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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars by Veena

marriage boot camp aviva

Last week on Marriage Bootcamp the five celebrity couples managed to make sex tapes and sex talk boring. They must have put enough time into this show to be guaranteed a paycheck, because they are dialing it in.  They can’t even keep up the pretense that their fake problems are real. That’s not to say that they don’t all have real problems.  With the exception of Syleena and Kiwane they are all very unlikeable, and while I expected unlikeable, I didn’t expect boring.  Watching Aviva and Reid interact is like watching paint dry.  But the preview for this week show a lot of tears and promises to be explosive.  Let’s see if it lives up to its billing.

The show opens with Aviva and Reid whining that they don’t want to be there anymore, while the camera cuts to all the other couples at the dining table gossiping about Reid and Aviva.  They talk about how robotic A & R are, and when the lovely couple joins the group, Natalie calls Aviva out for texting Reid to tell him all the things she doesn’t like him doing or saying on the show (I guess so it isn’t caught on camera.)


The first exercise is for one half of each couple to identify a traumatic experience that has shaped them into who they are today.  The first group to go is Jacob, Tyson, Heidi, Aviva, and Kiwane.  The other group is Syleena, Natalie, Spencer, Rachel, and Reid.  The idea is to get the boot campers to identify the source of their issues so that they can begin to address them.

They all share traumatic stories; parents not being there for them (physically) (Jacob, Kiwane, Natalie); sexual abuse (Syleena, Heidi); bullying (Reid and Tyson); teasing (Rachel).  Hmmm – so Heidi was molested when she was little – didn’t her dad just …. Spencer’s traumatic incident was that his parents wanted to disown him after he made an ass of himself on The Hills – they asked him to change his last name.  I think everyone knows he’s making this up. Aviva shares about losing her leg and thinking that her mom’s alcoholism was her fault.  She is an emotionless robot, and says that she never cried over the accident.  She has just sealed all the hurt away deep down inside and become a zombie.  Aviva interviews that the whole exercise is just ridiculous and that’s why she’s not giving 100%.  Seriously – she’s one messed up lady.

Spencer blames his problems on – get this – reality TV producers – that try to bring out the worst him in for drama.  And he’s sharing this on a reality TV show – why?  He says he has a lot of anger (at these producers that made him a household name.)  He sure doesn’t sound angry.  Meanwhile – Natalie truly is angry at Aviva being so fake and not giving anything to the group exercises.  She decides to take a sharpie and write FAKE all over a poster of Aviva’s face.

aviva fake

Aviva – in an emotionless voice – says that Natalie is out of line for calling her out for not expressing herself.  I’d like to pretend this drama is interesting, but it really isn’t.  Wait a second.  As the rest of them are attacking her, she snaps back at Rachel that she’d never – ever – wait six years for someone.  Oh snap.  Everyone chimes in that “there’s the real Aviva.”

Next up they need to confront their anger.  They close their eyes and think about the person that they are most angry with.  Now they go into therapy.  Spencer is up first and bursts into tears as he says that he has learnt that he’s angry with reality TV producers, and that he loves a lot of the people in this house and doesn’t want therapy to end in a week.  I’m not feeling this.

The Nestle toll house cookie commercial is riveting.  Mmmmm – I’m getting hungry.

Syleena decides to forgive her dad, and surprise her dad (Sly Johnson) is on the show so that she can talk to him.  He’s a real ass – and walks off the set after she confronts him, so counselor Jim steps in to play her dad as she forgives him.  Aviva tweeted that they flew Syleena’s dad in for this segment – so presumable it was filmed over several days.

syleena and dad

Heidi is angriest at Lauren Conrad, because Lauren told lies that ruined Heidi’s life (really – wasn’t it Spencer that lied about Lauren?).  Lauren doesn’t come out of the bushes – so there is a fill in who fights with Heidi. Heidi yells that Lauren had a sex tape and blamed Heidi.  But she forgives her – for being so insecure and frustrated with her own life and therefore for trying to ruin Heidi’s life.  Wow – that’s some forgiveness speech.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with her traumatic experience.


Then they do a montage of the rest of them going through the exercise – I guess their segments were really boring.

And the show ends with Spencer confronting the imaginary reality show producer(s) who have forced him to be the bad boy of reality TV.  You know – all those producers in those countless reality shows that he’s chosen to be on over the years – – –


Is it just me or did anyone else find it suspicious that Heidi’s segment (getting mad at Lauren) lined up so neatly with Spencer’s.  Are these two famewhores reliving their glory days because they know the show is stale and boring. Hmmmm – who is the faker now?  One more week left – thank you Jesus (in my best MeGo voice).


Brandi Podcast by Kit9

Brandi and Johnny on roller coaster
Guest: Johnny Damon

Brandi fucking hates Valentine’s Day. Brandi gets her kids to do projects for her around the house and tricks them into being “slave labor”. She has to keep them busy or they get into trouble. Brandi’s house is a party house when her boys are with her. Brandi recommends the lingerie from Target.

Brandi talks Brian Williams. She’s really upset about it but feels we have to forgive him and move forward. “If he’s a liar, is everyone a liar?”, she wonders. He’s been delivering the news for a long time and is well respected, she says, so he should be given a pass. “It’s a little tiny lie in the big scheme of things”.

She does wonder what else he may have lied about but says all news is sensationalized and that “the news is a tool that the government uses to shape our little minds into doing certain things and feeling certain ways”(wow).

She’s no longer having Twitter wars with Leann and she’s glad because they were exhausting. Johnny and his wife have 5 kids and are expecting another. Brandi suggested to Johnny that he get fixed and he told her he already has. Brandi just back from doing the Steve Harvey show. She thinks he’s hilarious. Steve wanted to set her up with a Cuban guy, a model. Brandi rapped on the show, apparently.

Brandi broke up with JR (didn’t she just say she and JR were going to try to be a real couple?). They just don’t get along, she says. He said something that really got under her skin. Somebody came up to JR and told him that Brandi had to be sleeping with Trump in order to make it so far on CA. She wanted him to knock the guy’s teeth out. Instead, JR asked her if it was true (I’m sorry but I just have to say…….ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!).

She thinks he was insulting her intelligence and calling her a hooker. He thought she overreacted. And, with that, Brandi ended it. She says they’ll stay friends, though. She immediately met someone else. A high school teacher who is normal good guy who doesn’t drink. They’ve just talked, nothing has happened yet. They talk every day, four times a day. She says he’s really hot. He teaches underprivileged kids and is Italian.

Brandi read she’s going to quit Housewives. She says she hasn’t made a decision either way (puhlease, who does she think she’s fooling, exactly? Like she has a choice! She’s playing the old, I-quit-they-didn’t-fire me bs that so many a fired Housewife have tried before). She doesn’t know what the future holds for her.

She mentions the reunion and doesn’t know if she wants to go because she doesn’t want to walk into a reunion with no friends. She worries it’ll be a bloodbath. The reunions are a mind fuck and last for hours. She doesn’t know if Yolanda can make it and, GET THIS, Kim is mad at her right now because in the last episode it makes her look like she was saying Kim wasn’t well (gee, wonder where Kim got that idea).

She says she was only worried about her because she has so much on her plate. She says she was only talking about the ONE TIME Kim took a pill (actually, no, she clearly made reference to something other than that single incident when she talked to Lisa R.). “Did she fall off the wagon? I don’t know. That’s what I was told”(that’s what she was told? Brandi sat right next to Kim on PN so if she didn’t know she was even drunker than I thought).

Brandi blames editing for making it look like she thought something was going on with Kim after Lisa R. opened up that line of dialogue (no, it looked like that because that’s what she said). She’s been around Kim and Kim’s been “nothing but great”–except for the emotional problems anyone would have watching the love of her life die right in front of her, Brandi says.

So, she says, Kim is mad at her and she loves her so much. Brandi doesn’t want to walk into the reunion with all the women going after her (yeah, well, I think Eileen didn’t want to have wine thrown in her face). Without her at the reunion it would be boring with Lisa would bringing her new puppy and Kyle talking about all her vacations.

Brandi calls her dad. It’s not a good time for him, he’s waiting to hear from a guy from Craig’s list. “You don’t have 5 minutes for me?”…well thanks for nothin'”. Brandi tells him she doesn’t have a guest today so she needs to call people. He tells her to call him back in 2 hours. She won’t be there in 2 hours, she tells him before wearily whining that if you can’t count on your family who can you count on?

Brandi then talks about how she had Johnny record a video for her dad when he was in the hospital and he loved it. Brandi’s wine, Unfiltered Blond (lame), comes out next week. It’s a chardonnay. Brandi calls Johnny. This was before the finale and she wants to know who he thinks will win. Leeza, he says. Brandi thinks Geraldo is strong but he had too many losses.

