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Southern Charm – Raising the Roof

By HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with Thomas and Kathryn loading up the family to go into town.  Thomas thought his announcement dinner went well, but it’s obvious that Kathryn is still mad that Jennifer was there.  She wants Thomas to clarify their relationship.  He’s known her family for many years, though he’s denied that in the past.  Thomas sympathizes with Kathryn’s insecurity and tries to reassure her.  He wants to provide some additional security, in the form of a home.  Kathryn points out that Thomas sometimes makes inappropriate comments in front of her and asks that he behave a little more respectful of their relationship.  I think that she may be overreacting a little bit, but Thomas does have a reputation as a playboy so I would be concerned too.

Shep and Whitney celebrate moving into their beach house.  Shep is glad that he has the chance to “totally unplug” and live on the beach.  He grew up on Hilton Head, so it reminds him of his childhood.  I’m not sure what Shep needs to escape from.  From what I can tell he doesn’t have a job and doesn’t have any responsibilities.  Typical spoiled kid.  He was surprised that Whitney wanted to live on the beach, because he’s a little more moody than Shep.  Whitney did not grow up with siblings or cousins, so it’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to a roommate.  They agree to have a house warming party.

SC 1

Cameran and Craig are going fishing.  Cameran knows how to string up her bait and isn’t afraid of touching the bait.  They discuss the dinner party.  Craig doesn’t think that Thomas and Kathryn really like each other and has noticed a lack of chemistry.  He doesn’t think that they would still be together if Kathryn had not gotten pregnant.  Cameran believes that Kathryn resents the fact that Thomas hasn’t proposed.  She doesn’t think that Thomas will ever propose.  Craig says that he wants to get married and have a family, just not right now.  Cameran points out that he isn’t that young anymore.  Craig doesn’t have a trust or investments bringing money in, like Shep or Whitney, so he has to work for a living and can’t be a beach bum.  He wasn’t popular in high school, so he enjoys being popular now and getting all of the attention that he never got.  Cameran is glad that Craig understands his issues, but isn’t doing anything to fix them.  He’s afraid of missing out on something, so he stays out too late.  Despite admitting that he has a problem saying no, Craig says that he can stay out until 5 am and still be productive the next day.  It seems like Craig wants to live Shep’s lifestyle, but doesn’t want to work to make the money necessary to do so.  Time to grow up.  Most of us have to work full-time jobs just to make ends meet.

Landon’s sister, Powell, visits her boat house.  The two are very close and Powell lives in Charleston.  Landon loves the sunroof above her bed, she can see the stars at night.  I couldn’t live on a boat, but that’s pretty cool.  Her divorce papers have arrived, which need to be filed in Charleston so Landon can change her name.  It’s been a year, so she’s now ready to handle the final legal aspects.  Powell is proud that Landon had the strength to leave an unhappy marriage, when no one else in their family has ever been divorced.  In her family, you make a marriage choice and stick it out.  This is pretty typical of old southern families.  Props to Landon for having the courage to leave, rather than stay and be miserable.  She talks about how hard it was to tell her mother that she was getting a divorce.  Powell notes that outward appearances matter more than what’s going on inside.  Landon hasn’t seen her mother since she moved back to Charleston.  She is afraid that her mother is disappointed in her.  It’s awful that her mother can’t be supportive of Landon’s choice.  I really feel for her.

SC 2

Kathryn has called a meeting with Jennifer.  She thinks that there was something between Jennifer and Thomas, and wants to get to the bottom of it.  Kathryn admits that she didn’t realize how close Thomas and Jennifer were.  Jennifer tells her that the two met through her mother.  Jennifer says that they became close over the last few years and that Thomas talked to her when Kathryn became pregnant.  Kathryn is upset that she had no idea how close they were, while she was pregnant.  Kathryn is way more invested in this relationship than Thomas is.  It’s kind of sad that she doesn’t see that.  I’m afraid Kathryn is going to get her heart broken.  Jennifer acknowledges that Thomas is a flirt, but denies that anything happened between them after Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship began.  Kathryn doesn’t seem to really believe her.  Kathryn admits that she trusts Thomas, but doesn’t trust other women.  They agree that they’re glad the air is cleared.

Whitney is preparing for the housewarming party while Shep plays in the ocean.  Whitney has higher standards for his party than Shep does.  I am not surprised.  Landon isn’t sure how Whitney will handle living with the childish Shep.  I couldn’t do it.  It would be like living with a toddler.  Cameran viewed the house when it was for sale, for $1,699,000.  It’s a nice party, with plenty of food and drink.  Cooper, a menswear designer, is having a fashion show and wants Shep to be in it.  Landon is helping him with it.  She says that Shep embodies the old Charleston vibe of Cooper’s line.  I love the clothes, but I wouldn’t depend on Shep to come through on the day of the show.  Craig will also be in the show.  Thomas is there, but Kathryn needed more time to get ready.  Thomas and Whitney don’t understand what takes women so long to get ready.  The party is in full swing when Kathryn arrives.  Whitney wants Thomas to be happy, so he tolerates Kathryn.  Whitney is directing Thomas’ campaign ads, which is hilarious to Cameran.  I wouldn’t let Whitney anywhere near my campaign.

Whitney’s business partner, Brian, arrives.  The two sit down to talk about their restaurant.  Brian tells Whitney about some of the issues and comments that Whitney has been MIA lately.  Whitney has been traveling around Europe, not helping with opening the restaurant.  It’s obvious that Brian is angry that Whitney bailed on him.  Whitney says that he wasn’t trying to evade work, but that Brian never told him that he needed help.  Whitney believes that, because Brian has a larger share of the restaurant, he should do more work.  He seems to want the profits with no work.  The party moves inside and Whitney begins entertaining the group with his guitar.

