The Shahs – Will You Marry Me?

 The Shahs – Will You Marry Me? by SunnyGirl

Again, I am so disappointed in this season’s Shahs.  This storyline is getting old fast.

We open the show at Mike’s condo.  He and Jessica are in bed.  Jessica is crying and Mike is consoling.  (I have a feeling this is going to go on all season.)  Just to set the drama, both Mike and Jessica are dressed in all black.  Mood fashion, I guess.  Jessica shays she is mortified and in complete shock.  She is so hurt and blames GG.  (I am waiting for the magic question, which I would have been asking immediately.)  Jessica says it’s like GG slapped her in the face.  Mike says because it hurt Jessica, it hurt him.  FINALLY!  Jessica asks Mike the question most women would have asked first – is it true?  He tells her of course not.

Mike says he is angry with the group but that he understands why they didn’t tell him about the situation.  Jessica is mad that he is defending them.  She thinks he shouldn’t be friends with them – that they are not true friends.  Jessica says those friends are no better than GG because they LET GG blow up at the party.  Mike’s TH says he need to decide between his friends and Jessica, and he is choosing Jessica.

Last season, I thought Mike and Jessica were great together.  The way they are both deflecting their anger and frustration concerns me.  Jessica is enabling Mike’s behavior (if it indeed happened, but I would have been questioning Mike about it, not getting angry at the friends.) and I am concerned that this has set the couple up for how they deal with problems in the future.  Mike needs to come clean with Jessica with whatever happened in Turkey.  And Jessica needs to insist on the truth.

Reza and Adam are having wine with Asa at Reza’s condo.  They are discussing the “situation” that happened at Shervin’s party.  Asa is upset about the drama and the way it played out.  She talked to Mike after the party.  The focus of Mike’s anger was not on GG, but on blaming his friends for not telling him.  (Does anyone else find this to be really strange behavior?)  As Asa says, GG and Mike seem to have no blame in the drama but all the friends now are being blamed.

Soon GG shows up.  GG looks really rough.  At first, I thought she might be high but I think she has been crying.  GG really feels bad about her outburst at the party.  She knows she didn’t handle it properly and it really upset that she did it in front of Jessica.  GG also says it has now become a question of character.  Asa tells GG that she did it at the worst possible time.  (I wonder how many times GG has heard that????)  GG is upset that people are now doubting her story.  She wants to get a polygraph done.  Reza is concerned about this.  He says what kind of people have we become that we are considering a polygraph for one of their friends.

MJ and Reza are hanging out.  (Does Reza work?  Or does he just go friend to friend to impart his wisdom?)  Charlie is coming over so that Reza can coach him on his future meeting with MJ’s mother, Vida.  This is hysterically funny.  Reza’s imitation of Vida is spot on.  He claims that Vida will look down her nose at Charlie and then say “Not much hair.  Hmm.  Dog walker?  Hmm.  Don’t own a house?  Hmm.  No hair, no money, no house – no daughter.”  Reza recommends that Charlie compliments her and asks about her travels.

GG and Asifa are at GG’s.  Asifa is moving out and packing her things.  She tells GG she wants to teach her how to fold clothes.  GG says no; that she has RA.  (Say what you will about GG, but she has made many appearances to help raise funds and awareness of Rheumatoid Arthritis. )  This scene is all about making the audience aware of the extent of GG’s RA, which has never been mentioned on Shahs before.  Asifa asks GG to help her roll some luggage out.  GG states that she cannot do that with RA.  Asifa asks GG how she punches girls with RA.

Asifa is also talking about how living with Bobby is like Groundhog’s Day, because they keep returning to the same issues and problems.  GG is concerned that if they haven’t fixed the issues, they will just keep recycling.  Yep.  GG.  You’re right.

Next we see hardworking Mike at the office.  I now understand Reza’s concern with Mike.  Mike was obviously the last one at the office and the first one to leave.  He says its because of “the situation” that he can’t focus.  Really?  What was his excuse when he worked with Reza?

Now we are at MJ’s condo for the brunch with Charlie and Vida.  MJ is nervous about the meeting.  She hasn’t told her mother anything about Charlie and she didn’t tell her mother that Charlie would be at brunch.  As MJ walks to the door she says “may God be with me.”

