Brandi Glanville Podcast “She says she Wouldn’t do Housewives if She had a Rich Husband”

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Lynette Carolla, Adam Carolla’s wife

She’s a big Brandi fan even before she was on HW. They have a mutual friend in Jennifer Gimenez. Lynette has a really annoying voice. Lynette understands how Brandi was frustrated when Yolanda when she was lecturing her. Lynette feels Brandi was “thrown under the bus” at the finale. “A lot,” says Brandi (aka Queen Victim of DelusionLand).

Brandi whines that she didn’t say intervention first (which is a noted change from what Brandi’s claim on the show that she never said it at all). And she says that she was never really “vindicated” (that’s because the gist of what LisaR was saying was correct-that Brandi had real doubts about Kim’s sobriety).

Lynette says that it was Lisa R who said that Kim needed an intervention (actually, Lynette, Lisa didn’t say that. She said they couldn’t give her an intervention). Brandi says she never would have said it. Brandi doesn’t think Lisa R remembers what she told Kyle (as opposed to Brandi who doesn’t remember a word of what she actually told LisaR).

Brandi thinks Lisa R’s “craziness” is starting to show, referring to the reunion. Brandi says she had a rough first half of the reunion, calling it a “firing squad.” Brandi says she only says mean things after being provoked (gee, wonder where she got that word? Hm, could it be from Eileen who said it to her 10 times at the reunion?)

Brandi wants to change the subject to Lynette. Adam has a wine called Mangria and Lynette runs the business for him. Adam said she was either going to get a job or a boyfriend. Adam loves red wine and one night he mixed it with Vodka and made his own drink. They now have, Red, White and Brose (get it?) in their line. It’s become a family business.

Lynette also has a podcast. It’s geared toward women. It started as a mommy show but now they cover all issues, including Housewives. And porn. Lynette encourages Brandi to stick with her podcast show to gain listeners. Brandi would love to do her podcast for a living so she wouldn’t have to be on the Housewives anymore. Lynette tells Brandi she’s interesting, funny and that she has a brain (I can’t say I’d say the same about Lynette right now).

Brandi brings up one of the first interviews she did on her podcast which was with Adam (it was awful, fyi). She said she was so nervous (by nervous she means unprepared). Donald Trump told Brandi to never wear red lipstick. Adam did CA. Lynette says he couldn’t wait to leave the show. He didn’t like asking people for money.

Brandi had a panic attack on the show and says it was her first one. She thought she was having a heart attack and they brought doctors in to see her. Housewives is a “cake walk” compared to CA. Lynette asks what she got from the show and Brandi says she met “friend for life,” Leeza Gibbons and Johnny Damon who she says she adores.

What is it like being Adam Carolla’s wife? It’s hard, says Lynette, because he’s a pain in the ass, while Brandi calls him an asshole. They’ve been together 20 years. Lynette had pressured him to get engaged during the time he was doing The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. Brandi says, “fucking Jimmy” disapprovingly (hm, what’s that about?).

At the time, Jimmy was married with two kids and Lynette was very close to his wife. So, they were engaged but Adam wasn’t really ready, having just become famous from both the MS and his radio show, Loveline, with Dr. Drew. Adam wanted to experience fame while being single. So he broke up with Lynette and broke her heart. They spent 9 months apart before getting back together.

Lynette asks if Brandi gets many hate callers. Brandi thinks people are cowards and are reluctant to actually say something negative to her as opposed to doing it through tweets, etc. Lynette asks how Brandi’s dad is doing. He’s doing much better. She says that once he started being an asshole again they knew he was better.

Brandi mentions the criticism for going to the finale party and she says she “had to go,” it was contractual (my ass. She didn’t have to go, she chose to go). She claims she sat next to his “unconscious side” for two weeks. She says the party was her work and she had to attend. Lynette fawns over Brandi telling her she looked gorgeous at the finale.

Lynette loved the scene where Brandi freaked out and started screaming on the street in Amsterdam. Brandi whines that the women can talk about Kim not being sober and her drinking too much but, “god forbid someone tells their truth.” Lynette agrees with that Brandi it’s hypocritical (yeh, no, no it’s not. It’s drunken abusive oranges to pot apples, you morons).

