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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Welcome to Amsterdam?” – S5E15

by Stars99


Remember last week…

Eileen (That Tramp I Now Love” and Vince (My Boyfriend) host a table read for one of Vince’s scripts. It was delightful because Brandi wasn’t there. However, afterwards, the two Lisas talk to Kim about perhaps she should be talking to someone, be part of a group or something so she doesn’t do what she had just confided she was herself concerned about – which was isolating. Kim, the Queen Bee wants everyone to mind their own beeswax. Oh honey, I wish we could… (lol)…(but not so lol, too)… Brandi is invited by Ken to Lisa V’s surprise birthday party, but gets cranky when she’s asked to be on her best behavior. Frankly, I think she got off easy ‘cuz I would have made her sign a “Behavior Agreement.” Brandi manages to throw a jab at Lisa about her age and then calls all the other women, “Menopausal.” Brandi is so kind, isn’t she? However, the biggest drama of the night was the fact that Yolanda and Brandi seemed to be wearing the same dress only in different colors. Yolanda looked stunning.

This week…

Brace yourselves… The housewives are going on a Scavenger Hunt! I’m so excited I can hardly wait… I’m such a game girl! Yolanda has arranged the hunt… Well, I mean she paid people to arrange the hunt… How fun!

Yolanda had T-shirts made with “Dream Team” on them organized by color/team– I kind of wish Yolanda  would drop this whole “Dream Team” thing – She’s holding onto the time last season when she put hearts only on certain people’s place setting cards and then when she was made aware it – she laffed it off and called them her “Dream Team.” People weren’t laughing then and they’re sure as heck not laughing now. Can we just move on, please? …

Yolanda picked the Team Captains but the rest of the teams were picked on the spot by the organizers pulling names out of a ziplock bag. I’m surprised it wasn’t a Gucci ziplock bag… but maybe that’s just me. The teams:  Kyle, Brandi and Camille (Grammer); Eileen, Kim and Lynn (Eileen’s random friend); and, Yolanda, Lisa V and Lisa R.

Before the hunt commences, Yolanda has everyone sit around in a sharing circle… No, I’m just joshing… but they do sit down and Yolanda tells them the day is all about having fun and solving problems together. I think it’s a sad day when there is a need to tell adults to have fun on a Scavenger Hunt. Kim already starts bellyaching about stuff. Poor Kim.

Okay so the team that finishes first without penalties wins. The women are told they’re on foot for the rest of the day…Rut roh! They’re not allowed to take any alternative forms of transportation (taxi’s, Segway’s, etc.). This should be interesting… The women don’t seem to be happy about the prospect of running around Beverly Hills in the hot sun – I can’t say that I blame them. I hope they’re not wearing their Jimmy Choo’s.  I’m surprised that Yolanda is even well enough to do this… It’s too bad that a Hermès Birkin bag isn’t the grand prize – Cuz these women would do anything for one of those, no? They’re going to be going to various stores to find clues to the next location and clue.

Kim says that she doesn’t like Eileen but she doesn’t dislike her, either. Wow… way to put down someone who actually gives a crap about you, Kim. Kim still thinks that Eileen was way out of line when she brought Kim and Kyle together for a Sister Summit. Because, you know, how DARE she! Lol.

Eileen TH2

Eileen (That Tramp that I now Love) is very competitive – She’s going to beat the other teams “to a pulp.”… I love her even more, now…lol. She hastens to add that she’s a normal kind of competitive – Not a crazy competitive. The 3 teams have to solve a clue that will take them to the next location. The first clue leads them to an ice cream shop where they are supposed to order and finish a milkshake. It’s quite obvious that Yolanda didn’t plan this game – I’m sure they would have been required to go to a nut store and eat half an almond.

Kim is too busy whining to have any fun and says she’s not going to hurt her knees to win a game. Really? Hurt knees? What about that fractured rib (3-6 weeks to heal) or ruptured disc (easily up to 3 months or more to heal) you had just days ago? I guess those aren’t bothering you anymore? Hmmm… I’m telling you… Kim is a walking miracle! Anyhoo… Kim is whining as they’re walking into the ice cream shop. Come on, who whines when they’re walking into an ice cream shop on a hot day and they HAVE to drink a shake? Oh, the horror of it all!

Kyle’s team was really having a hard time figuring out the code to the lock that contains their 1stclue – but they do finally get it. Whew. Kyle’s team is in the ice cream shop trying hard to drink their chocolate milkshake. Kyle orders 3 straws because she says, “I am sorry – I am not putting my mouth on a straw where Brandi’s mouth has been. Would you?” Nope… It’s a little unnerving to think about where her mouth has been… Kyle wants Brandi to drink the shake because she’s thinner.

Kyle TH

Meanwhile, even though Yolanda’s team has figured out they need to go to the ice cream shop – Lisa R forgot to bring their envelope and she has to go back to start of the race to try to retrieve it. Yolanda’s team is having a hard time. Lisa V is not happy about having to run around. When Yolanda’s team is asked what flavor of milkshake, Lisa V immediately says “Chocolate”… but Yolanda doesn’t like chocolate… Lisa V is incredulous that anyone doesn’t like chocolate… I tend to not trust people who don’t like chocolate, too (Actually, some of my very close friends hate chocolate – I chalk it up to one of those great mysteries of life). Lisa V thinks Yolanda should just take one for the team – So she does and they get chocolate. In her TH, Lisa R says that she hates the clues… She hates the game.. She hates this whole thing… And she physically demonstrates her displeasure by flipping a double “F*** You” gesture. Lol… The Dutch judge gives Lisa R a “9.3” on overall presentation and a “10” on technical merit. That must have taken a lot of practice. I’m surprised she’s being such a crab about the scavenger hunt.

Lisa R double F you

Yolanda threatens Lisa R that since she wanted chocolate and Yolanda wanted vanilla but they got chocolate that she had better help Lisa V drink the shake. OMG…I have never seen groups of women so unable to drink a shake in my whole life… They only had to drink 1 shake for every team of 3… Puhleeze! They finally finish but only after Yolanda pitches in to help. Personally, I think this was a hilariously passive aggressive move on the part of the 2 male organizers to make the women eat something they wouldn’t normally eat… It’s even funnier because the next place they have to go is a candy store. I’m hoping they also have to go to a pizza place and a bakery – Now THAT would be hilarious!

Lisa V does not think running around Beverly Hills in the heat is a particularly “bonding” experience and would prefer to do the whole thing in Neiman Marcus next time. Lisa V ditches the rules when she hitches a ride with a bicyclist and Yolanda knows her team is doomed.

When teams arrive to the candy store – they figure out their clue is in a clear cube filled with candy. They are cautioned to be careful about which box of candy they open because they will be penalized 10 minutes if they open a box that does not have a clue. You can totally see the clue if you look into the clear box, duh… Eileen’s team is the first one in the candy store and they open the right cube… get the next clue right… but then they’re stuck when all they have is a picture of a fish and nothing else to go on. They wonder where you go to have fish… They have no idea what to do next. Then Kim (You know, the one that has bad knees) decides they should just leave and start walking around aimlessly. Eileen thinks that Kim’s deal is that she does what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Yep – That just about sums it up, no?

Kyle’s team arrives at the candy store but opens a wrong box and therefore receives a penalty. Even though Kyle’s team arrived in the candy store after Eileen’s team, they are first to figure out the location of their next stop. The clue tells them they need to go to “Location E” on a map (Villa Blanca) and drop the right name to gain entrance into Villa Blanca. Oh wow… they’re so close to Kyle’s store – I wonder why they didn’t use that as one of the clue locations – or maybe they did and we just didn’t see it.

Eileen’s team retraces their steps back to the candy store because after walking around with no clue where they’re going – they figured out they must have missed a clue back in the candy store.  Kim is absolutely no help because she has never had a clue in her entire life. They finally find the missing piece and they realize they need to go to Villa Blanca.