When Vida arrives, MJ introduces her to Charlie.  Charlie gives Vida the yellow roses and she immediately hands them to MJ, without a thank you or any acknowledgment.  Then, just as Reza predicted, she begins questioning Charlie about his personal life.  During brunch, Vida refuses to make eye contact with MJ or Charlie.  She even looks at the ceiling!  MJ says to Vida “isn’t Charlie handsome and tall?”  Vida argues that he is not tall.  MJ tells her that Charlie is 6’ 1”.  Vida says that is average.  Then Charlie makes a toast to a beautiful mother and a beautiful daughter.  Now Vida seems to warm up to Charlie.  (I kind of like Charlie, but I’m afraid that MJ’s personality will walk all over him.  Does anyone know if they are still together?)

mj and her mom

Next we see the Bickerson’s in bed –Bobby and Asifa.  Asifa claims Bobby has bad breath.  (Asifa should wonder if her own breath might be bad.)  They start bickering about everything and I watched them morph into Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif.  Basically, Bobby wants a stereotypical Persian wife and Asifa  is a career woman.  Or so she says.  Bobby argues that Asifa should sometimes cook breakfast for him.  (Why did Asifa cook breakfast for GG but is adamant that she isn’t cooking for Bobby?  And why is this such an issue??

Now we see Mike and Jessica on their way to skydive.  Mike has rented a convertible Rolls Royce so that Jessica has good memories.  (My twitter feed was in an uproar about Mike and Jessica not wearing seatbelts in the Rolls.  I didn’t even notice.)  Mike says skydiving is on Jessica’s bucket list so that is why he is proposing there.  Mike says he is deathly afraid of heights but that he is going to do that for Jessica. (I can tell you that I am deathly afraid of snakes.  I will NEVER love anyone enough to propose in a snake pit.  But that’s just me.)

Mike says he is going to propose to Jessica and that he is 100% sure.  He says his commitment issues are gone.  He says they have been able to overcome many issues – Jessica isn’t Persian, Jessica isn’t Jewish, and Jessica is 10 years younger than him.  (Sounds like Mike’s issues were resolved.  But how about Jessica’s issues?  I mean, Jessica is in a serious relationship with a slimy player.  And it looks like those issues are not resolved.  But Jessica pulled on her big girl panties and conveniently forgot that Mike may have had a “situation” in Turkey.)

mike and jessica

I don’t even want to describe the trip to the nail salon with Asifa and Bobby.  And I don’t even want to tell you about Bobby’s blue painted toenail.  Enough said.

GG is at the doctor’s office with Asifa to get treatment for her RA.  She says she was diagnosed three years ago and that RA has affected her knuckles, knees and shoulders with severe inflammation.  She says she has had to consider that she may not be able to have children.  When she holds her nephew she starts shaking from the pain within about five minutes.  GG says that she has tried so many different kinds of medicines to help with the pain but none of them have worked.  (I’m sure that all that medication and pain has caused many issues in her life.  Chronic pain can cause severe depression and meds could have many different side effects.)  GG cries when the needle is inserted.  She says she doesn’t know why but she always cries when the needle is inserted.  Asifa and GG seem so much more real in this scene.  Asifa is making jokes and trying to be supportive of GG.  GG looks like a little girl, instead of the tough, bad ass GG.

Now we see Mike and Jessica getting instructions on skydiving.  They will be jumping from 13,000 feet.  In the plane we see a visibly nervous Mike and an excited Jessica.  As Mike gets ready to dive, he screams to Jessica that he loves her and will she marry him.  (I wish we had known about this scene earlier.  As my son pointed out, it would have made a great drinking game.  Take a shot every time Jessica screams and says “Oh my God!” and we could all have hangovers today.)

As they land, we see that Mike has a sign on the ground that says “Will You Marry Me?”  Then he gives her the ring, which he has kept in a toolbox.  Now he pops the champagne.   Kudos to the Bravo producers for setting up this scene, because I just don’t believe that Mike is that romantic.  Or maybe Mike had his assistant, Garrett, do it for him.  Anyway, it just seemed staged.

Jessica is ecstatic and keeps screaming (besides screaming OMG) that she is going to be a wife.  Was that her lifelong goal?  Would you be screaming that you are going to be HIS wife?  But that’s just me.  Like I said before, I was team Jessica and Mike last year.  But this year, I am very concerned about this relationship.  This is a very unhealthy relationship and I feel like Jessica is really overlooking some very serious issues.  Makes Bobby and Asifa’s relationship seem incredibly healthy.

