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Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Tawny Kitaen, actress, Bachelor Party,  80’s video vixen.

Warning: this podcast has a hypocrisy rating of 9 out of 10.
Brandi wanted to be Tawny when she was young. Tawny and Brandi hate being referred to as “former” so and so’s. Tawny touts her IMDB page and all the acting she’s done recently. She also has a new movie coming out soon. Tawny can still do the splits like she did famously in the video, “Here I go Again”.

Tawny is divorced but remains friends with her ex, former pro baseball player Chuck Finley. Brandi blurts out that Tawny once had a 3 way with one of her friends. “No I did not!”, Tawny says before asking “Chuck and I?!, no no no. Chuck would never”. Tawny calls Brandi’s friend, Michelle, who told her this, a liar. Brandi then refers to Michelle as a former friend.

Tawny says that she read a Tweet before coming on that asked if she and Brandi were going to make up how important their lives are? Tawny likes to respond to mean Tweets. Brandi makes, yet again, a moronic dig at “middle America” where she says this mean tweeter probably comes from. They’re also probably 500lbs. And, angry and bitter and miserable.

“It’s sad that some people have to be mean spirited to other people to make themselves relevant or feel good”, Brandi says(yeah, that sucks. Just ask the 500lb angry, bitter Middle Americans). Tawny thinks that’s a great segue for her to tell Brandi why she loves her. “You don’t do that”…you don’t do that on the show, yet people accuse you of doing it”. “I won’t do that, I can’t. I have kids”, Brandi says.(what fuc*ing parallel universe are these two talking about? Frankly, they’re scaring me).

Tawny defends Brandi on Twitter, apparently (oh, my. She’s one of THEM). Brandi talks about how her older son’s friends watch RHOBH. She lets her kids watch CA but Brandi tells her kids she’s acting. But because this is what her kids are hearing, Brandi says she needs to figure out if this is what she needs to be doing (is this a hint she doesn’t think she’ll be back?!).

Tawny has so much botox right now she can barely move. Brandi says she needs some and is jealous. Tawny has a 22 yo daughter who told her, when hearing she was going on Brandi’s podcast, not to get any of the other women on the show or contestants on CA mad at her.

Tawny talks about her experience with reality tv. Apparently, Tawny was on Celebrity Rehab when Brandi’s friend Jennifer was on the show. Tawny loved her. Brandi says she’s been through a lot with Jennifer with her addiction but couldn’t watch the show because she didn’t like how Jennifer was treated. Rodney King was on the show and Tawny thought he was sweet.

They talk raising kids. Tawny’s kids split their time between her and their father. Tawny’s kids don’t want to be famous because of their parents fame. Tawny hasn’t been on a date in a long time and Brandi wants to set her up. Tawny is all over the place jumping from one thing to another.

She has “total stripper nails”, “porn nails” from the film she’s promoting. The film is about family dysfunction and focuses on two sisters. Brandi says she and her sister are close and so close in age but they fight. Her sister has referred to RHOBH as, “that stupid piece of crap show you’re on”.

Her sister just had hip surgery and Brandi’s been calling her “ten times a day”. Brandi would never not have her in her life, she says (except, apparently, the times they aren’t speaking). Brandi then brings up Kyle and Kim, of course, saying that don’t interact unless they’re on camera and they don’t like each other. Brandi thinks it’s sad. “Extremely sad”, Tawny says.

Brandi thinks it’s especially a problem with female relationships and that men are easy (total crock). Tawny cuts her own hair. There’s much talk about how much hair Tawny has. How did fame change Tawny? She became famous very young at 18. She was dating a lighting guy for Van Halen and he took photos of her which she took to an agency in LA. She started working right away, modeling and acting.

She really loved acting and when she stopped she got depressed. After going to the Dr. for migraines, he gave her Vicodin and she got addicted. Asked how she got clean, she says she had the ability to just stop on her own. She used to argue with Dr. Drew that you don’t have to go to AA everyday. “Just stop!”, Tawny says. “Just stop!”. “I will give it you, some people need the structure of AA”, she says, but she was able to just quit. She was also able to stop smoking cold turkey with her first husband.

Brandi’s friend Jennifer is big into AA, but Brandi wonders, “who makes the rules for sobriety, like really?”.  Tawny says she was in rehab for 3 years and she was worried about getting another crutch (AA being the crutch?). Someone, she says, came up to her and told her to “just stop”. And, she did (if she had the ability to just stop why was she in rehab for three years?).

Brandi doesn’t think a lot of people can just stop but she doesn’t believe there are rules to sobriety. Tawny doesn’t think AA works for 100 percent of people. She says of AA, “if you can’t do it their way, then it’s wrong”. Brandi says she knows a lot of people in AA who are on a “a lot of damn medicines to make them not crave alcohol”. “You’re sober but you need your meds to not crave the other stuff”…and, meanwhile, some of them are narcotics, she says.

Brandi hates when people say there is an exact way to go about getting sober. Tawny talks about her ex trying to stop chewing tobacco and being on the patch. Tawny told him to just stop. It’ll hurt for a week, but just stop (if she simplistically says just stop one more time, I’m going to scream). Brandi says some people can and some can’t.

Brandi thinks Tawny can’t really do reality tv and be taken seriously as an actress. Tawny only did Celebrity Rehab because of the writers strike and she needed work. She quit Vicodin in 2002 yet did CA in 2007. Tawny thinks that Lisa Remmy, er, Rinna, Brandi corrects her, is someone that can do both reality tv and acting.

Brandi never saw Harry Hamlin the entire season. Tawny thinks that’s because he needs to be taken seriously as an actor. Tawny says that 20 yo aren’t in high demand now for tv projects and that “35 and older is all they’re looking for now”. They talk the rise of reality tv stars like the Kardashians and being  a bargain compared to real actors. Tawny says that RHOBH is the one show actors will admit watching.

Unlike Brandi, Tawny isn’t a fan of Atlanta. She can’t relate to them. She says they really go after each other. She cites Kenya’s comments to Brandi in the boardroom on CA and how she wanted to reach through the tv and strangle Kenya while Brandi thinks she’s a good villain. “But, do you really have to be that mean? Do you REALLY have to be that mean?!”, Tawny complains. “No. I don’t know how you sleep at night”, Brandi adds.

Tawny really is a Brandi Superfan. Tawny talks Kenya’s Wendy Williams appearance which Brandi says she did not watch. Brandi ridicules Kenya’s crown, saying it’s been, what, 45 years now? Kenya apparently made rude comments about Vivica’s face. Brandi gasps and says, “No!”. Brandi says, “she just goes for the jugular and it’s not even true” (not at all like Brandi’s comments about Bella).

Kenya bashing commences.. Brandi ridicules Kenya’s fake booty, fake eye color, her fake teeth and nose job. Tawny says she gets protective of Brandi when people go after her. Tawny mentions again Kenya’s comment about Eddie leaving Brandi for a younger prettier woman and thinks it was so unnecessary. Brandi says she just tuned it out.

Tawny talks mean tweeting and implores people to be sweet. Brandi agrees, saying, “if you can’t be nice then just don’t do anything at all!”. Brandi says she will tell people on Twitter to fuck off but that she retaliates but doesn’t attack people. “I will never attack people. Ever. I just don’t”.

Brandi says she’s learned her lesson but doesn’t drink and Tweet often anymore after making mistakes in the past. But, sometimes it’s just fun. Brandi wonders is she’s so wretched why people would bother following her and Tweeting her. Tawny’s thankful she didn’t have to deal with social media when she became famous.

