Vanderpump Rules “Judgment Day” Recap

Vanderpump Rules
“Judgment Day” – by HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with an outdoor lunch at Lisa’s for Ken’s birthday. The whole family is together. Pandora’s gift is actually for Giggy – a new outfit. I understand that, because my father is so difficult to shop for! Lisa explains the Kristen situation to Pandora, who immediately realizes that Kristen was just trying to cause a scene and maybe win Tom back. Kristen has been at Sur for a long time, so Lisa is hesitant to fire her. Pandora points out that Kristen has zero respect for authority. Ken chimes in that Kristen continually undermines management. Even Max has noticed a change in James since he started dating Kristen. Sounds like everyone realizes what a bad influence and employee Kristen is. Lisa’s loyalty is admirable, but Kristen has crossed the line too many times.

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James is DJ’ing a pool party, with Kristen and Jax are in attendance. Kristen seems to enjoy being the DJ’s girlfriend. Now I have that awful song “I’m with the DJ” running through my head. Jax knows that Kristen is crazy and thinks that she may be fired this time. Carmen is there with Jax, and is already getting frustrated with his drinking and womanizing. Jax lets the girls go through his phone, but gets mad when Kristen uncovers a text regarding Other Tom. A girl from Vegas has texted Jax and admitted to sleeping with Other Tom. Jax doesn’t seem that upset about betraying his friend. Kristen now has the perfect way to destroy Katie and Other Tom’s relationship. She just can’t stand to see other people happy.

Katie, Other Tom, and Tom are at a secret bar. You have to pull a bunch of doorknobs to find the one that opens the door into the bar. Other Tom finds it on the first try. Tom is still upset about Miami girl showing up and Kristen’s involvement. Scheana and Shay arrive. Scheana doesn’t want drama at her wedding, so she doesn’t want to talk about Kristen. She is trying to save money and says that she’s getting her dream wedding on a waitress budget. Cut to her receiving an estimate for $20,000 worth of flowers. I guess I’d spend that much if Bravo were paying. Other Tom gets a text from Jax to warn him about the text that Kristen found. Other Tom says that Jax is just lashing out because of the San Diego situation and that he will do anything to get back at them. Other Tom pulls Katie aside, telling her that he’s wanted to tell her something for a long time. Ruh-roh! He admits that he snuck off from the guys in Vegas and made out with a girl. Didn’t he already tell Katie that he kissed a girl in Vegas? Is this the same girl or a different girl? Other Tom tries to make it better by telling Katie that kissing someone else made him realize that he really wants to be with her. It doesn’t go over very well and Katie believes that he only told her because Jax threatened to.

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Back at home, Katie and Other Tom continue their fight. Other Tom admits that the timing was bad because they were in public, rather than one on one. He doesn’t really remember cheating and had to ask the girl what happened. He has wanted to tell Katie about it for a long time, but Jax was the catalyst for telling her now. Again, he says that he isn’t a cheater, but now he’s cheated twice. Apparently this was another Vegas girl. We’ll call her New Vegas Girl, so we don’t confuse her with First Vegas Girl. Katie doesn’t understand why Other Tom goes out of town and makes out with other girls. Katie points out that he had plenty of opportunities to tell her, but lied every time. She wants him to get himself together because, right now, it doesn’t seem like he’s ready for a relationship. I feel like they already had this conversation. Oh yeah, they did in Episode 6. Katie goes to bed and Other Tom sleeps on the couch.

At Sur, Peter is assigned waitress duties. Katie didn’t sleep and is a wreck, but doesn’t want her personal life interfering with work. But, Jax told Scheana about the text and Vegas girl, so she tells Ariana. Now everyone knows about Katie’s personal life. Jax needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Scheana doesn’t know how Katie and Other Tom will survive this. Ariana tells Scheana that Jax encourages Other Tom to cheat. Kristen is still coming to the wedding and is staying with the girls the night before the wedding. Ariana doesn’t even want to be at work with Kristen, but she’ll do it for her friend.

