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RHOMelbourne Season 2 Episode 5 – The Janet Who Cried Wolf by Reality_Bytes


Pettifleur spoils her son, Nathan, on a shopping spree; Jackie plays wingman as Janet tries speed dating; Chyka hosts a flower-filled Chef’s Dinner party to which all of the women are invited along with their “plus ones.”

Let’s get to it…

Petti & Son Go Shopping

Petti is back this episode and the show opens with Petti and her son Nathan walking down the street and Petti telling him the day is “all about him”. They walk into a men’s store and Petti tells the salesman that Nathan has a full-time job and he needs a good suit.

While Nathan is in the dressing room, Petti is going on telling the salesman that she has told her son he has the cutest bottom and that he should show it off, which quickly prompts a TMI look from the salesman.

Nathan at the tailor

Nathan comes out and Petti tells him he is a “nice strapping boy” which I am sure he appreciated…NOT! Then she goes on (as only she can) describing what will need to be tailored on the suit jacket.

When offered to comment on a tie he was being shown, Nathan kind of hemmed and hawed…and Petti told the salesman she liked the tie he was wearingand wants him to take it off…so the salesman takes it off for Nathan to try. (I am starting to see shades of her last shopping trip where she ordered the poor woman around the store while choosing her costume for the party.)

DC/Petti – It is a no brainer, you are here to serve me, give me your tie!

So the salesman’s tie is now on Nathan, and now we must endure a story about how no one did this (buying suits) for Petti and if she had not come to Australia and made it big Nathan would not have this opportunity…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nathan replies “I love you to bits because of this”.

Petti replies “Don’t love me to bits because of this – love me to bits because I am awesome!

She also says she feels he will be successful (because of the suit)…personally he could start by combing his hair…just sayin’.


Total bill $8,030.00 – (1) 3-piece suit w/alterations, (1) shirt, (1) tie, and (1) pair of shoes.

nathan tailor 2

Gina / Gamble at Fashion Aid Crown Palladium

Gina and Gamble are at the Step and Repeat at the Fashion Aid event, and Gamble kids Gina and says she loves being her date – it’s the lesbian in her, and then she laughs!

At this event there is a charity auction and Gina has donated a blue dress she hopes will fetch a lot of money for the charity. Gina’s sisters are fashion designers Bettina and Teresa Liano. This year the charity is concentrating on adolescent mental health. When asked about the dress Gina said she was told she looked fierce in the dress and she hopes whoever wins it will look fierce as well. They start the bidding on the dress, and Gamble places the first bid and then is outbid several times and it goes for $4000.00 – nice contribution to a worthy cause! A male dentist and his life-partner won the bidding!

the blue dress


Janet Goes Speed Dating (with Jackie as her Wing man woman) on Cougar Night

Arriving at the speed dating event, Jackie is giving Janet a pep talk before the event starts…Janet has brought a list of questions to ask (a LONG time since she has dated and I can understand her nervousness), but the questions are bizarre!

pep talk and gearing up

At the first ringy dingy of the bell, Janet’s first prospect sits down at her table and she asks him…“If aliens landed and asked you to go back with them to their planet, would you go?”  The guy says yes, and she says WHAT??? You wouldn’t ask if you would ever return?


Janet is standing by the event hostess and says…”I’m picking up vibes…by the way I’m physic”…and she goes on from there to comment on a bunch of people in the room.

(Remember Season 1 with her? She would outstretch her hand when meeting someone and say ‘pleased to meet you and you probably don’t know but I am psychic.’ So far she is bringing it up in every episode this year as well. She is so much into that and jumping in the middle of all the gossip stuff we may NEVER know who Jackie really is – other than a ‘buttinski’ with an exaggerated sense of herself! C’mon Jacks…stay out of the fray, get some boundaries and a vocabulary, and let us know who you are when the camera’s aren’t rolling!

The second ringy dingy brings the lifestyle coach I mentioned last week in the blog who says he teaches woman to have 15-minute orgasms…Janet asks how and he explains, and after he leaves the table she explains to the camera how she thinks she could do that herself! YOU GO GIRL!

The third ringy dingy gets the question of “What makes you cry”…he answers ‘animal abuse’ and Janet is smitten!

Janet and Jackie talking after speed dating and Janet reveals she has been told men will want to be her nurse or go after her purse! Further says she doesn’t need a man to complete her. Good point, just not sure it is true.


Jackie, Chyka and Petti Get-Together

Jackie and Petti and Chyka get together and Petti wants to know what is being said about her since she has been overseas. The only topic that had any substance was the ‘Nouveau Riche’ comment by Gamble, and after a brief discussion amongst the three, Petti says Gamble has it right – her money is new…after she said Gamble is either dumb or smart, and that by bringing it up, Gamble FAILED big time!

Chyka invites Petti and a plus 1 (male) of her choice to the Chef’s Dinner she and Bruce are hosting later that week.

OPPORTUNITY MISSED: Telling about her trip instead of delving into the gossip conversation again.

Ben and Jackie at GIANT Management Talent

Sigh…if I heard the word “Shine” once, I heard it 50 times in this short segment which was all about evaluating prospective people for the “face” of LaMascara. Jackie wasn’t impressed the agency told people they could submit ‘selfies’ and proceeded to use her psychic lack of prowess to evaluate a bunch of head shot pictures…this one is sad, this one has 5 kids, this one blah blah blah…

Jackie liked one of the male model pictures, Ben doesn’t want a male, Jackie says she will fight Ben if she thinks the male is best because the final decision will be hers alone. Ben tosses the guy’s picture out and they narrowed the choices down to 6, and everyone celebrated with high fives except my dog who yawned…


Chef’s Dinner

I think the only spouse there was Bruce. Gamble brought Rick, but everyone else brought someone new to the party, saying their spouses were busy and even Manuela was there (I think she is opting for a role on the show). Lydia said her husband was busy, Gina said she brought eye candy, Janet had some guy there, and oh wait Ben was a spouse there as well with Jackie.

They started with green soup from test tubes gathered around the bar, and then moved on to Meringue frozen with liquid nitrogen (Lydia thinks it is ice water. Apparantly she hasn’t heard of Molecular Gastronomy) that was freezing yet melted when it touched your tongue…a fun way to have appetizers!

They went in and were seated for dinner at a gorgeous table laden with fresh flowers in vases all the way down the center of the table…it was strikingly beautiful as we have come to expect from a meal with Chyka. The Chef’s Dinner was named because the chef’s try out new items for the menu in this manner – brilliant idea I say!

dinner table

Jackie immediately took the floor and wished Chyka and Bruce a happy anniversary…Bruce said 23 years, Chyka said 22 years…and I am sure she was the correct one, LOL. Jackie of course said she and Ben will make it to 72 years! One-Up much Jackie?

At the table there were a lot of cross conversations going on as Lydia starting telling about her son, Antone who got married, and it turned emotional about the first child that she lost, and she calls her first born child that lived her child with two souls. Granted we don’t see Lydia normally delivering these kinds of lines, but she certainly strayed from WOW this time. It was a touching conversation and we got to see Lydia discuss something of substance and not one WOW in the conversation. Good Job Lydia!

Since there were cross conversations, as is expected with a large group of 12-14 people, not everyone was quiet and tuned into what Lydia was saying…Gamble smiled at Rick, Gina smiled at something said at their end of the table and BULLDOG Jackie, of course, had to SCREAM down the table and admonish Gina and Gamble for their smirks…”What are you laughing for?” she asks. Gina pops back with “she is eyeballing her man, stop it…it’s a private moment!” Jackie snarks back that maybe they should take their private moment somewhere else!

DC/Jackie: I just find it terribly disrespectful for people to be snickering around the table.

DC Gamble: “Jackie is so scary when she wants to be, so I had to glam it pretty quickly…or risk fatal injury!

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…butt out and leave it alone…people respond in many different ways to deeply personal conversations anyhow, and truth be known, you have no idea what was just said prior to Gamble and Gina and Rick smiling at their end of the table because you were listening to Lydia…it didn’t appear that they were. After they all started listening to Lydia it was blatantly obvious they had not heard what was being said at the other end of the table when she yelled at them because all people acted appropriately once everyone focused their attention on Lydia’s conversation, so…back down bulldog, who made you the table conversation police, eh!

