Real Housewives of Melbourne – Anyone for Golf?

Real housewives of Melbourne  by Reality_Bytes 

Season 2 Episode 4 – Anyone for Golf?

PROLOG:  Oh please remind me which blog it was where I said Janet would morph into J’Andrea, cause sure as shootin’ she went ballistic on Gina using Gina’s words from a fight she had with Andrea from last season…all about that “Deck of Cards”.

  • NOTE: Lydia and Petti were out of town for this whole episode. ..not one WOW or switch the bitch was heard this week.


Gina and Janet Have Coffee

Starting off this episode, Gina and J’Andrea met for a coffee where Gina was trying to calmly let J’Andrea know how hurt Gamble had been by the gossip she had been spreading and also to get some facts straight in her own mind so she had the complete story. IN NO WAY did Gina interrogate her as J’Andrea will go on to say to others later in the episode. She didn’t TELL J’Andrea she had to do this or had to do that, but she said as Gamble’s friend she wanted to let her know how hurtful and malicious the gossip was to Gamble’s integrity.


Gina asked why Janet would feel compelled to tell Gamble hurtful things because it has devastated her. Janet said Gamble pressed for her to tell her, and she insisted she tell her (NOT!). Gina asked what if I asked you to walk out in front of that car, are you going to do it. Janet of course missed the whole point of that conversation.

DC/GINA: I don’t believe in shooting the messenger, but I believe if a nasty or viscous rumor is started that you don’t perpetuate it by talking about it.

J’Andrea for the 972nd time shifted all the blame to Chyka taking no responsibility, told Gina to stay out of it, got up in a huff to leave…told Gina to mind her own business and called Gina a liar. On her way out of the coffee shop, she turned and then tried massacring a previous conversation between Andrea and Gina last season, in hopes of having the final word in the conversation as she was making a hasty retreat out the door saying “my cards are going to fall…my life is just a deck of cards…they are all gonna fall.”

Dear J’Andrea… First, Gina used the reference in context with the conversation happening at the time (last season). However, you weren’t quite so fortunate pulling the reference out of your a$$ or the big blue Aussie sky, because it was obvious you had the ‘line’ programmed in your repertoire for use only against Gina at some future point-in-time…this wasn’t the right time honey, bless your heart, sloppy seconds are just that…they pack no punch! I hope Andrea is paying you well to act this silly, because so far you are mimicking her whole first season – bringing something up on day 1 and harping on it every episode thereafter!


Bruce and Chyka Meet With Eddie McGuire

Eddie McGuire is the President of Collingwood Football Club and a huge TV personality in Australia. Read more about Eddie here

Bruce, Chyka and Eddie met to go over color designs and other information regarding the largest build of any event space in Melbourne, and also the biggest undertaking for Bruce and Chyka…They surveyed the prime Australian job site and it sounds like they are going to be extremely busy until that job is completed. Got to tell you that Chyka rocked that hard hat!

rocking the hard hat


Janet and Jackie Shopping for Golf Outfits (Gina refers to the two of them as “Jacket” in her blog)

At the store, Janet explains that the golf Club has dress standards and people cannot wear denim or really short shorts, and with proper length shorts they should wear long socks, and on and on.

Jackie asks her who all is coming to the event, and Janet says she has invited everyone including Gamble.

Jackie said she was picking up vibes again…uh oh…Janet starts Boo Hooing about the stress of the fights with Gamble and she totally misrepresents the conversation with Gina (anyone surprised?), and Jackie consoles her as she cries and vents…”Cry & Vent” pretty much describes the whole shopping trip to tell you the truth. She lied and said Gina told her at coffee that she shouldn’t tell the truth…say what????? They decide on outfits and Janet says she wants to put the whole mess with Gamble behind her. (THEN QUIT BRINGING IT UP J’ANDREA!)




Here we get to see the much lighter side of Gina…having a photo shoot for publicity photos as she has new goals for media tours and for personal appearances. We see the side people would see more often at all the events with all the ladies if J’Andrea would just shut up.

Photographer Maurice Rinaldi is a celebrity photographer and as Gina says…is flirty boy and gets away with more with Gina than his other clients, but also is the one who did her photo shoot for her book cover.

