Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Drama Queens”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Drama Queens” – S5E12

by Stars99

NOTE:  Well, this episode looks like it might be another big catfight – Or more likely, a continuation of PokerGate 2015™©®. Remember, I’m no longer censoring cussin’ – So read at your own risk. However, I was able to stock up on “Sweet Tangerine Sanitizing Hand Gel” – I suggest you do the same. If you need some cash, hit up Orson for a loan from the “Cussin’ Jar” – There should be MORE than enough money in there for us all! Okay, as Bugs Bunny would say, “On with the show…”


Remember last week…

We mostly dealt with the aftermath of Poker Night. While the rest of you are probably wondering about how the Richards sisters are doing after their BIG fight… I’m WAY more worried about my boyfriend, Vince. He was so askeered that he watched part of the fight through a window in the garage door… Somehow, I don’t think he will ever be the same. After the mess cleared (aka: Brandi and Kim went home), Vince lamented that it was just a simple little poker game and, “Can’t we all just get along?” Lisa R comically describes Kim’s demeanor when they drove together to Poker Night as follows, “I rode in the car with Kim on the way out to Malibu…Nutso… Cuckoo-bird for Cocoa Puffs… Like out of her fucking mind.” Okay, you just can’t help but giggle at Lisa’s Talking Head (TH) interviews… I love her!

In addition, Lisa R threw a jewelry party that was a breast cancer fundraiser for the Noreen Fraser Foundation and it was awesome because no drinks were thrown. Isn’t it odd how our level of expectation has dramatically lowered throughout the seasons? Nowadays, I think a “Real Housewives” party is successful when a glass of wine isn’t thrown. Yikes! However, during the party, both Eileen and YoYo try to sit down separately with Brandi and have adult heart-to-heart talks with her…Their first mistake was thinking that Brandi was adult enough to handle it because Brandi childishly said, “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” Their second mistake was even wasting their breath. Silly them! But the episode wasn’t all bad – We experienced “Knucks” from Eileen, learned about “tops and bottoms’ (No, not bikinis) from Kyle, and we met the adorable “Avery” which is Lisa V’s new golden retriever. They’ve adopted her because she and their mischievous dog, “Rumpy” have fallen in love. I sure hope they treat their new dog better than it looks like they might be currently treating their son, Max (who also happens to be adopted). Lisa V… You had better NOT piss me off during this episode on the subject of adoption…

kyle store

This week…

The episode begins with a scene at Kyle’s store ( where she is looking at some new disco sparkly clothing arrivals. She is putting the finishing touches on her “Gay Mixer” party. We hear there is a drought in West Hollywood… Kyle’s clued in by “her gays” that there is a severe shortage of “tops.” Kyle muses with a playful gleam in her eye that she would like to be a “top” because she likes to be “in control.” Okay, seriously, TMI…

Meanwhile, at the Vanderpumps, Lisa and Ken are mentascentally looking through photo albums. Lisa explains that their son Max has approached her and said that he wanted to learn about his heritage. Lisa says that this kind of threw her – She wasn’t prepared for him to ask her about his adoption after 22 years. Lisa and Ken candidly talk about it – and Ken asks Lisa if she would care if Max asked to find his birthparents. Lisa said that, “Of course I would care – But I’ve had the good parts, haven’t I? Nobody can take him from me now, right?” She doesn’t want him to get to age 40 and be able to say that Max never looked for his biological parents because of Lisa’s reaction or feelings about it. She said it’s every adoptive parent’s nightmare when suddenly their child questions their heritage – Because they might see it as a threat but it’s not a threat. Ken is 100% behind Lisa to do it… Through genuine tear-filled eyes, Lisa says that, “It’s my job as a mother not to stand in his way.”

Ken and L looking at pics

I want to let you all know that I have a personal bias on the topic of adoption since I was adopted less than 6 weeks after I was born through Children’s Home Society. I’ve always known I was adopted – It was treated as a “We got to pick you out of all of the other babies” kind of thing. There was a card in our photo album that had a picture of an unwrapped present with a baby in it that said, “Our package arrived – It had my birthdate on it and my adoption date on it. So I’ve just always known about it – I have no memory of ever being specifically told about it. When I was in high school, there was a huge movement for adopted children to find their “biological parents” and “roots.” There was for many adoptees a necessity to know about their biological roots because somehow their lives felt incomplete or unconnected in some way. I was interviewed by a radio station about that very subject. I was asked if I was going to go on a quest to find my “real” parents.

I told the interviewer that my “real parents” were the ones who changed my diapers, wiped my nose when I sneezed, and taught me right from wrong. I told him I that would never want to do anything to communicate to my parents that I didn’t think they were my “real parents.” In fact, there are only two reasons that would compel me to get in touch with my biological parents… One, to find out my family medical history; and two, to let them know I’m okay and that I had a really great upbringing.

I told the interviewer that to me, it took way more love for a woman to release me to live a better life than she thought she could give me after living with me inside her for 9 months – Than to knowingly and selfishly try to raise me in circumstances that weren’t ideal for some reason or another. I respect and admire my biological parent’s decision. I am exceedingly grateful to my parents for adopting me. Even now, after their death, I have not sought out to find my biological parents. For me, it just doesn’t feel right. But many adoptees don’t feel the same way as I do and I deeply respect their personal journeys. However, I would have expected that had I wanted to find my biological parents – That my parents would have given me full access to any and all information that would have helped me find them. I believe it was my right to know that information once I became an adult. I will be pissed off at Lisa if she withholds this information from Max.

Brandi visits Kim at her house. When she knocks on the door, Kim is standing on the very top of a barstool doing something in her kitchen. When she ushers Brandi into the house she explains she’s not doing much because she can’t. Ummm…. You were JUST standing on a stool, you dunderhead! She said she just got out of the hospital, came home and has been resting ever since… Kim said she was in the hospital for 7-8 days… She is taking anti-inflammatory medication, steroids, and 3 different kinds of antibiotics… etc. – It was beginning to frighten Kim that she had something terminal. Kim coughs deeply and looks like she can’t breathe. I would buy into it – If I didn’t just see her standing on a freakin’ stool to reach something and then got down from it with no care in the world… I DON’T BUY THIS AT ALL! Color me cynical…

kim th


Earlier that day when Kyle visits her, Kim explains that on the night of PokerGate 2015™©® that she was in so much pain while she was getting ready to leave the house that she told Monty that she didn’t know if she should go at all. Kim says, “Monty said, ‘Tell you what, take one of MY pain pills – It will make you feel better.’” LIAR LIAR PANTIES ON FIRE! That’s NOT what you told Kyle in the bathroom at PokerGate 2015™©® – You said it was a pill that the doctor had given YOU… KimOcchio (Kim + Pinocchio = KimOcchio)! Kyle in her TH said that Kim making the choice to take the pill was a bad one – but that at least she’s acknowledging her choice. Kyle explains she was worried about Kim that night. Kim says in her TH that she and Kyle’s talk in Eileen’s bathroom had a very familiar feel to it – Ummm… Yeah, perhaps it’s because Kyle’s had to deal with your drunken dupa a bazillion times throughout the years. Bravo then shows a couple of instances that we’ve seen of Kim being all wonky on the show.

Kyle expresses to Kim that she is angry that Brandi is comparing Brandi’s 4 minutes of “being there” for Kim with Kyle’s 4 decades of “being there” for Kim. I agree. Dealing with an addict like Kim has got to be so frustrating and tiresome. It’s interesting to me that it doesn’t seem to even register to Kyle at this point that Kim flat out lied to her the night of PokerGate 2015™©® – Probably because she’s just so used to hearing KimOcchio’s litany of lies. Kyle also seems to completely excuse the fact that Kim actually took a pill that was NOT prescribed to her… and instead focused on the concept that Kim has made huge strides because Kim finally admitted that she even took it. While I agree that admitting that she took the pill might be a big step for Kim – The BIG issue is that she physically took a freaking pill that wasn’t prescribed to her. That’s a huge problem for an addict, no? I mean, from a sobriety standpoint – It would still be an issue even if it HAD been prescribed to her… but that fact that it was Monty’s prescription makes it all the more batcrapcrazy! They end their discussion by admitting to always being best friends – Kim says that she’s been there for Kyle and Kyle’s been there for her. In a classic Bravo Production’s foreshadowing of future events, Kim says that nobody can come between the two of them at the end of the day. Yeah, right… We shall see…

Kim’s mad at Kyle for what happened at PokerGate 2015™©®. And, in this week’s 1st installment of “I Kid You Not”… Our little KimOcchio actually said in her TH …I KID YOU NOT, “If Kyle feels there’s something wrong – To make more of a spectacle of the situation – Especially after 3 years of sobriety – I’m just disappointed.”  Huh??? How is it possible that you’re disappointed in Kyle? How this is Kyle’s fault, Kim? YOU were the one who ended your sobriety by taking the pill in the first place… YOU were the one who was so high and wonky that every single person knew you were absolutely “on something” during PokerGate 2015™©®, YOU were the one who followed Kyle into the bathroom that night… YOU were the one who lied to Kyle about the pill and said that a doctor had given it to you… YOU were the one who refused to make a graceful exit when you had the chance to do so even though Brandi tried hard to talk you into it… YOU were the one who had to go back into the house and say something mean to your sister and then ran like a little kid away from her thus leaving Brandi to guard you like a defensive tackle guards a quarterback… So tell me, delusional Kim, how is ANY of this KYLE’S fault?

Kim explains that later that night after PokerGate 2015™©® – That she coughed and something inside her snapped. The pain was so great that Kim let out a scream and that’s why she went to the hospital. Brandi asked what the diagnosis was from the doctors at the hospital – Kim says that she had a hernia and a cracked and fractured rib – And that it hurt a lot. Kim dramatically coughs (Probably for effect – Although, I guess it could have been real…lol)… Kim doesn’t seem to know at this point what a hernia is which I find very odd especially since she was just diagnosed with having one – Certainly, one of the myriad of doctors Kim had during her several night stay at the hospital would have explained it to her, no? Oh and Kim, can you PLEASE explain to me how on earth you got up on that stool and how you were able to reach over your head for something if in fact, you had either a hernia OR a cracked rib (much less both)? Because no one I know who has ever had either one of those things could move like that so quickly thereafter – Much less get up and down from a standing position on a barstool. I mean, they were in such pain that even just talking, laughing, sneezing or coughing was horrifically painful. I smell a whopper of a lie… Again, maybe I’m just being cynical… But come the heck on…

Kim doesn’t know to this day exactly what kind of pill it was that she took of Monty’s – But only knew “it was for cancer.” Ummm… Isn’t that one of the first 3 questions the hospital would have asked when you were admitted… 1) What medications has she taken today/What are her prescriptions; 2) What are her symptoms/Where does it hurt; and, 3) What is her insurance ID number… Puhleeze…. I think Kim just doesn’t want to admit it was morphine, OxyContin or something even stronger. Brandi, actually quite astutely tells Kim that she shouldn’t have taken it because she could have been allergic to it. Brandi tells Kim she needs to surround herself with people who she can lean on and that she can trust. I like how Brandi is there for Kim at the moment – But this IS Brandi, after all… Is she really the kind of person an addict should have around her? Brandi is going to accompany Kim to Kyle’s party because she thinks it’s going to be a good ice breaker… Brandi says something about wanting to break something on Kyle… But then quickly says she’s kidding… Oh that Brandi is such a kidder, isn’t she though?


Meanwhile, at Villa Rosa – the Vanderpump estate – Lisa and her son, Max, are talking about Max’s job at the restaurant. Lisa recently promoted Max to a position wherein he makes more money in tips – But not before Max first learned how to do his previous job properly – Just like everyone else.

As one of the steps in finding out about his genetic heritage, Max wants to do a swab test that will tell him about it. Lisa says that with any luck that he will find out that he’s related to the Kennedys or to someone else who is rich and has a lot of dough he can inherit. Ken tells Max that he wants Max to be able finance Ken through his old age in the style in which he’s become accustomed. There is a very light and playful feel to this conversation.

But all of the sudden Lisa says she hears warning bells… She seems afraid that Max wants to find the family itself and not just learn about his genetic history. Max and Lisa are looking at the computer screen and filling in some information on a form of some kind. Max asks Lisa what his last name was before they adopted him. Lisa kind of smiles – She clearly knows what it is but she doesn’t want to tell him that piece of information. She says she will type it in if he walks off – but then she changes her mind. What the hell? (Sorry, $1 into cussin’ jar)…

Evidently, Lisa and Ken met Max’s biological parents but they have not in 22 years ever uttered their names. Max insists he just wants to know about his heritage – That he doesn’t care about “them.” Ken laughingly tells Max that his father was from Japan and that his mother was from Nigeria – Neither of which would likely produce the very fair, light haired Max… It isn’t clear to me if they actually found out anything on the computer or not to be honest. As Max was leaving, Lisa asked him how much he loved her… Max told her that it varies…. Lol.

Oh goodie… It’s party time! Everyone is arriving arm in arm with a gay man for game night! It’s actually kind of great… Everyone seems mixing well. They’re playing an ice breaker that’s so from the 80s… You know, it’s that game wherein you guess the name of a famous person that’s written on the sticker on your back. I’ve played this game more times than I would like to admit and it really could have been way more fun if it had some sort of interesting twist to it, no? But maybe I’m expecting too much…

It’s pretty cute… Eileen (That Tramp who I love) is asking Lisa V questions about the name of person on her back. Lisa V tells her that she would have sex with the person right now and that it’s Lisa’s “Celebrity go to man.” Eileen first guesses, “Daniel Day Lewis.” Her next guess is, “George Clooney.” Correct! Hey guys, did you know that YoYo is hob and knobbing with George Clooney in Italy even as we speak? Well, maybe not knobbing him…but you know what I mean…lol… Why aren’t we seeing that part of YoYo’s life, btw???

Anyway, back to the party… I thought the whole purpose of an “ice breaker” was to ask questions of people you DON’T know yet, you goofballs! Lol… Or perhaps the ladies don’t have to because they don’t actually have any ice to break since they all seem to know each other. Lisa stole the sticker off of Eileen’s back to put on her own back because she said that it’s the only way that George Clooney would ever be on Lisa’s back… lol… But then Lisa tells us that Ken would have to give her a hall pass for George Clooney…Because after all… it IS George Bloody Clooney, for God’s sake and George has a sense of humor – Which he would probably need, Lisa says, after she took her clothes off. Lol…She cracks me up…

Lisa TH

Rut Roh… Kim walks into the party with Brandi at her side. Kyle is incredulous that Kim brought Brandi to her party. She had just told Kim the day before how she felt about Brandi but she brought Brandi to Kyle’s party anyway. Kim comes over to Kyle to explain why she brought her. Kyle tells Kim that next time she should at least send a text as a heads-up.  Kim does not seem to understand what the big deal is. Kyle expresses that she didn’t want to do this with Brandi until Kyle was ready and comfortable. Kim doesn’t seem to care. Kim wants what she wants when she wants it and who cares how it impacts anyone else, in  my opinion.  Eileen says in her TH that it was rude and insensitive for Kim to bring Brandi… I agree! Eileen wonders aloud, “Who does that?” Eileen knows this is not the time or place for this to happen… Well, that’s our narcissistic self-absorbed Kimmie! Kyle walks over and superficially greets Brandi and immediately her attention is drawn away when Faye Resnick comes in… Wow… Saved by Faye! Lol… Who would have thought anyone would EVER be saved by Faye? Lol…

Okay… This is hilarious… Lisa R asks Kim how long she was in the hospital… And, in this weeks’ 2nd edition of, “I Kid You Not” our little KimOcchio tells Lisa R, I KID YOU NOT that she was in the hospital, “5 days.” Wait a freakin’ minute… KimOcchio just told Brandi yesterday that she was in the hospital for “7-8 days” – Which is it, KimOcchio? How on earth does someone NOT remember the number of days they were in the hospital? [Sniffs around…There’s something fishy going on around here… PLUS Kim had no idea what a hernia was that supposedly was one of the reasons she was in the hospital in the first place… AND She was standing on the top of a bar stool while she had a fractured/broken rib AND a hernia… Nope… No FREAKING way… LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR]

Okay… here’s the continuation of the big fight… Rut roh… Haz mat suits on? Okay, here we go…

kyle brandi kim fight

Kyle walks over to Brandi and Kim (Lisa V was there but quickly exited)… Kyle apologizes for pushing Brandi’s arm down and tells Brandi that she should have known better than to come in between 2 sisters especially when she doesn’t know all of their history. Brandi knows that whenever there is a “but” after an apology that it’s problematic. She’s right – It’s like an apology with a right hook. I will apologize… but I’m going to sneak in a punch while you’re not looking…lol… BUT… I will also say this…You never ever get in between sisters… You just never do it. They’ve been fighting like this for years and unless one of them is physically killing the other… It’s usually best to slowly back away from a sister fight. Brandi and Kyle start going back and forth arguing about who was being aggressive that night – Kyle maintains that she just pushed Brandi’s arm down and that Brandi was being aggressive. Brandi is calmly saying that she just wanted to diffuse the situation. Kyle says there wasn’t anything to diffuse – That it was between her and her sister and that Brandi had nothing to do with it since she’s not in their family.

