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Brandi Glanville

I’m a Ride or Die Friend

Am I mistaken or do I remember Brandi saying somewhere that after the dinner party at Yolanda, she wasn’t gonna be drinking anymore? That we would have a “sober Brandi”. I think she lied. I am really upset.

I’m feeling a little snappish (go figure) but will try to take the high road.

Good luck finding that “high road”. I think you might have to stop and get directions. She tells us how wonderful Yolanda is and how King David is just so perfect because he wants to BE at his charity events. Brandi is envious of their trip to Italy…it’s not the only thing she is envious of.

Another adorable young man is seen next, Max Todd. We see his broaching the topic of his curiosity about his cultural heritage and his birth parents. He’s 22 years old, so I guess that’s his decision. I completely support adopted adults seeking their DNA and medical histories. It’s important, and I wish him well in whatever he chooses.

Wow, Brandi approves of adopted people having their DNA screened? That does it. Everyone who can read who is adopted must get to your local pharmacy to buy your over the counter DNA kit ASAP because Brandi says it’s a great idea. Those DNA people are gonna be breaking down her door in order to get her endorsement.

We move on to Kyle visiting Kim at her house a few days after Kim was recuperating from being released from her week in the hospital. Kyle asks her sister why she was in the hospital. There. I will leave it at that. She doesn’t even know WHY her sister was in the hospital more than a week later. It was a hernia, fractured rib, and disc issues–very serious and very painful injuries and medical issues for a single woman over 40.

I think Kyle ASKED why she was in the hospital cause the story is so inconsistent. When Kyle brought it up on the episode after the poker party, she thought it was an ulcer. Kim has given us a host of different issues and diagnosis. I have a feeling the doctors came in and said, “We are ruling out X, Y, Z” and Kim took that to mean, “I have X, Y, Z, A, B, C…” You get the picture?

Here are some of Kim’s quotes to Kyle that speak to their meeting better then I can: “I don’t need FAKE support,” “I consider her (me) one of my closest friends,” and “She’s there for me, you’re not.”

I don’t question these “Quotes From Kim”. I am not surprised that she considers Brandi her closest friend. Addicts ALWAYS seek out an enabler. If Brandi was choosing to be a REAL friend which would be to help Kim and support her sobriety, she would not enable her. She would hold her accountable for her actions. But since Kim is the only cast member that is willing to film with Brandi (Yolo is very busy what with getting IVs and jetting off to Italy and all those inconvenient trips on yachts around Europe so she can’t always count on her), I understand that Brandi NEEDS to keep this going so she can continue to cash her Bravo paychecks.

The party is next, a party that you see I was invited to by Kyle, Kim, and my friend Mark, but I honestly did not want to go at all. I told Kim I thought it was a bad idea, but she insisted that Kyle was going to play nice and not cause a scene.

You weren’t invited. If you are standing around while a party is being planned, you are not invited. If you have a massive fight where you verbally assault the host of an upcoming party, you are not invited. If you despise the host of the party, you should not want to be invited.

My close friend and amazing hair stylist, Mark Hasche, and I planned to ride with Kim. I wouldn’t have gone, but Mark was newly single and very depressed, so I felt like I should go to try and cheer him up. We arrived to a quiet party, but, that doesn’t last. The hostess, Kyle, immediately changes the party theme from “gayiety” to outrage.

Yeah, I know. She didn’t write this blog everyone so her use of the word gayiety throws me, too. And this “amazing hair stylist” seriously needs to look into another career. If Brandi is his walking billboard, he should probably look into a job a Costco cause he ain’t gonna be getting any new clients.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.52.51We see that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, had to hear how upset she was. She made the circuit, turning every conversation to her drama. Not exactly my idea of a hostess making her guests feel comfortable.

Um, you weren’t a guest. You were an interloper. You were to stir shit and you were successful. When your goal is to create drama, you cannot bitch when it hits the fan.

I gave her a hug hello, a smile, and said nothing about anything, because I really wanted a calm night. Later when Kyle bee-lined over to me with the fake apology I accepted it–twice–quietly. But we all know it was just an insincere opening to begin her angry confrontation and cause a giant scene.

She is lucky. Had I been in Kyle’s shoes, I would have called security and simply asked her ass to be shown the door. Unfortunately, Bravo doesn’t want that.

I find it amazing–really amazing–that she ran around to a dozen people saying I would cause a scene right before she came over yelling, arguing, making accusations, and making an ass of herself. She was also throwing a quite a few loud F-bombs (I hope Eileen’s ears were plugged). Whatever happened to Kyle’s fake ladylike shock of the F-bomb? Oh yeah, there was one more, as she towered over Kim who was sitting down, yelling “F– you” for the whole mixer.

Did you forget that you threatened to physically assault Kyle? Yes, you threatened her. And if you watch this train wreck again, notice that Brandi is at least 10 inches above Kyle. She is telling Kyle to back off, yet she is the one hovering over Kyle and pointing her finger at her menacingly. Again, I would have had security kick this bitch to the curb.

Hope you are all happy and well, and a big shout-out to Yolanda who returned from Asia this week. Love you Yo! Hope you’re getting better and stronger.

Yawn.  Yolo is just too sick to blog, yet she can jet all over the world, tweet and Instagram and attend King David’s gigs.  I’m getting bored with this.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.42.31Lisa Rinna

Everyone Needs To Own Their SH—

Lisa says people were asking when the Crazy Train would be set in motion. It appears the train has arrived and is at full capacity!!! Sometimes, Lisa enjoys this ride and at other times, well, she is angry that others have pissed in her cornflakes. At times, she is dumbfounded, as am I.

