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Shahs of Sunset “The Devil’s Staycation”

by Sunny Girl

This episode feels like things are being put into place for the Shah drama.  We start out back at the Malibu house.  Jessica has left for the night.  Everyone is drinking and laughing and hanging out in the pool.  Of course, comments are made that Mike is integrating much better with the group and having fun.  He is the “old” Mike again.

Mike does seem different.  He is laughing and smiling and joking with everyone.  There is no animosity with Bobby and Asifa.  (Doesn’t Mike have a great smile?)

1 - mike's smile

Asifa and Shervin are dancing on the side of the pool.   Bobby tries to dance.  Mike says watching Bobby dance is like watching a 13 year old girl in a 40 year old man’s body.

There is discussion the next morning between Reza and Adam regarding Adam’s parents visit.  Adam seems to be dreading the visit.  He has told Reza that his father is not supportive of the gay community – that he is very traditional.  Reza, of course, goes into his rant about “white” people.  Reza’s comments are going to get him into hot water with his fans.

GG is obviously hungover, complete with hiccups.  She asks for a drink with ¾ Corunna and ¼ Sprite.  (I gagged.)

There is discussion about religion.  Mike asks Bobby if he is Jewish.  Bobby explains that his step-father is Jewish, which makes Bobby Jew-ish.  (Might have been the only funny line on tonight’s episode.)

Mike decides to share with Asifa and Bobby that he will be proposing to Jessica.  He is going to do it while skydiving, because that is as close to heaven as you can get and he wants to take a leap of faith.  (Very sweet!)

There is teasing about Mike and Jessica’s children, since they will be half Persian and half Italian.

(An aside –  I found it really strange that Reza was doing the commercial’s for Southern Charm.)

The Shahs are having a party.  They have invited friends to join them at the Malibu house.  GG says too many “princesses” are coming, meaning too many women.  Mike is pushing everyone to drink shots.  That is never a good thing with the Shahs.

The party seemed like a normal pool party.  Friends start arriving.  Bartender arrives.  There is talk about bachelor parties for Reza and Adam.  (How does that work???)  MJ is going to be Reza’s maid of honor and Asa will be Adam’s maid of honor.

Suddenly a fight breaks out.  Racial slurs are thrown around.  Asifa is insulted and explains that she was always the “odd girl out” when she was in school.  Fists are thrown and Asifa’s Bobby gets punched by another guest named Bobby.  That whole scene was hard to describe.  Part of the issue was that the cameraman also got in the middle of the fray and the filming was disrupted.

It is clear to me that Asifa is very much an instigator.  I would be willing to bet that Bobby has to deal with this every time they go out.  Asifa is nasty and then Bobby has to protect her.  I don’t see this relationship working out.  And I don’t much like Asifa.  Pretty girl on the outside; not so much on the inside.

Asa gets Bobby off to the side to calm him down.  She uses her Persian Priestess silky voice and Bobby is under her spell.  I can’t even tell you what Asa said.  She may have been speaking in Persian tongues.

Meanwhile Reza is trying to calm everyone else down.  The other Bobby has been kicked out of the party.  Someone wants to call the cops but Reza says no.

Then Jessica sends Mike texts.  Next thing you know, Mike is out the door.  Of course, there are comments about that.

I don’t understand why MJ doesn’t want to have bachelor parties at different times so that all can attend.  MJ seems to be jealous of Asa so she is trying to leave Asa and Adam out of the festivities.  There are comments that Reza will go to Vegas for the party, while Adam’s party will end up in Sacramento.  This issue between MJ and Asa could really cause problems between Adam and Reza.  Reza needs to put his foot down.

Now we are on to meeting Adam’s parents.  Reza calls them Mr. and Mrs. Old MacDonald.  Adam is not happy about that.  Reza says he pictures them wearing fanny packs and hanging out at the Piggly Wiggly.  Then he says that Persians never go into the “bowels” of the US – they stay in the pretty parts like LA and NY.

Asa visits and gives Reza an Oklahoma basketball t-shirt.  Adam explains to Asa that his mother has known he was gay for about ten years but it’s only been a year that his father has known.  His father was in the military for 30 years and is very traditional.  Adam’s older brother is also gay.

Asa recommends that Reza just be cool and professional.  Reza responds that he will get pills from GG.

Now we see Asifa at GG’s house.  I wonder how long that friendship is going to last.  Asifa claims to be working so hard and is concerned that GG will be an interruption.  Of course, Asifa is working at the dining table, which is in the main living area of the apartment.  (I wonder why she didn’t set up a desk in the bedroom????)  GG comes home and isn’t very happy that Asifa is working in the dining area.  GG changes into the cutest one piece red striped PJ’s I have ever seen.  This was, hands down, the best part of the shoe.  GG is a real person.  Asifa makes fun of GG’s pajamas and says GG is still just a little girl.  (Asifa is pretty bitchy considering she is a guest in GG’s house.)

Adam’s parents show up and introductions are made.  Reza has booked a haunted house tour in Holly wood.  (Strange bus.)  All of the discussions about Adam’s father never hugging Adam – he gave Adam a hug when he walked into the apartment.  On the tour, Adam’s father tells a cute story about Adam when he was small.  Dad is opening up and enjoying himself!

Next scene is Asa’s parents moving into her house, with Barfy and Goldy.  Asa’s mom says one of the cats has Barbra Streisand eyes.  I wish I knew what that meant.  No, I don’t.  Asa’s mom is absolutely adorable.

2 - asa and mom Now Reza and Adam are serving dinner to Adam’s parents.  Ellen asks Reza what she is eating.  Reza responds that it is Geymen, which is misconstrued.  Geymen is a split pea stew.  Soon Adam becomes confrontational with his father.  I wish he hadn’t.  This trip was all about them meeting Reza and getting to know him before the wedding.  Even Reza is uncomfortable.  But instead of an argument, Adam’s dad says he was wrong.  That he wishes he had been more available and spent more time with his sons.

3 - adam mom and dad

Adam seems to want to continue the argument but Reza says to Adam that this is a BIG deal!  Adam’s dad says he is proud of Adam.  Reza encourages a hug, which Adam’s dad refers to as a “huggy buggy!”

All in all, this episode seems to serve as a setup to forthcoming drama.  Right now, the Persians are in a good place with each other but the dynamics are there to create fractions.  There is too much alcohol flowing and too many characters feeling they can say or do whatever they want.  My suggestion is to have Brandi Glanville join the Shahs and leave RHOBH!


