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A BIG Lynnfam welcome to our new blogger Sunny Girl. She will be recapping Shahs for us this season!  We’ve also have volunteers for The Newlyweds and Million Dollar Listing. Yay Lynnfam!

The Shahs of Sunset Season Premiere “I Am The Gay Ghandi” by Sunny Girl


Last season of The Shahs ended with the Shahs, minus Lilly, making an emotional pilgrimage to Turkey.  The trip to Turkey seemed to cement relationships amongst the Shahs, but that doesn’t seem to be carrying forward into this season.

Our show begins with Reza and Asa going to a jewelry store.  As usual, Reza has a snappy remark to make.  He claims “it should become a habit to buy gold.”  They discuss celebrating Nowruz, which means Persian New Year

Asa reminds Reza that her parents are renovating their home, so they will be living with Asa for a few months.  Reza thinks no good can come of this, especially when Asa’s mother refers to herself as “the cat lady.”

Reza also discusses his relationship with Adam, now that they are engaged.  He will be meeting Adam’s parents soon, who he describes as two very religious white parents from Oklahoma.  He also claims that Adam has said that when they are married, any purchases over $5,000 must be approved by the other partner.  Therefore, Reza, of course, buys a new Rolex watch.

Next, we see Mike going to his parent’s house with a bottle of champagne.  He wants to show them the ring that he will be giving Jessica when he asks her to marry him.  (As an aside, I watched Watch What Happens Live after The Shahs last night.  Reza spilled the beans and said that the ring Jessica has now is NOT the one Mike had at his parent’s house.  Hmmmmm.)

Mike says he has pulled away from the group, and that it’s a natural progression when you’re in a relationship.

Next we see MJ and Reza visit GG at her new apartment.  Two days before her move, GG and her boyfriend broke up so she is living in the apartment on her own.  Reza and MJ say the apartment is bare and without character.  As MJ aptly describes it, GG’s apartment “needs a hug.”

MJ arrives at a park with a picnic basket and a blanket.  She says that it’s been over five years since she has had a long term relationship.  And then we meet Charlie!  MJ describes him as Jewish, non-Persian and ten years younger than her.  She says she may have met the man of her dreams.

Lastly, we see Reza and Adam at their condo, which is the polar opposite of GG’s apartment.  (Reza’s décor would keep me awake at night!)  This is where the cast comes together for a meal for Nowruz.

Now that all Shahs have been accounted for, we can get into the actual beginning of the season.  Asa is hosting a Nowruz celebration which consists of jumping over a fire.  It’s supposed to be purifying and cleansing.  This is where we meet Asifa, the newest member of the Shahs who has replaced Lilly.  GG introduces Asifa, explaining that she has known Asifa for over eleven years.  It is also explained that through a mutual contact, Mike and Asifa know each other.  Mike doesn’t look happy about it.  (Just an aside, but did anyone else notice that Jessica had an attitude about “something” as soon as they arrived?)


Jessica is eating an appetizer off a toothpick.  MJ makes a sexual innuendo to Mike that he is wishing it was a part of his body going into Jessica’s mouth.  For whatever reason, Mike and Jessica take offense to this.  (I don’t know why, since MJ is always making remarks like this.)  Mike fires back and asks MJ if she had ever given him a BJ.  (I find that a strange question, don’t you??)  MJ plays coy, which infuriates Jessica who screams that for the past three years SHE is the only one giving Mike BJ’s  (And I said that nicely, not the way Jessica did but I’ll leave that to your imagination.)  It’s obvious that there is trouble in paradise between Mike and Jessica.  But more about that later.  For whatever reason, Asifa then asks if Mike has a “micro-penis.”  Really?  Who does that?  Mike decides to just have another drink, because that always helps with the Shahs.

Now, the Shahs are going to a club on a party bus.  Feels like déjà vu.  Lot’s of party busses in the Shahs past.  GG is rambling about a Staycation, which the girls seem to be excited about.

Asifa’s boyfriend shows up to the club.  His name is Bobby and he is described as her ex-husband/future husband/boyfriend.  I’m already confused.

It’s apparent that Mike is two sheets to the wind when he starts talking about being an “alpha” male.  Then he and Reza start making fun of Bobby’s jacket, where the vents of his jacket are still sewn together.  Reza decides to take the bull by the horns and cut the vents, while Asifa tries to apologize to Mike.  Mike is very drunk (I’ve seen this too many times with Mike and no good will come of it) and the apologize escalates when Bobby gets involved.

Jessica and the others try to keep the altercation from getting physical between Bobby and Mike.  Mike takes Bobby’s jacket (why, you ask?  Unexplainable.).  Jessica gets Mike out of there and she is furious with him.  She starts screaming at the PA to take the mike off while she is pulling at it.  I’ve never seen Jessica act like this, but dealing with a very drunk Mike over and over again could drive a wooden man crazy.

After this, there is a segment of “coming this season” that outlines a problem between Mike and GG, Reza asking Adam for a pre-nup agreement, Mike and Jessica’s engagement, a bachelor party and a trip to Thailand.  As Reza says, be prepared to be “Shahked.”  (This is my new favorite phrase.)

All in all, this was a good start to the season.  I just hope, really hope, that Mike and Asifa’s boyfriend are not going to have a pissing contest every episode.

One of the themes repeated this week was GG’s plastic surgeries, which included new boobs and a butt!  GG is a gorgeous girl without enhancements but it seems to make her happy and she owns it.


See you next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Season 5 Episode 15

 Lisa R TH

Lisa Rinna

“Kim Tends To Forget Key Events”

The episode starts out kinda fun and light-hearted and then takes a wicked turn.  Lisa tells us the scavenger hunts was fun.  Sort of.

Next we head off to Calgary to be a part of the David Foster Foundation Gala, which raises money to support families with children in need of an organ transplant. Before we arrive there however, I had quite an intense conversation with Kim Richards about her sobriety on the plane. She had been unusually quiet and uneasy around me, and me being one to crack an egg wide open to get to the heart of the problem asked her flat out if she was upset with me.

I am still so baffled about this.  Does Kim think that everyone had a complete brain fart and forgot Poker Night?  You ADMITTED you took someone else’s meds.  THEREFORE, you broke your sobriety.  Am I wrong here?  Again, this is not judgement of people in recovery.  This seems to be common sense and OWNING YOUR SHIT which is part of staying sober.  Lisa also addresses the fact that she did not “talk behind her back”.  She addressed Kim directly at Eileen’s home for the script reading and Kim blew her off…blah blah blah.

The tense conversation between Kim and I on the plane, though, was just too much. She chose to speak to me as if I were a child and yelled at me each time I apologized to her. I don’t know how many times I apologized, and she decided to snub and fire back an icy, “Just drop it!” or “Leave it alone!” instead of carrying on a normal conversation where both people can speak like mature grown ups.

