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Season 5 Episode 11


Brandi Glanville

Lisa R. Should be Disappointed in Herself

Enabler noun        one that enables another to achieve an end; especially: one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior.

Ok everyone, I have very little tolerance for bullshit.  I have pulled on a set of hip waders and I will attempt to wade through this mess.  Cuckoo LaRue/Bobblehead explains to us that Game Night is spread out over several episodes but was really only a few hours long.  Holy shit.  I seriously thought Game Night lasted three weeks and I felt super sorry for Eileen (The Tramp) and Vincent (Stars’ first love).  Whew. I am relieved to find out it was only 2-3 hours long.

One of the things I have in common with Yolanda is that we are both mothers that would do ANYTHING for our children. You do see me a bit snappish at the jewelry party with Yolanda, but it was frustrating being lectured on events that she wasn’t present for, and it’s not representative of our relationship. I do love Yolanda, yes, even if sometimes she “mothers” me. I know it’s because she cares, and it comes from a good place, and that’s what’s important.

If Brandi loved her children and would do anything for them, wouldn’t you think staying sober and not making an ass out of herself every week on TV would be on the top of her list?  Yes, she was snappish to Yolanda which is reminiscent of how she was with Lisa V.  How weird that when Lisa V. did this and it was not considered “from a good place” but when Yolo does it, well, she is a saint.

We began again with poker night, where we left off last week. I have to thank Vince for being so patient and for teaching us a few new tricks. He was very sweet, although the night didn’t go as planned. I really do think I should apologize to Eileen and Vince for disrespecting their home. I should have taken a page from the rest of the women and said one thing to their faces and a completely different thing behind their backs. Apparently that is what “classy” women do.

Thank God she apologized for the nasty comments she made about Eileen’s home, but I don’t get the other side of this where she claims the ladies say something behind your back.  I did not hear any of the other women make rude comments about Eileen’s home.  Is Brandi referring to the general idea that all these women talk shit behind each other’s back?  Hey, that’s what you signed up for!  BUT, NONE of the other “classy” ladies disrespected another person’s home.  I think Eileen would have been justified in saying, “At least I OWN my home.”  She goes on to tell us what a “dear friend” Kim is.  She tells us how Kim was having a rough time.  Blah blah blah.  These are all excuses and enabling.  Brandi does say that MONTY GAVE KIM ONE OF HIS PAIN PILLS.  Let’s read that again…ok, so now we know Kim has Brandi and Monty in her life “supporting” her sobriety.  She is so incredibly lucky.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.11.46 (Small)

Kyle keeps saying that I do not know the history between them, but it’s now been five long years of history I’ve spent watching this sisterhood. More often than not, they’re not getting along. In Season 1 Kyle mortifies her sister by outing her dependency on national TV (I was watching). In Paris, Kyle is the first one to doubt her sister’s sobriety…once again for an audience. Her inability to keep this private matter, well, private is concerning. Kim was not herself. I was slightly intoxicated, but my goal was to get her out of a bad situation as quickly as I could. If something was actually wrong it didn’t need to play out in front of everyone, but Kyle, as I wrote earlier, didn’t share that same opinion.

Brandi Blog pot meet kettle (Small)

And now we have come to the portion of the blog that I title “Pot Meet Kettle”.  Let’s rehash the times Brandi has “outed” someone on national tv, shall we?

She called Kim a meth addict.

She shared personal information about Adrienne on national TV.

She accused Lisa V. and Ken Todd of filing bankruptcy and “living deep in the valley”.

She has stated on national TV that Joanna Krupa’s lady bits are stinky.

She accused Taylor of trying to profit from her husband’s suicide.

Seriously, I can go on…but we all know that if we ever wanted something private made public, we would tell Brandi.  Again, Brandi has known Kim for a minute compared to Kyle who has known Kim for a lifetime.  BIG DIFFERENCE.

Brandi tries to say she was all “about what Kim needed”.  She said Kim needed support, not judgement.  Weird, I didn’t see ANY judgement.  I saw concern and worry.  She then tries to tell us how Kyle scratched her skin open.  As Eileen said, get some Neosporin and get over it!

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.13.52 (Small)

The statements Lisa Rinna made about me needing rehab were reckless. Given her own first-hand experience, she should know that addiction and alcoholism aren’t terms that should be lightly tossed around for entertainment. Lisa R. is charming and delightful to my face but a snake behind my back. I barely know this woman, but if she truly thinks that I have a problem, the proper thing would have been to come to me before talking to Kyle about it behind my back. I really don’t want to believe that she is this careless, because everyone on the show has kids that can be affected by comments like these. These are very serious accusations and throwing them around for public fodder is simply irresponsible, and she should be disappointed in herself. This show centers around social activities, and I’m a social drinker–that is it. This group of women can be intimidating and stressful and when we are socializing together there is ALWAYS alcohol around, so I partake.

Wow.  This is similar to last year when Joyce/Jacqueline suggested she needed needed rehab and she thought somehow Joyce’s comments would affect her children.  Again I say, if you worried about your reckless and drunken behavior affecting your children, maybe you should just keep a piece of duct tape over your mouth.  And I might remind Brandi that she made much worse accusations about Kim in season 3, but she has forgotten about that.

Now Brandi tells us she is in a super great place.  Her life is sunshine and roses.  She is super optimistic.  Is she high?  She sends out love and prayers for Yolanda and congratulates Kim for playing herself on Revenge.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.12.51 (Small)

Kim Richards

Don’t Mistake My Sadness for Weakness

Kim tells us she really just wanted to leave poker night, yet she had to go back in and say one last goodbye and be passive aggressive towards Kyle.  She refers to Brandi as “her friend” and not as her BFF as she said on the show.  Guess she has been downgraded a little.  She just wanted to go home!!!  Wow.  I can almost see her jumping up and down like a toddler yelling, “I wanna go home!”  Honestly, when she is intoxicated, Kim LOVES attention.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.14.09 (Small)

On the following day, my pain got even worse, so I spent the whole day getting tests done at the doctor’s. Next evening, I was admitted to the hospital. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night! I was in the hospital for nine days. But I’m happy to announce that I’m currently healthy and well!

Its still so strange that Kim never displayed one symptom of bronchitis or pneumonia while at the spa, lunch with Kyle or at poker night.  Not one cough or wince.  Either she was heavily medicated with sizzurp (codeine cough syrup, mountain dew and jolly ranchers; Justin Bieber’s drink of choice!) or this whole sickness is all fiction.  I think I know what my vote is.  No one stays in the hospital for 9 days for those issues…but someone drying out from a bender might.

Kim then goes on to babble about how she is stronger than ever.  She wants to be there for Monty, her daughters and her son.

Don’t mistake my sadness for weakness. If I were not strong in my sobriety today, I could never do the things I’m doing. Thank you to those who have shared their kind words and support! 

Kim, it is OK to show weakness.  It’s how we get back up after we fall that shows our true strength.
Lisa Rinna

Kyle Didn’t Create This Drama

Lisa starts by thanking everyone for their tweets and comments that make her laugh.  She shares that she did want to dive-roll head first out of the car when she was with Kim.