Gina posing standing, and then on the car to which she says “I feel like an elephant on a Terrano.”

Gina says he has a wicked sense of humor just like she does, he is high energy and he is so much fun…as evidenced by the banter throughout the photo session and her telling him first she wasn’t taking the dress off!

gina posing

Gina on car


Ben, Jackie, Chyka & Bruce Dinner

These 4 have become fast friends in part because Chyka subscribes to the whole psychotic psychic thing with Jackie. They all meet at a Whiskey Bar which C&B have rented out for the evening’s private dinner.

Jackie immediately needs a strong drink because she is stressed out after having been with Janet shopping…which is of course the cue for PLEASE ASK ME what went on today.

When Bruce arrives and they sit down to dinner, it is obvious he drew the short straw and was elected to bring up “How are all the ladies getting along?”

The dinner was mainly repeating gossip again so I won’t put you through it, but hey…two good things…first the food looked amazing…and second we got to hear our favorite Croatian do a really crappy Italian Accent and an equally poor French one…so be it…other than the same ole same ole conversation, the evening looked fun.

Credit to Chyka for saying yes she brought up the gossip first (which she has always admitted) but also stating that Janet took it to the next level unbeknownst to her. This is why we love you Chyka! Honesty!

There are times I think Jackie is quite funny, but there are many more times when I think she acts combative like Brandi on RHOBH…both are always boozing it up, and although she isn’t sloppy like Brandi, frankly… in Jackie’s case, the alcohol is playing keep away with her brain.


Golf Outing ~ Pretentious Arrival

OH MY! “Jacket” (Gina’s pet name for Jackie and Janet) will arrive at the golf course via helicopter “While everyone else had to drive” (or be driven) but first things first…there is a lot going on here so on to bullet points…

  • Chyka the first to arrive at Moonah Links (prestigious golf club)
  • Gamble arrived and Chyka took the opportunity one-on-one to sincerely apologize to Gamble for a conversation she started getting so out of hand and ending up being so hurtful for many people. She says she never intended it to be that way and she feels horrible that it did, she said she is very sorry and hopes they can move forward.
  • Gamble professes she gave the BS right back to Janet and made silly stuff up about her because she was hurt. She knows she was wrong in doing so and said she knew it was very immature of her also.
  • Gamble thanks her for the apology just as sincerely and they talk a bit, and then they hear the helicopter up above.
  • DC/Janet: I am worried about today because there is this underlying thing hanging around about the rumors. I hope Gamble has had a chance to think about it and has calmed down some. (Janet is acting like it is all Gamble’s fault!)
  • Janet and Jackie land and jump in a waiting golf cart.
  • Gina shows up next in a sundress and holding a pair of flat golf shoes she is temporarily using as a place to put her cell phone, LOL.


  • Gina explains to Chyka and Gamble that she has a TV appearance she couldn’t get out of so she will have to leave early and hopes Janet won’t mind.
  • Jackie and Janet are still driving to the clubhouse
  • DC/JANET: As Jackie and I were driving up to the girls I was feeling very apprehensive, I just don’t have a good handle on what’s gonna happen. (Janet please start leaving your constant glass is half empty at home!)
  • The two J’s arrive and hug and Jackie says she has to go get some long pants on because she is freezing
  • DC/Gamble: It was all a little bit stiff in the beginning we are being very polite and acting like ladies!
  • Janet thinks Gamble was pushing it for the dress code…snark snark
  • Gamble opens a bottle of champagne, Jackie has the glasses,
  • Gina goes to put her shoes on and even in flat shoes walks on her tippy toes ~ (Ah Gina you are so funny and just put yourself out there quirks and all ~ I absolutely love it!)


  • Once the champagne is poured…they leave for the first tee and Gina is with Chyka and backseat driving…LOL …she tells her she is driving with 2 feet!
  • At the first tee…this is where the fun begins…
  • Janet says she enjoys being the only one that knows what is going on with golf (no doubt why she set up the outing in the first place)


  • Janet goes first and the ball dribbles off the tee…she tries again and gets a pretty good hit
  • Gina goes next, Jackie standing behind moved further back in case she lost her club on the backswing, and Gina leaves the ball on the tee, and the club goes flying in front of her…bet she got a good 25 yards on that club!


