Southern Charm “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and VanderPump Rules Secrets

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Southern Charm – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

By HydrangeaHussy

Cameran has a new office for her real estate business.  We get to meet her mother, Bonnie, who is so cute!  Although Cameran is now married to a doctor, she realizes that she needs to be able to support herself.  She’s been working from home and has to earn the office space from her company.  Bonnie is a healthcare specialist and is letting Cameran use an open office in her building.  Cameran needs a space to work that isn’t in her house.  I agree that it can be hard to get motivated when there isn’t a differentiation between home life and work life.

SC 1

Shep is helping Landon move onto a boat.  She needs her own space.  Landon grew up in Georgia and went to school in Charleston, but she’s also lived in Europe and LA.  She’s a southern girl with a twist.  Her family is in Charleston, so she moved back after her divorce.  It’s been two years since her relationship ended.  They were together for 7 years and Landon lived a spoiled life.  She walked away from the staff and the jewelry.  She tells us that the things weren’t fulfilling enough and that she was very lonely.  The boat is small, but perfect for a single girl.  They sit on deck and watch dolphins in the bay.  That would be pretty cool, but I tend to get motion sick so a boat wouldn’t work for long term.

Kathryn visits so that Cameran can show her some Charleston properties.  Kathryn is tired of living so far away from town.  I can imagine how lonely that gets.  Kathryn wants to live downtown, but Cameran tells her that Mount Pleasant would be better for a family.  Downtown would have lots of temptation for the young mother.  She went from a party girl to motherhood very quickly.

SC 2

Back at Patricia’s, Patricia is interviewing a second butler.  The house is so large that they need two butlers.  She expects breakfast in bed, the silver to be polished, the paintings to be dusted.  The butler learned to cook from Emeril and Paul Prudhomme.  That would do it for me!  He’d be hired!  Patricia needs him to make a martini before he can be officially hired.  The martini is a hit and Jesse is hired.  Patricia doesn’t have a husband, right now, so she fills the house with butlers.  Whitney arrives and they talk about the second christening.  Patricia says that Kathryn has no hostess skills.  Cut to Kathryn covering salmon with mayonnaise for dinner.  Hmm.  They are a traditional family – Thomas provides finances and Kathryn takes care of the house.  Except Kathryn has little skill in the kitchen.  Patricia and Whitney aren’t sure that Kathryn can handle hosting dinner parties if Thomas is elected to the Senate.  Patricia says that, just because you have a strong family name, doesn’t mean that you have class.  Agreed!  Patricia blames Whitney for introducing Thomas to Kathryn.  Whitney plans to help Thomas with his campaign.  Thomas also has some hesitations about how Kathryn’s immaturity will play out in the spotlight.  It seems to me that Kathryn is way more serious about this relationship than Thomas.  Thomas is hosting a dinner party this week.  He’s going to handle all of the details, even though Kathryn offered to help with the catering.  She doesn’t plan to be a wallflower though.

SC 3

Craig and his brother are very competitive, which makes their relationship a little difficult.  The two meet up to play lacrosse.  His brother plans to take over their father’s company.  His brother is surprised that Craig can balance his work and social life.  Craig admits that his boss is uneasy that Craig isn’t in the office in the morning.  We learn that Craig hasn’t taken the bar exam yet, so he isn’t technically a lawyer.  I wonder what the hold-up is.  I graduated from law school in May, studied for the bar exam through June and July, then took the exam in late July.  Most jobs will expect you to have a license, otherwise you can’t really do much.  Craig tells us that he didn’t need to go straight into studying for the bar.  He decided to take a break.  Must be nice to have a job until you decide to take the bar exam.  I would have been fired if I hadn’t been licensed to practice law.

Kathryn calls all of the group to invite them to dinner.  She tells them that Thomas has a big announcement.  There is some speculation that Thomas has proposed.  The dinner is being held at JD’s restaurant.  The group starts with cocktails as everyone arrives.  JD knows what’s going on, but refuses to tell.  Craig arrives.  He was supposed to go to Beaufort during the day, but didn’t, so he has to drive two hours after the dinner.  He seems to want the lifestyle of a law firm partner, without putting in the time to get there.  Kathryn arrives before Thomas.  She is dressed very conservatively.  Whitney is at band rehearsal.  He doesn’t want to witness Thomas make another terrible mistake, so he isn’t planning to attend.  The last to arrive is Jennifer.  Kathryn isn’t pleased to see her and seems very jealous.  She switches to a stiff drink.   Jennifer used to date Thomas’ friend.