Bravo producers reached out to Lynette last year to be on the RHOBH. “Adam will never let you do it,” says Brandi. Lynette didn’t even tell Adam about it. The producers asked for exterior shots of her house and she never heard back from them. So, basically, Brandi says, her house wasn’t good enough, she jokes.

Brandi says producers have asked for names of her friends to consider being for the show and most of the women’s husbands don’t want them to do it. Brandi explains that they want their, “aMonymity”. “Is that the right word?”(snort!) Brandi doesn’t think the show is good for marriages. Brandi doesn’t think she’d do the show if she were rich and married. She says she’ll bring Lynette to a party on the show to see if she likes it.


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  1. SerenaNYC says:

    Happy Sunday! Once again, bless you Kit for sitting through these podcasts. I know I couldn’t do it with that voice of Bobble’s.

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning.

    I finally read House of Hilton. Crazy look into genetics and upbringing that led to Paris Hilton.

    Some clarifications:
    1) Little Kathy was given sex lessons, not BJ lessons – she was told BJs would put holes in her face
    2) No one was quite sure the settlement Kim got after her divorce from the Davis husband – 20,000 a month until 2009 or 23 k a month for life.
    3) Both Kim and Kyle earned money as actresses – at one point Kyle earned more than Kim. Big Kathy could never get enough money to fuel her drinking, partying, and jewelry addictions. The Richards father got progressively worse and worse jobs – and after a nasty divorce walked away leaving Big Kathy the house (thinking it would go to the girls but she sold it and kept the money). But don’t cry for Kim -she married rich – twice – and had more money through her marriages than she probably earned as a child star. She spent her own money on clothes and partying.
    4) Kathy Hilton was a terrible mother – had nothing to do with her kids. She was a chip off the old block – and spent her time partying. Self centered, didn’t give a care for other people, and mean mean mean.
    5) All three of the girls – Kathy, Kim, and Kyle were mean and gossipy according to their step mom. Kathy and Kim are written about the most though.

    • ladebra says:

      Wow, so they are all messed up, but rich.

    • VVβ„’ says:

      Why isn’t this book titled the House of Richards?
      Thanks for the review. Interesting.

    • It’s been a long time since I read this book, so thanks for the refresher.

    • Powell says:

      Wow!!!!! 😱

    • SunnyGirl says:

      I read this book recently. It really explains quite a bit about Kim’s behavior. Kim is mean. And, yes, Kyle is gossipy and mean, but not like Kim. Kyle is your typical rich girl-mean girl. Kim goes for the jugular every time she has conflict.
      I really think Kim’s children have gone through hell and back. From what it sounds like, they’ve been bounced back and forth between their collective father’s homes and Kim’s home. With Kim’s history of substance abuse, the kids really have had crap to deal with.
      Seems Brooke is following in the “Richard’s girls” footsteps. Like Big Kathy told them all – marry a rich man.

  3. Oh, lordy. I just posted this on yesterday’s blog…one minute before your link to this one, Veena. Is it okay to post this again, because it might explain Kim Richards’ nasty little gossip bubble on Harry Hamlin? [If double-posting is verboten, please delete and so sorry, Veena.]

    Here is a good summary of the autobiography Harry wrote and he is hardly hiding his past. If anything, TMI:

  4. T-Rex says:

    So, it continues, the “setup” as to why she needs her Job back on Ho-wives or the excuse as to why she was fired, which she will SPIN as “leaving” on her own. Yesterday my “mole” said that she has heard that there have been SO many calls to Production and MzAndy that he is NO LONGER even answering them. She has been heard to be crying hysterically about being homeless, her kids having to live in a shelter, etc. because she can’t afford to be without this show. So the podcrap makes sense because her argument is that those Rich Bitches don’t NEED to be on the show, but SHE Does! Production was FURIOUS over her actions this season, she was told to not ramp shit up this season and she thought, because she was asked to do CA, that she was “above” what production wanted and she was going to do what she wants, because even bad publicity is Publicity. UHM NOT! By the way Her kids DO live mainly now with ManCandyEddie and CrayCrayRimes, she gets them weekends and for as much as she wants over the summer. Reason for the living situation, is so that the kids have a stable school schedule and home life.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m sorry but if she’s in the show next season as a full time cast member, then I’m not watching. I already skipped the second reunion and waiting to here from my Lynnfam to see how the last reunion goes. She needs to get a real effing job already and stop blaming others for her own deplorable actions. If the show is the only source of her income–too damn bad. Go waitress somewhere like regular people have to. Rent something you can afford and get of my damn TV show!

