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Vanderpump Rules

“Dethroned” – by HydrangeaHussy

It’s the Season Finale and Sur photoshoot time!  We begin with the photoshoot prep at a little pink motel.  Lisa arrives to meet with the photographer.  She wants it to be spectacular because it’s the 10th anniversary of Sur.  The staff begins to arrive and get ready.  They’re going for a 1950’s vibe.  Katie has given up on Stassi because she still hasn’t been forgiven for going to Scheana’s bachelorette.  She’s still waiting on Other Tom to propose.  I’m not sure that he’s worth waiting for.  We get to see a short clip of Tom being a diva about his hair.  Lisa directs the photoshoot and the first set of photos looks great.

Between shoots, Scheana pulls Tom aside to talk to him about what Jax said at dinner.  She tells Tom that Jax told the table that he 100% cheated on Ariana in Miami.  Tom is upset that Jax did that mere days after Tom asked him to stop talking to Kristen.  Tom doesn’t actually deny it, but says that he shouldn’t have to defend himself against Jax’s lies.  Scheana feels like Jax has been telling the truth  more this year.  Jax has her snowed.  Once again, Jax has caused problems at a photoshoot.  The shots of Tom and Jax are very awkward.

1 (Small)

They move on to a pool shot.  James tells us that he’s more than just a busboy with mad DJ skills, he’s got a “look” too.  Excuse me while I stop laughing.  This guy could not be any more full of himself if he tried.  Back in the makeup trailer, Scheana tells Ariana about the dinner with Jax.  Ariana doesn’t believe a word that Jax says.  She says that she was talking to Tom the whole night, so he couldn’t have hooked up Miami girl.  Scheana brings up Eddie, saying that he was texting Brandi while they were together.  Ariana doesn’t believe that Tom is a liar or a cheater, although Scheana points out that it took Tom a long time to tell Kristen the truth about them.  Scheana thinks that something happened in Miami and that Ariana is being naïve.  After Ariana repeats that she does not believe that Tom cheated, Scheana agrees to drop it.  I think it was good of Scheana to tell Ariana what was being said, but she needs to drop it now.

Other Tom goes to the psychologist by himself.  He has been putting forth more effort since he told Katie about his cheating.  He says that he wants to repair the relationship quickly and that maybe proposing will do that.  But he’s also scared of committing to someone for life.  It sounds like he isn’t ready for marriage.  You can’t fix a relationship by getting married.  Other Tom thinks that maybe he should just let Katie go because they don’t want the same things right now.

2 (Small)

The photoshoot finishes up and Tom decides to talk to Jax.  He tells Jax that he’s tired of Miami being brought up and asks what Jax said at dinner.  Jax gets defensive, saying that they didn’t talk about Miami.  He really cannot be this stupid, can he?  He says that he didn’t talk to Kristen, and tells Tom that Scheana will back him up.  Jax tries to turn it around and claims that Tom won’t let Miami go.   Jax also claims that he’s only said that he wasn’t there in the room with Tom.  Jax will say whatever he needs to keep himself out of trouble.  Ariana approaches and tells them that Scheana also told her about the dinner.  Jax walks off, saying that he’s done with the conversation.  He says that they need to work out their own issues.  Um, Jax is the cause of the issue.  Zero responsibility for his actions.  Maybe he should date Brandi?  Why is anyone still friends with him?

Stassi visits Lisa at Sur.  She’s glad that Lisa didn’t black ball her after their last visit.  When Lisa brings up her off to have Stassi style the shoot, Stassi says that she doesn’t get along with most of the staff.  Lisa correctly notes that Stassi has cut them all out of her life.  Stassi admits that Katie has been a good friend to her, but says that she was also a good friend to Katie.  Stassi didn’t think she bullied Katie, she just thought that Katie agreed with everything she said.  She doesn’t regret letting anyone go.  Lisa invites Stassi to the staff party and wants her to talk to Katie.  Stassi agrees.

After James begs, Lisa agrees to let Kristen come to the party.  James tells Kristen about the confrontation between Tom and Jax after the photoshoot.  He says that Jax denied what he said at dinner.  Kristen says that the party is about proving she’s not a liar and that Tom cheated.  She seriously needs to let this go!  She’s going to ruin another party because of her vendetta against Tom and Ariana.  James tells her that, after the party, she has to be done.  He’s trusting her not to cause a scene.  Why would he trust her?  She’s proven over and over again that all she does is cause trouble.

3 (Small)

The whole group is at Sur for the party.  Katie wonders why Kristen is there when she doesn’t have a job or friends at Sur.  Stassi is going to stay until Jax arrives.  Scheana isn’t surprised that Stassi is there because she will never miss an open bar.  Stassi begins the night by doing shots with Kristen.  Katie wonders why Stassi is being friendly with Kristen, but ignoring her.  Kristina, who’s vying for Stassi’s-Number-One, says that Katie would have greeted Stassi if she really cared.  Katie has tried to fix their friendship more than once.  Why should she continued to be rebuffed by Stassi?  This ball is in Stassi’s court.  She decides that, since Katie hasn’t approached her, she will talk to Katie.  Stassi wants to know why things are so awkward, but Katie says that it’s Stassi’s fault.  Katie points out that she’s tried to connect with Stassi, but Stassi won’t return her calls.  She tells Stassi that she would know that if she took any interest in anyone else.  I love that Katie is standing up for herself!!!  She hasn’t done anything wrong.  Stassi won’t take any responsibility for her part in their problems.  Stassi really expected that Katie would just apologize.  Maybe Stassi and Jax were really perfect for each other?  Katie is letting go of her anger, but Stassi seems to be holding onto it.  I think Stassi is unhappy unless she’s at the center of some drama.

Jax arrives while Stassi is talking to Katie.  Tom is not happy to see his former friend.  Vail gets a little flirty, in front of Peter.  Kristen tells Lisa that she’s learned a lot.  She learned not to be a liar or screw over he friends.  Seriously!?!  Lisa tells her not to start trouble, but Kristen says that there wouldn’t be trouble if Tom weren’t a liar.  Umm, there wouldn’t be trouble if Kristen would mind her own business  Lisa notes that she’s way too busy trying to sabotage Tom’s relationship, but Kristen doesn’t see it that way.  Lisa says what I’ve been thinking all along, if Kristen were really happy then she wouldn’t care what her ex was doing.

The whole party is uncomfortable.  Everyone has a disagreement with someone.  Stassi tells Lisa that she wanted her conversation with Katie to go well, but it didn’t.  I don’t think she really wanted it to go well, she wanted Katie to apologize and admit that it was all her fault when it wasn’t.  Jax walks in and Stassi bolts.  They broke up way too long ago for his presence to still cause that much of a reaction.  She can’t function in the same room as Jax, even if he doesn’t try to talk to her.  She needs to grow up.  Of course, Kristina takes her side and tells her that she’s right.  Everyone else is glad to see her go.

4 (Small)

Tom, Other Tom, and Jax go outside to talk.  Tom  needs Jax to know that he won’t take anymore backstabbing.  Jax denies telling Kristen that he knows Tom slept with the girl in Miami.  Kristen decides that she needs to “check on” the boys’ conversation.  Tom asks her what Jax says and Kristen tells him that Jax knew that Tom slept with the girl.  Jax immediately back-pedals, saying that he was told that Tom slept with the girl.  Jax tries to point out that Kristen hasn’t been honest in the past, but that doesn’t go over well since he’s a consistent liar.  Jax then says that it doesn’t matter what he said, no one will ever like Kristen.  Tom notes that Jax is deflecting.  He tells Kristen to be happy with her life and stay out of his.  Kristen decides that she’s done and that Ariana wins.  It wasn’t a competition, but I’m glad to see Kristen walk away.  Things are done with Jax though.  Tom doesn’t know if he can continue to be friends with Jax.

Of course, Kristen can’t leave without talking to Ariana.  She tells Ariana, in front of Lisa and Katie, that she’s done talking to her and good luck.  It’s the oddest thing and seemed to come from nowhere.  Tom explains that Jax hasn’t changed and that Kristen hasn’t changed.  He’s sorry that Ariana has had to deal with his ex.  He then asks Ariana to move in with him and she says yes.  Awww!  Katie and Lisa leave the lovebirds alone.  Katie goes to find Other Tom.  He tells her that therapy has helped and that they are doing well now.  Katie asks him if she is the one he wants to be with.  He says yes, but that isn’t good enough for her.  They have an apartment and a dog, but Katie wants a ring.  Other Tom tells her that he needs a little more time, but it’s hard for Katie to be patient.  She gives Other Tom an ultimatum.  He has six months to figure it out because she doesn’t want to waste any more time.  It’s clear that Other Tom loves Katie and doesn’t want to lose her, but he really isn’t ready for marriage.

5 (Small)

We get some final thoughts on the season.  Scheana is surprised they all survived.  Kristen is tired of the hate and is moving on with James.  Jax’s truck got towed.  Lisa is glad that the group is still bonded, even though they fight.  Next week is Part I of the reunion.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Amster-Damn!” – S5E16

by Stars99

Remember Last Week…

We had a fun scavenger hunt through the streets of Beverly Hills and the women were required to drink a milkshake – Oh, the horror of it all! We learned Lisa V is a big, fat cheater and that Lisa R can flip a double bird about how much she hates the scavenger hunt quite effortlessly. David Foster had a wonderful fundraising event in Calgary – and we learned that while Kyle won’t share a straw with Brandi – She will share her lips with Steven Tyler when he performed onstage. We also saw the women turn into human dominoes on an airport escalator with Kim as the first domino to topple over. Kim doesn’t want Lisa R to discuss her sobriety anymore and she told Lisa R to “Drop it” while flying in David Foster’s private jet to Calgary.


This Week…

The women arrived at their chandelier-laden hotel and are assigned their rooms. Kyle loved her room and remarked about the romantic red roses and champagne that were waiting for her. But she got a tad bit mentascental because she’s all by herself and can’t enjoy it with her hubster. Later, when Eileen and Lisa V arrive – There is no one happier to see them on the entire earth than Lisa R. Lisa R says seeing them is like, “Seeing a lifeboat in a very stormy ocean.”

Lisa r happy to see Lisa V

Lisa R quickly clues in Eileen (That Tramp I Now Love) and Lisa V about the turbulent conversation she had with Kim on the private jet flight to Calgary. She tells them how Kim ignored and snubbed her when she arrived for the flight. Then when in flight, Kim angrily confronted Lisa R about talking about Kim behind her back. Kim basically told Lisa R that her sobriety was none of her business. Eileen wonders why it needs to get mean and vicious – And Lisa R explains that it’s because Kim is being defensive because she’s an addict and that this, “is classic textbook addict behavior.” Eileen doesn’t understand why this bad behavior is always excused somehow. Lisa R warns Eileen that Kim is going to come right at her.  “I don’t know what the fuck to expect” says Lisa R about Kim. Lisa R says Kim is in a weird place so for Eileen’s sake – She’d better watch out. Eileen says she’s not afraid of Kim. Lisa R says she will be civil and will be kind…

Since there were no tiny rooms in the attic that Lisa can be banished to, Lisa V seems to have gotten a “nice room” according to Eileen. I doubt Lisa V will ever settle on her accommodations on one of these Bravo trips again after last season.

Everyone is up the next morning and evidently they all got the memo to wear black. Hmmm… They seem to be waiting for someone… Now, who could that be? Who could that be? Oh yes, Kim of course! You’ll be happy to know, however, that Lisa V seems to be wearing her “Pink Pussy Blouse.” (It’s her name for it – not mine…lol). Yolanda clues in everyone that in Holland bicycles rule – And they have the right-of-way – So watch out!

They go to a restaurant named “Werck” – No, not “Wreck” although I admit I checked their website to ensure it’s still standing after the “Real Housewives” got done with their meal ( I decided to plug it since I really feel sorry for the proprietors.  They start talking about the infamous “Red Light District” and Lisa R asks Yo if prostitution is something that people aspire to do… She’s met with a lot of “No, of course not” pooh poohing from around the table… Yolanda says, “Listen, if I was dead broke and I had to feed my three children – I would do anything… Even that.” Lisa V just doesn’t understand the rationale for prostitution and her TH she says, “I don’t think you need a dick in your mouth to put food in their mouths… I’m sorry, I’m just saying….” Okay, I’ve got to admit that if Brandi had said that same thing I probably would be all over her case right now. But tonight, there are bigger fish to fry.

Okay, before we launch into this next segment – I did my best to capture it as it transpired. I may have missed a comment here or there – but it was difficult because they were talking over each other and also because I just couldn’t believe my ears. I will try to put my own comments (sometimes snarky – sometimes not) [in brackets] so it’s clear what was said by them and what I say…lol.

Yolanda wanted to start the trip by providing the opportunity for the women to share something that would connect them all on a deeper level. She wanted to go around the table – and like any good facilitator, she started with herself to break the ice.

Yolanda brought up how she was with Kyle’s family on the yacht vacationing in the South of Spain when she received the call about her daughter, Bella, being arrested on a DUI charge. Yolanda shares how the thought of what could have happened to Bella really shook her to her core. Yolanda says in Beverly Hills they all try to pretend their lives are so perfect and that they try to hide their imperfections from each other. She tells everyone that her life is not perfect. Yolanda wishes that they would show each other the core of who they are as a human being. [I gotta say, I really love this part…]

Lisa V says that as a Mother – You can’t control their choices. [Lisa V knows what it’s like to have children who don’t make perfect choices all the time.] Lisa R starts to cry and she’s asked about where the emotion came from. Lisa R shares that when she was 6 that she lost her 21-year-old sister to a Seconal and an alcohol overdose and that she never really processed through it.

Lisa shares she lost her sister

In her TH Lisa R says, “So I have really deep-rooted issues about people dying from alcohol and drug overdoses. It’s in my DNA – It’s in my blood.” She tells the women that she’s terrified of the potential that her own children and everyone could suffer the same fate. Lisa R looks directly at Kim and says, “So if I ever come across too strong about anything – I definitely have a fear of it – and an Achilles’ heel… And I’m sorry, if I’ve ever, you know, gotten into your business, I never meant to…but I only wanted to…”

Kyle's reaciton - well you have

[And this is where Kim starts flipping her fig.] Kim interrupts Lisa R and bluntly says, “Well, you have…” Everyone’s mouth pops open and just stares at Kim… Lisa R calmly clarifies, “Gotten into your business?” Kim confirms, “Yes, you have – And we’ve discussed that…” Lisa R tries to explain, “I only meant to help.” Kim then launches, “Lisa, I have been sober for 3 years. And in 3 years, my friends (she points around the table) right here and my family have not ever seen me like that in 3 years. [Ummm… Except that they must have – Because in an earlier episode Brandi sniped to Lisa R about how ridiculous it was to think that Kyle wasn’t aware of the gravity of Kim’s problem.]

eileen and lis ar dinner

Lisa R says, “But I saw you like that.” Kim says, “I said that night that I had taken something for pain – And obviously it didn’t work for me,” and Lisa R opens her mouth to start to say something, and Kim says, “Let me finish… And I said that – It didn’t react to me… and the next day I ended up in the hospital for a week.” [Oh, is that this episode’s version of how long you stayed in the hospital? Cuz you know, we’ve heard you stayed 5 days, 7 days and 9 days. Pick a lie and stick to it, Kim – You would sound more believable.]

Kim continues, “If any of my friends right here had seen that more than once in 3 years – My friends – My sister – Would have come to me and they would have been concerned. You have gone around to everybody and talked to them asking…” Lisa R says, “How do you know I’ve gone around to everybody?”

Kim points her finger at Eileen and says, “And you, too” and Eileen says, “Don’t point your finger at me, Kim.” Kim continues, “And you, too, asking where I’ve gone to treatment… Do I have a sponsor…” Lisa R chimes in, “We’ve asked you… We asked YOU. I asked you if you were in meetings…” Kim says, “You asked me if I was okay… And I said that I am fine.” Lisa R says, “I asked you if you were in meetings.” Kim says that she told Lisa R on the plane that she is fine. Lisa R says, “Kim, we care about you.” Kim flips the script and says, “I’m concerned about you. First of all…” Kyle interrupts and says, “This is supposed to be nice – Yolanda started this out to be a nice conversation …” But Kim continues, “First of all, let’s talk about your situation at home – You want to bring out my stuff… Let’s talk about your homelife.” [Implying something sinister is going on at Lisa R’s home – It felt like she was implying that Harry was cheating – but who knows?]

Kim's finger in eileen's face

Eileen says, “Kim…” Kim snottily and dismissively says, “Excuse me… I’m not talking to you.” Eileen says, “Well, I’m talking to you. Shame on you…” Kim’s voice escalates, “I’m not talking to you.” Eileen matches her tone and volume and says, “Shame on YOU!” Kim’s finger is about 4 inches from Eileen’s mouth.

