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Southern Charm – No Good Deed

By HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with the end of Thomas and Kathryn’s argument about his ad.  Kathryn storms off, telling Thomas that she doesn’t want to talk unless he apologizes.  She calls Danni to come get her.  Thomas admits that she has a valid point, but thinks that Kathryn over-reacted.  Thomas goes home and Kathryn isn’t there.  He says that if he and Kathryn could go a month without fighting, he would marry her.  Kathryn still isn’t home in the morning, so Thomas is in charge of the baby.  Well, Thomas and a nanny.

Shep and Whitney’s house is a wreck.  The house is like a frat house.  Shep is getting frustrated because Whitney doesn’t help much.  Whitney is used to the perks of living with his mother.  They preview Thomas’ ads.  Shep thinks the party ad is hilarious and awesome, but may not work for the area they are in.  South Carolina is conservative and the ad may not go over well.  When Shep questions Kathryn’s reaction, Whitney makes it clear that he doesn’t care what Kathryn thinks.

JD arrives at Thomas’ office to discuss campaign events.  Thomas is clearly exhausted.  He wants to do a casual fundraiser.  They need to raise lots of money without spending much.  Kathryn calls and Thomas explains to JD what happened.  He doesn’t answer the phone because she didn’t come home the night before.  Because that’s going to make it better.  JD thinks that using women in the ad will appeal to male voters.  He also thinks that Kathryn’s reaction was due to hormones.  Kathryn is still at Danni’s.  She is still upset about the commercial.  She feels that she has changed and compromised to make their relationship work, but that Thomas hasn’t done anything.  Kathryn is fed up with Thomas’ party-boy ways.  She also worries about what their daughter will think when she sees the ads later on.  Danni thinks that Thomas is making mockery of his campaign and relationship.


Landon is enjoying life on the water.  She tells her Dad that she is happy to be back in Charleston.  He was much more supportive of the divorce than her mother.  Landon is having some financial difficulties because of the divorce.  She had an interior design business in LA, but that market is a little overloaded in Charleston.  Helping Cooper with the fashion show is the first step in rebuilding a career.  Cooper is the friend of the Charleston “ladies who lunch.”  Landon hopes that those women will invest in her shop.  She loves that Cooper’s style is old-school gentry.  Shep arrives for a fitting.  He’s nervous about walking in a fashion show.  None of the jackets fit properly because Shep’s arms are so long.  Craig joins the group.  He walked in Cooper’s last show and has been dabbling in modeling.  If that’s what he wanted to do, why did he go to law school?  Being a lawyer isn’t nearly as much fun as being a model.

Craig has made it perfectly clear that he’s more interested in partying than working.  Why would you spend that much time and money to go to law school if you weren’t planning on working?  Craig’s friend Warren invites him over.  He took the bar exam right after law school, so he can relax some.  Craig still hasn’t taken the bar exam.  From personal experience, the bar exam is not something that I would put off.  You’re much more prepared right after graduation.  Craig questions why Warren made him get up so early and Warren explains that it isn’t that early and that some people have jobs.  It seems to me that Craig was less popular in high school and, now that he’s attractive and popular, he’s trying to reclaim that time.  Craig explains that he works at night.  Warren wonders when Craig is going to have time to study.  He presents Craig with some sample bar exam questions.  Craig thinks that he can start studying in December for the February bar.  Warren explains that Craig will never be able to really help his boss or earn more money unless he passes the bar.  Craig doesn’t seem worried.


Back at the plantation, Thomas is still taking care of the baby without Kathryn.  Kathryn finally comes home to talk.  She still doesn’t understand what Thomas was thinking when he made the commercial.  Thomas joins her outside to talk.  He explains that he thought Kathryn would laugh at the commercial.  He says that Whitney and the Hollywood people wanted to create art.  That commercial wasn’t art.  Kathryn agrees to put the argument behind them and wants to stop fighting.  She doesn’t want to put any more stress on Thomas.  Thomas seems to want an easy relationship.

Bryan is working on the remodel of the restaurant when Whitney arrives.  He is shocked to see Whitney.  Whitney tells Bryan that he is now there to work.  Bryan fills him in on the remodel.  Whitney doesn’t seem himself running a restaurant forever, but wants a place to go to for drinks.  Really?  Restaurants are hard.  Whitney seems to believe that he was just an investor who would pull a paycheck, but not actually work.  Bryan wants Whitney to be in charge of the menu and spend several days a week greeting guests.  The lack of work ethic drives me crazy.  It is so unattractive.

Cameran joins Shep at his restaurant/bar.  She orders a white Russian, but they have no milk.  Shep explains that he hooked up with a girl, but she won’t sleep with him unless he dates her.  Cameran explains that means a commitment.  She doesn’t think Shep is up for that.  She’s not sure that any woman can make Shep settle down.  Shep is turning 35, so it’s about time for that.  He jokes that he’s halfway to retirement now.  Because he does so much work that he deserves a good retirement.  They discuss Craig.  He’s 26, but isn’t really doing much with his life.  If Shep thinks you’re being too flippant about life, you need help.  Cameran asks Shep to talk to Craig.


There’s a gratuitous scene of Patricia getting acupuncture for her dog.  The dog’s knee keeps going out so she hopes that acupuncture will help him.  She also wants some acupuncture on herself to tighten up her face.

It’s the day of Thomas’ fundraiser.  His campaign manager, Amy, arrives.  She likes the casual atmosphere of the location.  It’s a little too low country for me.  Kathryn shows up to support Thomas, now that he’s apologized.  I must have missed that apology.  Thomas brings up the commercial and Kathryn shuts him down.  Danni agrees that the commercial wasn’t funny.  Whitney is there and Kathryn tries to avoid him.  She tells us that she looks to Thomas’ mother for advice on how to deal with the politics.  Whitney is outside, showing everyone the commercial.  This isn’t going to end well.  The guys all think the commercial is funny, but Kathryn is not amused.  She tells Thomas’ mother that the campaign is going well.  Thomas’ mother advises Kathryn to be involved with the campaign.  Whitney continues making the rounds, showing off the commercial.  Kathryn thinks that he is doing that to annoy her and she’s probably right.  Whitney doesn’t think this was a good fundraiser.  His standards are much higher than a crab shack.  I’m so tired of his elitist attitude.  During his speech, Thomas thanks everyone but Kathryn.  What a jerk.  Shep donates, even though he doesn’t seem to believe that Thomas has a chance of winning.


Kathryn gets more and more frustrated that Whitney continues to show the video.  Jennifer tells Kathryn that the commercial was disrespectful and that Kathryn should put her foot down.  Jennifer thinks that Kathryn needs to talk to Whitney, but Danni doesn’t think it’s the right time or place.  Danni tells Whitney that she didn’t like the commercial, but Whitney doesn’t care.  Shep encourages Whitney to talk to Kathryn.  Whitney and Kathryn walk down the dock to talk.  She tells him that she was not happy about the commercial.  Whitney is incredibly condescending to Kathryn.  She tells him that the commercial is a joke, but Whitney doesn’t agree.  She tries to make Whitney see things from her perspective by telling him that her daughter will be embarrassed by the commercial.  Whitney thinks that the daughter should already be embarrassed.  He doesn’t consider Kathryn when he works on the campaign.  Whitney sits there with a smirk on his face as Kathryn tries to explain her point of view.  Kathryn makes a good point – that Whitney wasted $20,000 of Thomas’ money on the joke of a commercial.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Season 5 Reunion Part Two by Namaste


Eileen Davidson

“Kim’s Memory Was Wrong”

Eileen hopes we all had a wonderful Passover and /or Easter.  We had an our Annual Easter Food Fest so our’s was pretty good.  Pierogis, Kielbasa, Macaroni Salad…yum!  Eileen promises this will be short because there really is nothing left to say.

  1. I’m sorry for the F-bombs if they offended anyone. We should start using a RHOBH curse jar. I’m sure we could send at least one of our kids to college with the cash!
  2. After watching the RHOBH Reunion Part 2, I realized I had been remiss: I’m pretty sure my stepkids aren’t doing their own laundry at school.
  3. Kim has nothing on Lisa R.’s husband Harry. It was only said to provoke Lisa R. and cause pain. Lisa R. practically begged Kim to state what she “knows,” and she said it was “private.” Right. It’s private, because it doesn’t exist!
  4. Kyle’s not out to get Kim in any way shape or form. From what I’ve seen, she is always concerned for her sister and only wants the best for her. Kyle has been trying to protect and help Kim, not embarrass or use her in some sick way.

That swear jar could prob pay for an Ivy League education.  Don’t worry, Eileen.  My kids don’t do their own laudry and I’m pretty sure its cause I don’t want them ruining my shit.  Kim threw out her #WhatDidHarryDo in order to deflect from what was happening at the table and having to take accountability for her own actions.  Kim’s memory is wrong or she is so used to lying, she believes her own lies.  I do love that the cameras keep proving Kim’s version of events is wrong.

May I please sit on the other sofa, now?

Eileen could have pulled a Teresa and just jumped from couch to couch.  No one would have made her go back to the other couch.

Lisa R

Lisa Rinna

 “Welcome to The Hunger Games”

“Lisa decides to keep it short and sweet”

Welcome to The Hunger Games Part 2: Catching Liar!

I feel this reunion episode speaks for itself.


