Real Housewives of Melbourne / Vanderpump Rules – Time to Let It Go Kristen

Real Housewives of Melbourne

Season 2 Episode 2 ~ Murder Mystery Party

by Reality_Bytes

Before I start the recap, let me just say thank you to all those who acknowledged my last blog and welcomed me to ‘Lynn’s Place’…what with being out of town Fri-Sun, and then comatose all day Monday, plus the problems with my comments not going through…I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch y’all individually without accidentally missing someone (a fate worse than death to me), so I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for the warmest of welcomes, and I am glad you enjoyed the blog, typos and all…Grrrrr!

NOTE: In the interest of consistency/brevity, when the ladies are speaking one-on-one with the camera, I see that as some kind of Diary Chat (like they have in Big Brother where they are in a separate location talking smack about the others), and it will be reflected as DC in my blogs!

Petti Wants a Bentley

I think I hear a little Meagan Trainer in my head… “It’s all about that BASS Bentley…’bout that Bentley…’bout that Bentley…

We open this week with Pettifleur heading to the Bentley dealership so she can pick out a little trinket for her 50th birthday…so what if they cost $450k!

Petti/DC…“they are beautiful, classy and sophisticated – just like me”

Petti is being a bit like Dana Wilkey (from RHOBH and her $25k sunglasses) with her Chanel bag…and Bentley…she feels the need to re-emphasize the branding over and over…it is obviously very important to her to keep reminding us of her status and the long road to success for her.

The translation of Pettifleur from French to English is fairly straightforward – “little flower”. Apparently the translation to Aussie goes a bit further and comes to a screeching stop at “landing strip”…OMG! Mirrors on the floor of a Bentley so you can see your what while you are driving?

And the award goes to? The car salesman…1) for dropping Janet’s name, and 2) for his extended presence with Petti while still maintaining a straight face and other Bentley ‘decorumisms’ (I may have just made up a new word)…while Petti asks him if they can install mirrors on the floor of the car so when she is driving she can look down and see her ‘landing strip’ because of course, she goes COMMANDO. The salesman was a brave soul!

Lydia & Figaro

We have Lydia trying to dress up poor Figaro to go for a walk, and Lydia’s mom (Lena) is there to help as a stylist I presume.

Dogs wearing ‘outfits’ may look cute for the camera, but it embarrasses the dog, it really does. Did you watch Figaro run and hide behind the pillow? Did you see him on the street looking left then right hoping his friends weren’t out for their walks for fear they would see him?

Poor Figaro…and he seems like such a sweet dog too. Believe it or not though, my main concern is if Lena has to help Lydia choose an outfit for her dog, should Lydia ever be unescorted in public? Is it safe? Does she know how to cross the street by herself? Hmmm… Guess we will be seeing a lot of Lena, eh? Now you know ‘the rest of the story’.

Gamble & Dog Training

Having trained obedience dogs in my past I know it takes 6 minutes to train the dog and 6 weeks to train the owner, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that Gamble has hired help for Cash since he seems to have exquisite taste in shoes – and Louboutin seems to head the list of favorites. (SECRET #1 – close the door to the closet.)

Cash also seems to favor chewing the crotches out of clothes, and Gamble shares with Brad (the trainer) a story about going to lunch one day only to find out the pants she was wearing at the time had previously been visited by Cash, and the crotch had a hole chewed in it. (SECRET #2 – check your clothes before you put them on.) Brad had a simple solution:

Treat your dog as a human and he will treat you like a dog.

Treat your Dog like a dog and he will treat you as a human.

(Loosely translated that begs the question of who is training whom?)

Gotta tell you, other than some ditzy stuff, I am liking Gamble because she seems a bit unpretentious so far and doesn’t get as rattled as say oh I don’t know…Janet, but maybe it is still too early in the season still. Time will tell.

Rick, Luke, & Gamble Have Dinner

During dinner, Gamble and Rick decide to host a witch-themed “Murder Mystery Party” for all the ladies. (SECRET #3 – hide everything that can be construed as a weapon before the party starts when inviting these ladies, or there might really be a murder!)

(Lord, please make my wish come true to see Jackie in a Witch hat…Amen.)

Jackie, Janet and Petti at the Costume Shop

Well Jackie is always up for a party isn’t she? (I assume there will be booze) and is now joined by Janet and Petti to search for just the right costume for the party.

Janet all in black must be the wicked witch of death, and Jackie all in Red calls herself a hoochie-mama harlot, and Petti has chosen purple and seems to believe the shopkeeper is her PA (personal assistant). She keeps screaming from the dressing room and the poor gal must have made 50 trips back there with various parts of the costume, yet for the life of me I don’t know what she was dressing as, I just know Jackie was encouraging her to Twerk her behind off!

Jackie, Janet, Chyka & Gamble Lunch

Moving right along to the “ladies who lunch”, Chyka and Gamble head into a restaurant to meet the “J’s” (Jackie and Janet) and what a surprise – The first topic of conversation is Gina!

Gamble started the conversation by saying that she loved having lunch with Gina the other day, and lo and behold Janet immediately gets on the defensive and says she couldn’t meet me because she is very busy with this big court case and it’s taking up all her time, so she wasn’t taking a lunch… (I really thought her head would spin off here.) Gamble calmly states in an ‘I-hate-to-lick-the-red-off-your-lollipop’ moment – “it was on a Saturday,” LOL. Janet, who was fully ready to pounce, looked somewhat deflated.

The Other Lunch Across Town With Petti and Lydia

In a galaxy far far away…no doubt orchestrated by Janet, we catch Lydia walking into another restaurant to meet Petti. Lydia gives Petti a hug and then promptly zips up Petti’s pants, and Petti smiles as Lydia pats her on the arm with a knowing smile.

They sit down and although I can’t see Lydia’s wrists to see if she has her WOW bracelet on, I do notice she has on two WOW necklaces, Hmm…wonder why? Did she feel the need for double WOW protection or just not notice when she put her necklace on that she already had one WOW on already? We may never know.

Lydia starts the conversation by asking Petti what she thinks of Gamble. In random order:

  • Her dress sense is a train wreck quality (I am paraphrasing on all these)
  • She’s not that bright
  • She’s dumb dumb dumb
  • She could use less plastic surgery
  • She is awfully bony, she could use some meat on her bones

Hearing this, Lydia gathers her courage and asks Petti what was her first thoughts about her?

Petti answers “pretentious”

A stunned Lydia responds “WOW” (anyone else see the WOW coming?)

