Real Housewives of Atlanta “Nene Makes Like a Tree and Leaves” plus New York Housewives Cast Blogs Blogged

Real Housewives of Atlanta “NeNe Makes Like a Tree and Leaves, but At Least we don’t see NayNay” by RamonaCoaster

After another long flight, the ladies are back in Atlanta.  Cynthia is preparing Noelle for a homecoming dance. Cynthia was homecoming queen back in the day.  Noelle lets her mom know that her date is someone she met at a football game and he is homeschooled.  Cynthia can’t believe how much Noelle has grown up.  Kenya comes over to see Noelle model her dress for homecoming and give a lesson in confidence.  Noelle models some cute appropriate-for-her-age dresses.  Kenya tells her how the pilot is going and Cynthia freaks out when Kenya says her part is “comedy huge.”


Gregg takes Nene to Sardi’s a restaurant in the Theatre District where the owner thought up a gimmick to hire an artist to make caricatures of movie stars and theatre celebrities to put on the wall and it worked it.  It has been open since 1927.  Gregg wants to pass the tradition of nostalgia to Nene which seems strange since he’s not a movie star.  Both parents set the ground rules for Brent while they are living in the city.  They are limiting his freedom to roam down to a city block.  That’s not very far.  Just figure out the places in the city where there is a lot of racial profiling, make sure he stays away and he knows his civil liberties.


Kwame, Kandi’s stylist, comes to her house to bring some dresses for her to wear and he overhears a conversation about remote control panties.  He wants to know if there are male remote control panties.  Wouldn’t a woman showing some skin kind of do the trick?  The stylist brings out an animal print dress for Kandi to wear on a date with Todd.  Todd has been working in LA so they haven’t been spending a lot of time together.  Kandi tries on the dress when Riley comes in and tells her she is showing too much cleavage and thinks the dress needs another button.  The keyhole on the dress is rather big but Kandi needs to entice her man into the bedroom if she wants to make a baby. No bonnets, please.


Phaedra tells her assistant, Kalisha, about her trip to the Phillipines.  Her special memory was the caffeine colonic.  Phaedra wants to host a Men’s Rally to empower minority men.  Phaedra wants to promote a strong male role model.


Todd went straight from the airport to meet Kandi at the restaurant for their date.  Todd tells Kandi he has done his homework (for their next therapy session) which is not a really hot and sexy topic to discuss on a date.  Kandi tells him how the trip went.  She tells him that Phaedra thinks they took Apollo’s side.  Todd is definitely on Apollo’s side when he mentioned how Phaedra checked out of the marriage when Apollo got in trouble.  Todd asks what they are going to do on their anniversary.  Kandi wonders if they were ever going to make it to their one year anniversary.  Kandi mentions how Todd left two days after their wedding and it made things tense.  He doesn’t really address anything.  He tells her that the show he is working on will take him away from Atlanta again for a block of time.  Kandi thinks they should not go more than two weeks seeing each other but Kandi doesn’t want to be away from Riley.  Todd thinks if Kandi had to leave for a movie she would do it.  I’m sure Kandi has been on the road promoting her music and left Riley at home with Mama Joyce.    At least Todd is working and not trying to get a free ride from Kandi.  I’m sure Riley could go for a visit with her mother for a weekend or on a school vacation and send her home by herself or with an assistant on a flight and have someone pick her up at the airport. Many kids fly by themselves and get escorted to the gate by security and by the stewards on the plane.


Peter and Cynthia talk about the trip.  Cynthia tells Peter that Phaedra invited them to her men’s rally.  Cynthia wants to make sure everyone understands in her TH that Apollo brought them into their marriage, not them.  That is ridiculous.  Cynthia could have easily said “this is none of their business” but she needs a storyline.  Cynthia asks Peter to help her with her Jamaican accent.  She wants to do well for Kenya because she is her temporary boss now and she knows Kenya can be a dragon lady.


Cynthia comes to the set to practice her lines and learn where she is supposed to stand.  Cynthia’s looking nervous and Kenya can tell Peter has been working with Cynthia’s accent.  When they start to shoot the scene, she does way better.  Everyone is happy and clapping for her.  Oooh, Cynthia shouldn’t have taken her wig off.  It doesn’t look too good.  I know it’s for the pilot but damn.

The ladies come together to help Phaedra with her event.  Phaedra gets announced, comes in with a marching band and makes a speech to introduce the speakers. Jeff Johnson, a tv journalist, Judge Mathis, tv personality talks to some of the young males at the event to give them inspiration.  The ladies are serving the food to the young males.  Porsha lets them know Nene is coming and they hadn’t spoken to her since she abruptly exited Dr. Jeff’s peace summit.


Kenya is shooting her pilot.  She is being filmed in a wedding dress running with a knife (she shouldn’t run with a knife in her hands but I get she is playing an angry, jilted bride) after her deceitful groom and bridesmaid.


Nene steps out of the car in her Louboutins. She arrived just for Phaedra’s “Save Our Sons” event and is flying back to New York.  Nene tells Phaedra that she is excited and scared over her Broadway debut.  Phaedra calls over Porsha, Claudia and Cynthia to say hello to Nene.  As they are standing in the kitchen shoveling the food on the plate to serve the men, I think Nene notices that they are all getting along.  In Nene’s TH, she thinks they are all full of poo poo and the video they sent her after the therapy session was phony.  Porsha and Phaedra take the dishes out to serve the young men while Nene, Claudia and Cynthia talk.  Peter somehow manages to get his mitts on the microphone and says he thinks kids are “not that they are not that intelligent but they are not that exposed.”  Way to boost their self-esteem, Peter.

Claudia tells Nene that they didn’t want to waste the session after Nene walked out.  Nene said it was unfair that all their crap was placed on her so she walked out and completely missed the come-to-Jesus moment that everyone had.  Nene tells her she is moving on and hopes Claudia moves on.  She says she hopes the meeting was productive and hopes they enjoyed it.  I think Nene’s words say one thing but her face says another.  Cynthia butts in and said the whole point of the Dr. Jeff meeting was to move on.  At first Nene ignores her but then we see Nene getting angrier. Claudia and Nene argue so loud the audience of young men hear it.  Nene is trying not to be Nay-Nay so she starts to walk out of the kitchen.  Nene accuses Claudia of talking negative with her when Kenya arrives.  Nene sees Kenya and heads out.  Kenya asks Claudia what’s going on while Nene leaves.  Can you believe Nene leaves again?  I think she is one of those people where the more they talk about their problems or issues, the angrier they get.   She is not able to talk about things to get it off her chest to make her feel better.  It doesn’t work with her.

Phaedra doesn’t want the “crazy heifers” to ruin her events.  She questions Nene why she is leaving.  Nene in her TH says “for the women who are in the kitchen who are not mothers to sons and if you don’t think enough of your community where you want to sit in the kitchen like a black fool, then you’re going to have to do it without me.”  At least they are staying in the kitchen serving their community.  Nene tells Phaedra the other ladies are provoking her and she doesn’t want to be bothered.  Either that or she is not happy with her Bravo paycheck and wants more money to stay and fight.  Why bother setting up a therapy session if you don’t want to have anything to do with Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia?

