Marriage Boot Camp – Spencer Confirms he’s a Loser plus The Celebrity Apprentice “Who Stole My Phone?”

Marriage Boot Camp – Spencer Confirms he’s a Loser – by Veena

The best thing about this season of Marriage Boot Camp – Reality Stars is that Spencer doesn’t even bother to hide what a loser he is.  Since his 15 minutes are up there is no income coming in (I guess getting cast on this show was a real highlight in his year), and the couple lives in Spencer’s mom’s beach house – when she’s not there.  I guess they have to move into tents when she needs the house.  Spencer doesn’t want a child because his mommy will tell him he needs to grow up and fend for himself, so he’d rather be stuck in high school.  Heidi is yin to his yang – except her biological clock is ticking.  There are some couples that shouldn’t reproduce, and this couple is a prime example – so whatever you’re doing Spencer – carry on.

At this point in the season the couples are running out of fake things to make them interesting.  Aviva and Reid’s talking head interviews are painful.  They have a staged banter that is awkward.  It’s too bad – because this couple probably could really use therapy.  Rachel and Tyson have shut down, and Selena and Kiwane are too normal for this show, so the entire show has become a Speidi – Natalie/Jacob bonanza.


The first exercise this week is for the couples to drive a golf cart through an obstacle course – the driver is blindfolded, and their partner has to talk them through it.  The goal is to communicate well.  The losers will serve lunch to the winners.  Because the couples with the slowest and fastest times aren’t the ‘stars’ of the show, Speidi are picked as the losers (they really are) and Natalie and Jacob are picked as winners (not so much).  I’m not sure if Spencer threw the competition (he had Heidi drive into every obstacle) because he knew he was such a loser he’d never win, or if he just wanted to be the loser to get more screen time.  His losership knows no bounds.


Lunch doesn’t disappoint.  Speidi act like assholes.  Natalie acts like an asshole.  Spencer throws a glass of water in Natalie’s hair – and she retaliates by throwing a glass of wine at his face.  Heidi explains to Spencer that Natalie spent three hours the night before getting her hair done – which might be the only real thing we learn this episode.


We’re halfway through the show and I realize I’m bored out of my mind, and oh joy, previews show an artificial leg being tossed into a ring.  I so look forward to the commercials.

Next up the couples must stand on an octagon-shaped platform surrounded by a net. They role play each other and hurl insults.  Metal plates on the floor deliver a shock to the couples every time one of them lands a hit – to simulate how the insults hurt.  Or was it when they mock their partner.  None of it made sense to me…. moving on.


In Aviva and Reid’s session, he pulls a rubber leg out of his pants and tosses it after he basically tells the world that she threw her leg because she was playing a role on housewives.  Of course she was.  Anyhow, mystery explained for that preview.  She didn’t appreciate the role playing and Reid making fun of the leg throw.  Of course she didn’t.  No one appreciated it when she did it on housewives either.  Fake o meter on high.  Sure didn’t look like one of Aviva’s prosthetics, so where did he get the leg?  And if it was one of hers – shame on him.

Speidi’s session doesn’t disappoint – we learn that Spencer is completely sick of Heidi and tells her that all the time.  Have I mentioned what losers they are?  Broke and living in mommy’s beach house.  Oh – and Heidi is mad because Spencer’s mocking of her behavior was below the belt.  Of course it was.

Finally the debrief.  Aviva and Reid are called robotic.  Oh, and he apologizes for the leg toss and asks that they not talk about it anymore.  She concurs.

Best line of the night.  Spencer tells Tyson – speaking of Heidi’s obsession about having a baby.  “I tell her she should have married a quarterback if she wanted a baby, not a f***ing loser who lives with his mommy.”  Word.

Next week they need to make a sex tape.  With puppets.