So, we pick up right where we left off, but before we do, I’d like to note that Kyle wasn’t the one to create any of this drama. It was Kim that chose to walk back in the house after Brandi had escorted her outside and told her NOT to go back in. There was a lot of alcohol and God knows what other drugs influencing a lot of the behaviors, so no matter what, the outcome wasn’t going to be a good one. Like a Dr. Phil quote I used on Twitter last week, “When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequence.” While I have compassion and empathy for these women and what I see playing out in front of me, there seems to be a lot of blame that both Kim and Brandi are trying to place on Kyle, and in my opinion they aren’t accepting the consequences from their behavior.

Love that Lisa is quoting Dr. Phil here.  Yes, Kim chose to take a medication and now she is relapsing on national TV.  Kim CHOSE to make Brandi her friend and confidant.  Therefore, well, good luck with that.  Brandi CHOSE to insert herself into a situation she knows very little about.  So, placing the blame on Kyle for all their choices makes total sense to me.  Not.

Now that some time has passed and I have really had some time to digest the situation, I myself have some questions just like all of you. Why did Kim go to Eileen’s poker night if she was sick with pneumonia and bronchitis? I don’t doubt that major illnesses like these made her feel terrible. So, then why go in the first place and then exacerbate these illnesses by smoking cigars all evening? I’m quite certain that had I been as ill as she was, I would have been in my bed pickling myself in oil of oregano and overdosing on vitamin C and echinacea. But again, as I didn’t know where she was in her sobriety, I also didn’t know where she was in her illnesses.

AMEN SISTA!  Kim had no business being at Spa Day, Lunch with Kyle or poker night IF she had bronchitis and pneumonia and trust me, I am one of those people that when I realize you are sick, I MOVE.  I want nothing to do with your germs and I will decontaminate myself asap.  Knowing Kyle is a HUGE germ-o-phobe and she went to lunch with her, I just don’t buy that she was sick.  Lisa shares that she, like many of us, has been affected by addiction.  We are reminded that the demon of addiction crosses all races, creeds and checkbook balances.  She, like all of us, is perplexed that grown women, mothers specifically, behave this way.

To me, there seems to be a lot of pain being masked by alcohol. Granted, I don’t know what goes on in Brandi’s life outside of this. I only know what I observe in this environment.

I couldn’t agree more.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.24.35 (Small)

I’m just so happy that the darn Stella & Dot party was successful. Hallelujah! Holly Robinson Peete had done a similar party that had an amazing turnout, and I was beyond thrilled to host my own. The Noreen Fraser Foundation’s mission, “to find a way to live with cancer and not die from it” is very close to my heart. Both my mother and sister are recent breast cancer survivors with double masectomies, so it was very important to me that the party be a successful one. It meant so much to me that everyone, with the exception of Kim being in the hospital, showed up despite what had recently gone down. By the grace of God, everyone kept their composure, bought a ton of jewelry, and appeared to have a good time. Big thanks to Stella & Dot for helping to raise so much money and to Gourmet 47 and Hourie for catering the amazing food.

The jewelry looked very pretty and from their website, I can see there is a pricepoint that meets everyone’s budget.  Is anyone else wondering what Brandi purchased?  Perhaps another brooch for her hairdresser/househusband/roommate to place in her nest.

Lisa V.’s impeccable brood continues to grow as we see her add Pumpy to the family. What a gorgeous and incredibly lucky dog she is to take on the Vanderpump name. If only she truly knew what a lucky bitch she is!

Does anyone else wish they were that dog?  Pumpy sure is one lucky bitch!

Eileen Davison

Brandi Attacks, Then Deflects

As we know Eileen spent last week in NYC during the blizzard that wasn’t.  Sorry NYC.  New England took the brunt of it.

Eileen Blog caviar-blini (Small)

Just to clarify…in Brandi’s last blog she said she came to our poker party and was so hungry because it was dinner time and we had no food. Aww. I guess she has to blame someone for her actions. But honestly, folks? It wasn’t EXACTLY dinner time. It was between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. And it wasn’t a DINNER party. It was a POKER party. A DINNER party is where you sit down at a table and have dinner. A POKER party is where you sit down at a table and play poker. And even so, we had lots of hors d’oeuvres. Such as those “little pancakes that are for children” that are usually known as blinis. Take a peek at the end of last week’s episode. You’ll see us all gathered in my kitchen, and there are trays of uneaten food on the kitchen island. Things got crazy as soon as we sat down to play the tournament. Even though the food was catered and delicious (I know this because I ate a lot of it before the ladies came over), everyone was too distracted to actually eat it. Well, maybe Brandi didn’t see all the food, and that’s why she got so tipsy and acted like she did. And thank goodness she was a little tipsy, or that gash in her arm could have been so much more painful.

Now normally I am not a fan of a HW going after someone’s blog, but Eileen, well she can do no wrong here.  She calls Brandi out on all her lies and foolishness.  I also love that she addressed the “gash”.  Eileen, you are my hero.  YOU ROCK!

As far as having a nanny (which we don’t have, BTW) take Jesse away for the evening? I’m not quite sure where we’re supposed to send an 11-year-old boy at 10 PM when we couldn’t arrange a sleepover. Nor did Vincent and I think it was necessary. After all, we weren’t having a group of Portuguese sailors over for a poker game. It was four women. If we’re ever moronic enough to invite Brandi over again, I’ll make sure Jesse is safely sequestered away from our property. I wouldn’t want her not to be able to express herself fully with “f—, c—, p—-, c—, b—,” etc. as loudly and as often as she pleases.

Does anyone wish there had been Portuguese Sailors there now?  That would have been fun.  I bet they would have eaten all of Eileen’s delicious creations whether they were children’s pancakes or blinis.

Brandi admitted she was drunk. That’s who someone who is trying to stay sober has as her support system? Brandi has her own issues to deal with and watching her with Kim was disturbing and not a healthy combination, IMO.

IMO, too Eileen.  Shit.  We have so much in common Eileen.  It’s like we were separated at birth or something.

I told Lisa V. when I stopped to pick her up (and seriously? THAT closet? Watch swans?! Fabulous!) that I can’t stand unresolved stuff. It’s sort of annoying me that I don’t understand Brandi’s aggressive behavior towards me. So I decided to talk to her about it. Two women just communicating, hopefully to maybe find some common ground. A deep and lasting friendship is probably not in the cards, but I’m hoping that at least we could have some resolution? Crazy of me? Maybe so, because I wasn’t aware I was “lecturing” her. That certainly was not my intention. I’m not her parent or teacher. I’m just trying to understand. Brandi acts like I’m offending her by wanting to understand her. Clearly, my actions towards her have been insulting and mean. Wait. That’s how she is towards me. I guess I am finally understanding her, after all. She attacks, then deflects. She’s becoming predictable. Yawn.

Brandi is always on the defensive and even when a person is trying to look out for her, she attacks.  Her childhood must have super sucked for her to turn into such a negative and revolting adult.  I’m thinking Eddie is the smartest man in the world for running far far away from her!

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.20.03 (Small)

I’ll be auctioning off a lightly used poker tournament trophy (held proudly for a moment by Brandi), that was left at our house for charity. Opening bid is $100.00.

Well, maybe one of Brandi’s minions will buy this and the money can go to a good cause.  Can I suggest A.A.?

Lisa Vanderpump

I Tried To Warn Kyle

Lisa tells us she is under the weather and I think to myself, “Gee, why doesn’t she call Monty.”

So, as we reenter the poker party, I am sooo thankful that I wasn’t there. I do not do well with altercations whilst others seem to thrive on it.