Claudia wants to hold Nene accountable for leaving. Now there’s another person stirring the pot.   Wasn’t it better when Nene left the building during the peace summit?  Why are you complaining?  Let her leave and take the negativity with her.



 New York Housewives Cast Blogs Blogged by Namaste

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.17.49 (Small)

Heather Thomson

Heather Explains The Deeper Meaning Behind Her Tagline

I have been a fan of Heather from the beginning.  Due to what she has gone through with her son, I can relate to her.  I love her personality and her openness.  She is not afraid to be REAL.

“I’m stronger than anything in my way.”
As many of you know, that’s my new tagline for this season of The Real Housewives of New York. But it’s more than that—much more.

I think parenting a child with special needs brings out strength in parents that they never believed they had.  She is a good mommy!

It’s a philosophy I’ve tried to live even before I could put it into words. I’ve overcome so much adversity in my journey to get where I am. Whether it was believing in my vision to become a successful businesswoman or persevering through my son Jax’s life-threatening health problems early in his life, I truly believe that we can all rise above the obstacles life throws at us.

AMEN!  She shares that she chose her tagline based on a non-profit in Colorado called No Barriers USA.  They have programs for youth with different backgrounds…veterans and people with disabilities.  They focus on helping people break through the physical, mental and emotional barriers that stand in the way.  Very cool!

Heather was kind and kept it short and sweet.  I imagine the blogs will get longer as the season goes on.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.12.36 (Small)

Bethenny Frankel

“I Am Ready to Reconnect”

I have to say this before even addressing her blog.  I went into the episode excited she was back.  I really missed seeing her on Bravo.  In 2013, I actually went to a meet and greet before her show was released and won tickets to NYC and her show.  It was a cool experience.  We even got to go to a premiere event where Salt-n-Peppa performed!  PUSH IT!  Now, with that outta the way, I am gonna say this: if every episode is gonna be “I’m Homeless!  I’m a poor little rich girl!” then I am gonna turn on her like viper.  I cannot feel bad for someone who has SO MUCH and is never satisfied.  Moving on…

Bethenny claims to be thrilled she is back.  I have a feeling Bethenny is a bit of a fame whore and desperately NEEDS to be on tv and relevant.  Like tv is her food.  She says what followed her last episode of RHNY is very dark and scary…um, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and launched a very successful empire.  Not everything was dark and scary  I hope.

We are all on a journey and that journey takes many turns. I have experienced incredible and very public successes and failures. I owe many of my successes to you and many of my failures to myself. I own it all.

I’m glad she “owns” it, but still am leary about the “poor little rich girl” storyline.

I have a beautiful daughter, the greatest, purest, most humbling gift of my life, which makes all of it seem so inconsequential. I have an incredibly exciting and inspiring career, and I have been lucky enough to have you.

I’m glad she sees that.  I so hope she doesn’t push all of her weird issues off on Brynn.  Her mother was VERY dysfunctional so Bethenny comes to the parenting table with little.  Jason was the stabilizing force in their relationship since he had been raised in a typical family.  I don’t Bethenny knows what “typical” or “normal” would look like.

I am ready to connect with you again through this crazy show called The Real Housewives. I am so excited to reconnect with my fellow former Housewives and the new ones as well. We are older, wiser and funnier. We have experienced so many things in life that it makes for such a compelling journey this season.

She goes on to push her latest book.  I really don’t understand how she can write an advice book on relationships simply because she sucks at it.  I think she should stick to “Skinnygirl” stuff cause she is VERY good at being skinny and not so good at being in relationships.  I have been married for over 20 years and have NO plans to write a relationship book.  Sorry everyone.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.15.48 (Small)

Carole Radziwill

‘This Is the Best Season This Show Has Ever Had”

Carole tells us that this is the funnies, craziest season yet.  She compares the RHNY to Shakespeare.  I think that is kinda “reaching” but we shall see.  Carole tells us she met a handsome man!  Well, this sounds like it is gonna be pretty good.

And remember when Bush 41 coined the term “kinder, gentler nation” during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention? Well, I’m stealing it. You’re going to see a different side of Ramona — vulnerable and well, kinder and gentler too.

WOW!  Carole has been moved to quote Bush 41?  What is the world coming to?  Ramona has been truly humbled in the off season and let’s hope she can move forward without throwing stones from her glass penthouse.

Happily, Sonja does seem to get her sh– together and Kristen proves that pretty is pretty sharp too. Then there is Dorinda, the new girl. She just may be the nuttiest of all. Of course, my real life BFF Heather is back and I love her even more.

Oh dear God in heaven let this be true.  I have waited more seasons than I can count for Sonja to get her shit together.  We have watched the toaster oven NOT sell.  The imaginary estates she claims to run.  The dozens of interns that squat at Grey Gardens.  It’s nice to hear that Kristen will be moving away from the classic blonde girl jokes.  I think I need to read some background on Dorinda before I make any judgements…and as I already said, I already love Heather.  Carole claimes they put the “real” back into the “Real Housewives”.  Um, nothing was ever “real” about any of these ladies.  Have we ever seen one of these ladies buy tampons?  Has anyone ever cooked nuggets and fries for dinner?  Not once have we seen a “housewife” throw a baby at her husband when he walks in 30 minutes late.  These are all things REAL housewives do.  Carole has joined Tinder (I am a married woman with two teens.  WTF is Tinder?)  She is eating healthier…didn’t she say she was on a cucumber and something else diet?  She met a cute chef.  I hope he makes her eat read food because excessive cucumbers will give you gas and diarrhea (voice of experience).  Oh, and she missed a few deadlines for her book.

If you answered all of the above. You win! I love Barbara, my editor. She is an amazing woman and usually a bit more mild-mannered. Nevertheless, she is right and it’s the book I must finish. My contract prohibits me from writing for anyone else and sadly that includes Bravo. So as much as I’ve loved writing these blogs, I won’t be able to write each week until my book is handed in. I know, you’re super annoyed with me. You’re all thinking I should get my sh– together like Sonja did. I will. Until then, Bravo has asked me to do an episode Q&A from time to time and they will post that. I agreed as long as it doesn’t take time from my writing.

So, that answers the big question.  Carole will not be blogging for us this season.  I always found her blogs pretty entertaining so I am quite disappointed.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.14.35 (Small)

Kristen Teakman

“Love Is Enough”

Kristen is excited about all the taglines.  I guess I need to rewatch the episode cause I missed the taglines.

Bethenny is back. I have to say, watching the episode with her, you really get to know where she is in her life. I had no idea and still can’t believe that she is “homeless.” It’s so crazy to think that she has been living out of hotels and changing clothes in her car? Why couldn’t she rent an apartment again? Hmmm…none of my business I suppose. Oh by the way, she gave me a copy of her book, Cookie Loves Peanut. It’s really cute and Kingsley loved it.

SHE IS NOT HOMELESS!  Homeless people don’t have shoes that nice.  Homeless people don’t have Perrier to give to their spoiled dogs.  Homeless people don’t cry in the backseat of chauffeured cars.  And was anyone surprised that Kingsley was mentioned?  Did you have the same reaction I did, “What the fuck is Kim’s dog doing at Kristen’s house?” and “I hope Kristen’s little girl can run now so she can get away from that fucking dog!”  Happy to report that Kristen’s daughter’s name is Kingsley AND, more importantly, she is walking now so it’s good news all the way around.  Kristen goes on to tell us that she and Josh are in a much better place.  Watching their relationship on TV was rather eyeopening for them both and it seems as though they have made some changes at home.