Back to Jackie, Janet, Chyka & Gamble Lunch

They are gossiping about their fellow cast members. It really isn’t safe to not attend their functions is it, because you must surely always be the topic of conversation? This time it is Petti being dissected discussed and Janet all but hyperventilates before she blurts out “I don’t like her!”

She then goes on to discuss what happened at the Costume Shop. Once that was said, (and everyone was appropriately appalled) Gamble pipes up and says she knows quite a lot about Petti actually, and that unless you have money, she won’t want a whole lot to do with you, and then sums up using the phrase “Nouveau Riche”.

Some like to use that label to differentiate the classes of rich…as in ‘newly minted rich’ (Nouveau) or ‘old money rich’ (trust fund babies like the show ‘Southern Charm’)

Now we have offended Chyka who takes to the DC and say Honestly, I think that’s horrible.  I don’t even like that word.  I think it’s unnecessary.” I would have liked Chyka to bring that up directly to the ladies instead of the DC, but I understand why she didn’t because she may have been called that at one time or another. As wonderful as she and her husband both are, they are the ones who made their money with their successful business acumen.

Ok, so now we move forward to Janet bringing up the fact that she and Petti both work in the same industry (property development) yet she thinks it is uncanny she has NEVER heard of her before she joined the cast of this show! (If you will remember from the first episode, I said I didn’t know what JANET did, only what she called herself, a ‘property developer’- winky winky)…so she blurts out “WHO THE EFF IS PETTIFLEUR?” (Oh Lord, Janet might actually have a point here. Whether or not they traveled in the same circles, in the same city it seems they each would have “HEARD” of the other one…Hmm…

Gamble (did I mention I am liking her?) mentions that every time she and Petti run into one another, Petti has the need to critique what she is wearing…her dresses, and jewelry and everything about her, and Jackie pipes up with some comment I only heard part of about the Fashion Police, and on and on and on.

Racing back to the other Lunch Across Town With Petti and Lydia

Here we find Lydia being a brave soul and bringing up Petti’s appearance…holy moly did she really say this?… “you have a very unusual look about you, which I love”, Lydia says! Petti takes it as a compliment and almost preens right on cue.

Lydia asks if she has Indian heritage in her, and Petti responds with no, she is a mixture of Portuguese, Swiss, Dutch, and something else. Lydia smiles and then addresses the DC and says “she is a bit of a mongrel of a woman – I mean, there was some Thai… and… Oh I forget the other”. OY VEY LYDIA…just OY VEY!


I adore them saving the best for last, don’t you? It seems Petti has invited Gina to her home…maybe for drinks or something, it really isn’t very clear.

Petti/DC: “I felt I really connected with Gina at Janet’s party, she gets me and I get her…I got her jokes and she got mine”.

(She should have left her comments right there, but no, she went on and intimated that Gina was UP on the same level as she was. RUT RO Scoobydoo!)

The one thing Gina has NEVER done, even in Season 1 during all the bullying was establish a pecking order with the ladies according to wealth or success ~ brains maybe, or lack thereof ~ ok now I am just joking. Methinks Petti needs to tread lightly here. It is clear she is looking for an ally here so she is trying to hook her wagon to the Gina star!

Next Petti informs her she’s writing a book named ‘Switch the Bitch’.

Gina tried several times asking her what it was about and all she ever got was something about a bitch, an inner one, and an outer one, and to me Petti wasn’t making a lick of sense, but Gina held her facial expressions to a minimum, and I suppose being a Barrister has disciplined her in many ways that we could only imagine, eh?

DC/Gina: “I wasn’t really sure after all that what the book is about – but it’s something about bitches!”

Gina isn’t sure but she might have dozed off while all the bitches were being explained and if so…oops…her bad, LOL!

Gina then saves the gathering by bringing up the Murder Mystery Party and asking Petti if she would like to ride with her in her Limo…which Petti eats up…I mean every last drop! GOOD FOR YOU GINA…you expertly figured what she needed to quit talking about all those bitches!

Rick & Gamble’s Proposal Dinner

Rick is just a cutie, isn’t he? Certainly not used to being on camera but as he and Gamble were having dinner he stumbles sweetly through a marriage proposal that totally stuns Gamble and leaves her stuttering incoherently until she asks if he is serious, and he replies ‘YES’.

Wits about her now she says she would love to marry him and he doesn’t understand how much that means to her and she loves his last name. He counters with she can take it if she wants to, and she replies she does!

DC/Rick: “Gamble is a wonderful step mother to my children and a really positive influence.  She’s the focus of my whole life, not only my whole life, but the whole life of my family.  In a sense she’s the center of it.”

Awwwww…fuzzy bunnies… fuzzy bunnies… fuzzy bunnies…

The Murder Mystery Party

Remember when I prayer to see Jackie in a witch hat? Prayers answered!


Geez, here I am coming up on the deadline to get this blog done and I have the whole party to go and the morning aftermath as well…sheesh…back to bullet points I guess…and you will love using your imagination and innuendo anyhow:

  • Gamble and Rick have outdone themselves in the decoration department…the place is stunning
  • Lots of horrific fake body parts around to offset the TOTALLY VEGITARIAN menu…love that they did that
  • DC/Petti: “Rick Looks like Gamble’s Grandfather” (Oh honey chile that is gonna come back to bite you some day!)
  • Lydia comes dressed as the Snow White witch with a bowl of poison apples…nicely played!
  • Gina thought the food was a work of art
  • Rick is somewhat the moderator of the mystery portion
  • They are all assigned ‘characters’ for the mystery portion of the ‘whodunnit’ but no one can remember the name of the dead person which is always good for a laugh in the conversation, and no doubt caused by too many drinkie-poos before the game started.
  • These ladies kept asking ‘who the eff is Selma?” (the dead person)
  • Lydia’s special power was the Mind Control card…anyone else see the irony I see here?
  • As the game winds down Petti starts in telling everyone she is writing a book about bitches…AGAIN…but she can’t seem to keep the attention of the ladies, and ends up sitting there pouting
  • Rick announces he and Gamble are engaged, and everyone is happy for them, they all give hugs…some more sincere than others


OK folks…time is up and I am not through, so I will send this for posting this morning and I will send an update tonight with the “THE REST OF THE STORY” which hopefully can be added.




Vanderpump Rules

“Reunion Part I” – by HydrangeaHussy

This week is Part I of the Reunion.  We’ll see if Andy and Lisa can keep control of these kids.  We begin with the entire staff (minus Stassi) at Sur.  Quick updates: Jax saw Carmen last night but doesn’t know how she’s doing, Tom and Ariana have moved into Tom’s apartment, Katie is wearing the ring that Other Tom gave him, and Kristen has been allowed back into Sur.  Jax and Stassi haven’t spoken to each other in two years, but he’s called out by several people for telling them that he has spoken to her.  Let the lying begin!

