Brandi Glanville Podcast with Leeza Gibbons – Brandi talks quit/fire rumors on #RHOBH

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Leeza Gibbons

Brandi loves that Leeza laughs at her bad, unfiltered jokes. Leeza says Brandi is the biggest surprise in her life because she encourages her to drop the parts of her that are uptight. Brandi wouldn’t call her uptight, she’d call her, “clenched”. Brandi thinks Leeza could have a cult following because her voice is so calming.

Leeza notes that doing radio can be liberating. Brandi agrees and says that you are being judged on your character and as a person and not on your looks. Has anything changed since Leeza won CA? Leeza’s gotten strange offers since winning but doesn’t get specific. Leeza’s been surprised by how multi generational the fans of CA are.

Brandi wants Leeza to pose for Playboy. She thinks Leeza has an amazing body. Brandi heard Geraldo left in a huff after losing but Leeza says she spent the whole day with him after the finale and they had a great time. Leeza is coming back to CA as a consultant next season. “Yeah!”, Brandi screams with excitement at the news.

Leeza and Gerlado in front of Universal
Leeza praises Brandi for “owning” her life, for saying what she believes and for working hard on the show. Brandi credits that to the hard work of her parents. Leeza did DWTS years ago and her old partner, Tony, is partnered with Suzanne Summers this season. Rumer Willis is also in the new cast and Brandi says she knows her well.

Brandi mentions that she looked up Leeza before the podcast and discovered she’d been married 4 times. Leeza says she’s good at business but not good at love. She was first married at 23, too young for her she says. She was on a career path and had no business getting married. Leeza continually smacks her lips and it’s really annoying. Leeza has 3 kids. She calls her 4th her “forever husband”.


Leeza doesn’t think marriages fail, they just end. Brandi thinks that’s a beautiful sentiment. Leeza is writing her 3rd book partly about her experience on CA. Lip smack. Brandi asks if Leeza and her husband have crazy sex? Yes, says Leeza. Brandi thinks that since they are so perfect all the time they have to get freaky behind closed doors. “Well, yeah”, says Leeza.

Brandi again praises Leeza’s body (as usual, Brandi fixates on the physical). Brandi says that “the hot teacher guy in NY” noticed Leeza’s figure and Brandi jokingly recalls, “hey, you’re with me!” Leeza says the hot teacher guy was cute. “Yeah, he was hot”, Brandi says, “he is hot” (hm, I think the hot teacher fling is over).

Leeza talks her workout routine. She does a little something every day. Lip smack. She does the elliptical and free weights. Lip smack. Then the infrared sauna. Lip smack. And she takes walks on the weekend. Brandi doesn’t like workout bikes because they hurt her “kitty”. She says she has a sensitive kitty…. “you can ask JR about that.”

Leeza and Brandi
Brandi asks if Leeza was surprised by some of the celebrity’s attitudes on CA. “We’re not Brad and Angelina and even if you were, you don’t get to act like this”. Leeza wasn’t surprised while Brandi was shocked that so many of the celebrities took themselves so seriously.

Brandi says, of CA, “the camera’s not gonna lie. You’re going to see exactly what these people are doing. At the end of the day, it’s on your shoulders” (hmm, not exactly what Brandi says about HW where she has blamed editing for her depiction).

Brandi kept reminding Leeza of that while Leeza was worried all the time that she was going to get fired. Leeza knew she was working hard and contributing but she thought she wasn’t exciting tv. Leeza recently posted a saying that goes, “If your work is speaking for itself, don’t interrupt.”

Brandi brings up Leeza working with Mary Hart. Leeza calls Mary an icon and talks about how Mary insured her legs for a million dollars as a publicity stunt. Lip smack. Brandi says that both Mary and Leeza are icons. They talk Connie Selleca and John Tesch. Lip smack. Apparently John is really really tall-6’7″. Leeza mentions that her own teenage son is 6’4″ and could reach 6’7″.

“He might be John’s,” Brandi says before asking if Leeza and John ever fooled around. “That’s funny,” laughs Leeza. Leeza notes that 6’7″ is “biiiggg.” Then Brandi asks, I FUCKING KID YOU NOT… “is everything else big? You gotta wonder.” I don’t think Leeza understood what she meant because she starts to say something about Tony Robbins being big before Brandi jumps in and says, “No, I guess you don’t want to wonder about your son!” before quickly changing the subject saying, “and on that note, we’re gonna take a quick break!