SC 4

The group decides to stop waiting for Whitney and sits down for dinner.  Whitney strolls in late and a little intoxicated.  Kathryn thinks that Whitney is going through a midlife crisis – he’s 47 and in a band.  His band name is Renob, which is boner spelled backward.  And he says that Kathryn is immature?  Thomas makes his announcement – they collected 17,000 signatures and he will be on the ballot for the senatorial election.  There is a slightly stunned silence, then the toasts begin.  Thomas is confident that he has a shot at winning.  Shep thinks that Thomas has an uphill battle.  Everyone agrees to help support the campaign.  Kathryn seems very uncomfortable.  I think she realizes that Thomas isn’t as committed to her as she wants him to be.  Cameran begins questioning Thomas about his views on hot topics.  I’m kind of impressed that Thomas seems to have a grasp on the issues.  Whitney mentions that he thought the announcement would be an engagement between Thomas and Kathryn.  Thomas says that they are doing what works for them.  Whitney volunteers to bring in friends from LA to help with Thomas’s ad campaign.  I’m not sure why Whitney feels qualified to run the campaign.

SC 5


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Vanderpump Rules

“Secrets Revealed” – by HydrangeaHussy

I’m skeptical that many secrets will be revealed, but here we go!

Scene 1 – Jax says that he’s in love with people a lot, considering that he’s a commitment phobe.  He has Stassi’s name on one arm and Carmen’s on another.  He’s already had Stassi’s name covered up, but Tiffany isn’t a fan of her boyfriend having Carmen’s name on his other arm.  So now he’s getting Carmen’s name covered up, only one month after he had it put there.  He really doesn’t see anything wrong with getting the name of every girl he dates tattooed on himself.

Scene 2 – Kristen and Tom will always have a connection because they have a past.  Kristen says that she’s now learned to let go.  She and Tom broke up 7 months ago, but she didn’t realize that she and James had been dating 6 months.  He’s annoyed that she remembers the date of her breakup and wants Kristen to get rid of Tom completely.  They go through her computer and delete all of the pictures of Tom and her.  That makes James happy.

Scene 3 – Lisa has 3 restaurants, and has no plans to open a new one.  Lisa has a test dinner at Pump before the opening to be sure that the kitchen and servers are on their game.  Ariana, Stassi, Katie, and Peter are her guinea pigs.  Of course, there are computer issues which need to be worked out.  Turns out that the printer wasn’t plugged in.  The group is really hungry, but the food is taking a long time.  That’s kind of how a soft opening goes.  The food arrives and they agree that it was worth the wait.

Scene 4 – Peter and Vail never really dated, but they did make out.  Peter had lots of lady issues this year.  His apartment looks like a dorm room, with gross dishes and junk everywhere.  Stassi, Katie, and Kristina bring him his birthday cake and talk about his love life.  Peter met a girl, but can’t remember her name.  She’s in his phone as “blond chick.”  Classy.  He calls “blond chick” so he can find out her name.  He asks her for her instagram name and she says that it’s her first name, so he asks her to spell it.  It’s Sarah.  He asks her out and she says that she’s seeing someone.  Why did she give out her number then!?

Scene 5 – Other Tom works consistently modeling.  He looks up to Tom as a modeling mentor.  They run through a series of their poses.

Scene 6 – Jax and Katie never fixed their relationship after Jax tried to break Katie and Other Tom up.  We get a really awkward clip of Jax attempting to apologize to Katie, but she isn’t buying it.  Jax seems to think that he can behave however he wants, then apologize and it makes everything ok.  He blames his behavior on Stassi’s return.  Katie calls him out for making excuses.  I’m loving Katie now that she’s found her voice!

Scene 7 – Other Tom graduated college and was pre-med.  He says that he didn’t have what it takes to be a doctor because he’s afraid of needles.  We see Jax taking the guys to get IV’s of vitamins because they’ve been partying too much.  Tom starts making noises from the room so that Other Tom thinks that it’s painful.  Poor Other Tom.  I feel his pain, I don’t do well with needles either.

Scene 8 – Scheana’s life didn’t change much after marrying Shay.  She was very concerned about her father’s and Shay’s dance moves, so Lisa arranges for Gleb (Lisa’s Dancing with the Stars partner) to teach them some moves.  Ron, Scheana’s dad, and Shay are good sports about it.  We get lots of shots of Scheana twerking.  Gross.

Scene 9 – Jax is the master of telling people what they want to hear.  That’s why he gets so many girls.  I’m surprised he can get anyone after this show started airing.  He admits that he has sexted the wrong girl before, because he tries to carry on too many conversations at once.  Jax is gross.  The girls pass around Jax’s phone and read the texts that he has received.  Some girl wants to have his babies.  Why?  Ugh!

