Shahs of Sunset and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part II

The Shahs – Crunch vs. Munch by SunnyGirl

First we see Mike and Jessica at a Brazilian steak house having dinner with Shervin.  (Have you ever eaten at a Brazilian steak house?  It’s amaaaazzzzzing!)  Those Shahs always eat well.  I can’t follow the conversation for looking at the meat that Mike and Shervin are eating.

Shervin brings up the “situation” that happened at the pool party recently.  Mike says they have been too busy to talk to the group.  Jessica screams (loudly, in a restaurant) and shows Shervin her ring.  Shervin congratulates them and then asks if they have told anyone in the group.  Mike responds no.  He says that he wants to try to mend the relationships with all of them.  Jessica is adamant that Mike walk away from the group.

Reza is at Asa’s house and they are by her pool talking about the wedding.  He is concerned that they will lose the love between them.  He says Adam is sweet and goofy, but not very passionate.  Reza thinks all marriages loos the spark after a few years.  Asa disagrees and claims that “old people” do it too.  Reza decides that he needs to have a discussion about this with Adam.

Next, Shervin, MJ, Asa and Asifa are at The World of Leggings.  Yes, there is a leggings store.  (Isn’t Lululemon good enough?)  They are being silly and laughing while trying to find matching leggings for the dodgeball game that they are going to be playing.  They ask if the store carries leggings for men.  The clerk responds that they don’t carry “meggings” but that men can wear the women’s version by turning them around for more space.  (I always learn something new on The Shahs.  I had no idea there were meggings.  However, in my defense, I don’t think any of my three adult sons have ever worn meggings so how would I know?)

shahs asa leggings

Soon Asa and MJ are arguing.  I am so appalled at the spastic leggings that I can’t really follow the conversation.  But while the words are  about who gets to choose the leggings, the meaning is that Asa is still upset about the bachelor (bachelorette??) parties.  There is the underlying tension and hostility from the discussion at the staycation.

Asa comes into her kitchen to see her family up and getting ready for breakfast.  Asa points to a circle on the kitchen rug and says that it is cat pee.  Her mother doesn’t seem to be upset about it.  Asa says cat pee smells and you can’t get rid of it.  (Asa is right.)  Her mother continues to ignore Asa about the cats.  In the background, you can hear Asa’s father laughing.

Now they sit down to eat breakfast.  Asa says her dream is to have a large piece of land, grow her own food and have all of her family live together.  Her mother says hell, no!  She says her cats are homesick.

GG and MJ are together at GG’s condo.  They have certainly mended their relationship since prior seaons.  MJ says GG is going through a long, dry spell with men.  MJ tells GG she has crossed her legs too tight!  MJ sets GG up on a matchmaking site.

shahs adam and reza

Reza and Adam are having “the” talk.  Reza starts out talking about getting an email from his attorney, asking him to consider a prenuptial agreement.  Reza asks Adam how he feels about it.  Reza says he want to spell everything out in case a breakup happens so that they don’t get nasty with each other.  Adam agrees.  Reza looks at Adam and says they don’t legally have to get married, if Adam is uncomfortable.  Then Reza segues into the “passion” talk.  He tells Adam that they really need to spice up the sex life.  Word to Reza – don’t talk prenups and not legally getting married and then expect Adam to feel very passionate.

It’s nice to see Mike and Asa trying to work through their relationship issues, after the pool party debacle.  Asa says that she found out Mike was engaged through Instagram.  Then Asa begins asking Mike several questions about what happened in Turkey.  Mike says it’s a lie.  He says he is saddened by his friends who don’t believe him.  Asa responds that she doesn’t see a reason that GG would make something up.  She asks Mike if he and GG were in the same room.  Mike looks very uncomfortable and takes a long time to respond.   Finally, he says that he doesn’t remember.  Asa in her TH says that Mike was acting very fishy and that she didn’t feel any sincerity coming from him.  I got the same feeling from Mike.

I am not even going to tell you about the naked guy in the pool.  With a hairy backside.  Not worth mentioning.

Now MJ and GG are having a girl’s night.  MJ talks about dodgeball.  GG asks if Mike is coming.  MJ says Mike is a scared man and hiding like Nixon.  Then MJ talks about how it’s become so competitive between her and Asa.

MJ tells GG her problem is that she treats men like they are disposable.  GG responds that she feels like she should have been born a man.  They look over the men in the restaurant.  MJ likes hairy men; GG likes men with tattoos.  So they conduct a scientific experiment.  They call over two men – one with tattoos and one without.  MJ asks what the size of their “packages” are.  They continue to ask questions.  Finally, they deem that tattoo guy won the contest.  MJ says she wants to find a normal guy for GG.