This was so beyond awkward!  And knowing Babyface was right there made it even worse.  I would have crawled under my coat just like Kyle.

Of course, the bug in Kim’s ear is Brandi, Queen of Deflection. The reason I sat down for lunch with her was for me to ask why SHE is so aggressive and why SHE says the hurtful things she does and why SHE thinks it’s ok to act like a 3-year-old. I wanted to have a face-to-face, open and honest conversation with her about what makes her tick the way she does, so I could form my own opinions outside of what the other women have told me. As I can now see in hindsight, Brandi steered our lunch conversation to be about Kim, so we didn’t have to talk about why Brandi is the way she is. I would have liked to see Brandi be honest with Kim about her concerns she shared with me that day, but from what I can tell, Brandi seems scared of Kim and basically just tossed the whole messy situation on me. If anything, I would say we’re actually witnessing Brandi talk behind Kim’s back, since she didn’t share any of her parts of the conversation. Very irresponsible and definitely not what I would call a good friend.

She totally hits the nail on the head here.  Brandi riled Kim up by telling her this little tidbit, but didn’t share her role in conversation at all.  It shows how stupid Brandi really is since the whole scene was RECORDED and Kim would eventually see it play out.  I find it sad that Brandi would manipulate an already emotionally unstable Kim for her own benefit.  But I am not surprised.  I am surprised Brandi didn’t eat her young.  Lisa moves on to gush about the charity event.  It was filled with celebrities and tons of money and all for an amazing cause.

We make it to Amsterdam, and as you can see, we clearly packed the crazy train in our carry-on luggage. I was kinda hoping it would be left at home, but we just wouldn’t be us without it, now would we? Kim continues to constantly bitch at her sister in the airport and create a scene, which is only the beginning for lots more craziness to come!

They were only gonna be there for 5 days, right?  They each packed as though they were MOVING to Amsterdam.  I am a packing overachiever and tend to “situation pack”…what if we go out to a fancy dinner?  What if we go to a beach dinner?  (What if I spend the day by the pool?  What if I just want to eat in the hotel and be comfy?) BUT, I have never taken that much luggage anywhere.

Eileen TH2

Eileen Davidson

“Kim’s Emotions Are Already Running High”

Eileen tells us the episode starts out with something she can get on board with…she likes good natured competition.

A scavenger hunt in Beverly Hills, how fun is that? I was sort of excited. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like Kim was too happy to be on my team. Maybe it’s because she “doesn’t dislike me, but doesn’t like me”?  OK. So now she’s harboring a grudge, because I invited her to lunch with Kyle and opened up to them about my sisters’ passing? She feels it was none of my business. I figure, what the hell? Life is short.

Eileen is being way too nice here.  If Kim didn’t want to do this, she could have stayed home with her dog.  All of Kim’s fictional problems are just ways that she deflects from her core issue.  Kim being mad at Eileen for attempting to help her and Kyle fix their relationship is just crazy.  We are talking about Kim though.  Moving on.

In spite of her feelings toward me, Kim, my friend Lynn, and I got off to a strong start. We were forced to drink milkshakes–that’s always a plus. Kim was confusing me with not being able to run, and then being able to run, and “let’s leave without the clue,” “let’s go back to get the clue.” But whatever, right?  WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! Go figure.

This was all very weird and teenager behavior.  Kim reminded me of a spoiled HS girl.  Eileen was excited about the trip to Amsterdam.  This is because she has never been on a HW trip.  Its induction by fire.

Leaving Jesse and Vince is so hard! It’s especially hard for me to leave Jesse, because, yes, in fact it’s true: I have never flown without him since he was born. I admit, it’s not healthy, and the whole thing has gone way too far. But do I have to cut the strings THIS time? THIS trip?

This really shocked me!  I am impressed that she is such a dedicated mom.  We expect Hollywood moms to dump their kids off with the Nanny.

Seeing the plane ride over, maybe it’s a good thing I had to work. We haven’t even gotten to Amsterdam and already tensions are running high between Kim and Lisa R. The cat is out of the bag. Brandi had a frank talk with Kim about Lisa R.’s concern for her. Except, it was hardly “frank,” considering she left out the part about her also being very concerned about Kim’s well-being. When Lisa R. asked her at lunch if Kyle was worried about Kim’s behavior, Brandi’s answer was, “Is there anyone who isn’t?”  That made Lisa R. even more worried about Kim, especially given the fact that Lisa has a lot of experience with her family’s problems with addiction.

Brandi is the Queen Shit Stirrer.  There, I have given her a crown.  Can we please please please de-throne her now and get her off our tvs?  She knew if she could get Kim riled up and more upset with Lisa R. (or Kyle) then she can stay in good graces with Kim and keep her slot on the show.

Bravo to Harry for making that decision for himself and his family, and Lisa R. for being so open and honest with their family’s struggles.

I am surprised that Lisa R. didn’t address this in her blog.  Sounds like Harry had a “come to Jesus” moment and made the decision to change his life.  Congratulations to Harry for managing to do this for his family and most importantly, himself.

Brandi TH

Brandi Glanville

“Someone Poked The Wrong Bear”

Brandi starts by talking about what a jet setting she is.  Yeah, me too.  I just got home from my trip to Arctic.  She claims that all she is thinking about is recipes and kids’ projects.  She plans to share a recipe when she is all settled in.  I’m not sure any of us need a recipe for Jello Shots.

Tonight’s episode starts with a really fun event created by Yolanda: a scavenger hunt. Not just any scavenger hunt, but a Beverly Hills scavenger hunt on Rodeo Drive. Well, hey, it’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so why not? I personally thought it was a welcome change and a chance to have some fun and share it with the fans. Despite Yo’s health, she is a really positive, uplifting spirit, and I’m thankful she brings fun to our group.

I still find it so strange that Yo claimed her ONLY healthy day during this filming was Brandi’s housewarming (or something else earlier in the season) yet we see her traveling around the world and darting down the streets of Beverly Hills.

Firstly, I think Yo’s idea was great and a success for those who participated wholeheartedly. I give a pass to Kim, who was still a trooper but was still experiencing some knee and hernia pain. Protecting your knees is serious if you have joint issues, and she was smart to pace herself as tendon injuries can last for months. The others? Well, you saw what I saw. Sadly, I saw a lot of negativity, complaining, petty, unnecessary jabs, and criticizing their own teammates for physical issues they can’t control. Quotes from one of our ladies: “I hate clues, I hate the game, I hate the whole thing.” She followed this by shooting the bird at Yo. Nice.

Kim seems to always get a “pass”.  Maybe it would be best to not PASS a contract to Kim and get her off of reality tv and back into a rehab.  And I certainly didn’t think Lisa R. was “shooting the bird at Yo.”  I think she was being silly and sarcastic.  But Brandi is the only one that is allowed to be funny.