SC 3

Thomas’ ad is being filmed at Patricia’s house.  They’ve already shot some scenes at the beach house.  Those scenes show a party with Thomas dancing with several girls.  A voiceover says that Thomas has been known to raise the roof, but he won’t raise taxes.  Seriously?  I understand that they’re trying to make fun of Thomas’ image, but I think it will just reinforce it.  Whitney doesn’t care about politics, but his background as a filmmaker (he did a documentary that he says was very successful, though it didn’t get good reviews) means that he can make a funny campaign ad.  People will notice because the candidate and the ads are so out there.  The ads filmed at Patricia’s are more serious.  Patricia comes downstairs to check out the filming.  Her dog had knee replacement, so she’s pushing him around in a stroller.  She doesn’t think Thomas has a chance of winning.

Cameran is cooking dinner for her husband.  I love her kitchen!  Cameran’s idea of cooking is to heat up a premade lasagna and pour a bag of salad into a bowl.  That’s my idea of cooking too.  She’s trying to make her husband happy.  I think it’s cute.

SC 4

Kathryn and Thomas are at dinner.  She wants to make their relationship work and will let the little things go.  It’s nice to see them having a date night.  The age difference is still bothering Thomas.  He tells her about the commercials.  There will be three ads, two funny and a serious.  He knows that Kathryn will not like the first commercial, but he did it anyway.  She cannot believe that he made a commercial dancing with three of her friends.  She is embarrassed that he is behaving like that while she is at home taking care of their child.  It was pretty disrespectful.  She believes that Whitney came up with the idea to cause trouble between Kathryn and Thomas.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but it’s clear that Whitney sure didn’t care what affect the ad would have on Thomas’ family.  They didn’t have the budget to make a family commercial, but he had the budget to make a commercial with other girls.  That’s a load of BS.  Thomas thinks that Kathryn is overreacting.  I have to agree with Kathryn, the commercial will make Thomas seem like a joke.  It just confirms the stereotype of him as a playboy and was really disrespectful to his family.  Kathryn storms out, telling Thomas that she doesn’t want to talk to him until he apologizes.



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  1. Happy Friday! Ok, this is petty but it makes me laugh. Brandi has been trolling for Make a Wish donations for a while now, but I checked and she is just a little over $9k towards her $15k goal. Where are all her buddies with money to contribute?

    Also, I rewatched part of the reunion on the 60″ HD tv and all of them looked terrible. The close up of Rambles, now known as the crypt keeper, gave me nightmares.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi has used a picture of her son in a tweet asking for donations…I don’t like it but I don’t like anything she does!

      • Powell says:

        No one is donating to the cause under her name. Why can’t her bffs that have been tweeting she’s so awesome as a friend raise the additional 6 grand she needs?

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Kelly got a little slap on the wrist –
      Paige still has a lawsuit pending against Abby and the production company for emotional distress – 5 million

      • Powell says:

        I could see someone winning a lawsuit against Abby for emotional distress.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          I think all of the Dance Moms should be sued for cruelty for making their daughters take lessons from her. I would never have put my girls through that kind of torment, I don’t care how good of a teacher she is.

        • Hell, I could win a lawsuit against Abbie for emotional stress. And I watched one season.

          “This giant, mean Abby, was hollering at these little girls and their mothers and ripping them up and down! This went on every single episode! I began having nightmares about children being eaten by her! Like in Hansel and Gretel! I can’t…I can’t….”

  3. ladebra says:

    Thank you for the blog HydranegaHussy! I can remember staying out all night and going to work the next day, but I wasn’t productive! lol I didn’t listen or take advice from anyone cause I knew everything. I don’t see this ending well for Craig 😦 and that’s a shame. I know the heart wants what the heart wants .. But I don’t get Katheryn and Thomas. They don’t have much in common. They don’t want much of the same things. They are at two different places in their life. Thomas is a womanizing party boy, and she’s a party girl. Wait! That’s what they have in common, but that’s not a great foundation for a relationship.

    It’s Friday!

    • Powell says:

      Ladebra my mom has told me stories about when she lived in NY before I was born and she would take Amtrak after work on Friday, come to DC w/her sisters and party the entire weekend, sometimes leaving early Monday morning on Amtrak and going straight to work. I partied w/my friends too but nothing like my mom. 😊 IDK about Craig. He’s a big frat boy. I hope he’s taken the Bar by this time. Thomas & Katherine. She loves him more than he loves her IMO cuz he really just doesn’t want to grow beyond sleeping w/whomever. I wish he’d not started the relationship. I want it to work out because I do think that she could help him be responsible and not be a womanizer. I think he could help her grow. I think the number one thing that their relationship doesn’t need is Whitney. IDK if he’s jealous that Thomas isn’t whoring around w/him like they used to or if Whitney is mad that Katherine didn’t choose him that summer.

      • Except…and full disclosure, I’m from S.C. and have been married to one of those “forever party” boys…Thomas, Whitney, Shep–they are typical and will never grow up. Period. The end.

        The best Kathryn can hope for as far as having him to herself is pushing Thomas around in a wheel chair, at which point he won’t be able to cheat on her with anyone but the closest nurse.

        Cause that’s how those guys roll.

        • ladebra says:

          👍👍 bless their hearts!

          • Oh! Good idea!

            It was an accident, yorah honah! I thought he was a burglah and I was so frightened! I had my eyes closed tight, the Chopin playing very loudly in my new iPod headphones…how was I to know it was him when I thrust my little 8 inch blade chef knife right through his heart? Sniff sniff flutter eyes sniff single teardrop slowly trails down my little cheek as my full pink lips quiver….

            I got this, right?

        • WTG—- whoa ….. So this is a common issue for like, south Carolinan- men? That’s just awful. It’s like they’re being raised by Italian mamas —- in Italy. (Men there stay with their family to be taken care of if not getting married).

          I’ve been to Hilton head and remember it was so so lovely

          • Well, I was told this by “a friend” of course.