Thank you, Lisa!  There really isn’t much left to say.  Except, don’t change.  Don’t change a single hair on your head.

Lisa V point

Lisa Vanderpump

“All Will Be Exposed Eventually”

Lisa is in the waiting room at the hospital.  Her darling Ken is getting another hip replacement! OUCH!  Lisa is reflective and focusing on what is truly important and examining what she has learned over these last few years.  Lisa tells us she knew in participating in a show like that that all aspects of her life were open for business.  There really are no secrets in reality TV because all will eventually be exposed.  You go into this knowing everything is fair game and it seems there are still those out there that believe their secrets are their’s.

She (Kim) keeps reiterating, “Keep my name out of your mouth.” “Don’t talk about me.”
Well if you appear, and your demeanor and your actions are questionable, be prepared to answer those questions. I believe that is the basic premise of a show such as this. Kyle has covered many a track for years, but in this forum, it is highly impossible to keep anything hidden.

I have a feeling that Kyle has been trained from a very young age to keep secrets.  Its actually quite sad.  No wonder she has horrible anxiety

Lisa R. was vindicated by the segment that was shown. It was BG who brought up Kim as Lisa was challenging BG on her behaviour (again the master manipulator being exposed). The same for Kyle–it was her account that was accurate at the poker night. She went to the bathroom and Kim followed, of her own volition, as the documentation that this show provides proves.

I kinda love that Bravo does this!  They let the girls dig themselves into their own graves then they show the package of the real events.  Lisa

Deflection, denial, anger are traits they have in common.

Perhaps this is what BG and Kim have in common.  Lisa tells us she had encouraged Lisa r. to push Kim about her secrets regarding Harry.  We saw from Kim’s face that there really were no secrets…there was just some rumor which I am sure there are “rumors” about everyone in BH and Hollywood.

Who lies, who hurls hollow accusations with nothing to substantiate them ends up looking foolish.

And she did look well and truly foolish…but there was a whole shitload of other stuff that made her look less than smart.

So be sure to live your life transparently, be sure to have a solid foundation before you challenge somebody, and above all, have a modicum of accountability for your actions and beware when cameras are rolling–they are your witness. So as we endeavour to sort out this multi faceted situation, there is more to come.

This would be good advice for all to heed.  Unfortunately, we all only as sick as our secrets and with many in this group, there are MANY.  Lisa shares that sibling relationships are complex.  There is a ton of history in these relationships.  When a 3rd party, like BG, tries to act as though they know the whole story, well, bad things happen.

Just a footnote: Some have asked what I was going to say to Kim, before Andy shut me up. I was going to ask her why in Paris she stated I was contesting her sobriety and was so angry when I gently asked if she took a sleeping pill…to explain her bizarre behavior.

Huh?  Why did Lisa feel compelled to bring that up?  Kim is VERY defensive when anyone appears to be questioning her very questionable sobriety.  Again, if you don’t want people questioning your sobriety, then GET OFF THE FUCKING REALITY SHOW!  It’s just that simple.

Brandi Fuck you

Brandi Glanville

“Kim And I Were Playing Defense”

I almost think it is unfair that I have to try an re-hash what BG’s ghostwriter has tried to make us believe.  I again ask; was she watching the same reunion I was watching?  Perhaps the ghostwriter receives a different version of the reunion OR, maybe, she just takes BG’s word for it.

The ghostwriter has decided to make the blog into football analogies and tries to say Lisa V. was playing offensive lineman.  I’m think she is too tiny for this position plus she always wears heals so she would probably get a penalty right from the get-go.  GW then says Lisa R. is “addicted” (LOL) to addiction!  She is so funny!  That is a good little pun…shit, I need to get my Lisa Vanderpump Sangria in order to get through this.

OK, I’m back.

Lisa V.: Newsflash, IF you ever admitted to ANY of the righteous back stabbing you’ve done to your so-called “friends” and apologized for it, we could also all refuse to accept your apologies as well, but as you say, you are perfect. Though I think if you asked Stassi or Cedric (if anyone can find him), they might have a different opinion.

WOW!  Lisa is such a horrible person that when her dumb employee (Stassi) finds out an X has a video of her pleasuring herself, that the horrible Lisa Vanderpump PAYS that X to NOT sell and distribute that video.  Wow.  She is really quite awful.  Oh, and that Cedric…the one that was like a barnacle living off of the Vanderpumps who decided he wanted more and when he was finally told he needed to start paying his way, well that bastard bit the hand that fed him and expected them to invite him back for more.  Yes, Lisa V. really is that horrible.    GW then rambles AGAIN about how Lisa is Scheana’s BFF throwing her engagements parties (allowing her place of business to be used for an event)

The way I see it, you talked me into giving you an intro for Vanderpump Rules, I delivered our audience and our ratings for you, so maybe be happy. That’s what you wanted since you were a cameo on Silk Stalkings, to be famous on TV. Go celebrate your newfound fame with pink roses and some rosé wine. Stop nagging at me about it.

OH NO SHE DIDN’T! GW is now claiming that Vanderpump Rules is a success because of her little sit-down with Scheana.  I LOVE THIS FICTION!  I have a feeling she has been well and truly compensated financially for participating in the intro to Vanderpump Rules, but she makes it sound like she just did this because she is such a wonderful and caring person.  She then tries to make like Poker Night was only made into a dramatic event because of the other ladies.  Not because of Kim’s odd behavior or BG’s horrible behavior.

Eileen, you were married. He was married; they had children. You were caught by a photographer. It was in the tabloids. Your husband sued you for divorce. His wife sued him for divorce. The Star re-published the story in August 2014 as “Eileen Davidson: RHOBH’s New Homewrecker!” All this happened and was published long before I ever met you. Now you brought it up at the reunion and made it a topic again. How is this in any way related to me? Own it, move on.

Right, but this all happened YEARS ago.  The story is well and truly played and no one but BG is angry at Eileen for her homewrecking.  Perhaps Vincent’s X and Eileen’s X believe they did them a favor and they are happier for it.  BUT, most importantly, it’s none of BG’s f-ing business.  She is not the moral majority of this crew.

Kyle, Kim never mentioned you not being welcome at Brooke’s wedding; she also didn’t mention what you did at Brooke’s first wedding that was unspeakable… Kim protected you and didn’t speak of it, so I won’t go into details now, but we all know it was unforgiveable. You look unhinged. Throwing your crazy around where it doesnt fit in, plus your weird, fake out-of-place “wah hhhh” crying. Enough said.

I have a feeling this is very similar to #HarryFuckedTheDog.  What did Kyle do?  Did she spill her champagne on the bride’s dress?  Did she sleep with a groomsman?  Did she give Monty a BJ?  Please share with us what Kim (allegedly) told you Kyle did at the “first” wedding.  I really want to be from BH so I can get married more than once (to the same person) because I really want to get a different wedding dress from the one I wore in 93.  Let’s just say my sleeves were bigger than my head.

BG and GW wants us to know that BG’s new wine “Unfiltered Urine” is about to be released and we will have the opportunity to pre-order very soon.  I am so excited I peed my pants…and made my own wine.  Yeah me!  I will be taking pre-orders soon, too.

Kyle tilt

Kyle Richards

“This Is The Worst Our Relationship Has Ever Been”

Well, it’s about damn time!  Kyle apologies for not writing.  Her kids have been on spring break and well, she just didn’t want to ruin her time with the kids.  Kyle rehashes a lot of what happened in part 1 of the reunion.

Brandi constantly trying to insult the women by calling us “Menopause Mamas” and saying “you don’t get your period anymore, bitch” is insulting to all women.  It is a natural part of life. As far as I know, none of us has gone through menopause, but God willing, we will all get there one day. It’s demeaning to women to use it as a put-down. Just as calling me a “c—” is. Nothing shocks me anymore with Brandi.

All of this just shows that BG is without class.  To suggest a woman is “less than” once they no longer get a period is really quite vile.  I am looking forward to the day I no longer get mine so that I don’t have to buy tampons anymore.  WOOT WOOT!

Hearing Brandi say that Lisa V. has “beaten the slap to death” and “won’t stop talking about it” is unbelievable. She has not stopped talking about me pushing her arm down when she was trying to block me from Kim at Eileen’s poker night. Why does she expect Lisa to drop her slapping her? More double standards…

PREACH!  Kyle says BG’s behavior is disgusting and seems angry at everyone (except Kim for obvious reasons).

Brandi cannot stand to see Lisa V. and me being friends again, laughing and having fun. So she has to make rude, snide comments. For the record, Lisa V. is not selling her house, and she has expressed regret for making a “flippant comment” about that in the past…We have moved past our issues.

I’m not sure there is any truer statement.  BG is so jealous she cannot see straight.  We saw last year at Ken and Mauricio’s B-day party when Lisa and Kyle were laughing and getting along, BG became obviously jealous and then began plotting MagazineGate.  She had to find a way to break this due up for good.  Kyle shares that her relationship with Kim is less than stellar.  In fact, its never been worse.  She sees how BG seems to enjoy this broken relationship and uses Kim and Kim’s probs to keep her relevant.