Brandi tells Johnny that he and his wife need to stop having sex. Not going to happen, Johnny says. Brandi mentions Johnny has an incredible house. Brandi thinks his wife is a real ball breaker, a strong woman. Brandi says that it looked like Johnny didn’t do much on the show but that he really did. Johnny was drama free and quiet.

Johnny has a band and they’re coming out with a CD soon. Johnny struggled with a stutter and music helped him with it. He’s a big fan of heavy metal. Bryan Johnson from AC/DC played Johnny’s wedding. Brandi doesn’t know baseball and couldn’t believe what a superstar Johnny was when she was with him in NY. He had a lot of love and hate thrown at him from fans while there, apparently. Johnny is proud of the great job Brandi did on CA and signs off. Brandi’s proud of herself, too.

Brandi says people thought she was hooking up with him during filming but his wife was actually there the whole time. Brandi’s “teacher” lives in NY and planned on seeing him after filming the finale. Brandi calls her father again. When she says hello he asks who’s calling, no joke (lol). Her dad thought Brandi hung up on him earlier and thought she was mad at him.

She asks him how her sister, Tricia, is feeling after having surgery (didn’t she say last week that she was calling her sister constantly to see how she was doing?). If her sister’s surgery doesn’t work she’ll have to have a hip replaced. And, Brian (her brother?) had blood on the brain. Brandi says all these health issues with her family-her dad was in the hospital, too, recently-is giving her an ulcer.

Her dad mentions that Brandi has a heart murmur which she reminds him he gave her. Apparently, they run in his family. “Those damn French Canadians”, Brandi jokes. She asks him to tell the world something nice about her because all the mean things about her out there. He says that for someone who never went to college, never opened a book in school…he trails off because the guy from Craig’s list is calling and he has to go (lol). “God bless him”, Brandi says. She’s says he’ll tell her she’s either anorexic or has gained some weight when she sees him. “That’s just my dad”, she laughs.

Hey, since her dad had to go and couldn’t finish his thought, I’ve got something nice to say about Brandi this week….she mercifully ended the show after only 40 min!! Woo freaking hoo!


The Celebrity Apprentice

“Live Finale: A New Celebrity Apprentice is Crowned” – S7/9

by Stars99

Please Note: I found this finale to be all over the place because it went back and forth between a live show and showing bits and pieces of the final task with interwoven quotes here and there from this season’s participants. I’ve tried to organize the major highlights in a way that would at least make some sense…lol…


Remember Last Week:

Vivica fell on her sword when she confirmed to Trump that Leeza deserves to be in the finale more than she. Trump hated that she said it but pretends to respect it. It really doesn’t matter – once Kevin Jonas was out of the running – I think most of us knew that the final showdown would come down to Leeza and Geraldo – But not because Geraldo deserves it – but because of Trumps undying and inexplicable love for him. Leeza had Brandi, Johnny and Kevin on her team. Geraldo had Ian, Lorenzo, and Vivica. Leeza had issues with Brandi and Johnny going off and eating hot dogs and playing on the roller coaster while Geraldo had issues with his ginormous ego taking over the world when he cast himself as a “Hero.” Puhleeze.


This Week:

The episode opens with Trump walking onto the stage still wearing a winter coat… But don’t you worry, boys and girls – Fortunately, our favorite receptionist, Amanda, is on hand and evidently she has an advanced degree in coat wrangling because she was poised and ready to disrobe the king at the mere wave of his mighty pinkie finger. I’m sure we would have seen her bow and kiss his ring but unfortunately the camera cut away just in time.  Gosh, it’s only about 2.3 seconds into the show and I’m already creeped out by Trump.

Donald, Jr. and Ivanka are seated with Trump at the majestic over-compensating conference room table. Wait… Where’s Eric – the “other” son? Oh, there he is politely sitting in the audience of peasants just like a good little afterthought should. I guess being the son that’s NOT named after “the Donald” doesn’t communicate loud enough that you’re the lessor son – Trump continues to drive home that point by not allowing Eric to sit at the adult table.

While it’s true that Don, Jr. and Ivanka were the advisors on the final task – but Eric participated just as much this season:  Eric and Don were advisors on 7 tasks; Ivanka on only 6 tasks; Joan on 2 tasks; and, George and Piers each on 1 task. So why not have Eric join them at the table – and you could even add George who is always a fan favorite to even out the table, if necessary. But I guess there just wasn’t enough room at the ginormous table because Trump’s ego takes up so much space. But I will say that I for one am glad Piers wasn’t there because after all, who can stand Piers?

Okay… The final task requires the teams to create a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort which they will then present to the executives. The fundraising portion is that they only have 10 resort vacation packages to sell – So they must get the highest dollar amount possible for each package.

Team Geraldo

Both teams seem to be doing pretty well in the final task. Kevin is a huge asset to Leeza because he can simultaneously direct the commercial while corralling the throngs of teenaged fans that follow him everywhere he goes. Kevin’s depth of skill allows them to be ahead of schedule which frees up Leeza to coordinate and focus on the rest of the task. Leeza is rightfully nervous about the fundraising portion since there seems to be an infinite stream of money pouring in for Geraldo.

Leeza churro

Let’s compare how each team did on the final task, but first let’s focus on what’s really important – The player’s charities:

Geraldo:  Life’s WORC – Their mission is to facilitate an independent and productive life experience for individuals with developmental disabilities and autism.

Leeza:  Leeza’s Care Connection – A community gathering place, resource center and support system for family caregivers of someone with a memory disorder, a chronic illness and/or a progressive illness.

I had no knowledge or awareness of either of these charities before this season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” – So both have effectively increased the general public’s awareness of the existence of the charities. It’s kewl that in this final task each charity will retain the amount their team raised for them through the selling of the vacation packages – With the winner receiving an additional $250,000 for their charity.

group shot

Commercial’s Overall Theme

Leeza – “When Fun Is Your Only Agenda – The moments are Universal” – An extremely detail-oriented Dad who plans things down to the every single stinkin’ minute suddenly discovers how to relax through the magic of what the Universal Orlando Resort has to offer.

Geraldo – “Discover Your Inner Hero” – Children go off on a wonderful adventure with Harry Potter who is played, of course, by the iconic Geraldo (According to Gilbert – Geraldo will tell you himself just how iconic he is… Insert gratuitous eye roll here). There are myriads of other heroic characters in the franchise (including Spider Man, no less) – I’m not sure why they weren’t included somehow. Harry Potter is not the first character I think of when I think of a “Hero” or “Superhero” but okay…


Entertainment at the Presentation

Leeza – Olivia Newton-John (Kewl people call her ONJ) sang her hit,“Magic” at the presentation. The song had a nice connection to Leeza’s theme of her commercial. On a side note, Vivica declares she has a crush on ONJ. I think Vivica would love to tell ONJ, “I Honestly Love You” because she’s“Hopelessly Devoted” to her unless ONJ has “Something Better to Do.”Don’t we all know that Vivica would persist and say, “You’re the One that I want” honey, so “Let’s Get Physical… Physical… I want to Get Physical…”ONJ would tell her to calm down and be prompted to ask her, “Have you Never Been Mellow? Have you never tried?”  I imagine Vivica responding with, “If Not for You” I would never reach “A place where nobody dared to go…“Xanadu.” Vivica would end their conversation with, “If you Love Me – Let Me Know… If you don’t… Then let me go” and “Let me be there in your morning…Let me be there in your night…” (Sorry, we just took a mentascental stroll down a list of ONJ hit songs…Who knew she had THAT many… and more! Whoa!)


Geraldo – Tony Orlando sang his mega hit, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree” at the presentation. The song is about a convict coming home after doing his time in prison. While arguably, it’s Tony’s biggest hit song – It had absolutely no connection whatsoever to the commercial. Fortunately though, Tony DID have a very heart-felt, personal, and tearful connection with Geraldo’s charity because he has a sister with cerebral palsy. The connection was real and it was very touching. I may not love Geraldo’s ego but I do love his heart for his charity.

Executive’s Feedback about the Commercials

The Executives thought Geraldo’s commercial did a great job of emphasizing the “discover your inner hero” theme. They liked how they incorporated the celebrity of their team into the commercial itself which just added to the overall entertainment value of the commercial. Unfortunately, they thought the presentation itself was slightly disjointed. While they loved Tony Orlando’s performance – They didn’t feel that it effectively connected back to the resort. They would have also preferred it if the commercial showed the family having fun together instead of the children and adults having separate experiences.


The Executives thought that Leeza’s presentation was extremely articulate and encompassed the various experiences the park has to offer. They also loved how Leeza fluidly and naturally tied the presentation into her charity. They thought Olivia Newton-John’s performance of “Magic” was another great tie that brought everything together. However, they would have liked to have seen the team members used in the commercial as themselves – Their celebrity and star power would have been significant. They didn’t feel like the story about the Dad with a strict agenda went far enough to fully engage the viewer in what’s great about the park.