Leeza has a jewelry line. Lip smack. Leeza’s line is called Arms of Love after a photo of her embracing her mother who had Alzheimer’s. They are at Reed’s and are 14kt and Sterling w/diamonds. Leeza says they are meant to inspire you to celebrate the moments of your life and wish for the people that you love.

Brandi posed for a picture with some of the jewelry and Leeza says it was very sweet of her to do so. Leeza’s given Brandi some of the pieces. She also gave Brandi a necklace during CA that said, “fearless” and Leeza says that they were “bonded in that moment.” Brandi says they were “blond gangsters.” “Absolutely!” Leeza says. Brandi said it was “us against the world” (or a dopey reality show. One of the two).

Leeza talks about people not getting why she and Brandi connected. Leeza tells people, “I don’t know what you think I’m supposed to feel about Brandi” but what she gets about her is what Brandi showed her. She says Brandi showed her a great work ethic, great heart, great compassion, great loyalty and she has been a great friend.

Brandi says that HW’s are all about conflict and they show only a small sliver of her (can you imagine what a wedge of Brandi would be like?). She says they’ll show one dinner party spread out over three weeks. “You’re tuning in, I’m having wine and it turns into you’re drunk every week on the show but it’s one dinner party.”

Brand was happy to show a different “perspective” on CA but that they did show her cursing a lot. By the end of CA, Brandi had no more “creative juices left” (Brandi contributed very little creatively, imo). Leeza loved doing CA and got so inspired. Lip smack. She really got thinking about creating the next generation of philanthropists.

Leeza loves the doors that have opened because of the show and the “wave of fairy dust” she’s been able to ride. And, she’s so grateful and shocked to have won. Brandi said she knew Leeza was going to win the whole time. At the finale, Leeza realized she’d won statistically, having more wins, but knew she had to show strength because Trump doesn’t like weakness.

Brandi thought Leeza got a little bitchy at the end which she liked. Leeza knew she had to own it and took the minute he gave her to it’s full advantage. Lip smack. They talk about Leeza telling Trump that she’d rescued Geraldo from his slump-she was trying to be assertive but not arrogant. (omg, I can hear her lip smacking when she’s not even talking! STOP IT!)

Brandi wants to sexy up Leeza for her next book cover. Brandi tells Leeza she is perfection but she wants Leeza to show a different side to her, something sexy, because “57 is the new 37” (wait, menopause mamas are still sexy?). And AGAIN, Brandi goes on about what a great body Leeza has..talking about how the two swap clothes and Leeza is smaller than her…“Nobody has a body like that. It’s crazy. It’s a great body.”

Brandi says she and Leeza have some “fun ventures” coming up and they’ll “talk about them when we can.” Brandi says she looks up to Leeza and wants to be like her. Brandi wants to “make the right decisions” but that she tends to lead with “defensiveness.” “No,” Leeza interrupts, “Give yourself more credit than that.” “I think that,” lip smack, “you are very in the present and I think that’s something people really strive for because it’s hard for people to be where they are” (er, ok).

Leeza thinks women her age want something they “used to be” and life is a dance between holding on and letting go. And she thinks there’s a grace that comes with knowing when to do which. Brandi thinks she makes the right choices sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t but that’s what life’s about. “And, forgiving yourself,” Leeza says.

I forgive you, Brandi,” Brandi says, laughing, before mentioning the reunion she just taped. She has post traumatic reunion syndrome. “I don’t think I was on my best behavior that day” (as opposed to any other day?). Leeza thinks that’s when it would pay to be an actress so you could just put on a character-not show up as you. “That’s Lisa Rinna-cause that’s what she did.”

Brandi had planned to “be quiet…and not give them anything” at the reunion but that she lost her temper (you’re kidding? Our Brandi?!). “It was craziness…like CRAZY.” “But having said that, I’ve got to own what I did and said. And, just don’t watch it.”Β Leeza asks if she regrets it-noting she doesn’t watch the show (that explains a lot).

Leeza asks if she did watch what would she think of Brandi? “That I was a drunk foul mouthed gal.Β I don’t know…I don’t know. I think that’s it” (yeah, no. No, it’s not. Not even close). “It’s such a small perspective…you know, 43 minutes with 7 people, so 6 minutes each a week…uh..I can’t talk bad about the show. You have to take that part out.

She sighs and says, “It’s a lot right now.” Tabloids are calling and asking if she’s fired or quit. “Where did that come from?” Leeza asks. Brandi doesn’t know. She does say she was the first one to leave the set because she was exhausted.