I like seeing the dynamic between Luann and Bethenny. It’s nice to see old friends reconnect and reminisce. It was nice to hear Lu open up about Jacque and what happened in their relationship. The girls touch on how LOVE just isn’t enough… I say why not? Yes it is, for me anyway, it’s plenty!

I don’t think BLIND love is enough.  Like when Bethenny was dating Jason, she saw signs of his personality and she ignored them because she desperately wanted a “Happily ever after”.  Luann knew how old Jacques was from the beginning and should have let him go long before introducing him to her kids.  Just my opinion.  Kristen says the lunch between Ramona and Sonja was odd.  Seems as though these ladies are not as close as we had been previously led to believe.  Kristen is disappointed that Sonja spoke over Ramona and played the one-upping game of “Who had the Hardest Divorce”.  (Anyone a fan of Penelope on SNL?  That was Sonja!)

How awesome is Dorinda?! I love her. She has been through so much, she offers the best advice, has the best one-liners, and she loves her fashion! The dynamic between her and Hannah is priceless.

I really hope we get to watch her take that bag back!  Kristen shares that she was very happy that Ramona was able to lean on Dorinda.

Bethenny mentions that she is immune to anything negative said about her in the press and that she doesn’t care… NOTED. Peeps, please remember this for later… can’t say anything more than that, but REMEMBER IT!

OH HELL YEAH!  I can see it now.  Bethenny and Kristen are going to go at it!  I am so freaking excited!  The part that makes me a tiny bit sad is that I don’t think Kristen is strong enough to go head to head with B, but let’s wait and see.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.16.32 (Small)

Luann de Lesseps

Divorce Suits Ramona

The Countess welcomes us to Season 7.  Reminds us we should never “count out the Countess.”  She has well and truly found her way back into the show.  She tells us she is simplifying her life.  She downsized her home in the Hamptons and bought a “smaller” place on the water.  Luann claims to be happy about Bethenny’s arrival back to the RHNY.  Their relationship is different now.

And now, the Ramona-coaster! Ramona seems to be handling her breakup pretty well, but beneath that tough facade, I know she’s hurting. Now, I hate to say it, but divorce suits her. She’s a much humbler person and has a broader perspective on things now that she’s had to walk a mile in my shoes, so to speak. It’s devastating, but sometimes, it might just be what you need to find yourself again. We’re all a work in progress, and with Ramona, let me tell you…she’s changed a lot. We have a different friendship this season, and I know some of you are going to be pretty shocked by this new Ramona. I welcome it with open arms. (You know…kinda like Switzerland would.)

I have a feeling we are gonna see a completely different Ramona from who we have seen in past seasons.  I don’t think you can be publicly shamed the way Ramona has been and come out unscathed.  She was always so pompous when it came to her marriage.  Always over confident in Mario’s love and loyalty to her.  She tried “too hard” and therefore this meal of humble pie must truly taste awful.

And oh, Sonja… Really? Don’t be so, like, uncool!

When Ramona and Sonja met for lunch and all Sonja could talk about were her own problems, I cringed a little. I know Sonja means well, but you need to be a little more considerate when it comes to these things. You know I’ve had my problems with both of these ladies, but for the moment, Ramona is the one who needs support from her friends.

This lunch was really quite painful to watch.  It showed Sonja for the self-absorbed moron that she truly is.  I am hoping Bravo has officially removed the kid gloves and will be showing us what really happened at Grey Gardens.

CaroleSigh. Carole’s love life always…um…gives me a chuckle. She has a great attitude about dating, so I hope her Tinder days are at least amusing her. But Tinder? Really, princess? I’ve not gone down that route and still prefer the old-fashioned way of meeting people: IN PERSON. But to each, her own.

“Tinder is a dating mobile app.  Using geolocation technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.” (Wikipedia)

I was curious and had to look it up.  I remember when this came out during the winter Olympics in Sochi.  All the athletes were “hooking” up with each other.  I think this is an app geared to stupid young people and most would think Carole would be above this kinda foolishness…but, I read Andy’s book and I think he has a Tinder account, too.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.43.59 (Small)

Dorinda Medley

“Let The Games Begin”

The new girl greets us shares that she has been a fan of the franchise!  Finally, a bitch that is willing to admit she WATCHED the show she signed up for.  She was a little surprised when she saw herself in the first episode.  She is currently ringing up her facialist, trainer, stylist and of course, her plastic surgeon…just kidding (she says) but I am not believing her!  If I was her, I would put them on speed dial!  She says the premiere was not as scary as she thought it might be.  She tells us it will get rocky in the next couple of weeks.

I am so thankful to Ramona for pushing me and getting me on the show. She has been a great friend to me throughout the years, especially during and after my husband’s passing. I met Ramona at our daughters’ school (which is where Avery and Hannah met), and over the years, we have become very close. She is a great friend, listener and gives pretty good advice. She’s honest and tells it like it is, and most importantly, pushes you and solves problems with you. I appreciate that—a lot. Life takes so many twists and turns, and we as women need to be there for each other. Ramona has always been there for me. I hope I can now help her through this difficult time and transition into her new life. She’s a strong woman, and you can’t keep that girl down for very long, I assure you!

She is describing a completely different Ramona from the one we have seen for 7 seasons.

I am also close to Luann. She is fun, fun, fun! I met her about eight years ago, and we hit it off immediately. We actually met at a friend’s party, on the dance floor, and just became fast friends. Weird how that happens, right? At this point in our lives, I think you just know who you’re going to roll with and who is of like mind and has the same game plan.

Again, not the same Luann we all know.  I imagine Luann approaching you on a dance floor and telling you that you are dancing all wrong and to give you detailed instructions on how you can do it right.

I knew Heather, too, but only from the Berkshires where she also has a house. We are two Berkshire girls. (Have you been to the Berkshires? If you haven’t, go. It’s everything.) She’s my country girl, and we have a very down-to-earth family-oriented relationship. It’s not about glitzing up or glamming up, or which parties you’re at, where you go out, and all that socializing blah blah blah. It’s about our families and our kids.

Holy crap on toast.  There is another HW that enjoys the Berkshires over the Hamptons?  What is Ramona gonna do?  Will she buy Dorinda an air conditioner?  How can this happen?  She continues on to say that she has known Sonja was years but had not met her “officially”.  Dorinda says Sonja is a “strong woman, mother and a great friend.”  Um, no, none of those words describe the Sonja we have seen on HW.  I guess Dorinda is being polite.  She tell is Bethenny is a straight shooter who is a bit intimidating at first.  Kristen makes her feel that life is pretty great and she mentions that she things Carole is the reincarnation of her late husband.  WHAT???  I guess her personality is very similar to Richard, her late husband.

So, yeah…my daughter and my boyfriend. I don’t want this to be the focus, LOL. I am very protective of Hannah. She is my love, my life and has been through a lot. To have to experience the loss of someone you love at such an early age is hard. I know Hannah is very protective of me, too. It’s not about John, it’s about anyone new in my life. We are all a bit gun shy after what we experienced, and it definitely causes you to “do the turtle” and pull your head back into your shell.

