Brandi Glanville Podcast “Brandi’s Dad told her she should have slapped Lisa harder” plus Real Housewives of Melbourne

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Brandi Mama Elsa

Kyle and Lisa Sleeping_____________________________

Brandi Podcast Recapped by Kit9

Guest: Millionaire Matchmaker’s Candace Smith

Before MM, Candace was a lawyer and actress and a former Bob Barker beauty. Kenya’s recent episode of MM was very highly rated. Brandi says Kenya needs love more than anyone she’s ever met. And, Brandi let’s us know she, herself, got love that morning. Brandi says she’s in a committed relationship.

Brandi is friends with Patti Stanger (of course she is). Brandi set Patti up on a date with her friend Darren. Apparently he usually dates very young women. Candace goes off on young women who date older men or “22 year old tarts.” Brandi also mocks them saying, “You hear them speak and they can’t put together a sentence…oh, that was a double negative.” (facepalm)

Brandi and Patti have had a few fights. (I try to get a visual on that and it looks something like Godzilla vs. Reptilicus. Look it up). Brandi’s a big fan of Millionaire Matchmaker (of course she is). Brandi thinks Candace brings so much to the show. Candace says Patti is a dynamic woman who she has learned so much from.

Brandi says Candace is not Patti’s bitch on the show and says that Matchmaker’s ratings this season are “higher than ever.” (Please, god, don’t let that be true.) Candace mentions that when she’s been treated badly or taken advantage of by someone, she allowed it to happen. She takes “accountability” for allowing it to happen.

Brandi agrees and says that “You’re part at fault, as well. You can’t say you have been manipulated. You did it. Manipulation or not, you did it and you have to take ownership of that.” “I know I’ve tried to fall back on that a few times but, the truth is, no matter what, it falls on me. Manipulated or not, I did it.” (hm, wasn’t Brandi just claiming that Kyle manipulated her? Did she take ownership of that?)

Brandi asks Candace if her parents are super proud that she went to law school and is now on reality television? Candace laughs and says they’re proud of everything she’s done. She got a psychology degree before getting her law degree. Then, while working as a lawyer, she also participated in pageants. Brandi jokes about her being on Adderal.

Brandi says that she’s been dating JR for 3 straight weeks..and on and off for two years. Brandi points out that JR can’t speak Spanish. “A Mexican that can’t speak Spanish. Isn’t that the saddest thing ever?” “He’s full Mexican who lives in California and can’t speak Spanish? That’s like me not being able to cook friend chicken,” says Candace, laughing. Brandi, realizing they could get in trouble says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” “All these stereotypes can suck it. They’re all stupid anyway.” (ah huh)

Brandi mentions that Candace also worked with Jake Gyllenhaal. Candace says he very humble and cool. He was also in great shape when they filmed some cop film together. Candace just shot an independent film with Pierce Brosnan. She’s also done stand up comedy. Brandi wants to do that, too, but she’s afraid. Brandi says she needs to get her comedian’s license so she can continue to offend people.

Brandi whines for the umpteenth time that as a “reality chick” there are things she can’t say. But, Candace doesn’t think a “comedian’s license” will allow Brandi to slap somebody. (oh, snap!) “I think you’re 100% correct on that,” Brandi laughs, before sarcastically thanking her for bringing it up. Brandi refers to it as “the slap heard around the world.” She says her dad said she should have just slapped Lisa harder because she’d been rude to him a couple of times.

Brandi told him it was just a joke but he said, “well, if I were you, I would have really slapped her.” Candace thinks it was funny when she slapped Lisa. Brandi says she was thinking, “what did I just do?”…. “I wasn’t even that drunk.” “I don’t know why. I think because it was like this soap opera world -(oh, here we go again)-people were chokin’ people and throwing glasses!”

“I was like, I gotta up my game,” she laughs, “because I’m not crazy enough anymore.” She says she thought to herself, “what did I just do?” and apologized right away. She  cried and chased after Lisa telling her to hit her back. “I don’t know why I did it. I did not have an explanation. People mess up. I messed up. It is what it is.” (which is what, you freaking psycho?)