There are two different ways I could write this blog: I could choose to utilize my energies by calling out discrepancies, pointing out behaviors I don’t agree with and bringing my dignity down where it doesn’t belong, or I could choose to take this opportunity to be reflective of my own behaviors and the role I choose to play among my fellow Housewives.

I choose the latter.

Can I say I am disappointed? I wanted Lisa to rip into these lunatics. Well, really, just one lunatic…maybe 2.

First and foremost, I always do my best to come from a place of truth and compassion. I try to make sure that my intentions are good and my conscience is clear each and every day. I may not always succeed and sometimes find myself falling down that rabbit hole of drama, but I try to learn from my mistakes. There is always a lesson to be learned. This is how we evolve and we must be forgiving of ourselves and one another in order to do so.

Falling down the rabbit hole…wow. This is an expression commonly used among people who suffer from anxiety and depression. But I guess it works on this train, too. Lisa says that people’s behavior speaks for themselves and have consequences. “Everyone needs to own their shit, particularly if they’re inclined to dish it out.”

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.43.59There has been plenty of weird behavior so far, and you don’t need me to break it down piece by piece. Except for maybe the look on Lisa V’s face when I went in for that smooch! I mean, I get it! Could you imagine these babies coming at you? But in the words of Katy Perry, “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

I so love that Lisa OWNS those lips. She not only OWNS them, she loves them! She closes with a quote from The Amazing Nora Ephron.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” -Nora Ephron

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.24.22Kyle Richards

Brandi Puts Out Lies, Hoping They Will Stick

Cuckoo LaRue is crazy like a fox. Ever hear the old saying, “throw spaghetti at the wall and something is gonna stick!” That is Bobblehead’s plan. She has been doing this since the beginning. She deflects from her own bad behavior by “throwing spaghetti at the wall”.

Before I get onto this week’s episode, I’d like to address Brandi’s attempt to twist the events that played out at Eileen’s poker night in her blog last week.  It’s an insult to our intelligence. We all SAW with our own eyes exactly what happened. To say that I wanted this to play out in front of the cameras to hurt my sister is her way of trying to poison our minds, as well as Kim’s. We all saw that I walked AWAY, into the bathroom where my sister followed ME. I asked my sister repeatedly to cover her microphone which she insisted she didn’t want to do, because she had nothing to hide. If I had wanted to make a scene at the poker table, I had plenty of opportunities to do so.

This would really piss me off if I was Kyle. She has shown time and time again how loyal and protective she is of Kim. Yes, she did break in season 2, but I don’t think we can blame her. A person can only take so much. But if Cuckoo puts it out there that Kyle is disloyal and trying to get a storyline out of her sister’s relapse, the spaghetti just might stick. When Kyle left the bathroom she assumed incorrectly that everything was fine. She forgot that Bobblehead was waiting in the wings to fan the flames (and boil up some spaghetti).

Brandi then has the audacity to say that Lisa Rinna should be ashamed of herself and was “reckless” in her comments re: Brandi needing rehab and to consider she has children. What about how reckless Brandi is with her words? Her comments to Kim in Season 2 about using meth which were 100% NOT TRUE…How did she think Kim’s kids would feel about that? Or bringing up the lies in tabloids on camera last season. What about my children? Or what she said about Adrienne and her children? Brandi’s mean comments about others are always lies designed to hurt. Lisa Rinna was commenting on something she actually SAW with her own eyes. What we ALL saw. Not a fabrication designed to hurt Brandi. Brandi needs to stop with the lies and deflecting and be more cautious with her own actions and reckless words, if she’s that concerned what people may say about her.

As I pointed out last week; Pot, meet Kettle.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.31.57This week, watching Kim and Brandi talk after Kim got out of the hospital and hearing Brandi repeatedly tell Kim that she has been there for her and I haven’t is disgusting to me. What friend WANTS their friend to think their family isn’t there for them? Why is she constantly putting that in my sister’s head? You saw where Kim and I had a heartfelt conversation in her bedroom, where she said how we have both always been there for each other and nobody can come between us…The conversations between Kim and me are night and day from her conversations with Brandi.

Kim is so easily manipulated. Bobblehead can TELL Kim, “I’ve been there for you!” and little Kimmy will nod her head and say, “Oh yes, you have…because of you, my cup overflows!”

Now we move on to the Gay Mixer. Hmmm, I am from Northeast Ohio. I have never been to a gay mixer, but I sure want to go to one. I have been to a Gay wedding (well, it’s not legal yet here in Ohio) and it was so much fun! Those Gays know how to party and dance and have a great time.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t send the invitation to Brandi. Why would I? We couldn’t be in a worse place, and I was excited about having fun with my friends without any problems.

Again, the party was discussed IN FRONT of Bobblehead, but a personal invite was not extended. I really believe Kim wanted a “wingman” and Bobblehead wanted to make sure she brought the drama to yet another episode. Lucky us.

When I looked up and saw Kim walk in with Brandi, my heart dropped. I felt very nervous but felt Kim wasn’t coming from a bad place. I decided I had to go up to Brandi and start the conversation with an apology even though it really was the last thing I wanted to do.