The prize for participating in the fun or awful day, depending on which Housewife we’re talking about, was a paid luxury trip to Amsterdam! Some of us had also accepted an invitation to David Foster’s charity event in Calgary. Not sure about the rest of you, but a trip to see Yo’s homeland with Yo is and was an amazing gift. Some people say, “Planes and yachts are not important,” but they don’t own planes or yachts, so we kinda know, to them, they are very important. Me? I am thankful for the Fosters’ generosity but would be just as happy riding old bicycles down a dirt road with a healthy strong Yo.

OUCH!  She threw some serious shade at Kyle here…maybe Kyle can point out that they PAID to be on those planes and yachts, but OWN their home.  Brandi, do you own your own home?  Do you own anything?

On the dramatic side, someone poked the wrong bear. We saw Kim slowly learning that someone has had one-on-one talks about her private life with everyone on RHOBH–everyone, that is, but Kim herself. To me, announcing you’re “a nice person” isn’t the same as actually being a nice person.

This is laughable.  Brandi totally set this in motion.  Wasn’t Brandi talking behind Kim’s back at the lunch and eluded to Kim’s missteps?  Is Brandi sharing her concerns with Kim?  NOPE!  She is riling Kim up by telling her others or talking about her.

Yep, one new member of our little group is hell-bent on intruding, casting strong labels, making insanely irresponsible assumptions and stating them as facts, all over the place: on RHOBH, the Internet, to the media, and on Bravo’s WWHL. Calmly butting into a stranger’s life with such a strong agenda and absolutely zero knowledge of any details of that life after only a few scattered social functions is a whole new level of crossing boundaries. Then, tonight, acting all wide-eyed, innocent, and confused at the results after doing so? To quote the instigator, “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” On another note, or maybe the same note (boundaries), it’s probably not a good idea to announce your spouse’s previous alcoholism before he does it himself. But maybe he was OK with that, and I’m wrong. Well, in any case, sincere congrats on three years of sobriety.

I don’t think Lisa R. is casting strong labels.  KIM IS AN ADDICT!!!  She has told us that.  She has shared that she has been to rehab more than once.  She has relapsed while we watched.  Who knows what else has happened in the background.  As for Lisa sharing Harry’s story, I highly doubt this was a secret.  I did add Harry’s book, Full Disclosure, to my must read list (I did a little research.  Harry has a son from a previous relationship and then 2 wives after (Nicolette Sheridan being one) and then Lisa whom he married in 1997.)

Kim Richards was a movie star when most of us were home watching her movies on TV after school and doing our homework. She’s been in this town a long time, knows everyone, worked since she was born, raised four children, survived Hollywood, sobriety, family, divorces, deaths, has more on her plate than all of us, and throughout it all, is caring for her terminally ill ex-husband with patience and grace. Sometimes you poke the wrong bear; that’s all I’m saying. Good luck with that.

Hmmm, I have never thought of Child Actors as Movie Stars.  Maybe child actors that have managed to carry their fame into their adulthood…Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Judy Foster, Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Lowe, Drew Barrymore.  They were all child actors who managed to carry their careers well into adulthood.  Kim is not on their level.  This is not a dig at Kim.  I would not trade my childhood for her’s.

I would like to point out that I, like many others on the blog, do not believe Brandi/Bobble/Cuckoo LaRue is writing her blogs.  I do believe that everyone once in a while she cracks the password for her Twitter account and she tweets.

Surprise Lisa

Lisa Vanderpump

“Everything Is About To Boil Over”

Lisa tells us she fun doing the scavenger hunt but it seems she enjoyed breaking the rules just a little bit more.

Remember how Brandi was saying, “Yes, Holland, we can all smoke pot!” Well that changes real quick! Having been raised by strict but liberal parents sounds like an oxymoron. What I mean to say is that manners and respect were essential, but as parents who lived in London through the ’60s, pot was not a huge deal. The lighthearted banter later takes a dark side…

Can I say this here?  I have never smoked pot.  Never.  I know I sound like a bore, right?  I have never tried an illegal drug.  I have reached the ripe old age of 42 without ever doing this and I am pretty much ok with it.  I don’t think I would try it in a place where it was legal either.  I am, however, an advocate for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.  Anyhoo…a trip to Amsterdam to see the red light district and smoke pot just doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy.

So I couldn’t leave with the others, as I was working then judging the Hero Dog Awards and was already committed–after seeing the journey, I realized how fortunate I was—so Eileen and I joined a little later. David and Yolanda’s event looked fabulous, though. To raise that incredible amount of money for such a good cause, I salute that wholeheartedly.

Ahhh, so now we know why Lisa missed out on that super fun plane ride to Calgary.

It was a difficult episode to watch as this subject of Kim’s sobriety came to the forefront. I knew from experience and reiterated this to Lisa and Eileen that the possibility of this ending well was non-existent, as I had experienced her aggression in Paris, when I gently probed as to whether she had taken a sleeping pill, as that would explain her bizarre behavior. I still can’t quite compute the difference between me asking whether she took a sleep aid, which she interpreted as contesting her sobriety, and her taking a pain pill at the poker night, which apparently had no bearing in breaking her resolve to abstain.

Lisa and I agree here.  (I have told you all, we are BFF so this happens a lot.)  She took a pain pill.  A pill that wasn’t prescribed to her.  SHE BROKE HER SOBRIETY.  The end.  Moving on, Lisa has been to Amsterdam before and was planning to visit her family in London so this trip worked out well for her.  She tells us the pot boils over next week.  I hope everyone is wearing Ove Gloves.

Not too much for me too comment on, oh apart from, yes, the Dolce & Gabbana shirt is actually called ” The pussy bow shirt.” Go figure.

Best. Quote. Of. The. Episode.

Kyle TH

Kyle Richards

“I Couldn’t Do Anything Right In Kim’s Eyes”

Yolanda invited us all to do the Fantastic Race. I had no clue what we were in for. When we arrived, I was happy and relieved to see Camille and even HAPPIER when I found out Brandi and I were on the same team. Phew!

Kyle found her funny.

Once we started, I was unexpectedly into it. I really liked this running around Beverly Hills, playing childhood games. I had to laugh, because all the women were tortured to have to actually drink a shake! Hehe! All in all, I think it was a great idea and something none of us had ever done (except for Lisa R.). It certainly wasn’t going to repair the issues between Brandi and me, but we both went along with the game. At this point I was relieved we could actually be in the same room and be civil, even though I knew we would never be friends. I had to laugh when Brandi said “Aggressive Spice” to the girls outside of Villa Blanca. Hey! That’s my line that I used on HER. Haha.

The whole thing did look fun.  I wonder how much it costs to have that company set that whole thing up.  I am also bummed that the shake shoppe didn’t offer Yolo an Almond Shake.