Leeza says she heard that Brandi’s definitely coming back (please). Brandi gave a comment to In Touch when they asked about her future on the show and she told them she didn’t know if it was healthy anymore and hadn’t made a decision yet. Brandi thinks that comment led to all the speculation about her coming back.

It is what it is…as long as people are talking, I guess,” Brandi says, wearily, trying to put a positive spin on the speculation but not sounding convincing. She actually sounds a bit depressed. Brandi then thanks Leeza for being on the show and says that the two of them have so much to look forward to together. “I’m gonna stalk her!

Leeza, leaving things on a more positive note, signs off with, “So, Miss Brandi, your kids are good, my kids are good. Life is happy..we’re blessed. Life is great!“, Brandi agrees. “We are fearlessly fabulous,” Leeza says. “We are two blonde gangsters that are very blessed!” laughs Brandi. Leeza drops one more Brandi compliment-giving her credit for her prognostication skills in calling the CA finale. “I give you props!”Β “Leeza Gibbons gave me props!” “Amen, sister,” says Leeza.



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204 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast with Leeza Gibbons – Brandi talks quit/fire rumors on #RHOBH

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. RR I hope Reese has had the best Birthday weekend and Vilzvet I hope your Birthday weekend has been relaxing.
    Oh Kit. Here you go my friend. πŸ† I now to the Queen. πŸ‘Έ
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Powell says:

    Bobble Head really thinks viewers are stupid. We know that they show some dinner party on multiple epis. When she’s been shown drunk, which is just about every epi, it hasn’t just been 4 dinner parties drawn out thru 3 epis. She just can’t be honest & say “YUP I drink get plastered the entire season”. I tell you I’d respect her if she’d just be honest & own her behavior but instead she makes excuses and tries to downplay it. 😝

  3. Powell says:

    Oh yeah it’s not healthy for Bobble to come back next season. Well that’s the kind of thing you say to try to save face when you know you’ve been axed. Allegedly. πŸ˜‰

  4. Powell says:

    And see why would Bobble say she heard Gerry left the finale in a huff? Why does she always want to start something? I Don’t Like Her!!!!!!

  5. Powell says:

    Why is she so crass and people just laugh at it? Disgusting. She either talks about sex or someone’s looks. That’s all she’s got. Nothing else. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. First she says Mary and Leeza are icons and they are. Entertainment Tonight was one of the first entertainment shows. I used to love it but stopped watching it maybe two yrs before Mary left. But then she says to Leeza “you could be an icon”. HUH!?! I thought she said Leeza was already an icon? Oy Vey!

  6. Amber says:

    Thanks Kit9, Gosh, podcast was much more boring than I remember. You poor thing — you had to listen to much or all of it more than once!

    The part of CA that I don’t get is, why is going all in to work on a short term project considered such a great accomplishment? Winning in competition, yes — that’s a huge feat, Successful working with a team, yes, that can be considered huge. But all the pats on the back for showing a strong work ethic? Really?

  7. serenanyc says:

    Once again, very brave of you Kit to sit through an hour of Brandi’s voice. I know I couldn’t do it.

    I thought it was funny when you mentioned that Brandi told Leeza that “57 is the new 37.” Leeza is older than all of the “menopausal” women on RHOBH that she loves to poke fun at, saying they’re in their 70s. Brandi is full of contradictions.

    • TexasTart says:

      But you’re only considered a “menopausal mama” if you don’t play along with all that Brandi dishes. She’s a walking contradiction!

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Hey Jan, how are you feeling these days?

        • TexasTart says:

          Hi Barb, I’ve been able to walk to the mail box and back without being winded! If anyone is able to get a pneumonia shot, don’t hesitate! My lungs are a lot better after a month of this, I still have a cough and sinus oriented symptoms…the doc said that might last another week. I think I will be able to work next week. Thanks for asking. I’m glad to hear the snow melted enough for you to deal with the car and a hair cut! Yay! πŸ™‚

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Tartsy, if you feel a sinus infection coming on, start doing the nasal washes, maybe a decongestant and a humidifier too. Remember my husband got a sinus infection from hell a few months post pneumonia and he showed me his blood/booger worm(can’t get the image out of my head)he pulled out.

            • TexasTart says:

              Ewwww! I remembered you said that followed bis pneumonia, so I have stayed on Mucinex Extra Strength twice a day. Maybe I should start rinses as a precaution. Thanks for the advise! ❀

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                You are on top of everything! You go, Girl! πŸ‘
                Oh, and hubby refuses to get the pneumonia shot. πŸ˜•

                • TexasTart says:

                  πŸ˜• for what reason?