With Kim, I am constantly being accused of things I didn’t do and made to feel that all our problems are my fault. I am tired of being blamed for everything and am at a point in my life where I just can’t do it anymore. There is some sort of relief when I see it played back on video and know that I am not crazy, and the events at Eileen’s did play out exactly how I remember it. But even after seeing it on camera, Kim will not admit that she was wrong and still wants to blame me. I know that whatever I do, she will find fault in. So why even bother trying anymore?

I think Kim is so used to living a lie she has convinced herself the lie is the truth and nothing will make her see otherwise.  Kyle realizes Kim does not at all recognize the love and support she has given her over the years.

When Kim said she wanted to see where we were at, because there were a lot of things coming up that she needs to figure out, I knew she was referring to her daughter’s wedding. I lost it. Clearly.  It’s been way too emotional and upsetting to me, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Well, I think we saw this as “when the dam broke”.  Kyle kept pretty stoic until Kim was able to get the knife well and truly into Kyle’s heart.  And then all hell broke loose.  Kim definitely knows how to truly upset Kyle.


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349 Responses to Southern Charm “No Good Deed” and the Beverly Hills Housewives Reunion Episode Two Blogs

  1. ladebra says:

    Thank you HydrangeaHussy and Namaste! Great! Blogs. I actually watched Southern Charm. I couldn’t live with all the drama and histrionics but it makes good TV! When Thomas was on WWHL he blamed Andy for making him spend a million of his $$ to fund that joke of a campaign. I hope Thomas isn’t still doing coke, cause sometimes he acts like it. And he seems to be hanging out with the same people, not a good sign either.

    I wonder who is writing Brandi’s blogs? I hope she outs her or him when they have the inevitable rift.

    Happy Friday!💟

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m so sorry for the people who experienced those scary tornadoes. Just awful. I hope they will be ok.
    I don’t think we’re getting Spring. It’s 48 and drizzling. Sighhhhh. IDK. 😯
    Have a great day. Did y’all get to Starbucks to get your BOGO Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea? Free until tomorrow I think. I plan on going 1 minute after I sign off from work. 😃

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Prayers to those in Illinois who suffered through that horrible tornado yesterday.

      Believe it or not, I had about two inches of snow in my yard when I got home yesterday. But it’s sunny and 60 now. Mother Nature has a very strange sense of humor.

      I’m watching RHBH reunion rerun from the year where I liked Brandi. So funny to watch Kim and Brandi go at it considering where their friendship is now and how I now really dislike Miss BG. Brandi looks really nice compared to how she looks today. The other ladies haven’t changed that much at all.

      Let’s all have a great weekend!

      • Booble looked so much better than she does now

      • Powell says:

        Snow needs to be banned. 😊
        Andy should have shown the reunion where Kim was at it w/Bobble. IDK though. 💡💡💡 still would not have gone off w/Kim. I guess anyone that doesn’t challenge her sobriety is being supportive in her eyes. But maybe I watched a totally different show because Booble Bobble Head had the same concerns w/LR and spoke to her gi rl Jennifer. Well that’s the EXACT same thing that LR and Kyle haven’t done BUT they got a hatchet to their heads. I don’t see a difference.

        • Oh who said “SNOW”? It’s snowing here in Minne”snow”ta. Our friends just left early this morning for Jamaica and I’m jealous that I’m not going this year.
          I have all my channels back!! Thanks to my Daddy, I watched Little Women NY and Little Women LA Terra’s little family. So fun. I’ll be able to watch RHO shows now if I want to. IF!
          Just reading these blogs from the BH reunion takes me back to when my son was married and his m-I-l interfered and tried to blame everything on me. She is untreated for Bi-Polar and it wrecked our relationship so we were estranged for almost 2 years. I believe STFUBrandi and AA-NotAAKim are bi-polar. Their behavior is so classic. AA-NotAAKim looked almost too calm as she deflected her issues and attacked Kyle and Lisa R. That kind of toxic person is the type I avoid and end friendships over. I refuse to waste my energy on toxic people. Ok writing comments on a blog is not wasting energy, but arguing about my opinion would be. I’ll just end by saying IMDNDHO I think STFUBrandi and AA-NotAAKim need to exit the show for the safety of their fellow cast members. They are both toxic and highly explosive. I can see why Lisa R got so physically emotional in Amsterdam because I would’ve flipped a fig too it someone tried to insinuate something about my husband.

          • lila1star says:

            It is very common for addicts to be DX with Bi-Polar dis-order.

            • Self medicating because they feel like it stops them from splitting.

              There is actually a study out of Northern Ireland that says there is a higher % of diagnosed bi polar disorder in young Irish men between 18-24 than any other ethnicity.

              And their self medicating with alcohol is what gives the irish the stereotype of being drunks.

    • Powell says:

      Oh Ken had the other hip replaced. I didn’t know. Glad he’s on the mend.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        A friend of ours had his second one done and he is so happy he did. He can now walk up and down his stairs without pain or issues.
        All my best to Ken and Lisa on a speedy recovery. I bet Giggy is snuggled with him on the pillows nibbling on his caviar.

  3. Great blogs thank you!

  4. Thanks for blogs. They are replaying old BH reunions, kind of interesting to watch. I caught some of the Kyle/Kim talk with Andy – now why couldn’t they have that soft lighting at this year’s reunion? Seriously all the women should sue production for the harsh lightening at the reunion. Funny on the clip I saw Kyle looks older because she was so made up and Kim looks younger than she did this year by a lot but it may have just been the soft lighting

  5. Powell says:

    Lol Amalfi. I didn’t think of it but yes B is going w/the homeless and biological clock ticking story AGAIN! 😆😆 Why doesn’t she find the hairstylist and have #2 w/him? She DAMN sure can afford the treatments.

  6. BTW- I WOULD change ALOT about LisaR.

    • She is full of contradictions I think, didn’t like Medford, but glad she grew up there, great parents but her father shut her down, even when she talks about Booble – sometimes she says nice things and then not so nice – I would appear that she waffles a lot

      • Yassss.

        I get being conflicted.

        But I don’t get throwing and breaking glasses.

        I don’t get telling Kiim “I love you” in Amsterdam and then sending texts that she’ll inflict pain on her before the reunion.

        I think she’s BATSHIT crazy. And not in a cute way.

        • Did you ever watch Seinfeld? There was an episode where George would have a good line or two but then would keep talking and ruin it so he learned to leave on a high note. I think Lips needs to learn how to leave on a high note because the more she talks the more bat shit crazy she comes off

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          i agree with this ^^^^^^^

          Sorry, i know she’s such a fan fave. Next season…. i truly wonder.

          AND WHAT IS WITH THE EFFED UP WAY SHE GIVES THE MIDDLE FINGER????? it’s like she can’t bend her fingers correctly?
          i’m not double jointed- or anything nearrrrrr that- but i can give a proper middle finger.


          • Never noticed! Now I have to look for it.

            Double jointed?

            is that why Harry married her?

            JK! (Kinda)

            • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

              no, if anything she’s UNJOINTED….. (despite her cutesy dances off the couch 🙄 )
              she doesn’t bend the surrounding 3 fingers all the way down when FLASHING THE BIRD.

              it’s so weird looking.

  7. Ladina says:

    Great BH blog, l been coming here all week to read and nothing, about time ladies lol

    BG reminds me of a cousin when I was little, she would get so mean and upset when we didn’t want to play her games, which involve our toys, she always wanted to be the princess, just boss us around, and when we try to put our foot down she would pin us to the floor, sofa etc and hit us and makes us play what she wanted, very abusive lmao… In those days adults didn’t get involved, so it was torture, but I actually smile when I see BG go crazy when the other ladies try to make her realize she is not the one setting the rules on they’re frienship. Reminds me of the horrible cusin, that grew up to be a inmature, alcoholic brat, not than I am happy about it, but she was and still is a mean person.. BH almost over.. Cant wait for the final epi and find out what Lisa V is talking about “All will be reveal” hope is juicy!

    Xo ladies!

  8. ROBH reunion on in the background. Kim is talking about mixing up medication…not the first time abusing prescription drugs evidently.

    • And Booble still trashing Splits…

    • I kept wondering how they all forgot that Kim DID have a relapse in Paris and it was the same old same old. I thought of that when Rinna kept asking, Why are people afraid of Kim? Pfft! I thought, if you saw how LisaVP got whomped simply for asking Kim what was wrong with her in Paris, you’d know.

      Now it’s Kim hollering, FOR THREE YEARS I HAVE BEEN SOBER! All of these women know it! Not a slip up until now! AND I HAD A REASON! PAIN! IN MY CHEST, AND RIBS, AND LUNGS, AND KNEES! FOR MONTHS! So Monty gave me his pill, THE SAINT! I mean, MY PILL, that a doctor prescribed for me! Because Monty would never hurt me, just give me pain medication for a terminal cancer patient which is NOT A RELAPSE! Like mixing up pills in Paris! And other medications I’ve been on all along! NOT a relapse, because I’M NOT DRINKING! I’m just MEDICATED 24/7!

      Sheesh, somebody please light her cigar!

    • Oh, oh, OH! Let’s don’t forget that it was NEW MEDICATIONS Kim was blaming for her insanity at the first Game Night at Dana/Pam’s house. THAT’S what had her all messed up, when Brandi said she was on meth? This was before her big, Come-to-Jesus rehab stint.

      Kim’s behavior has been all over the place through the years. In the Reunion reruns of previous seasons today, her temperament is very inconsistent. But the only time I’m seeing her close to being as mean as she is this Reunion is…when she was at DANA/PAM’S game party.

