Kyle’s Blog Blogged plus Recaps: Real Housewives of Melbourne / Southern Charm / Vanderpump Rules

Kyle Richards

“This Is A Side of Kim I Chose Not To Be Around”

by Namaste

Sorry for the delay in blogging Kyle’s blog, but in my defense, she posted it this morning!  Kyle jumps with in by stating it was “creepy and strange” for Brandi to go out on a “date” with one of Max’s friends.  Kyle addresses the constant talk of menopause by pointing out she and BG are only 4 years apart…and yet, Kyle looks years younger.  Kyle says she was so incredibly happy to get back home in LA.

Back in LA, we see Brandi meet up with Yolanda and inform her that her dad has been ill. I can imagine how upsetting that is. Also, being jet lagged and emotionally drained doesn’t help. While Yolanda gets her IV drip and Brandi gets her facial, Brandi seems to not get what all the women are upset with her about. What Brandi didn’t see or hear is that we ALL told Lisa R. that it was wrong to throw the glass. Terrible. But the difference is Lisa R. immediately says that she knows she was wrong. Another difference is Lisa R. ( while wrong) felt she was provoked. Brandi’s attacks seem to come out of the blue, making it impossible to trust her or be comfortable around her.

Truth!  BG’s ridiculous behaviors comes completely out of nowhere…throwing wine, telling a man he should get his wife a better ring, smacking another woman, etc.

I don’t get Yolanda always wanting to teach Brandi a lesson. She is not her mother and is only eight years older than her. It’s as if she’s talking to a teenager. It’s time for Brandi to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and the consequences that come with them.

This is weird.  BG continues to look for mother figures in her so-called friends.  She despised Lisa V. for doing the same exact things that Yolo does now.

Kim meets up with Adrienne and fills her in on Amsterdam. I don’t understand why Kim insists that I ran after Lisa R. the night of their fight. This comes up at the reunion as well. I ran out first when the glass started flying. I only came back to get my purse. She wants to make it sound like I sided with Lisa R. Kim screamed at me that night and said some very mean things. I didn’t want to be around her at that moment. I wasn’t choosing Lisa R. over Kim. I was choosing to get out of that environment. 

I’m a runner myself.  I will run away from confrontation as fast as my little legs will carry me.  While I LOVE drama, I will not stick around when the shit hits the fan.  I will completely avoid people that have a rain cloud of drama that follow them.  Kyle talks about how her relationship with Kim has been in the toilet for some time and that there was really nothing she could do at this point.

After my conversation with Lisa R., where she told me Brandi had concerns about Kim, I was frustrated that Brandi was discussing these things with Lisa R., while at the same time telling Kim that Lisa R. was going around talking about her. Why did she fail to mention to Kim that SHE also took part in this “talk” and was expressing the same concerns for Kim? Brandi was also going on and on about Eileen and Lisa R. talking about Kim. Didn’t Brandi also sit on the beach with her friend Jennifer and talk about Kim? And what about her conversation with Lisa R. saying “Isn’t everyone worried about Kim?” Brandi was clearly playing both sides and Kim had no idea.

And there we have it.  Kyle has finally been told that BG has been shit-talking Kim yet selling everyone else up the river.  It’s a shame that Kim didn’t find all this out for 6 months when the episodes finally air on national TV making her look like an even bigger fool.  So, Kyle decides to invite her perfectly sane sister up to Palm Desert for a little “Girl Time”.  Nothing could go wrong.  They will sit by the fireplace (in the blazing desert heat) and braid each other’s hair.

We hadn’t spoken since Amsterdam, so it was obviously awkward. Getting into all of this with cameras around is not easy. For five years now, people have thought that I “stole” my sister’s house. I never spoke up to defend or explain myself, because that would mean I would have to discuss private information that would make my sister more angry with me. When she brought it up again this time, after we had spoken about it in private and cleared it up, I wasn’t going to just sit back again and have my character and integrity attacked. Let me make it clear, since I believe many are still confused. It’s quite simple: My sisters BOTH wanted me to buy them out of our Mother’s house. I did so. Paying them BOTH an equal amount. Why would Kim accept anything less? For whatever reason, as years passed, she thought I paid Kathy more. NOT the case. Which is why I brought up the deposited checks AGAIN. When she wanted to buy back in, she was not in the financial position. I do not want to go into more private details , even though in doing so it would explain my side MUCH more clearly.

I really think Kyle needs to END this toxic relationship with her sister.  My husband has a sister who has “issues”.  For years, everyone made excuses for her.  In fact, the day I met her, I was told, “Hey, this is my sister.  Be careful, she lies.”  Everyone accepted her behavior and never held her accountable.  She was constantly causing family problems and everyone said, “Well, what do you want me to do?  She is my sister/daughter/mom.”  Finally, everyone had enough.  We ended the relationship.  We have not seen or spoken to her in 15 years except at funerals, graduations, etc.  Our lives are better for it and I am sure Kyle’s life would be better, too.

Another thing: To the people that imply my sister solely paid for the home with her childhood earnings is an insult to my mom. My parents moved to Los Angeles before I was born and built a beautiful home here in Bel Air. Once my parents divorced, yes, Kim worked. So did I. You can check out my IMDB to confirm that. Our Mom was our manager and worked her butt off to run my sisters and I around to audition after audition and juggled with my grandmother between the studios with Kim and me. Kathy dabbled in acting. She wasn’t really into it but was an amazing singer with an incredible voice. My mom sold our home in Bel Air, then moved to Beverly Hills and eventually settled in the Desert.

OH SNAP!!!  THIS, this right here is what I have been waiting for from Kyle.  She has finally told the truth and shut down all the BS.  Good job Kyle for speaking up for yourself.  Kyle was the executor of her mother’s trust.  She had asked Kyle to hold onto the house for 10 years before selling.  Kyle admits it was a bad business decision to hold on to it for so long and they were losing money.  12 years after she died, Kyle decided it was time.

It was difficult, because it was very sentimental to all of us. I told Kim, and we discussed her daughter Brooke having the listing and maybe my daughter Farrah as well. They could share the listing. SO, Kim had plenty of warning that we were selling the house and plenty of time to come say her goodbyes. Whether she did or not was up to her.

Wow.  Just wow.  Kyle says all of this is painful and she wants to put it to bed.  She wishes Kim could see things the same way, but that ain’t gonna happen.


Real Housewives of Melbourne

Season 2 Episode 3 – Fashion Flare Up!

by Reality_Bytes

For all of you who now have that Megan Trainer song in your head (It’s all about that Bentley bass…’bout that bass…’bout that bass) from the last blog – You’re Welcome! It is my gift to you and a real dickens to get out of your head isn’t it? Misery always loves company!

Chyka and Lydia Lunch

This week starts with Chyka waiting in a restaurant – Lydia walks in and they hug, order drinks and food. They start talking about Lydia leaving for Florence to her son’s wedding and Lydia says she had no idea at her age of 45 she would have a 24 year old child getting married so was apprehensive and excited both to go to the wedding, and Chyka says she will be a hot grandma. If you remember from season 1, Lydia has three biological children (two boys and a girl) and three step-children (all boys) with her husband Andrew Norbury.

Lydia asks if Chyka had seen any of the other girls and Chyka says she and Janet went out with Gamble to say “thank you” and talk a bit about the other girls and see what she thought about them, and Janet said “I know some gossip…” Lydia of course, asks what gossip? Chyka responds with “well you know how it is with gossip if you talk about it then it creates more gossip and you don’t want to talk about it and give it legs.” Lydia says “well you don’t have to talk about it but I have no idea what it is.” HOOK, LINE, SINKER Chyka – GAME OVER! Now you have positioned yourself to GIVE IT LEGS! {{{Sigh}}}

Chyka moves forward saying Gamble didn’t really want to discuss gossip but Janet told her anyway! (This seems to contradict Janet’s version that she said 4 times that she didn’t want to say anything to Gamble. Riiiiiiigh Janet…you are sounding like Andrea!) Chyka finally puts the tormenting of Lydia aside and says that it was about Gamble and that it was about her maybe being a stripper or a call girl. As Lydia appears shocked, Chyka immediately says Gamble denied it and said it wasn’t true. Lydia says she is really surprised to hear this from Chyka…as we were all!

DC/Lydia:  Here is Chyka who usually tries to solve all the problems and she is passing on this gossip to me.

DC/Chyka: I had actually read a couple of articles in the paper about Gamble… about a breakup with a partner and about a car she didn’t return, and a judge saying they were turning into an episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Chyka then tells Lydia she knew the part she mentioned wasn’t a secret because it was a full page in the paper. Lydia said “that was really nice that you said what you did because…

Eeek…don’t interrupt Lydia, it was her first thought of the season!!! Sadly, we will never know what Lydia’s thought was now because Chyka interrupted her and said “I wanted her to know I had her back because I really do genuinely like her.”

Lydia agrees, and then Chyka sticks her foot in her mouth even further and says “there is more…” (You would have done well to stop right there Chyka Dahling…burn me once shame on me – burn me twice shame on you!)

Chyka, cruises past the gossip-point-of-no-return, and continues by saying the next part of it was that apparently Gamble had been involved in sex parties.

Lydia OMG (Small)

Lydia…OMG…hang on, hang on, hang on (see! Megean Trainer got to her too) Can we go back?  Chyka states I had no idea Janet was going to say what she did. Lydia…well Janet spins things… Chyka …I had no idea it was going in that direction, I was blown away…Lydia…How was Gamble’s reaction to what Janet said? Chyka …she was really shocked, hurt and mad. I can’t believe you haven’t heard about it…Lydia…no I haven’t! Chyka…well that’s good because that means it has gone, the story has ended and Janet’s put the fire out. Lydia…do you think?

Ben & Jackie Video

Jackie says she and Ben are shooting a video… a call out for all applicants for the new look and new face of LaMascara…to be the ambassador for the new brand packaging and promotion, and this is the next step of the brand.

Ben pronounces LaMascara for her and Jackies keeps trying and can’t get it right, says she is blessed she can work with her beautiful husband because he is her everything (and no doubt a bag of chips as well). Ben is positioning her on the stage and tells her to stand on the crack…She says something about his crack, and there we have sexual comment number #1.  They start again and Jackie pronounces the name wrong and they start over…Ben then tells her when to drop the card in a fluid motion as she says the name (which she still can’t get right).