Her daughter seemed fun and had quite a personality.  I imagine we will see more of her and the boyfriend as the season moves forward.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.25.12 (Small)

Ramona Singer

“I Look At Life Now As My New Beginning”

Ramona apologizes for her tardiness when writing her blog.  Her’s was posted on Thursday so not too bad.  I guess she is writing a book, too.  I wonder if she is using Carole’s ghostwriter.

Sonja and I have always been close. It was very painful for me when I was trying to bare my soul with what was going on in my life, and she kept making it all about her. When I had a heart-to-heart with Dorinda it was such a contrast to my conversation with Sonja. I know half of marriages fail, and I never took my marriage for granted. I was so fortunate that for 22 years Mario was a great husband and partner, however things did change during the last two years. He went outside of the marriage, instead of communicating to me what the problems he felt were.

I’m surprised Ramona was surprised to find out that Sonja really is a self-involved moron.  She has been hanging around with this nit-wit for years and is just now noticing Sonja is a selfish wench?  The contrast was watching the segment with Dorinda and Ramona.  VERY DIFFERENT.  I am shocked Ramona thinks she had 22 of a great partner.  I doubt that Mario just suddenly became a cheater.  I’m thinking he had been stepping out on her for a while.

The good news for me is that I am now in a great place in my life. I look at life now as my new beginning.

I kinda like this kinder and gentler Ramona.  I hope she sticks around.

Screenshot 2015-04-12 15.24.59 (Small)

Sonja Morgan

“I Never Felt Ramona Understood My Pain”

And now we have come to the Novel of the blogs.  I guess Sonja felt compelled to re-write history through her blog.  Bear with me.  Sonja claims to be shocked when Luann says their relationship has falled into the shitter.  Oddly, Sonja had no clue.  Delusional much?

I felt like her, Carole, and Kristen ganged up on me, and Heather was showing me no support, either. I’m glad she invited me to her homewarming party, because I miss our friendship and the trust level we shared, which she states she feels as well!

Ahhh, so to show support would mean for them to blindly believe all of Sonja’s BS.  Maybe Sonja and Kim should be BFF.  I wonder what Bravo could call a show about them?  Grey Gardens II perhaps?  (I re-watched Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange this weekend.  The similarities between Little Edie and Sonja are remarkable!)

It’s pretty funny to hear Ramona apologizing to Luann and to hear Luann showing concern for Ramona’s separation from Mario after all the criticism she has taken from Ramona regarding her divorce and marriage before that. I felt bad the way it looked when I had lunch at Nello’s with Ramona, but I had a thorn in my side about how critical Ramona was not only to Luann but also to my ensuing divorce. That’s exactly why I invited Luann and not Ramona when I took down the painting of my ex-husband. I never felt that Ramona understood how painful it was to go through divorce, and she was very quick to judge and to say if Luann and I had done things properly (and anyone, in fact, that listens to marriage advice when she was bragging about her perfect marriage and life) we would still have a husband, and it just doesn’t work that way unfortunately. Men will be men no matter how great a wife or mother you are, as she’s finding out now.

So, um yeah, Ramona is eating a huge plate of humble pie with a side of crow.  She always took the opportunity to stab at Sonja and Luann when it came to their messy divorces.  Karma, she’s a bitch.

When I met with Ramona for lunch, I couldn’t help bring up my side. I thought we could bond again over that, especially since she wasn’t sharing her story with me. I think she was embarrassed and needed her space to try to make it work. Her isolating herself over the summer hurt my feelings even more since we shared everything.

So, now we are supposed to feel sorry for Sonja?  Sonja has been separated/divorced since she joined RHNY in season 2.  Ramona’s pain is a wee bit fresher and the sounds have not scabbed, but I guess Sonja doesn’t like to chat about anything that isn’t all about her.  We then find out from this very first blog that Sonja is VERY jealous of Ramona and Dorinda’s budding friendship.  In fact, she is pretty pissed.

Hopefully this season you guys (the viewers) will get to see more of me designing and meeting in my showroom. Or me doing my podcasts, some of my appearances, and definitely see some more Sonja In the City events.

So basically she wants us along for the Delusional Ride with Sonja.  I’m not up for this season.  I still keep tuning into QVC waiting to buy my toaster oven.

I definitely see a change in Bethenny from before her divorce. I see a lot of myself in her and what she is going through is familiar. I know that changing your residence, looking for new office space, and going through divorce are three factors on the top ten life stressors. I’m sure to some viewers it appears like “What is this lady complaining about? She has a presidential suite at the Essex Hotel!” But I can tell you from experience when I renovated my townhouse, I was living in the best hotel, and it’s not the same as having roots. It’s very unsettling, even with all the service that luxury hotels offer.

I have sneaking suspicion that Bethenny is not feeling so complimented when Sonja sees herself in her.  And again, I would be happy to live in that presidential suite at the Essex Hotel any day.



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      Hard to imagine a beveraged of any sort with the word “unfiltered” in the title. I know the word has a different meaning to BG, but I like any beverage I partake in to be filtered, so no thanks, lol.

      • Powell says:

        Right. And her 10 fans will not make her range rover lease payment let alone her make money to rent another home, have “college tuition” like she’d like us to believe or anything.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, that was unwise. Unfiltered. Implying..,filled w impurities.

        • VV™ says:

          Tampon string TOTALLY GROSS!!!

        • MM in OC says:

          There are many wines that come unfiltered – it doesn’t mean that there is stuff floating in the wine. Clarity might suffer slightly, but some wine aficionados appreciate the increased characteristics with unfiltered wine. With that being said, I bet her wine is filtered, It would have been a little clever if the wine actually was unfiltered. Typical Brandi knows nothing about wine. The one thing I’ll give her is that she went to the right location in CA to source her grapes. Most bulk wine comes from the central coast, but Chardonnay requires a cooler climate. I’m not a fan of Chardonnay (I’m loving Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs right now) but I’d give it a try (if someone else bought it).

          • not THAT Jill says:

            It’s filtered -she thinks the name is clever. It’s not.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I love Chardonnay. But would only drink hers if someone else bought it. Personally, I want my wine filtered. No wine debris for me, thanks!!! Albeit, I am not a wine expert by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Hey MM, how have you been? Thanks for the info. on wines. I drink Pisco (clear spirit)from Peru and I swear, it doesn’t always seem to be 100% filtered and I don’t mind it at all! 😉

            • MM in OC says:

              I’m doing great. Just happy to be working after being off work for seven months last year. Hope you all are doing fantastic!

              During those seven months I took a wine certification course (WSET intermediate level). I’m a huge wino and have four different areas in my apartment dedicated to my collection (about 150-160 bottles right now- yikes! 19 bottles from a Sonoma trip a couple weeks ago). So I’m pretty passionate about wine and I’m insulted that these idiot housewives think they have enough clout or experience to make or sell their own wine and think they have a clue.

              At least LVP has restaurants/bars and is in the industry (lots of restaurants commission their own wines for more profit).

              I bet BG couldn’t verbalize the different characteristics of a chardonnay compared to sauv blanc, muscadet, fume blanc, etc etc etc. Ramona proved her novice palette by not being able to accurately identify her own wine. Don’t get me started on the stupid wines by housewives project with Vicki and Tamra.

