay411 says:

    I can’t help but think this is all for publicity.

    • T-Rex says:

      I actually heard that they are “freezing” out Taekman purposely and this is probably her last Ho-wives season! She is not seen filming “well”, she doesn’t fit with the ladies and she is not very bright, and these other ladies are not just bright but quick on their feet, and Taekman looks like a dolt. We shall see once the season starts airing.

    • California35 says:

      Thanks OMIB, I am interested in all RHONY 😊
      I’m not surprised she is the one comprising. I am also not surprised things are not working out as she wanted them. AND I’m not surprised she is working on promoting some kind of line.

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