Kyle wonders in her TH what gives Brandi the right to come in the middle of her family’s business. Who does she think she is?  Kyle tells Brandi she doesn’t know her and Kim’s history – Brandi thinks she does. Kyle balks and says she’s only been around for 6 months and couldn’t possibly know all of it within that length of time. Brandi thinks she does.  Brandi implies that after she talks to Kim, that she has called Kyle late at night and that Kyle just responds to her, “That’s what Kim does.” Kyle turns to Kim to see if she understands what Brandi is saying…Since Brandi brought up the fact that Kim calls Brandi late at night – and even though Kyle tells us in her TH that a friend wouldn’t announce something like that in public – Kyle asks Brandi to elaborate.  This pisses Kim off. She thinks Kyle is trying to “out” the subject of Kim’s late night conversations with Brandi. Yeah, I don’t see the point of that part, either.

In Brandi’s TH, in tonight’s 3rd edition of, “I Kid You Not” she actually says I KID YOU NOT, “Kyle is an attention-seeking whore, horrible sister, fucking bitch.” (I don’t actually think Brandi said “fucking” at this point – but the nasty word she DID use was bleeped out and because I’m not 100% sure from lip-reading… I’m keeping it as “fucking” cuz it’s a whole lot nicer than what I think Brandi really said… Kyle asks Brandi if she’s out of her “fucking mind?” Kyle is amazed that “she had the balls to come in here uninvited…” but Brandi interrupts and says that Kyle invited her and Mark to the event… Bravo rolls the footage when Kyle originally announced the idea of a “gay mixer” to Brandi and Lisa R – and Brandi’s absolutely right.

Kim tells Kyle that she walked over to them for no reason other than just to start something. Kyle says, “Are you kidding me?” Kyle reiterates that she came over to apologize for pushing Brandi’s arm down but that Brandi should have known better than to get in between 2 sisters. Kyle just looks at Kim and says, “Wow” and Kim walks off. Kyle follows Kim and asks her why she is a completely different person now than she was yesterday when they were talking in Kim’s bedroom. Kim snottily corrects her that it was actually “This morning, by the way” (Not sure how that makes it any better for Kim’s case, but okay…lol)… Kyle, disgustingly says, “No Kim, it wasn’t this morning – It was yesterday.” Wow… Just wow! That’s pretty scary, no? That would scare me to death to be THAT confused on a recent event? Wow…

At some point, Brandi is back over with Kyle and Kim talking about how Kim mixing stuff up is what she was trying to tell Kyle about in her previous phone calls to Kyle. Kyle calls Brandi a liar. They call each other fucking liars. Okay… For clarification purposes… Are they liars who fuck… Are they physically fucking people who may or may not be  liars or even fucking liars… Or are they themselves – fucking liars? They really need to be more clear… lol… A girl’s gotta know these things…

Kyle goes on a tirade about how Brandi’s an asshole… That she’s been an asshole Kyle… She’s been an asshole to several different people… She brings up that Brandi threw the wine in Eileen’s face – Which of course prompts Bravo to gratuitously replay that clip that I never tire of because it’s so outlandish – Then Kyle says, “You know what they say Brandi? If you meet more than one asshole a day, then it’s more than likely you’re the asshole.” Brandi calmly tells Kyle to back it up because she’s going to lose her temper. Kyle says she’s already seen Brandi lose her temper before.

Brandi tells Kyle that she scratched her during PokerGate 2015™©®. Kyle said she scratched her because she had a fucking spiked bracelet on.  Brandi waves her finger, “Do not come closer to me. I swear to God I’ll knock your teeth out – I’m not even joking.” Kyle retorts, “I’m sure you will – You ARE that type of girl.” Brandi agrees and says, “Yeah.” Wow…Finally, something they both can agree on! Lol… I personally think it’s hilarious every time that Brandi tries to be all badass and stuff. Kyle wonders why Brandi even showed up. Brandi again says that Kyle invited her. Kyle disagrees – and clarifies that they had talked about it that night…but… Then Kyle says Brandi that she is a disgusting person…

me kim

Kim tells Kyle that she’s so disappointed in Kyle right now because she hurt her feelings. OMG…lol… Kyle turns to Brandi and tells her to just leave them alone and that she should just go… Brandi says that she came with Kim and she’s leaving with Kim. I’m kind of with Brandi on that one… If I come with someone to a party – I leave with them… You know… Unless they leave with someone else… But the truth is I never had to deal with that with my friends…

In tonight’s 4th edition of “I Kid You Not,” Kyle tells Brandi to leave and that she’s not wantedBrandi, I KID YOU NOT says, “Excuse me, neither are you – Ask your husband.” Oh snap – And with that Brandi left the immediate area – But was careful to remain within earshot. Okay, now that was an ouch felt around the world…

Kyle is kneeling in front of a seated Kim, saying, “Kim, I am your sister and she is not a good person – And for you to just sit there like that…” Kim says, “Everything I do – I’m a good sister to you… And every time there’s a problem you try to drag me into it.” OMG…Okay… This would be funny if it wasn’t so danged sad. Kyle tells Kim she is going to regret this… Kim doesn’t think she will but she thinks that Kyle will feel bad about it… I dunno… My money is on Kyle on this one…no? Kyle is so mad that Kim is just sitting back while Kim’s “best friend” is treating Kyle like this.

Kyle wonders, “What did I fucking do? What did I fucking do?”

Kyle says to Kim, “Why are you doing this? Are you going to let this person come between us?” Kim says, “Kyle – You keep doing this – I came here tonight…” But that’s all Kim got out… Because once and for all, when Kyle’s face was a mere 12 inches away from Kim’s face, Kyle says one ginormous “FUCK YOU!” and stomps off. Wow… That can’t be a good thing, right? I’m guessing Kim won’t forget THAT anytime soon…lol…

Other Things we learned from this episode…

~~ YoYo missed all the festivities because she is going to Italy for a charity event with her husband. She’s name dropping off a cliff (or would that be a “clef” since David Foster is involved?). Names like; Andrea Bocelli, George Clooney, and Sophia Loran will be at this event. YoYo gushes that her husband is the most charitable man that she knows – And that he doesn’t just write a check but that he is willing to travel all over the world for charity. Okay, now that’s just kewl. Why can’t we see more of that?

Delusional Thought of the Episode…

As Brandi and Kim are sitting on the couch talking about Kim’s recent visit to the hospital. Brandi flat out tells Kim, “She [Kyle] hasn’t really been there for you – and I have.”  Okay, to be fair, who in the hell cares what Brandi says about anything – but the fact that Kim just sits there and doesn’t correct Brandi just puts me over the edge. And yes, I’ll put another $1 in the cussin’ jar…

Quotes of the episode…

“This is the first time in your life that no one is going to be looking at your butt.”Justin, Kyle’s ladysitter says to her when she complains that her dress was altered too short for her party.

“Oh, I’m not hugging that bitch.” This is Brandi’s immediate response to Kim’s suggestion that Brandi and Kyle hug if things go well at Kyle’s party. Kim assures Brandi that Kyle will appreciate the gesture of Brandi coming to the party. I disagree. Don’t you?

“I love Lisa Vanderpump – She smells like roses… hello?” Lisa R says of Lisa V after she physically acted out the title to the song, “I Kissed a Girl and I liked It” when Kyle was playing the game of “Guess the famous person” from the sticker on her back… Well, technically, the sticker was on the back of her leg…lol…Of course it’s Katy Perry – We ALL knew it a million years before Kyle correctly guessed it, didn’t we?

“The last thing I wanted was any negativity – And it just burst through the door.” Kyle says of Brandi’s uninvited arrival at her party.

“I don’t know how to make that better – What do you do? Get a hose and hose them down?” Eileen says in her TH as she and Lisa R are watching Kyle, Kim and Brandi argue at Kyle’s party.

Lisa th2

Next week…

YoYo tries to talk sense into Brandi again… Kyle, Kim and Eileen have lunch and Kim conveniently forgets anything that was hurtful to Kyle that Brandi said during Kyle’s party…We call that, “selective memory…” around here…lol… Lisa R talks to Brandi, but really, is that ever going to do any good?… Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Well, that’s it for this episode… Thanks so much for reading… Have a most excellent week! Happy Trails!


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388 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Drama Queens”

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I didn’t watch so I’m looking forward to reading. From the title it sounds more Drama filled than usual.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hi y’all! Stars – the blog was spot on. And your adoption story was touching as well. I have three adopted nieces/nephews and none have sought out their birth parents, so far. My niece is from China so no way she would. But the other two were local adoptions. I could feel Lisa’s mixed feelings right through the TV screen.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Hey there Husker Hunny – Yeah… I understand how Lisa would have mixed feelings. I’m not sure how much more we will be seeing about this subject… I’m not crazy about this being a storyline, to be honest. We will see…

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – I didn’t watch the fight part. I dozed off when Kim was talking to Brandi. It sounds like we got Season 1 & 2 aggressive Kyle back. I don’t enjoy sister drama, I’d have rather followed Yolanda to Europe to see Sophia Loren and George Clooney get their award from David’s charity.

    • ladebra says:

      I was thinking about that. Isn’t the “rule” that to film a trip thingie you need two housewives? YoYo wouldn’t invite Brandi, Kim, kyle or Lisa… And Eileen is a working actress, she couldn’t go. That leaves Lisa R but maybe the event didn’t want HW drama and cameras in the midst of their party. Too bad, it would have been way more entertaining than the mixer.

      I got the icky feeling while watching this episode, that Kyle and Kim totally faked this up for a reason d’être this season. Maybe not the fine points, but the general idea, and you know – they aren’t that great the actresses. I just get that feeling.

      Great blog Starzy!!

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        I’d like to think they were faking it, but I don’t think so. I think the reason you’re getting that “actress” feeling is they are hiding the addiction thing with the cracked rib excuse. Plus all those after conversations are fake fake fake – probably rehearsed a zillion times.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t think it’s fake-I don’t even think the general idea is fake. I think Kim is still deep in her addiction and Kyle was totally blindsided at poker night. I think Kyle is very naive when it comes to Kim’s addiction and she needs to get some help for herself-she seems to believe Kim’s lies or at least pretends-Kim is a crappy liar so I’m hoping Kyle only believes her when they are filming!

          • ASH- you know I wasnt a member of the Kyle fan club and her face at poker night SAID IT ALL- she was completely blindsided. Plus she drove to the thing happily with Trashbag💩®©™….

            Kyle didn’t know.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            I don’t think Kyle is naive about Kim’s sobriety. I just think that she would like to hope that she’s sober each day. I don’t know, I saw a desperation in Kyle’s face like, she’s going to find her very sick one day. I can’t imagine what it’s like to want to help someone so bad but that person has to want to get better.
            I’m not making much sense today, btw.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks, my neighbor, ladebra – It’s interesting you think it was faked. That’s an interesting concept… I guess I felt very sad after I watched it. Addiction is a tough thing.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    Back to Apprentice, I’m a little confused by why Kenya is thought to be so “mean”. Because she repeated what she thought was Vivica’s tweet in the boardroom. Not nice, but not worse than the comment Vivica made about Shawn being on her period. It’s inappropriate and breaks the girl code, but is it mean to say someone is hormonal?

    Unless I see proof of Kenya stealing the phone and tweeting that out, I refuse to find her guilty without evidence. Vivica seems to be the mean one to me.

    I still can’t get over Trump firing Ian, Johnny, and Brandi. One of them – any one of them I guess could have been held accountable for their loss, but all 3? Their jingle wasn’t horrible, just not great. I thought Kenya’s photobombs were far worse, and only one of their team got fired.

    Once again, I’m done with Apprentice. I should have known better than to watch. It’s just a joke.

    • Veena I’m Vith Vous!
      I personally have found Vivica to be nasty all season long.

      I think — since the turnaround on the post-production / or maybe something with filming times? — trump had to rush out 4 people instead of just maybe 2 or the normal 1 …..

      Leeza it shall be ……

      At least Eyean has Brandi’s number ….. And not just from this last task I think he had her from day 1 and knew how she was acting up.
      He said yesterday – I forget – venemous to be relevant.

      • T-Rex says:

        Chisy- I would also like to point out that Vivica hasn’t gotten far in her career because she has pissed off a lot of high powered folks and she is a bitch! She will never be anything more than a D-list actress because she has been blackballed by a lot of the major studios for her tirades and behavior!

      • Orson says:

        Okay, I don’t get this… Trump knew how many episodes this season was going to last and he knew he was going to have to fire an “apprentice” each episode until the last episode. Wouldn’t a financial wizard like The Donald be able to figure out how many “apprentices” to hire for the season?

        • Orson I think the Trump negotiates crazily and wonkily ….he probably had casting issues to firm up.

          Then they have to get clearance to film with whatever locales they are doing —

          NBC has had a rough go of evening programming for a WHILE now so I’m sure they pushed him around back and forth.

          Look at Shahs — now they’re coming back in March ? They were supposed to be in October — Union issues.

          So who knows.

    • lila1star says:

      Right there with you. It is the reason I stopped watching years ago but I did watch this one because this is DT formula–there is always a double elimination but I forgot the two shows a week thing and thus he just tossed them all out. The only one that might not have been planned was Ian but he just wouldn’t shut up and stop arguing with DT. So off he goes……

      I had a theory come to mind as I watched–Viv was pretty calm when Kenya began talking about the tweet etc… and I could not help but wonder if the two planned it hoping to get Geraldo fired??? Geraldo wont win this–Leeza will–In fact he may not even be in the final 2. Trump always has a lackey on the inside and I think it has been Geraldo. he knows he is not going to win–in fact the guy looked so tired. I could be wrong but I think he is gone next.