Andy jumps right in with the Kristen and Jax affair.  Somehow Jax made his way back into the group, while Kristen was pushed out.  She doesn’t understand why everyone is still friends with Jax.  She says that he destroyed people’s friendships and that she had nothing to do with it.  I would have to disagree.  I think she had something to do with it as well, but I also agree that it’s unfair to let Jax get a pass while she is exiled.  Andy points out that Tom managed to forgive Jax for sleeping with Tom’s girlfriend.  Tom says that he understands why Jax acts out – it’s Jax’s insecurity.  Lisa disagrees, she says that Jax does things because he doesn’t care about other people.  Exactly!!!  He has no concern for how his actions may affect others and it’s infurryating!  Jax blames sleeping with Kristen on his break up with Stassi.

We move on to the rumors of Tom cheating in Miami.  This whole thing was started by Kristen.  When Andy questions why Ariana didn’t react when Scheana told her about the rumors, Ariana says that she had already heard the rumors and seen the text messages.  She believes that Tom was honest with her.  She chose not to believe the contradictory rumors.  Ariana admits that, given Tom’s history, it is possible that he would cheat on her.  Other Tom chimes in with an ‘ancient Chinese proverb’: Just because you cheat, doesn’t make you a cheater.  Actually, it does.  Tom was frustrated that Kristen involved herself so much in trying to prove that he cheated.  He is more frustrated that she made up lies when there was no cheating to uncover.  I still don’t know if he cheated or not, but his girlfriend has chosen to believe that he didn’t, so I’m ready to move on from this.  Kristen denies bringing Miami girl into Sur.  I think we all know that she masterminded that scenario.  Jax tries to find out where Kristen found Miami girl, but James has to interrupt about Vegas.  Tom points out that James has no room to talk because he wasn’t there, despite the fact that James says that he’s only stating facts.  Other Tom sticks up for Tom, saying that he was with Tom the whole night and nothing happened.


Moving on to Jax’s nose.  Andy doesn’t think it looks different.  Jax thinks that it looks completely different.  Andy mentions that people didn’t really believe the ‘deviated septum’ story and Jax immediately gets defensive and questions whether Andy is asking if he’s done drugs.  Methinks the lady doth protest too much.  Moving on from the stupid nose.  Later on, they talk about Jax and Tom’s friend John in Miami.  I don’t care, although Jax gets very defensive about their relationship.

James is asked to explain the car selfie comment from Scheana’s birthday.  James says that he purchased his first car just before the party and was proud of it.  He says that Tom couldn’t find anything else to make fun of him for.  James believes that his response – go take a civic selfie – set Tom off.  Everyone else disagrees.  Tom explains that he just wanted Kristen and James to leave him alone.  He doesn’t understand why James got involved in his conversation with Kristen.  I’m tired of James.  I could do without him and Kristen.  Everyone believes that James came to the party to provoke Tom.


Although Jax says that Carmen and Tiffany both knew about the other girl.  Kristen, as Carmen’s friend, says that Carmen didn’t know about Tiffany.  She was embarrassed for her friend when the show aired.  Jax and Carmen still  hang out.  Andy met Carmen last year.  She introduced herself as Jax’s girlfriend, Andy said that is a really long list of girls, and Carmen didn’t find that funny.  She had to have known what she was getting into.

San Diego.  Tiffany set the boys up with a great suite and bottle service.  Jax understands why people think he slept with the girl in the bathroom, but denies it.  Other Tom says that he doesn’t know what happens, but Tom says that it was pretty obvious.  Tom points out that he was open about his comments, and didn’t go behind Jax’s back.  I have to agree.  Jax talks a lot about everyone else, but then refuses to admit what he has said.  Lisa says that Jax says whatever he wants at any given time, without regard for the consequences.

Scheana says that she wanted a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Miami because they share so many of the same friends.  Kristen understands the hard position that Scheana was put in by inviting her.  Katie is glad that she choose to attend.  Andy points out that Jax will deflect when he is back into a corner.  For example, when questioned about San Diego, Jax brought up the Miami rumors about Tom.  Tom says that he wasn’t referring to Miami girl, he was referring to a cummulation of things from their history.  James thought the whole dinner was hilarious.  He doesn’t think that it was gossiping to text Kristen about the dinner.  Everyone thinks that it was odd that Kristen left her phone on the table for the girls to go through.  I don’t buy that.  Kristen keeps harping on Tom’s cheating history, which I find odd since she has a history of cheating too.  You’d think that she wouldn’t want to draw attention to that.  Tom and Ariana again deny that their relationship began before Tom and Kristen’s breakup.  Kristen maintains that something was going on before the breakup.  It’s obvious that this is never getting resolved.  Moving on.


Kristen and Ariana argue about Ariana’s feelings in Miami.  Kristen thinks that Ariana’s tears in the cab were for attention, which Scheana and Ariana deny.  Ariana was shocked to hear some of Kristen’s remarks behind her back.  Kristen maintains that she never threatened Ariana, but was just being facicious.  Ariana felt threatened because she had seen Kristen become physical at Scheana’s birthday.  Andy brings up Kristen and Tom’s emotional conversation in Miami.  Tom says that the two didn’t have any closure before that.  He tried to break up with her before, but it didn’t take, so he cut off all communication during the last break up.  James doesn’t think that the conversation didn’t have to happen.  James was appalled by Kristen’s behavior because they were together at the time.  He now feels that Kristen has moved on.


Finally, on to Katie and Stassi.  She didn’t expect such a harsh reaction from Stassi when she decided to go to Miami.  Katie thought that Stassi would understand that she was going for her relationship.  Other Tom was shocked that Stassi just Katie out of her life.  He notes that Stassi bragged about how much she has grown, but she was still behaving like a child.  I have to agree.  It was childish and selfish.  Andy brings Stassi out.  BTW, I love her gingham dress.  It’s really awkward when she walks out.  Stassi admits that she went out of her way to avoid Jax because she didn’t want to put herself in a situation where Jax could spread lies about her.  Jax thinks that Stassi’s boyfriend is insecure because Stassi cut off communication with Jax once she got into a relationship.  She didn’t feel that it was appropriate to film with an ex-boyfriend out of respect to her new boyfriend.  Tom thinks that the boyfriend gave Stassi an ultimatum.  However, Stassi admits that she called Jax and asked for money to fix the holes in the wall that he made.  Scheana doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be friend with both Stassi and Kristen at the same time.  She finds it hypocritcal that Stassi cut her off because of her friendship with Kristen, but Stassi and Kristen are now friends again.  Stassi says that Kristen is the only person who will talk to her now.  Katie takes offense because she did try to reach out to Stassi.  Stassi says that she blocked everyone, so she didn’t get the messages.  How can she be mad that no one reached out to her when she had their numbers blocked?  Oh, because she’s queen Stassi.  Scheana says that Stassi is incapable of being nice about something unless it’s centered around her.  Lisa feels that Katie was a good friend to Stassi, and that Stassi treated her like a servant.  She also points out that most of the group was supportive of Stassi, but she cut them off.  Everyone wonders how Stassi could cut Katie out of her life when she claims to care about Katie.