Surprisingly, Eileen’s team arrives there at the same time as Kyle’s team. But the bouncer tells them they need to tell him the password for admittance. There are 3 girls waiting in line that have pictures on their T-Shirts. They figure out they need to figure out stupidly easy puzzle from the shirts. I mean, come on people…The 2nd shirt had a nickel on it… the 3rd shirt had a sun on it…The name “Jack Nicholson” is quite easy from those clues, no?

I used to do scavenger hunts and Polaroid picture hunts with the Super Stars. One time, when one of the Super Stars (Lindsey) was moving to Springfield, Missouri – As part of her going away party, I created a scavenger hunt one using a neighborhood shopping/entertainment area called, “Triangle Square.”  It had a movie theater, grocery store, candy store, NikeTown, Virgin Megastore, etc. I still remember a couple of the clues. One of them was, “It’s briefly for the birds, in the shadow of PA, where fires don’t believe, it’s where you have to pay.” The clue was at the Edward’s Theater – The movies playing at the time were: “It’s briefly for the birds (Pelican Brief), in the shadow (Shadowlands) of PA (Philadelphia), where fires don’t believe (Mrs. Doubtfire), it’s where you have to pay.” Let me think, another clue I remember said something like, “When Lindsey moves to Springfield, I’m sure it will be nice – But I’m just afraid that she’ll – Turn as cold as ice.” The clue was in the frozen ice cube section of the grocery store. Yep… I’m such a meanie… No easy clues for them! Lol!

Meanwhile, Yolanda’s team has completely derailed. Not only did Lisa’s earlier bicycling cost the team a penalty, the entire team decides to catch a ride on a “Hollywood Tours” bus. Somehow they end up at Villa Blanca and they just go on into the restaurant because their team’s motto is that Vanderpump rules are made to be broken.

Kyle and Eileen’s team get inside the restaurant at the same time. However, since Kyle’s team incurred the 10 minute penalty for opening the wrong cube at the candy store – Eileen’s team wins! Yay! After Yolanda’s team also arrives, everyone sits down in the restaurant, Camille and Eileen’s friend (both of whom we barely saw during the whole game) politely leave.

Brandi TH

Yolanda wants to know if people played well together. I actually think Yolanda thought people would miraculously be able to set aside their issues for the game – and I guess they did so to some extent. I guess bonding over hating the game is bonding nonetheless, right? Brandi says in her TH that she doesn’t think there’s anything that Kyle can say that will make up for the bullshit that she’s pulled. I have no idea what she’s referring to, but okay…lol…

Yolanda has another game for the group. Everyone is already groaning. Yolanda hands out envelopes… There is one letter in each one – and together it spells, “Amsterdam.” Yolanda tells them they’re going there on a trip and everyone is thrilled. Brandi wants to go so she can smoke pot and then in her TH she does an imitation of what she thinks Lisa would look like if she smoked pot.

Okay, so it’s trip time – Golly gee, I wonder if we get a series of packing scene? Yep! Yolanda is excited that she’s bringing people to her country – She knows it will help them understand her culture better. She explains that her husband (David Foster) is hosting a charity event in Calgary, Canada that will be benefitting “The David Foster Foundation.” They will first fly to Calgary and then continue on to Amsterdam. I would LOVE to go on this trip. But I’m in it for the tulips, pastry, cheese, and windmills… Heck with the pot – Unless it has tulips in it.

Kyle is concerned that Portia’s hair will be okay for school while she’s gone because she knows that’s not Mauricio’s forte. She assigns Sophia the job to do Portia’s hair. Sophia is oh, so thrilled.

Brandi is getting packed and her assistant is sitting there. Brandi says her main goal for Kim is that “it’s” all around you – and that it could be really uncomfortable for Kim. Yeah, going to Amsterdam may not be the smartest decision for someone who is struggling with issues of addiction. Brandi doesn’t have a long black dress to wear to the gala – So she holds up a short dress she plans to take instead. She is worried that if everyone else is in a long dress and she wears that one – That they’ll “get pissy.” She is assured by her assistant if they get cranky it would only be because they don’t have her legs.

Lisa R TH

As Lisa R is packing she holds up a coat that her teenaged daughter thinks is very cute right up until the point she finds out it’s from Target…lol. Upon finding out that it’s not a “designer” coat and is, in fact, from Target – Her daughter makes a classic teenaged pooh pooh face. I’m dying laffin’… Lisa holds up the dress she’s taking for the gala and explains that she is going with a simple black dress that says she’s not trying too hard – but shows that she’s fabulous. Her daughter didn’t look like she was entirely sure about the fabulous part… Gotta love teenagers, no?

We learn that Lisa V and Eileen aren’t able to go on the first part of the trip because they’re working… BOO!

Before they go on the trip together, Brandi decides she needs to clue in Kim about what was said when she had lunch with Lisa R. Brandi tells Kim that the first words out of Lisa’s mouth at the lunch was, “Why is everyone pretending Kim is sober when she’s not?” Brandi also tells Kim that Lisa R wanted to know if Kim had a sponsor and if she had sober friends in her life.

However, Brandi conveniently omits that part when Lisa R asked Brandi if she thought Kyle realized her sister was in this kind of trouble… And Brandi says incredulously, “Does anyone not?” Brandi conveniently omits the part where she admits knowing the situation is troublesome but doesn’t feel like she can say anything about it because Kim feels safe with Brandi. Brandi conveniently omits the part where Lisa asks her if they just basically live a lie and don’t really deal with Kim’s issues with sobriety and that Brandi confirmed, “Pretty much.” Well, how conVENient! (I hope you all read while hearing the “church lady” from SNL voice in your head…lol…

Brandi tells Kim that she was put in a really messed up place but that she wanted Kim to know about the situation before they went on the trip. She wanted Kim to know about one side of a two-sided conversation that took place behind Kim’s back – Except for the fact that Lisa R actually has talked to Kim herself about this very subject. Kim thinks that these are very personal questions that are not anyone’s business. Kim disagrees with anyone who thinks that her taking a pill impacts her sobriety. Kim says she thinks that if Lisa R had a problem concerning her she should have talked to her directly about it. Ummm… Kim… she did… But perhaps you were too loopy to remember it. We have the footage… Would you like us to play it for you?

Everyone who is going on David’s private jet to Calgary gets on the plane. Lisa R is sensing Kim is not happy with her. She asks Kim if she’s okay and if she’s mad at her. Kim tells Lisa R to worry about her own family and to stop talking about Kim. Kim tells Lisa R that she doesn’t drink or take drugs that she shouldn’t worry about her. Okay, you just gotta laff at that one, dontcha? Lisa R doesn’t understand Kim’s anger. Kim maintains that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation…

Okay, here is where I get uncomfortable. I don’t like that this conversation is happening on a plane. However, Kim has chosen to be on this reality show and she has made her journey of sobriety part of her storyline because it’s a very real part of her life. Kim chose to blow the 2nd “A” of “AA” right out of the water when she made that choice. However, I don’t feel like I should know things about her journey unless she wants to share them. The problem is that Kim continues to want to be on this reality show where we see her wackadoodleness front and center and we want some kind of explanation for it. The others, while filming this show, have also seen it – Probably way more than viewers actually see. I wish this concern was being expressed without cameras being present and without being under the magnifying glass of a reality show. In the past, Kim told Andy (Producer) that the show has helped to save her life. I wonder if that’s still her perspective. I wonder if being on this show is actually harming her.

Kim thinks she can still cover up the truth like she and her family has done all of her life. But it’s too late – We’ve already seen it with our own eyes. The curtain has been pulled away and we see glimpses of what’s behind it. We’ve seen an addict say she has nothing to hide but then gets all batcrapcrazy when anyone asks her questions her about her sobriety. We’ve seen an addict lie when she said that she took a pill that her doctor had prescribed to her when in fact, she had taken Monty’s pill that was prescribed to him. We’ve seen a really nasty side of her that can rear its ugly head in the twinkling of an eye. We’ve seen her forget that a significant conversation that she had with her sister actually happened yesterday and not today as she had initially insisted. We’re seeing more of this wonky behavior this season – Is it because we’re seeing more of Kim this season? Or is this new behavior?