Newlyweds The First Year – Season Two – Episode One by ThatsSoMercedes

Here we are with a new batch a newlyweds as we watch them go down the path of wedded bliss.  I like the diversity of newlyweds we have this year, for example, the couple that is getting re-married and one couple that is seriously getting to know each other because they have only been together for 7 months!!!  They are hardly emerging from the phase where everything has to be perfect all the time to now marriage.  Is it just me or does it seem like they have to put a gay couple on here to be PC?  Not that I mind – I’m glad gay marriage is starting to become legal all over the country.  I guess when it’s one gay couple among 3 straight couples you tend to think that way.  OK, so let’s meet our new couples.


First we meet Kirk & Laura – They met on a blind date 4 years ago.  They are a beautiful couple.  I think I blinked and missed how old they are, but I know that Kirk has grown children from a previous relationship.  Kirk has money and Laura appears to be doing well as an insurance broker.  Kirk is apprehensive about marriage, but he doesn’t say why.  Is he a big baby, afraid of commitment, afraid of falling into a rut?  It was sweet seeing them get ready for their wedding that is 3 days away.  They look like a couple that is very in love and at the same time each other’s best friend.  When we see a preview for the season, it looks like money and a baby is a sore spot for them.


Sam & Laura – Another Laura!!  They were sorority sisters in college and somehow turned into every frat guys’ fantasy.  Through the tragedy of losing her mom, Sam was able to use her inheritance to start a business.  She also is comfortable with an allowance distributed through a trust.  I could smell trouble a mile away with all of that.  Money can bring out the best and worst in people and can manifest a lot of insecurities as well.  I hope they can put that to the side and realize they love each other and the money should not be an issue in their marriage.  At least they have some.  A big issue in a lot of marriages is the lack of money – so they are already ahead of the game.  I must say that I love Sam’s family, they are unfiltered (in a good way) and very funny.  Laura looks like she comes from an opposite kind of family as she says they were an adjustment for her.  A pre-nup was involved in their marriage – coming from a background in family law a pre-nup is not the worst thing in the world.  Laura talks about how awkward it was to retain a lawyer to get this finalized.  I thought their wedding was beautiful and love how they put their own spin on their dresses by adding color.  The preview shows that the money monster rears its ugly head.


Toi & Rouvan – This is such an interesting take to see how this couple handles the first year of marriage having already been there, done that.  Hopefully, previous experience will be an asset to getting them through the first year.  Toi has children from her previous marriage and relocated up to Hayward to be with Rouvan.  They met on a date many years prior and they reconnected on Facebook.  Marriage by Bravo and social media!!  I think it’s huge that Toi moved up north to be with Rouvan.  I’m from southern California and can’t see me moving like she did.  But I love that she started a business up there to hold on to her own identity.  It broke my heart that leading up to their wedding Toi’s mother wasn’t going to be able to be there.  I’m glad they were able to Skype her in on the festivities.  Toi also has a shaky history with her son and he is not coming to the wedding – so sad.  I hope they patch things up because sometimes loved ones are taken from us so unexpectedly.


Erik & Nadine – OK, this couple is going to be a show in and of itself.  They have known each other for 7 months and decided to get married!!!  They are meeting the parents at the rehearsal for the wedding.  I would never consider myself to be type A – but that is just too much all at once on such an important day to be doing first time introductions.  Nadine is doing the domestic thing by making a pie for Erik’s mother who is also a nun.  Erik’s mom seems like a very lovely lady who embraces Nadine with a big hug.  Erik has been previously married, which makes me wonder why he would jump into marriage so fast with Nadine.  If they love each other that much, waiting it out and really learning about each other’s bad habits is a really good idea.  But I do love that they kept the ceremony non-denominational because they have such a religiously diverse family.  It was a good idea since parents were just meeting each other for the first time the day before the wedding.  Can you tell that I can’t get over that?!  Erik’s mom is hanging back and trying to stay out of the way while all the wedding stuff gets worked out.  Erik is trailing Nadine to keep his mom company.  I think Erik should be keeping his mother company while his fiancée works out the details.  Or better yet, put the wedding off maybe a few more months or even a year.  The preview shows that I may be right about possibly pushing that wedding back a little bit.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Season 5 Episode 17 by Namaste

New RHBH (Small)

Brandi Glanville/Ghostwriter

“There are 3 Different Lisa R. Personalities”

Ghostwriter (AKA GW) says Bobble just got back from Cabo.  Oh yes, and I just got back from my trip to Fuji.  Allegedly, bobble has some wine (urine) she is going to market.  GW claims there are some in the group better at pretending nothing happened and those that think it smells like bullshit.  Allegedly, Bobble was “over it” (GW’s words, not mine).  Bobble was done with the bickering, fakeness, hypocrisy…wait, is she talking about herself again?

The thing that I see the most is that there are three different Lisa R. personalities. The first is the bubbly, cool chick I had on my podcast and really liked. The second is the one who uses a soft, convincing actress voice to label people she barely knows as addicts, insane, and white trash every week for our entire time together. These labels were because she “CARES.” The third Lisa R. is the one that said, “Why is everyone afraid of Kim Richards?” and now says, “Kim Richards scares me!” This is the same personality all the other women seem to excuse the most and have to literally physically restrain from violence…This last one is the same Lisa R. taking angry potshots at people online and on Twitter since November. I guess some people that wear that little red string on their wrist just pretend to study Kaballah? I have friends that actually do study it, and they are pacifists. Don’t worry she deleted her many crazy Tweets pretty quickly, but they’re out there. We all know once you delete something it lives forever. I seriously need a chart to figure out who Lisa R. really is and which personality we have to deal with on the daily. Her multiple-personality disorder is so confusing.

When Lisa said “Why is everyone afraid of Kim Richards?” I think it was in reference to the time they were at during filming.  Lisa had not had the Full Kim Richards Experience.  As Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better.”  GW accuses Lisa of labeling, but doesn’t hesitate Lisa R. with a mental health disorder.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 07.17.29 (Small)

Lisa V. is only two different people. One is the lewd, bawdy English chick with the wicked sense of humor that I love, who made a speech alluding to all the BJs she gave to win her virtual Daytime Emmy. The one that cracks sex jokes ’round the clock, exaggerates fake sexual exploits, and uses self-deprecating sexual humor all the while making fun of everyone else as well. I have a few Brit friends that I have known for many years, and I relate to them. I lived in Europe for over six years, afterall. Brits make fun of themselves with a dry, monotone voice and expect you to return the joke right back. It’s called banter. The more wicked, the better. If you can twist what they say right back to them, they love it. It’s never serious and never taken as an insult. So, we have the Lisa V. who does this ’round the clock since I met her, but now, depending on the moment, we have a second Lisa V. who pretends a colorful joke is a serious insult. She is now shocked when people, or just me (and maybe Stassi), repeat exactly what she has said previously. It’s a convenient shock, reserved for people on her hit list, which she turns off and on like a light switch. Like I said, her two personalities are exhausting. Now she’s on Twitter pretending to clutch her pearls (or, in her case, diamonds), acting like the Queen of England saying I accused her of cheating on King Ken. Officially, here you go Lisa V.: I have never ever said that, never thought it, and you know it’s complete and total BS. I was just continuing a long-running joke that you started with me years ago. Ridiculous.