The waiters then come out singing opera to the guests and they were amazing, and they totally changed the dynamics in the room and everyone was having a wonderful time.

singing waiters

As the dinner progresses, J’Andrea ONCE AGAIN starts in on Gamble and (this time) Rick as well. “Can I ask you both, do you actually think I was trying to hit on Rick at your party?”

J’Andrea was of course speaking to observations made by Gina at a dinner party where J’Andrea was following Rick around the room like a puppy.

“No I was unhappy with you because you called me a prostitute,” Gamble said back.

“You can crack onto my boyfriend all you like.”

J’Andrea keeps it up by throwing Chyka under the bus for the 946th time, and I say POOR CHYKA and I hope you have great insurance!

Finally, Rick calms her down a bit and says to the DC…

DC/Rick: “I asked Gamby to just let it go and accept the fact that Janet behaved inappropriately and let’s move on.”

Gamble wants to leave the dinner before dessert, and Rick and Chyka talk her into staying.

J’ANDREA…let me make it crystal clear for you…5 episodes so far…multiple times per episode of your bringing this stuff up…zip it and find a new story line…please.



Petti and Janet Having Coffee

Janet and Petti having coffee and apparently Janet needs an ally based on the conversation – all about that gossip again…ladies give it a rest…please!!! Then she snarks to Petti about Gina befriending Gamble and decides Gina is up to something because she said Gina doesn’t do anything without a reason! (Maybe she is protecting her from you bullying Janet, eh?)

Chyka and Gamble Dog Walking

Chyka and her two dogs Ollie and Milo meet up with Gamble and Cash at the park, where unfortunately Cash tries to mount one of Chyka’s dogs, but hey…that and sniff bums is what dogs do, right? It’s their job.

Gamble tries to teach Chyka how to handle her dogs, and they had a few laughs over the dogs progress and antics! Then they sit on the park bench and have a good conversation about Rick, etc.


Gamble tells Chyka she is going to invite all the girls to the Village Gallery in Sydney so they can get to know her a bit better since she has decided the girls other than Gina and perhaps Chyka don’t “get her”.  That way she can show them around and they can meet her family, etc. Great idea!


Street Fighting on the Streets of Sydney?

Hmm…my dog just yawned again…maybe she is psychic too!



Drinking game again Andy – Whenever you hear the word ‘Psychic’ – drink like the world’s grape crop is going to be all dried up tomorrow morning – Shine-Shine-Shine!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Season 5 Reunion Part 1 


Eileen Davidson

“Brandi Continues To Miss Everyone’s Point”

Eileen got a grand welcome to the fun that is known as Reunion.  You and I go to reunions to see old friends and laugh at those that have gained weight and lost all their hair (they were mean people to begin with so I am not being mean; I am only saying that Karma works).  Eileen was a little flustered with the seating arrangement knowing that Yolanda was gonna jump ship pretty early on and she would be left on the The Crazy Couch.

Andy first asks me about Vincent. Vin and I have definitely had a few laughs about his face peeking through the garage window, beer in one hand, as he watched the fighting in our driveway. He’s always been my number one support system and always keeps me grounded, but particularly through this adventure. I’m so grateful to have him in my corner.

That garage scene is priceless.  It shows we are all voyeurs to some extent.  Even Vinnie can’t stop watching a train wreck

I’m genuinely heartbroken when Yolanda opens up about her struggle with Lyme disease. She’s a beautiful, vibrant, active woman, and to be inhibited by her illness is hard to watch. She’s so strong, and I’m inspired by her daily, and I know she always has the best intentions, and her very big heart is always in the right place. However, I disagree with her about us “throwing Brandi to the curb.” All I’ve done is try to talk to Brandi and be honest with her when just ignoring her and cutting her off would be a more simple solution.

Who won’t be surprised when BG starts claiming she has a “brain” issue that causes her to not remember events the way they actually happen?  I don’t think any of these ladies threw Brandi under the bus.  I do think they were run over by a bus driven by BG and then backed over them.  Eileen explains that BG gets mean and aggressive when she takes sip of wine.

All in all, the issues between Kim and Kyle, Brandi and Kyle, Brandi and Lisa V., and Brandi and Lisa R. (are we noticing a pattern here?) took center stage, however, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay out of the cross-fire for long!

I have a funny feeling that BG is gonna claim the whole time she was mad at Eileen cause she “broke-up” Vinnie’s obviously not so happy home.  And why is this any of her fucking business?

Lisa R

Lisa Rinna

“It Was Just As Classy As I Anticipated”

Lisa compares Part One to the Hunger Games.  Touche’ Lisa.  She is glad she is on vacation and if you are following her on social media she has been posting amazing pics of herself (of course).  Her body is INSANE!  She is ALL lean muscle and looks gorgeous.  Lisa shares that she had not seen many of the other ladies (I use that term loosely) since filming ended.  She tells us she could have gone a lifetime or more without seeing a few (I am guessing Kim and Brandi?)

One thing that I want to touch on, which I also did in an earlier blog this season, was the amazing charity that Kimberly-Clark (Depend) donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to when I did their commercial. The fact that I got paid handsomely and Dress For Success did as well is worth any teasing or taunting I may get. If “not taking pride” in the jobs I choose means this worthy charity gets a hearty six figure check and some recognition, then so be it!

About Dress For Success:
Dress for Success is a global not-for-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

I think this is completely awesome and well Lisa laughed all the way to the bank.  For Kim to suggest she is “above “ (Reminiscent of Kelly Bensimon: “I’m up here; your down there.”) Lisa is just laughable.  We all see it.  I took the liberty of checking out Kim’s IMDB and can share that Kim has had 4 acting gigs in the last 10 years.  4.  Lisa has 11 credits which didn’t include her multiple appearances on Days of Our Lives and Veronica Mars.

You know, at one point, we see Brandi mention how she wishes I was more honest and not only hold the honesty for my interviews. How quickly she forgets about the lunch we had where I sat down and addressed how I wanted to talk about her and her crazy behavior. I asked why she says such mean things and acts out with the others. Maybe to Brandi this doesn’t count as honesty because she took our conversation and spun it, so we landed on the topic of Kim and not her. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Again, BG suffers from Selective Memory Disorder.  This is mostly an issue that affects husbands, but somehow BG has it, too.  Lisa compliments Kyle on her red dress and was proud of Kyle for keeping her composure.   I have a feeling that ain’t gonna last.

I think Lisa V. said it perfectly when she spoke of Brandi’s drinking. She’s absolutely right to point out that that when Brandi drinks, it may not be a problem in her life, but it certainly becomes our group’s problem when she does it around us. Lisa was completely spot on with this one. And I know Pump loves the color pink, but that purple was fabulous on her! I love the royal purple, because let’s face it, Lisa V. is the Queen!

I love purple so I am not impartial.  But I do think she looked lovely and regal.


Yolanda Foster

“The Hardest To Love Need Love The Most”

Yolanda thanks everyone for their support through her recent health crisis.  She is glad we understand (and have given her a pass) for not writing her blog.  She truly wanted to keep her commitment to Bravo and Evolution by showing up at the reunion.  Perhaps she is trying to keep her slot for next season.

In hindsight, I wish I had stayed in bed, because I don’t feel like I added much to the conversation, even though I did give my best effort. I feel so raw and vulnerable as I make my way through the maze of this debilitating disease. Not having access to the “search button” in my brain makes me really insecure and is a huge loss for me when trying to participate in life.

It was very strange to watch her try to talk.  You could seriously see she was struggling to get her words out.  Usually, she is very well thought out and her words are almost perfectly planned (I say almost cause I think sometimes it has to be difficult to translate in your head all the time).  I also imagine if she was in her homeland on these couches speaking her native tongue, this would have been easier.  Yolanda shares that her world is pretty small these days.  David, Anwar and Yolanda have moved into an apartment and is taking life one day at a time.  She is learning about patience and surrender (something I have never mastered).  And she is accepting that healing isn’t gonna happen overnight.

The diagnosis isn’t simple, either. A late stage chronic Lyme disease patient probably doesn’t just have Lyme disease. Unfortunately, this situation is like peeling a onion with many layers of problems. I won’t bore you with the details of my diseases collected throughout my life journey of 48 years until the day I got sick now almost three years ago. One funny story gives you a sense, though, of the long-term journey. At 12 years old, I raised a premature baby cow on our farm, because her mom had died. I bottle-fed it everyday, let it suck on my chin and babied it until it was stable. I just recently found out that my little love gave me Q fever that has been a low-grade infection throughout my entire life.