Kyle, sweetie, that was your first mistake. You should have asked someone from security to escort Big Bird out of the party. Discreetly, of course. (NOT!) Why ruin your good time and speak to crazy? I do not reward bad behavior by bringing attention to it! When Bobble claimed to know their history, I wanted to throw up. You have been “friends” with Kim for 5 minutes and have only heard her side of the story. You have also continued to enable her so you are not an impartial party in this mess.

As I stood there, I was so taken aback that Kim didn’t speak up and defend me since she knows the truth. I kept hoping Kim would speak up and say what she says to me when we’re alone.

Kim is so incredibly disloyal. There, I said it. She is not a nice person. Even when sober, we have never seen a nice Kim. She would not make a good friend. She is too self-involved. I mean, this is a person who owned a dog that ATTACKED several people AND THEN, attacked her own niece and she STILL defended the dog! (Hmmmm, now she has become her dog’s enabler???)

Brandi always puts out lies about people, hoping they will stick. Just because Brandi says something doesn’t make it true. She has a tendency to believe her own lies.

SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI!!! Do you all know people like this? I have a “relative” like this. She has lied so much over the years that she cannot separate her truth from her own fiction. Her one daughter is a carbon copy of her (thankfully, the father of her other child was awarded custody from a very early age). I do believe this girl believes her own lies which is really sad. I almost wish Eddie would write a tell-all.

As Brandi threw out her last dagger, her vicious comment about my husband not wanting me, I lost it. It was so mean and coming from someone who is so concerned about “reckless” comments…What about my children? Brandi has proven time and again she doesn’t care about hurting anyone…including their family.

That was just gross and dirty. Cuckoo believes that everyone deserves to have the same shitty relationships she has. Look, she has told us all JR has cheated on her (hmmm…spaghetti?) and yet, she CHOOSES to stay with him. I wonder if she has fulfilled her fantasy with JR and watching HIM having sex with another woman. I just threw up in my mouth!!!

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.50.33Eileen Davidson

Brandi Is Acting Like A Mafia Enforcer

Eileen tells us she spent the previous episode with her tummy in knots and was yelling at her TV.

I have to first address one thing: The words “reckless” and “you should be disappointed in yourself” should never, EVER pass the lips of Brandi Glanville. Unless she’s referring to herself. THAT IS ALL.

I think that was a “READ”. I think our darling Eileen just put Bobblehead in her place. Her place being a liquor store.

Kyles’s mixer was such a great idea. I have single friends who are gay (can’t say “my gays” when I don’t refer to my heterosexual friends as “my heteros,” LOL!). God knows we needed a little levity after my poker party debacle.

Interesting. I have no one I can call “my gays,” but I don’t call my straight friends “my heteros” either. Eileen in I have so much in common (I recently cut my hair off (13+ inches) and can say that I think I have Eileen’s hair, too! Hope she doesn’t think I am gonna skin her and wear her like a coat!)

Kyle was a gracious and lovely hostess, who was clearly excited to be getting all of our gays (oh, whatever) together and, who knows, maybe make a love connection. That happiness flew out the window when Kim walked into the party with Brandi, who, by the way, is acting less and less like a friend and more and more like a mafia enforcer. Um…I guess Kim’s heart was in the right place? She said she wanted Brandi and Kyle to make up, but really people, at a party? With no heads up to the hostess? Was she trying to put out a fire or throw gasoline on it? I’m so happy that she was in the hospital for a bit. Hopefully she is healthy and back on track. Still, she appears to be getting her days mixed up and continues to side with a woman who habitually insults and provokes her sister. How about that lovely comment about Mauricio? Talk about “reckless.” What about THEIR kids, Brandi? Yuck, ick, creeping me out. The really sad thing here is that before my party it seemed these two sisters were communicating in a loving way with each other. You could tell how much they care about each other and the bond and the history they share. Kyle was so happy to have mended things with Kim. She was clearly frustrated and angry at the mixer, as she witnessed all that progress going out the window. I don’t blame her one bit for feeling angry, hurt and betrayed.

Brandi went to that party to create a scene. She was not there to “make up” with anyone. I still can’t figure out if Kim is trying to create a problem or if she is really THAT stupid. I do believe Kim is entitled and selfish. The comments about Mauricio are disgusting, but just like spaghetti, she threw that out there hoping someone (us) would believe Mauricio is as horrible as the men Bobble chooses to date. See, these are HER issues. Her life sucks. All the men in her life SUCK. So, she doesn’t want anyone else to be happy. The only person Bobble can feel “better than” is Kim: the addict. I think we have reached a new low.

I was touched watching Lisa and Ken with Max. What a huge dilemma, fraught with all kinds of emotion. I just wanted to hug them all. And Ken is one funny man. Vinny and I both laughed out loud when he told Max his “father was Japanese and his mother Nigerian”. LOL. I can understand Max wanting to know about his heritage. I can also understand Lisa being reticent that perhaps it will lead to more questions. I hope this works out for the best for all of them. They are such a lovely family.

A long time ago…I worked in the field of International Adoption.  I had the privilege to watch many families become complete through adoption.  Lisa and Ken have always been open about Max’s adoption, but have been somewhat hesitant to share details.  This is not terribly surprising and has more to do with Lisa and Ken’s feelings than their concern for Max’s.  I imagine as an adoptive mother, you would feel as though your child might replace you with the person that they have a biological connection with.  What I learned during my time in this field that honesty was the always the best policy.  Answering your child’s questions open and honestly, but never providing more than what they are asking for.  My opinion is that Max is more than old enough to know his birth parents’ names and choose what he wishes to do with that information.  Lisa withholding it will only raise Max’s curiosity.  Just my two cents.


Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.26.54Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi’s Behavior Was Unnerving To Watch

Lisa is recovering from the flu. Shit. I wish I had sent her a muffin basket. I hope Rosia made her some chicken soup.

This episode we lightly touch on the issue of Max’s adoption. Now as many of you are aware, he has been rather resistant when it comes to being filmed too much. He is happy to do so if there are cameras and he is present, but this was different. This was a deep and poignant story, a story that started 22 years ago, when we went to visit him in his foster care home. We traveled and landed in the snowy city and met this little boy who would soon be our son.

We had always thought that we would adopt a couple of children. Ken had adopted one many years ago for his sister, who then became pregnant and now has four boys. So it wasn’t something strange to our family, and we were excited to embrace him to our loving home. Pandora was six and very much believed he would be her baby.

I am sure they are a wonderful loving family. Is anyone else lost on the sentence “Ken had adopted one many years ago for his sister, who then became pregnant and now has four boys”??? He adopted a child FOR his sister and then she got pregnant? I am lost.

I have never encouraged nor discouraged my children to display their lives on reality television. It was me that signed up for this, and if you remember Pandora’s wedding, it was filmed by us–no mics and then the footage was inserted into the episode. It was her day, and I maintained that it was her decision as to what was shown and that she was happy about it.

I respect this about Lisa. She has avoided exploiting her kids and kept them out of the media. If they chose to get into TV now, it is their choice entirely.

Screenshot 2015-02-09 20.38.50Are the children different to me? Do I love them differently? Is there a biological connection that makes a relationship stronger? I honestly don’t have the answer to that. All I know is I loved them both and we had a happy family. Their childhood was idyllic, full of ponies and dogs, extraordinary experiences coupled with tactile relationships and wonderful holidays, parents that loved the experience, parents that vowed never to disturb the harmonious life they had by involving our problems, whatever they were at the time. Sometimes as siblings they would fight. Pandora believed Max to be favored, as he was exempt from blame, because he was younger, but Max would say differently. It was a vibrant household with parents at the helm who loved their children’s friends and all that ensues with raising children. Yes, Max had to be pushed and encouraged much more than Pandora. I was very involved with my children’s education, even worked in their school in France a few days a week for three years, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Each child is different, each relationship varies, but one thing I know for sure is biology has little to do with emotional connections, of that Max and I are sure. Anyway, life is riddled with choices, a smorgasbord of options and paths to take. I encourage them to be independent of me, but they know I am there to catch them if they fall, then to put them back on that slippery slope we know as life.

I don’t think anyone can say Lisa and Ken don’t love their children.

Now onto a rather unpleasant situation that started with good intent…the gay mixer party. I was thankful that we were all in good spirits and, for the most part, I was alleviated from the problematic situation between the sisters as I was socializing on the other side of the room. Then we insert Brandi into this complicated dynamic, and of course it becomes explosive. I have never experienced, prior to meeting Brandi (and this would be the second time), a woman exclaiming, “I will knock you f—ing teeth out.”

I will ask all of you: have you ever had someone say “I will know your F—ing teeth out!”? I can say this has never happened to me. If it did though, I would have reacted VERY different from the way Kyle did. Perhaps everything Bobble says is white noise at this point and no one reacts to her attacking statements, BUT if someone physically threatened me, I would take them seriously. I would have called security and had her ass escorted out of the building and for good measure, I would have filed a restraining order just in case (or really just to embarrass her sorry ass!) Brandi tries very hard to be intimidating. She towers over many of these ladies and yet claims they are attacking her while she is leaning over them and threatening them. Kim standing behind Brandi with her arms crossed and nodding while Bobble attacked her sister is worse. So much worse.


Beverly Hills Housewives Net Worth

By Namaste

I was a little bored on a snow day last week and went to and decided to look up our RHBH. I was curious. I cannot say how accurate these numbers are, but they sure are fun to think about!

Lisa Vanderpump – 65 million net worth

500k per season

Ken Todd – 85 million net worth

Pandora Todd – 2 million net worth

Kyle Richards – 30 million net worth

270k per season

Mauricio Umansky – 30 million net worth

Kim Richards – 1 million net worth

100k per season

Brandi Glanville – 1 million net worth

175k per season

Eddie Cibrian – 6 million net worth

Leann Rimes – 20 million net worth

Yolanda Foster – 45 million net worth

100k per season

David Foster – 30 million net worth

Mohamed Hadid – 200 million net worth

Gigi Hadid – 500k net worth

Bella Hadid  – not listed

Lisa Rinna – 8 million net worth

Harry Hamin – 5.5 million net worth

Eileen Davidson – 3 million net worth

Vincent Van Patten – 2 Million net worth


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  1. Powell says:

    New bloggity blog TexasTart. 😉

  2. Powell says:

    Oooh Namaste thks. Wow Lisa V makes 500k per season. And Bobble Head makes 175k, 75 more than Kim and Kim was on before Bobble but Bobble brings the drama and Kim is folding laundry. I’m surprised Kyle makes so much less than Lisa V. Interesting. I wonder does Gigi’s net worth include all of her recent contracts. Probably not. Mohammed does well in high end home building. Hasn’t Sly Stallone and another big celeb suing Mohammed for poor construction or something to that affect?