Tawny then talks her Wikipedia page which she refers to as “the best fiction novel” she’s ever read, prompting a confused Brandi to ask why. Tawny then informs a shocked Brandi that anyone can submit contributions to Wikipedia. Brandi says she’s never looked at her own Wikipedia page. She also doesn’t Google herself because she doesn’t want to know the bad things said about her. She says it hurts her feelings.

Brandi can read 20 positive things about her on Twitter but one bad thing really bothers her. Tawny says she has to deal with fans of her ex on Twitter. She had one that started dressing like her. Brandi has friends that have been busted for cheating from Facebook posts and has herself stalked people on social media but she doesn’t anymore.

Tawny lives in the same area as her husband and he still does nice things for her like deliver x-mas trees and pumpkins during the holidays. Tawny doesn’t think she could handle what Brandi went through in her break up. That she’d be “orange is the new black”. Brandi says she went “whore is the new black” after being with the same person for 13 years.

Tawny thinks Brandi has helped many women by being outspoken about her break up and thinks that by being vocal people don’t think about the cheating issue when they think of Brandi anymore (I agree- people don’t think Eddie & Leann when they hear Brandi’s name anymore. They think drunken asshole).

Tawny’s new film comes out on Valentine’s Day.


Listening to Tawny’s just stop BS and comments about Celebrity Rehab triggered some faint memories I had of her being in trouble with the law so I looked her up. In 2002, the year she just stopped Vicodin, she was arrested for spousal battery. In 2006, she was arrested for possession of cocaine and was forced into court ordered rehab. And, in 2009, she was arrested for DUI of prescription drugs.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Season 5 Episode 13

Before I start I must say, I asked for Hazard Pay the day Kim’s blog was posted (February 13, 2015 at 10:58am ET).  I only think it’s fair.  I also wanted to define some words that are thrown around in the blogs.  Just so we are all on the same page…

Deflect  verb   1. to turn aside or cause to turn aside; bend or deviate

Addict  verb    1. to cause to be physiologically or psychologically dependent

  1. to occupy oneself with our involve oneself in something habitually
  2. to cause to use something on a regular or dependent basis

noun    1. one who is addicted, as to narcotics or gambling

  1. a devoted adherent; a fan

Enabler  noun            1.  one that enables another to achieve an end; especially :  one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior


Kim Richards

“Brandi and Kyle’s Feud Has Nothing To Do With Me”

kim cry

We don’t even need to go much further than Kim’s title to her blog.  She is clearly delusional.  For some reason Bobble and Kyle are in a battle of “Who Loves Kim More” and Kim is LOVING it.  I don’t blame her.  I have never had anyone fight over me, but I can see why Kim might enjoy this.    Kim apologizes for being MIA here on the blogs.  Yes, she has been missing.  One might wonder where Kimmy has disappeared to, but we really weren’t worried.  She has made it a habit to disappear and reappear like a bad magicians act.

This episode was a hard one to revisit, because of the whole me-Brandi-Kyle situation. Even though I had just been released from the hospital 48 hours before the gay mixer, I only attended the event to support my sister and had nothing but good intentions when I invited Brandi. Kyle is my sister, and Brandi is my friend, so naturally I was just hoping they could patch things up. As I’ve mentioned before, their feud may seem like it’s all about me, but it is something much deeper and goes way back before this  happened with me. We’ve all seen how their relationship progressively has gone downhill throughout the seasons. I mean, you all saw how Kyle and Brandi really started blowing up at each other over personal attacks, not over my situation! I don’t even want to go over in detail what was said… I don’t agree with anything that came out of their mouths that night. I was, and maybe still am, hurt—hurt by Kyle’s words and the dynamic between us three.

I still find it remarkable that only a very brief 48 hours after being in a hospital for somewhere between 5-9 days (can she check with her insurance to clarify this for us?), Kim is able to attend a party…looking remarkably well tanned I might say.  If Kim really believed Bobble and Kyle could patch things up at the Gay Mixer, I will eat my shoe.  Let me tell you a secret, this fight is ALL ABOUT YOU.  It’s all about your addiction(s).  It’s all about your ability to bring an interloper into your life to fight a battle with Kyle that is completely ridiculous.  It’s all about you trying to make people prove they love you by ignoring your own bad behavior.  Also note that Kim only seems upset by Kyle’s words and not the nasty shit Bobble says to Kyle.  Nice.  Kim goes on to compare her bringing Bobble to the Gay Mixer to being similar to Eileen bringing Kyle and herself together for a lunch.  I’m lost.  Eileen tried to bring together two SISTERS.  Two sisters that so obviously love each other, but have been completely ravaged by addiction.  Kim brought Bobble along to distract/deflect from her recent visit to Promises.  Allegedly.

To add fuel to the fire, Lisa R. was going on and on about how she knows all about addicts and how she knows when she meets one, but she is not an expert or a professional, so she shouldn’t be going around judging and stereotyping. I don’t appreciate Lisa R. talking about me in a derogatory way behind my back and about my supposed problems to everyone around us when she doesn’t even really know me or anything about my journey to sobriety. I know what happened on poker night looked bad—even I was shocked when I saw it! However, I have always been open about my sobriety, how I WAS in a bad place, and how I have been and am sober for the past three years. Instead of wanting to curl up into a ball and hide in the midst of all this drama, I feel confident and strong in myself. These rumors and the fighting actually made me realize how much stronger I am today.

If you don’t want people judging you or talking about you in a derogatory way, THEN GET YOUR ASS OFF OF REALITY TV!  Lisa R. has some experience with addicts.  I believe her.  She has no reason to lie.  Kim’s experience is hiding herself as an addict from others.  Very different areas of experience.

During Kyle’s mixer and Brandi and  Lisa R.’s lunch, certain phone calls between Brandi and me were brought up. I know exactly which phone calls they were, and, yes, they were concerning, because they were about someone who was in need of help—someone I care deeply about. I was directly involved in a very tough situation that did put me in harm’s way, and that’s why I was distraught when I called Brandi about it. It was NEVER about me or alcohol and drugs. Both Kyle and Brandi knew exactly what those calls were about, so I was extremely upset when Kyle, knowing how private it was, kept on pushing Brandi to talk about the phone calls. With that said, I’m happy to share this person is doing well. This is all I have to share, and I ask everyone to respect this person’s privacy and to not probe any further.

I absolutely HATE vague statements.  HATE!  When someone posts a vague statement on facebook I want to beat them with spaghetti.  Now I am forced to guess what these phone calls were about.  I am thinking the calls were about Kim’s son.  Or Kim was drunk.  I really don’t believe anything she says.  I am shocked that Kim isn’t angry at Bobble for insinuating all of this.  If SHE hadn’t repeatedly brought up those 2am phone calls, then no one would be talking about them.  Bobble brought them up to Kyle and then talked ABOUT Kyle while talking about the phone calls.

Kim says, “Alright, enough of the drama!”  Seriously, she says that.  I sit at my laptop (while watching old episodes of The West Wing in the background) and am shaking my head at her tom-foolery.  She tells us she admires Lisa V. and her relationship with Max.  She closes by saying the ladies share one thing; their children are #1 and mean everything to them.  Unless there is a bottle of booze or some cancer meds, but if those aren’t nearby, the kids are pretty important.  Just sayin’.  Damn.  She forced me to be a bitch and I am totally NOT!


Brandi Glanville

“Addiction Is Not A Negative Label Or Insult”

brandi at yoyo

Brandi starts by sharing she is in the Windy City this week and is surprised that every week, she is in a different city when she shares her deep thoughts with us.  Right.  I am in Maui right now.  Last week, I was in Miami and next week, I will be writing you from my private yacht in the Caribbean.