Kristen and James are getting ready for work. She plans to go in, do her job, and leave. She hopes that no one will call her out for the Sur debacle. She doesn’t know what to say to Lisa and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She is delusional. Why does she think that Lisa will just let it go without saying anything? James doesn’t think Kristen will be fired. I hope he’s wrong. Kristen arrives at work and Jax is behind the bar. Jax tells Kristen about Other Tom and Katie’s discussion, but they don’t know how much Other Tom told her.

Lisa arrives for a meeting with management about Kristen. Lisa isn’t happy with Kristen’s disrespect of her managers. They call Kristen in. She already has an attitude, so Lisa tells Ken and Guilermo to leave. Nathalie tries to explain that, even though Kristen was at Sur as a customer, she still can’t speak to managers the way that she did. Kristen has no response, other than her life is unfair. Kristen says that the situation went the best it could have after Miami girl came to Sur. She tries to blame it on Miami girl, but Lisa tells her that she orchestrated the whole thing so she is to blame. Kristen refuses to take any blame. Lisa tells Kristen that she has put up with Kristen’s attitude for so long out of loyalty, but she won’t anymore. Kristen won’t take any responsibility for her actions and refuses to apologize. Lisa tells her that she is fired and not welcome in Sur anymore. Kristen merely picks up her purse and leaves. James and Jax are shocked. Really? Why are you surprised? The kitchen staff, and Tom, are so excited! I love the montage of the staff celebrating! Kristen still says that she got fired because Lisa doesn’t like her, not because she was disrespectful.

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Scheana, Ariana, and Shay are picking out candy for Scheana’s wedding. Scheana doesn’t want a cake, she wants a candy bar. Interesting. They walk around the store picking out candy that matches her color scheme. The staff received an email from Nathalie and Kristen wasn’t on it, so the firing must be real. Scheana isn’t going to uninvite Kristen from the wedding. She’s putting her faith in Kristen and thinks that Kristen will behave appropriately because it’s a wedding. Kristen has no respect for anyone and will probably cause a scene.

Kristen and James discuss the firing. Kristen is mad that Lisa attacked her character. I thought Lisa was very professional and merely listed Kristen’s inappropriate behavior. Rachel arrives to help Kristen celebrate being fired. Kristen still won’t admit that she orchestrated Miami girl’s appearance and think that she can behave however she wants as long as she isn’t in uniform. She’s on a show about the restaurant! Obviously people know she’s any employee whether she’s in uniform or not.

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Kristina is still friends with Katie, even though Stassi has shut her out. They discuss Kristen. Kristina hadn’t heard about the firing yet. She’s surprised that Lisa actually fired Kristen this time. Katie then tells Kristina about the lunch with Stassi. Katie calmly explains how she felt. Kristina wants people to cut Stassi some slack because she’s been through “so much.” Like Katie wasn’t going through anything. I think Stassi brings most of her bad luck upon herself. Katie tells Kristina about Other Tom’s new admission of cheating. She wants Other Tom to prove to her that he’s serious about their relationship. I would be gone by now. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Other Tom has decided to confront Jax. Jax is playing with his new workout app when Other Tom arrives. It’s just a video of Jax running and working out. I wouldn’t spend money on it. Other Tom calls Jax out for throwing his friends under the bus. He isn’t buying Jax’s excuses. He just wants Jax to apologize, but Jax isn’t sorry. He won’t admit that he did anything wrong. He tells Other Tom that it’s Other Tom’s fault for cheating. Jax goes on the defense, claiming that Other Tom and Tom never have his back on anything, so he feels justified. Other Tom calls him out for sabotaging his relationship. I think that Jax is one of those guys that doesn’t like his friends to be in relationships because he’s jealous. Jax implies that Other Tom slept with New Vegas Girl. Jax thinks that it’s ok to tell his friends’ secrets because they want him to be honest. Other Tom tries to explain that he’s mad because Jax didn’t keep his secret.

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  1. TexasTart says:

    Good morning everyone. 😊

    Chismosa – I found the pizza!

    • ladebra says:

      That pizza looks good. I love cold pizza for breakfast!

