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Season 5 Episode 16

 Lisa R don't fucking go

Lisa Rinna

“I Am Horrified By The Way Kim Treats Kyle”

Lisa starts out by telling us how similar this episode is to placing ingredients in a blender, turning it on and realizing you forgot to put the lid on.  She was relieved when Eileen and Lisa V. arrived in Amsterdam.

As soon as we sat down for dinner, you can see how aggressive and extremely discontent Kim Richards was sitting among us, waiting for the slightest thing to provoke her anger. She looked at whoever was speaking with disdain, just waiting to challenge them. Yolanda was a gracious hostess, though, and tried to make the best of what appeared to be a rocky beginning to the night. I, for one, found Yolanda’s suggestion that we each discuss something in our lives that has moved us deeply to be heartfelt and touching.

I guess I am a bit of a Negative Nellie.  I think Yolanda started that conversation in order to stir up some shit.  I believe she knew exactly what she was doing.  I don’t think she realized it would go as bad as it did though.

As I spoke of my own sister dying at age 21 of a sleeping pill and alcohol overdose when I was six years old, I really allowed myself to become vulnerable among these women. I trusted each of them to let me tell my story and perhaps allow my words to be a bonding experience, so I took the opportunity to once again apologize to Kim for overstepping a boundary of hers. Had I known that sharing a story so deeply rooted inside of me would cause Kim to lash out at Eileen, Kyle, and myself, I would have never opened my mouth and allowed us to be left open to her uncontrollable anger and spiteful words.

I was actually very surprised by Lisa’s experience.  This had to be devastating for her family.  Addiction is an EVIL beast (not the same as kind of beast that Kim thinks Eileen is).  Addiction destroys and changes everything in its path.

The insults she continued to hurl at Eileen were terribly disgusting and hurtful. To sit there and insult her physical appearance, call her a “beast,” and tell her to shut her f—ing mouth was just beyond. I mean, even to this day, all I can do is stare in wide-eyed horror and shake my head in disgust. As for Kyle, I wouldn’t presume to get in the middle of family matters, but I am horrified by the way Kim treats her. I can only hope they find a way to settle their differences because this is just so NOT OK.

I am rarely left speechless, but this kinda does it.  This was horrific to watch.  I realized Kim is an awful person drunk, high and sober.  I am surprised she has anyone left who supports her in her life.  She and Kingsley have a lot in common.  Lisa calls what happens next her “DO NOT F— WITH ME” moment.  She is glad she didn’t strangle Kim (me, not so much).  Tell us she hears the food in jails is not so good and orange is not in her color wheel.  She points out that Kim has only met HH once (but rumors and innuendo are usually based on assumptions and not actually knowing the person).  But, guess what?  The one time she met HH was the night of the Poker Part from Hell.  You know the day, right?  The day Kim had taken 1, 2, 7 or 9 of Monty’s pain pills.  Perhaps in her drug induced state, she saw HH do something rather unsettling.

Look, I own the fact that I allowed myself to be provoked, and it was uncool to break a glass in the restaurant. It was not one of my finest moments, but there’s only so much my inner gangster can take before she goes postal. It was all very draining, and by the time we got to our conversation the next morning, I was really over it and not looking for another fight. Besides, we were in Amsterdam for God’s sake, and it was beautiful and I wasn’t about to let Kim, of all people, ruin my short time there, so I stopped reminding Kim that I had, in fact, come directly to her with my concerns and just took the high road.

Hmph.  She “owns” that she broke the glass.  I think it would be better if she apologizes first and then explains her inner monologue.  I have never thrown a drink on someone or broke a glass (on purpose).

Chaos and anger aside, I really loved being in Amsterdam, especially with such a wonderful and generous tour guide as Yolanda. Riding bikes through her quaint village to the windmills was refreshing, cathartic, and good for the soul. The cake eating was pretty funny and then, of course, more drama ensued, which I couldn’t get away from fast enough. I was in survival mode already just trying to get through the evening, let alone another five days.

I thought the bike riding and such was quite fun!  I really really wish Bravo would call me so I could tell them all the things we (I) want to see on these Housewives shows!

How dare you

Eileen Davidson

“Kim Is Acting Completely Unhinged”

Eileen was “thrilled” when she got to Amsterdam.  I bet she changed her tune pretty quick upon hearing about Lisa R. being reprimanded by Kim on the plane.  She is disturbed that Kim is so vicious.

At dinner, I was really touched when Yolanda shared with us her feelings about what happened with Bella. I loved what she said about showing your true core. I wholeheartedly agree, and I was happy to think we were going to go to a deeper level in our friendships with each other.  I was surprised to hear about Lisa R.’s sister passing away. It hits very close to home. No wonder she’s sensitive to everything happening to Kim and Kyle right now. I think her apology to Kim was beautiful, and it takes a lot of courage to bare part of a painful past. 

OK, I am gonna say.  Kim asked Lisa not to bring it up again.  She was pretty clear about that.  So, I think Kim had a right to be a tiny bit pissed, but maybe could have said, “Lisa, I understand where you are coming from, BUT I have asked you time and time again to stop bringing up MY issues.  Why must you continue?”  This could have been said POLITELY.  Clearly, Kim’s mom, Big Kathy, did not teach manners to her very entitled child star.

That’s why I couldn’t believe that Kim exploded.  Lisa R. started with an apology. I think this was about the fifth time she had apologized, actually. She wasn’t attacking Kim, but Kim definitely started attacking Lisa R. I was completely shocked by the level of viciousness, and I interjected. That’s when Kim calls me a “beast.” Really? For doing what exactly? Then she hits below the belt about Lisa R.’s “situation at home”—whatever that is supposed to mean—and then tells me to “shut my f—ing mouth”? What am I missing? This isn’t our first night in Amsterdam; this is our first night in Crazy Town.

I think Lisa could have shared her experience and said, “So, just so EVERYONE understands, this is why I am very sensitive to situations regarding addiction.”  Hind sight is 20-20.  So in a very small way, I get why Kim was pissed at Lisa.  Not to the degree that she took it, but she had a teeny tiny right to be mad.  BUT, there is absolutely NO explanation for why she went after Eileen.  None.  Perhaps she has just spent too much time with her new BFF and Bobble’s behavior transfers through osmosis.  When Kim goes after Kyle, this whole thing escalates to another level.  Lisa attempts to defend Kyle (which surely is not allowed by Kim cause only she can be the victim) and Kim goes in to full assault mode.  Eileen realizes that Lisa was pushed to her breaking point.

This is the first time I’ve heard Kim mention her grown children this way. I do have empathy for her and what her family went through, but honestly, aren’t her actions far worse than anything Lisa R. and I have said or done?

I think Kim’s kids have given her the ultimate ultimatum:  It’s either us or the addiction.  I think they should have said, “It’s either us or the addiction  AND the housewives show.”    Eileen said  she really wanted to go home and that the whole trip was overshadowed by this event.  Once they got back to the hotel, Lisa R. tells everyone she will never speak to Kim again.