            But yes, they’re all selfish, spoiled brats just like Whitney, Shep, and TRav…except they don’t see it that way.

            They see themselves as REAL MEN who get to do whatever they want, and if they get “caught” being, say, somewhat untruthful about…oh…stuff their BABE don’t like, then that’s her problem. Quit nagging and get them some supper, a beer, or get in the bedroom where you belong, little lady!

            Or something. I heard. Not that I personally have had this experience after 37 years of marriage to a S.C. man…not unlike these men, but without the inheritance.

            Any more questions? O_O #whereisthatarsenic

        • 3VnHer2Girls says:

          👏TRUTH. I was ready to smack Whitney with his own crummy loafer when he made that passive aggressive comment to Catherine about her daughter should already be embarrased…..👊. What a clod. Piece of💩for a self proclaimed Southern Gentleman

          • I know. I’m afraid Miss Pat may have failed in teaching her son to NEVER, EVER go after a mother. PERIOD.

            But in Whitney’s defense…and it’s hardly a defense…what Kathyrn doesn’t seem to know yet is S.C. men had that BRO CODE? It’s a read thing. I’m not making this up!

            37 years of marriage and I STILL LOSE EVERY TIME I go up against the Bro Code.

            Those men will do what they want and when it comes to women and partying, together they will NEVER be up to anything good.

            And that, Southern Charmers, is a FACT.

            Run, Kathryn, run! You can’t win this.

  4. Veena – I was having a lovely moment with my cat and he was purring and enjoying a pet, then he bit me! I have been Boobled!

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    Has anyone purchased Heather’s YummyTummy stuff? I bought a “starter kit” on HSN and let me tell you-FABULOUS!!! The tank top alone was worth the price of all 5 pieces! This is the most amazing tank top I have ever put on! (Getting it on was kind of a work out-this shit TIGHT!!)

    • I have looked at them a couple times and next time I will get them, thanks for the recommendation.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        You won’t be sorry!! She had a special on HSN and the price was great-I will let you know if she does another one!

    • Powell says:

      No I’ve never purchased any but usually watch when she’s on. I started to get the leggings. I think it was 2 or 3 in a set. Great HSN prices. I was looking at what she has at Nordstrom. Much more expensive. I’m glad you like them.

    • TexasTart says:

      Yes! Very quality stuff, I would definitely recommend!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      I saw her ON THE SHOW showing it on the model saying it WASNT tight !!!
      You should tweet her that it’s TIGHT !

      I saw you tweeted her —- it looked like a good deal. I have to see what the 5 pieces were again I forget. You can take them on your trip

      She was featured about 3 different times in a Star mag from last week I saw at the salon – her kids look great – son looks just like her.

      I’m going to be pro-Holla this season I can feel it ….. As she butts👴👴👴️s with Bethenny. Go Holla.
      I admire her work-life balance. I get it, I grew up with that.

      Still hold a grudge at how mean she was to Pretty last season but that’s just her personality and overall I don’t find her innately mean. It’s not throwing an acrylic Pier1 glass at the face at someone in a lake or anything. 😹🙀

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Nope. Never have. Prob never will.

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:


  6. kit9 says:

    Here’s the nosejob Kim is denying…please.

    • kit9 says:

      Is it me or is she trying to look like Brielle? Oy

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Season 1 Kim compared to Kim now..night and day! I don’t know if it’s the better wigs-better make up or just better photo shopping!!

        • Powell says:

          I think Kim had her nose done. The way it’s turned up just a bit looks like it. But whatever. It’s a good looking nose. Natural or bought.

      • Powell says:

        I was looking at her instagram last night. Those are some cute kids. Kroy written all over them.

        She had a pick of her and NeNe in NY and Kroy and Greg surprised them. NeNe’s butt looked smaller.

        Saw another post where she thanked Lily Galichi for referring a makeup artist she used while in NY. Kim is looking good.

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

        lipo on the jawline too (which I think Meany got years ago too)

      • TexasTart says:

        I thought that was Brielle?! 😯

  7. TGIF and Blessings on this Good Friday as well. No matter what religion or non religion you are I wish you all a sunny (ok more like the sun comes up and it’s light outside), calm, fantastic and love filled weekend. I will be coloring eggs tonight with Isaak and tomorrow Nevaeh and Riley will join me for more egg coloring. Trying an idea I found on pinterest, I do love me some pinterest!
    Tuesday I’ve heard we might get …… snow….. boooooooooo Yesterday we had a high of 83, it’s 29 right now and expected to hit a high of 46. UGH!!!
    I did think Andy’s analogy of a dog was spot on as it is like having a fun play session with a dog and then BAM you get bit. Most people will say Bad Dog No Bite!! yet no one says Bad STFUBrandi No Friends!!!

    • Powell says:

      You have a great Easter holiday too. Have fun w/the kids. Yes I see your pins on pinterest. I love it too. I went to the store today and bought me some Peeps and a Reeses Chocolate bunny. I hope you don’t get snow. NO more! 👎
      I thought Andy’s analogy made sense. Bobble Head didn’t like it cuz she didn’t understand it. 😝

    • TexasTart says:

      Have a wonderful time with the grandkids! Hope you’ve been feeling well.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        aww TT thanks. I’ve got chronic pain so I’ve been finding ways to deal with it and still enjoy life. Positivity goes a longggg way.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Have a wonderful Easter weekend with the grandkids, Diana! 🙂

          We dyed eggs a couple of weeks ago with my MIL–we added vinegar to the solution so it could give the eggs a really deep color. Well, my two year old started cracking the hard boiled eggs and the combination of the eggs and vinegar created a stink bomb effect… MIL left very fast. Lol

          • designernailsdiana says:

            Oh my gosh. Well my fingers are currently stained from food coloring but the eggs look great. Tomorrow night I will try to remove the dye.

  8. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Fridaaayyyyyy!! YES! 🙂

  9. mrs peabody says:

    I read on the internet Booble head is now being compared to a cabbage patch doll. Had to laugh at that because they are kind of right.