How dare you

Kim inexplicably says, “Shut your fucking mouth I’ve had enough of you – You beast.” Eileen recoils, “Beast? How dare you!.” Kim says, “How dare me?” Eileen says, “You came into my home.” Kim says, “And I apologized.” Eileen corrects her, “No, actually you didn’t. Actually you didn’t.” Kim says, “I don’t like you.” Eileen says, “Guess what, I don’t particularly like you, either.” “Good,” says Kim. Eileen continues, “I can’t find one damn thing I like about you right now at the moment.” Kim says, “Well good, I’ve never found one thing to like about you – Your hair, your face, your attitude.” Kyle tries to hush up Kim… In her TH Eileen says, “I don’t know where this hatred is coming from – It’s pure evil.”

Kyle asks Kim, “What is wrong with you?” Kim says to Kyle, “Kyle, shush up – You should have said right from the beginning – In 3 years that I’ve been OK… And you were hiding like this (Kim mocks Kyle as she puts a napkin in front of her face and hides).” Kyle says, “Why do you act like this, Kim? You want me to defend you even though you’re acting like that.” Kyle says, “I’m not… Just because I’m your sister…” Kim interrupts, “I’ve never needed you to defend me because you never have.” [Ummm Kim… Two seconds ago you berated Kyle for not defending you – So if it’s true you don’t need her to defend you – Why would you say this?] Kyle says, “Kim, yes, I have.” Lisa V dares to enter the fray and says, “Kim, she does defend you – a thousand percent.” Kim says as she points at Brandi, “She defends me more than you do.” [Oh man – Kim knows exactly where Kyle’s vulnerabilities are and then just punches that button, doesn’t she?] Kim continues, “Kathy would not ever act like this. Kathy would have my back like a REAL sister. You have been doing this to me for years.” [OMG – So this means Kyle isn’t a “real” sister? Well, where is Kathy now? Where has Kathy ever been? This is another point of vulnerability for Kyle because she has expressed previously how she felt like the outcast sister when they were growing up.]

Lisa R says, “It is not okay to talk to your sister or anyone like that.” Kim says to Lisa R, “You don’t understand – You don’t understand the relationship I have with my sister.” Lisa R says, “No, I don’t – But it’s not okay to talk to anyone like that, Kim – It’s just not okay – Your behavior is not okay.” Kim says, “Really?” Lisa R says, “Yeah, it’s not okay.”

Kim unabashedly says, “Well, why don’t you have a piece of bread and maybe you’ll calm down a little.” [OMG – Did she just imply Lisa R has an eating disorder? Or maybe she’s just jelly because she’s skinny… Speaking of jelly – Where’d the peanut butter go… but I digress…]

Eileen says, “Shame on you – You’re disgusting, Kim.” Kyle just holds her forehead in her hand and says, “Please.” Yolanda tries to interject… “Can I interfere one second? (Looking and pointing at Kim) I understand your sensitivity because you’ve worked really hard for 3 years. (Pointing at Lisa R) When I talked to her she said, ‘Yolanda, I’ve lost 2 brother-in-laws… My husband has only been sober for 3 years’”…” Kim interrupts, “Let’s talk about the husband”…

Lisa R says, “Excuse me… Did you just say, ‘Let’s talk about the husband?’” Kim threatens, “Let’s talk about what you don’t want out.” Kim coyly shrugs her shoulders. Lisa R says, “You know what… Let me tell you something…” Eileen says, “You’re a scary, vicious human being.” Lisa R says, “Don’t touch my husband ever…”

Lisa R don't fucking go

Kim says, “I’m just saying…” Lisa R stands up and points her finger at Kim and almost goes for her jugular and threatens, “Don’t you ever touch my husband.” Kim stands up even though Brandi’s arm goes out to try to keep her back… Kim keeps repeating, “Just saying… Just saying… What you don’t want out for everybody to know – You’d better watch what you talk about me or everybody will know.” [There is a serious ominous threat here…]

Lisa r throws glass

Lisa R stands again, “Never go near my husband.” Lisa R takes whatever was in her wine glass and tosses it at Kim… And then takes the glass and slams it on the table with chards of glass flying everywhere. Kim just keeps saying, “Everyone will know… Everyone will know what you don’t want…” Kyle literally runs for her life and out of the restaurant. [Okay, right about now I wasn’t sure if I just saw an episode of, “The Days of Our Lives” or what… But it was really wonky and melodramatic. It felt like they were trying to “out drama” each other or something – And yet, these issues are very serious and not something you’d want to joke about for a TV show. And may I say this… It is NEVER okay to purposefully break a glass like that… It was just so wrong. The anger was understandable – but the glass breaking was not. I don’t care what soap opera scene we’re acting out at the moment. Lisa R needs to apologize to everyone at the table for doing so… Chards of glass going into people’s eyes are a “Clear and Present Danger” for this group (Shout out to Harrison Ford.)]

Yolanda ushers Lisa R out the door, and Lisa R is yelling back at Kim behind her saying, “Don’t you fucking ever go near my husband ever.” In the understatement of the year, in Lisa R’s talking head she says, “I fucking lost my fucking marbles. What the fuck does Kim Richards know? What does she know about Harry? What did he do? She doesn’t even know my husband.” Kyle is crying in Eileen’s arms…

Lisa V tells Kim, “It’s gone too far.” Kim throws her napkin down and says, “Well, she can’t lie about me – Or I’ll tell something that IS true.” Lisa V says, “Kim, stop it – Stop it now.”

Lisa R is crying into Yo’s shoulder and Eileen joins them as Lisa R is sobbing and saying she’s sorry. Kyle comes back in the restaurant only to retrieve her purse from the table and goes back out the door and Kim says, “Go out to your new friend, Kyle.” Kyle sobs and screams, “Oh Kim, Stop! How can I defend your behavior when you act like this?”

Kim screams, “She lies about me and all I said was that I was going to tell the truth about her fucking life.” Kyle says, “You want me to defend you – But your behavior is indefensible.”

I think it’s Lisa R that says, “How can someone be such a mean person?” – But my closed captioning says it was Kim who said it – But the voice didn’t match up to me…

Brandi, who has been silent for most of this whole thing says some rambling nonsensical things – And then complains she has glass on her fucking skin. [Get ready for a lawsuit, Lisa R – Or at least a letter…] Kim complains to Brandi that she thought Lisa R was going to choke her. [I thought she was going to choke her to death, too… But then again, it would probably be classified as “justifiable homicide” – We’re all witnesses. I’m picking out my ensemble for my day in court even as we speak. Is it permissible to wear Jimmy Choo’s while carrying a Louis Vuitton® Handbag?]

Kyle joins Eileen, Lisa V, Lisa R and Yolanda who are all very distraught.

Kim brandi yo on street

Yolanda goes back into the restaurant when everyone decides to go back to the hotel. Yolanda tries to tell Kim that was not the way to communicate. Yolanda starts wiping up the shattered glass on the table. [I think Yolanda’s embarrassed about how her American friends have acted in her homeland. I’m embarrassed, too.]  Kim seems to feel completely vindicated in how she handled things. Yolanda tries to tell her that it’s not okay to go after someone’s husband or family. Kim seems to feel that when Lisa R goes after Kim and her sobriety – That she’s in essence going after her children because her children have been through hell with her drinking. [Umm… Yeah… Cuz it IS hell to live with an alcoholic.]

Kim thinks that if her children ever thought that she was drinking or using that they would walk away from her in a heartbeat. [Oh… So THIS is why Kim is adamant that she’s remained sober – And here I thought there might be a “Code of Conduct” clause in her contract that withdraws payment if she doesn’t remain sober.] Kim says that Lisa R is spreading the rumor that she’s not sober and that it affects her children. [All of Kim’s children are grown and out the door, no? It’s not like Brandi who has young kids still at home.] Kim says she’s fine and that it’s okay to hurt Kim – “If you fuck with my kids – I will fuck with you.” [Okay Kim – You’re a badass – We get it. But honestly, I do kind of understand that mentality – Don’t ever mess with someone’s kids. But truly, no one IS messing with Kim’s grown kids – This is all about Kim and her so-called sobriety.  Gosh, I wonder who Kim has been talking to… Lemme think… Who else continually tries to act like a badass on this show? Lol…]

Kim said she’s not going to let one person go around and put doubt in people’s minds about her sobriety. [No, we’ve got footage that does that, tyvm.] Yolanda tells Kim that she needs to stand up for herself – That she needs to take her power – And she loves what she’s saying but that she doesn’t like how she’s saying it. [Remember – Yolanda wasn’t at PokerGate 2015®™© to see Kim’s non-sobriety in action…And I’m not sure what Yolanda thinks she just witnessed – but it sure wasn’t the same scene as I just watched.] Brandi says, “These women just don’t know how to drop something when you ask them to drop it.”

Lisa R, Lisa V, Eileen, Kyle are in Kyle’s hotel room. Eileen tells Kyle that it’s hard to watch Kyle get treated so badly by Kim. Eileen says she understands it when people say certain things are not your business – But that when you actually witness it yourself – It becomes your business. Eileen says in her talking head that no matter what kind of relationship you have with a family member – When you treat them like that in front of other people, “It’s just gross.”

Yolanda, Brandi and Kim are walking down the hallway in their hotel. Brandi continues to complain about how she’s getting chards of glass out of her hair, her ears and she’s thinking what just happened? Kim chimes in that she has glass in her pants. [And yet, they all inexplicably go to Yolanda’s room without first taking a shower. If I had glass in my hair or pants – And I was afraid of being cut – You KNOW I’d be taking a shower before doing anything else.]

Kim, Yolanda and Brandi are in a room talking. After Yolanda talks about how sisters will be there for each other at the end of the road… Kim says that after tonight she thinks she needs a break. [And what did Kyle do to you tonight, Kim? Not defend you? You’re so clueless.]

Yolanda is wondering how they can carry on with the rest of the week. Brandi advises her that since it’s her country and she’s the hostess that she should tell the others to be on their best behavior or don’t come – That’s it. [Okay, I find this to be completely hilarious since Brandi found it so offensive that Ken told her to be on her best behavior for his wife’s surprise birthday party. I think she’s trying to put karma into play…lol]

Eileen - It's weird to say

Meanwhile, Lisa R is telling Kyle that Kim is abusive to her – That she is actively being abused by Kim, and that when you’re in an abusive relationship that you walk away from it. Eileen is crying and saying it’s so cruel and that it’s bizarre. Lisa V says that it’s so weird they (Brandi and Kim) found each other. Everyone agrees. Eileen in her TH says, “Kim and Brandi are both very mean people. They have no problem going places where other people just would not go. They seem very comfortable with crossing a line.” [Oh, I think Brandi LIVES to cross lines and takes great pride in doing so.]

Lisa R, Lisa V, Kyle and Eileen discuss how to move forward. Lisa R says that she doesn’t want to talk anything out with Kim. She further says that she loves and respects Kyle – but that she doesn’t want to ever talk to Kim again.

The next day Lisa R tells us that she’s in a “Post traumatic mode” and that she’s not all here – she just half here. There is a knock on her door and it’s Kim. She asks Lisa if she has a minute to talk. Lisa can’t imagine what Kim has to say to her – And she can’t even process the fact that Kim is right in front of her.

Kim’s already talking condescendingly to Lisa, “You having concern for me is fine” Kim starts out saying. She then says that if Lisa R had come to her directly and that she thought they had handled this situation on the plane… Kim says that Lisa brought it up in front of 7 people last night… After they had agreed that Lisa R wasn’t going to, “and it completely infurryated me.” [Holla at ya, Gretchen from RHOC!]  Lisa says she saw that it did infuriate Kim. [We all saw that it did.] Kim says that her sobriety is the most important thing in her life – And that’s where her children get hurt. Lisa R says that it’s not her intention to hurt Kim’s children. Kim explains that what people said about her affected her children all those years ago because people said a lot of stuff that wasn’t true. Kim says that she would fucking kill for her children. [Like most mothers would.]

Lisa R tells Kim that she really pissed her off and the comments really hit below the belt.  Kim tells us in her TH that she was up most of the night because she was upset about what had happened.  She saw herself at her ugliest. Kim says, “It bothered me to see where I allowed this person to take me.”

Lisa R tells her that she protected herself as Kim did last night – Lisa R clarified that she wasn’t talking about it behind Kim’s back and that she’s come at it with only good intentions. Lisa said she thought Kim was starting to open up when they had talked in Eileen’s kitchen but that she really didn’t know how to handle the situation.

In Lisa’s TH she said, “She told me in full terms to back off…. And she had to go to a place that was so nasty in order to back me off. Well, in the midst of it – I could have killed her – But, I’m backed off now… And let’s let her best friend Brandi help her now.” Lisa R apologizes and says, “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you. I really was coming from a good place.” Kim just wants to put it all aside and remind Lisa R that she is good. Kim tells us that she can forgive Lisa because she wants peace in her life. [Forgive Lisa R for what? Being concerned about her sobriety?]

Everyone else arrives in the hotel lobby and they’re told that Kim went up to talk to Lisa R. Eileen says that she hopes that Kim is apologizing to Lisa and that she will then apologize to Kyle and she next. [Silly Eileen.]

They get on a tour bus to travel to the little town of Papendrecht – Which is where Yolanda was born and raised. Yolanda has a glow on her face being in her home country and showing the girls around. She points out the building where she was born. Her experiences have made Yolanda who she is today.

They go to rent bicycles. Lisa R gets on her bicycle that was far too big for her and says in her TH, “The last time I road something that big was Harry, last week… No…” lol… Yolanda shows them the windmills… and they were incredulous that people actually live underneath them.

Brandi complains the bikeriding is hurting her pussycat… [Of course she does.]

Yo I don't remember him

They meet a guy who lives in a windmill. Evidently, Yolanda dated him once upon a time and even kissed him – Although Yolanda conveniently doesn’t remember any of this. Lisa V tells us that, “She was clearly riding a lot of things and it wasn’t just bikes in Holland.”

Lisa R was in a commercial about the new movie, “Cinderella.” It was a great commercial up until Lisa R mockingly broke a glass slipper against the wall – Mimicking her own breaking of a wine glass scene many of us just saw for the first time only moments ago. It was jarring to me – Perhaps I’ll laff about it next week… But it’s a tad too soon right now as far as I’m concerned. I love how Lisa R can easily laff things off and pokes fun at herself… But truly, in this case it just hit me wrong – but maybe it’s just me.

As the women bike down what appears to be REAL cobblestone streets they’re getting jiggled around a bit. Lisa says, “Oh my god, this is serious sexual stimulation.” Yolanda tells them that this is one of the oldest streets in town and that the jiggling is good for their butts. [Surprisingly, Kim doesn’t hop off her bike and say that she can’t do it because it’s hurting her fractured rib, ruptured disc, or hiatal hernia.  Color me shocked.]

They go to Yolanda’s “Mammie’s” house… and Yolanda’s brother “Leo” is there, too. It’s her favorite cake… Yolanda shows her Mom pictures of Gigi in a Chanel ad… Yolanda explains to the girls that even though it was legal there – that they never did drugs. The girls are going to go to the “Pot Coffee Shop.” Yolanda’s Mom confesses that she did eat the “space cake” once but that she didn’t feel anything. Lisa R is thankful she didn’t let last night ruin her chance to see Amsterdam with the group.

The group reconvenes to go to the pot shop. Kyle seems confused that Kim isn’t going with them to the pot shop. [Really, Kyle?] The reach the shop and inexplicably Leo lifts Lisa V into his arms and carries her through the threshold. I’m not sure why he did it – but it was amusing.

Lisa V smoking

Everyone is sitting around the table looking at the menu and deciding if they’re going to try something or not. [I’m surprised to see Brandi here because she had said in a previous episode she would stay with Kim during the times she needed to separate from the group for her own sobriety’s sake.]

Eileen has children so initially she says she’s not going to do it. Yolanda says she’s not [I’m guessing for her own challenging health reasons.] Brandi doesn’t want to be high when she’s around these women because she feels she has to be “game on.” Brandi thinks it’s exhausting seeing these women pretend to be something they’re not. Brandi asks, “Is everyone here pretending they haven’t smoked pot in their lives?” Lisa V and Yolanda say they have… And then Brandi says to Kyle, “The last time I smoked pot it was with you – So let’s not pretend we’re angels.”

Kyle tells Brandi that she didn’t want to say anything because of her kids. Brandi tells her that if she doesn’t want to say it – Then she shouldn’t do it. Kyle tells her that she’s not going to do it – That it’s a parenting choice. Brandi doesn’t seem to understand it.

Lisa V says that she lived in London in the 80s and that she’s seen it all. However, she’s not DONE it all – But she has had a whiff occasionally. She eats a portion of the “space cake” that was just served to them. Eileen also decides to try some “space cake” because as she explained to us in her TH – She’s weak and she succumbed to peer pressure.  Lisa R and Yolanda also partake. Lisa R says in her TH that she has 2 children and they both know that she NEVER passes up on a piece of cake. EVER.  Kyle thinks that she’s starting to feel high from the 2nd hand smoke but everyone told her she was being ridiculous. As they leave, Lisa V sarcastically says they must be the best customers they’ve ever had – one piece of cake between the 5 of them.