Now we see the gang heading toward the gym for their dodgeball game.  What the hell does Reza have on his face?  And who picked out those leggings?  I can’t even figure out what is going on because I’m appalled that all of the Shahs are wearing the same weirdly printed leggings.  There is a spirited game of dodgeball that they all seem to enjoy.  (Note – Mike and Jessica were not at dodgeball.)

shahs reza volleyball

The Shahs end after MJ and Asa have a talk.  MJ says that she is sorry; that she was wrong.  MJ cries.  Asa, instead of accepting the apology and offering her own, tells MJ that sometimes she turns into Vida.  MJ says Asa is condescending.  They agree to openly talk to each other.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Reunion – Part 2 of 3 – S5E21

by Stars99

Group w Andy

So this week we watched Part 2 of the Reunion trilogy. I tend to get very anxious when I watch these Reunion Shows – I’m just not a fan of conflict without resolution. These shows have become more like shouting-laden grudge matches because by the time they film them, the women have seen what each other had been saying behind their backs in their snarky talking head (TH) interviews all season long. I think they should gather all the women together and put them all into a vat of strawberry Jell-O and let them really go after each other. It would accomplish about the same thing as these shows, no? (Tip: Use Jell-O made especially for Jell-O Wrestling because otherwise the Jell-O will begin to break down too quickly. It is also harder to make and keep Jell-O at the proper temperature. At least that’s what’ve I’ve heard… Not that I would know from any first-hand experience or anything…)…lol.


Home Wrecker vs. Homemaker

Eileen’s learned the hard way that what is said to her face isn’t what is actually going on. Brandi started out as a super fan of Eileen after watching her for years and years on soap operas – But then she really turned on her. Who here is surprised? Brandi said she learned from the internet that Eileen (That Tramp I now love) and Vince (My Boyfriend) met while they both were married. Given Brandi’s personal history, it is completely understandable to me that Brandi would be especially pissed off about that.


Since Brandi made such a big deal about it, Eileen had to talk to her children about their situation. Eileen explains, “When the tabloids called my husband’s ex-wife, she said, ‘Eileen and I are great friends – She’s an amazing stepmother.’ And she hung up.” Eileen tells Brandi she’s hanging up on her. Eileen advises Brandi to make things better with her ex-husband’s wife for the sake of their children. I think since Eileen, Vince, and their ex’s had moved forward with their lives – That they miscalculated how going on a reality show like this would drudge all that history back up. Plus, Brandi made a big commotion about it in her TH interviews. But, my boyfriend evidently made it all better by assuring Eileen that she was a “homemaker” and not a “home wrecker.” Gotta love that…


Unfortunately, Brandi’s incapable of having an adult conversation about her real issues with Eileen and instead acts out against her over and over again all season long. She throws wine on her, makes fun of her house, calls her a home wrecker, says she wants to have sex with her husband, etc. When Andy asks Brandi what she thinks about Eileen – Brandy attempts to treat Eileen dismissively by saying that she really doesn’t think about her. Is that a gooberhead thing to say or what?  When Andy asks Eileen about Brandi, she takes the high road (didn’t we all know that she would) and says some nice stuff that I can’t make myself type.


Andy asks Brandi who should leave the show and (of course) Brandi said that Eileen should leave because she doesn’t bring much to the table. I start screaming at the TV. Really, Brandi, I hate it when you act like an ignorant twit. If we take out Kim’s sobriety storyline – What on earth would be yours for the season? A housewarming party and a couple of stupid podcasts? Big whoop. Sit yourself down. You unfiltered numbskull.  By the way, BIG THANKS to Kit9 for doing such an excellent job on recapping Brandi’s podcasts so we don’t have to subject ourselves to listening to them!


Andy tried to find out why Brandi threw the wine at Eileen in the first place. Brandi responded, “I guess I wasn’t thinking.” Wow… Brandi has never said truer words this entire season than that… She also tried to explain that she was “caught in a moment.” But since Brandi said “sorry” – All should be forgiven, right? Brandi tells Eileen that she’s admitted to being an a**hole to her and that she’s said she’s sorry. Eileen tells Brandi – but “Then you keep being an a**hole.” I almost died laffin’… And then I stood and wildly applauded.


Assault and Battery, Bit**

Of course they talked about Lisa R throwing the wine glass in Amsterdam. Brandi maintains that if she had done it that she would have heard about incessantly. I do believe she’s right that the others would have never let something like that go so easily if Brandi was the culprit – The difference is that Lisa R was clearly provoked into action by a wackadoo Kim while Brandi was just plain wackadoo. Also, Lisa R generally seems to be great about genuinely apologizing when she’s out of line and she OWNS what she does. We’ve all learned you’ve got to “OWN IT” right?