DC/Jackie :  I always listen to Ben when he gives me direction (cough cough sputter)…but I was a little bit nervous cause I have never done something like this for my own brand (which she still cannot pronounce) and you have one person yelling out saying to do it one way, and then you have Ben telling you to do it THIS way, (waves arms here) says it was “doing her head in”. (LOL, she only said the line twice and said it wrong both times, so what else was in her head?)

Ben asks if she can do it again please and PRONOUNCE IT CORRECTLY?

DC/JACKIE: I do believe I take direction well…but I don’t like people telling me what to do (This will end up as the WTF does that mean comment of the episode.)

Jackie starts again with ‘entering is easy’, and Ben cracks up…3 more tries and Ben has his head in his hands laughing and they had to explain it to the crew because it was how she said ‘entering is very easy’ (sex ref 2)…Jackie then asks if she can do it her own way, and the director immediately asks her to go sit down and chill out for a bit, then Jackie has hair and makeup people fussing over her…(how mussed up could she have gotten in 2 minutes???).

Janet show up and walked up behind Jackie and pinches her bum, and then they hug.

Janet is waving her arms around says she loves her outfit and that she looks like an effing little doll. Jackie explains that this is what it is… it is the look of the new LaMascara (and pronounces it wrong again)…Janet repeats what Jackie said, and you hear Ben in the background pronouncing LaMascara correctly for them.

Janet asks if she is going to be able to stay and have a bit of a look, and Jackie says yes and goes on to say she actually feels like a bit of a superstar standing there in front of the camera…(Ahem…superstars KNOW how to pronounce the Product Names!!!) Jackie hugs Janet again and tells her she has been really worried about her (uh oh…here we go with the psychotic psychic stuff again.)

DC/Jackie: when Janet showed up the vibes I was picking up were a bit sad…

Janet asks her what her psychic vibe is about what is going to happen with all the stuff about Gamble? Jackie says…I think she is going to be very angry with you for a long time and she isn’t going to trust you, and I think she is really hurt and is probably looking for someone to blame and wonders why would somebody bring that up, and I think that is where her head’s at. Janet says:

Janetdidntbringitup (Small)

Jackie – I know what you told me but I am saying from her point of view when she finds out what kind of person you are it will be ok. Janet – you know what? Next time somebody asks me I am just going to say nothing…(that’ll be the day…ha ha ha ha)

DC/Janet: I would NEVER have brought that subject up…Chyka brought it up (NOT)…that little bugger she always get’s off cause she got that little cutie face…and everyone thinks Chyka wouldn’t do anything bad…

janetcutieface (Small)

Janet…apart from all that I want you to come to a golf day.

DC/Jackie: listen here I’ve never played golf in my life, I’ve never gone to a court (yes she did NOT say course…she said court)

  • DC/Janet: I don’t think golf is gonna be Jackie’s game but just to get her out there and have a bit of fun
  • DC/Jackie: Balls in the holes…is that what it is…(Sexual #3)
  • Jackie asks who is going…Janet replies I was going to ask Gamble…Jackie agrees
  • DC/Janet: I will take Jackie’s advice and invite Gamble because I don’t think I have done anything wrong so it will be up to her…the ball’s in her court
  • DC/Jackie the shoot went really well and I was looking at myself and felt like…

jackiemariahcarey (Small)

Gamble Getting Ready for the Fashion Show

Gamble starts out getting dressed to attend the Fashion Parade.

DC/Gamble: “Janet is trying to call me, Chyka is trying to call me…I’m not interested…their behavior is absolutely appalling…it’s so disgusting but it’s not going to stop me from going…I’m a happy person but don’t mess with my family, don’t mess with my home, and don’t mess with my happiness.

Pettifleur’s Book Meeting in her Apartment

Petti and a friend, Charlotte, having tea/coffee at Petti’s apartment, and Petti explains how she loves Charlotte, she does her eyebrows and is a good friend…also she is the co-writer of ‘Switch The Bitch’.  Aha moment here!

It is unclear if Petti is writing first and Charlotte compiling it or what, but Petti says she has 20 chapters done and Charlotte says she has 10 done (must be more bitches than I thought if there are 30 chapters total – wonder if they are all housewives, LOL!)

Now they explain they have done their parts separately…and Charlotte goes on to explain her portion is an instructional guide to say this is the formula you need to do the ultimate dance of love and capturing the heart of the man you love.

Petti says hers is 100% about how to switch the bitch, and as loud and clear as your message is (Charlotte) it probably doesn’t blend with my message.

DC/Petti: The reason I called the meeting is because I thought we weren’t coming together in the way we originally planned.

(OMG…I can’t begin to explain how Petti goes on here talking about herself, so I hope you caught the ‘soulless part’ there are no words in my vocabulary to describe this accurately, LOL)

Petti says to Charlotte they should do their books separately…and she knows “hers” (her own book) will be a best seller around the world, and is even going to get it done in Chinese. (Personally, I have never known a Chinese bitch, but WHATEVER)…oh wait…Petti now says there are a lot of crazy Chinese bitches out there…(really boring segment).

Icons of Style Fashion Show

Scene opens with someone pouring Champagne, so I am assuming Jackie-Boozer is there as well…yep right on cue, Janet has a voiceover while she and Jackie have their picture taken against the Step-and-Repeat. (Thank you WhiteTrashGal for explaining the lingo to me…in my part of the South I only know ‘step-n-fetch-it’!)

DC/Janet: Well Gamble was expected to come along, I was feeling a bit apprehensive…

Switch (the bitch or witch?) to Jackie giving Janet advice on what to say to Gamble if she shows up…Cue Gamble to hit the Step-and-Repeat and then walk up to the double J’s.

DC/Gamble: I arrive and I couldn’t be angrier…

Gamble and Jackie do a kiss/kiss and she says to Jackie, “Now YOU I am happy to see…”

Janet pipes up with “so you are unhappy to see me”?  Gamble says “yes you are a liar.”

Janet says “do you think I made it all up?”, and Gamble says “yes.”

Janet goes on saying “I told you 4 times I didn’t want to pass on gossip…it was Chyka who brought it up.” (well Chyka said she had no freaking idea Janet was going to say what she did and between the 2, I believe Chyka)

Gamble politely tells Janet to eff off! Mentions she heard about Janet and heroin, and says because she likes Janet so much she is going to destroy her life too.

GambleaboutJanet (Small)

DC/Gamble: says she made up what she said to Janet because she wanted to hurt Janet the way Janet hurt her (note to self: not the way to handle it)

GINA Arrives at Fashion Show

Gina at the Step-and-Repeat for pictures, then she walks up behind a still upset Gamble and startles her, then they smile and greet each other.

DC/Gamble: I was so happy to see Gina, I feel a lot better when she is there

Crosstalk among the 4 women

DC/Gina: When I got to the Fashion Parade, Janet was very upset and so was Gamble and I was having trouble following what was going on

Gamble waving her arms (like Janet does) and is telling Gina how Janet was saying how everyone was saying I was a pole dancer…Gina asks why she would tell you that and Gamble says I have no idea. Gina asks Janet “Who is everybody in Melbourne that’s got this idea?

Janet doing a relatively good Texas 2-step responds with “Oh I didn’t say everyone, and I think I would rather not talk about these rumors”…WHAT? Why didn’t she think of that before she opened her bloody mouth…Grrr?

Gina interjects smiling and says:

gina flirting wolfie (Small)

Janet says I DID NOT

Gina says YES YOU WERE…you were doing the Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis eyes all at once!!! (Lord, I love this woman…she has to be chuckling inside even as she was saying the words!!!)

DC/Janet: Surely she can’t be making this huge kerfluffle because she thought I was flirting with her fiancé .

Here we go with Janet blaming Chyka again about starting all this as the 4 women continue to chat. Gina teasing Gamble saying about Janet flirting with Wolfie, and Gamble says no I was fine with that but being called a whore is like another thing!

gamble saw flirting coming (Small)

Champagne still flowing (maybe they should serve them ginger ale instead)

Jackie and Gamble talking where Gamble expresses the fact that she can deal with the rumors but that it also affects her family, so Jackie suggests she talk to Janet and say just that in an effort to squelch all the gossip.

Gina talking to Janet saying before she arrived at her party, the people she was speaking with felt Janet was grooming them to diss Gina, and Gina tells her how surprised she was to hear that! (Really Gina? Shades of Andrea) Janet tells Gina she has no issue with her at all.

DC/Janet: The last thing I need is Gamble screaming at me and Gina screaming at me.

Janet, Jackie, Gina, Gamble standing talking when Janet covers her face with her hands and pretends to either be crying or laughing…Gamble starts with the arm waving again mimicking Janet, Gina is laughing, Janet tries once again to make all the ladies believe people had to try and drag the gossip out of her, she didn’t volunteer it – when in actuality, she was like a little kid blurting it out without being able to help herself…now they are all waving their arms making fun of Janet (but at least they are doing it to her face!!!)

DC/Janet: unintelligible arm waving and guttural sounds from her mouth

Janet EVERYBODY (Small)

Back to the girls and Janet saying how she has apologized about 19 times (well no, you haven’t…LOL..well at least on camera you haven’t) but still she speaks to Gamble and ticks off a list of times she apologized…blah blah blah

DC/Gamble: waving her arms you’re a bitch you’re a slut, you’re a stripper, and then accusing her of killing the messenger…seriously, she says!

Janet defies the stuff Gamble said about her (which Gamble already said she made up to hurt Janet ) and Janet decides to leave…kisses the other ladies and leaves the event saying sometimes it is just best to walk away. (And it is always best not to gossip!)

Gamble says if Janet is going to go around town and assassinate her character she is going to seek legal advice…Jackie says she doesn’t think Janet is trying to purposely hurt Gamble (really Jackie? You are channeling the wrong person if you can’t see how jealous and hurtful Janet is being). Jackie ask Gina what she thinks cause she knows Janet better than she does.

DC/Gina: In spite of knowing Janet, or maybe because I know Janet, I probably believe Gamble!

Lydia’s Poker Lesson

Shane Warne (cricket legend) and Lydia walking along inside a building talking about Poker, and Lydia asks him ‘how to bluff” and Shane says he often talks too much and that is when she can tell he is bluffing.