You bet your bloody arse that Lisa V. is thanking her lucky stars she did not have to participate in this Tom Foolery.  Lisa shares what was most upsetting was the volatility, disloyalty and Kyle’s frustration and when she tried to speak to Kim alone.

I don’t understand the need for Brandi to expose the fact that Kim has called her in the middle of the night several times and she is worried about her. What are we intimating? Wouldn’t a loyal friend keep quiet on matters as such?

NO!  Brandi would NEVER expose another person’s private shortcomings.  Surely Lisa is mistaken.

…Kim in her naïveté seems to relish the fact that both women are so concerned over her, wailing, “The problem is they both love me” is almost pitiful, and I felt sorry to see her confusion as she tried to placate both parties.

As I said before, Kim craves attention especially when she is “afflicted”.  Brandi was

This excuse that keeps being used that Brandi has no filter is wearing very thin…This is not an example of someone with no filter, this an example of a person that needs to realign her priorities and boundaries. It’s everything. The crass comments about Eileen’s house were uncalled for as she had the grace to even entertain her, invite her into her house, which is warm and cosy with a plethora of family pictures decorating the walls that indicate happy relationships. Maybe that is what she finds creepy. Anyway, I thought it was generous after being almost assaulted by having a glass of wine hurled in her face that the invitation was extended at all.

I have no filter.  Honestly, I don’t.  I actually will warn people that sometimes I am not sure if I have shared the thoughts (usually unkind) that are running through my head.  For that I apologize.  I am not, however, reckless with my words.  I would never insult someone’s home or out someone else’s issues. I think all of this goes back to Brandi’s jealousy of anyone on the group that has a happy home life.  She has attacked Eileen for finding love after her divorce (however messy it was).  She has made reckless statements about Mauricio’s fidelity.  She share very private personal information about Adrienne.  If I knew Brandi, I would never share ANY personal information about myself or my loved ones.  I would definitely tell her all the dirty details of everyone I hate, loathe and despise.

Brandi makes many rash statements, such as “They hate each other” and “Kyle is never there to support her sister.” Let us cast our minds back to last week…Kyle went to the bathroom, Kim followed her, Kyle whispered to her she was worried, covering her mic to protect her sister…She also knows what is going on with her sister, but in order to PROTECT her sister, she denies it on the ride home with Lisa…

Kyle has ALWAYS been protecting Kim.  We have seen it over and over since season one.  Does a person reach a point where they can’t do it?  YES!  Did I judge Kyle when she spilled the beans?  HELL NO!  Kim was being cruel to Kyle and attacking her and Mauricio who had been financially supporting her.  Kyle finally reached her breaking point and said what everyone had been thinking.  How DARE Brandi judge her.  Brandi has watched this play out as an outsider.  She has seen “fun Kim” but certainly has not been the one who has had to literally clean up the disaster Kim’s addictions have left on their family.  How can you equate this new friendship that started with the “slut pig” comment and “I don’t do crystal meth in the bathroom, bitch” just a couple of years ago and only recently cemented to that of a sibling who has spent forty-four years at her side? The tumultuous path that these two have experienced, of which I am sure if alcoholism is involved, has not been an easy one. One that has been fraught with tears of disappointment, anger, and sometimes joy as she succeeded in her fight for sobriety.

And again, we are reminded of what a little ray of sunshine Brandi can be.

Anyway, moving on to happier times, I loved seeing the return of Rumpy. We waited patiently, all the little furry people lined up waiting to see the transformation from the naughty dog we sent away into a well behaved young retriever. Well we are still dealing with an overexcited young dog, but now he has a partner in crime, he seems more fulfilled. We have had many big dogs over the years but none quite as mischievous as Sir Rumpy Pumpy. Anyway, we kept Avery, and I have to say it is a complete success.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.21.53 (Small) Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.23.46 (Small)

I loved seeing all those little pups lined up waiting to see their brother after Boot Camp.  And the icing on the cake was Rumpy’s new partner in crime!  Congrats to Lisa and Ken for taking in a lovely rescue and providing her with such a loving home.

Lisa threw a rather lovely jewelry event. No darling, some of us do have big fat f—ing diamonds as you say, but my thirst for costume jewelry is unquenchable as you have seen my collection in my closet! I admired Eileen as she tries to reason with somebody unreasonable! Desperately trying to explain to Brandi what is not quite acceptable…good luck with that. I tried the mothering thing, and I was criticized for that.

Watching Eileen attempt to reason with Brandi is like talking to a fish.  You know it is alive.  You can see it breathing and moving, but you are pretty f-ing sure it has no idea what you are saying.

When Kyle and I went to Villa Blanca, I am reticent to say what I would love to. If you remember in one of the early episode of this season as I witnessed the bond between Brandi and her, I stated, “I will not get involved, she will discover it soon enough…” But if I could, it would go something like this: “See? Now do you see how I felt? You think I hold a grudge more than Giggy and should forgive her? You are experiencing a minuscule amount of what that woman put me through!” 

This is when Lisa should have said, “I told you so!” with glee!  But, as we all know with people like Brandi, you have to figure it out for yourself.  I do not think Lisa will ever want to be friends with Brandi again.  In fact, if she did, I think she would lose the respect of most of us here, myself included.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’re well today. OMG everyone w/all this crazy snow take care, keep warm. I pray we don’t get any on Thursday. 😝 😨 It’s sooooo freakin cold.
    Oh gosh Namaste i can’t wait to read what’s on the Bobble Head and Kim’s excuse lists.

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good Morning

    So I didn’t see any evidence of Kenya actually stealing Vivika’s phone. I was under the impression she “borrowed” it and tweeted. I can’t see her stealing a phone, tweeting, and tossing the phone away. She’s sneaky and manipulative, but not a thief and a liar. If they didn’t have evidence, Donald should be ashamed of himself for how he treated her. And Vivika too – that was so toxic – all of them. I wonder if Geraldo set the whole thing up to be the last man standing.

    Okay – so why did Trump fire all three on the other team? I suppose he needed to fire two – to get to the final 4, but why all 3? Brandi said she’d take the fall – so why fire Johnny as well, who softly said he’d prefer to stay. I wonder if her was planning on keeping Ian, but when Ian imploded he had not choice but to fire him, and didn’t want either of the other two. SMH

    • OH! I never thought that Geraldo might have played into this! I do think Kenya would do something this nasty though…but the Geraldo piece is so interesting!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I find Vivica to be way shadier than Kenya and I think she set the whole thing up herself!

      • T-Rex says:

        There have been numerous articles written in the past about Vivica and that folks in the Hollywood scene don’t like her at all! She had a huge falling out with Will Smith, she said some very unkind things about him and his wife. She had some harsh words for Quentin Tarantino as well, and I believe he said he would never work with her again. I read that she was “blackballed” for a number of years from a lot of movies due to her attitude. She has bad mouthed ex husbands, ex-lovers etc. as to why she hasn’t been able to get work which was false, sorry 50cent is not going to keep you from getting work in Hollywood! I don’t believe KenyaKlasslessMissUSASuperBitch stole her phone, she did take her phone and write bad stuff, yeppers, that was bad and she wrote bad things on twitter with it, which is all kinds of wrong, but I bet she gave it back to her. Although, during filming they may have all been given “phones” for the show specifically, in addition to their personal phones.