The conversation moved to original Kim’s provoking attack against Harry. Lisa R said that Kim violated Harry’s character when she intimated they were harboring some deep dark secret about Harry or what he has done. In Amsterdam, when Kim said, “Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out” – Lisa R went into complete protective mode. Lisa R flat out asks Kim to tell the world what Harry did – And Kim stubbornly said that she wouldn’t do that to Lisa and their children. Lisa R tries to get Kim to say it by saying she’s just being chicken… Lisa R starts to guess about what it could be… “Did he f*** a dog?” lol… It finally comes out that it’s just something Kim heard on the streets… Which really could be just about anything… I start inexplicably singing, “Rumor Has It” by Adele. Dagnabit… When is her new album coming out, anyway?


Brandi thinks the difference between what she did to Eileen (throwing a couple of inches of wine) and what Lisa R did (throwing the wine and the glass itself) is “Assault and Battery, Bit**.” According to Kyle, Brandi has made some very threatening statements about the bodily harm she’d like to do to Kyle. Lisa R seems to have sent some not so great texts to Brandi. Brandi seems to think that threatening something and doing something about it are 2 different things. Of course they are – but you can get into a lot of trouble with just threats… I think they all should become familiar with the following California Penal Code:


California Penal Code 422 PC

  1. (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injuryto another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison.


IT’S PRISON, BIT**. I’d watch out Brandi, orange is a much better color on Lisa R than it is on you. Plus, Lisa R’s 20 year old hairstyle would probably do much better in prison than yours would. I do have to admit that you both would be able to pull off the jumpsuit look with style. And the upside for Brandi would be that at least she wouldn’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction for once in her life.


I Somehow Long for the Days When Kim Loved Turtles

Up until the glass throwing in Amsterdam – The most heinous thing Lisa R had done to Kim was to express that she was concerned about Kim’s sobriety and about how she was doing. Lisa R’s sister and two brothers-in-law died from alcohol and/or drug related addictions. She is acutely aware firsthand of the how addiction can spiral into horrible and premature death. This isn’t funny to her – Nor is it merely a playful storyline on a pretend reality show. Since Kim was evasive and because Kim’s actions thus far contradicted Kim’s assertions that she was doing perfectly fine – Lisa R pressed the issue.


Once you know someone might be in imminent danger of crashing their lives against the rocks of reality – Doing nothing is no longer an option. Lisa R’s one-on-one meeting with Kim’s bestie Brandi did nothing but to confirm her worst fears about how Kim was really doing and to solidify her resolve to intervene before it was too late.  Lisa R talks to Kim directly about her concerns. She talks to her good friend Eileen about it. She and Eileen agree that once they saw Kim’s wackadoodleness firsthand that her sobriety became their business. They didn’t want something horrible to happen to Kim – Not on their watch.



In this part of the reunion, Kim mockingly says that Lisa R is “an expert” which Lisa R quickly dismisses. She may not be an expert, but she has a lot of personal experience in dealing with addicts.


Because evidently I’m a masochist, I rewatched the RHOBH reunion show that first aired back in February 2012. I know, I know, silly me. But it was the reunion when Kim didn’t actually attend the reunion itself but instead was independently interviewed by Andy because she had just gotten out of rehab. I learned some very interesting things that I think shed some light on this season’s circumstances.


1) This was Kim’s 3rd rehab experience. Kim expressed that at least she’s trying.


2) When asked why she was in rehab – Kim said it was because she was an alcoholic. However, she was evasive about how long she has been an alcoholic – She simply said, “A while.” She did not mention anything about drugs – At all.


3) Kim told Andy the treatment center had given her some anti-anxiety pills. If this is true, it may somewhat explain why she doesn’t see that taking medication is a “slip” in her sobriety. Pre-rehab, on that season’s “Your Face or Mine” episode wherein Paul was part of a “Night of Beauty” for the women, Kim revealed that she was currently taking Trazodone, Topamax, and Lexapro. She tells Andy it’s for severe anxiety and panic disorder.


This season, it’s clear that Kim doesn’t consider taking Monty’s pain medication constitutes “a slip” in her sobriety. In Kim’s twisted thinking, she thinks it’s somehow okay to take a terminally ill cancer patient’s prescription because she had been in pain for so long. She doesn’t think it’s “a slip” because she had a reason for doing it. Nothing is said about how she lied about it. She told Brandi she didn’t know exactly what the medication was that she took. I think that’s bologna – I think Kim knew EXACTLY what she was taking but just didn’t want the world to know. Even Brandi knew that was a no-no because of the way medications can interfere and react to each other.