On the way to Amsterdam, Yolanda invited the women to stop in Calgary, because she and David were hosting a big event for The David Foster Foundation. Lisa R., Brandi, Kim, and I joined Yolanda. Kim had expressed to me privately that she wasn’t happy with Lisa R. I told Kim Lisa was worried, and Brandi told Kim she was questioning her sobriety after poker night. Knowing what we know now, it’s frustrating watching Brandi not explain her role in that conversation. Lisa R. had actually gone to talk to Brandi about HER behavior, and Brandi quickly turned it around and made it about Kim. Brandi also expressed concern and revealed things that I know Kim wouldn’t appreciate, and yet she went to Kim and said, “I just want you to know what Lisa R. has been saying.”

It’s still so sick and disturbing that Brandi would manipulate the weakest person…but isn’t that what a bully does?  Don’t they always go after the weakest one in a group?

As soon as we arrived to the plane, Kim was giving Lisa the cold shoulder. When Kim and Lisa R. started getting into it, I wanted to get a parachute and jump off the plane. It was so uncomfortable being stuck in between the two of them. Kim was then mad at me for looking uncomfortable. Oh boy. This should be fun…

Kim is such an odd duck.  I don’t understand her sober or high.  She has an unpleasant disposition either way and I can understand why she has been divorced so many times.

Calgary was amazing in spite of the awkwardness on the plane. The event was beautiful and such an amazing cause. The event raising $8.2 million dollars was truly impressive. The energy in the room was so exciting. I am a huge fan of many of the people who performed that night. It was so nice to see these people coming together to help these children. The highlight of the night came when Steven Tyler and I danced together on stage to “Walk This Way” AND he kissed me! OMG. I still can’t believe that happened! I’ve always loved his music, and he was so kind, fun, and generous that night that I am an even bigger fan now.

I find nothing remotely “sexy” about Steven Tyler.  He looks like a mobile STD.  I did think it was funny that Kyle refused to drink from the same straw as Brandi, but allowed Steven Tyler to kiss her on the lips.  ICK!

When we arrived in Amsterdam we stopped for a moment to use the restroom, and I set my bag aside, and then we resumed walking out. After we were downstairs, I realized I had left my bag there. I felt terrible and told the girls to go ahead, but they decided to wait. Brandi and Kim were clearly annoyed with me, but it was an accident. What can I say? We were all jet lagged, and I wasn’t exactly at my sharpest. The topper was when we all crashed on the escalator and Brandi actually hurt her leg. It didn’t look like that big of a deal on camera, but it was actually scary. It was a full escalator, and we were all starting to pile on top of each other. Luckily someone hit the stop button.

Kim stuck on escalator

This would happen to me.  Although my rolly suitcase would not be filled with jewelry.  Most likely, it would be filled with candy and snacks, but I would still be just as desperate to find it!  I really though Kim was so rude towards Kyle.  It was a simple mistake that Kyle forgot her suitcase.  Yolanda was actually the most polite about the whole situation.  When Kim snapped at Kyle outside the airport after the escalator pile up, I knew this was all downhill from here.  I don’t understand why Kyle even agrees to film with Kim at this point.  Kim has been horrible to Kyle over and over again and Kyle keeps going back for more.  As we all know, “You Teach People How To Treat You” and Kyle has taught Kim to treat her like shit and she will continue to come back for more.  I am so sick of hearing, “She doesn’t have my back!”  Why do you spend so much time wanting other to have your back?  BEHAVE YOURSELF and you won’t need others to always support you!

Next week is the most intense moment we have ever had in five seasons of RHOBH…

I rarely watch HW shows when they air, but I think I will have my caboose on the couch tonight so I can watch this unfold.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my son, Jake!  He is doing AMAZING!  He went back to school yesterday for ½ day and he is there for a full day today.  Here is a pic of him the day after surgery…

2015-02-27 11.25.13 (Small)


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  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning and welcome to our new blogger Sunny Girl.

    It’s great to hear that Jake is back in school and recovering well.

    As for shahs – Reza was throwing so much shade at Mike and Jessica last night – he kept saying he was going to be uninvited to the wedding – and what about GG’s body language every time Mike’s name was mentioned. That girl hates Mike now. I guess she had to hate him to imply rape – and he probably hates her for implying it, even if she’s backtracked now. That probably accounts for Jessica’s discomfort all night.

    oh and #solongstassi

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    Good morning -Awesome news about Jake!! Glad he is recovering nicely!! Just made a fresh cup of coffee so I’m ready to read this blog!!

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    Oh – and Namaste – remember that Pot is no longer illegal in several states in this county – recreational pot. In time it’ll probably be comparable to buying a case of beer.

    Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington for quite a long time now as well – although it’s regulated at special dispensaries rather than available at a pharmacy – I’m not sure why –

    • Good to know. Ohio is so backwards that we still don’t have legalized Gay Marriage.

    • Orson says:

      I’d bet pharmacies don’t want to deal with all the tax and paperwork hassles that go with medical marijuana. Not to mention, pharmacies have to deal with the DEA and even if states approve of the use of medical mj, the Feds (DEA) do not.

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  5. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    Have to go up and read – but welcome to SunnyGirl – Thanks so much, I haven’t watched Shahs yet but soon will.

    Namaste SO happy about Jake- all the best to you interesting theory about Lisa R being set up for next season to be the cray cray one after Brandi gets the boot 👢👢

    Tarts: WAVELENGTH again! 💭➿➿➿♻️-
    I am one of Lisa V’s loyal loyal subjects however can’t figure out why she was at an Ebola conference or whatever it was …..
    An animal event or LGBT event I would understand……

    Girl you and me 〰〰〰〰

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      My autocorrect didn’t say what I wrote —
      The Lisa R set up theory was brought up on the last blog by LILA1STAR

      So not to namaste —

      • I will go back and read it and prob will agree!

        • lila1star says:

          Ok–I have been up all night–just could not sleep and so I have read every word here. You guys are great! Oh and welcome Sunnygirl 🙂 I hope this is not bad form but I am bringing my post over from this morning on the other blog as I seem to always post right prior to a new blog post. Given that my brain is foggy and what I wrote applies–it is just easier–sorry. Before I do–one word about whoever is writing Brandi’s blog–I am not sure she even watches the show????

          From this morning in the wee hrs.
          I totally agree that Lisa R reaction was over the top and Brandi’s action was also.
          However–as to Lisa R–I am not yet ready to believe it was for a storyline. I think this storyline happened organically and I am also certain there is whole bunch laying on the editing room floor. Kim played Lisa R like a fiddle and Lisa obliged by allowing what most certainly had been building up to get to her. Lisa broke the number one rule when an addict is poking–the sane come off as crazy and the crazy sit back and smirk at their fine handy work.

          Lisa wasn’t talking to Kim beyond apologizing and hoping Kim could see why the subject touched her, Kim saw alright and ran with it as ammunition not caring one bit how anyone felt. Kim came to that dinner ready for a fight with both Eileen and Lisa. She is so very jealous of the two newcomers. I myself am very angry at this whole thing–Bravo tops my list along side Kim. Then Brandi brings up the rear. Enough already!!!