So, the next morning, kudos to Kim, I guess? She went to see Lisa R. She must be there to apologize for her heinous veiled accusations about Harry, right? No! She’s there to explain why she got so heated. If “heated” is even the right word? After everything that happened the night before, the trauma, the insults, is this conversation really enough to just make it all go away? Apparently so, and now I am really confused that everything’s “just fine” again. I’m all for working to resolve conflict, but I can’t help but feel that Kim and Lisa are sweeping everything under the rug. It would be fantastic if Lisa feels that everything was resolved, but does she really? How could she possibly feel that after what happened the night before? That was a traumatizing experience, and I’m not buying it. Where’s Kim’s apology for making that veiled comment about Harry? Where’s Kim’s apology to me? To Kyle?

I think Kim was maybe told by production that she needed to “clear the air” or get off out of Crazy Town (reminiscent of Crazy Island anyone?)  Perhaps she was prodded and told, “Remember what happened to the girl that ate too many gummy bears and jelly bellies?  That could be you!”  I don’t for a minute think that Lisa R. was able to “forgive” Kim.  I think she was able to put the situation aside for the sake of the bigger picture.  I think Lisa looks at RHBH as a JOB and a paycheck.  So, yes, they are still in Crazy Town.

Because of our love and respect for Yolanda, we all manage to compartmentalize what has happened, and we go bike riding. Yeah, we did that, and it was hilarious. Biking along canals and passing windmills was the quintessential Holland experience. Meeting Yolanda’s “first” kiss (or was he?) was cute, too. The people that lived inside the windmills were lovely, and it was a personal highlight for me. Yolanda’s mother is amazing! She’s survived so much, and she’s battling cancer again. She’s such a positive and kind person; I see where Yolanda gets it. I’m truly in awe of her. I also adore her brother, Leo. What wonderful people, and I felt a true connection with them for sure. 

I thought it was very sweet when the man said he and Yo had “dated” and kissed.  Shows how very small her town was when she was growing up.  The windmills and the bike ride were just beautiful.

At the “coffee shop,” I’m starting to have fun and things with the ladies have mellowed. Thank God Kim decided not to come. For many reasons, that is probably a fantastic move on her part. I went in adamant that I was not going to have any space cake. But, like I said, I gave in to the peer pressure! It was just a little corner, people! So…we managed to have some fun for about one minute. We leave the coffee shop, and I hear screaming. I turn around to see that Brandi is ranting in the street. Honestly, she has become the biggest buzzkill! And I mean that literally!  She thinks we’re all “hypocrites,” and I’m really not sure why. Kyle was upset that Brandi brought up something personal in front of everybody, and Brandi doesn’t see the difference between her behavior and Kyle’s. So, here we have it: Kim and Brandi, ranting and raving, with not nearly enough space cake in the world to chill them both out.

I think these ladies stay up late every night adding to the list of things they accidentally said or did in front of Brandi and preparing for the day that it will be thrown back in their faces in a very public way.  With my friends, we SHARE secrets.  I tell you something weird or strange about myself and then you share something equally as weird and strange.  Then we are even and keep each other’s secrets.  The difference here is that Brandi has no secrets.  This is a woman that has shown her tampon string to the world.  There is nothing you can say about her that could possibly damage her nonexistent reputation.  Girl has nothing to lose.

Lisa V smoking

Lisa Vanderpump

“Lisa R. Took The Bait”

Lisa shares with us that she had voiced her concern about discussing Kim’s ever changing sobriety.  Lisa V. knows first-hand that Kim does not handle this well.

Anyway, we go to dinner…I actually cringed as I objected to Yolanda’s stance on prostitution, my caustic remark in interview, but that, in the grand scale of things, flew under the radar. However, I am sure in situations where there is no choice, maybe prostitution is understandable, but in a cosmopolitan city like Amsterdam where there are a plethora of choices–maybe even menial–but choices nonetheless, whilst preserving our dignity, they would be mine.

I have never been a prostitute or stripper.  #1 reason is I am not a fan of being naked.  I gave birth to twins at 25.  My belly looks like a road map.  #2 reason is I have never been that desperate BUT, if I had to choose between my kids starving because I had no means of paying for food and do a completely legal deed (as it is in Amsterdam) than I guess I would take of my big girl panties and just do it.  I would squeeze every penny I could from each “conquest” and I would find a way out of that “job” asap.  I think Lisa made a joke.  I don’t think there is any little girl in Amsterdam who has a Prostitute Barbie that hangs out with Veterinarian and Doctor Barbie.  I could be wrong.

Lisa V. takes Yo to task by addressed Yo’s comment about how everyone in BH is superficial.  Lisa says that maybe other woman have superficial chats, but she isn’t like there.  Whether home in BH or in the English countryside.

So things start to heat up…Lisa categorically says, “I apologize for getting in your business.” That should have been the end of it, but no, Kim was gunning for her and was not going to back down. She was on a mission. I adore Lisa, and I don’t stand in front of her and condone her actions (any physicality does not sit well with me), however, there comes a time when one might just snap, especially when you are defending the good name of your family, their integrity in a public arena against the aggressor, being Kim, who is hinting at insidious rumors. I urge Lisa to challenge her later over the spiteful intimation regarding Harry. I was absolutely of the mind that it was empty rhetoric, designed to incite Lisa. But Lisa reacted to it. Lisa took the bait, and therefore became somewhat culpable in this whole scenario.

Agree.  By reacting to Kim’s ridiculous accusations, Lisa lowered herself to Kim’s level.

Once again Kim lambasts Kyle for not defending her. How could Kyle defend her mean-spirited remarks? Calling Eileen a beast? I mean, have you all met Eileen? Really?

Really?  (I am reminded of Seth Myers and Amy Poehler’s “Really?” segments on SNL.)

I have to say it was pretty hilarious that out of all the men and all the windmills, we found one of Yolanda’s ex-boyfriends. What a gift that we giggled over, enjoying the playful banter as we teased her.

It was pretty cute!  Also made better when Yolo couldn’t remember this guy!

All was sailing along pretty smoothly until the pot shop. I make no pretenses of anything whatsoever. We are in a public forum, we are all aware of that. My children are grown, and I understand the reticence to partake in whatever was on offer, but then let’s not go there in the first place. Let us not sit in the middle of this bar and start hurling accusations designed to embarrass.

Just because Brandi chooses to let her children know about ALL of her questionable choices (and did I read somewhere that Brandi’s own lawyer advised her NOT to partake in any pot consumption?) does not mean all the ladies want their kids to know everything.

I do understand to some extent what Brandi is saying regarding hypocrisy. If you do it, own it, but in all the years I have known Kyle, I don’t ever recall seeing her smoking. Brandi persisted, but the caveat here is we are all too often the victims of her behavior. When she drinks, things often become aggressive…as you will see next week.

I don’t quite understand this.  There are some things people do, that they don’t intend for their kids to know about.  My son recently asked me if I had ever smoked pot.  I was able to say quite honestly that I had not.  But, if I had, I imagine I could have used this as a teachable moment.  I also could have said that it was none of his business!  These are all parenting choices that should be made by THE PARENT and not some random loser on a reality show.

I am leaving NY after speaking at the United Nations–an overwhelming experience. It was snowing, so East Coast, stay warm! As always…

March 2nd, Lisa gave a speech regarding the Ebola crisis.  I am not sure what makes her an expert in this area, but here is a quote from her speech:

“The current ebola outbreak has taken more victims than every other outbreak combined. The graphic images of victims lying bleeding from the gut and people stepping over them is heart wrenching. We have to be proactive an increase funding for research, or we are guilty for stepping over them as a nation.  It is not just a West African problem. We are a global community and it is our problem, and I urge all nations to pay attention to this crisis.”