And now there is whole new curveball thrown into this.  I looked this up on the CDC site and while I have no MD, it kinda makes sense.  The following is from

Q fever is a worldwide disease with acute and chronic stages caused by the bacteria Coxiella burnetii. Cattle, sheep, and goats are the primary reservoirs although a variety of species may be infected. Organisms are excreted in milk, urine, and feces of infected animals. During birthing the organisms are shed in high numbers within the amniotic fluids and the placenta. The organism is extremely hardy and resistant to heat, drying, and many common disinfectants which enable the bacteria to survive for long periods in the environment. Infection of humans usually occurs by inhalation of these organisms from air that contains airborne barnyard dust contaminated by dried placental material, birth fluids, and excreta of infected animals. Other modes of transmission to humans, including tick bites, ingestion of unpasteurized milk or dairy products, and human to human transmission, are rare. Humans are often very susceptible to the disease, and very few organisms may be required to cause infection.

She shares that her path is pretty blurry right now.  She encounters new obstacles every day.  She had to miss Gigi and Bella walking in the Tom Ford show that was in town.  That had to super suck, but bothers me that she went and sat on the reunion couch…but I digress and perhaps each day is different and she felt like shit the day of the fashion show and slightly less like shit the day of the reunion.

And, unfortunately, I am far from alone. Lyme disease is a major epidemic of the 21st century, and I am sure, unfortunately, that in the years to come, as people become more aware and educated about this disease, you will come across someone in your inner circle who is afflicted with this. In some ways, it’s like AIDS in the early 1980s. I am going to make it my mission in the coming years to help find proper diagnostics and a cure affordable for all. There is so little acknowledgement and understanding from the world at large for this and most chronic invisable diseases, for that matter. That’s why I like to say that you don’t really get IT until you get IT. 

This is a true statement.  Until you have encountered an illness, disease or disability, you just don’t get IT.  You can pass judgement easily without having seen from another perspective.  Yolanda tells us that now at 51 years young, she understands pain and suffering in a dimension she was unaware of before.

All of this brings me back to the reunion. It was nice to see all the girls, even though, for obvious reasons, I have been extremely disconnected and pretty much living on a different planet for now. My overall take on the season is that we must all try to be kinder than necessary, because those hardest to love need love the most.

While I agree that BG needs love.  She craves it and she is so like Kingsley the dog whole would tear apart those that love him the most.  (damn that dog continues to make it into blogs week after week!)  She tells us that there are people that come into your life as a blessing and others to teach us a lesson.  I guess we are to love people for who they are and not judge them for who they aren’t.  I hate a lecture.

Everyone matters, so I don’t feel the need to compete and keep pointing out other people’s imperfections in order to feel better about myself. Since today’s world has enough critics, I choose to be an encourager where possible (while also telling friends what they need to hear, and not just want they want to hear) and treat everyone as if they were what they should be and hopefully help them become what they are capable of becoming.

I still gotta give Yolo props for the way she didn’t react when BG made the nasty comment about Bella.  While most of us would have popped our lids and gone ballistic allowing BG the opportunity to deflect from the original conversation, Yolo called her out on her bad behavior and without missing a beat, directed her back to the topic.  I have a feeling BG has encountered few people in her life that do that to her.  She thanks us all for our support and hopes to see us all next year.  Hmmmm…

Lisas and Kyle

Lisa Vanderpump

“I Have Lost My Patience”

Lisa compares the reunion to a pregnancy.  I don’t know about you guys, but when I gave birth to my twins, Mama Elsa (BG) wasn’t in the room calling me a C U Next Tuesday!!!

This was not a demanding season for me. I almost had some sort of reprieve after last year, but I identified with the feelings of trepidation in some others as Andy introduces us. As always, a spark of honesty as I state sarcastically, “My favorite day of the year.”

Lisa played the game well this year.  She stayed well below the radar all season while still landing some wonderful zingers and keeping us loving her.  She shares that this year was so much better than season 4 AKA The Crucifixion of The Divine Ms. Pump.  She feels vindicated….and I imagine a part of her wants to say to Kyle, “I told you so!”

I almost giggled as I sat opposite Eileen, who I am certain had never been part of something so intriguing. It is a unique experience, for sure, and one that lasts for often more than nine hours.

I have no idea how Kim and Kyle must’ve felt opposite each other after not seeing or speaking for many months. The two of them, at times, have appeared as close as any siblings I have known, and then this confrontation in such a public forum has to be somewhat overwhelming. Kim, as we have attested to this season, has the potential of being pretty venomous, and I wouldn’t relish being on the receiving end of that.

I would think watching another HW experience a reunion is pretty entertaining.  It has to be surreal.  It makes my tummy a little upset when I think about these siblings going for each other’s throats.  Big Kathy is rolling over in her grave.

In regard to BG, I am not apologizing for my feelings of being utterly incredulous at almost everything she says, as she has, over a rather long period of time, created an idiotic perception of what she believes to be reality. She doesn’t see things clearly. She doesn’t understand why it is offensive to go home and f— my son Max’s best school friend from when we lived in France (he and his twin brother Alex were extremely close for years), then state this young boy has a nice c–k on national television. But then to remark that I was jealous he didn’t want to f— me is a classic example of why I can no longer interact with her, a classless attempt to embarrass me but, in fact, has the reverse effect and ultimately embarrasses herself.

BG is VILE.  Do none of these men know about her well publicized STDs?  Have they no shame?  And for BG to suggest that Lisa was jealous that the 23 year old BOY didn’t want to F@CK her made me want to run to the potty.  She just hurts my tummy.  BG still does not understand that her actions have consequences and when she thinks she is embarrassing someone else, she ends up throwing herself under the bus.

I knew Yolanda had little stamina and wasn’t wanting to press her, but the situation certainly begged the question as to why BG is held to a different standard. I feel protective of Bella and was incensed that BG would liken an unfortunate incident to her own drinking situation, and yes there is one. That is why when BG says she didn’t have one, if that is what she chooses to believe, well then I have to enlighten her that unfortunately the ramifications of her indulging are US dealing with her verbal aggression or uncalled for physicality.

Again, the comparison between BG and the 17 year old Bella is just so very wrong.  There are reasons why teens are called teens and 42 year old women are called drunken whores.  BG doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her behavior (classic addiction behavior), but the people around her certainly recognize there is something very wrong.  Lisa no longer has any patience for this Tom Foolery.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the slap heard round the globe (or the little boat).  She has been shown time and time again that BG believes she can do anything and as long as she says (in her little girl voice) I’m sorry, all will be forgiven.  Life just doesn’t work like that.

So as we wrap this up, no I didn’t have an affair with my trainer (I don’t have one), I didn’t want to sleep with my son’s best friend, and I will watch my back.

Dearest Lisa, we never believed for a moment that YOU would.

Kim and Brandi

Brandi Glanville

“Kyle Back Stabbed Lisa V.”

BG is trying to make us believe the reason her blog was tardy was because she didn’t realize she had to write on for the Reunions…um, this is your 4th reunion.  Were you drunk, high or in the witness protection program the other seasons where you wrote your reunion blogs?  She also tries to make us believe she was out late the previous night with TV executives.  Right.  I was having breakfast with the Pope this morning and when that was over, I flew to Russia and babysat Putin’s new baby.  I’m super busy. BG just wishes these reunions were fun.  She would like to just look back and reminisce (the ghostwriter actually used that word!)  BG gives a general compliment on what the other ladies were wearing (shocking that BG can only say nice things about the outside; not the inside).  She does point out that Yo looked especially lovely given her medical condition which I have to agree with.  This will be the only thing BG and I see eye to eye on.

As you can tell, I was stressed just being there. No, I didn’t want to be there. I knew certain people would be in attack mode, and they were. I saw it during the entire season, so why would it be different at the reunion?

Why?  Didn’t you have an unlimited supply of Xanax at hand?

There is still a misunderstanding I’d like to try to clear up again, gently. When I spoke of a Housewife’s daughter, I was trying to make an analogy. I had seen a few unfair and untrue HW blogs take false potshots at the young lady in question, the same type of untrue potshots that are thrown at me. I was trying to say, “When a stranger tries to label someone something ugly, even if the allegation isn’t true, it can still sting, annoy, and cause a defensive reaction.” It’s hard to hear unfair lies about yourself or someone you love. My example was misunderstood, because I wasn’t clear and chose the wrong words. Yolanda speaks several languages and my Cali girl speak isn’t always one of them.  Anyway, it’s my fault I didn’t explain myself better. I hope I finally did now.