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t see anything last night since I wasn’t feeling well. My little nap before 8 turned into me not waking up until almost 11.
      But I still believe Kenya did it. Kenya is a liar. She’s lied on ATL. ***SPOILER ALERT*** On Wendy she swore she didn’t do it and Wendy told her she didn’t believe her. It really pissez me off that Bobble Head lasted longer than Kenya but that’s cuz Trump is partial to Blondes and he’s buying her pooor whittle left ex-wife.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Some on social media are calling for her to take a lie detector test. Was that mentioned on Wendy? Would she if she knew that questions surrounding the theft could be…

        Did you do it? Do you KNOW who did it? Did you send someone to do it? Did you tweet from….? Did you tell someone to tweet? is your ass real?

  3. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning! I am sorry if I am bringing up a subject that has been already bantered about here, but I hadn’t realized until yesterday that McJudgeyMcNeedyYolo was misinforming the masses as to how one acquires Lyme Disease, and now I understand why many Lyme disease groups are not embracing her. I am NOT saying she doesn’t have the disease! HOWEVER, YOU CANNOT GET LYME DISEASE FROM ANYTHING BUT A TICK BITE, PERIOD, NO WAY TO GET IT ANY OTHER WAY! Now, the reason I post this is she is claiming to have received from the bite of a FLY, that is IMPOSSIBLE! I had a run in with a tick this weekend and did a lot of research because I don’t want to get lyme’s and such. I am floored at a lot of the disinformation she is spewing, look I get looking for alternatives and such to a disease, I have cancer, trust me, we ALL look for that better way to deal with and overcome an illness. As a respected leader, authority, doctor, researcher with oodles and oodles of medical, lab, and education experience explained it is that the TICK contains a particular enzyme in it’s DNA that makes it a carrier of the dreaded Lyme disease. They have tried to create this enzyme in a variety of insects and cannot do so, they can’t carry nor transmit the disease. They do these tests for 1. To find any other sources that can transmit the disease, and 2. to try and find some other host that can carry the disease to use it to kill the other hosts! As the doctor explained in an article if you are bitten by a Cobra, they would give you Cobra anti-venom because a Cobra’s venom is distinct to the Cobra, they wouldn’t give you Anti-Venom for a Rattlesnake, because they don’t carry the same enzymes. He went on to explain that it’s like Malaria, you can only get it from one source, Malaria can only be acquired from the bite of a fly with that enzyme. SO, I think it’s a complete disservice to perpetuate myths about one’s disease, and frankly it does make you wonder if she really does have Lyme maybe she does have something else which is why the treatments are not working for her, who knows, but if she has it, she got it from a TICK! Sorry for the rant, but many of us here are dealing with long term medical issues, and it just bugs me to see someone spewing misinformation to the masses because they are a reality HO!

    • where did she claim it was from a fly? I read a while back that she had said it was a tick.

      • T-Rex says:

        Someone posted yesterday that she claimed it was from a HorseFly and I read that somewhere else as well!

        • Shiny says:

          Horsefly versus the actual DeerTick…clearly her biology courses or dutch to english dictionary were missing…but inexcusable when she has such a big platform to teach from.

          • T-Rex says:

            It’s already EXTREMELY RARE to acquire the disease in California to begin with it’s one of the states with the lowest occurrence, as is my state Florida. Again, it just make you wonder if she has something else, I agree she has “something”, some other illness, but it may not be Lyme’s disease. After reading up on this last night, even if you weren’t diagnosed right away, the treatments are the same, and it’s not only extremely rare to acquire it in California, it’s also extremely rare on top of that for it to be “drug resistant”.

    • TexasTart says:

      I never heard Yolanda say it was a fly, but if Kit read she said that somewhere, okay. The bottom line here is Yolanda is sick. I’m not going to question everything she says or does.

      I take for face value that Yolanda is a very sick woman. I think she has a lot of opportunities – not because of Real Housewives – but she has opportunity to explore options because of her wealth. Safe to say her wealth may not save her, but in some ways she’s a human guinea pig, so that is just got to be beneficial to future ways to deal with this disease.

      As stated before, I don’t feel right speculating about Yolanda’s illness. And I don’t think any one illness is the same for everyone – no matter what kind. So with that said, I won’t be commenting much – but someone on the blog who has Lyme Disease has commented on her experience and her opinions – so please take time to read what Lila1star has to share with us.

    • Is it misinformation tho?

      I have seen articles showing that they HAVE been able to grow that strain of Lyme disease in other insects but haven’t been able to prove if they can transmit it to humans. I’ll see if I can find the links.

      Regardless, I really don’t think she’s spreading misinformation, I think there is a language barrier.

      Bottom line- she was bit by an insect and came down with this disease. She’s calling it a horse fly because they bite too.

      I’m going to cut Yolanda some slack on this one.

    • PJ says:

      From the official web page of the state I live in:

      “deer flies and horse flies have been shown to carry the Lyme disease bacterium. However, their ability to transmit the disease is not known at this time.”

      I don’t want to debate but it looks like it is at least possible that the horse fly could be a carrier and transmit the disease to humans. This may be believed in Europe but not here yet. I believe that medicine in other parts of the world is sometimes more advanced than in this country. Medical advances and new discoveries are made all the time.

      I do believe Yolanda is very sick and as I have a friend whose husband has Lyme disease I know that it can be devastating especially if not properly diagnosed and treated right away. I had a tick bite a couple of years ago and my doctor treated me as if I had Lyme disease just to be safe because apparently it is difficult to diagnose.

  4. Powell says:

    Well Namaste i knew there would be nothing but Bobble jumping on the excuse train. Her blog actually made my heart beat faster and make me want to throw my phone cuz she is such an ass, such an effing bit*h. She knows nothing about the years and years of struggle Kim has been thru, taken her kids thru and her sisters. Whatever Kim has told Bobble is from the memory of someone who has an altered reality of what has happened. Kyle loves her sister and if she could take the addiction away she would. It’s not only Kim’s addiction but it’s also resentment of how Kim was forced by Big Kathy to take care of BK and Kyle & then later Kyle and Mo taking care of Kim. Bobble knows nothing and should take her own advice and stay out of the Richards sisters relationship. As a matter of fact she needs to stay out of Kim’s life cuz she’s bad for Kim’s stability.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Brandi’s blog (written by a ghost writer and likely the same one who writes Kim’s) is an exercise in deflection. In order to draw the attention away from her own actions, she blogs about Lisa R.

      It’s ghostblogwriting 101.

      I don’t think this is the same ghost writer Teresa had – she was much better at addressing things directly and turning them on their ear.

    • kit9 says:

      Exactly. But Brandi’s blog is also so infuriating because it’s such bs and shows how little she actually cares about Kim. What is everyone on the show supposed to do? Ignore when Kim’s showing obvious signs of intoxication(by something)? Kim’s problem isn’t people doubting her sobriety in Paris(and FYI, I don’t remember Kyle being the first to mention it on that trip. Just another thing she got wrong), her problem is she was slurring her words and obviously intoxicated. Ignoring it doesn’t help her, it enables her. Not to mention, Brandi acts like if nobody on the show mentions it, it’s not happening. Like viewers wouldn’t notice Kim’s slurring and reach the same conclusion as the cast and that’s nobody’s “fault” but Kim’s.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah Li mentioned it. Asked Kim if maybe she took a sleeping pill cuz of jet lag but I’m was highly insulted. Sleeping pill. Take a pill from Monty. Hmmm. Which is better? But I digress. Kyle tried to have Lisa not make such a big deal about it cuz she knew how Kim would react.