 Kim brandi yo on street

Brandi Glanville

…on hypocrisy and double standards

Let us start by saying there is no way in hell that Brandi wrote this.  Her blogs have been quite a plethora of weirdness this season and either she has a multiple personality disorder or she is using someone else to write her blogs (and tweets).  It’s fun cause we can all tell when she figures out her twitter password!  Brandi/Ghostwriter shares that she is currently in Ca.  She had the BEST weekend BBQing and hanging with her new BFF Leeza Gibbons (I hope Kim doesn’t get jealous).

Hyperbole: HORRIFIC
Jaws drop in stunned horror if I reply, ”I’ll knock your teeth out” (empty words thrown out when under verbal attack on RHOBH). Admittedly, not my greatest moment, but you try putting up with some of the “ladies” of Beverly Hills (or wherever they pretend to live). I will sincerely work on other ways to get crazy people yelling in my face to back up. Anyway, it’s called hyperbole, Kyle. Yeah, smart people know what that is. Kyle, look it up. 

Hyperpole       noun    A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.

Hmmm.  Not the same as “I’ll knock your teeth out”.  THAT is a threat; not hyperbole Ms. Ghostwriter.

I mean real violence. Digging your fingers into someone’s arm to forcibly push them out of your way or grabbing for someone’s throat in anger isn’t worthy of being condemned by the same group. No mention at all. As a matter of fact, after they regrouped and arranged their group spin, it was Kim’s and my fault that Rinna is a crazy, violent person who throws dangerous broken glass in people’s faces. You women are over half a century old. Own your behavior.

Dear God in heaven we are not talking about those scratches on your arm again are we?  I am so very bored of those.  I sincerely hope she brought photos to the reunion and that Kyle WEARS the alleged weapon.  Ghostwriter goes on to compare the wine toss on Eileen to what Lisa R. did.  Whatever.

Heaving broken glass at people’s faces: ACCEPTABLE
Reaching across a table to rip someone’s throat out with your nails, hurling a full drink with ice cubes in a face, and the best of all, purposefully smashing a large wine glass as hard as you can in the direction of my and Kim’s face wasn’t discussed at all. Yep. It never happened. I didn’t dig glass out of my skin, out of my ear, spend hours in the shower trying to get shards out of my hair cutting my fingers, oh, and picking it out of my clothes, so it didn’t get in my children’s laundry later on.

I am now reminded of the SNL skit with Dan Aykroyd and Candice Bergen and he is a toy salesman selling a Bag O Glass.  Hey Ghostwriter, Lisa R. did not HEAVE broken glass at anyway.  She smashed a glass on the table.  Unless Brandi rolled around on that table before she went back to the hotel, I have a hard time believing there was glass in her hair, her ear or clothes.  Maybe she brought documentation to the reunion.

Mentioning Kyle smokes weed: HORRIFIC
File under no big deal. Most people have, including the President. If you constantly refer to the truth as “dangerous,” Kyle, maybe change the way you live.

You are right.  It is “no big deal”, but it is Kyle’s “not big deal” to share; not your’s.

Kyle telling the world her sister is an alcoholic: ACCEPTABLE
Humiliating Kim’s children in front of the entire world. Yeah, helpful.

Hey Ghostwriter…your client accused Kim of using crystal meth in the bathroom!!!

Note Kim didn’t expose any of Rinna’s secrets. Kim only lets it be known that she COULD. All I’m saying is that if I had nothing to hide, I wouldn’t be trying to claw out someone’s throat, knocking chairs over, and breaking glasses at Yolanda’s dinner parties. Would you?

What are these secrets?  I have a strong feeling Kim pulled this hat out of her bag for the sole purpose of DEFLECTION.

I’m sorry everyone.  I’m done.  I can’t re-hash anymore of this blather.  I am so sick of this bitch.

Kyle's reaciton - well you have

Kyle Richards

“How Could I Defend Kim?”

Let me start by saying I really don’t understand why Kyle continues to put herself in situations where she will be attacked by Kim.  We have seen this happen over and over again.  I think it would behoove Kyle to approach Bravo and say, “It’s either me or my sister.”  Bravo will choose Kyle every day and twice on Sunday.  I always thought that Kyle was the reason why Kim remained on the show.  That perhaps Kyle had pushed to keep her sister employed.  She needs to cut the apron strings and let Kim fend for herself.  Let Brandi negotiate Kim’s contract next season.

We arrive to dinner on our first night there, and we are not even there for five minutes when Yolanda suggests we all go around the table and share something to bring us all closer. Yolanda started with Bella’s DUI. I know that was a difficult time for Yolanda, and she had never discussed what had happened with anyone from the group before, and I know she wanted to get that off her chest. When it was Lisa Rinna’s turn, she decided to share losing her sister to a drug and alcohol overdose. The mood was quiet and everyone was attentive and taking it all in. After Lisa shared her story, she then apologized to Kim. I was hoping Kim would just say, “Thank you,” and it would all be over. But when Kim started in with Lisa, once again, I immediately went into panic mode. I had no idea what was about to ensue. As things escalated, I truly went into in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. I was pleading with my sister to stop. Kim was saying I should be defending her, but I could not defend someone that was behaving in such a manner. Sister or not. If my sister had handled the situation with Lisa R. the way we had discussed, in a nice, calm manner, I would have supported her. I have taught my children to stand up for what is right, and I couldn’t bring myself to stand up for that behavior. I didn’t know what my sister expected from me. How can I defend and support her when she’s calling Eileena “beast” and saying “shut your f—ing mouth” or threatening to reveal something about Lisa R’s husband (who didn’t sign up for this show)? People’s families are off limits. You just don’t do that.

Your right, Kyle.  Kim is indefensible…so, why do you keep defending her?  Kyle is a classic co-dependent and needs to get her ass to an al-anon meeting ASAP.

When Lisa R. lunged across the table at Kim, it was startling! I have never seen that side of Lisa. I would have never guessed she could get to that point. Then Lisa threw the glass! I couldn’t believe what was happening. Lisa was wrong to go after Kim like that. Absolutely. It was scary to be in the middle of this. I can’t explain why my instinct was to run out of there. I didn’t even have time to think. I just wanted to get as far away as possible. Even as a little girl, my instinct when something scared me was to run and hide. In that moment, I felt like a child again. It was so incredibly upsetting. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and I didn’t want to be there.

The whole scene (and it is hard to call it a scene cause it was real) is just horrible to watch.  As I said before, it gave me a horrible tummy ache and I watched it from the comfort of my couch.

The next day I woke up thinking, “How are we going to get through this day?” When I heard Kim and Lisa R. “made up,” I was dumbstruck. How on earth can they even pretend to be OK after what happened the night before? I’m all for trying to make the most of a bad situation, but that was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen between “friends.” I couldn’t just pretend everything was OK as much as I wish I could have. Apparently, Kim and I both decided we would both ignore each other completely.

This was weird.  Super weird.  I am a person who wears emotions on my sleeve.  I cannot pretend to like someone.  I cannot brush something under the rug.  Maybe cause many of these women have training as actors, they can do this a little better than most.  I would have spent the day back in that hotel room on the potty.

In spite of the tension, I did enjoy seeing this beautiful country and visiting Yolanda’s mother who was sweet and gracious. Side note: That day, I lost my wallet when it fell out of my pocket while riding my bike, and I fell off the bike that was too big for me. Good times! With my good luck streak, I should have known to stay home that evening.