  • Of course Jackie had to say she just said Gina might lose her stick and Chyka agreed (ladies…ladies…everything isn’t a psychic prediction!)
  • Chyka goes next and hits a good ball not far, but good
  • Gamble is next…first time had a great hit
  • Jackie is next, and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and misses and…well you know

jackie golfing

  • Standing around the green Chyka says ok we are all back together again and laughing and having a good time, is everyone ok? Well wrong thing to say cause Now the snarking really begins…back to square one…and Jackie who wasn’t even at the lunch where this started starts bellowing…”LOOK…I don’t think there is any happiness going on right now…because I had a chat with Janet the other day and she was really upset…she felt victimized by YOU (Looking directly at Gina)…then says she wasn’t there so she can’t talk to that, and SHE WASN’T there when it originally happened…(So remind me why SHE is bringing this up?) and she thinks Gina shouldn’t be involved in it…to which Gina replies BUT YOU are getting involved in it now…and of course Jackie goes on to deny that and explained something way off base…I am sorry I think I fell asleep for a second or two!
  • Too much snarking to write…but they fought and made up, hugged it out and agreed to move forward…I think…check back with me on that next week, k?
  • Gina had to leave, the girls continued to play.

golf attire

  • Drinking at the clubhouse, Chyka says she and Bruce are having a dinner and she would like all of them to come with their significant others or partners or whatever.
  • DC/Chyka: At this stage I don’t see a reason why anything should go wrong, but a lot can happen in a week!

Preview of next week shows everyone at the dinner, and Lydia is talking…Gamble smiles, Gina smiles, and Jackie yells across the table…WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING FOR? (Gee and my next week psychic prediction was going to be that Jackie jumps in the middle of someone else’s business…winky winky)


Janet goes speed dating and says she is looking for a younger man because why would she want to push someone around in a wheelchair…a younger man is telling her he is a lifestyle coach…who focuses on dating, sex, and relationships…and teaches people how to have 15 minute orgasms!

I am so done with this blog, gotta pack, gotta get a plane ticket…gotta shave my legs…




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  1. ladebra says:

    Thank you for the blog Reality_Bytes! I didn’t watch this episode yet, I think I’m going to try to catch it on demand, you make it sound soooo good! I read somewhere, probably Twitter, that Janet tried to quit this year because Gamble opened a can of whoopass on her after she opened her mouth about the rumors. Apparently Jackie talked her into staying. I have some advice for her, if you can’t take it don’t dish it out bitch. 🙂

    So, I was flipping through Twitter … And this made me hungry. How do they make these look so good?

  2. LaineyLainey says:

    Good morning! Thanks for the blog, Reality! Rhom is on my dvr. I’m glad Gina is having a good season, I’ve always liked her. Reality, you made me laugh with your sharing your plans of leg shaving.
    I hope everyone is well. TRex, MTH to name two. I wish we knew more about Jeff.
    We are having beautiful weather here in central TX. I hope you’re all getting some sunshine.
    My hubby’s bday was thurs. Went to dinner with our son and his new girlfriend. Tonight we are going out with four other couples to celebrate 2 march birthdays: my hubs and one of the women. We’re going out for BBQ at a place on the river. Should be fun!
    In the meantime, I am trying to make mysel use the treadmill before I go out to get my hair colored ( monthly touch up)… But I’m soooooo lazyyyyyyyy.

  3. ladebra says:

    Bringing over this video about Kathy’s house, cause it’s beautiful!

    • VV™ says:

      I commented this on last blog. I was not impressed by her house and he decor.

    • Powell says:

      Gorgeous. Conrad didn’t sleep in the main house huh? How come she looks a little thinner on here than the few times she was on BH? Her clothing designs aren’t my taste but its good she has a career and I’m guessing it’s successful. All that space why didn’t she take Kim in? She could live in Conrad’s former bedroom.