                  I never got a flu shot before, I guess because I was a bit arrogant about not having the flu for decades. But I will FOR SURE get a pneumonia shot, at whatever point I become eligible. (I need to ask the Dr.)

    • mrs peabody says:

      I find it funny that Leeza seems to be Brandi’s next target that she latches herself onto. Does this mean the love fest with Yolo is now over, did she try kissing or smacking her?

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Funny you should say that because Brandi posted a plea for people to sponsor her charity walk(which she should also donate) she only had Leeza and two other people that didn’t include Yo.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah. That’s because Bobble is so jealous of their lives and wealth that that’s all she’s got besides going for the jugular w/personal info they’ve told her when they were friends.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Brandi found a new mommmmmyyyyyy!

  8. ladebra says:

    Thanks for the blog, Kit. This podcast sounds tame compared to most of the others. Either she is realizing her shock tactics aren’t working, or her employer told her to clean up the show maybe. Good luck to Leeza and Brandi on the new venture …. now get off BH. πŸ˜‰

    • kit9 says:

      As someone mentioned yesterday, I think Brandi was on her best behavior for her newly minted BFF, Leeza.

  9. TexasTart says:

    Kit! Thanks for the podcrap recap, complete with sound effects. That smacking noise would be so annoying! Good grief, how many times did Brandi reference Leeza’s body? The perfection comment and compliments were poured on heavy! But we all know, this is Brandi’s pattern, right? Leeza! Run while you can, disengage, you don’t want to be on the outside of the β€œblonde gangsters”. [eyeroll]

    Perhaps Leeza really didn’t watch RHOBH as she said (despite she had a cameo – maybe she just watched that part) but she also must have never listened to one of Brandi’s podcasts to have agreed to appear. I guess she somewhat got off easy, aside from Brandi making a vacation home in Leeza’s butt, the John Tesh and penis comments. Did that really go over Leeza’s head?! I don’t know why I’m so surprised, but I guess I thought Leeza was smart enough to know to steer clear of this train-wreck called Brandi Glanville.

    • Leeza is not a stupid or an unaware woman.

      Something is up.

      • In regards to the remark about her son, I think Leeza did what I do and that is to ignore disgusting or stupid remarks, usually the person doesn’t have the gumption/nerve/balls to repeat it….if they do then it’s time to have fun with them and say, “huh”? to see if they will repeat it again….and if they do I say “huh?”, confused facial expression included… is a fun game!!! The reaction is usually, “never mind”, lol!!!

      • Powell says:

        I think so too cuz when she was on Wendy Williams Wendy asked her were she and Bobble friends and Leeza said she became friendly w/most of the cast. That’s it. So I’m w/you. Something is up.

        • You see it too?

          Something is going on…

          Leeza is very business orientated and media savvy. She cozies up to Brandi and then says something that puts distance between them…the Brandiacs are happy, the BrandiHaters are happy…no one really knows what’s going on.

          Meanwhile Leeza acts oblivious.

          Lemme tell you something, if Leeza and LisaVP ever teamed up we would finally have peace in the Middle East, because that’s how strategic she is.

          Also- doing a very cursory look at Brandi’s sun sign ONLY, astro logically speaking she has a very auspicious second half of the year.


          • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

            OMIB– im glad to hear this about Scorpio bc my mom is one (the good kind- not the demented kind like Brandi)- and she needs a good year !

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Oh my goodness I’m Cancer in the month of June. What else do I look at besides astrology? I swear my husband’s predictions have been right on–very terrible time until Saturn and Venus and Mars and the moon??

            • If you know the exact time of your birth (usually on your birth certificate) and the place you were born, you want to calculate where the three lights of your chart fall: your Sun, Ascendant, and Moon. There are quite a few online sites that can help younfind them if you don’t know.

              Btw? There’s really no such thing IMHO as a “bad” time.

              The stars can guide, but you must decide.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Haha! Podcrap! I likey.

  10. lila1star says:

    Hats off to you Kit! Your writing is so good that I can now hear Leeza’s lip smacking and I did not listen to the podcast lol. Your right–it is annoying πŸ™‚ No one told Brandi to tone it down–Brandi is acting for Leeza.

    Leeza is no dummy–she just chose to ignore Brandi’s off colored remarks and she probably doesn’t watch HW. If I recall–her 2 second HW cameo seems to have been unplanned or Leeza was unaware they would be filming.

    I noticed that Brandi didn’t declare she was coming back. I really hope she is not because if she does I will be gone. I wonder if Bravo is really aware of how many viewers they will loose If Brandi returns. Heck–even Kim–her and Brandi are vying for the most hated HW title……..