The Celebrity Apprentice

“Who Stole My Phone?” – S7/E6

by Stars99


Remember Last Week:

In the first task, teams hosted an entertaining guided Circle Line boat tour around New York City. Each experience was to have a specific theme and they were expected to provide quality information about the iconic New York City sites. Sig’s team (Project Manager (PM) of Vortex) mistakenly thought this could be accomplished by using Hooter’s Girls to serve drinks as part of their “The Sexiest Catch” theme. Geraldo puts his foot in his mouth while acting a tour guide. It could have been worse – Their first idea was to have a historical cruise complete with Revolutionary War Re-enactors in full costume. Cuz you know, nothin’ says entertainment like a musket, right? Brandi’s team (PM of Infinity) had an unfair advantage because Brandi is, if nothing else, a party girl. Their party was way more fun than their incredibly boring theme of “Big Apple Bonanza.” And even though Brandi’s team (Infinity) was at a disadvantage with Kenya pretending to be able to sing, dance, and gyrate all over the place – They ended up winning the task. Since this task was physically on a boat and Sig’s team still lost, as the PM he was in deep water. Sig was so, so fired.

Since Vortex was now down to 3 members, Trump made Kenya switch over to Vortex. A spontaneous party erupted at Team Infinity. The second task required the teams to build a themed environment that featured the luxurious resort amenities of the Trump National Doral – Miami. The teams were judged by Eric and Donald Jr. on creativity, brand integration and overall guest experience. Ian and Kate volunteer to be PMs. Ian’s never ending rolodex of resources again brought in some nice touches to their highly fun exhibit. Johnny giving out back massages to the women didn’t hurt matters, either. Kate’s team devolved into a catfight between Kenya and Vivica and their result was little better than a non-interactive craft project. It wasn’t even close – Team Infinity won by a mile. Not even Kate’s introduction of a “Blue Monster” mascot could save her and she was unceremoniously fired. She was shocked.

Task #1

The teams must design a King’s Hawaiian photobomb campaign wherein they will digitally insert King’s Hawaiian imagery into their original photography of New York City. In addition, they must come up with creative hashtags that correlate with the photos. Teams will be judged on creativity, brand messaging and originality of the theme. Kenya and Johnny volunteer to be PMs.

The Advisors

Donald Trump, Jr.

Eric Trump

The Plan

Team Infinity has won 4 tasks in a row – So they’re feeling pretty good right now… I’m convinced that Ian is the “Geraldo” of Team Infinity – He has a ginormous ego, believes his ideas are the only legitimate ideas, and pouts whenever he doesn’t get his way. Brainstorming is an interesting process – In my experience, the best brainstorming environment ensures that everyone has an equal voice and that no idea is a bad idea right off the bat. Issues come up when the brainstormer’s ego gets in the way or when only one or two voices are being heard because their volume is drowning everyone else’s voice out. I think it’s smart to write down all the ideas as they come up without any negativity assigned to them. Then you go back over the merits of each one and as a group choose to put them into “viable and “not viable at this time” types of categories. This process helps to ensure the ideas are not attached in any way to the personality who came up with them.


Ian just can’t help himself and comes up with a bazillion ideas – Most of which the others don’t think are any good. Brandi says of Ian, “As far as coming up with concepts, he’s stuck in the ’80s.” The problem with an “Ian” or a “Geraldo” is that while they may come up with 200 really sucky ideas – They also come up with a handful of gems. The key is to identify which is which – Because they are not great judges of their own ideas because their ego dictates ALL of their ideas are winners.

Brandi actually comes up with a good slogan, “King’s Hawaiian: We Rise to the Occasion.” Her team recognizes the play on words with “rising to the occasion” with baked goods… But they don’t know her like we do, do they? There are a lot of other things that Brandi likes to see “rise” so to speak.  Ian once again busts out his rolodex when the team decides to take pictures of iconic NYC landmarks as the basis of the photobombs. Ian secures a helicopter to help them get pictures of the landmarks from a unique perspective. Leeza wants to make sure the “King’s Hawaiian” brand is reflected as they consider the hashtags.

Meanwhile, Kenya tries to turn over a new leaf with her teammates – Because, you know, she’s PM on this task and it’s HER charity that will win or lose. So she acts all nicey nicey with everyone (gag). Can we just drop kick her now?