      Remember the Finger-Pointer Sisters? Kim was in and out of the bathroom, so aggressive and mean she hid Brandi’s crutches and thought that was laughable. She was in Brandi’s face, cursing her. She continued that aggressiveness with Brandi at another party that season, when Kim and her first pitbull, the other Kingsley she moved in with, went up to Brandi and went off on her again.

      Kim in Amsterdam and at the Reunion now sounds just as irrational and aggressive as she did at both game nights, to me. I guess this is why some think she did relapse: that seems to be her pattern when she’s using.

  9. Exit4 says:

    I was reading over at reality tea and they had an article about Brandi. She was on Snookis Podcast and she said a few things about BH-but this caught my eye (TRex will like this). Snooki asked Brandi about her house and if she was still living there. She said yes but the owners want to sell. So, Brandi will be moving again! Isn’t it funny that everytime a season ends her landlords decide to sell? Or her bravo lease is up. Lol.

    • I don’t know what is more shocking, Brandi moving or you listening to Snooki’s podcast.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      SNOOKI has a podcast??? Man they give that to anyone nowadays!

      No, i liked her. I didn’t like her overreacting to Mike saying they hooked up- she was protesting too much.
      She slurs so much- is she easy to even listen to??? She mumbles!

      • Not from Shahs, Snookie from Jersey Shore….

      • OMG!!! Chis…you are right Snookie did say that about that Mike…LOLOLOL!! what is it with Mikes on reality shows trying to have sex with women who don’t want to!!!???!!!

      • Actually, anyone can have a podcast. There are numerous online sites which sign you up, just like WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter does, only it’s a podcast instead of a blog or tweets. They’re free up to a point, then you pay for the site promoting your podcast. You have to get like a million listens a month or something to make any money at all.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          oh em jee i didn’t know this i should totes do that! i always get asked about my voice— (i sound like ashley judd according to some coworkers)

          I’m snappy! i can get some janky press ons and invite any little whoever on. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE.

          – seriously this i did not know, thank you for enlightening me.

    • Powell says:

      LOL Exit. Bravo is done writing checks. 🙂
      Hey T-Rex do you know the address of where Bobble lives? Can you see if the owners DO have it up for sale? 😏

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, I believe I tried, this previously but looking again. Since Bravo Production, nor THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBGATLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi own the home, it’s harder to locate the address. I do know that the lease is up at the End of May I believe, and she has NOT been re-signed to the show. I have heard 3 BH Ho-wives are already signed, sealed and delivered for next season. I remember that the home was for sale or rent, and since it was rented on the Bravo dime. I don’t think the owners would rent to her directly since she has LOUSY credit, from her own words, and couldn’t possibly afford to live in that big of a home even in the Valley.

  10. lila1star says:

    Morning–thank you for the great blogs.
    I really hope Kyle means it when she says she is done with her sister. I do not mean done being a sister but done with the crazy. Kyle has got to know Kim is using. IMO Kim is using on a regular basis and the two sisters will get no where until Kim is ready to stop or is forced to stop. As long as Kim is an active addict nothing she says or nothing said to her by Kyle or any other well meaning person means squat.

    BG will remain Kim’s BFF –cause ya know misery/drunks love company. I do not understand why the two HW got a pass from Andy. I am not sure I understand Bravo—do they really think the never ending BG/KIM saga is a ratings draw? More to the point is it? Just because many of us are sick of it doesn’t mean others are not.

    Does anyone know about when we find out who is coming back? I just want to know if my HW days are over. BH is the only one left that I watch but in no way will I do another season with Kim and Brandi.

  11. designernailsdiana says:

    Go Minneapolis, MN Most Literate city. I noticed Beverly Hills and Orange County (Coto de Caza) is not on the list hahaha
    Surprisingly Atlanta and New York are listed.

  12. Powell says:

    I am sick to death of reading BG/GW fictional blogs. Kyle said in her blog she’s glad poker night is on film cuz she thought she was going crazy. I’m w/Kyle in that sometimes I think I’m going crazy when I read Booble Bobble Head’s blogs, & her and Kim at the reunion or I must be on some alternative universe.
    Like many currently here or who were previously here have said, for Kyle’s own sanity and for her family she needs to leave Kim and that toxic relationship in the dust. No Kyle is not perfect. But I think we all can agree that from S1 epi1 Kyle has done nothing more than try to protect Kim. When other castmates have suspected something was up w/Kim and voiced their opinions Kyle has protected Kim. Kyle has explained away Kim’s behavior. Kyle has given Kim chance after chance when she’s been late to events or just didn’t show up. How about the trip when Kim couldn’t find her driver’s license and passport? Kyle wanted answers from Kim but Kyle swept it under the rug after Kim said she wanted to break it off w/BF Ken because he was smothering her. Wouldn’t leave her alone. How about Mo treating Kim as a 2nd wife as Kyle claimed. I believe her. I think Mo has come to Kim’s financial aid many a time thru the yrs. Kyle had worried more about Kim than she has Portia. IMO Kyle is guilt ridden because of the promise she gave to her dying mother to take care of Kim. Kyle is the baby. Why wouldn’t BK put that on the oldest Kathy? I think Kyle needs to let Kim soar or crash and burn on her own. I don’t even think Kyle needs to go to therapy w/Kim now. I think if Kim asks Kyle to go to therapy Kyle should tell Kim she will only go after Kim has done individual therapy for a period of time. There’s no need for jt therapy when Kim on her own doesn’t see her errors and missteps. For now Kyle needs to distance herself.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Well said, Powell! I think maybe Kathy doesn’t spend so much time with Kim. I can imagine if she was to film with her and spend more time with her, that she would probably be put in the same position that Kyle’s in. I think that after the reunion is aired, Kyle should consider keeping her distance. Kim’s kids are old enough to make the decision to see their cousins. Kyle can be civil to to Kim when she sees her at family functions but she’s going to have to make a big decision if she wants to continue being on the show. I personally, wouldn’t film with Kim if she were my sister.

      Sorry it’s so cold where you’re at. 😦

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Agree Foxy and what’s this “You didn’t have my back” crap? It sure looks like AA-NotAAKim doesn’t need anyone to have her back cause she handles it all just fine.

      • Powell says:

        I agree Foxymel. I’m UN MD. I don’t think Spring has any idea where we are. 😊

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Big time agreement with you Powell.

    • Well.

      Kinda disagree with you Powelly.

      Ever single thing you’ve said is true. But Kyle hadn’t protected Kim, IMHO. She is enabling her. And she’s enabling her because Kyle gets something out of it. She feels like she’s in control and needed. That’s what enablers do.

      Brandi said on one of the reunions that she thought that Kyle really didn’t want Kim sober. I actually agree with her.

      Kim’s alcoholism is as much a part of Kyle’s identity as it is Kims.

      They BOTH need major therapy. And honestly? I think Kyle may need it more at this point.

      • Powell says:

        OMIB I agree w/you. I think the “protected Kim” or “Having Kim’s back” is what Kyle has done but it is enabling like you say. LR kept asking “why is everyone afraid to confront Kim?”. Well no one wanted to continue to question Kim or share doubts/concerns w/Kyle because Kyle put the kibosh on it. Kim would have a hissy fit just like she did w/Lisa in Paris & Kyle protected her. Enabled her. I posted on one of the blogs last week what a castmate from the reality show Black Ink said. I can’t remember the exact words but she said something to the effect of “people that love you make you own your sh*t. Not enable you because that’s not love.” I don’t think Kyle wants Kim not to get well. That learned mentality that BK taught them has crippled them in many ways IMnonpsychiatristO. I agree Kyle may need more therapy because she’s working on guilt enabling Kim. That DAMN promise to her dying mother has gotten the best of her.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow…that’s deep, OMIB. I am being serious. The psyche of the enabler is that said enabler gets addicted too, to an extent,… Addicted to trauma, to saving the day, to being super good at keeping up appearances, etc…it’s a damn long list

    • mrs peabody says:

      Agree with you except I think Kyle does need to go to therapy but for herself, she needs to be able to talk to someone other than friends about why she feels the need to protect Kim all the time and that it is ok for her to stop. Kim’s kids are all adults now and it is up to them who they want to see and unless Kim has turned them against Kyle and her group they can see their relatives without their mother’s consent. If they believe the crap Kim says then god help cuz they probably need help too. In fact they really should be in therapy too having grown up in that Kim crazy.

      • Powell says:

        Yes I think Kyle needs therapy for sure. Just not jt therapy w/Kim at this point until Kim has started therapy on her own 1st.

    • lila1star says:

      Perfectly said Powell! and TY for asking–I am almost 100% better.
      I so agree that Kyle needs to stay away from therapy with Kim unless it is through a Kim in rehab etc… Before I learned–I made that mistake with my drunk EX and guess who the therapist thought was crazy? Yep–he actually had the nerve to tell me how lucky I was to have the hubby I did! That is how an addict is so superior at manipulation and down right Illusions its scary and evil!