Scene 10 – Everyone got along in Miami.  Of course, the group went skinny-dipping.  This group never passes up an opportunity to get naked.  Somehow, only the guys ended up naked this time.

Scene 11 – The girls carved penises from fruit at Scheana’s bachelorette.  No words.

Scene 12 – Katie and Stassi used to be inseperable.  They check out a fashion truck.  It’s like food truck, but for shopping.  Pretty cool idea.  Stassi loves to shop for jewelry.

Scene 13 – Lisa isn’t planning on retirement soon.  She meets with a restaurant consultant to test the staff.  She always wants to be sure that Sur is running smoothly.  Todd is like a secret diner, who will get the experience that a regular customer gets.  He gets a drink at the bar, then is seated at a table.  Kristen waits on him and the service is pretty good.  When Todd finds a hair on his plate, Kristen gets him a new plate.  Todd prepared a binder for Lisa with his evaluation, with 250 suggestions.  I agree with Lisa that it is overwhelming.  She doesn’t agree with all of his suggestions.

Scene 14 – Other Tom’s life got easier after Scheana and Katie buried the hatchet.  After the Hollywood party, the group ends up at someone’s apartment.  Scheana doesn’t understand why her friendship with Kristen affects Stassi or Katie.  Scheana choses that moment to bash Stassi, but Katie is still on Team Stassi and defends her.  It turns into an argument between Other Tom and Katie.  When Scheana continues to talk about Stassi, Katie loses it and leaves.  Other Tom doesn’t even realize that she left, lol.

Scene 15 – After Scheana’s wedding, the boys serenade Scheana with a song that they wrote for her.  Shay wanted to perform it at the wedding, but there wasn’t time.  It is so sweet to see Shay singing about Scheana.  They really are a cute couple.

And that’s a wrap for Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules.



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147 Responses to Southern Charm “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and VanderPump Rules Secrets

  1. pson17 says:

    Thank you, HydrangeaHussy. I really enjoy Southern Charm. I believe the Kathryn/Thomas relationship is a volatile one and not good for either of them.
    Isn’t Charleston beautiful??

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi HH! Thanks for all your writing! I do not watch SC but I do love your take on the Vprules secrets revealed. I was multi tasking and missed a lot of the details u described. So… Thanks!!!

  2. ladebra says:

    Thank you for the blogs HydrangeaHussy! Double Duty!

    Southern Charm, smh, I love it lol. I can just see people in Charleston watching and clutching their pearls. I am sorry to see Craig descend into the reality tv, twentysomething pit of under achievement, but he knows everything so I’m not going to worry about him. Cameron is a hoot! Hope she earns her office. Thomas has more money than sense, and Katheryn wants some of it. Hep is comic relief. Patricia is a bonifide socialite. And Whitney is a pompous ass. 🙂 I reserve the right to change my mind about all of them 🙂

    Have a great Wednesday!

    • I love love love Patricia. I wish we could have reality shows about Patricia and Mama Elsa. Sigh.

      • #SouthernCharm

        Oh lawd, Whitney and Patricia! I could write effusively, Southern Gothic style, about them forEVAH!

        They are so Tennessee Williams and Margaret Mitchell it makes me laugh/cry every time I see them interact.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Itssss jump day Mike. Only two more days.

  4. Really thought the Pump did a nice job with her blog today.

  5. T-Rex says:

    Just doing a quick checkin to say “HAAAYYYY”! Treatment weeks suck still have 10 days to go, but might be popping in her more after next Thursday. I will be in “jail” from next Thursday to the following Tuesday, so if I feel okay will be popping in here more by then. I am doing okay for the most part, but the diet sucks so I have actually lost weight, which I will promptly gain back with my first real meal, since that happened last time, grrr. Been reading all of the wonderful blogs, you writers are just so freakin amazeballs, love all of them, and I am not even watching most of them, but love to read those blogs!! So, my friend is still on radio-silent as they go through “pitch” season out there to land their shows on the primetime tv schedules, so no earth shattering info.

  6. Butters'Mom says:


    Sending you some healing energy to help get you through. Hang tuff lady!

  7. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs T-Rex really hard* – so glad to “see” you!! – missed you much! – hang in and keep fighting – we are with you – mucho love!

    what do you suppose would happen if bobble and Jax hooked up? I never thought I would ever feel sorry for Jax, but it they did hook up, I would – I’d actually be concerned for his safety – can you imagine Kim and bobble stalking him? in costumes from bushes? oh no no no –

    yes – I know – my mind when left unattended tends to wander off the beaten path to very strange places….

