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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Season 5 Episode 18

Screenshot 2015-03-19 14.58.49 (Small)

Brandi Glanville/Ghostwriter

“Kyle Is Hiding Something”

BG claims to be oh so happy there is only one more episode left.  She recommends we keep a Xanax nearby.  I am wonder if she buys Xanax in bulk?  She decides to share with us how her and Leeza Gibbons are BFF, she is launching her wine (urine) and knows Mike Tyson.  (Is it wrong that I think he could knock some sense into her?)  Oh, and she is in love…  BG gets all serious on us and tells us of the dangers of online gaming.  She has recently put a lot of parental controls on all of the internet access in her home, but gaming is not protected by that.  She recommends we “lock it down”.

BG complains about apologizing for the “umpteenth” time.  Well, if she didn’t behave like an ASSHOLE all the time, she would never have to apologize.  She bitches that her apologies to Lisa V. are always one sided…WTF?  What was Lisa supposed to apologize for?  Sigh.  BG is losing this argument so she decides to pull the rabbit out of her hat (deflect); she decides to talk about Scheana.  I guess Lisa said at some point on twitter that Lisa called Scheana a friend.  Have we not beat this dead horse enough?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 14.59.42 (1) (Small)

I’m glad the ladies and more so Yo had a good dinner party discussing Bananas Foster, or was it bananas in azzes? (JK, Yo). Donkeys, sex shows, kumquats shooting out of vjjs or something, somewhere, across rooms, and X-rated ping-pong balls! Whatever! Haha. It was kinda funny to watch. Anyway, I’m sorry to have missed Yolanda’s quintessential Dutch dinner at the truly perfect Hotel l’Europe, but I probably would have added my own little sex joke and ruined the proper “ladies” evening. 

Yes, BG, you would have ruined the whole thing.  Guaranteed.  I really enjoyed this dinner and watching the ladies have fun.

So, we’re back in LA, and you see why I was stressed in Amsterdam. My father’s health wasn’t that great and went scarily downhill fast when I arrived back in the States. 

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.21.34 (Small)

So, there we have it.  Again.  She will now be blaming her father’s declining health for her horrible wretched behavior.  Cue season 4.  She blathers on about the facial and all I am thinking is, “If your dad is so sick, why are you getting a facial?  Why aren’t you on a plane going to see your dad?”

Next, we see Lisa R. having dinner with Kyle in LA. Conversation topic? Rinna’s work, hobbies, family? Nope. I know, I know, we all found it hard to believe, but surprisingly enough, Lisa R.’s topic du jour was, and continues to be, Kim.  Specifically, Lisa R’s fixation with the idea that Kim isn’t sober. Good thing she said she had “dropped it” and never talks behind Kim’s back.

It is annoying that Lisa R. will not let this go.  She is like a dog with a bone.  Kim has made it crystal clear she wants nothing to do with any help offered by Lisa R.  Move on.

Will this ever end? Not only on RHOBH but on Twitter and in the media. Lisa R. saw Kim on one pain pill months ago. DROP IT.

Wait, is this from the same person that brought up Scheana just a few paragraphs earlier?  Who has the multiple personality now?  Lisa R. tells Kyle about BG talking behind Kim’s back.  Kyle is obviously shocked by this since Kim clearly believes that BG is the only person that believes she is stone cold sober.

So, cut to Kyle showing her newest real estate purchase in Palm Springs. Kyle has decided the best possible place to talk to her sister is in the enormous multi-million dollar house she just bought from selling her and Kim’s shares of their deceased mother’s house…This always confuses me. If Kim was not of the mind to enter into business at the time, it looks like Kyle took advantage of her. If she was, it looks like a fast one was pulled. Clearly Kim is still unhappy about whatever transpired, and Kyle is hiding something. Wasn’t this the family house that Kim worked and paid for as a child star? Anyway, ask Kim, not me, but don’t ask Kyle, unless you’re a gossip site or magazine. Kyle’s been giving tons of interviews about her sister lately, even though they haven’t talked in many months. But file that under keeping Kim’s private life private. Right, Kyle?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.13.02 (Small)

This is just plain BG showing how very stupid she is.  BG owns NO PROPERTY.  She takes a dig at Kyle for selling the home and buying a multi-million dollar house (methinks BG is a bit green with envy, no?).  AND no, this home wasn’t purchased with Kim’s alleged child-star earnings.  Back when Kim was a working “child-star” those kids were not paid huge salaries.  Plus, if Big Kathy chose to use the earnings of her children to support her family then Kim has a beef with HER; not Kyle.  I imagine Kyle’s earnings went into the same bucket of support that Kim’s did.  Our own little friends here on the blog did some research and found that this particular home in Palm Springs was purchased in 1996.  That means Kim was 42!!!  I really doubt much of Kim’s child-star earnings were left at this point (remember, she has been boozing/drugging since she was a teen and I am sure a lot of $$$ went into that prob).

So Kim and Kyle alone in Palm Springs.  Kyle really doesn’t get why Kim is upset with her? OK. Well, Kyle, it could be because you’re a lying, empathy-lacking, narcissist who only cares about the appearance of looking wealthy and having famous friends, while throwing your sister under a fleet of buses. It could be that. But, what do I know?

It’s like she is describing Kyle with all the words I would use to describe BG.  Interesting.

BG then goes on to beg us to support “Make-A-Wish” by supporting her as a walker in their next fundraiser.  While I believe this is an awesome organization, I cannot possibly bring myself to support HER.  I do promise the next time I see a friend participating in one of their walks, I will support them!

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.33.58 (Small)

Lisa Rinna

“I Want To Move On”

Lisa is so very grateful to be home.  She thanks Yolo for taking her on this trip and enjoyed the sight-seeing portion of the trip; the rest, not so much.  Lisa says she loved the last evening on the canal.  I imagine when the elephant is not at the restaurant, things are much more pleasant!