Geraldo: $146,000

Leeza: $324,000

Wow… Who saw THAT coming? I mean it was clear that since Geraldo was the Project Manager on the only 2 fundraising tasks of the entire season (with the exception of this final task) so he already gone to the fundraising well twice… But I honestly thought that his pockets were pretty danged deep. It shocks me that Leeza brought in more than double what Geraldo did.

Geraldo - iconic

Things said about Geraldo

~~ “Geraldo is blustery… like a cold wind… You kinda have to shelter yourself at first cuz its snappy.” Lorenzo about Geraldo.

~~ When Ian sees Geraldo get teary-eyed with gratitude over Tony Orlando’s eagerness to provide entertainment to benefit Geraldo’s charity, Ian actually admits that Geraldo is actually “A good guy.”

~~ “Geraldo just finds a way to survive… Survive and thrive through each task. He lost five in a row and yet stayed above the fray.” Ian says about Geraldo’s overall performance.

~~ Kate appreciates Geraldo’s unapologetic honesty.

~~ “I adore Geraldo because we never had to work together.” Brandi says this of Geraldo because she was the only one in the final stages of the game that had never had to be on Geraldo’s team.

~~ “Geraldo’s great – He’ll tell you himself.” Gilbert says of Geraldo…lol.

~~ Kate, Kenya and Gilbert all think Geraldo should win primarily because he was able to raise nearly $750,000 for his charity.

~~ Trump told Geraldo, “You’re tough, you’re smart, you’re brilliant in so many different ways – and you’ve shown the world what kind of a guy you are.” Yep, Trump’s right – He certainly has… Geraldo has shown himself to be an egotistical, maniacal narcissist and a complete control freak. Oh wait, that wasn’t the message he was hoping to send? lol

leeza team

Things Said About Leeza

~~ “She’s so poised, so classy, so confident – and she really understands how to treat people which really is a big deal.” Kevin says of Leeza.

~~ Brandi gushes about how Leeza is “an incredible leader” and has “zero ego.”

~~ Johnny points to the statistics and says, “The stats don’t lie – Leeza should win.”

~~ Kevin cites Leeza’s track record and says that Leeza should win.

~~ Surprisingly, Vivica says Leeza should win, “Without a doubt.” I think that statement really shocked Geraldo.

~~ Jaimie agrees that Leeza should win.

~~ Trump told Leeza, “You lead with kindness and you have tremendous leadership ability.” Then he suggested that she get a job on The Today Show.

~~ Geraldo also sings the praises of Leeza and says that she is “high-functioning.” I kind of thought that was odd wording, but okay. He refers to Lisa as “a safe choice” and tries to remind Trump that he didn’t get to where he is today by making safe choices.

Leeza’s Quotes and Thoughts

~~ “Those who are forgetting – Should never be forgotten.” Lisa said this when referring to those battling with Alzheimer’s.

~~ “Honey, you’re a storyteller – And now this is your story and I want you to tell it – And I want you to make it count.” Leeza’s Mom told her before as Leeza describes, “She descended into the darkness.”

~~ “Thank you Mr. Trump for changing my life… For giving me a platform.”Leeza says during her final presentation to Trump.

~~ After Trump admits to Leeza that he honestly didn’t think Leeza was tough enough to make it to the end Lisa succinctly obliterated his uninformed, misguided, and discriminatory viewpoint. Leeza perfectly responds, “Never underestimate a woman with passion who knows what she’s doing and what she wants.” Oh snap… You go, girl!

Geraldo Quotes and Thoughts

~~ “Once Lorenzo conceded that I was in charge, the whole day went smoother,” says Geraldo.

~~ Geraldo got mentascental about his time during this season and jokingly said, “I’ve showed that an old guy can still get it up!” I’m not kidding… he really said that!

geraldo get it up

~~ Geraldo thought that Trump played a trick on him when Ian and Lorenzo were on his team. Geraldo’s ego previously collided with theirs which made working together pretty untenable. However, they were all able to move past it and Geraldo ended up “honoring” them for really working hard and coming through for him.

~~ Geraldo humbly describes himself as, “A very familiar – Almost… some would say, ‘iconic figure in American news.’” I physically gagged when I heard that one… lol. I mean, who refers to themselves as “iconic?”


Other Noteworthy Moments (Or things that made me laff)

~~The tribute to Joan Rivers was very touching. Melissa came out on stage to a standing ovation and a towering Ivanka walked her to her place at the conference table. A well done montage of Joan’s appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice was shown and was followed by another standing ovation. Trump expressed how much Joan has meant to him and to the show. It was pretty kewl.

~~ PhoneGate 2015™©® was revisited when Trump asked Kenya point blank if she stole Vivica’s phone. Kenya continues her denial of doing it. I wish Trump had asked if Kenya KNEW who stole Vivica’s phone… THAT would have been very telling… I mean, you know… if Kenya didn’t lie about it and stuff. Vivica doesn’t believe Kenya for some strange reason…lol.

~~ Trump asks Gilbert if maybe he shouldn’t have come on the show at all because he kind of gave up in the end. Gilbert’s response tied nicely back intoPhoneGate 2015™©® when he said, “Well I gave up ‘cuz I’m going through menopause.”

Gilbert menopause

~~ At the presentation of the commercial, Geraldo really fumbled the name of the show that Lorenzo was on (Renegade). I dunno… It just made me laff for some reason.

~~ Also at the presentation, Geraldo correctly pronounces Ian’s first name but then proceeds to butcher his last name by calling him, “Ian Zierling.” Ian felt the need to correct Geraldo right then and there because you know… Life, as we know it would cease to exist if his precious name wasn’t pronounced correctly. Hey Ian… Perhaps you should consider a name change to “Bob Jones” or something.

~~ However, nothing could be worse than Trump’s complete slaughtering of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s name when he introduced her in the Finale. She didn’t make a big deal about it, though. Later in the show, when Trump made reference to his mistake, Keisha graciously started saying how she was just happy for the opportunity to draw attention to her charity… At least that’s what I think she said because Trump drowned her out as he steamrolled over her comments and quickly moved forward with his agenda…lol.

~~ I was sad that Shawn Johnson wasn’t part of the Finale for some reason – I have no idea why. Nothing was said about her at all. I really like her. (Note from Veena  – she tweeted she couldn’t make it because her flight was cancelled due to snow.)

Geraldo team

After Trump gave the two finalists a moment to plead their case he announced that Leeza won the final task. It’s clear at this point that Leeza will inevitably win… and sure enough she does! Yay! It would have been HORRIBLE if Trump had given it to Geraldo. Leeza quite aptly pointed at her record of 8 wins and 3 losses and that she never once was called back into the Boardroom. She also beat Geraldo on this final task – Even on the fundraising portion of it.


To be honest, I sometimes struggle watching this show because it’s filled with ego supremes and I’m not even talking about Trump’s at the moment. But the thing is… I still love that charities get money… I love that I learn about charities that I’ve never even heard of… And it’s always entertaining when people (especially celebrities) are taken out of their comfort zone and put into high pressured situations. Trump continues to piss me off to no end… I mean seriously, he singlehandedly exterminated the team that had won 7 out of 10 tasks – That’s some serious wonkiness.

But at the end of the day… In my opinion, the right person won. As Trump would say, “It wasn’t even close.” Oh sure, I would have loved to have seen Kevin make it further because I think he would have been a formidable force for everyone… But overall – I REALLY love Leeza’s win. She definitively demonstrated that a true leader does not have to be cutthroat, conniving, mean, vindictive or sharklike. She showed that an effective leader could be classy, validating, kind, strong and extremely successful.

Whose team would I rather be on… Geraldo or Leeza’s? I would rather be on Leeza’s Team every single day of the week and twice on Sundays. Wouldn’t you?

Please note the following viewership statistics have been gleaned from:

ca viewership

Well, that’s it for this season! Thanks so much for watching and reading… I had way too much fun for words – Hope you did, too! See you the next time we have something to snark about! Happy trails!


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      While certainly not out of the realm of possibility, seems like an easy potshot

      • not THAT Jill says:

        This is one of those stories that it doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not-we know this has happened in the past with Brandi (many times) so if THIS one isn’t true it’s ok-it’s not like it will ruin her reputation!!

        • Exit4 says:

          I need to see the tampon! Oops, I mean-the evidence. 😉

          • If it fits- you must acquit?

          • oldNJLady says:

            If Brandi was still wearing the outfit from the show I am sure that more that a string would be hanging out. It looked like her boobs were barely covered in the “selfie” of the group. Seriously this woman is in her 40’s with 2 kids. Time to grow up and like like an adult. This new boyfriend needs to run for cover. Is this the type of adult he wants his high school students to admire to be or is he showing them exactly what they could become if they don’t get it together?