I would love to have Dr. Jenn Bermann analyze this relationship.  It feels very co-dependent to me.  Anyone else concerned about Jessica?

Until next week……..


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. How you doin? 🙂

  2. Good _ feeling better? Watching NY since I gave up on it last year I never saw these episodes.

    • California35 says:

      Cool! So you will be watching NY 😊

      Last season Aviva and her dad ruined for me, and I am sooo glad Bravo took them out 😊 So i will be watching for sure because it feels as if Bravo listened this time 😊😊 Then add Bethenny’s return Making it even better 😊😊😀

      P.S. I hope Bravo listens about BH 😕

  3. mrs peabody says:

    I am hoping that Jessica and Mike had a serious talk about what exactly happened the prior year and it was just something that the cameras were not able to film or was not shown. With the way Jessica in that car I am hoping that she grilled him big time when they got home and that what we saw was just the feeling the next morning. To say she was happy about her proposal would be an understatement. All I could think if she doesn’t stop screaming and crying she is going to miss the whole scenery from up there. But I did think it was sweet who ever set it up on the ground like that. I do hope he grows up and treats her with the respect she deserves, she seems like a nice girl.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      The whole proposal was tainted by Mike rushing to do it to make up for GG’s allegations. It was sad to watch for me. There was no joy in it. Just relief by Jessica that he finally asked her. Something was so very off in their relationship. I hope now that they are married they can regain the balance they had in the earlier part of their relationship.

      • SunnyGirl says:

        You and I are in complete agreement about this relationship. It was sad and it was tainted.

      • kendo says:

        I keep thinking that Mike doesn’t work! The only reason he did well in Las Vegas is at that time Real Estate was selling itself. Now you have to work it. On WWHL, Reza & GG mentioned that the ring was just for show – they no longer have it. Jessica will be supporting him.

        Also, MJ said on WWHL that her and Charlie are taking a break. I like Charlie, I would take him any day over the rest of the guys on Shahs.

        • Powell says:

          They must be taking a break. She was on Steve Harvey about a week ago doing a “Dating Game” epi where she had 3 guys for a potential date.
          Booble Bobble Head did that too. Obvious to me the guy went SCreaming out the studio. 🚫 😝 👎

      • Powell says:

        That girl took lessons to change her religion, had her ceremony, and learned to cook for tha man. He better had proposed to her. On camera we haven’t seen him sacrifice anything for her.

  4. lila1star says:

    Morning everyone–Thank the Lord I finally feel human again! After that flare up I will never again complain about the day to day struggles that are simply residual stuff I live with. They all seem minor in comparison. I want to thank everyone for the kind messages 🙂

    I have finally caught up reading and Powel I hope your migraine will stay away. My prayers are added for Lainey’s brother and family. May he recover fully!
    Seva–the knee surgery is easy these days and you will feel much better. Generally it is an in and out the same day.

    Great blog but I have to admit I find Shahs really hard to get into. I find my mind wandering while watching and end reading here to find out what went down. Hummmm
    Have a good day everyone–I must go and finish my grandkids taxes that I was to sick to do last week–so I am off. See you on the other side of BH part 2……

  5. TexasTart says:

  6. shamrockblonde says:

    at the party, after the big, very public reveal, the only one I saw acting in a way that I could understand was Jessica – to get out of there, struggling to keep her anger in check and basically forcing Mike to leave rather than engage in any discussions/arguments about what went on – for that reason, I suspect some serious talking was had by both Jessica and Mike that went on without cameras – what we saw was staged after the real convo – Charlie and Jessica are, at least to me, the two most real people on this series –

    Mike is kidding himself if he thinks that all he has to do is keep his teeth white and smile in order to be successful in business – I agree with Reza regarding Mike’s work ethic – as for GG – watching her deal with her RA was the first time – ever – that I saw a glimpse of the normal GG – the real GG – a little girl scared to grow up and be on her own – and why was her sister not with her? I am hoping it is only because she refused to be on the show – as I have said, something did happen in Turkey – but I doubt very much it was all that GG implied – knowing how absoutely naked wasted – thanks Tammy for that one – Mike, GG and crew can get, it is very possible that what really went on is nothing at all like either GG or Mike think – kind of like a drunken game of Telephone – – not saying he didn’t come on to her, just saying I think it was not what has been implied – as for the others- butt out!!! – but then, what would the storyline be?