As they’re walking away from the shop, Lisa V tells Brandi that she can’t say things like that. Brandi bemoans the fact that she thinks that anyone and everyone can say “Whatever the fuck they want about me but I can’t say the truth about them.” Kyle asks if they’re talking about her… Brandi says, “Yeah, you guys can all have a fucking opinion about me and you can say whatever the fuck you want but God forbid I tell the truth about you then the world is ending because you’re a great parent. Well how the fuck do you think it makes me feel when you’re all talking shit about me?”

[I think Brandi started this whole thing because after the previous night she recognized that she was irrelevant and had to do something to get to be the center of attention. It is difficult to separate out when some of these people are being overly dramatic to create what they see as compelling TV… or when they are realistic reactions to situations. Tonight all felt very soap opera-esque to me. I’m not a fan of tonight at all. It nauseated me just watching it. I’m sending Bravo the bill for the tums and Pepto-Bismal.]

Kyle says she’s never said Brandi’s a bad parent. It seems like Brandi feels that they do when they talk about Brandi having a drinking problem – and that assertion hurts her kids. Brandi then calls them all, “The biggest hypocrites of all fucking time.”  Brandi just can’t take it anymore and she thinks there are different rules for different people. She says, “God forbid I say the truth and it’s below the belt. It’s fucking hypocritical.” Kyle then tries to talk to Brandi which goes oh, so well and goes nowhere fast except that Brandi tells Kyle not to touch her… Kyle tells us that the things they say about Brandi are things that she’s done. The things Brandi says about the rest of them are designed to hurt people. Brandi ends up walking behind the pack by herself. Kyle thinks Brandi can’t have a peaceful night.

Next Week…

The women go shopping and sightseeing… Yolanda tells Kyle that God has given all of us a certain job in life – but Kyle tells her that she doesn’t want that fucking job… Eileen thinks that Kim’s behavior was heinous and to say now that they’re all going to just move on is “a fucking bunch of BS.” Kim wants people to focus on their own family. Eileen tells her, “Sue me for actually giving a damn.” Brandi calls Eileen a homewrecker. Fun times ahead.

Well, that’s it for this week… We got through it… Yay! Thanks for reading… I gotta give a shout-out to the best husband in the world who baked me cookies just because he knew I had a long night of tough blogging ahead of me…Have a most excellent week… Happy Trails!


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384 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – “Amster-Damn!” / Vanderpump Rules – #SoLongStassi

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Amster DAMN DAMN DAMMIT. Amster DUMP on LR. Amster DUMP on Kyle.
    Have a great day. And OH we’re just expecting 4-10 inches of snow tonight tru tomorrow. DAMN DAMN DAMMIT!!!! 😱😨

    • HuskerHuny says:

      No way with that snow! It’s going to be in the 50s and 60s here for the next week and thereafter. I will try like heck to send as much of that your way Powell! Hoping we are saying good-bye to winter 2015.

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:


  2. T-Rex says:

    Good morning,

    Okay I don’t get this whole “Pot-gate” thing! Good Grief. My dad owned a company, made a very good living, was one of the smartest men we knew, by many folks standards and guess what he smoked POT, pretty much everyday. He never once discussed it with his children, in fact our house was on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy, we all knew but it’s not like we did it with him that never happened, although now I wish it had. I know LOADS of very rich, very educated, very wonderful people who smoke pot, so I don’t get the whole issue with vilekyle(you all know it really irks me to defend her slimy ass), and her smoking this recreationaly. This to me is far superior to someone being drunk, beligerent, falling out of their clothes, tampon string blowing in the wind, screwing random dudes, and shoving their tongue down someone’s throat they don’t even know. UGH! Bravo PLEASE STOP. Oh, and I have it on fairly good authoritay that someone high up in production who may or may not have started the ho-wives, may “allegedly” also use this stuff recreationally. Smoking Pot, btw is not even of the caliber to state that it is WAY WORSE then taking a prescription Oxycodone of someone else, that is of a dosage for a end-stage cancer patient, which is a FELONY, and stating you are sober! I F**KING HATE THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHSTFUMORONBrandi and her minion SpaceCadetDRUGADDICTALCOHOLICKim! I hope her kids write a scathing book some day, of their shitty ass life having to deal with an alcoholic loser of a parent! Sorry but this whole debacle last night has really pissed me off!

    • TexasTart says:

      Orson, roll the wheel barrow over here!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I think Kyle once referred Weed as the gateway drug to anything bad. So to me, I think she’s not a hypocrite as Brandi likes to say. Brandi looks so out if place amongst the whole group. Hehe

    • Powell says:

      This issue was she may have been w/Brandi when she did it and even done it w/Brandi but on NATIONAL TELEVISION Bobble Headed ass that Brandi is doesn’t get that Kyle doesn’t want to do it for her kids to one day see it. I’m guessing it “Dont Ask Don’t Tell” for Kyle too. If Bobble doesn’t mind her kids see her do it on TV then have at it. Bobble us always spouting “I’ll effing kill you if you do anything that affects my kids.”, well Kyle can’t protect her kids? Bobble’s an idiot. It’s not contradictory of Kyle like Bobble was saying.

      • Powell says:

        I meant hypocrite not contradictory.

      • This all goes to show you that don’t talk to strangers until you KNOW what kind of friend they will be or… not be. STFUBrandi is a “truth cannon” and I’d be the first one in the don’t say sh*t to her line.
        I hope the next faux ho-wives see that you can’t trust someone just because they are on a show with you. They don’t screen for mental issues before they hire at Bravo or any faux reality show.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good Morning

    Thank you to Hydrandea Hussy for blogging this season’s Vanderpump Rules. She’ll be taking on Southern Charm after the VPR’s reunion.

    Starzy – you really outdid yourself with this blog. Shoutout to hubs for making you cookies, because recapping that dinner conversation must have taken hours. You should get danger pay for having to watch it over and over and over again – I feel for you! The only consolation is that Apprentice is ovah and you don’t have to watch Trump’s snide face any longer – or full of hot air Geraldo.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Veena – Yeah, capturing the dinner thang was a little daunting… I don’t even know how many times I listened and relistened to certain parts – and I still couldn’t believe my ears…lol

    • OMG, HydrandeaHussy you will be my new BFF! Hubs and I are from S.C. and I LOVE Southern Charm! But not in a good way! It’s my SCREAM THERAPY!!! I’ll be alternately bouncing off the blog walls and curling up in a little ball under a corner table. Because YES! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THESE PEOPLE ARE!! THIS IS THE REAL SOUTHERN CULTURE OF S.C,

      And it’s warped me beyond all repair…just so you know I do have an excuse. =\

      I blogged about last season, if you need clarification. I called it “Kill Me Now”:

      • TexasTart says:

        I love Southern Charm more than housewives! HydrangeaHussy recapped it last year. She’s good, you’ll like it. There is a rather large following of SC at Lynn’s Place…at least there was during the first season. I’m so happy it was renewed! I enjoyed reading your blog – lots of enthusiasm! Very interesting to know the depiction is so close! I live for scenes with Patricia and son…and even the pink gun LOL!

        • Oh, Patricia is EVERYTHING! She pulls her Tennessee Williams lexicon out and BAM! Instant Southern Gothic! lol

          Glad you liked my blog. I also have one of houses I’d photographed when I HAPPENED to visit Charleston the Fall before the show aired. It’s such a unique city in America, so beautiful.

          I can’t wait! I have made hubs promise to watch with me. On pain of death. He’ll be squirming because it’s so HIM. hehe

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I loved your blog WhiteTrashGal!! I love Patricia-I can’t wait for the show to start!!

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    So – it took me all night to process this episode.

    Lisa R did talk to Kim (which Kim seems to forget) but she also talked to every one else about Kim’s issues – I thought it was too much at the time, and still do. However, I think she was apologizing at dinner and in no way provoked Kim’s reaction. Her reaction to Kim was not acceptable, and I hope she apologized (to the entire group) for smashing that glass. I’m shocked no one was hurt.

    The other thing I really thought was out of line was how she kept telling Kyle that Kim was abusive to Kyle. How is that any different than Brandi being in Kim’s ear.

    You can tell that Lisa V has had years of dealing with the Richards sisters and just stays out of any conflict between them. She did give Kyle a reassuring hug – but with sisters there is no winning. Next time both of them will probably poking their finger in Lisa R’s face.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      I agree with you.
      I think Lisa R should stay out of the dynamics between the two sisters…I get being a shoulder for Kyle to cry on but be a quiet one.

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree with both of you! I don’t know if VileKyle is asking her to say this stuff, could be, since she has no balls of her own to take on her own sister, however LypsLisa needs to STOP! SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcholicKim is CLEARLY NOT SOBER, she is using drugs, and frankly I think she was on drugs the night of this incident. I think she is probably addicted to Oxycodone at this point, or Fentanyl since Monty is probably been prescribed both drugs, and this is why she has gone off on that crazy train! She doesn’t want her children to know she isn’t sober, because I believe that they have probably told her if she doesn’t stay sober they will cut her off!

        • Ladina says:

          What you said about Oxi is very posible, but I have to say KR is just mean and nasty, you know, a beast… My friend is on oxy for cronic back pain, high dosage, and shes doesn’t act like this, then again shes not on realty tv lol

          • My dad is on it too. And no he doesn’t act like this at all.

            It could be she’s going through withdrawal as maybe she couldn’t take all of her meds into Holland?

          • T-Rex says:

            I am on Oxy for cancer, and the pain, very low dosage but was on a high dosage when I first was diagnosed and no, I didn’t react to them in any weird sort of way, except I am quite loopy on the high dosage stuff, and tended to “nod off” mid-conversation, and I liked to sing to the dogs a lot. However, I am also a Happy drunk(back when I could drink, can’t drink and be on pills), I wasn’t ever a mean drunk. I think SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is a MEAN drunk, so the pills may also react with her, PLUS she is on a whole bunch of other prescribed pills as well, no telling what that whole concoction is doing to her!

            • Ladina says:

              ..and I like to sing to the dogs a lot.. 😂😂😂😂 I love how positive you are! 👊👏👏👏

            • Powell says:

              T-Rex I can’t imagine you nodding off mid sentence. 🙂

              • T-Rex says:

                Apparently it’s HILARIOUS, at least to Mr-TRex, who took videos of it with his Iphone. I spent that Christmas really doped up with my brother and his family and the kids loved also taken pics of AuntT-Rex just falling to sleep wherever I was sitting. Oh Mr-Trex has been notified if any, and I mean any of those videos were to accidentally make it to YouTube he would be in big Dino trouble!!

        • Stacey says:

          My opinion differs. Brandi keeps telling Kim that Kyle doesn’t support her, which is not true. LisaR telling Kyle that Kim is abusive to her is true. I think Kyle bolting from the restaurant was PTSD after years of dealing with an out of control Kim. Great recap Stars, you really outdid yourself with this one!

          • kit9 says:


          • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

            Thanks, Stacey… Yeah, I don’t know what I would have done in that situation if I was Kyle… But I’m sure I would have wanted to remove myself from the situation especially knowing it was going to be televised…. How embarrassing…

        • Donna says:

          good point about the children might cut her off

        • mrs peabody says:

          I think Kim also was on something, I don’t know what but she sure is mean when she is using. As far as her kids not knowing what is going on, she is delusional, does she not think they’ll watch this show and she how she was acting. That can’t be that dumb that they can’t figure it out themselves. As far as Lisa R pointing out to Kyle Kim is abusing I have no problem with that because I think that is exactly what Kim does to Kyle and I think she has been abusing Kyle her whole life like this. Kyle is the abused wife in this relationship and quite frankly it surprises me that Maurico hasn’t but a stop to Kim coming around since he can’t be blind to this relationship. Isn’t his mother a counselor or dr or something in this field? I’d be real surprised if she hasn’t talked to either him or Kyle about Kim’s behavior toward Kyle. As far as Brandi goes and what she feels is her treatment this year, do you think maybe that was part of the deal with Lisa V coming back, that Brandi’s true self had to be shown. Interesting that Brandi was so quiet and unlike herself last night during the show, almost like she is pouting the attention is off her.

    • Powell says:

      It took you all night NMD? In glad I was also watching another show, turning back & forth. I still haven’t watched the full epi from last week.

    • Powell says:

      Well I think from here on out LR & Eileen are OUT!! God forbid Kim ever passes out, LR & Eileen will probably say call 911 and stay out of it. It doesn’t pay to be concerned for Kim.
      But I finally got it last night as you saw my tweet. 💡💡💡💡 Kim doesn’t want her kids to know she’s relapsed because they’ve already laid down the law w/her. That’s why ALL the denial & not wanting on NATIONAL TELEVISION it be spoken of cuz she’s scared of what her kids will do.

  5. ladebra says:

    Great job HydrangeaHussy! And Starzy, just amazing! I’m watching BH this morning. I must say I love Eileen 😜 and the Lisa’s 😜 I hope Brandy and Kim are back on their meds 💊💊

    Hope everyone is feeling better – how you feeling Tartsy?

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi LAdebra. Not as good today as yesterday. Heater made noise in the night and then went into a deafening screech and scared the crap out of us and dogs. I had to turn it off. It startled me so much it started an uncontrollable coughing fit. I settled down with my codine syrup, but few hours later, work up chocking and lost my breath a minute. Ugh.

      A whole lot of sirens and car accidents near by, dogs barking like lunatics. Some fool drives up in my driveway honking. More dog barking. I thought I was in the twilight zone! My head and chest hurts from coughing. My ears ring.

      Luckily we’re at 70 outside and inside right now – which is weird because it’s been cold and wet for weeks. Super lucky timing except Cold front #35 arrives early evening and will drop to 32 and chance of ice tomorrow. The HAVC guy better have my parts to replace my fan motor stat! ChaChing! Worse case scenario, I can go stay with parents if we have no heat. So that’s my “drama” so far. Blah blah blah I know people have it worse so I will STFU now. 😉


      • ladebra says:

        Oh my gosh! I always say I can sleep through an elephant stampede, but I’m sure all that was going on would have had me up too! I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time with this darn pneumonia! You have convinced me, I’m getting the vaccine this Saturday. Hope you get some rest tonight, Tartsy, and you are on the road to recovery very, very soon. 💕

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks my neighbor, ladebra – I guess it depends on what kind of meds, no? lol.. Yeah, I love the Lisas and “That Tramp I Now Love.” I kind of wanted to defend them last night…lol

  6. T-Rex says:

    Okay first off, I will MOST DEFINITELY not watch another Bravo Ho-Wife franchise is they keep filming THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi and her evil sidekick the much drug addled-liar SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim! While I seriously do not condone LypsLisa’s attitude, nor her physical altercation, and found it odd, it doesn’t dismiss those two other idiots from their issues. I actually think that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim did bring Oxycodone with her to Amsterdam and was USING that night! I think she is using now on a continual basis, and she is clearly NOT sober! Oh, and I HATE having to defend the bratty, catty, lookatmeit’sallaboutmeMEMMMEMEMEMEME! VileKyle, but ugh, seriously. A bit of Pot smoking, seriously, you are going to bring that up as something HUGE! Uhm, okay, that’s hugely different than, being DRUNK ASS in public, with cameras rolling falling out of your dress, more than once, your tamponFLAG Flying in the wind as you stick your tongue down some troll’s throat you don’t even know. You go on records saying disgusting things about your sexlife, including admitting that you and your husband had an open relationship for a couple of years, that included bringing in other women for you both to “BANG”(her words), like THAT isn’t going to affect you children some day. GIVE ME A BREAK! SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim have all moved away from her why, because their mother is a freakin alcoholic and drug addict that is NOT sober and is lying about her sobriety. I am sure they have wonderful memories of their mother drunk falling down, puking up alcohol all over, trying to figure out what she is slurring to them, etc. Talk to any child of an alcoholic and they will tell you that it wasn’t fun growing up with an alcoholic parent! Whatever damages have been done to her kids, it’s been done by HER! In addition, I am sorry but VileKyle needs to give up this martyrdom crap and be DONE with her sister. Her sister clearly gives two shits about her, so stop the insanity and cut her off until she Sobers up, gets some clearly needed psychological help. SHAME on Bravo for keeping her on this show!

    • Ladina says:

      Kim’s kids seem great on the show, but I have to say they are very quiet and almost shy, if she gets like this with strangers just imagine at home, what kind of reaction her kids got when saying something about her addictions, I bet she was abusive and we know words are worst than knives, I actually got pretty mad last night when she brought them up, its not like we didn’t see it on tape Kim how is LR fault, she drives me crazy, I never like her..

    • Stacey says:

      BRAVO! Well said! I agree! I am also done if Brandi and Kim stay.

    • chismosa says:

      rexy sexy—–
      One of my fave movies is 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, who is an alcoholic forced into one month rehab. It’s a great movie and the flashbacks to growing up with and then dealing with an alcoholic mom and how she and her sister each handled it differently as adults is very interesting.