        • kit9 says:

          She gave some ridiculous story about mixing up her pills. And, that’s another issue, Kim’s anger at being questioned. Not a good sign at all to me.

  5. Powell says:

    Lisa can see the bull from 10 paces. She & Eileen.
    I’m glad Lisa’s Stella and Dot sales were good for her charity. I didn’t watch but saw the founder of S & D went on undercover boss.

  6. ladebra says:

    Great blog Namaste! Their individual blogs are very revealing. I don’t doubt each and every one of the ladies believes everything they are writing, but just because you don’t believe you are an enabling narcissistic enabler doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

    The snowy cold weather look very winters 😦 be careful out there.

  7. T-Rex says:

    OMFG! I am Loving ThatTrampEileen and LypsLisa, please, please please keep them on the show! Good for them for calling out the horrific behavior of that idiot THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi! You have two brand new folks to the show that are just appalled, astounded, and taken aback by they horrendous attitude and behavior. BRAVO I hope you are listening, FIRE HER from this franchise stat. Oh and you need to get rid of SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim, who clearly needs some extensive rehab, and this show is NOT good for her nor her sobriety! We have two folks here dealing directly with their own family members in a similar situation regarding their sobriety, and as has been noted if they don’t want to change, they don’t want to get sober for themselves, they are NOT going to do so. Getting sober because your family and friends want you to is NOT the way to full time sobriety, it’s a stop gap until you can figure out a way to “use” again. Let’s face it she has never been completely sober, she stopped alcohol for a while, but was still taking drugs, prescription drugs, but those are still drugs, then she started using OTHER people’s drugs, and now if what has been reported lately is true, she is back to drinking again(there have been two reports she is drinking and one report claims she had been drinking, allegedly, the day that her niece was bitten by her dog).

    • I completely agree. You can’t fail at something you’ve never tried. Kim has never been sober, IMHO.

      • T-Rex says:

        I won’t be out of line but using our dear poster Kit9 as someone who has graciously posted her direct issues with a family member with substance issues and you can’t fix someone from the outside, they have to fix themselves from the inside, and want to do so. SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim does not have those tools, IMO, she needs long term rehabilitation at a serious Rehab facility that won’t just substitute mood altering drugs for her alcohol. It’s one of the reasons the Betty Ford clinic works, they are super duper strict and you have to be committed to your sobriety there, they cut you off everything cold turkey. But again, if you aren’t committed to it, it won’t work either.

        • Powell says:

          IMO Betty Ford is too close. She needs to go somewhere like Colorado, Arizona. I think her being close to home is an easy escape for her.

          • T-Rex says:

            That’s the whole point though. If you can’t manage Betty Ford which is strict, strict, strict and has a good track record, then you aren’t willing to give up being an Addict/Alcoholic. Also, they are now merged with the Hazelden clinics which are in Minnesota, so she could go there if she was serious about getting sober! Her last stint at rehab was like what, six hours( I know it was more, but wasn’t enough)? Frankly, I don’t understand her kids, frankly if my mom, was drunk and drugged out my whole life and then went on a realityHoshow and was shown to be a clear abuser, then went to rehab for six seconds, then came out and continued to live an unclear life, I would be SO having an intervention! But again, I don’t have a toxic person in my life like others do, maybe her children have also given up trying.

    • I so agree with you! I don’t think Bravo has ever added new cast members that were so perfect and possibly better than the current cast. How was Lisa Rinna not on the show sooner??? She is TOO perfect for this show.

  8. Powell says:

    Yeah no food at Eileen’s. Then where the hell did the pizza that Bobble dropped on Eileen’s nice floor come from? Bobble is such a despicable liar.

    • T-Rex says:

      Did you see the screen shot of her counter, there was TONS of food! The Blinis, looked liked some little hamburgers(sliders), there were little appetizers in parfait glasses, mini pizzas, etc. There was probably more food on that counter than THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi eats in an entire month!

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I saw the food. I guess when you’re drunk out of your gored I suspect ALL you really see is alcohol. And what did she say in her blog? These HW events have drinking and she partakes. HA!! She took 5 bottles of booze in the car, no one else. And I’m sooooo tired of her excuse that the ladies make her anxious so she drinks. Bit*h don’t go to the events. Better yet quite.

  9. Veena (NMD) says:

    Jax is so pathetic –

  10. Shiny says:

    Thanks for great summaries of blogs, Namaste! Too funny.

    Brandi claims to be a social drinker, but she’s actually a social drunk. Dreadful behavior and statements are never her fault? I’m with Eileen: Yawn. Disappear Brandi off the show.

    With apologies to Stars, it’s time to change Eileen’s codename to reflect her amazingness. ( Face it Stars, Eileen won your boyfriend fair and square, or at least legally now.)

    My sweet husband shoveled me a path to my bird feeders. The snow is over my tallest boots (here in Western MA, and I’m so glad I don’t live in the deeper snow eastward toward Boston), and he didn’t even need asking…aaawww.

  11. Shiny says:

    I’m picturing reunion: Lisa and Lisa and Eileen on one couch, and Kyle,Kim,Brandi on the other couch (with Brandi intent on sitting between the sisters). Kyle would want to stand up and squeeze onto the other couch, but not allowed. The series would be improved if the backstage hands just pulled the second couch out of the picture for next year.

    • T-Rex says:

      You know what is so interesting is that you have left out McJudgeyMcNeedyYOLO in that scenario! Seriously, she has been onscreen for what, like five minutes all season? Look I get that she is dealing with a horrific illness, but she is jetting off to Spain, Asia, Germany, etc with no problems what so ever, but she can’t really film? She has been absent for most events, with the exception of the one at her own home, so is she just a “friend” this year?

      • Shiny says:

        Wow – you’re right – I totally left her off the couches – out of sight, out of mind.

        I’ll squeeze her in between Brandi and Kyle so she can keep the slaps from connecting. That couch can still be quietly slid out of the frame for next season without missing much. ( Although following Gigi around on her modeling would be okay)

        • Orson says:

          I’m now thinking of Yolo on the couch with the Drunk Slut and Space Cadet and Kyle sort of on a chair of her own.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Would not be surprised if Yolanda can’t be at the reunion. She needs to leave the show for her health.

      I actually thought Lisa V and Kyle would be on same couch. But then again, who would get first chair!!!??

      I thought Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen.

      If Yolanda shows, Brandi, Yolanda and Kim.

      If no Yolanda, then Eileen would move to Brandi couch.

    • Powell says:

      If I were Kyle I’d insist I am not sitting on the same couch.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I see Brandi, Kim and Lisa R on one couch. Kyle, LVP and Eileen on the other. Brandi is beefing w/ all three on the right couch and not w/ LisaR. OOps forgot about Yofo… she goes w/ Brandi’s couch as well and maybe Lisa R goes to the right couch as well. BingoBangoBobsUrUncle.

  12. VV™ says:

    Something is off between the relationship of Ariana and Tom. I can’t pinpoint what it is. This is the second time I make this observation. Not sure what is is yet.