I’ll throw this out first, because it’s what comes to mind first after seeing this episode. Addiction is not a negative label, and it’s not an insult. It’s being used by some people to label others in a negative light, which I find distasteful and shameful. It’s wrong and discriminatory to view an addict as a bad or somehow a lesser person. Addiction is serious and shouldn’t be tossed around lightly to diminish others or as a slur or to create dramatic effect or bring attention to the speaker. That said, I’ll continue with my blog.

I have to say, I don’t’ think an addict has ever admitted to addiction with pride.  It isn’t a compliment to say you are an addict.  It is not something most people take pride in.  It is shameful for the people suffering with addiction.  I’ll say it though, Brandi, you are an addict.  You have a problem with booze.  You have a problem with drugs.  You are a drama seeking whore.  You are addicted to the ever dimming “lyme” light.

It seems even Yolanda was visited by Kyle with her tall tales of my attacking her. Sorry, Kyle, you can keep selling it hard, but no one smart is buying it.

How are these tall tales when we watched them happen?  Did Bobble not watch the show?  Did she not see herself?  Does Bravo send her a different version?

Well, now Yo has seen and knows the whole truth, but it’s a shame my friend Yo was told so many distorted tales, and we had to address the manufactured drama instead of just enjoy our day together. As for both of the Gladys Kravitz sisters’ coincidental misuse of the word “deflection,” I had noting to deflect. Instead, I was making an example. “They say,” (referring to tabloids, internet gossip blogs, and certain social circles) that something is true, so it has to be true, right? No, wrong. Just because people say it or write about it doesn’t make it the truth. I was simply giving her an example of how I feel every time one of these women says something about me. Just because it’s being said doesn’t make it true and doesn’t mean I like to hear it, as I’m sure Yolanda doesn’t either.

The whole truth being what actually happened, right?  You acting a fool and causing a scene?  Attempting to compare your bad choices as an adult with a mistake made by a teenager are two VERY different things.  I am shocked that Yo didn’t whip those extensions out of your nappy head.  I give Yo a lot of credit.  I can see her as a mom who stays VERY even and never goes off the rails.  I am not that mom.  Just a little glimpse into my not so Namaste life.

OK, you guys saw the party. You know I didn’t attack anyone. I ordered one glass of wine, and I was as composed as possible for a very long time. But after being confronted, attacked, insulted, screamed at, cursed out over and over and then seeing Kim treated badly, I lost my temper and came on stronger than I’d have liked to get Kyle to back down. I also regained my composer, stood quietly to the side, waited until after Kyle was finished cursing Kim out. Then Mark and I got Kim out of there. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances Kyle handed us. I would have preferred to stay home and for Kim to have had a fun night with friends. I was talked into going, and I now wish I had listened to my gut and stayed home. I did not go their looking for a fight or for this to happen, but with Kyle as the hostess, I guess we were doomed from the get go.

Raise your hand if you think Bobble took a Xanax before the gay mixer.  It still didn’t stop her from being a wretched woman, but it gave her a little buffer when Kyle first approached her.  We still saw her true ugly colors come out in the end.

Yep, we also saw Lisa R. being VERY concerned with labeling people she doesn’t know with the very strong word, “addiction.” This seems like a pastime for her. She has no understanding of the definition of “enabler,” either. But she knows it has negative connotations and it’s dramatic, so she uses it frequently and irresponsibly. I’m not quite sure if she sees herself as a psychiatrist, psychologist, sober coach or MSW, what with her diagnosing anger issues, alcoholism, and addictions at most of our social functions, but last I heard, they didn’t give out those degrees or doctorates on Melrose Place.

I would like to refer everyone to the definition of enabler from above.  Are we all agreed?  I don’t think anyone needs a doctorate to figure this one out.  If the boot fits!

Again, I wish you could see the majority of my life, which is being a mom, running my life, my house, my career, and various business ventures. I have no nanny, no secretary, I travel weekly, I work out, I cook, I do homework, I date, I laugh, I clean, I write books, magazine articles, blogs, and even tweets. I even color my own hair when I don’t have time to get it done. I drive to and from school, soccer, baseball, doctors, dentists, I’m a friend, aunt, sister, a mother, and a daughter. I am BUSY. So busy I don’t know what city I’ll be sleeping in some days. My phone and emails never stop. I’m very lucky to have the energy, good health, and opportunity to work and support my boys, because they are my life.

Let us all not forget; Bobble has SHARED custody, right?  This would mean she only has to care for her kids every other week and then on the opposite weeks, she can drink, travel, drink, blog, drink, tweet, drink, etc.  And you say you have no nanny or secretary, but we constantly see you with a live in (not so good) hairstylist?  He seems to be YOUR nanny and not doing a very good job of it I might add.


Kyle Richards

Brandi Pulls Out Her Dagger To Deflect

Kyle th

Let’s start by giving Kyle props for using the word deflect properly.  I am proud of you, Kyle.  Kyle shares that Bobble cares way more about telling us that she is there for Kim then actually being there for Kim or respecting her privacy (example: discussing the 2am phone calls).

At this point, I just wanted to get back to my friends and start having the fun that I set out to have with people that I care about and who care about me. 

Oh, me too!!!

Eileen invited us to the Burbank Film festival. We all joked about it (Eileen included), but all joking aside, Eileen did a great job, and I was happy to have a night out with these four women. We laughed the entire night and it was just what the doctor ordered after the last few nights out we’ve had.

That was fun.  I enjoy watching them all doing stuff together.

Seeing Lisa V. and Pandora discussing Max wanting to find his biological family was so touching. I can only imagine as a mother what Lisa was feeling–and Pandora as a sister. When Max went to Lisa with the results of his heritage and discussed his biological mother, I had a nervous stomach for Lisa. I can appreciate his curiosity and her apprehension. but Lisa is right: She is his mother, and nobody can take that away from her.

This made my eyes leak a little.  I thought it was so sweet that Pandora said “He’s ours!” (or something like that).  This was real.

As I sat and watched Yolanda try to talk some sense into Brandi, I was shocked to hear Brandi’s LOW BLOW regarding Bella. Once again, Brandi pulls out her dagger in order to deflect. NOBODY has been saying that Bella is an alcoholic. Another lie to distract from what Yolanda was trying to do…discuss Brandi’s drinking and behavior. Bella is a 17-year-old child that made a mistake. A big mistake, yes, but nobody has ever thought or said she is an alcoholic. Brandi also said, “I wasn’t drunk and Kyle was.” Well, we had only been there for about 10 minutes before Kim and Brandi walked in. Another way to deflect. I’m not saying Brandi was drunk that night. I don’t believe she was, but she just wants to put things out there about everyone else to distract from her own behavior. I think there are a few words Brandi should probably refrain from accusing other people of being…reckless, drunk, or inappropriate.

Yolanda’s mistake here was thinking you can talk sense into a bag of chips.  You can’t.  And when Bobble flipped this and stabbed Yolo I would have gone apeshit on her, but I was impressed that Yo kept her calm and took Bobble to task.  I can see that Yolo is a very patient parent.  She just needs to stop trying to be Bobble’s parent.