      BK left the job to Kyle because she knew LK would have nothing to do with it. When the girls father (Richards) was real sick and near death he and his then wife were broke–they reached out to LK since he raised her and they with all their Hilton money said NO. Who do you think opened home and heart to this man? Kyle and Mo but Kim a raging drunk who initially wanted nothing to with it decided pops had to live with her and she according to the wife basically tortured the sick man with her antics until he and wife went back to strangers where he died of a heart attack. That story in the book I was unsure about but the more I see of Kim cruel ways I am beginning to believe all of it.

      When you are raised with a mother telling you from birth that your a princess and better than everyone else it must come as a shock when later you realize that others didn’t get the memo. LK did the same with hers. It seems very possible that even though Kyle worked as much or more than Kim but wasn’t the blonde golden girl–it saved her some how and left her with the capacity for compassion.

      I just hope Kyle steps back from Kim for the right reasons so she doesn’t stay in this never ending loop.

      • Powell says:

        lila that was crappy. Your ex sure did his thing on the therapist. Glad he’s your EX. 🙂
        I need to get the book. Like LR asked at the reunion “is Kathy God?”. Kim keeps saying Kathy would be appalled, blah, blah, blah. And Kathy wouldn’t even help her stepfather. Yeah I can see why BK wouldn’t ask Kathy to look after Kim. Kim is a piece of work. Kim coming back saying she will help her father after Kyle & Mo offered sounds just like Kim coming back to Kyle to get back in the house after Kim decided to sell her portion. The sounds like a typical trait of hers.

    • austin1963 says:

      I agree, Powell.

  13. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    hey all— going to read the blogs now ^^^^

    I’M DVR-ing these old reunions!!!! i’m so new to BH so i will notice SO MANY CHANGES!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!
    expect a full 10 page report this weekend ! (jk)

    SJP- can’t wait to see how different the lighting, and looks are from all of them.

    PS— KYLE FANS— can anyone tell me- on the current reunion running, and the pic above– are Kyle’s eyes really that green?? They are so vibrant it’s amazing! O_o How come i can’t see this green in normal TH’s or on the reg. run of the show??? I don’t get it??? Is she wearing eye color enhancers or something? I figure she’s someone who calls their eyes ‘hazel’ (i never understood hazel- you’re green or brown wtf is in between)- but man her eyes look so beautiful on the reunion.
    Quite visible in the shot above. Still think she went too orange-red and not blue-red on the makeup and dress.

    EXIT — after our existential repartee last night– thank you for your suggestion for gifts- and i hope your son has a WONDERFUL blessed day too!!!

    Ok– i watched Ellen:
    a/ you can tell, subtley- that Ellen is not as warm and happy dippy dippy as she used to be with B. B held herself in well, no tears. xanny?

    b/ she BOLTED out of there once the interview was done. I’ve NEVER seen B do that. She usually sits and chats with Ellen and ellen doesn’t dismiss the person to leave right away. You can see this on some talk shows if you watch close enough. The guest can jump up right away to leave. Ellen and B always were ‘friends’ so they would chat. a ha.

    c/ ‘The reason she left the franchise’ was mentioned by B as being because she didn’t want to start throwing ‘mugs at each other’ as ‘that is what the show had become.’ um….. WHAT??? When she was on– where was anything being thrown? So far as i remember back then in the pregnancy bliss of when she left and got her spinoff and was DONE with jz and rhony- — the only violence or physical stuff was Tre and the table– right? No Atlanta ratchet reunion grossness, no pier 1 glass throw by Ramona, no Brandi shenanigans on BH being physical– right?
    Nice deflection and excuse as to why ‘you left’. WRONG WRONG WRONG. You could say there was psychological delusion on Caribbean shores but come ON.

    d/ Ellen said the HWs went on to Beth’s talk show ‘because they NEEDED HER’ — LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 😆 x 30000000000000000000000000000000
    imho it was vice versa but mmmmkay! Good one!

    Anyhow, it was a stupendous study in subtle shade and how the friendship is not what it was. What a shocker- Bethenny not with a friend that she used to be so close to!!! Let me add that to the excel sheet. 😮

    I was just shocked at how she was spin spin spinning all that sugar so i had to comment.

    • Powell says:

      So how many cups of coffee have you had? Haha. You are too funny Chismosa. But oh so true. 😆😆😆😆😆

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Kyle tweeted that she was wearing colored contact lenses.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


        ARE YOU JOKING……

        i forget if you like or hate kyle….. #dragons

    • Here’s the odd thing about Bethenny’s talk show: she wasn’t that good–UNTIL she was interviewing a Housewives cast member. Then she was comfortable, clever, and knew how to talk to her guest because she knew the topic first hand.

      With all the Housewives from all the franchises, she could have had a pretty decent show and might have made it work if she’d focused on her strengths: her history with the HWs and her wittiness in that context. Instead she had come to believe she was above it–remember her declaring she’d never go back?

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I’d even be ok with her being the monitor at reunions rather than Andy! He is crap.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        You got a point there, WTG! With all the other guests she appeared awkward and out of her element.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      The excel sheet!! Hee hee!

  14. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Southern Charm watchers:

    When Kathryn is sitting ‘the night after’ dinner talking to Danni at Danni’s place- this HAS to have been filmed POST show ending- her face is about 15 lbs thinner than the dinner the night before with Thomas.
    Whitney needs to brush up on his production skills.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    great blogs! thank you so much! – as for Southern Charm – did anyone notice Kathryn’s palms during her talking heads? – they appeared to be orangey like they had self tanner on them – she looked beautiful sitting on Danni’s couch so natural and not made up to look like a 20 somethinhg attempting to be an 80 something – what is she thinking with that whole bun thing? and who is doing her makeup? – shame on them! – Whitney – what a jerk! – he is hating losing his playmates, especially Thomas and will do anything to prevent that- what a sad little man – and Thomas – man, where is your spine – you need that in a relationship if you want to keep it – stop letting Whitney get between you and Kathryn! – not to mention a spine is necessary – and very lacking currently – in the position of Senator – all that commercial proves is that you like to party – not a good look for a politician – nice to see Shep doing some growing and I don’t just mean his arms – Craig – you need to grow up –

    I watched bobble’s first reunion this morning – she looked so much better then – so did Kim for that matter – but the one thing that I noticed , and something that has gotten worse every season – is the jealousy that BG has toward Kyle and Lisa and basically anyone who has everything that she believes she should have – just amazing to watch – you could actually see it growing in each reunion – now of course she has Eileen and Lisa R to be jealous of as well – I’ve given this a lot of thought, but if I had to choose one – either Kim or BG – to be off the show, I would have to choose Kim – she needs help – serious help and this show is no friend to her – and speaking of no friends – leaving BG on the show without her crutch Kim, I think it would be interesting to see what would happen – either all the ladies would refuse to film with her and she would be out, or she would try using Yo to gain the type of lifestyles that Kyle, the two Lisas, and Eileen have – she of course has no intention of actually working for it as the other ladies have – she just wants it handed to her – she is a moocher – but something tells me that Yo will only tolerate her for so long – and Mohammed will not tolerate her at all – neither will the King – bitter – that is what I see when I see BG – that and really bad fillers makeup and clothing style – her stylist must seriously hate her –

    • plainviewsue says:

      I can’t imagine Yolanda coming back with her health situation. Even if she does recover from this latest relapse, she should just be a friend.

      I understand wanting Kim gone more than Brandi, but I just can’t stomach seeing Brandi on my screen anymore. I was also watching some of the earlier reunions this morning. Brandi was so pretty when she first began. Why do these women thing that fillers make them more attractive?

      • mrs peabody says:

        filler’s — that’s what the rich do and Brandi wants so bad to be seen as rich that she will ruin her face to appear to be.

      • Ladina says:

        Did you see shes being chummy with Eddie and Leanne? maybe I am wrong but I bet it is because she wants the boys on BH, she knows that would help her secure her place next season, and she thinks that would make her look good, having the kids on the show, because ya know shes a great mommy… Please!

      • austin1963 says:

        I think it’s possible that our perception of how ugly BG is has increased because we’ve gotten to know her better and we see her inside as well as her outside.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You know I bet Brandi has always been a very jealous person, most likely even as a child. Probably has always wanted what others had and it would not surprise me to hear that she was a mean child too. I don’t think she just one day as an adult woke up mean I think she has always been that type of person.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        I know that BG originally got a pass because of her cheating husband – poor poor BG – but that was how long ago? – victimhood is a really bad look, bobble – I don’t know if she was always jealous, or even why – but at some point you have to decide to start making things happen for you instead of expecting others to hand it to you – you also need to have the class to handle things like money, fame and recognition – if you don’t, you really don’t have anything at all – so start working on the class part first –

      • I think she is very jealous, you can see it starting to go bad when she felt on the outside of Pump and Splits. My pop store doctoring thinks she is very insecure and has been hurt very badly so she does stupid things as a reaction to that. Sad because I think she can be kind and funny but she destroys whatever good she does. She is definitely her worst enemy

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock that’s what I feel about Whitney. I think he doesn’t want to lose his skirt chasing BFF so he’s trying to tear Kathryn and Thomas apart. I think he’s also pissed Kathryn didn’t choose him that summer. What has Kathryn done wrong? Nothing. Don’t say she trapped Thomas. Um he’s 50. He’s not heard of condoms? He wanted a child just as much or more than Kathryn. I don’t like Whitney.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        totally agree – Whitney is the Jax of this show – neither of them want to grow up and neither of them wish to see their friends mature and grow – I don’t like Whitney either –

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock I thought we were friends. I guess not. HA!! 😆 Sound familiar? Her classic line. JZ. No but I’m sorry. I’d rather take Kim. She wouldn’t have her crutch Booble Bobble Head so she wouldn’t be as nasty. If BBH wasn’t on this season Kim wouldn’t have gotten as mad at everyone. As a matter of fact on poker night it wouldn’t have gone down like it did. Kim would have gone into the bathroom to speak w/Kyle w/o BBH trying to stop her, asking her if she’d be ok to talk to Kyle. After Kim explained to Kyle and Kyle got to ask her questions, which BBH prevented it would have been the same Kyle covering, enabling for Kim. It wouldn’t have been right, but I think that’s what would have happened and LR & Eileen wouldn’t have tried to help fix it.