Yolanda’s mother was very sweet and welcoming to these lunatics.  I am glad the ladies managed to be on their best behavior in her home.

However…we did decide to head out to the “pot shops.” Some of the women decided they would try a space cake, and some of us didn’t want to. I don’t know why Brandi thought it was hypocritical of us not to have a space cake. SHE wasn’t having any because her lawyer told her she couldn’t. So if some of us didn’t want to, either, why did she care? I NEVER said I had never tried pot. It’s just not my thing and doesn’t agree with me. And since I’ve never eaten it, Mauricio warned me it wasn’t a good idea. But why was Brandi so insistent on ruining what started out as a fun evening? Once outside, she was screaming about the women saying she was a bad mother, an alcoholic, etc. I tried to diffuse the situation by calmly telling her that I never said she was a bad mother, but she didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. In typical Brandi fashion, she had to make a scene, screaming nonsense that came out of the blue. Nobody was engaging with her except me. I finally realized that she was dead set on making this another big fight, and I didn’t know where that would lead us. This wouldn’t be the last argument on our trip to Amsterdam. Not by far.

I bet dollars to donuts Kyle regrets every day that she spent any time outside the show with Brandi.  I bet she stays up late rehashing any personal information she might have shared with Brandi.


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      • Shiny says:

        I assumed that Brandi had spent the intervening time winding Kim up against Lisa R and Kyle – and maybe Eileen, too.

        Brandi was jealous of Lisa V’s friendship with Kyle way back when, and Brandi was clear that she needs to be THE BFF of whatever friend she wants. She’s doing the same with Kim as she tried (unsuccessfully) with Lisa V: talk negatively about everyone else in their lives. Kim is an easy mark and parrots exactly what Brandi tells her about the others – and Kim’s mean streak lets Brandi sit back and act all innocent. Yuck.

  9. T-Rex says:

    OMFG Seriously?!?!? I don’t think that THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi could even decipher that Fake Blog, let alone write it, LOL!
    First off what is the “DIG” at where the B-Hills ladies live, uhm MORON YOU are the ONLY Ho-wife that doesn’t OWN your home, it’s paid for by Bravo as of today, and YOU are the only one that doesn’t live NEAR B-Hills! UGH.

    Second, I have talked numerous times about working in a bar, specifically a ROCK N ROLL bar, I have had bottles hurled by my head, glasses broken around me, I have broken glasses while serving, etc. I have never once had to remove shards from every orifice of my body, while being 20 feet away from any breakage! I have also NEVER even had to clean it from my hair!(I had huge hair back then too). LIAR. I did break a glass into our ice well once, ugh, management NOT happy, we had to empty the whole thing and have it re-filled with ice.

    Third- YOU HUMILIATE your children on a regular basis, so why the F**k do you worry about SpaceCadetDrugAddictsALcoholic’s children, who by they way, should be more offended at their mother’s NON-sobriety and other crap she does on the show. NOT VALID Argument
    Fourth, VileKyle you best be shakin in those MEMEMEMEMEMEMIT’SALLABOUTME! Boots, because I think that anything and everything you told that idiot moron in confidence is going to come back and bite you in your ass, but serves you right confiding in someone you KNEW you shouldn’t to help you with getting “dirt” on others.

    • Do you think Kim owns her own home? How far is The Valley from BH?
      Can we please have tea in Lisa’s closet this week?

      • T-Rex says:

        THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi lives about 45-hour away from B-Hills depending on traffic. She bitched about living there on her PodCrap show and I remember her bitching about having to move there at the time it was rented, since she thought it was too far away from everything, uhm BITCH it’s a rental and it’s Bravo’s dime, feel free to find your own home idiot.
        Here is the other kicker McjudgeMcNeedyLymonHead doesn’t live near BHills either so is she dissing her as well? SO….
        VileKyleLOOKATME – lives in BelAir(next city over from Beverly Hills)
        LypsLisa and HunkyHarry – live in Beverly Hills
        McjudgeMcNeedyLymonHead – Malibu
        ThatTrampWeLoveEileen with OUR BoyfriendsheStole – Malibu
        TheVanderpumps – Beverly HIlls
        SpaceCadetDrugAddictKim- NOT Beverly Hills or Malibu
        I thought that SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcholicKim owned her house, I stand corrected, she rents her house in WestLakeVillage 10 minutes even further away from B-Hills than her idiot BFF. Could this be why they got all friendly this season because they both live so FAR away from the other ladies and far away from B-Hills itself?

        • majnon says:

          T-Rex, when Kyle was getting ready to go to Brandi’s housewarming party, she told Porscha that Brandi lived 5 minutes away, or maybe she meant Lisa R lived 5 minutes away because she was picking her up. Yea, maybe that’s it

          • T-Rex says:

            VileKyle lives a good half hour away from THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi, HOWEVER, since Producers think the viewers are MORONS, could have asked her to say that so no one would google the fact she lives WAY out of town.

        • Maybe they are friendly cause the car pool everywhere??? LOL!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi’s blog writer had a bunch of tweets about Kyle’s house being in a crap part of Sherman Oaks (idk if that’s the correct location b/c I can’t remember) right off the exit ramp or something-she even tweeted a pic of google map with the exact location…more bread crumbs!!

      • T-Rex says:

        For the record they also own a vacation home near Coachella that they paid another 2 million for, so they actually own TWO homes. That blog writer is probably in some crappy one bedroom apartment!

      • RabbleRouser says:

        Kyle’s home is in Bel Air and is adjacent to the 405, it’s however only short distance from the Sherman Oaks start line. I wasn’t aware there was a crap area in Sherman Oaks..I was always under the impression that it was upper middle class to upper class although, I am not a native to that area. Pindy or LADebra or some of the other LA county folks would probably know better than I do.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Oh, I know where Kyle lives, and found it on the satellite maps. She’s near the Jewish Center (or is it Hebrew University?), not all that far from their previous house and on a dead-end street.

  10. lila1star says:

    I so look forward to your take on the cast blogs Namaste! Thank you 🙂
    I really hope Bravo deals with the Kim/Brandi duo once this season is over cause I am certain I can not do this again. There is a part of me that feels like producers got involved and as always it went to far.
    Not saying they created the Lisa and Kim smack down but when they saw the extreme drama coming added their 2 cents. imo

    I agree Yo had to know that sharing the DUI story was like pulling a scab off a wound. Kim came to that dinner ready to fight and personally I don’t think Lisa had to say a word–Kim was going after her no matter what. I guess I am of the mind that Kim did not need to be angry either–the fact that Kim’s addiction is so a part of each show is all on her. She made it that way and in fact Kim’s status sober or using has been a theme forever–long before Lisa R. The fear about her kids? ha–those kids are no fools and they already know. Getting Lisa or anyone to not mention it will not spare her from her kids knowing–especially as Kim continues to use.

    Brandi is bad but Kim when using is way worse. She is beyond mean and well into crazy. It is said that Big Kathy raised up 3 mean girls with Kim taking to the role with gusto. Each girl was told from birth they were to think of themselves as royalty and thus they would be. Kathy H. told her daughters the same. Seems only Kyle deviated a bit from mamas orders when she dumped the wealthy older man for Maury. She does not get the same credit as Kim but Kyle was still a working actress well after Kim’s star began to fade.
    I can not even imagine what or how Big Kathy’s manipulations scared all 3 girls. Raised as royalty and yet no kingdom showed up.