Kenya comes up with the (cough, cough) brilliant idea of putting King’s Hawaiian buns on people’s butts, with the slogan “We Love Big Buns”…Okay, okay, I admit I completed it with the gratuitous “…and I cannot lie.” Then I fondly remembered that episode of “Friends” when Ross and Rachel found out that the only thing that would keep their newborn baby from incessantly crying was when they sang and danced to the song, “I Love Big Butts and I Cannot Lie.” Sorry… My thought processes scare me too, at times…lol.

Geraldo figuratively kisses Kenya’s ass when he tells her she should be the model for the photos because she has a bigger butt than Vivica. Vivica is so not happy. I dunno, though – I think many of us would NOT be totally upset if someone else’s butt was deemed bigger than ours… However, I will say that the jury is still out on who IS the biggest ass between the two of them… Just sayin’…

Showing her diva side, Vivica says of Kenya, “I was in a hit movie called ‘Booty Call,’ and my assets have grossed over a billion dollars in the box office. But right now, your lopsided booty is on trend, so let’s let you have this moment.” Oh, snap! I’m sorry, but I just can’t help think that this is not like last week’s viral video task – This is a real family brand who is trying to appeal to their customer base.

Vortex goes down to the street below to start taking pictures and seemingly randomly asks people to participate in their photo shoot. Vivica offers to walk with a couple of other women for one particular shot – But Kenya shoots her down with a scalding, “Well, I wanted them to be really, really thin.” Rut roh… This is soooOOooo not going to go well… Of course, Vivica is just getting crankier and crankier as the day wears on when she’s reduced to be a glorified coat holder and feels like her assets aren’t being used to their greatest advantage.

Kenya’s talent seems to be insulting Vivica. I wonder if what she used when she won the Miss America pageant…Ooops… sorry, “Miss USA” pageant (So, so sorry, Kenya… honest…). Kenya says of Vivica, “Vivica has limited talent – I think she’s very good at playing an actor in a scene. But Geraldo and myself were completely capable of doing the entire task without her.”  Right… So there wasn’t anything else she could POSSIBLY be doing for this task, Miss PM USA? That’s just silly talk…

However, Kenya did end up allowing Vivica to be in one of the photos but only under duress… Kenya was quick to thank Geraldo for all of his hard work but didn’t bother thanking Vivica at all – I mean, not even for the professional way Vivica held Kenya’s coat and purse…lol.

When the team returns to the war room, Vivica goes crazy trying to fine her cellphone. This will become very important very quickly.

Vivica is still not sold on this whole “buns” double entendre for this advertising campaign. I doubt any idea that Kenya has will be okay with Vivica right about now… but you can tell that each one of them is poised to throw the other under the bus in The Boardroom should they fail the task. Kenya says at one point that she has some tricks up her sleeve if they lose again. Kenya is a fierce competitor.

Execution of Task #1

Team Infinity – Leeza presents their overall approach which is, “We Rise Above” which is both a literal and figurative embodiment of the baking products.  First photo is of the Brooklyn Bridge with the text, “We Rise to the Occasion” with the King’s Hawaiian Round Bread serving as a hot air balloon transporting two people over the bridge – The hashtag is: #RiseAbove. The next photo is of the Statue of Liberty holding a package of bread in one hand and the top of the torch is a bun –The hashtag is: #CrowningMoment. And the last photo is of a building under construction and each floor is a slice of bread with a roll being maneuvered by crane on the top of the building – The hashtag is: #NYHighRising.

Team Vortex – Kenya explains to the executives that their approach is to feature King’s Hawaiian’s buns in a different way. They are building upon the popularity of another kind of bun, so to speak. The first picture is of Kenya walking by 2 people (one is holding a package of King’s Hawaiian’s rolls) who turn to look back at Kenya’s actual buns – The hashtag is: #ILikeBigBuns. The second picture is Vivica sitting on a cement bench (accentuating her buns) while holding a package of King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Her back is facing a father and his two sons who are reaching for a package of her “sweet buns” – The hashtag is: #BabiesLuvBuns (Don Jr. shoots a side glance at Eric but they keep their poker faces)…lol… The lady executive is kind of laughing but you can’t tell if she’s laughing with Team Vortex or at Team Vortex.  The last photo is of 4 women walking down the street with their backs to you, two of them are holding a package of King’s Hawaiian products – The hashtag is: #GirlsJustWannaHaveBuns.