4) Kim was asked if there had been some kind of an intervention that had lead her into going to rehab. Kim explained how on the day after Thanksgiving, that her daughter had gone to other “family members” and said that she thought her Mom should “go away.” Kim quickly asserted she had already made that decision herself.


Kim seems highly sensitive to the word “intervention.” In the finale, Brandi wrongly claimed she had never used that word in her life. While it’s true that Brandi never actually stated she thought Kim specifically needed an intervention – She clearly implied and even insisted to Lisa R that Kim’s situation was tenuous – More than anyone even knows. Brandi conveniently omits ever telling Kim about the specifics of that conversation she had with Lisa R. Instead Brandi paints it with a broad stroke of “worrying” about Kim. In the finale, Kim assures Brandi that friends “worry” about each other. If you use Kim’s own rationale, then perhaps Lisa R and Eileen are, in fact, the BEST friends she has on this show, no?


5) Before she got sober – Kim said that her kids basically stopped coming over and speaking to her. She said it was because it was so difficult for them to see her when she was down and out. However now, after rehab – That’s all changed.


In this Season’s, “Amster-Damn” episode, Kim expresses that she thinks if her children ever thought that she was drinking or using that they would walk away from her in a heartbeat. This explains to me why all season long it felt like Kim was grasping at her alleged sobriety with both hands. In AA, if you “slip” you start over in counting how long you’ve been sober. I’m just guessing, but it seems like Kim’s kids may have given her an ultimatum of some sort – as many well-intentioned friends or family members end up giving to the alcoholic in their lives. It rarely works – but it’s a last straw.


6) That season, Brandi accused Kim of being in the bathroom all night taking crystal meth. Brandi boasted on that reunion show that it was probably helpful to Kim in the long run because “they” actually had to deal with it once Brandi put it out there. It really felt like Brandi was taking credit for Kim being in rehab. Kyle immediately jumped in and responded, “No offence, but it had nothing to do with you.”


In talking to Andy, Kim reiterated that what Brandi had done to her and her family had not been helpful at all. Brandi’s words hurt all the people she loved. Kim explained how one daughter just cried and the other said it was hard for her to walk down the streets. Kim said that she would never forget nor forgive Brandi for her comments – They were too detrimental to her family. Andy specifically asks, “But you will never forgive her?” Kim responds, “No, I won’t – What she did was just horrible.”


7) Kyle was the one who first suggested that Kim be on the RHOBH. Kyle joined Andy and Kim at the end of their interview and said that she believed RHOBH had actually helped their relationship. They talked about Kyle telling the world about Kim’s alcoholism that fateful night in the limousine – And Kim said that it was a release of information that they both had in their heads.


8) Kim and Kyle talked about how all of their children are very close. Kim’s kids consider Kyle to be their 2ndmother – But Kim doesn’t think Kyle’s children think the same about her. Kyle politely disagrees. Hand that woman an Oscar.


During this reunion show, there was a heartbreaking exchange between Kim and Kyle. Kyle seems to imply that Kim either already has disinvited Kyle to Brooke’s wedding or that she’s threatening to do so. This must be a 2nd wedding – I think the first was put together quickly so that the ailing Monty could walk Brooke down the aisle while he still could. There is also some talk about how Kyle did something really horrible at Brooke’s first wedding. Perhaps we’ll hear more about that in Part 3 of the Reunion.


Kim also threatens to tell some secret about what one of Kyle’s kids has done. I couldn’t tell if this was regarding the dog bite incident or not – But Kim also completely minimizes Kingsley’s bite. Normal dog owners would be apologizing profusely.


Through tear-filled eyes, Kyle tells Kim that she’s, “So fu**ing mean!” Kyle wants Kim to leave her alone.


9) Kim made a comment about how Kyle has put her through just as much as she’s put Kyle through. Okay, you just had to laff at that one, no?


Brandi’s Prewritten Putdowns

It’s completely understandable that the women come to these reunion shows with an idea of how they will answer certain questions when they are asked – or how they want to explain their actions from all season long – I know I would… However, it is painfully clear that some must have gotten their writer friends together to brainstorm potential put-downs for their co-stars.

~~ Brandi yells at Lisa R that she’s had the same hairdo for 20 years after bringing up that Lisa R said that Brandi looks like a trashy mom in a recent interview. Lisa R insisted that it was just a joke and that Brandi needed to get a sense of humor. Lisa R stood up and did a very fun “double standard dance.” It’s the new rage.