Happy Birthday vilzvet


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198 Responses to Real Housewives of Melbourne / Vanderpump Rules – Time to Let It Go Kristen

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Friday the 13th and Vilzvet ‘s birthday. Happy Birthday Vilzvet. Maybe you can party w/RR’s baby girl Reese. 😊🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎂

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Empress has blogged on a personal issue – please give her some love and support

  3. Sus says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed the gang up on Stassi. Stassi expected Katie to bow down to her and was shocked when it didn’t happen. She seems to think that Vanderpump Rules is all about her. The show will go on just fine without her. Just like all of their lives went on without her.

    I am proud of Katie for moving on. Gives me hope she’ll let Tom go. I don’t understand people who say they aren’t ready to get married but are in an exclusive relationship living together. If you aren’t ready to marry her, you shouldn’t be playing house with her. And, why is she so desperate to marry a guy who can’t be away from her without sticking his tongue down some girl’s throat. Who needs that? Katie could do so much better.

    • I completely agree! I was so happy to see Katie find her voice & stand up to Stassi this season. Stassi seems to have gotten too big for her britches this year. I hope that Katie can find it in herself to leave Other Tom, she deserves better.



  5. I watched the reunion. I think. I was doing other stuff too.

    Did I only imagine that Jax got a tattoo of Stassi? Like half her- half a skeleton?

    No wonder her boyfriend doesn’t want her near Jax- that is super creepy! I’d flee in terror too!


    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    What am I saying? Of course someone will correct me- prolly with SHOUTY CAPS.

    No worries 😜

    • Sus says:

      I had hoped that I was wrong about that.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      They said something about that – I thought he had a tattoo of her and got it filled in, and the other one was of Carmen – the one he showed looked like Carmen and not Stassi – but he did get a tattoo of Stassi after they broke up in Season 2 – it was on the show.

      • He got a tattoo of Stassi’s name on his arm, but later had it covered up.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Great job, HH! I didn’t think they were too bad with Stassi. It was funny when she was like, no one reaches out to me. But then says oh, I blocked everyone. Lol

          Btw, the best makeup goes to Tom S. bronzer and highlighted cheekbones. 😆

          • Powell says:

            LOL. I think her parents overpraised her cuz she a narcissist. That’s what a recent study said about praising kids when they may not deserve it. The kid turns into a narcissist. 🙂

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Uh huh–read the same article. She’s 26 yrs old and should start paying for her bills soon. I’m thinking daddy still pays for it.

              I finally watched Mob Wives reunion. Holy crap! Karen’s dad may be out next year? I’d be scared if I were Natalie. Also, Natalie said in the preview that her family is boss of Philly? Didn’t Karen mention something about her brother being a crooked cop? Also, when Natalie D goes after Natalie G, she runs straight into her car! Lmao why didn’t Nat G stick around to beat her ass. She’s like a little dog–all bark and no bite.

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                PS Vivica looked horrible and she had no control over the girls.

              • Powell says:

                I doubt Sammy would go after Natalie. No need for him to go back to jail over a load mouth woman that really has no idea of what she’s talking about. She needs to be scared of Karen. When her father gets out and if Natalie is still yapping Karen will be after her. Yes She’s scared of Natalie D. ND is like Drita used to be S1/2. Drita calms herself down now though.

                • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                  I don’t think he’d go after her but as a sane person, I’d be more careful to mess with Karen especially since she uses her dad as a way to attack her.
                  I wonder what will happen to next season’s cast. Maybe they’re trying to make a Philly MW?

    • VV™ says:

      Last season, he got a tattoo of Stassi’s “signature” on her arm, he covered it this season with another tattoo.

      In the off season, he got a tattoo of Carmen face half alien looking half human looking. We posted pics here.

    • VV™ says:

      OMIB, word in the street is that Patrick Stassi’s new boyfriend is a player. He’s cleaned up he’s FB page a little but I can see why the rumors are out there.

      • T-Rex says:

        Also, her FATHER pays their bills, he is paying their rent and her car, boyfriend ain’t shilling out any dough to basically support her either. She made some money from the show, but that’s her only paying gig right now

      • TexasTart says:

        I remember we had this conversation, just a month ago!

        For anyone who doesn’t know, the creepy looking side of the face is Dia de Muertos art (Day of The Dead, Mexico). A very common tattoo. Not specifically the design on Jax arm, but the artwork in general.

      • Powell says:

        Well Carmen should be pissed. That’s not a nice looking tat at all.

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    I am not connecting to either of the two new ladies on RHOMelbourne yet. Petti and her asking for mirrors to see her landing strip, and then her inability to articulate her book – I’m not getting her at all. Gamble – I don’t trust her – she tells tales from the group to Gina then is back in the group again.

    Janet is so over the top this year – she loves being the malicious gossip and it’s not a good look.

    Where is Ben? Jackie isn’t that interesting without him.

    • I’m not feeling the new girls either. Pettifleur seems incredibly pretentious and condescending. She criticizes the other ladies, but she’s the one who has talked about going commando & wanting to see her ladybits while driving – so tacky! I’m reserving judgment on Gamble for now.

    • I need mirrors on the floor of my new Bentley because need to check my landing strip when I go commando.

      *rolling eyes so hard they may be stuck*


      • Powell says:

        Sounds like Sonja Morgan.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        If she can see that, she’s sitting too far forward in the seat. How does she wear a seat belt? If I were to mirror the floor of my Honda, and if I were to drive in a commando state, I would only see my knees.

    • Gamble could end up being the biggest double agent in history, wouldn’t that be funny? I am guessing she may try different friends, I think she is pretty fed up with Janet. I am pretty much over Petti because of the sexual innuendo every time she says anything. Once is shocking and maybe even funny, twice raises a red flag and now it seems to be her storyline. I think Ben only did the show because Jackie asked him to and he wasn’t nearly as enamored with it as she was, I think he has taken a step back.