  10. Powell says:

    LOL Ramona is 5 days late. “Mario haven’t you noticed how big my boobs are?” “What you had a boob job?” 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😱

  11. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:


    Exit !!!!—->> got my Us this week (why so late bit$hes???? Jeesh) — and there’s no other photo of 🌲🌳. Just the main cover one spread out with all the girls.

    Tarts —- Fire ants ! Never had them or seen them – I hear that’s awful – I hope you’re ok!!!!
    I don’t watch any 1/2 hr comedy – so I am not familiar with anything from BBT — (yikes) –
    After the Office I just gave up. Modern family I stayed on a bit and then ended.

    I’m going to read the Southern Charm recap — POWELL did you know Landon has a sister named POWELL? I don’t know if Powell is your first name but I’m not a fan of last names as first names. I’m super tradish — Landon, Powell….. What’s the third sister’s name – Smith? Jones? 😛

    Anyone notice how michael Landon’s mouth doesn’t move whens she talks? It’s like her lips stay in one position and she doesn’t move her teeth or mouth.

    I’m DVRing NY—-> did they BYPASS the episode in morocco with the fortune teller and Luann revelling in that about Ramona?
    How about the hangers and Cindy getting upset? I hope that was on.

    RAMONAS on WWH next week. Can’t wait. 🐢🐢🐢⏰⏰⏰

    • Powell says:

      Haha Chismosa. Nope Powell is my last name. I’ve never heard of anyone w/Powell as a first name. I guess I’d prefer it over Apple, North & other made up names. 😊

      • mrs peabody says:

        Powell is my last name too, that’s why I like your name.

        • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

          Oh wow — this is a common name !

          ((I don’t know crap))

          Thanks both for confirming —-
          Ms and Mrs Powell ^^^^^^^^

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m fine, just got upset having to go into hazmat mode at 9pm, instead of watching TV. I dealt with what I think was the source (ant mound) outside the house with poison, but they are still coming in looking for the palace they were building (the DirecTV receiver). Sometimes it takes days for the survivor ants to give it up.

      I won’t put poison inside the house…so I have slower working methods indoors. I unhooked everything last night and took the TV receiver outside and ants are STILL coming out of it – so I don’t know if it works yet or not. Luckily they did not go in the TV.

      • Powell says:

        Summer before last we had a big ant problem. They were so bad that verizon had to come replace a box in the basement for the WiFi and ants were covering the box. We got this indoor outdoor spray where you spray the perimeter of your house and some ant disks that we placed were they were active in the pantry and in the basement were our freezer is. It took a month or so to get rid of them. I hope you get rid of them.

        • I love “Grants” ant traps. I like the idea that they are getting the “food” and taking it back and killing all their friends and family, sick I know… It is not for the faint of heart because you have to allow the ants to be there and feed….I take a toothpick and get the goo from the inside and put it on the outside of the disc and then get a volunteer to feed…..simple things for simple minds!!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I have an annual problem with sugar ants. The tiny ants that stink when you squish them. There is a sugar syrup laced with Borax that they take back to the nest, and it works great. But meanwhile, they swarm the kitchen and are on and into everything. Once they tried to nest in the answering machine and I finally bagged it and put it in the freezer — shook out hundreds of frozen little bodies. Once they invaded a plant, so I set it on a platter with a ring of soapy water — figured they’d starve and die but they never did. They drive me nuts.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Oh my goodness! I hope those ants are gone very quickly. Not liking you having to deal with so much. 😦

      • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

        I’m with you about poison indoors. In fact I asked our doggy’s oncologist about all that and of course (!) he agrees with me. I don’t want to spray Raid or any of that crap near my boys —

        Last year I was looking up ways to prevent the dreaded stink bugs (it’s a thing that’s going to grow steadily in the states) – from infiltrating the house // attic – and for non-toxic stuff – have you ever tried diatatemeous earth??? Ill check correct spelling — its like clay and you put it around where you don’t want “infiltration” …….

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I saw the other day where people are grinding eggshells in a coffee grinder — super fine — and using it like diotemeous (sp?) earth. I’m gonna try it for slugs.

    • Anne says:

      Actually, it is traditional in some families to use maiden names of mothers, grandmothers or great-grandmothers as first names or middle names and then to continue the practice. You see it more frequently with boys, but it isn’t uncommon with girls, at least in some parts of my extended family. Most of these people on Southern Charm seem to have pretty deep roots in the South, back to colonial times. If Landon does too, then her name may be a family name. Also, some people use middle names rather than first, so she and her sister could be using their middle names.

  12. TexasTart says:

    Good Afternoon! 😀

    Thank you, HydrangeaHussy for the Southern Charm recap. I keep wondering if the Whitney and Shep shack-up was only for the benefit of the show. I can’t see Whitney sharing living quarters, with anyone but his mom, lol. What was Thomas thinking having Whitney work on his campaign?! It appears that Kathryn has changed a lot to be a mother and wife and she’s just not getting the same from Thomas….at least it appears that way so far. I ❤ this show!

  13. HuskerHuny says:

    Good Friday blessings to all and a very Happy Easter as well. I only have to fix Easter lunch for three, so it’s going to be a quiet day at my house. More candy for me!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      No celebration at all for me. I really need to go check out the candy at the store. Those malted eggs are hard to ignore.

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    Whitney is the Jax of this show – and Thomas is the – well Tom – just as Jax tried everything he could to break up both Kristin & Tom and Katie and other Tom, Whitney is doing that to Kathryn and Thomas – I think Whitney had or has a thing for Kathryn – either that or he misses his partner in shenanigans – either way not cool – I think Kathryn is trying wants very much to be the wife and mother – but with a loving husband – and I don’t think she is ever going to get it –

    oh – and Thomas will never get elected – with or without the ads – the ads just confirm that –

    • HuskerHuny says:

      He only got something like 7 percent of the votes in the election. No one in their right mind would ever vote for that idiot. The 7 percent that did vote for him need to be deported.