  4. T-Rex says:

    Mmmkay, well, first thing I am going to address, since I do have experience with it, is the memory loss when taking cancer level pain killers. There is a ton of memory issues while taking the higher levels of the oxycodone and frankly I even blanked out my dosage stating it was 2 mg at the highest, it was 25mg when I got out of the hospital. I asked my doc and those in “end stage” are taking 50mg or higher, very potent and dangerous. When you are doped out on that stuff, days run together, conversations run together, you forget things, I think I mentioned Mr. TRex took to videos(which better not ever surface on YouTube or I will be an episode of Snapped!), just so he could show me how “funny” I was all doped out. The one thing my doc said is that they didn’t want me to have to be on the pain meds long term since they really do mess with your brain, your cognitive memories, and your perception. I don’t think SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim was in the hospital for Bronchitis or Pneumonia(both of which would give you an extremely high fever, note she never mentions that), I DO believe she may have had a hernia, as there have been mentions she is back to her bulimic state(she has said she has been a bulimic since her teenage years). My guess she was in the hospital to get her vitals back to normal, not from any real sickness and it was probably about two days. The fact that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is calling THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi in the middle of the night and being “aghast” that her sister would “out” her about that means that she is still USING! Like our beloved Kit who is going through some issues with her own family mentioned, these kind of folks are “closet” drinkers and abusers, they don’t do anything in front of folks so that they could see them, but drink and drug while hiding in their home to not draw attention to the fact they are f***d up. SO, my question is, will THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi take full responsibility when they find SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim passed out dead on the floor from drugs/alcohol?? She is now her enabler, she has made that perfectly clear!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      My dad has old injuries from when he was a POW, and they have really upped his pain Meds lately, so ITA with your experiences.

      I hope you’re feeling better (((T-Rex)))

    • RabbleRouserR2010 says:

      (T-Rex) xxxxxx

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy-you laid it all out!! Thank you for sharing your personal story of adoption-I’m so happy your parents “picked” you. You are fabulous and I love you!!
    Now onto the shit show!!
    How the hell can Kim not know how many days she spent in the hospital? The thing I always wonder about people who lie so much is why the F aren’t they better at it? It’s like she doesn’t even care that her lies are shitty! If you are gonna lie to me you better WORK! You better get me to believe everything you are saying and don’t trip over your lies or I will call your ass out quickly!
    Kyle knew everything Kim was saying was a lie and she didn’t question anything-I hope when the cameras stopped rolling she called Kim on the bullshit. Kim needs some accountability here and no one is expecting it or demanding it and it drives me CRAZY!! She relapsed-not on accident. She willingly took drugs-that’s her fault. Not Kyle’s and not Brandi’s-the blame is on Kim. I’m over her at this point and wish she would quit and go away-to rehab or just off the show-I don’t care which.
    Kyle was a fool to apologize to Brandi-she should know better at this stage of the game to ever show Brandi any sort of kindness or weakness. Brandi’s face when Kyle apologized-the first time(she apologized twice-the first time was without the “but”) was smug and self satisfied. She thought Kyle was going to take all the blame for the whole poker night and Brandi was so happy about that. All Brandi had to say was “I’m sorry too”….end of story. But Brandi being the disgusting horrible asshole that she is can never be that person. She has to be an asshole-it’s all she knows. I wish Kyle would have walked away-I would have tried my best not to engage but I know I would have-I would have done exactly what Kyle did and more. I love how Brandi tells Kyle to back up as if Kyle were so threatening to her-that’s not it at all. Brandi wasn’t feeling threatened-she wanted to knock Kyle’s fu*king teeth out. She 12 feet taller than Kyle and she wasn’t the least bit “threatened”-she was however pissed off that Kyle wasn’t threatened by her.
    When did Brandi become Kim’s protector? How the hell did this happen? She hovered around Kim and Kyle at poker night and again last night-what’s the point? Did she feel like Kim needed back up? Kim does just fine with taking care of herself with Kyle-she know exactly what she doing when shes saying things to her. She knows how to turn everything on Kyle and make everything Kyle’s fault-she’s had plenty of years to perfect this move. She doesn’t need Brandi’s help with her sister but Brandi could help her with facing the fact that she is an addict-if Brandi cared about that part!! I don’t think Brandi gives a shit about Kim’s addiction-I think Brandi likes feeling like she “won”..she always has to win. Pick me pick me-that’s Brandi. Needy and attention starved. She has to be number one and she will do anything-ANYTHING-to be number one. Kyle should just let her win-her prize is Kim-take her…but take all of her-not just the part where she makes you feel like number one-take the part where she makes you feel like you are number 2.

    • Bravo —- 👏👏👏👏👏

      Totes agree. I can (rarely do) lie — but the ones closest to me know if I’m joshin’ …. But if you’re going to lie to teachers, professors, the police, doctors ,a judge – whatevs — be good at it!!!
      Kim can’t even lie to those she’s filming with.

      Where are these “acting” skills!?!?!?!

      Please for the love of god and all that is good and holy in this world 🙌🙏please take Kim and Brandi and give them walking papers.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      👋giving you a high five for all that.

      And a big smooch to Chismosita! 😀

    • plainviewsue says:

      No need for me to comment. Jill said it all!!

      But I will add, thank you so much Starsy for sharing your beautiful adoption story with us. Also, this blog might seriously be your best one yet!!!

      I LOVE your I KID YOU NOT statements!!!

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks so much, Sue… I really appreciate you and your comments… I KID YOU NOT! 🙂

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      My favorite Jill in all the Land – Yeah, who knows what is happening with Kim… I suspect that she has been taking pills for a while… a single pill taken days ago doesn’t impact your memory like that… Kim is an addict. I somehow keep forgetting how chameleonlike they become in order to get what that want… I guess we will see how this all plays out. I happen to think you’re fabulous, too, my friend!

  6. Sus says:

    I’m calling BS on Kim’s hospital story. 7-8 days?? Bullshit! Rehab or the psychiatry unit yes, not the hospital for a broken rib from coughing. Until I see her medical records, I will believe she was in rehab for her relapse. Taking a pain pill without your substance abuse counselors knowing is a relapse. That’s just how it is. When you are an addict, you can’t take pain pill prescriptions and even some OTC medications the way non-addicts can take them. It all has to be approved.

    I can’t believe Bravo allows these people to lie like this. It’s insulting that a lunatic thinks we are going to buy this story.

    And, if it’s true that Monty encouraged her to take the pill, he’s a big jerk.

    • T-Rex says:

      Sus- I think that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim has been taking Monty’s pills regularly since he has been diagnosed with cancer and staying with her. One thing about end-stage cancer is that they kind of just keep giving you more pills even if you are taking a bit more than you should. If she is taking just a two of his pills a day, which is a HUGE amount of drugs, his docs wouldn’t really notice. These pills are extremely addictive if you are taking them for recreational and not for real pain! My guess is she is addicted at this point

      • Orson says:

        Trexy, I agree with what you said. Sus, I disagree with you on one point, but it’s probably an issue of word choice. I don’t believe Kim could undergo “Rehab” in a 6-9 day hospital stay. What she could have gone through is “Detox”, which is a part of Rehab but isn’t all there is to it. So, yeah, they flushed the drugs out of her system and did medical stuff, but they did nothing for her addiction.

      • 2Stupid says:

        Towards the end with my mom last year they were giving her crazy amounts of pain medicine. They said the pain would make her blood pressure go up and whatever we did just keep he pain down. I mean we were giving obscene amounts of morphing those last days, but we were keeping her comfortable. Trust me if we wanted to, we could of taken some of those pain meds. They didn’t keep track of how much we were using just making sure we had enough. Now they do come and get every bit of it afterwards, but they are pretty easy breezy during. The nurses know how much they are suffering and are being kind.

      • Austin says:

        I agree, T-Rex, that the pill Kim took the night of the poker party was not Kim’s first narcotic rodeo. Not hardly.

  7. Stars – your personal story was so touching and I’m sorry if perhaps you had mentioned it before here and I missed it but just wanted you to know that it moved me.

    I was like Princess last night – seeing Lisa talk got me emotional.

    ……before the show got 90210-ratchet

    EXCELLENT recap! 🌟👏👏👏

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much, Chiz the Wiz… I honestly don’t remember how much of it I had mentioned before… There’s a lot to it… Different people have different experiences with it… This was just my individual perspective… It will be interesting to see if we see any more of this storyline…

  8. VV I have notes I jotted down for your timeline. Say the WORD ! 📝

  9. HuskerHuny says:

    I take a bit of offense (just a bit) at the comment that we are back to the season 1 and 2 aggressive Kyle. I as well don’t like watching the sister drama between Kyle and Kim and Kim’s addiction. I don’t like it because I lived it with an alcoholic father and brother. I’ve shared this on here back when Kim’s finally admitted that she was an alcoholic. Kyle’s ‘aggressive’ behavior is totally understandable to me.

    Watching my mother yell at my father while he was in an altered state of mind (and I’m around 12 years old at the time), telling him that she’s leaving him and taking me with her. He looks at her with empty eyes and basically says O.K., go. Fortunately rather soon after that interaction, my father almost died (yes, I said fortunately), but he lived and he lived another 40 years alcohol-free and thank you Jesus for those years. It was the fear of death that scared him straight.

    Unfortunately, alcohol killed my brother, even though my family, his wife, his daughter did all that we could to get him through it. After going through countless rehabs and living a sober life between each stint, he just couldn’t get through his last bout and died at age 62. He died alone in a motel room and I have to live with that. Addiction – nasty, nasty stuff.

    Kyle has had to resort to ‘tough love’ because she will not enable Kim and her excuses (Monty’s cancer and the stress of her daughter’s wedding) to excuse her from breaking her sobriety. I’m not the biggest Kyle fan at all, but I so understand her feelings and words when it comes to Kim, her sobriety and her friendship with Brandi or I should say The Enabler Supreme.

    It just comes to the point that you cannot take on the problems of the addict and you have to save yourself and your sanity. Kim needs to once again seek out a program and remove herself from her situation if she wants to stay on the straight and narrow. She cannot handle Monty’s health right now and maintain her sobriety. But she cannot see that and as long as their are people like Brandi who will let her wallow in her sorrow and excuse the fact that she’s taking substances that will throw her back into her addiction, that’s just what Kim will do regardless of what Kyle says. And Kyle did the right thing by walking away last night. For what it’s worth, Brandi could use a bit of therapy to get over her own problems (alcohol, divorce, low self esteem to name a few) and move on from the Eddie mess. She’s a thug and resorts to threatening violence at the drop of a hat.

    So sorry to ramble about this (once again), but you just cannot believe how much my memories were stirred up by watching this and how I will totally support Kyle by taking the stand that she does. Love to all of you and thanks for listening. You guys and this blog are my therapy!

    And by the way, another five inches of snow this morning. No school once again and it’s going to get bitterly cold tomorrow. Hello winter!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      HH-hugs to you and thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry that these episodes bring up so many painful memories for so many of us but I’m thankful that it opens up a conversation between us all. (And you didn’t ramble!! XOXO)

    • T-Rex says:

      HH- Hugs to you and what you have gone through! You know what after reading this it just sort of “dawned” on me that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim has “attached” herself to that SuperEnabler THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi because she doesn’t make her “responsible” for her actions. In addition she is like “look at me, I can drink, I can function drinking, SO CAN YOU” with her behavior and interactions with SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim! You have an alcoholic/addict quietly getting sloshed at home, then calling her “friend/enabler” at 2am because anyone else would be horrified at her calling them drunk at that hour. Drunks think they can sound “okay” on the phone, like they are able to “pass” as long as no one has seen them drink, WRONG, you can tell, HH you can probably attest to that! I don’t like Kyle, I don’t like what she is doing either, she IS making this about her to some extent, and that’s wrong too! Look put your foot down, call your Family and Her family have an intervention, get her to fess up yet again to using and place her in Rehab. Don’t sit there and egg this shit on for ratings, she knows her sister is using, she probably knows her sister was never really sober either.

    • HH – a ❤ hug from me as well, to echo JILL ⬆️- I'm sorry this makes you feel uncomfortable …..I'm sorry about your father and brother.

      I agree Kim needs treatment but like LEGIT GET OFF THE DAMN SHOW minimum what – 3 months ??? – treatment.
      This is just beyond at this point.

      • Orson says:

        Yep, Kim needs Hazelden, not some Malibu rehab/spa like the ones Lindsey Lohan repeatedly went/goes to.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Thanks guys for the hugs and words, they mean a lot. But for what it’s worth, I live every day with wonderful memories of both my dad and brother even after watching their journeys. I sure wish they would have taken a different path, but they both had big hearts and spirits. That’s what I remember most of all and it’s what I celebrate!

    • California35 says:

      I’m so sorry you and your family went through that 😔
      This is why I sympathize with kyle on this one. Also sympathize or acknowledge that Kim has a problem.

    • plainviewsue says:

      These episodes truly do put the real in reality. I can understand how trying this must be for you to watch. As someone who has not experienced this, it rocks my core. Husker, you are strong!!!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      (((HuskerHuny)))) big bear hugs to you.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Husker- ITA on your take on Kyle.

      Like you, these episodes bring up bad memories for me-I feel you.

      Sending you love…

    • lila1star says:

      I am so sorry Husker for all you went through. Reading your post brought painful memories. I come from a long line of alcohol and drug addicts. I became the perfect enabler until some kindly recovering addicts woke me up with tough love. Seems like another life time as I was young when I saw the light. My step brother died last yr of alcohol poisoning–he too alone in a motel room. My brother has came within inches twice in 2 years. Ok–enough on that.

      I did have a point regarding Kim, Kyle and Brandi. I am not sure I have ever believed Kim was totally sober except for maybe last year. In her mind she thinks I am not drinking just helping myself to Monty’s pills so I am sober. For all anyone knows Monty may not have known Kim was dipping until the show. Who knows–but I have a huge question for bravo–there has already been one death on this show and Kim herself claimed if she ever went back to using she would die! Is this not enough of a red flag for TPTB to either dismiss her or insist on rehab or no job?

      Then there is Kyle–even after all these years she is still stuck in that loop of hope, then dashed hopes, pleading and defending herself to the addict her sister which plays nicely into Kims delusions. Kyle needs to really walk away.

      Brandi–needs to go–the end.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Hugs da Lila1star… Wow… You also have really been through it, haven’t you? It’s really tough to helplessly watch someone struggle with addiction. It kind of makes me mad there is so much drinking on this show…

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hugs da Husker Hunny… You’re right, addiction is nasty. So sorry you have lived the horribleness of it… And thanks for sharing your story.

    • RabbleRouserR2010 says:

      (HH) xxxxx

  10. To continue with Stars’ episodes of “I Kid You Not”…
    From Kim’s blog posted January 28.
    “Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night! I was in the hospital for nine days.”

    Yes, you read that correctly; nine (9) days. When I gave birth to twins (YES, TWINS…and it was not a c-section), I was in the hospital for 2 nights. When I had my gall bladder out, I was in the hospital for 1 night. When I had my adenoids and tonsils out, I was in the hospital for 1 night. When my dad had a herna, he was in the hospital for 2 nights, when he had his knee replaced, he was there for 3 nights. My mom had her hip replaced and was in the hospital for 4 nights and 1 night at a re-hab that she checked herself out of against doctor’s orders. See, this is not all that hard to remember. It is actually so easy to remember the truth as opposed to fiction. Just sayin’.

    • Wow namaste – twins ! Why did I not realize you had twins- identical? (My ultimate dream) —
      And you see how QUICKLY they got you out of the hospital !- though I know with non-csection they push you out (no pun 😉) much faster.

      For Kim – during a FILMING SCHEDULE that these women are given — to just disappear for 8-9 DAYS. – no way.
      And to not be able to confidently communicate what her issues were.
      Beyond. Just beyond.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I had open heart surgery and I was in the hospital three nights. I call bullshit on the whole thing.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        My mom was 78 years old when she had quintuple bypass surgery. She was there six nights. Never took a single dose of pain meds.