      • Powell says:

        Ben said he needed to establish his bands career in Melbourne so maybe he told Jackie he’s really got to focus on that more. Plus the show helped him become more known in Melbourne. He may feel he’s accomplished that so no need to be on as much this season

    • Powell says:

      So Janet is really taking the one that left’s place. That’s not good.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I am finally caught up with the two new episodes.
      Not too sure yet about Gamble, but Petti is just absolutely obnoxious.
      I’m wondering why Chyka and Gina haven’t been seen mingling much.
      I did feel for Janet when her son came to her party–what a miraculous recovery.

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

    There is so much anger in the VPRules cast, and with Lisa as well. It’s interesting because Lisa is the boss and producer, but she’s also a cast mate and so when the girls (Stassi and Kristen) try to talk back to her she shuts them down immediately – it’s not really that fair. They’re fired, Stassi is no doubt dropped from the show – but they can’t say how they feel?

    It is interesting that Jax feels compassion for Stassi while the other just feel anger. She was mean to Katie and Katie is justified in her anger, but why all the anger from Tom and Ariana? Scheana I also understand for the comments about her wedding. And if Stassi is going through such a tough time, why pile on her? Was Katie doing it just to have something to say during the reunion?

    I doubt Tom 2 proposed, he was holding Katie’s right hand so if he slips a ring on that finger, it’s the wrong finger – but who knows what that twit will do for a little air time. Run Katie Run.

    • T-Rex says:

      I didn’t really watch, but for me I think that TheRoyalVpump’s attitude has a LOT to do with the disrespect these cast mates, that she is paying and giving jobs to, had for her throughout the season. I don’t see SuperUberSpoiledNojobNoCareerStassi coming back and I don’t see KrazyKristenNextStarofSnapped coming back either. You can kind of tell that IgnoranceisBlissJames realizes he probably isn’t coming back either due to his connection to KrazyKristenNextStarofSnapped. I still cannot believe that KluelessKatie is still with OtherWomenareokaytoScrewTom, especially when he basically said on National TV he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t cheat again. UGH

    • VV™ says:

      Kristen has bad talked about Lisa since forever but on the show her interactions with Lisa are little. On Twitter Kristen has bad mouthed and praised Lisa, same on Podcasts.
      Stassi is playing victim. This is the same playbook as Brandi. How can Stassi be going through a tough time when time and time again, she claims she’s happy with her boyfriend of three years and away from the toxic friendships army SUR. Stassi is playing victim for symphathy.

      Jax has always had a soft spot for Stassi. Hopefully, he’ll outgrow it.

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Happy birthday Vizvet!!!!!

    It seems that VH! It’s seems VH1is doing a show with two of David Foster’s daughters. It’s called Barely Famous. Starts next week. One of the headlines is No Pregnancies. No DUI’s. I’m sure Yolanda was thrilled with that.

    • That’s funny. Before Yoyo came on HWs I always enjoyed when PBS had the David Foster specials. I was a big fan of those shows. Not sure how I feel about him now, but I would watch. He IS very talented at music, relationships maybe not so much.

    • vilzvet says:

      Thanks, Sue, and I’ll be checking out that show for sure, looks like its worth a shot.

  9. Yay! Love love LUVVVVED the RHOM episode last night. Can’t wait to read this and VPR Reunion blog! Thanks, ladies!

  10. Thank you for the blog RB!! Where is Ben?? Jackie is so dull this season. I like Gamble’s Grandpa, lol. He is a cutie. Poor Janet was trying to cozy up to him. She is such a bitch, that dark wig really aged her….need that brightness of the blonde hair to lighten the wrinkles … I don’t like PF…she is one of those that enjoys hearing her own voice. Love Gina!!

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP I’m now 2 epis behind. Grrr. I wish they were on Sunday as before. I have to get used to their new time. I was enthralled w/Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal then American Crime. I didn’t watch AC last week but last night’s epi was SO good. It’s like stories we’ve seen year after year on the news w/people killing innocent people, torn up grieving families. It’s powerful.

      • I haven’t watched Greys in a few weeks, I will have to catch up…..I have to admit that I forgot they were on last night until around 8 when I checked to see what was on, lol!

    • You are so welcome! I just answered Veena and said I think Ben has stepped back a bit this season, this is her craving not his. Rick is so in love with Gamble it is cute. Janet must have taken over for Andrea in becoming the villain…Maybe production told her and Chyka to step it up a bit – the both have.

  11. Powell says:

    Darnit I turned to TMZ Live too late to hear what they were talking about ‘re:Kyle and Kim’s fractured relationship, whether it would be repaired but I did see in time Harvey say he’s known Kyle for at least 20 yrs. He worked w/the lead anchor who Kyle was engaged to. They all used to go out to dinner and hang out all the time. He said Kyle is fun. I suppose the Kim & Kyle info will be on TMZ’s site.

    • T-Rex says:

      It was on the TMZ website yesterday and reading between the lines in that article, which again may not be true, there is another dig at SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim’s sobriety! It does basically state they aren’t talking for a number of reasons, and a lot has to do with the dog issue and not from VileKyle’s side, from the idiot drug addict’s side, she is pissed off that VileKyle had the information found out about in the press.

      • Powell says:

        😭😭😭😭😭 My heart is bleeding for Kim. NOT! Puhleeze. 😛 to Kim. Go on and live your life Kyle.

      • Um…what? KIM is angry because HER dog bite Kyle’s daughter and put HER into the hospital, but the IMPORTANT THING is the media found out? And that’s KYLE’S fault?

        It’s a done deal: Kim is just a mean old hag and her dangerous dog probably is just reflecting HER personality. Gosh, I can’t decide which I want more for the “shocking revelation” at the Reunion: Kim resigns, or Brandi resigns.

        No, I’m sure: Brandi is number one on my hit list of HAS TO GO.

  12. VV™ says:

    HydrangeaHussy, thanks for recap. I have yet to watch. I think Kristen aided by Production found Miami girl.

    I find hypocritical of Stassi to say she didn’t find appropriate to film with a ex boyfriend when she herself filmed plenty with with Pete Madrigal her ex boyfriend. Not only she filmed with him plenty, she took pictures naked with him during last season finale. In the picture – which was Stassi’s idea – you can see her naked body rubbing against Pete’s naked body. I would bring picture here but won’t do it out of respect for the blog.

  13. Powell says:

    Dr Paul on HLN talking about the new season of Botched and plastic surgery.