    Kim and Lisa’s morning talk was just bizarre –honestly my first thought was the drugs wore off and Kim was in ohoh mode. Damage control. I am sick of all of it and if Kim and Brandi are back next season–I wont be. Sorry for the book…..

    • jezzibel says:

      like I’ve said before, if its not Kim & Kyle’s sister issues dominating, its Kim’s addiction/not sober/sober dominating almost every single episode. Bravo should get rid of Kim and Brandi and demote Kyle to friend status for a season or 2. I’ve been rewatching the RHOBH from the beginning and it is starting to get very annoying how much of the episodes are dominated by the Richard sisters, and they are robbing the show of its fabulousness with their issues.

      • Powell says:

        Yes 🙋 bye Kim & Bobble. I don’t think Kyle should be “friend status”. I can’t remember who said it but I agree that I think they should stop the “friend of”. There should just be the HWs 5 or 6 of them.

        • TexasTart says:

          Buh BYE. Yes, no more friends of….seems we do not have a friend of housewives on BH and it’s better that way. 5 or 6 is good. I agree. 8 is too many – that is what NY will have (assuming Dorinda or whatever her name is, is an apple holder.)

    • TexasTart says:

      I always like your posts, lila. I don’t think there was producer intervention on the wine glass smackdown though. It all seemed spontaneous and organic to me. I know a lot of people disagree with that, but I still believe it is!

      • lila1star says:

        Thank you TexasTart–you maybe right. I am certainly not saying producers did anything for certain. Just a feeling I have. I really do not know what to think about Lisa’s over the top reaction other than it was way over the top 🙂 I do hope you feel better soon!

        • TexasTart says:

          Just know that I don’t put it past production to interject or shape things, but somehow just didn’t seem like it that time. I know what you mean by LisaR’s reaction and I think she simply lost it. It would have been beneficial for viewers to see her say that and apologize accordingly…that bugs me. Thanks for the well wishes. 😊

    • Powell says:

      This morning on GMA, Kelly & Michael and HLN they talked about a study that was done that parents are raising Narcissists. They’re giving their kids praise when it is warranted and basically telling them they’re better than anyone else. Big Kathy was way before her time.

  11. AMASinVA says:

    Great Blog as usual Namaste and Thank you. Long time reader once in a blue moon poster.
    “She (Kim) and Kingsley have a lot in common” Right on target with this statement.
    Poor Kingsley’s behavior is a direct reflection of his owner. Out of control and dangerous.
    I have zero sympathy for Kim or her self induced plight. It has gone on for years and I do not believe drinking is her primary problem. I believe she is a prescription junkie and always has been and drinking is her back up when she can’t get her hands on anything else.
    I have read several times that she is the one who took care of big Kathy while she was battling cancer I would not be surprised if that was the start of her love affair with heavy duty painkillers. So on that note I think she new exactly the strength of Monty’s pain medication and that is why she took it. Just my 2 cents.

    • TexasTart says:

      I agree. Welcome, AMAS. 😊

    • Powell says:

      I think your 2 cents is right on.

    • lila1star says:

      I totally agree! and welcome out of lurkdom 🙂

      • AMASinVA says:

        Thank you all for your warm welcome.
        I am pretty sure once the cold medicine starts to wear off I will be tempted to slink back into lurkdom especialy after I read what I have been posting LOL but then again I am having so much fun I might just take another swig of DayQuil and make a toast to Kim R. and Brandi in the process.

  12. RabbleRouser says:

    Thanks for the great blog- the chat blog tonight sounds ‘provocative’ and ‘alluring’ and a bunch of other spicy words 😉 It sucks being on the west coast sometimes because I am behind most of you.

    I think that Kim’s anger at Eileen is based on these two things….
    Eileen is a steadily working actress who is over 40,in an area where roles are very hard to come by. Where Kim gets relegated to a extremely SMALL and FAR and in between cameo roles.

    The second thing, is in her late night ramblings with Brandi, she probably hears a lot about Eddie’s affairs and how home wreckers suck bla bla bla.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You might be onto something with her dislike for Eileen, Brandi probably has been in her ear about her being a home wrecker and that is why to Kim she is a beast and no doubt she is jealous of her being a successful actress at her age while Kim is a drunk washed up child actress. I really thought Kim was a good child actress, I did not know that Kyle played on little house on the prairie until she came on this show. I really don’t remember her as a child actress though. It sounds like Kim did really well for herself financially as far as her marriages went, it’s sad though that the addictions got to her. I’m with everyone else in she needs to get off this show and get serious about her problems which I don’t really think she is at this point in her life. Kyle needs help with her Kim problems too and I guess what surprises me is that Mauriceo does not put his foot down and say enough is enough with her. I wonder if her mother in law has ever tried to get her to see she needs help. It would not surprise me in the least bit if Kyle has not been ganged up her whole life by Kathy and Kim since Kyle is the youngest of the girls. What a mess all 3 are. At least we don’t hear to much about Paris anymore, now it’s just those silly Kardashians. For the record Kim’s hair looks horrible!!!!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Mrs P, thank you for stating that the uberWHOREofALLLIFETIMESKimK looks terrible. I am so FED up with folks on channels saying “yeah thought we would hate it, but it looks good on her”, just stop and tell the truth, she looks like the Walking Dead, with her hair that color. SO, when she finally divorces the WHORE she is married to, and writes that “tell all” book and gives all those “tell all” interviews draggin his name in the mud, wonder what she will say about this hairdo

        • mrs peabody says:

          I wonder how she is going to survive with that control freak she is married to. I don’t see that marriage lasting that long.

        • AMASinVA says:

          Did you see the picture of KimK when she had the new doo slicked back?
          All I kept thinking was OMG NeNe’s wig has a twin.

          • T-Rex says:

            I can’t wait until that doucheBagK-West tells her to buzz cut it bald like his EX, I am sure that’s coming down the pike.

      • TexasTart says:

        Kim is the only person who can help herself – she has to accept help first and I don’t think Kyle should have anything to do with it. Kyle should eliminate Kim from her life and pour all of her energy into the family she has created.

        • Powell says:

          Yup Kyle should walk away and forget about her promise to their mom. She can’t help her sis.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          How are you feeling? How was work? I hope you’re feeling much better! 🙂

          • TexasTart says:

            Yesterday was awful for a variety of reasons, but problems related to flooding rains we had. Where is my violin, damnit?! 😉 I don’t feel good, but I am told that this a a very long slow moving recovery. My mother insists I go to GP and be checked….so I make appointment but husband thinks that is not a good idea because the last time I was there I got sick! Hmmm not sure what to do….can’t please everyone, lol 😊

        • mrs peabody says:

          Kyle needs to get help for herself and cut Kim out of her life until Kim is fully recovered and then go from their building a normal relationship with her sister. Until that happens she needs to cut Kim off

      • Powell says:

        I’m tired of Kim saying her money was used to take care of the family. Kathy was gone and a grown Kim let big Kathey bully her into supporting her and Kyle. Not Kyle’s fault. I don’t believe Kathy would be so embarrassed by what Kim feels is Kyle’s betrayal. Kathy would be embarrassed about Kim and Kim alone.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I think Kim holds that over Kyle’s head–not Kyle’s fault. I think if maybe. Kim had stayed sober, then she would’ve been able to carry her career from child star to working actress.
          I think Kim really victimizes herself.