    sorry to read that MJ and Charlie are taking a break –

    • mrs peabody says:

      You know in GG’s talking head she did say it was not like he tried to force her to do anything so what was it that she is so upset about. I thought he had tried to force himself on her and that was what it was. Did he ask her if she wanted to do something and that’s why she’s mad. If he didn’t rape her and didn’t try to force her to do something what did he do. I think she should have been a bit clearer in what she is accusing him of exactly. Too bad about MJ and Charlie, didn’t hear that but I wish she could find someone.

    • Powell says:

      Mike’s mom called it 2 seasons ago when she said Mike doesn’t have the work ethic needed to do residential real estate. Last season they showed Reza 2 or 3 times work. They didn’t show Mike working at all.

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    Rewatching the RHNY reunion from last season. Forgot how totally nasty Ramona was at Heather’s Birkshire’s home and how she looked down her nose at everything because it wasn’t in the high-crotch Hamptons. I’ve been a Ramona fan, but that kind of behavior is on the Kelly Bensimon level – you know, I’m up here and you’re down there. Hoping to see a more humble Ramona this season.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think she acted like that because she just didn’t click with Heather, I don’t think she’d like anything Heather has. I think Heather would be a bit hard to be around, she’s bossy. I don’t do well with people like that.

    • California35 says:

      Yeah, Ramona did not come out well last season. Although I probably would have been unhappy about the type of trip 😛

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I totally loved Heather’s home and I also loved the Montana trip. Ramona was going through husband issues, but that doesn’t give her the excuse to act like the Queen of England. I like Heather because she’s the opposite of the Queen of England. Self-made and strong – my kind of girl.

        • I agree the affair isn’t a good excuse for bad behavior – Pinot has been acting rather bitchy for many seasons and when JillZ was around we mostly were tolerant because we disliked JillZ so much, but now not so tolerant.

        • California35 says:

          The trip was fine, the house was nice, being outdoors is fine… But remember not everyone is an “out door” peron. The heat is not good, the insects, the company etc play a role too. I am not excusing Ramona, Im just claeifying because I only wrote a general coment about the “type of trip”. She should NOT have acted like that, because even with her personal problems, she still showed to be very rude.

          • Powell says:

            Ramona is outside all the time in The Hamptons. She was just being bitchy cuz she’d rather be in the Hamptons to keep an eye on Mario and she wasn’t ready to tell what was going on before the cameras yet. During taping she was giving all kinds of interviews that they were alright.

            • HuskerHuny says:

              I live in Nebraska – the summers are hot, humid, buggy, etc. I’m used to it.

            • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

              Tha hamptons are not that awful at night- even on the muggiest of days —

              I’d take outside her house in hamptons vs montana or berkshires anyday.

              (In fall or colder season Id be fine though)

      • Powell says:

        I wouldn’t have liked not having air but Ramona had it brought in so I would have been fine after that. It was a great house. Quite. Nice views. Plenty of wine and food. Hey. It was the weekend. 😊 On the First Look they showed Lu’s new house. The outside anyway. It is adorable. Is Ramona going to stick her nose up at that place? Ramona doesn’t know what’s going to happen w/her divorce. She may have to sell her huge Hamptons home so she better be nice to Lu so Lu can put in a good word w/her RE agent to find Ramona a piece of prime property. Can Ramona afford a new place in The Hamptons in 2015? Prices are not like they were 10,15 yrs ago.

    • Exit4 says:

      The best part is-Ramonas friend, the new girl dorinda, has a place in the berkshires! You know theyll play that cluo at some point.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I didn’t like that either. The Hamptons is not the be all, end all place to vacation.

  8. shamrockblonde says:

    remember too, at that time, she was dealing with Mario and his cheating – either finding out about it or finding out that it was going to go public – not sure which – not an excuse, but certainly something that would affect her mood – when Luanne said that bit about being cool – not uncool – was that her doing an impression of someone? trying to be funny? or was that actually her? I hope it was one of the former two….


  10. shamrockblonde says:

    I just realized that my standing date with Gibbs may have to be interrupted this evening – I may actually end up doing the one thing that keeps me from watching tv with my husband – switching back and forth between shows – ooooh but that Gibbs..mmmhmmm – I guess we shall see!