Brandi asked Lisa, “you’ve not even been slapped during sex? And, she was like, “no.” I’m like, wow..choked? “No.”” Candace mentions she’s never been slapped during sex either and Brandi says, “sorry”. Candace laughs and says the men she dates would be too afraid to slap her.

Candace talks about being in pageants and how there are some amazing women competing in them. Brandi says there are some bad ones, too. Candace agrees and Brandi asks, “remember Jacqueline?” confusing Candace before she realizes Brandi is referring to Joyce from RHOBH. Candace says Joyce was a real “pageant Patty” and Brandi says, “she was like, struggle pageant.”

Candace didn’t do Miss America because she didn’t have a talent. Brandi says she could have done stand up. Britney Spears is mentioned and Brandi says she loves Britney and that her kids do basketball with her kids. She says that they have security there just for her-Brandi, not Britney. Candace asks why Brandi hasn’t done Dancing With the Stars. “They won’t have me.” Brandi says she tried last year and instead they “got every one I’ve never heard of.”

Brandi thinks that people who are “strategic and calculating are exhausting” and says she can’t be friends with people like that. “And, every single girl on my show is that way and I’m not. Yolanda’s not. But, they all sit and think about it…they can’t just speak off the cuff because, god forbid, it might come out wrong or it’s actually a real thought.”

“Even Kim?”, Candace asks. “No, Kim says whatever she wants! Kim doesn’t even know what Kim’s saying. She’s like…woowoowoo!”


Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap by Reality_Bytes

RHOMelbourne S2 Ep6 – Look Out Sydney ~ Street Fight!

Overview ~ Lydia starts a fight over gossip from Jackie and Tempest (Gambles’ sister) starts a fight over incorrect information provided to her from Gamble, All HELL breaks loose on the streets of Sydney, and a PACT is finally made!

Grand Final Football League

Hawthorne colors are Mustard and Brown and Sydney colors are Red and White – and Gamble is glad she is rooting for Sydney as it is a much better color palate!

The ladies are attending the game, and Chyka has some sort of food booth there I think, and is the first to arrive. Petti arrives, Janet arrives, and then Gamble and they all greet each other. Chyka comments on the colors of Gamble’s outfit as to who she will be rooting for (wearing Sydney colors), and immediately Janet starts singing the Hawthorne’s team song.

DC/Janet: With ‘some’ people if they aren’t supporting the same team, they can’t be friends. Janet said she isn’t “going there” though with Gamble…and then snarks that Gamble doesn’t have her legal advisor with her today (Gina) so chances are they can all have a nice day!!! (Snarky Snarky Janet! You lose a point here)

Cameras move to outside the stadium and catch Lydia dialing Jackie on the phone and asking her to give her a rundown of what “she saw” at the dinner party when she told Gamble and Gina off. **WOW** lets gather more gossip so we can start another fight, eh Lydia?


Lydia responds with “It was just rude and I really want to get to the bottom of it.”

Jackie, “I agree with that.”

NOTE: If Jackie were being attentive to Lydia’s conversation she would have been looking left to the far end of the table on the opposite side. Rick and Gina were seated on the same side of the table as Jackie waaaaaaaay to her right, and Gamble was waaaaaaaay right on the opposite side of the table. Unless she had eyes in the back of her psychic head, she couldn’t have seen a smirk or an eye-roll…so once again she was just instigating trouble!

Lydia now enters the stadium loaded for bear to find the other ladies! She greets the ladies and isn’t wearing the colors of either team however she is carrying a red handbag and is wearing a white blouse, so Chyka asks if she was rooting for Sydney, and she says no, Hawthorne…but her handbag is ‘her fashion’.

They all have drinks (Lydia’s is water) and Gamble playfully asks if she is pregnant, and Lydia replies “No, are you?” Gamble says “NO”…then they all toast.