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.33.51 (Small)

It was nice to be able to sit down and unwind with Kyle at dinner back in Beverly Hills after our workout at Pilates Plus, which by the way, kicked our butts! There is so much going on between her and Kimand I knew she was in need of someone to talk to about it. Look, I am just as sick of this topic as all of you are, but at this point, it was quite evident to me that Kim’s “best friend” had decided to fill her in on the conversation we had over lunch just weeks before but conveniently left out her entire role in the conversation. One would assume that Brandi realized she’d spoken of Kim in a way that would upset her, so she lumped the whole conversation on me. Brandi needed me to be the bad guy in order to keep Kim from being mad at her, too.

What I really don’t understand is how BG thought Kim wasn’t gonna find all this out?  THERE WAS A CAMERA THERE THE WHOLE TIME!  And I am sick of this topic and grateful we only have one more episode of this BS.  Lisa goes over her conversation with BG and how she asked her to reach out to Kyle on her behalf (why didn’t that conversation take place BEFORE Amsterdam?

We all saw Brandi tell me how there is so much more going on than I know surrounding the topic I no longer want to speak of. We all saw Brandi suggest to me that an intervention be planned for our group while we spoke of Kim. We all saw Brandi tell me that Kim would murder her and then kill herself if she knew that Brandi was talking about “her situation.”

Yup.  I saw it.  I have a feeling Kim will go apeshit on everyone at the reunion over this topic.

Maybe I will have some time now that I am home, where I am safe with my family, to process what’s happened. Kim still has not apologized to Kyle, Eileen, or me for her uncalled for behavior toward us or my husband. I do still have a lot to process, and a lot has been left unresolved.

I suggest you all not hold your breath waiting for that big apology.

But enough of that, we must talk about how fabulous it was to watch Lisa V. marry that lovely couple at Pump! In my opinion, that was hands-down the best part of the whole episode! I’m always so blown away by how much Lisa does for the LGBT community. Pump looked gorgeous, Lisa looked beautiful, and the couple so happy. Kudos to you for always supporting your friends, Lisa Vanderpump. You’re an inspiration.

I LOVED THIS!  I am ashamed I reside in a state (Ohio) that still doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.  I am so happy to see this happening in other states and anxiously await the day it will happen here.

Thank you Lisa for keeping this short and sweet…just like you!

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.36.33 (Small)

Eileen Davidson

“There Is A Lot Of Family History At Play”

Eileen was really hoping for last fun night in Holland and she was so happy that BG decided to get laid.  Eileen was surprised to find out Yo had previously dated Julio Iglasias???  She has a quite a history.  Eileen thanks Yo for being a wonderful hostess and in spite of all the drama, Eileen had fun.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.36.48 (Small)

I’m just a little happy to be back in LA! I practically kissed the walkway. I missed Vin and Jesse so much! I promise I’ll never complain about Jesse not doing his homework again (OK, wait, I take that back, no need to go too far).

I agree with Eileen here…I hate my kid’s homework!  HATE HATE HATE!  If I never have to make a cereal box into a Native American diorama it will be too soon.  In fact, when I die and go to hell, I imagine Satan will be standing over me and demanding that I make projects for middle school students everywhere…I will be forced to do that AND vacuum hell every day.  I should probably start going to church.

I was very sorry to hear that Brandi’s father was ill. Many good wishes for a speedy recovery and prayers to her family. She opens up to Yolanda, and it’s definitely different to see a vulnerable side of her. In spite of everything, I feel badly for her. Yes, because of her dad. There’s nothing as scary as the thought of losing a loved one. I also can see that she obviously feels victimized.  I don’t get that at all. It’s somewhat unsettling hearing Brandi tell Yolanda that she doesn’t have an issue with me. I’m frightened to think how she treats someone that she DOES have an issue with! I still have no idea what I’ve done to her to provoke her attacks on me. But, guess what? I don’t care. I’m trying to focus on the things in life that truly matter, like family, health, and happiness.

So, the heartless Eileen has compassion for the very empathetic BG?  How could that be???

…I’m wondering if Lisa R. should have told Kyle this information so soon after Amsterdam. I’m not wondering, actually, I’m screaming at the TV, “No Lisa, no!” As supportive as I am of Kyle and Kim working things out (remember I wanted to help them with that weeks ago?), I have to say at this point, I feel like Lisa R. and I have tried and failed to help, and entering back into that arena is not a good idea. For anyone.

I think Lisa V. learned first in Season 3, that Kim cannot handle having anyone question her sobriety.  This confuses me because most recovering addicts that I know are very comfortable talking about it because that is part of recovery…talking.  I imagine Kim has kept a lot of secrets in her life and she doesn’t share her life easily.  Unfortunately, when you put yourself out there on a reality tv show, it is impossible to keep your private life private.  Eileen examines what happens in Palm Springs.

Just when it looks like they are making some headway, it hits the fan. Kyle tells Kim what Lisa R. told her about Brandi’s concern for Kim, and the word “intervention” comes up. If that’s not enough to create a problem, there is a lot of family history at play. Money issues within a family can be a toxic situation, and clearly after the passing of their mother, bad feelings have prevailed amongst the sisters.

Oy vay.  Money issues between family super suck.  I think the person they should all be mad at is Big Kathy.  Oops, she’s dead but remember that Medium they visited with in Season 1 and 2?  Maybe they should ask her to tell Big Kathy they are all pretty salty about the whole Palm Springs house.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.00.09 (Small)

Lisa Vanderpump

“I Wasn’t Prepared to Accept Brandi’s Apology”

The Divine Ms. Pump shares that she was in no way shape or form in the frame of mind to accept BG’s flowers and apology.  Lisa has decided that by accepting the flowers, she would be accepting the apology which only perpetuates the asshole behavior.  Lisa has reached her limit.

So the last supper, surrounded by the beauty of the canals and the gentle banter between us all, was a much needed emotional poultice before we ended this eventful trip. The absence of BG was a welcome change to the dynamic, and the fact that she was going on a date with my son’s friend (best friend in school for many years) seemed strange to me, and the remark that he had a nice c–k just certified why I have little left to say. I am devoid of any more remonstrations. It is not his age, it was the fact that I had known him so well for all the years growing up. It seemed strange to think of him having sex at all! Especially as they had just met.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.01.13 (Small)

Can we all do the math…that 22 year old boy is young enough to be BG’s son.  While I believe Love doesn’t see age, BG wasn’t looking for love.  She was looking to get laid.  STD anyone?