  3. Kyle makes 1/2 of Queen Lisa!?!?!? Oooooooh damnnnnnmmm

    Thanks im going to read UP —

    VV – Chianina looked at WWH again and I don’t see where patty said that about the testosterone. I ****believe***** she said it and I believe YOU – I’m a BELIE-VV-er – get it 😉LOL
    I guess it was the aftershow.

  4. plainviewsue says:

    How interesting that Kyle doesn’t make the same as Lisa V. I am sure they started out the same in season one. I wonder if Bravo upped Lisa’s salary for her to come back this season.

    Namaste, as always, fabulous job. I agree. Someone says I will knock your f*cking teeth out, you are thrown out with trash. No questions asked.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Does Lisa’s Bravo net worth include both RHBH and VR? If so, then she and Kyle are about the same.

    • Orson says:

      I think there’s 2 things going on here. First, yeah, LVP held out for a raise to return for this season. And secondly, I think Bravo didn’t want to resign Kim for more seasons and Kyle pitched a fit. So Bravo said, well, if you want us to keep her on, we’re going to pay her out of what we’d be willing to pay YOU. Then Kyle said I’ll quit and Bravo said Okay, nice having worked with you and then Kyle came around and agreed to Bravo’s original terms.

  5. Powell says:

    I’m reading from bottom up. I loved reading that bit about how they met Max. Sounds very sweet. But yes Namaste Ken adopted a child for his sister? How does that work? How does that legally make the child Ken’s sister’s child? I’m hunching my shoulders IDK.
    Yes Kyle should have done what you said Namaste and filed a restraining order against Bobble. Of course Bobble would have screamed, “Are you fun*ing kidding me?”. Yes Bobble saying that towering over Kyle is threatening in my world. But maybe Kyle should have said, “Do it Brandi. You think you’ve paid enough to lawyers. You ain’t seen nothing yet if you touch me.” That’s why even though I don’t think Joanna will win in court, I’m glad she’s suing Bobble. Take that $1 mill net worth down to at least half.

  6. Powell says:

    Stop copying off of Eileen Namaste. 😉

  7. Powell says:

    Namaste I’m gonna say YES lucky us that Bobble fanned the flames again at Kyle’s mixer but if what T-Rex’s friend says is true Bobble crashing Kyle’s party just put a nail in her coffin and HIP HOP HURRAY for use Bobble Head will not be back next season.

  8. Powell says:

    Max, Lisa, Ken and us the viewers didn’t need Bobble Head’s support in his quest. 😛

  9. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great recap, Namaste.

    Let’s see how Brandi tries to spin what she does to Yolanda in this episode. I have a feeling that Brandi’s going to develop a fever soon or her dog may run away or she fought with her dad.😣

    • kit9 says:

      I saw her already trying to defend herself, saying she didn’t attack Yo and never would. Yah, well, technically, she didn’t attack Yo, she attacked Bella. Oh, wait! That’s only 10x’s worse. Just when I think Brandi can’t shock/horrify me any more, she manages to do it. This one is a real jaw dropper. And, important to note, she was SOBER when she said it. What Brandi said was so disgusting. NOBODY anywhere was ever calling Bella, who was freaking 17 at the time, with no other record of drinking, a freaking alcoholic.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I wish for once she could just stop herself, and say, “You know what, I messed up. Sorry.” She not only low blowed Yo but she did it to her daughter and on camera. Ugh
        I wonder if Mohammed will tweet something when it airs?

  10. T-Rex says:

    The problem with some of that Celebrity Net worth stuff is that the married folks are actually the same dollars. Murray is worth potentially 30million, Kyle is not, it’s her husband’s money. Same with TheRoyalVpumps, but in their case, the monies are “both” of them, they just have certain businesses in HER name and some in HIS name. They have no pre-nups so it’s “their” money. I don’t think these are correct though, NO WAY THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi is worth 1 million dollars, she may have made about 500K but she has blown every single dime she has made on stupid frivolous things. She doesn’t own a home, claims to lease a car, can’t afford health insurance, college tuitions(which are being provided for by THEIR Father in papers SHE sent to the press). I do believe though that HHamlin and LypsLisa may be separate items same with the TrampWeLoveEileen and everyone’s boyfriend Vincey-Poo

    • While I get what you are saying, I strongly disagree with you saying that the 30k (Maurice and Kyle) is Mauricio’s money. When you have been married as long as Kyle and Mo have, I think it is fair to say it is THEIR money. Mo gets to work the hours he does because he has a reliable and loving spouse who he knows is caring for his kids.

      On a much lower level, I became a stay at home mom years ago. My husband has a job that requires him to travel. I decided to stay at home and handle all the school and after school activities. This was what worked for both of us and we consider the money my husband makes as OUR money. Just my two cents.

      • Exit4 says:

        I always say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too! 😉

      • T-Rex says:

        Namaste, no I AGREE with you too, sorry, I guess I didn’t word that very well, I don’t care for Kyle and at times it shows. I agree, the money is THEIR money together, but it’s not 60 million, it’s 30 million “together”, that’s why I was saying the numbers at these sites are “skewed”, not taking away from the fact that she helped Murray attain that money, she was there by his side helping him to do that.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I agree-Kevin works and I stay home and take care of the house and the kids and 9 million other things..that’s my money too!!