      Btw, Eddie in the last movie, Best Man Holiday, looks like a younger Pierce Brosnan.

      • T-Rex says:

        Foxy I agree, I think that the reviews, blogs and numbers, all show that if she comes back the ratings will severely suffer, it’s why her PR hack tried to make a big deal that the ratings were high due to his client, which is not the truth. Her PR hacks have been doing anything and everything to get her another shot. THIS YEAR was supposed to be her “redemption”, she was supposed to “grow up” and she could not manage it. TheRoyalVPump came back because they told her the idiot was going to act like a friggin adult, then she slaps her, whether it was hard or not, that is assault. TheRoyalVPump will NOT film with her period, and MzAndy wants her back for sure. ThatTrampweLoveEileen has also said she would like to come back but won’t film with her either, and so has LypsLisa. VileKyleWishyWashy idiot, she is on their bandwagon, today, but she is SO desperate to continue to be on the show, she will cave if it meant being off the show if she didn’t. It’s why TheRoyalVPump is “cordial” to her and “friendly” but will never be true friends with her again.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Even is Lisa R. Is the new nut of the bunch, she’s got the BH lifestyle. Brandi can’t even offer that! She’s disgusting.

          • California35 says:

            Yep! I would like to have her a second season and see what happens. Actually it would be very interesting to watch BH new season with out Brandi, period πŸ˜›

          • Powell says:

            IDK why some people think LR is nuts. The only thing she really did wrong was throwing that glass. I totally agree after one or two attempts to try to help Kim she should have backed out of it. I think she really was concerned about Kim.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I do get an “unstable vibe” from LR. Not just the glass throwing stuff, but as Foxy said, the BS of then saying the next day “I love you” to … I can’t even remember who she said it to Kim or Brandi. But it was such BS. And then the refusing to confirm to Kyle & Kim that Brandi was also concerned about her sobriety… That was just “off”. In her talking head she was saying “I’m being stubborn”. For what purpose?? Except to stir things up further? To cause more conflict. To cause more turmoil b/t the sisters. And then the “baby” this and “baby” that at the reunion. Fun to watch, but I would leave the room poste haste If I was in her presence. However, the LR unstable is diff from the BG Unstable. LR is at least humorous. BG is just despicable.

              • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                Completely forgot about the finale episode. Had she told Kim exactly what was said that day, maybe things would be different……

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Mole/informant. Lol.

        • I’m kinda POed about how this season played out, as well. Even LisaVP had me convinced that we’d get some satisfaction in the way of the truth being revealed.

          Problem is, we all knew the truth last year: Brandi is a nutjob liar, faker, and backstabber. Nothing new. I did NOT want to watch Brandi being an even worse beotch. And I have yet to see Brandi, Kim, Kyle, or Yo actually, sincerely apologize to LisaVP. All I’ve seen is they blame Lisa for not apologizing to them! For what? Allowing them to abuse her and Ken half of last season?

          LisaR and Eileen I thought would add a lot of interest and they did. I’d love to see them without the Demon Duo torturing everyone. I know I won’t be watching Brandi again. Period. Done. In fact, I feel foolish for being suckered THIS TIME.

        • Powell says:

          Interesting T-Rex. I really didn’t figure they’d refuse to film w/her. I thought they’d just be cordial but not go out of their way to be friendly. I so appreciate your “mole” and you for keeping us in the loop.

      • VVβ„’ says:

        How much is she spending a month on the Range Rover lease and obviously renting homes she can’t afford? I don’t feel sorry for her AT ALL!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Exactly! Get your ass a regular car and find an apt. to rent or buy. Oh, and get an actual job–don’t care if it’s bagging groceries. If she cares that much for her kids, then she should get her —- together.

        • Powell says:

          Right. But her manager/PR/publisher, whoever told her She says, “go ahead and get the car. You can afford it.”