    • RabbleRouserR2010 says:

      I had a huge tumor removed from my leg- that even required a surgical drain…and I was in the hospital ZERO nights.

      When I had my pelvic sling surgery, which required them to cut open my lower abdomen and remove tissue to use for the sling- and other incisions beyond that to actually perform the surgery- and was catheterized for TWO WEEKS , i was in the hospital for ONE NIGHT.

      So I agree with all of you, Kim is full of crap.

  11. Orson says:

    Okay, I’m having trouble with Kim’s story. If after Pokergate 2015 she coughed and something snapped, then why did she take Monty’s pill BEFORE she went to the party? To treat her (ahem) bronchitis so she could smoke a cigar without choking on it? When my brother was fighting cancer, near the end, he had like 2 shoeboxes full of bottles of medicines for him. I guess if Monty is that ill, he’s got a similar home pharmaceutical collection. I suspect Space Cadet just took a pill or 4 from the bottles on her own; Monty didn’t offer her any. Though in her addled mind, she may have figured if Monty didn’t want her to take some, he wouldn’t have brought any with him. So yeah, Monty “gave” her a pill. Anyway, she’s so addleminded from years of booze and pills and the current crop of pills that she in all honesty probably isn’t sure of what really happens now herself.

    Starzy, great recap, seriously. I learned a bit about adoption from the adoptee’s point of view. My 4 previous 2nd or 3 hand experiences with adoption are from the parent’s (bio or real) POV. Now, about your vocabulary…would you be interested in the February Potty Hands Special? For a $20 advance payment, you get 22 cuss words? Before you just say no, remember, there’s a BH reunion coming up.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I was wondering about that also Orson-she said the snapping/popping happened AFTER poker night so what the hell was hurting her so badly ON poker night…she’s a crappy liar!

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Classic addict… Can’t even figure out that the web of lies doesn’t make sense to a reasonable, logical person.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      ^^^^ “Potty Hands……love it Orson

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much Orson, No not Wells… but the one from Ork – I really appreciate your kind words… My vocabulary has gone to heck, hasn’t it? I’ll send $40 to the Cussin’ Jar thru PayPal, okay? I’m a Girl Scout – Always be prepared… lol…

  12. Can yall tell me the background – just in like a sentence – sorry as im still just a sophomore at Beverly High — (Exit that’s for you 😜)
    — does KATHY involve herself at all in caring for Kim and the Kim issues????

    Or it all falls to Kyle and Mauricio

    • Orson says:

      As far as I can tell, Kathy has no interest in any of this Bravolebrity crap. If she does help Kim, none of the sisters go to the tabloids about it. And if she doesn’t, again, none of the sisters go public with it.

    • Exit4 says:

      lol Chismosa! I’m glad you liked the sorority story! That was nutty wasn’t it? I knew you’d get a kick out of it!

  13. I want to know WHY we can’t see Yo’s fabulous life —- filming that when she’s on HER yachts or when she’s HOBKNOBBING …..

    ????? Maybe the King won’t allow ? They don’t have permission, etc ?

    That’s what I want to see, not sad sisterly addiction- drama and anorexic bit@h a$$ GIRAFFES with leased houses and leased cars. No. 🙅

    • SoutheastVA says:

      The big name celebrities or tycoons probably won’t sign release footage of them for the producers to show them.

      • That’s fine …. But let’s at least see her flying there or walking the streets of Venice or Rome ???
        The yacht they were on before – I feel like Yo said its David’s – if it was, I would have loved to see that.

        Or if Yo returns- to see her flying all over the world to work on her illness. That could be educating …..

        You are so right about the A +++ listers !

  14. California35 says:

    Good morning! stars thanks for the blog, funny and entertaining as usual ☺️

    I will admit i stoped reasing right before the “party” stuff. I also must admit I watch only some of it last night. I may watch another time. When there are a few episodes. I can live without the drama, i will rather go look for a soa😋. I do LOVE the blog and i wont stop coming here 😊 but BH is getting less and less entertaining, with the same stuff over and over. Less air time for the wives not involved in the stupid 3 way fight. The issue we keep seeing is the sameone, but ALSO one uncomfortable. Who is wrong ? Who is right? There are a lot of issues in one. Any waaays.

    Lisa and Ken are funny and it sound like Max is too. If he said “it varies” when Lisa asked how much he loves her lol funny and true 😋 .

    • California35 says:

      *I rather look for a soap opera.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Waves at my neighbor, California… You crack me up that you stopped reading before the fight scene… Although I do admit you’ve saved yourself some grief by doing that… It wasn’t pretty… It wasn’t entertaining… And it made me sick to my stomach.

  15. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Starzy, thank you for sharing your story of adoption with us, it was truly touching.

    I may be 100% wrong here, but I think that Kim is using Brandi to hurt kyle in some way. She victimizes herself like a professional. There was no way for Kyle to win with her–why not tell Kyle that Brandi was going to show up? Look at the scene when she’s talking to Brandi and then she’s talking to Kyle. The two conversations are totally different and Kim is able to reassure the other.
    Of course, Brandi is capitalizing off of this situation.
    Next episode doesn’t seem to get much better. Brandi decides to low blow Yolanda by saying that people call Bella an alcoholic. If that’s true, why say that? I don’t think Brandi has ever been accountable for what she’s done but she’s running out of people that will back her up. I hope for the sake of the show that Kim and Brandi don’t come back next season.

    I don’t know what to think of when I saw this episode. I’m a little confused myself. lol my boys are both sick with the flu.😷
    I’m wishing you all a terrific day! 😀

    • MEL good call. Kim has ISSUESSSSSSSSS

      I think that since we have what – the 3rd wine 🍷🍷🍷toss of 2015 coming up – that’s started via KIM who likely is jelly of the WORKING actresses — remember her hallucination-like improv with Lisa in the car ride to pokergate ?
      I wonder if brandi is involved and in her jealousy of well — everyone on the show — and animosity that eileen may have gotten together with Starz’ boyfriend while they were both married ? — maybe brandi manipulates Kim into working at Lisa – and that’s how next Cabernet gets thrown, via KIM. Who may or may not still be under B’s spell.
      I rambled, sorry – trying to piece together what I think will happen there.

      hey I owe you an email – !
      Please take care of your babies !

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        You make me laugh, sweetheart. 😉
        I’m also trying to make sense out of this…

        How are you? You staying warm? I bought the book, The Fault in Our Stars—hoping to be able to read it soon.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Mel, I think your point is very valid. Kim loves the idea of these two women fighting over her. Yes, Brandi wants to take advantage of it, but Kim is enjoying the fact that someone wants to take down Kyle with her.

      But why was Brandi so friendly with Kyle on the limo ride over to Eileen’s? Whole thing is bizarre.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Kim’s mind and her ability to reason is altered. Brandi is her hero and says nothing to her to make her feel like she’s doing something wrong. Kyle is the bad person who tells her that she is doing something wrong. Which one is Kim going to believe? The enabler of course.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Hi Sue, I hope they Brandi at the reunion why she was so chummy with Kyle and then turn in her so easily. Maybe Brandi thought that she’d somehow make Kyle the villain and stick with poor Kim?

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Foxymel, do you think Kim letting Brandi disrespect Kyle is her way of giving Kyle a taste of her own medicine. Remember Kyle she used to let Lisa V, Taylor or any other friends speak to and about Kim any way they wanted…Season 1?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hey there Foxy Loxy – I hope your sons feel better quickly… I think the episode was very confusing… Bravo had fun splicing scenes here and there… telegraphing future scenes… telling us things without really having to come out and tell us things… I think it’s tough on us to watch because it’s billed as a “Reality Show” but we have no way of knowing how much of it is reality and how much is fabrication for dramatic purposes. You have some interesting points… It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  16. Uhhhh we have to go through Facebook??? Can we tweet questions ?


  18. Kim got awfully tan in the hospital. Just sayin

    • ladebra says:

      LOL – and the same heavy blush make-up person was doing Kim this time that did Jennifer G’s last show. What’s with that?

  19. Great blog Starzy-lisious! Thank you!

    Where do I vote for this not To Be Continued…?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much, OMIB… I wish we could vote on aspects of this show not to be continued… Wouldn’t that be great? A girl can dream, can’t she? lol

  20. BTW- no mention of Brandi calling Bella an alcoholic? On national TV? She’s what, like 17?

    Yolanda and the King, my love, are paying the price of their friendship with Brandi. Just like Adrienne, Lisa….pretty much everyone….

    Lessee what happens now.

    • California35 says:

      Yep! She uses what she knows on her “friends” the moment they said something she doesn’t want to hear.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      YUP! Play w. a snake and make it a pet… soon it’ll bite you. Or in this case chop off your head and your child’s head like a crazed Samurai in order to shut you up.

      Could it be that Brandi, if she doesn’t have a DUI, thinks that she’s better than Bella because she never got caught?

      Or does she imply that a teen student, w/ little life experience, getting a DUI is comparable to a continually drunk 42yr old nuisance, who ‘socially’ drinks every day and many times to excess?

      Pick better friends YoFo cause your daughter was just thrown under the bus by your BFF.

  21. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Kim LOVES being the center of attention. While she contends that the fight between Kyle n Brandi is about prior hard feelings, she can’t help but love the SET UP. They are both, sister and bff, fighting for her love, battling who will be her ultimate protector. The only thing this dramatic hag needs protection from comes in a child proof bottle or 2BuckChuck. KIm is the perennial victim. Something is always being done to her. She takes zero responsibility in breaking her sobriety, instead she blames Kyle for posing the questions that led to the admission that she’d relasped. She’s disappointed in Kyle, for doubting her sobriety while she is flying higher than a roller coaster at SixFlaggs. This bitch is Crazy, Deluded n Insane.

    Brandi is so desperate to have someone to physically film w/ that she’s holding on to Kim like a rabid dog w/ a bone. She can’t count on YoFo, aka DaHomeboundJetSetter, who is either sick at home or traveling the world for a cure, a vacation or being the Kings+1 at celebrity events. She NEEDS Kim like a crackhead needs a hit. She’s also getting a sick kick out of being able to harass Kyle by using her own sister as a weapon against her. Kim, during a bender, has more than likely betrayed Kyle and told this toxic trick, (Thanks Vivica!), secrets about Kyle that BlabberBrandiRunNTell will most likely hurl at Kyle in 3… 2… 1..

    Kyle keeps defending her sister and wants her to keep this gig, however it is this gig and the public eye that keeps catching every fall that Kim takes off her wagon. She NEEDS to be off TV and to commit herself to staying sober. Living her mood swings w/o public scrutiny and just maybe she’ll be able to be successful. Every failure of Kim’s does become about Kyle because she’s the one who has to deal w/ it. I couldn’t imagine living at least 3 decades and dealing w/ a drunk addict who shames, mistreats and blames everyone for their own actions. Hell yes Kyle is tired of the B.S. but keeps insisting she be employed at BRAVO instead of deployed to Promises or BettyFord.

    Kim should get off the TV and write her memoirs. I’d be interested in her young days running w/ the cool kids of Hollywood. I’d also like to hear the REAL story and start of her addictions. Then maybe she would be able to stay sober.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Well said, Amber. You’d think that by now, Kim would see the light(present day) in regards to Brandi. Also, didn’t Kim’s dog just attack Kyle’s daughter? If I were Kim, I’d be very nice to Kyle right now.

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    Remember back in Paris when Kim and Brandi were becoming friends? At the reunion as soon as Kim said one thing that Brandi didn’t like-BAM -out came the shitty pillow-Brandi is going to do that to Kim again-those late night phone calls will all be public the second Kim goes against Brandi. Look how quick Brandi went in on Yolanda’s daughter-she didn’t even blink-just BAM-right for Yolanda’s heart.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      ITA Can you imagine all the secrets Kim has blabbed if she’s been impaired and speaking to that jackal in the middle of the night? You just know she’s roasted Mo’Reese and Kyle but imagine if she’s gone in on Kathy, Paris n Nicky too? The horror…. LOL

    • Wow. So true.

      Yo- I forgot to mention yesterday that JADORE your new gravvy!
      It’s hysterical. She was a (not so) HotMess on CA trying to dance and look sexy

    • T-Rex says:

      I think this late night drunkRodeo these two are having, is also scaring the beejeezus out of VileKyle because I am SURE that along with information VileKyle has previously given up to THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi, that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim has given her even more dirt on her own sister. When someone is an alcoholic and drunk and lonely, they are going to confide in anyone that will listen to them and that skank THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi, is just in there waiting for her to give up the “goods” on her sister! SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is in such a “state” now she can’t remember even what day it is, so she probably doesn’t even realize that she is talking about the private information of her family to someone she should not trust, and that person is probably taking copious notes of what is being said.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      The Brandi/Kim relationship isn’t about Brandi really caring about Kim or her problems; it’s more about how Brandi is loving how much this is bothering Kyle. Kind of sick really.

  23. Exit4 says:

    Starsy-every word you said about adoption-it’s like I was saying it myself. Very beautiful and very true. I was the same, don’t remember being told-I always knew. I remember my mom telling me that one day, the phone rang and they said “we have a little girl for you” and they were so happy. I had a book called The Little Girl Who Had 2 Birthdays-mine are 2/13 and 4/4.

    Finding my birth parents is a subject I’ve always thought about-but never acted on until 15 years ago. A co-worker of mine was also adopted through catholic charities and she actually found her birth mom. She explained the whole process to me-it’s very specific and facilitated by them. I sat on it for a while and decided to do step one-get my social medical. Basically, it’s the social workers file with all the info (last names blacked out) about me and how I came to be adopted. From my birth moms own experience. It’s “my story” so to speak! It was the best thing I ever did. All those little feelings of “who am I” and “why” were put to rest. I never struggled with being adopted, but I wouldn’t be human if I never wondered. There were things in there that surprised me and a couple eerie coincidences-but I never completed the process and I don’t have a burning desire to do so.

    When you’re younger or also for people who haven’t experienced adoption in their lives-sometimes I think there’s this romantic vision of meeting your birth mom and running across a crowded room into her arms and all will be right and well. It’s not. It’s not an Oprah moment. It’s 2 strangers who’ve built their lives apart. It’s actually scary, the idea-you’re bringing someone into your life and they into theirs. They could reject meeting you, they could be dead. That could hurt more. That being said, I haven’t shut the door on it happening one day-but its not a priority. It really is a lot to think about. I hope Lisa allows max to take the journey if he wants too-but I also understand how hard it is for her.

    Even after learning my background-I didn’t really get it until my oldest was born. I was alone in the room with him, feeding him and snuggling. I remembered from my social medical, that my birth mom was not allowed to touch me, hold me, feed me or anything. No physical contact. She was allowed to see me and she said I was beautiful. Then she had to go home and never see me again. It hit me, that somewhere out in the world-is a woman who went through everything I just did and then she had to go. It made me so sad and I cried for her. It really is the most selfless gift. I thought about my mom and that phone call telling my parents I was here-I realized she was more then just happy. I got it-I finally understood it all.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Even though I already know most of this story…I cried…again!!
      You are an awesome person Exit -thanks for sharing and answering so many questions!!