  15. TexasTart says:

    Paging Chismosa📢📢📢
    I don’t think having the JZ website link in your name is a good idea. Web sites have the ability to know when they receive ‘referral hits’. I’m sure it would make someone’s day knowing they get hits from Lynn’s Place. Please remove it from your next login. Thank you, Texas Tart

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      See ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

      😥😥so sorry ! Didn’t think it stuck. Total technical glitch

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Kim and Kyle-reunion clip…it’s ugly!!

    • chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

      Thanks for tweeting and this ⤴️⤴️⤴️⤴️

      I’m going to watch on a big screen.

      Kim is just going to be beyond— this is horrible. I feel for all youse with sisters. 👭👭

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Walk away Kyle. Kim is in deep denial and will stay close to her enabler Brandi. Save yourself and your family.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Kim is a horrible bitch! I thought that her daughter already got married? Who were they talking about?

    • Yikes, I am totally #teamKyle now, because Rambles is just damaged, mean, trash – who cares that you did Escape from Witch Mountain a hundred years ago her sole is just black tar and she deserves Booble for a friend.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      “What’s an egg beater?” LOL!

    • VV™ says:

      Kim Richards is despicable.

    • VV™ says:

      What daughter is getting married? Whitney? Kimberly? The finale was filmed last February. I haven’t seen any indication that somebody is getting married. EXCEPT the Bachelorette party in Vegas for Brooke which she recently celebrated as her wedding was rushed. Whitney is very very private and the snootier of her daughters.

    • You know, I know I’m not the incomparable, prideful, rich, privileged Kim Richards, but I have never in my life ever talked to anyone the way Kim talks to people. She thinks she has some right to be as rude and hateful to Lisa R and Eileen as she can manage. She did this to Ken Todd last year, too, so it’s not an anomaly, but a pattern.

      If Kathy Hilton backs up this behavior, then no wonder her children end up arrested, beaten up, in sex videos, and jail.

      I am so over these mean people. Even sadist Andy looks like he’s not happy with what’s happening here. Which is a complete shocker.

    • kit9 says:

      Kim is disgusting. Just a despicable human being. This goes to one of the reasons I didn’t like Kim from S1. She’s insanely self centered EVEN where her kids are concerned-which is unforgivable. From tying to keep her daughter from spending time w/her father to Kim putting a guilt trip on her daughter like I’ve never seen S2. And, now this. She doesn’t give 2 chits about her daughter’s happiness-she just wants revenge on Kyle. I loved Kyle mocking Brandi’s phoney outrage. That was priceless!

    • plainviewsue says:

      So ugly. My eyes welled up at the end when discussing the wedding. Kim really is a cold hearted b*tch. But I loved when Lisa R said “Is Kathy Hilton god?” Fabulous. Reminded me of when at Jill’s charity event planning, the girl next to Bethenny said “Who is she?” referring to Kelly. And Bethenny said “Apparently Madonna!” That never gets old.

      Kyle should wash her hands of that self-entitled witch. Kathy Hilton and Brandi can babysit her.

  17. chismosa-irresponsible conjecture, rubbish, assumptions, innuendo, & gossip!! says:

    Omg im so sorry I was trying it as a joke just on my phone and didn’t think it stayed when I changed devices— my apologizes Tarts !!!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      I know it was a joke, but considering the history here…

      Pretty much anything you link can know the hits come from here. The box for a URL in the login is actually intended for people who have a web site of their own – or a gravatar account.

  18. Am I the only one sickened by Kim’s ‘I’ll tell a story and you won’t like it.” ABOUT HER OWN NIECE???? I mean SERIOUSLY??? WHO does that??? WHO thinks that that is acceptable behavior in ANY situation??? NATIONAL TV????? What a POS!!!! The more I see the less I like.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m sure Kyle wouldn’t like it because it will all be lies if it is coming from Kim, like the Harry lie.

    • ladebra says:

      Sickened, appalled, disgusted, nauseated, offended, repulsed … Kim is not sober and Kyle needs al anon

      • Kyle said on WWHL she has been to al anon. Honestly, I think it’s taking. She was quite solid in her responses to Kim in part 1, I thought. I hope they don’t do this show again together. I truly do.

        • ladebra says:

          She is better with Kim, not letting Kim hijack her attention and fall for the deflection. I hope she is getting help, because she lets Kim guilt/manipulate/play her like a fiddle. She’s so emotional and she is just as messed up as Kim, so I hope she is getting help and stops this enabling circle of BS.

    • kit9 says:

      And, the weird smirk/smile Kim has on her face as she’s making her threats. Like she relished it. It’s about her OWN NIECE! I honestly have such an urge to punch Kim in her smug face. The expressions she has while she’s barfing up the most awful things? Same thing in Amsterdam w/LisaR. That smug, smirk is so horrible it’s a miracle she hasn’t had someone kick the chit out of her already.

      • ladebra says:

        I know that look well – that’s the “be careful or I’m going to do something to hurt you and you won’t like it and I don’t care” smirk.

      • Yes, smack that smirk right off!!

      • Limespider says:

        I think Brandi has schooled her minion Kim well in the ways of threatening people and hitting below the belt. The vile crap coming out of Kim’s mouth sounds just like Brandi.

    • plainviewsue says:

      SICKENED!!!! She’s going to put the blame on Alexia for the dog bite. That’s my guess. But regardless, who says I’ll tell a story & your won’t like it about their niece? Their blood.

  19. mrs peabody says:

    I finally figured out why Brandi is having all that work done on her face, she wants to look like Lisa!. I saw a pic of them posted side by side and she is starting to look like her with the cheeks and lips. When she dies her hair black I’ll know I’m right. She wants to be the blond Lisa V.