Well, color me crazy, too.  I guess one might say I have multiple personalities since I am able to adjust my behavior based on my surroundings.  I guess we are to think Lisa V. is a tad bit more mentally stable though since she has 2 personalities rather than the 3 that Lisa R. has.  I wonder if GW is using DSM-IV or DSM-V?  GW goes on to say how she feels super bad for Yo.  Right, Bobble had nothing to do with all the bickering and nastiness.  She was totally there for Yo.  She did everything in her power to make everyone comfortable and to “get along”.

Yo’s private boat dinner should have been perfect, and I tried to save it three times. I didn’t succeed, but I tried. The tension was so thick, it was impossible. Before dinner, I tried to do a round-table example of how all of us have been unfairly labeled in one way or another. I went around the table exaggerating our labels and was about to say, “Other people’s negative labels are all BS. We should just let them go and try to move on.” Eileen SEEMS smart enough to know where I was going. I was trying to defuse the whole thing, making us seem equally mislabeled and level the situation. This Emmy winner clearly needed her moment and had to pull out the soap opera acting card by interrupting me dramatically. She cut me off and stole the scene to try and make it all about her, instead of all us having a moment to agree we’ve all been stuck with unfair labels at one time or another. Eileen’s constant LAME soap opera dramatics and “How dare yous!” can be filed under fake bad acting and completely exhausting.

Thing is, all the labels Bobble passed out were untrue except her’s and Kim’s.  That’s what makes Bobble’s whole “scene” just wrong.

I then tried a positive game where we all compliment each other. Even if I don’t believe they are all good on the inside, I knew I could compliment them on their esthetic. Hey, I was trying my very best. I really was trying, but I truly just wanted to be back at the hotel facetiming with my boys. I didn’t want to hear what these women had to say to me about me in a positive way, because I don’t believe, other than Kim and Yolanda and maybe Lisa V. at one point in the past, that they really understand me. Then after the game, everyone mellowed out and started to leave.

This was where Bobble went wrong.  She thought the other ladies would be just as superficial as herself and the other ladies at least took the time to find kind things to say about each other.  Bobble jumped up and ran away because she knew in her heart of hearts there is really nothing nice they could honestly say about her.

Lisa V. and I were actually laughing and starting to have fun on the “Love Boat.” I fell into the old pattern of being super silly with Lisa V. I felt connected to her again and randomly was playing out a scene with her asking for a Julie-style kiss. She was playing back with me like old days, not giving the kiss when she said she was going to smack me. This thought had never crossed my mind, because I am a kisser…The moment got the best of me, and I took her suggestion and ran with it… MISTAKE! I apologized immediately and immensely and continued to for an hour and weeks after. Maybe we were all possibly in a soap opera time warp. I was asking Lisa V. for a kiss and to make up Love Boat style. I NEVER would have thought of smacking Lisa had she not said it herself. You can obviously see us happy, giggling, being affectionate, and playing like we use to. You can also see how Lisa V. changed personalities and was cool with me as soon as the others had walked ahead. I was JOKING and told her we should kiss and finally make up! I NEVER EVER planned to smack her… However, regardless of the circumstances, I did and apologized immediately and profusely when I saw both of our reactions. I f—ed up. I own that.

EWE!!!  Bobble is a walking HPV.  I would not want her lips anywhere near mine.  This is a repeat of the whole scene in the restaurant where Bobble threw the wine on Eileen.  She has boundaries.  Every time she does something inappropriate, she claims she was JOKING.  GW then goes on to complain that Lisa V. told the other women (well, she only told Kyle but we can assume that news travels fast).  Um, was this a secret slap?  It was filmed after all so everyone was gonna find out one way or another.

What else? We see Eileen get bent out of shape when people accept apologies, make peace, and agree to go shopping for a day. I guess it doesn’t fit her dramatic agenda. Next Dr. Eileen and Dr. Lisa R. have a strong talk with Kyle about her and Kim’s relationship issues (TALK ABOUT COMING BETWEEN TWO SISTERS), telling Kyle she should basically drop her own sister. They both admittedly barely knowing Kim and Kyle, but have now labeled Kim as “abusive,” because she finally spoke up and told Kyle she has not been supportive lately. That is not even close to abuse. More BS agendas and labeling. I say if you spot it, you got it, and these two actresses need to check their own closets for skeletons and stop worrying about everyone else.

I don’t think anyone is labeling.  They are talking about facts.  Kim is abusive towards Kyle.  Kim treats Kyle like dog shit.  Kim is an addict who blames everyone else for her problems.  I wonder if GW will suggest that I am a Doctor now.  I kinda like the title Dr. Namaste.

GW tells us Bobble has been grocery shopping today.  She must have gotten her child support check.  Perhaps she is shopping in her (cough cough) 6-figure car with all her coupons.  Maybe we will see her on TLC’s Extreme Couponers soon!

PS: I now use a great site called Grammarly to help with all the grammar I missed out on being a model. Love it and it really helps with homework.

Ah, so now GW is suggesting the reason why Bobble is not using big words is because she is using Grammarly.  Thou doth protest too much.

The Slap

Lisa Vanderpump

“The Line Has Been Well And Truly Crossed”

The Divine Mrs. Pump tells us she just got home from received the Woman of the Year award in Sacramento.  Whatever.  I just home from the grocery store where I got $10 off my purchase.  Same thing.

So the slap…the long awaited slap that could be heard echoing through the Hills of Beverly. Now you know I have never insinuated that it was that hard. I had a small scratch on my upper lip from her acrylic claws, but the strength of the slap was not the issue. I think in her own distorted mind she thought this was playing, but no, it didn’t feel like that. First she pushed me…OK…But it wasn’t the actual slap. It was the violation…I haven’t had a hand laid on me since I was a child. Also, I might add that it seems ironic that this is the same person that constantly reiterates to Kyle, “Don’t touch me.” Might seem a tad hypocritical.

How mean am I that I am so happy Lisa called her nails “claws”?  She has the worst manicurist ever.  I am always disturbed that when Brandi speaks to the other women, she stands close and enjoys hovering over them.

I was shocked, reeling. I immediately retreated to the bathroom–unfortunately it was the men’s. Didn’t realize it at the time, locked the door, and desperately tried to regroup and pull myself together as the tears flowed. I chastised myself and knew cameras and friends were outside.
I felt ridiculous. I don’t want my reaction to supersede the action–it wasn’t that hard. So why did it provoke such an emotional response?