Gamble brings up Lydia’s ‘Barbie’ name and Lydia just shrugs it off (S&M Barbie…LOL). Janet jumps into the conversation and says Chyka’s new ‘Barbie name’ is “SLITHER Barbie”. She goes on by saying how she got out of the trouble with Gamble…then crosstalk I couldn’t understand. At least they are all laughing, but WAY TO GO Janet! This is the third time you have brought the crap up since you said you were going to LET IT GO! Chyka deftly shuts down the conversation by owning her actions and apologizing yet again to Gamble. (POINT)

Gamble changes the subject saying they are all going to have so much fun in Sydney, and it seems she is really looking forward to having the ladies together in a different change of scenery.

Janet says yes she is going and is looking forward to it…Lydia says she can’t go because they are moving back into their renovated home, and Chyka says she isn’t going because she and Bruce may need to fly out that day on a business trip, and she appears very sorry she cannot attend.

Gamble explains that she is taking the ‘girls’ to a cocktail party at the gallery of a good friend of hers, Charles Billach.

Now Petti is asking Gamble about her involvement in the gallery in the village, and quizzing Gamble about how she would get in touch with her at the gallery where Gamble works part time and wants her email address.  Petti thinks Gambles answers are defensive and guarded. Gamble sees the questions as an inquisition, which is a bit overreacting, I think! (Maybe Petti should have asked just for her phone number if she truly wants to get to know her better, ha ha ha.)

The ladies are now sitting at a table and Gamble ask Petti how her Property Development is coming along and asked who did such-and-such building (uh, turnabout isn’t always fair play…this isn’t Petti, it is petty JANET!) (Minus 1 POINT)

DC/Petti: She actually came across as a “PAYBACK BITCH”. (Very accurate)

Chyka now brings up the fact they haven’t all talked since the dinner party, and everyone states that they had such a wonderful time at the dinner. Lydia turns to Gamble and says she has something to talk to her about and she will get to it in a minute, and then goes on talking to the other ladies.

Then she looks at Gamble and said “What I was saying really did upset me and I was sharing a beautiful moment I had had, about my son that had died, and then says you had a smirk on her face (info Lydia got straight from Jackie, because she couldn’t have seen it either from where she was sitting), and Gamble says she was laughing at Rick who was sitting opposite her across the table, she wasn’t laughing at Lydia. She said she was laughing at Rick during the wedding talk because he hates weddings!

Gamble goes on to say she wasn’t laughing at Lydia, and she certainly wouldn’t laugh at what she was saying about her son that died. She tells Lydia “My God, I have a heart.” Gamble goes on speaking to the rest of the ladies saying I could understand if she thought I was laughing at the end of the speech (which set Lydia off and she kept saying over and over “It wasn’t a speech”… “It wasn’t a speech”…. “It wasn’t a speech”…. “It wasn’t a speech”. Chyka says something about there were two conversations going, and Lydia seems dismayed. Gamble apologizes to Lydia if she misconstrued her actions with Rick, and Lydia thanks her for the apology and then shrugs it off. (Probably a good thing Jackie wasn’t there or we would never hear the end of it).

DC/Gamble: I think Lydia is a beautiful woman and I am actually looking forward to spending time with her and getting to know her if she will lower her defenses. She is definitely guarded with me.

Some appetizers arrive, and Janet asks the ladies if she can take Petti for a moment as she needs to have a word with her. They leave the table.

Janet hugs Petti and says she is so glad Petti is going to Sydney with her cause she feels like she is going to the enemy camp. (I know you won’t believe this but she is bringing up the gossip about Gamble with Petti…AGAIN) telling her Gamble brought it up again at the Chef’s Dinner (Uh, didn’t Janet bring it up with Rick first at the dinner?) Janet tells Petti that her Barbie name for Gamble is “Mashugana Barbie” and makes the crazy sign with her hand.

janet crazy

NOTE: The term “mashugana” is a Jewish slang term used as an exclamation to describe something as crazy or bizarre.