  16. plainviewsue says:

    Namaste, great job as always.

    My only complaint when Andy shows the clips showing Kim & Bobblehead were wrong, I wish he would follow up immediately with them. Confront them…………let them answer their misremembering (I always loved that word from when Roger Clemens misremembered taking stories (!).

    • I’m actually thinking sometimes the clips are edited in AFTER the reunion and they are not watching the clips as they happen for us. (Like, Bravo cannot predict when they are gonna talk about Poker Night or Amsterdam and roll the clip right then…)

      • mrs peabody says:

        I agree I think some of the clips are added in editing. I think the ones they see are the ones Andy has them watch on the show, like the glass throwing, the clips of Eileen. They then talk about them. So my guess is Kim did not see the poker night clip during the reunion and since she doesn’t watch the show of course she thinks she’s right.

    • Powell says:

      I wish he would also Sue.

  17. VV™ says:

    Kyles such a bitch. She deserves a sister like Kim!

    • Nobody deserves a sister like Rambles. I think Splits got her feelings hurt with Pump, actually they have both been hurt by the other, but they do make each other laugh so glad they continue to work on their friendship.

    • IMHO? Kyle had a hand in creating Km- so yah you reap what you sow…

      • The whole family is dysfunctional in my humble opinion

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t know how it’s Kyle’s fault that her sister is a raging bitch? I don’t think Kyle made Kim pop pills and drink her life away. Kim is a bitch because that’s who she is-that’s Kim’s problem and she would be a bitch no matter who her sister is.

        • Jill it’s called enabling. And yes Kyle played a huge role in Kim’s addiction. Because she covered and covered and covered,

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I agree that Kyle covering for her enabled her addiction-but I think Kim was a miserable bitch long before her addiction kicked in

          • austin1963 says:

            It’s a lot more complicated than that. You’re judging Kyle very, very harshly when many, many people struggle with how to handle very similar situations with the people they love and don’t always do it perfectly, either. Nice.

            • austin1963- personally I don’t feel like I’m being harsh on Kyle. No one exists in a vacuum, we are all influenced by those around us.

              I recognize her struggle because it is also my struggle. I own my part in it in my relationships, because I’ve had to do the work on myself.

              I’m a little surprised by your aggressive reaction to my opinion.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I think she was raised to “enable”…it is soooooo hard to break those bad habits. Don’t ask how I know…😁😳

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        If kim was younger and kyle was the big working famous actress of yore- i’d agree a bit.

      • kit9 says:

        That’s grossly unfair. So, I’m responsible for my sister’s 15 years as an alcoholic? You have no idea the struggle Kyle has had in dealing with her sister. Upsetting her by not “covering” for her could likely make Kim drink more. I’ve talked about this here before-the horrible dilemma you’re in as a family member of an alcoholic. The majority of the times I’ve confronted my sister about being drunk has lead to her taking off and getting more drunk. She gets confronted, is ashamed which only makes her want to do what? Drink, of course. Also, the drunk voice in her head says to her, ‘Well, you’re caught, why stop now?’. And, what started as slip turns into a week long binge holed up in a motel somewhere. And, then I’m left feeling guilt stricken worried she’s going to die in that room alone. I’ve struggled SO many times over what my actions will ultimately have on her reactions and driven myself mad trying to figure out what’s the right thing to do. I’ve spent hours on the phone with hotlines, counselors, etc. and the cold hard truth is that most of the time there is NO right thing to do as a family member. And, I take issue with the idea that Kyle wanted her sister to remain an addict. That’s absurd unless you feel Kyle is actually evil. To want an addict to stay addicted is to wish them dead.

        • I disagree.

          I am an ENABLER. Yes I shouted it.

          I’ve been in therapy for years for it. And I recognize my own contributions to the alcoholics and addicts in my life.

          I don’t feel Kyle is evil. A little annoying but not evil. I think she’s truly struggling with her sister and maybe also her marriage.

          To subconsciously want an addict to stay addicted is actually one if the hallmarks of enabling behavior.

  18. VV™ says:


  19. I watched RHOM last night and I am kinda over it…it is like Gamble is the Kim of the series and the whole season is #strippergate….so stupid….but I will continue watching because I want to see if they get over it…..don’t like Damn it Janet or Expert Eddiefloure….

  20. VV™ says:


  21. I wish Beauty Queen had come back, really like her husband

  22. Love your recaps of Southern Charm, HydrangeaHussy. Your lawyerly perspective is interesting. I also wonder what happened to Craig. Last season he was the responsible one in the group. How much difference a year makes.

    Love love LOVE Cameran. She is a delight in every way, the Greek Chorus to the comic-tragic play the others present to us on this stage.

    This actually was a FABULOUS episode for me, psychologically speaking. It’s the BRO CODE in ACTION. I wanted to grab Kathryn and shake her by the shoulders while yelling in her face, YOU WILL NEVER WIN THIS! These men are bred, born, and raised to uphold THE BRO CODE! Remember how Thomas took Craig’s side when he insulted you at the “Words of Wisdom” dinner last season? THAT! He will follow and defend Whitney even after their penises dry up and shrivel away!

    So this particular story arc reinforced my sneaking suspicion that I have spent my adult life BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST THAT BRO CODE WALL!!! I have been giving hubs dirty looks all week.

    Did I mention, kill me now?

    • Yo are making me laff! Don’t bang your head- slip under the radar.

      Your poor hubs.

      • I meant YOU. Not Yolanda. Or Yo, Yo, I has a blog y’all.

        • LOLOL! I feel like a YoYo living under the tyranny of THE BRO CODE!

          Do NOT waste your feelies on hubs. Notice Thomas, Whitney, Shep, et al do NOT spend much time pondering the suffering of the women they run mad. That’s not an accident. Their genetic engineering for centuries has resulted in automatic Glaze-Over for their eyes and Tune-Out for their ears. They have a stock response embedded in their thoughts: “She’s just crazy.” Did you notice J.D. said that about his wife, the mother of his 4 children? “It’s hormones after children.”

          Meantime, we Southern women cry in our martinis while cursing our fate. DAMN YOU, BRO CODE! Where’s my pink pistol?!

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      i found a sweetness to Thomas last season. Kathryn knew who she was getting with- being that she had picked about 3/4 of the lot of the guys in this particular group. All slores- not just the men.
      I think he truly doubts her deep down in his heart and that’s why he’s not so fully committed. JMHO. If it was another woman he had woopsied-woop woop’d – slightly older perhaps- maybe not having slept with HIS FELLOW CAST MEMBERS at that exact time period? I think he’d be more into her and not treating her this callously.

      I swear i don’t know how women deal in charleston. I’d be out of there in a hot minute to find a guy somewhere else and then move back home.

      Craig stupidly chose to stay there thinking he can fight the culture there— isn’t where you go to law school directly tied to practicing law in that particular state? i.e. he is likely prepped to practice in the state of S.C.??
      Bad choice dude.


      • I get your points about Kathryn. Truly I do. But that row has been hoed…so to speak.

        And Thomas really doesn’t have any moral high ground from which to sniff at her when he’s bringing his neverending friends-with-benefits to announcement dinners and christenings without so much as a by-your-leave to Kathryn, sitting right there fuming. She has every right not to trust him. Even we know he lied to her. She will either have to take him as the cad he is or move on, in my opinion.

        I mean, really, if my hubs ever said to ANYONE that his mother did this and that and he expected me to meet those standards, I’ve have killed him on the spot and would be out of prison by now. [To paraphrase a joke Reality_Bytes said to me once.]

      • Powell says:

        But they had the false alarm w/thinking she was pregnant. Why not stop dating her after that then? He stayed w/her and got her pregnant. She was ready for a baby, he wanted a baby. He can’t have it both ways. He’s 50 & said he wants kids so he can’t date/have a GF/wife w/someone his same age. So he went after a twenty something. He wants someone more mature or he wants babies?

        • Prezactly. The man wanted it and he got it. What is he complaining about? She walks, she talks, and she thinks her own thoughts? Pfft!

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          I think she does have some feminine wiles (sp?) – not “slut” shaming at all – but she’s a tad shady.

          He liked her – and look at him when he’s “in the cups” – how easy he gets with the gals —-

          Both at fault however why not someone 25-35 – how is that too old ? It’s not.
          I’m not saying a 50 yr old. Or even 40. But into or somewhat in the lane of driving into the 30s???

          I’m NOT saying she trapped him or anything.

          The facebook stuff was just super weird. They’re both off.
          I’d pick thomas over Kathryn- just my own opinion. Something irks me about her. Can’t put 👈on it.