Wow.  We didn’t see any of that.  Lisa must have come un-done.  Surprised that Bravo didn’t manage to capture that on film.

When we were shopping earlier, as you saw, which was remarkable considering the debacle the night before, BG informed me that Kyle had told her I had an affair with my trainer. I scoffed at the ridiculousness of this remark and claimed it to be untrue…Kyle wouldn’t say that, and also, just a small point, I don’t have a trainer.

Do we think Kyle has now realized that BG (I like this better now cause I don’t have to type as many letters…and it makes her “less”) created the whole tabloid story in order to create a rift between Lisa and Kyle?

I processed this, and we went to dinner. Once again BG, apparently joking, states I had slept around. There are few things that are sacred to me, but the sanctity of our marriage is one of them. We have been committed to each other for 33 years, and I was disappointed that BG could vindictively insinuate anything else, especially in such a public forum.


So we witness her trying to kiss me…Ken and I had been down this path before. She lunges at you, trying to have some sort of physical interaction, land a kiss, which luckily she has always been unsuccessful at I might add, but you know she would include that in her arsenal. She would state that we “made out” or something of that nature. I was always wary of that, even when we had a deeper friendship.

Hmmm, maybe her and Carlton only had a little peck and BG exaggerated it???  Lol.

I have seen the self mutilation, which she struggles with, and that she often complains about, the self destruction as she digs into her face and the destruction of relationships close to her.

Self hatred is hard.  While I am sure she makes an effort to put her best foot forward when she has her boys, I imagine it is extremely hard to get up every day when you hate yourself as much as BG obviously hates herself.

So Kyle takes me for pancakes–a deliberate attempt to fatten me up. I enlighten her of the slap, and we unequivocally agree that the line has been well and truly crossed. It was not just the physicality, it was the failed attempt that was so successful last year to infiltrate a friendship. I had given BG a second chance after she tried everything to denigrate my character last season, but something this time in me just snapped. That single defining moment was when I knew and I asked myself the pertinent question, “What was the upside of this friendship?” I knew the answer, and so will you.

And there you have it, friends.  Lisa is just like the rest of us!  I have friends in my life where I have had to finally ask myself the same question and the answer was always, “There is no upside.”  Continuing the friendship hurt more often than not and it just wasn’t worth the heartache.  Lisa and I have so much in common.  She likes pink.  I like purple (which is very close to pink I think).  She is a size 4.  I am closer to a 14 (sometimes a 12).  She has Giggy.  I have an asshole puppy named Rocky who ate Mardi Gras beads this week and I had to spend $300 at the vet only to be told that I had to become a poop archeologist.  She loves roses.  I love roses.  She sells Sangria.  I drink Sangria.  Really, we are best friends.  She just doesn’t know it yet.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 07.22.24 (Small)

Lisa Rinna

“I Was Glad Eileen Called Me Out”

Lisa starts off with a quote “The people that piss me off are my greatest teachers.” -Gabby Bernstein.  Does this mean that Kim and BG are her teachers???  Please say no!  Lisa tells us she is AmsterDAMAGED which I think we all are at this point.

I didn’t choose to go shopping with Kim and Brandi. I just chose to go shopping. Period. At that point, I couldn’t give a flying you-know-what if I was with the Pope or Honey Boo Boo. I needed some retail therapy, or else I was going to end up spooning with Yolanda in her bed for the rest of the trip. I think Eileen really nailed it when she said Yolanda’s response to stay in bed was the most sane choice any of us made.

I also found it weird that Lisa V. and Lisa R. were willing o spend their day shopping with Kim and BG.  I could not have swept that much under the Dutch rug.  I prob would have spent my day on the potty in my hotel room.  But, that is me.  Lisa R. seems to be a “people pleaser” and Lisa V. is well versed in Stiff Upper Lip.

“Forgiveness is not about releasing someone from accountability for their actions, it’s about letting go of our anger and resentment.”

Lisa gives us another quote which I agree with wholeheartedly although I would think “Shit on me once, shame on you.  Shit on me twice, shame on me” might be a tad bit more appropriate.  I don’t understand why these women go back for more, but those Bravo paychecks must come in handy.

The conversation Eileen had with me was such an important one for our relationship. I was so glad she called me out and reminded me that I wasn’t done processing or dealing with this situation, and boy was she right! That is exactly what a true friend does; they sit you down privately and tell you how they feel. I was, and still am, so grateful she took the time and handled the situation the way she did. I also want to give Eileen props on speaking her mind to both Brandi and Kim with so much grace and ease. I’m really, really glad she took the opportunity to do that. She is such a classy chick, and I am proud to have her as a friend.

Eileen is a no nonsense kinda woman.  She wants to put all the chips on the table and deal.  She called Lisa out on the BS and they were done with it.

So, as luck would have it, when I go to Amsterdam and feed my inner gangster a little space cake, he becomes my inner Dalai Lama, which was quite obviously the case when we were on the boat speaking one another’s praises. In that particular moment, I felt empathetic towards a fragile Kim Richards sitting in front of me, and I just felt those were the words she needed to hear at that time. It’s what felt right, and it’s what needed to be said in that very moment.

I have a feeling it was more her “inner actress” rather than her inner Dalai Lama.  Kim does constantly need to be affirmed.  Unfortunately, that has become enabling.

Eileen and Kyle

Eileen Davidson

“Kim Scares Lisa R.”

Eileen compares watching the last few episodes to pulling her fingernails out with a pair of pliers.  Eileen wanted to enjoy this trip and have fun.  Unfortunately, no one clued her in on how HW trips abroad work.  Eileen is left with lots of questions.  Where is Kim’s apology for saying the ridiculous things about Harry?  Where is the apology to Kyle for all the awful things she said to her?  And why doesn’t BG own that she has expressed the same concerns as the other ladies?

This is why I asked Lisa R. to meet me at the bar. I just need to understand what’s happened that’s made her OK with this very wrong situation. She tells me there is no dealing with someone who isn’t rational. Kim scares her and she’s not fine with any of it. I look in her eyes, and I now understand. Lisa R. makes it clear that she is in pure survival mode. All I can do is try and support her, knowing that what happened at that dinner is anything but resolved for her. She’s simply not capable of dealing with her true feelings while on this trip. My guess is she will when she gets home and into a safer, more supportive environment.

I liked that Eileen called BS on Lisa R.  Eileen decides to bring everything out at the dinner on the boat.

On that note, I apologize to Kim about how I handled the question of her sobriety. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to want to accept that. Now Brandi is accusing me of calling her an alcoholic. I don’t recall ever saying that. I have said (based on behavior I have witnessed at my home and other places) that she tends to get mean and sloppy when she drinks. Apparently this is the first time she’s heard this? Okaaaay. We go around and around and more nasty things are said, and I just personally can’t go there anymore. I stated my case, clearly and concisely. I honestly don’t know what else I can say or do. I’m done.