  8. Powell says:

    I don’t like Whitney. He’s jealous of Thomas. And Patricia should be understanding about Katherine’s lack of “hosting” skills. Katherine IS 23. They remember that when its convenient. I doubt Patricia had the skills she now requires when she was 23.
    Whitney likes saying Katherine trapped Thomas. Um Thomas doesn’t know what condoms are? They had a scare last season. Thomas knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s now 50. Who’s he gonna marry to have kids? And Thomas is often disrespectful to Katherine, and not supportive. He said his mom had kids and managed to have dinner on the table and take care of the kids no problem and he expects Katherine to live up to his mother. How many cooks, butlers, housekeepers and nannies did his mother have? Katherine has a nanny and that’s it and she’s a hands on mother. What does he expect for a 23 yr old that had grown up just as privileged as he has? I wish they’d stop trashing her. She seems devoted to Thomas, loves the baby and is learning how to do it all. Also she said Thomas won’t let her help him when she volunteers.

    • My heart goes out to Kathryn, who is the author of her own disaster with Thomas nonetheless. She is very young, but who among us doesn’t have to pay for our own youthful transgressions committed in ignorance?

      Here’s what you have to know about these S.C. men and women: men are IT in the dating/marrying hierarchy there. It’s ALL about them. Period. And I’ve been married to one for 37 years, plus I have 2 brothers, so I’m not talking out of my…hat.

      I’m not endorsing this traditional sexism–AT ALL. The emotional scars I bear from fighting it all my life…well, I won’t bore you with my whining, as I have many ex-friends, but I will say this is why this show is LIKE A GAWD AWFUL NERVOUS BREAKDOWN FOR ME every episode.

      But in a good way!


      • not THAT Jill says:

        Poor Kathryn…silly girl thought TRav was her prince. He’s a poser! Kathryn needs to cut her losses and jump ship. Her life will be miserable if she stays and tries to keep him from straying-he’s a dog…a low down dirty dog!!
        I think my butler just arrived with my gin martini….

        • Powell says:

          I don’t know how he thinks it’s funny or cute to embarrass her. He/his family has money an so does her family. She can walk whenever she wants w/that cute baby girl and file for sole custody.

        • Oh, the disappointment is all over Kathryn’s face every time we see it. He’ll ALWAYS demean her, as he’s made it clear she’s not his idea of a suitable wife. Period.

          No doubt the “Old Money” Ravenels are already plotting to get rid of the unpredictable, unstoppable Kathryn. She better be glad she’s not living this mistake a hundred years ago, or she’d end up locked in a mental institution for “hysterics,” possibly lobotomized.

          I personally hope she kicks his azz six ways from Sunday.

          As for the libations of Patricia, hit me again.

      • Powell says:

        WTG you sound like you’ve lived it. I don’t like the sexism either. Yes Katherine went into it eyes wide open and knows how the men are in SC but Thomas has sooo much more life experience than Katherine and he knows she’s not going to be what he wants her to be at age 23. I don’t see him helping her.

        • No, he’s not going to help her, as his point of view is it’s her job to satisfy HIM, no questions asked.

          I guess Thomas is under the delusion he can have his cake and eat it, too.

          Rich or poor, there is a devoted, party 24/7 mentality among many S.C. males who act like marriage is a disease they never want to catch. Though they do love to frequent the exotic locales where it can be caught.

  9. SerenaNYC says:

    From the way the finale was edited last night, I think it’s safe to say they’re looking to reintroduce Camille as a housewife for next season.

    Poor Adrienne. The whole party was bizarre from the lighting to the decor. As usual she spent tons of money to try to impress but the whole magic routine was so cringe worthy and tacky. But that’s Adrienne for you.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I thought it was funny no one even seemed to notice her act, Kathy H was funny, you do magic! Yolo, when did Adrienne get here? Lisa R is right in Kim is going to believe what Kim wants to believe. Lisa R was not right in not telling Kim what was said during the lunch with Brandi but I see why she didn’t want to go there again but she should have answered her question, but in fairness to Brandi Lisa actually said the work intervention but Brandi was basically saying Kim was not alright. I hope Kim watched that episode so she sees exactly what happened. I thought it interesting last night on WWHL that Kyle said her relationship with Kathy could be better. I think the meanest thing I’ve seen all season was the preview of the reunion where Kim says she’s fine with things the way they are now. What a hateful thing to say to Kyle and I don’t know how Kyle kept her face straight. I didn’t like the way Brandi grabbed LisaV’s wrist when they were talking. I think LisaV was too nice to her. I would not have even said anything more than Hello. Sorry for my rabbling, I just throwing my thoughts out here. My big question is Why was Brandi so mad about everything this season? Did I miss something that make her nastier than usual? What set her off? I’m not sure what exactly her problem was before poker night. I know her and Lisa were not friends. She was just getting to know Eileen and Lisa R, Kim and Yolo were her besties and not sure when it went sour with Kyle. Seems things went downhill after poker night.