They return to the table and join the other ladies and then they all go to their seats for the game, I guess, I have no idea – we don’t even know who won…oh wait, I looked it up for you cause I knew the suspense would be killing you – Hawthorne won a back-to-back title – 2013-2014!!! Now don’t you feel better?


Gamble’s House

Gamble is packing and Rick is sitting in a chair watching her pack and is holding Cash laughing at her asking how many days she will be gone, and Gamble replies it doesn’t make much difference because she will need at least 3 outfits per day…

Gamble is saying she wants everything to be light and fun and lots of champagne and slinky dresses, and then she asks Rick about the confrontations and wonders how men handle them. He said they would be over in just a few minutes, and further adds sometimes women carry things a little too far. He says life’s too short to worry about fighting.


Chyka and Jackie

Jackie arrives at Chyka’s house and Chyka said she has things set up out in the garden. As they are walking out there Chyka says “Oh we have a lot to talk about Jacks”, and Jackie says “Oh we have a lot.”

Jackie starts talking about organizing gamble’s ‘Hen’s Night’ and says Gamble knows I will bring a cheeky naughty side to this party. It appears a Hen’s Night is like our Bachelorette Party.

J: I know my thoughts, what about your thoughts?

C: I have spoken with her and I know what she doesn’t want

J: What? She doesn’t want strippers?

C: Yep!

what no strippers

J: Oh get lost

C: She didn’t want strippers because she didn’t want it to be tacky.

J: Tacky? Having strippers isn’t tacky!

C: Well there are strippers and there are STRIPPERS Jacks. They are the guys who jump on top of you and…

Jackie: What and dry ride you?

DC/Chyka: I want to make sure that if we do use strippers at her party it has an element of fun and silliness and that it is not centered on her but on something else that happens too.

J: It’s all tongue-in-cheek, c’mon. Every Hen’s Night has them.


jackie stripper quote

J: if she says directly to me Jackie I don’t want strippers…She’ll get strippers!

DC/Jackie: Of course you can have a hen’s night without strippers but why would you do that? Let’s get some fun into this.

C: Do you think we should do a night or do a day?

J: We aren’t doing a day…this is not the Vineyards

C: I don’t mind a bit of karaoke

J: Huh? What’s happened to you? You’ve been married too long.

OK, I am leaving what Chyka did at her Hen’s Night for you to see on your own!!! Too funny! Boy did MY FACE TURN RED…totally unexpected!

Jackie asked who is off to Sydney, and Chyka says Gina, Gamble, Petti and Janet.


The Ladies Arrive in Sydney – Sheraton on the Park

This is going to get ugly because from the previews we see Gamble’s sister Tempest reading Janet the riot act over the Bull chit accusations against her sister. Gamble probably should not have mentioned this to her family or not taken the ladies to Sydney until it really is in the past which it is not!

Gina, Janet, Gamble and Petti are seen arriving at the hotel and walking into the lobby. Gamble says they will check in, have cocktails in her room, and then head to the Billach Gallery.

DC/Gina: I love Sydney and Australia in general but Sydney is my second favorite place outside of Melbourne.

DC/Gamble: I love the energy in Sydney – it is a little bit more naughty than Melbourne.

The ladies arrive at Gamble’s room for cocktails (champagne of course) and they are all dresses in Gold dresses except for Gamble who has on a stunning white dress…they all look wonderful.

The ladies are listening to Gamble tell of Charles Billich and how she knows him…Petti speaks to where his art is displayed other than his gallery…Gina playfully asks Petti if she Googled him, and Petti gets insulted…moving on…

Gamble goes on to say her sister will be there and she will be pre-op because she is going to get a little cosmetic work done…Gamble is explaining what her sister will have done, and everyone is making small talk and smiling (those who can smile with all their Botox)

DC/GINA: I think Janet has come a long way with Gamble, but you never know with Janet – she has a bit of a poker face, and I don’t know if that is a cosmetic procedure that is causing that…or of that is a natural talent.