Kim is the strangest person in this group.  How do you not accept a sincere apology?  I also love that Eileen brings up that she is not likely the first person to tell BG she is a mean sloppy drunk.

At the end of the evening, the bizarre behavior continues. Brandi and Lisa V. are goofing around. Brandi tries to kiss Lisa V. and, for some reason, ends up slapping her across the face. Granted, it wasn’t a hard slap (thank God), but I do understand why Lisa V. feels a line has been, once again, crossed. 

If there is anyone in the group who can relate to how Lisa V. feels in this situation it would be Eileen.  BG thinks she is “playing” when she throws wine on someone or slaps another across the face.  This is not playing.  I don’t even know middle school kids that behave like this.

This is truly the most exhausting, emotionally draining vacation I’ve ever experienced. I am ready to go home to my family and find some peace and clarity. Hopefully.

Sounds like Eileen is gonna need a vacation from her vacation.

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Kyle Richards

“Brandi Puts Herself In The Middle”

Kyle tells us she made a conscious decision to stay away from BG rather than engaging her in nonsense.

I was surprised when Eileen informed me that Lisa R., Kim, Brandi, and Lisa V. went shopping together. I wish it was that easy for me to just pretend. I wanted to repair things, but it would have been disingenuous at that time. A little space is what Eileen and I needed. While I of course love shopping, I really wanted to do the real touristy things like visiting the beautiful museums. Yes, of course I make jokes here and there about the art, but it really is beautiful.

I would have preferred the touristy stuff.  Mainly cause I am just not good at faking it.

Later that night on the boat, everything seemed so fake. Yes, I wanted to be able to put everything aside, and many times I can, but I simply needed more time. When Brandi went around the table and said Lisa V slept with half of LA, insinuated Lisa R has an eating disorder, and called Eileen a home wrecker, it was her way of taking a “back door” jab at all of us. Whenever Brandi says something damaging about someone’s character or reputation, she says she is joking. She just wants to put it out there and hope people believe those “jokes.” I was spared because Eileen cut Brandi off when she said, “Don’t call me a home wrecker. Don’t put that out there.” I can only imagine what was in store for me. Kim was quick to defend Brandi saying she was joking. However, none of us were laughing.

Just because Eileen and Vince met while they were married, do we know for sure they had a torrid affair?  It actually sounds like their X’s are OK and if they are, why shouldn’t BG?  I have never thought BG was a beautiful girl.  My understanding of runway models is that many get work because they work as “hangers”…clothing hangs well on them.  While there are many beautiful and striking models (Bella and Gigi could fall in this category), BG is not one of those.  Of course, all her “work” has made her look more and more plastic.  BUT, what makes her so unattractive is her mouth.  What spews from her mouth makes her probably the ugliest woman on TV.  BG moves her argument from Eileen to Kyle when she exclaims how she is stuck in the middle…well then, STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE!

She (Kim) keeps saying that she is her friend and has been there for Kim. What exactly has she done for her? Kim was angry with me the first night in Amsterdam for not defending her, but she has yet to defend me with Brandi. Not once. Here was another chance, but she sat quietly until I left the table.

I am glad that Kyle notices this finally.  Kim has never once defended Kyle.  Not an attack from BG or any other HW that has had a bone to pick with Kyle (remember when Taylor went after Kyle and Kim sat there at the dinner table sipping her G&T?)

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Later we sat at the dinner table and Brandi suggested we all say something nice about each other. Well, this should be interesting. I was thinking that there couldn’t be a worse time to do this, but hey…I will go along with it. It was very awkward at first, and I think we were all emotionally drained. I couldn’t help but notice when Lisa and I spoke about each other and when Kim and I spoke to each other, Brandi didn’t seem thrilled with us seeming to actually care about each other. When Lisa R told Kim, “I love you,” I thought I would fall off my chair. In a town where people throw the “L” word around way too freely, I have always felt that love is a strong word. Reserved for people we truly love and care about. I think Lisa was perhaps just trying to fix things between her and Kim, but it certainly felt out of place.

This goes back to Lisa R. being a people pleaser.  I think her statement came from a “good place” of loving everyone, but it just fell out there as fakery.

When it finally came time for Brandi to hear what we had to say about her, she just couldn’t hear it. Like I said in my interview, I don’t think she always likes herself all that much. In that moment, I felt bad for Brandi. Then, just when I started feeling sympathetic towards her, she goes and slaps Lisa V. Another “joke” at someone else’s expense. The evening before I was chastised for touching her arm while talking to her. Also, earlier on the boat, she said that my touching people while I talked to them was the same as hitting them! Is this the same person that went on and on last week about hypocrisy? She may want to look up the definition.

Oh, do I need to post a definition for hypocrisy or are we all clear on that one?  BG is the Queen of Hypocrisy.  There is a HUGE difference between touching someone during a conversation and slapping them across the face.  BG has always been a person who reminds me of the saying, “Just cause you say it doesn’t mean it’s true.”

(All italics are from the Bravo blogs – available from Bravo’s website.)


Happy Birthday Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey)


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Happy Birthday Barb! 😀

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 🙏 🌅 Praying for a nice day across the globe. 🙂

  3. Powell says:

    Two shows:
    Married At First Sight: The First Year.
    Jinx: Bob Durst
    Has anyone been watching?
    I watched a marathon of Married & then the First Year Saturday. It’s really good. I’m rooting for Jamie and Doug & Courtney and Jason. I think they found true love in the weirdest of ways.
    Bob Durst I had seen his story a few times before. The documentary is so good and riveting. I just watched to part 3 Sunday. It’s such a trip that he was arrested Saturday and the finale was Sunday.

    • I am hoping that Jinx will be released on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Sounds really quite amazing that he was finally arrested.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Hi Powell. I watched Married at first Sight. Very good. 🙂
      I was surprised that Doug and Jamie decided to stay married.

      • Powell says:

        You were? I could see she was warming up to him. I think as long as she doesn’t push having a baby right away they will be in it for the long haul.
        Im looking forward to the next season I think is this week. And the new show Arranged, where there are arranged marriages.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          When the three couples had to choose to stay married or divorce, I thought Jamie was going to bolt! I’m rooting for the two couple. Cortney scares me a little because she wants to run away when things get tough. And I’m sorry, but if you’re trying to stay afloat with the finances, then you can’t be like, well I’m going to create my own makeup line and compete with Estée Lauder. She needs to find a job that will pay the bills. Later on she can pursue her dream.