      Shame on Bravo for sure.

  7. Ok, I am completely serious. I woke up at 5am dreaming and Lemons was in my dream, which is hysterical because I don’t even like her sanctimonious, preachy Lemony person. So she had a bake shop and I was trying to buy hazelnut cake and she didn’t want to give me hazelnut cake and kept offering me other things like cookies, but I just wanted the cake.

    Ok so I guess the moral of my dream is that I am too cake obsessed? How disappointing that Pump or the Tramp we love didn’t show up in my dream 😦

    I am still gobsmacked over the recent episodes and almost glad I won’t have tv next week so I can detox a couple weeks.

    • Oh and Starzy love that your hubby made you cookies. I love that I left the tv on in the bedroom while my hubby was folding his laundry (love that) and I could hear him laughing at housewives. I told him he could change the channel but I think he has kind of gotten into it.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Oh SJP… That’s hilarious… I love it! Yeah, hubster was so nice to me… He knows these kinds of intense scenes are hard to blog because I want to get it right… He also knows that alcoholism is something I had to deal with while I was growing up… So he knows it could be a hard subject… What a guy, no?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Giggles at SJP… I think I would be careful having cake in Holland… But I, like Lisa R… Have never passed up on a piece of cake….EVER! lolol

  8. serenanyc says:

    I was hoping the preview for next week would show a more calm and fun episode, but no.

  9. Wow. Just. Wow.

    So anyhoo…great recap! Thanks for the awesome blogs and a place to chat last night!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks OMIB! I bet it was fun chatting during the episode! I know I chat to myself as I’m recapping… Sometimes I even answer myself… Should that scare me? lol

  10. I stayed up and watched this last night. I will not do it again. It was horribly uncomfortable and I ended up with a case of the “poos”. Seriously! I cannot watch this stuff before bed! LOL! Kim has a way bigger problem than her addictions…she is as sick as her secrets and her secret is that she has a mental disorder. Believe me, I am not digging on people with mental illness. I suffer from crippling anxiety and have dealt with depression, but I believe there is something so much bigger than addiction going on with Kim. I was so deeply saddened watching this. She was CRUEL. What she said to Eileen was horrific. Her argument with Lisa R. was insane. And her attack of Kyle was heartbreaking. She makes me so happy that I only have a brother.

    • T-Rex says:

      I totally agree with you she has a mental illness, this is clear, but I think she is USING drugs and was USING drugs while in Amsterdam! I bet if someone were to drug test her right now they would find Oxycodone in her system, she is definitely NOT sober and in her mind taking pain pills, that are not prescribed to her, are no big deal, she has stated this numerous times now, which means she is definitely taking them but in her mind she is not USING! She needs to be placed in a rehab center, that has mental illness doctors on staff immediately!

    • I’ve always wondered if maybe she wasn’t sexually abused as a child. No proof of course. Just wondering…

      • Stacey says:

        I have often thought that too. Her mother pushed her to be a star and bring home the money. I don’t think the mother cared enough about her kids to keep them safe.

      • chismosa says:

        ooooh good one.

        So so sad. Kim is just truly tragic. Evilly tragic.
        She needs to be GONE.

    • Ladina says:


    • chismosa says:

      ROTFL at your last sentence. I am the same and always wanted sisters but i think i’d wind up being the Kim to their Kyle!

      I’m so sorry to hear about your ‘issues’ – we all have things we’ve dealt with and i’m sorry you have this stupid show to give you physical problems from this!!!
      You truly need to NAMASTE, for real. ❤

      I wouldn't be surprised if maybe from young drug abuse- or from just the crazy stage mom crap – Kim developed some sort of psychosis and psych disorder- mild or whatever- and just self-medicates herself with drinks and mostly- drugs.

      Many times undiagnosed people self-medicate.

      I still wish i had a sister- but i guess i'm ok with my lame a$$ brother.

      Stay strong- don't give into this. Maybe you shouldn't watch the reunions without a recap first so you can see if you can handle it.
      Awwww ❤

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Namaste – I feel your pain… In fact, I looked up several different psychological terms to figure out what I really thought was going on… but then I decided not to go that direction after all… But it was all just so wackadoodle, wasn’t it?

  11. HuskerHuny says:

    Kyle needs to leave Kim and her all of Kim’s issues on Kathy and Brandi right now – PRONTO!

    Kyle needs to focus on her husband, her children and her business (whatever she has to do with it). Kim is, in fact, very abusive to Kyle, whether Kyle knows it or not or even if Kim means to be. Kim is off the sober train (at the time of this filming). Kyle can’t fix it anymore.

  12. T-Rex says:

    On a lighter note, the whole Bike-riding thing brought back tons of memories, let me tell you Bikes are like “gold” to folks in Holland, seriously. Also, if you walk on the bike paths, they will knock your ass over, not joking! Amsterdam is basically cobblestones, they really do kill your feet unless you have the proper shoes, however the bike zones have this wonderful even brick, so you naturally want to just walk on that, DON”T DO IT, bike folks get very irritated when you do this, I watched them shove a tourist off the path! As far as someone wondering about cobblestones, yep Holland is one big ole cobblestone path! Its part of it’s charm, and they aren’t going to repave paradise either. We took the boat tour of the canals and while we were there they were doing the weekly, pickup the bicycles from the canal duties. Each week they have a machine that scoops out all of the bicycles that have wound up in the canal, the main reason is that when one person is mad at another person, they don’t hit them, shoot them, etc., they throw their precious bike into the canal where it sits until the weekly scoop out is done, and then you have to go to a special yard, present your ownership papers and bail your bike out of Bike-jail. Seriously. Another note, every single night the canals are “flushed” out, like a toilet, they allow sea water in from the north sea, and the way the canals are set up it whooshes through, at the end is a gate that catches the debris, aka the bikes, oh, and occasionally a body or two, yep they showed us a couple of articles about that.

    • chismosa says:

      oh my just read this!!!
      So interesting! It’s nice to hear the canals are relatively cleaned up- because i know in Venice it’s a huge issue.
      And in Amsterdam people live on riverboat/ boathouses- whatever you call them. Next week looks like they’re eating on a boat.

      Throwing the bicycle off sounds HYSTERICAL. i love it!

      How can you die in that canal? I guess dumping a body? I’m sure they’re not that deep.

      Love this insider info.

      • T-Rex says:

        I guess people get drunk and fall in its not that deep though. The houseboats are really cool. It’s very regulated the boats can only be in certain places and certain canals in the city.

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    There is a clip of unseen footage in Amsterdam. In the clip Brandi discusses Lisa take on the whole prostitution thing-she said something like since Lisa sleeps with a man 25 years older than her for diamonds that she’s like a prostitute-this is NOT an exact quote-but it was something like this-Lisa just watched the clip and tweeted this

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi said, while speaking of prostitution in A Amsterdam- “this is reality-this is how some women have to make a living. Lisa sleeps with a man 25 years older than her and she gets diamonds…it’s the same shit”

      • T-Rex says:

        She is just the piece of shit you cannot wipe off your shoes! Okay, well then this explains a lot, my friend says that THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi says a lot of unkind shit coming up and wowsa, she was right, and it’s one of the reasons that most of the ladies say they will NOT even film with her if she is on another season. They would rather walk away from the show! Oh and let’s please note that it’s THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi that shacks up with a MALE PROSTITUTE while in Amsterdam and this guy is GAY FOR PAY, and screws dudes for money! Yeah, didn’t she even mention they were soul mates until everyone outed him as a Prostitute! UGH, I JUST CAN’T. OH and McJudgeMcNeedyYOLOLymonHead is much younger than Mohammed Hadid so I guess she is a prostitute as well since she married him for his money, according to that idiot’s analogy!

      • Ladina says:

        Poor Brandy, shes just so jeolous of Lisa’ s life style is painful to watch.. Thats why she attacked Kyle last night imo, she misses the perks of being Lisa’s friend..

        • chismosa says:

          i’m only 2nd year into this show- and i have to say it’s very funny to watch Kyle and Lisa joking together. They’re super cute together.

          Brandi is SO JELLY. laughable.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I guess you can say that about me too, my husband is older than me by 9 years and he gave me some diamond earrings once and lets not forget my engagement ring as it has a diamond in it. We’ve been married for 24 years. I guess you can say that about just about every wife on this planet if you think like Brandi, including Brandi.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          Does that mean when my DH upgraded my ring for our anniversary he was upgrading my “prostitution” status too? (I can’t think prostitution without the word whore following it, all because of Tre)
          Good lord if every diamond meant a sexual favor I’d be………
          never mind!

      • kit9 says:

        She actually says that Lisa makes “a living” sleeping with an older man. Unreal.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      So Brandi is really comparing marriage to prostitution…..I just can’t with her..

    • Oh yes. The old Marriage is nothing more than Legalized Prostitution argument.

      Brandi is now conveniently a militant feminist.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I despise Brandi Glanville.

  14. jezzibel says:

    THis is just speculation on my part: I wonder if Kim threatened to mess with Harry’s sobriety(like spike his drink or something and that is what made Lisa R lose it(the fear of going through it all over again or if it would lead down a path he might not be able to walk away from). Speaking from experience of 3+ years sober, my biggest fear is backsliding(it was just booze and nothing more)but it is something I have to be on my guard at, at parties or events(if someone hands me what I think is an innocuous looking glass of water and it turn out to be vodka or gin, its happened). Kim maybe not be drinking, but she is not sober.

    • Donna says:

      could she be a dry drunk?

      • For sure- she’s done NO work on herself.

        But I Also think she’s a abusing prescription meds

      • Stacey says:

        I love the way Lisa stood up for her man. I would have done the same. Although, I am pretty sure I would have knocked Kim out!

        • Ladina says:

          Me too, one time a family member from my husbands side, yes his side, try to bad mouth him to me (All lies) let me tell you that she regret it big time, she didn’t show up to any family reunion we hosted for a while, lol FYI I didn’t use violence 😂😂😂😜

  15. So I was browsing through some other blogs and there have been comments that Harry and Lisa have an open marriage that includes Harry with other men.

    If that’s in fact true- then that’s why LisaR flipped her sh*t.

    Or it’s all bullsh*t.

    • WHY? Why must these ladies ruin my good day. Now I am gonna be in the bathroom all damn day!

      • Lol! This is actually why I had to stop watching RHOBH when Russell was still alive.

        The abuse controversy hit too close to home and was giving me major anxiety.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I read someone’s post on Facebook last night that theorized Harry has a sex addiction. Someone replied, laughing, that he and Lisa were on a tv show in which they played a married couple in which the husband had a sex addiction. But you know, Addled probably can’t tell the difference between tv plot and real life at this point.

    • chismosa says:

      WHOA just saw this.

      He’s been very open about playing gay characters – he discussed this with Andy in WWH- some movie he made in the early 80s ?? One of the earliest movies about openly gay men?
      And i believe, but am not sure on Shameless he played gay.

      To me— that does not mean anything, in fact tells me he’s secure in himself.

      But i don’t know…. W T F

      maybe something with Harry’s other child? He has an older son doesn’t he?

      • kit9 says:

        I vividly remember that movie! With Kate Jackson and Michael Ontkean. It made quite the impression.

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Kyle called into WWHL last night and Andy asked her if it was awkward seeing Kim at the reunion-it’s the first time they have seen each other in 4 months. Good for Kyle!! After the dog attacked her daughter I guess she cashed in her kill chips and hit the bricks!! Enough is sometimes ENOUGH!!
    Oh and BTW-what kind of moronic question was that Andy??? Of course if was friggen awkward!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      *KIM chips…not kill…but kill could work too I guess!!

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh, and we have the something “explosive” at the Reunion still to come! I wonder if it’s the drug abuse? I don’t think a measly voicemail would be labelled explosive. VileKyle did state recently that she and her sister no longer speak to one another either

      • chismosa says:

        Trex- i said below i think the ‘explosive’ thing at the reunion is the elaboration on the harry crap.

        whatEVER. ughhhhh

      • Stacey says:

        TMZ outed the bombshell….Kim admits she made up knowing anything about Harry! What a loser. Like Brandi, she cannot stand to see a happy and functioning couple who are successful and respectful of each other.

    • chismosa says:

      Ash: i can’t believe Kyle didn’t speak to Kim for 4 months—

      Andy’s an idiot and is under the gun to perform and get his shows running smoothly. I think people have had it.

      VV!!!—- what is the timeline here??

      –WHEN IS DOGBITE in relation to the end of AmsterDAMMIT?
      –Is BRAVO going to air the dogbite? Her dog was a huge part of Kim’s ‘storyline’ last season…. so HELLOOOO?

      boy we need to check this out.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Good for Kyle! She needs to back away from Kim and I totally forgot how Kim’s dog attacked her daughter. I’m sure Kim defended her dog and put the entire blame on Kyle’s daughter. Sheesh! I hate to see sisters act like this, but Kim does not have the ability to have a normal sister relationship with Kyle be it due to her addiction, her mother, her other sister, her ‘new’ best friend, her having to work to support her family at such an early age, etc. Kim is no where near ‘sober’ or ‘sane’ for that matter. She needs mucho psychiatric care and needs it on a daily basis.

      • Stacey says:

        Yepper, Kim blamed Kyle’s daughter for the bite. Pretty sure that is when Mo put his foot down and said enough of this insanity! My sister abused cocaine for years, and now she is bi-polar/paranoid schizophrenic. I answer the phone when she calls, after I yell FUUUUUCK, but if she is cuckoo for cocoa puffs I do not engage in the crazy. And I moved and refuse to tell her where I live. Harsh? Yes. Necessary for my own sanity? Oh hell yes. I can’t help her and I know it.

        • TexasTart says:

          Stacey, I’m sorry to hear you have a sibling like that and in the same breath, I commend you for taking such actions because you have a life to live and should make the best of it! That is exactly what Kyle needs, to alienate herself from Kim.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

          Wow Stacey I’ve been reading upwards so just saw this.

          I echo what Tarts said ^^^^^

          You’re a very strong lady.

          I thought a lot of time addicts start the addiction to treat and even hide any psychological issues. Maybe she had these issues before addiction started ?

          Good luck to you. Stay strong. ❤

  17. Shiny says:

    Loved the LIsa R commercial for Cinderella – hilarious delivery of the lines.

    Lisa didn’t break the glass slipper, the stepmother in the movie did. Lisa’s last line was about how the housewives are like her except would never do that to a shoe.

    • chismosa says:

      was she purposely overacting it? I didn’t get it…..

      I preferred Lisa V (not just bc i am her lady in waiting) and Kyle’s thingy they did sitting at the couch of i don’t remember what movie/ book.

      i guess Disney is not producing those – as universal/NBC seems to be pushing housewives to push these movies.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Shiny… I’m sure you’re right… It just felt weird watching it to me.. I loved the commercial up until that point – But I can’t help but think they were capitalizing off of the wine glass shattering, though… But like i said… maybe it’s just me… My brain was pretty fazzled by that time…lolol… Love your eagle eye!

  18. chismosa says:


    ok: i’m so glad i’m on a computer today—- but NO I’M NOT GOING TO BRAVO’S SITE THEY CAN SUCK IT TILL THEY GET IT to work better than an apple computer circa ’88

    —- why did Lisa R start a whole fun “What Did Harry Do” or whatever she had that she started on twitter w/ gifs and all that fun stuff? I mean— it’s like she’s having fun with all this- yet this does in NO way explain her crazy behavior —
    from everything i’ve ever seen of Lisa R on other reality things, in interviews- and yes, i watched Days when she was on- – what’s with the reaction? I mean, i watched it over and over to see if the flow went ‘organically’ (as someone here said yesterday)– VV–> i looked for dubbing and all that $hit and wine glasses being moved and hair being parted differently, etc. and all that jazz.
    Nope… Lisa reacted that way. Then on twitter she makes a joke of it.

    (SORT OF THE JOKY way she maybe SHOULD have responded at the restaurant?)

    THEN kyle calls into WWH and Andy, of course to keep suspense up and get his ratings and viewers to stay tuned to his BH – asks Kyle what Kim meant by Harry–
    and Kyle says ‘well we discuss that at the reunion and it’s …. ‘ — she said it’s almost worse than this past episode. 😮

    then all over twitter Lisa is acting like it ain’t no big deal. Well girlfriend- that’s not what you showed!!!! (and yes, i get being caught up in the moment of emotionally sharing about her sister, i get that- she’s a cancer like me- i GET her and i see the psycho of Kim across from her)

    If there was nothing– then as i said previously- as she was coolly speaking to Kim before about her sister- she should then just say ‘look Kim i apologized as much as i can, i promise to drop this, but you’re being ridiculous and actually very cruel – i don’t know WHY you’re bringing up Harry but I’m OUTTA HERE’, apologies to Yo.

    i’m sorry—

    SMOKE——> FIRE.

    can harry be cheating? (why is it always cheating rumors…. annoying, next storyling….!)

    Plus i don’t get the drama over the eat the bread comment. i said that yesterday. Is this an established secret or something?
    And who is kim to talk isn’t she a recovering bulimic or whatever? Maybe that’s where the rasp voices come from??