  14. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to RealityBytes and HydrangeaHussy for the recaps! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. serenanyc says:

    I see on the WWHL schedule that Camille, Adrienne, and Taylor (ugh) will be back on the show after BH on Tuesday night. I really hope this doesn’t mean they’re coming back next season. The only one I’d like to see back is Camille. Definitely no Adrienne or Taylor.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t think so, Two-FaceCamillazilla has been trying to get back on the show for several seasons now, and MzAndy has declined her offer. ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealingalledgedescort doesn’t even live in LA, so Bravo would have to pay for her to move there, and she doesn’t have any sort of fan following. Also the HoofMaloof also offered to come back to the show and again was give a couple of walkon’s but not even gifted a “friend” of the show.

      • serenanyc says:

        The only reason I’d like Camille back is because at least she lives the BH lifestyle and is fab unlike Kim and Trashville. By the way, T-Rex, do you have anymore gossip on casting for next season? I so hope Eileen and Rinna are back and Trashville is out.

        • T-Rex says:

          Nope my friend actually does work in production in LA, not on any reality shows and they are actually filming new shows right now to pitch for next falls TV schedule, so she basically said not to email her for a few weeks about the Ho-wives “nonsense” as she calls it, LOL!

    • Powell says:

      I wouldn’t mind Adrienne and Camille coming back. Bye bye Kim and Bobble Head. I hope them being on makes Kim and Bobble nervous. 😉

      • Exit4 says:

        Me too! The show would actually be good with them. They have the $$, the lifestyle, history with most of the ladies, the viewers know them. after this insane season-it would be nice to have a season without crazy. Just fun drama.

      • serenanyc says:

        I like Camille’s fabulousness. Adrienne is just tacky and I didn’t like the way she treated Paul in the divorce. However, I’d take her back on the cast over Bobble and Kim any day.

        • Exit4 says:

          Right? Tacky trumps trashy!

        • Adrienne is fun to hate, because you know she’s so rich nothing is going to touch her, so there’s no useless pity or guilt required. She’s also a very trashy kind of classy, in her own fancy, mobish-bosslady kind of style, which I find somehow adorably awful.

          Adrienne’s divorce, with Mad Chef Bernie’s head spinning round on his Facebook page, spewing out green pea soup at Paul, was so much fun! That’s inspiration, for me.

          A proper DIVA needs her flying monkeys to cut it–Lisa had Cedric and of course, Giggy; Camille had Allison Dubois and the BFF/make-up guru; Nene had her gay husband Dwight, etc.


    • VV™ says:

      I’ll take Camille over Adrienne. I love Camille sense of fashion. Adrienne on the other hand gave us Brandi. Just for that fact, she should be banned from RHOBH.

  16. Powell says:

    Stella how is everything going w/your website?

    • stellastars21 says:

      Hey Powell. Thanks for asking. Sales have slowed down which I expected for the beginning. I’m trying to do advertising but my budget doesn’t allow for much yet. Hopefully things will pick up.
      Hope you have a great day.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Hi Stella, I sent you my email so please let me know when you’ll have the surfboard earrings. 🙂

        • stellastars21 says:

          Hi Mel. I got your email but my reply couldn’t go through for some reason. I’m working on making some with Koa wood. I’ll keep you posted.

  17. VV™ says:

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:


      • mrs peabody says:

        Double Ouch. Kim seems very obsessed with her sisters being there for her and is always bringing it up. My sisters and I are always there for each other and we never ever talk about it, it is just a given, we know it, we don’t have to talk about it. In fact I can’t say I know anyone that obsesses about it like Kim does. It must be that teenage mentality of hers.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Why didn’t she just hashtag #notlikekyle

      • The comments, wow, people have been waiting since Feb 19th and are taking their shots, lol!

      • TexasTart says:

        Nothing has changed or will ever change in the skewed reality of what KIM can remember. As Kim screamed to Kyle “You never have defended me. Kathy would not ever act like this! Kathy would have my back like a real sister!”

        Actually, do any of you really believe that Kathy has always been there for me (Kim)??? I don’t! I think it’s just how she wants play it to punish Kyle. I believe there are times Kim is so effed up in her own world that no one can be there for her – she won’t let them! I wish she wouldn’t have come out of hiding.

        Is Kim just shy of running over Kyle with the car to make a modern day ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Maybe that is a bit dramatic to say, but Kim is not sane IMO and has a substance abuse issues – bad combo! Kyle better keep her distance!

    • TexasTart says:

  18. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    I just caught up with ATL. I think that the ladies that aren’t married have an unfair advantage. What other aspects of their lives are they showing? I can’t believe how Kenya and Claudia were like two cackling hens talking about Phaedra, who btw is showing the good, the bad and the ugly of her life. Even though I think that Cynthia is spineless in her recent actions, she’s at least brought in all of her issues for all to see. Jmo
    Kandi has some damn nerve to even ask Phaedra for the information that’s going on with Apollo. She hasn’t been a true friend. Also, I can’t believe that she and Todd are past the honeymoon. Stage of their marriage.i can imagine it must be hard for Todd to deal with a bitter Mama Joyce and for Kandi to always refer to her finances as just hers. They both seem to not want to invest in the marriage. I don’t know of any man that doesn’t want to have sex with their new wife–is he getting it from somewhere else?
    I hope they get some new wives next season.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You really have to wonder how he is dealing with Mama Joyce now this own mother has passed away and how horrible joyce was to her and how Kandi really didn’t stop it. There has got to be some really hard feelings there toward both of those women. It would not surprise me if that has put a real strain on that marriage and Kandi only has herself to blame for that. I wonder if we will see any of the passing on his mother and what they went through. I hope that is kept private out of respect for him and his mother and I sure as heck don’t want to see anything joyce has to say on the subject.

  19. So I always suspected this- and now Star magazine is saying the Guidice’s ratted out the Gorgas too.

    • VV™ says:

      I’m not sure on this one. I want to believe is not true.

      • FameWhorgas called this like a year ago. They basically had a Ven diagram they had so much nitty gritty dirt.

        I believe Joe ratted out Juicy.

        Now did Juicy rat out Joe? Dunno about that. If he did- I can’t imagine Teresa was a part of it.

        We’ll find out when a Juicy gets out of prison and is NOT deported. Then we’ll know there was a secret deal.