    • Thnx ladebra, I really liked a lot of the house, the fabrics were just gorgeous,

      The dining room table was really pretty, but those chairs? Well bless her heart.

      What strikes me about Kathy is how self important she is. She really believes her own hype doesn’t she?

    • kit9 says:

      Not impressed. The dining room was just bad, imo. Also, what was up w/the bizarre placement of chairs in the living room up against the ends of the sofas and end table? And all that white furniture. Then of course, there’s the wall art she bought because it reminded her of Paris looking in a mirror?! Rofl!…”and this in in honor to my daughter’s raging narcissism”.

  4. VV™ says:

    I’m just gonn put this out there for whatever….
    I don’t think Kendall Jenner is pretty. She’s being billed as this big time model and I don’t see it. I’m sorry, I don’t. I think her mom is very good at marketing her daughters and that got her where she is now.

    • Powell says:

      I think she’s pretty. She just doing her thing just like Gigi and Bella. Her mom is no longer her manager, rightfully so since she knows nothing about the modeling world. All the new contracts she gotten were do to her modeling company.

    • Exit4 says:

      She works a lot. If the companies and designers didn’t like what she had to offer, they wouldn’t hire her-same with GG and Bella.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Most models really aren’t that pretty. At least in my experience and JMO.

      They’re meant to be clothes hangers and represent some type of elusive lifestyle. Depending on what they are representing, I think, determines how “pretty” the models are.

      As far as being a model- yeah she clearly is. The Kardashian’s influence only can extend so far.

      • VV™ says:

        I see her pics and nothing, no personality. She’s bland. I get what you’re saying about models these days are not that pretty but with some of them there is something that grabs your attention. This is not the case with her. IMO.

        • Remember Heroin chic? That was like what 20-25 years ago, and I didn’t think those girls were pretty either.

          Kendall Jenner just seems really fresh and now, and in guess that’s what Calvin Klein and the other designers want.

          • Exit4 says:

            Yes! And grunge. Every guy at college had longish hair, plaid shirts and boots. Hundreds of mini Kurt Cobains in J Crew grunge wear!

  5. Powell says:

    Happy Saturday everyone. OMG Reality_Bytes I haven’t watched these ladies yet so now I’m 3 epis behind? 😱 I’ve got lots of catching up to do. 😊

  6. VV™ says:

    Let’s see Yolanda tweets this pic.

    • ladebra says:

      Was it Dolce and Gabbana that made the big casino last week about in vitro conception?

    • Exit4 says:

      It’s not their fault! She was hired to do a job and that’s it. I doubt yolanda is embarrassed-what can she do? The pictures were probably done prior to the interview.

      • VV™ says:

        Who’s saying anything about Bella modeling on a D&G dress. I quite frankly don’t care about the controversy and wouldn’t boycott them.

        I am questioning whether Yolanda will tweet this or not because she calculates her every move. She’s conniving and a very subtle manipulator. I don’t trust her. I didn’t even mentioned the word “embarrased” which by the way not the angle of my post.

        • #proudmommy?

          Please girl, she’d tweet the opening of an envelope if one of her good Dutch girls was there.

        • Exit4 says:

          Then huh? I don’t get it-you want to see if she’ll tweet it out or not. Because she’s calculating. The only thing that makes this photo any different then any of the other ones is that there was controversy with the designers. I don’t get what you’re trying to imply….

          • VV™ says:

            My guess is she will not tweet……even though She tweets everything her girls do non stop #proudmommy

            • chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

              I saw the Bella tweet the phone texts with her dad and they said Mshallah? — I have to look up my Arabic. Either Mo said it to her or she to him.
              Maybe it’s just hello, or blessings ……

              I see your point about Gigi vs Bella.

              • VV™ says:

                I didn’t see the tweet. Bella tweets and deletesa lot. However, it translates to Go willed it or God has willed it in Arabic. It usan expression of appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness.
                Translation courtesy of Google, Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia.

          • austin1963 says:

            I don’t get it, either. At first, I thought she was talking about her being messy. Now they’re Arabs? No idea.

            • Mohammed is from Iraq. He was actually a politician there in the 50’s. I guess the girls have always been half Middle Eastern.