    I still love me some Rinna. But i don’t know.
    Plus she didn’t profusely (at least on camera, edited version) apologize for the glass- as i agree with Veena ^^^ she should have. That is NOT cool.

    (ps what’s with Eileen not even getting UP when the glass shattered??? what UP girl???? you got glass contacts or something?)

    *** please don’t knock me because i’m not married yet. I mean- i’m saying this as objectively as i can. i asked all married friends of mine and they too thought this was CRAY and she should have been like “Kim – what are you talking about PLEASE ELABORATE YOU DINGBAT?”- and for that go after her…. *******

    Thanks for the recap! I love Clear and Present Danger! i forget if that’s the Irish NRA or the Colombians one- i love both those.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Hi Darling Chismosita!

      I agree that Lisa’s reaction was over the top, but I think she reacted that way because she was talking about how her sister died and then apologizing—Kim decides out of no where to bring up Harry. I think if the conversation was about husbands cheating and lisa reacted like that, then yeah, big red flag. I think that maybe Kim was going to discredit his sobriety which would be really inflammatory–IMHO. Love you!

      • chismosa says:

        a ha….
        I get what Lisa was feeling- like here she is spilling her guts out- dealing with the fact she’s the ONLY one of the cast that was in the car seeing that CRAZY TRAIN of a mindfu*k of Kim go at her that time pre-poker, and she’s apologizing over and over.
        And maybe it IS editing that is making it seem that Lisa is over-talking this and going at Kim so hard?

        And yes, she brought up Harry in that limo — was Kim in that limo i forget? – i remember Kyle was there— and here Lisa is spilling her heart out to a lunatic who happens to be her co-star and sister to her friend of many years. And yes, bringing up Harry- but i guess the viewers don’t know about Harry’s *decision* to go sober. Some people give up drinking who don’t ever have a problem with it– i mean, right? Just out of fear- like for sure it’s in his genes, i don’t dispute that.

        Just trying to reconcile the violence of it. Like, throw wine/water/ whatever…. but to break it on the floor ? I’m sorry… i can’t figure it out.

        I seriously hope that Lisa does not fall prey to the HWs marriage curse. I love Harry! i find him sexy for some reason.
        And i seriously don’t want to see Harry and Lisa mini-articles in Life and Style next week. Blech!!!

        te quiero also!!!! xxoo

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I hope Lisa R’s marriage isn’t the storyline next year. Maybe that’s why Lisa said that Harry wanted to divorce her if she joined BH initially.

          On a more important note, what ever happens to the peel you had done for your face??? I must’ve asked you like 100 times. 😉

          • chismosa says:

            i’ll give you details on email but i just finished my last one- it finished peeling before my vineyards trip saturday- so i did it — right before watching walking dead the last sunday before that… and i thought i’d be done peeling for saturday based on every month prior but no, i still had some left- Ughhhhh- gross- but not so bad, just a bit at my forehead.

            i’ve been doing them every 5-6 weeks almost to a T. I’m super psycho about skin. They’ve been great!

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Hehe I wanted to know if the peel turned out ok. You’re obviously working at expert level!

              I’d love to try it, but I read that it could cause broken capillaries if you already have them. I have a few in my face. Ugh

    • TamaraTattles has a different take on the bread comment- she thinks it’s because Kim was being urged to eat something at Poker Nite and “calm down”.

      Which is kinda what Kim said to Amsterdam.

      But Kim was soooooo out of it, I don’t think she remembers anything from Poker Nite.

      • chismosa says:

        oh lord i’m going to have to travel there… ughhhh.
        And she’s the nasty and so rude thief who stole from our Jill, right? dammit… ok i’m going to have to take a look.

        Maybe chirpy mcchirpy was telling Kim verbatim all the ‘bad things!’ that were being said and done AT poker night — so Kim heard about this food thing???
        “Where is my pizza” will never be forgotten from this season.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hey there Chis the Wiz… I love both of those movies, too… It’s funny what comes to your brain while recapping a Real Housewives episode…lolol

  19. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you so much for the terrific blogs, HH and super Starzy!

    Ok, now that I’ve seen the whole episode, Lisa R’s reaction wasn’t too bad, and I know I sound crazy, but I understand Kim’s terrible reaction. She said that if her children found out she was using then they’d say bye bye to her. At this point, no one was privy to how Kim was acting (and using ) except for a few people and Lisa R. Was always talking about. I’m wondering how Kim’s family is taking what they are now seeing on TV. I’m also glad that Kim and Lisa worked this out (swept it under the rug) so it wouldn’t ruin the whole trip.
    I think Brandi really wanted Kyle to smoke weed so that she could use that to throw in her face in the future. I gotta say, Brandi seemed so out of place with these ladies. I truly hope they give her the big freeze. Her hair looked horrible, btw. I’m really surprised at how cool Eileen is. I always got a cold vibe from her, but she is just a great addition to the cast
    I hope you all have a great day!

    • chismosa says:

      I agree about Eileen–
      and Slutbag’s hair looked ATROCIOUS. She really looked SO out of place it was hysterical

      I’m going to have to echo Jill and say if Kim didn’t want this stuff to get out to her family she shouldn’t have filmed when she was clearly ON STUFF.
      Onus on her.
      I’m glad they got to continue though… and that Yo spent maybe 2 hours with her mom.

      You know, her sick with cancer the 2nd time mom. (i’m never going to drop this- never)

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Brandi’s hair was just horrible. Did she not have a straightening iron or curler? She should just tie her hair–it would look less trashy.

        I can’t believe Yo. It’s like she spends time with her mom only when she’s filming. I would tell my mom that she’d have to live with me until she was better. Yo is rich! Why can’t she have her mom live nearby?

        • chismosa says:

          I’m livid about that. (last sentence) I need to calm myself on that.

          I don’t MIND Brandi with waves- but make it more — structured loose waves.
          I ADORE Kyle with waves- she looks so great with waves in her hair– not the curls she does at the ends. She looks much more natural and i think even younger.

          I think no matter what they do- Brandi looks trashy.
          I’m sure her ‘people’ are telling her—- ixnay the hair. Get a lob- Kelly Ripa style- and re-vamp yourself.
          Trust me!

        • Stacey says:

          Her mother probably doesn’t want to leave her country, her friends, family and doctors.

          • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

            Stacey my issue has largely over the past weeks been why can’t a woman who lives so affluently and luxuriously, has a husband who is on the road a LOT, her two eldest are living on the opposite coast anyway, and only has a son at home who she co-parents with a very hands on Mohammed – –>> not go and spend months at a time with her mom.

            That’s my issue.
            As a daughter living as I would be, in malibu – no full time job, just one child home – Id ideally want my mom to move into my mansion. And get her the best docs in LA.

            However if mama prefers her doctors and to be around friends and Yo’s son and his family – fine stay there and Yo go visit and stay – for an extended amount of time.
            Instead of traipsing around the world with her King. A good King/husband would do all he can to help his wife

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      You’re welcome, Foxy… Yeah, isn’t Eileen (That Tramp I Now Love) cool? I love how she didn’t back down… lol @ Kim for dissing Eileen’s face, hair and attitude… Made me laff… how Jr high of her, no?

  20. Butters'Mom says:

    You guys are the best people anywhere. Thank you for the kind words regarding my Dad. He truly is the best and I’ll pass along your prayers and well wishes to him. I also love the idea of having him pay for just the cake. I’m going to take that suggestion. thanks for the help

    Love to all of yous guys.

    Now to go up and read the recap and comments. It was a fascinating show last night!

    • 👰👰👰. 💍💍💍 🎂🎂🎂 💒💒💒

      Thank goodness you’re getting married- I’d never get to use these emoticons otherwise!

      👍👍👍 💏💏💏 💐💐💐

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Butters’ Mom… Hope your Dad is doing better! Ya’ll are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers!

  21. plainviewsue says:

    Starz you have truly outdone yourself. Literally writing word for word what these women said is beyond the call of duty!!! Seeing as I missed some of it cos they were talking over each other, I say thank you!!!

    I cannot believe that Brandi said that about Lisa V’s marriage in the deleted scene. She is a cow. A disgusting wicked POS. She knows how much Lisa and Ken love each other.

    I was discussing the episode with a friend, and she also thinks the reason Brandi went nuts was because she was no longer the center of attention.

    I don’t agree with what Lisa R did at all. Shattering a glass is very dangerous. But I understand her frustration.

    I guess there’s two more episodes. Brandi cannot be asked back.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Hi Sue, I hope you’re feeling better.
      I must’ve missed what Brandi said about Lisa and Ken’s marriage. What did she say??

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Read up Mel-I posted a tweet and the back story

        • chismosa says:

          Do you think that by Bravo putting this out there- this clip— do they do it on purpose? Like slowly….. feeling out the fans’ outrage and then deciding how to continue. Almost aiding in/justifying their decision on who is OUT.

          Everything is so calculated so i just wonder. No one would know about any of this except Brandi and whoever it was she said that to.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            YES! Great point! Bye, Brandi!

          • plainviewsue says:

            I just wish Lisa would of seen this clip BEFORE taping the reunion. If Lisa wasn’t done with Brandi before, it is officially over forever. If Bravo and Andy want Lisa & Kyle to return, Brandi is out.

            • chismosa says:

              Exactly. Could you imagine how KEN feels right now??? Beyond… beyond beyond beyond. He already was NOT having it with her in the least- and now—- it’s DONE. And Lisa gets upset even moreso (as any wife would) because of Ken’s outrage- and here- this disgusting humiliation.
              She’s going to be blacklisted in certain areas of BH for sure!!!!
              I hope she is.

              ps– Sue i hope you are feeling better ❤

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Thanks Jill! Ooooh sh*t! Brandi is such an idiot. I’m glad Lisa tweeted that.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Thanks Mel! Feeling better then I pulled out my lower back. This 58 year old body is failing me!!!!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      🌟 for the correct use of the word literally. Thank you PVS.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, PV Sue… Yeah, I understand Lisa R’s frustration, too… But you can’t purposefully break glass in my book, either… It was just wonky… And I was disappointed I didn’t see an apology in her blog to her castmates in her blog, either… But maybe I didn’t read it carefully enough… 🙂 Maybe she apologized off camera… but I really hope it happened… She seems to take ownership of what she does pretty well… The last person she needs to apologize to at this point is Kim… I mean, she already has like 49 times.

  22. Buttercream says:

    Stars – great re-cap and hugs to your hubby for baking you cookies, too!

    Remember in Season 1 when Kim’s alas was Adrienne (limo scene, “You stole my house”).. Adrienne is long gone, let’s hope with (the one we shall not mention) received the same treatment and is long gone ..

    At this point, KR has no one left to defend her but (the one who we shall not mention), even her sister has given her the heave-ho … which is what Bravo should do to these two …

    Mean,old cows produce sour milk, just like these two ^^^.. they need to be set out to pasture after this season .. they have milked their last dime ,,,

    • chismosa says:

      old BUTTER-milk that is! lol…… 😉

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Buttercream… And in honor of your post I will say, “MooooOOoooo!”… lol… But wait… Is that where sour cream comes from? lol… JK…LOL

  23. chismosa says:

    Very O/T- but personal:

    any DOG people here— have any of you dealt with cancer in your dogs ever (it’s so prevalent i’m sadly thinking some have) ? I’m just working furiously on doing optimal stuff here for my newly diagnosed one- he just started his chemo cocktail/ protocol this week.

    If anyone does, i’ll send you my email and maybe i can ‘chat’ with you if that’s ok- so as not to clog up the board here.

    thanks so much ❤

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m so sorry, Chismosita. Sending you and your pup love. ❤️❤️

      • chismosa says:

        thanks my darling! I’m doing good, luckily it’s a relatively not-horrible one for dogs to get… so here’s hoping.

        • So sorry chismosa for what you punster is going thru…when pets are sick it’s just the worst…because they can’t tell you what’s wrong


          • Arghhh…punster= pupster

            gosh darn auto correct…it tried to tirn you name into Chips and Mimosas. Which sound pretty good right about now.


            • chismosa says:

              that’s a new one! i’ve always been Chianina and something else- i forget– to VV– it’s so funny. I’ve grown to love the auto corrects of my name LOL.

              And thanks so much— someone here has graciously offered to help me.

              Much ❤ in this here group!

              ~chips and mimosas– i have to find some emojis for that on my phone!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I nursed my beloved chocolate lab, Enzo, through glandular and bone cancer. He got the glandular cancer first and I chose not to put him through chemo. He was already diagnosed with diabetes so the chemo would have taken him fast. I put him on an all-natural diet and game him vitamin D and turmeric to help him out. I also gave him water that had been infused with okra to help out his pancreas. Three YEARS later he was diagnosed with the bone cancer. He lasted six months. When they start coughing a lot you know the cancer is in his lungs.

      Greatest dog ever, and I wasn’t going to let him go without a fight.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        Reebs thanks so much for this—I LOVE LABS, I love chocolate,
        I love chocolate labs…. And I love the name ENZO!

        My previous doggie had diabetes and we had to do shots and stuff.

        So now we’re here. With two – one is turning 12, the bro who has the lymphoma turning 11 this month- and it appears lymphoma is a super common not “terrible ” Cancer for dogs?

        I want to go all holistic get him off all grains and carbs.

        We did elect chemo (CHOPS) protocol – as it is most well regarded for this. Chemo won’t affect dogs as they do humans, thank god. I understand what you did with the diabetes though– absolutely it affects the choice of treatment

        Just ordered the book that is the “bible” on canine Cancer.

        I started some fish oil today – supposed to help the chemo act even better?

        Ok won’t go on. I’m copying down everything you said and looking it up. Haven’t read about the okra, turmeric, and vitamin D though stands to reason those last 2 are super important in humans, likely they’d help with dogs.

        My regular vet – not the oncologist- is looking for a “nutritionist” of any kind that maybe can help us a bit.
        Food is the key IMO.
        Ideally my onc. and I both love a raw food idea.
        But we have to move slowly in transitioning away from his regular diet.

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Labs are the BEST.
        I hope one day maybe you decide to get another doggie?

        Thanks again ❤

        • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

          Thanks Chissy! Enzo was awesome. I still have his mate who turned 13 last month. She still plays with Dino the Terriorist. Enzo didn’t like small dogs but boy did Dino worship Enzo. (Can you tell I’m Italian and like Ferraris?)

          Your dogs are over 10? Make sure they get more fiber, less protein. It’s easier on their kidneys. The only thing the old lab girl takes is fish oil. She hates and fights meds so I had to get her gummies. If your dog needs to take meds and starts fighting, a compounding pharmacist can turn those into meaty chews (or gummies).

          I started baking my own treats as well, adding in blended green vegetables, whole grains, vitamins, and liquified liver for the drool factor. Keep fighting! It’s worth it!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Hugs to you and your dog, Chis the Wiz…

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

        Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟thanks so much and I forget amongst my 2000 comments today if I thanked you enough for your laser eye picture perfect recap.

        Thanks for it all! I want cookies baked for me LOL

  24. SoutheastVA says:

    I had a little down time on my hands. I couldn’t bear to spend it watching the Hoewives. Not in the mood for their follery this week So, I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. I must say that I LIVE for the coats the ladies wore on this episode. DEVINE. Since I have to replace clothing anyway, i will be looking for items (coats & bags at least) that make me smile.

    • Jules says:

      I love British Porn and sad to wait until next January for new. Did you watch the Great British Baking Show? It was fantastic and such a joy to watch people being helpful and kind to each other. so unlike our top chef, etc american cooking shows.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I watched the British Baking Show. The contestants were very pleasant. Enjoyable. I don’t find Top Chef off putting. THey are professional chefs vying for the top spot. The riff raff that don’t know how to act get dealt with in short order. What’s left is usually the best and “friendly” enough lot. This past season I found the last 5 chefs encouraging one another for the most part.

    • Hey how are you and the family doing in the aftermath of the fire? I was serious when I posted that I had some dishes for you if you want them. I am leaving on vacation Friday, but send me an email sperraglia at when you are ready to rebuild.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says: has some great steals.

  25. Jules says:

    how did Eileen and LisaV not have any glass on them and Brandi and Kim had it “all in my hair and down my pants.” when yolanda went back to the restaurant it showed the glass that she was cleaning only on LisaR half of the the table and floor by her seat.
    these two are total scum. Kim ever pointed her finger at me that close I would snap it in half. at some point it is YOUR behavior not oh my childhood was a mess.

    • Brandi is ALWAYS injured. She hurt her leg in the Great Luggage Pileup, she got scratched by Kyle’s bracelet so deeply it required stitches, glass went flying deep within her ears during the Amsterdam Wine Glass Smash of 2014- it doesn’t end….

      • TexasTart says:

        Oh and don’t forget while they were riding bikes last night Brandi said the bike seat was hurting her kitty cat. 🙄 And of course KIM rode like a champ, bumps and all without complaint. No cracked ribs, hernia or bad knees could keep her from acting like everything was peachy in her world. That chick is MENTAL.