          One last thought–if its true that Brandi is getting the boot maybe Lisa is being set up to be the next lovable but crazy HW. Just a thought….

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Lila wrote this in her comment and it’s so friggen true!!
        ” Lisa broke the number one rule when an addict is poking–the sane come off as crazy and the crazy sit back and smirk at their fine handy work.”

    • Powell says:

      I hope LR isn’t set up for next season. We have to make her aware since they may begin taping right away after the reunion.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        That made me giggle. JILL send out the flare guns 🔫🔫to your buddy!!!

        But honestly I wonder if harry will be like – yeah lisa you had fun- that’s enough sweetie…..

        I give her 1 more season if LVP and ED are back.

    • TexasTart says:

      I know right???! I mean animal activist or LGBT rights is one thing and Ebola, is a medical/humanitarian issue — but worlds away (literally and figuratively). Trips me out. Glad to know someone else thought that was surreal. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 that is supposed to be waves – goodness knows what WordPress will do to them.

  6. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    For Tarts —- I’ve literally (😜) been listening to him so much lately.

    You and me girl ….

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks so much, you made me smile 😀

    • T-Rex says:

      I love me some Van Morrison! Mr. T-rex and I had a very small wedding, it was more a small dinner party, and we had Van Morrison playing a lot that day. We actually have 3 songs, because this T-Rexxie requires more than one, LOL! Two of them are Van Morrison songs, one is MoonDance, the other is Into The Mystic, you can’t really dance to well to Moondance so that’s how we acquired the second to dance to at our wedding. Of course our 3rd song we acquired after we were married and that was The Turtles, Happy Together, it’s actually my annoying ring tone for when Mr T-Rex calls me! I actually tried the two Van Morrison songs, but they weren’t loud enough for my deaf azz to hear them when he would call!

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    Welcome Sunny Girl-awesome job on the Shahs blog!!
    They didn’t waste anytime getting back into the swing of things! Jessica seems like a totally different person this season-she was kind of sweet and quiet last season right? That whole mess with the jacket was insane! Mike walking around holding the jacket hostage..the Shahs are crazy and when they drink they are lunatics!! I wonder what the story is with Mike and the engagement ring? Reba had lots of snippy snide things to say about Mike last night on WWHL and GG did too-I don’t like the whole rape story thing-GG says it happened /didn’t happen and none of it is cute! I guess that’s the story line for the season-I wish it something else…anything else!!

    Namaste-love the blogs blogged!!
    I really wish Brandi was writing her own blogs-shockingly I miss her honesty in her blogs-she used to give us way more than this drivel we are getting now. Whoever is writing for her must believe the viewing pubic is stupid and doesn’t watch the show. Her blogs are nothing more than a smear campaign against Lisa R in attempt to make us forget about all the shit we have seen Brandi do. It’s not working-Lisa R may be a horrible bitch (I don’t think she is but who really knows??) but it doesn’t take anything away from what Brandi is. This is a typical move of a true Brandiac-bad mouth everyone else in hopes of making Brandi look better-they do it with Leann Rimes and they do it with Lisa Vanderpump-now with Lisa R…Kim and Kyle already had their turn as well as Adrienne. No matter how badly they speak of the others-Brandi still looks like an asshole.

    Thanks for the great blog ladies!!!

    HH-we have more snow coming this afternoon…please dear Lord-let this be winters last friggen dying breath!!

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      Girl should I be copying and pasting saving your theories to compare and contrast to other blogs ? 😉😉

      Yo- I thought we were getting the big storm Thursday — I was going to Sarasota for a funeral but we may have to cancel.

      Darnit – 3x this week ! ?!???😫⛄️

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m over the storms!! Winter can kiss my….
        If you read Brandi’s blogs from previous seasons they are so much better than the crap we read now-maybe the spelling is better now but the content sucks-it’s so not Brandi and so not honest. Brandi’s blogs were always full of “just sayin” and “STFU” and they were immature but they were about the SHOW-she actually wrote about her own dumb shit sometimes and what part she played in certain events -this ghost writer acts like Brandi isn’t even on the show!! Stupid!

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

          This is truly reeeedic. I mean I guess since she’s a NYT bestselling author and filling stadiums with fans – her agent-people whatever told her she needs to “revamp”

          Girl, please. 😏

    • Powell says:

      It Mike did what GG is/was saying why on S1 was she trying to get him to date her? He said no. He saw her as a little sis, not someone to date. He did date Lila when they were in H.S.

    • T-Rex says:

      I know right? Regarding this fake blogger, because in addition to it making zero sense to write this crapola, when we have all been subject the writings of THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi for a while now. First off, she could not even pronounce half the words in that blog, in addition would not even know what the words actually mean either. She is a DOLT. I really, and truly do hope the rumors are true and this is her last season on the show! Also read between the lines on other blogs, little birdie in LALA Land told me that the ladies had wished that Amsterdam episodes had played out before the Reunion had been shown, and that maybe MzAndy did that on purpose. Again from what I have been told, several ladies have done the “line in the proverbial sand” and said they are no longer interested in filming with her at all going forward and these ladies already have contracts for filming next season in their little hands.

  8. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 😊

  9. SunnyGirl says:

    Jill…No not THAT Jill,
    Thanks so much for the compliment! I really enjoyed writing this.

    I agree about Jessica. I’m just not sure what’s up with her. Reza says the wedding is March 29th. I guess we won’t be seeing any of that. Jessica has been modeling for GlamEnvy so she has been in the public eye. I guess it’s not that she is shy.

    I love the Shahs. I love when they show us their culture, their foods, their thoughts. I absolutely LOVED the trip to Turkey. I hope we see more of that and less of the conflict and fighting.

    And I’m with you about the snow. I am so tired of driving/shoveling/wearing enough layers to look like I’m 50 lbs overweight. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

    • Powell says:

      Jessica is modeling huh? Is she still a practicing nurse? She’s never had a problem w/any of the group so I don’t see why she would change who she is, except for w/GG like everyone has been saying, GG has said something awful about Mike.
      I love seeing the cultural aspects of the cast.
      I’m w/everyone w/this winter. It can kick rocks. I’m over it. Been over it since Oct 1st. #IHateColdWeather

      • SunnyGirl says:

        Yep, she is. I don’t know if she is still a nurse.
        I’m not sure, at this point, if Jessica evens knows anything about GG and Mike. But, while GG is usually way, way out there — where there is smoke there is fire. Mike considers himself the eligible playboy around LA.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        I’m with you Powell with regard to winter. In getting cabin fever here. Ugh.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I didn’t really know anything about Jessica-I had no idea she was a nurse or a model!! How did I miss all of that? I think she either really stayed in the background last season or I’m total oblivious??
      I do love seeing their culture and that’s why I love Asa-she’s a bit whacked out but she loves who she is and where she comes from plus her love for her parents is beautiful-I dig it! Oh and she also loves food -I totally relate to that!