          • AMASinVA says:

            I agree with you but as we all know things don’t look that way to Kimmie in Kimmieland.
            There is no accountablity for Kim in Kimmieland. She is a master of deflection and blame.
            It is always someone or something else that causes her to do anything wrong and never her fault ever.
            If all the excuses don’t work or god forbid it is questioned in any way there is always that old stanby that works every time….. Just blame Kyle after all she stole my house.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Very true, AMASinVA!i started to see more and more of Kim’s manipulation when Kyle had the party and Brandi came with Kim uninvited.
              Welcome! 😉

        • AMASinVA says:

          I don’t think anything will ever embarrass Kathy H
          4 words…. One Night in Paris

          • not THAT Jill says:

            AMAS-I soooo agree with this comment!!

            • AMASinVA says:

              Thank you Jill. It was so funny and a little scarry that after that whole mess Kathy H’s standard comment in interviews was what a great business woman her daughter had become.
              All I could think was did I hear that right? Then I read the book House of H and it all made sense. This nut was probably operating the video camera.

    • Powell says:

      RR that’s Bobble’s hang up w/Eileen is all about. That’s why the wine toss. Not some soap opera moment. Yup I bet Bobble has poisoned Kim w/her rants about cheating. Bobble only heard one thing in Eileen’s story of how she and Vince got together. She didn’t pay attention to how Eileen and Vince went to their exes and told them the feelings they were developing for one another. They did what most people that really cheat don’t do. That’s why it’s called cheating, infidelity.

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    Namaste – great blog!! – your style of writing really makes it easier to handle the cast blogs and your humor keeps me from getting angry all over again! – let me just say this – if something like Bella’s DUI had happened to one of my daughters, the only person outside of my husband and two daughters that I would discuss it with would be my sister – the last thing I would do is bring it up at a table filled with ladies that I know, but either don’t trust, don’t like or don’t yet know well enough to share with – what I share about myself is another story – just not my children – of all things to share, she chose her daughter’s DUI – why not discuss how she was feeling about her Mother? Yo knew what she was doing – my first thought was for Mohammad – would he mind this being brought up? would Bella? – yest it was probably covered in the alleged press, but do you think they minded it being given new life? no – she knew – forgive the comparison, but Kim is very much like a dog with a bone – she gets hold of something and will not let it go – Lisa and Eileen got a crash course in trying to take away that bone

    Brandi is not worth any acknowldegement at all, let alone a comment

    lila1star – never apoligize for a book – especially a good one like yours!

    • Shiny says:

      Namaste – thanks from me, too, for the fine job on those blogs. I’d never get to know what was in them without you – and your comments definitely improve them.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Yolo knew exactly what she was doing, trying to start drama but I’m guessing even she didn’t see that coming. And why would she talk about her daughter like that on reality tv. I know it’s suppose to be reality but why would you talk about your daughter like that in front of a room of women, half (or at least Lisa V) who probably don’t care for you that much. Wouldn’t she think it would get back to the ex and her daughter. If I ever did something like that to my kids (and they have never had a DWI) they would be extremely mad at me. She had already talked about it at home with the King and in a talking head if I remember right, why bring it up again. Because it was her turn to cause trouble. Just watching her and Brandi’s response to this as Kim was going after Lisa R told me this was a planned event with them, just not to the extent it went. They showed very little surprise at what was going on. The other ladies were all shocked, some a little more dramatic than other but you could see it in their faces. And no way was Brandi picking glass out of her ears, she was looking face on, how did it get in her ears (s meaning both ear”s”, both weren’t even facing toward the glass).

      • Powell says:

        Bobble just has to make it something about her. First Kyle scratched her and she needed major cosmetic surgery and skin grafts. Now the glass got in her earsss so another major surgery will have to happen. Oh Vey.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Especially since YO went out of her way to talk about Bella. It wasn’t brought up. Oh wait, Brandi threw Bella under the bus previously.

    • Powell says:

      Hey Shamrock. I get what you’re saying for your life but Yo spoke w/David twice, 3 times previously so in a bonding sense that most of them have w/teens, young adult children I don’t see it as a or w/her discussing it. If it was never aired, yes I would agree. But Yo did pick the wrong time and a few wrong people. If Kim & Bobble Head wouldn’t have been there there wouldn’t have been an issue.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        yes, it was brought up on the show – but she could have let it die after that – she chose not to and involved her daughter’s personal life instead of her own – I think she did that in order to bring up something that would trigger a comment or a reaction to drinking and/or people making bad choices – she wasn’t trying to bond with anyone – just provoke someone – she probably did not anticipate the reaction she got, but she clearly wanted some kind of drama – just don’t like that she used her daughter to get it – and yes, her speaking about Bella would probably not have been an issue had Kim and Bobble not been there, but then, Kim was the one she was trying to provoke – who knows? maybe without those two she would have spoken about something else – with these ladies – all of them – its not all about the bass – its all about the drama –
        *hugs Powell really hard*

    • lila1star says:

      Thank you Shamrock 🙂 Brandi is going to dump Kim–she has stole her thunder lol

    • thank you for your kind comments!

  14. Powell says:

    Hey!!! 🙋🙋👐👐 I’m finally watching Shahs. Epis #1 & 2 of the new season are on.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I can kind of see why Jessica does not care for them, they act stupid and childish most of the time. Mike would be better off staying away from them, I hope they back off from that group of children.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. Mike shouldn’t sign on for next season. I’D if he keeps coming back cuz he needs the dough. I feel reza is more successful in RE than Mike is.

        • T-Rex says:

          MIke has the same disease all of these RealityHo’s have, little work for BIG payday and also get paid to show up to parties and appearances, plus have their 15minutes of Fame they sold their soul to the devil for. Unless they fire him, he isn’t going to walk away

          • Powell says:

            Oh he gets paid to show up at clubs? You’re RIGHT. He’s not hardly quitting Shahs. No Shahs, no club appearances, no payments.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I was surprised at the outside of his house given how they all seem to put on like they are so rich. It looked like a nice normal house, nothing fancy to it. In fact none of them seem to live in fancy places given how they all like to flaunt their wealth (or so called wealth).

  15. Powell says:

    Dang if Mike doesn’t marry Jessica after she went through her conversion ceremony he’s an idiot.

    • mrs peabody says:

      That water scene was quite emotional for her, he better marry her. I was surprised when I either read or saw that the ring she ended up with was not the one on the show, I wonder what happened to that one and why. It was probably a loaner for the show and not the one he could really afford.

      • Powell says:

        It was emotional. I think someone said Reza said it’s not the same ring. #1 it’s stupid to play up to the viewers that he’s giving her this amazing ring. #2 Its none of Reza’s biz.

  16. TexasTart says:

    Namaste, you are da 💣! Excellent rehash and opinions on the ladies blogs. I’ve made the same observation as you! “I realized Kim is an awful person drunk, high and sober.  I am surprised she has anyone left who supports her in her life.  She and Kingsley have a lot in common.” 👏👏👏 TRUTH!

  17. AMASinVA says:

    Yes he would be a fool not to marry her now and it would take MAMA’s boy a long time to find someone else willing to wait on him hand and foot like Jessica also.
    I swear if he had talked to me the way he talked to her that morning I would have dropped his bottom off at MAMA’s and never looked back.