    • shamrockblonde says:

      *hugs Exit really hard* – I have never really spoken about this, but after having given birth to my first child, late that night, in the room next to mine, my roomate and I could hear a young girl crying – she was telling her Mother that she did not want to give up her baby after all – the Mother was trying to tell her that the baby would be better off, would live a better life – we could hear her crying saying that she did not even get to kiss him goodbye – we could not hear the Mother’s words, but her tone was one that implied words of comfort, or soothing – my roomate and I held hands and cried right along with her – it was heartbreaking – and an incredibly brave selfless thing to do – I have often wondered over the years, whatever became of that little boy and I pray for him often – you are a blessing in your parents lives, and their love for you is endless –

      • Exit4 says:

        You are so sweet. That is heartbreaking. Very much so. My birth mother was a 16 year old girl. In the report-she said several times she wasn’t sure if she wanted to give me away. I got the impression her parents wanted her to. I don’t think anyone was with my birth mom-family wise anyway-I know she had to live in a home for unwed mothers for a few months. My birth father quit school to pay the $5 per day expense. He was 17. I hope someone was there for her, like the mom of the girl in your story. I will say a prayer for that little boy too!

    • Exit – my god I’m like tearing up. So beautiful and moving. You know I have much 💚💚💚for you.

      So beautifully written.

      I teared up at Lisa getting teary about it. I’m sure Max will have full support and find his right path. Lisa won’t stand in his way I don’t think.

      Much love to you girl 💕💕💕

    • boston02127 says:


    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Exit4 – Thanks so much for sharing your story… I totally agree.. I think it takes so much love to give your child to someone else to raise… A truly selfless act…A gift. Hugs you… I hope this isn’t a continuing storyline for Lisa…

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    Yo in all liklihood does not have permission to film with all of those A listers – as for Kim and Kle – I have said it before – if it was my sister, she would have been off the show and me along with her – I think Kim’s mind has suffered as a result of her drug use – she clings to Brandi because Brandi is the voice of yes – Kyle is trying to stop her from hurting herself, an thus, becomes the voice of no – I do agree with ONE thing Brandi said – that having Monty living with Kim must be overwhelming – while on the surface, it seems a very noble selfless thing to do, it should be very clear by now that it is not helping Kim – and probably not Monty – at all –

    Lisa V may have not wanted to say the name of her son’s bio parents on camera – jus a thought –

    Stars – the blog was jut delicious! – and thankyou for sharing your story – it truly touched my heart – my heart is with all of you who have walked in Kyle’s shoes – grace can be glimpsed in the courageous way in which all of you fought for, loved and protected your loved ones – remembering them with laughter, with joy is the best way to hold them in your hearts –

    *hugs entire lynnfam really hard*

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hugs the Shamrock really hard… I think it’s kewl how we all relate portions of our lives to some of the scenarios we see… While; this is an especially tough season, at least for me, because it deals with dealing with an addicted family member, cancer, and now adoption… It’s interesting to read other’s perspectives on the subjects. I love how people on this blog share their own stories here… Makes it worth watching through all the crap that we too often see on Bravo…

      • VV™ says:

        Lisa V may have not wanted to say the name of her son’s bio parents on camera – jus a thought –


        My thoughts exactly

  25. lillybee says:

    Since Yo claimed that she is the world’s fastest packer, I would love to see a pack off between her and Jinger Duggar. Yo packs for 2 with help, Jinger is stuck packing for about 18 with no help.

  26. T-Rex says:

    If McJudgeyMcNeedyYolo has ANYTHING to do with THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi after she called her daughter an Alcoholic and that McJudgeyMcneedyYolo needed to get her kids in line, she will prove to me that she is ONLY aligning with her because of her complete Jealousy of ThyRoyalVPUmp. That teenager had a “whoops” it was a bad one it was a DUI and she did community service and I believe that her mother made sure she was unaccountable for her actions. THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi has ALSO had a DUI! She did so as an ADULT so I don’t know where she gets off telling anyone they have a drinking problem after getting a DUI without pointing that finger squarely at herself. At least Bella isn’t sucking face with random dudes, some who are just disgusting, and had pictures of her tampon string on display and others where she is completely falling out of her dress, or just completely falling down drunk! I have said this now for several seasons that McJudgeyMcNeedyYolo is jealous of TheRoyalVpumps relationship with Mohammed and his children, I think that when they got divorced, Mohammed got TheRoyalVpumps in that friendship custody, they were friends before McJudgeyMcNeedyYolo, and she went on to marry someone else and they only interacted socially occasionally, they were not BESTIES. When McJudgeyMcNeedyYolo got on the show, I think maybe she thought TheRoyalVpump should kiss her ass and be more friendly to her, but they weren’t ever really friends.

  27. Exit4 says:

    Just to throw this out there-I know Kim is an admitted addict. We know she’s had addiction problems-but maybe there’s actually more?

    I remember when Britney went off the rails and they out her in rehab. She came out quickly and said she’s NOT an addict. Turns out, she was bipolar. Amanda Bynes-people thought she needed rehab. Turns out she’s a schizophrenic. Robin Williams had addiction problems-the list goes on. All of these people abused substances, to mask something else. Maybe Kim has more going on in that sense? Mentally. If she’s not being treated properly for that-nothing will change.

  28. SoutheastVA says:

    I just saw a story stating that Gigi Hadid was announced as the face of the Australian swimwear brand Seafolly. I’ve never heard of the brand but I’m sure it’s another feather in her modeling career cap. Good for her.

  29. Wonder where Kathy Hilton is in all of this. We’re watching an absolute train wreck unfolding in front of us and as much as I don’t really like Kyle, this isn’t just her sister, there are the family members.
    I know, I know, we probably don’t know what they’re doing behind the scenes blah blah- but it looks like Kyle is pretty much the only one twisting in the wind right now.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Kathy Hilton has her own problems-I know she tries to come off as some sort of respected figure when she graces RHOBH with her presence but let’s be serious-she’s a nut job. She’s like totally and completely nuts-Vanity Fair had an article about Paris a few years ago and Kathy was there for most of it-her nuttiness was off the charts! I get that’s she loaded but money can’t buy you sanity!! With all the crap that goes on with her own kids I don’t think she has time to worry about Kyle and Kim behaving badly on BH.

    • I asked that way above 👆👆👆👆

      So weird. I almost want to read their freakin story ….. The one about the mom or whatever. I was shocked to see on wiki that Kim was born like 2 towns away from me !

  30. designernailsdiana says:

    WOWZA Starzy love the blog. I enjoy your hilarious take on what these cray cray Bhilly women do.
    First off I will say that my DH is adopted and his adoption was thru the Children’s Home Society back in 1961. I believe he was just weeks old when his parents got him in a twofer deal. They were just adopting Mark who’s 2 years older and all of a sudden there’s a newborn who needs a family so they offered him to Grayce and Joe. DH and Mark are only brothers because they are in the same family not biological. They couldn’t be any different. Grayce was the sweetest Mom (mom in law to me for 2 short years). They PICKED their sons and gave them the best home. In 2006 my DH wanted to find his birth Mom. He wanted to get family history and if he could Thank her for giving him the best family life. He wrote a sweet letter telling his accomplishments and schooling, sending her pictures of him and his new wife (me). She didn’t want to meet him nor acknowledge him and only gave him family health history. He was so gracious when the social worker from CHS called him to give him the news. She said it was so nice to hear an adoptee handle the news so levelheaded and calmly.
    The worse part about being an alcoholic is blacking out, not remembering what you said or did the night before. It’s awful and horrifying. I know because I’m an alcoholic. I stopped drinking 2 1/2 years ago. After a friend showed me pictures from a night of drinking. I was so upset that I couldn’t remember it that I vowed to never drink again. It’s been hard for those friends to handle and some have stopped hanging out with us because I don’t drink anymore. Too bad for them I’m much more fun sober. My DH is 100 % supportive and he helps reenforce my sobriety. He doesn’t call me an alcoholic, but I know that’s what I was/am.
    Some of you know how hard I’ve been fighting with fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. I’m doing so much better this week. I can go a whole day and not take one pain pill. I’ve begun cutting them in half to keep it under one if I can. I have chronic pain and do NOT want to become addicted to pain pills. I know it’s too easy to let addiction take over. I’m addicted to food, how do I stop eating?? LOL Cotton balls and air get boring day in and day out for dinner.
    I wish Kim’s family and friends would stop enabling her to keep using. Stop letting her lie and call her out on those lies that don’t make sense. We all know if it don’t make sense it’s a lie. STFUBrandi is only friends with her because no one else wants to be friends with STFUBrandi. A burned bridge is not easily crossed unless it’s repaired. STFUBrandi needs to fix herself and Jen is not doing anything to help her friend get clean. Jen is a terrible addiction counselor if she is one.

    To those of you who cheered me up yesterday, my Dad had a great story to tell about the swat team coming in and telling everyone to exit the store. He spent 3 hrs in a car with the big bosses listening to their cell phone calls about what was happening. The man who caused all the craziness ended up taking his own life after a stand off with police miles away from where it all started. It sounds like he was a career criminal in possession of a gun that he wasn’t supposed to have access to. It’s sad, but I am so grateful that nobody was killed by him.
    Hug your loved ones a little harder for me tonight.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      God’s blessings to you Diana and your sharing of your story. I too began having blackouts in my early 20s after a night of partying. But knowing my family history with alcohol, I really put on the brakes and watched my intake. After that, no blackouts. I can have a couple of drinks and be O.K., but I don’t go any further than that. It’s just not worth it. I even watch my aspirin intake or any other drug for that matter. I’m just too scared to follow in the steps of others who have gone before me. You’re a soldier and you’re fighting a great fight. Keep it up!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      WOW!! Good for you Diana!! You did what was best for you-I’m proud to hear your story! Thanks for sharing and keep doing great!!

    • Diana — best to you and thanks for sharing. Good for you —- and I have to say- as I lost a great friend about 10/11 yrs ago to AA – and she felt–I guess, that I & my friends were deemed not ready to hang with her since we drank – and it upsets me to this day.
      I’ve recently made contact with her — I think she felt SHE wanted to separate from us. And it was so odd – with her – she and I would drink at the same rate, same things, and SHE would have blackouts and be kind of promiscuous – eTC..
      It was clearly a PHYSICAL condition with her and it was genetic in her family a LOT. I learned so much from all that …..
      I didn’t understand that if 5 of us were drinking the SAME THINGS at the same rate – why did it affect her that way?!

      I was so bitter that we lost her as a friend since we’re not big drinkers – we could clearly hangout with her any time and NOT drink and have a perfectly good time. But I think SHE had to make her choice. And I must respect that.

      So after drunkenly emailing her one night – we got in touch ! LOL

      Incidentally she met someone at AA all those years ago and got pregnant – below the 1 yr mark i believe they try to teach/promote.

      Sorry i blabbered on about this but your story made me think of Doreen – my friend.

      All the best to you ! ❤

    • Diana- I thought about you all last night. I’m so glad that this was resolved in a way that your father was safe and sound.


    • T-Rex says:

      DIana sending you tons of HUGS! Good for you for having the guts to see that something was harming you and standing up to it and to keep clean these few years congrats! I am so sorry you are still dealing with your other medical issues but that they are getting a bit better, like you I am in chronic pain, it is getting better but still have that fear of addiction like you do, although my docs have told me to forget that nonsense they would know if I started abusing my pills. Glad to also hear that your Dad is okay after yesterday and he gets a great adventure out of the deal, even if someone did pass away.

    • Exit4 says:

      Good for your DH. I never gave CC a letter or anything. I thought about it-but I didn’t. I did leave my name and contact info in case she ever sought me out and she has not. That tells me she may have put it behind her and that’s ok. NJ recently passed a law that adoptees can request their original birth certificates starting in 2017. The birth parents can opt out-which is why the wait is 2 years. If they opt out-they will have to provide a medical history. I would like to have that. I plan on requesting it and will accept whatever I get back. Although I like to joke it saves a ton of time filling out the forms at the doctors office! Glad your dad is ok and your feeling better!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      DesignerNailsDiana – I love how your DH handled his adoption response… These not so great reactions are quite common… Sounds like he’s handled it well. My parents had to wait 4 1/2 years before they could adopt me… I think we lived in a high demand area… I think your husband gave his biological mom a gift – whether she acknowledges it to him or not. Thanks also for sharing your own story about addiction… I know it sucks and it must be hard… Nothing but hugs and love to you… My heart goes out to Kim – but she needs some real help… at least that’s what it looks like to me. I hope she gets it…

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Diana, first, I’m so happy your dad is ok. Ground him another night and that’s it. 😉
      The story regarding your husband, wow! He has you as his support and that’s also the reason why he was ok with the situation.
      I’m glad that you’re feeling a little better with the fibromyalgia–chronic pain is not fun and I can only imagine how hard and brave you have to be when you are in pain and have to decide how to manage it. Big hugs to you and your family.

    • VV™ says:


  31. lila1star says:

    I just want to say how really great you guys are. Stars–great blog and ty for sharing. After reading here for years and only recently coming out of the shadows you all have been nothing but kind and allow me to share as well. Thank you all.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Great re-cap! Thank you.

    Kim is like a cancer. Kyle needs to cut her out of her life.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      You’re welcome, Bostonian… The sisters certainly don’t seem to be very good for each other right now, do they?

  33. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Diana really hard* – I’m glad that your Dad is okay – that would have scared me silly – give him an extra hug for me – I would give the world to be able to hug my Dad again – your DH sounds like an amazing man – he was blessed to have the parents that chose him – it takes great courage to see that you are harming yourself and your loved ones and be able to stop – I am very proud of you – corny I know, but I am, just the same – stay strong – you are beautiful inside and out and never doubt that the way you handle your sobrieity has helped someone else to maintain theirs – we all face inner battles and we never know how our courage, our persistence, our refusal to give up affects those around us, even people we don’t know -your inner strength is inspiring – mucho love always –

  34. jezzibel says:

    Brandi is one of those people that when you burn a bridge with her, ya kinda hope she was on it at the time.
    I came from a hard drinking past with the military, where you could drink yourself stupid on a nightly basis, as long as you showed up for formation the next morning, right and proper. I never was a pill popper, and I have a deep mistrust and healthy fear of the VA . I got sober a little over 3 years ago, sobering up was the easy part, having to come to terms with all the other stuff was the hard part.
    I suspect that there are a lot of things that Kim does not want to confront mentally and emotionally, so while she no longer drinks, she is still very much in the grip of her addiction. The only way that Kim will truly sober up is if she decided to do so, no amount of peer pressure, national embarrassment, and losing her job is going to make her do it, she has to be the one to make that choice, getting her into a real 6 month out of state treatment facility(not a malibu spa/day care center) might set her on the right path towards sorting herself out, but she still has to want to be sober.

  35. California35 says:

    Home ☺️ I can now enjoy the whole blog and comments ☺️

  36. California35 says:

    Starz my neighbor ☺️ I will read the rest of your recap, i know i skipped it this morning. I prefer to read than watch… I do want to know what went on 😋

  37. California35 says:

    Oh!! Did you guys saw that Andi commented about “my gays”?

    • YES! Someone had to put these HoWives in check.

      So demeaning.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ohhh Andy was not happy-he isn’t like the gay men I know!! (I’m no longer using “my gays” even when explaining things-I’m scared!!)

        • Awwww…our first fight.

          All forgiven.


          • not THAT Jill says:

            Not for nothing-our first fight sucked! We wouldn’t make as HWs!! No crying…no scratching telling deep family secrets…and I learned a lesson-totally unHW like!!

          • California35 says:


            Well i never used it because i dont “have” any 😋

        • MM in OC says:

          I wish Andy would get over himself. I bet he wouldn’t say that to Kathy Griffin, who has been saying that for years. I’m really tired of the PC committee whitewashing everything we say today. Pretty soon “stupid” and “ugly) will be inappropriate words.

          • He wouldn’t say it to Kathy Griffin because she trademarked the phrase.

            She’s also made a career as a shock offensive comedienne. She’s not a shi shi Beverly Hills Housewife trying to be edgy.