    • California35 says:

      That’s a funny one…and i love pizza 🍕🍕

    • LOLOL

      she’s meh to me on SNL ….. I hope she’s not like using her weight – as part of her comic thing ? Like MEL Mccarthy does.

      Didn’t watch this one yet.

      • TexasTart says:

        LOL after all of the Where’s My Pizza?! makes this tagline even funnier!

        All of SNL is meh to this season. Really, there has not been a player since Kristen Wiig left that had me ROTFL. I try to watch, but they do a skit and I chuckle once at the concept, but that’s it! It’s beyond mediocre these days — they must have lost a bunch of writers too.

        • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

          yeah i didn’t think seth myers was that great as head writer before and now the new guy heading up is that young guy with the FABULOUS (& he knows it) head of hair/ the news desk guy — something Jost….

          I think Lorne Michaels is just really reaching to get to 40 years… then he’ll try to go to 45??? I feel like NBC would make more money with other stuff on at that hour!

        • shamrockblonde says:

          I haven’t watc hed SNL since John Belushi, Steve Martin Dan Ackroyd Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase – it will never be any better than that – cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger!!!! land shark!!

  2. California35 says:

    Good morning! Happy Friday😊
    Thanks for the blog, i like thr first picture.

  3. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thanks HH for the blog. Did I hear Sheana say that she’s spending $20,000 on flowers yet she’s on a waitress budget? Huh? Um ok. We all know Bravo is paying for it.

    Happy Friday to you all! 🍕

    How will they add Kristin to the mix next season if she’s fired and banned from SUR ?

    • California35 says:

      Imagine Bravo is paying for Sheana’s wedding!! Her life is shown on Bravo, het life is going well and everyone can see it. Thr problem was not with Lisa, the problem is with Bravo!
      Sorry, im mixing the two shows 😇

    • T-Rex says:

      Foxy, I believe that the firing that they did was also a firing from the show. I think her VPR days are done. She was stupid to call out TheRoyalVPump, another owner and the Manager Peter numerous times on a blog that was outside of Bravo and on Twatter. Not going to win you another paid season of the show to “burn” you employer. She is another idiot that can’t realize that TheRoyalVpump is not just the owner of the restaurant, she is the EXECUTIVE Producer of the damn reality show you are on, last thing you need to be doing is talking out of school about her. This is why you won’t ever make it in LALALand, go home to wherever you grow up and get a life, because you ain’t making it out there!

      • California35 says:

        I agree with both of you.
        Ah! I know a lot about this show even though i dont watch it! 😝

        Will she be gone from it completely or will she be a Stassi? I hope both will be gone for good.

        • Powell says:

          Cali I’ve watched 2 epis. That’s it. HH does such a great job blogging and everyone is so great w/their thoughts on the haps that I don’t really miss watching. I’ll probably catch up on reruns.

          • California35 says:

            HH does! And so all the bloggers keeping us informed and entertained, waaay more than the actual shows 😊

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I hope you’re wrong because this train wreck is enjoyable to watch. Hehe 😉

      • VV™ says:

        I agree too. Lisa was asked about Kristen on Twitter. She replied as it Kristen is not comuna back.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex I don’t think she knows what an Exec Producer is. 😏

    • Everyone’s on the PIZZA TRAIN

      Girl Id spend like 40% of my budget just on flowers !
      Maybe she comes from $$$$$?

      I have to read this recap.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Oh my goodness Chismosita! I was on such a small budget for my wedding that the florist came up with great ideas for the vases. Also, during the ceremony I had two beautiful flower arrangements that they brought into the reception once everyone left. Lol playing with everyone’s eyes.👀🌸💐🌷

        • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

          heehee… i just love flowers– yours sounds beautiful-
          You didn’t get married in Lima did you? Florida?

          I know they always fly flowers in from Ecuador- i wonder if Peru has any flowers we export….

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            I love flowers too. Funny you mention Peruvian flowers–they absolutely get imported into the U.S. — we got married in Florida. 🙂

            • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

              thanks….. i figured there would be 🙂

              Florida sounds lovely. Easy for people to get to also!