  11. not THAT Jill says:

    Great Job Namaste!
    There is really so little to say about Brandi’s blog because it’s so evident that these are not her words nor her thoughts. Bravo should insist that the HW write their own blogs-they should for sure have a proof reader but the words should come from them-not from some over zealous twitter fan who thinks she’s an authority on things BH. If I see one more tweet about Brandi “acting” on BH and the whole show being fake and scripted I will scream. If it is fake and everyone is acting why is this twitter fan and her cronies going after every other BH HW? Brandi is acting but Kyle isn’t? I’m so over the whole fake blog and fake twitter-for a person that claims to REAL-Brandi has turned into the biggest fraud ever. “Tittering and clutching their pearls” ok come on!!! Gladys Kravitz? As if Brandi knows who that is! So fake and dumb.
    I wish Lisa didn’t bring Max and his adoption to the show-it makes Lisa look desperate for a storyline and although I don’t think it’s true -it is the way it will come off in HWLand.
    Kyle needs to stop giving Brandi life-leave her out of the blogs and off the twitter TL-it’s worse than talking about her. Brandi needs attention to breath-giving her none is the worst punishment and exactly what she deserves. While Kyle is ignoring Brandi she might do the same with Kim. Kim is being treated like a child on social media-like she’s Kyle’s 15 year old sister and it drives me crazy. Kim took drugs while filming-unless Kyle shoved the drugs into Kim’s mouth and forced her to swallow them there is no way that Kim’s relapse could have been planned as Kyle’s storyline. I’m so over Kim and her addiction being put on Kyle-addicts need to take responsibility for their actions-Kim knows this but is so happy with Kyle and Brandi fighting over her b/c the heat is off-she’s not fooling anyone!!

    • Powell says:

      LOL an over zealous Twitter fan writing Bobble’s blogs. 🙂 Yup. Kyle needs to ignore Bobble in blogs and on Twitter. I agree Kim too. I’ve said Kyle worries about Kim more than she does Portia. IMO Kim is holding Kyle hostage. After this betrayal Kyle needs to stay clear of Kim. Since this all kicked off Kim still has not defended her sister on Twitter. Now Kim should be the one to be ashamed.

    • I agree with you completely. And I think everyone has been treating Kim with kid gloves and this is not helping her. Its enabling.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      “Broaching the subject” “cultural heritage”. “Gaiety”….good Lard even Teresa’s blog writer knew better than this-she added a word or two that we knew Teresa would never utter but this blog is just full of shit that Brandi would never know how to use in her everyday life!!

      Why are Kim’s imagined medical issues more serious and painful for a single woman? Married women with all those issues are fine but if your single your screwed?
      Kim is not only over 40…she’s also over 50!!
      She’s so dumb!! Both of them…and the blog writer too! (That covers everything!)

      • T-Rex says:

        I pointed these nifty words of the “unknown” to her, variety, the other day. Plus why is it a ‘WOMAN’S” issue for health, that’s a HUMAN BEING issue and like you said SpaceCadetdrugaddictAlcoholicKim is over 50, not 40. SHE,IS,AN,IDIOT! And the person who is writing her blog needs to use google for dummies!

      • kit9 says:

        Also, speaking of Kim’s medical issues…isn’t it odd that she never mentioned pneumonia and bronchitis on the show? Or did I miss that?

    • I agree with you and I NEED TO DO SOME SLEUTHING it seems…..

      • Orson says:

        Yes, I think some fine tuning on a timeline is called for. Here’s something I’m wondering… did Kim claim she took her Ex’s pain meds for that laundry list of injuries during a NON-TH part of the Poker Game episode, or only in Talking Heads and Post-airing blog posts? Did she claim bronchitis during the poker game while she was smoking a cigar, or during a post-taping talking head.

        I think it’ll work out like this: She took the drugs before the poker game, was buzzed during the limo ride with Lisa R, the poker game, and the Kyle/Brandi incidents afterwards, and after she got home still buzzed she fell (off a chair?) and injured herself. Then she had her 5,7,9 day hospital stay, after that was the “My Gay” party, and some time later, when post-production came back to tape the talking heads, she went into typical (for an addict) liar mode, but had her own timeline problems that she didn’t notice because either the memories were too fuzzy from being stoned or she was stoned during the talking head tapings. And then, after she saw the episode to be aired (I think they get to see them a couple of days before the world sees it on the tube) she started preparing her version for the blogs and post airing twitter onslaught.

  12. Powell says:

    I’m using JNNTJ’s line. “She’s so stupid.”. And my line. Bobble Head. 🙄

  13. Laineylainey says:

    Great blogs blogged namaste!

  14. lila1star says:

    Thanks for the blog post–it makes reading their blogs so much more fun! I have a couple things I need to vent. First–Kim is off her rocker but boy she is not stupid–she plays this game well and knows how to push Kyle’s buttons for a reaction. As long as Kim can keep Kyle and Brandi at each other then no one is focusing on the elephant in the room–that being Kim’s fall (if she was ever completely sober). It is a typical addict game and I would think by now Kyle would no it and simply not play.

    Hernia, fractured rib, and disc issues–the conditions Brandi and Kim talk about–are not that serious. The cracked rib would be the most painful and recent but most of us over 40 have bulging discs and a host of other things.

    Or everyone is acting and brandi will still be around–waaaaaaaaa!