The Boardroom

Team Infinity is very proud of their campaign. I’ve got to admit, some of the photos they shot from the helicopter were absolutely astounding. However, The Boardroom pretty quickly becomes a warzone unlike anything Geraldo has ever covered during his time as a war correspondent. But first, let’s get the results.

As predicted, the King’s Hawaiian executives really liked Infinity’s helicopter photos and how their products were spliced into them for the most part. However, they would have preferred if the hashtags were more directly related to their brand.

The King’s Hawaiian executives thought Vortex’s photos had a better chance of going viral – But that wasn’t the intent of this challenge or of their company. Since it’s a family brand and company, they really didn’t appreciate using female backsides to promote their products and they hated the slogan.


As we ALL knew even before the photos were even taken, Team Infinity wins again. I hate that we don’t know how much his charity wins… oh well. That’s 5 tasks they’ve won in a row! Can you imagine that??? How awesome for them, right? They have worked so hard as a team and have been crushingly successful! Surely they will feel almost unstoppable heading into the next task… (Insert ominous music here…)

kenya boardroom

Unfortunately, Vivica and Kenya quickly attack each other’s jugulars.  They talked about whose butt looked better and who actually did more work on this task. I’m not sure if you lose the task, that it’s wise to point out who didn’t do work on the task because you, as PM, didn’t let them actually do anything.

And because Kenya is Kenya – and will do ANYTHING to win, she brings up a recent tweet of Vivica’s. Kenya says, “Vivica has had wild ups and downs emotionally. She’s been very angry at times… I’ve seen her go from these hot flashes to being cold… She’s just kind of all over the place. And I saw a tweet from her the other day that she said she was going through menopause… it was just too much.”

Okay, now one part of me thinks this is a little vindication on behalf of our beloved Shawn (gymnast who was fired several tasks ago) whose “female issues” were holy cow inappropriately brought up in The Boardroom by Vivica. However, I truly do believe that two wrongs don’t make a right – And it’s just low down and skanky to bring up a fellow teammate’s menopause in The Boardroom. It’s especially egregious because it’s being brought up by Miss Woman Empowerment, Kenya. Puhleeze! And where the heck does she find the time to be watching other contestant’s tweets? I mean Kenya follows (as of today) 514 people… I suppose she probably has an assistant watching for the tweets and reports back to her… but I still find it highly suspicious.


Okay, the back and forth was a little hilarious and I’ll capture it as best as I can… Vivica flips her fig and says, “See? That’s a dirty bitch right there!” She glares at Kenya and says, “You are just a toxic trick.”

Kenya fires back, “This is not the ghetto. Please don’t take it there. This is a professional environment.” And, just as an professional actress would deliver a very rehearsed script, because after all, Kenya KNEW that she was going to bring this subject up and would undoubtedly take incoming bullets for it – Kenya flawlessly says with eyebrows appropriately arched and her nose in the air, “Unfortunately, to sit here and to be taken through the gutter or the ghetto, where you’re very comfortable in, is very unfortunate because that’s not Donald Trump’s brand.” As if! (Sorry, gratuitous “Clueless” quote).

I think Trump is actually quite surprised at Kenya. He asks her why she is so nasty towards everyone. Kenya, however, believes she’s always been a perfect little angel. Trump tenderly reminds Kenya that she just called Vivica “menopausal” on national TV.