Loved being back at LaLa and was nervous to ordain my first wedding between this wonderful couple Dominic and Magno…a perfect example of how love sees no color or gender. Officiating the wedding was a responsibility, and one that I took seriously, as this wasn’t my day, this was theirs, and as we all ventured into unknown territory. I felt an overwhelming urge to hold their hands and guide them into the next chapter of their lives. What a sweet couple. I have been asked many times to officiate, and this couple, as I looked at them, I felt blessed to have been included in their special day.

Did anyone catch that Lisa must have had a garment to wear when she officiates a wedding?  She had on that beautiful gray robe with lace and embroidery.  Perfect.  But, did we expect anything less?

So let’s focus on positivity in this episode and accountability. Whoever we are, if we make mistakes, it is not about saying sorry–that’s easy. It is about personal growth and reassuring the people involved that you have computed the fact and have learnt from it. Then you can move forward.

Amen sister.  Amen.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.11.19 (Small)

Kyle Richards

“This Is A Side of Kim I Chose Not To Be Around”

Sorry for the delay in blogging Kyle’s blog, but in my defense, she posted it this morning!  Kyle jumps with in by stating it was “creepy and strange” for Brandi to go out on a “date” with one of Max’s friends.  Kyle addresses the constant talk of menopause by pointing out she and BG are only 4 years apart…and yet, Kyle looks years younger.  Kyle says she was so incredibly happy to get back home in LA.

Back in LA, we see Brandi meet up with Yolanda and inform her that her dad has been ill. I can imagine how upsetting that is. Also, being jet lagged and emotionally drained doesn’t help. While Yolanda gets her IV drip and Brandi gets her facial, Brandi seems to not get what all the women are upset with her about. What Brandi didn’t see or hear is that we ALL told Lisa R. that it was wrong to throw the glass. Terrible. But the difference is Lisa R. immediately says that she knows she was wrong. Another difference is Lisa R. (while wrong) felt she was provoked. Brandi’s attacks seem to come out of the blue, making it impossible to trust her or be comfortable around her.

Truth! BG’s ridiculous behaviors comes completely out of nowhere…throwing wine, telling a man he should get his wife a better ring, smacking another woman, etc.

I don’t get Yolanda always wanting to teach Brandi a lesson. She is not her mother and is only eight years older than her. It’s as if she’s talking to a teenager. It’s time for Brandi to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and the consequences that come with them.

This is weird. BG continues to look for mother figures in her so-called friends. She despised Lisa V. for doing the same exact things that Yolo does now.

Kim meets up with Adrienne and fills her in on Amsterdam. I don’t understand why Kim insists that I ran after Lisa R. the night of their fight. This comes up at the reunion as well. I ran out first when the glass started flying. I only came back to get my purse. She wants to make it sound like I sided with Lisa R. Kim screamed at me that night and said some very mean things. I didn’t want to be around her at that moment. I wasn’t choosing Lisa R. over Kim. I was choosing to get out of that environment. 

I’m a runner myself. I will run away from confrontation as fast as my little legs will carry me. While I LOVE drama, I will not stick around when the shit hits the fan. I will completely avoid people that have a rain cloud of drama that follow them. Kyle talks about how her relationship with Kim has been in the toilet for some time and that there was really nothing she could do at this point.

After my conversation with Lisa R., where she told me Brandi had concerns about Kim, I was frustrated that Brandi was discussing these things with Lisa R., while at the same time telling Kim that Lisa R. was going around talking about her. Why did she fail to mention to Kim that SHE also took part in this “talk” and was expressing the same concerns for Kim? Brandi was also going on and on about Eileen and Lisa R. talking about Kim. Didn’t Brandi also sit on the beach with her friend Jennifer and talk about Kim? And what about her conversation with Lisa R. saying “Isn’t everyone worried about Kim?” Brandi was clearly playing both sides and Kim had no idea.

And there we have it. Kyle has finally been told that BG has been shit-talking Kim yet selling everyone else up the river. It’s a shame that Kim didn’t find all this out for 6 months when the episodes finally air on national TV making her look like an even bigger fool. So, Kyle decides to invite her perfectly sane sister up to Palm Desert for a little “Girl Time”. Nothing could go wrong. They will sit by the fireplace (in the blazing desert heat) and braid each other’s hair.

We hadn’t spoken since Amsterdam, so it was obviously awkward. Getting into all of this with cameras around is not easy. For five years now, people have thought that I “stole” my sister’s house. I never spoke up to defend or explain myself, because that would mean I would have to discuss private information that would make my sister more angry with me. When she brought it up again this time, after we had spoken about it in private and cleared it up, I wasn’t going to just sit back again and have my character and integrity attacked. Let me make it clear, since I believe many are still confused. It’s quite simple: My sisters BOTH wanted me to buy them out of our Mother’s house. I did so. Paying them BOTH an equal amount. Why would Kim accept anything less? For whatever reason, as years passed, she thought I paid Kathy more. NOT the case. Which is why I brought up the deposited checks AGAIN. When she wanted to buy back in, she was not in the financial position. I do not want to go into more private details, even though in doing so it would explain my side MUCH more clearly.

I really think Kyle needs to END this toxic relationship with her sister. My husband has a sister who has “issues”. For years, everyone made excuses for her. In fact, the day I met her, I was told, “Hey, this is my sister. Be careful, she lies.” Everyone accepted her behavior and never held her accountable. She was constantly causing family problems and everyone said, “Well, what do you want me to do? She is my sister/daughter/mom.” Finally, everyone had enough. We ended the relationship. We have not seen or spoken to her in 15 years except at funerals, graduations, etc. Our lives are better for it and I am sure Kyle’s life would be better, too.

Another thing: To the people that imply my sister solely paid for the home with her childhood earnings is an insult to my mom. My parents moved to Los Angeles before I was born and built a beautiful home here in Bel Air. Once my parents divorced, yes, Kim worked. So did I. You can check out my IMDB to confirm that. Our Mom was our manager and worked her butt off to run my sisters and I around to audition after audition and juggled with my grandmother between the studios with Kim and me. Kathy dabbled in acting. She wasn’t really into it but was an amazing singer with an incredible voice. My mom sold our home in Bel Air, then moved to Beverly Hills and eventually settled in the Desert.