      • Exit4 says:

        Toss up for sure! Sadly it’s totally plausible!

  5. California35 says:

    Good morning! Happy Saturday 😊
    Thank you Stars, Kit9 and Veena. We have lots to read, but i have plenty of time 😋

    I loved loved loved what Leeza told Trump. I didnt know what the heck he was doing telling her tha he didnt expect her to be like she is, that he didn’t think she was a business person bla bla bla, it sounded to me like he was offending her, probably not on purpise. I guess his point was to say how great she turned out to be, but still. Like woo what a surprise i thought you would suck. I dnt know, any ways, I kept listening to hear the complement at the end. Funny how he elavorated on the negative things and not on the complement. Leeza had a great answer.

  6. not THAT Jill says:

  7. Will be interesting to see what comes out on Twitter today – please Bravo show us couch lineup!
    Lisa Vanderpump @LisaVanderpump · 24m 24 minutes ago
    Have I been hit by a truck? Why do I feel like this this morning? Oh now I remember…#10hrs #reunion #rhobh

  8. California35 says:

    10 hours?! Ugh really? Why do theu make it so long? Too much talking? Too many breaks? Man eight hours at work with pleasant people and no hard/labor work, and i am so done by the end of the day. I can’t imagine TEN hours of that!! 😓😴😐👎

  9. Exit4 says:

  10. VV™ says:

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna) on

  11. lila1star says:

    My Computer is sick and in hospital and I am still not sure if this old clunker is letting my comments through. Please let me know if u see me–thanks.
    As always–well done and fun blogs 🙂 I am going to be so sad if Brandi is not fired or leaving–however she wants to spin it. Just as long as she is gone.

    Does anyone know when did Kim finally get mad at Brandi? There was no mention of it by whoever wrote Kim’s blog.
    Very happy Leeza won. Both charities are good ones but I admit I have a special place for Geraldo’s charity. I was the nurse supervisor for one of the first homes for the developmentally disabled that opened here in Wi. when they shut down almost all the terrible institutions these poor people were warehoused in. Many years ago now but it is always fun when you work at something you have a passion for.

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    • Jill – I hope she isn’t scared off the show after this, she has been such a pleasure to watch.

      • VV™ says:

        I totally agree. I’ve had my doubts she’ll come back but like with everything money talks.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          She really doesn’t have any money making options at this point-how much can her podcast bring in? Now her wine is coming out but that’s not going to bring in big money-otherwise more HWs would be slapping their name on bottles. She has her STFU hoodies but she said she broke even on that so I’m sure it’s not bring in much cash-after her Brandiacs bought her initial supply I think she forgot about it!! She can write another book but what’s left to tell? I know every sex story she has to tell and I know everything about Leann and Eddie-so what’s left? She can get a regular job if she quits BH but I can’t see her working at Target-telling customers to F off and STFU…so HW it is!!

  13. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. ✋👋✋👋 I’m do tired of the snow. When it’s pouring rain we sa y it’s raining cats and dogs. What do you say for snow? ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ These dang flakes are getting bigger. Make it stop!!!!! Sighhhhh.
    I didn’t watch Bootcamp. LOL it took Natalie this long to figure out Aviva is a fake? Mmmm mmmm mm. She’s nothing but and turned Reid into one.
    Bobble Head knows who Brian Williams is? I’m impressed. She hates Valentine’s Day? Who’d a thunk? Big idiot. JR knew what he was doing playing candy land. That’s all she was to him. A toy. No big whoop for him. She’s not a long-term relationship or a “put a ring on it” type of girl that guys want. Bobble Head. 🙄

  14. sparklemuffy says:

    Thank you all for great blogs today. I am so bored with the cabin fever. Starrs –what a great breakdown of apprentice– I love the summary of Leeza. You is classy, you is validating, you is kind, you is strong, you is extremely successful. Fascinating she is only the 2nd women to win and the Donald so graciously did not expect it.

  15. jezzibel says:

    I wonder if Brandi’s NY italian teacher is Max, the dude that has hooked up with 3 of the RHONY

  16. Buttercream says:

    great recap .. tried to post a pic of the blue bird on our bird feeder during today’s snow fall to share with you all …
    Will be interesting to hear/read about the reunion when their are several shows left in the season… sad comments by her Dad .. I know my Dad would have called the stranger on Craig’s back if I was on the phone with him.. he would never have told me to call back in 2 hours ….
    Why is she stalking Johnny?
    JR …watch him turn around and tell Kyle all of his former GF’s secrets ….

    • Maybe that was the blue bird of paradise? Blue birds are lovely so nice of you to have the feeder going for them. I think they get the shows in advance so probably have a good idea of what is coming the rest of the season so I would think they would be pretty aware for the reunion. I do think Bobble is going to go for Splits’ juglar so I hope you are right about JR telling Splits some secrets, while not a huge Splits’ fan I hate to think of Bobble pummeling her.

  17. PJ says:

    Why is Heidi claiming to be mad at Lauren Conrad? Ridiculous.

  18. VV™ says:

    You know when Andy doesn’t like the person he is taking a picture with because he smirks just like he did on the below pic. When he likes the person he is taking a picture with, he squints his right eye very hard.

  19. VV™ says:

    Here we go again with the preachy #GetWise #NoteToSelf posting. The person tweeting for Yolanda sure knows Yolanda.

  20. ladebra says:

    Shady shady shady. At least she is a consistent liar. Her show is just a story line.

    • Yeah I saw this a few days ago.

      It’s more than just Kenya- Janet Huber takes on Bravo too.

      This blog has all of Janet’s tweets. I don’t thnk Kenya has responded. With Bravo being involved- she may not be able to.

      • …and BTW, if you won’t sign the release, I don’t think you get paid. Which is what, IMHO, is going on here.

        Because I’m pretty sure if the other actors didn’t get paid we’d be hearing from them too.

        Janet Huber is somewhat controversial.

        I’m not sure that Kenya is the bad guy here.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Did u see the video? I’m not sure who is crazier.

      She should still be paid, of course. But Janet reeks of cray and her parody wasn’t even very good (sadly). I really wanted it to be funny. But, no,

      • ladebra says:

        I didn’t go watch the video 😦 But it sounded like she was hired and did work on a scripted show, and after the fact was asked to sign a reality show waiver. Which she objected to. That sort of sounds like Kenya is going to use footage for a cross over and not pay them for it.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like a bait and switch situation. Allow me to explain how I think it went down…(aka fiction)

          She went to a “casting” for “life twirls on” only to find out that they were actually filming a scene for rhoa. She says in her video she went to a casting for one show only to find out she was being tricked into signing the bravo contract because they were filming the casting (to portray Kenya as the big producer that she’s been claiming to be.). She wants to be paid for her time at the filming of this “genuine” “not set-up” casting moment (scene). I think when she refused to sign the bravo contract, she set herself up for nonpayment. I don’t remember seeing her in the scene… So I think bravo edited her out since she refused to sign the bravo contract. She expects to be paid because she knows they filmed her. In the non reality world she wd be paid for filming but this is bravo. Ladies and gentlemen of the blog, I rest my case.

          The above was mere speculation on my part. It’s even less reliable than the telling of the Newman and Kramer allegation of being spat upon by Keith Hernandez.
          Next time I will bring a chalk board and laser pointer shd this situation proceed to the courts.

          • Sounds plausible…in my very unprofessional research (ha! I’m a hobby researcher!) if you don’t sign the waiver, they don’t air the footage. The footage doesn’t air- you don’t get paid (?)

            I actually have a SAG card. It was when I thought I was going to do makeup for film. I’ll try and rustle up the paperwork, but I thought the parameters of the SAG contract are pretty strict.

            Except reality TV doesn’t use SAG- it’s a whole nother kettle of fish.

            It almost sounds like she’s trying to get Bravo to abide by SAG rules without them being a SAG studio.

            anyhoo, maybe a laser pointer is needed here.

            Is it a SAG laser pointer?

          • Exit4 says:

            If it’s just a casting call-she wouldnt be paid for that. Even if they (the production company) filmed her doing a scene. They do that all the time to watch back in the decision making process.

            If she actually filmed a full pilot for Kenya to sell-then she should be paid-because that’s actually work.

            I’m not sure what they actually filmed? The casting call or the pilot filming? Either way-if bravo came with their own cameras and this lady refused to sign their release-they owe her nothing, because they either didn’t film her or pixilated her. If bravo shows her, there would be a problem-but they didn’t?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              But she thinks she should be paid, because it was a set-up scene, more of a portrayal of a casting call. Not a video of the audition… It’s so vague and hard to explain what I’m saying/thinking… The fresh prince lady thought it was a real audition, but then finds out she is being filmed for a reality show (not part of an audition reel, but for a “for profit” production) to be televised. She felt tricked. She prob felt foolish for thinking it was a real audition as opposed to doing a cameo for a reality show.