Shane has asked Lydia to become an ambassador to his foundation which helps seriously ill Aussie kids and also underprivileged kids. The will be having a charity event with one VIP at each table.

There are several guys and Lydia and they are sitting at a poker table and the guys are explaining the game to her, and trying to tell her all the terms used in the game…the best starting hand, the Turn, the Flop, the River…and she perked up when she heard ‘the Nuts’

Lydia poker phrases (Small)

Lydia explains how she is dying to just push all her chips to the center of the table…and the guys chuckle saying you can do that but you need to get some cards first…WOW!

Trying to get her to understand the terms is like herding cats only to be outdone by trying to get her to put on a poker face!

Lydia goofs up the first hand and loses all her chips, which stunningly leads to her DC

DC/Lydia: “Now that I have learned all the terms and how to play…I am ready for the foundation poker event.  The pressure is on for me. I am going to have to seriously perform.”

pokerlydiabluff (Small)

Gamble’s House

Gamble petting Cash and Rick walks in and he asks how she is and she says she didn’t sleep very well because of all the crap at the event the previous night. Rick is being reassuring to her and goes on to say whatever they say, when she goes on and barbs the way she does, it doesn’t help the situation. Gamble says she is going to talk to Gina about things and get them into perspective.

Chyka’s Closet

Chyka’s house with her daughter Chessie and her housekeeper going over her closet saying she thinks it is a little bit crammed…(well that will be the understatement for this episode.)

DC/Chyka: doesn’t have secrets from Bruce, but has determined sometimes he doesn’t need to know ‘everything’ she has bought…YAY…Chyka is every woman’s shopping champion!

chyka closet (Small)

Chyka moved her son out of his bedroom and turned his room into a huge closet for all her clothes. Come to find out she does hide stuff from Bruce…all her handbags…LOL. Chessie picks out a jacket and tells her Mom to put it on and look in the mirror and tell her what she thinks of it. Chyka struggles into the jacket (a bit small now) and says she likes it, to which Chessie says “It is like Sesame street gone wrong” and they all laugh.

Chessie sesame (Small)

  • Chessie asks what something was, and Chyka takes it off the hanger and says Bruce bought it for her and she has never worn it…and Chessie says “It is a bit S&M” and then brings up 50 shades of Gray! (Chessie Girl has a wonderful sense of humor – hope we see more of her!)

Janet and Manuela Lunch

At the Conservatory (restaurant) and Janet walks in and sits with her friend Manuela.

DC/Janet: Manuela is one of Melbourne’s elite. She is one of the most connected women I know and she knows everyone in Melbourne”. Says she has been friends for 14 years and remains friends because she is too scared to be enemies with her.

Janet shows of f the new hair she bought and immediately, Manuela says “It’s a bit uneven”. Manuela says she introduced her to Petti and wants to know how that is going and Janet says the “jury is out with Pettifleur” …and describes the costume shopping trip and Petti ordering people around, but condescends to the fact she was already irritated that day before the trip…LOL (The story changes with whomever she is speaking to at the moment)

Then she goes on to talk about her party and the Murder Mystery night where Petti said she is writing a book so now she thinks there might be more to Petti than she originally thought…and she is obviously a strong woman…

Next she talks about catching up with Chyka and Gamble and starts in talking about the rumors again. (ME WAVING MY ARMS HERE every conversation, every person, every event)… Andrea Janet is bringing up the gossip and tossing Chyka under the bus AGAIN.) She carefully describes the rumor about being a high class call girl or escort (forgetting that what Janet really said at the time was STRIPPER), now sex parties and on and on

DC/Janet: I had not talked to her and she had not talked to me, so Manuela saying she had heard some too seems to validate Janet…(what Janet doesn’t get is MANUELA DIDN’T PASS THE RUMOR ON – YOU did! Class with a “K” Janet!)

More conversation about what Gamble does and who the EFF has time to do Pilates twice a day (Strippers says Manuela)

Janet drones on gossiping about Gamble to a friend of hers and waving her arms AFTER she apologized to Gamble for gossiping in the first place, and Manuela tells her the arm waving was a stripper move, isn’t it?

Manuela stripper move (Small)

They high-five. Clearly Andrea Janet is going to keep the gossiping going and has no intention of stopping it…and Manuela says ‘bring it on – you and I own this town’, when did she get here 5 minutes ago?  (OH NO she didn’t? OH YES SHE DID!)

manuela own town (Small)


Janet says she is dying to know what Gamble is going to say about her and who will help with the legal end of it.

Gina and Gamble Dinner

Gina and Gamble walking in to Fitzrovia, they are seated and Gamble thanks Gina for meeting her for dinner.

DC/Gamble:  I admire Gina, I absolutely love every minute I spend with her

Gina and Gamble looking at menu’s and Gambles says I know what I am having…CARROTS…I can only have one meal today…

Gina smiles (and I would give my right pinkie to know what she was thinking)

DC/Gamble: I am meeting up with Gina because I have been very upset by the recent events, she knows the girls a lot better than I do, and I think she can help me get some clarity

Gina asks her to tell her what happened, and she tells of the lunch with Janet and Chyka and how she feels Janet has it out for her. Gina hears that Gamble was clearly upset with what had happened with Janet, and so what she is trying to do is collect the facts so she can hopefully assist in resolving it.

Gina asks if she has even been a call girl or stripper, and Gamble says no. Gina asks if she has ever been a pole dancer, Gamble says no.

Gamble says “If I am about to get married, the worst thing you can say about me is that I am the queen of the sluts”.

Gina says when she asked Janet about the conversation, Janet actually said Chyka had said that. Gamble said no.

(Clearly this has gotten so out of hand that no one can keep the stories straight so about who said what)

Gamble tells Gina the real version of Janet’s ‘sex party’ story and explains about the girls (models) staying at her place.  Gina is telling her Janet has made this up because she didn’t even know Gamble then.

DC/Gina:  says Gamble was in a very acrimonious separation with her ex partner and it was in the county court which is open slather (fair game) to the media, so all the dirty laundry that was aired between them became fodder for the media which was very unfortunate.

She goes on explaining to Gamble that the people saying this can’t follow through because there is nothing to support it, and there is no point in making stuff up back because then she would be just as bad as Janet (sage advice)

DC/Gamble: Gina is quite right to say don’t get caught up in all the emotional part of all this and try to stick to the facts…which is sensible and something I am not very good at.

DC/Gina: “I think Janet is being a bit naïve if she thinks that it can’t or won’t ruin Gamble’s life

Gina asks why does Gamble think Janet would do this, and Gamble says she doesn’t know, and Gina states that she might be a bit jealous…she has seen your beautiful party and seen your beautiful partner, and your happiness, and she decided to just come along and push you off your pedestal.

DC/Gina: Janet has really put herself in a bad situation spreading these rumors but what she’s failed to calculate is the impact it has on Gamble’s partner and on Gamble’s integrity, and wonders why there has never been any retribution if she has done this in the past as well.

Gina integrity (Small)

Gina says she is really disappointed in Janet because she has brought it up just to try and bring Gamble down…and why does someone do that?  Gina said she wouldn’t put up with that, and suggests they sit down and have it out.

(Let me say here that this is what ALL the housewives on ALL the shows should do when things get out of hand)

Gina asks if Gamble wants her to talk to Janet? Gamble says if you want to, you can

DC/Gina:– Confronting Janet about Gamble may well burn that friendship but I think it is difficult to maintain a friendship with someone who lacks integrity. (AND IF YOU WONDERED WHY I ADORE YOU GINA? – This is why!)


Is Janet is morphing into Andrea? Should we start referring to her as Jandrea?  Oh I so believe she is and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to hear some words coming out of her mouth soon making that exact point!  Are you #TEAM GAMBLE or #TEAM JANET?


Golfing and Janet & Gina Talk…until then…



Southern Charm – Return to Neverland

By HydrangeaHussy

southern charm logo

The Southern boys are back.  Kathryn has become an official cast member, Jenna has left the show, and there’s a new lady in town – Landon Clements.  She’s a great friend of Shep’s and appears to have led the same kind of charmed life.

Cameran returns as the slightly cynical narrator for the boys’ wild antics.  The recap of last season was enough to remind me that I dislike the spoiled and childish Shep.  At some point you’re just too old to play the irresponsible bachelor role, ask Jax.  This season starts with everyone waking up at home. Thomas and Kathryn have a new life as parents, and appear to have moved to Thomas’ plantation.  Shep seems to have found his own place.  Whitney still lives with his mother.  Cameran is married, but we won’t see much more of her husband than her wedding ring.  She talks a little about her husband, Jason, we see some pictures, and hear his voice on speaker phone.

Cameran is still a real estate agent.  This season, she’s looking for a downtown pad for Shep.  The house in under construction and Shep is managing all of it.  He tells us that his brother bought a house, so he had to buy one too.  Because buying a house will change your image as the black sheep of the family?  What about getting a job?  The house is on the east side of downtown, which Cameran says is a developing area, so Shep made a good investment.  He doesn’t seem to have grown up much.  Cameran tells us that there is no chance that Shep will ever settle down.  Oh, Shep does have a job now.  He invested in a restaurant, the Palace Hotel, which is a dive bar with good food.  He wants to prove Whitney and Bryan wrong.  While Shep is waiting for the house to be finished, he’s going to live in a house on the beach with Whitney.  He only needs a place for two months, so he thinks that he can handle it.  Cameran doesn’t see Whitney enjoying the beach life.  Neither do I.

SC 1

Shep and Cameran are going to baby Ravenel’s second christening.  They debate buying a second gift.  Apparently the first godmother needs to be replaced because she was flirting with Thomas.  Kathryn admits that people believed that she was trying to trap Thomas by having a baby.  She says that Thomas had some initial hesitations about becoming a father, but that he has fallen in love with his daughter.  Kathryn is adjusted to motherhood – she has gained weight and can’t go out whenever she wants.  I hope she isn’t stuck at the plantation alone all day.