OH SNAP!!! THIS, this right here is what I have been waiting for from Kyle. She has finally told the truth and shut down all the BS. Good job Kyle for speaking up for yourself. Kyle was the executor of her mother’s trust. She had asked Kyle to hold onto the house for 10 years before selling. Kyle admits it was a bad business decision to hold on to it for so long and they were losing money. 12 years after she died, Kyle decided it was time.

It was difficult, because it was very sentimental to all of us. I told Kim, and we discussed her daughter Brooke having the listing and maybe my daughter Farrah as well. They could share the listing. SO, Kim had plenty of warning that we were selling the house and plenty of time to come say her goodbyes. Whether she did or not was up to her.

Wow. Just wow. Kyle says all of this is painful and she wants to put it to bed. She wishes Kim could see things the same way, but that ain’t gonna happen.


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Good morning! I hope everyone can have a good day. 😀

  2. I woke up at 5:45am this morning. Came downstairs, let out the dogs, turned on the news and got my coffee. I kept hearing this weird chirping. Thought it could be my slippers. Nope. Thought it was the tv. Nope. Finally opened the door to let the pups back in and it was BIRDS!!!! YES! It’s the first day of spring and the birds are back. I couldn’t be happier!

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. OMG snow! 😨 At least so far it’s not sticking to the ground. We shall see. 🙂 Hey TexasTart and Namaste. 👋👋😊

  4. Powell says:

    LR didn’t apologize for the glass breaking. That wasn’t the right thing to do either in all of this.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Hey Powell. Sorry about the snow. It’s raining in my neck of the DMV. I don’t like that LR has apologized. I don’t get why she’s been given a pass by the ladies and the fans. If any other housewife had done that, you’d hear people call for her firing. People call Porsha from RHOA a thug (which she isn’t) because she reacted to bully Keny point ing things directly in her face and yelling into a bullhorn in her face. But whenes bats— breaking glasses…..crickets. Double standards. (This is the ONLY thing I agree with Brandi on. I never took to Brandi. She talks to much crap then whines when she gets it back.)

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I meant I don’t like that LR has NOT apologized.

      • chismosa says:

        I think Porsha is a thug- and call her on that- my apologies– and i will never forget that disgusting display of VH1 behavior— and yet i also feel Lisa not apologizing is quite awful and how no one talked about it on (edited) camera footage all the weeks of Amsterdamn and post-Am. ????

        I have to read the recap above ^^^ but are we hearing Lisa doesn’t apologize for it at the reunion? Or she explicitly says she doesn’t apologize? I know on her 2nd WWH she said she doesn’t ‘regret’ anything.

        Shameful shameful shameful. All of them.

        Oh— the one i did give the pass to because i am scummy like that is Ramona…. Because it was acrylic and … just because i always have a soft spot for Ramona … and because i’m a hypocrite and have double standards- …
        But Porsha and Lisa— SAME THING.

        Porsha is just too dumb to not have apologized.
        Lisa at least has a working cerebrum.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Luv you, hypocrite and all. You’re so funny. I had forgotten about Ramona throwing the plastic cup. I gave her a little pass too. Now if Kristen’s lip had left a permanent scar, then I probably wouldn’t have. 😉

          Thy don’t need Brandi next season because we’ve got crazy Lisa R. She lives in BH, is a housewife and can get ghetto in one second. Perfect.

      • Exit4 says:

        Kyle kind of explained it in her blog and I get it. The acknowledgment that she was wrong was there and expressed to the ladies. I think she apologized to them when they left the restaurant. As far as her specifically apologizing to Brandi and Kim-I don’t know. We’ll see next week or on the reunion maybe?

        It was dropped because no one wanted to talk about it (obviously) and to keep bringing it up would again set kim off so it was let go. Also, they recognized that there was provocation there-kim was going after everyone and she lost her shit. I don’t think that’s typical behavior for her, so they can rationalize it as an extreme reaction under crazy circumstances.

        With Brandi, she says/does something awful, apologizes (or half apologizes) and then does it again. And again. And again. At this point, they don’t accept her apologies because they know they’re empty. The same stuff keeps coming up because it keeps happening! With rinna, for now, they can trust that this type of thing won’t happen again. If it does? Then it’ll be addressed more because then it’s a pattern.

        How’s everything going with you? Keep us posted! 😊❤️

        • SoutheastVA says:

          We’re doing ok. We’re meeting with builders and inspectors to determine what if anything is salvageable in the house. I’ve decided to let my better half take on those duties without me present. I don’t have the energy. His dad and my brother will be with him so he’s not alone. They’d all just rool eyes at me for the questions I’d end up asking anyway. Whatever we do, I just want my dream kitchen, closet/budoir with a chaise lounge and wifi. That’s not too much to ask. Well, inside sprinklers would be nice too.

      • Amber...RealWife says:

        PREACH! I’ve always felt like there’s a negative perception when it comes to RHOA v every other franchise. While we’ve seen aggression, fighting and yelling elsewhere it is only ATLANTA that is looked upon w disdain and called ghetto.

        Lipsa flinging wine was trashy enough but in her haste to make “GOOD TV” she went a step further and shattered the wine glass. Who does that? That could have gotten into someone’s eyes like it did during a ChrisBrown/Drake melee in LA. She should definitely apologize for that reckless move.

        One thing I agree w/ the CookooClan about…. Lipsa has been talking non-stop all season about Kim’s personal business, yet one comment… albeit, a spicy one that suggest impropriety of one’s husband, but Lipsa’s ready to go medieval immediately! WOW

        • mrs peabody says:

          She didn’t start talking about it until the ride from he!! she had with Kim, up till then there was nothing to talk about.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          I agree. The RHOA women are called ghetto online a lot. It’s not as prevalent here but overall that’s what I see online. I never see that language with other housewives who act the same way. I don’t like unladylike behavior no matter the zip code. I like the ladies that can sting you without breaking a sweat, a nail, cursing or raising their voice. Spilling teal while sipping tea and throwing shade without lifting a hand is learned and honed over time.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      Reaching over and trying to grab Kim’s throat, tossing wine and smashing the glass was completely outrageous. If I were there I would have completely called her out on that.