I think Lisa R just wants Kim to be safe – I don’t see any other agenda in this at all. I find it difficult to sometimes tell the differences when Kim is just creating drama because they’re on a tv show, when she’s delusional, when she’s batcrapcrazy, or when she’s just being a spoiled brat diva. I wonder if it’s hard on Kim to tell the difference, too.

Kim icily says to Lisa R, “You’re as sick as your secrets, my friend.” Whoa…okay now THAT’s a statement.  says Kim about Lisa R.  Lisa R apologizes to Kim. Kim reiterates that she’s not drinking. Lisa R apologizes again. Kim says, “Thank you, you’ve already said that – We’re done.” Kim snarls, “Drop it now.” Kyle is mortified this is going on in front of “Babyface.” Lisa R tells us that she doesn’t get mad at people and that she doesn’t raise her voice. The problem is that in the previews for next week’s show, we see Lisa R get mad, stand up, AND raise her voice. Rut roh.

Yo kyle lisa r limo

Everyone is getting ready for the gala. Yolanda, Kyle and Lisa R get into the limo. Yolanda is asked where the others are – and she responds that they’re not ready – So off they go. There is NO way Yolanda is going to let Kim tardiness negatively impact her more than it already has. The women talk about the conversation between Lisa R and Kim in the plane.

YoYo Limo

Lisa R says that she got the message loud and clear. Lisa R says that she respects Kim. Lisa R has seen 2 of her husband’s brothers die from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. After Harry had to identify his brother’s dead body, Harry decided to change his life. He has been sober for 3 years. Lisa R says that addiction is a disease and there’s so much of it in Harry’s DNA. She’s proud of him for breaking the cycle of addiction that has been prevalent in his family. She believes that Harry’s choice changed his destiny.

They arrive at the Gala and Yolanda apologizes to David that she’s late. Brandi and Kim finally show up at some point. Kim tries to tell us that she doesn’t harbor resentment and that she’d rather have everything out on the table. Really? Cuz earlier you said for Lisa R to “drop it.” Kim makes me dizzy sometimes.

YoYo and David gala

Yolanda stands up on stage and makes a toast to “her love,” David. He has dedicated 26 years of his life to the, “David Foster Foundation.” The David Foster Foundation provides financial aid to families who have a child who is waiting for an organ transplant. She explains that she met a guy that night who told her, “Because of your husband – My 33-year-old daughter saved someone’s life.” I got teary from that – because what that REALLY means, is that father’s daughter died – but her organs helped to save someone else. That’s pretty powerful. Various people stand up and their donations are read aloud. Steve Tyler gave $100,000. Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds gave $70,000. Someone else gave $50,000. And Dr. Francis Yeoh donated $1,000,000 – Whoaaaaaaaa… How awesome is that? Kyle said, “These people are making Beverly Hills people look like cheapskates.” Lisa R says, “I’ve been to a lot of charity events – and this one, I must say, is pretty spectacular.

yoyo and Steven

Steven Tyler gets up to perform and Kyle admits that she’s a huge fan of his – and that she borders on being a stalker. Kyle is encouraged to go on stage in her tight black pantsuit and she looks quite amazing. She immediately gets into the groove and swoons when Steven Tyler kisses her right on her lips. Okay, for those keeping track of these things… Evidently, it’s perfectly fine to have a rock star who has been around the block more than a few times…kiss you right on the lips – but it’s not okay to sip out of Brandi’s straw. I can now sleep tonight – because I was wondering where that line was…. Lol.

The Gala was a HUGE success! They raised an all-time high of 8.2 million in one evening! Yolanda said that David has raised over 50 million dollars over 26 years. Hmmm… That’s less than $2 million per year which kind of doesn’t sound like very much to me when you consider the level of his connections – Or am I just being a huge pain in the neck? I mean, I haven’t raised 50 million in the last 26 years or anything… Anyway, I’m thankful he’s doing anything – It’s more than what would have been raised without his involvement.

Kyle where my jewelry

Yolanda exclaims, “We’re in Holland! – Home, Sweet Home” as the women arrive in Amsterdam! Lisa R is excited because she’s heard that the shopping is great. Unfortunately, at baggage claim, Kyle discovers she left her suitcase containing her jewelry somewhere in the airport. Brandi snottily says, “Listen, we don’t have a fucking butler on this trip – You’ve got to take care of your own bags.”  An hour and a half later, it’s somehow retrieved.

Kim thinks this whole thing is “So ridiculous.” She is not happy but everyone breathes a sigh of relief because they’re finally ready to leave the airport. However, the top of the escalator decides to try to eat Kim and her overburdened cart for breakfast and it causes a 52 cart pileup… Brandi, who was right behind Kim, abandons her own cart, sidesteps around the carnage and doesn’t offer to help her Kim at all. Yolanda merely says that she can’t take them anywhere. I’m guessing this won’t be the only time we hear Yolanda say those words…lol.

Kim stuck on escalator

In a classic Kim move… as the women are putting their bags on the bus (Yes, you heard that right)… Yolanda tells Kyle that she shouldn’t touch the bags. Brandi tells Yolanda that it was Kim who got stuck on the elevator – and Kyle also says it was Kim. Kim gets bent that Kyle is blaming it on Kim and Kim nonsensically blames the pileup on the fact they had to wait on Kyle for an hour and half for her bags. Kim then launches into how Kyle is always on Kim for being late – that she laughs at her and leaves her – but when Kyle’s late it’s all fine and dandy.

Other Things We Learned from this Episode…

~~ Kyle tries to convince us that she wears a black sequined apron while cooking. Puhleeze. She looked great… but come the heck on…

~~ You’ll be happy to know that Yolanda has mastered “Skype” – She called her Mom to tell her of their upcoming trip. Her Mom looked pretty excited. I’m really glad they’re going. Yolanda will have all this footage to enjoy of this visit with her Mom. It will mean a lot to her in the months and years ahead.

~~ Eileen tells us that since her youngest son was been born – that she has never gotten on a plane without him. She knows it’s time for her son to be on his own with his dad – but it’s hard for her to let go. She, like the other mothers of the cast, is worried that her husband might not remember everything. She makes Vince an exhaustive list. She is aware he might throw the list in the trash the moment she walks out the door. Even if he does, I’m guessing he won’t take out the trash anyway, so the list will always be handy.

Next week…

They tour the amazingly beautiful Amsterdam… Lisa V rides a bike and gets some “serious sexual stimulation” … Brandi screams at Kyle that she’s a hypocrite (I think it was Kyle)… Fun times ahead… lol… At dinner, Lisa R and Kim really go at it…Lisa R physically stands up and threatens Kim to not go after her husband… And Lisa R is PISSED… I mean… Holy crap on a cracker… Whoa….

Well, that’s it for this episode… Thanks so much for reading… Have a most excellent week! Happy Trails!


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288 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Welcome to Amsterdam?” Recap from Lynnfam

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’sssss, WAIT for IT, Hump Day. And the crowd roars,,,,,, 😁
    Mmmmm hmmmm.
    I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected with everything that is going on in your lives. BIG hugs to you all. 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

  2. Powell says:

    Yeaaaaaa Stella!! More Twitter and FB followers. I hope this gets you more sales.