              Wine is a hard business. It takes years to cultivate your palette. Let’s face it, I think 95% of these housewives would drink whatever is in front of them and think it’s awesome. 2-buck chuck anyone (I’m not dissing 2-buck chuck; if I’m having a large party I bring it out at the mid/end of the night when no one can distinguish the difference).

              FYI: Chardonnay is the highest selling white varietal in the world. At least her business manager isn’t a dummy and picked a universal white wine.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                If you decide to sell wine…I’LL BUY YOURS, BABY!!! (Very RINNA of me!)

                • mm in oc says:

                  I tried to get in the industry but they want people to start at the bottom. Not willing to take a 75% pay cut. If you ever want a wine recommendation I can hand those out for free in spades. Here’s the first one. If you love champagne (the real french stuff from champagne) but don’t want to pay the $40 price tag, try cremant from burgundy. Very similar with lemon and yeasty tones. Another option is cava. Both alternatives will cost around $15 and they are method traditionale, which means fermented in the bottle. My opinion better than tank fermented.

                  Best thing I learned in the class was that you should drink red wine at 65° and not room temperature. Warmer the wine the stronger the alcohol burn.

                  Happy wine drinking my lynnfam! Now I’m off to open a 2009 Napa valley syrah.


    • Ok if anyone really does buy this crap we know Booble will just drink up any profits so why? Also do you really want to buy something unfiltered and the label is a little too sexual with the open mouth, granted I know sexuality is the only thing Booble has going for her, but it isn’t looking good on her 42/43 person.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think the name is dumb and the label design is not appealing at all-I wouldn’t give it a second glance if I saw it at the store. Boring and predictable. Her twitter fans will buy in the beginning and then it will die out-Brandi is not very ambitious about selling. She never promotes her clothing because she made her money back (she tweeted she “broke even”) and once her book made the best sellers list she stopped tweeting about it-even the paperback. It’s like she knows things will only go so far so she gives up-it’s weird!!

        • Powell says:

          A HW that “broke even” on a venture is a failure. But she probably doesn’t get that. I don’t recall a HW whose product just broke even. Kandi’s play did close but I think that was the next tour where a promoter handled it so they didn’t make or lose anything. Can y’all recall anything?

          • jezzibel says:

            crazy Ronnie from RHOV…her rehab wine, never even launched beyond the show, so not the first or last wine venture failure

            • Powell says:

              Ok. I forget about the VC ladies. LOL I don’t think she was serious. If you think back it seems like it was just for show. She designs a label before there is a final wine. She must’ve talked to Sonja. Everyone designs the packaging before the product. HA!!!

      • Powell says:

        I want LVP, Pandora and her husband to have a Sangria bottle signing right down the street from BBHs launch day of her “Unfiltered”. Sorry. I totally support women but I gotta draw the line somewhere.

        • jezzibel says:

          If she comes back, there will be a big fight/sobfest about why won’t Lisa V sell or offer Brandi’s wine at her restaurants

    • Powell says:

      I bet Sonoma County is not appreciating this.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Her big nostirl on the label looks gross. That’s ok. I don’t like Chardonnay anyway.

    • Exit4 says:

      What happens to her Twitter fans who can’t have wine shipped directly to them? NJ used to not allow it-they do now but it’s recent. Some states forbid it.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a twist-off cap or pull tab.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Yeah, kind of reminds me of the del Taco (Mexican food) use of the word, “unfreshing” in their commercials. What WERE they thinking? lol

  3. California35 says:

    Good morning everyone! 😊

    Thanks for the blogs today.

  4. Powell says:

    Has anyone heard of Kenya’s tv show/comedy/dramedy that she wrote, produced, directed and acted in? Did it get “green lite”? 😏 She thinks she’s the female Tyler Perry in the ATL?

  5. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


    happy Monday all —

    Was watching old NY and montana 🙄 and seeing how holla was with kristen. Not a fan. Though I’ll like holla this year.

    I’m super excited about this press- call out and kristen and Beth. Ha !
    I screenshot this.

    I have to keep an eagle eye 👀on the talking heads because the witty1oftheweek©®™ by B was that – oh what did the press catch – that she effed the pig ? — must be having to be rebuked later LOL.

    And in RHOBH —i have to tell you all- i rewatched the parts where Lisarinna was defending not sticking up for kyle with Kim at the finale party – Lisa’s talking head with the halter leather brown/green dress was filmed THREE
    !!!!!!!! (VV 📣📣📣📣)

    I’ve never in all my years with this 🍕BS shows have seen THREE! same talking heads filmed. SPIKES / wigs/ makeup and lighting / filters were all distinct.
    It was quite alarming. How do these producers then mix it all up? How does this figure into how that HW feels or changed about a particular scene ? Maybe later in the season after seeing real time events and reading blogs they try to REFILM again? Rinna got THREE ! I’m still in shock. 🙈
    So I wonder if Barf/Beth will get a redo of her “f’d a pig” I don’t care what the press says about me im so above that BS!

    I’m so happy to see that about Dorinda and ramona. Im sorry I see it differently as I always felt Ra had her solid friendships of many years so it’s nice to see that here. To me its nothing new but then again I have season passes on the Ramonacoaster. I like to be up front and first row.

    I don’t understand why carole can’t write. Why could she write the last seasons? She was under contracts on both of those. They filmed 6 months + pre — it’s very 🐠y to me. But her bestie andy will let her do whatever so BLAH blah I guess. 😒

    • Powell says:

      #rideordieonthecoaster 😱 🎢

    • Exit4 says:

      Confused about the rinna thing? The showed 3 clips?

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Sorry my dear in my haste I am so not clear. Hate when I’m like that:

        I don’t know how I caught this but it was SO BLOODY BLATANT 💉💉💉🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

        I believe it’s either the “buzziest” moments or the first look —
        But they were discussing Lisa and “not backing Kyle up” or whatever at the finale event.
        So – the talking head where LR is like “I am NOT going near Kim Richards again with any mention of the word addiction or relapse” and then later in another TH says ” I am ONLY going up to Kim in defense of KYLE and by no means to help Kim ” (I’m paraphrasing) —
        There were THREE TH’s ‼️‼️all about the same situation and man ..,,,,evolution and bravo are lazy.
        I get they have the stylists write up “outfit/ accessories/ makeup look” to REPEAT but it is so JANKED up and messy. Quite ratchet.

        Not lisa — 🙅– just how ridiculous bravo is in production manipulation.
        I was taken aback.

        • Exit4 says:

          I get what you mean! I don’t think it was 3 interviews though. Since she didn’t want to talk to Kim, then changed her mind in that scene. The THs are answers to the producers questions to pull everything together. So, they probably asked in 1 interview 3 seperate questions about the situation. Why did you say nothing? Why did you change your mind? And whatever the third was, so we could hear her reasoning. That’s my guess anyway!

    • VV™ says:

      If I understood correctly, Are you saying that Lisa R filmed three THs wearing the same clothes but on three separate occassion and you noticed this because her hair was different on all three THs? If yes, and you caught it FANTASTIC!
      For you Chismo

      • VV™ says:

        NOOO!!! I wanted to post this Emoticon. Not sure why I posted the less than stellar cake (for Adrienne’s standards) that Adrienne got her kids.