      • chismosa says:

        Hey Rabs—-
        I swear is Bravo playing TRICKS ON ME or what!??? Because i don’t miss $hit when i slow-mo and go over scenes 80x.

        She was going for her throat and lee press-on stopped that…. it’s so funny how i missed things, then i feel like no i didn’t and Bravo puts different things on later.
        I wonder if the power of a Harry Hamlin would say to Bravo/evolution: shut that $hit down/ change the coverage you are airing of this.

        Especially in light of the production company and Kim and her dog in trouble…..

        ~~~~then again, it could be *ME* because my 73 inch huge hd tv broke down weeks ago and i watch on a smaller screen. 😥 me a river.

        Hope you’re well ! ❤

        • mrs peabody says:

          She went for her throat and then pulled her hand away before she actually got ahold of her throat and BH stopped it.

          • chismosa says:

            she pulled her hand away or god almighty- (i hate to hear her doing some good) Brandi stopped it??

            And eileen just sitting there. Lovely. Well, i think eileen was to Lisa’s right so she was not prime spot to stop it.

            • mrs peabody says:

              I watched that frame by frame, Eileen was to the right and at the end you can see her hand go up too if I remember right. It seemed to take her longer to respond than it did BH. Brandi’s hand did not stop Lisa’s hand, Lisa pulled it back at the last second before Brandi’s had got to hers. Lisa stopped herself. I think she was so mad after she threw the wine she just smashed the glass, it didn’t look like she was smashing it at Kim, she was just smashing it down on the table. Stupid as the glass could have gotten into someone’s eyes. I think it was just a knee-jerk reaction on her part.

              • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

                Ok yes — but I could have SWORN — the glass she threw the water from was in a different hand than the glass throwing hand.

                She passed the glass from one hand to the other ?

                It’s almost as if it is easier to decipher what went down on scary island with Kelly than THIS WINEBREAK2015

  5. ladebra says:

    💐💐 Spring is here! And it’s my favorite day of the week! Great blog Namaste 🙂 I’m so so glad I don’t have to read them on Big thank you!

  6. Powell says:

    Namaste i want pics of that Native American diorama “you” made. LOL. 😉

    • I’m not sure I still have those, BUT I did make an AMAZING Egyptian pop-up book. I will look for it. I think she/I got an A on it!

      • lila1star says:

        Hi Namaste– did u have to do the castles yet? 4 grandkids and 4 castles–ugggg. Not a simple cardboard thing–No. Teachers thought it would be cool if it was a family project. We r talking real wood and hot gluing stones etc… I had so many burns! Or how about the famous I million dollar project–spend a million anyway u want–exactly a mil. But show documentation that u spent what you did. It took hours to just add it it up to an even mil! Ah fun times x4. lol

        A word about the blogs–I know it was hard for Kyle to explain the house because it has been pounded into these girls not to talk about this stuff. I am glad she did. It is said that an addicts emotional growth stops at the point of addiction and if that is so–Kim is forever 16. Little Kathy Hilton has very little use for her sisters–she married a Hilton but did not get what the name implied as papa Hilton felt his kids should make their own money–the Hilton monies are for the most part in the Hilton foundation. Kathy pushed hubby and is a big reason he has done so well. In the mean time they jumped from one Hilton hotel to another to live and left a wake of destruction in their path.

        Remember when Paris was engaged to uber wealthy (greek?) Paris (same name)–well the parents went out to meet mr. Paris parents and they snubbed the Hiltons and call off the wedding declaring them trash. I had to throw that in……

  7. kit9 says:

    I think Bravo is playing ‘checkmate Bi*ch!’ games again. In the season preview, it showed Kyle telling Kim she never takes responsibility for anything and I’ve been waiting to see that all season. But she didn’t say that in her sitdown w/Kim in PS where that clip was shot.

    • chismosa says:

      Girl, read my previous comment ^^^^ to Rabble–

      WTF is bravo doing to us. Playing mind tricks????

      I’m going crazy. I really am.

  8. SoutheastVA says:

    Stellastarz – I need new jewelry. I will take you up on that March special you have going.

  9. Exit4 says:

    Snow here! WTF? It’s not really sticking-so I’ll just say it’s winter saying bye one last time. Bye Felicia! Done. ❄️

    • chismosa says:

      wait, im in the city waiting for it— and NOTHING.

      said 12pm on the phone app. A$$holes usually get it right.

      It’s going to be like 60 degrees tomorrow, it’ll all wash away…. whatevs………………

      • Exit4 says:

        Lol! Since I wrote that-it’s still coming down and it’s about 2 inches. It’s supposed to keep coming down until tonight. Its not sticking much on the street though-too warm. Tomorrow will be puddle city. Waiting for the text to come in that school will let out early. This better be it!

        • chismosa says:

          maybe school will be out tomorrow ?? 😆 ha ha!

          it’s coming down now. on-schedule.

          • Exit4 says:

            Lol! No early close today! He’ll probably get home late-since the roads are now starting to get a little yucky-it will be a slow go. We’re last out in the district so all their busses will be late.

    • mrs peabody says:

      It was a good blog and explains about the house. Kim got her fair share regardless what she thinks, imho Kim is mad because Kyle would not sell her back her share in the house. Kim and Kathy both sold their shares to Kyle and Kyle sold the house when she was ready.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        That’s what I understood from the blog-Kim wanted back in but she didn’t have the money to get back in-too bad!!!

        • Austin says:

          And not being able to get back “in” financially is not the same as someone anyone stealing from her. I’m really glad that Kyle finally spoke out on this. I’m not surprised about any of it, though, as I have figured nearly from the beginning that Kim was twisting something.

      • chismosa says:

        can someone explain this to me? If Kyle bought them “OUT” how do you then buy back ‘in’??? Isn’t it just DONE when you buy out— it’s all in Kyle’s hands then???
        Aren’t your hands washed of it once you’re “OUT”?????

        It’s too early for this real estate stuff. MDL and Flipping Out haven’t started yet…..

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Didn’t Kyle sell the house once she bought out Kim and Kathy??