They all toasted to a great night and then head downstairs to hook up with Lisa Tonkin (friend of Gambles) and enter a limo which will take them to the gallery.


Havoc at the Gallery

This all goes so fast ~ from 0-BITCH as soon as Tempest (Gambles’ sister) attacks Janet so I am going to bullet this whole scene…trust me it is the only way…

  • They all arrive and meet Charles Billich and his wife and the little dog she is carrying (one person even has a cat there she is carrying around)
  • The ladies introduce themselves to Charles and his wife
  • Gamble introduces her sister to the ladies
  • Christa Billich telling the ladies a story about the dog or cat or something…all I could concentrate on was that she has had so much work done her mouth functioned like Howdy Doody…the upper lip never moved…ever…just the bottom jaw moved open and closed…my bad…sorry!

billachs wife

  • Petti tries talking about a painting and starts out…”Whoever painted that”…(Uh…it is the Billich gallery of his paintings)
  • Gina catches it and looks at her smiling and says “Whoever?”
  • Petti gets petty with Gina
  • Talking about the painting (and the painting was of Gamble) about the boobs being on the side and Gina feels her up while asking “Are your boobs on the side?” Everyone laughing
  • Gina meets and talks to Judy Swan a lawyer from Sydney.
  • Lisa talks over Petti while she is trying to talk to Charlie about fashion, and finally Petti tells her to be quiet so she can speak
  • Tempest is introduced to the rest of the Melbourne ladies
  • Tempest goes off on Janet


  • Janet tries to maintain her cool
  • Gamble even looks shocked at Tempest but doesn’t shut her down
  • Janet leaves the gallery (and this time I don’t blame her)
  • Gamble rushes after her

street brawl

  • Gina comes out of the restroom to see Gamble running after Janet
  • Gina runs after Gamble
  • They try to get her to come back in the gallery but she gets in a cab and leaves
  • Gina and Gamble go back in the gallery
  • Other Melbourne ladies explain to Tempest that she was wrong
  • Tempest says she needs to apologize to Janet
  • Whew…glad that part is over

Picnic In The Park

Lydia, Jackie and Chyka are having a picnic in Fitzroy Park and Lydia is making fun of how Gamble speaks…Jackie even said it was rude (to the camera not to Lydia) but GOOD FOR YOU JACKIE!

Then they are shown playing croquet which is comical because Jackie just wants to win, bless her heart, and is slamming her ball into every one so she can make it to the end first. At least they had fun.


Janet has called them after storming off from the gallery, and the all express their opinion of what happened and how it should have been handled while they are back at the table eating.

The wind came up and blew over food and drinks so they left. Amen!


Sydney Boat Tour

Everyone on the boat tour except Janet, including Lisa Tonkin and the puppet Christa Billich…Petti is nautically decked out and the rest of the women dressed normally…

DC/Petti: One thing I didn’t want to look like is a dress up comical Queen…so my outfit is a bit of class, a bit of fun, and lots of sophistication.

boat view

They all talk about the happenings at the Gallery and Gamble knows she should have acted differently, she should have stood up and clarified the conversation, says she needs to apologize and they REALLY need to put this to rest with her and Janet…

They went under a bridge and Christa told all the woman to make a wish as they went under and Gambles was that she wished Janet had come that day and that they could move on from the fighting, and she needs to make things right with Janet.


BJ, Chyka, Chessie, Bruce ~Family Dinner Night

Scene of BJ (Chyka’s son) getting help cooking a dinner for his family. What he does, and how he does it, is overseen by Chyka-Mom.

It appears he did well and everyone liked the food he made and it won’t be his turn for another 4 weeks, so all is well. GOOD FOR YOU BJ!


Dinner in Sydney

All gathered except Petti and Janet (and they have no idea of her plans I guess) and they are wondering where Petti is…Lisa says “If you snooze you lose”…Gamble says “she may have had to redo her hair since she had a hat on all day”, and Gins asks “should we ring her?”