And now you lost me.  Instead of just simply apologizing she chooses this hill die upon.  Why not say, “I chose the wrong words and I am sorry.”  She believe Lisa V. knew what she was trying to say.  Yes, you were trying to deflect from your alcohol abuse.  Lisa understood that perfectly.  She takes a shot at Kyle and says she can’t follow most conversations and was only commenting cause she is one of Lisa V.’s minions.

What other points require addressing? Kyle DID backstab Lisa V. and Ken Todd last year. She ABSOLUTELY told me Lisa V. had an affair and had filed a bankruptcy. I was simply used to deliver the message…on TV. My fault. I was manipulated and let myself be used. I have to take complete responsibility for that. I lived and learned.

Blah blah blah.  I am headed to the fridge to poor myself a glass of Lisa Vanderpump Sangria that my parents found for me in Ft. Myers last week.  They have not started selling this crack in Ohio yet.  Pandy?  Oh Pandy?  I would like to address the fact that BG has stated unequivocally that she cannot be manipulated.  She has said she is her own person and says only what she wants to say.  You can’t have both ways bitch.

The rest of the reunion, I don’t have much to say. Kim was great, strong, on point, and funny. And, yes, we are still friends. Thanks to Andy for trying to take up for me. I didn’t understand his analogy about horseplay, or maybe “puppyplay” at the time. But, the intent is more important than the delivery, right?  I’ve been trying to get that point across for years. But SOME people like to focus on a misunderstood or misstated word or phrase, rather than the intent. I won’t be one of them.

Kim was freaking awesome if you like rabid dog.  Is it just me or does Kim’s skin look awful?  It’s very leathery.  And again, she doesn’t apologize to Andy for talking to him so horribly at the reunion.  She overreacted to a silly comment he made and she ended up looking like a jackass.  Same story, different day.  She tells us she was anxious (where is that damn xanax). She claims that when her anxiety gets too bad, the f-bombs fly.  I am thinking she might just need an IV drip of Xanax and this problem could be solved.  I will all Rite-aid.  BTW, I have anxiety.  When I begin feeling anxious, my chest and arms turn red.  My whole body heats up.  I shut down.  I run away from others and I want to be completely alone.  Anyone else wanna share their experience?  My guess is no one else develops Tourettes every time they have a pain attack.

Her son is in a play this week.  Whoop-de-do.  My daughter is practicing for her upcoming piano recital and if I never hear Swan Lake again in my life it will be too soon.  She also tells us about her wine, “Unfiltered Urine” (that’s not the real name obviously, but I am not here to give her free publicity).  Again, she begs us to sponsor her in her Make-A-Wish walk in LA and since I am nosy bitch, I went to the page and you will all be surprised to notice that Eileen and Lisa R. made donations.  The exact amount is not listed, but they ponied up some cash.  I was surprised, but I guess these ladies need the tax write off.  I for one will not be donating.  The next time someone I know is walking for this cause, I will happily write them a check!


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245 Responses to Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap plus Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Powell says:

    Hello mates. Happy Saturday. 😃

  2. Pass a big ole glass of a Unfiltered Urine, please and thank you!

    Great blogs ladies- thank you!

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    Kyle is so dumb that she can’t follow a simple conversation but she’s so smart she was able to manipulate Brandi…you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say you own your shit and then blame everyone for your shitty life.
    Brandi is the queen of spilling secrets but the secrets are half truths and sometimes flat out lies. I believe Brandi and Kyle had conversations about Lisa Vanderpump and I believe Kyle told Brandi that there was a rumor about Lisa and her trainer-I don’t think there is anything wrong with 2
    co workers talking about what they “heard” about another co worker-everyone (ok ok not everyone-but most people) does it. It can be a dangerous game if you don’t know the person you are sharing with well or if the person is a vindictive bitch who will throw your words back in your face to hurt you. I’m sure Lisa and Brandi had many conversation about Kyle that Lisa wouldn’t want Brandi spilling-it’s what people do when they feel like they are in a “relationship” -they share they gossip and they bitch. You throw caution to the wind when talking to someone you think is your friend. If anyone manipulated someone it’s Brandi-she pretended to like these women and then she shared their secrets-that’s F’d and that tells me what kind of “friend” Brandi is.

    • Amber says:

      IMO, don’t see why we need to give Brandi an out as it can also be that Brandi told Kyle and Kyle laughed. Brandi is a lying liar. We’ve seen her — she make that stuff up on the fly.

      • Brandi has proven again and again, she’ll manipulate anyone and anything to hurt others.

        Kyle might have JOKINGLY said, Lisa probably had an affair with Cedric–remember Cedric, who did workout with Lisa on Season 1? Kyle might have just been riffing–and Darth Brandi thought, OH! Kyle said Lisa’s having an affair with Cedric! I can use that! But I’ll change it to “trainer” because everyone knows Cedric is gay.

        I’m not saying that happened, but that is how imaginative things get said when girlfriends are laughing with each other, riffing on others.

        And when this came up in pt. 1, Kyle said to Brandi, that’s how you twist things.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m not giving Brandi an out-I think Brandi twists every single thing she hears. Kyle could have said “how would Lisa like it if I said she was having an affair with her trainer” in response to Lisa bringing up Mauricio’s affair or whatever. Or Kyle could have said “there is a rumor that Lisa had an affair with her trainer”…it doesn’t matter which way Kyle said it b/c Brandi heard “Lisa” “affair” and “trainer” and made her own story. It’s what she does. Then to see her telling Lisa about it-she’s so jealous that Lisa and Kyle are friends-she hates it and that’s why she hates Kyle so much Kyle didn’t do anything to Brandi-not a thing.

        • This!

          Bravo didn’t even air that segment of Brandi in Amsterdam telling LisaVP, That’s your friend who said blahblahblah. It was clear Brandi could not WAIT to tell LisaVP, to plant those seeds.

          I guess this is what I can’t understand about Brandi: how did I miss how evil she is in her first 2 seasons? Because she is the worst

          Speaking of bringing out the worst in your friend, she and Kim seem to do just that with each other. Clearly they made a pact which they were working throughout the season.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Right? Her blog is so stupid it should be filed under “worst comedies.” She tries to explain her potshot of Bella as an “analogy” yet the “analogy” that Andy brings up goes right ver head, picks up speed, and lands in North Korea.

    • Powell says:

      Yup JNNTJ. 💯 I believe that’s just how it happened. Kyle said she “heard”. Funny how BBH leaves pertinent info out and rewrites history all to hurt people. In the end when it’s all said and done Bobble is the one that hurts. She’s all alone and the other ladies are not.

    • kit9 says:

      Given the chit and shade LisaV threw on Kyle marriage last season, I wouldn’t for one second begrudge Kyle making a crack about Lisa banging some trainer. But, I truly honestly DO NOT believe it happened until Kyle said it happened because Brandi is such a complete and utter liar, esp where Kyle is concerned. A number of things make me doubt it in addition to that. If Brandi had this over Kyle, why would she sit on it for so long? Brandi is very annoyed/jealous of Kyle and Lisa becoming friends again-she was actually annoyed with it LAST season, remember? Also, Brandi is so desperate to be friends w/Lisa again. SO she has this piece of info that would help her on both fronts-but doesn’t say anything till now? Also, just the way she told her suspect to me, like she didn’t believe what she was saying and not selling it well. It’s also Brandi’s MO to be very dramatic. If she was going to drop such a bomb-I see her doing it in front of everyone for maximum pain and suffering for Kyle. Instead, Brandi does it w/Lisa alone. She didn’t want Kyle there because she’d completely and convincingly refute it, imo. So Brandi told Lisa alone hoping it would upset Lisa and slowly start causing a rift, imo.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You are right about her and Lisa talking about Kyle, and she also talked to Kyle about Lisa and I bet both of Kyle and Lisa bitched and complained about the other person with Brandi never for a minute thinking Brandi would repeat it. I’m sure if they were not upset with each other they never would have bitched about the other one. People do that, people know people do that and when you are friends again you wish you had never said anything about the other one because you know it was wrong and you really don’t feel that way about them. Adults understand that and Adults don’t usually tell others about those conversations. You get over your mad feelings about the other one and move on like none of those complaints happened. Difference is everyone does it and knows not to repeat what someone said to you while they were made unfortunately Brandi does not play that way and now they know not to share anything with Brandi. Yolo better watch out. Can’t wait till Kim gets hers.