    • mrs peabody says:

      Maybe it’s time to start posting it on the facebook page of BH and for those who have twitter to tweet Andy. Have one day that everybody does that all day long. Heck I’d even sign up for it if someone tells me how you do it. CALL it the We Quit Watching if Brandi Returns Day. WQWBRD and every tweet, text or leave a message on that day. That will get at least Andy’s attention that we are all serious.

      • lila1star says:

        Hi Mrs. Peabody–I let Andy know on a regular basis and even tweeted to LVP and asked her to see to it that Andy got the word and she DMed that she would.
        I wanted to also comment on what you posted in the last blog–I agree that Brandi is getting tired of Kim. I saw the looks at that dinner–Kim was stealing Brandi’s moment lol.

        I love what LV said to Yo on the first look when Yo suggested they would have to go slow and teach Brandi and before she said more LP said she was her something (cant remember the exact words) and Yo says a very disapproving “Lisa” and Lisa was I am completely done with her!

        Yolanda has zero understanding of addiction or she would not have given Kyle that advice or lecture from her sick bed. Oh well

        • Powell says:

          How many times did Yo tell Lisa to leave Bobble alone. She’s just being Brandi. She’s having fun. She said that so many times. Now Yo wants Lisa to join forces to “help” Bobble? Give me an effing break. Why does Yo care? Bobble hit her under the belt w/bringing up Bella to deflect from Yo telling Bobble what she was doing was wrong. Yes let’s just throw your 18 yr old under the bus and deflect from what a 40 something, that should know better, is doing. 😝😝😝

      • Powell says:

        I would totally do it.

    • Powell says:

      Well lila I’ll be gone. I dumped NJ so I can dump BH if Bobble isn’t gone next season.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, Brandi is acting for Leeza? The many faces of Brandi.

  11. Exit4 says:

    Brandi wasn’t that great on CA. She won her task because it sucked less then the other. Then they lost and her whole team got fired. No tampons were exposed during filming-o guess that’s the victory?

  12. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great job super kit! I used to have two Elementary school teachers that would smack their lips after each sip of coffee. Hehe
    Brandi is so embarrassing. I think her family has probably tried talking to her about her behavior but I bet you she does the same vicious things she does to everyone else–to her father, probably throws it in his face that he was a drug dealer, etc. Brandi will never ever change. I know of a person that’s like that and she’s always the victim and everybody else is always wrong.

  13. Great blog Kit! Now I am tempted to go listen so I can hear the lip-smacking….I will wait until that feeling passes, lol!! I think Leeza has seen a side of Brandi that if she had been smart enough to show it on BH she wouldn’t be so annoying. But she is NOT an actress so she couldn’t pull it off….so sad that she had this opportunity and she has squandered it for the most part.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Good point! Had she not thrown a bunch of people under the bus, I’m sure Lisa could’ve given Brandi a job waitressing in one of her restaurants-oh wait. Brandi thought she was capable of owning one and just sitting back and enjoying drinks. Ugh

  14. TexasTart says:

    Claudia and Cynthia painting the town red in NYC last night. I don’t care for Claudia, but maybe someone does and you can catch her tonight on WWHL!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Wow- Claudia is such a pretty girl but she looks AWFUL in this pic. Cynthia is slaying it tho…as per usual.

      • Powell says:

        1) Well she highlighted under her eyebrows and didn’t blend it in.
        2) The ultra thin false lashes look like they belong on a doll
        3) She didn’t blend in her lip liner

        She jacked her makeup up. She’s in NY. She could have chosen at least 50 places in Times square alone to have her makeup done professionally.

    • TexasTart says:

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Can’t stand the two. Claudia’s makeup contouring looks awful. I love Cynthia’s mama Joyce’s hair.

  15. TexasTart says:

    OMIB will get a kick out of this!

  16. TexasTart says:

  17. TexasTart says:

    Lisa retweeted this….I want the cutie in the middle!

    • TexasTart says:

      Weird! I just had the same thought. This pic on Kyle’s FB triggered the memory of Milania and her messy closet…..’member when hid something from Teresa in her closet last season, that was funny too. Miss her too……Portia can’t take her place, but this is cute:

  18. TexasTart says:

    Can’t wait to see Nene’s hair tonight…..

  19. Lisa reached 1 million followers!

  20. Here she is celebrating at Pump and you know it is HOT today!!! #lazydayz

  21. TexasTart says:

    Well, normally VV posts Lisa tweets, but I’ve not seen her today. Congrats Lisa! πŸŽ‰

  22. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    OMIB— I need to get you my chart so you can tell me what’s in store for me this wretched year. I was happy to hear of the sign you spoke of above and commented ♏️…..

