Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part One – Let’s Chat

Tonight is the first part of the Beverly Hills reunion.  We know that Brandi Glanville went into the reunion nervous.  Rumor has it she hired a few coaches to run over her lines, so when she comes out with zingers like “I’ve taken enough abuse tonight and I don’t have to take any more from you,” to Andy Cohen, know that it was pre-planned, pre-written, and rehearsed.  Presumably, allegedly, and based on gossip, innuendo, and hearsay.

While Brandi was understandably nervous going into the reunion, the discussion of her play slap and drunken antics are sure to be overshadowed by the Kyle & Kim Richards dynamics.  These two sisters hadn’t spoken to each other for months before the reunion (according to Cohen), and boy did they speak during the reunion.  Remember, they don’t air their dirty laundry in pubic  ROFL.

For a little insight into the twisted sisters, watch this youtube “Reality demo” video – Kyle, Kim, and Kathy decide to help the homeless of Beverly Hills in an “I kid you not.”  I sure hope the woman at the end got her roller-bag.



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277 Responses to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part One – Let’s Chat

  1. Powell says:

    Reunion part one. How about excuse train part one. That’s all we are going to get from Booble Head and Kim.

  2. Ok, off topic – I watched the Going Clear documentary tonight and know some of you guys commented the other night. Do you think Bravo is starting its own cult? Blogs and THs are kind of like auditing sessions /going clear and many of us can’t walk away even though we know it is like watching a car wreck. Hmmm, I am a little scared.

  3. Powell says:

    I didn’t watch all of their video. What was the point they were making?

    I love Kathy’s driveway.

  4. chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

    4⃣5⃣0⃣—– my estimate 💥

  5. Watching the end of the finale – Lips really does play both sides of the fence. I really want to like her and I did, but I am kind cooling on her fast.

  6. not THAT Jill says:

    Friendship means you worry about someone…these two half wits wouldn’t know friendship if it smacked them in their stupid faces!!

  7. cdnfillie58 says:

    I kinda liked Yolanda this season…What’s wrong with me LOL

  8. Beautiful and beguiling? What is he drinking?

  9. Powell says:

    OH BOY!!!!!! 😱😆😖😠😝

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    Oh great…it’s dippy loopy Kim…for now!!!


  12. Love Vince – favorite house husband

  13. Let’s count the bump its on the ladies…

  14. kit9 says:

    I’m not watching but did see Brandi’s face in the FL. It looks freaky. Her mouth? I look at old pics of Brandi and her mouth is so different. She has a completely different smile now.

  15. Kyle looks different?

  16. Amber...RealWife says:

    Wow what a vicious bitch Kim is!

  17. Powell says:

    Stem cells!?! Whatever Yo has, Lyme Disease or not, I hope whatever treatment she’s getting helps her, can cure her, put her in remission, whatever to make her better and maybe it helps someone too.

    • chismosa aka/ HELP Someone fix RHOBH says:

      Omg I can’t wait to watch and see your little ALIVE EMOJI MEN……

      Can’t wait !

  18. Powell says:

    I’m glad Kyle said when she and Kim do talk she will only have an honest conversation. Sounds to me that she only wants the truth from Kim and is no longer going to keep her head in the sand.

  19. Saint Yolanda

    Our Lady of Perpetual Excuses

  20. mrs peabody says:

    I did not know Eddie’s wife was only 32 years old. Wonder how much this plays into Brandi trying to act like she’s so much younger than the other women on this show. Her husband left her for someone 10 years younger than her! Wonder if Leann ever makes remarks about that old menopausal hag her husband used to be married too.

  21. Powell says:

    Yup SJP it’s a cult when Kim can sit there & say she’s been on the receiving end of Booble ‘s rath but forgave her & can take Booble’s side and kick her sis.

  22. Exit4 says:

    Yolanda using “bag of trash” to describe Brandi was a Freudian slip, for sure.

    Kims giving you an out kyle! Take it and RUN!

  23. That one piece if hair in Yolanda’s bangs…I want to just run over with a pair of manicure scissors and just trim that one little piece…

  24. You are not a single mom – you are a single co-parent!

    • cc101 says:

      co-sign. This is one of my pet peeves. I would never call myself a single mother. It is completely disrespectful to the children’s father who loves and supports his children (and not just financially!). It is also disrespectful to real actual single moms out there who are doing it all and get no assistance (financial or time).

  25. Exit4 says:

    Brandi said single mom! DRINK!

  26. VV™ says:

    I call BS on that. I think she did remember that guy.

  27. mrs peabody says:

    Bravo has a site linked on the blog site that’s called beamly that lets you live chat on the show. I think it is their replacement for commenting on the blogs

  28. Exit4 says:

    I’m sorry, but Luann’s “be cool, don’t be like all uncool” is this years “prostitutiom whore”.

  29. not THAT Jill says:

    Chub chub is now a bad word…shame shame!! If that’s the worst I ever heard a HW kid say I would be happy as hell!!