As I said, Whitney is still living the good life with his mother.  Patricia is just as fabulous as ever, being served breakfast in bed.  The two were also invited to the second christening.  Patricia is confused because she already went to one christening.  Only, she isn’t really confused.  This is the way that proper Southern ladies throw shade – by bringing up the situation nicely and making some kind, but underhanded, remarks.  Kind of like saying “bless her heart” when you really mean “F—you.”  Patricia says that a second christening will just invite comments on their situation – which is an unmarried couple with a child.  She understands why Whitney wants to move out, but doesn’t like it.  Patricia realizes that Shep and Whitney will probably get into trouble.  They note that Shep seems to have matured a little – he’s maintaining the restaurant well.  It appears that Whitney still hasn’t made any progress with his restaurant.

SC 2

Thomas is running for senate against Lindsey Graham.  We see him shaking hands and kissing babies at a small-town parade.  He’s trying to get his name on the ballot, which will require 10,000 signatures.  One lady tells him that she “wouldn’t vote for someone who’s been to jail.”  I think that’s going to be something he struggles with.  He feels that he has a good message, but that people are too focused on his past.  If Edwin “Fast Eddie” Edwards can make a comeback, I have no doubt that Thomas can.

Craig has graduated from law school, quite an achievement, but seems to be putting off work to go out.  He tells his boss that he’s running late because he worked late the night before, but he was actually out drinking.  His boss tells him to come to the office.  When I was a first year associate, I would never have dreamed of not being at the office on time without talking to my boss first.  Craig agrees to come to the office.  He seems to be having some trouble making the switch from student to job.  He says that his work schedule allows for his social life.  Maybe he thinks it does, but I’m not sure his boss sees it that way.  He meets with his boss to review where he stands.  His boss explains that Craig’s working odd hours doesn’t really work for him.  He tells Craig that he needs to be seen.  Craig explains that he gets his work down, but feels that he doesn’t really need to be in the office.  Craig doesn’t feel that being at work at 9 am makes sense and he doesn’t like rules that don’t make sense.  Umm, you are an employee, he writes your paycheck – that should make perfect sense.  Yes, it’s nice to make your own schedule, but you also have to be available for clients and when things come up at the last minute.  The boss tries to explain that Craig is learning on the job.  I would have to agree.  Law school doesn’t teach you how to be a lawyer, actually working does.

Thomas’ friends, JD and Elizabeth, are having dinner with Thomas and Kathryn.  We see Thomas interacting with JD’s kids.  Thomas explains that he and Kathryn are in a monogamous relationship and are moving toward marriage.  He still has some reservations due to the age difference of 29 years.  Kathryn can also be jealous.  I figured that out when she fired her child’s godmother for flirting.  Kathryn and the baby arrive.  She explains that it is stressful to be living at the plantation, which is so far from everything.  JD and Elizabeth are the new godparents.  Thomas says that it is very important that his daughter be christened.  Actually, she’s already been christened.  Apparently the first godmother touched Thomas’ leg to get his attention and Thomas thinks that Kathryn overreacted.

It’s the day of the second christening and Cameran picks Craig up.  They can’t believe that Thomas and Kathryn have fired a godmother.  Cameran says that women tend to throw themselves at Thomas because of his name and wealth.  They aren’t sure if Thomas and Kathryn will ever get married, but Craig says that he won’t be surprised by anything.  The event is being held at the plantation.  Elizabeth has written a really sweet card to be given to the baby later.  I like that the Pastor is the same one who warned Thomas not to get involved with a much younger woman.  It’s nice that he is supportive of Thomas even when Thomas doesn’t follow his advice.

SC 3

Cooper arrives to pick Patricia up and is announced by Michael, her butler.  Cooper is an old friend and is a great escort when Patricia needs a date.  Michael makes drinks for the road and they are off.  I love that Patricia calls them “roadies.”  We call them “go cups.”  We later learn that Michael is the only one who can make Patricia’s martinis and always brings the necessary tools with him.  Shep and Landon are riding together.  They were friends in their early 20’s and everyone in Charleston had a crush on Landon.  Landon got married and moved to LA, but is recently divorced and has now moved back.  Shep and Landon have never dated.  Shep explains why they are having a second christening and says that nothing inappropriate happened.  Landon thinks that Kathryn has a reason to be paranoid.

SC 4

It is an incredibly hot and humid day.  I’m not sure why they scheduled an outdoor even in August.  It’s a small gathering, possibly because it’s the second christening or because it’s so hot.  Shep introduces Landon to the group.  They talk about the baby, who may be the cutest baby ever.  Shep misses the days when the plantation was a bachelor paradise.  Oh, he’ll have his own soon enough.  Thomas and Kathryn try to wait for Patricia, but decide to begin because of the heat.  The group discusses the protocol for a second christening – do you have to remove the first godmother?  Does the first godmother get admonished?  Will there be a third christening?  Kathryn says that she feel very uncomfortable as the center of attention.  But she was the one who planned this, so she really can’t complain.  Thomas says a few words introducing his daughter again.  The ceremony is really nice and the baby is baptized again.

SC 5

Drinks and food follow the ceremony.  Cameran says that her life hasn’t changed much, but will when she has a baby.  Patricia and Cooper finally arrive.  Kathryn is a little intimidated by Patricia and isn’t upset that she was late.  Patricia says that Kathryn has a lot to learn.  Whitney then arrives and apologizes for being late.  Thomas isn’t upset, but Kathryn is.  Whitney thinks that Kathryn took advantage of his friend and calls her a hillbilly femme fatale.  There will be a feud between those two.  Thomas and Shep discuss possibly moving back to Charleston.  Thomas realizes that Kathryn is a little lonely so far away.  Kathryn is ready for Thomas to propose.  She says that he should know by now that she isn’t using him for money.  Cameran thinks that Kathryn believed Thomas would immediately propose when she got pregnant.  Things haven’t quite worked out that way though.


vanderpump rules logo

Vanderpump Rules

“Reunion Part II” – by HydrangeaHussy

When we left off, the entire staff was ganging up on Stassi.  I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing that.  Stassi has been the queen of ganging-up, so it was nice to see her on the other end of it.  It was also nice to see Katie stand up for herself to Stassi.  I just wish she would stand up to Other Tom now.  Stassi is mad that no one reached out to her, but also says that she blocked everyone.  Because that makes perfect sense.  Anyway, on to Part II.


We’re still talking about the Katie/Stassi fight.  Stassis says that the fight was about more than Miami.  She admits that she didn’t reach out to Katie, but that she expected Katie to reach out to her.  Katie is most upset that Stassi cut her off without an explanation.  She says that Stassi should have answered her phone calls or responded to her texts.  Katie says that she would have acknowledged that Stassi’s feeling were hurt, if Stassi had only answered the phone.  Stassi says that she understands why Katie went to Miami and that she would have gotten over it, but that everything snowballed.  Katie admits that she called Stassi a “kept woman” to others, which probably got back to Stassi.  Other Tom tries to explain how hurt Katie was, but Stassi turns it around to be all about her.  Why is she so mad that Katie talked about her boyfriend when she talked about Other Tom all of the time?  Stassi plays that “I was just joking” card to explain her nasty comments.  No one is buying it.  She apologizes for the rude comments, but no one seems to believe her.  She continues to try to explain her behavior.

Other Tom asks Jax why he tattooed Stassi’s face on his arm.  Jax explains that it isn’t her, but that it looks like Stassi.  He likes the tattoo, even though it’s of Carmen.  He shows that tattoo, which we’ve all seen pictures of.  Stassi thinks it’s disturbing.  I have to agree with her.  Stassi feels that Lisa tried to push her into friendships that she didn’t want.  Lisa felt that Stassi was making a mistake by walking away from all of her friends.  Stassi maintains that she had to flee the room when Jax walks in.  I have to agree with Lisa, get over it – you’re supposedly over him and happy with your new man.  There’s no need to run from a room when he walks in.  Scheana calls Stassi out for saying that she’s the star of the show in a radio interview, but Stassi says that she was being sarcastic.  Lisa doesn’t believe her and neither do I.  Is it just me, or is Stassi acting more and more like Brandi?


Lisa wonders why Jax was so intent on breaking up Other Tom and Katie.  Tom points out that boys will vent to each other and that Jax took Other Tom’s venting too seriously.  Katie feels like Jax had his own issues with her.  Jax admits that he thought Katie was mean and that he retaliated by meddling in their relationship.  Other Tom says that Jax didn’t make him cheat, but did play a role in it.  James doesn’t think that Other Tom just kissed another girl.  James being quiet was too good to be true.  He just can’t stand it when he isn’t the center of attention.  Katie denies that Katie cheated on Other Tom, though Scheana accused her of motorboating some guy’s crotch.  Andy has to explain motorboating to Lisa, who asks if he’s ever done that.  Andy doesn’t know why Other Tom admitting to one kiss, but not to both.  He didn’t want to overwhelm Katie and didn’t want to lose her.  Stassi says that she doesn’t know what happened between Other Tom and the other girls.  Lisa is proud to see Katie grow up and find her voice.  Katie used to be deferential to Stassi and Lisa was glad to see her stand up.  Katie was happy to get advice from someone who’s had more experience than her.  She appreciates all of Lisa’s support.

Stassi was not impressed with Kristen’s behavior this season, calling it extreme.  She understands that Kristen has a one track mind and that she spiraled out of control trying to prove that she wasn’t the only liar.  I think Kristen is just plain obsessive and crazy.  Scheana points out that Kristen wasn’t called a liar.  Andy wonders how Kristen could have a moment with Tom in Miami, then turn around and meet up with Miami girl.  Kristen admits that she reached out to Miami girl first, despite having always said that she was contacted by the Miami girl.  Kristen says that she didn’t fly Miami girl to LA, but that Miami girl was coming to visit her father.  James is asked how he felt watching Kristen this season.  He doesn’t care what Tom did or didn’t do in Miami, but does care that Kristen was so obsessed.  He understands where Kristen was coming from.  Really?  Because I don’t.  James uses his moment in the spotlight to accuse Tom of cheating, rather than explain his girlfriend’s behavior.  BTW, what is up with his low cut shirt?  He looks really sleazy.  Don’t they have a stylist?