    If I can do this or you can direct me somewhere Id love it !
    I know all my planets’ positions.


    VILZVET —Major happy belated birthday πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽdear lady! Sorry I missed it here – as lately it seems whenever anything exciting happens on the blog these days IM NOT HERE.

    Mrs Peabody— thank you for that double analysis of the wine crash — I am going to maybe rewatch that specific episode on demand or on repeats. I need to get to the bottom of this and yes, I of course ! – feel that Kim was a complete and utter bully and nasty McNasty. I was simply trying to figure out the physical glass breaking crap and Bravos crap editing.
    Thank yewww πŸ’

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you too, Mrs P!

    • Hi babe- I secretly do charts on

      Plug in your birthdate, time , and place and it will tell you everything.

      The only thing it’s kind of weak on is Mars placement, but spot on about everything else.



    • mrs peabody says:

      Your welcome, I wanted to know how that happened too. So of course I work up at 4:30 this morning and got to thinking about it again. Now I I’m trying to figure out where they had the cameras positioned at so they weren’t filming the cameraman too. They had at least 2 of them filming, one at the end of the table opposite Yolo and I figure he must have also been filming from behind Kim when Lisa what throwing her fit and then one behind her so that Kim could be filmed. There possibly could have been 3 but I kind of doubt it. The one opposite Yolo caught the water/wine being thrown and so did the one behind Lisa. What bugs me is Kim did not look wet after the water/wine was thrown but it sure looked like it hit her.

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    Kit-awesome recap on podcrap!! The lip smacking drove me crazy-in print!! I’m so glad you listen so we don’t have to!!
    I don’t understand why Leeza praises Brandi for acting like a grown up on CA-she wasn’t an outstanding player-she didn’t save the day or bring in a ton of money. All she did was keep her ass covered and her mouth shut-she wasn’t a good player-she was mediocre at best. I don’t get the praise-she 43 and she acted like a 43 year old-that’s not praise worthy!!!

    • kit9 says:

      I didn’t get the CA praise, either. It was ridiculous. One thing that Leeza said that really screamed BS to me was her saying she’d “heard” that Brandi was def coming back. That’s freaking pr spin. Who anywhere has said that? Are we supposed to think Leeza has some inside info? Also, honestly, WHAT freaking ventures could these two possibly have together? Is Leeza pitching some raunchy show that Brandi could host? Something about jilted women? Really can’t imagine what else could link these two.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I can’t imagine what they could possibly have in the works? They are complete opposite personalities-Leeza seems nice and grounded and Brandi is practically begging her to sleeze herself up. Brandi doesn’t understand why all women aren’t using their sexuality to sell something-she wants Leeza to look sexy on her book cover because Brandi thinks sexy is the only way to go!

  24. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Sorry forgot KIT!

    Thanks for the podcast ! I too want to tune in and listen to this lip smack BS

    By the way things sound –brandi sounds like she came off HORRIBLY on the reunion – and knows it….

    Did she say that Lisa was “acting” on the reunion – was that italicized to show Brandi said that on the podcast ?

    I think we all heard Lisa goes bat$hit at the reunion.
    Bit(h— this is the show you have seen on TV for years and then decided to be cast on. Dont know how much I can feel for you at this point.

    You knew from kyle what a snake brandi is ….. Your skeletons were going to come out – as its happened year and year again on this show.
    I just don’t know with lisa R

    • TexasTart says:

      IDK Lisa kinda went loose cannon on us and I really don’t know what to expect from her. Love her TalkingHeads though!

      • I am so over BH but am still watching, I think that Lisa R is a self-proclaimed famewhore who is entertaining to say the least. I don’t care anymore because every season they keep serving us Kim and her shit show and Brandi and her shit show… I am going to sit back and watch Lisa R’s shit show and enjoy. I don’t what to think about her, sometimes she is just too much. After a few mins of googling images of her and Harry I was sick of them. I can’t imagine the hustle, it is fierce!!!! It is exhausting. But still she is very entertaining…

        • TexasTart says:

          LIKE ⭐

          • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

            Me too πŸ‘†

            I don’t know how harry deals with this &hit but I guess it ain’t no big thang.