  3. Powell says:

    Happy trails Stars. I’ll be reading at lunch.
    Poor delusional Kim. She’s so into hiding her addiction under the rug that she has no other comeback to Lisa R then to say something about Harry. Harry has nothing to do w/anything. Kim “Deflection” Richards is her name folks. Mmmmm. Learned it from her BFF Bobble Head. 🙄

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. The gala was incredible to see – that’s the sort of party / event I wish we’d see all the time. How exhausting to fly on from there to Europe though. I don’t really blame Kim for being so tired she snapped at Kyle – except that she’s been snapping like those turtles she loves so much for a few days now. She’s so angry – she’s just seething. Whatever Brandi told her just set her off. She claimed in her blog last week that when Yo took her aside at Lisa V’s B-day party that was the first she head that people were worried about her and a possible relapse – so now she’s claiming this is the first she’s heard. I think her brain has short circuited.

  5. HuskerHuny says:

    Great recap as always! I love me a scavenger hunt. I made one up years ago for my brother and his friends. I put them in a cemetery, a neighborhood which some would call ‘the other side of the tracks’, a cafe where they had to find what song was C7 on the juke box, a park where they had to find an inscription on a statue, just to name a few. They got to use cars though and they had a great time. I’m geared up to do another one now. Maybe for my co-workers and spouses/+1s. Have to wait until the weather gets better though! Happy Humpty Day!

  6. Great recap!

    But am I wrong? Or did Kyle out that Harry used t be a booze bag? In a kinda passive aggressive way?

    Lisa handled it but…me no likey that either

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Harry wrote a book a while ago discussing his drinking and drug use-he really has nothing left to-I think being called “sober” wouldn’t really bother anyone? Idk?

    • California35 says:

      Omg!! That is what I thought!! I noticed!!

      Then wondered if its all common knowledge, everyone knows. It still came as a surprise to me, they were talking about Kim and boom she asked that. was she nervous and wanted to change the direction? Any ways. I do think Kyle was nervous, I noticed the camera went to her hands before she asked about Harry.

    • kit9 says:

      It had to have been common knowledge or Kyle wouldn’t have mentioned it. And, Lisa was already talking about how Harry’s two bros died of it, etc

    • karrylyn says:

      I felt the same way about Kyle bringing up Harry as a “booze bag” on the plane. LisaR hadnt mentioned that he was an alcoholic, just that he quit drinking when he saw his brother that died from drinking. That could have been taken as he quit “social drinking” but decided even that amount of booze was not good for his genetics. Kyle said it with a TONE of voice too, she knew she was outing him on the show for the first time to those of us that had not known he was once an alcoholic. Kyle outed Kim in season one and now she mentions Harry on camera too. Kyle is dirty and doesnt play fair. IMHO

  7. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy. The scavenger hunt was fun to watch, and the sit down at Villa Blanca was worth it. The Gala was also fun to watch. I like the way Yoyo left them when they weren’t ready lol. Snooze you lose. And The Netherlands is one of my favorite places. In all their remarks about pot and the red light district, they left out the Heineken factory! a must see stop in Amsterdam haha. The smug little remark made to hurt was a remarkable testament to the true Kim Richards. Et Voila, out from behind the act we see the real Kim. Disgusting.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think the only reason they left without them was Yolo is so afraid of upsetting King David, nothing comes before him. Just a feeling I got when she was nervously apologizing to him for being late. She seemed very uneasy about making him upset. I think she is afraid she’ll do something to upset him and he’ll leave her. For all the airs she puts on I think she is very insecure in that relationship. Something seems off to me.

      • California35 says:

        I do too. Im not a hater at all. I do like the fact that one should put our husband/wife first and be ok with. I just dont think we should to the point or because we are afraid. With everythibg else she seems so strong and even a bit rough, but when it comes to him she is pleasing pleasing.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I caught that too. Yo looked like a little girl apologizing to a parent. It was a strange thing to see. Also, I thought Yo articulated herself well during her speech to King David.

      • I’m a hater and i fully feel Yo fears for the future of her marriage. I forget what number this is for her love, the King… but i just don’t know. King seems super cold to me. I don’t know, if it’s his personality or what- like Mohammed seems warm. Shiva- warm. King David- i get shivers. Not in a mean way, just not welcoming in some sense…

        I’ve said it before, i feel for Yo in the sense of her health- since her daughters have flown the coop and her son soon will (lose a son, daughters forever- whatever the statement goes)….
        And her fam in Holland that she (seems to, much to my dismay) never sees much of …. I feel for her.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Mohammed seems warm? That is the not the feeling I get from him-he’s super creepy and gross. He seems kind of pervy to me!

          • Ok – he’s got a John Travolta 2015 oscars creep factor to him, HOWEVER—- hand emoji—- he is warm to his friends and i assume wife- and ex-wife/wives(?)- – and his love for Lisa- LIKE YOUR LOVE FOR HER JILL- never wavers and he shows it always.

            I just feel a coldness from the King. Compared to say, Morris. Or Ken…. or i don’t know….
            JR 😆 !!!!!

            • VV™ says:

              He’s also very loving to his five children.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Super creepy-his hair his ever leering eyes-ewww he’s just all around creepola!! So pervy and did I mention his hair??
              He may be a great dad but great dads can be creepy and pervy…Aviva loves her pervy creepy father!!

  8. lila1star says:

    Great blog–always a fun read and a nice break for me as I try to get every ones income tax done. I am so sick of Kim and Brandi and really hope we do not loose the two best new comers this show has had be cause of them.
    Kim Richards–sober or loaded is a mean girl and from what I have read has always been so. She would make Mama proud. Kim is not fragile or weak–she is however fully in charge of her little world and those in it. All these people like Lisa R or Yo who reach out in an attempt to understand and help are feeding the beast. Kyle knows it and it is why she is so quiet when Kim goes on the attack.
    Eileen said awhile back that she and Lisa felt as human beings they had a responsibility to at least try to help and if this was anyone other than an addict I would agree but with addicts (and this is what is so hard) the response would be the exact opposite!

  9. TexasTart says:

    Excellent recap! Best one liner regarding the scavenger hunt: “Kim is absolutely no help because she has never had a clue in her entire life.” Thank you Stars! 😊

  10. California35 says:

    Good morning! Great recap 😊

    I was very surprised the ladies didn’t get help with their luggage. Anyone can get helpers at airports, right? Were they none? Did Bravo not get any? Why didn’t the ladies?

    I think Kim has been in a bad mood because people are doubting her sobriety, and they are talking about it. On this trip, she had JUST found out about Lisa R and sheis very mad at her. Then you add that she may be dry on the trip (if she had been using all the time leading to the trip), then add the normal bad mood anyine could be in with a long trip.

    I hope we get to enjoy some fun and some scenery from the trip, even though there clearly will be drama 😒😠

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      hey Cali-
      I think Kim ain’t so ‘dry’ when she’s eyeballing Lisa at the wine toss #2 2015 next week. She looks out of it.

      oh ps:
      the other day i think it was you who asked me about The Odd Couple? I saw later that you meant the new one- no i don’t watch any comedies unfortunately- that i can think of right now off the top of my head—

      but j’adore Thomas Lennon! Reno 911 was one of my favorite shows of all all allllllllll time
      He was the BEST in that!

      • California35 says:

        I meant dry on the actual trip. All the hours on the plane. She can’t bring things with her and she cant drink with the ladies present.

        • California35 says:

          The odd couple just started with the first episode. I MUST watch at least the begining of a show that gets my interest, I may or may not continue to watch depending on how i like it. Mathew Perry is one actor I would watch no matter what he is in. I hope this show makes it 😀

          • I liked that show he had on where he was in therapy…but it got cancelled…yeah, I would watch him in just about anything too.

          • Hate to break the news to you Cali gal but i think Matthew Perry- and i love him— is known as a ‘sitcom killer’ post-Friends. Nothing has succeeded.

            i seriously doubt this will succeed also. unless- if it’s NOT on NBC– it may be given a shot. NBC cancels like it’s nobody’s business.

            i wonder about Kim on the plane…… what if she had prescription “allergy ” meds or something like “aspirin” —- what is the protocol to check those out????
            Or keep them in her luggage??