      • Powell says:

        Foxymel I’m not watching either if she’s on. If she really cared about her job then she would have acted like an employee that respected her employer and co-workers. Did she have to like her co-workers? No. No one likes everyone they work w/and they act like mature adults, professionals and do their job. She went beyond nasty to her co-workers. Everything she told them not to do or say about her and her kids she turned around and did it to her co-workers and their kids in one way or another. In a job when you don’t perform to the standards your employer expects your fired. She deserves to be fired.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Do you remember the episode in Amsterdam where she kept her mouth shut much of the trip until space cake? She was so boring and brought nothing to the table. I think it was a huge mistake to have her on the show in the first place–she should’ve been on Hollywood Exes or some other vH1 show because she’s brought nothing but venom into my once favorite show.

          • Powell says:

            Yes Hollywood Exes would be more her style. Maybe not though cuz most of them got $$$$$ divorce settlements and she didn’t.

          • mrs peabody says:

            I wonder if she kept her mouth shut had more to do with her being afraid she would lose her job than anything. I mean when does she keep her mouth shut when someone is yelling at Kim. I was surprised she wasn’t in the middle of the fight at the restaurant with LisaR and Kim. She appeared sober and a little surprised when she was picking up the purses. Usually she’s right in the middle of it. But she finally lost it until space cake. She did say her atty told her not to have any pot or whatever over there.

    • VVβ„’ says:

      T-Rex, I do hope they let Brandi go. She’s toxic to the show. Not fun at all to watch anymore. I hope your sources are correct on this one.

    • California35 says:

      Thanks!! To you and your “mole” 😊
      I have a few reasons for watching BH but a lot for not watching it, and all revolve around her (and Kim now too). I gave it a try this season even though I was done with Brandy last season. I had hopes, and it looks like the wives (Lisa specially) were convinced that this season would be better. That this season would not have B shenanigans. This is what happens when people who don’t deserve it get second chances.

    • Powell says:

      Hahaha. There would be no show w/o those rich Bs cuz guess what? It’s called Real Housewives of BEVERLY HILLS. Frankly she’s NO where near rich. Doesn’t have .001 of the net worth they have SO SHE shouldn’t be anywhere near the show if truth be told. You Bubble Headed Booble Bobble Head Twit!! I don’t like Brandi Glanville. πŸ™„

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        So true. Let’s forgot her horrible behavior for one second. What does she have to offer? Not a damn thing.

        I referred to Lisa R. as a nut because of the whole wine glass break and almost throat grab. Also, the next day she said she loved Kim. A little nutty to me. She’s got the whole lifestyle and I enjoy watching her.πŸ˜›

  5. ladebra says:

    Thanks for the blog Kit. I could never stomach Adam Carolla, and it appears he and his wife deserve each other .

    Happy Sunday! I need one more weekend day, lol.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Great Job, Kit! Was production really after Mrs.Corolla? I don’t think so.

      Hi ladebra, your thoughts on Survivor??

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree that maybe MrsCarolla offered to BE on the show, maybe she ran into someone on the production team and begged to be on the show, and Production said, sure we will keep you in mind, as they have said to probably loads of folks in BHills that they were NEVER going to hire to be on the show.

      • ladebra says:

        I’m liking Survivor! I admit, I have more targets for eviction, than favorites for the win. I wish there was a Boston Rob-ish player that I could cheer on. I like Mike, but he has squared off against Joe, and Joe is an individual immunity winner beast! So that could be Mike’s undoing. I like Carolyn, who is playing under the radar, but you can only do that so long, and only if you stay on the side of the camp leader. Shirin needs less caffeine, she is like the energizer Survivor bunny. And the rest of them I’m neutral. These new survivor players are getting good at the game, and since they are new it’s hard to predict how they play. Makes it interesting!

        How are you liking this season? Do you a pick for the final 3?