Vivica says that she never ever tweeted anything like that and therefore Kenya must be lying. With Kenya’s neck clearly on the line, she encourages her allegations to be verified. Don Jr. checks Vivica’s twitter account and finds the following tweet:  “This menopause is killing me. I can’t think straight. I’m acting a damn fool half the time. 50 just isn’t sexy.”

vivica accuse

Vivica looks and acts shocked because she says she would never tweet anything like that. You can almost see the lightbulb go in in her head, when Vivica puts 2 + 2 together and concludes that since her phone was missing that Kenya must have taken it and tweeted that tweet on her behalf. Frankly, I’m shocked that Vivica doesn’t lock her phone, to be honest. I would think that most celebrities would do that… no? Geraldo backs up Vivica’s story about how her phone was missing at one point during the task. Well, we also have the footage, no? Anyhoo… Suddenly, everyone is looking askance at Kenya wondering incredulously if she had actually stooped so low as to do something as heinous as this.

Don Jr. also notes that the tweet doesn’t seem to follow the same patterns as Vivica’s previous tweets. Let’s be fair, though… Anyone could have found Vivica’s phone and tweeted that tweet, no? It is just so danged highly suspect that Kenya was made aware of that very recent tweet. The fact that she brought up something like that in The Boardroom is just so wrong on so many levels.

Trump asks Kenya outright if she had stolen Vivica’s phone and tweeted the tweet. Trump astutely says, “We’ve really reached a new low.” Geraldo, who was pretty quiet during the battle observes, “That makes Omarosa look like an angel.”

Kenya never takes responsibility for the tweet. She tries to defend her actions by blaming Vivica for calling Kenya every name in the book. Trump is clearly agitated at Kenya and says that she was no help to Vortex at all on this task. Trump officially dethrones Miss Kenya when he tells her, “You’re fired.”

Ever the pageant queen, Kenya tries to kiss up to Vivica as she leaves and wishes her good luck. Vivica snottily responds, “Bounce… I could care less.” Oh Vivica, that response would have truly been snapworthy if you had said, “Bounce… I couldn’t care less.” There’s a difference. Think about it. Puhleeze… But, Vivica follows it up with, “Glad they saw you for who the hell you are… Bye, trick!” Oh, snap!

Kenya’s words, “Bye, Miss Ghetto!” get lost on us as she takes her elevator ride. As Vivica and Geraldo breathe a sigh of relief that Kenya is finally gone once they’re back in the suite, Vivica is still cranky and says, “Kenya is one of the most selfish, toxic individuals in life that I think I’ve ever worked with… Bitch, go!”  I guess there’s no love lost there, right?


Task Winners/Losers Up to this Point

Team Infinity has won 5… Yes, that’s 5 tasks in a row! Wow! Overall, Team Infinity has won 7 of the 10 total possible tasks thus far this season. A quick overview of the tasks, the winners, and those who have been fired is as follows:


Interesting things to note:

~~ Vortex has only won a total of 3 out of 10 tasks thus far this entire season –And 2 of them have been the only fundraising tasks (to date) wherein Geraldo’s charity received a total of $578,734.

~~ Other than the 2 fundraising tasks, the only other time Team Vortex has won – It was under the leadership of Johnny who is now on Team Infinity.

~~ In the wedding dress fundraising task, Ian (The losing PM) was allowed to retain his team’s fundraising efforts (plus a little extra from Trump) for a total of $300,000 to be given to his charity. In that task, they barely lost by only $2,500.

~~ The losing PM has been sent home 7 times out of 10 (Four have been in the last 4 tasks). This will be good information to keep in mind… Trust me.


Task #2

Since Vortex is now down to just Vivica and Geraldo, you just know someone’s gonna be transferred over from Infinity. Trump chooses Leeza to change teams which coincides with Geraldo’s preference. Actually, Geraldo voiced that he would love to have either Leeza or Brandi. This is probably because he knows he can’t work with the men because they already had the misfortune of working with him. Who wants to go through that nightmare again?

The teams must create an original jingle for Bud Light’s new line of Lime-a-Rita beverages. The teams will be judged on creativity, brand messaging and overall entertainment value. Leeza and Brandi volunteer to be PMs. The winner of the task will receive $50,000 from The Apprentice plus $50,000 from Anheuser Busch for a total of $100,000.

Joan and Trump

The Advisors

Eric Trump

Joan Rivers is back! Yay!