        • shamrockblonde says:

          for my daughter’s first wedding, I met with a florist and the first thing she asked me was how tall is your daughter – I was so confused by that question! but it turned out that height has a lot t do with what type of flower the bride carries – had no clue at all – the flowers were amazing, right down to the flower girls bouquet! used the same florist again for her second wedding and for my younger daughter’s wedding as well – each time – gorgeous – she even made corsages for the Godparents and Grandparents – perfect fits all the way around –

          • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

            so interesting! Love the insider info on flowers…..

            The daughter w/ the second wedding is the one that had the bad first husband right? She’s all good now–
            (hope i’m not messing that up…. ? i got it right?)

            • shamrockblonde says:

              yes you did – my older daughter is the one with the asshat first husband who cheated on her when the twins were 11 months old – she moved back home with us after that and stayed until she married husband number two then moved out with the girls when the girls were 9 years old – the marriage lasted two years and simply did not work so she moved back again – by then the girls were 11 – all three are still with Bobby and I – the twins will be 16 in August –

  4. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning, oh good grief, how any of these folks be in actual relationships is beyond me, and they are not “spring chickens” either. I have said this before KatieNoBrains needs to jettison OtherTom and find herself a REAL relationship. If he can’t keep it in his pants while you are merely dating NO WAY IN HELL he is going to stay faithful to you in the long run, NOT EVAH, NEVAH, EVAH, Going to happen! Right now, you are his meal ticket and a roof for him to sleep under, (handing her the “cluephone” although I think she needs us to hit her over the head with it), you need to drop him like a volcanic-potato! I think the firing by TheRoyalVPump was completely appropriate, she had witnesses, and her managers all there with their grievances. KrazyKristenSoontobeanepisodeofSnapped, needs to GO HOME, from whatever Midwestern city you were from, and go have a REAL life. She was a shitty waitress, and other than that not sure what else she can do, she can’t act, she isn’t a model, go be a “somebody” with a nice husband and kids outside of LA. JaxxHoleAssHole, look I have said this before, I “know” this guy, his mission is to BUST his buddies when they cheat, he sets them up, lets them cheat, and makes sure he has proof! He really sees women as the “enemy”, they are there to conquer once, but not for the full long-term conquest. If any of his buddies are not available for his shenanigans he makes it so. I don’t see SandyTom and Ariana staying together either, he cheats too, again,(I need a box full of clue phones for these idiots, she needs one as well, he is NOT that into you if he cheats, period!). SuperSpoiledUberNoTalentBratStassi was pleasantly missing from this weeks episode, and we are to feel sorry for her why? That she bolted to NYC and left her employment and the show because she thought she was good enough to take on the NYC fashion world, then came home with her tail between her legs when she realized she is a “nobody” out there. She doesn’t have to work, as her daddy is paying all her bills, her boyfriend has a “career” but doesn’t make any money either right now. She bit the hand that fed her, by slamming Pandora and creating another Blog that she claimed would be “better” than hers, it’s not, it’s something a high-schooler would produce(and That’s being generous). I really like Scheana, I really like KatieNoBrains, I wish them well, and while I wouldn’t want to be friends with or date JaxxHoleAsshole, his escapades are amusing and it’s fun to watch the sociological(psychopathic) experiment of him being able to “Svengali” all these horny men, who claim to be devoted to their girlfriends, to hump anything that moves while they are away from them for two minutes!

    • California35 says:

      Hi Tex!
      I think that these guys are in an age (and mentality) to party and meet girls and hook up and just be careless. They want that and they are tempted all the time. They should NOT have a girlfriend, so they can go on and do whatever they want. This is just annoying, the girlfriends dont see that??? They also could be out hooking up meeting guys, if they were into it. They are not because they want a relationship and ate in one. That is what i am thinking, since we onky see the cheating drama from the guys, notthe girls. These guys need to stop pretending they want a girlfriend, let the girlfriends lose. they want to have something sure at home, but want the freedom.
      Also!! What is the deal with these couples living together so soon? Or at all,
      Again if they want the going out with the guys all the time life.