  30. not THAT Jill says:

    Go dive

  31. Andy totally set Kim up for the a diving with the Stars comment

  32. VV™ says:

    Lisa better tweet that text from Brandi.

  33. Ugh Brandi just stop.


  34. Exit4 says:

    It would not shock me at all if Kim slept in depends after a bender. Brandi too!

    Brandi doesn’t get it. She may not be a textbook alcoholic-but she’s a drunk.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    Ohhhh no it’s ON!!
    Kyle gonna call Brandi a sick fu*k!! Finally someone’s gonna give her shit she’s been giving everyone since she hobble onto the show!!

  36. Except for the Diving with the Stars comment, I am kind of bored. Anybody else?

  37. cdnfillie58 says:

    What was the point of the “tea” episode

  38. Just sitting here in my Depends eating my space cakes…

  39. Lisa’s eyebrows look a little harsh. Not liking them.

    The dress? I can’t see the whole thing but me no likey

  40. NorthEastLurker says:

    OH PLEASE! BH and that fake ‘flinch’ and the pretend shocked ‘Oh!” when she watched the trailer of her slapping Lisa. This is already getting old.

  41. Exit4 says:

    The C word again? She’s so trashy!

  42. Ugh why is Lisa even engaging with Booble

  43. JumpTheShark says:

    With Brandi, every week is “Scary Island”. She needs to go. Lisa V. needs a stylist! Raquel Welsh is 20 years older, yet dresses younger than Lisa V.

  44. VV™ says:

    Andy is the worst moderator.

  45. Not smart to say FU to your boss is it?

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Methinks she sealed and nailed her coffin

    • And we’re done.

      That’s the pink slip right there.

      Brandi will go to rehab then have a comeback tour.

      Andy will have a one hour special and then she’ll get a spin off

    • NorthEastLurker says:

      I agree but then again, I live in the real world. He’s had her on WWHL since the reunion was taped and he was all happy and gushy with her so it appears all is forgiven.

      • hawkmoon947 says:

        What if the majority of the housewives band together to ice BG out? How can she be on the show if no one but Yo and Kim will film with her. What would they show? A lot of yoga classes?

      • VV™ says:

        I saw the exact same thing. He was all giddy and laughing at her jokes. He’s a idiot…A rich idiot!

    • Edie says:

      Cohen was quick to question what Glanville called Umansky. He completely expected her to have said the C-word.

  46. Veena (NMD) says:

    That’s so funny – I was just thinking Brandi was a lot like my cat – all fun and playful until she bites me – I totally get what Andy was saying.

  47. NorthEastLurker says:

    Okay, BEST comment of the season (I think) goes to Andy when comparing incidents with BobbleHead to playing with your dog and having him/her bite you. LOL PERFECT!

  48. VV™ says:

    I know I’m overdoing it with this but this is how I feel about the whole Brandi BS.

  49. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi doesn’t like the dog thing but doesn’t understand why Lisa didn’t like the “sleeping with half of LA” thing…she’s such an idiot!!

  50. Booble is very coached.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t think so…same old Brandi! Wait….maybe The Andy thing was coached-in a “make sure you tell Andy to F himself”…

  51. Exit4 says:

    I’ll use OMIB (Hope that’s ok) in my example. If I attacked her here on the blog-called her names and made rude accusations-and then apologized-even if I was Sorry and was having a bad day or whatever, what reason would OMIB have to ever engage with me again? Would she? No! Why doesn’t brandi get this?

  52. Had a great time tonight, but I have to go to bed since I have an early morning meeting. Night Lynnfam peeps, sleep tight and try not to have nightmares from all the facial close-ups showed tonight!

  53. LaineyLainey says:

    What if someone slapped Brandi. I mean, playfully, you know? Or what if her dinner companion threw a glass of wine in HER face? You know, just playfully!!! Oh…sorry! It’s just a little bit of wine! Sorry Brandi! Do you think she would be ok with that?

  54. Well, I dunno.

    I’m not as wrung out as I usually am, but it was a little boring.

  55. VV™ says:

  56. cdnfillie58 says:

    does Kim realize she’s latched on to the anchor and could very well be sinking with Bobble. I have an issue with a sister as well but under no circumstances would I let a br call her names or say the things I’ve heard her say to Kyle unless In private. Kyle really does need to cut her loose, maybe Kim will see the error of her ways. she has issue with Kyle and Bobble is the only one of the group on her side.

  57. Powell says:

    IDIOT!!! You know how people say they wish they had smellavision for cooking shows? I wish I had liveavision where I could put my fist thru the screen. 👊💥💣 POW!!!!

  58. VV™ says:

  59. hawkmoon947 says:

    You’re supposed to put differences aside and leap to the defense of your family. That’s certainly the way Kim wants Kyle to act. Too bad she doesn’t have the ability to apply that to herself.

  60. mrs peabody says:

    Eileen’s blog is up already.

  61. VV™ says:

    So, last year Yolanda get very upset with Lisa for canceling painting party. This year Brandi brings up Bella DUI and she gets a pass.