            Or these patches— that OMIB has me so freaked out about ! 😮 O_o o_O

          • Powell says:

            I’ve seen the movie at least a dozen times and I love the original comedy. It used to come on TV Land. I missed the new one. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  11. not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Starzy!!
    When Kim was scavenger hunting she was complaining about her knee-does your knee hurt when you have a hernia? Or maybe she had bronchitis in her knee? Did she fracture her knee when she fractured her rib? Did her knee hurt because she was lying in a tanning…I mean hospital bed for
    5 6 7 8 days? What the F happened to her knee? Why didn’t she ask Monty to give her a pill that the doctor gave her if the pain was so and? It wouldn’t be a relapse-she said so herself!! She is a complete lunatic and mean as hell-I never thought she was so mean but this season she’s a real bitch face!! That whole thing at the airport?? WTF??? She’s crazy! I don’t know how Lisa R didn’t fly across the aisle on that beautiful private plane and hand Kim her crazy ass!!
    Brandi thinks she’s cute telling Kim all the thigs that Lisa R said but leaving out the parts that she said- and what about that patch? I’m still wondering what the hell that’s all about-maybe it’s a knee patch?

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      i’m wondering how Lisa knowing Kyle PRE- being on this show figures into her controlling herself and not knocking the $hit out of Kim every time she sees her.
      Kyle just listens quietly and doesn’t say anything whenever Lisa opens up to her about Kim or when she confronted on the plane….

      I feel like Lisa R knew Kyle MORE than she knew Lisa V? pre- show??? So she can’t be dumb to not know Kim has major major issues.

      REGARDLESS/ hand emoji: i think Lisa comes from nothing but a good place. She’s intuitive and empathetic and truly just wants to help .

      Kim is ENVIOUS AND JELLY JELLY JELLY that Lisa and Eileen are Hollywood stars. (A/B/C/D who knows, but still)


    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Jill, everything you just said. Agree 100%

      I felt bad for Kyle when she lost her bag. Of course Kim had to make it about her. Kyle didn’t arrive late or anything like that she lost her bag!! I wonder if Kim’s ever had Kyle’s back in anything. Isn’t she older than Kyle?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        That whole thing with the lost bag!! My God Kim was acting like such an asshole!! Shut up Kim!! See jacked up the escalator and nearly caused a piled up and then she gets an attitude because SHE has been late for the last 5 years? Go scratch Kim!!!

        • kit9 says:

          The late thing was so insane. When Kyle is literally days late for something then Kim can complain. Does Kim forget that whole Hawaii(I think it was Hawaii,lol)? Kim freaking missed how many planes?!

      • kit9 says:

        Yep, with all Kim’s whining that Kyle isn’t ALWAYS there for her(except when she IS), when is Kim there for Kyle? From all their years on the show, the taking and giving is all one way. Kim takes takes takes. And then whines when she doesn’t get more.

      • kit9 says:

        No, she isn’t. All the way back to Season 1 and the reason I didn’t like Kim…when Kyle is sitting there, very upset over her big fight with Camille in NY, Kim comes up and to a crying Kyle, starts BERATING her and telling her how stupid she is. Then, it turns out, Kim was actually THERE for the infamous disputed convo at the heart of Camille and Kyle’s feud and knew that Kyle never said what Camille accused her of…but SAID NOTHING.

    • mm in oc says:

      Hahaha. I thought the same thing about the knee pain. Can someone please put dim Kim out of her misery?

    • TexasTart says:

      Great post Jill!

  12. mrs peabody says:

    After watching this show air I wonder what Kim is thinking now about all the talking that went on and how most of it had to do with what Brandi was saying. I wonder how they are all feeling about each other now.
    On the show I love love loved Yolo’s dress, it was so sparkly. It looked like to me all the housewives were helping in the event. I loved the private plane, I seriously need one. I wonder why Yolo (or Bravo) didn’t set something up at the airport to have someone there helping them with all the bags. I do kind of agree a bit with Kim about Eileen and Lisa R butting into her business when they don’t really know her, I don’t think I would like it either. On the other hand they are on this reality show together and they are witnessing how she is acting and have every right to question it since it is their reality with her, if it was me I’d sure be asking questions. You can see in Kyle’s face she knows in her heart what is coming having been through this so often with Kim in the past. Really Yolo why would you ever think you could take these girls anywhere, you know how they act. Brandi needs to go and I agree with Kyle no way would I put my mouth anywhere Brandi has had hers. As far as kissing Steven Tyler, that was a spur of a moment thing on his part, she gets a pass. I thought the hunt looked fun but I’m with Lisa V on it, put it in a nice cool store. Liked that Lisa R got a coat at Target, that was funny, typical teenage daughter.

  13. skogsstig says:

    Yes, Harry Hamlin wrote a book, in 2010: Doesn’t seem like he tried to hide much of anything. 😉
    And I do remember various articles referring to some issues he’s faced – and worked through.
    Brandi puts Lisa R on blast in “her” blog, surprise, surprise:
    >>On another note, or maybe the same note (boundaries), it’s probably not a good idea to announce your spouse’s previous alcoholism before he does it himself. But maybe he was OK with that, and I’m wrong. Well, in any case, sincere congrats on three years of sobriety.<<
    If she wasn't so self-centered, she might have at least googled her new costars this season….
    Yep. Brandi herself is, of course, pure as the driven snow when it comes to "outing" or throwing others under the bus.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      so he was an alcoholic before? or just went sober from ‘social ‘ drinking?

      Interesting that around all that time- he came on to Mad Men and ‘back in the scene’ … he must have gotten a new agent and/or manager….

      He’s been fantastic on MM. And SVU

      I’m so besotted with Harry’s family lineage whenever i read about it- I’m shocked he allows all this on screen b.s. with his wife but he allows it so….. lol.

  14. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    Sorry i’m reading up, so if anything was mentioned, apologies-

    Lillybee- you had mentioned Nancy – when i saw that Jackie Evancho/ whatever- i thought of Nancy also.

    The WWH question was TOTALLY preplanned to ask Dakota- Wonky eyes was eyeballing Lisa the entire time and Lisa is so organic with her free flowing laughs and emotions she would have likely made a face or something if she didn’t know that ? was coming up. So …. Andy is setting the scene for the bi_ch to NOT be back.

    — Also- next week: when Yo walks away from Brandi having a 3 year old temper tantrum in the streets- she is walking back to be with her brother and his girlfriend/ some other woman there. That’s why i think Yo walked back. Plus random Amsterdamers/ -damians walking around gawking at the stupid stick person’s yapping in the street.

    I’m so happy Yo is showing everyone something about where she comes from, with all her weird manipulations/ lyme-brain/ calling Lisa “greedy” etc…. she is right about showing the cultural differences; she put it exactly how central/ northern euros are and it is very off-putting for Americans at first. I love that (since I’m planning on moving around there, i have to get used to that- and i like it)

    HOLY $hit—- i AMEND WHAT I said yesterday about my constant theory of Kim having issues with the WORKING SOAP actresses— or yes she does, but she is going about it another route- not just saying Harry ‘cheats’ ? but about his family’s history with addiction/ alcoholism?

    When she snaps at Lisa re: Harry i think it’s because Kim will open her mouth to say something regarding Harry’s family’s history of addiction.

    I was in shock to see Harry is ‘sober’ for 3 years. And how that has changed them so much…
    That is cray to me and i hope Lisa and her kids and Harry’s other kids besides the two girls are all good with him. Maybe it wasn’t thaaaat big of a change? Poor Harry to go through that…. seeing his brother/s… identifying bodies…. my lord.

    i truly think it’s a genetic thing… and Lisa said one of the b-i-l.’s was also with drugs, not just alcohol. That was super sad.

    KIM LOOKS STONED when she’s giving face to Lisa next week.

    And why does Kyle run outside? I rewound and slow mo’d….. Bobble stayed with Kim…. so Kyle goes out after- Lisa????
    I’m glad Lisa doesn’t regret throwing drinks in stoner’s face… what a bit-h she’s been.