    • Powell says:

      Good catch Lila. Yes I never thought of that. Kim has been able to have the focus off of her and onto Kyle and Bobble fighting. Good one Sherlock. 🔎

    • T-Rex says:

      Lila- Also let’s point out that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is a LIFE LONG BULIMIC, she has admitted to bulimia in the past, with her other addictions, no way she gave this one up either. So those items she talks about could be due to horking up her food! BUT I remember way back at the time, I remember seeing it on a couple of blogs, she was in because something happened to her fake boobs! So no telling what the truth is, however it is NOT Bronchitis nor Pneumonia though!

      • kit9 says:

        I didn’t know abt Kim’s bulimia before seeing a post about it recently here. Wow. What I would LOVE to know is exactly how long Kim’s been an alcoholic. It takes a very long time to get to the point you are ready to cut them off. There’s enormous guilt that keeps you from doing it before realizing u have no choice if they keep using. But it takes a long time to get to that point.

    • Hi Lila – yes I think my former asyettobedetermined BFF Jill pointed out that Kim plays this game well – a few wks ago.

      I wonder now you have me thinking – what if kyle DIDNT have the Kim issue ?
      What is her storyline then?

      I don’t know …. We’re always searching to lay out everyone’s “storylines”

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m over the storyline crap-hey HWs- let me watch you act like a normal friggen human being-that’s your storyline!! Or how about “don’t be an asshole” that’s a good storyline!

        • I’m with you ……. For sure. (Former bestie 😒😒😒)

          • not THAT Jill says:

            (That last one was painful to type-I hope you get the joke!!)

        • kit9 says:

          I really agree with this! I don’t need a storyline or story arc. I just like watching different personalities live their lives-handle careers, go to events, deal w/friends, family. I’m thrilled with just that and don’t need or want(as it can get so contrived)some specific “issue” for them to tackle.

      • TexasTart says:

        Chismosa, for the most part, storylines are what WE talk about! I don’t think there necessarily are crafted storylines for everyone….some are developed mid-stream by something that happened in real life. I think Bravo and/or producers say to the women that they have to appear at so many group events. And one has to be an even or trip they host. Then they tell the women, okay now we need to film something exclusive to your life, what might that be? And they go from there. I’m sure that Kim didn’t want her sobriety to be her storyline – but wouldn’t you agree that has overshadowed her daughter’s wedding and relationship with Monty?

        With that said, it’s safe to say we are getting some reality on our reality show.

  15. VV™ says:


  16. Exit4 says:

    Kyles storyline is kims addiction-and has been from the beginning-but by default not design. Kim has been off since day one. Even before kyle outed her in the limo-anyone with eyes and ears could see something was off with this woman! The things she’d say, the way she’d act-and the typical addict behavior of being late or not showing up for things. So even before kyle outed her, she had to do what she’s probably done for years, cover for her with other people as to why Kim does X,Y,Z. I don’t think for a second kyle wanted Kim to behave the way she did for a story! If anything, she probably hoped Kim would be professional for filming and maybe this would help her to either get back into the business or give her focus in life.

    Eventually, even if kyle never outed Kim (and bravo kept her on) her addictions would have come to light. I don’t think Kyle wanted kim to fail in her sobriety (like Brandi said) or was she pleased that she relapsed again on camera. Just for a storyline. To believe that you’d have to believe that kyle wanted the aftermath that would happen to her family when the show stopped filming. I don’t see that at all-you’d have to be a really awful person to do that and she’s not that awful!

    • Sorry, cannot stand Kyle. I see her as completely desperate for attention. While I don’t believe she wanted Kim to relapse for a storyline, I don’t think she’s trying to help her out all that much either.

      Yup- I get Kim is not her responsibility but I wouldn’t let even a friend on camera in Kim’s condition, let alone family.

      And p.s.? The only reason we “know” Kim is an alcoholic is because Kyle screamed it in the limo. Therefore, manipulating public perception. Because IMHO it’s hella worse than booze.

      I cannot stand Brandi either but you know what? Even a broken clock is right twice a day- she makes some good points regarding the Richards sister’s relationship.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        So many people see Kyle as an attention loving desperate person…I don’t see it! I’m not going to defend her because soooo many people see her that way so I know there has to be truth to it but I just don’t see it. People also see her as a “mean girl” but I don’t see that either-even after she outed her sister in the limo. (I agree that Kim’s issue is not just the drink but I don’t know if Kyle was ready to call her a drug addict and an alcoholic back then) . When we talk about HW I can usually understand why people say this or that (except when it comes to defending Brandi-I don’t understand that at all) but with Kyle I don’t know why I don’t see it! I still like her…I’m all alone!!!

      • I agree. Kyle continues to try and reason, engage, and interact on camera with Kim when Kim is in an “altered state of consciousness”, ya can’t reason with them, you disengage and “detach with love”….it is so ridiculous to claim any of them are a victim. They are all victims of themselves. Brandi wanted to get Kim out of there, KIM chose to go back in and KYLE chose to interact with her after she already knew that she had taken something…..if she really cared about her sister she would have just let her go and not tried to see what she had said. I am sick of the Richard sisters “heartfelt, tear-filled scenes”….as we use to say in my house growing up when my brother was being an over-dramatic drama queen…”CUT, Print it!!” My gravatar says it all!

      • Exit4 says:

        I don’t see her as any more desperate or attention seeking then most of these ladies who are on HW’s! I don’t even really disagree with you-except I think if kyle had never said that in the limo-at some point someone else would have. Camille outed Taylor’s abuse and of course Brandi accused kim of doing meth. I think Adrienne expressed concern about Kim too. These women knew what was happening. It took Lisa Rinna about 2 seconds!