At lunch with Eileen, Kim said I always try to put her in the middle. I didn’t want her to get in the middle of Brandi and me. I just wanted her to speak up and tell the truth. Maybe say what she says to my face. If Kim says that I have been there for her and been a good sister but Brandi doesn’t know that, then maybe that night would have been a good time for Kim to let Brandi know. Or maybe she could have spoken up when Brandi made the rude comment about my husband OR when she said she wanted to punch me in the face. Kim said in her interview that she didn’t like Eileen saying anything about Brandi, because she doesn’t like when people talk about people she loves. What about how Brandi has spoken to and about me? It’s hurtful and frustrating beyond belief. Although I sincerely appreciated Eileen’s offer to help Kim and me patch things up, we didn’t seem to be doing a very good job at it. Sadly, we left there no better off then when we arrived.

Kim’s biggest prob in this (besides being an addict) is that she doesn’t speak her truth.  She tells people what she thinks they want to hear.  I think Bobble enjoys Kim talking trash about Kyle so Kim partakes in that.  When Kim is with Kyle, she tells Kyle how much she loves her and how she knows how much she has been there for her.  It is really sad that Kim notices when people say horrible shit about Bobble, but doesn’t notice when Bobble says wretched things about her sister.  Selective memory?

As I sat and watched Lisa Rinna sit down to talk with Brandi, attempting to have a similar conversation that Yolanda attempted to have with her, Brandi somehow spun it to turn into a conversation about Kim. Brandi says if Kim knew they were talking about her sobriety, she would die. Yet Brandi KNOWS cameras are there and that Kim will eventually see this. Why would Brandi have this conversation with Lisa Rinna, behind Kim’s back, on camera instead of going to Kim directly if she had legitimate concerns? As you will see down the road, this proves to be a pivotal moment. 

This is a weird conversation that I find odd cause Kim didn’t bother to mention this in her blog.  One would think if Kim thought Bobble was SO on her side and her BFF, she would be pretty pissed after seeing Bobble and Lisa R.’s lunch.


Lisa Vanderpump

At What Point Is It Enough?

lisa birth mom

Lisa addresses Bobble’s comments about Kyle’s marriage by telling her to stop investing in these jabs (or daggers).  This is a common theme for Bobble.  When she is losing an argument, she throws out some horrible statement hoping to deflect (see definition above) from the current battle she is losing.

I ignore her nonsensical retort towards me, when I state that I understood, as I had been a recipient of her negativity myself. I pull her towards me like I am comforting a tormented child…reluctant to perpetuate another altercation.

I understand why Kyle snapped cause it was kinda “all about me,” but I do sincerely think Lisa was trying to relay that this is what she does.  She does not care about your family, your loved ones or your business.  She will go for the throat.

So we move on. This was a complex and poignant episode for us as a family, but when I witness moments like these, as Pandora and I set up the display in Pavilions, not having seen her for a couple of weeks, I try to broach the subject of Max’s curiosity about his heritage. Not for one moment did I anticipate Pandora’s reaction, her emotion as she struggled to regroup, thrown by the words I had just uttered.  Pandora and Max are as close as any siblings could be, regardless of their genetics. I think that was starkly evident as she lost her composure, embarrassed by the circumstance of her surroundings and fearing that maybe the threat of another family coming into Max’s life would supersede the love he had for us.

I thought this was a very real and genuine moment.  You could see how very much Pandora loves her brother and wants to protect him.

So when Max arrives, I see a hint of anxiety at his reluctance to view the results alone. I wondered if this is where the path ends. Will this information suffice? I hope so, or is it a segue to another situation he would like to explore? We will see, but I am there every step of the way.

Sounds like Lisa is a little closer to accepting that Max may want or need to find out more information.  I don’t think this says anything about Lisa or Ken as parents.  I think each person needs o find themselves in their own way.

Viewing Brandi and Yolanda at yoga was an interesting spectacle. My mouth dropped open as Yolanda remonstrates Brandi for her lack of control in regard to her drinking habits, first after having been reprimanded for the same thing last year, as I attempted to “mother” her. The most shocking statement of all was the analogy that Bella, little 17-year-old Bella, whom I have known for many years and had recently made an unfortunate mistake with her DUI, was used as a parallel to Brandi’s ongoing situation and one that she is in denial of. To me, that was astounding. There are no rumors of Bella being an alcoholic, of that I am sure. It was a hurtful statement which would’ve provoked a reaction I would not have been proud of, had it been leveled at my daughter.

I read a lot of celebrity garbage and I don’t remember reading any speculation about a 17 year old being an alcoholic.  Making a mistake and being a full blown addict are two very different things.  I think Bella learned a VERY valuable lesson and is so very lucky that someone else nor herself was injured.  It also gave us the biggest example of deflection in this whole episode.

That singularly was a defining moment for me, a bitter comparison, a defensive move in attempt to shift the focus from her problem onto that of a young woman who has paid a price and has learnt from her mistake. I ask myself as Yolanda states that she is lashing out, hitting below the belt, at what point is it enough? At what point do you evaluate the pros and cons of your relationship? At what point, especially when it comes at your daughter’s expense, can you say enough? Get the f— out of my house and understand there are boundaries and consequences in a friendship that are essential to a deep, meaningful relationship. I would’ve presumed that hit an all-time low, but then Brandi continues with another careless foolish remark—her wish to transport Kyle to Liberia was a crude example of why, at the onset of the show she reflected on why people aren’t amused at her observations. Because the graphic images firmly etched in my mind of people bleeding from their gut, the 10,000 people that are victims of this insidious disease, and the ripple effect as the world deals with this crisis…that is all the reminder we need.

To criticize another’s looks or comment on their bad habits is one thing.  But to go after someone’s child, well that is taking it to a whole other level.  When Ken shared with us at the 1st reunion the horrible things that Cedric said about his children, I think we could see that was where the straw breaks the camel’s back.  Kids are off limits.  I myself have thrown friends in the trash when they have treated my children poorly.  That is the breaking point for me.  The comments about Kyle were classless.  There are things I would wish on my worst enemy (although as a adult, I really don’t have anyone that it is an “enemy”.  I am more “indifferent” to people I don’t care for).  But I think Ebola would be one of those things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  Oh, and scabies.  Scabies are awful (yes, I had got scabies!).  And my dad, who has had a car land on his leg, has flown through a windshield, had his gall bladder burst inside his abdomen, had 2 titanium rods placed in his lower back, a knee replacement…probably a few other things, but he said the worst thing he has ever experiences was Shingles and he got it ON HIS FACE!!!  It was horrific!


Eileen Davidson

Is There Any Line Brandi Won’t Cross?

eileen, kyle and kim

I would like to answer Eileen’s question with a big NO!!!  Hell no.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Eileen refashioned her blog this week and I enjoy her style…

The Funny Stuff: The Burbank Film Festival! It is really such a great thing. It gives smaller, independent films a chance to be seen and to be celebrated. I was so happy to do a favor for my friend, Craig Campobasso, who wrote and directed the short film, “Stranger at the Pentagon.” I would do it again in a heartbeat. But, jeez, talk about no good deed going unpunished! Thanks, Kyle, Lisa R. and Lisa V. I can take little snarky comments, just DON’T MAKE ME GIVE BACK MY EMMY! And by the way, Craig’s film won first place in the short science fiction category! (I won cheesiest performance–just kidding, they didn’t have that category.)

I thought the little jabs the ladies took at Eileen’s performance were funny and cute and because we all know how the editing works, you are never quite sure if they are commenting on last night’s dinner or what we are watching on the screen.

The Deep Stuff:  Lisa V. and Pandora discussing Max wanting to find out his heritage was so moving. When Pandora said, “He’s ours,” I almost cried. Of course Max must do whatever he needs to satisfy his curiosity. He has every right to learn about his roots. Lisa V. clearly supports her son, and yet it must be so frightening to think of your family dynamic possibly changing somehow.

Agree, agree, agree.