          • Powell says:

            I think you solved it Sherlock. Your fiction doesn’t seem far fetched.

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    Did anyone see BH First Look? Yolanda set up a scavenger hunt and most of the ladies complained the whole time…it was soooo annoying!! I wish they would have let themselves enjoy it instead of being bitchy-Kim was the bitchiest!! (I love a scavenger hunt but these women clearly DO NOT!!)

  22. Does anyone else think she looks sickly in this pic?

  23. Powell says:

    Happy Sunday everyone. 😀

  24. Powell says:

    LOL Barb. You been in the house since Dec. Ouch!! 😉

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi is going to be on Steve Harevy…here is her delightful rapping session-she’s sooo gangsta!!

  26. Look at us Andy!!! We are having so much FUN! We are having a BLAST! We GET ALONG so well! PUT US BACK ON RHONJ PLLLLLEEEEASSSSE!!!

  27. VV™ says:

    Figures 😏

  28. LaineyLainey says:

    Oh, my manners!!! I woke up early today, er, my bladder woke me up …anyway, I got caught up on reading the blogs…Great blogs ladies! THANK YOU!

  29. kit9 says:

    Hey, anyone have opinions on Best Picture? I haven’t seen a single nominee this year! I have Budapest DVR’d but still haven’t watched it.

  30. VV™ says:

    The person tweeting for Yolanda understands Portuguese.

  31. VV™ says:

    Wonder about that yoga instructor…

  32. I want to see these links you all have posted above but they seem to be from facebook or something ? And they don’t appear at all on my phone ?

  33. Veena (NMD) says:

    No new Atlanta tonight – but they ran the first look. Cynthis was about to spill the tea on what really happened the night before Apollo checked into prison. They played his “I’m going asunder” instagram video.

  34. ladebra says:

    I’ve had two whole days of R&R and I feel whole again, and ready to join the fray again tomorrow.

    Shout out to Jeff, and hoping he is doing better and will join us soon. Hope everyone in the deep freeze has someone to snuggle with and you all stay safe and warm.

    Sorry for your doggie, Chissie. And Tarts I hope you get a good diagnosis for your puppy.

    Thank you everyone who takes the time to blog, and thank you Veena and Tarts for taking your time everyday to keep us on schedule! And thank you to everyone who posts interesting tweets and tidbits!

  35. Powell says:

    #Oscars2015 anyone?

    • VV™ says:

      Lady Gaga stole the show! IMO Best moment of the night Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I agree!!! She was wonderful. I was at an Oscar Viewing Party tonight, the room went silent when she performed. And erupted with applause when she finished.

      • Completely agree. I loathe musicals but I’m glad Gaga can (yet again 😴😴) put naysayers aside to show her true innate talent.

        Beyond AMAZEballs.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          GaGa was amazing-it’s a shame she goes for the gimmick instead of giving us that voice! She has a tremendous voice but all the nonsense gets in the way-I would be such a fan of hers if it weren’t for the meat dress and all the other crap.

  36. ladebra says:

    Tim McGraw, I’m Not Gonna Miss You 😪

  37. VV™ says:

    This is true they both made comments about Michael Keaton chewing gum AT THE SAME TIME.

  38. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Mmmmm hmmmm. YUP!! #BottomLipMonday Sighhhhh. Is it 4:30 yet? I hope you have a good day.

  39. VV- not to start the kerfuffle about this – but people mag had an article about how the Twitter world went cray for Gaga’s performance and showed actors’ and **very** established hollywood people’s tweets …. And Lisa VP was in there too.

    I think it proves my point– about objectively she being kind of – in a way- in a different
    echelon of “bravo”- lebrities.

    • ladebra says:

      The BH bunch did a video with Gaga. They know her.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        Brandi didn’t!

      • VV™ says:

        Lady Gaga personally called Lisa V. after Lisa had declined the invitation (this was shortly after Puerto Rico). After the called, Lisa accepted. 👑✨

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Lisa is indeed the best of the worst-top of the bottom of the barrel-highest of the lowest!

    • VV™ says:

      Of course, Lisa V is Queen and breakout star of RHOBH. Only the people that dislike her will disagree with that.
      This season she’s being very low key. I think after what the snakes did to her last year, she’s taking a back seat this season.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Oh poor Lisa-the snakes got to her last season and yet…she’s there filming with those snakes again…she loves being on TV so she got over her “hurt”.
        Oh and she’s not really a Queen…she just plays one on a reality TV show-when she’s not busy being shady,strategic and playing the game-you know-the game where she makes the rules…

        • Lol!

          Sorry I love her shady, strategic, game playing, self important Queenie self.

          She’s the only one that I really enjoy watching- faults and all.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            OMIB-the reason I like Lisa is because she is shady strategic and the best damn game player in HW history! I’m just over the whole Lisa is a Queen stuff as if she is above it all-she isn’t. None of this makes her a bad person but she isn’t royalty-she’s reality…TV.

            • Exit4 says:

              Preach girl. That’s what I like about her too! Look at the little digs she’s giving Brandi this year. Brandi feels the freeze! I do believe she’s done little things to all the women. They weren’t mad at her just because she’s popular-thats stupid. She’s just so good at the game and I love it!

              • not THAT Jill says:

                The Queens subjects love to say the other women are jealous of her and her popularity-like we are in high school-it’s not always jealousy-sometimes it’s bitchy snarky comments that people are rightfully offended by-Lisa is good at the digs-actually she’s amazing at the digs-better shade thrower that any other HW-maybe it’s the accent? Idk? but I enjoy it and I also would get annoyed by if I were working with her. It’s all fun and games until someone calls her on it-then she is being attacked-that is what brings her down to a
                basic HW…”oh they threw me to the wolves”…poor Lisa.

                • Laineylainey says:

                  The others ARE jealous of her popularity. Sorry, but it does factor into their resentment. As well as all the other stuff. But I do believe and maintain that JEALOUSY factors in, too. Does that make me a “subject” or “stupid” ? Apparently! Lol. I’ve been called worse. Well not really, not to my face at least.

                  But I am one of those who can see the envy. I’ve seen it irl (toward my daughter) too many times so it’s pretty hard to miss IMO.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    What do the other women want that Lisa has? Money? A husband? A home? Popularity? They are all popular-They are reality stars-how much more popular can they be? I don’t see jealousy from the other women-not even from Brandi to Lisa.
                    I don’t think they are jealous of Lisa-I think they KNOW Lisa. I think the public Lisa is very different from the Lisa that they know.
                    If you call Lisa your Queen-you are one of her subjects-isn’t that what royalty call their audience? I don’t think anyone called you stupid?

                    • Laineylainey says:

                      I believe they are all jealous of her level of popularity and the fact that she can get away with a lot. Am I a subject? I call Queen Elizabeth, am I her subject. Apparently!!! Yes someone above said said that the idea that others don’t like LVP because of her popularity is stupid. I adhere to that idea. So maybe I’m stupi. But i stand by opinion without name calling. Does that make me better than anyone. No. Just means I don’t call other people here names. But I’m a pre k teacher and I can disagree without doing that because that’s what I’ve been teaching little people for 2o+ years. Not saying I don’t see the humor in others doing it, cause I do. It can be very creative. Reality stars are fair game to me, however. Hypocritical? A lil bit.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          She has her faults, but the viewers ( for the most part) looooooove her. She’s kinda experiencing the Teflon syndrome. She can be all the things you say,… I see it, but nothing really sticks.

    • Foxymel(mel) says:

      I have to agree with you on this, Chismosita! Although Kyle’s been around plenty of celebs because of Paris, LVP is perhaps better known than she is–than all of them. She does have plenty of restaurants.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Agreed. The public and media tend to love her.

  40. Cityside says:

    Veena, Did you hear Aviva say that thing about her mother and her long legs?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      No – but in all fairness I barely pay attention to what they are saying –

    • LaineyLainey says:

      City, what did Aviva say about her mom’s legs?

      • Cityside says:

        She said something to the tune of ….. My mother was drinking because I lost a leg and since she was a model herself (mom) that was important to her.

        I just found it really incredibly rude to say about her mother. Sounded like something fed to her by her always ignorant father. As if that was what was important to a Mother. It just did not sit well with me.


        • Laineylainey says:

          Yeah, that’s a low blow. Any mother, model or not, would feel sad that their child lost a leg. The fact that she survived would be most important of course. But I can understand that their wd be a period of grief for the life you THOUGHT your child would have had vs eventually coming to terms with it and gaining confidence as you watched your child rise above.