    • AMASinVA says:

      No clue how this ended up down here but was a reply to Powell about Mike and Jessica above.

  18. Namaste, love your blog. I read it and say outloud, “yep, check, yep, ya got that right, lol!” Well done!

  19. Powell says:

    Now I’m catching Southern Charm.

    • AMASinVA says:

      Love, Love, Love Southern Charm.
      Cameron is such a little snarker. Can’t get enough of her little zingers.
      Whit’s mother is a hoot also.

      • Powell says:

        Love Cameron. She has her head on straight. We may not see her husband but I hope we do hear more phone calls. I like Patricia at times then I don’t. I don’t like the nose up in the air attitude she shows at times.

        • AMASinVA says:

          I like the snootyness of Patricia thats what makes her comments and actions so comedic.
          Like with the Vet that was doing accupuncture on her dog and she had him do it to her because he said it would tighten her skin without surgery.
          All was well till he told her she could not drink alchol or smoke for one hour after he removed the needles so of course she demanded he remove them immediately.
          TV Gold.

          • Oh, Miss Pat and her son Whitney are at heart PURE Southern Gothic. They are the Mint Julep spiked with arsenic that spawned the Tennessee Williamses of the world.

            They’re the eternal Greek Chorus hungover and armed with a pink handgun.

            Suffice it to say, they need their own spinoff NOW. Before Miss Pat’s facelift sags any further and Whitney gets stuck in some foreign customs office in some third world country and is never heard of again.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Miss Pat is the best thing to happen to Bravo since Bethenny told Jill to get a hobby!! I love her-I love her snobby elitist attitude-I love how she turns up her nose at anything she finds is beneath her and I love that I think she gets rip roarin’ drunk nightly!! She’s everything!!!

              • Oh, lawd, come sit by me! But you’re only half right about Miss Pat’s drinking. She’s having her “medicine” by lunch, so she’s rip roaring before sunset, I’m fairly certain.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hmmm, you already had most of the scoop they should have called YOU! LOL. I love the lie from their Real Estate guy, waiting until the snow melts, uhm really, cause right now that snow is covering up all the Debris and garbage you have dumped on the back property, in addition to the crappy non-existent landscaping. SO, what they are really saying is “no traffic”(buyers) coming to look at the property and my dumbass clients won’t lower the selling price so we are letting the contract run out, and they can find some other schmuck to sell their house.

  20. Powell says:

    I don’t think Whitney wants to lose his BFF Thomas to Katherine. Seems like any trouble Thomas gets into w/Katherine will be Whitney’s doing. Patricia seems to look down on Katherine. Her family comes from money but I guess maybe Patricia thinks her family money is more Elite than Katherine’s family’s money. I hate the old money, not old enough money, ne w money thing. It’s just redic.

    • Oh my. You have to get your ear tuned to the Southern comedy/tragedy of these people. Perhaps it takes a certain tolerance for their foibles borne of too much privilege, heat, and humidity. They really are sad, polluted souls like the rest of us, in the end.

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    UMMMMM HELLO TARTSY-you are not feeling well? Did you push yourself too hard-I swear you better take care of yourself…or else!!! This pneumonia crap is not cute and it needs to go!! Please feel better…STAT!!!

  22. Powell says:

    BH is on if you need to catch up. I’m watching the end of Love & Hip Hop where they constantly need security on the set cuz someone is always fighting. Not the little STFU or I’ll eff you up that Bobble says. These women will really do it. Bobble wouldn’t last a nano second.
    Oh Notorious B.I.G. is on next. Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of his death. It doesn’t seem like it was 18 yrs ago.

    • TexasTart says:

      Somehow it would make my day if they threw Brandi Bobblehead on Love and Hip Hop just to watch the pee trickle down her legs. 😆

      • ladebra says:

        I would watch that show!

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Or even Mob Wives. Drita got pissed and wanted to punch Natalie when she thought she had called her a Sea Hag. Lol Can you imagine what they would do to Brandi if she started spilling their secrets?😮

        • AMASinVA says:

          I would pay big bucks to watch that !! I could just imagine the carnage that would take place the minute Bobble uttered the name LEE for any reason.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’d like to see her on Mob Wives with those girls, she sit huddled in a corner just hoping no one noticed her. Those girls are mean and back up their words with real fights. Anyone see Karen go after Natalie from Philly? The look on her face when she got up to go after her, scary. Her dad is a killer in jail on drug charges right now, he was a mob killer.

        • mrs peabody says:

          sorry I didn’t see the above until my comment refreshed. Yea Drita wouldn’t take any guff off her. Now of them would. They scare me

  23. VV™ says:

    So, now these two are friends again. Stassi has the credibility of a $3 dollar bill. She is mean and very conniving. Her little victim act is not working. She’s getting clobbered on Twitter. She’s delusional if she thinks people are buying her act and she’s all mature. Toxicity stares at her in the face every time she looks in the mirror.

    • chismosa aka / Gina's bestie from Melbourne says:

      Majnon- happiest belated birthday to you- im sorry with the brouhaha yesterday I logged in too late to say!!!
      All best to you!

      Even I watched the last 30 minutes of this reunion and know nothing about VPR!!

      Namaste thank SO much for the blogs

      I’m intrigued as to what tonight’s blog will be since – it can’t be offensive conjecture or whatever the saying was. 😉

      VV—-> hope you’re time lining us please. VV don’t fail me now.

      And why haven’t we seen footage of Lisa VP in England? I thought we were supposed to? 👑👑🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah, hope she got a lot from her 15 minutes of famewhoredome because “stick a fork” in her RealityHo career, she is DONE.

  24. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you Nameste for the great blog! I hope your son is doing a little better.
    Veena, can’t wait to read the scoop later!

  25. Powell says:

    NeNe is up for Fashion Police? TMZ is asking her about it. Wendy Williams said Khloe K, which I heard and Amber Rose. Oh gosh. 😛

    • T-Rex says:

      There are tons of names being bantered around and NeNeofTheStripperPoleFakeWigmenagerie, KK=FameWhoreisourFamilyMotto and such are all jockeying for the spot by getting out as much PR as possible, my bet would be neither one will make it, because NO ONE would watch them. KK=FameWhoreisourFamilyMotto got horrible reviews for the Oscars and twitter was merciless(I read this) against her. Crap IfIONlyHadABrainPorsha is trying to claim that spot as well. Weird Word on the street is that Kathy Griffin has final say, not sure if that’s true or not, and they may be deciding two new hosts, because other word I heard is that they are going to faze out NeedsASamichGiuianaRancid as well.

    • TexasTart says:

      Good gosh if any of those women are seriously being considered Melissa has lost her noodle! It’s time to properly staff that show – it doesn’t have to sound and look like a comedy show. And speaking of KhloeK – she was AWFUL when E! put her on a fashion panel recently. She was NOT good on camera – very awkward.

  26. kit9 says:

    Hi all! Thanks for the great blogs. I don’t think for one second that Kim never would have gone off had LisaR not apologized at the table. I think Kim was just waiting for her chance to speak to Yo’s sharing request. Kim was obviously still seething when she got off the plane, acting a fool in the airport. So the subject was clearly not done for her, imo. Also, Kim’s so concerned that what Lisa said would hurt her kids but what does she think acting like a complete psycho at the table was going to do to them?! Fill them w/pride?