      • T-Rex says:

        Cali- since you are from cali you get the whole, not a bunch of real estate available at the bottom budget numbers these folks can afford. OtherTom for SURE is using KatieNoBrains for a place to sleep and have sex when needed, she is the supreme booty call and surrogate momma, bet she does ALL of his laundry too, probably even as he is F**ng other women. I think SandyTom needed Ariana to move in to cover the rent on his apartment, an idiotic reason to hook up, but I have seen it with some of my girlfriends when they were like 19, not pushing 30! I get why KatieNoBrain is with OtherTom, she likes him and figures he may “make it” some day and wants to be there when he does to reap the benefits of everything she has done for him. She is an idiot, because if that guy were to “make it”(I don’t think he ever will), he would dump her ass so fast she wouldn’t know what hit her! OtherTom to me, is that guy who is going to be a “kept” man, if and when KatieNoBrain wises up and dumps him, he will find another “sugarmamma” to wipe his ass, and pay his bills. If she is STUPID enough to stay with him, then he has the perfect setup, she wipes his ass, pays his bills and lets him F**k other women, as long as she doesn’t “see” it and he fesses up to hear 3 years later only when he may get caught! UGH!

        • California35 says:

          You are right again, but how sad and stupid to move in with a boyfriend for that reason. Get a roomate and be free!! ☺️ I can help but feel bad for the girl and think they are not smart. Then i Think that they are young, then i wonder how old they really are lol. I only see guys using them and they are either believing them or know it and that is why so much drama. They don’t trust the guys, tey worry too. Any ways.

          • T-Rex says:

            These folks are all in their late 20’s, early 30’s and almost 40’s(JaxxHoleAssHole). Scheanna seems to be the most responsible of the crew, go figure, that tramp is a great server and will probably wind up managing the restaurant(I don’t think her music or acting career is going anywhere), she is now married, she is level headed with her spending(not this wedding crap, but have read other interviews she is pretty frugal). The customers LOVE her at the restaurants, and I think management and staff like her as well.
            Here are the listed ages for these folks, note they aren’t teeny boppers or even youngsters. Note that other than SuperSpoiledUBernoTalentBratStassi and ScheannaMarie, I think there is a bit of fudging going on with their real ages.

            ScheannaMarie is 29
            KatieNoBrains is 29(cough, fudge, cough)
            KrazyKristenNextStar of Snapped- is 32
            SuperSpoiledUberNoTalentBratStassi is 26,
            Ariana Madix 28(this may also be a fudged number)
            Tom Sandoval is 31
            OtherTom is 33
            JaxxHoleAsshole is 37(I think he is closer to 40, another fudge really)

            • California35 says:

              Cool! Thanks!

              Shenna does seem to try… Good for her

            • VV™ says:

              T-Rex, Scheanna only works at SUR twice a week and she doesn’t work on weekends.

              • T-Rex says:

                She is still a good waitress, I have heard this from numerous places! Also good for her for only having to work twice a week. By the way, some weekdays are better than weekends to work anyway. Your regulars still tip well and you don’t have to deal with the drama of weekends and overcrowding.

                • VV™ says:

                  I listen to these idiots interviews. They do podcasts and small media. I get a lot of scoop there 😜
                  She was the one that said what I comented. Yes, she did say you make good money at SUR.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with you on Kristen. She has saved this show this season and has been able to be the star,IMO–replacing horrible Stassi. Without Kristen next season, who will we all root for? Hehe
      Stassi did far worse than Kristen by leaving her job and not telling anyone including her damn boss. Poor Kristen gets fired and has become persona non grata.