  4. Powell says:

    I so get what Yo is saying about Booble Bobble Head. But everyone of the ladies has done just what she’s done. Had patience, understanding and a level of affection for BBH because they know she’s broken. They’ve all felt bad about how her ex treated her & for how she needs people in her corner. Oh gosh Namaste I’m gonna use Kingsley as an analogy too. But BBH has gnarled all of the ladies open arms down to the bone. Because she hates herself, yup I believe deep down she does, she hates the ladies for the stable families they have and for the lifestyle they live. Yo is sick and gas herself and a family to take care of. I don’t think she should waste her energy on Booble Bobble Head.

    • She is so green with envy she can see straight so she must attempt to make them look “less than” herself. Its not working.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      It is pathetic that Yolanda, who is truly in dire health, wastes her time supporting Brandi, while Brandi does nothing in support of Yolanda. She just adds to her misery as well.

  5. Stacey says:

    Rinna and Eileen are smart, if they didn’t donate BG would throw it in their faces that they only care about themselves. Love both recaps

  6. ladebra says:

    Great blogs Reality_Bytes and Namaste! Darn it, I tried to remember the lines that made me chuckle, but it’s hopeless, I have no memory cells. 😜 But I DID chuckle ans nod my head a LOT!

    Happy Saturday. Going to cath a movie, The Kingsmen – hope it’s good!

  7. Powell says:

    BBH saying the ladies looked nice, focusing on looks as usual, because she’s jealous of their looks.

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Oh Namaste……………..I absolutely love you!! You crack me up to the point where hubby wants to know why I am laughing so hard!! Enjoy your breakfast with the pope 🙂

  9. Powell says:

    No one understands BBH Cali speak or ignorant speak. She wasn’t trying to use an analogy. She was doing what she always does. Deflect. And what’s said about Booble Bobble Head is true. She was charged w/a DUI. She has been carried out of clubs or bars drunk and had to be poured into a car & on more than one occasion. A 42 yr old classless bitter woman.

  10. RHOMel: “She also says she feels he will be successful (because of the suit)…personally he could start by combing his hair…just sayin’.”

    Ha ha! Now I know why my po folks never got rich: their house didn’t cost $8,000.

    I have to say, though, that Pettifleur looked much better this episode. Maybe she lost weight or has a different hairstyle, but I can see that she is a beautiful woman, and must have been stunningly so in her more youthful years.

    Otherwise, I’m still not fond of her. I always have the feeling she would insert a knife in your back–not speaking metaphorically, either–without a second thought if you crossed her. Maybe I’m being prejudiced, though. I did look up her country, Ceylon. AKA Sri Lanka. It has a fascinating ancient history, so I should adjust my attitude.

    • I think Miss Petti would also TWIST the knife she put in your back, so I think you are spot on with that point. I haven’t warmed to her yet, and frankly she isn’t giving me much to want to support her either! As they say in Survivor language…if you don’t make a big move soon you are going to be voted out! Part of her problem is she has no alliance with any of the other women, although Janet is certainly trying now to make her an ally.

  11. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Reality_Bytes – I’m so thankful you’re blogging RHOMelbourne… I find that show very interesting… I’m still trying to remember names – And your blog really helps me know who’s who in the zoo… I haven’t seen this episode yet – but your blog makes me want to watch it – That’s a pretty amazing feat! I chucked when you said, “ringy dingy” – I used to say that a lot… Probably for no apparent reason other than I’m a ding-a-ling…lol… Thanks for the great blog!

  12. Powell says:

    Sighhhhhhhhh!! Gosh she’s such an idiot. NOW she gets Andy’s analogy. Way to try to save face w/your boss asshole. 😖 I’m so tired of the excuses. “I’m anxious” “I was just playing” “I used the wrong word” “I do anything for my kids” I’m tired of hearing it.

  13. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Namaste – I bow to your prowess in the blogging of the blogs – You’ve done such a great job all season! Plus, for me, since I hate going to the Bravo website since they’ve revamped it – It makes my life so much easier reading your synopsis of their blogs. It’s really difficult trying to make sense out of the nonsensical, isn’t it? You really have a great ability to wade through a lot of information and then hone in on the more important concepts. Your blogging always makes me laff. “Right. I was having breakfast with the Pope this morning and when that was over, I flew to Russia and babysat Putin’s new baby” – I completely died laffin at that one…lol. If you haven’t already done so, I do hope you decide to blog another franchise’s blogs very soon – OR – a show… I would miss your writing. Thanks for making this year of RHOBH enjoyable despite its messiness.

  14. Powell says:

    Did y’all see NY 1st Look? It’s on my dvr.

  15. Powell says:

    Looks like B and Heather have some moments. LOL Lu does her Johnny Depp on a girls trip.

  16. Brandi has completely gone Darth Brandi on this show. It makes me wonder if the man living with her who does her hair (badly) and somehow manages to lurk on camera a lot has affected her in a very negative way. Is he her “ghostwriter”?

    Remember how he was doing her hair for the finale party of Adrienne’s, when she was sitting on the floor in front of her mirror? They were chatting about her not wanting to go and blahblah and he did that thing where he was addressing her and turned his comment “edgy” by ending it with “BITCH”. Made me step back and look at him again.

    I do wonder if her house-man is where a lot of her awful behavior is being reinforced. I can imagine those two planning her attacks on the cast.

    • Hmmmm…but?

      Aren’t you kinda giving her a pass? She is a grown ass woman who is free to make her own choices.- a hairstylist with a potty mouth shouldn’t be that big of an influence on her.

      I have certain friends that call everyone Bitch – or the new one- Hunti. I don’t agree with it but I get it- it’s a defense mechanism and a way to broadcast how tough they are. Like don’t hurt me because I’ll hurt you first.

      Makes sense she would be hanging out with someone like that.

    • Powell says:

      WTG I feel her house-man and all of her friends that have been tweeting lately that BBH is such a good person all have been reinforcing her bad behavior. They’re so stupid. They’re not helping her.

      • So true.

        Whoever is on Brandi’s “team” of handlers, like her agent, manager, PR person, I have to wonder if they’re encouraging her, as well. Maybe there’s money in being so vile. Andy sure eats it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives Brandi a spin-off.

        • I think that is far more likely. Somehow Brandi has it in her head that being “controversial” is a $$$ maker.

          She’s in for a surprise if she gets the boot.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            I know we’ve talked about this before–but she can’t get a gig anywhere. I still can’t believe she can’t make appearances in night clubs in Vegas. No one wants her. Yes, she’ll be very screwed if she gets fired.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              My prediction is she’s going to hit rock rock bottom. Get fired. Lose the rented house. Slip even deeper into drugs and alcohol. Lose custody of the boys.

              Go to rehab.

              Do a comeback interview with Andy and get a spinoff.

              Pheonix rising from the ashes.

  17. Powell says:

    B is a nomad. She’s Reno’g a new apartment. IMO she should be glad Jason got the apartment. It’s cursed. Let him live in it.

    • mrs peabody says:

      He got the apartment? I didn’t know that, I thought they were still arguing over it. Is her divorce final yet?

  18. Powell says:

    Namaste how LVP Sangria? Good luck to your daughter w/her piano recital. LOL at Swan Lake. 😄

    • I have not opened it yet, but it has a screw top which seemed to bother my bud light swilling spouse for some reason. I don’t care. Its in the fridge for a time that it strikes my fancy.

  19. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thanks for the great blogs, Reality_bytes and Namaste!!

    Not really liking Petti and Gamble is now getting on my nerves with the whole Janet situation.

    Poor Brandi has been manipulated by Kyle. This chick is sick.

    • Powell says:

      Gamble took that all out of proportion. Like Janet said if it’s not true was is she so bothered that Janet told her she heard the rumors? Another one trying to hard to have a storyline.