    #NoTWise #WeSeeThroughYourBSYofo #SheUsesHerSicknessAsItFitsHer

    • Exit4 says:

      I think they’re 2 different things and she gets it. I do too. Lisa not showing up felt like a snub-especially since she knows her daughters. Bobble was deflecting and she knew it. She said it and chose not to engage. Yolanda deals with Brandi like a teenager.

      • VV™ says:

        First, I Yofo wanted to be Quern B on the show so, anything to bash Lisa. Second, Brandi and Yo are very close and still are so, she was not going to go after her on camera.

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        Actually, the snub is that Bella was not given a painting blocks party.

  62. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:
    • ladebra says:

      Isn’t her name spelled wrong? lol

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

        That is so funny people !

        People has been making NONSTOP grammar problems daily

    • Powell says:

      It was five years ago, who can remember is what Jill says on one hand but on the other says B lied at how she got on the show. JZ and Bobby got B on the show.
      She’s moved on but every new season she’s commenting that she should be on the show and the ratings would be better.
      I guess she didn’t have her notes so she doesn’t know what she said.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      It’d be easier for me to believe that JZ is over it if she wouldn’t give interviews about it and attempt to justify herself any time anyone is around to listen.

  63. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Wow I’ve NEVER seen RHOBH trending ….. It finally is.

    Huh. Must be good.

  64. Veena (NMD) says:

    I enjoyed the reunion. Not too much overtalking. No yelling. Good balance of questions. No one ‘ganged’ up on Brandi so she couldn’t play the victim.

  65. mrs peabody says:

    I’m going to watch Jessa Duggar’s wedding. At least there are no dirty words on that show and the sister’s get along.

    • Powell says:

      There’s not a dirty word in a 500 mile radius of the Duggars. Did the pregnant one have her baby? She was overdue last week.

  66. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    VIV your graphics are HYSTERICAL …..

    Just randomly saw one drinking wine above 👆🍷🍷🍷

  67. kit9 says:

    Ok, I just finished. I thought it was good! Couple of things…Brandi was caught lying through her rotten teeth about calling LisaR anorexic. Red freaking handed. Also, did anyone else catch that side eye threat she made to LisaV? Hmm. And, I LOVED that Brandi got completely taken down over her Bella lies. Was SO glad for that as it was one of the most despicable things I think she’s ever done. Also loved that Yo called her out for deflecting. Just like she tried to do w/ her drinking….it’s not MY fault I drink, it’s your fault. DEFLECT DEFLECT DEFLECT. And, I cannot freaking believe that Kim is threatening Kyle w/ some story involving her daughter–JUST like Brandi did w/Yo and Bella. You don’t like what someone’s saying? Attack their daughter.

    • kit9 says:

      One thing though. I want to kill whoever directed and edited the show. It really was awful! The phony cut away expressions and delayed reactions were ridiculous. And, they never made it clear what Kyle was trying to say at the end. That was frustrating.

    • Edie says:

      The only person who gave her a pass was, of course, Richards. We expected that much. Even though Foster continues to be magnanimous about Glanville’s dastardly comment about Foster’s youngest daughter, Glanville never copped to the lie. She is wildly out of her league with this group of individuals. She canNOT hang with them.

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Kit im about to watch —

      Does she have a poocast this week ?

    • Brandi came off truly horrifying. Something terrible has happened to her appearance. And that’s the best thing she had going for her.

      Yes, Brandi did threaten LisaVP AGAIN. Yes, Brandi did threaten Kyle AGAIN.

      Now I’m thinking, from what we see of next week, that it’s probably Brandi who “told” Kim that big “secret” about Harry Hamlin. Kim just used it to attack LisaR.

      It’s a well established pattern now.

      • ladebra says:

        Brandi has drunk and disorderly bitch down pat, but she needs to brush up on her assault and battery bitch.

        The pattern seems to be lie, lie, lie, and who cares about who is hurt.

        She smashes friendships and lives to shards, and then apologizes. But the friendships and lives are still in shards and she doesn’t understand why her apology didn’t excuse her behavior.

        • She’s actually starting to scare me. She said on an early podcast she wanted to “rupie” one of the cast to loosen her up–guess who I think she meant? Now it’s “Watch your back”?

          I’m starting to think Andy Cohen needs a reality check. He’s firing up a sociopath and pointing her at the rest of the cast. I know they already have a body count on this show, so I guess he really doesn’t care.

  68. VV™ says:

    I guess James heard the Podcast too.

  69. Edie says:

    Brandi Glanville may be one of the most self-destructive people on this planet.

  70. VV™ says:

  71. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    Okay, for some reason, and the first time in a while, I fired up the Orson Buggy name on FB and looked around the LynnFam group tonight. What happened?

    I’m guessing someone said something that someone else took offense to. Teams were formed and a casino happened. And as a result, hardly anyone goes there anymore.

    I probably don’t want to know the details, but is that about the size of it?

  72. ladebra says:

    If this is old news, my bad

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