  41. Veena (NMD) says:

    No new blog today because of the Oscars – carry on …..

  42. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. It’s been a tough weekend. RealDad’s condition continues to deteriorate after rallying several times. Please send prayers for him to help him get home. His name is Luis Angel and although he’s been the best father and grandfather it;s time for him to go. He has a bus load of relatives who are waiting for him and he’s always been the driver.

    Thank you,

  43. HuskerHuny says:

    The Oscars . . .

    First and foremost – Lady Gaga stole the show. She doesn’t need the gimmicks and drama. She’s genuinely talented. Throw away the meat dress and wigs. You’re better than that.

    Tim McGraw – I don’t know the song he sang, but was he the best choice to sing it? He sounded flat. Glen Campbell had such a strong voice. I think Vince Gill would have been a better choice.

    J.K. Simmons acceptance speech – so cool. As was Graham Moore for The Imitation Game, Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman and Common for Selma. Uplifting and not condemning. Leave your politics at home.

    I loved that Michael Keaton was chewing gum. He’s just a regular guy and didn’t take things so seriously.

    I thought most of the dresses were blah. Where’s the color? Can’t wait for Fashion Police tonight.

    Khloe K on E!’s red carpet was trashy. She doesn’t have a sufficient enough grasp of the English language to put more than three words together without being bleeped. She added absolutely nothing new or entertaining.

    I’m sure I’m missing something, but that’s what stuck with me this morning. It’s brrrrr-y here. Winter is not going away quietly.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I loved jlo’s dress. And the lady from how to get away with murder. She looked so pretty. Oh and Lupita. The Rock looked yummy.

      I agree w your post husker hunny. Except I like my oscars to be peppered with politics. I find it interesting. I was surprised to see the ruckus on twitter cussed by Sean Penn’s joke. The Mexican director has acknowledged that they are very close and always joke like this. But I guess “inside jokes” don’t translate well when transmitted to millions of folks. Especially those who stand at the ready to express outrage on social media. On the face of it, to some it sounded racist or elitist I guess but when the person to whom the joke was directed says…. We’re friends, that’s how we joke.., then maybe the outrage should die down. Maybe it has. And perhaps I am breathing life back into it. Haha!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m wondering why Khloe K was even there.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Because talent has zero to do with this. It’s all about who you know. She was born to the super marketing genius (kris) and apparently that’s all she had to do (be born) to have success. Never mind that there are truly talented educated folks out there who would do a fabulous job. The K kids have millions and millions of followers and that’s important to the powers that be. I don’t hate Khloe. But I see the clear advantages enjoyed by these kids in entertainment just for existing. No qualifications no dues paid when we all know there are jillions of unknowns who could and would do these juicy jobs just as well if not better. But they don’t even get considered. But I suppose if the unknowns want it badly enough they can make things happen. Look at Oprah, educated, hardworking, integrity. She came from nothing. But she came up before the love affair we have with reality stars (love-hate) and their offspring.

        Looks like I might have gone off on a weird tangent. A sour grapes tangent perhaps? Lol. Perhaps.

        • Exit4 says:

          Khloe is the best kardashian! It’s the same as when they had Brandi doing fashion commentary and her dress landed her on every worst dressed list there was! She’s so dumb.

          • Laineylainey says:

            She is the best of the kardashians. A dubious distinction. Like I said I don’t hate her. I just don’t like that these no talent reality stars/ offspring get these juicy jobs on a silver platter when there are more qualified, more beautiful (sometimes), deserving people who work super hard and get nuttin. Ok, I’m repeating myself. (Me??? Never!!!)

    • Powell says:

      When LG started singing w/Tony Bennett I saw she had real talent but last night she blew me away. She did Julie Andrews proud. I’d love to hear them sing together, unfortunately Julie can no longer sing like that since her problems w/her vocal cords.
      There were some beautiful dresses. Lupita’s – 6,000 pearls. OMG. No more oysters put there. 😉
      Due to the snow and also it melting and freezing my satellite was acting janky in my basement from Friday on, on a few channels so when I turned to E I didn’t have a signal. When I went to watch later in my bedroom I saw Khloe. I was like WTH is she wearing? I like Khloe but she’s not good at co-hosting any show. That’s why she was fired from co-hosting the singing show w/Mario Lopez. I watched ABC w/Robin Roberts a little. Some gorgeous gowns.
      Yes J.K.s speech was good. I’m loving he still does the Farmers Insurance commercials.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Powell, I agree LG’s voice gave me chills. She needs to sing like that more often. She could do a movie like The Bodyguard and have a huge hit.
        John T-revolting was ewwww with Idina and Scarlett. Creepy old man like. I saw his daughter Ella Blue in the audience with Kelly, I bet she cringed watching Dad act like that on tv.
        Happy Monday!! It’s frigid here in Minne”snow”ta brrrrrrrrr

  44. California35 says:

    “Oh and she’s not really a Queen…she just plays one on a reality TV”
    LOL!!! Jill that was funny 😜👑👑😜

  45. California35 says:

    Hi everyone!
    Happy Monday, now that we are 1/2 way the day (or even later for most of you).

    I watched the Oscars and was happy with the winners 😊 I feel bad for those that didn’t win, but that is every year. I did not watch the red carpet, so i didn’t get to see the dresses and all of that.

    What’s on the regular programing, now that we ate done with all the awards and specials.

  46. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Amber really hard* – you your Dad and all your care shall remain in my prayers – you are not alone in this – we are all walking with you –

    I don’t watch the Oscars – to me, it’s just an ego show – I found out this morning who won, and while my hope was that American Sniper would win, I was not at all surprised that it did not – I like Michael Keaton – haven’t seen Birdman but will probably watch it on demand

    I never liked Lady Gaga’s (she stole my name!) ridiculous costumes or theatrics – took away from what I always thought underneath it all was probably a very good voice – glad to hear that I was right – hopefully she is now confident enough to just sing!!

    *hugs Amber again really hard* –

  47. Laineylainey says:

    As you guys know, I’m working less hours so I have more time to spend with y’all as long as real life doesn’t get in the way. Like housework, exercise, job hunting., etc.

    I would like to address the idea that jnntj put forth about jealousy, popularity, etc. Jill this is not a personal attack at all. I just want to share something with you and the others. You have asked on this blog, as in past blogs, “what does Lisa have that the other women want?” Or “what do they not have that Lisa has?” I understand what you’re saying, because it’s hard to believe that these ladies who seemingly have EVERYTHING and more would be envious of anyone. From my life experience it’s the ones who HAVE EVERYTHING who are the must threatened. Those who have little are the most gracious.

    I have seen girls be so cruel and show their jealousy and it made no sense to me because they HAD EVERYTHING: beauty, intelligence, a cute boyfriend, supportive families, mega popularity… But they still displayed JEALOUSY. ENVY. Time after time.

    So in my personal experience I have witnessed the people who have the most are the most jealous. I can’t explain it, but I’ve seen it a lot in my husbands career and in my kids’ lives. My son, not as much, but there has been one editor who tried to block his progress. That editor was SUPER SUCCESSFUL. But no matter something about Laineyboy, who at the time had found favor with the big boss and some key clients, but was nowhere as successful as that editor, found himself on the receiving end of a jealous or envious man who had no reason to be jealous, but he was. Others on the job, mentioned to Lboy that the guy was threatened by him.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying boo hoo poor them (my hubs or my kids)…It’s all good. Somehow things have turned out ok for them. But it’s not been without some “friends” and or coworker displaying disappointing behavior and feelings of betrayal along the way. Jealousy is hurtful and sometimes it makes no sense. But it doesn’t have to make sense.

    Hope there’s no hard feelings. Just wanted to expand on this jealousy topic.

    I will be working on my resume now so “enjoy” my observations while you can! Heh heh! Sorry for all my typos.

    • Well.

      I completely disagree with you.

      I know women who are worth millions upon millions of dollars. They are selfless and tireless in their charitable works, and the epitome of grace. They have “everything” and are jealous of no one.

      When I was a recruiter- I always called the biggest, best, most successful producers I could find as they were generous with both their time and contacts with me.

      IMHO? (Getting up on my soapbox… ) Jealousy has nothing to do with how much or how little someone has- It all comes down to values, morals, and goals.

      Even though I couldn’t stand that guy, Teresa Apreas father, he did say that one thing in the limo that I really liked- anger is nothing more than disappointed love- I kinda think jealousy is like that.