      • mrs peabody says:

        Sorry I also can’t write a complete sentence. It’s just Wednesday!

      • serenanyc says:

        Yes, poker night was the build-up of Brandi and Kyle’s tension. They’ve never really liked each other and the only reason they were friendly for a time was to unsuccessfully take down LVP down.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        You always say what I’m thinking. Yeah, why was Lisa so nice to Brandi? Can’t stand how when something happens in Brandi’s life, everyone has to forget what a bitch she is. I think Brandi is pissed because her plans backfired on her….and of course Lisa and Kyle are friends again.

      • Powell says:

        Lisa said intervention but Bobble said something like “yes w/everyone”. So Bobble didn’t lie/but did lie like PrincessP said she does. She said no to Kim like she said nothing at all. She basically minimized her part when she was equally saying and agreeing that Kim needs help.

      • Powell says:

        I wish LV wouldn’t be nice to Bobble either because to everyone else and the viewers she’s just trying to be cordial but to Bobble she thinks LV has forgiven her or wants to have a relationship w/her when that’s farther from the truth. Bobble said she wasn’t going to kiss LVs ass but she’s doing things like taking her wrist, trying to be playful. Why’s she so desperate for LVs friendship.
        I think Bobble’s problem w/Kyle is because of what happened at poker night and Kyle wanting to talk to Kim, which would have happened if Bobble had not interfered. Remember Kim went to talk w/Kyle in the bathroom. Kim wanted to talk w/her sis but Bobble didn’t want her to. Remember she’s now Kim’s confidant. Bobble feels like Kim’s “sister”. She doesn’t want Kim to confide in anyone else but her.

      • Powell says:

        If Kim wants the distance from Kim then Kyle should let her have it and when she goes to Kyle, Kyle needs to tell her to go to her BFF.
        IDK why Kyle and Kathy are not close. IMO Kathy should be thanking Kyle for all she’s done. It seems that Kyle was elected to the big sis role and Kathy gladly let her have the role so she could live the Hilton life.

        • kit9 says:

          Kathy is much older than Kyle, that may be one reason.

          • T-Rex says:

            Also Kathy and her husband are still uber super duper pissed that Murray jumped ship, without telling them, and they are not going to forgive that, sorry they gave Murray his start and they feel he stabbed them in the back. I don’t think Kyle and Kathy will probably ever have a good relationship again.

      • kit9 says:

        I think Brandi is angry Lisa won’t take her back. I think Kyle is her target because Kyle and Lisa have rekindled their friendship and it’s going strong which has got to anger Brandi. Also, I noticed that Kyle and Yolanda got a lot closer this season. When they were going to the spa, I noticed that Yolanda texted Kyle, not Brandi, in the limo. I think Brandi then used the issues between Kim and Kyle to take out her resentment of Kyle.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      What magic routine? Did I FF through another scene that I missed?

    • Powell says:

      Camille can come back. I welcome her. Even though she’s had fights/disagreements w/Kyle & LV she wasn’t vicious like Kim and Bobble Head are. As low as she did go I think she’s learned from that.
      Poor Adrienne can’t help for being somewhat tacky at times but Hey, that’s Adrienne like you said. It’s not offensive so you just say “Adrienne is being tacky again.”. 🙂

      • T-Rex says:

        Andy doesn’t want her back, pure and simple, she ain’t returning, she has been begging for several seasons to be a part of the show and they have declined, they are not going to hire her nor the HoofMaloof back!

      • Sorry but I don’t want Ms. Pernicious back, while I admit she excelled in damage control and image repair the second season I still think she is a snake.

    • Camille has a bangin body. She looked better than most 25 year olds in her little get up.

      I’m neutral about her returning. Don’t really like her- don’t really dislike her. A little too self important for my taste but *shrug* any things better than Brandi.

      • Anyone else find it a bit…trashy…that Camille was essentially making out with Mauricio’s mother’s date “the Prince”, in her face?

        • Laineylainey says:

          I was kinda grossed out

        • Wut?
          I need to re watch this again! I thought I saw all of it…

        • kit9 says:

          She’s always done stuff like that. Remember her kissing up some friend of Kelsey’s S1.

          • Yeah, now that you mention it. But I thought for sure she was screwing that dude. At least she knew him, and his wife seemed fine with it. #dummy

            Prince All-hands was creepy and seemed artificially constructed. Just like the Housewives.

        • Nickel says:

          I thought she brought him to ‘fix up’ with Camille. I could have sworn they were talking about that at one point.