        • jezzibel says:

          I expect that Kim was told that buying back in was not even an option available to her once it was all said, done and the paperwork signed, but it went in one ear and out the other. Kim strikes me as a person who never paid much attention to the legal/business aspects of things, just took the money and ran, then one day decided that she wanted her mothers house and is still pissed that (although she could go there and use it anytime she liked), it wasn’t her’s to do with as she pleased.

        • Exit4 says:

          You can make the changes to the deed and make payment arrangements-you’d basically re-fi. It’s not as simple as writing a check which Kim obviously thinks it is! There’s a lot to consider-like the mortgage, upkeep, taxes etc…. Kyle was smart to turn her down!

          Mel-she did eventually sell it, but it was many years later.

          • jezzibel says:

            I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Kim is not all that great when it comes to maintaining a home and if she rents is probably a horrible tenant.

            • Exit4 says:

              I agree! Kim probably needs help to manage a household. I also agree with what you said above that Kim doesn’t understand business/money and just figured if I give them a check it’s mine again!

            • Amber...RealWife says:

              UMMM…. Kingsley anyone? She’s w/o a doubt a horrible tenant. She’s got a mauling dog that has attacked several people yet she continues to defend him and refused to be rid of him until threatened w lawsuits.

        • mrs peabody says:

          The only way Kim would have been able to buy back in was if Kyle agreed to sell her a share of the house which she did not and was her choice not to as she was the sole owner of the house once she bought her sister’s out. Would have been no different than me buying out my bro/sis’s share of my parents house and then a number of years later one of them deciding they wanted to still own their share of the house, it would be my choice as to whether I wanted to sell them a share of it. I think Kyle made a smart choice in not selling any share of that house back to Kim. Can you imagine having to deal with her wild mood swings when it came time to sell it. She could have caused a huge mess and even had the house attached for any financial problems she may have had. No Kyle did the right thing imo.

          • Exit4 says:

            Right? Kyle was smart! Can you imagine with kims mood swings? One day she’s buying in, then wants out and then in again!

          • chismosa says:

            thank you all ^^^^^^

            slowwwwwly trying to understand it.
            Of course Kyle (and Mauricio) have good financial sense. Especially coming to dealing with Kimbeans

    • Exit4 says:

      Interesting too that kyle was the executor. That job usually goes to the child you trust the most and can expect to make sure everything gets handles correctly and fairly. I can imagine kathy not wanting the job and not caring. I can see Kim being bitter about it!

      • chismosa says:

        personally i’m shocked the mother included Kyle at all in who she left the house to as it seems when i read between the lines with you all and all who’ve read “the” book— that she favored her moneymaker and kathy most.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I think it is good she left her stuff to all 3 of them, I can’t imagine leaving one of my kids out of my stuff. What mother would do that, I know there are some out there but none I know. But given Kim’s problems I can see her not being left in charge of the estate or would have no problem understanding if her share was put into a trust of some type.

          • chismosa says:

            i totally completely utterly agree with you— just what i hear about “Big” Kathy— color me surprised O_o

        • Exit4 says:

          Maybe as kids? But Kathy married and had a family of her own and was doing her Hilton thing. They lived in NYC for years. Kim was a hot mess-so if it’s even true kyle wasn’t the “favored one”, at some point, she became the one who stepped in to handle things.

        • What was the name of the book again? I forgot!

          • Exit4 says:

            House of Hilton.

          • AMASinVA says:

            House of Hilton by Jerry Oppenheimer…… You can get a digital download on Amazon.
            I don’t recall how much I paid when I purchased it but it was not that much at the time.

  10. mrs peabody says:

    I wish BH’s writer would get her facts straight. So she thinks Kyle sold her and Kim’s share of the house, did she just leave Kathy’s share with her? Does the new owner owns 2/3rd of the house? She should read what she is writing before she sends it off because she doesn’t have a clue as to what she is even saying. I sure hope Kyle writes her blog soon, I’d like to hear her response. You know I would agree with part of her thinking about Kim being taken advantage of if she were not of mind to enter into business but since we don’t know what her frame of mind was during that time period and what all the terms were I think her implying that is wrong but then that is what Brandi does. I do agree that both Kyle’s and Kim’s earnings both were used to support the family but I think that money was long gone before this house was purchased and I would guess it was gone by the time Kim/Kyle were in their early 20’s if any was left when they reached adulthood. BH’s writer really should do a bit more research.

    • jezzibel says:

      the writer is framing a narrative and is sticking to it, doesn’t matter if its true or not, it just has to do enough damage to Kyle, LisaR, and LisaV’s reputations, and raise a small smidge of doubt about their characters.The writer better make sure that she and Brandi are super tight because she is starting to hedge into libel territory, and although HW are not supposed to sue each other, I don’t think Brandi’s writer is protected under that deal…..just saying.

  11. So 22 years ago, after 50 (five, zero) hours of labor I gave birth to the most wonderful daughter a Mother could hope for!!!!

    • Exit4 says:

      Happy birthday!!! Party like a rock star! Or in her case-the most fun sci-fi character around! 😊🎂

    • chismosa says:

      omg! happy birthday to BABY PRINCESS P!!!!!
      She’s a beautiful girl (don’t know if there is a pic in your post, doesn’t come up for me here but a blank space )

      All the best to her- a year of all good health and tons of happiness!!!! ❤
      oh….. AND GLITTER!

      ps- is she a Pisces in her estimation? I have a friend whose birthday is tomorrow and i can't figure her out for ages….

      Besides- don't matter- i love Pisces and Aries both! Much love to you both !!!! xxoo!
      🐻 ⭐ x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Happy Birthday, Princess Beanie Boo!! 🎉🎁💐❤️🎊😘🎂

      Oh my goodness about the 50 hrs of labor!!

    • Happy Glitter Birthday!

      She’s a Pisces – 3rd Decan.

      Tomorrow is Aries 1st Decan.

      • chismosa says:

        thanks ! She’s a youngest- (as most friends i have tend to be– HI PRINCESS P!- )— and so i could never tell if she was demure because she had an older brother, or if it was the bit of Pisces in her- but she’s a bit Aries.

        I know the EARLIER in the sign you are– the stronger of that sign you are- meaning MOST of that sign, correct?