Back to Miami girl, Tom is asked how he felt when she appeared at Sur.  He says that nothing the girl said makes sense.  He starts telling specific accusations that are too vivid for Lisa.  He says that left the restaurant when Miami girl arrived because his first reaction was that he didn’t want to play Kristen’s games.  It’s pretty obvious that Kristen would have escalated the situation if Tom had stayed.  Ariana maintains that she believes Tom.  Ariana doesn’t believe that Miami girl’s description of Tom’s member was anything more than a general description of anyone’s member.  Tom thinks that James got some of his details from conversations with Tom while they were friends.  Kristen admits that it wasn’t good to scream and cuss at her manager at Sur.  Lisa asks why she was surprised to be fired after treating her manager like that.  They were still debating firing Kristen, but Kristen sealed her fate when she didn’t express any remorse.  Kristen finally admits that Lisa was right to fire her and that she should have quit long before.

Scheana admits that, though her wedding didn’t go according to her schedule perfectly, she should have calmed down and gone with the flow.  The ring on a string.  Other Tom was naïve to think that it would go over well.  Katie had previously told him that she didn’t want to wear a ring on a necklace.  She only wants a ring if it’s “the ring.”  Lisa doesn’t understand why Other Tom was confused by Katie’s reaction.  Scheana’s dress.  It wasn’t my style, but it was her wedding and her dress.  She thinks that it was right for her.  Stassi says that the dress was easy to make fun of.  Scheana wasn’t surprised by Stassi’s critique.  Stassi wants everyone to admit that they have made fun of each other.  Tom says that the difference between their lighthearted teasing and Stassi’s going for the jugular.  Stassi says that everyone knows why she hates Scheana and that she’ll tell the world.  I cannot wait for this revelation.  Sounds like Stassi has some dirt and is about to share it.  Andy asks her to explain.  Stassi says that, if she saw a friend’s ex showing a video, she would tell him to put it away and call her friend.  Scheana admits that she watched the video, although she did tell him to put it away.  Apparenlty there is a private video that Stassi made for a boyfriend, which is now circulating.  Jax says that they were all appalled by the ex showing it.  Kristen interjects that Scheana showed her the video, which Scheana denies.  Kristen just can’t stand to be out of the drama.  Stassi, rather than confront Scheana, believed what people told her that Scheana said.  That doesn’t surprise me at all.

Despite being warned by everyone, Kristen ended up causing a scene at the wedding.  She admits that it is not ok to hit someone.  James seems to find it amusing now.  Scheana doesn’t understand why they couldn’t keep it together for one night.  She does appreciate that Kristen tried to walk away.  Lisa says that James was being obnoxious, but that it was not ok for Kristen to hit him.  James takes the blame because he was in Kristen’s face.

Kristen explains that she was upset about Tom cheating because Jax told her about it, then denied it.  Jax is asked what really happened in Miami.  He is caught in all of his lies.  He now says that he was not in the room and doesn’t know what happened in Miami.  But he said that, without a doubt, Tom cheated.  The girl told Jax, but he repeated it as fact.  He was just lashing out because he was mad at Tom.  Kristen tries to pass the blame onto Jax, calling him the main problem.  Jax is a known liar and Kristen fixated on one of his stories and perpetuated it.  Ariana admits that, sometimes, she wishes Tom wasn’t friends with Jax.  Jax admits that he has no credibility left.  He says that at least he owns being a liar and doesn’t blame other people.


Andy estimates that it has been almost six months since Katie’s ultimatum.  Other Tom tells her that he loves her and pulls something out of his pocket.  Everyone thinks that he is proposing.  If so, I hope she has the sense to run.  But, it’s just his own cocktail ring.  He asks for and receives an extension.  Ariana and Scheana believe that a proposal is coming soon.

Ariana thanks Stassi for encouraging Kristen to drop the obsession with Tom.  I was also surprised by that.  Stassi says that Katie was the one who changed the rules, I’m assuming by not chasing after her.  The real Stassi has come out.  Lisa is given the opportunity to confront Stassi about her comments.  She says that their relationship is over because Stassi has trashed the restaurant and Lisa.  Lisa will not tolerate someone being so disrespectful.  I think that Stassi believed that she and Lisa were equals.  Think again Stassi.  Scheana and Stassi will never be friends again.  We’ll have to wait to see who makes it back for another season.  I’m hoping not Kristen.



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  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning. It’s sunny and warm in Florida. Thank you to all our bloggers this morning. Newlyweds will be posted tomorrow – – –

  2. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thanks for the great blogs, Reality Bytes and Hydrangehussy for the two.

    I hope you all have a terrific weekend.
    Hot as heck over here S.Fla and we’re troubleshooting the A/C so that we don’t have to spend so much on a repair guy. Had plumber on Wednesday and now this. Ugh

    • There is a little tubing that is for condensation that gets blocked with lint…check that..I only know cuz my neighbor came over a few years ago and cleaned it out and saved me a service call…it is near the furnace not the a/c unit…. I miss my neighbor!!! He was a plumber and so ready to help, 😦

      • Exit4 says:

        There’s a guy in our neighborhood who does HVAC and he hooks all of us up! If the heat or AC goes out at the worst time-he comes over for free. You don’t get stuck with that $150 fee for non-working hours. You have to pay for the parts and work, that’s a given, but he gives a neighborhood discount. It’s nice to have him-and smart for him too. How did the princess like her bloomin onion? I had to laugh because this week on my FB-my friend and his wife had been eating clean for a few months and took their daughter out for her bday to outback. They decided to reward themselves with the bloomin onion. It did not end well! Their healthy bodies were saying WTF? lol!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          They wanted to charge $160 an hour!! The guy was like, “Sounds like you need a new thermostat, so it’ll probably be $260”.
          You all are so lucky to have him as a neighbor! 🙂

        • We had a great time and I have been eating gluten free for almost 2 years and I rarely eat fried foods…it was awesome!!!! She loved it and then her brother took her out dancing with their friends. The old folks went home.

        • Powell says:

          Exit I wish I had a neighbor like that.
          Your poor friends. I bet they were up all night because of a bloomin onion. Those things are good though. 🙂

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Thanks for the tip! We always prefer to troubleshoot things ourselves because of the high cost of the service. The good thing was that it was blowing cool air, and not hot. So hubby cleaned out filter and took away the bag it was sucking up. The compressor was frozen so we ran as fan for 3 hours and now it’s working like new! I love helpful neighbors too. My across the street neighbor is a mechanic and was upset a few years ago when I called AAA for a flat tire. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Love your Wonder Woman PrincessP.

    • Powell says:

      Foxymel I’m sorry you’re having A/C and plumbing issues. Hope that gets squared away w/o much cost. But don’t come crying about it being hot. Bragger. 😏 😀

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Hehe that’s why I never complain about the weather over here. 😉
        We had to get a plumber out for the 6th time in 4 yrs to snake out the drain outside. He used a camera for free and found the reason we’re getting backed up so often. Turns out that there’s a pipe around 36ft deep that’s broken and it happens to be outside of our property and it belongs to the city.😏 We’ll see when they come out. I’m going to be on them!

        I’m glad you’re not too cold where you’re at. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Well it’s good it’s the city’s part. But yeah, let’s see when they come out. 🙂 Yes not so cold. It’s 49 and very sunny so it felt nice. It’s 3:20 and the weather peeps said it would climb to 60. Maybe tomorrow cuz I don’t think so today.

        • TexasTart says:

          Oh my gosh! Well, at least mysteries are being solved…though you still need solutions. I can believe you had the plumbing/HVAC problems right in a row like me! Cha Ching! 💸💸💸

          Hope you get everything fixed!

  3. VV™ says:

    I am so glad others see the similarities between Stassi andBrandi. Great blog Today HydrangeaHussy.
    I think Krisyen said that Scheanna “told” her about the video, not that it showed her the video. I am glad Stassi is gone. I think and T-Rex, who has the contacts can confirm. Staassi’s head got with the rumors of spinoff. She dismissed her entire castmates not because she was done with them (she always thought she was much much smarter and socially above them) but because she thought she was the Star. This explain her treatment of them except Jax and Kristen. Stassi will fall and fall hard. She has not changed. The fact that none of her castmates leaked the story about her sex tape shows how much better they are than her. She’s been bad mouthing and continues to this day to bad mouth them. I think she does it because she wants to believe herself better than they are. She’s not. She’s worst. She’s plain fake with an ugly soul.

    • Powell says:

      VV I think you’re right. Stassi thought she was getting a spin-off so was trying to distance herself from them to show she was “the Star”. HA!! Now there’s no spin-off or VPR. Bite the hand that feeds you hey Stassi? The jokes on you. 😄😄

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Truly thought she was getting a spin-off too. Why else would she drop everything and move out to NY…then she cam back. Lol 😆

  4. GREAT JOBS Namaste and HydrangeaHussy on your blogs…
    I am glad Kyle is finally overriding Kim’s skewed version of “the house stealing” debacle…
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Southern Charm and no Shep will never grow up, LOL
    As for James at the reunion show, and in real life, he is a little boy with an inflated sense of himself and his worth to the show, not to mention his dress sense which is non-existant!

    Have a great day everyone!

  5. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. It’s sunny and not too cold and that snow from yesterday is a distany memory. I hope you’re having a great Saturday.
    Hey NMD. 👋👋 Soak it all in. I’m glad you’re having a great time w/the family.

  6. Powell says:

    Namaste Kyle’s blog was a well worth the wait. What she said abt her mom’s home is practically what all the Sherlock Holmes’ on the blog figured out…I’m sorry Kyle had to go back in time and bring up the sad memories to set the record straight but I’m glad she did. Now after all of that she has written if she’s lying Kathy would definitely have something to say about it, so I doubt that she would lie.
    Now Kyle is the baby. Why would her mom make her Executor? I guess she felt Kathy was too busy, don’t know how she would be any busier than Kyle, but maybe. Kim couldn’t be trusted. Big Kathy did tell the baby, Kyle to look after her older sister. BK put all of this in motion. Why isn’t Kim mad at Kathy? Cuz Kathy had no responsibilities in any of this it seems. So Kyle is her whipping boy. Why doesn’t Kim know/remember what Kathy received from the sale? Why hasn’t Kathy told Kim Kyle isn’t lying and didn’t steal from her? I just wish Kyle and Mo had just let Kim have the house and if it fell down to the ground because of no up keeps or there were back taxes because Kim couldn’t pay them then that would have been on Kim. Kim’s daughter was co-listing w/Farrah. She wouldn’t have let her mother be taken advantage of. Kim needs to get help and search her soul for the truth and apologize to Kyle.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I get that Kyle felt she needed to clear her name with her blog, but it’s a Catch 22 for me. She wouldn’t HAVE to air her family’s business if Kim wasn’t on the show. Kim should never have been on this show. As fragile as Kim’s well being has been since season one, I can’t fathom how Kyle would have allowed all this to have taken place on air. In the least, she should have had safeguards put into her and Kim’s contracts.