      • T-Rex says:

        That’s so funny because I can’t stand her, and would love to see her replaced! I don’t think SuperSpoiledUberNoTalentBratStassi will be back either. I would bet that they have plenty of dysfunctional employees ready to take their place in replacing them! Personally I don’t think they would have fired KrazyKristenNextStarofSnapped if she hadn’t taken to blogs and twatter to bash TheRoyalVPump and her staff, and another of the owners. She nailed her own coffin shut on that one!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I will never understand why anyone would do that–write something g stupid.It’s a big f you to your boss. Hello? That’s why I couldn’t understand why Ariana did it in her last blog. I think Kristen has gotten away with a lot during her years there, so I didn’t really see it as bad when she would write about Lisa. Stassi however, has gone above and beyond with interviews and blogs that were a slap in the face to Lisa and Pandy.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Jax has Peter Pan syndrome in a major way and he does not want to lose his lost boys – he relishes his escapades and wants nothing more than to always have his “boys” along with him for the ride – if that means intentionally breaking them up then so be it – too bad they are all weak immature and lazy and go along – every time – I like Scheana and Katie too – everyone else – not so much –

  5. California35 says:

    It is FRIDAY and I am hoping I can have some time to enjoy this place today. Of course to get to work and find area lighs and doors open. Not a good sign, some manager on the phone discussing servers and whatever. I wony be affected by any of it, i dont think. My problem was getting to my office finding someone there THIS EARLY! Ok its not that early, but usually no one is my office in the mornings. I hope this doesnt start a messy/drama Friday. I will just take my phone and myself to another area (or home 😋)

    the good thing is that I can do that. This job does not require me to run around like a chicken without a head when things like this happen. I am just another employee ☺️☺️None of the responsabilities and grief ☺️

  6. I need to start watching tbis show if they film lunches at Villa Rosa with Pandy & hubby !!!??

    Can anyone tell me — sorry/ Debbie Downer:

    Is the Schaeaeaeaaeeeena wedding AT Lisa’s home? I thought that’s what was said early on when it happened IRL/ IR-time ?

    Why would downer Kristen be at this wedding if everyone hates her? Maybe SCH. is neutral with her …..

    Sorry have to catch up on the recap.

    Happy Friday


    • TexasTart says:

      I’m pretty sure they use footage from Lisa’s house in every episode of VPR! It helps, lol

    • T-Rex says:

      Scheanna’s wedding was not at TheRoyalVPUmps home. Bravo had it at some place called the hummingbird ranch and her dress was FUGLY! Sorry, but if you have pics showing your back-fat and you are a skinny-minny your dress is not good! I have seen other pics and well, I hope she got the dress for free!

      • California35 says:

        Thanks for the link, her dress is a two piece. Ah! interesting. It does show some little roll there. Small, but still there 😒

      • designernailsdiana says:

        It looks like a microphone wire not a fat wrinkle.
        Love the candy bar. Sixlets…yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • California35 says:

          Yeah that could be, but then i saw the link below with part of the episode. She shows more skin, and i keep thinking she just needs to stand straight or soemthing. Again, se doesnt have big rolls or anything. She looks fone to me, just the choice of two piece dress showing that part of the body is weird.

      • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

        thank you all for clarifying!!!!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Made by her aunt. I love that.

      Her dress, without a doubt, was uniquely Scheana. She had no desire to be in a traditional wedding gown, and instead opted for a crop top gown. The gown was actually made by her aunt and it included removable straps. She kept the straps down for the ceremony and then pulled them up for the reception so that she could have fun without pulling her top up all night

      • T-Rex says:

        Okay, SORRY FOR MY EARLIER assessment of her dress. My mea culpa, mea culpa! Anyone that wears a special gown made by their beloved family member gets a total pass, and I was wrong for jumping to conclusions(see this Trexxy can give an apology)

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    SLUSH ALERT!!! The 10 or so inches of snow we got earlier this week is going to start a major melt down today and this weekend with temps in the 30s. The car washes are loving it for sure! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

  8. TexasTart says:

    Preview for next week VPR with Scheana’s wedding

    • California35 says:

      Lol this is funny. Omg! Her voice and the way she speaks! I got reminded why i dont like to watch this show. Girls still talk like this?!! How old is she?

  9. TexasTart says:

    Thanks for the recap HydrangeaHussy! I think we need a wedding next week for them to step away from the who cheated on who fixation they all have! Oh, that’s assuming they will drop this ongoing trend!

  10. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. 🌅🌀😨

  11. designernailsdiana says:

    TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Friday my friends and I pray you have a blessed and relaxing weekend.