    • Powell says:

      Oooh WTG. Your poor hubs. Does he know what the dirty looks are for? Had he been wondering W.I.T.H he did to piss you off? 😊

  23. Wow. I better not ever piss VV off.

    Or I’ll get the SHOUTY CAPS treatment!

    The only one that gets my SHOUTY CAPS IS the one, the only, the original OG


  24. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    A couple of thoughts here. Not worth hauling out the soap box and PA system.

    I’m wondering if Lisa R was hired with the idea that she’d be the loose cannon. But between the time she got hired and she first appeared on the show, Brandi and Kim went wild and other than her anti-addiction thing, LR is sort of drifting with the current rudderless?

    Yeah, I’d like to see both Brandi and Kim go. But if they only lose one, I think it should be Kim. Because I think Kim is actually ill and a danger to herself and to others. I mean break out the DSM V and look up her symptoms kind of ill. I hate this cliché, but I think she’s a ticking time bomb that will go off sooner or later. Brandi is just a spoiled jealous party girl/mean girl who refuses to see that her actions have consequences*. As someone here pointed out last week or maybe the week before, if you break a plate on the floor and then say “Sorry”, the plate remains broken. You don’t just say “sorry” then continue your bad behavior.

    *Yeah, Kim is like that also, but I suspect her brain is literally (and yes, I do know what the word “literally” really does mean) so damaged by her years of drinking and pill popping on top of her mother’s brainwashing that she has no conception she’s behaving that way.

    If they do keep Brandi and let Kim go, they’re probably going to have to bring in someone willing to interact with her. Neither Lisa R or V, Eileen, or Kyle will want to. And Yolanda’s presence will be sort of iffy due to her illness.

  25. First Looks are on tonight. NY at 10:08 and BH at 10:21.

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok so I just saw a clip of Kim and Kyle fighting about the dog bite-Kim is so angry because Kyle put a picture of Alexia on Instagram when she was in the hospital-Kim thinks Kyle was trying to give the message that Kim’s dog bit Alexia(and gain Instagram followers) Kim shows ZERO concern about the fact that the kid was bitten and even makes fun of Kyle for being at the hospital with her kids keeping Alexia company. Alexia was in the friggen hospital for 5 fuc*ing days because the bite infected the bone-Kim says “it was a little bite on her finger”…she is a heartless asshole!! I don’t know why Kyle put the picture on Instagram and I really don’t care if she did to spite her bitch sister-if people gave Kim shit because her stupid dog bit Kyle’s daughter well tough shit Kim-everyone was supposed to bow to your bitch face when you were in the hospital for 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 days for popping pills but this poor kid who had a few operations needs to buck up? I wish Kyle would have bit Kim!!!

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I SWEAR… i live for dogs and i would prefer them over people — but seriously this is disgusting. To the BONE.

      kim needs to go. this is so incredibly disgusting. Kim is dissGUSTING.

      WHAT’S WITH THE POINTING? i’m going to watch the older reunions that i dvr’d so i’m going to count how many times she points. I’ll take a swig each time she does.

      in certain cultures isn’t pointing like a very bad thing???

    • kit9 says:

      So, she’s upset Kyle wasn’t covering for her and her effing dog? Really? The woman makes me so angry…I don’t know if I’ll get through that clip, honestly. Oh, and Alexia-or someone for Alexia was posting pics, too. Is Kim mad about that, too?

      • kit9 says:

        Seriously, the idea that Kim thought this could be kept hush hush is absurd. And, it’s just grotesque that that is her concern. It’s so infuriating! Did she really think a 19 yo in this day who was feeling better and joined by family and friends in their PJ’s to cheer her up WASN’T going to post on social media? Of COURSE they would. Alexia’s friends probably also posted. I want to punch Kim in her withered smirking face!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          You watched it?? She was so friggen bitch and smug right?? She needs a smack-I want to smack that smug look off her face. I can’t believe she’s more worried about people knowing her stupid dog bit someone than the fact that her niece was bitten!! What a selfish pig!!

          • kit9 says:

            No I haven’t watched it. I can’t stomach it right now.

          • RabbleRouser2010R says:

            It was her way of blaming Kyle that she no longer has Kingsley any more – and weakens her ability to mitigate the other attack on the house guest . And for Kim to sit there and say that her dog wasn’t party of the story line….who the fudge is she kidding? She filmed more with Kingsley than any of her other casts mates- and the dogs aggression and need for training WAS a story line. And seriously…where the hell did she get that dog…from Micheal Vick?

        • Powell says:

          Kit I want to punch her too. These DANG HWs bring it out of us. 👊

      • RabbleRouser2010R says:

        Kim’s lucky she isn’t my sister because if I was the one sitting across from her and she acted like that after her VICIOUS dog seriously injured my child, no word of a lie ..I would have jumped up and cracked her skull. Yes, I know violence is wrong but I think a lot of people just have a breaking point and for me- that would have been it.

    • kit9 says:

      Did Kim spill what the deep dark secret she was threatening was?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I didn’t see anything about the secret-she was asking “want me to tell!” And then the clip was over-she’s disgusting and I really wish Rinna would have gotten her crazy hands around her bitchy neck!!!

        • kit9 says:

          It’s really typical Kim-it’s not HER fault that her dog attacked, YET another person. It’s not HER responsibility he wasn’t properly trained or restrained. NOT HER FAULT. It’s Kyle’s fault for having sex with Mauricio 20 years ago. For having a daughter that would one day bother her dog and have the audacity to be bit. I really want to scream!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            She going to tell a story about Kyle’s daughter Alexia and how the dog bit her because she went in a room where the dog was kept. It’s not Kim’s fault-nothing ever is. Andy does the play the clip of the dog attacking the trainer-which I heard was a lot worse than what Bravo showed-the unedited clip shows the dog being way more aggressive-which scares the shit out of me because that 20second clip is terrifying!!!

            • kit9 says:

              That story is already out there. So, it has to be something else. And, didn’t I read that Kingsley also bit a Bravo production member? Or was it they wanted the dog removed for their safety? I can’t remember but I know there was something about Kingsley and Bravo production.

              • Bravo built a pen in the yard to hold Kingsley when they were shooting because he had attacked the trainer, etc.

                Also, it was Kim who was irresponsible. The trainer TOLD Kim to muzzle the dog BEFORE she opened the door. She didn’t. Then she just chuckled that, Oh, my, silly me, chuckle.

    • kit9 says:

      It will be interesting to watch Brandi’s face during this topic since she is on record stating she was scared sh*tless of Kingsley.

    • OH! OH! OH, Jill! BUUUUUUURN!

      Thanks for the rundown. Now I know why Kim’s been hiding since the Reunion.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        You know what-I don’t think Kim cares about any of this! I think she puts the blame on Kyle and Alexia and thinks she is the only person anyone should be concerned about-she is a selfish cow!!

        • The most awful part of how Kim acts when she’s Mean Kim is her face when she attacks. It’s the face of malicious joy. She is enjoying the pain she’s causing, and that’s her full intent. She has no remorse.

          Between that and Brandi’s smirking Fright Face, this has been the most unpleasant HWs Reunion I’ve seen.

          • Powell says:

            I think you’re right. She’s enjoying hurting Kyle and trying her best to hurt LR. I can see her like Mike Myers character Mr. Evil or whatever his name in those movies. His character is bald. He haa that look of satisf action when he’s done something evil.

          • kit9 says:

            Yes! Malicious joy is the perfect way to describe it.

    • VV™ says:

      What I found interesting about the clip,is not the dog bite story which we already knew. The fact that Whitney (Kim’s daughter) asked Kyle to take the picture down. Kim’s kids must be as f*ckef up as she is. Maybe Whitney did it at Kim’s request. I still think it was not her place to get involved.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Seems like Kim and the daughter are more concerned with “image” and not very concerned about Alexia…gross!!!

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Probably since Alexia would’ve been like the 10th person Kingsley attacked and it would further validate the other people’s compliant. Kim looks like she’s relishing every moment that Kyle is in pain.

      • kit9 says:

        Wow. Oh, and I found out yesterday(maybe it’s been mentioned here before)that Kim’s other daughter, Brooke, got a DUI when she was younger and her mugshot is tragic. Brooke was also behind the wheel of a car owned by her cousin Paris that involved 3 other cars.

        • kit9 says:

          Oops,..should be Brooke was behind the wheel of a car that caused an accident involving 3 other cars.

      • kit9 says:

        Just watched the clip. Where do I go for counseling to deal w/my anger at this woman? She’s screaming at the top of her lungs because of pics on Instagram not because her niece is in the hosp for 5 days for two effing surgeries? She’s screaming because Alexia had too many visitors wishing her well and trying to cheer her up? She’s the most INSANELY SELFISH HUMAN BEING I HAVE EVER SEEN. That’s all Kim cared about was her image and how SHE WOULD BE AFFECTED.

      • RabbleRouser2010R says:

        Wasn’t Whitney the one who originally got the dog from the rescue?

        My guess is they didn’t want the story out there because they were afraid of all the ‘anonymous’ tips from animal control.

        • VV™ says:

          I thought it was Chad who got the dog.