  20. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    Good Friday everyone!

    I took the day off to make my family’s traditional Easter bread. It’s like a stuffed pizza filled with salami and cheese. I made nine pounds of filling and am waiting for the bread dough. Im not really proficient at making white bread dough, so I’ve been thawing frozen dough since last night. I’m sure my grandmother is in Heaven shaking her head at me now. It’s been 15 hours. Shoot me.

    So I tune in to Days of Our Lives. Adrienne is sleeping with Lucas??? Somebody needs to catch me up. WTH is going on?

  21. Hydrangea🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺— thanks for the recap

    OH WHERE WAS AVIVA’s husband??? Who was it at the party???? I’m dying to find this!!!????

    anyone noticed the big drama on I believe Facebook (?) by Thomas and Kathryn. ??

    Thomas made a dig at Cameran (who seems to do no wrong in anybody’s eyes- how annoying!) — last week and then recently went off about Kathryn cheating on him ——
    So then Kathryn made some post this week being all haughty like ” I don’t like to air my personal things in public but since you have taken this so far ……. You slept with one of my friends WHILE I WAS PREGNANT”—

    None of this was on Twitter or even Instagram I don’t think. But on FB 😋

    Was this discussed here ? I’m sorry my brain is just so drained right —-it’s been a crazy day—-now I’m forgetting ……

    I’m sorry—
    Kathryn, for all her “breeding” and established Huguenot name BS– acted like such an utter slut– just as bad as the boys in the crew seem to. That was gross and nasty.

    I don’t think Thomas is truly in love with her. He loves her as the mother of his child but apart from that, she’s quite petulant and a ‘pill’ as Mr Pill💊 himself stated – Whitney.
    All her Chanel earrings and protruding collarbones and vertebrae in size 0000 couture clothes don’t change how gross and trashy she can act.

    I felt for Thomas last season. Yes there’s a double standard but that’s world-over. I thought Thomas was quite sweet and I think he lost the one love of his life — the waitress // beverage cart chick he spoke of last year at his soliloquy party.

    I think Kathryn is far too sulky and self-centered and TRav needs someone fun. And a tad closer in age.

    Whitney is just unbearable. I’m going to search German gossips to see if he’s still with that Larissa.
    His body issues (carbs, beer, etc) are likely what attracts him to bony Kathryn. He’s like a male anorexic.

    What is a strumpet? I have to google this.
    Whitney seems to have no southern accent. His mom yes. And is her name originally Sudler ? Or Smith? He’s so affected God only knows where Twhit gets his names.
    I know she has NY connections. I forget if connected to the Altschul who had the daughter Serena Altschul on MTV as a VJ.

    • I agree with all you say. Last year, I was quite sympathetic to too drunk and too dumb TRav. Kathryn easily seduced him with her youthful sexiness, after he’d been rejected by sensible “connected” women a bit older than her.

      Now they are finding, like many newly-DNA-connected-parents, they might not have thought this through….

      Having said that, the baby is here, they are her parents, and it’s time for both to grow up.

      And TRav didn’t “lose” the love of his life. He JETTISONED HER, the day before her wedding. No doubt she was deeply humiliated, having her heart broken because TRav decided at the last minute he couldn’t stand up to the class bigotry after all, publicly rejecting her in front of everyone she was close to or hoped to know. What an asshole. She dodged a bullet, in my opinion.

      I say all of this after the first season of being fond of Thomas and Whitney. Season 2: I see there is no redeeming them. They will use and abuse women for what they feel entitled to: sex with no responsibility.

      So to Thomas I would say, If he cares about his daughter, he needs to at least acknowledge he’s set her up for scandal her whole life.

      DOUBLE SMACK! HE’S old enough to know better. Jerk.

      And if there are strumpets in this group, their names are Thomas, Whitney, and Shep.

      Love you, Miss Pat, but it’s the 21st century.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Thanks WTG — and yes you are absolutely correct — he dumped the poor gal right before the wedding. I mean who does that !!!! And especially —- what GUY!?!?

        Men notoriously are the ones to “just go along” and wait for women to break things up.


  22. VV™ says:

    Remember this picture. I posted long ago and I said I thought Kim and Monty were going to get married. We still don’t know who’s wedding planning this was. Can somebody tell me the date on this picture, please? It’s no provided on phone version.
    I want to see compare dates between the time the reunion was filmed and flower shopping.

  23. plainviewsue says:

    I enjoyed the first part of the reunion, cos it centered on Bobblehead & what she’s done. I loved that LVP got to say everything she didn’t say at last year’s reunion. Of course Bobble didn’t accept anything she said she did or said.

    But this next part looks like it will be cringe worthy to watch. I don’t enjoy this. Kim is so horrific in her almost giddiness at trying to take her sister down. But it’s not working. It’s going to be hard to watch.

  24. Mel says:

    the wedding that is being planned is for Brooke, kim’s daughter. I think the first wedding was a quick wedding due to her father’s cancer. I remember them saying the wedding was moved up.

    I think Brooke is now planning the BIG wedding. Hence why there were pictures of her bacherlorette party etc. The first wedding was small and only family and this one coming up is the real big wedding for everyone.

  25. First look tonight – NY at 9:18 and BH at 9:30 – chi, chi, chi!

  26. Ladina says:

    Eileen telling Brandi that she should try to have a good relationship with her ex’s wife.. Brandi saying Eileen doesn’t know anything about THAT? Double standard strikes again, didn’t she do the same calling Eileen a home wrecker. BG didn’t know anything about that ethier, the HYPOCRISY IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE.. 😩😩😩😩😩😩

    Really bothers me that she can say whatever she wants to the women and expects all of them to just take it and shut up.. Because she was kiddingggggggggg so over her, if she comes back I hope LV quits, shes one of the main HW’s, BH would loose a lot of viewers, I prefer to see one of my favorite shows die than endure another season with this wreck, because I wont watch..