  26. TexasTart says:

  27. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa says:


      look at me! pay attention please!!! Remember, i was so likeable years ago! I’m still here! Hello??! Don’t walk away from me please!!!!

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Not happy that Bethenny is back especially how she said she’d NEVer. EvEr be back.
        Hey Benthenny, how does crow pie taste?

        • chismosa says:

          you know, i’m kind of over-analyzing this even more– Bethenny decides right after probably the MOST crazy and outrageous Lisa-Rinna-centered episode (it’s all Kim’s fault- but Lisa fought back, etc…) – to pipe up and say something.
          Why not just say hey @lisa – thinking of you- what a crazy episode! and some stupid joke about amsterdam to showcase her shining wit! ⭐

          Instead Beth jumps in to Lisa’s tweet when it’s all about Lisa today— (Kim’s fault yes)- let Lisa have her day beeeyotch. HAVE A SEAT!
          We’ll have you all up in our grill in April– lord help us. After she goes back to where she said she’d never return… HWs….

          talk about waterworks. My emoji tears are going to be working overtime.

  28. TexasTart says:

  29. shamrockblonde says:

    Amazing blog Stars! – you truly do deserve hazard pay! – I think Lisa R overreacted to Kim – I know that it was a long flight, and that jet lag had probably set in, and everyone was feeling it to some degree and I wonder if that played any role – Lisa R seems like the kind of woman that can gauge people really very well – consider how she handled Kim on the plane – she was calm the entire time – she is also the Mother of teenage girls – for those of you that have those, you already know this – at some point you start picking your battles – you learn which ones are worth fighting over and which ones deserve a calm steady approach – something tells me that Lisa R knows which is which and she is finding out that when dealing with Kim it is very much like that so I wonder about her response to Kim’s adolescent behaviour – I wonder whether jet lag and just plain exhaustion played a part in her overreaction – but – and don’t kill me for this – but I also wonder how much of this was for drama – her reaction seemed very soap opera like – Eileen on the other hand, while clearly annoyed, did not go ballistic – just seemed strange – and somewhere in what passes for my brain, I kept thinking about movie props – you know, the fake glass with the sound effect added in to make it appear as if it was a real glass – I know that was not the case, but my head was trying to make sense of it all –

    • lila1star says:

      I am sort of with you on this. Not sure how much can be laid at the jet lag door but after watching I was like–what the heck just happened? Would you allow a woman into your room the morning after you almost beat the crap out her? Or would said woman actually go to the room of the woman she had gleefully sent over the edge?

      I slow motioned that glass and I agree–prop. I just could not shake the feeling in my gut that the sleazy producers just had to get into this. As if the reality was not enough! That glass breaking video has already gone viral–sheesh. I’m not saying the story line is not real–it is–very. Eileen and Lisa R as new comers just could not wrap their minds around the do nothing attitude of their co-workers and really felt they needed to try to help. Now they know–in spades! This entire subject has touched viewers and not in a good way–for Bravo to capitalize on this is criminal and depending on what they do this HW show (my only one left) shall go the way as all the others.

      Kim and the whole thing with her kids–hog wash–they knew she was off the wagon before Kim knew. This maybe her desperate attempt to convince them other wise but they know the truth.

      In the good news of the day–I got my fixed computer back 🙂

      • chismosa says:

        Interesting theories…..

        I have this sneaking suspicion Andy is grasping at straws here to make sure his show stays the course.
        this means: Brandi out. Lisa VP in and likely Lisa dictating any new cast members. Kyle to stay- Kim as ‘friend’????

        If i were Lisa R i’d be outta there. Not worth it.

        SHAMMY ^^^^^ i agree that Lisa reads people well. and you are not alone in thinking this was overly dramatic- the sound effects part made me giggle.
        I totally agree about Eileen- how did she stay there so stoic and not move an inch when Lisa got up and then goes to reach either for Kim’s face at first- and then for the glass. Eileen is just sitting there like she’s observing a psychology experiment for her thesis.
        She’s odd on screen IRL- for someone that’s a soap star- you’d think they’d be so dramatic. But that’s why it’s called acting.
        I think she’s just very serious and i hope next week she goes at it with Brandi.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Shamrock – Yeah, I agree she overreacted… Although I wouldn’t have done well with Kim’s smug face across the table from me while saying such terrible things… But throwing a glass? Yikes! I just kept thinking I was in some alternate universe watching a bad soap opera…

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        Remember that Lisa was highly emotional after talking about losing her sister. She was raw and she snapped. I don’t agree with the glass throwing cuz I do bear a scar from my sister throwing a glass at me when we were teenagers. I think she was a split second from diving over that table.

  30. serenanyc says:

    That episode was insane. I felt bad for the people eating in the restaurant!

    • chismosa says:

      I want to know how all those Dutch folks signed releases to allow their faces to be shown at this very rude/outrageous behavior for an American reality show.
      they never showed the name of the restaurant- i don’t think.

      And they clearly blurred some folks on the walk where Brandi yells at Kyle- so those folks didn’t sign releases.


  31. TexasTart says:

  32. Starz, I cannot believe you had the patience to get that fight down word-for-word! Thank you so much! I found it infuriating that Kim got mad at LisaR for bringing up her sobriety in front of the group (like they didn’t already know about her issues) when Kim was the one who brought it up and screamed about it on the plane in front of Babyface! At any rate, LisaR has tried over and over to apologize but Kim won’t have it. It’s pretty obvious that all of the ladies have concerns about her behavior, but she’s using LisaR as the scapegoat. However, I think LisaR overreacted by throwing the glass. Throw a glass of wine in Kim’s face, but there’s no reason to break a glass at a dinner table full of people. Also, did anyone else find it odd that Kim referred to Kathy as the supportive sister when all we’ve seen Kathy do is criticize Kim and her children?

    • Kim= divide and conquer by playing the 2 sisters off of each other

    • mrs peabody says:

      re: Kathy, I think Kim uses Kathy against Kyle all the time to hurt Kyle. I wonder just how much Kathy is in Kim’s life…..I don’t know anything really about her except who she is but my guess is she’s not in Kim’s life that much, I’m betting she has pretty much washed her hands to both Kim and Kyle on a daily basis, probably only deals with them when it comes to something to do with the whole family (weddings, that type of thing). Doesn’t she live in NYC anyway? I think up to that point Kim’s family probably had no idea anything was going on in Kim’s life that made them think she was not sober, she’s a pretty good actress when she needs to be so unless they are living with her they probably figured she was fine. I’m surprised that Kim and Kyle have not spoken in the last 4 months. That must have come about due to that dog bite, hopefully that was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak for Kyle. I don’t think Lisa’s reaction was warranted for what we saw unless they did some editing but I can understand her frustration just not her violent reaction, that was just too overdone. I would have just told her to STFU (in the words of Brandi) but what really would have upset me if I was there was the way Kim treated Kyle, that was uncalled for and mean. Kim was high in my book.

      • T-Rex says:

        Kathy lives primarily in LA, and they have a home also in NYC. Kathy pretty much has nothing to do with either of her sisters for the most part, she actually interacts in real life more with TheRoyalVPump than her own family. Kathy and her husband are UBER pissed at VileKyle and Murray for the “perceived” issues with the whole real estate issues, it was in THEIR mind a supreme slap in the face, bit the hand that feeds you, etc. Kathy already had issues with VileKyle and her constant neediness, and no one actually dealt with SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim’s issues for decades until she went on a reality show and her demons were outed on national TV. Kathy from all accounts was super embarrassed by the whole thing, which is joke because her offspring leave a lot to be desired on the embarrassment front. I think that the dog issue is going to be a BIG topic of discussion at the Reunion, and i would bet there is an accusation of someone’s sobriety, and then that person will throw the kid that got bit under the bus trying to make it her fault. UGH

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t think Kathy Hilton has the embarrassment gene…here daughter had a sex tape that made her famous and Kathy couldn’t have been happier. As far as Kathy not liking Kyle’s neediness I don’t know where that came from-I think Kathy treats both of her sisters like step-sisters and I actual believe that Kathy would love to be on the show. She’s done reality TV and she enjoyed every single second of it. I don’t think Kathy Hilton is playing with a full deck. Mauricio was smart to leave Hilton b/c Kathy’s husband doesn’t seem like smart guy-he’s kind of doofy and dim and doesn’t seem to be led around by his wife. His name says money but his personality says dimwit.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            *does seem to be led around by his wife…I need to proof read my comments!!

          • T-Rex says:

            Jill I have heard and other blogs have also agreed that Andy would hire Kathy in a heartbeat. He has been trying to get her on the show since the beginning. He wanted her first he would do anything to have her on. I wholeheartedly disagree with regarding Rick Hilton he is very highly thought of in the real estate business and he built that company into what it is today he is NOT stupid.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I have never heard Andy mention Kathy Hilton and wanting her on the show-I think Kathy would jump at the chance. Did you see her reality show-it showed me she is soooooo not above doing HWs. I think if she was asked she would have said YES YES YES.
              There was a TV special with Kathy and Rick or an interview kind of show and he came off as a complete dim bulb. He could barely form a sentence. Maybe he was having an off day? Idk but he didn’t seem very sharp. I got a terrible impression of him from that and the interview in Vanity Fair.

              • T-Rex says:

                You are wrong. Sorry Andy has said since season one he would love her to be on the show. She also gave an interview years ago she was asked and turned it down and Andy confirmed this. Google it its out there

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Ok I’m going to look for it-I seriously never heard Andy say anything about Kathy -I’m not saying I don’t believe you I’m just saying I have t heard it-it for sure was not in either of his books…he told me everything in his books!! Going to google…

      • kit9 says:

        I was just reading somewhere that Kim and Kyle had a HUGE fight after filming stopped at a party at Adrienne’s.

        • chismosa says:


          VV WHERE ARE YOU?????

          so then THIS is the end– they stopped filming then— then 4 months later is reunion filming???

          Or dogbite happens after that…. ?
          I want scoop!!!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            The dog thing happened the first weekend in November -I think November 1st-filming ended around October 22-that’s the date of the finale party at Adrienne’s house.

            • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

              Damn !

              So close …… 🐶🐶🐶🔪🔪💉✂️✂️

      • chismosa says:

        Completely agree about the reaction and i am totally seeing all this terrible history of kim/kyle that i missed all other seasons.
        She was quite controlled in her high though – what could she have been on? Like a combo valium/ xanax with something else? She was speaking clearly and her eyes didn’t seem glazed over or anything….
        maybe it’s OMIB’s patches she’s on…. 😮

        This means to me that reunion: will be all Kyle crying at Kim. Trying to reconcile. They’ll need buckets. Her makeup guy probably brought like 3 packs of lashes and tons of eye makeup touchups.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      You’re welcome, Hydrangea H… I thought it was a hollow reason, too – When clearly, her sobriety has been a topic for a while. And it was a low blow referring to Kathy’s support in that argument… That would have put me over the edge… For sure…

  33. TexasTart says:

    RHOBH is getting a crazy amount of press. I am embarrassed that I watch and am obsessed with this show. SMH

    It’s interesting to see all of these links on Twitter – articles on RHOBH and all have Lisa’s picture looking crazy or throwing/breaking and NOT ONE that shows that mental-drug.addled-bug-eyed-been on the pipe too long- Kim Richards! NOT ONE that shows that worthless slutbag Brandi looking like a homeless person screaming in the streets of Amsterdam. No, no, it’s all about the one that threw busted the wine glass.

    Lord have mercy. At least I am very pleased to read what Jill posted ^^^^that Kyle did not have contact with Kim 4 months until the reunion and T-Rex also confirming the Richards sisters do not currently speak. The only good that can come from all of this insanity is for Kyle Richards to be alienated from her sister. Kyle has a loving family that is where all of her energy and love should be spent.

    One of these days KARMA is gonna be a cruel reality and it probably won’t be filmed, so don’t hold your breath.

  34. TexasTart says:

    I typed a book on my phone and forgot to thank the folks that help us get through it all! Thank you for the blog Veena and outstanding recaps by Stars and HydrangeaHussy. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  35. Stars, WOW, just WOW!! What a great job, so thorough and detailed. GREAT JOB!! I have watched that scene so/too many times and you nailed it!! You poor thing!!! You took a ride on the crazy train, chugga, chugga, CHOO-CHOO!!!

    I am perplexed by Lisa R’s reaction….if someone said something like that about my husband I don’t see myself reacting like that. I would probably start laughing, uncontrollably….
    I mean, “bring it bitch, what do you have to say??” so that is disturbing on many levels…she was very wrong to break the glass and it just was too over the top for me.

    I will say that every time I have watched…and it has been A LOT of times, I still get this excited hope that Lisa R will catch Kim’s scrawny neck and choke the shit out of her….I know it is wrong but I am just my own little truth cannon….

    I finally feel sorry for Kyle. How embarrassing, she really does need to go to Alanon, IPPHO. Kim has drug her through some shit and she needs to work on herself so she can handle whatever relationship or lack thereof that she decides to have.

    Kim is a mean bitch. Sober, using, whatever, she is just a mean bitch. She fights dirty and just goes all “scorched earth”….not cool. I don’t know if she was on anything, she was doing the drunky finger pointing….it is a such sign, IPPHO, that someone is in an altered state. She is an awful person. Could she be more jealous of the working actresses, I think not! You dumb drag queen, you were the one who was f*ed up on TV….you are around people that aren’t going to let that go….you can blame them all you want but you are responsible for your own actions and you broke your sobriety and anyone with any experience in recovery would tell you to go back to Day 1…talk about not working an honest program….liar face!!!

    I thought the Cinderella commercial was gold. I had already watched the scene so many times that I just thought it was hilarious.

    That is all I can think of for right now…

    • mrs peabody says:

      she fights like a 13-14 year old which is probably her mental age. What really surprised me was Yolo’s response when she went back into the restaurant, there seemed to be no anger at what happened. If it had been me I would have been pissed she acted like that and I would have told her in no uncertain words. Same with in the hotel where Brandi was telling her she needed to tell the others they needed to be on their best behavior or whatever she said. Again no anger at the one who really caused all the problems. It went right over Kim’s head in what Lisa R was saying to her, she wanted a fight.

      • She seemed so removed from the situation…it was odd…she might have been in shock. Who knows how long it went on, ya know…just so strange, all of it.

    • PrincessPindy ITA With everything you’ve said…you are just about the cutest truth cannon ever…I would laugh too…Kyle is a sad case- as much as I don’t really like her , I hope she’s getting some help, it’s not fair the position she’s been put into.

      • It isn’t fair. She is better off without Kim in her life. Maybe someday if Kim puts in the work but until then I would stay away. I was glad to hear on WWHL that Kyle said she hadn’t talked to Kim. In the meantime Kyle should get some help. Living with addiction/alcoholism changes who you are…it is for her, not Kim. I think a lot of people think Alanon teaches you how to “fix” the other person. It teaches you how to heal yourself.

        • chismosa says:

          I was about to ask if Alanon is all about trying to live with the person or to let them go… or both.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I now believe Kim is NOT doing any kind of program like AA where there are steps. She gets mad when people ask her about her program, if she has a sponsor, pointing out that taking one pill means she’s not sober. She gets furious because she has her own “program” (who knows what it is) and thus her own definitions of what sober is. The questions the others ask her are not out of the normal for someone in a program, but the fact Kim refuses to answer says it all. She’s in no recovery program at all.

      • I agree…but what do I know, I have only had a program for 30 years, lol. I have only sponsored a dozen or so women, talked to hundreds over the years at meetings and on the phone…. People who are working an honest program can’t shut up about it. They drive everyone nuts with their new found revelations, lol! They are evangelical in their own way…. I don’t buy what she is selling.

        • Really? Isn’t that interesting…so she really is full of bullsh*t.

          I’m glad you shared your experiences.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Isn’t one of the steps suppose to be apologizing to those you’ve hurt over the years? Why haven’t we ever seen Kim doing that with Kyle?

          • Here’s the thing, lol…It can take a person YEARS to just get the first 3 steps down…doing an inventory (4th step) can take years and then making amends (steps 8 & 9) can take years. Coming to grips with the reality of your actions is not easy. At first there might be some lip service as far as being sorry. Going deep and accepting responsibility for your actions and apologizing, expecting nothing in return as far as an acceptance or forgiveness is a process that is a long time in the making. Kim hasn’t even accepted the first step….she is powerless over her addiction….she is stuck in thinking that she can take a pill and it’s okay. A lot of people spend all their energy the first year or 2 on just keeping clean and sober. It takes everything they have. They are trying to live their lives without their drug of choice (doc) to numb the pain. They are facing reality and for some that is overwhelming. Then you have the fact that without the doc, they have memories of the past coming up, situations with family that they have to deal with, work, just life….all the while the poor family is waiting for this apology….and it is a big huge mess. The addict/alcoholic is getting all this praise from people for stopping while the family and friends are licking their wounds and all the a/a wants is for them to let go of the past. But how do they let go of the past without an apology. It is a huge mess.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Thanks for sharing that information. It truly is enlighting because it shows how hard people have to work towards their sobriety and the effects it has on their families too.