  12. chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

    fyi tarts i’m under mod- since i changed a ‘bit’ in my name!

  13. Orson says:

    With the way the HW franchises have been going, Bravo has really encouraged fame from notoriety and figured out how to cash in on cast members infighting. The ironic thing is that the first HW to try it, She Who Must Not Be Named, got poopcanned for her attempt, yet Tamra managed to make a touchdown with it.

    Soooo… Kristen is gone from the restaurant, is she gone from the show? We won’t know until next season, I guess.

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    where is Lainey? is everything all right? I miss her… *hugs Lainey really hard*

    • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

      i miss her too 😥
      maybe she’s just busy? Or with her daughter away??? don’t know…..

      Laineyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🐻

    • TexasTart says:

      I miss Lainey too. She hasn’t been around much since Thanksgiving, but recently I heard through LADebra that Lainey lost a friend to cancer. So I’m sure she will appreciate the hugs. ((((LaineyLove))))

    • VV™ says:


  15. chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

    omg there’s a tweet of a gif of Stassi slapping Kristen over and over …. i want to bring it over here. Hysterical.
    Both of them should star together right- aren’t they both just hated by everyone now??

  16. TexasTart says:

    Just like VV said…VPR reunion is being filmed today.

  17. VV™ says:

    Apparently, Stassi’s boyfriend has more in common with Jax that’s just his looks. I heard he’s a cheater also. Stassi sure knows how to pick them!

  18. TexasTart says:

    • TexasTart says:

      The Grammys are also on Sunday! 🎶🎶🎶

    • chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

      but…. but ….. THE GRAMMYS!!!!!!

      this is going to be an EPIC ratings war……. hmmmmm. Sorry… i’ll avoid WD talk and live-watch Grammys. Loving nominees this year.

  19. TexasTart says:

    Silly, I know, but the popularity of Katy Perry’s sharks makes me giggle…

  20. VV™ says:

    Starzy99!!! Thanks for blogging. This show has become my favorite. I’m not afraid to confess,

    Also, Jax said he outed Schwartz and Tom as revenge for them outing him. I think he is referring to the Miami guy. In the end the guys always forgive each other and can move on. The girls are the opposite. Except for Schaenna and Katie who were able to make peace.

    I enjoyed that Stassi was not shown I this episode.

  21. OMIB here you go :

    I can’t figure it out on a friggin PC

  22. chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

    Tarts to make it especially fun for you…. i had to put in a tweet under my OLD name w/ my phone.

    how do you put in a tweet on a PC?? I AM SO DUMB.

    sorry tarts….

    • TexasTart says:

      I was driving so it took me a minute to realize you were in jail. I never could copy a tweet from a PC and put it in the blog – like how I like them to appear – so I guess I can’t help you with that one, other than to confirm you are not dumb!

  23. chismosa/ aka help! SOMEONE FIX RHOBH says:

    someone needs to explain to me this LEFT shark issue. I watched Katy P perform—-

    ps- didn’t Andy like criticize her or something? AND ISN’T SHE BACK ON WITH ANDY’S BESTIE #489 John Mayer??? — why would Andy say that????
    so did this shark dance EXTRA flamboyantly or something? i don’t get it???

    and it is HER left or audience’s left????

    I need a captain to follow on twitter and take me to get some help with some turtles.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great re-cap!

  25. VV™ says:

    These are last year’s.

  26. VV™ says:

  27. TexasTart says:

    Oh my, I am starved. What’s for dinner?!

    • kit9 says:

      Ariana is the only really likable person on the show, imo. When she danced over Kristen being fired and finished it off w/ “justice!”, I was lol!

  28. Exit4 says:

    Reality Tea did a recrap of brandis podcast. It’s a doozy! Good luck Kit!

  29. VV™ says:

  30. Oh my a God you guys, Bobbi Kristina was found with injuries consistent with domestic assault. The boyfriend…

    I really hope this is just TMZ hype.

  31. VV™ says:

  32. VV™ says:

    I used to like this chick. Not so much anymore. She’s really full of herself.

  33. VV™ says:

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