~~ At one point Brandi tells Lisa V that she must be selling their house because magically Kyle and Lisa V have gotten to be really close friends again. This is alluding to previous seasons wherein many of us joked about how Kyle befriends people so Mauricio could get a real estate commission off of them – And then drops them once their house is sold. If you look closely, Lisa V is trying her hardest not to laff at this…

~~ Brandi tells Lisa R she should change her “depends” because she’s so full of s***.  I admit I laffed at that one. Lisa R fired back about how Brandi should go after a tampon endorsement. Brandi said that she’s working on it.


Other Fun Things We Learned

~~ Lisa V was asked about why she just didn’t pay for her son Max’s electricity bill when his power was turned off. Lisa V explained that Max only works 4 or 5 shifts and week and why should she be paying his electricity bill? She thinks he should pull another couple of shifts – or he could take a cold shower and light a candle.

~~ She was also asked about why she doesn’t just give him a better paying job – And she’s adamant about him working his way up and learning all the jobs. We all know he will be managing the place someday, don’t we? She wants him to have the respect of his coworkers.

~~ When Lisa R asked Brandi about why she does all the mean things she does and asks if something happened to her as a child – Brandi got all offended and said she had wonderful childhood, thank you very much. Kim chimes in that Brandi’s parents are great. It’s too bad the follow-up question wasn’t asked, “Oh, so there’s no real reason for your assholedness then, right?”

~~ At one point, Eileen points out that she drives a Ford Flex and Lisa V positively looked as if she had never even heard of a “Ford” before in her entire royal life. It was

~~ When Brandi was criticizing Eileen for her life choices, Eileen wanted to confirm that Brandi was the “moral compass” of the show. There was so much irony in that statement that Robert Downey Jr. suddenly showed up on the reunion set as “Iron Man.”



Well… That’s it for last week’s Reunion Show – Only one more show to go! We can do this… We can do this! Thanks for reading! Happy Trails!


Happy Birthday Stellastarz

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  1. Just thought you all should know – I DRIVE A FORD FLEX, TOO!!!! Just like Eileen. I am waiting for Andy’s call. tick tock. Still waiting.

  2. Powell says:

    Good rainy morning everyone. 😊☔☔

    I just had to repost my reaction to Booble Bobble Head responding to JZs tweet supporting her wine venture.
    Hahaha. She’s so stupid. She doesn’t get that she’s getting support from a FIRED HW. I suppose birds of a feather flock together. 😆😆😆🐦🐦

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Lol the only support she got was from Carlton and the horrible JZ! Why isn’t Kim and Yo supporting?

    • Jules says:

      Not her wine. She has nothing to do with it other than being a paid pusher of it. She does not know anything about winemaking. but bless her heart that someone thought she was going to be a good person to put on the label.

  3. SunnyGirl says:

    Great blog, Stars99.
    On the subject of the wine glass throwing in Amsterdam, I believe Lisa Rinna was probably emotional after sharing with everyone how her sister died. She was trying to apologize to Kim when Kim turned on her. I think Lisa would never have acted like that normally, even when her family was threatened.
    They used to say that dogs start looking like their owners. I think Kim has started looking and behaving like Kingsley. Scary.

    • Powell says:

      ITA SunnyGirl.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I agree I don’t think she would have done that under normal circumstances and don’t forget Kim had already yelled at her on the plane. I really thought she was truly sorry about getting into Kim’s business and was trying to apologize again for it and explain why she did it. The polite thing that everyone but Kim would have done is say thank you I appreciate that and let it go. But not our Kim she just had to get nasty. I think you are onto something about her and her scary dog.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. I think the most honest thing of the season was LR and Eileen did truly care about Kim. They’ve experienced loss and wanted to confront it and somehow help if they could. Eileen saw that she tried and needed to stop trying. LR tried one time too many. She just should have followed Eileen’s lead. None of it would have gone the way it did if Kim would have just accepted their kindness. BBH wouldn’t have had the need to back peddle & go after Kyle, Eileen & LR, saying “she’s got Kim’s back”,.which we know not to be true. Kim & Kyle’s relationship has been strained since the dog bite but it probably wouldn’t have deteriorated even more if Kim had just handled things better. I feel Kim’s scared to death of losing her kids if she falls of the wagon. I truly don’t think Kim has had therapy because I really believe a therapist would tell her that slipping isn’t a failure as long as you admit to it and do what’s right to get back on the right track. I don’t think her kids would disown her or not speak to her if “slipping” in this fashion has or does happen.

        • Kim is still making excuses, not to mention lying repeatedly about it when she “slips” and then going after those who notice and ask her out of concern. LisaVP did so in Paris, and she got raked over the coals for it. Which Kim seems to have forgotten about…conveniently.

          Kim also lied repeatedly about her “slip up” at the Poker Party: first she told Kyle Monty gave Kim HER OWN PRESCRIPTION PILL, in the bathroom conversation where she said she had NOTHING TO HIDE. But she later told Brandi she took Monty’s pill, and subsequently that’s become the story Kim’s sticking with.