            I think it’s bullsh*t that someone passes off not being bigoted as PC. If it’s PC not to define someone by their sexuality than yup- whitewash away.

            BTW? Stupid and ugly ARE inappropriate words.

        • Exit4 says:

          Sometimes andy acts like he’s the voice of all the gays in the world ever. He doesn’t like the term-ok-some don’t mind it. Kathy griffin has been saying it forever! And she’s BFFS with Andys bff Anderson cooper! I don’t think he was actually mad though.

        • lillybee says:

          Didn”t Jill Z refer to Brad as her gay?

          • California35 says:

            Yeah, “my gay” and “my gay husband” funny how later that changed and were not friends some reason.

            • Exit4 says:

              I think it’s an individual thing. If you have a gay friend who is ok with the whole “my gay” or gusband designation-and some are-then you use it. If they don’t like it, like andy doesn’t, you don’t use it. I was being a little sarcastic above and I hope I didn’t offend anyone because that wasn’t my intention! I respect andys feelings on this like I would anyone else’s. But-he shouldn’t make blanket statements about what is acceptable for all gay people-especially when he expects others not to make blanket statements. Regardless, I don’t think anyone is mad at anyone over it.

  38. kit9 says:

    Exit! I got hung up and couldn’t finish last night, got so late and today’s been crazy busy..I’m dying to read all the comments! ….I don’t think Kyle meant to fight at all much less in front of people last week. I think she tried avoid people when she kept walking Kim away from everything. This week, I say anger. Deep anger and resentment at her sister. To have to see Kim waltz in, all smiles, with this woman, who had just verbally and physically attacked her? Kyle had just told Kim how upset she was with what Brandi said and told her she didn’t trust her and she shows up with her to Kyle’s own party? It’s a big FU to Kyle. I don’t care about what she did to you, I don’t care if this ruins your party for you, I want her with me! Me me me! It’s yet another selfish act on a mountain of selfish acts all addicts inflict on their families.

    Kyle knew she should just suck it up but to watch the two of them, together, knowing her sister knows what Brandi said about her was a lie but Kim’s clearly not setting her straight is so frustrating and she just got angrier and angrier and angrier and blew, wanting at least a reciprocated acknowledgement of some sort of responsibility on her part. And, it’s a LOT easier to focus her anger in the mo on Brandi than the bigger issue, Kim.

    The anger that comes from dealing with an addict day in, day out for years(the constant lies, emotional abuse, self absorption, more lies)is complicated enormously by the fact that your anger gets pushed down often out of necessity because the addict is the focus and in crisis. And, when they’re sober, you’re so freaking happy and relieved you just want to move on. Till the next time. And there’s always a next time. So it builds up. And, eventually that anger explodes. I usually blow on something small..considering everything my sister’s done. And, infinitely less than what Kim did. You can go to Al Anon and it helps. But, at the end of the day, if the person continues to use, the anger continues because they issues that cause anger and resentment continue. So, while I wish Kyle, for her sake, had been able to shove it down one more day, because having it play out like it did is only going to cause her more grief, I understand it.

    To be honest, I try to put myself in her shoes entirely and it’s impossible because my sister would never allow anyone to treat me the way Brandi did Kyle PN. No wimpy pleading from Kim to Brandi to stop–my sister would come down on them like a ton of bricks. Drunk or sober. So, I can’t fathom what Kyle felt. I’d have cut off all contact with her. Kyle’s not ready to do that. But, she should, imo.

    • Exit4 says:

      Kit-thanks for replying and explaining it all. It’s very hard to understand unless you’ve been there. It’s hard too, when watching this to forget that their lives aren’t just the little box housewives has put them in-with these sisters it’s a whole life’s worth of stuff playing out here. As fans, you get caught up in story lines and who wants camera time and not realize there may be more going on.

    • lila1star says:

      Well said Kit–I do not know if I can keep watching if they stay on the Kim/Kyle story line as it is right now. I do not blame Kyle and I feel bad for her but I want to jump through the tv and shake her to get her to stop playing right into Kim’s hands. Kyle’s pitiful cries of “what did I do wrong” etc… are just way to uncomfortable because I know Kim is pushing Kyle’s buttons and somewhere after all these years Kyle knows this but gets drawn in anyway. Been there done that and do not want to watch it…..

      • not THAT Jill says:

        When Kim said to Kyle “you’re going to feel so bad about this” or whatever it was I thought to myself “what a manipulating bit*h!!!” She knows exactly what she does to Kyle and she’s perfected her manipulating ways. It’s terrible to watch and then adding Brandi’s smug satisfaction on top of it is just too sad and way too much.

        • lila1star says:

          Exactly! I just wish Kyle would shut Kim down once and for all. Kyle has to know the game by now and I do know how hard it is to not react but she has to stop reacting to Kim. Kyle has an addition too and it is Kim!

      • kit9 says:

        Omg, I’m so with you. I had enough after Poker Night, part 1. This is not why I watch the show. I want an escape from these very issues! I want decor and real estate p*rn. I want fun stuff-the stuff that is sometimes described as boring on Twitter.

        • lila1star says:

          As long as Kim can keep Kyle and Brandi fighting then there is no focus on Kim and her not so sober self. Classic addict behavior. Im with you Kit–I do not watch for this kind of “real” in reality tv. Give me the glamorous vacations, closets, homes, swans, puppies, clothes, food, and even lemon groves. Watching WWHL and at Bravo–it appears they are promoting this story line and I find that disturbing. I am already down to this one HW show and soon there maybe none.

  39. kit9 says:

    And omg, thanks Stars for the blog. I don’t know how you do it so comprehensively and so quickly! Incredible.

  40. OT but MobWives is coming on.

    At least you know who you’re getting with these broads. No one pretends to be wealthier than they are.

    Everything’s real but the boobs. And the lips. And the Botoxed foreheads…sigh.

    Never mind.

  41. MM in OC says:

    Here’s a few of my opinions regarding adoption. First I’m pro adoption. It’s an amazing and wondering gift to give to a childless family.

    My best friend adopted a friend’s cousin’s daughter. This birth mother had four kids and didn’t raise any of them (one adopted, the other two in foster care). She went into labor early because she couldn’t help herself but to get high thinking it wouldn’t impact the baby because she was so far along. I’ve met this women. She’s an embarrassment. I won’t bother telling you all the crazy stripper name she gave that baby on the birth cert. It was an open adoption for the first few years as the mother wanted her other two daughters that she still has a relationship with to have some sort of bond. Well after a few years those young girls got pregnant and they don’t have the time or inclination to keep in touch. At some point Sammi will start asking questions. Wondering if the grass is greener. I often wonder what my best friend will be willing to tell her. “oh honey, your mom was a crack ho that got pregnant during a one night stand. We tried to find your daddy during adoption proceedings, but he never came forward.

    Another very close friend of mine gave a baby away for adoption when she was 18. It took her 8 years to tell me about it. She obviously was concerned that she would be judged, she feels some guilt. I say good for her for making the right choice for the baby. We have enough children raising children today. I just can’t celebrate that. (I’m not trying to judge anyone here, we all have our opinions). I guess at some point recently the adoptive parent tried to reach out to my friend on Facebook and it really freaked her out. It’s just a reminder of a bad choice she made long ago. Blood can’t magically create some type of familial relationship. I really don’t think she’ll ever want to meet her son.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to be adopted but there’s no doubt I would be curious (do I look like my parents? why did they put me up for adoption, etc etc). However, I would have to be prepared for any scenario. I think too many adopted kids think that a gap will be filled, and are inevitably disappointed. I can also appreciate how difficult it would be for a parent of adopted children. They put all the hard work into raising a child and I imagine it would initially feel like a betrayal to have them look for a birth parent, as if they could provide something the person that raised them did not.

    I luckily don’t have children, so I only have to deal with these issues in the periphery.

    • Exit4 says:

      I think it’s much easier for everyone in an adoption scenario to simply tell the truth. Starz and I both experienced always knowing we were adopted. I don’t remember being told. I think it’s harder when you find out when you’re older-and even worse from someone other then your parents. So for your friend, she should tell her daughter the truth. Maybe not use the words crack ho-lol-but be honest. Because unlike my adoption which was closed, this woman is known and she may fimd her someday. If and when she realizes what kind of person she is-she may blame your friend for not warning her, especially if she gets hurt. JMO.

      I feel for your friend that was freaked out by the adoptive parent. Adoption is so different now, most are “open” and contact is always a possibility. I was born in the 70’s and it wasn’t like that. Seeking out the child you gave up or your birth parent is so complicated.

      • mm in oc says:

        My friends daughter knows she came from another woman’s stomach. She’s a precious gift. Dad wanted to keep it secret but bff said absolutely not. But I do worry 10 plus yrs from now if or when she wants to meet her what that might entail.

    • Orson says:

      I’ve seen 2nd or 3rd hand 4 adoption incidences.

      First was a girl I was dating. About 3 years before, she had to take a break from her catholic high school to have a baby. She put it up for a closed adoption (this was around 1974), and went back to high school, graduated, and got a job. Now, she had a girlfriend who got pregnant at the same time, dropped out, married the father, and kept the baby. So, by the time I was in the picture, the baby was a 2 year old, and every now and then my GF and I babysat her. And yes, there was some transference on GF’s part and sometimes when we were sitting and putting the girl to bed, GF got quiet and teary eyed thinking about could have beens and what was.

      Second was my friend’s brother and sister in law, who fostered a mixed race infant born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Or maybe crack. Anyway, eventually they adopted the boy. He was always a little slow in development (toilet training, reading) but he was the sweetest little boy I’ve ever known. And I base this judgement on the time I was visiting my friend at his parents and the rest of his family was there too. I knew them all and when it was little Chris’s bedtime and he was sent on the rounds for goodnight kisses, he wasn’t at all timid about coming to me (who he never remembered meeting before) for a goodnight kiss. And he grew up to be a friendly gentle young man.

      Third was my friend’s daughter. She got careless while away in college and got poor grades and pregnant and came back home. She did an open adoption, and communicates with the parents and sees Josh several times a year. Birthdays, Exmas, and other stuff. So, Josh has an extra family, I guess. I don’t know what he calls his bio mom, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but he’s loved by them all.

      And then there’s friend’s daughter’s older sister. She adopted a newborn in July. Or got the newborn in June… the adoption wasn’t official/final until December (6 months later) where they went to a judge and got the pink slip on Max. I don’t know if it’s an open or closed adoption. Maybe this a Karmic balance with Josh?

      Anyway, I guess if there’s a point in this, it’s that the adopted children I know are very loved by their real parents.

  42. MM in OC says:

    Kim and Brandi have succeeding in making me feel sorry for Kyle. Yuck! I still don’t agree with what Kyle did season one in outing her sister, but let’s face it Kim is a big ole mess. I don’t think she’s ever been through a reputable program because she has never had any remorse for her crappy behavior. Moreover, she’s definitely been on something at least one episode during every season since her supposed sobriety.

    I used to like Brandi, but I feel (like Jill Zarin), she’s felt emboldened over the past few years and is rewarded by her really bad behavior. I’m hoping she goes the same way as crazy Jill because I really don’t like grown women that act like her. Kyle did not invite her to the party. They had a discussion regarding having a party. It’s in very poor taste to just show up after a major altercation like that and expect to be greeted as an invited guest. The fact that Brandi is acting like she is best friends with Kim is a complete joke.

    Can Bravo just cut all their footage and just show the Lisa’s and the soap star? Even Yo can come back if she stays of the high horse.

    • austin1963 says:

      Regarding Brandi saying she had been invited to the party, I totally agree with you. If I had a friend with whom a possible future party was discussed and then later that friend and I had a falling out, and then she ended up throwing the party anyway at a future point, I certainly wouldn’t show up and act like I was invited. Who does that? (Brandi, I guess).

      • T-Rex says:

        Austin, you do remember who we are talking about right? There was a party with FREE Booze, Cameras rolling and she knew she would be able to draw full attention to herself in front of a crowd, and have it on camera to be shown on television! She is a Media Whore, and an alcoholic, so of course she would show up uninvited to a party, anything to make it all about her, her her her and her. She is as her name suggests THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi

    • Hi MM – hope you are well —-
      Good points and I wonder if Andy gets off on creating one or two per franchise who are so SO over the top and then gives them room to grow 😀in their sneaky ways, then enough rope – to hang themselves 😱and get themselves fired.

      I find him sadistic in a way.

  43. TexasTart says:

    VV – the location for Kyle’s gay mixer….wait, that sounds weird, lol
    Nic’s Beverly Hills

  44. TexasTart says:

    Stars! I appreciate your recap and agree with your take on everything. Another tough episode. I didn’t see Kim on the stool! Oh my gosh! And I didn’t realize the part where Kim has confused when she saw Kyle last, even though it was within 24 hours. That whole bit you wrote for the first Kid You Not was so perfect. (KIM) YOU were … this and that and ending it with how is any of that Kyle’s fault. Kim is the consummate addict. I don’t think Kyle did anything out of line, nor do I find her to be aggressive. People can only be pushed so far – and we don’t know how much Kim has put her in the past.

    My favorite part of the episode was Eileen’s TH suggesting to “hose them down” and I shamefully, or not so shamefully enjoyed Kyle’s FU to Kim. Oh! And Kyle’s little gymnastics move to get her clutch in the closet, lol

    Thanks for sharing your experience and feelings about adoption. Surely Lisa will not keep that from Max. My niece is adopted and a joy. It was a private adoption, the parents were in high school and my sister was allowed to be present during the birth and effectively became her mom that day, along with her husband. My niece (9 yrs) has always known she was adopted and has met her birth parents. She looks a great deal like her birth mother.

    Recently, my niece was sitting across the table and said “You look just like grandma.” I agree and she said “It’s because your fam-i-ly.” And at that moment I felt a little sad that she doesn’t “see” herself in us, but it’s best that she knows why she doesn’t have a visual connection.

    • Exit4 says:

      It has happened several times that people who don’t know-say to my mom and I that we look so much alike. We just say thanks and wink at each other. It’s really fun and a new experience for me, obviously, to compare pictures of me as a kid with my kids now. I see me in them. Especially my youngest-he’s all me.

  45. TexasTart says:

    Forgive me for not posting after each of you individually, but I joined in the conversation so late, not sure it will be seen —- THANKS TO EVERYONE who shared your personal stories today! 💕👫👭👫💕

  46. TexasTart says:

    I collected some tweets last night and didn’t get to post. They were during the BH episode last night:

  47. TexasTart says:

  48. VV™ says:

    • VV™ says:

      ….and I may add, Stassi was not featured on this episode.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        That’s great, but Kristen somehow has to get her job back so she can be in the mix somehow.

        • VV™ says:

          Lisa said that’s unlikely. Kristen said recently it was time for her to go.
          Kristen is good TV and the reason she wasn’t fired earlier was in part that she never received a bad review at the restaurant. Apparently, she’s a good waitress.

    • TexasTart says:

      Wow, the same number BH had last night – 1.7 million.

  49. VV™ says:

  50. Veena (NMD) says:

    no new blog today

    Reading through the comments (and Stars blog) I’m a little teary eyed over all the sharing. You all are such special people.

  51. not THAT Jill says:

    Every time Brandi gets called out for her disgusting antics she says she’s just trying to make money so she could provide for her kids. How many people here are trying to provide for their kids? How many of you would do what Brandi does to provide for your kids? Is it even an option for most “single” mothers to be on TV and become famous for getting cheated on? I don’t know how other “single” mothers relate to her? 99% of single mothers who were cheated on don’t get to be on TV or are able to sell their story to a magazine-so who is relating to this chick? I would also love to know why some defend her as if they get paid for it? What does she do to deserve such admiration and loyalty? Is it all because she was cheated on? Were all her fans cheated on too? Did Leann rimes steal all their husbands??