        Really, there’s not much kyle can do about keeping her off film. Other then dragging her out of half the things they do-which would have still resulted in speculation. Kyles in a lose-lose which I think most family members of addicts are. I know a lot of people think if and when Kim goes, kyle has to go too-to help Kim get better. It’s not going to work! But if you don’t care for kyle it is a good way to get rid of her! Lol.

      • kit9 says:

        Brandi’s points about their relationship are shallow and infantile, imo. Jealousy? She thinks Kyle is jealous for things that happened during the Carter administration? Who would want trade places with Kim now? Nobody. It’s absurd. And Kyle can’t let Kim film. Kim’s a grown woman. We don’t know everything that Kyle’s done for Kim because as Kyle pointed out to Brandi, she can’t defend herself, ie, tick off all the ways she’s helped Kim, w/out detailing Kim’s problems. Kim selfish cow that isn’t doing it for her and she should. And since she’s not, I wish Kyle would defend herself whether Kim likes it or not. These things aren’t just Kim’s story to tell, they are her whole family’s story as it affects them all.

  17. not THAT Jill says:

    Hey-who is savvy with the ratings stuff? Kenya is saying that CA ratings went down after she was fired last week-I wonder if people didn’t tune in for the first hour?? Who knows the answer??? Anyone?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      She may have access to minute by minute ratings that let you know when people tune out. Stars puts the ratings in her blog – they went down a little, but saying it is because Kenya was fired is a stretch.

  18. Hey so Sheree Whitfield is going to be on Millionsire Matchmsker on 3/10.

    Even though I cannot ABIDE that rude crude talentless biatch with a Capital C- I love She by Sheree, so I will be watching

    Who’s gonna check me boo?

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    I’m watching poker night AGAIN…Brandi thinks Kyle is jealous because Kim is high and won a hand of Texas Hold Em’?? That’s something Brandi would actually be jealous about? Like seriously? I’m confused!

  20. not THAT Jill says:

  21. Every time I see the rerun where Brandi drops the pizza on Eileen’s front steps, I want pizza. Is that wrong?


    But when I watch them drinking, I don’t want a drink. When I see Kim high outta her mind I don’t want drugs. It’s just the pizza.

  22. Is Bella hanging with DEMI MOORE and Tallulah – free the nipple- Willis????

  23. Something i LOVE about Brits — they love their dogs

  24. VV™ says:

    He’s a deleter. He’s deleted quite a few pics and videos since I last checked his Insta.

  25. STRAWBERRIES 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 for SPORTS!

    • No- ONE strawberry and TWO almonds for sports.

      You know this kid went to IHOP or McDonalds the minute he left.


      Oh and more 🍓🍓🍓

  26. ROUGE ALERT 🚨🚨🚨🚨💅💅💅💇💇💇💄💄💄

  27. I do like that Kyle Keeps it REAL with CVS moisturizer

  28. Cityside says:

    Hello all. Reading on my phone just did not cut it. Bought a laptop, whoo who!
    Retired the end of 2014. Yippee for me,


  29. Meanwhile the poker party was on Bravo and the next one is on now.

    So a Kyle knows that Kim took Monty’s cancer pain pill. She went into the bathroom and Kim told her- but she had the door shut and Kyle may not have been aware when they were filming these scenes that production heard their private conversation.

    So she kept her mouth shut about it in the limo afterwards with Lisa R. And now with Yolo she’s throwing brandi under the bus by talking about how she had been drinking.

    Now if we didn’t see the secret bathroom scene with the ever so helpful subtitles provided by production, Kyle would have successfully covered up that Kim was using drugs- and her erratic behavior would be blamed on booze. And deflected onto Brandi.

  30. Why are they acting like Brandi’s heinous denim dress was inappropriate? It was kinda ugly but nothing wrong with it.

    Not too short, IMHO.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Not too short for girls night out (for a 25 year old) but a little short for back to school night for a 42 year old Mom…I don’t dress like a nun but I wouldn’t wear that to back to school night.

    • Lisa’s kids go to a private school with uniforms…so I am sure if Brandi walked in with that on they would freak!! The “Moms” would have a field day and the dads (ugh) would LOVE it!!! I just wish she would get a second mirror and look at the back of her f*cking head and do something with her hair!!!!!!! #ratsnest #learnhowtoblowdry
      See and I say that and then I feel bad for her because I think “maybe she is depressed” and that was the best she could do….and then I think, “maybe she was hungover” and that was the best she could do…..she makes me feel so conflicted…..just when I can’t stand her, I feel sorry for her……yes I said it, sometimes I feel sorry for Brandi….

  31. Kissing up perhaps ?

  32. VV™ says:

    Here’s the tweet that Stassi sent to Patrick when she started pursuing him.

  33. Exit4 says:

    I meant to put this above-Kim was a professional actress for most of her life. The list of actors and actresses who’ve had problems with drugs and booze are endless. REAL stars to-not the Kims of the world. But yet, they managed to get to the set, turn in their performance, even win awards for them. I think Kim believed she could do the same (and I have no doubt she had these issues when she was a working actress) with HWs. Unfortunately, she had to do what she is probably most unable to, associate with normal (ok somewhat normal) people on a personal, unscripted level. And to have unscripted reactions thown back at her. Where it’s not always complimentary or positive or sometimes provoking. This type of show was not for kim.

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