  13. T-Rex says:

    I don’t know how much to believe of this but it’s sad to hear, looks like Krissie(BobbiKristina)Brown had drugs in her home after all. From the reports the husband and friend tried to stash them but the cops, after getting a warrant, searched and found them. Husband and Friend said that cops couldn’t search until they obtained a warrant. I just hope that wasn’t the reason she lost consciousness in the bathtub.

    • Yes I saw that too.

      I think it was probably a huge factor.


    • Powell says:

      If true they’re more scared of what the cops find instead of if drugs are in her system the docs need to know that info? I just want her to wake up and be ok.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Addicts to the end. If they didn’t want them found they had a few minutes to ‘DESTROY’ them. They could have flushed them and gotten rid of the bottles…. BUT they wanted to come back and do them as well. A blessing in a way as it helps to establish what she ingested and can be used as a cautionary tale.

  14. plainviewsue says:

    Namaste, excellent job as always. My favorite line was ” Is anyone else wondering what Brandi purchased? Perhaps another brooch for her hairdresser/househusband/roommate to place in her nest.” It truly does look like a nest!!

    I thought the Lisa V blog was one of the best written blogs of all time.

    As for Celeb Apprentice, seeing how it ended I’m mad at myself for even watching.

    Kenya, without question, deserved to be fired for the first task.

    But the second task firing of the entire team?????? Ridiculous. This is a team that had won consistently. So now, as predicted, Geraldo, who has been on the losing team more than anyone else will be in the finale, with hopefully Leeza. I am telling you. This is fixed before it begins. Just like Joan Rivers, who I adore, Geraldo knew that no matter what, he would be in the finals.

    Brandi impressed me on CA. She seemed to be a worker & was well liked by some of the cast. We all know she’s a drunken mess, but she came off so much better then Kenya!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi didn’t really have to do much to impress people-all she had to do was put the drink down! I didn’t find her to be a great player-she didn’t really do much but she was “smart” enough to hang onto to Leeza for dear life. Leeza did everything for Brandi and when Brandi was without Leeza she did..well… Nothing!!! She didn’t contribute anything to her team last night and she should have been fired before Ian-who I don’t really like but at least he tried to do something! Brandi didn’t come up with any ideas at all. When her team presented their jingle she didn’t even know the words-her lip syncing was dreadful! Trump went a little crazy with the firing and I don’t understand why he fired Johnny? It was all so weird and stupid!

    • This is why teresa/ nj appearing good on apprentice didn’t move me in any way. Look at brandi !
      What a holy mess 💩🙌of a show.

    • Powell says:

      Sue *SPOILER ALERT**
      On Wendy the baseball player said Geraldo has been on the losing team of 8 tasks. The most of anyone. He believes Leeza will win. Ian wouldn’t say.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Yes I watched. Does anyone know why Brandi wasn’t on? She’s def in NY cos she was on the Today show.

    • Powell says:

      Bobble followed directions, stayed under the radar and is blonde. That’s how she lasted. She didn’t do anything spectacular.

    • PJ says:

      I have read articles claiming that CA is staged with the winner picked before filming begins, I didn’t give it much thought until seeing the show yesterday. Now I think that is quite possibly true. There was absolutely no logic in firing the whole team except to get to the final three and get on with the show. I think for Geraldo to be in the final is laughable, his team lost a bunch of challenges largely due to Geraldo’s bad ideas. Firing the winning team is just weird and all those yes men saying you had no choice Donald, so stupid. I’ll never look at this show the same way again. I also think Brandi did very well and I was impressed as well, she was liked by the nicest people on the show and judging from tweets I’ve seen earned the respect of the Trump family as well, that says something.

      • plainviewsue says:

        PJ, I’ve said this since Joan Rivers won over Annie Dukes. I think for the show to get higher rank “celebrities”, the promise is they will at least make it to the finale.

        It is laughable to see Geraldo in the finale. I am sure it will not be Vivica. Yes, he won the most money, but that’s also because the picked the two challenges that had to do with raising money!! He is brash, not a team player. Ian deserved to be there more than Geraldo.

        How do you fire an entire team that kept on winning?? Brandi should of been fired, cos she was the PM. But the logic of Ian going, when he kept saying the music wouldn’t of been what he was humming, showed that Trump did not want him in the finals.

        • PJ says:

          As much as I disliked Eye-an I have to agree, I mean they didn’t use his jingle anyway so it wasn’t responsible for the loss (it wasn’t good though). It’s like Trump was looking for a reason to fire him. However, I do agree that he was not a team player and wouldn’t cooperate unless his ideas were used. But his wasting their time probably contributed to the loss because they could have worked more on Johnny’s jingle which I think was good. Either Johnny or Brandi should have been fired and that’s it. I just felt like last nights show was a big joke played on all the viewers.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Sue I agree-Trump didn’t even TRY to let Ian speak and explain that the TUNE wasn’t what he was going for-and maybe Ian lyrics were better than Johnny’s? Brandi didn’t like Ian and was not going to pick anything he suggested it seemed. Trump annoyed me with all the firing-it was stupid and so so fake…like he wasn’t even trying to make it seem real.

          • PJ says:

            It was so annoying so fake I felt like it didn’t matter what that team did they were going to be fired. I did like Johhnys jingle better, Eye-an could have helped edit it to be better but he didn’t, If he really wanted his team to win he would have helped them instead of wasting their time. He wanted them to fail so he has a lot of nerve to say other people do things behind his back. He is a major ick factor in my book.

  15. not THAT Jill says:

    Oh Lawd Brandi-have a seat girl!
    How can she even begin to talk about “reckless statements” when she is the queen of reckless statements? She’s said so many things that could potentially damage not only reputations but peoples ability to earn money. She has zero room to talk about anything people say about her-Lisa R gave her opinion of Brandi-and let’s face it -on BH Brandi stays DRUNK! It’s not an outlandish opinion given the behavior we have seen since she joined the show.
    Lisa V continues to make me laugh with the whole Brandi thing-she tried to warm Kyle?? Haha that lady is too funny!!

    • Powell says:

      Yes JNNTJ. Even Stevie Wonder can see Bobble is drunk ALL the time. Every epi she’s drunk.

    • VV™ says:

      The problem with that is that Kyle was so rude and down mean to Brandi at her charity event on S2 when Brandi was introduced to us and later during Game Night and other episodes both she and Kim were very rude to Brandi that it delayed for some viewers to see who the real Brandi was. Why was Kyle so rude to Brandi when she first came into the show?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Because they knew she was a trouble maker but then Lisa told everyone how fabulous Brandi was and how she always told the truth …blah blah blah…and now Lisa tried to warn Kyle…it’s not that great? Lisa is the best!

  16. Jezzibel — you had posted yesterday you were blocked by JillZ and didn’t know how or why- SAME thing happened to me !
    Though I know Rebecca must be happy for us all 😝

    Lilastar- im sorry you are suffering through Lyme and I wish you all the best (and much better) of health and good things for 2015

    Can you tell your bestie to STOP deleting her tweets ?
    Yesterday there was one about reckless and the other thing and what makes them different- money — then the box is gone and just text remains.
    Girl what is UPPPPP. lame!
    Stand strong in your convictions Rinna Sinna!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She is a crazy deleter!! Idk why?? Maybe she deletes when she gets too much hate? It drives me crazy!! Tweet and delete is not the way to go!!