Petti arrives to the table with Janet, and Gamble gets up to greet her and say she is glad she came, and apologizes profusely to her and hugs her.

gamble sorry

Sitting at the table Gamble says she didn’t handle the situation like she should have and apologizes in front of all the other ladies to Janet.

Janet snarks at Gina and tries to infer Gina is as bad as they are at rumors and brings up episode 1 where Gina and Lydia were riding in the car and Janet says to Gina “You spread the rumor about Lydia being separated from her husband.”

Gina says no, I told her when we were alone…I didn’t tell it to any of you (SCORES POINT!)

They all put their hands to the center of the table and make a pact to DROP ALL THIS JANET AND GAMBLE STUFF!


  • Petti asks where is Gamble’s ring?
  • Gamble says she doesn’t have it yet
  • Petti says she is a diamond expert
  • Everyone laughs
  • Someone says…“Seriously – you are the expert of the experts!”
  • More laughing
  • Petti she tells Gina she is a nickname expert too and she wouldn’t like some of the names she could call her.
  • And on and on
  • Gina tells Petti people tend to speak over her and admits doing it herself and says it isn’t right (POINT)
  • Petti starts talking and Gina talks over her again
  • Lisa calls Gina out on it and Gina laughs (POINT TAKEN AWAY…LOL)
  • Petti says people who laugh over silly things have a small brain
  • Gina just looked at her…and then tried to explain how with her accent she sometimes says things backwards…but she was explaining to deaf ears!



  • Gamble enters Cash in a dog show
  • Chyka is slapping a strippers backside
  • The ladies head to Manila
  • Petti attacks Gina


BOOK REVIEW OF “FEARLESS – My Life My Way” by Gina Liano

Review by Reality_Bytes

Gina book cover

I recently purchased Gina Liano’s book “Fearless – My Life My Way” and I have to tell you, I read it in two sittings and the book was amazing. “Cream really does rise to the top!”

I was sad to have to get the Kindle version because I am such a hard copy book lover, but…it wouldn’t have been available until July here, and I don’t live anywhere near Melbourne to get an autographed one, and I am thrilled I got to read it!

I won’t take away from her livelihood by telling everything because I would love to see those who want to read about Gina’s journey to purchase this book and read it themselves.

To see first-hand the adversity she overcame as a young child determined to get her education, through family breakups, two marriages and the reality of being diagnosed with and overcoming Cancer. It was an inspiration and speaks tribute to the self-assured and courageous woman she is today.

You will run the gamut of emotions from laughter to tears and back. You will be overcome with empathy, and then go spinning into laughter as she quotes her father saying something, only to see her world rocked to the core and then more hard work as you see her true grit in reaching where she set her sights and goals ~ coupled by the intestinal fortitude and patience it must have taken to never give up on any part of her dream. You find yourself wanting to give her your strength when she needs it, you feel like you know her family, and you see and feel the goodness in her mother, in Gina, and in her sons.

The book is aptly named. It is who she became without allowing adversity to define her, and all the while remembering the long road need only be travelled one step at a time to reach her destination.

BRAVO to you Gina!


Happy Birthday SoutheastVA


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  1. Gina Liano says:

    Thankyou so much for the wonderful book review. I’m touched by your beautiful words.

    I would love to send you a hard copy of the book signed with a message.

    Please email your name and address so I can post a copy to you.

    Thanks again. So pleased you loved it.



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    First New York, Now Melbourne. We are famous y’all Straight up Famous.


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    Great photos Namaste. Can’t wait to read Kit and Reality_Bites. 👋👋👋👋

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    Happy birthday!!!

    I thought Brandi’s parents were all sunshine & happy thoughts. Lisa V said she had met B’s mom, but not her dad before.

    Brandi lying???

    Yesterday Bravo aired all of the BH reunions. I DVR’d seasons one through three. I hated reunion four, so I wouldn’t sit through and watch it again.