          • RabbleRouser2010R says:

            I think Chad ultimately ended up being the only kid left at home- since Whitney liked moved in with her then fiancée which is why he was there when the trainer came over.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Preach it! I didn’t watch the 2nd reunion but will wait for you guys to tell me how the 3rd one goes. This crazy fighting between these two sisters is sick. I mean Kim is the sick one. Kim has given Kyle the shitty sister complex. kyle, run away fast!

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ as I was reading that’s just what I was thinking. Alexia HAD to have surgery. A 17 yr old at that who is scared. And Kim wants everyone to feel sorry for her 7, 9, 12, or 20 days in the hospital that she faked feeling sick? Bit*h Puleeze! 🙄

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Powell Kim is a sick bitch!! She’s infuriating!! The clip is terrible and SOS exactly who Kim is-I can’t even with her!!

        Are you getting nice spring weather yet? We are supposed to 60 and sunny tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier!! Spring is coming…a little late!!

        • Powell says:

          I totally agree w/you.

          It was 48 during the day but after work I went out and it was warmer. If our area doesn’t start to get warm I’m really going to believe Spring is skipping MD, DC, VA. Just going right past us. 🙂

      • RabbleRouser2010R says:

        Hear. hear.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      You know… with all the big smiles of that hospital photo of Alexia et al., I got the impression that they were saying “Hey, it’s alright. Nothing to be concerned about.”, sort of covering up for the dog.

    • That is completely vile of Rambles #teamKyle (sorry VV)

    • austin1963 says:

      Maybe Kyle put the pic on Instagram because she knew Kim would lie and minimize its severity otherwise.

      • kit9 says:

        I think it was just because when her kid was feeling better they had a slumber party to cheer her up and she thought it was cute and something to celebrate.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      And 5,6,7,8,!!! I love that!


  27. California35 says:

    Hi everyone! It’t Friday!! It is supposed to be an easy day, what whappened? Lol

    Thanks for the blog, I had just watched Southern Charm last night 😊

  28. Namasté, you killed!

    “I have a feeling this is very similar to #HarryF*uckedTheDog. What did Kyle do? Did she spill her champagne on the bride’s dress? Did she sleep with a groomsman? Did she give Monty a BJ? Please share with us what Kim (allegedly) told you Kyle did at the ‘first’ wedding.”

    But I think I have THE ANSWER!


  29. I hadn’t seen this before maybe some of you have… it is the trainer that was on the show….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I wonder why it says Kyle’s dog trainer-isn’t it Kim’s dog trainer? Confusing!!

      So what…who cares…who gives a shit!! (Just throwing it out randomly in hopes that it catches on!!)

  30. VV™ says:


  31. serenanyc says:

    Such a surprise Bobble’s moving again now the season is coming to an end. Cue the “homeless” tweets.

    You know she’d kill for Eileen’s multi-million dollar, 10,000 square feet home in Malibu that she made fun of and called scary. Jealousy is transparent.

    • mrs peabody says:

      So I guess Bravo only pays during taping. I wonder why, they show very little of her home, same with Kim. I hope they deduct the house cost from what they are paying her. Lisa’s home gets the most showing (actually her closet).

      • Powell says:

        Lisa and Yo have pretty amazing closets. Kyle’s is not organized.

        • serenanyc says:

          Right. Lisa and Yo have the showy, out-of-this-world houses. Kyle, Eileen, and Lisa R have beautiful homes but have more down-to-earth homey styles which I love as well. Kim and Brandi’s (former) homes are not in a special league at all.

    • Powell says:

      I’d sure take it.

      • serenanyc says:

        Me too. Three stories, a huge backyard with a big pool, and just a few minutes from the beach!

        If Brandi returns (*knock on wood she doesn’t*), you think she’s going to have another rented housewarming party?

        • Powell says:

          Haha. If Booble Bobble Head has her 15th housewarming the other ladies will definitely missed that party. Aren’t housewarming parties like baby showers in that after you’ve had a couple of kids you don’t have a baby shower? You don’t have a housewarming after you’ve moved a couple of times?

  32. Powell says:

    This is cute. 😊

  33. Laineylainey says:

  34. Austin says:

    Has anyone else considered if BG perhaps has a personality disorder? A bona fide one, such as borderline personality disorder. One hallmark is that for those people, nearly every relationship they ever have ends badly. As in blown-up-by-dynamite bad. Ugly. Seems as if the shoe may fit.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    You know BH is over when Brandi starts looking for new place to live…

  36. cdnfillie58 says:

    Whatever happened to Kingsley anyway? Was he sent away or put down? Here, an owner doesn’t get away with pets that incident involves a heavy fine and removal of said pet

  37. Boy am I ever late to this party! HH super blog on Southern Charm…what I want to know about Craig is…he says he works at night, but he is out partying every night…soooooo…if he is out drinking all night and sleeps until 9, 10, noon…when is it again that he works?

    Thomas felt bad that all the cast members were trashing Katherine, yet he says nothing to THEM when they are doing it…so passive aggressive.

  38. LaineyLainey says:

    Dear HHuney: sorry I don’t watch SCharm. I appreciate your writing the blog for my friends who do enjoy that show, though.

    Namaste: thanks for blogging the blogs! I can’t believe GWriter!!! Cray, cray, cray…

    • ladebra says:

      Hey LaineyPie, how’s your brother doing? Been sending light and love towards Texas 😉

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi sweetheart! He is staying with my sis. He had a little setback today,…but they did another cat scan and it wasn’t another stroke. His blood sugar and blood pressure got too high and he “blurred out”. I think he just needs to learn how to manage his meds.

        Keep that that love and light coming!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  39. kit9 says:

    Anyone else see the first look? Andy calls Kim out on her malicious joy.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I saw it -she’s a disgusting person. Lisa Rinna sent those text messages out of sheer frustrate and Kim and Brandi got a kick out of it-Kim wasn’t scared-that phony bitch! It’s so funny that Brandi and Kim both tried so hard to make it seem like Rinna needs help-Kim will do anything to make that relapse go away. I can’t even!!! I want to really kick her ass-I don’t usually get MAD at a HW because really-who cares? But this bitch gets on my reserve nerve!!!

      • kit9 says:

        lol! Reserve nerve! I really wish someone had called Kim out on HER phoniness with the hug after Kim doubted LisaR’s sincerity because that was the phoniest effing thing in the world.

        • But that hug was BIZARRE! I mean, Kim and Brandi were sneering and snickering at LisaR as she tearfully recounted she’d reacted to Kim in a way she hadn’t experienced before…and they LAUGHED at her and berated her.

          Then Andy chides them for their hatefulness, and Bravo must have edited something out, because suddenly…ANGELS AND LIGHT STREAMING FROM THE SKY! Kim is as sober as a judge and as forgiving as Cheeerist Almighty, hugging LisaR like ALL IS FORGIVEN.

          The other women’s reactions told the tale: they were stunned and confused. Ha ha!

          • kit9 says:

            And how bout Brandi calling LisaR crazy? Didn’t Brandi say pretty much the EXACT thing TO KYLE? Actually worse, because Brandi made explicit physical threats. And, Kim was right there and didn’t bat an eyelash as Brandi threatened her sister but she’s horrified when she gets the same treatment from LisaR?

            • E! News is all over the HWs mess, and they just had a countdown of the B*TCHIEST HOUSEWIVES. Guess who was #1 for fighting with everyone? BRANDI! Congrats, Brandi, you earned it. Plus, they showed the clip of Brandi threatening to KILL Kim and Kyle at the original Game Night. LOLOL

          • ramonacoaster says:

            Kyle and Lisa had “Oh crap” stunned looks from when Kim read the text messages to when Kim gave her a hug. I’d be happy if Brandi and Kim were afraid of Lisa R.

            • He he! Me, too. Listening to the text messages, I was jumping up and CHEERING!

              Because LisaR was RIGHT! The way Kim talks to people is awful. If she talked to me that way, I’d probably already have clocked her. I mean, my friend would have.

  40. VV™ says:

  41. This will probably get lost at the end of the comments before tomorrow’s link, but in case some might want to bring it up there:

    Bethenny was interviewed by E! News about her “homeless” rant on Tuesday’s show and how she’s gotten a lot of criticism for it, and she said she knows she’s not really homeless and blahblah…her pain blahblah…parenting is about remembering “the VICTIM” in all this–I guess she meant Brynn but after what she said next, I’m not sure.

    That’s when she does something so representative of her mentality now, I think I may have imagined it: Asked if she still believes in love, she said, yes, she likes a man with this and this and this and this…that TWO BAD APPLES DON’T SPOIL THE BARREL!

    HA HA HA HA! Now I wonder, who oh who might she be calling bad apples?

  42. VV™ says:

    A long long time ago, I read that when S1 of RHOBH started filming NONE of Kim’s kids were living with her. I think I read youngest daughter Kimberly was living with her dad.
    Kim and Brandi share many thing and one of them is a new rent-a-home every season.
    By the time Season 2 comes around, Kim is dating Ken. She moves in with him. Where were her kids living while she was with Ken? Where they living at Kim’s rent a home?
    Kim is truly delusional if she thinks people can’t see through her BS life.

  43. ladebra says:

    Oh god STFU Kim Richards. How long have I been saying she is an evil bitch? 3 years?

  44. VV™ says:

    1+🍀, I’m not. Recipient of it many times.

  45. ladebra says:

    Cutie pies

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