        Here’s your medal.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


          Sorry I’m write-around-run-around Sue

          IF ITS THE BEGINNING OF TONIGHT – I’ll note it to everyone.
          It’s so BLATANT

  6. SoutheastVA says:

    Hi everyone. Thank you all for my birthday wishes on April 11th. A gift I gave to my family was my full attention so I was unplugged from Friday until today. We had tons of fun and went to a great arts festival in town and an international festival at ODU. We shopped together, went out for meals and my kids made me cards. The hadn’t done that since they were in elementary school. They stepped up their artwork game since then. There were no glued macaroni letters. Again thanks all!

    OTT – from the April 11th blog regarding Gina Liano. She’s my favorite RHOMel wife too. It was great that she left a message on the blog. Lynn would have loved that. I tweeted Gina support in their first season and she responded and followed me. She’s cool not uncool. (oh Countess Luann)

  7. Exit4 says:

    Bethenny lives in hotels because it’s financially wise. She’s got a new apartment she’s renovating and a place in the Hamptons. Why rent yet another place when you can just pay for the hotels under your corporation and write them off? Still not homeless though. 😉

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I thnk Bethenny thought she was being witty/clever with her “wealthiest person in NY and homeless” comment. Kind of like a “haha I’m so rich but I don’t a place to call my own” didn’t work because people can’t sympathize with a rich person saying “homeless”. I don’t think she was looking for sympathy as much as she was pointing out how ironic it is that she’s rich but doesn’t have a place to live. She thinks people get her but it’s clear that some do not.

      • Exit4 says:

        I got what she was saying-it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Irony is sometimes lost on people. If I had to chose, I’d live in hotels too for the short term. If it’s about costs, it’s smarter. But then again-I love staying in hotels! So does joseph. He wanted to move to The Lucerne.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          It would be super fun for a little while. Oh to be a multi millionaire!! LOL.

          I think she was having a bad day during that scene. You know Bethenny is a good ‘worker” … I think she knows she needs to earn that Bravo paycheck,…I suspect she was putting on a show to give Bravo something they could use.

          An aside: I have a 3 day trip coming up with a friend in May to Cali and we got a great deal on a stay in a Crown Plaza with an Ocean View… Yeah baby!!!!! I can’t wait! $88 a night! She used

        • Powell says:

          But it looks like she hotel hops. She can get a room that’s more permanent and looks like an apt w/a kitchen, living room , bedrooms. She told her assistant they would stay in the hotel, go to the Hamptond next, then they would figure out their next move. That’s unstable.

          • Exit4 says:

            Powell-I was wondering if there isn’t a permanent base for her and brynn-a hotel suite like you described. But she’s hopping around because of filming.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Exactly. Not shedding one tear for “poor homeless Bethenny”. Her outburst in the limo was embarrassing IMO. Especially when we know people or we come in contact with families who ARE homeless and/or who are indigent or the lucky ones who survive on $700/mo disability pay (and are super grateful for it!!!) to pay their rent, light, electricity, food etc.

      The church where I work houses homeless families about once a month. These families are trucked/bussed from church to church ever week. Where they can shower, sleep and eat,…every evening. During the day the children go to school, the parents who can, work. The others receive job training, etc. And the program helps them save up enough to help these families get that first apartment deposit, how to qualify for services like food stamps to feed their kids. Medicaid for those w health concerns…

      If you’re interested, The program is called IHN – Interfaith Hospitality Network. The local churches take turns housing the families and it seems to work because it doesn’t over burden one church if they are all taking turns.

      I realize I’m not alone in my dismay at Bethenny’s “poor homeless me” rant. She is not a bad person, I’m not saying that, but she really showed her shallow, self absorbed side in that scene. We all have bad days, even multi-millionaires. So I can forgive her for her unintentional insensitivity to the truly homeless, hopeless,… We all make mistakes.

      I do not and will never understand how anyone would buy a relationship book written by someone who admittedly “sucks at relationships.” <—her words. It will be interesting to see how well the book does. I think she would do better to write a book for people to learn about her tenacity, energy and determination. I would maybe read that book. Maybe. A strong maybe.

      • Exit4 says:

        My mom does a lot of work with her church with the shelters and homeless in Atlantic City. It is 2 very differnt things, the reality and B’s situation. It’s wonderful you do that type of work Lainey! They’re are very truly needy people who need help. That being said, she was being flippant and it was meant to be ironic, like jill said. I got that from the comment as well. I don’t think it was meant as a deliberate insult to the actual homeless.

        Won’t be reading her book. I tried to read Place of Yes and it was awful. Couldn’t get through it. I’m a B fan I’m small doses. I love her on NY, but not as much on her own shows or her books.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi Exit!!! Oh gosh, didn’t mean to come off as the saint of Lynnfam. The church where I am employed works with IHN and through the volunteers and contributions from members, these families are offered accommodations for a week at a time about once a month. I am not part of IHN. I was only saying that I see the homeless (actually these folks feel so lucky because they are not living under a bridge). Sorry I didn’t mean to lead folks to believe that I am personally serving this community,… When I actually DO something it’s …Very minimal stuff. (Am I turning red?).

          Bethenny was being ironic? I guess. Poor choice of words, I guess. Been there!!! But I think the crying that went with the 100mph rant about being “homeless” was a bit much. Bravo got their footage. Bingo!

      • SoutheastVA says:

        My husband volunteered over several nights at the local JCC when they provided shelter. They need enough men on “staff” to assist with the males and their needs. You are doing truly good work for the community. Blessings.
        Re: relationships, I wouldn’t buy a book from a person who had failures like her. Now, if she and Jason were able to work out their issues and remain intact, I think she’s have a relationship story to tell. But, like Ramona told her on the Brooklyn bridge, she (Bethenny) wrecks relationships. Take no advice from her. i’ve been with my better half for 28 years. We could write a book I guess. But, we’re too tired so oh well.
        I normally like Bethenny but I am getting turned off by her constant need to yap on and on. We wouldn’t get along. Showy people turn me off. Why the constant need for attention? Grow up. I would eventually breakdown and tell her to shut the f— up…my ears hurt. I’d feel bad later for saying it but I’m sure the relationship would be lost after that…oh well.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          SEVA, that’s awesome that your hubby serves the homeless community! I don’t do anything, or not much,…sorry if my comment led you to believe otherwise. But from what I see at the church where I work, it is powerful to have MEN alongside the many women helping.

          I only meant to say that I see homelessness in real life. I have family members who live in poverty. But I do not.

          So funny, that you say you and hubby cd write a book, but you’re too tired!!! LOL. I can relate!