          • Powell says:

            I missed an epi or two because I know she lost her job but I see now they list her an “Entrepreneur” so I didn’t know what that was about. Yeah she better get a job at Saks, Macy’s, Sephora, somewhere and do makeup. NY has hundreds of stores she can do be a makeup artist. If she’s really good there are thousands of print & online magazines small and large that she can get a job. She can start developing her makeup on the side.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              She was working as an office manager and was laid off. He’s making very little money as it is and I thought it was inopportune time to start new venture. Like you said, get a job anywhere they have makeup.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I agree that Jamie and Doug should wait a little before having kids. Life ends after that. J/k

    • Amber says:

      I love Married at First Sight, too!

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, Powell, I watched the whole series, Jinx, in one night! For those that have HBO, you can watch the whole thing online. The fact I knew he’d been arrested didn’t make the finale any less exciting. The most shocking part isn’t even the audio that’s gotten so much press!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I watched The a Royals. It sucked. It was no comedy. It was a train wreck.

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    A big welcome to our newest blogger – ThatsSoMercedes. She’ll be blogging Newlyweds – The First Year for us this year.

  5. ladebra says:

    Welcome ThatsSoMercedes! Thanks for blogging for us!

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    MJ was also on WWHL last night and tried to defend the bachelor party thing – but it was just so mean spirited – towards both Asa and Adam. Why be so mean? She’s not usually mean. And it was so disgusting when she announced (in front of everyone including Adam) that Reza was going to have sex at his bachelor party.

    How do those people drink so much and function – they are getting old and need to start taking care of themselves. It’s like they all have arrested development – and Jessica looks like a wet blanket because she actually has a real job (nurse) and wants to get on with her life. SMH.

    • SunnyGirl says:

      Veena – I started watching this show because it was interesting to see how the Persians live and their different holidays, etc. I didn’t watch it so that I could see some drunks acting like fools. I really hope we see some cultural things. Jessica is the youngest of the crowd and acts the most mature. These people are in their mid-30’s and into their 40’s!

    • Powell says:

      Every season she has that type of “mean moment”. She did it to Lily cuz she was jealous of her becoming friends w/Reza and the others. She did it to GG ratting her out to her BF, when GG was her friend not some BF. Then she goes on like she did nothing wrong and later apologize. How about not do it in the first place.

    • Powell says:

      Did MJ talk about being on Steve Harvey’s show doing a sort of dating game? On the show she has a BF but it seems to have bit the dust.

    • kit9 says:

      It really is ridiculous watching this group have yet another boozed filled pool party. They’re in their 30’s and 40’s! Esp since most of them don’t seem to actually work. It’s just so tedious at this point.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Not first time MJ has been mean.

      Watch past seasons. Messed up chick

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

    I really liked Nadine – she was so bubbly and sweet. I sure hope the marriage works out. I’m missing Tina though – that woman should have her own show.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • not THAT Jill says:

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Wow. Shaking my head at this girl. How could she be so naive about both the ex boyfriend and Bravo’s editing…

          I’m a Bitch. But Karma’s the biggest bitch of all.

          I think a Stassi just got a big dose of Karmic Retribution and instead of learning life lessons is running and hiding while destroying relationships in the process.

          Although if my boss and co workers saw me playing with my naughty bits…I don’t think there would be a corner of Earth remote enough for me to escape to….

          • VV™ says:

            Sadly, she won’t learn anything OMIB. This is one spoiled brat b*tch.

          • Powell says:

            Stassi has been on long enough to know that’s juicy info for editing.

            • Yeah, I’m not buying that Stassi expected her outing her own sex tape to remain a secret while cameras were running at THE REUNION.

              This might be her way of extending her 15 minutes. I was surprised to see her back this season, and was she a full cast member of more a “friend” of the show?

        • Powell says:

          Really? I’m not so sure. Ok Lisa paid and hopefully it doesn’t come out. But now there’s mystery behind it. “Ooooh Stassi has a sex tape? I wonder if its good?” and blah blah blah. Still attention on her. 😏

    • VV™ says:

      I still don’t get why Stassi outed herself. Her ego is so huge that she probably wanted “she” be the one doing. How ironic that all season long she bad mouthed this people and claimed they were the scum of the earth. None of them mentioned the “Masturbation Monologue – Ode to a Boyfriend”. They mentioned NOTHING about it. Who’s looking like an idiot now? Her credibility took a hit and her hypocrisy speaks for itself.

      • Powell says:

        I tell you women need to stop w/the sex tapes. So many of the exes aren’t loyal. They want to get back at them, embarrassed them and some want to profit from it. Do you really need to go back and look at yourself and your partner having sex?

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

        She wants attention. She’s on the outs with cast and lisa

  8. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Gosh youz guyzzzz- Tom is totes innocent with the Miami Girl because EVERYONE knows he doesn’t like period sex! So HA! to you Kristen!

    And he taught whathisname everything he knows about Kristen so he can continue “the tradition”. I don’t think we’ve had a true clitoris conversation on a reunion before. Yay.

    So glad he set the record straight.

    Lisa trying to stop him from over sharing was the best part of the whole night.

  9. lila1star says:

    ” poop archeologist”, so I had to read that just as I took a swig of coffee. Do you know how hard it is to laugh and try to swallow at the same time? 🙂 Didn’t work lol but thanks for the chuckle.
    Happy B-Day Barb and Happy St. Patrick’s day to all.
    Welcome to new blogger ThatsSoMercedes –I look forward to reading. I use to blog–for years but sadly I fell behind and stopped. My point is I know the work that goes into it so Thank-You Bloggers from one of your fans 🙂

    That moment when Brandi had Lisa V cornered I literally could feel her panic. BG towering over her and she could not escape–that would have me locked in a bathroom to pull myself together too.
    Why do I feel like Eileen might not come back? and I really want to know if Brandi is fired and I suppose to much to hope Kim will be gone too.

    I read that Jinx was really good–now I wish I still had HBO 😦 I wanted to ask more about it but found out that the rules for comments or the possible humiliation if I misspelled a word stopped me dead in my tracks. So I am going to do a little research and if I find anything helpful for those of us HBO deprived I will share.

    • Your welcome for the chuckle. We did find some mardi gras beads and several dryer sheets in his poo. I know everyone is glamorous life. I wish I had HBO, too!

      • lila1star says:

        OK–so I went to the Jinx web site on HBO and you can order what they call HBO GO if you have some form of TV provider. I have Directv and I called and got HBO free for 3 months and the whole Jinx series is on tonight beginning at 5 central time. You can also watch from a PC. Just thought I would let you all know–I am excited to see it. Everywhere I go folks are raving about it. I just read they arrested him sat because they knew the final ep was coming out sunday and they thought he was about to bolt. Hope it was ok to post this info here.