          Kim also lied about other things: like why she was in the hospital, why she was “in so much pain”–bronchitis, pneumonia, cracked ribs, and a hernia. Wow. But we saw no pain, no coughing, no symptom of cracked ribs on Poker Night as she smoked her cigar and jumped up and down hollering in triumph!

          And how long was Kim in the hospital 5, 7, or 8 days? And what “patch” were you using, Kim? (Thanks Brandi, devoted BFF.)

          When your story keeps changing, you’re lying, Kim.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Thanks for your recap, SunnyGirl! :0)

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – my computer is acting up again – apologies for posting the chat blog then not posting it – grrrrrr – I hope everyone has a great day!

  5. Powell says:

    I think a few of us said Mike gets so drunk they he probably doesn’t remember what happened between he and GG & that something probably happened but GG has blown it out of proportion making it more than what truly happened.
    Asa is right. MJ can act just like her mom. If MJ thought about it she’d realize Asa is right. How is MJ going to help GG find a man?

    • SunnyGirl says:

      I’m sure however MJ does it, it will be hysterical. I’m not sure how MJ can offer relationship advice – isn’t Charlie her first steady beau?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I havent watched yet but Assa is so full of herself and sanctimonious sometimes – she seems to have NO flaws. These people annoy me.

      Like cameran on southern Charm. I hate flawless people !!!!

      Assa before becoming so chummy with the snake forgets how much they put down her outfits and trying to be “real” and not materialistic and THE SEASON next: her and snake Reza are laughing about how pricy and on point the model glasses or cartier she has on.
      Hypocrite SOOOOOO MUCH ASSSSa

      And why is she like 20+ years with that jackson and they don’t even move in together ? Does she not want kids ? Nothing ? I’m around her age and girl – she best get to it jeeeeze.
      She annoys me.

      And don’t worry they all do – I only like GG and next cast member to be Shervin (what kind of persian name is that btw….?)

      ((Ps I know they are not truly perfect and all have issues but I hate ones that are so like – let me help you out- this is your problem — ☺️ B A R FFFFF)))

      • Powell says:

        I hear you about Asa. She’s not perfect. I do like her though. Her relationship w/Jackson is so strange to me. I’ve always loved the Jackson’s but they do some strange sh*t. But all that said Asa is absolutely correct about MJ. She can be just as much a bit*h as Vida. MJ after all learned from the best.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      MJ isn’t perfect. But Asa isn’t either. Not saying you said either of them are… But I can understand why MJ’s feathers get ruffled by Asa’s above-it-all attitude. Asa you appear on this nasty show (that I love, by the way) just like all your other castmembers. I actually really like and admire Asa! But she can be really condescending on the show toward MJ and GiGi. She can be so cool at other times. Just saying she’s like everyone else,…not perf. I do think she seems to have a healthy family dynamic with her folks (and the cat humans… Haha)

  6. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy birthday Stellastarz!

  7. Powell says:

    Hmm. Stars. Just like the Tootsie Pop commercial where the big question is “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop”, How many times does a Bobble Head say “I guess I wasn’t thinking”, “Caught in a moment” and “Sorry”? 😏

  8. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    WAIT ✋
    So she’s not like making appearances and such ?????

    I would go to report.

  9. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Stars you really laid out the entirety of the BH mess 💩💩💩in a truly outstanding easy to get way. I just want to give you major KADOOOZ on that.

    Outstanding. 💥🌟👏👏👏👏

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Adding my Kadooz too. Stars, the retrospective on Kim in earlier seasons was VERY enlightening. Thank you so much for doing that research!

      • Powell says:

        Yes. That was great going back. And BBH saying her 1st season that at least she put it out there. Well what’s the difference in her doing it and LR & Eileen doing it?

    • plainviewsue says:

      Adding my major KADOOOZ as well. The one liners were great. I was hysterical when Lisa V didn’t know what a Ford Flex was, but she is the queen, so what can we expect???

      Tonight is going to be brutal.

      • kit9 says:

        I totally get her not knowing what a Ford Flex is but she didn’t know what Ford was. How is that possible? Ford’s significance in history isn’t just limited to American history. I found that odd.

  10. Kansas Girl says:

    Does anyone know if Craig (Southern Charm) has now passed the bar? It would be public info if he passed, wouldn’t it? And we have super-spies here!

    • Powell says:

      I asked that last week.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Nothing on his Twitter, so far as I scrolled. But he points out they’re getting paid to be on this show, so he’s earning a living. Can’t search further now — this darned job!