      • Powell says:

        Jessica’s first season Mike told his mother Jessica was a nurse. She comes from money though. Her father owns a water company. Fiji I’m thinking.

  10. Powell says:

    Hey Sunny Girl. Thks for Shahs. 🌄😀

    • ladebra says:

      Ditto! Thank you Sunny Girl! I couldn’t make myself watch it… I couldn’t even make myself record it. But loved reading you blog about it !

  11. Powell says:

    Namaste Jake looks like he’s recuperating comfortably. 🙂

  12. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Good morning. Brandi is an idiot. Kim is insane. That is all. Have a a great day.

    I’ll be back tonight. Fingers are crossed that someone throws Kim and Brandi in a canal.

  13. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    When did Yo claim her only healthy day was Brandi’s /Bravo’s leased-house party?
    In a blog?

    Recipe for Jell-O shots – HAHAHAA

    What is “shooting the bird???”
    I’ve never heard that
    Is it just giving the finger? 👆

    Namaste– I am wifh you- haven’t ever done pot; I’m a little younger than you and just not cool😞. I wonder if too many of my secrets would come out – like elaine on seinfeld and the peach schnapps LOL
    Or that Id get paranoid.

    I think in actuality Id be more like lisa V says she is – im a happy drunk so maybe I’d be laughing hysterically high???

    Thanks for the blog!!

    Smooches from steven Tyler xxxxoooo😚😚😚😚

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Flipping the bird-shooting the bird-giving the finger…all related to each other-
      One giant FU!!
      What’s the story with the pot smoking and Lisa V?? Does Brandi say something about Lisa V smoking weed?? I so hope we see the Queen of BH get weed high!!
      And for the record-One doesn’t usually “do” (or TAKE) pot…one usually SMOKES pot!! You apparently do not know about weed!! I’m not saying I’m a weed aficionado but I know people who “do” or have “done” (hahahaha it’s so funny) pot and one of those people may or may not be me.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        LOLOLOLOL you’re so right about my wording – lol

        I was just about to put here that my issue is that I can’t inhale. When I was in high school I remember trying cigarettes with a friend and just couldnt inhale —
        (Though I love fake smoking cloves)

        So ……I’d need brownies or edibles to DO the pot, thank you very much. ✋

        (And no drunky smokes for me 😪)

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Yes…you would need to “do” the pot brownie thing…I can say I have never “done” pot brownies.

      • T-Rex says:

        Okay a LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY SAY UHM The GalaxyofAMSTERDAM, this Rexie had been known to well uhm partake of the local “greenage”. Again I have actually been to Amsterdam and we try not to be idiot americans while abroad, unlike most of the HO-Wives. You don’t come swinging off the plane to the 500 security offices with guns and dog,s stating you are there to get your “pot” ON either, unless you are Spicoli and his buds from Ridgemont High(youngsters google). Growing up with a hippie who smoked since the early 60’s I guess I didn’t have any issues with that whole greenage stuff, although my hippy-parent thought we didn’t know for many, many years, see POT makes you a bit stupid about certain things, LOL!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m 63 now and have also never smoked pot or taken any type of illegal or legal drugs except prescriptions prescribed by the Dr. I don’t smoke cigs or drink except for an occasional glass of wine at dinner if we are out. My husband always said I was a cheap date and he’s glad I’m a cheap wife. lol

  14. This poor woman died by falling on the broken shards of a wine glass.

    Smashing wine glasses is DANGEROUS & IRRESPONSIBLE.

    smh @ LisaR

  15. I went Bravo free last night- so thx for the blogs!

    I’ll catch up on them during their endless reruns…

    • Trashy T says:

      I couldn’t bring myself to watch Shahs. Dislike them as much as I dislike RHOA but thank you Sunny Girl for writing it up. Great Job! Also thanks to Namaste for blogging the blogs. Jake is a cutie pie and I wish him a fast complete recovery. I can’t wait for tonight and also for Melbourne on Thursday – tho I have to say that Jackie’s nasly voice and Shine Shine Shine makes me ill.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        Jackie is nasally ? I have to rewatch some stuff. I find everyone is raspy voiced on BH.
        Her eyes are so close together im always staring at that.

        She better SIMMAH DOWN NAO with the shine shine shine this season.

        SO glad Mandrea is out ! EPIC BIT$H

  16. ladebra says:

    Wow Namaste, great job! I love reading your blogs! I have to step away from BH, Kim and Brandi really get me disgusted, disturbed, sickened, repulsed, shocked .. you get the picture.

    • serenanyc says:

      I’m the same way! I already suffer from anxiety and that first look nearly gave me a panic attack. Kim and Brandi get my blood boiling. It’s probably healthier for me to watch something light and nice like The Voice tonight.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        You two CLEARLY wouldn’t be able to handle Mob Wives 💥💥

        • serenanyc says:

          LOL you’re right I used to watch a little Mob Wives back in its first season and it was too shocking for me.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I was catching up on them last night and was thinking I’d like to put Brandi in with them since she sees herself as such a bad a**. She wouldn’t last 2 seconds with Karen and Natalie. That was a fight they were having. Brandi thinks she’s so tough pushing Kyle’s arm away, these 2 women were bleadding or maybe yet let her and Drita go at it, Brandi would be running as away from her as fast as those long stick legs would go.

        • ladebra says:

          I tried watching Mom Wives 😀 I sat for most it white knuckling the chair with every muscle tensed to flight or fight 😀

  17. not THAT Jill says:

  18. TexasTart says:

    Welcome SunnyGirl! 🌞🌞🌞 I had a friend in the 90’s and my husband called her “SunnyGirl” hmmmm. Thank you very much for recapping Shahs for Lynn’s Place! 😊

  19. serenanyc says:

    My thoughts before the episode airs:

    Brandi is no angel.

    Kim is mean and vicious.

    Lisa R was provoked BUT shattering a wine glass is over the top and extremely dangerous. It could have gotten in someone’s eye and really damaged them.

  20. TexasTart says:

    Namaste – It’s so good to see and hear that Jake is doing well and good enough to get back to school – yay! 😊 Thanks for the bloggity blogs, I’m about to read..I’ll bet you had to put some in their place, no?! Hehe

  21. TexasTart says:

    While I have been stuck at home sick, I have been exposed to daytime TV. Egad.

    I’m highly amused and simultaneously annoyed at the the blown out of proportion enthusiasm of “Wendy Williams” audience(s). Do they pay those people to act like WW is God’s gift to gossip or something? Maybe I am from Mars.

    “The Real” on Fox has a real light and fun and mindless format. It’s nice to see Loni Love working on TV again, I liked her on Chelsea Handler’s panel. I’m amused by the fact everyday Tamar Braxton looks like a different person in the wide shot!!! They zoom in and I recognize her, but wowza this woman completely changes hair, glasses, no glasses and clothing styles daily.