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      That’s why I’m baffled as to why Brandi is surprised that the other women are calling her out on her mess. She’s absolutely clueless.

  27. Before Veena sweeps in with a new link for the next blog, I realize I got so busy planning my S.C. hubs’ karma, I forgot to say thanks to you for this excellent blog, HydrangeaHussy.

    I do have one question: did I imagine that TRav’s secret best friend Jenn admitted to Kathryn she had actually slept with Thomas before he took up with Kathryn? Cause I could have sworn she tried to wiggle out of it every way she could, but like a good, honest Southern woman, finally let it squeak out that she had not been intimate with Thomas SINCE HE GOT WITH KATHRYN?

    Which is as good as saying, Yeah, I effed him, but before your time.

    Which means Kathryn caught TRav lying to her when he stated he barely knew Jenn, then changed that story to they were just friends when she showed up at his “announcement” with an invite from TRav. He left out “with benefits.”

    Which is why Kathryn scheduled the lunch, because that’s what she suspected.

    Kathryn, if you’re reading this, leave that dirty dog.

    • ladebra says:

      Thank you 💕 so darn much for your stories. I wandered over to your blog this morning and read your stories, and was delighted with your photos. You have a tremendous gift, such a talented storyteller. I confess, I was born in Vicksburg, and claim to be Southern, and there is something so nostalgic about Southern stories. My mom is still making me laugh and I love her more now than ever, but my Dad is only with me in my dreams. I love when he comes to visit but I always wake up exhilarated and weepy. As I was reading your stories tears started rolling down my face, but at the same time I was smiling and laughing. Through your eyes you took me back to so many vacations driving with Dad through dusty country roads, and sitting around the dinner table debating over nothing lol. What a talent, what a gift, and thank you for your stories. 💕

      • Oh, you made me get all weepy, too, now. Your parents sound wonderful.

        Some of my best memories are of relatives telling stories that made me laugh until I hurt. It is very Southern, sitting on the porch in the evening with the people you love, listening to them spin a yarn.

        So glad you visited with us. xoxo

  28. ladebra says:

    I know this is way OT. But this makes me so sad. I traveled and marveled, and studied and admired, a lot of historic sites and museums and ruins in this part of the world – not nearly enough, looking back, silly me for thinking they survived for thousands of years and would be around for thousands more …

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Wow. Very disgraceful but what can you expect from this kind of new terror group.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Destroyed the tomb of St.Jonah and an 1800 year old shrine to Serh, Adam & eves 3rd child in Mosul. Not to mention slaughtered 27 Coptic Christians worshipping at the church there.

      Nothing in the Bible or the Koran is safe.

  29. ladebra says:

    I’ve felt like this!

  30. SerenaNYC says:

    The BH first look was crazy. Eileen and Lisa R pretty much shut Brandi down and I really enjoyed it.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It drives me crazy that Brandi doesn’t understand that she isn’t the only one with kids. Why is her parental life so much more important than anyone else? She says hurtful things about everyone but when it comes back on her she cries about her kids-bullshit!! They are all mothers-she didn’t invent motherhood!!

  31. serenanyc says:

    Oh and it was funny when Andy asked Brandi what she thinks of Eileen and she replied “I guess I really don’t think of her.”

    You evidently thought enough of her to go on the internet and research her past from two decades ago!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Funny that Brandi thinks because the story was on the internet that it’s ok to bring it up and it shouldn’t hurt Eileen’s family…her tampon is all over the internet -will it hurt her kids when it’s brought up? Come on now Brandi!!!

      • serenanyc says:

        It’s all double standards like Lisa R says. When they talk about Kim’s sobriety issues, Brandi tells them they’re running the risk of “ruining someone’s family.” But when Brandi does it it’s “exposing the truth.” And there are countless things Brandi has done that she wouldn’t want her kids knowing on the internet.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Her expectation that the other women shouldn’t ever bring up her family life is annoying! Who the hell is she? She can’t expect them to treat her better than she treats them just because her husband was an asshole! I’m over the victim act-poor little Brandi…whatever!!

          • TexasTart says:

            She’s the moral compass of the show!

            • ladebra says:

              I love when Eileen said that lol.

            • not THAT Jill says:


            • serenanyc says:

              I also loved when Eileen told Brandi “Shut the F up!” LOL she was not expecting it and it was nice to see Brandi get a taste of her own medicine as she always tells people that.

              • TexasTart says:

                How about when LisaR dared to ask Brandi “what happened to you as a child?!” Only problem is LisaR went into overload with the FU’s to Brandi. Did B deserve that? Yes for the FU’s, but I don’t like to see Lisa get on B’s level. It’s ugly. Seems we all love Eileen so much because she can manage to get her point across and take shots without getting so ugly.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I loved when Rinna said “where’s that tampon endorsement”….you know Rinna would have taken that to the bank!!!

                • serenanyc says:

                  I still like LisaR, but was getting frustrated with how she kept interrupting Eileen when she was taking Brandi on. You’re so right, Eileen takes Brandi on in such a calm and classy way unlike LR. However, I did enjoy when LR said “You need to be shut down!” to Brandi.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I didn’t mind the interrupting b/c it was still part of the topic-I hate when they interrupting and change the subject!

                  • TexasTart says:

                    Oooh “you need to be shut down!” was the very best statement made!!!

  32. VV™ says:

    Reading Yolanda’s last years blog and I had forgotten she was operating on 1/5 of her brain. Also, how she felt violated that Ken had touched her. This b*tch is manipulative to the core and I don’t buy her BS. If she can exagerate what appears to be Ken reaching out to her to being hit by Ken, b*tch can exagerate many more things. I wish her well, hope they find a cure but I don’t buy her manipulations.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      They way Ken was acting toward Yolanda was way more aggressive than the way Mauricio acted to Brandi during lawsuitgate-people said Mauricio was bullying Brandi and all sorts of crap-he never called her a name and he didn’t physically go near her. Ken was rude and nasty-but he never touched Yolanda-she made a big deal about it but so did Brandi back then. In fact-Ken made a big deal about the way Mauricio treated Brandi and he treated Yolanda much worse.