              I think you’re an amazing person and I’m not surprised that you help people get better. I just adore you! :0)

        • kit9 says:

          YES!!! That is ABSOLUTELY true! They talk about it constantly. CONSTANTLY. It helps keep them sober to talk about it. “Oh! There was such a great speaker at the meeting today!”, etc etc. Evangelical is a great way to describe it.

    • chismosa says:

      Princess, you wrote what i was trying to convey much more succinctly and better.
      I agree with everything. I would have laughed my a$$ off. I really honestly don’t feel there was an editing stop. I think it was all Birdman -style straight flow film in one long take.

      I caught one ‘break’ but it was minimal. It was in Yo’s speech. Not in the Lisa/ Kim stuff.

      • I have seen women flirt with my husband over all these years together and I laugh. He is oblivious to it. He doesn’t understand how good looking he is and to top that off, he LOVES to talk… We went to a party and this woman my age was leaning over the kitchen counter with her big cleavage showing talking to him and I just smiled and walked away….I was like, “Good luck honey, he is going to talk your ear off!” Later when we came home I said, “Wow her mother was really giving you a show.” and he said, “Oh, she was a haggy baggy.” LOL!!! It was love at first sight for us so I don’t worry….my kids call him my stalker, ha!!

    • Powell says:

      Kim said Bobble sticks up for her more than her own sister. Kathy would be ashamed.
      W T F!!!¿¿¿¿ Since S1 epi 1 Kyle has done nothing but defend Kim, have her back, stand up for her. Even after S2 when Kyle outed her as an alcoholic, S3 Kyle was back defending Kim in some way.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much, Tiara… I think there are probably skeletons that Lisa R would rather not have out in the open. I got the feeling that it had to do with fidelity, though… but I could be really wrong… It really lit a fuse… It’s hilarious to me because Lisa R was way more badass than Brandi could ever hope to be…

      • Well like LVP said when Brandi brought up the tabloids at Carlton’s lunch….or finished for YoYo, “where the is smoke…” Yes she was a very dramatic badass!!

  36. Kansas Girl says:

    Starzy, I may be a dollar short and a what-cha-may-call-it late. But I watched last week’s replay before the show last night and I was AMAZED, AMAZED I tell you, to hear Steven What’s-it announce that David Foster is a “peripheral visionary”. Whaaat? He only has side vision, and even that’s not clear??? Whaaat? Did you hear hysterical laughter last night? That was me.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’ve been scratching my head for over a week trying to decipher what peripheral visionary means. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that was an odd statement.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I’ve watched that replay several times and always thought “what a lovely compliment” to call someone a visionary. It wasn’t till last night that it clicked. It’s totally the wrong word and I can’t think what the right one might be. It makes it laughable.

    • That is hysterical! I heard it- remember it- but prolly was too busy looking at the clothes to notice it…


    • Powell says:

      HA!!! KG!! A what-cha-may-call-it late. Hahaha. “A Day Late an a Dollar Short”. You are too funny. 😄

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      HI there All We Are is Dust in the Wind… I’m so glad you explained where that laughter I heard was coming from… I wasn’t going crazy after all… Or maybe I am… The jury may or may not be out on that one…lol 🙂

  37. T-Rex says:

    Okay I haven’t really watched the Episode but who is the GUY at the table with them??? I have seen some screen shots and there is a dude at the table on one of them, if so that means was there a producer right there the whole time and a picture was taken of him by accident, or was another man there with them?

  38. PJ says:

    I’m just confused why anyone would think that LisaR is not completely out of her mind. Kim may be nuts but LisaR is dangerous. Her reaction was so over the top and so uncalled for. My conclusion is that LisaR is acting her little rear end off trying her hardest to turn this show into a soap, because her career is deader than a door nail and she is desperate. Eileen was in the scene too how dare she. This show is interesting I don’t think anyone is real and yes they are hypocrites.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      If she’s acting how does that make her dangerous?

      • Exit4 says:

        She’s just ACTING dangerous! 😉

      • Errr…because she’s SMASHING non-prop wine glasses. The flying glass could have really hurt someone.

        So fecking irresponsible.

        Kim is a nut bar pure and simple. She mean and nasty. She pokes her skinny long ET fingers (thank you Porsha) in people’s faces.

        But she hasn’t SMASHED wine glasses.

        • Exit4 says:

          That we’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the richards/Davis wedding China hit a wall or 2!

        • Amber says:

          True. She only kept a viscous dog in her home and blamed all those that the dog attacked. Also, she was popping heavy duty pain meds that were not prescribed to her. That would make Kim and outcome of her decision making process, not dangerous?

    • chismosa says:

      i don’t like how Lisa reacted at all and it scream fishy to me. But i don’t think Lisa’s career is deader than dead. That is the jelly one—– > kimbeans.

      What i don’t like is if Lisa didn’t formally apologize to everyone for that. Not just Yo. Just the glass thing. Not screaming or doing anything else. Just the glass.
      (if it was just liquid flying i wouldn’t care)

      Eileen, apart from her whispered dramatic line read of How Dare You, mostly mumbled under her breath at the audacity of Kim and how cray she was. Eileen was so restrained— no acting flourishes at all! IMO, as a former soap watcher. In fact i found Eileen oddly restrained if anything.

      • Powell says:

        Eileen is the youngest of 7. I that that has something to do w/her ability to be restrained.

        • chismosa says:

          she IS youngest??? LOVE it. Love her more now.

          Now i need to know Yo….

          I like to assess all of them.
          Lisa V is a youngest, right? Bro is older i believe?
          Lisa R is a wildcard to me– i don’t get it- a sister 12 years older than her? Her 1/2 sister? Was her older sister who died her full blooded? then she has other 1/2 siblings?
          I’m confused as to where she is.
          I want to know if Harry is youngest. Couldn’t find that info anywhere online.

          Kim’s a GD mess- if Kathy is 5+ years older than her, then she’s an ‘oldest’ and not a middle.
          Kyle is a youngest so i’ll love her for that.
          Brandi – a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry messed up Jan Brady? Depends on how much older and younger they each are around her.

          I just like to assess- you know me, signs and sibling order are just the bees’ knees to me.

          • I’m the youngest of 3, choose me, pick me, love me!!!!

            • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

              You’re it!!!

              Love YA!
              I’m an oldest and my bestest (not all) are always youngests!
              Smooches 😘😘

              • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

                Bestest friends I meant to say

      • Lisa has nothing going on but a Depends commercial.

        IMHO? Her career was DOA before RHOBH.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

          You have a point.

          Also- she was on Bethenny’s last talk show day! 👏👏👏🎊🎊🎊🎊

    • Powell says:

      Hmm. I don’t believe she’s acting. Her reaction throwing the glass was totally wrong. I honestly think that w/Lisa’s sis dying from a drug overdose, Harry’s bros having issues, Harry having issues in the past, brought up a lot w/her being witness to Kim’s downward spiral. Kim came out of left field acting crazy in the car w/Lisa poker night. People that have addiction in their family act differently then other people when they witness it. I think she was concerned about Kim. Oh think she was concerned about how Kim is keeping Kyle hostage. Should she have dropped it after the first few times, maybe. Should she have not given Kyle advice, maybe.
      Kim started this right before their eyes poker night. Kyle, LR, Eileen didn’t hear about it 2nd hand, they were there. I’m wants them to be deaf, dumb and blind to it. They couldn’t because Kim involved them. Hopefully now LR & Eileen will wash their hands of Kim. Don’t invite her anywhere and say hi and that’s it when they’re together. If she passes out call 911 for her but don’t get involved.

  39. stellastars21 says:

    Lainey: there is enough Amber to duplicate the rhombus earrings in gold. I’ll let you know when it is posted.

  40. not THAT Jill says:

    You know what I thought was crazy about the whole glass throwing scene? Not the actual glass throwing-not even the almost face smack/throat grab. It was Kim’s demeanor when all was said and done. Everyone was crying and shocked but not Kim-Kim seemed to be calm and cool. That’s crazy to me. Lisa Rinna smashing a glass was stupid-I get it but it was stupid. What Kim was saying and the game she decided to play shows exactly how far that psycho will go to keep her using under wraps-and not because she doesn’t want her kids to know-she doesn’t want it out because she doesn’t want to stop. Kim is a mess-a drug addicted mess-because she takes drugs-not because Lisa Rinna asked her if she was ok too many times. Not because her sister does splits or cries too annoyingly for some people. Not because she decided to hitch her wagon to Brandi and certainly not because her ex-husband of 20 odd years is dying. Kim’s a mess because she using-I know she is because she told me that on a TV in front of a million people. Trying to pin that shit on Lisa is beyond stupid. At this point in filming Kim is well aware of the fact that we all know she took “something” on poker night. Trying to say it didn’t “react to her” doesn’t mean she didn’t take it-she relapsed and she’s being so shady about it. Ya busted girl-deal with your problems and get some damn help. Talking about Harry doesn’t make Kim clean and sober-if Harry banged 20 girls-Kim’s still an addict. If Harry beats the crap out of Lisa-Kim’s still an addict. If Lisa doesn’t eat-Kim’s still an addict. Kim went to the Brandi Glanville school of “get the heat off of me by bringing someone down” “I will look better if I prove they are worse”….look how well that worked for Brandi…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      And while Kim was busy following the Brandi Glanville School instructions, Brandi Glanville was seething that now the attention had shifted to Kim and not stayed on her.

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ I was looking at how calm she was too. Yup she knew what she was doing. I think she doesn’t want her kids to know and that she’s using. That whole thing about Harry was AGAIN taking the focus off of her addiction. Now people may want to say LR was acting but Kim knows how to use her training as an actor to do what she does. She’s good. I was thinking the exact same thing to myself that no matter if Harry was w/numerous women Kim’s still an addict.

      • chismosa says:

        totally agree with all this stuff. Just don’t why Lisa reacted so strongly. There’s something (sadly) there.

        And i hate that because i genuinely feel she is a good person and comes from a place of LOVE.

    • chismosa says:

      Good point Ashy. About Kim is an addict and lunatic no matter WHAT other issues go on. A murder could happen on this show and she’s still an addict.

      i want to know what everyone thinks Kim is on- because she seemed so lucid and like,rational in her craziness (if that makes sense) when arguing at the table. Then moving away and just brushing it off.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        😆 you’re killing me over here.

        • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

          The murder ? Lol 🔫🔫🔫

      • lila1star says:

        IMO Kim is on Monty’s narcotic pain meds. Here is the thing about meds vs alcohol –some pain meds can make people really cranky and mean. If you are already like that (Kim) it is amplified. I remember being in Hospital for a minor surgery and I was given morphine IV for 2 days. I turned into super witch and had to apologize to nurses and docs afterward.

        My mom was on oxycodone during the last months of her life and she went crazy and screamed at me for more ten minutes after her dose! They switched her to low dose Oxycontin which is time released and she did ok on that. Point is–all the while–even with the personality changes they can come across fine.

        The Kim that showed up at Lisa’s room seemed to me like the old sober Kim who realized her mistake after the med wore off. Kim is playing with fire with this new drug–trying to use but not let anyone know… All speculation here.

        • TexasTart says:

          I agree. Your speculation is spot on!

        • Wow. Now that you brought this up, my dad was dying of cancer (15 yrs. ago) and he was on pain meds with Hospice, cared for at home. As the dosage of pain meds increased, particularly the fentanyl patch, he got highly agitated, at times even mean. He went off on me one day because he was angry my mom had left the house to go shopping. I couldn’t believe the stuff he was saying to me. It was exactly like we’d gone through a time warp and I was a teen again and he was an angry drunk.

          Now it all adds up.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head! I thought Kim was strangely calm for all that just went down. I also think she was on something when this all went down. And you are right nothing that happened that night or on poker night changes the fact Kim is an addict and not a clean one either. On poker night she was slurring her words and acting so strange out in the driveway in addition to how she acted in the car on the way over there and during poker. The way she was hanging all over Brandi, there was something so wrong with her that night and then at dinner how calm she was, no emotion at all.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I have no manners!!
      THANK YOU Starzy-you out did yourself with this blog-seriously top notch!! I’m glad Mr Starzy made you cookies to help you through!! What a guy!!!

      HH-great job on the VPR blog…I’m excited about the reunion..Stassi walking in…I’m nervous!!

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        You’re welcome, the best Jill in all the land… Mr. Stars99 did a great job on the cookies… I will share… 🙂

    • kit9 says:

      Yes, and to me she was also sort of cocky, proud of herself right after. And, I noticed something else…when she was screaming again after the incident, she actually kicks a chair or table.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Wait, we’re playing the “Kim’s still an addict” game? My turn.

      Hmmm. My dog dug 12 holes in the backyard today, tracked mud throughout the house, but Kim’s still an addict.


  41. Powell says:

    So w/all that Bobble said to LR about Kim and then let LR take the heat and not herself say she had some of the same concerns what will Kim say at the reunion about Bobble?

  42. California35 says:

    Hi everyone! Great recap Stars as usual funny too.
    I will have plenty to read tonight with all the coments!

    #nomorebrandi #nomorekim

    Is VRules over? Thank goodness! I’m not into that at all. How can Lisa deal with it AND BH and all her other jobs and activities??!

    Any ways, I got to go. Reading posts tonight.

    • How can Lisa deal with VPRules & RHOBH?

      Because she is the Queen of Everything.👑


    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks California35, My neighbor… There are a lot of comments here and on the chat from last night… Throwing a glass is quite a subject catalyst… lol

  43. Y’all know that Kim hasn’t been on Twitter since Feb. 19th….

    Last night Lisa R tweeted out that people should tweet Kim and ask her #whatdidharrydo

    That made me really uncomfortable, I didn’t think it was right…. I like Lisa R but I though tas Camille would say, “And that’s not cool.”

    It just disturbed me….idk…..and I really don’t care, LOLOLOLO!!! Just wanted to know what Y’all thought, am I the only one???

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t care…I also don’t care that Kyle “took” pot with Brandi…and I don’t care that Lisa gets diamonds for screwing her husband (my husband doesn’t know this rule #poorpeopleproblems)….I don’t care about bikes or windmills or space cake.

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      Girl I said it somewhere among my muck today – I don’t get why lisa is starting the whole WDHD thing.
      I think to make it all seem so ridiculous and HAHAHAA lets laugh at it shall we!?? It’s such a joke. 😵

      I guess it’s cute?

      But she asked people to then ask Kim that???

  44. not THAT Jill says:

    • chismosa says:

      wtf is he talking about. And why does he keep changing his profile photo!

      Why further this ridiculous WDHD thing. making a joke of it when your wife went VirginiaRoastedH-A-M.
      I think they’re trying to show it’s all fun and laughter and stupid nonsense since Lisa on the show clearly intimated OTHERWISE by her reaction.

      sorrynotsorry that’s my opinion.
      Don’t hate me! 😥

      (again, i don’t mind Lisa got angry, i GET it- just think she could have screamed/cursed her ass off and thrown water and stomped off, is all)

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m enjoying #WhatDidHarryDo

        • chismosa says:

          I’m super happy for you.

          Honestly, i wish L & H years and years of wedded bliss, i truly like them! I hope this messy $hitshow doesn’t eff it all up.

        • I’m enjoying the Virginia Roasted H-A-M.

          You’re cracking me up today! 😝😝😝

          • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

            Someone needs to take keyboards away from me …… 🐷🐽🐷🍛🍖

  45. chismosa says:

    i foresee problems because-
    if kim leaves— as she well SHOULD, and her bestie leaves too- as is REQUIRED—

    —what will the drama be for Kyle? Yes ok show her every day stuff…. I guess that’s ok?
    where will the tears come from?
    i loved watching her with Lisa- truly.

    I guess just new cast. Add two new chicks.

    If Lisa R never reacted this way last night- she would be MVP of the entire season and Rookie of all seasons of every franchise.

    Is twitter all aflutter over Lisa? Like, anti-her? I can’t stand accessing twatter on a pc– -i can’t Quote tweets- i mean WTF? ugh so messy. Is Brandi hacking into her account?


  46. iceNfire says:

    So …Kyle is abused by Kim? Seriously? Kyle is always dragging Kim to events/parties she clearly doesn’t want to go to and we saw how hard she tried to get her abusuer (Kim) to stay at poker night…….Oh Poor Kyle *sigh*

    • not THAT Jill says:

      So Kyle basically drags Kim to work…If Kim doesn’t want to work she should quit. It’s her job to go to event and parties-it’s her job to show up and not be high. If she can’t do it-she should quit. Kyle making sure she’s at the events she signed on to be at may be the only thing that has kept Kim from getting the boot…how dare Kyle!!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think Kim is an abuser and her target of choice is her sister.

  47. RabbleRouser says:

    Hi everyone Totally Off Topic but us folks in South Orange County had a rough afternoon.