    I never liked “The View” format or panel, so I assume it’s still crappy and don’t bother, lol. “The Talk” has low energy and has a highly predictable flow – it’s like I know who is going to react how to whatever topic. It’s maybe worth getting others opinions of current events, but the reason I will watch at least the opening chat segment that Sheryl chick is hilarious! What is her last name?

    • The only good show is Judge Judy…YAY, she got extended to 2020!!! She gets something like $47 million a year. I think all middle school students should have to watch her every day for at least a year or 2!!! The people are soooo stupid!!!
      #dontcosign #dontloanmoney #dontsueyourchild

      • TexasTart says:

        Say whaaaat?! Who knew it was so lucrative being Judge Judy?! Oh my, I can NOT watch those court room show because the people are so stupid – BUT I really like your idea to make the kiddos watch because some kids are not being taught common sense!

      • RabbleRouser says:

        We actually watch Judy Judy while we are eating diner and my kids hate it. They say the show is ‘super boring’ and that she is ‘too judgy’ and demand Sponge Bob. They also don’t like when she used the word ‘stupid’ because they think that is a bad word so they will say “She said the bad, bad S-word”.

        (But since it’s only us grown ups in the room lol) You are right, I just can get over the stupidity I see on that show, It also drives me nuts when I hear the word ‘conversated’ (which is apparently are real word now since so many folks use it) and when someone says “I borrowed them the money” ….It just drive me nuts.

        • Keep it playing because I am serious that it has taught my daughter a lot!! She hates the show but she sure did learn!!

        • T-Rex says:

          OMG Rabble, too funny when me and my Bro, Bro-Rex are together we HAVE to watch Judge Judy together, his kids hate us when we are together because the cartoons get relegated to the other TV upstairs when JudgeJudy is on, LOL

    • Powell says:

      The best part of Wendy is “Hot Topics”. If you don’t read the rag mags it’s the next best .
      The Real was much better Summer 2013 when they tested the show. It’s just ok now.
      I DVR The View but haven’t really watched since epi 1 of the new season. I mainly wanted to see how the group would be. Rosie O is leaving. She says cuz she’s going thru another divorce. The grapevine said she’s getting the ax.
      The Talk isn’t a fav. Sheryl Underwood is a comedian and is funny as heck. I do like Iesha Taylor too.

  22. Butters'Mom says:

    I watched the First Look of BH and couldn’t believe Kim. Lisa R was sincerely sharing on where she was coming from with people with addiction problems and was trying to apologize again to Kim and Kim just went off the deep end. I don’t blame Lisa R for her reaction. If someone when after Butters’Dad I would seriously cut a bitch.

    Cleveland weather just sucks. I am so tired of winter. I wanted to go see my Dad last weekend. He just finished another round of chemo and he didn’t tolerate it as well this time around. Love that man and want to be with him but the f’ing snow made it impossible. He keeps saying he wants to pay for my wedding. He’s on a fixed income, is battling bladder cancer, and has no idea what stuff costs but says he’s going to do it. I’m trying to convince him otherwise. It’s not like I’m 20. Butters’Dad and I are in our 50’s and have lived together for almost 12 years. He said he paid for the other kids (15-30 years ago) and therefore he should pay for mine. Sweetest man to walk the face of the earth. He raised 4 kids by himself after Mom died. Makes me cry…

    All the blogs have been really good and I appreciate all who write them. thank you.

    • You’re Dad is awesome! Love him 💕💕💕

    • mrs peabody says:

      Tell him he can pay for cake and pay for the rest of it yourself that way he’ll feel like he gave you something too.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Awww you’re dad sounds so sweet. 🙂

    • RabbleRouser says:

      Awe your dad is so sweet.

    • Powell says:

      Oh Butter don’t cry. I’m gonna cry. BIG hugs to ButtersDad. I’m sorry he’s going thru the chemo and you can’t see him because of this stupid winter weather. UGH. 😦 Hopefully you can get to him this weekend. Very sweet of him to want to pay for your wedding. Maybe you can talk him down to paying for your cake. Wedding cakes cost a pretty penny. Maybe he can handle that. #ButtersDadWillKicktheCrapOutofCancer

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      Oh Butter’s Mom— my warmest thoughts to you. Your dad sounds so sweet im tearing up here.
      All the best to him ❤

      And all of youse stay positive too

      • Cityside says:

        I’m sure this will not surprise anyone as you were with me during the C word in my world.



  23. lila1star says:

    Thank you for the comments–I am going for a nap–nite nite

    • TexasTart says:

      Sweet dreams. I was awake with you some of last night….not like we want to start a club or something. 😉

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Butters Mom really hard* – I know what a blessing an incredible Dad can be – I will pray for him and for you – this kind of courage is humbling and heartbreaking – from what you have shared, it is very clear that he loves his children, and places all of you above his own needs – that is the definition of a hero – please give him a hug for me, and remind him that he is giving you the mnost precious gift that you can ever hope to receive – the love of a Father –

    Namaste – so happy to hear that Jake is doing well – that pic shows a happy bright young man – something tells me this will not slow him down in the slightest! – and thank you for the blog!

    welcome Sunny Girl and thank you for the blog – what in the bloody hell happened in Shah land? last season I fully expected to find out this season that Mike and Jessica were taking a break, at the very least – he did not seem to be in any hurry to marry – not just Jessica, but marry in general – and I always thought that GG wanted Mike – but it was not reciprocated – so what is all this rape talk? what happened between last season and now?

    looking forward to the Shi Shi Shi tonight!!!

    • ^^^^^ What shammy said!! Too tired to say anything except—- in Lisa R defense of the in-un-non–defensible…she kicked into “soap opera” mode and thought it was the “candy glass” wine glass and ya know with camera running and all….it’s all the Props Department’s fault!!!!!!!
      #usetofakeglass #soapoperaqueen #kimisabitch

  25. Exit4 says:

    Tartsy! Glad you’re feeling better! Been there with pneumonia-actually did get stuck in the hospital (although some days I feel like it would be a vacay-kidding karma-I’m kidding). I had another infection that actually caused it, so it took a long time to get and feel better. Don’t do too much-it’ll hit you.

    This cold and weather is killing me. I’m done, done, done. We had a 2 hour delay Monday, which wasnt too bad! They don’t miss a day and we got to sleep in. But now its 2 more days of sleet and snow and ice. Yay. My driveway is a danger zone. So far, none of our cars have slid down like my next door neighbors (parked with the emergency brake), but who knows. OVER IT!!!

    Beverly Hills is obviously going to be a s*** show. No, you should not throw glasses. I didn’t think Ramona was right in throwing a glass (Mario problems or not) so I can’t defend Lisa R! But I am going to say Lila was spot on-make the sane one look (or turn) crazy and admire your handiwork.