            I do like that he doesn’t seem to have a “type”– or he made an exception with borderline/potential loon Lisa.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes, Brandi said that Lisa was acting at the reunion in the podcast. Also, I may have mentioned this before but if anyone wants to hear something in the podcast for themselves, I write it chronologically so if you go to, generally, where something is mentioned in the podcast, you’ll prob find what you’re looking for. There are some exceptions where I move content to group it together subject wise, but for the most part, it’s chronological. I actually thought of going back and counting every instance of lip smacking! lol

      I too, was struck by Brandi’s description of her performance at the reunion. She mentioned things she said and did. Did? Oy. Which makes me really wonder about her comment recently that someone acted off the charts cray at the reunion. Did someone act worse than her? What could Lisa have possibly done to out cray Brandi? Also, lol when Brandi, presumably speaking to a Podcast producer, says they need to cut out the part about her talking about the show. Lol. Clearly, they didn’t listen. lol.

  25. TexasTart says:

    I’m more excited for this, than housewives – woohoo!

  26. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Kit – Great job on this podcast… You had me squirming every time I read “lip smack”… I wonder if there was a sense as to why Leeza seems to have such a blind spot about Brandi…Perhaps it’s because she didn’t watch any RHOBH?… Perhaps she’s friends to everyone? I just didn’t get it… While on CA, I kind of thought it was because Leeza knew she was going to need her to work hard for her on the final challenge (if she got that far)… but Brandi really goofed off on that last challenge… I guess I just don’t understand… It could be just that she doesn’t believe in burning bridges… Or maybe she just is a nice person… Who knows?

    • p.s.

      I don’t believe for one New York second that Leeza doesn’t eatch RHOBH.

      For whatever reason she is keeping her distance.

    • kit9 says:

      Thank you! I honestly didn’t get a sense of why Leeza was so effusive in her praise of Brandi. I was pretty surprised by it after Leeza’s recent comments that seemed to downplay the connection between the two. The fact they were on a reality show together didn’t really explain Leeza’s praise of her, imo. I mean how tight can you get w/someone doing a show like that? I don’t know. I frankly find it odd. I mean, when Leeza said that they were bonded in the moment she gave her the fearless necklace? It’s weird, I don’t get it.

  27. TexasTart says:

    Overnight panties, LOL Phaedra… I’m watching Atlanta.

  28. TexasTart says:

    I went online to order Todd’s shirt for a co-worker and they also had the “I eat glitter for Breakfast” so I ordered that for my niece! πŸ’«πŸ’«

  29. Kit- yet again you took a just godawful podcast and created an amazing blog out if it.



  30. Oooh the therapy session tho….

    • TexasTart says:

      Thankfully this therapist tells Nene that she talks AT people and OVER people. That has always been her style to overpower whomever she disagrees with.

      So much shade. ☁☁☁So little time. βŒ›βŒ›βŒ›

  31. Veena (NMD) says:

    We’re having a major wind storm – if there isn’t a blog tomorrow it’s because I don’t have internet.

  32. Veena (NMD) says:

    They need to bring this therapist to the reunion. Nene must be so mad that they made her sponsor this ‘event’ and she’s being edited as the source for all the conflict. Smart of Kenya to keep her mouth pretty much shut.

    • NJBev says:

      I’m feeling sorry for Nene?!

    • Amber says:

      Sure, and then we can watch her walk out of the reunion, too.

      IMO, the real problem is Nene is spent. She can’t do Housewives anymore because she’s become lazy and has lost her edge.

  33. TexasTart says:

    HA! RUN NENE RUN! πŸ˜† The cameras following in the elevator and out to the parking lot. Ooooh she is threatening the therapist?! Whaaat?!

    • NJBev says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Nene threatened to quit after this-
      Honestly, she hasn’t even been around all season.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        She’s been pretty vocal about wanting a spin off with Kim Z. I think she’s just over the fighting and screaming and wants to show another side of her personality. I don’t blame her.

        That said – if she thought she could control the therapist situation like she controlled lingerie night that was a big mistake – she needs to lean not to react like that.

        • NJBev says:

          does she want a spin-off with Kim, or one like Kim?
          if she did one w/Kim, she could call Sheree, Lisa and
          ?deshawn? and they could have RHOA 201 lol

        • Amber says:

          I don’t think Nene or Kim would be interested in sharing the spotlight, much less with each other.

          I tend to believe that the problem with Nene is that she keeps tripping over her own ego,

  34. TexasTart says:

    Fay Rancid…whatshername from BH is on KUWTK.

  35. Orson says:

    … dragging out the soap box … adjusting the microphone stand …

    Is this thing on? Testing, testing. Sibilance, sibilance.