      There is a void that can’t be filled, and a the grass is greener somewhere else mentality.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Well. I Don’t COMPLETELY. Disagree with you! I appreciate hearing your experience. I don’t know a lot of people at that level of wealth. But I’m going to!Admit that the few I do know are very charitable and sincere. And jealous if no one. Very true. Thanks for pointing that out. But I’ve seen what I’ve seen, whether anyone agrees with me or disagrees with me, I have seen people who seem to have everything display jealous behavior. I don’t understand it but it’s been very real. A couple of girls have even admitted to my daughter, Years later, “sorry for what I did, I don’t know why but I felt jealous of you.” Is “jealous” the eying word maybe? How about “heightened competiveness” ?

        I just went house hunting w a friend who is looking in the $2M range. As you said of the accomplished folks you one, she is the type who is jealous of no one! So perhaps I shd drop the absolutes. My point is that I have seen awesome people who have everything act jealous. Gossip, sabotage, undermine, poison the well, etc. maybe in the only who has witnessed this?

        I like that Aprea quote … That’s a good one. 😊. Makes me wanna like him more.

        • It’s okay to disagree with me.

          It’s only cause your jealous.



        • But seriously…no you’re not the only one that has seen that I’ve seen it many times and yes even experienced it. The inexplicable jealousy.

          My mother used to always point out- you never know what someone Else is going thru, when they look at you it looks like you’ve got the one thing handled that they don’t. It’s a reflection on them not on you.

          Too bad the Apreas were so unlikeable. And if course there was that pesky MoFo rumor. The parents seemed lovely. Path happened to those gawd awful twins?

          • Laineylainey says:

            Your ma sounds like a wise woman.
            Ok, good I’m glad I’m not the only one. Don’t wanna be ALL BY MYSELFFFFFF! Anymore.

            • designernailsdiana says:

              Jealousy is a very dangerous emotion. I used to get jealous of other women who got all touchy feely with my DH. Every woman likes him because is very complimentary says things like “Hi Gorgeous or That’s a great color on you”. Most of them get all clingy because their S.O. don’t compliment them on anything.
              He finally said “Do you even see how jealous other women are of you?” I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine anyone would be jealous of me. I’m short, fat and pretty. LOL He said “They want to skin you and wear you like last years versace (sp?)” . I laughed at that line of course and asked if he heard that in a movie he said no I think it was on a real housewives show.
              Point he was making is I have nothing to feel jealous of because I’m the one he loves and comes home to each and every day. He told me no woman could give him 5-10 minutes of pleasure that would beat what I offer him 24/7 for the last 12 yrs. and into the future. I’m so blessed.
              The green eyed monster has been vanquished and I no longer feel jealous of other women.
              Men walk into a room and decide who they could take in a fight and who makes more money than they do.
              Women walk into a room and look to see who looks thinner, dressed better, has nicer hair and more jewelry. Why do we compare ourselves????
              “To compare yourself to someone else takes away your joy” author unknown
              I’m not losing my joy. I’m quite happy with my joy and happiness!!

              • Powell says:

                Yes Diana you are very blessed. And what your hubby said also proves he’s been paying attention to the HWs. LOL. 😉

              • mm in oc says:

                Unfortunately prejudging people is built into our DNA. It’s impossible to walk in a room and not size people up. It’s how you act on your initial assumptions that defines your character.

                Regarding the jealously issue, I miss is the only one that doesn’t showcase any jealousy with the exception of season one when she had lunch plans with kyle and shana /Taylor invited herself. Kyle has appeared jealous of all the ladies at one point but she was thrown when Lisa got VP rules. Maloof also couldn’t handle the fact that Lisa was more popular and acted out in strange ways all season two. Everyone else I don’t think exhibits jealous. In my opinion they are doing everything they can to build their own profile. They just come off as petty brats with rich girl problems.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Lainey, good luck with your resume and I hope you find something you like really soon. How’s Lainey Girl doing?

      • Laineylainey says:

        Hi Foxy! How are you! Thanks for the well wishes… My progress so far has been to turn on the PC. I’m bad. Procrastinator extraordinaire.

        Lainey girl is very happy in Istanbul. She is going to Turkish language school every day til the end of April. She says it is very difficult to learn Turkish. But she’s doing it!! Thanks for asking!

        Hope all is well in Foxyland!

  48. Exit4 says:

    It was too skinny up there! Jealousy is always a good go-to reason to explain someones reactions to another. You can’t prove it and no one will cop to it. I had a friend who ALWAYS used jealousy as a reason for someone not liking her or agreeing with her. She never understood it wasn’t, that it was HER! That’s not to say jealousy doesn’t exsist amongst the HWs-I’m sure it does. But, Jealousy is about wanting something someone else has. Believing someone is capable of doing certain things goes deeper. I get the feeling there’s a distrust of Lisa-and that didn’t come from wanting to be her, it came from her actions.

    Like jill said they KNOW Lisa. What goes on among these women behind the scenes and away from the cameras is probably waaaay more interesting and crazy then what we see. When Lisa was accused of selling stories to the tabloids, people believed it. When she knew the truth about the infamous lawsuit and defended brandis lies, they saw that. Taylor told her she didn’t have to be her friend, but don’t be her enemy? Why would someone say that if there’s nothing there? Kyle believed the magazine thing because she must have felt that it’s something Lisa is capable of doing. Or, maybe closer to the truth, it’s something she’s done before. Shine the negative on the others and you look all the better. That’s her game and she plays it well. I appreciate that about her!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Yes, there are other reasons (many) for why they resent LVP, but I also think jealousy factors in, in this case. She enjoys a level of loyalty and love and FORGIVENESS from the public that no one else does. As a viewer, I enjoy her. Irl, I would probably find her too vulgar, passive aggressive, belittling, and arrogant. She has let those traits slip ever so slightly on camera. And she can be devious and ambitious just like the others. But she is the only one who got the spinoff and seems to be a media darling. Her wit and her accent are cool. I do love her wit most of the time.

      • Powell says:

        And what draws people in is her love of dogs and other animals and her support of the LGBT community.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Very true, she is very charitable. Did I dream this or is there a Lisa Vander Pump day in Beverly Hills? But to be fair she is not the only generous person on this show. Kyle and her hubby were shown giving BIGTIME and David Foster’s generosity was discussed by Yo in recent episodes. I find that quite admirable in all of the above. Kudos to them! They share their blessings. That’s awesome.

          • Powell says:

            Was it the day they have the parade and their floats or is it in Palm Springs on the same type of event? Yes Kyle & Mo and David are very generous. Unfortunately Lisa is the only one that shows her generosity every season and the others occasionally mention it.

    • Jules says:

      Taylor did not know Lisa and Lisa did not know Taylor. Only Camille, LisaV and Adrienne had real money and were power players when this thing started. The Richard sisters knew of them because of the Hilton sister and Kyle was friendly with LisaV and Camille because of Marice’s work. Marice and Ken were friends at the time. those top three have MONEY and are KNOWN by real money and movie stars of hollywood.

    • VV™ says:

      Exit, Yolanda also believed Brandi. I posted here excerpts from her blog a few weeks ago. Yolanda was close to Brandi as well and she believed there was a lawsuit. How do we know Lisa knew there wasn’t a lawsuit? How do we Yolanda also knew there wasn’t a lawsuit? You are assuming they did. We don’t know. They went with the story Brandi told them.

      This jealousy has been going on since the end of S1. The ladies were jelous Lisa V. got a spinoff and was the breakout star. Remember, Lisa V. Lisa sat 3rd position right couch at Reunion. Even Bravo underestimated how popular she was with viewers back then.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        You’re assuming they are jealous. You don’t know how they really feel about Lisa but saying they are jealous takes Lisa’s behavior off the table. Lisa can do no wrong because all the women are soooo jealous of VPR and Lisa popularity. Lisa is never at fault because the other women are just jealous that she has puppy sex and loves her swans or whatever the reason is for their jealousy. Maybe Lisa is a giant pain in the ass to work with-maybe they get tired of her digs in her British accent-maybe she is an insufferable bit*h…we don’t know. Saying that they are jealous takes every bit of blame off of Lisa and that is exactly the way the Queen set up the game…she wins…and she should-she made the rules.

        • Powell says:

          Nope. Lisa has done wrong. I like Lisa a lot. But me liking her doesn’t blind me to what she’s done wrong. And they are jealous about her popularity and that she got her spin-off. That is Kyle, Adrienne about the spin-off. All of them about her popularity. Not Lisa R and Eileen.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Is it fair to say, You’re assuming they are not jealous? We’re all assuming and guessing. That’s part of the fun. Well, I’m having fun, anyway. 😄

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes we all assume-that’s the point Yolanda!
            Someone says “how do YOU know” and they the tell us what THEY “know” -well how do THEY know?? I dont know!! I assume they are assuming…but I don’t know…

          • Exit4 says:

            I’m sure there’s petty jealousy with the ladies. For screen time and how they’re edited. Opportunities. But what jill (and me) are trying to say is that how they feel about her is based on her own actions towards them-not jealousy. Even you said above IRL you’d probably find her vulgar, passy assy etc. why wouldn’t they feel the same? She had an excellent public image and she’s not pure evil-but she’s just as capable of being devious and ambitious (your words! Good ones!) as the other women. That’s what I feel they react to. Not jealousy.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Thanks for reading me my own words. 😍. I stand by them. But these words too, I stand by: I think They are jealous, too. As well as having other reasons for resenting her. But I will add, “IMO”. I do believe jealousy also factors in. IMO. I’m not saying jealousy is the only reason, however.