      • VV™ says:

        She claimed she was operating with 1/5 of her brain S4. This season she must have gained some brain power as she didn’t mention 1/5 of a brain. She relapsed 3 months ago after filming was completed. It’s all facts out of her mouth.
        You’re blaming Ken for her lying that he hit her? Ken didn’t hit her. Joyce on her blog was upset at the degree of which Yolanda exaggerated the whole situation then you have Brandi tweeting about a man should never touch a woman. All because Yolanda lied or exagerated.

        AGAIN I HAVE NEVER SAID SHE IS NOT ILL. My thoughts have always been that she uses her condition as it fits her agenda.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          VV-are you talking to me? If so-please tell me where I blamed Ken? I clearly said Ken never touched her? Did you not see that? I will not say that Ken wasn’t aggressive and rude because he was-he called her stupid and he was nasty.

          • VV™ says:

            I was addressing her lie. She lied. The world saw she lied. I don’t know why Mauricio’s and Ken’s name are being thrown in the mix. SHE INTENTIONALLY LIED TO HARM A MAN’S REPUTATION or to play victim. Why else would she lie?

            • not THAT Jill says:

              “You’re blaming Ken for her lying that he hit her”…I didn’t blame Ken-that’s my point.
              I brought up Mauricio b/c he was called a bully when spoke to Brandi and Ken was way worse than Mauricio was-Ken was mean and nasty and so damn rude. Ken isn’t the only person on a HW show to get his reputation sullied-Mauricio has had the same happen to him-I brought it up as a comparison. Yolanda still thinks Ken grabbed her arm so does that make her a liar? Idk…she thinks it happened.

            • VV™ says:

              …and when Brandi retweeted, Yolanda didn’t correct her either.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                And when Brandi said Mauricio bullied her no one corrected her then either-did that bother you?

                • VV™ says:

                  He was rude and bullish to her IMO. Why are you going back and not acknowledging Yofo lied.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    And Ken was rude and bullish to Yolanda but you won’t acknowledge that b/c you don’t like Mauricio so his reputation can be harmed by everyone including the Lisa and Ken.
                    How many times have I said Ken didn’t touch her VV? Isn’t that acknowledging that Yolanda isn’t telling the truth?

                • It always bothers me when these frightful women go after reputations to hurt others.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Why can’t she be both sick and a horrible person?

      What – only good people get sick?


      I totally believe her. I totally believe she’s sick. I do not think she is over exaggerating her symptoms.

      I really don’t like her either, she’s arrogant and self righteous. Is she lying about being so sick? I am accepting her at face value- probably because I don’t really care enough about her to invest anything else in her.

      • VV™ says:

        Yolanda is aware as long as she reminds us of her ilness, she won’t be attacked.
        If she is so sick, why is still on the show?

        • Well, she supposedly is leaving. Won’t film next season.

          But really? Who knows why half of these silly bitches are on these shows? I get promoting your own business but other than that?


    • TexasTart says:

      I’m not a Yolanda fan, but I don’t understand why all the harping on everything she does. I give her a pass and it’s okay if others don’t. With all due respect, if you had a clue what it was like to be chronically ill, you wouldn’t go after her so much! That’s all.

      • VV™ says:

        You don’tknow anything about my life. So, don’t attack ME, when I am not attacking you. Again, you don’t know.

        • TexasTart says:

          That was in no way an attack, obviously you don’t know enough about me after all these years we’ve shared exchanges here?!

          • VV™ says:

            “if you had a clue what it was like to be chronically ill, you wouldn’t go after her so much! That’s all.”

            Sounded personal to me. If I misunderstood, then we’re cool.

  33. not THAT Jill says:

    This is the story about Lisa Rinna and Brandi -“Trashy Mom”…Rinna doesn’t say shit about Brandi’s kids or Brandi’s parenting-it’s all about how Brandi dresses…Brandi tried to tip urn it into something else completely because she’s idiotic and apparently can not read!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Tip urn??? WTF?? TURN!!!

      • Those tip urns are only at the very best of funerals. Phaedra said so.

      • LOL I’m so used to smart phone ridiculous “auto” corrections and common texting errors (because it’s so hard to type on these things), when I’m reading I actually automatically transpose letter errors or edit electronic malapropisms without even noticing anymore.

        What I really hate is when I make a simple mistake in grammar and don’t catch it until it’s posted. Too late! sigh

    • kit9 says:

      And as I said above, Brandi HERSELF has referred to her own style, way of dressing, as “hoochie mama”, which is exactly the same as trashy mom.

  34. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Wow- I’m not the only one that can’t get into the RHOMelbourne- it didn’t even hit 400k in viewers.

    • ladebra says:

      Run Ron. I don’t know how they did at noon on Sunday first season, but maybe they should have left well enough alone.🐥

    • In all fairness, Bravo has barely promoted it, compared to their other HWs shows, plus they keep messing with the time format: it started last week at 9:55, which was not only off the hour, but was an hour later and Bravo didn’t bother to alert viewers about the time change. Bravo is doing this a lot with their shows being chopped up in weird time segments, and I find it confusing. Seems to be something other cable channels do at times, as well. Great way to lose viewers.

  35. serenanyc says:

    Brandi said she on the first look that she dropped a friend who was having an affair. I thought it “wasn’t nice to be dropped”??

    For someone who has such disdain for people who cheat, I’m sure Brandi’s aware that Donald Trump who she praised as a “stand-up man” and someone who “would make a great president” had multiple affairs while he was married. But Eileen she automatically discounts. I guess it didn’t even matter to Brandi that Eileen said that they went to their spouses and were honest about their feelings for each other.

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