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          This is the first time that my husband is watching with me and he and I both feel like Dan is, how should I say it? Scary. Rodney is a moron, Mike is paranoid, and Sierra is too scared to leave a tribe that treated her like you know what. Shirin has grown on me, Carolyn sided with the wrong group and Trevor(I think that’s his name) is a Judus.
          I’m rooting for the underdog/competition beast,Joe! Jen is also a target so I have no clue what’s going to happen to her. Oh, will is also an idiot.
          Who should go if I could decide: Dan, Mike, Rodney, Trevor, Carolyn, Will and Sierra.
          My top three are: Joe, Shirin and Jen—it’s just not going to happen.
          Dan is creepy.
          My thoughts are all over the place on this one. Lol

          • ladebra says:

            Dan is not just scary – the image of him stripping down to his banana hammock undies is burned into my retina, and I actually cheered when he announced he lost the undies knowing I didn’t have to worry about a repeat. I like Joe, but I don’t think he can win every challenge, and as soon as he slips, they should vote him out. The previews from next week have Jen asking to go home, which probably means she won’t go. But I have to think a lot of this game is mental, so if she stays she needs her head in the game. Mike has an immunity idol, so he might be able to last for awhile. I agree, it’s too early to call!

        • I was just talking to my friend about Survivor the other day and was talking about how much I missed Boston Rob….I remember thinking when he was on “FINALLY!! Someone is playing this game!!!” #bostonrobandambur4evur

          • ladebra says:

            I like Boston Rob. He plays the game! He knows when to hold em, knows when to fold em! And I kind of admire him for knowing when to walk away, start his construction business and start his family. So many of these reality game show people just hop from game to game to game, like its their job now.😜

  6. plainviewsue says:

    Kit, mazel to you. Hazard pay on its way!!

    I just hate Brandi. That is all.

  7. VVβ„’ says:

    Grandma Edith must have been very generous with Josh. He sure is expending money a lot of money. I mean, I know he’s a rich kid AND he also makes good money as a Realtor BUT he also has a very, very expensive lifestyle and taste.

  8. California35 says:

    The BH Part 2 reunion is on right now…

  9. T-Rex says:

    Okay, flipping to the HO’s of NYC most of which are NOT wives any longer. Looks like that there is trouble in paradise regarding DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja and CraggyDrunkenRamona! Just read where DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja throws her former bestie under the proverbial “bus” for some publicity from StinkyStankySkankerrificEscortservice(allegedly)Stanger on her PodCrap. Oh and our favorite Hate in Common TheLunaticZarin had to chime in, because well, the show is airing once again WITHOUT HER, and MzAndy dissed her yet again in the press, ugh. So going to be interested if this plays out during the season or if this is a post season DISS.

    • California35 says:

      Interesting 😊

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      She should also be gone. Sorry, not living the lifestyle. Go get a real job doing the 10,000+ jobs you’ve got in the works! Lol

      • T-Rex says:

        Yeah, outside of Ho-wives she has NO money coming in, her alimony has run out and her daughter lives primarily with her exhusband, as she is in a private school nearer to where he lives, so her child support reflects this shift. I have NO idea why MzAndy keeps her on the show either, but for some reason he has a soft spot for her.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          She should feel nervous– Dorinda is probably going to replace her. Also, why on earth would she bad mouth Ramona? She usually filmed with her the most.

  10. TexasTart says:

  11. TexasTart says:

  12. TexasTart says:

  13. TexasTart says:

  14. TexasTart says:

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Amazing what a great plastic surgeon can do nowadays!

    • California35 says:

      Where is the rest of their torso? What a waist πŸ˜›

      • RabbleRouser says:

        Seriously. I thought the same, that picture must be photoshopped My SKINNY and petite 8 year olds’ waist is that size – and she is barely 46″ tall and weights about 47lbs.

    • kit9 says:

      Oh fer god’s sake. Seriously? Why does she post these amateur hour photoshopped pics? They’re so stupid. Brielle’s even had the wasp waist treatment! I’m surprised she didn’t have her baby daughter’s waist altered.

  15. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Rebecca, there’s a GOT marathon.

  16. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. 😊

  17. BJs put holes in your face?

    BRB…*running to the mirror to check*

  18. Oh Kit your poor baby!!! Great job as always!!!! I don’t like Adam C… I do like Jimmy Kimmel and brandi probably doesn’t like him because he had Leanne on and she ripped into Brandi….so there is that…hahahaha!!!

    • Glad you brought this up, because Jimmy also had Eddie on, must have been when that last movie he had the small part in was coming out? Leann was backstage, they said. Jimmy brought up their not yet aired “reality show” and kind of made fun of Eddie about his ex-wife being crazy. Eddie was good natured about it, going along with the joke, because Jimmy even went so far as to say Eddie seemed to have a “type”–meaning crazy. lol

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I posted a video below of a Jimmy Kimmel/LeAnn rimes interview and why BG might be mad at Kimmel.