              Like Teresa Guidice, I enjoyed her as a viewer. From the safe distance of my couch. But she has/had many qualities that I find a turn-off. Her castmates were IMO clearly jealous of her as well as not liking her personality. Same with LVP.

            • mm in oc says:

              I’m pretty sure I would love lisa in real life. But my friends and I are a snarky bunch of bitches with thick skin. We joke that harassment equals love and if we didn’t like you we’d just talk behind your back.

              Personally I don’t have many jealous moments and I don’t ever think anyone is jealous of me. The only real green with envy moment I can remember in my recent past was going to a friends home over summer. I was unemployed. She’s in her mid 30s living with her girlfriend for the past 10yrs. I guess I figured they would have a modest 3-4 bedroom that cost $500-600k. When I got there… I’ve never been so green with envy. Double subzero fridge AND freezer. I could go on and on but I’m embarrassed to say that I looked up what they paid $1.3m. I had an immediate mid life crisis. Hahaha. I make s pretty good living but still need to rent! Go ahead and judge me if you want. But I have to laugh at my reaction and how ridiculous it was.

      • Exit4 says:

        Adrienne and Paul cleared up the lawsuit situation pretty quickly. Lisa continued to believe it-or act like she did. Remember her and Ken defended the indefensible.

        • VV™ says:

          No they didn’t. Paul only said “Brandi was warned”. We have yet to hear exactly what happened who sent what to whom because I think it was “legally” agreed amongst the parties involved not to ever mention the incident again.

        • VV™ says:

          “Defending the indefensible” How do you know Lisa is specifically talking about the Adriene/Brandi feud?
          Ken was telling Mauricio she is a single woman with no money having to pay for attorney fees? I don’t recall Ken defending Brandi for outing Adrienne surrogacy.

    • Powell says:

      Bobble is jealous of all the ladies. I don’t care what she says. How many times has she said something about the other ladies “polishing their diamonds”? How many times does she make a smarmy remark about one of the ladies on vaca ” on their yachts” or “private planes”? She’s absolutely jealous of their homes, their marriages, their families?
      I think many of them are jealous at Lisa’s popularity. Hey she got her spin-off. Kyle wanted a spin-off and so did Adrienne.
      I don’t believe Kyle thought Lisa said to pack the mag because of supposed past leaking info to mags. I think Lisa making the remark about Portia being Mo’s “other woman” & bringing it up again and again when Kyle asked her not to, then Bobble saying Lisa told her to pack the mag, in Kyle’s mind confirmed that Lisa said to pack the mag.
      Taylor was just a basket case desperate for Lisa to be her friend when Lisa didn’t feel like she understood Taylor and had nothing on common w/Taylor so didn’t make an effort to want to get to know her.

      • Exit4 says:

        Taylor was BSC-but it was weird she asked her not to be her enemy. She seemed fine with not being her friend. Like she was afraid of her. Probably didn’t want to be iced out of the whole group.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          And then Taylor iced Lisa out from her luncheon, remember? When she won an award, she invited everyone except LVP. I think she felt kinda put down by Lisa? Someone told her that Lisa “preys on the weak.” That was classic. Made me LOL when it happened and it still cracks me up.

  49. TexasTart says:

    Hey everybody. I know I mentioned about getting the mass on my dog checked today, but I had to cancel to take care of myself. I thought I was nursing the same respiratory thing that was going around for the last week, but it took a concerning turn last night and I went to urgent care and found out it’s pneumonia. So I was loaded up with shots, pills and syrup – and I’m back at home…it was caught early enough. I desperately need sleep, so hopefully will get enough relief by tonight to actually sleep.

    Not big on the Oscars, but saw some of it. I was very put of that Khloe K was on the fashion panel at E! She is not a good at that. Lisa R was on the panel at CNN aftershow and that show was a lot worse. Lisa is good with commentary and hosting but the other 2 women and her were almost talking over and jockeying for position. It was not cohesive and hard to watch so my red carpet sort of fun was certainly lacking.

  50. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Jan I’m sorry to hear of your illness. Take good care and sleep lots. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope your doggie will be OK too.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks Barb. I haven’t been able to lay horizontal or a sleep for a couple nights, so I’m looking forward to it as soon as I can.

  51. TexasTart says:

    Forgot to mention..Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Tony Bennett and that Oscar performance has shown what a brilliant musician she is, and while I don’t expect she will set aside her art or pop form, I expect she has some new found respect.

  52. Powell says:

    Hey peeps what’s up? Yeah, yeah JNNTJ. Chicken butt. 🐓 😀

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hahaha-I haven’t typed that comment in a long time!! 🐓🐓🐓 (JANKY ass chicken!!)

      • Powell says:

        Hahaha. That’s why I said it. When I was coming on I said to myself JNNTJ hasn’t said that in a while. 🙂 . Janky ass chicken. HA!!!! You’re too funny. 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. VV™ says:

  54. VV™ says:

    I agree.

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

  55. VV™ says:

    🎧 And now an inpiration post from the person that tweets for Yolanda 🎶🎶

  56. LaineyLainey says:

    Who else is super excited about THE VOICE!!!!!! I love Blake. And I’m excited to see Christina again.

  57. VV™ says:

    Stassi be gone next year please!

  58. Powell says:

    I love this. One of my favorite cartoons.

  59. VV™ says:

    I think Alexia Umansky is either taking a sabbatical from her University in Arizona or she’s going to school in LA this semester or not going to school this semester at all.

  60. LOOK WHAT LITTLE chismosa started with an innocent post about the People article.

    Sorry gals !!!!

    Amber – warmest wishes for your father. ❤

  61. VV™ says:

    Stassi is such a hater. She needs to go.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      How many episodes are left? I’m dying to see the reunion-I hope they handed Stacci her ass!!

      • VV™ says:

        I don’t know. Is coming to an end soon. I’ll find out for you. Scheana will be on WWHL tonight. They might mention something. I read that it wasn’t just Stassi, Jax and Kristen as well.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh that’s right-I forgot she was on…I’ll be watching!
          I don’t care if Jax had a tough time-he deserves it-and Kristen is just insane but in a good reality TV way! I just hope Katie gets to tell Stassi to shut the fu*k up again!! That was the best part of the whole season!!

  62. VV™ says:

    Stassi, you don’t even have Peter as a friend anymore. He said on interview recently that he lost all respect for you.

  63. I love all of the crazy that is Kristen.

    She is my everything.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She is a special kind of crazy….when I look at her I always think she smells like coffee and cigarettes…I think Jax said that about her! I feel like she stays up all night smoking and drinking coffee and plotting her revenge …she’s a perfects reality TV nut job!!

  64. I find Katie’s lack of lipstick disturbing.

  65. not THAT Jill says:

    Wait…Sheanna wants Kristen to apologize for pinching James in the face at her wedding?? She didn’t even know it happened until the next day!! What the hell does she care? OMG I can’t with Shaenna sometimes!!!

    • kit9 says:

      I know. And, it was in the parking lot, way far away from the guests. Oh, and she said again on WWHL she didn’t know Eddie was married. Puhleeze. As for Stassi, I doubt she’s going anywhere. Awful as she is, she’s great tv. Two of her lines tonight made me lol. Not proud, but I did. The disposing of the body line and the cheating Pulitzer.

  66. ladebra says:

    I love this!

    • TexasTart says:

      WordPress did not like your “new outfit” and put you in spam. I guess your new outfit was too loud, lol. I removed all of your test posts. TexasTart

  67. TexasTart says:

    I’m not liking the new women on Atlanta, but here’s a current pic of the self-proclaimed “Team Pretty”

  68. TexasTart says:

    Who was on the show? I thought maybe Scheana…who else?

  69. TexasTart says:

    Changed the channel when Brandi let out an incredibly long string of profanities during Steve Harvey’s dating segment – so I don’t know what else that happened but I don’t think she will be invited back to promote her drinking (products). The products always seem secondary to her. If you have a book – take a box of them with you. At least one. She always has to be reminded by the host what she is there to promote. So dumb.

    • TexasTart says:

      Oh yeah, and Steve served wine during his dating segment and she could have turned that into a publicity moment too….about her slapping a label on a bottle. That might be stuck in development, she seems to have put it on the back burner for many months

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