    Chismosa-are you bill Clinton with your not inhaling???? LOL! Smoking pot is fun. There I said it. It’s been a (LONG) while, but people would be surprised how many seemingly straight laced, professional people smoke pot! Not everyday, but a lot of people do. It’s a funny thing.

  26. serenanyc says:

    By the looks of her twitter account, Brandi will be repeating the word “hypocrisy” a lot for the rest of this season.

  27. Orson says:

    Recent events on RHBH made me think of this song. David doesn’t have the best voice, I’ll admit. He’s famous among session men for his guitar playing and has been one of my guitar idols since high school. And sometimes, he really hits the nail on the head and his voice works with a song.

    • looneylucy says:

      I liked that Orson. Truer words have never been spoken. Ya do what you can. Speaking of falling, I hope you weren’t badly hurt when you fell this morning. We’ve had same weather here and we got 1-2 in. of snow today. Son was shoveling driveway this p.m. and I was sweeping back and front door patios and steps. I swept first step, grabbed railing to step down to sweep second step and my feet went out from under me. I fell on my back and hit it on the edge of the porch and slid down 5 steps. Ouch! Damned ice! Ironically, an hour later I’m leaning up against a bag of frozen peas.

      • Orson says:

        Thanks, but I didn’t fall. I just put enough weight on the one foot to know it wasn’t going to happen. I’m sorry about your spill. I’ve got an alternative to your bag of frozen peas. Take 2 wash cloths and 2 freezer zip lock bags. Either sandwich size or the next size up. Soak the wash cloths with water and fold each one to fit in its own bag. Then put the bags in the freezer. Apply one as needed. When it warms up too much, put it back in the freezer and use the other one. Repeat as needed. This method, you don’t have to worry about your frozen veggies going bad.

        • looneylucy says:

          Thanks Orson. I wish I had you around years ago. That great tip would have saved me some dough. Altho, I’ll be the first to admit I hate green peas anyway. To you and your roomie, continue to stay safe until this hell is over with.

  28. not THAT Jill says:

    I saw this on FB-a list of celebs battling Lyme disease -imagine being a writer and losing the ability to read and write for a person of time? How scary!!

    • mrs peabody says:

      Wow, seems like a lot of people have had it. Wonder why we haven’t heard about them having it before.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t know-maybe because we follow Yolanda more closely? I don’t really follow much regular celeb news and gossip but I’m all up in the reality peoples business!!

  29. Welcome to Sunny Girl! I finally watched Shahs this afternoon and they never cease to entertain!

  30. TexasTart says:

    I didn’t know she played the drums too! 😉

  31. kit9 says:

    Hi all! Jake is such a cutie! I would like to add my name to the list of Van Morrison lovers. I offer this as a peace offering to help heal the great Springsteen rift of 2015 that threatened to tear the very fabric of the the board and the possibly the universe apart. I give you, Caravan, Live! The sparkly pantsuit, the high kicks, the soullyness, enjoy!

    • TexasTart says:

      Kit! Your dramatic flare is killin me! 😆

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m still not really over the Springsteen rift-and in true HW fashion I will bring it up at the reunion and on the first episode of next season…and in all my THs…and every time there is any other rift.
      I do love me some Van Morrison …

      • kit9 says:

        Oh, man, I thought there was no divide so wide that sparkly polyester cannot fix! lol. I really do love this version, much superior to the album version. And the great Levon Helm on drums and it’s pure joy.

        • Orson says:

          Ah, The Last Waltz. I always wondered what the h*ck Neil Diamond was doing at that concert. Oh, FTR, David Bromberg was there too. He was playing for Dr. John.

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, and great blogs! I few bits…I find it hilarious that Kim “I forget what’s inconvenient” R railing about Lisa getting in her bidness when Kim did exactly what Lisa did to Taylor a few years ago. Also, the insane hypocrisy of Brandi’s hypocrisy cries. Brandi did more damaging chit talking behind her bestie’s back than LisaR did. LisaR did speak directly to Kim about her concerns and it was Brandi that suggested Kim had had worse incidents than PN, cryptically saying “you have no idea”. That’s fueling pure gossip and allowing imaginations to wild about Kim!

      • mrs peabody says:

        got to wonder Kim thinks of her bestie now, the one she just loves so much and is kissing all over all the time.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      R O T F L 😂😂😂😂😂

      Me loves BOTH immensely. But if I had to choose – it’s the irishman. 🍀🍀

  32. mrs peabody says:

    what ever happened to that lady who used to post on here, she was a lawyer who wasn’t working and her computer didn’t always work. Can’t remember her name but I just thought of her. And what about WSL, she ever around anymore?

    • TexasTart says:

      Mrs P, I think you might be referring to Detox (I need a real housewives detox)?! I don’t know but I miss the hell outta her commentary and cross my fingers she would visit again and call Jill a “jive turkey”….those were the days! I think it’s been a year and a half since she’s posted. IIRC Jill and Nancy were unsuccessful in reaching her via e-mail. I hope she is well and found the love of her life with no time to hang with the “cool kids”.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I miss her like crazy!! Detox was my girl back in the day-that jive turkey could write a story like no one I know!! I still email once in a while but still haven’t gotten a reply-I won’t give up!! I’m an ambitious stalker…( chismosa doesn’t know who she’s dealing with-I will stalk her blocked twitter account like a BOSS!!!)

      • mrs peabody says:

        yea that was her name. YOu guys have such good memories

  33. Mel says:

    I remember her….her name was Detox. I use to love when she posted here. I guess she got a full time job and can’t always post as she did before. I am a lurker now but def. miss reading comments from all the oldies that were here from the beginning.

  34. not THAT Jill says:

    Hahahahahaha I just saw Pindy said “how dare you” to Tartsy!! We got a real life soap opera up in here!!!
    “How dare you” is the new “you’re such a fu*king liar Camille”!! (My fave..especially since it’s from Kyle!! Hahahaha)

    • TexasTart says:

      I have a feeling the Princess is going to make good use of “How dare you!” LOL

  35. sssssshhhhh! RHOBH is on!

    Well the rerun from last week is on…

    BTW- YoLemons is insufferable

  36. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    Hi JILL – you old 🍕troll 🙊💁…….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      But for real…why did you block me?

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:


        I’m Sorry I was trying it out on you to see the wrath 🌋but you have so many more followers and people you chat with I think I got lost in the mail 📬

        It was my little private joke. Inside, just for me 🔘

        I’m covering my face with a blanket like kyle in the plane 🙈💦💦💦💦💦💦

        Can tarts tell if I blocked you? Tarts check it out girl …..

  37. chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

    So this is the big bad 🐺….
    She looks exactly like Kathy

    I’m ordering some stuff from Amazon- is this House of Hilton BS book a legit BOOK book? I don’t do digital 👎


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