        • I found it not only trashy, but WTH was she wearing? Cute bod or not the dress was a mess and a huge FAIL! She is so pretentious I would hate to see her come back to the show as a regular.

          • I think with Brandi and Kim, the bar has been lowered so much lots of us would take just about any of the awful former HWs back if we could just get rid of those two.

            Now that I’ve thought of it, I wonder if Bethenny might have become a BH HW if only Jason had signed away all rights to his child and let her abscond with everything to LA? She knows the Richards/Hiltons, after all, plus Lisa Rinna says she knows her, too.

            Now that we got Little Kathy on several episodes, plus Nikki and even Paris showed up, it’s becoming more and more about their families, anyway. Oh, the skeletons are rattling up a riot!

            Hm. I don’t like Bethenny anymore, but I might have watched that show. Oh, the possibilities….

      • kit9 says:

        I don’t want her back. Her behavior S1 was atrocious and sorry-your husband cheating on you doesn’t explain it to me at all. Also, she’s not funny or smart. Just blah and if I have to hear her say that women are jealous of her one more time my head will explode. lol.

  10. serenanyc says:

    I have more to say lol!

    I feel like LVP won the season. She basically came back and showed all of them she’ll always be the Queen.

    I really like the newbies. Eileen is an amazing woman who stays true to herself even on reality TV. I always liked Lisa R but she has gone down in my opinion of her over the past few episodes.

    Yolo sort of redeemed herself after last season but I get so annoyed how she acts with Brandi. No, she isn’t a child. She is a woman in her 40s who doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves.

    I’m so over Kim and Kyle. It has been 5 years of watching their same tired drama play out. Now they want to go to therapy together. They should have done that 20 years ago.

    • Powell says:

      Serena I’ve always loved Eileen and LR. They both wanted to help Kim & Kyle but Eil got off the train after one try and LR kept going cuz if her own family issues w/addiction. I think since LR knows how addicts and enablers are she would know when to get off the train before you’re apart of the crash but she didn’t. I think she really cared. Unfortunately IMO she cared too much. After 5 seasons LR was the 1st one that wasn’t going to walk on egg shells. I think viewers really need to give her credit for that. Now these little crazy tweets and deleting them she needs to stop. As they all say, they all have kids, no matter the age so she shouldn’t tweet Kim’s not blogging because she’s drunk. Just wrong.
      IDK why Yo doesn’t just let her little wounded bird Bobble Head just fly on her own because she’s not her mother just as she told LV.
      I gets it’s better now than never for Kyle and Kim to go into therapy. Kyle will learn she’s not Kim’s mother. She can’t protect and enable her. Kim will learn she can’t blame Kyle for what their mother did and to see how Kyle has been nothing but supportive of her.

      • I don’t think this is going to ever happen. I picked up something by the end of this season between those two–by the time they were fighting at Kyle’s PS house. Hard to say exactly, but I became aware that Kim is the dominant one in control. I’d always thought it was the opposite, with Kim’s childish drunken games and Kyle trying to keep those secrets, sweeping as fast as Kim could throw the dirt.

        Now it looks to me like Kyle is the vulnerable one and Kim tortures her because, like Kyle keeps whining, Kim is mean. Period.

        Maybe that’s what I see being revealed now about Kim: she takes pleasure in hurting others. For all the reasons people are upset at LisaR’s wine/glass throwing fit, Kim did go in for the kill with LisaR first and never flinched or backed down. She even had a look of sick pleasure on her face while verbally, hatefully attacking LisaR, Eileen, and Kyle.

  11. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Hi all—-
    LAINEY I saw your tweet – I saw this JILL intervention 2015 hashtag situation from yesterday’s blog …..
    Not sure how it started ?

    I’m going to watch BH right now. Wish me luck.

    Ps I just saw a commercial for the reunion on a VERRRRRY HDR TV and omg all the ladies look AWFUL…. all!!!!!

    What about makeup and stylists !?!?!? Don’t get it !?!?!?

    • serenanyc says:

      The sad thing is they all do have makeup and stylist people. Maybe the stylists hate them??

    • I thought the SAME THING when I saw that commercial on my HD TV! I was like, dear lawd, is this the Bravo version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”? #EEK

    • kit9 says:

      Yes! I noticed that, too. The reunion was very poorly lit or something cause man, it was not forgiving at all.

  12. VV™ says:

    The Ghostwriter Blog is up! The Ghostwriter Blog is up!

  13. HuskerHuny says:

    Seriously everyone, if your father was in the hospital in near death condition, would you have been at that stupid party? I don’t care what Bravo threw in my face about me filming or not, I would have not been there. Other HWs have been dismissed from filming due to health and/or family reasons. If Brandi was in fact so over these women, why would she put herself around them while having all of this going on in her personal life?