    • California35 says:

      I have a date with Ryan (the following) from last night. And posible Jimmy aka Saul. I typically watch the shows the day after.

      • California35 says:

        Oh oh never mind CSI, I remembered. I don’t watch it, but know of it.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        My hubby and I, love Better Call Saul. Poor Jimmy needs a break. Mike is one badass!

        • California35 says:

          Cool! And yes Poor Jimmy 😞
          I’ve not watched the finale, but I assume based in the preview that he will start to be Saul. I hope this has a second season.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            I haven’t watched it either but yeah, he’s going to turn into sleazy Jimmy. Just when Chuck was starting to be my favorite.

            • California35 says:

              Ugh the brother, jimmy is helping him out and hr is workong hard to be a good lawyer and or make money, then to find out his brother… Ugh 😞😞 this is why this show interested me. There was nothibg about Saul’s life in BB, so we get to see his story. I do like they added Mike’s story into it 😊.
              Do you remember the episode when Jimmy and Chuck were at the park? Did you notice the white house they were facing? Was that Jessie’s?

              • California35 says:

                Opps two conversations.. I replied this on top to your other question.
                “I do not… I was so over zombies lol I hear and read that is pretty good though. I Never got into Survivor.”

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                I’m really not sure about Jessie’s house. I must’ve not have caught that.

                I couldn’t do BB past Hank’s…( in case some are still watching) that show really was so stressful. I loved Tuco, Gus and Mike’s character. I hated Walt!!
                I watch Survivor when I remember to set my DVR. 🙂

                • California35 says:

                  Sacry crasy Tuco!? Lol He was on the first two episodes of Saul. That was funny and worry he would go crazier 😛

                  If you didnt watch past that, then you did not see the conclusion? Wow! I do agree it just kept getting sadder and sadder, but I had to have a conclusion to the madness, so I watched until the end.

                  • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                    I’m so curious that I had to read every spoiler before I even watched the show! Plus, my hubby loves to give me the play by play of every episode, so when I read what happened to Hank,( I was like in the 3rd season) I decided not to watch anymore. Tuco Salamanca is one crazy drug dealer!👀

                    • California35 says:

                      Oh!! What happened to Hank on 3rd season!?? Ok so, you were not too close to the end. I understand then.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I love Gibbs. I tape him over and over and watch him all the time.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      That’s my mother’s boyfriend !
      Handsome fella.

      Yeah I have a date with the Following also

    • trudie says:

      Even my children know I would leave my husband for Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

  11. Exit4 says:

    TRex-when you checking-ALL the giudices properties are off the market. Hmmmm

    • Exit4 says:

      Oops-all of their homes. Don’t know about their rentals, Someday I’ll look them up.

      • Exit4 says:

        OMG I suck today! Lol. The manse, the Lincoln park home they rented and the shore house are off the market. It’s the commercial properties and other rentals I don’t know the status of.

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    “Get off my jock”….NY is back tonight baby!! I can’t wait!!!

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    Lisa Vanderpump tweeted that she will be off twitter for a while-Ken is having surgery.

  14. Exit4 says:

    It’s Radar so a grain of salt is to be taken! Interesting story anyway.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I saw this…dunno.

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s what I was hoping they’d do but as part of housewives. I don’t see it happening alone?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          See IF they did it- I think they should do it as a stand alone. I also think it’s been in the works for awhile. But not sure it will actually happen…

          JMO- but I think it’s Juicy’s last gift to her before he does his time and then gets deported. Then, again, JMO- they won’t get a divorce but live separate lives.

          • California35 says:

            It makes sense, we should see.

          • Exit4 says:

            The only thing with it being a stand alone, is I think people will feel it’s too exploitive (mostly to the children) and that could backfire. I don’t have issues with the kids on TV, but a lot of people do. As a part of housewives it feels like the continuation of their story more. If that makes sense?

            Juicy isn’t dumb, well totally dumb😉, he knows they need money and if this is how to get it-he’ll do it. I honestly think he won’t be deported in the end. I think he’ll be able to stay. I can’t say why I feel that way exactly-but I just don’t think it’ll happen.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            I really don’t think he’s going to get deported. The guy didn’t kill anyone. I of course will eat a crow pie if he does.