The Troubling Stuff: Kim and Kyle’s relationship continues to deteriorate. I felt like it was worth a shot, taking them out to lunch and maybe helping them mend their relationship. I lost my sister such a short while ago, and now that she’s gone, whatever differences we had have disappeared. All that is left is the love you feel and the sadness that you get realizing that you don’t have any more time. Life is so short. I thought maybe I could give them perspective. Clearly, it’s up to them to fix their relationship. I realize now this job is way too big for me. I was honestly just trying to help. Watching them go at it again made me feel so frustrated and at a loss. Where’s Oprah when you need her?

Eileen really had good intentions.  She comes to the table from a completely different perspective.  However, Kim and Kyle come to the table with a BIG basket of filthy dirty laundry.  Laundry will win out every time over perspective.

The Disturbing Stuff: Brandi bringing up Yolanda’s daughter as a means of deflection. Just when I thought she couldn’t go any lower, she does just that. Yolanda has done nothing but try to be there for Brandi. When Yolanda brings up Brandi possibly having alcohol issues, Brandi doesn’t even hesitate to throw Yolanda’s child under the bus. Is there any line she won’t cross? And just for the record, there have never been any rumors about alcoholism in regard to Yolanda’s daughter. I live in Malibu. One of my kids went to school with the Hadid girls. Never even a whisper. Then Lisa R. and Brandi have lunch. Once again the conversation starts out being about Brandi’s possible issues. Brandi again deflects by mentioning that Kim DOES have a problem, and she should have an intervention. Lisa R. says, in regard to Kim, “Something is going to happen… something already has happened!” and Brandi says “More than you even know.”…What exactly does that mean? Will Kim be joining all the others who have been thrown under the Brandi Bus? Or has she already?

I gotta say, Eileen and I are on the same page here!  We could be BFF.  We have the same hairstyle.  If I wasn’t so worried what Lisa V. would think, I would totally be Eileen’s personal stalker.  But I am dedicated to the Divine Ms. V and I will admire “Come On Eileen” (your welcome for that little earworm) from afar.


Lisa Rinna

Let’s Call A Spade A Spade

Lis r big eyes

Lisa thinks we should all do mind clearing yoga by Yolo’s pool.  Can we make sure Bobble isn’t there first?  Lisa R. has a lot of questions about certain people’s behavior.  She tells us she and Eileen seem to be baffled by all the unanswered questions.  Get used to ladies!

 “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

That is so very true about this whole crew although it also depends on how much class a person has.  A classy lady, even when having a bad day or week or year, would not attach others and try to make them feel worse than herself.

Let’s start with the yoga session followed by conversation with Yolanda at her place in Malibu. Yolanda is such a classy woman and has been a true friend to Brandi. Watching her talk to Brandi about her drinking really resonated with me, until Brandi deflected by hitting below the belt and called out a child before answering a question about her own potential issues. As a mother, this really affected me. Could you imagine offering your friend sound advice from a place of concern and love only to have them panic at the reality they were facing, turn it around, and then manipulate the conversation into being a rumor about your child? Oh. My. God. No. As usual, Yolanda handled this like the champion she is.

Lisa R., like the others, calls out Bobble’s ability to deflect.

How incredible of Eileen to plan a lunch for Kim, Kyle, and herself in order to help the two sisters mend their relationship. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for Eileen to watch the complications of the Richards sisters’ relationship after losing two of her own sisters, one of which passed just mere months before. I think it shows that Eileen is an amazing character for her to make the effort to reach out and share her story in hopes of helping Kyle and Kim.

This shows us that Eileen is classy lady.  She made an effort from a good place in her heart.  She didn’t want to see these sisters hurt.  Unfortunately, the issues between Kim and Kyle are as deep and wide as the ocean.

Speaking of family and children, we caught a quick glimpse into my own household when my daughter Amelia was running late for a One Direction concert. Watching this was like looking into a mirror. I absolutely cannot stand being late for anything, and I get really stressed out when it happens. Clearly this is something Amelia gets from me, and when it’s coupled with holding up her ride for 10 minutes and a One Direction concert, instinct and desperation kicks in. A 13-year-old girl running late for a concert with five cute guys is like missing a 100% off sale at Neiman’s.

OMG!  Too true!

Lunch with Brandi was interesting, wasn’t it? So, before we sat down for lunch, I had actually just done her podcast. I really wanted to spend this one-on-one time with her, because I had so many questions that I felt only she could answer. I had also talked to the other women about her and her behavior already, so I felt I needed to speak directly to her. The Brandi that showed up for lunch was a sensible, empathetic woman who made some pretty powerful statements. Asking for a group intervention with a therapist? There’s a whole lot of meaning behind those words! Discussing how Kim would murder her then kill herself if she found out we were discussing her sobriety was another eye-opening and very telling statement for me.

First, I do think there are times when Bobble can “behave” herself.  We saw it on Celebrity Apprentice.  I think these are during times when she is conscious not to drink (or drug) and practices a modicum of self control.  She still shared too much about Kim’s privacy during this lunch though.

“If the addict is pleased with your help, you’re probably enabling. If the addict is pissed as hell, you’re probably helping the person you love.” -Sandy Swenson

I think this quote sums it all up.  When dealing with an addict, if you honestly love this person, you will practice tough love 100% of the time.  I also have to throw this out there:  Monty is dying from cancer.  His fate is sealed.  Kim is dying from addiction.  Her fate is up to her.

Clearly there is a lot of tip toeing going on around Kim Richards, and I just don’t understand why everyone is so hesitant to approach her about it. There is definitely a reason I am here among this group of women, and maybe it’s to ask questions and to call a spade a spade.

“Always help someone. You might be the only one who does.”

I think this makes me love Lisa even more.  Bobble claims to be a “ride or die” friend, but I think that might be a better description of Lisa.  She isn’t going to just let this go.  She will hold the mirror up to you.


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140 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast with Tawny Kitaen plus Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged at Lynnfam

  1. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning 😊 Thanks for the blog l’m looking forward to reading Kit and Namaste. VV posted some pics in the last blog of Lisa V being Mardi Gras royalty…but I was kind of surprised they didn’t have pics of her on the float. I saw her on a float – it was the daytime. The clip was in CBS news.

    Celebrity Apprentice – the one who should have won did. To me, there was no other choice at the end. Not only was Leeza classy, she did raise more in the last task and had a better commercial. She, unlike Geraldo was gracious to Donald Trump (repeatedly thanking him) for being afforded the opportunity to showcase her charity. Even in the end Geraldo, despite his emotional attachment to his charity is STILL all about Geraldo.

    Oddly enough, Kenya didn’t look so good on CA and was Brandi who shined after she got past the panic attack and the Kenya/Brandi verbal smackdown. That was entertaining having 2 RH on the same show. Does anyone know why Shawn did not attend the finale?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I think Shawn was snowed in-I can’t remember where she was-let me go check twitter!!

    • Powell says:

      Yeah Gerry was Gerry. I didn’t like he put himself in the commercial. The entire season was all about him. Like you said he did care about his charity. Other than that it was me, me, me. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. She lied up until the very end. Trump is an idiot if he believes her. She was all smiles until I forgot what was said and then she got an attitude, saying she was there for her charity or whatever she said. The look on her face and her voice changed. You could tell she had an attitude.

    • TexasTart says:

      Okay, Kenya didn’t look so good, but she was gracious to the Trumps. I don’t think Brandi ever thanked him….not that anyone has to, but it is a good opportunity to market not only your charity, but up your celebrity exposure.