    • This is truly reprehensible. You are right x1000000000000

    • T-Rex says:

      BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First off, she has a FATHER OF THOSE CHILDREN, somehow she continues to fail to mention the fact that he is providing a VERY GOOD life for them. He pays for their school tuitions in full, she doesn’t, he pays for their uniforms, and all of their extra-curricular activities, SHE DOESN”T. He pays child Support and while some think it’s not enough, well uhm “BITE ME” because the only thing she has to provide them is food when they are there, and a roof over their heads, only 40% of the time, since they reside most of the time with THEIR FATHER and he is paying for everything else including their Health Insurance!! She is doing this shit for her, her her her her her her her and uhm HER! If she Cared SO MUCH about her kids how about not being DRUNK OFF YOUR ASS all the time, with photos, and film to prove it, how about NOT being half dressed and showing off you Tampon String in public, while sucking face with random dudes on the street, some of whom look a just a mere step above a homeless person! How About NOT going on Twatter embarrassing yourself and your family, How about getting to know what the word “TRUTH” means and stop your pathological lying!

    • Orson says:

      Ah, with a lot less notoriety, she could still possibly have gotten work as a model. But I suspect that no one really wants to hire a drunken “truth cannon” no matter how boldly she wants to wave that “Cheated on and divorced mother of two flag in peoples’ faces.”

      • Powell says:

        Remember Lisa helped her w/that. Got her a multi page issue in a mag of a friend and that I think Lisa writes an article at times. Out of Yo, Kyle who tried to be her friend and Kim has any of them ever helped Bobble get a job? And w/their connections, maybe not Kim now, but the other two could have helped her. No one did but Lisa. But Bobble pissed on Lisa’s hand then bit it off.

    • Powell says:

      HA! I read the string from the tweeter Annette and people are blasting Bobble. Only 2 Brandiacs defended Bobble. The others are not having it.

  52. TexasTart says:

    Got a new voice activated hands-free device for my phone because the City Of Austin has a new law that you can not HOLD a phone while on the road.

    So I’m testing voice activated calling – inside the house near hubs phone – I call him and off goes the Looney Tunes theme song?! I.died.laughing. 😄😃😅😂😂😂😂
    Now some folks might take that the wrong way, or take themselves too seriously, but I laughed until it hurt. I knew he had a song ringtone for all of his friends…and most are very cool, but I never considered what my ring/song was…apparently it’s been on there two years!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Haha-that’s awesome!! Looney Tunes!!
      (I need to ask Kevin what my ringtone is…I’m scared!!)

    • T-Rex says:

      TOO FUNNY! Mr TRex used to have that annoying one that’s a siren that said “the wife is calling”, even he got tired of that one. My text sounds are Zelda “found it” sound from the game. Right now I am the Hawaii 5-0 ringtone!

    • Orson says:

      The name of the Looney Toons theme song is “The Merry Go Round Broke Down”.
      When I was driving, I used a bluetooth ear piece for phone calls. I’d still have to use the fast dial thing to call people and if you called me, I’d greet you by saying “Hi, hang on a minute while I put in the blue tooth.” I never understood people turning, merging, or parking while holding a cell phone up to their ear. I always wondered if that phone call was really *that* important.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        I can’t even change the radio station when driving – unless at a light – so no phone texting, calling or holding while driving!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Lol I think that’s hilarious too. My neighbor had the scary music from The Exorcist when his wife would call. Lol
      Powell knows the scary song I’m talking….ta naanaanaanaanaa……😂😂😂😂

    • California35 says:

      Lol that is so funny and it is great that you have a sense of humor —

    • Powell says:

      I’ve had my phone since March and haven’t found a custom ringtone. I like real music from artists, the album. And free. I don’t pay for anything other than my mthly bill. My last two phones I had Alicia Keys, Fergie and Mary J Blige. I hate it that custom ringtones can’t be transferred to a new phone cuz I can’t hardly remember where I found the previous ones.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        I can make you ringtones. What do you want?
        Here’s one of my text tones

  53. Jezzibel — have to agree with my bestie about your comment about bridges burning 🔥🔥and brandi. Fantastic comment !

  54. designernailsdiana says:

    Thank you all for your support. It’s not easy to open up personal parts of my life, but I feel comfortable with you all.
    🌹💕🎉💋👣 Thank you to everyone who shared their stories too. It’s nice to know none of us lives this life alone. Blessings, Diana 🙏

  55. Hello all! I’m sorry that I’ve been absent for awhile, other than VPR blogs. Work has been crazy busy! Thank you Stars & Exit for sharing your stories. Watching Lisa’s interaction with Max this week was bittersweet for me as well. My brother & I were both adopted as s& have always known. Like Exit, I remember having books that dealt with adoption & it wasn’t anything to hide in my family. Though I have toyed with the idea of searching for my birthmother, I have never taken any steps in that direction. My mother & I have discussed searching at length, so I know that my parents would fully support whatever decision I make. Exit, I could not have expressed the contradictory feelings that come with the decision to search any better. On one side, you have this fairytale idea of meeting someone that you instantly click with. On the other side, you may discover that she wants nothing to do with you or is dead. Though I don’t talk about it much, I did post something on my personal blog about it last year. If anyone is interested it’s at

    • Exit4 says:

      What a great blog! It’s been so great to hear everyone’s stories and thoughts. I don’t talk about my adoption very often-it’s not something that comes up very often. But it’s comforting to hear what other adoptees thoughts are, you feel like, yes-people understand! You mentioned the safeguards in the NJ law. As far as I know, the only safeguards are that birth parents can register with the state over the next 2 years-and say if they want no contact, direct contact or contact through an intermediary. If they want no contact-they have to provide a medical history. Exactly how this will be enforced I don’t know.

      It seems to me that it’s up to the birth parents to take the initiative to do so. Thats why the years long lag. So, if there’s a birth parent who doesn’t want contact, but doesn’t register with the state-the adoptee will get their name. There won’t be any counseling provided. I plan on getting mine. I would really like a health history. I’m in my 40s-Id like to know. If one or the other opts out-and that’s all I get, I’m good. I will understand that they have moved on and are choosing to put it behind them. It’s not a personal rejection of me. If I get a name? Here’s where the contradictory part comes in-a perfect word for it. I’ll google. I’ll look on facebook. but actually contact them? I don’t think I can do it. If they contact me? I may be more willing to open the door. I know how screwy that all sounds! I wish I had better words to explain, but for now contradictory is the apt word.

  56. T-Rex says:

    OMGosh this is just too sad! Hearts going out to her family, so young and so tragic, no one’s family should have to go through this

    • T-Rex says:

      OMFG this is SO NOT written by her! “Broaching”, “snappish”. “cultural heritage” seriously. no way she knows any of those words. We need to start jotting down words we know she couldn’t possibly ever use and twatter to MzAndy an “I dare you” to get her to use these words in an actual sentence if she every appears on WWHL again, LOL! Oh and why are medical issues more important to a SINGLE woman over 40(SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is over 50, BTW), they are important to EVERYONE! Hmm she is a Ride or Die friend, guess this is why her own family doesn’t want anything to do with her! Oh and I dare her to even tell us what TV Show Gladys Kravitz is actually from, I highly doubt she would know that either! Should have labelled this BLOG, Liar, Liar, my Pants are on FIRE!

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex if she knows how to use “Broaching” in a sentence then I’m a monkey’s sister.
        LOL Bewitched reruns. I haven’t seen them in a while. They used to come on TV Land. Poor Gladys. 😄

    • VV™ says:

      I wonder if the reptile blogger is helping her. She’s her #1 fan. For every one paragraph she writes admonishing her. She writes ten complementing her. Pathetic.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        No way is Iggy helping her-Brandi hasn’t interacted with her in ages…I have a few ideas about who is doing her tweeting and Facebooking but I’m not sure the same person is writing her blogs-who ever is writing for her seems to be writing for Kim too-the blogs are way to much alike!!

  57. T-Rex says:

    Okay, MrT-Rex has agreed to let me tell his story about Adoption as well. Can’t believe so many of us here have adoption stories. MrTRex and his sister are both adopted. I am not going into his adoption at length, but not all adoptions end up as well as others, let’s just say this when we contacted the Catholic childrens society for his birth information, the letter they sent back started with. “We apologize for what you are about to read, please remember that the adoption was in a different time, and this would never happen at this time, yadda, yadda”, it was a full page letter of their mistakes. Let’s just say his birth mother didn’t give him up willingly, and his adoptive family sucked. But, if he hadn’t gone through what he did we may have never met, so one silver lining. I am SO glad that everyone here had a very positive experience though.

  58. Trashy T says:

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories. I always learn so much from my friends and knowing what others have experienced and how they react to different situations makes me explore and think about my own feelings. Not expressing this well but thank you everyone!

  59. not THAT Jill says:

    • TexasTart says:

      Funny how this tweet goes through – posts without going to moderation -and others don’t. There’s no rhyme or reason to it! Hope you’re having a good day. Let me know when you find out your special ring tone, lol

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m scared to ask about the ring tone-it going to be something smart assy and fresh!!
        I think tweets with pictures and or responding tweets are the ones that cause trouble?

        • TexasTart says:

          Smart Assy & Fresh! That’s my girl! 😛

          IDK, but I have been trying to figure out the relevance of what goes to mod and what doesn’t. VV just posted a stand alone tweet below, that only had a text link and it went to mod, but the one she posted after it (as in Reply To herself) went through – and it was a responding tweet. Ugh. We may never know, I just wish it would go back the way it was! WordPress technical help is such a black hole…they live in a world where all changes are good. DELUSIONAL! (can’t ya’ just see But I’m Pretty saying that?!)

    • Orson says:

      I guess I just dreamed that shot she took at Bella, right?

    • T-Rex says:

      OMFG are you kidding me, telling McJudgeyMcneedyYolo that her teenage daughter is an alcoholic is I guess “attacking” her child, as opposed to her directly, which in my book makes it a WHOLE lot worse! She proves she needs that Idiot Banner to be placed across her face in those twatter pics!

      • VV™ says:

        T-Rex that happened long ago. Those two interact very often on Social Media. They are tight.

        • T-Rex says:

          Then they deserve each other, I have zero compassion for someone that sniffs the butt of some idiot because the other ladies don’t really like(that’s McJudgeMcNeedyYOlo doing the sniffing)! I don’t have kids but nieces and nephews and if anyone took a side swipe at them like that moron did, you again better hope you have your teeth afterward!

        • VV- I’m confused. I thought that Brandi was shown in a preview(?) saying Yolanda should worry about Bella being am alcoholic rather than worrying about her?

          Do you mean is was filmed a few months ago- and that’s long ago? Not arguing just trying to clarify.

          Even tho they interact well on social media now- not sure how Mohammed and DavidMyLove are going to feel about Yolanda’s friendship with Brandi after that below the belt attack on an underage teenager,

          • VV™ says:

            I think from what I have gathered. They filmed this season between June and October. Those two have interacted happily way after that. Season started in November.

            I think Mohamed found out or will find out the way we did. I don’t think David cares about BG because it is just a matter of time before he leaves for #5.

          • Exit4 says:

            When I saw the clip-when yo says “who says Bella is an alcoholic”? Brandi makes this face-like yo should know who she’s talking about. Is she alluding to the other women on the show? Other outside people that Brandi knows? Or is she taking fan comments from her social media and making fact out of it? It’ll be interesting to see-if we do.

  60. TexasTart says:

    Foxy – I hope your boys are feeling better and not running you too hard..Fingers crossed you don’t get the flu too!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Thanks, Tartsy! My little one has bronchitis and now that he’s on antibiotics and using a nebulizer, I’m hoping he’ll feel better soon. Oldest one is getting a little better. 🙂

  61. Powell says:

    I’m giving you all a standing ovation.
    🙌 👏👏👏
    Nothing but love and respect for each and everyone of you. It’s amazing how so many of us have the same story, similar stories.. it truly is a small world. If the craziness on BH did anything positive, it let us all reflect, put ourselves in others shoes and embrace our differences and similarities.
    I tell you IDK how much is in Orson’s cuss jar but I’m suspecting a lot especially with the price hike per cuss. 😄
    Good stuff LynnFam. 😘😘

    • Orson says:

      Hey, I’m working on getting some coupons for hand sanitizer and a sort of punch card thing. You know, 3 punches and you get a coupon for 50 cents off.

  62. Afternoon Ladies!
    Being in the Northeast where yet another snowstorm dumped inches on us, I am bored. I decided to re-watch the episode because I wasn’t really paying attention the first time around.
    First, for the Stars and Exit for sharing their adoption experiences, you ladies ROCK! I wish there were more people like yourselves who shared their experience! I agree with others here on the board that have stated we have way too many teenage moms and way too many loving parents waiting for a child to love. (My daughter’s piano teacher has been waiting for over a year).
    In a past life, I worked in the field of international adoption. I was SHOCKED by the number of adoptive parents who did want their children to know they were adopted. I was always confused and worried as to when the “shit would hit the fan” and how it would settle. I believe honesty is the best policy.
    On to the train wreck, Kim is an addict. She is fighting (and losing on some days) her battle. Did anyone hear Brandi ask Kim if she needed “something” when she had her coughing fit? To me, she wasn’t offering chicken soup. Kyle is a co-dependent. In families where abuse exists, everyone takes on a role. While Kyle doesn’t appear to be enabling Kim, in some ways she is. When she tries to talk sense into Kim when it is obvious that Kim is not all present, its pointless. When she tells Kim how much she supports her, it feeds Kim’s ego. I really think that Kyle needs to give Kim an ultimatum stick with it. Tough love. Kyle can tell Kim, “If you are going to treat me like a fool or bring this horrible person around to lie about me and say terrible things about my husband, then I can not be around you.” Instead of trying to debate and one-up with Kim and Brandi I think Kyle would be better off walking away and cutting them off. Refusing to give them the attention they so desperately want. Its what I say to my kids, “I will not reward bad behavior!”
    That’s all from here! It is 9 degrees outside and I just finished a big mug of hot cocoa!!! YUM!

    • Orson says:

      namaste, I have a question for you. You mentioned you have twins, right? No, that’s not the question, this is: do they always stand or sit next to each other on the same side? That is to say, does twin A always rub her left shoulder against twin B’s right shoulder, so to speak?

  63. VV™ says:

    The person tweeting for Yolanda just tweeted. Me thinks as I always suspected, Yofo and Brandi are still tight.

    • VV™ says:

      • TexasTart says:

        Interesting….could she be talking about Adrianna?!

        VV – have you noticed that your tweet copies don’t go to moderation when they are posted as a Reply To (on the blog)? I’m trying to find a pattern.

        • VV™ says:

          To be honest, I just post them. Some post and some go in moderation. I’ll keep in mind next time to see if there is a pattern.

      • California35 says:

        Interesting that she replied.
        Maybe about Tamara?