      • Powell says:

        IMO Kyle living up to her mom’s dying wish to “look after Kim” Kyle wanted to get her this job to have an income. You saw how Kim was S1. She was disinterested in getting to know the ladies. She wasn’t “comfortable” w/people she didn’t know. If Kyle had had some say so w/Kim’s contract and Kim had fallen off the wagon she’d have found fault w/Kyle having control over her contract.

      • Austin says:

        Allowed her? Kim is an adult. How is it Kyle’s responsibility to keep her off the air?

        And people wonder why Kyle has trouble cutting the cord. Maybe it’s because everybody and their brother expects Kyle to foresee any problem Kim may create for herself and fix any problem that she does create for herself.

  7. Laineylainey says:

    Wow! Lots to read! Finally done reading the blogs. Great job, namaste, Reality and HH. Only one I didn’t read was southern Charm because I don’t watch that one.

    Kyle’s blog was interesting. I love how she says she didn’t want to defend herself before about the house because (not her words) but she didn’t want to throw Kim under the bus. But yet she still manages to keep alluding to some horrible secret about Kim during those years. It’s interesting and somewhat telling that Kyle was the executor for her mother’s estate. I was surprised to read that. Could that be part of Kim’s resentment toward Kyle?

    The Melbourne ladies are hilarious. Janet keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper. Gina is coming off quite positively so far.

    It’s unreal that Stassi outed her video on the reunion. I don’t buy the relationship Bt Kristen and that young kid.

    Starz99 I forgot to mention how funny your blog was last week. I loved when u said Andre had asked Brandi and her camera crew out for a date.

  8. stellastars21 says:

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I ordered yesterday– can’t wait to wear my earrings! 🙂

      • stellastars21 says:

        Awesome! I’m still working on those surfboard earrings. We’ve had so many technical difficulties with the wood for some reason. Anyway I am working on it and feel really bad that you’ve had to wait so long.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks Stella. I still love your Amber items.

      • stellastars21 says:

        Cool. The Amber ones are some of my favorites. It’s interesting to me that the lighter the color the more the Amber is worth. So the yellow Amber is usually very expensive. A necklace made with them going all around the neck can be $1500. And that’s considered a deal. I’m glad I can get them wholesale and offer the Amber at a much more reasonable cost.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi Stella, very interesting! I became enamored with amber, when, many moons ago, I read Michener’s “Poland”. It was the 80s and I became fascinated with the formation of Amber, etc because of the way Michener wove the Amber jewels into this wonderful work of historical fiction. It was the first of many books I’ve since enjoyed by the late Texan, James Michener. Well, he was a transplanted Texan, anyway. AustinTX proudly claims the late novelist. Ok,…Lainey went off on a tangent! LOL

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I ordered 2 pair of earrings, Stella!!! I couldn’t resist that sale!

  9. Miss Bytes, enjoying your blog so much, as I managed to miss this episode and am bitter that Bravo isn’t showing it in repeats like it does the rest.

    One thing to clarify, just FYI for anyone who doesn’t get the Step and Repeat reference: the origin of “Step’n Fetchit” was a famous American vaudeville and movie actor, Lincoln Step’n Fetchit Perry, who created and used that stage name. It is rather obscure now, but just to clarify, his portrayals of that character have gone the gamut, from ethnically positive to negative, and back again. Whatever the interpretations of his work were, he became a millionaire through his long career in Hollywood, receiving an NAACP award for his achievements.

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog and thanks always for your added comments…sometimes I gloss over things I should explain, and you always help with that…you keep me honest with all your input.

      • Oh, and I forgot to add, I’m TEAM GAMBLE! That voice and accent are so strange, she mesmerizes me just trying to figure out what she’s saying!

        Though in all honesty, I do like Janet–she’s quite the chit-stirrer, but she’s so obvious she sometimes even admits it herself. Ha ha!

  10. Blogs and blogs and blogs! Thank you- awesome job(s)!

    So about that Kyle….something isn’t quite right about this house story. I dunno what it is but it’s just a little bit too…airbrushed or something. Makes Kyle look like a saint.

    I don’t think she’s a horrible person, but a saint?

    And the damning secret that cannot be told or risk the wrath of a Big Kathy coming back from the grave…I’m calling bullshit.

    But softly. So whispering bullshit. Because I’m not quite sure…

    • And BTW- so okay Farrah listed/sold the house. Where is Mauricio in all of this? Did he make a commission on it because it went through his agency?

      • Exit4 says:

        Agents always pay a percent of their commission back to their agency or broker. So Farrah and Brooke split their commission between each other and then pay their broker a portion. Mauricio might not be their broker. Realtors sometimes work on teams. Not sure who Brooke works for. But she’d do the same. Don’t know who the buyers agent was-did Farrah and Brooke bring in the buyer or someone else? Obviously, Mauricio makes $ when his agents make a deal-but so did Rick Hilton when Mauricio worked for him.

        I don’t think there’s any big secret-it’s just that to fully explain the story so it would be completely clear to people-shed have to disclose personal financial information and she doesn’t want to do that. Nor does she owe the public that either.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          You’re right she doesn’t owe the public anything. But it’s KIM who keeps bringing it up and she paints Kyle into the bad guy corner,…so Kyle, whose Achilles heel is being seen as the bad guy, falls into the trap set for her by Kim. She feels the need (understandably) to say, “I’m not a bad sister! I’m not a bad person!” Kim knows that Kyle’s weakness, per se, is being seen as the bad guy. Brandi knows it too, which is why Kim and Brandi have been on this delusional “Kyle’s a bad sister” routine. Not because Kyle is a bad sister, but because Kyle loses her SH!t when someone says she’s the bad guy. Her sensitivity has been their (Kim & Brandi) storyline. Her sensitivity has given Kim power over Kyle. Their (Kim & Brandi) way of pushing kyle’s buttons. Every time Kyle loses it, it’s cause someone is making her/ calling her the bad sister,the bad guy. If she stopped caring, Kim and Brandi would stop with their nonsense, but her reactions make it fun for those two bullies.

        • Except Rick Hilton had nothing to do with this sale so not sure what he has to do with this.

          Kim is saying the sale of the house funded Kyle’s purchase of the Palm Springs home- so technically if Mauricio made commission on the house then is she right?

          • Exit4 says:

            I know Rick Hilton had nothing to do with this sale. Just pointing out that when Maurico was an agent with them-He had to give Hilton and Hyland their cut of his sales. He didn’t get a break because he was family. So, Farrah has to do the same, give the agency their cut, even though Mauricio is her step dad. Brooke works for Hilton and Hyland, I looked it up before I replied, so even though it’s owned by her uncle-she still has to give them a take. I bring it up because I think people have the idea that something is shady because Farrah works for maurico. When it’s really just business.

            Obviously, the sale funded the new home. Just like the sale of my condo funded the purchase of my house. Plus any other money they may have put up. Kim isn’t entitled to any of that-she got paid her share in the buyout. It’s was a $450,000 sale. After Brooke and Farrah split their 3%-and say there’s a 60/40 split with the agency, the agency gets a whopping $2700.00. All of which doesn’t go straight to Mauricio. This was not a big money sale.

            • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

              Kyle said they lost money on the transaction. They being Kyle and Mauricio.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I wonder if maybe Kyle was the one who originally didn’t want to sell the house because BK wanted them to keep it for 10 years, she seems to be trying to do what her mom asked (take care of Kim). Maybe the other 2 wanted it sold because like she said they had houses in Palm Springs so they let her buy them out rather than outright selling it. I wish we knew when Kyle bought them out and what the status of Kim’s married life was then. Another thought is because Kyle didn’t have a PS home at the time and they did they just had her buy they out so she would too. There are probably many reasons why the buyout happened. If she has gone this far explaining she should be required to tell us the rest. Somebody text Lisa and tell her to make Kyle tell us the whole story.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Truth be told, there are no bad guys or good guys here. It was a business transaction. Plain and simple. The fact that there’s a loon in the mix turns it into some weirdo beardo emotional roller coaster.

      • Exit4 says:

        Exactly! But the fans read into everything and create conspiracy theories and keep it going.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes, but it’s due to the loon planting the seeds of wrongdoing, unfairness,… “You stole my house”… I guess that’s not just a seed. She’s hitting the viewers with a big ole oak tree.

        • Or fans notice discrepancies and don’t buy into whatever half assed explanation is offered up in order to get ratings.

          • Exit4 says:

            I don’t think there is any discrepancy here. They bought her out and for whatever reason, they didn’t let her buy back in. In kims mind-she thinks they stole it. But if she wasn’t in the position physically, mentally, emotionally or financially to handle home ownership-why would they? Or why should they?

            • I DO see a discrepancy and I resent that because you disagree you are labeling it a conspiracy theory to “keep it going” like I’ve got anything emotionally invested in these lunatics.

              Incredibly dismissive and disrespectful. If you disagree with me I welcome a debate. If this is all you got? Doesn’t seem like you’ve got much of an argument.

              • Exit4 says:

                No, no, no-you’ve got it all wrong! Please remember when I say “fans” or “people” in relation to housewives crap-I’m speaking in general. I know you read all of the different sites-like I do and I’m sure you read the comments from those different places. I do! So I see the really out there stuff-half of which isn’t even realistic! I know you don’t do Twitter-so you don’t see the insanity and the name calling and all of that. People demanding way more info then anyone should have to give. I’m sorry if you thought I meant you specifically! I did not. I’m don’t always agree with people, but I’m never deliberately disrespectful. The reason I don’t agree with you-is simply because these people made a family business decision that the most damaged family member regretted later. I don’t think Kim has an understanding of the deeper part of finances-she just thinks if she wants it, she should have it and that’s not how it works. It doesn’t matter to her, that her sister and her husband made a 6 figure investment and wouldnt jeopardize their financial health to satisfy her whims. She didn’t want to hear those pesky details rioted in reality-in her head? They just screwed her, when really they did the right thing. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

                • Ok- thx for clearing that up. I’m really just thinking out loud turning this over and around like a Rubic cube so it surprised me that you’d think I was invested enough to look for a conspiracy.