              • Sorry- that was their grandfather

              • VV™ says:

                Mohamed Anwar Hadid is Palestinian and proud of it. He immigrated to the US when he was young with his mom and siblings and settled in Virginia. He still has relatives in the DC area. I check his Insta on and off and he gives glimpses of his life. He claims his great great great grandfather was the Prince of Nazareth.

                You probably read the Wiki which is about some other guy with the same name.

      • Wait who’s fault?

        Bella?or D&G?

        Why would Yolanda be embarrassed? A D&G modeling gig is a really good career move regardless of their controversial comments.

        Even Elton John, who vowed a boycott, was photographed with one of their bags in his hand AFTER the statements.

        • vilzvet says:

          I never saw what any of you peeps thought of that photo of Gigi and Cody Simpson wearing nothing but a towel. I do recall that Yolanda retweeted it. Maybe I’m a prude, but I think it was not the best taste?

      • kit9 says:

        Not to mention the fact, the shoot probably happened months ago.

  7. VV™ says:

    Is Kyle not blogging this week to be in solidarity with her sister Kim?

  8. chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

    — is Kim on something ????? She sounds so lucid I don’t get it.
    –Bobble must have just gotten the fillers as if she’s SO NEW to them that she DOESNT KNOW you don’t get fillers done and then go out right away — they have to deflate and settle 🎈(see: Madonna)
    Regardless her skin looks awful. She looked on edge.
    All the ladies’ skin looked horrible on HD with the exception of Yolanda and shockingly — spikes Rinna.
    Why doesn’t kyle insist on sitting on the left couch ? Her upper left eye area is just awful and too crepe-y- ~~she would be best to pull a Mariah and ask to be filmed from the other side.

    Tarts– means the world you’re checking up on me and the family — ❤️You girl
    It went fine. A&&hole was a no-show, just making us go. It was Supreme Court – not small claims.
    So he has the next time to show or else it’s adjourned. He’s doing it to mess with us and we are considering counter suing for time and moneys lost. And lawyer fees, etc. we don’t “roll” that way, but with a jerk as this we just MAY👊👊👊

    Thank you and you’re the best 😘😘

    • VV™ says:

      I have to find the clup. I missed it.

    • I knew in my gut he wouldn’t show. What a waste of time & $$$.

    • TexasTart says:

      So funny, I was scrolling down fast and was – wait, Madonna?!
      Oh good, so you didn’t have to see this PITA but so frustrating to know he gets another chance?! 😠 Sorry your folks have to go through this! So good of you to help and go with them. I know what you mean about y’all are not like that, but he needs to learn not to take it this far!

    • Powell says:

      Grrrrrrr Chismosa!! Asshole! You said he wasn’t going to show. Dag on judge should have just thrown it out. Yup you countersuit the idiot. Ridiculous. 😔

  9. chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

    Thanks for the recap- I had tweeted that Janet is this year’s answer to JILL Z.
    And that Janet is this year’s Mandrea. And I want to know if Andrea truly “walked away” or was fired.
    I’m very perturbed that Chyka doesn’t film solo with Gina. Gina sees me and gets it.

    • Well to hear ‘her’ tell it she is too busy helping her husband the wonderful doctor, and running the center and she pretty much thinks the show is rubbish although she says she chose to leave. One of those methinks she doth protest too loudly. You definitely have Janet pegged!

      • Bee says:

        I think she did leave on her own. She couldn’t take the backlash to her awful parenting via employees book or the self she showed on RHOMelbourne.

  10. austin1963 says:

    I just can’t get into these Melbourne women. They all seem so pedestrian to me.

    • Oh thank goodness it’s not just me.

      I saw the epi with the idiot buying the Bentley requesting the mirror because she went commando and she needed to check her….🐱🐱🐱.

      The stupidity made my eyes bleed.

    • I saw last season and just caught up on this season (good job Reality Bytes!) – I kind of dig that Gina is so overdone and owns it. Frankly it is just nice not to have Booble and Rambles so even though Janet is coming off as pretty bitchy I am digging Melbourne.