  64. shamrockblonde says:

    just saw this -

  65. shamrockblonde says:

    last night I was cleaning up the den and noticed that one our – the twins Kerry and I – favorite movies was still out on the table – as I put it away I started thinking about Kyle and Kim and how Kyle reminded me of the character in that movie whose brother had some mental challenges – he would call her at all hourse and each time she would take the call no matter what was going on in her life – she put herself on hold every time – I can understand the desperate need to be there for your loved one, to never walk away despite the incredible amount of pressure it puts on every other aspect of your life – what I cannot understand – and will not support – is allowing this very real issue play out on national tv – Kyle has the means and the ability to walk away from the show and take her sister with her, and yet she remains – Kim has serious issues that cannot be managed on a tv show – this part of Kyle’s life is now exposed for all to see – including her children and Kim’s children – I truly believe that Kim should be in a hospital or Betty Ford type of clinic away from all cameras and Kyle should be doing what is in the best of interest of her family – not seeking to keep herself relevant – I do feel very badly for her, and I am sure that it is hurting her heart deeply and that all she wants is to see her sister well – I just do not understand how she feels that staying on the show – she and Kim – is helping anything – perhaps some therapy for her would be a good place to start –

    • cusi77 says:

      I totally agree with you, Shamrock … My guess for what Kyle is exposing her private issues with her sister Kim on National TV:
      1.- Fame
      2.- Stay relevant at all cost
      3.- She loves Kim and want her to make $$$$$ (Otherwise Morris will have two wives to support)
      4.- Storyline this Season?

      • TexasTart says:

        Hey Cusi, I respectfully disagree that Kyle is wanting to capitalize on Kim’s addiction issues.

        • T-Rex says:

          Tartsy- Although I dislike VileKyle, I have to agree that I don’t see her capitalizing on SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim either, frankly I don’t think she realized just how far she had fallen off the wagon until now! I think they all knew that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim has been on a roller coaster with her sobriety, but I don’t really think she realized until that point in filming just out of control she was with drugs and alcohol at that time. The fact that she is calling someone who is not family and doesn’t have her best interest at heart at 2am when she is using, has got to come as a shock. VileKyle is an enabler, she has that “disease to please”. she wants everyone to like her, notice her, have all eyes on her, etc., she has been SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim’s “savior”, but she put herself in that position many, many years ago to make herself feel important, IMO. She and Murray probably got tired of supporting her ass, after most of her alimony and child support ran out and this show provided her some support, but this show is the LAST thing that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim should be doing.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Shamrock, seems to me to be plenty of gray area from my perspective. I do personally agree – get this off TV! But isn’t all of that assuming that Kyle and Kim are a packaged deal? I mean, why should Kyle have to change her life any further to accommodate Kim? Kyle has likely made many sacrifices for Kim before and they’ve not solved the core problem because Kyle can’t fix the problem.

      I’m not sure if you are talking about a future season of BH or just the fact you think when Kim turned up high for filming Poker night that Kyle should just walk away from her contract and take Kim with her? I would not agree with that because it is also Kim’s choice to be there, so Kyle walking may not have the same effect – unless they truly are a packaged deal.

      • Exit4 says:

        After I finished my post and saw yours-we said almost the same things! Lol!

      • shamrockblonde says:

        Hi TT – Iam not sure if they are a package deal, but even if Kyle stays on the show, production will continue to use Kim as part of her storyline – Kyle will either have to discuss it or choose to – either option does nothing to help Kim – I just don’t understand why you would choose to remain somewhere where your loved one is beig exploited – contract or not – money or not – and no, Kyle cannot fix the problem – only Kim can do that – but she needs the proper support for it – HWBH is clealy not that proper support

        My heart goes out to Kyle – it must be heartbreaking to watch your sister, your best friend, go through this – but I just cannot see how remaining on the show is helping her – maybe take a season off – get Kim settled, get some therapy to help her cope with Kim and how it affects her life and her family’s life – take the time to see that the treatment Kim is getting is benefitting her and then, if she can, return – alone – without Kim – to the show – if production says it has to be both, then I would hope she would choose not to return –

        • Exit4 says:

          Just to play Devils advocate-if everything you said above occurs-it may help kim. But does it help kyle? She has to give up something she obviously enjoys for kim. She can’t go back to doing it unless kim is ok. If she left and went back and says on TV-kim is doing fine-then kim relapses-does kyle have to leave again? I hope kim Richards gets the help she needs. I really do. I just don’t think kyle should have to be held hostage from her own life and have to base her choices around Kim’s ups and downs. They have another sister-why does it all have to be up to

    • Exit4 says:

      You make really good points. But I see housewives as a “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound” type of thing. I’ve said similar about NJ because of the family and legal issues. Because we only see a tiny sliver of their lives, we forget that they have a whole completely different life apart from it. The people in their lives that we don’t see-are privy to way more then us. Kim and kyles kids are older, they’re close to each other and I’m sure have seen worse then what we’ve seen on screen. They know what is going on within their family, they don’t need to see it on TV to learn about it. They live it.

      When they both joined this show-I don’t think either of them went into it expecting all that has happened to happen. Since kyle outed her sister they seemed to be doing ok, until this relapse. a relapse that seemed to come out of the blue for us and for kyle. Should kim leave the show? Maybe. Maybe it’s too much for her. But why does kyle have to go? I know they’re painted as a package deal-but Kim doesn’t seem to have much of a presence on the show. Or off. In the real world if you had 2 sisters who worked for an accounting firm-and one had issues at work and in life and needed to quit-would the other sister have to quit too? For whatever reason kyle enjoys this-doing the show-she shouldn’t be forced to give it up. Would Kim even appreciate it if she did? To go back to the tree in the forest-If kim and kyle aren’t on TV-is kim sober? Are they best friends? The only thing that changes is we don’t see their dysfunction.

  66. cusi77 says:

    Happy Trails, Ssssssstrars!!!!
    I enjoy your Blogging BH all the way ‘laffin’ to tears! Thank you dear!

    Hola to everyone here!

  67. Oh Bobbi Kristina.

    What a sh*t show- drug dealer friend finds her face down in a bath tub. Last tweets are about her mother and trying to get pregnant,.

    Her adopted brother/husband/not husband forcibly removed from her hospital room. Bobbi’s wife 4 months preggers- not telling the family but can’t really hide it either.

    IMHO, she was dead on Sat or whenever it happened. Has already met Whitney at the crossroads.

    I remember the 20 plus years ago the Boston Herald reporting she had been burned by an unattended curling iron backstage at a Whitney Houston concert when she wasn’t even walking yet- just a baby.

    She never really had a chance did she?

    Saying a prayer.

    • TexasTart says:

      Probably not…Whitney didn’t do right by her in my opinion. I have felt she has been dead since she drowned.

      I have been in similar circumstance of having a relative on life support and knowing in my heart she had past to the other side, but those making the decisions keep getting more doctors and more tests. It was extreme turmoil to be left in that room to stay with someone on a ventilator feeling that others are selfishly carrying on futile efforts – because they could not let go. Bobby needs to think more about his unborn child/pregnant wife being there, his living kids and his health at this point.

      • Yes.

        Been there. Done that. Have the tear stained t-shirt.

        Had the priest say last rites- because I knew it was all done. No one else would believe it.

        When the doctors say “life is unsustainable” the sh*t gets real.

        The final gift, in a way, was coming back to this Earthly Plane to allow loved ones to say their last goodbyes.

        Her family has said them. It won’t be too much longer now.

      • Powell says:

        When my aunt died in August, she was on the ventilator. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to let her go. Of course you don’t but it was because we wanted to be absolutely sure that nothing more could be done. She did die on her own, so that decision to turn off the ventilator never had to be made. But you don’t want to feel “did I rush the decision? Are we sure nothing can be done?”. You want to be sure but you really can’t be. And you want to be sure because so many people have come out of their coma and end up just about normal and live a long and productive life. BK is so young. People that young you want to think they’re young and strong. They can pull through it.
        It’s sad. Did the docs know everything about her life? Are her father, aunt’s, uncles, supposed husband/whatever giving the doc all info about her? Is anything being held back cuz their scared of a police investigation? It’s just sad.

        • If the EEG’s show no brain activity- that is (from what I understand) irretrievable. There’s no going back.

          It’s not the coma- it’s the brain activity. My mother was put into a medically induced coma- but had 100% brain function.

  68. Powell says:

    Out of all the yrs Kim has been on I’ve never heard her say she goes to meetings. I’ve never heard her say she’s done the 12 step program. I’ve never heard her say she’s made amends to the people she’s hurt during her addiction.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      You’re right about that. She wants her sister to not hurt her feelings. Kim needs to get off this show.

    • Orson says:

      She went to rich people spa/rehab. Detox and NO 12 step program. She needs to go to a Hazelden rehab (FYI, Betty Ford is now part of the Hazelden franchise).

  69. not THAT Jill says:

    VV-where in the hell is Kim? Her insta is full of pictures of her fishing and being by the pool but no mention of where she is!! God I hope she’s in rehab but I don’t think anyone would post pictures from rehab..on the other hand this IS Kim so anything is possible!!

    • Maybe she has a social media handler and that’s all they’re working with and hopefully Kim really is getting help

    • TexasTart says:

      I saw the pics and if that is rebab, I’m catching the first flight out and join her! She looks to be having fun.

    • VV™ says:

      I don’t know. I can see if I can “fish” something on Insta. Usually, it take no time with her but the pics posted she isbeing very careful not to give too many hint. I don’t fish, so I coulndn’t tell by that either. The palm trees don’t look too tropical and they are wearing coats. Let me check and I’ll report back.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I knew you would be the one to ask!! She isn’t usually so secretive about where she is so now I’m really curious!!

        • VV™ says:

          The official word is she’s on “vacation”. Who is she with? Why so secretive. Usually, when people post pics they put the names of those around you. Not this time. Odd. I don’t think it’s therapy because it’s too short time. Some type of intervention. Maybe… She’s told us before she loves fishing. So…

  70. Hey Lynnfam Team – you know I am usually a staple for RHOBH, but crazy work week so I barely watched it. Starry – enjoyed the blog and loving all the good comments from my Lynnfam peeps, thanks for being my guilty pleasure.

    Also, have found all the adoption stories very touching – lots of love and good out there. My mother’s two younger sisters were adopted. One chose to find her BM and one didn’t. The one who did found several half-sisters and I think keeps in touch with one of them. Seems like the BM used adoption instead of birth control. The one who didn’t look said she deals with enough family crap why open another crazy train.

    I do find the nature versus nurture discussions interesting. Just one example – my grandmother took up painting late in life and did wonderful watercolors for a few years, very artistic, her natural children, my uncle – amazing craftsman/builder/woodworker, my mother – very crafty and painted also. All of my cousins from my uncle and I are pretty artistic. My adopted aunts – nope, nothing artistic and none of their children are artistic. Is this nature? Just silly things I ponder late at night…

    Hopefully I will be back commenting next week as usual. Big hugs to you all!

  71. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok what is the deal with Brandi trying to convince everyone and their mother that RHOBH isn’t real and it’s just a TV series? I’m not saying it’s all 100% real I’m just wondering why all of a sudden she’s so hellbent on convincing everyone that it’s all fake? Someone on Facebook asked why she acts the damn fool on BH and she replied “it’s a TV series-do you think Gilligan really lived on an island”?? WHAT IN THE EFFFF!!! (I’m also wondering why so many old TV show references-it must be because her ghost writer is an older woman ..) something is going on with this whole “fake show” crap I want to know what the hell it is!! She’s trying to change her image? I don’t get it-she always says she’s 100% real but now she’s not?? I hope at the CA finale Kenya pushes her buttons so all the CA fans get to see the Brandi that we have all come to know!!

    • Exit4 says:

      Her image has taken a major beating! I think it gets worse! Brandi did well on CA because Brandi always makes a good first impression. She was also out ego-d on CA. She knows when she can and can’t pull her crap. She’s trying to convince people that the CA Brandi is the real Brandi-in order to do that she has to convince everyone BH brandi is fake. Forgetting about all the nasty she spews on her podcast and Twitter. Oh, and the tampon incident. That’s says it all…tampon incident.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        She’s one of those people who can’t help but be who they are-she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with they way she is and even if someone-like an image consultant or whoever, tells her to clean up her act-she can’t keep it clean for long. Unless she has no access to her twitter and shuts down her podcast-saying BH is fake and she’s just “acting” isn’t gonna fly!!

    • VV™ says:

      How does she justify throwing a glass of wine at Eileen face? How is that not real? It looked pretty real to me!

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ because she’s finally letting the “WTF s wrong with her?” “OMG I feel sorry for her kids.”, penetrate her brain and is saying, “It’s just a tv show” to justify her disgusting behavior.
      It’s kinda like JZ saying she added the “drama” with her fight w/B and no one was clued into it. So Bobble throws wine in Eileen’s face, tells Kyle she’ll punch her teeth out, tells Babyface he doesn’t love his wife cuz he didn’t get her a big enough diamond, gets drunk if she looks at a bottle of wine, etc etc. Remember she and Jeff “planned” their WWHL nonsense she says. Remember Kelly said the same thing about NY instead of admit she had a nervous breakdown. Well no one bought it then and no one’s buying it now.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Yes Powell!! So true-all of it!
        I do think that some of Brandi’s Brandiacs are actually buying the “it’s a TV series” thing or they are just going along to help Brandi-I have noticed that her biggest fans are repeating how fake the show is every second-they never said before but now they won’t STFU about it!!

        • Exit4 says:

          If it’s all fake why do they attack her co-stars when they say anything about Brandi??? If it’s fake…why care?

  72. nyc mama says:

    LaRue gave an interview with this claims too. She is just “acting” on BH. The real B is who we saw on CA.
    Beside the show, podcast, photos of her inebriated,… what about the books…”drinking and…”? She was so proud of the title at one time and wanted to name her wine STFU. She is trying to do a Camille but she isn’t as bright as C nor does she have good spin doctors. She can’t afford Howard Bragman. But her biggest problem is herself. She is simply self-destructive.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      You are soooo right!!

      • nyc mama says:

        I don;t think she was expecting the backlash she is getting. Then she goes and pisses off Andy and production with her reckless twitter posts. She has learned that apologies don’t mean anything when you really don’t mean them or you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. And Kim once again hitches her wagon to the wrong horse.

        What did she really do on CA? IMO very little. Nothing impressive.

        • Exit4 says:

          She didn’t get drunk and attack anyone? She did get a couple STFUs in there though! She didn’t make a spectacle out of herself-which is a victory for her! Lol.

        • nyc mama says:

          Ooops. Hate my new iPad. Meant HASNT learned.

          I need an edit button.

          • Exit4 says:

            Brandi got so much praise for her behavior-people think she’s “hot”, funny etc. so she kept it up-but isn’t smart enough to know where to draw the line. If she just went after kyle-people wouldnt be that mad. A lot of people dislike kyle. But she went a step too far and involved herself with sisters. People draw the line with family. Brandi sort of did a Melissa gorga-and the fan reaction is the same.

            • nyc mama says:

              I agree but Melissa, in this case, is a saint compared to Brandi. Brandi is taking advantage of and manipulating an addle minded addict. How low can you go?
              M is also a way better mother and wouldn’t embarrass her children in the ways B does (not including her singing). She’s not a drunk to begin with.. Brandi is, albeit a functioning one.

              • Exit4 says:

                Oh absolutely! I was looking at it as more of a situation where Melissa took the temperature of the fans and they weren’t loving teresa! She (and Kathy) went all in and it backfired. I think Brandi does the same thing. And it’s backfiring again. For sure-Melissa is a sweetie compared to Brandi!

    • T-Rex says:

      Well let her keep professing she is acting because MzAndy can make the decision she is just “so good” that her time as a Ho-Wife is now over! You ever wonder why TwoFacedCamillazilla isn’t back as a Ho-wife after practically begging to come back? Why cause she claimed to be acting.

    • Exit4 says:

      nailed it!

  73. Exit4 says:

    Even though jill will say I’m no fun-I don’t think Kim is getting help at the moment. If she was i think she’d say so. She did before.

  74. UK Daily News saying Bobbi Kristina was taken off if life support yesterday according to their sources at the hospital- Bobbi Brown denies it

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