        So the Aries born late March are like SUPER Aries? Then the secondary time– the Aries is more Aries/Leo? (2nd fire sign), then the last weeks of Aries are Aries/Sag… correct?

        My father is a triple aries so whoa man !!! Yikes! (my moon is there so i’m seriously seriously a true true HOT MESS)

        Hey OMIB i found something i had taken a photo of from “Astrology for Lovers” in a barnes and noble which i hadn’t remembered if i owned and i want to run it by you— i’ll do it downthread.

        • So Decans are roughly every 10 days, and they are determined by the degrees difference.

          So it was my understanding that 1st Decan is more if a combination of the preceding sign while the middle Decan is considered the most true to the sun sign.

          • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

            Oh dear ! Just read this ….

            So the early Aries — say next week ones (my dad)— are more Pisces-like. ? 😲😲😲😯

            I’m just…. In shock.

    • TexasTart says:

      And we know it was worth it!
      Happy Birthday Princess Beanie Boo! 👑🎁🎂🎈

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Happy Birthday Princess Beanie Boo! Enjoy your day!

  12. TexasTart says:

    The blog has been updated to include Kyle’s blog that was posted this morning. Thanks, Namaste!

  13. Great Blog Namaste!!! I am so glad that Kyle is finally standing up for herself!! Secrecy has been such a burden for Kyle. And this ridiculous “I’ll tell a story and you won’t like it!” bit that Kim is pulling on everyone is so immature and sickening…I want her gone!!!

  14. Buttercream says:

    Still snowing here and dag nap it . it’s sticking!

    Thanks for the great re-cap .. is it true there is a three part reunion??

    Happy Birthday Princess Beanie Boo 🙂

  15. TexasTart says:

    From last night…

  16. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa says:

      thanks for these reminders Tarts!

      Kenya's hair— to die. Loving it. For her i'll tune in.
      Twerkin' by the remote for sure.

  17. VV™ says:

    I don’t care how Camille wants to spin this tweet. She was sh*t stirring. This went on and on for a while. I still don’t get while Camille was so concerned with “Lisa V.” We know she’s not…, In the end Lisa V she was good with Camille.

    • How is this Camille’s concern? Why is she defending LVP’s honor? To get back on the show? Does LVP have THAT much pull?

      She is everything after all…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        The person tweeted about Camille-that’s why Camille was involved-

        • Sorry- I don’t see that at all. It looks like she tweeted to admonish the tweeter.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            She tweeted to Camille to admonish her! She didn’t like that Camille didn’t say what she wanted her today about Brandi smacking Lisa-she was rude-(this tweeter isn’t the most pleasant person alive) and after that exchange the tweeter was kind dog bragging that Lisa DMs her the time and Camille thought she was tweeting things she shouldn’t-

            • Oh NOW I see. Thank you for explaining it to non twatting me.

              • Exit4 says:

                There’s a follow up from Lisa

              • Exit4 says:

                Oops! It’s a whole Long thing-but Camille thought the person was sharing Lisa’s DMs with others. They’re supposed to be private-not saying Lisa was using tweeters to do get dirty work. Misunderstandings ensued! Lisa shut it down and all is fine!

      • VV™ says:

        On WWHL, Canille when asked about the slap told Andy that Brandi was wrong but Lisa said she would slap Brandi first OR something to that effect.
        Still does not justify Camille lying on that tweet by saying that LVP tweets follower with things to say WHICH IS A LIE. She then hides under the disguise of concern for LPV.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Well we don’t know if it’s a lie-Lisa could be DMIng God only knows what to people-but that’s not the point. Lisa thanked Camille and all is well -so I guess if it’s all ok with the Queen….

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Lisa really needs to check the people she’s tweeting with-her fans are starting to be like the Branndiacs… The Vanderfans tweet nasty disgusting things to people.

          • VV™ says:

            Can you explain how a DM that reads:

            “I LOVE WHEN my DM notifications go off…cuz it means LVP. she is the ONLY person who ever DMs me. @CaroleRadziwill sent me 1 promoting book”

            Was interpreted by Camille as LVP is telling this person what to say? LVP DMs people ALL THE TIME. It is not secret. She does it to keep her TL clean. She’s said this over and over again. I’m sure Camille knows this….

            Camille was probably mad at this particular tweeterer because she called Camille on her shade on WWHL. When Andy asked her about the slap, Camille she said Brandi was wrong with the slap but Lisa threaten to slap Brandi first.

      • T-Rex says:

        Two-FacedCamillizaZilla has been trying to get back on the show now for two seasons!! She would give her eye teeth to be a full time or even a friend at this point. I am not sure what she did to MzAndy but they have declined to offer her a contract! Oh and I had been alerted weeks ago that she had heard the BHills producers were looking at a new Ho-wife for the show and she let it be most definitely known she wants back ON the show, again they declined!

        • VV™ says:

          I think so too. I think she wants back. I have mixed feelings because she is a snake of the worst kind. I love her fashion sense and she has the money and connections the show requires. Perhaps, Bravo didn’t like the way she play them on S2 when she did a 180 and ran ala Kyle from caos.

    • chismosa says:

      where have you been my LOVE!!!!

      so much abuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Camille is shady right? Like, i need to edumacate myself before next season….. she’s likely back is what i see….

      • VV™ says:

        If it comes down to bringing Taylor, Adrienne or Camille…. CG is probably the best choice. Adrienne is too guarded and comes off fake. I can’t watch Taylor….

  18. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa says:

      CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! ⭐
      and it probably will AUTOMATICALLY RECORD for anyone auto dvr’ing RHOA SO WWH AND BETH will have amazeballs ratings!!! 😈


  19. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Birthday to the talented and beautiful Princess Beanie Poo!! *sets dwon ice cream cake* – may all of your wishes come true, and may all your days be full of laughter and glitter!!
    *hugs Princess Beanie Poo really hard*

    my younger daughter’s Birthday is the the 29th – she was born on my Dad’s Birthday –

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      Ok shamrock now I’m offended (just kidding). You neglected to provide me with my birthday ice cream cake this year. Nose out of joint here. Did I do something wrong?

  20. chismosa says:

    G E T

    O F F

    M Y

    J O C K people! It ain’t no big thang!!!!!