    I guess now would be a good time for you all to take a quick bathroom break or a quick run to the kitchen for some snacks. I can wait.

    … humming the theme to Jeopardy to myself …

    And now, ORSON SPEAKS!

    Don’t you love that echo effect? Well, I think it’s pretty cool. Anyway, we’re getting down to the wire with RHBH now, with the last episode or two and then the reunion coming up. And having read the last couple of recaps (great jobs, ladies, all of you) and the comments here, I thought I might remind all of you of some things to help you with your sanity. And to save you a trip to Best Buy or Sam’s Club to pick up a new television because you threw something through the screen of your current one.

    Although RHBH is classified as “Reality TV”, let’s keep in mind what it really is. It’s pure Irritainment, edited to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Poop stirrers rarely get the boot from these shows; boring people do. “Any publicity is good publicity” is their watchword.

    Now, some BH specifics,

    There is nothing we can do for Kim other than pray, if that is your sort of thing. Between the programming she got from Big Kathy, the years of slugging down the booze, and the pills she’s taking too, I believe her brain is just damaged. She may be the best she can possibly be right now. She needs serious therapy and that’s just not going to happen, because the Denial is strong in this one.

    Of course Brandi criticizes her cast mates looks. She’s a model past her “sell by” date and looks are what matters to a model. Her only way to elevate her above others is to try to tear them down, so she’s constantly on attack mode. And the unfiltered “truth” cannon thing too. Note I didn’t capitalize “truth” there, because the only thing her truth and reality have in common are that they are both words in the dictionary. Brandi, let’s face it…. Eddie catted around with Scheanna and probably many others before he left you for LeAnn because HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE AROUND YOU!

    And I’m seeing a bit of the STFU cannon in Lisa R also. If Brandi and Kim are gone next season, I think she’ll be the one to step in Brandi’s shoes.

    Kyle? Between Big Kathy and Kim, they really did a number on her too. Best thing she could do for herself is to join Al-Anon and step away from Kim’s drama. She doesn’t need it and it’s not good for her.

    Anyway, the thing is we cannot help these women. Even if we could directly communicate with them, they wouldn’t take our advise. So get over it. When it gets too much, just take some long, slow, deep breaths (4 count inhale, then a 4 count exhale, repeat a few times) and recite this mantra to yourself: “It’s not my circus and they are not my monkeys.”

    And if that’s not enough to get you into a good place, baking stuff to send to me is always relaxing. Or just buying and sending me butterscotch krimpets is the best therapy in the world. I’ll be happy to ask NMD to forward my address to you. πŸ˜‰

    Okay. Ahem… ORSON HAS SPOKEN!

    Oh, there are some new names here. Maybe some of you can explain to them what just happened here. Kaythanxbye?

    • Clearly I’ve been gifted with a front row ticket to an amazing dudecast. Bravo! Bravo!

      In fact, I’m writing this down and keeping it near…very near: “When it gets too much, just take some long, slow, deep breaths (4 count inhale, then a 4 count exhale, repeat a few times) and recite this mantra to yourself: ‘It’s not my circus and they are not my monkeys.’”

      Thank you so much. I’ve been calculating the months of this season, plus projected 2 more episodes and 3 or 4 of the Reunion and then “Lost scenes” or whatever, and I think I might be able to make it with your wise advice.

    • TexasTart says:

      Clearly, I need to start baking and get your address! Excellent post! ⭐

      • majnon says:

        Clearly that’s very good advise Orson. When I was a Brandi fan, I said the f word alot more than I do now, now

    • ladebra says:

      This is great! And I’m going to remember that “just breath” thing. Not just for BH, but lately I notice I get angry a lot. I need to remember to breath and let it go. Thanks Orson!

    • Powell says:

      “Orson Speaks” just makes me think of Orson Wells. I think back in the day he did a radio show when he was acting. I’ve never heard any of those but have watched many of his films and I just imagine his voice being our Orson’s when doing “Orson Speaks”. Love IT!!! A new word I’m loving “irritainment” – To have complete irritation with all types of entertainment genre when the viewer has no control over content, cannot solve the problem, cannot rewrite the content. This should be in Webster’s.
      You as always make complete sense Orson.

      • Orson says:

        Thanks for your kind words to all of you.

        Orson Wells? In my dreams. I hate the sound of my voice. Well, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fantasy by saying who I think I sound like, so I’ll let it slide.

  36. ladebra says:

    Hope you Washingtonians weathered the storm. I saw pictures of the wind damage in the NW on the early news and on my that was some big wind! Be careful out there!

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