        • Exit4 says:

          I don’t think juicy would need to rat out joey. If the Feds, for some reason, discovered something when they were investigating the giudices-all they need to do is follow the paper trail. That’s what they did with teresa and Joe. They didn’t need joey gorga to tell them a thing. The person I think tipped the feds off? If anyone did? Monica Chacon or her husband and Joe mastrople. Her hubs was Joe mastroples lawyer-teresa had fake jobs with his companies. Him and Joe were partners. The BK was the breaking point-but as officers of the court, Monica and her husband would have to report anything illegal they found out. Then her husbands client could reinforce the way they did business and walk away and no one would know. If they went to trial-I bet my life Joe mastrople would have been a witness.

          • Completely agree on the partner- but we KNOW lil Joey already ratted Juicy out on the illegal building permits. And then remember he went out to meet Mohsmmed from RHOBH to discuss doing business together. Yeah that had to be the fastest meeting in history of building in the a United States of America- everyone already saw his shadiness including Mohammed.

            No one will ever do business with him again- IMHO, his jealousy that Juicy was getting deals and he wasn’t made him go to “the proper authorities”

            Sorry we will just have to agree to disagree.

    • Exit4 says:

      I don’t believe it. I’m sorry. 😞 Not because I love the gorgas-but Im pretty sure it was related to his ex biz partners lawsuit and then after they filed for BK, when the trustee began to dig-that was the final nail in the coffin. Teresa and Joe handed themselves over willingly and stupidly. As far as tax evasion? They would have charged them in the original indictment back in 2013. That being said-do I think Joe Gorga is scared? Absolutely! His hands aren’t clean.

      • Amber says:

        Who needed to be ratted out when Teresa and Joe did such a fantastic job doing it to themselves. :/

        • NJBev says:

          I’d have to agree with Amber.
          ~and say what they want, I don’t beleive Joey ever “ratted” out his sister OR
          his BIL- (did he rat out Chris Laurita as well?)
          Say what you want about the Gorga’s- but they clearly have a work ethic-
          (I’m talking blood Gorga’s, and that would include Teresa)
          I’m not seeing it with Guidice-(Joe) This is a person who thought he was smarter
          than everyone, and had an angle for everything-(take my drivers license please-
          I’ll just get another from my brother)
          The only time I ever saw him working was behind a desk the size of
          a school student, when he gave Teresa $100,000 to buy furniture
          Because she heard ” there may be a recession going on, so I pay everything
          with cash”—— I WILLNEVER forget my reaction at the time-
          “nice way to wake up the IRS”-
          I’m over arguing about this cesspool of people-
          -sorry I even got this far tonight! 😉

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      So should he not work because of this? I don’t think it’s a big deal.

      • Well.

        I do believe in the power of redemption, and typically I would agree with you. He that is without sin and all that…

        But in a Phaedra’s case, she constantly surrounds herself with criminals. Her mother is a preacher. Why bring this ex drug dealer around her kids?

        Particularly because he was doing an “exorcism” of the house? If Phaedra was truly as devout as she claims- her own faith in the power of Jesus would make this a moot point.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I forgot that her mom is a preacher and I really think that she did a cleansing of her home more for show. I could be dead wrong but I just don’t see her being as religious as she claims. I once had someone very close to me tell me that they didn’t believe in god, but it was socially acceptable to.

  20. VV™ says:

    Those imbeciles at Bravo are defending Brandi. I just can’t!!!!

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    This is authored by CDL STAFF…I guess we can’t use the word STAFF anymore on the blog without a lawyer present!!

    • Maybe because the author was so ashamed of the level of bullshit they wouldn’t use their name.

      Because c’mon.

      I’m not convinced of LisaR’s sincerity but I haven’t “been questioning her mental health” or some such f*ckery.


    • mrs peabody says:

      that sight doesn’t work for me, what is it saying?

      • Pure Brandi propaganda.

        I can’t cut and paste on my ipad- maybe someone else can help you get the gist of it

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s a bunch of crap about Lisa R going insane at the reunion-the “writer” says that the other women were thinking security or the police might have to come because Lisa R went nuts…blah blah blah…also the “writer” said that Brandi was perfect thought out the entire reunion and it makes no sense for anyone to like the other housewives because Brandi is the best and never does anything wrong-the other women are bitches and jealous of Brandi because Brandi isn’t going through menopause yet….just kidding!! She didn’t really write that but I think she wanted to -a that’s pretty much it!!

        • TexasTart says:

          Good grief, that writer must think people will believe anything they read.

    • Orson says:

      I wonder if it would be safe for us to say “A CDL Contributor Who Must Not Be Named Wrote:”

  22. TexasTart says:

  23. TexasTart says:

  24. TexasTart says:

    Kyle’s blog:

  25. TexasTart says:

    First Look Shahs on now. First Look BH at 7:29 and Atlanta after that. I missed VPR, it was before Shahs. I’m on central time.

  26. Exit4 says:

    Yolanda is slowwwwly disembarking from the Brandi train.

  27. TexasTart says:

    Brandi is dressed like a hooker in her TH and calling all of the other ladies “Menopause Mamas”. 🙄

    Lisa is not cutting Brandi any slack whatsoever in the next episode. 🙂

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I think Brandi is going to come off very badly in the next episode-and a bit trampy a bit drunky and bit inmate and a whole lot a mess!!

      • TexasTart says:

        Oh, I so wish we could have an episode – or season! – without Kim and Brandi. UGH. Neither one of those bitches ever get an effing clue! It doesn’t matter what anyone says to them, they remain victims in their feeble minds. Sorry, not sorry here’s for 💰 the cussin jar.

      • kit9 says:

        I noticed in the preview that when the Twink leans over to kiss Brandi, she fully opens her mouth. It’s both gross and pathetic. And, her saying, in FULL SLUR, “I like it”, with her eyes barely open? But DON’T DARE call her a drunk! Hypocrites! Double Standards!

    • mrs peabody says:

      doesn’t look like it does it. These comments by Brandi about these women’s ages is getting old, Brandi needs to look at her birth certificate, she wasn’t born in the ’90’s, she’s only a couple of years younger than Kyle.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I don’t get it really? Is that the very best insult that you can come up with?

        When she hits 50, in 7 years, these words are gonna come back to bite her.

  28. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to Todd for a perfect gift idea for a co-worker. The hip hop nutrition facts T-shirt! 😆

  29. TexasTart says:

    Princess! I found the perfect T-Shirt for you! “I eat glitter for breakfast”
    Wait! Princesses don’t wear T-Shirts! Oh, Maaaaaggie! 😀

    View this post on Instagram

    Happy Friday ! Missing @drdubrow ! #RHOC #BOTCHED

    A post shared by Heather Dubrow (@heatherdubrow) on

  30. TexasTart says:

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Wow- I never thought swans would ever let anyone do this!