    • keeponrockingme says:

      Not sure if this is a legitimate LinkedIn page, but it looks like he has some sort of job in the industry. Not sure if this would require him to pass the bar or not:

      • 2Stupid says:

        It would have a member of the state bar association if he had passed. I don’t know if that has been updated but you remain a basic paralegal until you pass. I have a friend who had both her law degree and masters and has passed the bar in three states and she is still an associate. She says she would have to work 60-70 hours a wk to make partner and she has small children. She says she makes pretty darn good as an associate and that partners in bigger firms are really only that in name only.

        • Powell says:

          I think Associate is awesome. Forget the “Partner” title. That’s plenty of liability, have to put partnership money up and more hours? Nope!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I looked at the web page for that law firm. They do injury litigation. They have looooong lists of types of problems they cover, much information to figure out if you can/should sue, but there is no listing of their staff. There is a blurry photo of people in front of a building, but I can’t tell if he’s one of them.

        • T-Rex says:

          This is a RED FLAG, which means that they may “sub” out work to various attorneys on a contingency basis. A lot of these “ambulance” chasing attorneys don’t have enough work or money to hire full time staff, so they “sub” out their work to other local attorneys.

      • T-Rex says:

        Per the information on LInkedIN he has NOT YET passed the Bar. I can assure you once he does he will be adding ATTORNEY to his name, which you cannot do until you pass the bar in the state you wish to practice. On a side note my cousin in Atlanta went to Mercer Law School in Georgia and she took the bar before she graduated, in Georgia they allow you to do that if 4 weeks prior to graduation the school agrees gives you a document saying you are going to graduate. I remember they found out if they passed the bar on the day they graduated! That was weird, because those that didn’t passed were so bummed on a day they should be happy they are graduating

  11. ladebra says:

    There was so much irony in that statement that Robert Downey Jr. suddenly showed up on the reunion set as “Iron Man.”

    Now THAT would be an exciting reunion! hahaha

    Great Blog Starzy and SunnyGirl. I am like a moth to a flame on the reunion shows, I just can’t stop watching, even though I scream at the TV!

    And as I watched Shahs this morning…. I screamed at my TV! lol

    Have a great Tuesday everybody!

  12. HuskerHuny says:

    My take on the difference between Brandi’s wine throwing and Lisa R.’s glass breaking. Brandi, over and over and over, pulls these kind of actions. She apologizes but then goes out and does something else as intolerable. She threw wine and slapped a face this year. What’s next? Never once did Eileen or Lisa V. provoke Brandi into doing what she did. It’s never O.K. to physically invade another’s space. Words are bad enough and sometimes hurt even worse than a punch, but laying hands or throwing items at others crosses a whole other line. No defense for it.

    Lisa R. had an over-the-top reaction in Amsterdam. She was provoked by Kim and Kim’s nastiness. Kim brought Lisa R.’s family into the conversation – that’s a big, big no no and Lisa acted on it. This was a one time thing on Lisa’s part and we never saw her act out that way again.

    Brandi is all about the reaction and when the ladies choose to distance themselves from her because of her actions, Brandi acts all hurt and wa-wa-wa. She doesn’t know how to act like an adult.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah. Lisa won’t ever do that again. BBH acts out, says I’m sorry, her apology is accepted(in the beginning it was), then seconds after she apologizes she turns right around and doesn’t something else. That’s the difference between the ladies and BBH.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Don’t forget all the nasty things she has said to these women too, asking Lisa if she was her to eat (I can’t even repeat it), calling Kyle the c word, calling them Bitches, telling them to F off. Who wants to be around someone as nasty as that. Her mouth is one reason I just don’t understand Yolo and the King even letting her in their house. You are right in she does not know how to act like an adult, in fact she acts way worse than a teenager. Most teens if they talked and acted like her would be grounded. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever in my life run across a teen that acts the way she does.

      • Ladina says:

        Also, she apologizes and a second later she talks shit on her TH about the women she is apologizing to, she apologizes but she doesn’t mean it.. It must be infuriating for the rest to watch that behavior, shes just MEAN!

  13. Powell says:

    How come there really are no new original ideas for these HWs though? Alcohol, clothes, books. Can’t anyone think of something else?

  14. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Wow, Starzy this was an awesome blog! I still don’t think that I’m going to watch the 3rd part because of how stressful it may be–I’ll have to wait for your recap.
    I saw the clip with Kim basically screaming at Kyle because she posted pictures of her daughter in the hospital. It made me sick. Kim is a selfish person who only cares about herself. How can she belittle the fact that her dog bit her niece’s finger and was required to stay in the hospital for 5 days?! So it feel like tonight’s episode will again be a shit storm with no resolution. 😏

    • You know what actually has me watching at this point? Wondering what Andy and Bravo are up to.