    In Kim’s one on one with Andy, she said she would NEVER forgive Brandi. I also remembered why I liked Brandi so much and hated Kyle so much during the season 2 reunion! I didn’t re watch the season 3 reunion yet.

  9. LaineyLainey says:

    Kit9 – thanks thanks thanks! for the podcast blog. I like Candace. I also like David from MM. Which is why I watch MM. I think her assistants are cute and nice.

    So Brandi’s dad said “you should have slapped Lisa harder”… Is anyone here surprised by that?

    Reality: thanks for your blog too. My dvr cut off the very end of the episode. Looks like I didn’t miss much but I’m glad you did your recap so I cd confirm that I didn’t miss much at the end. Petti is so… Awful. I think she is beautiful and if what she says is true, about making herself a success on her own,…then more power to her,…but she seems very shallow and lives up to her nick name “petty” in almost every episode. Maybe she is trying too hard to make an impact on the show. To make her own mark and to stand out. I like when they show her with her family. With her cute son.

    • Lainey, You brought up some good points about Petti…maybe she will bloom in future episodes. I know I read somewhere that she, herself said she only joined the show to get her book published, so that gives me a bit of a head tilt, but I will be watching for the real Petti to unfold as the season goes on.

    • Pettifleur seems very high maintenance to me, I think it would be exhausting being around her.

  10. Namaste…loved the pictures w/captions! Seeing all the ladies dressed at the reunion show, I remember thinking at the time she probably spent a LOT of money to look that cheap!

  11. Kit9, great recap of Brandi’s podcast! It sounds a lot like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree on the slap conversation, right? Brandi truly has no filters, and unlike her, I don’t see it as a plus. Brandi should take a lesson from people who think before they speak, not embrace the ones that don’t.

  12. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great job,a Super Kit! Not sure why Brandi had to mention that her dad said she should’ve slapped Lisa harder. That little family is strange to me. Thanks for taking the time to sit through and to blog BG for us.

    Thanks for the thorough recap on RHMel, Reality Bytes!! The cast needs another shake up because Gamble and petty are not doing much for me. Gamble is a spoiled brat and needs to be careful to not show her Wolf that or he might not marry her. Petty just needs to show everyone that she’s made it. Ugh 🙂

    • I think right now, Janet has taken Petti under her wing (ahem because she needed an ally), and Petti is sticking to her like a tennis ball to velcro in an attempt to not be swept under the carpet while she struggles to be relevant…just my 2-cents!

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I think you’re spot on because I think it was the first episode in which Janet was rubbed the wrong way by Petty when they went shopping. Seeing that Petty bumps head with Gina, it gives Janet the advantage of keeping Petty close to her. 🙂
        I wonder if there’s any truth about Lydia separating–we still haven’t seen her with him and his kids.

        • Exactly with Petti and Janet (J’Andrea…LOL)
          I don’t know, and haven’t heard a thing about Lydia. Some families just choose not to be a part of the show.

  13. Powell says:

    JNNTJ your babes might like this. Yup I’m trying to get you to spend some dough on them. 😉

  14. After the super exciting comment from Gina, I had to work in the garden since we have sunshine today–it’s 92 on my porch, as well. All to say I’m behind in the comments, so to get in the cue before they hit triple digits:

    Love the blogs today, Kit9 and Bytes! Thanks for doing the grunt work, Veena, and for putting up the funny pics with captions from Namaste.

  15. Powell says:

    God Father I II III are on AMC. I’ve seen them so many times. Love these movies. #II is on now.

  16. serenanyc says:

    The BH first look was crazy. The funnies part was Kim hugging Lisa Rinna after saying her tears were no sincere. The hug was the most insincere thing I’ve ever seen. Rinna is a little crazy though. The texts did not make her look good.

    • serenanyc says:

      Forgive the typos! Typing on my phone.