    As for Lisa R. and her not backing up Kyle when Kim confronted her. It was definitely a lose/lose situation for her. She told Kim and everyone else that she would no longer talk to Kim about her sobriety or question it (she never did say she wouldn’t talk to others about it). That’s what she was trying to do. What she should have said to Kim was, you have asked me not to talk about your sobriety and I agreed not to. But now that you are questioning me about a conversation I had with Kyle, this is what was said . . . and then told her that what Kyle said about Brandi having concerns Kim’s condition was true. Did that sentence make sense at all? Lisa R. should have just come clean once and for all and then never talk about it again. But like Lisa R. said in her blog, Kim doesn’t want to hear the truth, but only believes the crap that Brandi feeds her.

    I can’t help but believe that Kyle’s life is much more stress free by walking away from her sister at this time. There’s no winning here for Kyle. Concentrate on your husband and your daughters. What I can’t understand is how Kim’s children is watching all of this drama and not trying to talk some sense into their mother. Maybe they are or maybe they have also washed their hands of her. I would love to know what they think about their mother’s behavior this season.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi’s father was sick-that’s true. But was he “dying” sick at that moment? I’m going to say HELL NO! Brandi used her father to get Lisa to feel bad-that’s disgusting. Not surprising but still disgusting. Brandi will use anyone-her sister mother father and yes even her own children -she has proven this again and again.
      Brandi can say all day that she didn’t say Kim needed a intervention-and it’s true-she didn’t say that. She said a lot worse than that. I wonder why she didn’t feel the need to tell Kim about it? Maybe she knows Kim is too pill popped to notice!!!

      • mrs peabody says:

        I also believe Brandi’s dad was very sick but I’m wondering just how close to dying he was. I just don’t believe everything that comes out of her mouth, I think that part was probably her overstating as she tends to do (I’m being sued, my ex is trying to get child support from me, Lisa filed bankruptcy …..). If my dad were dying I would have been there as most people would be and most if not all employers understand this. Nope just more of her overstating the facts.

      • kit9 says:

        I completely agree it was really is disgusting that she used her dad’s illness, essentially as a prop, to bash Lisa over the head. She told Camille her dad was fine, didn’t she? I have to go back and watch.

    • Powell says:

      You made perfect sense. I agree LR should have said just what you said. I just hope Kim has watched the season. No one lied or skewed the truth for their benefit except Bobble. How come Bobble is telling the truth and everyone else is lying? Especially your sis?

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    Please continue to use the hashtag #teamJNNTJ…just because…

  15. Before the comments get too long and I forget my Southern manners, thanks HydrangeaHussy, for the recaps.

    My favorite Southern Charms moment was when T-Rav joked the blonde at the table had spent many hours in his bed, all to cruelly tease Kathryn. I love it because when she kills him, her defense is right there on tape. #NOTGUILTY!

    I also appreciate your insider’s view on the career mess that Craig has become. I can only say he is not Southern and he doesn’t understand he’s not built to handle the lifestyle he’s trying to mimic. It’s hundreds of years of twisted genetics, so proceed with caution, Craig.

    I missed the VPR extra scenes, and bless your heart for sparing me that wasted hour. [And no, I don’t mean “Ef You”, to those who have never seen this old Southern pleasantry properly applied. =P] So instead of notches on his bed, Jax wants tattoos all over? It fits him.

    • Powell says:

      WTG I get your “favorite” moment cuz that was the most hated moment for me too. Yup. Katherine’s defense is all on camera. I tell you Bravo keeps getting into courtrooms. 😆 😆 #NotGuilty

    • HA HA HA WTG, I never even thought about her defense being on tape, but you are spot on!
      I hate the way Katherine is being treated because she is being a great mom to her daughter and is so willing and eager to be the rest for TR all the while he is keeping her at arm’s length, and the cast mates are always dissing her as well. She is a kid! I did read somewhere he finally stood up for her in some interview about everyone on the show being mean to her.
      Before I forget, THANK YOU HH for both well done blogs…double the reading fun!

  16. So I was reading on another blog (can’t remember which one…) that said Monty came to the party with his current wife? Girlfriend? Someone other than Kim?

    RHOBH is on again tonight- I’ll try to figure this out because I thought no one knows what she goes through at night? Insinuating Monty’s illness is the cause of her relapse?

    Oh wait. It was the pain. So so much pain.

    • I noticed a woman who appeared to be “with” them, and the body language was definitely leaning IN to Monty, so I wouldn’t be surprised. It has been asked before, where is his current wife in this illness? Another little item the Richards sisters swept under the rug?