The Plan

On Vortex, Geraldo wants their jingle to have a Latin flair. Leeza comes up with “Go, go, go Lime-a-Rita.” Geraldo pouts that his idea isn’t being used but Vivica immediately gets on the Leeza train. It’s a good train to be on because after all, Leeza comes from the team that has won 5 in a row. Leeza sticks up for her idea with Geraldo and refuses let him change her mind. She knows her neck is on the line so she is going to put her best foot forward.

Geraldo does have one salvageable line from his original jingle which is “Nice – Over Ice.” I think Geraldo is just fixated on easy rhymes… If you remember the Neat technology task, he incessantly repeated over and over the catchphrase, “Neat – Sweet” which drove PM Kevin batcrapcrazy. It just struck me that both of these phrases sound so dang similar to me… Geraldo is like a dog with a bone… He just won’t let go of his ideas…lol… But Leeza has the last word and is not about to let Geraldo bulldoze her.

On Team Infinity, Ian gives Brandi a dose of her own medicine when he goes off by himself to work on some ideas for jingles. Remember, when Ian was PM on the wedding dress fundraising task, Brandi went off by herself to make her calls. In this task, I guess Brandi and Johnny created just too much sound for him… lol.

When Ian enthusiastically returns to his team with his absolutely breathtakingly brilliant idea, you get the feeling that he just invented something just as important as when fire was first discovered by a caveman. Ian sings his jingle masterpiece to the melody of “La Cucaracha” (the cockroach) which is probably NOT something you’d want to associate with a beverage product, right? And how is that jingle even original? Anyhoo…

Practicing Task 2

Even though neither Brandi nor Johnny particularly like Ian’s jingle and both think it’s a bad idea to reuse a melody, Ian’s still convinced he created a masterpiece. However, the musicians aren’t sold on it either. Unfortunately, none of this stops Ian’s enormous ego. Brandi attempts to distract Ian while the musicians and Johnny come up with something more viable. But fear not – No one puts baby Ian in a corner (Sorry, obscure “Dirty Dancing” reference) because Ian now wants to sing the jingle. You know, because he’s an accomplished singer and all… lol…

Brandi asks Ian to just sit down for a moment and listen to Johnny’s jingle so they can make a decision on which direction to go. Ian pouts. He’s so like a little kid because he’s cranky that he has to sit and do nothing. He tells Brandi, “Lead, follow or get out of the way, Brandi!” Oh honey… You really shouldn’t have done that…lol…

Using her true Real Housewife vernacular (Please excuse the cussin’ – but it’s what she said…) Brandi snarls, “Stop being so fucking condescending, Ian.  Honestly, you are so disrespectful. Shut up.” Okay, I had to giggle because we see part of the REAL Brandi creeping out now… lol… But… To be fair… Ian was a being an insufferable jerk, in my opinion.

brandi v ian

Ian tells Brandi that she contributes nothing to these tasks other than crossing out items on a list. He shouts at her to delegate. Brandi immediately responds, “I am! I would like you to sit and shut the fuck up – And you’re not doing it!” Shockingly, Brandi chooses Johnny’s jingle. Color me so surprised.

Execution of Task #2

Team Vortex and their backup singers and dancers strut onto the stage thus setting the mood for something fun. They sing, “Go, go, go” with all the Rita drinks… They are very high energy with a nice balance of “Nice – Over Ice” spliced throughout the jingle. Who knew Leeza could dance? Lol. It was fun! Everyone seems really pleased with the outcome.

Team Infinity saunters up to the stage and their jingle has so many words the real singers could barely keep up with them. To be fair, not only was it a hard song to sing – but since none of the people on Infinity were actual singers they just kind of looked like an afterthought. Honestly, it looked like Brandi stopped even trying to mouth the words and decided her job would be just to shimmy up and down and toss her hair around. It was hilarious – but I’m not sure I was supposed to laugh.

vortex sings

The Boardroom

In the Boardroom, Leeza is confident that Vortex won this task. Infinity is asked to sing their jingle but they just can’t remember the tune or the words to it. Rut roh… That’s not a good sign. Ian is quick to point out that he invented fire but nobody listened to him. Ian doesn’t think their team won the task and said he wouldn’t have put forward their jingle.