      I have gone and looked at it a few times- astonishing isn’t it? She really has tamed them hasn’t she?


  31. TexasTart says:

  32. boston02127 says:

    Read from the top down earlier. Thx for the great recaps.

    Reading from the bottom up now and it was a very quick read. It’s all postings from Twitter one after another.

    • ladebra says:

      Isn’t it great? Thanks Tartsy and VV for all the posts! 💕

      • boston02127 says:

        I don’t think it’s great. It’s excessive. It’s like trying to stay relevant without having anything to say. One or two are fine but tweet after tweet is a little much.

    • VV™ says:

      Total Comments: 163
      Twitter: 9
      Instagram: 4

      Hi Boston, I’m sorry you think it’s excessive. Above are the numbers. You are one of the most welcoming and friendly posters here and your comment was a little uncharacteristic. Out of the 163 total comments only 13 were Twitter/Instagram posting.
      I post not because I want to be relevant. I post because I think it’s interesting, funny, noteworthy, and want to share. ❤️🍀

      • boston02127 says:

        VV~~~You leave one or two. It is not you what so ever. What you post is not excessive at all.

        • boston02127 says:

          VV~~~~~I’m sorry. It’s not you. What you post usually makes me laugh. You’re posts are relevant! And interesting & funny & noteworthy. And I’m glad you share. ❤️

          • I dunno.

            Most times the tweets speak for themselves, and don’t really require further commentary.

            I have noticed that when I post links and then comment on the content, I get so much negativity and arguing that I don’t always post what I find. It’s just too exhausting to argue with the SHOUTY CAPS mean spiritedness.

            So I get why a poster would just drop a tweet in the blog and then see what the reaction is.

            It’s not always intellectual laziness, which is what I think you’re saying.

            • ladebra says:

              I’m not going to take this to the next blog, but I don’t believe Boston’s comment has anything to do with intellectual laziness. After all, Boston is the person who captions pictures and posts them. Sort of like posting a tweet, right? What I think Boston is doing is making a mean comment. I respect her right to express her opinion. I don’t agree with her. I enjoy the Instagram posts and the tweets.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                If Boston is saying that posting tweets is intellectually laziness then it’s insulting to all of us who do post tweets-but I suspect she isn’t talking about that and she’s taking a dig at someone without actually saying so-attacking a poster isn’t acceptable even if you don’t mention their name. Not cool.

                • TexasTart says:

                  You all know that I’m too classy to go on counter attack. I’m just thankful for those that are not afraid to speak up and call it like it is. Thank you.

                  Boston02127 has taken shots at me for a year now, and it’s time to put up or shut up.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        what’s this all about? We have always brought tweets to the blog-a lot of posters here do not have twitter and they appreciate seeing the tweets.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Boston – this was unkind, unnecessary, and unwarranted. I suggest you take a break from the blog until you figure out a way to leave Texas Tart alone.

      • Ladina says:

        I guess this is old news, but just wanted to put in my two cents, I have twitter but since theres so much traffic over there I usually miss some twitts so I love to come here and see the stuff people are doing over there, so please continue to bring any gossip here, I really enjoy it… 👏👏👏👏👍❤️❤️

  33. RealityBytes, finally found time to look up the Meghan Trainor reference early in your RHOM blog. I see what brings this song to mind, and sooooo happy you brought it to my attention, because LOVE THIS VIDEO!

    Clearly I’m the last person on Planet Earth to hear about it: 677,518,592 views.

  34. Veena (NMD) says:

    I was going to just update the blog with the rest of RHOMelbourne, but looking at the comments, perhaps it’s time to move to another blog. Deep sigh. I thought we were past this.

    Good morning new post

    • Well, you know best, but if I may….

      What’s a little dust-up among friends? You should see the wine-glass-throw-downs my little group of Internet friends have had through the years. But we learn and cooler heads prevail, so a few stitches later and Z’all good!

      At the risk of being told I’m a guest and my opinion was not requested–which would be totally fair…I wonder if you might reconsider updating the RHOM blog for this reason: the end of this episode is going to be a big plot point for future hair-pulling relationships, I think. Since people do sometimes read blogs later or to refresh their memories about what caused such a ruckus, having that last scene recapped would be helpful?

      Also, RBytes shared it with me after she wrote it, and it’s really good. Gamble’s unique character is further revealed and is quite the giggle.

      But whatever you decide, I would like to add: thanks so much for providing this blog site. As I told RealityBytes, it’s a place where viewers and readers going back to Lynn’s beginnings still gather to share, not just HWs’ realty TV ups and downs, but many friendships, as well. Muah! xoxo

    • Oh, well, egg on my face. I thought you meant you were going to just go to another SUBJECT. lol Thanks for the entire blog and a “fresh start”!

      Note to self: look before you speak.

  35. Ladina says:

    Lisa as been very active on twitter, can’t say I don’t love it, I am huge fan, I guess she had a rare time off from work, also I think seeing the last episode, she was reminded again of what happend with BG and it must be hard to process, more when she knows theres more to come, we see them as just reality personlaities and sometimes forget they are humans and it must hurt to have had a person so close and then realize she is a completely different character, BG is a hard friend to understand.
    Also I think BG cornering Lisa at the end of dinner was to try and see how the relationship was progressing, knowing what she said earlier about Kyle and the trainer she maybe thought that Lisa would get closer to her again, but she blow it with the comment of Lisa sleeping around, I am staring to feel sorrry for BG, she is lost and she doesn’t realize it or wants to ear about it…

  36. Ladina says:

    So, I just watch the Beverly Hills first look, BG is saying Lisa V was talking to this cute guy that turn out to be Max’s childhood friend and thats her date, but I am reading here and other blogs that he’s an escort, whats the deal here, if he indeed is Lisa’s and Max’s acquaintance, talk about going into different pats in life. It does seem really weird tho, could it be another lie from BGlandvile ?? 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I’ve been wondering if Lisa’s and Max’s acquaintance of the Twink was a manufactured lie too.

  37. HydrangeaHussy, I finally got to read your excellent recap and thanks so much for that. I tend to fade in and out on watching the VPRules gang–they’re just another generation and maybe a another planet away from my comprehension.

    I do love seeing LisaVP in her business world, though, and having worked a few times in food service/management, I like seeing how she handles the usual staff shenanigans that come with the job.

    So your recap filled me in on the parts of the season I have missed, not to mention…they’re still arguing about what happened last season, too, right? LOL I will say this about them: they make me very glad I never had a camera crew following me around when I was making stupid mistakes and acting like a young fool.


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