  10. VV™ says:

    Lisa admits to paying. Also, when she talks about Scheana on this tweet is because in the tweeter conversation somebody accused Scheana of telling Stassi’s ex boyfriend to sell the tape to TMZ.

  11. VV™ says:

    So, if by 2-17-13 she had already broke up with Jax…. hmmm

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! – hoping the luck of the Irish is with you all today and always – not so much me today – I have a flat tire at work….getting it fixed in a bit – so annoying but it could have been much worse, so I’ll not complain – saw Cinderella over the weekend – so so good! –

    a little Irish dancing tonight, and memories of the parade – be well – be happy and from Cinderella – have courage – be kind

    • Powell says:

      Cinderella made like $123 mill world wide over the weekend. I’ll see it in 6 months on DirecTV. 🙂

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Shamrock I saw it Friday with my grandkids and we all loved it.
      I’m Irish and my luck seems to be holding out.

  13. Dr. Namaste, thanks for the blog recaps. I can hardly bear to read Brandi/GhostWriter’s nonsense, it’s so stupid. When she gets to blaming the victim for being slapped, I’m banging my head on the wall. It’s hard to fathom how offensive Brandi has become, but with this kind of representation from her GhostWriter, it only makes her look worse–and that’s quite an accomplishment.

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    I saw this on twitter-SH has a post about it. I wonder why anyone would post this on Instagram? It’s so sad and personal-(and here Iam sharing it…)

    View this post on Instagram

    The long and winding road. The reason for my Instagram is out of love and quotes to others that may be having a bad day. As my family and friends know I was diagnosed with cancer in may. Let me back track back then they said they couldn't save my life but prolong it if all the treatments work. I've had the best dr's and respect their honesty. 2months to a year I had. Treatments we're working. I was at stage 4. The tumor went down 50 percent I was ecstatic. My last treatment was December. A month ago they did a cat-scan. Not news I was prepared for. They would have to stop all treatments because the tumor was growing back. I asked the dreaded question how long because I respect honesty and accept it. 2 to 3 months. If you knew me I take a negative and turn it into a positive. I know ill be around for a very long time. Too many plans lol. The fight in may, my daughters wedding in May, another wedding in London in June then tropical vacations in the summer. I feel fine I wouldn't know anything was wrong if it wasn't for Dr's. and the main main reason I'm not going anywhere is because I still have to watch over my children, my ex's and my friends. So get use to me being around. What I would like to say to my family, friends, and to the people I've never met thank you for the prayers and kindness everyone has shown me on Instagram and in life. That comes from my heart. I'm a fighter there's no giving up in me. I only believe in love and kindness. So thank you. #words #truth #saying #life #friends #heart #family #children #prayers I only wish the best for everyone in life

    A post shared by Monty Brinson (@montybrinson) on

    • VV™ says:

      I saw this when he first posted it. I think a while back he mentioned on a post that he was going to share about his journey. I think this is the post he was referring to.

    • It’s quite touching to me. He seems like a good person. I hope he has the time he believes he has. One can never tell.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      I don’t know what to say.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      So they moved the wedding up for him –/ and then a month after he has to fly from LA >>>>>>to LONDON 😠……. And then tropical Vaca’s ? Which please baby jesus 🙏tell me were west coast.

      Not cool
      My uncle (not first — like 3/4th / removed or whatever, no blood relation/ godparent related) – just died of pancreatic – which like is never beaten – and my parents are still fuming with his disgusting wife for forcing him to travel “the world!!” with her to show they are fabulous retirees ….. She’s such a sick sick woman. It’s sad

      So I’m not sure how I feel about this of him traveling.,…. ESP as they moved Brooke’s wedding up.

      Super shady. Not safe IMHO. Sad sad sad. And I find it odd to be on insta sharing this like a YOYo 🍋🍋

      Huh 😌
      He seems sweet. So this is quite weird to me. But then again, he married loon kim

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Wow. Completely disagree. And vehemently.

        He’s only got a few months left- maybe this is part of his bucket list.

        If his oncologist says it’s okay, how is it unsafe?

        • austin1963 says:

          What’s the worst that can happen? He’s going to die anyway. As long as no one is forcing him, then may the road rise up to meet him wherever he decides to go. And doctors are often wrong on timelines. My beloved grandmothers was given six weeks with pancreatic cancer, and lived eleven months. I’m so glad she was willing to travel to see me and our new baby and I’m grateful she made the effort.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        My sister-in-law had a sister and father who died of pancreatic cancer and it was awful. I’m glad they convinced her mother to travel and make memories for the grandkids when she started getting sick. I think it’s fantastic that she chose not to wait around to pass away herself. She wanted to spend her money on trips with her family because she couldn’t take it with her.

  15. TexasTart says:

    Welcome ThatsSoMercedes! Thank you for recapping Newlyweds for Lynn’s Place! 😀

    Thanks also to Sunny Girl 🌞 and Namaste! 😊

    Namaste, how’s Jake doing?!

    • Jake is doing well. Start PT last week and getting around at school in a wheelchair. Things are looking up!

      • TexasTart says:

        Good. I hope he responds to therapy well and keeps his spirits up. You’re a great Mom, Dr., Poop Archaeologist and gosh, you are so much like LisaV! 😉

  16. VV™ says:

    Here’s a pic of the Payee. Interesting comment he made on the pic towards the bottom of the comments.

    View this post on Instagram

    Framily #thanksgiving

    A post shared by kristendoute 🦋 (@kristendoute) on

    • VV™ says:

      Frank is the one on the left side of the pic.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Is it confirmed that Frank is the one? He was kind of gross so it’s believable but I’m sure Stassi has a long list of gross people she dated!!

        • VV™ says:

          That’s the tricky part because he could’ve been saving it until recently. Maybe he needed money. Maybe she p*ssed him off, who knows.
          Her known relationships are/were Peter, Jax, Frank, and Patrick.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I’m sure there are plenty of other guys she dated that we don’t know about-these are just VPR guys-and I never believed her and Peter actually DATED-I think it was less than that.

            • VV™ says:

              So, you think tape was done prior to VPR?
              There are pics of her and Peter. Peter likes blondes. She was very young when they did.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Who knows when she made the tape? I personally think she’s in on the whole thing-why would she bring it up at the reunion BEFORE anyone else? It wasn’t a preemptive strike b/c she watched the whole season prior to filming the reunion and she knew they didn’t talk about it at all..she’s playing a game here-I just know it!!

                • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                  This makes more sense. Let’s see how the next few weeks play out. Stassi is such a bitch.

                  • VV™ says:

                    She’s a BIG TIME MANIPULATOR. It transcend the TV screen. People have to naive not to see it.