          Well, I don’t know why,… But I still like Bethenny. I think our many years of watching reality, she is more transparent to us. When she’s on, may not be real,…but she gives good tv. She will provide footage for the show she is on. She is there to work.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Just wait until she start shoving all her new products for us to by in all her scenes.
          I think I’m going to like Ramona this year. Gasp

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I agree with you 100%!!
        Thanks for the IHN and I’m going to see if they accept donations. I donate to Faith Farm. Ministries and it’s for people that need a second chance after recovery. They also give free haircuts and clothes on a particular Sunday on 441!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          FYI: The agency that is affiliated with IHN is… Foundation for the Homeless…

        • Foxy… we have a FAITH FARMS here in chobee…. they do good work and have a nice live in recovery center……. have attended some of their Sunday Services….
          Thanks for donating to them…
          hugs and peace

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Diva, I donated all of my furniture from my last place so that we could move into our new home five years ago. So when the driver was done loading everything, he saw that I was with my then toddler and gave him a little stuffed animal. I started to cry because I felt how much joy it brought to my son and I imagined how much it would help others. The drivers, the people on the phone when you call, are all people that are helping and were once in need.
            Hugs to you too! ❤️

  8. Amber...RealWife says:

    Hello All. Great Blogs Always.

    RHOA…. How unquenchable is Clawdia’s thirst? She is so desperate to engage NeNe that she’s practically stepping on her shoes as she walks behind her! If NeNe would’ve stopped short it would’ve been a collision. SMH Did you see the self-satisfied smirk she had on her face when Kenya pulled her into the room and she looked for the camera? Very Ugly. So glad that Phaedra’s friend came and told them IOW to STFU and feed the kids. Loved it.

    RHOB…. When Kim FINALLY apologized to Eileen I wanted to slap her! Real fn hard too. Does this wrinkled leather cloth thinks she’s so cute and coy, twisting her head, smiling saying “Sowwwy Eileen” like she did on ‘Nanny&TheProfessor’? Bitch, you’re like 50 going on a 100! There is nothing cute or endearing about the way you’ve acted you drunk, pilled up, POS! She doesn’t want anyone doubting her sobriety yet she shows up high as a kite on camera for the world to see. She doesn’t want anyone talking about her even though the show is built on the exact premise. Women talking about each other. I never was a Kyle fan but that girl deserves a medal. If Kim has treated Kyle with 1/10 of the venom she shows on this reunion towards her, Kyle has been a victim of her sister for too long. Kim is not the quirky, misunderstood child actress. Kim is a raging addict. Narcissistic, calculating, abusive, stubborn….. just evil.

    • majnon says:

      You go girl! You are so right on about Kim. I can’t stand to look at her face anymore. And I am really tired of the finger pointing!!!

    • lila1star says:

      You go Amber! Hit the proverbial Kim nail on the head! A quick follow up to WTG post on the last blog regarding Bravo sinking so low this season and the Pass Kim and BG seem to be getting at the reunion. The subject of addiction has been the focus this season-(wonder how Kim missed that?) The problem is it is a serious topic that effects many Bravo viewer and as WTG said–it is being exploited instead of treated as the serious issue it is. All for ratings!

      Bravo has become the biggest enabler for BG and Kim.
      Evil and disgusting………

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I love your comments! 😆
      Claudia and Cynthia wanted to provoke Nene–not the right place to do it when they’re trying to help inner city youth. Smh

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You always crack me up “wrinkled leather cloth”… “Sowwwwy…” “50 going on 100”. You say what the rest of us are thinking.

    • Powell says:

      Amber that didn’t make any sense did it? NeNe gave Claudia her reason why she left. Why should NeNe go over it again? NeNe explained and said she wanted to move on. Claudia did Porsha the same way. Porsha told her she would be cordial to her at work. They didn’t need to be friends. Claudia kept going at Porsha, “but I want to know why?”. What makes Claudia think people have to answer her?

  9. LaineyLainey says:

    Ramonacoaster and Namaste: thank you for the blogs!

    Ramonacoaster-Claudia did seem a bit aggressive toward Nene at the event. To most of us, it didn’t seem like the right time or the right place,… But this is a TV SHOW. I think Production wanted to make the most of Nene being in the same scene with the rest of the cast,… I suspect (and I could be wrong) that Cynthia and Claudia were encouraged to interact with Nene. Nene knows the game, the very path that has given her so many opportunities is the same path that drools at the potential of pushing her NayNay buttons to make her break down on camera. She chose not to ruin the event. I say “ha ha” to Bravo. In yo face.

    Namaste: thanks for bringing the blogs since I NEVER go to the Bravo website anymore. My least fave hw is Heather . Your fave!!! I stopped watching because of her. I found her faux urban speak very fake, immature and uncute. But I’m giving her a second chance this season cause I enjoy watching Bethenny. I think if I focus on her qualities and not on her fake ghetto speak I can learn to like her. I noticed she spoke more like the educated affluent woman that she is in the first episode and therefore found her to be more likeable.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Cynthia and Claudia needed to get their words heard by Nene before she jetted off to NYC. Claudia was aggressive. I think they knew they didn’t have much screen time with her so I don’t think they cared that a blow-up happened at a charity event. It’s not hard to set Nay-Nay off. Even if she leaves, Nay Nay still comes out every once in a while in her TH.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, NayNay is safer in her talking heads rather than having NayNay strike at her co-stars! So it’s a win-win, we get to laugh at her THs and she gets to be nay nay without leaving casualties strewn on the side of the road.

  10. RamonaCoaster, you have made RHOA tolerable for me through your blog, and I loved reading your perspective. I just can’t watch the dysfunction anymore with those women. I checked out of RHONJ and also Miami for the same reasons (although there are felonious reasons as well that I don’t watch NJ). I can’t support giving felons any oxygen, and I can’t support rewarding bad behavior, but I certainly loved your recap!

    Namaste, as always I love your take on the NY gals. I almost choked on my coffee when you said you still keep tuning into QVC.

    The most honest I have ever see Ramona is when she told LuAnn she owed her a big apology. She hasn’t been my fav over the years and I think once she allowed herself to accept what all was going on with Mario, she really hit rock bottom. I hope her trip back from that will allow her to be more honest about herself and her life instead of glazing over the surface with ‘my life is perfect’.
    The “B’s” homeless comment made me cringe. There were a plethora of terms she could have used. I understood the point she was trying to make but the poor delivery of words was unfortunate and won’t win her any points.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks! I surprisingly liked watching this season. What Phaedra had been going through is unreal but her reaction to the situation is the most real she has ever been. The peace summit finally brought around some change and if these ladies fight again, it’ll at least be a brand new fight. Hopefully. The changes in alliances bring about new dynamics and it’s interesting to see how the new friendships develops.

  11. LaineyLainey says:

    Ok who’s watching Mad Men? The waitress?!

    • California35 says:

      I watch!! I watch!!
      I had been wondering IF it is all in his mind. But others have seen her.

    • Exit4 says:

      She resembles Rachael from season 1. So he’s drawn to her. I think she’s real. He did dream about Rachael and it turned out she died (last ep). But with mad men you never know!

      • California35 says:

        That’s what I first thought and it probably is it.

        But more things are adding up to it, her daughters, husband, she drinks, etc.

        • Exit4 says:

          She’s a female Don?

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Oh, you’re good. The female Don. Except he’s existed with that undercurrent of self loathing,…and he’s kind to the waitress. I’m so confused!

          • California35 says:

            That is a good one too, she is like him as far as the sex and drinking and feeling guilt and that she has no worth.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          And they keep showing her in a uniform. Symbolism? Coincidence?