    • Orpheus is one of my favorite parades in New Orleans. I was offered the opportunity to ride this year, but had to pass. Ugh, if I had known Lisa V would be there I would have found a way!

      • TexasTart says:

        Oh no! You could have met her and told her you recap her show! Darn. I just found out about it a few days ago when she re-tweeted an announcement… she’s not the best about early notice for appearances unless it’s for the LVP Sangria. Pandy probably makes sure that has adequate PR. Looks like their having a ton of fun in New Orleans.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Freaking cold out. Had to shovel snow. Brrrrrrr. I’m so over the winter.
    I follow Tawny on Twitter. She has ok stuff she tweets. I think she’s settled since being in recovery. She was out of control at one time.

    • ladebra says:

      Didn’t she attack her husband, the baseball player, and get arrested for domestic abuse?

      • Powell says:

        YES! And has been falling down drunk in the past too.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        I think she hit him with a stiletto, right?

        • T-Rex says:

          Yeppers and he had scratches all over him, it was clear she had gone “off” on him, she didn’t have even a scratch on her. From what I read the police said she was almost also arrested for battery on a police officer she was a raving lunatic when they arrived. Again, probably the drugs and/or alcohol. I remember reading that she had a “volatile” relationship with David Coverdale(Whitesnake fame), and that the band hated her and were elated when they broke up.

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    Hey guys – it’s snowing here! Light and fluffy stuff. Most of what we had has melted, so no big thing. Nothing like the east coast. Again, so sorry for those of you who are suffering through this horrible winter.

    I predicted Leeza as the dark horse after the first episode. She earned and deserved the title. Classy lady all the way. I’m so over Kenya and her fake compliments – again last night she just had to tell Ivanka how wonderful she looked. Kenya is fake from her body parts to what comes out of her mouth. She really thinks this over-the-top praising puts her in a good light, but quite the opposite. Anyone with a pulse can see right through her. CA was renewed, but the Donald said that he is going to take some time before he starts the next installment. That could hurt him – out of sight, out of mind.

    Watched a bit of The Bachelor last night because one of the four left is from Nebraska, but she got shown the door after confessing to posing for Playboy. I’m sure that’s one mistake she wishes she could take back. These midwest farmer boys will date those kind of girls, but they won’t take them home to mama.

    Happy Tuesday to all of you. Hope it’s not snowing where you are!

    • Powell says:

      Husker I’m glad I’m not alone seeing right thru Kenya’s fake complimen ts to Ivanka. Yup. Fake. Blahhhh. 😝
      I don’t watch the Bachelor but have caught a few moments here and there. So glad the fake hyperventilator was shown the door. She was plain looking. Not ugly, just plain looking. Looks like Kristen on VPR. She wasn’t nice. I saw a few minutes Sunday where they showed the girls in his hometown and a few couldn’t believe how small his town is. I’m like are they serious. They never looked at Google map before they applied to see where he lives? And he’s never leaving his family farm. Do they think one day he’s going to want to live in a big city? Most of them definitely just wanted to be on tv and hopefully get to be the next Bachelorette.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        The Bachelor’s hometown and my hometown look exactly the same! In fact, my hometown has the same name as his, only in another state. I go back and drive up and down main street and get a bit weepy seeing how all of the businesses that were there when I was growing up are now gone. Small town American is dying and it’s a very sad thing. I currently live in a town of around 26,000 people and that’s plenty big for me. I’m only 20 minutes or so outside a major city, so I really don’t give up any shopping or entertainment opportunities, while I still get to raise my family in a town where I pretty much know everyone. Best of both worlds!

        • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

          I visited a college roommate’s family in Council Bluffs, Iowa way back in the olden days and the town consisted of 1 gas station and 1 bar the rest was farms. I wonder what it looks like now?

  4. mm in oc says:

    Hey there everyone. I was walking around fashion island yesterday (outdoor mall in Newport beach). I look up and sure enough ms Vicki from the OC walks by. She was in a hurry. Wearing work clithrs . no time off for vicki.

    Just thought I would share

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      How cool! 🙂 how did her hair look?

      • MM in OC says:

        If you are wondering what the hell clithrs means, it’s actually supposed to say clothes. haha.

        As for her hair, she looked like a normal person – not a celebrity. Most bleach blondes in the OC have thin damaged hair so it doesn’t really stand out as looking really bad to me.

        She was wearing black slacks and a black and white jacket. She’s not stick thin (I thought she would look thinner in person).

    • TexasTart says:

      Cool! Did you have to refrain from saying “hey Vicki”, as if you know her? 😉 Wonder if she’s been using my hair care gift basket with the extra hairbrushes, lol.

      • MM in OC says:

        I refrained because she was walking very fast and it took me a minute to realize who she was.

        I generally try not to fall prey to the celebrity gush fest. It’s embarrassing and feeds into their narcissism.

        I met Alice Cooper waiting in line for a movie as Fashion Island a few years ago. Did talk to him about what movie he was going to see (by himself – a horror movie). Then some idiot walks by and calls him out with the official rock n roll hand gesture. ugh. He was a very nice guy. Tiny – must have weighed 100 lbs.

        • TexasTart says:

          Interesting. Not that they would be pitted together, but I’d rather ha e conversation with Alice!

    • Did you scream “WHOO HOO!!!”?

      I don’t think I could of resisted…

      • MM in OC says:

        That would have been awesome!

        I did go to Villa Blanca a few years ago and Pandy waited on me. She’s much better looking in person. When I asked her to confirm it was her, she was very shy and said yes. Told her I’m a big fan of her mom. LVP is the only housewife I will every be totally enamored with and jealous of. I just love her! Sorry, can’t help myself. She’s the only one (celebrity) I’d probably fawn over.

  5. Powell says:

    Ooooh Juicy ****SPOILER ALERT*******
    Leeza is on Wendy. Wendy asked her did she know she would become friends w/Bobble. Leeza said she became “friendly” w/a lot of the cast. Mmmm hmmmm.
    When Leeza went to Bobble’s house warming on BH she said Bobble called her and invited her. She told her husband they were invited lets go. They drive up to Bobble’s eh em, Bravo’s house, I put that in, there are lots of cars outside and Leeza says to her husband “oh look someone is having a party”, her husband said, “honey they’re shooting her show”. Leeza said she’s so naive. She had no idea. She’s never watched BH. And guess what? She was at the party for 15 minutes. Hehehe. So now if Bobble ever tries to get us to believe that she and Leeza are BFF s, NOPE.
    Leeza is on her 4th marriage. Her husband is 13 yrs younger than her. He’s cute.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m so glad you posted this. I love how Brandi says, I’m close with her and her and her…..One of them being Leeza. I knew that Leeza was being friendly to Brandi but they’re are going to be singing kumbaya together anytime soon. She said she was close with Jonny’s (CA)wife too.

    • TexasTart says:

      Wowza. Remember how some of watching that episode were so perplexed that Leeza was there and they appeared to be friends? Initially I didn’t know they were both on CA, but still – this explains a lot. Leeza was framed!

  6. T-Rex says:

    Okay, really didn’t want to bust on Tawny Kitaen but uhm, not sure when Vicodin was interchangeable with a raging cocaine addiction. In addition, she beat the crap out of her ex-husband and SHE was arrested and lost custody of her children due to her erratic behavior. Of course that could have completely been due to drugs and alcohol abuse, but still, not the Mother Teresa act she is portraying today. And WTF with her face as well, she was a gorgeous woman, stunning, and she also Fubarred her face with loads of fillers, implants and botox. She shouldn’t be calling anyone names with all she has done to screwup her looks. BTW her wikipedia page isn’t bad at all, it’s her actual arrest records that she maybe has an issue with!