  21. I have my period. Kinda crampy. Craving chocolate.

    I’m 51.

    Hugely accomplished in Brandi’s eyes.


    • Please tell me you are walking around naked with tampon string hanging!!!

      • Crap! Totally forgot! Stripping down to my skivvies now!

        Just gotta go get blotto drunk, find a lady watcher to prop me up, and call the paparazzi!


    • not THAT Jill says:

      Congratulations….you can’t sit with the “menopausal mamas”….

      • Me and Brandi bishes!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think I have a few more years before I become a “menopausal mama” I’m older than Kyle -Brandi should send me a gift!!

          • Inoright?

            Because biology deserves recognition over content of character.

          • chismosa says:

            i’m sorry i’m going to keep asking this till the cows come home—- how much older than Kyle is the brainbot? Like 4 years???? Or not even…?

            I just won’t be able to take her and her greasy chubby cheeks saying ‘that’s bc you don’t get your -p- bit**’.
            i just can’t with her…. seriously

            • Chubby cheeks actually move when you touch them- Brandi’s are like granite.

            • Exit4 says:

              Brandi is 42. Kyle is 46.

              • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

                So brandi technically is 43 this year — since she’s later in the year so they’re THREE years apart.


                GIVE ME A FFFFF BREAK!!!🙅

            • mrs peabody says:

              I wonder if BH has any idea just how long you can get your period. Does she think it automatically stops at a certain age. Does she not understand all women are different

              • I think she was looking at the 🐔🐔🐔 during Sex ed classes. Missed a lot.

              • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

                I wonder also.

                She probably has all these like stereotypical ideas of it …..or is just using the “age” thing to go at Eileen (cheater?) and Lisa (ex bestie) sideways ↩️↪️
                Because she’s like, so smart in her manipulations. 🙄

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi’s snaps….

    • TexasTart says:

      Good grief, that part about JR doesn’t make any sense …well almost none of it does!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Wasn’t she just dating the hot teacher last week? Why do we need to know all her business anyway??? She let us know that JR was not happy about Dutch Boy-why would she share that?

        • TexasTart says:

          IDK it’s maddening to try to make sense with her, she continually contradicts and changes stories! I still think that makes no sense….

          JR posted a pic with a model and she claims people thought it was her (but she didn’t look like BG – not tall enough!) And then she gets mad because she’s not sure she wanted people to know he was her boyfriend….is that boyfriend of the day, week, or month?! Hasn’t she already claimed him as a boyfriend in the past? Don’t we all know that???! Anyway, but the pic was not BG – Shouldn’t she normally be offended if that’s her boyfriend that he posted a pic that looked like he was with someone else. This so dumb!

  23. not THAT Jill says:


  24. Exit4 says:

    Namaste-this pretty much covers the richards stuff from the House of Hilton book.

  25. Off to Outback to get PBB a bloomin’ onion!!

  26. kit9 says:

    Has anyone checked out The Agency’s website? They have some insanely expensive properties listed. We’re talking, 15, 20, 35 million. My jaw dropped and nearly fell off looking at some of them. This one modern is just spectacular, with two narrow water canals wrapping around either side of the house off the pool. INsane!

    • TexasTart says:

      No, thanks for the link!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      One of the main (unfortunate looking) guys on that show Rich Kids of BH is the “co-founder” of TA? He just got engaged to the main gal on the show too.

      I’m going to have to tune in to see her ring. 😳

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    First look BH is on now

    • TexasTart says:

      Watching first look is like…’s a delicious pie – but you can only have one bite!

      The season finale has Nikki, Paris and Kathy Hilton. A party Adrienne throws and Camille will be there.

      If you saw first look – what was the LisaV & Kyle exchange at the end? It was some form of saying goodbye but I didn’t get it! 😕

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Lisa said “Good-bye Darling..I love you” and then she said “oh God what did I say?” And Kyle said “you love me you love me”…it was a cute little smart ass scene.

        • TexasTart says:

          I like it! Thanks…you see, I thought it started awkward and ended cute – but I couldn’t understand the words!

      • kit9 says:

        I just can’t stand Kathy. Or Paris. She’s just gross. Nicki is ok. She has the distinction of being the only Kathy offspring who hasn’t been arrested!

        • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

          I need to read up on what’s so bad about Kathy2.

          I think Nicky is the least bad- I agree.

          I know Kathy2 — doesn’t like Kyle ??

      • I love that analogy! I can’t watch the “First Look” because it just makes me mad that I can’t watch the whole damn thing. My DVR automatically records it and I delete so I am not tempted.

  28. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    I just had some food that didn’t agree with me — so this helped me get it back up: 🚽🚽

    ‘Until I met George I had never ever experienced an orgasm,’ she admits. ‘But the first time we slept together, all that changed. I was so nervous.

    ‘I thought he might have a wrinkly body and need Viagra. But George’s physique is unbelievable as he works out every day – and Viagra was the last thing he needed.

    ‘He’d studied Tantric sex in India and I lost count of the number of times we had sex, but we were still at it when the sun came up.

    ‘He was so skilled, he blew my mind. I lost count of how many orgasms I had.’

  29. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Cray cray

    I’m sorry I think Kathryn was his undoing.

    • TexasTart says:

      Maybe..but I secretly like when she gets mad at him, lol. IDK why he thinks he can get out unless he signed on for another season…I mean, isn’t most if not all of this show already filmed?!

      • TexasTart says:

        I’m not sure why the ratings were low, not promo’ed enough or different night? I think it was 863k

  30. VV™ says:

    This is how smooth Camille is. Check out Kyle’s feet.

  31. Cityside says:

    I just got “the email” from Lynn Hudson. Deleted immediately. Does anyone stay in contact with Lynn’s family to let them know?

  32. Cityside says:

    What would hackers want with a bunch of ole snarky broads and dudes like us!



  33. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Bitchy inappropriate quip of the day….

    Of course Brandi’s father gets worse, the closer she comes to home.

  34. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    I’m just being honest… I get confused when some of you use “BH”. I don’t know if you mean Beverly Hills (and the bravo production people) or Bobble Head. If you want to save keystrokes and still be certain people know who you’re talking about, why not just use “BG”?

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