    JUST GET OFF THE SHOW. no one wants you there. no one.

    And Andy said this is the ‘most emotional’ reunion of BH ever….. bitc- please.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I wondered why Kyle was running outside too, bet she was running after Lisa R. I don’t understand why she was so upset with Kim saying something about Harry’s addiction in his family (if that is what she said) because it’s out there already, he wrote a book, people read it, it’s no secret. She probably said something about him cheating and that’s what made her mad. I guess it’s ok to say something about a husband cheating as long as it’s not your sister’s husband who the comment is made about. Double standard anyone? Next week will be interesting.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        if this is the case then i don’t think Lisa should start the histrionics. It is protesting too much. Let it roll off your back, esp. if you ‘know’ this b- is a brain-warped former/ whatevs addict. Especially as you *know* ? her sister all these years??

        It better be something super big that is said because Lisa clearly just randomly looks down at the table and picks up the glass. No one else was going for a glass. I slow-mo’d like 50x.
        What a mess.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

          *** not saying it’s ok for Kim to say this BS, just saying Lisa shouldn’t feed into it***

      • VV™ says:

        Kim has a cutting tongue when she’s attacking. We’ll have to see how Bravo edited the scene.

    • kit9 says:

      No, she ran away because she had a panic attack. She’s talked about it already. If you watch her face when LisaR and Kim are really going at it, u can see it coming, she looks distraught and is begging them to stop.

  15. Powell says:

    So it was ok for Kim to care about Taylor and talk w/her about her drinking, but it’s not ok for Eileen to care about sisterhood and try to bring Kim & Kyle back together as sisters? Sighhhhh. My head hurts. Oy Vey. 😖 😫

    • HuskerHuny says:

      On point Powell – I hadn’t thought about that. Hope that was brought up at the reunion.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      before my time and i’m glad to hear the take you alls gots on this!

  16. Powell says:

    Yeah Stars what about the ribs and hurt disc? Forget about the knees. VV is this hunt out of sequence of the timeline? If in order seems to me she’d still have tinges of pain to do this running? 😏

  17. Powell says:

    Whoever doesn’t like chocolate is from Pluto.

  18. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    did anyone NOT catch the remark Kim made during the hunt about getting fish at Villa Blanca bc that would be ‘disgusting’ or something? wtf???

    omg Stars- i don’t trust people who don’t like chocolate either- LOLOLOLOL (And drinking (not addiction-wise), Seinfeld…. and dogs…. 😉 …. and many many many many other things…… i’m judgy like that.)
    Thank you for bringing Church Lady back into my thoughts… the best!

    That 3rd t-shirt- i couldn’t tell on my tv what the F that was! Looked like a red moon ! and my screen was relatively HD- enough for me to see Lisa and Kyle’s bad skin shots in the limo….. I also would have asked ‘what is this on your shirt’…. didn’t look yellow at all!?

    i have never done a scavenger hunt – maybe when i was little in elementary school? maybe in high school – i forget…
    sounds fun but i’m a sore sore loser and too competitive (oldest child)- it reminds of the riddles that i used to love in HS- like ‘ a man is found dead hanging by a rope but nothing is in the room but water- how did the man do this/ how did it happen’ that stuff…. i used to love those.

    Is Calgary west coast? Like near Toronto- right above the west coast? I’m being lazy to look it up…
    wondering how long their flight would have been without a layover in NY to Amsterdam…
    Are we talking 9 hours here??? They must have had a layover…. maybe in London or something.

    — why is Porsha’s hair so curly and the other daughters’ hair is not? Have they done the (chemical super bad formaldehyde-free {yeah right}) bs straighteners? Or do they iron every day? Just wondering how one daughter of the whole bunch has such curly hair. My hair is curlier than hers but as a toddler it wasn’t that curly so poor Portia has it in for her when she gets older!

    Thanks for the ‘caps-

  19. Great blog Stars!! I am over Kim and her bullshite!! Some of the pics on Twitter are cracking me up, it looks like Brandi shocked Steven Tyler….how crass do you have to be to shock him???? HAhAHA!!!!
    And I agree that ST’s mouth has to have been exposed to a lot more STDs than BG’s!
    Come on now!!

  20. Buttercream says:

    Namasate – make sure your son has plenty of time for re-hab .. make sure there the knee is draining properly after surgery (seen soccer players go back into surgery due to this complication) … no rushing .. takes time to heal as the Coaches will wait from him to heal during his junior year, he can still be recruited and sign in Nov of his senior year .. take a deep breath, surgery is easy, it’s the re-hab time .. seen VB players, soccer, lax come back too soon and ruin their chances for collegiate playing .. take it slow …
    Great Re-cap Stars; signed up for unique boutique of Kona ..Mother’s Day gifts to myself LOL
    Ties for Father’s day look great too!
    Powell .. who doesn’t like chocolate, right?

  21. HuskerHuny says:

    Kim’s brain is cooked spaghetti at this point. It’s damaged from her many years of abuse, she will never regain full use of it and it will probably continue to get worse as she ages. These ladies should stop trying to make sense out of something that will never make sense, at least in Kim’s world. Sad but true.

  22. lila1star says:

    So I go to check my mail and on my Yahoo homepage was this article from US magazine. “Brandi Glanville On Verge of Leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Find Out If She’s Getting Fired!”
    I hope I did the link right.

    Seems Andy thinks her antics are not a good look for the show–that really sounds like Andy.
    Plus Brandi is angry at how bravo makes her look like a train wreck lol.
    Check out the commenter “Goldenhide” third down. She said it all so well.

  23. shamrockblonde says:

    Stars! – gerat recap!!! – thanks too for the great nod to The Big Bang Theory – holy crap on a cracker! – that always makes me smile – while watching the “ladies” pack, I could not help but think of my daughter, Shannon – she is my younger daughter and Mother of Kris and Ryan – 8 and 5 – she travels quite a bit for her job, and is usually gone for a week at at a time – every single time she goes away, she leaves her husband Matt a detailed schedule – breakfast for each day – what goes in whose lunch bag – bags that she decorates – and when she goes away she does them all before leaving – she also leaves instructions for the outfits the kids wear to school right down to the socks, reminders of what needs to be signed, if there are any events that either one or both need to attend, and bedtime rules – its just too funny – the meal list is in the kitchen posted on the cabinet, the clothes list is posted in their rooms and the reminders are posted by the front door –

    that scavenger hunt was just silly – nothing against scavenger hunts, just thought it did not fit with the participants – to me, it seemed that it was Yo’s chance to be in charge of something and she basically wanted to use to solve any and all problems – not for the sake of everyone getting along, but more for the fact that SHE would be the one to heal and fix everything – that whole milkshake thing was really incredible – first of all – its chocolate!! – and I agree with Stars – it was painfully clear that Yolanda did not pick the locations for these clues!! again, her intent, I think, was more of a “look how I made everything right” kind of thing, instead of a “this is going to be a really great time that has something fun for everyone” kind of thing

    watching Lisa R speak about her husband’s family in the limo – she seemed very close to tears and it was clear that it had been a heartbreaking time for Harry as well as for her –

    where is T-Rex? – and who was that chick named Lynn? where did she come from?