    2002 Pleads guilty to Spousal abuse, enters anger management, lost custody of her children due to abuse, went to rehab and anger management counseling,

    2006 caught with 15 grams of cocaine in her home while her children were in the house. Went to rehab and Dr. Drew show(I think the kids lived part time with her at this point and someone called Child Welfare about the kids, they called the police and the police found the cocaine while checking on the kids)

    2009 DUI back to rehab, in exchange for charges to be dropped.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah she totally messed up her face. I’m guessing all the drugs and alcohol took a toll and she thought cosmetic procedures would correct it. Nope!! Some plastic surgeons just take people’s money. Whoever did her procedures knew they shouldn’t have done them.

  7. Kit I am only on the 3rd paragraph and I had to comment, will go back and finish…but my head was twitching and I was shaking with OMG!!!! WTF????, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???, ARE YOUR F*CKING SERIOUS????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN???? I think that you scored it too low, 10/10 on the hypocrisy scale!!!! I am still SMH!!!! I need to regroup to continue…how do you do it???

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Will go back to read the blog recap, but just had to comment on Kit’s fabulous podcast recap.

    Kit, I seriously do not know how you do it. This time you had to listen to TWO bobbleheads. They spoke nonsense. I literally was shaking my head in disgust as I read what they “discussed.”

    Kit, you deserve the mazel of the year for listening to this crap.

  9. I am probably the only one….but I enjoy watching people like Kenya and Geraldo, Juicy Joe was another one I enjoyed watching….I love watching awkward and unaware people…unaware of how they come off to others… is one of my favorite things to watch. I find it not only amusing but fascinating that they have become adults and are still so unaware…. oh and of course the QUEEN is Jill Z!!! HAHAHA!!!

  10. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you Kit and Namaste for such terrific blogs!

    Kit, I’m sorry you had to listen to Brandi and Tawny. Brandi’s moving on up with her interview. In fact, I think she may be able to get Tonya Harding and Dustin Diamond(Screech) to come on her Podcast. 😂😂

  11. lila1star says:

    It is just so very very cold!!!! It makes my bones hurt! Ok–enough whining –great blogs and you both deserve hazard pay when dealing with BG and KR 🙂

    Scabies! Gosh I am now scratching out of sheer memory from a few summers ago when my grandkids were so kind to spread the love! They are the worst and you can see them move under your skin–yuck.

    If they keep Brandi I doubt I will watch next season–so I hope she is really going far away.
    Reading the “House of Hilton” I have a few fun facts. It a wonder any of the sisters are sane.
    Big Kathy (the mom) was awful to all 3 but her rep as the stage mother from hell is well documented and she basically stole the monies made by Kim and Kyle(Kyle had more of a career than we hear about). The woman was a manipulative and violent drunk who pit the sisters against each other in a competition for moms love.

    But the one thing I found really interesting is the fact that Kim has a photographic memory like her father.
    The mothers death bed request to Kyle to look after Kim was because Kathy wants nothing to do with either for the most part.
    Has Kim really fallen off the wagon or is this an act? I am curious what u all think.

    • jezzibel says:

      its kinda hard to be on the wagon, when the wagon pulled away from the station and she wasn’t anywhere near the platform to begin with. Kim might not be drinking anymore, but she is not sober.

    • Powell says:

      Well Kim sure learned from her mom cuz she’s pitted her sister Kyle against her PT-tv friend Bobble.
      IMO Kim has lost her photographic memory to her addiction. She recalls from an injured brain.
      Yeah Kathy keeps her sisters at arms length. She can only deal w/them in doses. That’s why at 99% important family events the Hilton’s are on vaca. I guess you can’t blame Kathy once she married Rick. She got the hell out of dodge Candace only looked back occasionally.

    • I think the wheels have come off of Kim’s wagon.

      To say she’s off the wagon, implies she was ever on it. IMHO, she has always been on pills- never 100% unmedicated. The difference is now she’s able to get ahold of the strongest narcotics available- Monty’s cancer pain pills/patch.

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Namaste, I could read your writing style forever!!!!! Such a great job. You address everything so perfectly. I love your love for Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen.

  13. plainviewsue says:

    My youngest son works for Time Inc. in Manhattan. He texts me this morning that he saw Geraldo Rivera in the lobby of his building! He was with media people and wound up going in the elevator that Brian uses. That’s when Brian noticed Leeza was with him as well. They must have been going for interviews. This was around 845, so it was before they went to Wendy Williams at 10. He said Leeza was stunning. When they got out of the elevator, Brian moved out of the way & said Congratulations to Leeza. She smiled and said, “Aw, thanks.” He said Geraldo looks like Geraldo!

    So happy Leeza won. Definitely deserved. If Geraldo won, we would of known for sure it was fixed.

    He came off like an ass on WW. He said he’d rather be the loser that everyone thought should of won rather than the winner that everyone thought shouldn’t of won. Hey Geraldo, the only person who thinks you deserved to win was YOU!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Cool for your son. Very nice of leeza to say thank you to his congratulations. I like celebs that will just say “hi”. Respond in a nice w ay. It’s not that difficult.
      Yes Gerry was an ass on Wendy w/that comment.

  14. I have 2 pics of Lisa V & Ken from the parade yesterday. How do I post them on here?

  15. Powell says:

    Sighhhhh!!!!! So Kim had a couple as she was writing her blog? Must have. If I am remembering correctly and maybe I’m not and what Kim saw is actually what happened, 😏 but each epi up to the poker night epi when Kyle and Bobble drove up to Eileen’s, even when they sat down at the poker table Kyle and Bobble were as fine as their relationship would go. When Vince dealt the cards Kyle saw something was wrong w/Kim. From that point on Kim started talking crazy, Bobble jumped on her bandwagon, they both started saying nasty things to Kyle then Bobble started attacking Kyle just because Kyle was trying to talk to her sister and find out what was going on. So from my seat watching the entire fight started because of Kim. Bobble started throwing jabs at Kyle about Mo, going back to the previous season, when Bobble started the season telling Kyle she was sorry, let’s start over. Kyle did nothing on poker night or after to Kim that she needs to apologize for.

  16. plainviewsue says:

    Lisa R tweeted me!!!! I don’t know how to put it on the blog. I asked Jill if she could.

    She tweeted a picture of a snake & said Are you ready for RHOBH?
    “@plainviewsue: @lisarinna You slay me!!!!! U need a sense of humor to be on #RHOBH!!!!”

    This is what Lisa tweeted me back: YES U DO!! 💋

  17. not THAT Jill says:

    Random things I find on twitter….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • Wow.


        Shouldn’t she be mad at her son?

        doublestandards #

        • T-Rex says:

          Yeah, the kid is a freakin grown ass adult! I like that she is posting the info to prove that THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHSTFUMORONBrandi is indeed a whore who “tips” random folks with “ass”, however he is almost 30 years old and has WAY more issues with that fact that his “mommy” is having a hissy fit that he got his “whistle-waxed” by some random Ho!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            He was 23 when him and Brandi hit the sheets…I find the whole thing hysterical-she’s tweeted that he called her after he was with Brandi to BRAG!! What a bunch of weirdos!!

            • T-Rex says:

              Aaaaa the mother twattered he was barely out of his twenties, guess that was a typo, but still the DUDE has some real “mommy” issues by banging some broad old enough to be his mother, while his REAL mother is twattering about it on the internet.

            • Wow. That IS weird. Like, I don’t really want t think about it too hard weird.


              2 consenting adults and all that- until mommy gets involved.