Unfortunately, the Bud Light executives didn’t really like Johnny’s jingle. They said that even though it was great that it included all of their flavors – It was just way too wordy. It needed to be more catchy and reflect the Rita brand.

The Bud Light executives loved Vortex’s jingle. They thought it was fun and informative. It wasn’t even a close contest with Vortex winning by a mile.

Vortex Victory

Now it’s Team Infinity’s turn to fight for their lives. Brandi is quick to express her dissatisfaction with Ian. She tells Trump how he is constantly disrespectful, he interrupts people, and it’s just tough to work with him. Ian says that if they had just gone with his jingle he knows they would have won.

ian boardroom

Trump invites Ian to sing his masterpiece of a jingle… So Ian did. Trump is incredulous that it’s to the tune of “La Cucaracha.” Ian quickly backpedals and claims the song itself was just to be a framework for his jingle and of course he never really intended to use it. This seems to contradict what Ian has been saying all along and it confuses Trump.

Trump says to Ian, “All night long, you’re sort of critical of them, and then you come up with your jingle, this masterpiece that you kept talking about, that you can’t use because it’s really a copy of another jingle!” Trump announces, “Ian, you’re fired.”

2 brandi boardroom

Just when Brandi and Johnny are breathing a sigh of relief, Trump requires them to stay in The Boardroom while Ian walks off into the night all by himself. Trump tells them he is going to fire someone else at this point. Neither Brandi nor Johnny throws each other under the bus at all. I really respect them for that, to be honest. I personally don’t think you should have to throw people under the bus to get ahead in this competition or in business… but then again I’m not as monetarily successful as Trump.

Trump announces, “You wrote the jingle. Johnny, you’re fired.” And then, Trump quickly added, “Brandi, so you’re the PM. Brandi, you’re fired.” And in the twinkling of an eye, the team who had won 7 out of 10 times (up until this task) is completely obliterated.

Okay, the complete arbitrariness of this abhorrent triple firing left me completely pissed off. It is completely offensive and disgusting to me as a viewer. It insults my intelligence. It reveals just how repugnant of a “leader” Trump really is. In addition, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever from a statistical perspective. Unless, of course, you’re just cynical enough to come to the dark side with me and conclude that from the beginning, Trump wanted the final 2 to consist of Leeza and Geraldo – and to hell with everyone else. And why does Geraldo deserve to be on the Final 2? Is it only because he happens to have richer friends? How is that even remotely close to being fair?

As I scream obscenities sprinkled with “HOW COMPLETELY UNFAIR” somewhere in the night, there are but 3 celebrities that remain to fight another day: Leeza, Vivica and Geraldo. Watch out Vivica… I guarantee YOU will be next to be fired.

Quotable Quotes

“I’ve got a slogan in my life: Data talks, b.s. walks. The data is I’ve lost five in a row. So I thought my best approach would be to let Leeza Gibbons be skipper of the ship.” Geraldo uncharacteristically allows Leeza as PM to do her job.


Please note the following viewership statistics have been gleaned from:

CA Viewership

Well, that’s it for this week… This week’s episode had a season high number of viewers. I think people tuned in for a fight. Vivica will most certainly be fired next… No? What do you think? Thanks for reading and until next time… Happy trails!



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    I hope you have a great Saturday.

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    As always–great job! Stars–now you know why I stopped watching CA many moons ago but I am not 100% certain Geraldo will be final 2. Leeza for sure–in fact she will win. Trump always does this shock factor multiple eliminations and he also always has a player inside so to speak and I think that is Gerry and why he will possibly be going home next. Besides–the man looks sooo tired! I think if Ian had shut up and not continued to argue with Trump–he would be in the final. Love your blogs on this–it is more fun than the show! 🙂

  6. VV™ says:

  7. VV™ says:

  8. VV™ says:

  9. VV™ says:

  10. California35 says:

    Wow VV thanks for sharing these Q&A twits 😊

    Hi everyone, raining here. Nice and cousy in though. It did nit start raining until after I was done with the outdoors, so im safe 😊

    Vena and Stars, thanks for the blogs. Im going to read now, and Inappreciate having something fun to read 😊

  11. VV™ says:

  12. Orson says:

    If this works, it’s a blast from the past:

  13. VV™ says:

    Not sure why Lisa Rimna does this but she does. She post different stuff on her Twitter and Insta account. Usually people link the accounts and post the same. With her is like a different personality on Insta.