                  My new theory is Kim thinks the buyout was a loan. She took the $$$, meanwhile Kyle and Mauricio made upgrades and invested time and $$$.

                  So Kim tries to pay back the “loan” to get a bigger cut when the house sells. Which is why she’s so angry now. And why she feels duped.

                  Irrational- but she’s an addict.

                  • Backtracking for missed comments; you have hit it on the head: OMIB.

                    I’m still uncertain with this format, so I hope you won’t mind, but I’m going to put my response at the end of the page for easier reading as I’m in a skinny side-column now.

            • mrs peabody says:

              Remember too when her and Kathy sold their shares they each already had a home in Palm Springs.

    • kit9 says:

      I don’t think she was alluding to some deep dark secret at all. I think what she was saying is there is a lot more ef ups that Kim made at the time(ie, she was drunk probably)that made it impossible to work with her. And, I don’t think her explanation made her look like a saint or anything. It made her just seem reasonable that’s all, which is probably why her mother made her executor.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Sounds plausible. More likely than the criminal act Kim is always screaming about. I’m referring to the “You stole my house!” Accusation.

      • austin1963 says:

        I agree. I think people are reading tea leaves and possibly looking for things that aren’t there. Plus, Kyle never said she was a saint, so not sure where that’s coming from for some people. If anything, the whole situation makes sense now.

    • California35 says:

      I had that thought too, for a second. I did temember though that Kim has used for so many years, and maybe or posibbly or for sure, she was using on and off while all this selling and buying was happening. Therr could have been times when no ine would hear from Kim and then se would be around and some times she would be okay with the deal, other not so much. Some times she would compleyely be okay with the deal, but still delay the process because of her issues.

  11. California35 says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the blogs… Wow so many!! Something for everyone…That will keep us busy ☺️

    Warms days over here, and I am trying to be cool, you know not uncool 😉😛

    I hope everyone is doing well, keep cook or warm depending on where you are😊

  12. Then again? Kim is an addict.

  13. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Whoa way too many blogs here — I’ll need time for this !

    I have to watch Queen Janet and I haven’t yet – is this “Manuela” hispanic ? I’m so excited if so, didn’t know there are any Latins in Aussie! Maybe she’s not but I’ve never heard that name used otherwise ?

    What does “DC” -mean? At the beginning of each part of the Melbourne recap ?

    • TexasTart says:

      Diary Chat aka Talking Head

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

        Thank yewwwwww. I feel badly I haven’t sent gina my obligatory 50 tweets/week yet. Got to get on that 🏃🏃

        • TexasTart says:

          Is that a Kardashian/Scheanna voice thanking me?

          • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

            No I always think of Kyra Sedgwick’s voice. That show she used to do …..

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:


      How did I make this horrific error !


      JANET IS 😈😈😈

  14. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Is she in school ???
      Spring break from that?

      I got MAJOR sun burn/ heatstroke/ whatever you call it — in high school in Puerto Rico during break with my parents because I thought I wanted to tan as fast as possible so I used nothing. And I’m not as pale as Victoria.
      Girl — be careful !


      • TexasTart says:

        Owwww lessons learned the hard way! 😠

        IDK about Victoria and school. I know they are whoopin’ it up in Miami though.

  15. TexasTart says:

    Yo & Mo sure did make some beautiful children. This is Anwar.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      He gives me the most Yo out of all 3.

      Stay out of trouble kid !!!! Handsome.
      He could model too as men don’t have to be tall to be male models.

      • VV™ says:

        Physically, I think he looks a lot like his dad. I think as he gets older it will become more evident. He’s the only Hadid boy. Four girls for now. Will Mohamed marry and procreate with Shiva? We’ll have to wait and see.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have a son that I love but I don’t call him #myMainMan. My hubs is my main man. But I do call laineySon other things that may seem extreme… Like “mi amor”. “Mi sol”. “Mi vida”

      • TexasTart says:

        I get you Lainey. It just dawned on me she probably sees Anwar and engages with Anwar more than she ever sees Master David.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh yeah… She says “he always watches over me”… I get that they are close, but it seems like unhealthy talk. Guilt laden,… But maybe because she has the Lyme,… Perhaps he checks on her a lot; he prob worries about her.

    • VV™ says:

      They’ve better not be putting too much pressure on this young man.

      View this post on Instagram

      Classic My boy Anwar. @anwarhadid Lunch with my Rock

      A post shared by Mohamedhadid. (@mohamedhadid) on

  16. TexasTart says:

    Porsha gets around. The ladies from The Real – Tamar Braxton’s birthday.

    View this post on Instagram

    Love and the crew 😊🎊🎉

    A post shared by Tamar Braxton ❤️ (@tamarbraxton) on

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Aw isn’t she just precious ….. 💩💩💩💩
      Those gals ALL – with exception of a couple) need MAJOR MAKEUP lessons. My lorrrrrrrrrrd

      Match your concealer ! Stop the highlighting powder. My eyes 👀 🙅

      • TexasTart says:

        Yep. And the one holding the cake, on the show recently she had this pastel colored glitter like stuff all around her eyes. It was only fitting for a Mardi Gras parade or Vegas act.

        If they lose on of these girls on The Real they should bring in Porsha, she is a real good fit for that show. Really.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I hate that show. I have tried to like it. So yeah, put Porsha on it. I will never see her.

          • TexasTart says:

            LOL First of all, daytime TV sucks, I got to watch while sick and I actually liked The Real because it was light and the ladies were funny.

            • TexasTart says:

              Couldn’t watch everyday though!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Well, it is light hearted. That’s true. But I find it annoying to listen to their butchering of the English language. It just gets tiresome. Porsha would fit in nicely.

                • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

                  Yup. The language fit would be perrrrrrfect for a wordsmith like her. 😒

                • TexasTart says:

                  Speaking of language, “on fleek” = on point. That is so ridiculous, why make urban slang for that and it’s the same letters…it runs together too. I’m NOT picking up that one. I don’t understand new terms that are longer than the original and I can’t think of one now. As for them butchering English, I apparently wasn’t that attentive, but all the more reason Porsha would be perfect!

          • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

            Same with me !
            Perfect comment — put her on it ! LOLOLOL

            The color of the show- same as with the The Chew – comes to me as “off” – the hues of the set ? Very like 1990’s. I can’t put my finger on it 👉👈

            They’re all annoying. Lonny I don’t mind bc I liked her from Chelsea – the rest seem so affected.

  17. TexasTart says:

  18. I am always so behind, but two down, and two to go.

    First: Thanks, Namaste. for recapping Kyle’s blog. I personally think what Kyle’s NOT saying is that the “losing” deal she was left with as executor was the remaining mortgage on her mother’s house. I can’t remember the exact date on the purchase of the Desert home, but I’m thinking it still had maybe 15 to 20 yrs. left on the mortgage when Big Kathy died. That means for the 12 yrs. Kyle was the executor, before the eventual sale, the three sisters would have had to split that payment three ways, including taxes, insurance, and upkeep. I’m purely guessing, but I think Kyle’s mention, in her new home during their argument, that Kim wasn’t able to financially handle a mortgage might mean Kim wasn’t keeping up her end of that deal. Perhaps Kyle carried Kim’s part for many of those years: remember Kyle saying Mauricio had supported Kim like a second wife, in the limo fight, season 1 finalé?

    So I wonder if that’s the sticking point Kyle won’t address. It would basically be revealing Kim is a deadbeat sister who not only didn’t carry her weight, but who is ungrateful and truly wicked to keep bringing it up as if Kyle is some kind of brilliant house thief and lying about it, as well. (How may times have we seen the suspicion pondered that maybe sly Kyle and Mauricio have taken advantage of poor, addicted, vulnerable Kim?) That’s a lot of damage to some reputations, if Kim’s accusations are based on her inability to process that her sister did as their mother asked, for both of them. Is this what is at the heart of their dispute? That sounds about right to me.

    I am glad Kyle has laid out the bones of the issue, at any rate. It’s tiresome and repetitious to keep circling the drain with no resolution to this beef. I, for one, am seeing the unstable, lying, bitchy, opportunistic, narcissistic Kim who doesn’t give a damn who she hurts as long as she feeds her demon. About par for the course for a lifelong addict Kim’s age, in my opinion.

    Moving on to Melbourne…..

    • Well.

      I am interested to see Kyle on RHOBH without Kim. Because I have a funny feeling that without her the REAL Kyle will show up and…it may not be pretty.


      • Ha! Do you think we’ll get that chance? I haven’t been able to shake the idea that Kyle keeps Kim on the show with her influence so Kim can pay her own bills. Without Kim having a moment of clarity and saying enough, I don’t see Kyle letting go of that. But the Reunion sounds like it may be the final blow, so guess we’ll see.

        I’m not a Kyle fan, but I do pity anyone dealing with an addict on Kim’s level, much less family and therefore long-term devastation and damage.

        But I’ll never forget how easily Kyle turned against LisaVP last season, at Brandi’s instigation. I have yet to see one sincere apology to LisaVP from any of the cast who went in on bullying her last year.

        While I hold out that at least some of last season’s gang-up may have been a production induced falling out, I’m not hurt for Kyle over that karma coming back to her this season, at the hands of puppet master Brandi. Irony at its best.

  19. TexasTart says:

    Fabulous Blogs! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I enjoyed them! Thanks Namaste, RealityBytes and HydrangeaHussy pulling double duty. I’m so excited Southern Charm is back! I watched Melbourne, even though I wasn’t planning on it and I think they have one or two too many – why did they add to the cast? Same question for NY…but maybe that’s just me. Not enough time per episode to cover everyone!

  20. kit9 says:

    Oops, posted this to wrong place before. Hey, sorry if this has been discussed before but I read a rumor that Kim has threatening texts from LisaR that she reveals at the reunion. Anyone else hear this? I can’t find a source for it.

  21. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    Of course, Kim hates Kyle. As the designated caretaker, Kyle is the sister who has to tell Kim “No”.