  24. It just occurred to me why Kim is holding on to this “I’m sober” story…..A couple of thoughts I will just throw out there….it could be there is a morality clause in her contract….it is what they got Brian Williams on…so as hard to believe and as far fetched as it may seem that a HW has a “morality clause” maybe it is in there and also along the same line of thinking….Production companies get insurance policies in case something happens that they can’ finish production….unlikely with a reality show with so many actors but it is possible that if they do have insurance that the insurance company wouldn’t cover Kim unless there was a clause that said she was sober….like how Lindsay Lohan has a hard time getting movie roles because insurance won’t cover production and the same thing happened to Robert Downey Jr until Mel Gibson stepped up to the plate for him and said he would put up insurance for him….from

    Although he’s now the star of the successful “Iron Man”franchise, Robert Downey Jr.’s career seemed done-for after a string of drug busts for cocaine, heroin and Valium between 1996 and 2000. He was able to star in an indie film, “The Singing Detective”, in 2001 only because Mel Gibson, a close friend of his, paid Downey Jr.’s insurance bond for the film. On Downey Jr.’s next film, “Gothika”, producer Joel Silver held onto 40 percent of his salary as insurance, in case the star ran into trouble that shut down the production. Read more:

    Just a random thought……be gentle with me if you think I am wrong…

    • Exit4 says:

      Reality shows do carry insurance. Way back when Paris Hilton filmed a show in my town-they (production) had to carry, I think, $1 million in liability or they wouldn’t give them a permit. They also had police, fire and an ambulance on site with the street blocked off. That’s the law in NJ-but each town has different rules. That’s how I knew Brandi lied about her hand. If she got hurt filming it would have all been covered by production. I don’t know about a morals clause-and I don’t know if each person on the show has to be individually insured. I’m not sure they could contractually obligate her to be sober? I’m going to say no-only because she can say she’s sober all she wants-but production can see her behavior. She admitted she took a pill-they didn’t fire her. She completed the season. I think her I’m sober stuff is for the public.

      • Not quibbling BUT maybe they only carry insurance in the states they have to ie: NJ.

        Brandi was injured in CA, so it may not be bullshit

        • Exit4 says:

          You do need them in CA. (I checked) I’m pretty sure you need them everywhere-if you’re working in a town or on public property-you have to be covered for anything that can happen.

          • Well lucky I wasn’t quibbling then…

            • Exit4 says:

              Lol. I know a couple people who have done reality TV-big shows and yes, bravo. The logistics that goes into filming, what you and production have to do before the cameras go on is crazy! Much more involved then people realize. The person I know who was on bravo wanted to back out because it was such a PITA. I’m always amazed people continue to want to do it.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think Kim has been looking better this year as compared to the past years. I don’t know if she is completely sober but she does seem for the most part to be doing better. (not the last couple of episodes though).

    • IMHO- I think she’s hanging on to her sober persona to try to get any more acting jobs.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      That makes total sense to me. Kim has been getting little gigs here and there. I doubt if she said on the show that she relapsed, would she be getting any small jobs. Even though production for BH can see her behavior, I think ask long as they don’t see her (or film her) actually drinking or doing drugs, then she’s good. Great point, PP! 🙂

      Btw, I think it was very nice of Mel Gibson to help out Robert Downy Jr. like he did. I’d hope that he would return the favor too…

    • VV™ says:

      If there is such clause, honor it. You signed up the dotted line. Kim wants to secure more gigs and acting jobs then STAY SOBER!!! It’s that simple. If she worries about getting caught, maybe it’s time to worry about getting a handle on her addiction.
      #nosymphathy #toomanychances #spoiled #ownyour💩

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi’s blog…she goes in HARD on Lisa R!! Why is that? What did Lisa R do to Brandi except state the obvious that Brandi drinks and gets crazy drunk?Brandi wouldn’t be so mad if Lisa was wrong!! There is also a nasty article on CDL about Lisa R today that kind of matches Brandi’s blog-why this smear campaign against my best friend Lisa??? I don’t like it!!

  26. Exit4 says:

    Saw an old rerun of frasier today and Camille was on it! It was funny. Rewatched what I missed of WWHL-major party fails! Angle the cup Mr. Frat guy! No foam! If you get a foamy beer-wipe your nose or forehead and stick it in the foam, dissolves it away! Yes, I know, it’s gross. Also, major fail on the Jell-O shots! Plastic cups? No-you use paper cups so you can squish the jello out! I haven’t seen the ice shots in forever. I remember doing them-yes-at a fraternity date party 20 years ago! Amazing how I didn’t have a problem putting my mouth on a block of ice that was mouthed by 100 others! Ah youth. The andy in Greek letters was cute-I can still say the Greek alphabet 3 times before the lit match hits my fingers. Who says you can’t learn important things in college?

  27. plainviewsue says:

    Been sick since yesterday. 101 temp & yucky. So I just now first read Namaste’s recap of the blogs now & I’ll read this blog later after my nap.

    I just wanted to send my prayers to Namaste for her son, who is adorable!!!!!!

    And as always, spot on with your blog recap. I didn’t realize Kyle didn’t write a blog! You made me laugh, which this old body needed!!

  28. designernailsdiana says:

    T-Rex where are you????????????????????????????
    I miss your special names for our cray cray ho-wives.

  29. Kansas Girl says:

    A friend vacationed in LA a couple years back. She messaged me during the show that they were in all the businesses the scavenger hunt used, and that they are all right around Villa Blanca — like in one or two blocks. She said if they were winded by that small walk, they are in terrible shape, as it’s no walk at all. LOL!

  30. VV—– Lisa was unaware that Kim said that snide little comment about getting fish at Villa B

    i clarified it for her and she goes “Really Oh- I don’t listen to her”

    😆 x 500000

    #lisa ❤ s me

  31. VV™ says:

    Starzy Starz99 💫

    Thank you! Great blog. Did anybody get the impression that Brandi already knew they were going to Amsterdam ahead if the group? Yolanda and Brandi kept making eye contact at the table in Villa Blanca.

    • Girl – I didn’t understand how Brandi with her super ⭐ high I.Q. came up with that – after Yo gave out like only 5 letters—- and those were said aloud–


      Also- you had responded to me the other day i asked about Brandi coming to the menopause mardi gras menagerie melee – and yes- she was in a sour mood it seemed. I agree.

      i don’t get these sepia-toned flashback BH is doing this season. I don’t remember them last year or on any other franchise? Maybe i forgot? Where they’ll talk about something, then ‘flashback’ a few days ago or whatever…..


  32. lila1star says:

    I ended up posting 2 links on that cdl story–how to take one down?

  33. PJ says:

    Yeah Kyle is no hypocrite Steven Tyler’s lips are clean but Brandi’s aren’t.

  34. stellastars21 says:

    SJP I just wanted to mentioned that I just had a purchase go through so the website should be working.

  35. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Namaste relly hard* – just read about your son – my prayers are with him, with you and with all your care – He is with you – so he is in good hands – I pray that his recovery is swift and that your heart remains calm –

    my younger daughter took gymnastics – the first time I was there watching her I could not seem to sit down – sooo nerve wracking watching her head clear a balance beam by inches and end up upright – effortlessly -we used to carpool and I cannot tell you how many times at least one or more of the other kids had braces or casts on parts of their bodies – at one point the head coach came up to me and said he wanted me to watch something – he had one of the other coaches play Simon Sez with Shannon – she would mimic whatever movement he did – as she was doing this, the coach turned to me and said “she has not learned this yet – she is doing it all naturally” he wanted to enter her in competitions – we had a long talk with her about it and told her that it was completely up to her and she said she wanted to so we began – at first she seemed to be doing really well, but then after a while after every match, she would throw up – win or lose, she got sick – so after another long talk, she told us that it was just not fun any more – so that was the end of her gymnastic career – I wish your son nothing but success and courage for your brave heart!

  36. Ashy – i found that celeb dirty blah blah article to be quite disturbing. They’re trying to write like a legitimate type of way and i find it creepy.
    Twisting things around so much. Like, did Kim’s exes and family members pony up $$$ to get something like this written up?
    It’s EXACTLY as Lisa said on WWH — so much deflection and projection. ReeeeDONK.

    Aren’t they like a

    The first link i opened- not yours- the one someone posted above you – led me to some celeb helix imaginarium crazy page…. but then i got to the actual site.

  37. VV™ says:

    So, this is how the morons that hired her advertise her.

  38. Powell says:

    See the jealousy in Bobble. Why say they don’t have an effing Butler at the airport regarding Kyle misplacing her jewelry bag? The green eyed monster is real in Glanville town.