    • She is getting on mine too and if Gamble doesn’t quit it she is going to force my hand to like Janet, LOL. The initial attack on Gamble was plain ole bullying, but Gamble has milked that cow until it is dry as a bone. There has to be more happening in their lives than this stupid fight, but wait…Gamble’s sister isn’t going to help at all next week. You have heard the old saying about it has to get worse before it gets better, right? Just sayin’…

  20. not THAT Jill says:

    BH is having an episode tonight called “Buzziest OMG Moments”…starts 6:24

    • Arg! What IS it with Bravo and their time schedule? Anyhow, thanks for telling us, as I missed First Looks and had no idea about this one.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Such a random time right? Bravo is weird!
        I see we agree about Brandi and her pleasure in telling Lisa V what Kyle said-she couldn’t wait to spill the beans and even said “can you believe your friend Kyle…your NEST friend Kyle said that”…she’s such a 3rd grader!!

  21. lila1star says:

    Hello everyone–I have been in a bad way for the past week or so–geez–I do not even know when but I am trying to catch up and as always the blogs are great. Yo and I shared a set back. Although I in no way have it as bad as her I too have had a relapse for the first time in several years. In and out of doctors and confined to my bed or recliner–there is nothing worse. Wanting to get up and get going but try as I might I could not.

    I could not even read the blogs until today. I know Yo has taken abuse because she said she could not read put that in perspective for her its like I experienced this past week. Sure I see the words–the TV and people talking to me but I was either so worn out and so darn sick that nothing computed. Eventually I got so tired of being corrected because I screwed up names of folks I have known for 20 plus yrs I shut down. Its safer and besides I am one of those people who do not want others around when I am sick. It literally hurts to move or think and when you do move it is to give mr. porcelain a hug. Add to that a severe intestinal infection due to diverticulitis and I was off to the races with more doxycycline and another anti-biotic I fail to recall.

    I wanted to simply say that Yolanda is correct–Lyme is at epidemic proportions and 2 yrs ago the CDC had that on their web site which they have sense changed–not because the problem changed but because no one knows what to do about it. What Lyme does to kids would cause a panic–(imo). Oh my again I have gone on and written a book but you guys have no idea how good it feels right now to be clearing the fog. I just hope it lasts and I wish Yo would stop all the untested treatments because I fear for her. They could do more harm. Then she had to throw in her farm story? ugggggg I moved here a good city girl to help my then hubby work his mothers farm as she passed away. Milk cows, baby cows and well I just hope that’s all wrong 😦
    Have a wonderful Easter everyone……

    • Gosh lila1star, this is terrible! I’m so glad you’re feeling a little bit better!

      Take care of yourself, saying a prayer for you and sending you healing thoughts.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Take good care of yourself, lila1star! Thanks for checking in and have a nice holiday weekend. 🙂

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Lila I hope you continue to getting back to feeling like yourself! I’m sorry you went through this!!

    • Oh you poor thing!!! It is so hard when are bodies betray us!!! I am glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to heal!!! I agree with the untested treatments….it worries me…I hope you have a wonderful Easter and your tummy gets back in order soon!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Lila! I missed your usual post after BH last week. Sorry to hear you had a relapse and thankful your not still stuck in the bed or recliner and can come visit with us! I doubt you felt up to typing a long post, or book, as you call it, but you saw the need and I hope your words will resonate. I appreciate you taking the time to enlighten people of your personal struggle with Lyme disease. Praying things will continue to improve from how they’ve been recently. ❤

    • plainviewsue says:

      Oh Lila, that is so heartbreaking. I am hoping you are on the road to your recovery. Much love and prayers.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      ((((lila1star))))) Prayers for full recovery. Lyme is out of control. A mutual friend’s friend has been down for about 12 months. Her husband had to take early retirement in order to take care of her full time. She has just been diagnosed with untreated Lyme disease. My Uncle has 5 baby cows. He has been so sick and undiagnosed for several weeks. What are the odds? I am glad to have information and am telling everyone I know about DEET. Yes, I went there.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I’m scared of deet and im scared of Lyme.

        But I’m not in Woody areas. Ughhhhh 😁

    • Lila please feel better and I don’t know how it has been lost on me that you actually are suffering through Lyme. Through this entire season of analyzing Yo- i did not realize we had someone here going through just that.
      I truly apologize for what you’ve been going through.

      Please take care of yourself. Happy easter as well. 💛

    • kit9 says:

      Hope you feel better ❤ ❤

    • Powell says:

      Awwww Lila. BIG hugs to you. 🙅🙅🙅
      I’m glad you feeling better. You poor thing. I’m so sorry.

  22. Thanks so much Namaste, most excellent recap of the RHOBH blogs! You are spot on.

    • And thank you for your great recap, as well, Bytes.

      Especially thanks for deciphering it for me, as I had a more difficult than usual time understanding Gamble’s throaty mumbles. I did adore Chyka’s table setting. I agree that Jackie has gone from nice to nasty in her effort to discredit Gamble and Gina on behalf of Janet. Didn’t she chastise Gina last episode about “getting involved”? lol Guess her psychic ability is limited, or she’d know her “Shine shine shine!” has lost its luster.

  23. Enjoyed your blog Namaste: you have the patience of a saint. I, too, get very anxious watching this train wreck.

    A few responses:

    Yes, Kim Richards looks like she’s 65. An old 65. A mean, old 65. Also I recently noticed somewhere that Make-A-Wish Foundation has been Kathy Hilton’s favored charity for years. Coincidence? Ha.

    Brandi’s problem with “I’m sorry, it was a joke” is that she never has any remorse over the pain she causes, as she doesn’t care that her actions are really hurtful. She keeps repeating the same damaging behaviors, then gets angry and blames her victims because they don’t want to play with Kingsley and get their hands bit off again. (Poor Kingsley, he’ll never live this show down.)

    I have some questions: In what world is it excusable to throw wine in a stranger’s face because you’re kidding around? Who grabs a resisting woman and tries to force a kiss on her, then shoves her, slaps her–and thinks she is wrong to be upset about it?

    I got so angry because no one stood up and said, Brandi, that’s NOT A JOKE, it’s sexual assault and BATTERY, and if you ever touch me like that, I’ll break your f*cking rubber face off.

    The woman is toxic.

  24. Ladina says:

    I don’t understand the hate for Kyle, they have butt heads in the past, yes, but also with Kim and much much worse, the only explanation I can think of is that she is super jealous of Kyle, the seemingly great family she has (I say seemingly because we dont really know, right?) successful business and last but not least I think she wants someone like Mauricio? We know she likes them tall, dark and handsome, not to crazy if we think about it… Shes obviously mad crazy with LisaV because she continues to be friends with Kyle, who in her mind as done worse things than she has.. Just my two cents lol

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think she feels betrayed by Kyle

    • I don’t know where it went wrong with Kyle because they were on that walk together when Brandi called Lisa V to invite her to the “Rented House Warming”… what happened….they drove in the limo together to Poker Night too….I don’t get it…

    • Exit4 says:

      I think Kyle was friendly with Brandi (after last season) because Brandi and Kim were getting close. Kyle knew that was a train wreck waiting to happen, but to alienate Brandi would make the situation even worse. Which it ultimately did.

      They were fine on the way to poker night-but when it all went to s#%+, with Kim wacked out, Brandi drunk and both belligerent-they were completely playing off each other as well-that was the end of it. When kyle tried to leave with Kim and Brandi got in between them-kyle got what was going on and lost it. When kyle refused to play nice with Brandi anymore, Brandi decided to hate her.

      Kyle always had brandis number and Brandi knows it.

    • kit9 says:

      That’s why Kyle asked Brandi what she ever did to her to make her hate her. And Brandi had nothing. She said because Kyle grabbed her arm on PN. Yeah, but Brandi had been an azz to Kyle all night before that. And, of course, Brandi had grabbed Kyle’s arm before at the beach house way back when. Brandi clearly has no legit reason. Just like she didn’t w/Adrienne.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Brandi’s made up reason for hating Adrienne was that Paul and Adrienne wanted her to go on twitter and say that it wasn’t true that Adrienne wanted to have a secret meeting about Lisa before the season 2 reunion-a meeting that no one ever went to! I don’t know how anyone still believes Brandi about that meeting-if it happened why is Lisa at Adrienne’s party at the finale? We know Vanderpump is a forgive and forget kind of person! Lisa doesn’t seem like she has a problem with Kyle Camille or Adrienne-they were all supposed to be at the meeting. The only person Lisa has a problem with is Brandi…the humor of that is not lost on me!!