          • California35 says:

            Yeah uniform at all times – like the moment in thr elivator, i was like oh no the ex lover all dressed up and this girl wearing her uniform 😒 – BUT even then I was thibking are these people goong to see her?? But the drunk doctor made some coments refering to her? Or just general coment but WE assumed he refered to her?? Hhmm i HAVE to watch that scene again.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        OMG. Yes! She resembles Rachael. I kept thinking she reminded me of someone. Good thinking!

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          Wait — all his women were broody brunettes. Always are.

          You’re all blowing me away wifh all this new thought 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💣💣💣💣

          In the elevator they all saw him, the greek diner owner called.

          She was always in either: negligee — LIKE HIS MOTHER THE PROSTITUTE WHO BIRTHED HIM or in the uniform.

          I need to get to online blogs to analyze this.

          There had better be some diagnosis of emphysema/ lung cancer/ cirrhosis / sudden death / something
          I don’t want an ambiguous ending …..
          Just me

          • Exit4 says:

            The uniform for dick Whitman. Like Lainey said above is it symbolism. ^^^^^

            Being kind to the female Don Is forgiving/loving himself? (The self loathing).

            I hope the end isn’t ambiguous either! No Sopranos fake out.

            • California35 says:

              At the end of last night’s episode I thought, hey come on people speed it up a bit. There are only four episodes and we need to get to it… It= the good stuff 😛

  12. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Great job, Ramonacoaster and Namaste!

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    thank you for the blogs!! – I dislike Cynthia and Claudia as it is, so I was not fond of the episode at all last night – when did Cynthia get so full of herself – it is not at all a good look – speaking of looks – who dressed her for her role in Kenya’s show? the acting was – well she should have passed on the accent – but the acting was not at all good – and then there was Peter – hogging the mike – I don’t like that guy – at all – and Claudia – she was salivating when NeNe walked in – they probably were told to bring the drama, but there are so many other ways they could have done that – to see Claudia overplaying it said a lot about what she hopes to get out of being on this show – and Kenya – stopping her – that was unexpected – saw a little spark of I was the best in Cynthia when she and Kenya were criitquing Noel’s homecoming dresses, saying she was homecomeing queen and then that she would teach Noel how to walk..

    I have never been a fan of Carole – she is just meh to me – I know how Bethenny meant it about the homeless thing – she was going for ironic, but missed the mark – by a lot – I can only take her in small doses, as listening to her somehow causes me to be out of breath – odd – still am not a fan of Luanne, either – right now I am rooting for Ramona – the Ramona I know she can be – mostly I worry over Avery – I hope she will be alright in all of this –

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    I checked Brandi’s wine web site-if I was to order one bottle for 15.99 the shipping would cost 24 dollars. If I order 2 bottles for 30.00 the shipping is 27.00…who would pay that much shipping for a bottle of wine??

    • California35 says:


    • Exit4 says:

      A Brandiac? You know-so she can support her kids!

    • Laineylainey says:

      That’s crazy! Good luck with that brandiacs!

    • kit9 says:

      Brandi’s wine’s label looks so cheap and ugly. Like it was printed out on low quality paper by someone at home. Looks so amateur. I bet she sells 20 bottles. Oh, and if anyone hasn’t heard, the Jodi Arias saga finally ended today and she got life w/out parole-no surprise. One thing of note, though. Jodi, in her statement to the court, said Travis was alive when she slit his throat in complete contradiction to her trial testimony where she claimed she didn’t remember the murder.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Brandi’s friend-IM NOT CALLING HER A GHOST WRITER..just in case she’s a reader here-is saying that the pre orders are coming in fast…I don’t know how she would know that unless she is running the web site-but that’s impossible because she doesn’t work for Brandi and she doesn’t really know Brandi and she doesn’t even watch reality TV-but she knows how many bottles of wine have been ordered!! She also knew that US magazine was running a story on the wine-how does a common twitter fan know so much?

  15. ramonacoaster says:

    Great blog Namaste! From Dorinda’s blog, “Finally, a bitch that is willing to admit she WATCHED the show she signed up for.” Lol! So true. Why do they pretend to not watch the show? Doesn’t it sound stupid that they didn’t watch the show and not do the research? Did Lisa Rinna admit to watching the show?

  16. Powell says:

    I just got home. 80 degrees. YES 80. Please stay 80. 🙂

  17. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    RamonaCoaster – I have really enjoyed reading your blogs about Atlanta this season – I generally read your blog before I watch the episode to see if it’s worth spending the time to watch it. I stopped regularly watching Atlanta a couple of seasons ago – I just couldn’t take it anymore. But your blogs are fun to read and I feel like I haven’t missed anything if I don’t watch that particular episode. Thanks so much! 🙂

  18. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Namaste – I’m so, so, SO very happy you’re blogging RHONYC blogs! Although, at the same time I can’t help but feel sorry for you because there are 8 of them (Is that even right? lol)…. And Carole isn’t blogging? What’s up with that????? Someone in the contracts department was taking a nap or something….I have loved reading Carole’s blogs (I can’t say that for most of them) and that’s a BIG deal to not be able to blog because of a contractual issue regarding her book. Bravo screwed up big time… You are so entertaining to me, Namaste… You make me laff so hard… I know it’s a pain getting through them all… Good job! 🙂

    • California35 says:

      Is it because she writes so well and seems as free writing to the agent? Basicalky it is all about $ and the fact that they “own” her? i doubt it is because she doesn’t have time to write. (Again bc her time is theirs not hers or Bravo’s).

      • Exit4 says:

        Her book people won’t let her write for anyone else, including bravo, until she meets her deadlines. She freelances for magazines and is supposed to write a script too. Book comes first I guess!

  19. LaineyLainey says:

    See how dark it is?

  20. kit9 says:

    I wonder if her big Leeza projects involve getting her book made into a movie. She’s talked about that in the past but it never happened. Maybe w/Leeza’s help, they’re working on a deal?

    • LaineyLainey says:


      But if they actually portray the main character as the real BG… Trashy, foul mouthed, uneducated, simple-minded… Would people actually see her as the protagonist she thinks she is? Well, I mean she was cheated on, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…but she’s not the most sympathetic person (in real reality). Well, I guess it wouldn’t be the first time where the protaganist’s qualities are a bit fuzzy. There’s walter white, Don Draper, etc.

      A movie would be entertaining IMO. (have to say)

  21. VV™ says:

  22. VV™ says:

    Good numbers.

  23. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    JZ will do anything to keep her name out there. Ugh.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe they can get a show produced called the Most Hated Housewives of the USA.

  24. TexasTart says:

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes earlier today. I did read them but was not able to respond. MommaTart™ was released from the hospital this evening and I don’t think she should have been…things did not go well at that hospital and I’m incouraging her to go to a speciality heart hospital.

    PupTart™ (ha ha, thanks Powell) surgery was sucessful and has some pretty large incisions in bad places, gonna be hurting real good as the morphine is all worn off. He is very weird after anesthesia…so I expect to be up most the night with him. Just trying to keep him calm and hydrated right now.

    Still have not read the blog, but thanks to Ramonacoaster and Namaste! Going to cue up Nurse Jackie S6 …..I know, strange choice after all my hospital trips in the last 36 hours, lol.

  25. Powell says:

    Good rainy morning everyone. 😊☔☔

  26. TexasTart says:

    Because we don’t have enough Real Housewive series to watch (sarcasm)

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