    • It’s a way to slam Kyle as the pampered dilettante with no common sense , while Brandi is the tough scrappy single mother who has to fight for every penny she has.

      • California35 says:


        And yeah….

      • PJ says:

        Well Brandi wasn’t on stage suggestively groping herself and kissing an aging rock star on the lips, I can only imagine what Kyle would say if Brandi did that–there would be pearl clutching and shock and other hypocritical behavior.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh the pearl clutching…so Kyle danced suggestively with STEVEN TYLER! It’s like a once in a life time thing-Brandi is suggestive with EVERYONE! There is a big difference between dancing on stage with a famous “aging” singer and screwing every guy you go on a date with.

          • PJ says:

            If Brandi did what Kyle did you would be having a field day with it. What do you think Kyle was like back in her single days? A hypocrite is a hypocrite.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              So the problem is that people aren’t slamming Kyle for dancing with Steven Tyler and him kissing her on the lips? So is it terrible that she did that or terrible that if Brandi did I would have a field day with it? You seem to be having a field day yourself. You want me to slam Kyle for it because I would slam Brandi for it but would you say anything if Brandi did the same thing?

              • It is not you Jill, this poster obviously needs a hug or some of Bobble’s xanax.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Nah…PJ’s cool-we go back and forth often-she knows I don’t like Brandi and know she likes her-were fine.

                • PJ says:

                  I’m sure anyone with a different opinion needs a hug or some sort of mind altering drug. Do you have any idea how rude and condescending that is.

              • Exit4 says:

                Well, I wouldn’t slam anyone for dancing with Steven Tyler! But kyle will go call her husband and tell him all about it. Brandi would try to get him back to her hotel room, tell Howard stern about it and when asked Steven would say “who’s Brandi Glanville?” 😉

                • mm in oc says:

                  Agreed. I wouldn’t care if Brandi got on stage. But it’s impossible for her to act remotely classy, so my guess is she’d moon or flash the audience or grind on Tyler just to ensure all cameras were on her.

            • kit9 says:

              What did Kyle do, exactly? She wasn’t dancing inappropriately at all.

        • Easy killah.

          The post was about Brandi’s snarky comment about butlers.

          Kyle and Steven Tyler has nothing to do with it.

          • California35 says:

            Im still on this thought, why wasnt there one!!?? Hahaha ok, not butler, but some help. These ladies had a lot of luggage, and ee could tell they needed help. I never get help, but Im not a shi shi BH person lol

        • kit9 says:

          Kyle wasn’t groping herself. Good lord.

  39. California35 says:

    Dakota and Rina were great on WWHL last night. I just saw it. I love Dakota, Im glad sen has a few movies coming up.

  40. Powell says:

    Survivor is on for those that watch.

  41. not THAT Jill says:

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna) on

  42. OMG I can’t WAIT to get advice from her !!!!!
    Totally !!!!!

  43. SOOOOOO WITTY!!!!!

    pub probably pushed it back to go with the fabulous upcoming NY season. Uh huh 👍

  44. VV™ says:


  45. Cityside says:

    I did not read Harry’s book, but I don’t think someone who decides to quit drinking is necessarily an alcoholic. Having family members die of alcohol related illnesses could be a catalyst for someone who is a social drinker (and my guess is these people are ALOT more social than the rest of us) to quit all together.


    • ladebra says:

      I quit drinking about 20 years ago. I was a social drinker – and occasionally over did it – but mostly I just don’t like the way alcohol makes me feel. I have a glass of wine now and then, and I will have a drink if I’m not driving if I feel like it. So I agree with you. And I just made it all about me 😉

  46. Prince Ali says:

    This is mean, but I’m not invested in Kim;s alcoholism/sobriety. At this point it is her choice, I’m mad that SHE has made it the storyline. If you don’t want to get called out on not being sober, don’t show up to Bravo events drunk or on pain meds that are not yours. More ironic is that she is on a REALITY show yet wants such an obvious part of her life to be hush hush.

  47. Cityside says:

    Kim Richards, H E L L O Anybody home? You are on a reality TV show and we saw you admit that you took something that was not yours. H E L L O. These women are in the car with you , at the poker table, etc. and they are asking you questions to support you- you ignorant bitch. (OK that last part was mean. Sorry) I really think she is workin’ it as she always has. AND, I think her brain is fried enough that she believes everything she says.

    It makes me sorry for Kyle.
    Goodness gracious did I just say that.


    • TexasTart says:

      Your H E L L O echos! 👍

    • Just a thought…could it be that when she whispered to Kyke that she took Monty’s pain pill in the bathroom, off camera, that she did not know until the episode aired that she was overheard, with subtitles?

      Because she’s acting like that never happened.

      It makes me wonder if her storyline isn’t her choice, but Bravo’s.

      • ohfercrissakes


      • Powell says:

        Didn’t someone say Kyle was trying to take off her mic so the audio wouldn’t be picked up? If so I bet she told Kim that’s what she was trying to do. I’m would probably say she doesn’t remember Kyle saying it. But Kim was miced so I don’t see how she wouldn’t know it would be picked up. And no matter what Bravo says they always have a choice. There may be consequences for their choice but they always have a choice. Choose her life over a biz decision on reality tv.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hi Tartsy-I sure hope you are feeling better!!

      • TexasTart says:

        I have improvement! 💃💃 💃 well, not enough to dance a jig, this has been tough! Thanks for asking, Jill.

        • ladebra says:

          Don’t over do! Hope you are better real soon. My mom told me to get the pneumonia vaccine … but I didnt. Even though I know she’s right all the time, mostly, old habits are hard to break 😜

          • TexasTart says:

            I could be the pneumonia vaccine spokesperson now – this is a very scary illness! Just do it 💉

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I hope you reach “jig status” soon!! Take care of yourself Tartsy!! Do push yourself too hard and rest as much as you can!!

          • TexasTart says:

            Thanks, I can’t push anyway, lol. It’s an incredibly slow recovery process. FoxyMel gave me some advise from her husbands experience with this illness that was helpful to know.

  48. SerenaNYC says:

    This is the episode description for RHOBH S5E17 “Amsterdamn-Slap!”

    “With tensions still high, the ladies start day three in Amsterdam by splitting into two groups to explore the city. Eileen confronts Lisa Rinna about Lisa’s failure to support her in front of Kim. Later, at dinner on a riverboat, all the unresolved issues come to a head. The night climaxes with Brandi playfully slapping Lisa, but for Ms. Vanderpump it is no game.”

    • Powell says:

      Oooooooohhh. I’m guessing Lisa R. is tired of Kim’s meanness so that’s why she doesn’t support Eileen and stupid Bobble Head is stupid if she thinks things are a-ok w/Lisa that she can be playful with her. Idiot.

      • serenanyc says:

        Exactly. Just like Bobble thought it was “playful” to throw wine at Eileen. She’s digging her own grave.

    • I’ve been reading all season about upcoming friction between LisaR and Eileen. So far they seem to get along really well…


      Can’t last in Bravo Land, can it?

      • serenanyc says:

        They seem to be so friendly on twitter and they’ve tweeted and instagrammed several photos out together. I think it might just be an issue over Lisa not sticking up for E as a friend. I think they’re still good though.

  49. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Yup!! Snow A G A I N!!!!! 😬 Sighhhhhh!!!!

    • HuskerHuny says:

      So sorry Powell! It’s minus 1 here with minus 15 wind chills. Brrrrr! But no snow until Saturday. We’ve had very little snow this winter so a couple of inches won’t hurt. I’m liking the bright sun though it’s not giving off any heat.

  50. HuskerHuny says:

    Anybody watch Amazing Race last night? Made me think of Mel and his recaps. Hope all is well with you Mr. Mel and please know how much you are missed.

    I think this season is going to be killer. I like the blind date couples, especially the lawyers, from last night. It’s going to be interesting to see how the ‘dating’ couples do against those couples who just met. Finally something to watch on Friday nights again.

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