    • kit9 says:

      That’s exactly what I said! That hug was the phoniest thing EVER. Kim really is a puppet. Brandi said to her, stop it. And, the next second Kim, who had been just as nasty as she could be, immediately changed and got up for a hug. It was gross. That whole segment was gross. Want to talk hypocrisy? Lisa said pretty much the EXACT same thing Brandi said to Kyle with KIM STANDING RIGHT THERE and Kim’s didn’t say a word. So her phony moral outrage made me want to puke.

      • kit9 says:

        Actually, Brandi said something similar 10 minutes before! Right there at the reunion…saying she had fantasized about beaten Kyle up in her head over and over.

  17. Powell says:

    Yes Reality_Bytes. Your review makes me want to buy it. I’ll have to wait til July because I’m a hard copy kinda reader too. Wow I felt like I read a NY Times book review. Very sweet of Gina to stop by and send you an autographed copy. 😊

    • Thanks for the compliment on the review…this wouldn’t have happened had Veena not been so diligent in promoting this site and all her bloggers, so kudos to her! I was stunned and so grateful, and I feel like I won the lottery! Let’s chat about the book after you read it!

  18. Powell says:

    Drivel drivel drivel. Nope , nope , NOPE! Booble Bobble Head needs love more than any creature on earth. She got LOVE that morning? Well that tops why her marriage w/Eddie didn’t last. Didn’t she say they had sex on their 1st date? BBH thinks sex is love. Eddie loved the sex and married her. JR loves the sex and she’s his “GF”. IDIOT!!
    Accountability? Does she know what the word means? She hasn’t taken accountability in her marriage. She hasn’t taken accountability of her actions on BH. She needs to learn what big words she’s been throwing around mean. Hypocrite and Accountability. Is she using the learn a word a day app on her iPhone? 🙄
    DWTS knew what they were doing. They hung up on BBHs “people” when they called.
    Thk you, you Bubble Headed Booble Bobble Head for confirming thr difference between Kim & her and everyone else is that everyone else thinks before they speak and they don’t. I don’t like Brandi. 😝
    😘😘😘😘😘 Kit.

  19. FYI – There is another “Buzziet OMG Moments” BH special on at 7:20 tonight

  20. ladebra says:

    Great blog Reality_Bytes! I watched it this morning, then saw your blog. It makes sense that Pettifleur only came on to promote her book – something about bitches right? I didn’t get the title when she said it, but then I don’t get a lot of what she says. I agree with who ever said she’s hard to understand sometimes. I also don’t understand why she thinks she can tell people to be quiet and not so appear to be rude and entitled. *shrug* I don’t like her.

    • Yes, It is supposed to be called “Switch the Bitch”, only rumor has it she is having trouble with the name of the book. I don’t know if it is from the Publisher or just what the issue is. She is really going to have to develop some for me to pay much attention to her, and you nailed the issue – the feeling of entitlement!

    • Powell says:

      Last epi I watched she didn’t do a good job at explaining the gist of her book. I cracked up when Gina said she didn’t really hear what she was saying about it at the party.

  21. Watching Godfather 2, Al Pacino and Rober De Niro…..hunka, hunka, hunkas!!! What good looking men….huba huba…

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, yes, young Al was beautiful!

    • Exit4 says:

      I’ve had it on all day! I can’t stop!

    • Powell says:

      Yup. Watched it all today. I thought it was I, II & III but it was just I, & II replayed all day. I don’t know which one is my fav. I love going back & forth in time on II. How Vito came to be the God Father. I’m thinking these are my fav Francis Ford Coppala films.

    • Powell says:

      My power went out at 7:26 when I was watching. 2100 homes in my area. 😱 YEAH I thought my head would explode. I almost missed In An Instant and Deadly Sins. Power came back on about 9:20. Whewwww!

  22. kit9 says:

    Wonder how Kimmy feels about her bestie saying she doesn’t know what she’s saying and mocking her with the “she’s cray cray” sound effects?

  23. Great Blogs Kit and RB!! Thank you!!

  24. So big rumor on other blogs that Harry owned a brothel?

  25. Powell says:

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