  22. So the RHOMelbourne: RBytes, well done, and that’s a lot of work. But you so saved me this week, as I’m wondering when I’ll get to see this episode. I can envision each segment as you lay it out so clearly. I can’t wait for the guttural tones and almost Southern accent of Gamble, who may be a fav for me because…she just doesn’t give a _ _ _ _.

    But Gina is PERFECTION. Nothing ruffles her feathers, and her dry as sand wit really is a delight.

    I can’t wait to see Chyka’s closet! What is it with these rich people’s closets? In concept, I find it obscenely self-indulgent. In reality–TV, anyway–I am mesmerized. Eeek.

    So I’ll get to Southern Charm and the VPR Reunion blogs tomorrow, when hubs is polishing his halo at church and I can dance with the Bravo Devil again.

    #Iamsowicked #sowicked #sowicked

  23. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Wow you all have been so chatty lately. I’ve been having difficulty with my desk top which needs to be thrown away as far as I am concerned. My kindle has not been feeling well either but I think it is a WiFi issue as it works then it doesn’t then it does. Frustrating. I actually had to resort to the phone to take care of some things. Horrors. Anyway. Hi everybody. 🙂

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Barb! 👋 hope you get your Kindle back to normal!

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        It’s behaving right now but I’m not gonna hold my breath. This last week has been a pain though. The doctors office was having computer problems too. I had to use my back up battery for my portable oxygen because it was taking so long.

        • TexasTart says:

          Good news!

          • TexasTart says:

            Oh, I meant that to post below your next comment on the heart. Funny how no one can function without computers, huh. Hope you get back-up battery and oxygen replenished before long.

            • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

              :D. I recharged the back up battery and the portable thing when I got home. Apria was here yesterday to take away the homefil machine and the small tanks but he left me with 4 4 hour tanks which is easier as t don’t have to lug the heavy accessories when I go out. Will use them to eat out and for doctors appointments since they never keep to schedule. The only problem with them is you have to take them to apria for filling which is a PITA.

              I wish I had inogene’s 9 hour battery concentrator but they don’t work with my insurance. If I win the lottery I will have to buy it myself. Guess I better play the lottery lol.

              • TexasTart says:

                Oh, good. Guess you better play the lottery. Now why don’t I play the lottery, oh I remember now, winning 1 buck for every hundred spend wasn’t working for me!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Barb! How are you feeling?

    • from above article.
      On part-three airing Tuesday, April 14 at 8 PM, the reunion concludes with plenty more drama and a little bit of humor. While the women can laugh about who has the dirtiest mouth, things turn sour when Kim reveals threatening texts Lisa Rinna sent her after Adrienne’s party. Kyle and Brandi argue about the “space-cakes” in Amsterdam and Kyle’s relationship with Kim unravels further as they bring deep seeded issues to the surface.

  24. not THAT Jill says:

    Me and Maggie just got home from seeing Cinderella…it was fabulous!! The dress was amazing and me and Maggie both want glass slippers!!

    • TexasTart says:

      Where’s that Leprechaun???!

      Glad y’all went to see! #funtimes

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great!!! I’m gonna go see it! I need to find someone who’s not embarrassed to go without a child.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      So glad you both loved it. J’adore Cate Blanchett !

      I hope this has an empowering message as I’ve heard with this version.
      I know it has all Brits and Aussies 😛

  25. TexasTart says:

    Rattlesnake Harry captured at their house…I know someone is thanking me for not posting the large pic!

  26. TexasTart says:

    I wonder if Anderson giggled a lot….

    • You know he did!!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      So —- Bethenny is pretaped tomorrow.

      Monday – Bobble is live ? Tuesday Kyle is live ?

      I think they were only going to Boston so that’s a super quick ride back I suppose …… 🚅🚅🚈🚈

      • TexasTart says:

        ✈ I think live for BG and Kyle…but I never know for sure until someone tweets about being on a plane or NY.

  27. TexasTart says:

    I don’t know what prompted this post…as per usual…but it’s TRUE!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Perhaps Brandi up in arms over Lisa v faving the tweet saying Brandi looks looks like Mama ELSA ???

      But remember it’s all JOKEY mcjokey jokerson with regards to all things rumors and conjecture on BH! she can’t have 💀💀💀💀in her 🚪🚪

  28. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Re: the smoking gun ####4 🔫🔫🔫🔥🔥
    at reunion:

    Wouldn’t the preview SHOW – either Kim reaching and getting her phone or bringing out “printouts” (receipts/folders😝) …..
    To ENTICE people to watch ? I mean I don’t think ratings have been that great.

    Just wondering.

    Makes sense with Lisa R playing off everything as SO FUNNY SO JOKEY “HAHAHAHAHAHA 😩😩😩😩what are you all so pointing at me 👈over ! P’shaaaaaaaa it’s nothing !!! ”

    Makes total sense.

  29. Okay, sorry, but back to the stolen house…because I am intrigued by a mystery.

    OMIB wrote [above] something that makes sense and with all the other info discussed, a light came on.

    OneMoreInBoston said:

    “My new theory is Kim thinks the buyout was a loan. She took the $$$, meanwhile Kyle and Mauricio made upgrades and invested time and $$$.

    “So Kim tries to pay back the ‘loan’ to get a bigger cut when the house sells. Which is why she’s so angry now. And why she feels duped.”


    To follow-up on that:

    I now realize Kyle must have gotten a new mortgage to buy out any remaining liens/mortgages on Big Kathy’s house, including buying her sisters’ shares in the home. That would leave Kyle/Mauricio owning the home, or the mortgage for the home, if they went that route.

    Kim once claimed she only got $20K for her share; she then claimed, in a comment on the show, that it was a loan, as you mentioned OMIB, and her share was worth more than that.

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that she did receive the amount of $20K as her buyout.

    We have no idea how much was owed on the house when Big K died. She could have refinanced her mortgage or taken a 2nd one at some point. She died after a long battle with cancer, after all. She could have owed money and had liens on the house from overdue bills, as well. This could explain why Kyle doesn’t want to reveal “personal” details of the estate settlement.

    I am just guessing, of course, but my point is this: we truly know little of the circumstances of the estate. A probate judge who is experienced in this area of law would have signed off on every single, detailed disbursement of the estate. Not to mention, how many people in this family are in real estate? How could Kyle swindle her sister while they all watched?

    So it’s not inconceivable that the actual equity remaining in the home, calculated as the fair market value of the house minus any remaining liens/mortgages, after all was settled, could have been $20K for each sister.

    It seems more likely to me that Kyle purchased the house with a new mortgage to have as a vacation home, paying all the accumulated liens and paying her sisters for their shares as determined by the probate court, approved and signed by law, and thus kept the home in the family for 12 yrs, satisfying Big K’s request..

    But at some point, Kim decided she wanted to buy back her share. Kyle, as was her right, said no, for many reasons I can imagine. As Kyle said, Kim holds a grudge.

    I swear I hate to post this as it’s too long, but…what the heck, it’s just pixels on a screen.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      Yes. I think. Just because the place was sold for $470K doesn’t mean there was $470K to split between the sisters. It means there was what was left from it after the mortgage was paid off and then any other liens, taxes, maybe even an HELOC, was paid off to be split between the 3.

      And I’m certain that between Rick and Maury, regardless of what the brain damaged addict thinks, everything concerning the buy out and later sale of the property was done on the up and up.

      • No this is incorrect. The other two sisters were bought out for 20k each. They forfeited their right to any $ by accepting the 20k and signing off on the Bill of Sale or whatever you call it.

        There was no 3 way split.

        • Sorry, just saw this after I answered below.

          So you know this as fact? Do you know of any liens on the house? Was the house paid in full then, and straight up Kyle managed to walk away with $430K in equity while her sisters accepted $40K?

          If that’s the case, that was pretty dumb of Kim and Kathy. I know school wasn’t their thing, but even they could do that math and realize they were being screwed. Why sign off on it?

          • My dad owns 3 houses in a Palm Springs. Believe me they’re no where as nice as Kyles! I wish…

            Anyhoo, he bought them at the very bottom of the market crash. For like no $$$. Less than 100K each. 2008/2009.

            He rents them out. Gives him something to do.

            But he’s getting worn out from the tenants. So when one couple moved out- he thought he’d put it in the market. The realtors said he could get 350k for it.

            So yeah I can see how this house could appreciate that much

            • I see your point, So if Big K died in 2002, does it take a year to execute the will, as it does here? That would put any fair market valuation at some time in 2003. The market was very strong and rising then, if memory serves. The market was bottoming out after 2008. I remember because I actually bought a property right before the crash.

              Gosh, someone has to have access to the sales records. They should be public, unless there’s a seal put on them.

      • An aside, Orson: I now look around at my life sometimes and think, this IS my circus and they ARE my monkeys…. S i g h.

    • Oh hai!

      IMHO- this theory explains the hurt feelings, the anger, and how legally Kyle was able to “steal” the house.

      But? I am a little surprised by posters that are taking Kyle at her word. I’ve seen quotes explaining this debacle that have been taken straight from her mouth.

      Puh-leeze. Of course it is in her best interest to protect Mauricio’s reputation-it’s their livelihood. And it’s easy to dismiss Kim because she’s just so unlikeable.

      Personally? I’m wondering where Kim got the idea it was a loan? Was she originally told that? But as the house became a money pit, Kyle and Mauricio said no way- and tried to recoup their investment with the sale of the house?

      • OMIB, I’m not betting the farm on any of their claims. I’ve seen how Kyle and Kim both can distort the truth to the point of pretty much flat out lying about stuff.

        However, in lieu of having the legal documents in hand, all I can do is speculate on any of it. Between an addict whose behavior has been unstable for decades and Mauricio, who makes his living with his reputation, I can’t call him a crook on Kim’s wild accusations. It wasn’t “her house” anyway, unless she owned the deed. Thas all I’m saying.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think you are probably right, my guess is they had it appraised when Kyle was buying it from her sisters and after taking everything that was owed on the house there wasn’t that much equity left. If the equity was $60 then Kim’s share would have been $20. Given Kim’s mental stability she very well might not have understood that was all she was entitled to. Kyle did say that they had talked about this and she thought it was all settled, my guess is they explained it in great detail to Kim, she said she understood and now doesn’t remember it.

      • This could be what happened. Like Kim not remembering what day it was she and Kyle talked before the gay mixer, or forgetting how she has said repeatedly that Kyle has been there for her.

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