            • Orson says:

              To some, “barely out of his 20s” means 32 or so. To others, “barely out of his 20s” means 22 or so. Either way, I hope he was wearing protection. I’d still want shots.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Wow. Jill, did Brandi respond?

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Oh my goodness! I was not expecting this! 😂

    • trudie says:

      Why did she have to wait until Apprentice was over?

  18. not THAT Jill says:

  19. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Bobblehead’s ghost writer is pissing me off again….

    “Addiction is not a negative label, and it’s not an insult. It’s being used by some people to label others in a negative light, which I find distasteful and shameful.” Addiction truly is shameful because it means you are not in control of your actions. Since this is Brandi’s excuse for her bad behavior, maybe this is HER truth – Brandi is addicted to being an asshole. She’s clearly not in control of her mouth (for whatever reason).

    “It seems even Yolanda was visited by Kyle with her tall tales of my attacking her. ” The “nobody wants you, ask your husband” remark was a compliment?

    “But after being confronted, attacked, insulted, screamed at, cursed out over and over ” Bitch went ballistic on Kyle in about 30 seconds. Bobble engaged cheerfully in this BS from the as soon as she could.

    “I also regained my composer…” What, you’re working with Hans Zimmer? It’s composure, you idiot.

    Also – I don’t give a flying crap about her damn resume. I do NOT turn into this show to watch her color her hair or drive from liquor store to drugstore. She doesn’t belong here. Get her off this show!!!!!!!!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I totally missed that COMPOSER mistake!! Her writer is probably going insane from such a typo!!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I’m guessing the blog writer used the word composer to make it look like Brandi is actually writing this drivel herself.

    • T-Rex says:

      I loved the comment she travels so much she can’t remember what town she is in. I guess she can’t remember that she has kids also and they are basically living full time with her Ex-husband. She only remembers she has kids when it’s convenient to spew the “single mother” card when she gets chastised for her belligerent behavior. AND what a great role model she is, her kids are watching her act like a drunk ass idiot on television(don’t buy the fact they aren’t watching), watch her talking smack about their father who is mostly raising them, plus looks like her “tip” to movers and random pizza dudes is to F**k them!

    • California35 says:

      Bring out your dragon 😜
      And i so agree. I dont want to see those activities se mentioned! With her, Bravo is probably struggleling more than we thought with editing her. By the way, all she does with her kids don’t count, because SHE won’t have the kids on.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        The dragon has returned.

  20. California35 says:

    Kit & Namaste – thank you both for the recaps.
    Wow with Brandi and Kim.

    Hi eveyone, I hope your day is a nice one.

  21. Exit4 says:

    What the crap with that mom? Her son delivered furniture to the skankiest, jankiest, slore in the land. They flirt. He has a penis. It’s not brain surgery. So, if it’s actually true-why wait until after apprentice? If the goal is to sell this story-that would have been a good time to do it!

    • Oooh, I like how you think- always looking at every angle.

      Maybe because no one will buy the story?

      She kissed (ok more than kissed) and told. He kissed and told.

      Is there a big market for stories on one night stands by d-list celebrities and moving men?


    • I didn’t understand the after CA either…. First of all, I hope he got tested, second, I would die before I told anyone…although if I found out I don’t know how I couldn’t tell you all but I just wouldn’t…or would I?? (hairlip) It just boggles my mind…. I can see that the mom could find out indirectly from a sibling or his friend…my son tells me more than I EVER wanted to know about him and his friends….I am glad he feels he can talk to me but seriously dude, TMI!!! I think if he was a mover for Brandi the mom would hear about that and most guys can’t keep their mouths shut, IDK!!! The whole thing is INSANE!!!
      To tweet that about your son, WTF??????
      #motheroftheyear #hispenishischoice #stfumom

      • T-Rex says:

        Things that make you go Hmmmmm, first off, some dude with some REAL “mommy” issues waits until now, to let his Real Mommy make some claims on the twatter about his screwing a “pseudo mommy/whore”. Uhm if I am correct I remember that when she was moving into the Bravo-paid House for Rent that she and JR were back together, or uhm back to being F**k-buddies. SO, again, there are all kind of liar, liar pants on fire, shit going down.

        • California35 says:

          What? What i missed? I need to not read from the bottom up 😜
          But from what i just read (from exit and down) on this last trail, what I told you yesterday? This is cougar town and not big papa/prince town. Hahaha sleeping with a younger guy 😖😴 lol

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    Great job on the blogs today!!
    Kit I don’t know how you listened to the whole podcast-I listened for 2 minutes and had to turn it off -Tawny sounded so friggen loopy and Brandi is so dumb-as soon as Brandi said that Michelle was her ex friend I was done!! How stupid!!

  23. not THAT Jill says:

  24. JILL – tarts saying she needs skates to keep up with you LOLOLOL

    Didn’t watch CA yet- I saw who won on the E ticker. Had to watch The Walking Dead last night. My saddest revelation about poor Darryl – probably so abused as a child.

    KIT/ NAMASTE — thank you for above — sitting with some Brandy-whine to read this.

    Namaste I believe they say your name again today as YoFo had Brandi on a 30 day cleanse.
    My God could you imagine her liver having to be “cleansed”!!!!???

    And Yo tries to FaceTime her sick mom. So we have the start of the “lets go to holland” idea.

  25. Buttercream says:

    WOW… Brandi banged her mover … hmmm. does the Mom know BG has STD’S? Better have the son go to the Dr’s to get himself checked out!
    Ultimate backstabbing betrayal from Vivica Fox .. when “The Donald” asked her who should win and she said “Leeza should win” .. when Vivica worked with Geraldo (who kept her from getting axed more than once) ! ! Happy for Leeza she won without dropping one potty mouth word nor did she engage in ugly fighting with her cast mates unlike some of the others!
    Heard on the late night that the Producer on CA took Vivica’s phone and tweeted to cause Drama.. that producer person is under investigation …
    Can’t wait to see what LisaR is eluding to in her instagram of the snake in the grass pic!
    Doesn’t LisaV and Fam look like they are having a blast in NO? Don’t you wish you were with them having fun, too?

    • TexasTart says:

      Lots of good points, Buttercream! Liza and family seems to be having the best time and 🙋 I am one that wishes I were there with them. What fun.

      I saw the televised Dish Nation radio deal that Porsha is on and the first topic was the host said “a source” called and told him that a Producer of the show took Vivica’s phone, just like you’re saying. Of.course, Porsha shot that down and said it had to be that trick Kenya.

      The host had Vivica on the line and she didn’t believe it was a producer. The funny part of this is when the host thanks Vivica for bringing back “trick”. Porsha agreed and said, “instead of Bye Felisha, now we say Bye, Trick” Unfortunately, I think that will catch on.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I would suggest mama does know about the stds. Hence the twitter outburst.

  26. TexasTart says:

    Kit! I especially liked the way you opened and closed this podcast recap. Thanks!

  27. Exit4 says:

    The plot thickens-


  28. TexasTart says:

    Namaste! I giggled, and let’s be real, I enjoyed when you yelled at KIM. It’s a shame you have to take on the role of a bitch for Kim’s blog…she does a lot of acting too, so it seems fitting! Honestly, I needed a break between she and Brandi…so I’m taking it now. Will get back to it later! Here’s your 💰💰💰💰💰. Oh, Kit should get hazard pay too 🏃

  29. serenanyc says:

    Hi all! Watching BH tonight? I just hope it’s a more light hearted and fun episode because it has been really dark lately.

  30. TexasTart says:

    New blog 🏃🏃🏃🏃

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