            • I have a soft spot for my Juicy lawbreaker. I hope he doesn’t get deported because the family will either be separated or they’ll all live back in the Old Country.

              But youse do the crime, youse do the time.

              • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

                They wouldn’t do well in the Old Country. One of them, maybe Joe, is the heir to an ancestral property, but there’s no electric or plumbing and I think it has dirt floors. Can you see Tree being happy there? It’s a used place and we remember she doesn’t like living in houses other people have lived in. Oh, and the Italian she speaks? I understand it’s very poor. She might have the vocabulary, but the grammar, tenses, gender, and stuff is all wrong.

                On the other hand, is Joe taking citizenship classes now?

  15. Thanks for recap, SunnyGirl, enjoyed it. I never intended to watch this show until oddly I find I know a lot about it, so I watched last night and followed like I hadn’t missed one episode. How’d that happen?

    I, too, was amazed at the engagement parachute jump. I have never seen anyone, ever, happier, or at least outwardly expressing it with such exuberation. I kept wondering if she spontaneously wet her pants. Of course I’m worried for her. And him. As I worry about every married couple. Because marriage is HARD. My friend said.

    Oh, Reza was brilliant in his role playing with MJ’s boyfriend. Nailed it!

    • SunnyGirl says:

      I think it bothers me so much about Jessica because that was me 30 years ago. I lost myself for awhile. She is young. I just hope they’ve gotten some kind of counseling. Because, you are right, marriage is hard!

      Reza is the funniest! And the relationship between Reza and MJ is great to watch.

      • Oh, I absolutely know what you’re saying. I lost myself decades ago, and if I could go back and find me, I’D KICK MY ASS UNTIL I CAME TO MY SENSES!

        In the meantime, that old man rules my world and since we don’t have enough money to run two households, I can kill him or love him. So far, he’s still alive.


    • Note to self: there is no such word as “exuberation”. What were you thinking? Brain fart?

  16. Playtext says:

    Hi all! I’ve been a visitor to the site here some time ago. Unfortunately I’m rarely able to read & post comments. But I enjoy them immensely when I can read them. So, I turn to you for help!! I saw that some of you DVR. I’m desparate to find ANYONE who DVR’s RHOMelbourne this season & ESPECIALLY episode 2. But ONLY if it was the first airing. I’ve think there’s an entire missing scene prior to the gossip delivery lunch via Janet & Chyka. It sets the entire gossip storyline into question… (IMO at least.) If anyone can help I thank you a billion times in advance. (Yes, it’s possible I’ve lost my mind) lol!

  17. Playtext says:

    Hi all! Long story but I used to visit here often… Time just hasn’t allowed for much in a long time. But I do enjoy you all when I can read. Saw some of you DVR others show but I’m desperate to find anyone who is dvr-ing RHOMELBOURNE this season. Especially episode 2, & only if it is the first airing. I see a different cut on line from what I saw during first airing. It can’t be I’ve lost my mind… Right? Lol. Thanks so much in advance for any help here.

  18. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Does Luann smoke ? Her voice is increasingly deeper as the seasons progress. I have a deep voice (HATE IT) but hasn’t changed.
    Maybe drunky smokes with her johnny Depps? 🍹🍹🍹🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬

    I’m going to need a deep analysis of fhe NY real estate hamptons situation.
    If LU is on the water — that house looks super super small – and seems to be super close to the neighbors — is she in andys town? The gay area ???
    I have to look this up online.

    I’m going to stalk RAMONAS apartment this week.

    You know in all this time we’ve never seen heathers home ? Have we ???

    Not sure how these carole storylines are going to fly for me — something with the ashes of her hubby (this year ? Why this particular year ? 😒)
    Then she’s dating a much younger guy — Lu’s niece’s ex- — just oddball.
    She got the gig as one of andys besties. I guess she’ll have another book in the future.
    She looked emaciated on Today – even next to Bethenny. Well, B’s stylists know how to compensate on her figure to make her look more even.

    Not hating Ramona’s hair long — she’s doing it well so it looks really good. I like it.

    Comments tonight: 450. I was wayyyyyy off last week 💨

  19. Dina says she moved to LA.

    But she was also rumored to be with a married man in NJ for awhile…so where’s he? Did she follow him? Or is urge move all b.s.?

    I don’t care enough about her to research further…

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