    • kit9 says:

      Lol, thanks! And, thanks for the Kimmel explanation! I didn’t know why she said that. Not a big Jimmy fan but this is a plus for him!

      • Ippho he has the best stand up monologue of the 3 of them…and I like his extra stuff…I liked Fallon better when he was on later…but w/e…I will miss Dave, he does the best interviews of the 3 but I usually end up watching Charlie Rose instead….

  19. Kit9 You’re a saint. They must give you your own Holiday for your willing ear-flagellation, not to mention mental torture.endurance. I bow to your imperviousness. 0 πŸ™‚

    Some thoughts:

    Brandi’s and LisaR’s discussion of addiction at their lunch after the podcast taping, when BRANDI brought up Kim’s troubles, “…more than you know,” is so misrepresented by Brandi and even Bravo, which SLYLY does not replay the FULL conversation.

    Yes, LisaR first said the word “intervention”: she said it’s not like they could do an intervention with Kim. Brandi then made the statement to LisaR that LisaR should have an INTERVENTION for “all of us…” and the REST of that was [approx.] “…SO NONE OF US WOULD BE THE BAD GUY.” Her meaning, as I understood it, was that way Kim wouldn’t be able to focus her anger or blame on just one of them…especially BRANDI.

    If Brandi meant LisaR should mask it all to seem like some kind of come-to-Jesus AA meeting for everyone, that is open to interpretation. What’s not open to interpretation is that Brandi thought Kim needed an intervention and Brandi was on board with that. She clearly stated Kim was on “a patch” and Kyle should know Kim was in trouble because “…how could you not?”

    Brandi should own that, but instead she’s keeps denying it like she never, ever said/meant/thought that. She instead fed Kim a distorted version of what LisaR was saying, as if Brandi wasn’t part of why LisaR was even more alarmed. Brandi also never mentions talking to her BFF, ADDICTION COUNSELOR JENNIFER, about it ON CAMERA at the beach. (How is that slipping by, Bravo? Hm?)

    Brandi is a liar on every account in the matter of Kim’s addiction crisis this season. The production company, Bravo, and possibly Andy are all trying to bury the truth now. This is why some of us suspect that they intend to bring one or both of these women back.

    Sorry to go on about this, but it’s one of the things I most hate about the HW shows: they mislead us constantly.

    • The PATCH is one of the most UN reported , ignored BS that Bravo has EVER tried to just sweep under the rug. WTF Andy? They should have just edited that sh*t out if they were going to ignore it- not like this is live or unscripted.

      Remember when we all that Danielle was the worst ever because of her sextape? (That I still have PTSD flashbacks from BTW. *shiver*)

      When your drug addiction and/or tampon string blowing makes Danielle Staub look positively WHOLESOME? There’s a problem Bravo, there’s a problem.

      • It is the worst editing and Reunion so far. Maybe they’ll “go there” in pt. 3…but I’ll be surprised if they do, because whoever is the Puppet Master in this gang of producers/editors seems to be protecting Brandi and Kim. Since it’s ANDY reading the questions, which he puts in language to spin in their favor OVER AND OVER, I’m looking square at HIM.

        I’m pretty insulted, honestly. The message I’m getting is…they think we’re stupid because here we are…YET ANOTHER SEASON.

        • lila1star says:

          I agree WTG–I doubt part 3 will be any different than what we have seen already. Bravo is milking this BG/Kim addict story line for all its worth and I find it very sad. I remember when HW began and it was nice and fun to watch. Now Bravo has tossed all pretense of dignity out the window in order to appeal to the lowest of low. That leads me to ask–why am I still watching? I do not really believe they will get rid of either BG or Kim.

          This season has been painful because it has touched on issues so many of us deal with in our lives. If Bravo is going to do that then they need to check themselves but they will not. Im not watching a show that adds stress to my life–I have enough of that already.
          It is really a shame…..

          • Well said. Why am I watching this exploitation of women and families, a question I have asked myself quite a bit this season. I know they’re adults who choose to be on this show, but when they are encouraged to abuse each other and rewarded for it and that’s just a great storyline to Bravo, it has gone too far. I never watched Jerry Springer for a reason.