    • jezzibel says:

      I had to think long and hard about what might have set Jill on a twitter blocking spree, and I think it might have been when she was doing a poll to see if the public wanted her back on RHONY and I responded to the person that was tweeting(she might have been included in the tweet, but it was not a direct response to Jill) about it, “its been a few years and to let it go already” might have also said something about getting a hobby….I guess she is still super sensitive about it. As BSC as Kelly, probably still it, at least she handled her firing with much more grace and dignity.

    • Powell says:

      IDK why she’s deleting them. She’ s never mean. She’s absolutely truthful. Those Brandiacs are missing braincells. She shouldn’t worry about them.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I’m not blocked and I’m pissed.

      I hate Jill Zarin even more now.

      • jezzibel says:

        Rebecca since she hasn’t blocked you for pointing out that she needs a life outside of reality tv, a hobby, or anything, maybe you can keep an eye on the red-headed lunatic and if she does anything blog-worthy(or cringeworthy) you can let everyone here know

  17. TexasTart says:

    Good morning all. Just a quick drive-by to say that I didn’t like CA last night. I didn’t like how it started or ended. The tasks were not that great either. Even though it was Brandi caught in a mass killing off of contestants….and I hate it that I didn’t like it AND it was Brandi! So there are 2 Mondays left before The Voice fills that time slot, so what is this show doing already down to three people???! And rumor has it CA was allowed to expand to another episode. Sorry, I am not getting how all this. Not sure I would want to cheer for any that remain, but Lessa (sp) is the only one that is worthy of winning.

    Kenya’s behavior and poor decisions on CA have changed my opinion of her, and I really didn’t like that whole thing with Vivica and the “stolen” phone. The text. All of that was a nasty mess and someone needs to get some facts on this. It only took me one or two episodes to dislike Vivica, but Kenya has done things on CA that have cancelled out all of the “fun” I was having with her on Real Housewives. Whether or not she was guilty of that, I just think she and Vivica are awful people to bring up some of what they did in the boardroom – no boundaries is not pretty – ask Brandi how that’s working out for her. And in what world did Brandi end up looking a better person for the two Real Housewives on CA? How maddening!!!

    Didn’t get to watch VPR yet, but I can tell by the comments on the last blog that I’m probably only going to like the episode because Kristen gets fired. Who cares, who cheated on who, all I want to know is why does everyone and their dog need to be involved?! So there were a lot of people fired on TV last night, ha. To bad WE can not be in charge of firing the Real Housewives. I’m looking forward to reading what Namaste has put together. I’ll do that at lunch, I have to get back work!

    • Dog, cat & parakeet.🐶🐱🐤

      Turtle too 🐢

    • Get back to me after lunch! Let me know what you think!

    • Tarts – don’t leave me…..👋👋👋👋👋🙇

      Kenya was super professional and talked clearly without raising her voice or snapping her neck back and forth with attitude

      People who didn’t like her at the start on the show and off would not like her now. I watch to see which other CA stars still like her and who she is good with and that tells me everything.

      It was so annoying to me when people thought TRE was so great on apprentice when she didn’t do anything, just as 👀an would say- “wrote things down” or good with a pen. Or that toughest of tasks…… SHOPPING!

      Personally I think there’s no way in HELLLLLLL a “star” like VIV would NOT know there were tweets sent out like that about her when she got to the boardroom — her publicist, manager, agent, bff, etc could ALL get in contact to the hotel rooms these people slept at and spoke to them. PURE BS.

      I think why wouldnt brandi take the phone ? To mess with kenya? (Meh, not that smart?) Gerry? Brandi’s bat$hit so …….
      I don’t know.

      To me kenya went defensive when other ratchets attacked first. VIV opened the door on physical women’s issues with shawn that classy gal.
      So glad she’ll be off first next week.

      I am not like kenya (except I laugh a lot) but I “get” where she was coming from.
      Brandi and Viv started with her —- notice others didn’t have issues.

      So I’m sad to see you off this twirl train 💃🚈….. But I still love YA! Muah 😚😘

      • Orson says:

        I think people liked Tre’s passive role on CA because it was so different from the aggressive Tre they knew on RH. I guess in Paterson, they never learn the difference between “aggressive” and “assertive”. Or they do “assertive” like this: “Yo! You want assertive? I got your effin’ assertive… RIGHT HERE!”

      • PJ says:

        Oh I think many people had issues with Kenya on CA. I don’t like Vivica any better than Kenya though.

      • TexasTart says:

        Awwww, but I did like being on the twirl train, dang it! 😙
        I’m kind of pissed off. She didn’t have to pull any of that crap. 😳

    • Powell says:

      Kenya has turned out to be a person I don’t like since S1. She’s nothing like the person she purported to be back in the day. She’s been low on ATL but finding, stealing, however She got Vivica’s phone, tweeting from Vivica’s Twitter was the lowest of low, disgusting and a crime. Too bad it can’t be proved. I watched on ID late last night this woman met a guy on an airpla ne flight, gave him her number. They had a relationship, he taped them having sex w/o her knowledge. She found out he was married and broke it off. He stalked her, hacked her FB and sent the sex tape to everyone on her FB, texted it to all her daughter’s friends. When he was caught, went to jail, while there of course his wife finds out everything, she wanted nothing to do w/him. From jail he hacked her FB, email, other social media and did the same thing sans the sex tape. I can’t remember how long he’s in prison. My point is getting into someone’s social media is a crime.
      LOL TexasTart on why does everyone and their dog have to get involved on VPR. 🙂
      Kristen got fired? Oh I need to see that. I’ve only watched the first 2 epis. I’ll catch the firing on a rerun. Hurrraayyy!! She acts worse than Jax at times. She’s the oldest of the ladies and acts like a 15 yr old.

      • TexasTart says:

        About the guy on the ID show, how INSANE is it that prisoners have computer access?! You are right about breaking into social media is a crime, it’s like impersonating a person!

        I’m sure there’s no love lost from you for Kenya, LOL, because you were not having her from the beginning! I can’t comprehend how Kenya would think ANY of that nonsense worked to her advantage. And besides all of this, she would have lost that challenge anyway because her concepts with the buns and good gosh – the babies were awful. But back to the phone and the tweet; how is it that Vivica didn’t know that tweet was there? Like even if she has no phone or doesn’t look at Twitter a couple days – doesn’t anyone follow her that personally knows her to contact her and say, “hey Viv, what’s up with THAT?!” If it was so out of character, then why was it not already discovered. IDK what to make of all this but Kenya looks guilty by default that she was using it to prove Viv was losing her mind. We need some answers damnit!

  18. Powell says:

    ******SPOILER ALERT****
    Watching Wendy. I love Ian Zering. Wendy asked was he surprised Bobble Head was shady in his face, behind his back was he surprised?
    “That’s what she’s all about. She needs to be venomous to be relevant.”

  19. So while on WWHL, Yolanda DID claim she was bit by a horse fly that transmitted her Lyme disease.

    ***She also claims horseflies are a carrier.***

    Now, I also found an article recommending horse owners to use an anti horsefly insecticide to stop the spread of a Lyme disease in horses.

    IMHO she is confused.

  20. New England Journal of Medicine claimed that horse and deer flies are suspected of carrying Lyme disease in 1990.

    Click to access VI-13.pdf

  21. VV™ says:

    I’m not watching CA. I do remember she went back to NY. I think, she will be an assistant to whoever goes to the finale.