                • VV™ says:

                  Oh, for sure there is something there as to why she brought it up. I think Lisa should ask Stassi to pay her back what she paid the guy.
                  She’s such a fame whore that she probably shop the tape around herself.

        • T-Rex says:

          He is on the left!

  17. mrs peabody says:

    I was watching some of the scenes from BH that did not make it to the show and in one of them Kim and Bobble are talking and Bobble is telling Kim Kyle does not have her back and then asks her is Kathy would ever treat her like this and then says Kathy would never treat you the way Kyle does. So at the dinner this is where Kim saying that to Kyle comes from, Bobble put that thought into her head. I wonder how Kim has taken watching this season and seeing how Bobble treated her behind her back.

    • Oh, that scene is terrible. Brandi is such a horrendous person and she’s all evil as she talks to Kim about her sisters, which Brandi is not in any position to judge those relationships. If Brandi was a REAL FRIEND she would never, ever, say such things to a women she knows is struggling with sobriety.

      I think Brandi is also behind Kim’s attack on Eileen, as well. We saw Brandi misrepresenting her own part in the cast sobriety discussions with LisaR, not to mention Brandi’s with her friend Jennifer. But Brandi is also the kind of person who blames someone else when she throws wine in her face or slaps her, so we’ve seen Brandi/GhostWriter talking crap about Eileen, as well.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Thanks so much for reminding this NON-bravo site goer about that SUPER IMPORTANT scene.

      jeeeeze bravo- nice to put all in context.

    • austin1963 says:

      My response to that claim by Kim is good, then let Kathy take care of you.

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    where is T-Rex?

  19. I haven’t read anything yet but I wanted to comment before I forget this happened. This Stassi tape thing must have gone wild yesterday because… husband (who once asked if Kenya was Beyonce’) came in the room last night as PBB and I were watching VPR. (Not a show that we usually watch but I wanted to see the reunion shows) I paused it and he asked, “what are you watching?” and we giggled and just said “Trash” because how do you explain VPR…He knows about HWs but seriously people how long would it take to explain the shitshow that is VPR????

    So he keeps edging over to the TV and I am wondering what he is doing and he asks again and then I guess he say the hashtag on the screen with something like #Pumprules or something and he says, “Is this Vanderpump Rules?” SHOCK AND AWE!!!! “This is that show with that girl with the sex tape.” And I said, “Stassi?” and he says, “Yeah, and what is that other girl’s name that sold it?” and I said “Scheena?” and he says, “yeah” and the look of disbelief on my and PBB faces….. I said, “How do you know any of this???” and she said, “it must have made it to MSNBC, lolol!!”
    So I explain the best I could with what little I gleamed from the days blog, twitter and FB…but the thing is….my husband is usually 2-3 days behind ANY news story and ESPECIALLY anything having to do with Bravo shows…. It was one of the most surreal conversations I have had with him in 33 years!!!!!!!!!! All that to say, “THIS IS BIG NEWS PEOPLE!!” HAHAHAH!!

    #sixtyfiveyearoldformermarineknowsaboutvpr #isthisthereallifeisthisjustfantasy

  20. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes they are appreciated. I celebrated with friends on Sunday and I’m cooking corned beef at the moment. Got flowers, presents and my cat just gave me the best cuddle. Life is good.
    Welcome that’s so Mercedes and thank you all for the best blog and your friendship. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  21. designernailsdiana says:

    Sunny Girl Thanks for giving me The.Best.Line on the Shah’s blog “There is too much alcohol flowing and too many characters feeling they can say or do whatever they want. My suggestion is to have Brandi Glanville join the Shahs and leave RHOBH!”
    Namaste you crack me up. I highly doubt STFUBrandi knows how to cut a coupon out let alone how to organize them too. This line…. “Maybe we will see her on TLC’s Extreme Couponers soon!”
    had me picturing her at the Piggly Wiggly with her boys helping her count and read the expiration dates on her coupons.

  22. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    I just read a bit because I haven’t watched yet but Adam has a brother and he’s also gay?

    I need to add these things to my spreadsheet for my theories on genetics and genes and embryonic stuff. So freakin fascinating.

    Was the father ok with the brother being gay and yet not adam?

    Ok going to read some of the BH blogs now – thanks all – and erin go Braughless !

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    I was just reading the comments and all I have to say is that Mr.Peabody is going to an AWESOME birthday this year!!!!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Happy birthday Mrs P?!

      And happy birthday BARB!!! 🍀🍀🍀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊

      All health & happiness

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s not Mrs.P’s birthday….read her comment above!!

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’m getting my husband drunk so he won’t know I’m making a sex tape with him, then I’ll give it to him on his birthday. I’ll probably give him a heart attack, he’s old you know.

        • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

          You are so funny !
          I gotcha ….. Too crazy LOL

    • mrs peabody says:

      no he’s not, we’re old and have wrinkles and flabby skin. He’ll burn it.

  24. not THAT Jill says:

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Here we go…..

      I’m telling you / she’s settjng us up for Lisa going cray at the reunion and she’s trying to twist it and get “ahead” of the situation.

      Does Australia see it the same time as we do?

      Maybe one or two eps behind like Melbourne is for us?

      Why does australia have the crazies as biggest fans— Bobble and JZ 😝

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    Chis-this is how Maggie went to school this morning-

  26. Orson says:

    Both recaps were very well done.

    On GG and her dreading all the “princesses”, that makes sense to me. GG believes SHE is the Princess of Shahs, and any other attractive woman is competition.

  27. VV™ says:

    OMG! Stassi is such a mabipulator. I can’t stand her. She’s has not changed. She’s the same self centered, conniving, hypocrite that always was.
    On the one hand she says, you guys don’t know me. On the other hands she says, you guys know me. She’s quick to lie to fit the conversation and accusations.

  28. Ladina says:

    😩😩😩😩😩😩 I am watching the previews for today BH’s, did BG just say “Beautiful country, beautiful man, beautiful 🐔🐔🐔” Uhgggggg since when are those things beautiful? PLEASE, I cant stand than tramp that I hate lol shes just to much…

  29. VV™ says:

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Who’s the chick in the middle.

      I want Ariannas shoes
      Tom is barely looking at her. #badbodylanguage/omen

      • VV™ says:

        Jenna Willia, a friend of Scheana. She’s been featured on the show. I’ve seenher in pics with Pandora as well.

        • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

          Looks like that chick who was on SNL for like 1 season- the daughter of the comedian who was on SNL in the 90s –
          Abby Elliot ? Alleged cheater with fred Armisen, at the time married to Peggy Olson.
          She’s going to be on that mommy bravo show I always see filming in the city. Commercials run of the woman sitting with an elderly woman on her zoom- around electrical seat-thingy. Or the mommy in her bathroom escaping her family — that show.
          Scripted crap

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