        • VV™ says:

          Tea Party, Taylor told Paul all the girls wanted to confront Lisa. Taylor was upset and told Paul nobody back her up. None of the ladies denied the statement that Taylor made about wanting to confront Lisa. It did happen IMO but you will never get Kyle, Adrienne, Taylor to admit it. Do you actually think they will ever admit it? I don’t.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I’m not sure what any of this has to do with the fake made up meeting before the reunion that Brandi LIED about-but you keep believing Brandi…and Taylor. The most truthful women to ever grace reality TV…said no one EVER!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think Brandi thinks if Kyle and Lisa start their friendship again there is no way she’ll ever get to be friends with Lisa again and she’ll do anything to keep Lisa and Kyle apart. I also think she takes great pleasure in keeping Kim away from and mad at Kyle. Brandi is one sick puppy.

  25. Oops, I see my comment thanking Namaste for her blog didn’t make it through. I might have used the “eff” word when discussing Brandi. Did I get flagged? LOL

    Sorry, Namaste. I’ll wait to see if it goes through before I rewrite it, minus my trash hanging out. It’s a very good blog, so let me say thanks again.

  26. SerenaNYC says:

    I can’t say enough how good the BH first look was. Lisa R was good, but Eileen shut Brandi down in such a lady-like way. My favorite part was when Brandi said Eileen didn’t bring anything to the show and Eileen quipped back asking, “what do you bring to the show?” and Brandi looked puzzled and said “conflict…I guess.” There you have it, she admits all she’s good for on this show is creating contrived drama.

    I think some of you are right about her “preparing” hard for this reunion only for it to backfire on her.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I enjoyed the First Look too. Eileen was very classy when she handed Brandi her ass.
      When Brandi telling Lisa R, “Go change your Depends cause you’re full of shit!” Lisa with the best response, “Where’s your tampon endorsement?” GO Lisa! I hope she gets another 7 figure deal.

    • Serena I haven’t watched 1st look yet — had about 5 hrs of HW NYC, the JILL years to delete first.

      I shall tonight !!!!

  27. SerenaNYC says:

    By the way, did anyone here see the HBO Scientology documentary? It’s been the watercooler talk all week and I’m fascinated by how the people in this terrifying cult can call themselves a religion.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      I watched SerenaNYC. Gave me the cold chills —CULT. I had watched a few of the people interviewed on youtube. I also was surprised about Nicole Kidman being pushed out? ( had anyone heard the rumors that she was pregnant with another man and miscarried? as Tom said, ” Nicole knows what she did.”) Interesting. Glad she is safe and has a real husband. I do know that their children were “home-schooled” by the group. What on earth? Do they really believe they have their own planet? It seemed obvious to me that L. Ron Hubbard was mentally unhinged? ( allegedly)
      There are also( alleged) rumors that the now president’s wife has been MIA for years. I guess there was too much controversy to include that in the documentary.

    • Amber says:

      My brother and sister in law are Scientologists and, also, most of my sister in law’s family. My niece was part of Sea Org, along with her husband, and she left him and the church and it hasn’t been a big deal. Anyway, I don’t find them terrifying and I guess the producer decided to leave mundane, normal stuff out of the movie.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Your brother is allowed to speak to his daughter ?
        That’s amazing — they are truly lucky. #blessed

        • Amber says:

          LOL. Now that is funny. Sorry to burst the bubble and I think it is you that are truly blessed!

          Not that it matters, but my sister in law is not just anyone with the church. Oh, her oldest son also left Sea Org … because, omg, he could …

          The Church of Scientology is not my cup of tea and I think much of it is total BS, but most of the stories about the Church are equally BS.

          Likewise, I could argued Christianity is a cult, too. But, then, I’m Jewish.

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            So yes the ones who left the church are able to speak freely to ones in the “church” – sea org level or not ?
            There’s nary an issue of dissenters speaking to current members ?
            That’s what I was wondering.

            And yes, many argue that many facets of the judeo-christian theology can be cultish. I’m not arguing that at all.
            But Xenu vs a man legitamitelg human and living in the middle east — (whether resurrected or not) – meh seems a tadddddd different. Just a tad.

            Silence during child birth and barley water vs being allowed to scream and offering milk ….. Yeah …. Just odd. 😉

            No reallly I am wondering if they are allowed to speak– I’ll try to catch you this week if I dont “see” you on the blog later today.
            Happy Pesach to you

            • Amber says:

              I’m not saying there isn’t crazy, because there certainly has been, but there’s crazy with other religions, too, meaning, IMO, you have the overall and then you have sub parts, some of which can go rouge. As an example, just because there are a small handful of pervert catholic priests doesn’t mean the church condones active pedophilia, does it?

              I personally don’t believe 95% of the crap said about Cruise/Holmes. IMO, it’s just a bad marriage followed by an even uglier divorce with the Holmes camp having incorporated mudslinging buckshot as a major part their legal strategy.

              Anyway, to answer your question, of course they’re allowed to speak. Ours is a very close family and we remain close. Dinner tonight included the entire family. However, with that said, the COS is, in fact, big on secrecy, but that really has to do with organizational fraternal order kind of stuff and, other than weddings, I have never been invited to attend COS functions.

              I’m no expert and admit to not knowing much, but my other (non COS) brother has read all the conspiracy books and is much more weary, but he’s equally weary of republicans…

              • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

                Thanks so much Amber for enlightening me.

                I have a cousin who in Clearwater got “swept up” and used up all his father’s hard earned money earned coming to this country with nothing —–> and gave it all away to them.
                Also the person I found out to be one – who gave me a brochure- explained how they can do “financing” if auditing sessions can’t be paid for in full. Not joking.

                The secrecy sounds just as oddball as the immense secrecy surrounding temple weddings and ceremonies in the LDS “””church”””. Anything the public or a non-member is not allowed to see is very fishy to me.

                Oh — and as for tom cruise I am under the very strong conviction that there was a lineup of actresses slated to try out for “wife” and Katie Holmes just happened to take that offer up—but was about #4 on the list. There were a few on the list above her that declined. 5 years marriage was the deal.

                I also think the “church” hides how low their numbers truly are. They are dwarfed by LDS who also hide true #s, and are both being beaten out by evangelical Christians & Jehovah’s witnesses.

                I tweeted the director that what scares me is the people who actually believe the tenets of this. They left Sci but only because of the bureaucracy and abuses. They still believe the crazy. That scares me more than anything. 😁👻

                Anyway, I’m super happy in your family it’s not that big a deal and im actually impressed they got jewish people who are usually very strong in their faith to convert.
                I’m glad your family is not torn apart.

                Thanks again. 🙂

      • plainviewsue says:

        Just curious. Do you have contact with your brother? The Hole was terrifying.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Actually just finished watching it. Scary stuff. Tom Cruise came off like a crazy person. I did know that they wanted Nicole Kidman out of his life, but didn’t know the depths of what they did. This is a cult. Disgusting that they don’t pay taxes. Katie Holmes was smart to escape. Also, didn’t John Travolta never admit that their son who passed away had autism?

      • Powell says:

        That’s why Tom hates Katie. She escaped it all. 🙂 She outsmarted him.
        Yes John T & Kelly never liked saying Jet was autistic.

    • Powell says:

      I’m watching the last epis of Y&R and then I’m watching it.

    • Powell says:

      LRH scrub your own damn ship. Puleeze! 🙄

  28. TexasTart says:

  29. TexasTart says:

  30. TexasTart says:

  31. TexasTart says:

    • ladebra says:

      I love Carlsbad Caverns! I sat on the wishing rock and wished for my little sister! Mom didn’t know it, but she was just barely pregnant at the time! 🐥

  32. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Reality Bytes and NAMASTE thank you SO much for the blogs.

    Nothing will make me like Janet. She is an Australian JILL Z in kiwi wool clothing. Fake fake fake and wants to take people down each season.
    Watch from season 1 and you’ll see.

    I don’t mind Gamble and yes she overreacted (no broken glass though) but I think it was to Janet’s machinations that she can feel and is “on” to her MO.

    I am confused as to Lydia’s loss. I thought she had a child in high school.
    I need to research her.
    And her first, lost child had a soul. He was not stillborn. Jmho
    She’s an idiot so she doesn’t know how to put words together at times. But that is truly tragic. And I think she is divorcing her hubby.

    ======HELP====== 🆘🆘🆘
    Can anyone enlighten me about the “secret” scene idiots at bravo didn’t air on TV of Kyle and Brandi? Or Brandi and Lisa ?? The one about “””your friend””???

    Why is yolanda in an apartment? They don’t have malibu anymore ? What a beautiful home and by the ocean and fresh air (over the highway) to retreat in while resting ?