    • Powell says:

      OMIB I can’t wait to hear your assessment of the situation.
      Kim saying to LR “nobody knows what I go through at night”, remember when Kim’s daughter was getting married Kyle said she was worried Kim was taking in a lot w/the wedding and taking Monty in to take care of him? But according to Kim Kyle doesn’t care, never has her back. 😏

  17. cdnfillie58 says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned before…anyone else notice Kathy stayed pretty close to Kyle at the party…not so much showing support for Kim …makes you go hmmmmmm

    • mrs peabody says:

      Kyle said last night their relationship could be better so I didn’t think her and Kathy were really in such a great place either.

  18. TexasTart says:

    Courtesy of Urban Dictionary

    Peer Pressure: a phrase that the weak minded use to donate the fact that they did something stupid as hell because “all their friends where doing it” and they “just wanted to be cool”. 


  19. This guy is my friend on facebook… he has the 911 call for ana..she really did get off easy by the cops down there in Key Largo….

    • TexasTart says:

      WOW! I wonder if she smelled like Tequilla?! Wow just wow she is so messed up and they pretty much let her off the hook! Is that because she is an attorney – or her fiance?! Doesn’t seem like good police work. SMH

      So I wonder how the 911 operator manages to stay on the line when it goes silent. Seems as if the man has hung up or muted the phone – and if so why? But each time he comes back he tries to dial it seems and the 911 operator speaks…then towards the end he wants to know if the operator heard it all and she says yes and he thanks her.

      She didn’t hear it all – what was up with the silent parts?

      Ana needs help. Does being a real housewife increase your chances of developing serious problems, or what!

  20. TexasTart says:

    Just another little technical comment, scroll on by if this website works good for you!

    I see new ads to upgrade WordPress in 3 locations. On top, side bar and bottom. Naturally, they change the layout of the page and slowed down my ability to post or refresh. I see them on my phone and on my desktop. I installed Ad Blocker Plus and both devices and I still get the new ads on both. And Ad Blocker Plus has apparently slowed down my devices MORE than they were before.

  21. jezzibel says:

    I wonder if Brandi clings to Kim so tightly, because Kim is the only one who actively films with her and includes her, Lemon-lyme does as well but to a lesser extent(I suspect that after the fishy smell, Mohammed and a model debacle, King David & Mo will have nothing to do with anything that puts Brandi in the same room as them).

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Speaking of Mohammed–I think they should add Shiva and Kathy H. next season, and kick Brandi out. Let Kathy pedal with Kim and I wouldn’t mind seeing her host luncheons and other stuff.

  22. TexasTart says:

    📺 Survivor

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I love you Tartsy!! LOVE!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • TexasTart says:

        Aw shucks, all that love and I haven’t even sent my dues in yet! I hope Lainey doesn’t embezzle and SJP you know, she disappears sometimes. My strategy to set up doubt and hopefully be aligned for the final 3! 😆

      • T-Rex says:

        You go away for a few days and you miss a whole lot!!!! What happened and where do I need to go to find out, LOL! Unless its the twattermachine, then someone will have to explain to me, LOL!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          T-Rex while you were tending to your medical life we were here in HWland acting silly!
          Nothing to do with the twatter-
          SJP came up with the #teamJNNTJ and I of course fell in love with it! Lainey wants to run my team but really she wants people to send her team dues-she’s a little sneaky one!!
          Since I have a “team” now and a hashtag I have turned into a complete monster-insisting people use the hashtag when they address me…or even when they don’t!! Total ego trip!

    • ladebra says:

      Where are getting all these new emojis!, 👀👓👣🍲 ..on the look out, then I got distracted by food lol

      • TexasTart says:

        Ooo, I have been looking for a reason, I mean, an excuse to use the barefoot prints and there they are, lol

        Full disclosure: I am feeling a bit juvenile at this moment. 💁

  23. not THAT Jill says:

  24. Laineylainey says:

    I hope this works. I had to laugh at this one! This is in response to Brandi’s ghostwriter’s blog

  25. VV™ says:

    Aren’t they Jewish?

  26. kit9 says:

    lol@WWHL right now with Rita Wilson and Christina Hendricks. They played a game where Rita had to choose which of two feuding Housewifes would she invite into her home. First up, Brandi or Kyle? “Kyle!” said Rita emphatically with Christina adding, “Totally, oh my gosh”. Lol!

  27. TexasTart says:

    HydrangeaHussy! I enjoyed the Southern Charm recap and thanks for covering all of Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  28. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 👋👋 🙂

  29. HH, I just realized where I thanked you for your blogs may get lost in the shuffle (in the middle of the remarks) and I wanted you to know how much I truly enjoyed them both, and thank you for your tireless contributions, they are sooooooooooo fun!

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