  22. Plus i just realized these fools on CA all had their real personal phones (iphones and samsungs we saw mostly when they were calling in their donations) as well as personal HTC/ microsoft BLAH blah phones given strictly for CA show purposes (which probably had you know, Internet capability as some phones do these days😫) — AND they had laptops on almost ALL the time so they could all easily access Twitter to log in. They all probably loved to follow their TL’s/ feeds, etc.

    Viv….. Girl please 💨✋
    Go back to the C/D list. 📑

  23. Orson says:

    My thought for the day:

    Instead of saying “Have a nice day!”, I’m gonna start saying “Have the day you deserve!”
    You know, let Karma sort this shit out!

    Orson has spoken!

    Yeah, I know, I need to feed the cussin’ jar.

  24. I’m glad that he’s with her. 😌

    • um, who is taking the picture?

      • VV™ says:

        I’m glad you asked. I’ve been following her long ago to know. Every single picture has a purpose. She’s a deleter also. I don’t want to sound more suspicious of her than I am. Again, I don’t dispute her illness never had. I just think she’s a manipulator to the max.

        • She is a shady trick!

        • So since you’ve been stalking her more than I just started — have most of her pics been HER taking the selfie ??
          (TARTS- reminds me of our special song ! 😜)

          The one from yesterday where she vows to find a cure – with her arm with a needle – she clearly is taking.

          So she deletes her Insta pics? Or is she a tweeeetah deleeeetah also like Jill’s bestie #2 LisaR?

          We just don’t see so much of this on the show. I truly wonder if bravo would have focused more on her health issues if she had this relapse/ flare up during filming times?
          We’ll have to see how she is at the reunion.

    • ladebra says:

      I wonder who took this picture.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Great blog….Thanks!

    Oh Brandi………….

  26. Powell says:

    Something’s going on w/Conrad Hilton and him taking a pill?

  27. California35 says:

    Great recap Namaste, thank you!

    We will see ehat follows today. Brandi showing up uninvited as Kim’s plus one. Hhmm i and I suspect that is how she showed up at Kathy’s party. Not invited and as Kim’s plus one. Any ways, so far everyone is seeing Brandi for what she is, i suspect even Kim, she just appreciate having someone to hang with.

    • PJ says:

      Since they are filming they are all invited, so no one really shows up uninvited.

      • T-Rex says:

        Well, that FaykerAwfulHumanBeing was not invited a few years back by the HOSTESS of an event, but VileKyle brought her anyway, claiming production said she could. Still the actual HOSTESS for the evening had said NO, but that’s about the only time I have heard of an uninvited guest and she was NOT a Ho-Wife, but VileKyle was trying SO HARD to get her on the show!

        • Exit4 says:

          Ramona didn’t invite jill somewhere and she was bitter. Heather didn’t invite Ramona to London. Team heather on that one!

          • T-Rex says:

            Aaah yes but TheLunaticZarin and the OldcraggyDrunkRamona didn’t also “crash” the scene when not invited. Oh I still hate THeLunaticZarin!

        • PJ says:

          They are filming for a show, a job, so how can anyone say they are uninvited? Not to mention they showed a clip of Kyle inviting Brandi.

  28. TexasTart says:

    Namaste, it’s a good thing you had some hip waders and duct tape! Very good points you made while wading through there. Kim and Brandi’s blogs prove that they are both still high! Laughing at when you said Brandi “congratulates Kim for playing herself in Revenge.” I liked the sarcasm used in Lisa V’s blog. I’m glad to know she kept Avery. I’m pretty sure I want to be one of Lisa’s dogs! I think Eileen might be your sister from another mister! 😀

  29. shamrockblonde says:

    wow – I go to break up one fight and miss who got fired after Kenya! – just wow – why Johnny Damon? at least his song was original – I agree with Ian about it being too wordy, but all he did was change the lyrics to a very well known already established song – did he not get the challenge? and Bobblehead lived up to her nickname while “performing” their song.. I think Kenya grabbed up Viv’s phone, made the tweet and then just buried it somewhere to be discovered later – remember at one point she mentioned that she had “other tricks up her sleeve” – I think that was probably it – does anyone know if the tweet was written in the usual style of Ms. Fox? Trump’s son had a good point – it did not sound like the way she normally speaks so maybe not like her previous tweets either – soooo glad Bobble is gone – now I have to root for Lisa to win because otherwise that huge bag of wind will win it – honestly, if I believed in global warming at all, I’d blame it all on him what with the amount of hot air that man has….

    as for Kristen getting fired…YAYAYAYAY!!!! – ah but will it last? despite her being a delusional fool, she is good for ratings…and James – please go find someone else – the notoriety and almost, quickly gone fame is not worth what that dingbat is doing to you –

    • T-Rex says:

      Shammy, as far as KrazyKristenNextStarofSNAPPED, she is most definitely still fired from SUR, she could be back on the VPR show, “ala” the SuperSpoiledUberBrokeAssBratStassi, but not as an employee of one of TheRoyalVpumps establishments. Both of those two have admitted they were not the greatest waitresses, and it seems that once you are fired from the staff of TheRoyalVPump, you do remain fired! James is not on Staff at SUR, he is a “rent a DJ”, he is not an employee of the restaurant.

      • VV™ says:

        I think Kristen is gone from SUR for good.

        I don’t feel bad for James. He is a user. He befriended Lisa’s son to get a job at SUR. He then started dating Kristen to get on Vanderpump rules. He is a BH kid. Broke he is not.

    • Powell says:

      I heard that tweet is not in Vivica’s tone. That her usual tweets were loving light. Thought provoking for the day type of tweets.

  30. designernailsdiana says:

    It’s been a rough day. My Father who is 83 was dropped off at work when this happened.
    I have yet to hear from him. Please pray for him. I’m a wreck and beside myself even though the GM said everyone is out and fine.
    Thank You,

    • T-Rex says:

      Diana, I think you Dad is probably okay, looks like the dolt that started the commotion tried to “darwin” himself off the planet but making like the Ok Corral against the Police Department. However it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt in all the ruckus. Still going to send some good vibes to your dad because the incident was still probably awful for him to be involved in!.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      you, your Dad and all your care shall be in my prayers – deep breaths – have faith –
      *hugs Diana really hard*

    • Powell says:

      BIG hugs Diana. Your dad is ok. 😁

  31. Shiny says:

    too scary – hope you hear from him soon soon soon

  32. Oh my God. This is so frickin scary.

    Saying a prayer, sending you love, surrounding you with a white light of protection.

    He’s okay, he’s okay, he’s okay- hold on my friend

  33. designernailsdiana says:

    He’s ok he just called me. I won’t ground him.

  34. TexasTart says:

    T-Rex – in case you missed it, there was a comment for you on the last blog from lila1star about Lyme Disease.

    • T-Rex says:

      If you are reading tonight thank you lilastar for your input!!! Thankfully, the tick that got me is not a deer tick, we checked it out, and yes she is right a bite is all it can take for that awful disease to be transmitted. We usually use Premethrin on our clothes when in the woods, that stuff is great, it really keeps the ticks off, there are potential side effects with that, but it beats getting Lyme disease. HUGS TO LILASTAR for everything she is going through.

  35. TexasTart says:

  36. T-Rex says:

    Just a note that there is a malware advertisement that keeps showing up here, its an add that has a video you should block it!

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