    This cow thing makes me super skeeeeered!!! I come from “farmers” and drank goats milk straight from the udder to my cereal bowl when growing up summers in greece. ((Best milk ever btw ))
    Again, another reason I need to get off cows milk. Dairy is just bad bad bad.
    Cheese is my problem!!!!

    I’m super scared. I hope Yo is getting better, more established care. Not Asia. Not central america.
    I’m going to have to shell out the freakin 5$ or whatever for the people mag to read about Avril & her Lyme. So sad. 😌

    • not THAT Jill says:

      The scene with Lisa and Brandi was shown during the reunion
      Yolanda has rented her Malibu mansion to a soccer player-I forget who it is and where he is from
      The goat/farmer stuff freaked me out-I never had goats milk but it still freaked me out.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Thanks so much bestie — damn im going to have to look again.

        Maybe in the “sepia” tones they sometimes do …. Those background scenes.

        Like when kyle went to KIMS bedside right after pokergate and Kim was like I love you so much…. I just took a pill and a cow licked my chin and I saw you last Wednesday what are you talking about kyle ?”

        Thank you — and a wonderful easter to my little MAGGIE, Annabelle and Kev!!!! 🐣🌷🌷💐
        (I feel like I know you and I call my bestie IRL-‘s hubby Kev so I feel comfortable like that )

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Thank you!! Maggie is getting in bed now-time to play Easter bunny and hide the eggs!!
          Everyone calls him Kev-it seems like everyone in the world knows a “Kevin”!!

          The scene they showed of Brandi and Lisa wasn’t in that weird tint-why did they do that in the Kim/Kyle scene? It was strange!! As strange as a cow licking your chin!! Or not knowing how long you were in the hospital!!

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            Sounds fun ….. But everything Maggie sounds fun! 👸

    • Jill is right, if you mean my comment up-thread about Brandi claiming Kyle is her source for gossip Brandi tried to fire up back in Amsterdam.

      In my previous comment I accidently left out that the “unaired” scene was later aired by Bravo for the first time during the Reunion pt. 1. That was done so we would know what the heck LisaVP was talking about when she mentioned Brandi accused Kyle of saying LisaVP cheated with her trainer.

      How stupid are the above paragraphs? I must get a new hobby.

    • Perhaps she took an apartment closer to LA rather than all the way out in Malibu? Or maybe she is just trying to reduce how much she has to navigate. Anyone know the square footage of the Malibu Mansion.

    • Powell says:

      Haven’t seen all Melbourne epis. Last season Lydia never said anything about losing a child. Whatever the circumstance, is very sad. Wow she and her husband are divorcing? He was only on 2 epis I think last season. She seems like a lost HW. She was in interior design school last season. Is she finished? She seems like she doesn’t have anything to occupy her time.
      Yo’s illnesses are something else. I feel bad for her. That house is gorgeous and she has helped but she still has to manage it so I guess it’s too much for her.

      • Powwwwy—
        lydia is just a rumor — but I read her hubby had some sort of heart issue this year. Had to have surgery and not sure if he had an attack or not.
        But if you saw how last year all she talked about was sexual innuendo and her husband — look at what that shows us in HWs world (ramona / mario 😢, etc)

        She always on the show and in her instagram focuses on how intensely italian she is and Sicilian (compared to the “mongrel” Sri Lankan ??) – and for me that leads me to believing she must be super catholic.
        Then from last year I heard she had gotten pregnant in high school. I suppose that’s the son who just got married in Florence on the show. (Lots of pics on insta)
        I thought that was her son she had in high school. But maybe the early death pregnancy was the first one.
        My thing is my super devout catholic friends who’ve miscarried and had terrible things happen — the soul is in the child – so how can her 2nd child carry the two souls?

        I think she’s too dumb to put into words what she means.

        She still acted like a complete Bit&$ last season so — in the same sense as Yolanda – yes I can feel for what she went through health wise/ emotion-wise by losing her firstborn ….. Doesn’t change her complete nastiness last year.
        But worse than nasty — she’s dumb as dirt. 🚜

  33. not THAT Jill says:

  34. VV™ says:

    My guess is she’s coming back next year. She has a mortgage to pay now. Good for her. Im not a fan. She’s good TV though.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      Sure you don’t mean rent and not a mortgage?

    • I hate to judge, but I will. She really is the least attractive of all the Pump employees! How did she ever get modeling jobs? Her hair is AWFUL!

    • Powell says:

      Based on the kitchen cabinets I’d say it’s a rental. It’s nice. She’s decorated it nice. Just cuz she’s an ass doesn’t preclude her from having taste in decor. 🙂

  35. VV™ says:

    Sure looks like a wedding band….

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Is she pregnant? Look at the bottom of her coat.

      • VV™ says:

        I don’t think so. I saw a pic she took with a customer at SUR this week and she looked thin. She was wearing her SUR uniform which is tight. It’s funny with her because depending with what she’s wearing she can look heavier.

      • VV™ says:

        I don’t think so. I saw a pic she took with a customer at SUR this week and she looked thin. She was wearing her SUR uniform which is tight. It’s funny with her because depending with what she’s wearing she can look heavier.

  36. ladebra says:

    Happy Easter !🐥💐 Remember Easter bonnets?

  37. ladebra says:

  38. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Happy  Easter

  39. Shiny says:

    Yolanda reportedly renting house to Stephen Gerrard – fabulous British premier league player slowing down enough to move to the US team. Cute, too.
    She’d talked about selling their house because it was too big to take care of ( especially since she’s so sick).
    If you can’t sell fast, renting makes sense at the prices mansions go for to celebrities – probably in an apartment because the rental happened quickly and they hadn’t found a house to buy yet – and where do the Fosters plan to live now: Europe? NYC?…..

  40. VV™ says:

    Housewife 101. When in trouble and/or controversial news arise about you, tweet cute pictures of your kids.
    She and Troy surely make cute kids. Her daughters are so grown up.

  41. Powell says:

    Happy Easter everyone. 🐇💜🐤👒🙏

  42. Powell says:

    Going Clear. LRH. Wow Hana Elringham calls him a tyrant. She went into a depression trying to get the supposed demons off of her .. Wow! How can people do that to someone? That’s why people call it a cult I suppose.

  43. Laineylainey says:

  44. Powell says:

    OMG!! Scientology is unreal ! 😱

    Call the Midwife is back on.

    • ladebra says:

      The part that scares the hell out of me, is they go after people! Who does that!? I heard that HBO hired a fleet of lawyers before they aired the movie just to ward off/handle the crap from this cult.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Skin looks better here


      • VV™ says:

        She reminds me of Kyle here.

        • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

          She does. And it looks like Chad’s face has healed. Unless the photo was from before whatever happened to it.

          • VV™ says:

            These pics are from yesterday. It looks like he doesn’t have a scar at all.I think he posted the scar pic on his Insta late because on the one his sister posted last week, you could see the scar was already healing.

  45. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Happy Easter everyone. Hope you had a great day.

  46. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    I submit these photos of Happy Kim and her Happy Family are a result of someone finally getting through to Rambles that for her continued casting on RH she needs some serious Image Rehabilitation. Cause that’s the only kind of Rehab you can mention around her without her going BatLuannCrazy. Or should I say “Librarian Poo”?

    • VV™ says:

      Bravo must be getting ready to start negotiating contracts … Last season they started filming in June.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        It will be interesting if Kyle refuses to sign on if she hasn’t resolved her issues with Kim. Kim doesn’t stand a chance coming on without her sister.
        Btw, Kim and. Kyle look so much alike in the pic above.

    • mrs peabody says:

      If Monty is married where is his wife in these?

    • mrs peabody says:

      is she trying to show she has just as happy and loving of a family as Kyle does?

    • kit9 says:

      I just can’t enjoy those pics. The sight of Kim’s mug makes want to punch something. Bravo’s ‘buzziest’ moments last night included, of course, the shrew with her smirking nastiness in Amsterdam. Just can’t stand the sight of her.

  47. VV™ says:

    This is Brandi’s agent. The man has been very successful at cleaning up after every Brandi blunder. He is a idiot though when he credits Brandi for the ratings of RHOBH.

    • He maybe doesn’t realize many; of those viewers are watching purely to see Brandi and Kim get their azzes kicked before they’re fired.

      If either of those things doesn’t happen, check the ratings next year. I won’t be in them.

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