      Honestly, I’m feeling so bad for all these women at this point, even the Twin Freaks, who clearly are mentally impaired, that I’m looking for the Exit sign.

    • kit9 says:

      Kim is sick!. Kyle’s every thought has to be consumed w/ Kimmy’s feewings because the world revolves around her, right? The insensitivity is mind boggling. Kyle’s kid was in the hospital for FIVE days(I assumed Alexia had been in hosp overnight. I had major surgery a few yrs ago and that’s all they kept me!)and when she’s clearly feeling better, her fam and friends keep her company in her hospital room w/a slumber party. So Kyle posts a cute pick of a happy Alexia and everyone in their pj’s to let their friends and family see how well she’s doing. Unlike Kim, Kyle ACTUALLY HAS FRIENDS. Many friends. But, oh no, Kyle should have imposed some sort of hush campaign to cover up Alexia’s injury? Alexia, herself, posted pics of her in the hospital, including a photo of her being visited by two dogs! A young woman today, as long as she has one working hand and an iphone, is going to be on social media! lol.

      Kyle did nothing wrong. Also, it was Kim, in fact, that told the world her dog had bitten Alexia, not Kyle. I def didn’t assume it was Kim’s dog. Kyle has 3 dogs of her own and I don’t remember seeing Kyle’s kids at Kim’s house-outside of possibly parties- or Kyle ever in the presence of Kingsley.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    *sets down ice cream cake* Happy Birthday Stella! may all of your wishes come true!! *hugs Stella really hard*

    Texas Tart – hope your Mom and your pup are doing well – all three of you remain in my prayers *hugs Texas Tart really hard*

    Stars! – thank you for the blog – did anyone catch the upcoming previews for Shahs – Mike says something like “maybe I did try to **#* GG” something clearly happened but given their drunken state they don’t remember exactly what & I still think GG wants Mike – I am sorry that she is suffering from RA – but that is the only thing I am sympathetic about when it comes to her – as for Asa – she just irritates/worries me – and MJ – is she still with her beau Charlie? she seems to have a fascination with men’s “packages” who asks guys – total strangers – the size of their “package”? just no –

    tonite I will probably spend more time with Gibbs than with the ladies of BH – but I will keep checking – love you all, you know –

  16. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks for the blogs sunny girl and stars99. Good job!

  17. Thanks for the blogs, Stars99 and SunnyGirl.

    Before reading, I have to say I was scanning the pics and comments briefly and that photo of Kim Richards trying to look coy in that pink dress is…


    Stephen King could write an entire novel on that photo alone.

  18. T-Rex says:

    Okay as I thought might happen the ConvictFelonJuicy’s have again listed their home for sale, and they have changed Realty companies, which explains why it was off the market for a few weeks. It is still WAY OVERPRICED for the area and the condition of the home and grounds. There is still a lot of speculation the home will go into foreclosure since they have not been paying their mortgage but not sure when the banks will pull that plug.

    • Good grief. If those young, healthy daughters can’t manage to walk from the house down the driveway to the road, they better get them into a dr. office now! I know it gets cold, but I’d bet big money–$100!–they all have nice, warm coats.

      Of course, I’m referring to Juicy’s plea to the judge he needs to drive his daughters to that distance. Those people have no common sense.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You know, I have a really long driveway,…really long … My house sits back about 1 and 1/2 acres from the road. When my kids were little and road the bus to school, I would drive them to the road and let them wait in the car. It’s not like they could wait inside the house. Our bus drivers do not wait for the kid to walk out of the house the kids had to be waiting on the road. When there’s ice (slippery ground) rain coming down in sheets, it just seemed like the right thing to do. It sounds like I was coddling them,…but I couldn’t stand sending them out and letting them just stand out there getting rained on or in the freezing wind. Luckily our winters are short here.

      • T-Rex says:

        Again those ConvictFelons do not think the LAWS apply to them. I used to be opposed to deporting him but now I think he needs to go.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      It’s going to take a battalion of … what, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and Realtors to figure out a clear title on that place if it ever sells.

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    Is anyone still watching The Royals? OMG I love it….Jasper is so delicious-Nevada Jasper or where ever Jasper!! I love him LOVE!!

  20. Great blogs both of you Sunnygirl and Stars! Thank you so much.

  21. TexasTart- just saw that you aren’t having a great time. I hope everything is ok- sending you love.

  22. Powell says:

    That totally gave me a migraine. I had to take my medicine.

  23. Powell says:

    Kim is a bigger bit*h than I thought. I don’t want to see her or Brandi on our show next season or I’m OUT! #TheyHijackedOurShow

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