    • Powell says:

      WTG I get what you’re saying. I interpreted that convo just the same as you. But like we all saw it, all the cast saw it and Kim saw it, Kim saw it, Kim saw it, Kim saw it, KIM SAW IT! THAT’S what’s so frustrating. Kim saw it but refuses to believe what was right in front of her eyes and she sat at that reunion and still yelled at LR that she was trying to ruin her life. WHY?! I can only figure is because if she wrapped her mind around the truth, the one who so professed that SHE was her only friend that could be there for her, even beyond what her sis Kyle could do. And if Kim really thought about it Bobble was also saying she could help her beyond what Kathy could do. It was all about what Bobble could do. Remember “she told me in her best friend”? Wow! I suspect no one has ever told her she was their best friend. Kim and bobble’s relationship is about Bobble needing to be needed, not that Kim needs someone. Lisa V was accused of pulling Bobble’s strings. Bobble has done just that to Kim. Kim has been gaslighted as many have said.

      • Dead center, Powell.

        But why oh WHY isn’t ANDY bringing this stuff up at the Reunion, even as they CRUCIFY LisaR for her reasoning behind talking to others and Kim about Kim’s ADDICTION?

        Why isn’t Kim being asked about how many times she’s lied, changing her story?Why isn’t Brandi being called out, as well?


    • kit9 says:

      That was my interpretation exactly of Brandi comments–that they have one for ‘everyone’ but it’s really for Kim just trying to make it seem like it’s not so she wouldn’t freak out. Because obviously all the women DON’T need rehab. Also note that Brandi has now changed her tune from what she originally said on the show because the video doesn’t back that up. NOW she says she didn’t say intervention first as opposed to never. Brandi’s other comments to LisaR about clearly doubting Kim’s sobriety have not been addressed at the reunion and they’d better be because it’s over.

  20. Laineylainey says:

    I hope this posts there is a video here where Jimmy kimmel was interviewing Leann. At 3:19 he says something about Leann having something that the housewives do not: talent.

  21. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:
  22. LaineyLainey says:

    Kit9 thanks for the blog,…is it me or does she (BG) seem a tad less annoying in this one?

  23. Ok while I applaud Make-a-Wish and hope they get bunches of money, the current update is that Booble still has almost $3k in her $15k goal. I think it has taken almost 2 weeks for her to raise about $3k despite many, many pleas on twitter complete with cute kid pix (I am not on Facebook but I would imagine she has pleas there too). This was someone who was picked for CA a charitable raising activity and used to have rich friends as well as rabid fans. I hope she reaches her goal, it is a very worthy cause, but I am suspect of her motives and laughing hysterically at her slow painful crawl she is raising money. Seriously – I could have raised $3k this past week and I will happily write a check to Make-a-Wish just not under her name.

    Go Dragons!

  24. omg, HBO is letting me see GOT at 6pm…I don’t have HBO, lol…..this means I don’t have to get off the internet tonight….#nospoilerstonight #westcoastcheckitout

  25. serenanyc says:

    I read an article today about Brandi on Snooki’s podcast (LOL). She continues to bash Eileen, saying she thinks she should be fired because she’s “not good TV” and she also said Eileen “probably deserved the drink in her face.”

    I swear if Bravo keeps this piece of trash Brandi over Eileen, I will forever be done with RHOBH.

    • Powell says:

      That’s ashame. Pllllleaseee someone at Bravo I hope you’re listening to BBH on podcasts, tv shows, etc etc. If her “people” are doing everything except scrub Andy’s bathroom w/their toothbrush, to get her on next season, why is she still acting an ass? 😏

  26. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:



  27. Laineylainey says:

    Sussess? Sussessful? I’m prob being petty, but I hate the way Phaedra mispronounces success and successful.

  28. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    The dragons got no screen time until 45 minutes in? No wonder they’re pissed off.

  29. California35 says:

    How about Nurse Jackie? Is anyonr watching that?

  30. mrs peabody says:

    I’ve got to say I’m with Nene on this one, that event was no place to bring this up. Claudia was in the wrong, this was not the place to try to start something.

  31. kit9 says:

    Looked at more of the KimZ photos and it def looks like Brielle’s gotten implants. Ugh.

  32. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 😊 βœ‹βœ‹

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