    And, the aftermath was really frustrating. Kim basically completely got away with it. KIM NEVER APOLOGIZED. For anything! The closest she got was saying she was at her ugliest but then quickly adds she was upset for letting Lisa “take” her there. Get it?! It’s not really her fault, it’s Lisa’s! And, then Kim so graciously says she can forgive LisaR. Well, how big of her! SHE can forgive?! And, with that, for the second time in a week, I wanted to punch Kim’s self-satisfied face on my screen. She basically left that room smugly satisfied.

    • T-Rex says:

      SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKIm is a typical, narcissistic, delusional drug addict/alcoholic, it’s NEVER their fault, which is why she will never be clean. Until she admits she has an issue, she cannot overcome it. I don’t think that she thinks she even has a dependency issue, which is why she doesn’t consider taking high levels of Oxycodone prescribed to someone else as a lapse. She has been coddled her whole life, and still demands that, which is why she has NO Friends, and her family bolted from her the minute they could!

      • mrs peabody says:

        I agree with you in I don’t think she has a problem either, she figures if she is not drinking she is ok but she isn’t. I thought it was odd how at the table she was talking about if “her friends” at the table had seen her under the influence (or whatever it was she called it) in the last 3 years they would have called her out and no one except Lisa R said anything (lisa said I did). Most were at that poker party that night so they saw how she acting, they saw the same thing Lisa did but didn’t speak up. Brandi made comments about her sobriety at lunch with Kim, she said nothing. What are these women afraid of with her. Do they not see that we as viewers can see what they are seeing, do they not read this blog to know how we all feel about Kim and her problems? We’d have their backs. So again what are they afraid of with her. After she o/d’s and dies will they speak up and say Bravo she should not have been on this show, it was not good for her health. Granted Bravo can’t make her sober but they can take their stressful show out of her life and do the right thing.

  27. TexasTart says:

    Kit, first of all, thanks for the recap yesterday! 👏👏👏 I fully agree that Kim doesn’t apologize and appears to get off scott free and how lovely she can forgive 😬 but I do not believe Kim was waiting her turn to respond to Yolanda’s question – she had anger in her face. Lisa R confirmed that in her blog. Lisa said “As soon as we sat down for dinner, you can see how aggressive and extremely discontent Kim Richards was sitting among us, waiting for the slightest thing to provoke her anger. She looked at whoever was speaking with disdain, just waiting to challenge them.”

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m wondering what we missed in her sit down with Lisa the next day.

    • Exit4 says:

      Brandi told her right before they left, that Lisa was talking about kims issues. Brandi forgot to include herself in that and Kim was fuming at Lisa before they even got to Canada!

    • Exit4 says:

      Hit post too soon-on the plane Kim was already angry and her and Lisa had words. Lisa didn’t know exactly why she so was angry-because of what Brandi said to her. Then when Yolanda went around the table, Lisa attempted to explain herself and apologize for getting in her business. Kim still flipped out, because Kim still believes what Brandi told her and Lisa’s clueless to that one little detail! you had 2 people coming from 2 different thought processes and that’s why it went to hell! Of course Brandi stayed quiet.

  28. Austin says:

    That Brandi doesn’t understand why decent mothers don’t air all of their dirty laundry and past misdeeds in front of their children, particularly their minor children, says a whole lot about her and absolutely nothing about the other women. Adults are adults and make adult decisions with the tools (presumably) to deal with the consequences. Children and teens do not yet have all of those tools, so I don’t consider it hypocritical at all to allow some “adult stuff” to be just that: “adult stuff”. It has nothing to do with being a “hypocrite” whatsoever. Kids don’t need to know everything, period, and it’s a good parent’s job to determine what is productive for them to know and what isn’t. No parent has an obligation to spill all the beans to their kids (or anyone, frankly). Brandi could sure use that lesson, but I think it’s far too late now because I’m sure she’s screwed up her kids plenty already and they’ll only turn out okay despite her, not because of her. She’s a disgusting human being.

    • kit9 says:

      Agree on every point! And there are things kids not only don’t need to know their parents are doing but don’t want to know. lol. It’s not hypocritical to want to smoke in private and not on national tv. What is hypocritical is calling someone a hypocrite for wanting to keep certain things private and then lying in your TH about why you’re not smoking because you want to keep certain things private. Now that’s hypocrisy.

  29. mrs peabody says:

    I wish there was a like button on here like with facebook. I like and agree with almost everything said on here.

  30. Ladina says:

    Hello lovely ladies.. Thank you so much for the blog Namaste, I find myself waiting impatiently for it, so I can read it before the episode each tuesday..
    And this “Unless Brandi rolled around on that table before she went back to the hotel”
    GOLD 😂😂😂😂😂. Talk about Hyperbole right… And also, yes Namaste am tired of this bitch too…

  31. I hope I’m not breaking TOS by posting this, but I thought this might be of interest to some. On another recap site, the commenter “Othy” (from Vulture Mag’s RHOBH recap by Brian Moylan) posted these excerpts from the book often referenced on the Richards sisters, so I thought for those who haven’t read the book or it’s been a long time, like me, you might enjoy reading some snippets of what the author of “House of Hilton” wrote about them:

    [If I am committing a TOS infraction, please delete and my apologies.]

    Othy 4 days ago
    Posted yesterday but didn’t show up. From “House of Hilton”
    “Kim was so dependent on Kathy and that’s the way she wanted it. She controlled all of her daughters, but particularly Kim, who was the big moneymaker.”
    “To the best of my knowledge Kathy took all the money that Kimmy was making—and Kathy was living off it.”
    “While she was living with [MONTY] Brinson, Kim started seeing other men, he [Monty] asserts, rich boys from even wealthier families.”
    “Jackson [daughter Kimberly’s father, following her break with 2nd husband Gregg Davis and having two more kids] states his relationship with Paris Hilton’s aunt became “the worst nightmare of my friggin’ life.”
    “Jackson blames many of Kim’s issues on big Kathy. “She was 100 percent the problem,” he observes. “Kim’s a spittin’ image of her mother in every way. The amorality, and the drinking, the revolving door of men who she [big Kathy] had in her life when Kim was with me, and just the conniving craziness about her, and the way she [Kim] spent money like water.”
    “He [Jackson] says that one of the things that struck him about little Kathy, big Kathy, and Kim and Kyle was how bitchy they could be.
    “They always speak so derogatorily about people behind their backs,” he says. “It’s unbelievable, because they get joy out of making fun of people.”
    [her father’s dying and Sylvia is his new wife ] “Sylvia Richards had accepted an invitation—one she would come to regret—to stay at Kim Richards’s home in suburban Calabasas. “Being at Kim’s was just beyond belief,” she asserts. “Her father is dying and he’s hurting and she would get drunk and jump on the bed, bring the kids in, and could care less. Because she was a little girl TV and movie star, she’d been doted on all her life and was very selfish. She thought whatever Kim wanted, that’s what should happen.”
    “One day we were in the room with Kenneth and he was telling Kim we were going to go home, and she flew at me, came at me with hands and fists, and physically attacked me. She was screaming that I was trying to take her father away. She called the security patrol and tried to get me removed from her house. She told me that Rick and Kathy were going to do things to me. I said, ‘Let ’em come on!’ It was a terrible mess.”

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