  14. TexasTart says:

    Stars! I enjoyed your play on words. I disliked all the things you did in that episode. We got cheated by that mass layoff. Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  15. TexasTart says:

    Now wait a minute…I thought she was not to come to Sur even socially?! Was that all a lie? Or as usual, Lisa can’t control this crazy one? “Yesterday” would have been Friday – the same days as the reunion filmed.

    • T-Rex says:

      KrazyKristenNextStarofSnapped, apparently shows up at SUR when her boyfriend of convenience BabyJames is DJng there, my guess is that originally she was dating him to make SandyTom Jealous and probably still doing that, but now also to have access to where she used to work. My other guess is that they are still shooting some finishing touches to the season, ala THeads. Since she refuses to film at her crappy apartment, they are probably doing these at SUR. I have heard two scooplets, one of course that she and SuperSpoiledUberNoTalentBratStassi will not be coming back and another I hope hope hope is true i will post below!

    • VV™ says:

      They filmed reunion at SUR.

  16. TexasTart says:

  17. TexasTart says:

  18. TexasTart says:

    Check out this awesome photo!

  19. T-Rex says:

    Okay my lovely friend that occasionally slips me some information who has been completely closed mouth most of this season of BHills, gave me a tidbit, I can’t confirm is true, but is being circulated out on BTown. THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONStfuBrandi is OUT! Weird word on the street is that TheRoyalVpump, VileKyle are adamant it’s them or her, and Bravo is choosing THEM! TheTrampWe”LOVE”Eileen and LypsLisa are also on board, although they realize they are newbies and don’t want to rock the boat, but neither wants to film with her next season either. HHamlin has said that the bitch is the craziest person he has ever met and really doesn’t see the need for his wife to be associated with her, and he told folks he has been around some crazy ass women in his lifetime! SO, we shall see if this is true or if producers are floating the rumors to see what reaction will be if they fire her. Kyle wants her sister SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim to continue with the show since she desperately needs the money and that if THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONStfuBrandi is OUT, their fake “friendship” will end as well.

    • TexasTart says:

      It almost seems insane that someone would float this rumor to see our reaction…I just can’t comprehend a RH fan that likes what Brandi delivers. I can’t imagine Kyle would wish for Kim to be on the show. Funny about HH puts in this 2 cents, lol.

      Thanks for sharing – hope it’s true except the part about Kyle. Surely Kyle is smart enough to know that removing Brandi from BH is not the fix her sister needs, nor does it fix their relationship!

      • T-Rex says:

        OOOOOOOoo! Forgot this other part THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONStfuBrandi is planning some sort of stunt at the Reunion taping. Word again is, her handlers and PR person have been helping her get ready for the Reunion, so they said be prepared for her to use words and phrases she wouldn’t even know the meaning of, and my source hopes she stupidly uses them inappropriately, because she doesn’t really understand the meanings. They have been rehearsing a couple of hours a day. Also, she is rehearsing at least ONE, if not TWO “walk-offs”, for dramatic effect since she knows the reunion may not go so well for her. She plans on squarely attacking Kyle specifically and may go after LypsLisa, but mainly she is focusing on trying to squarely taking on Kyle. Apparently SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim may indeed have given her some ammo against her own sister, so it’s going to be interesting. She has also been deciding whether to where those stupid glasses to make her look smarter, like that is going to help, she is an idiot.

      • Orson says:

        Well, it’ll mean one less enabler, which probably isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Kim.

        • TexasTart says:

          I agree, but taking someone off a show doesn’t mean they won’t still have contact. And if that were true, then they were just using one another.

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