    Some lunatic called in a bomb threat and pretty much every elementary, middle school and high school , I didn’t know until I showed up to get Ryanne and was told the school was in lock down.

    It looked like for a while they were never getting out because the original story was they weren’t releasing the kids until the sheriff and fire department cleared the school and at that point ,they only cleared one school.

    Then after an hour, they made the decision to let all the schools with the exception of the high schools out.

    What irradiated me even more was seeing how many parents (and they ALWAYS do this crap) who parked in the firelanes to go get their kids from the pick up spot. God forbid, if the police, fire and ambulance actually needed to get into the school.

    • (((((RR))))) I am so sorry, it is so frightening to have a lock down happen! I am so glad every one is ok. I am always amazed at some people’s sense of entitlement!!!

      • RabbleRouser says:

        Thanks PP.

        I am just glad that it seems to be a false alarm. There have been a couple of lock downs in the past couple of years because of things like this…and once a bunch of illegal aliens ended up on San Clement beach and were running all over the place, so they put the school on lock down because CBP was sweeping the area trying to find them.

        • I am surprised they didn’t have robo calls to your phones….or texts…. Just crazy, scary!!

          • RabbleRouser says:

            The did have an automatic call but most of us had already showed up at the school by then and found out when the custodian came out was was walking up to the cars and informing parents.

            Then after an hour a bunch of parents left because they heard the kids wouldn’t be released for a while but a few minutes later they late them out. I heard they only just let the high school or half the high school out about 15 minutes ago.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Oh Rabble… That must have been so scary! Glad everyone is okay, though… There are some truly scary people out there…

    • Oh my gosh- so so scary!

      So happy everyone is safe. And yeah people are stupid.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      RR-that’s so friggen scary!!
      I totally agree about the parents-they aren’t thinking about anything but getting their kids which I totally understand but it could absolutely hinder everything else.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      Thanks everyone for all the kind words of support.


      • Orson says:

        When I was in high school we went through a string of bomb scares. I suspect they were phoned in by a student who wanted to get out of a class. Anyway, they didn’t lock us down, first they had a fire drill to get everyone out of the building. Then they’d clear the gymnasium first because it’s the easiest to check out, it’s basically a big empty room with bleachers against the walls. Once that was cleared, they’d send us all into the gym out of the weather and clear the rest of the building.

        Oh, and Kim is still an addict.

  48. mrs peabody says:

    Well the person who writes Brandi’s blog has added her take on the subject. Brandi and Kim did no wrong. What else is new.

    • Amber says:

      For one thing, Brandi knowing and using the word, “hyperbole” … LOL

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I KNEW this would happen sooner or later-the ghost writer couldn’t help herself and wants it to be know that she is writing the blog! Brandi using HYPERBOLE??? Seriously? This is worse than Teresa’s ghost written crap. This blog has no Brandi in it at all-even the parts where she tried to sound like Brandi come of way too smug and superior to be Brandi. Brandi has zero confidence but this writer thinks SHE is the shit!! If Brandi wants to keep the fan base she has worked for this isn’t the way to do it-they are crazy supportive of her because she is so REAL…this blog is so NOT that!!

        • kit9 says:

          God, how I wish someone at the reunion pulled a napalm on her azz. Quote her fauxblog and ask her to define hyperbole. I’d pay big $$ to see that. Just imagine the look on Brandi’s face…

      • Not to mention, Brandi has no idea what a “thesis” is, either.

  49. chismosa says:

    oh thank the lordie i found a site that has the bravo blogs and it’s not on that gnarly site.
    Read Lisa R’s. I guess it was good ??

    don’t know if this will work.

    What are the god damned rumors Lisa? Why you so freakin’ upset girl?

    • inorite?

      The lady doth protest too much….

    • ladebra says:

      The rumors are the voices in Kim’s head.

      • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:


        That pic!

        Someone please use that Kimbot photo for their gravy !

        That’s last year’s dress right ? Wow

      • Powell says:

        Looking forward to the reunion. This proves that Kim hasn’t taken responsibility of her relapse. She’s still blaming the wrong people instead of herself. This answers my question then that she doesn’t see what Bobble had to say at lunch w/LR as her also doubting Kim’s sobriety. Maybe Bravo will finally say to Kim #ByeGirl 👋

  50. Survivor tonight!!! Hope you all have a great night…shutting down till after Survivor….don’t want to have to say “How dare you.” to any spoilers, lol! Peace, out! *drops mic

  51. sparklemuffy says:

    Distress- did anyone see this? #don’ttakeourdaryl

  52. sparklemuffy says:

    Thank-you thank you for blogs– so I don’t have to watch and be stressed out. I always thought Kim had to take anxiety meds to be on TV? I think Kyle has been mean a long time. and jelly. I bet all three of those girls have that badger streak. Sad Brandy can’t keep her mouth shut and just make a living for another couple of years.

  53. TexasTart says:

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Happy for her. She’s a hustler and she got a really big break. Better than putting your name on alcohol, shampoo, wigs, dress line, etc., that no one that I know uses.

      • TexasTart says:

        👍👍👍👍 Me too, HuskerHuny! I’m glad you commented on this. I thought it was a big deal and it’s nice to find something good and commendable in Real Housewives land! 😊

  54. TexasTart says:

    Kristen is in FoxyMel territory….so much nicer than ice!

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      Love her. She’s probably SO happy filming wrapped.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Oh man, I thought you meant Kristen from VPR. 😦

      • TexasTart says:

        If it were THAT Kristen, you’d have to got to here hotel and like leave here a dead bouquet with a cryptic note signed Tom.

        Maybe not Tom….but something to yank her chain. So mean. Sorry, lol.
        I slept pretty good considering the wind was howling like a pack of coyotes all night!

  55. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      I guess she’s NEW to NY since she’s from the far far far away state of …… Connecticut–


      (Not here at least)

      Talk to me in April ✋

      • Powell says:

        Talk to me in May. No matter what the calendar says April is a weird weather month. 💦☔💦☔❄❄🌀🌀🌅

    • TexasTart says:

      Do you see a white and gold snowman or a blue and black?

  56. TexasTart says:

    They’ll let anybody ring that bell, eh?

  57. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa aka/ Lisa VP is my imperfect savvy Queen & I love her for it so sh-ut it says:

      Tarts you need an Eileen emoji saying


  58. mrs peabody says:

    I just rewatched the fight and what happened afterwards where Kyle says she’s sick of defending her and “covering” for her. I think she knows she hasn’t been sober and Brandi knows it too. That’s why they both looked like they wanted to crawl under the table when Kim was going on about if her friends at the table knew she was using they’d do something, they both knew she was. I’ve never seen Brandi so quiet and speechless as she was during and right after this when she was picking up the purses.

  59. mrs peabody says:

    Brandi’s blog is gone, what happened to it.

  60. Ladina says:

    Ok, Ill just leave this here…

    I figure since Starz, you did an amazing job with the play by play of last nights episode, maybe you could also do one of this bullshit I just read, I mean if you can take the torture, Ill be very grateful if you do, I will even post it to Brandis Twitter, that way she can know shes not fooling anyone, just her delusional fans… Please!? 🙏🙏🙏 😊😊😊

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Ladina, Stars might need an entire week to recover! 😉 Check the archives or the blog on Tuesday when blogger Namaste does a breakdown of the Beverly Hills cast blogs. She tells them how it is! You’ll like it!

  61. cdnfillie58 says:

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm… I have visions of Brandi and Kim swimming in the lady pond together …

  62. WasLurking says:

    It is crazy how the hatred of Brandi and Kim rules the blog. Mostly Brandi but whatever. People KNOWING that Kim is high with no evidence. ( yes we all know she fuc@ed up at poker night).
    Kim made it very clear to Lr……..STOP bringing it up!!! So what does LR do……
    tells her sad story about a lost sister..
    But it’s all Brani’s fault…………

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Yes, it’s a lot of fun!

    • I HATE when posters making sweeping generalizations about this blog. If you have something to say and disagree with a comment then go ahead and debate it.

      If you’re not debating? I guess there’s not enough compelling evidence to support your arguments so instead you attack the blog.

      Intellectually lazy. Ugh.

      For the record? I, personally, have not blamed Brandi. I and others here have repeatedly questioned LisaR’s insistence on this “storyline” so your sweeping generalizations show a stunning lack of reading comprehension.

      • Ladina says:

        👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I been reading without posting for a while now and I never seen what WasLurking is saying, I have seen arguments, but all in fun and very respectful… But I guess telling truths about certain people does not go well with some… 😏

        • TexasTart says:

          Ladina, you were stuck in moderation because of a typo in your email. TexasTart

        • T-Rex says:

          Ladina, certain posters come out of the woodwork on occasion to blast the folks here, they feel the need to drop generalizations. I have been here since the very beginning of Lynn’s pages, back when they were hub pages, and this just happens from time to time. Best to just ignore. I agree to disagree with loads of folks here, but I don’t make sweeping allegations, no one is going to always agree with one another. Trust Me I actually LIKED THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi when she first came on the show. JillNoNotThatJill and I used to have some “rousing debates” about her. Then I was gifted the “cluephone” as I pieced together, actually on a spreadsheet, ALL of the LIES LIES LIES and MORE LIES LIES LIES that NON_TRUTH Cannon was spouting and got off that MoronTrain immediately.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t understand why you are so so bothered by comments on a HW blog? If we aren’t supportive of your opinions I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs that are. I read a bunch of comments on other blogs where the love for Brandi is strong and the support for Kim is overwhelming.
        It’s not a crime to dislike Brandi and it’s not a crime to say “I think Kim is high”-it’s not like we made up Kim’s addict issue-she showed us she’s an addict. There is evidence in the form of a confession.
        It’s apparent from this comment and few others that you have left that you don’t really care for this blog so I’m curious as to why you take the time to read what we all have to say?

        • PJ says:

          People do get riled up here from time to time, this poster isn’t the only one. I believe I was told I needed a Xanax because my opinion is different. BTW thank you for your reply to that I thought it was very nice of you. I could probably use a hug but I don’t do Xanax. It is just a TV show and I don’t believe any of these women are being real on camera, they are hypocrites through and through. Aging soap stars desperate for a last shot at a spot in the limelight playing scenes from soap operas and pretending the are concerned about people, willing to scale other people’s backs to get their spot. Real actual violence that is acceptable depending on who does it. Women trying to pretend that they are so above it all when they are pretty much the same as any other person on this show, except for a few zeros decimal points and dollar signs of course. It’s amusing and sad all at the same time, I’m sure there will be classes and case histories about these shows the type of people that go on them and the impact on viewers. Ok I’m done ranting I’m going to go not take a Xanax now and see if my husband will hug me.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes people get riled up and people say things like take a Xanax-once I was told to “sober up”…I will never forget that one! Personal attacks are not nice and thank God they rarely happen here-I don’t like it and I don’t think I do it. This poster doesn’t seem to be talking about anything personal but seems to be talking about not liking this blog. There is a very easy remedy for that….

            • PJ says:

              I left a comment here earlier from my cell phone but apparently it didn’t go through.

              I can’t imagine someone telling you to sober up, I wouldn’t even know what to say to that. 😘

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            PJ, I promise you whoever said you needed a Xanax it was just meant to be funny. Ramona said,” Take a Xanax!” to be honest, I love that phrase because sometimes I need a Xanax too. 🙂

            • RabbleRouser says:

              Hi PJ and Foxy, I don’t remember the incident PJ is talking about..but I can easily see someone saying “Take a Xanax-Calm down” as a joke and a HW reference. I can also how someone might not make the connection and get offended.

          • T-Rex says:

            Man, PJ, I would hope no one would have told you to take a Xanax seriously, we don’t always agree on subjects, but I for one wouldn’t ever say that you are someone that really rants a whole lot though. You have your opinions and they are your opinions, and it’s great to have a place with differing views on things, it would be boring if we all agreed about everything, plus you need to sometimes see things from a different perspective. You have always been respectful with those opinions, so I hope someone said this to you in jest.

            • PJ says:

              To everyone above it may have been a joke that is a possibility, but it didn’t seem like one and honestly I don’t think it was. I don’t really remember the conversation but I’m sure it had something to do with Brandi because people think I like Brandi because I sort of defend her but honestly I always defend someone I think is an underdog I can’t help it. I feel for a woman who has a cheating husband because my first husband was a serial cheater and I get the anger and sadness when you’re so deeply betrayed. Although I’ve tried to make it clear that I understand why people feel the way they do and I don’t approve of the things Brandi says and does. Anyway I appreciated Jill’s reply to the commenter.

  63. Powell says:

    Good morning peeps. ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄⛄⛄❄⛄⛄❄❄❄ Sighhhhh!
    Here’s something for ya.

    • TexasTart says:

      Good Morning Powell. We are 🌀❄❄❄ here too. It’s not common here though. Luckily I’m already having to stay home, so it’s not affecting my day…..except my old house windows are drafty! Heater is working OT! Yay for heat! 😊

      • ladebra says:

        Chicken Soup and lots of Quilts! ❄️❄️

        • TexasTart says:

          Girl, I had to haul out my Great Grandmother’s quilt, it’s older than me but heavy enough to eliminate any chance of draft! If only she knew it were helping comfort me through pneumonia!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Good morning!!
      Snow day for my girls today …Maggie will be begging me to do her nails and make-up!! Her new favorite thing to do is wear my shoes because she thinks they “almost” fit her…they don’t!! The girl loves shoes-the higher the heel the more she loves them…God help me!!

  64. Powell says:

    These tweets are hilarious!

  65. So TMZ is saying that Kim made up that she knew anything about Harry Hamlin- and the lie comes out at the reunion.

    Still doesn’t explain Lisa’s overreaction

    • T-Rex says:

      OMIB, I noted last night that numerous folks are reporting this, and I guess maybe this is the “bombshell” at the Reunion? There also a number of sites questioning SpaceCadetSDrugAddictAlcoholicKims’s sobriety and Mental Health regarding this whole Kerfuffle. But I think MzAndy has been “letting the proverbial cat out of the bag” regarding the issue.

      • That’s why I think it may be a red herring just to get people to tune in…and the REAL bombshell is something totally different…

        Although that would be giving Bravo a aweful lot of credit. Subtly has never been their strength…

        About as subtle as a Mack truck…🚚🚚🚚

    • ladebra says:

      Just a thought, but maybe LisaR was agitated that Kim would make up a lie about her much beloved husband Harry, who did not sign up for a reality show, in order to deflect from her addiction problems. I don’t know that for a fact, but if I put myself in her shoes, I would be agitated. Kim is a nasty lieing addict. And that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. 😜

      • Here’s the thing about Kim’s unfinished accusation: it got everyone speculating about Rinna and Harry, and much of it is not good. So the damage was done, as Kim and Brandi knew it would be, in my opinion. It was all on camera, after all.

        There is nothing harmless in spreading rumors, false or otherwise. It hurts people’s reputations, families, and relationships. Not to mention, as professional public figures, Harry and Rinna are getting trashed in spades.

        I’m sure this was Kim’s payback to LisaR. I have no doubt about it. But the logic was irrational, immature, and just another deflection. Harry did nothing to Kim, after all. If LisaR is guilty of going with the probably directed “sobriety” storyline, LisaR still had no responsibility for Kim’s relapse on camera, as many have stated. Kim did it all to herself and to everyone around her she effected.

        Also, why does Kim think LisaR is more culpable than Brandi, who was talking about Kim’s addiction issues on camera to others as much as LisaR, as well as betraying Kim’s confidence by revealing her “patch” and “not the half of it” secrets?

        One more point I think needs reiterating: YOLANDA was the one who first brought up drinking and driving when she made the “everyone share something deep” group participation request. It was clear where it was going. Kim knew it. Brandi knew it. LisaR knew it, they all knew it. I’d be surprised if the director didn’t give them that entire set up to keep the focus of this storyline going, with LisaR given an opportunity to apologize to Kim. But Kim had other ideas…or maybe it just got out of hand fast.

        I don’t believe Rinna would have agreed to put her husband in that position, though, so I think that low blow was a Brandi/Kim-production. Rinna saw she’d been trapped too late, and that’s why I think she went so ballistic. She knew what Kim was doing and she knew how it would play out.

        Just my thoughts, of course.

  66. Orson says:

    So, what’s the line on Kim being completely sober for the reunion?

    I suspect in Kim Universe, as long as she doesn’t drink any alcohol, she thinks she’s sober. It doesn’t matter how much Paxil, Xanax, Oxycotin, etc. she takes; as long as she doesn’t drink, she thinks she’s sober. The denial is strong in this one.

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t have a line on that, Orson. However, I fully believe when KIM references sobriety she is ONLY referring to alcohol, which in my opinion is the most idiotic thing about her! She’s a mental case with addiction issues – always has been ITTHO.

  67. laura says:

    Lisa r true colors coming out.throwing wine one thing.breaking a glass stupid.why does she have to know all kims business?cuz she has no storyline.eileen yawn!!! Vyle kyle gross.this show sinking fast ms.andy

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