      • Thanks…I like the series pretty much the best of all the HW series…but maybe I am just tired of all the long running ones here in the states. Jackie is who irritates me the most now though, i think she is trying too hard to fit in…and she isn’t as polished as the others…and never will be.

      • Powell says:

        Gina reminds me so much of Jackie Collins who I adore. Makeup from the 80s packed on and owns it. I love that in Gina. So SJP did you give Bobble a new name? Booble? HA!!!!
        😆😆😆😆 Bobble, Booble. They both fit.

    • I’m in it strictly for the accents and cultural idiosyncrasies and locations. I just like enjoying the ladies, too. They aren’t nearly as breakneck mean as Americans.

      Full disclosure–sorry, RBytes, I’m going to spill some dish on us: RBytes and I have a very dear friend from Australia who comes to visit all her American buddies every few years, so we’re biased, as well.

  11. chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

    Just a quick shout-out and thank you 🔈💐to Tarts, Catmom1, Powell, OMIB, Reebs, Mrs Peabody, Limespider>>>>>> thanks y’all for your advice. I had promised to thank you lol.

  12. VV™ says:

    Gigi Hadid Opens Our Eyes to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

  13. TexasTart says:

    Funny ending on the blog, the graphic and the last sentence, LOL I enjoyed reading about the Melbourne ladies and their antics. I like your style RealityBytes! 😀

  14. Sorry I’m bringing up the rear today, Bytes! I’ve been busy…wait for it…READING AN ACTUAL BOOK! lol Also I did the grocery shopping today and cooked dinner, watched a long-azz sci-fi movie…and whew! What a tough life I’m living!

    Thanks for the blog! LuvluvLUV the little “fairy tale” joke, too. So true!

    Gina just makes me laugh. She’s such a great contrast with her stiff delivery and dry wit, compared to Janet and Jackie…JACK’ET! LOL. Chyka is just loveable, and that sexy husband of hers is so delish! But Gamble’s VOICE and ACCENT are EVERYTHING! To laugh at, I mean. It’s quite cartoonish. The WatchWhatCrappens guys just about nail her perfectly at this point, and I laugh so hard at them!

    • TexasTart says:

      So tough! 😉 “Jacket” is too funny. Oooh, I will have to listen to the podcast – thanks!

    • WTG, I love that these ladies make me laugh moreso than any of the other HWs, it makes it easy to write about them, because I am always up for a good laugh! I need to listen to those podcasts too, thanks for the reminder AGAIN…I am just hardly ever where I can sit in one place for an hour…I will try harder to hear their impression of Gamble though…thanks as always for your comments.

      • I done TOL’ you to fire up those computer speakers and have some fun while doing housework! Last week’s WWC podcast was almost 2 hrs. because they had so many Bravo shows to talk about. WWC is my HWs therapy, as they always break the nonsense down into giggles and I NEED THIS to relieve my HWs PTSD!

        They have been recording their podcast on Wednesdays so the last one, #171, is one episode behind the RHof Mel on the Thurs. show. Also, Melbourne is well into the last hour, if memory serves. You can skip around if you don’t have time for the RHOBH and a few others they talk about in this one.

        One thing they are starting next week, though, is two podcasts/per week because they have so many shows to discuss.

        And I probably should mention they get VERY explicit in their language and personal disclosures sometimes….it’s definitely Rated R, ADULTS ONLY.

  15. TexasTart says:

    From the archives of “Where is Kim?” 😆

  16. ladebra says:

    Love is all there is

  17. Veena (NMD) says:

  18. HuskerHuny says:

    The golf scene from RHWM was absolutely the funniest scene from any HWs shows ever! I actually laughed out loud. I love Gina!

  19. Powell says:

  20. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday. As you see I posted a tweet between Lisa V and Joyce. I think some Bobble Head is starting her Sunday out w/foot in mouth disease. 😏

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    Kim Richards on the Loveboat

  22. Did Mike marry Jessica today?

  23. chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

    Quiet today ……… ?👂👂👂👂

  24. TexasTart says:

  25. mrs peabody says:

    where is everyone tonight?

  26. ladebra says:


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