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Bravo has a Difficult Choice to Make with Kim Richards by Veena

Kim Richards is a train wreck.  Her recent arrest for trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and being drunk in public after an incident at a Beverly Hills Hotel (the Polo Lounge) was just another pile of poop in the shitstorm she’s stirred up all year. Readers of the House of Hilton might remember stories about her mother – Big Kathy – boozing it up all over town and a 14-year old Kim having to drive around town cleaning up the mess.  And who could forget her stepmother’s recount of Kim drunk and jumping up and down on a bed while her dying-father was hospitalized.  But in a family that includes niece Paris Hilton – with her very public drug arrests and sex tape – and nephew Conrad Hilton, who just over a month ago reached a plea on his “rant on a plane” case where he called other passengers peasants – this type of behavior seems to be business as usual.  Paris and Conrad’s mother is Little Kathy – the sister who Kim claims has been supportive (read enabling).

But back to Kim.  Kim is part of an ensemble team of women on a reality show – but according to Kim – much of her life is off limits.  This includes ANY mention of her dog Kingsley – you know the dog that bit a family friend – a friend that is now suing Kim – and coincidentally contributed to the book I mentioned earlier.  Kingsley is off limits not because of the legal battle, but rather because Kim thinks of him like her child.  You can not make this stuff up – and as far as I could tell she was sober when she made the statement.  Another topic that was off limits was any mention of the Palm Springs home sister Kyle allegedly stole from her – and by off limits I mean Kim didn’t want Kyle to be able to give a reasonable explanation of how she bought her two sisters out of their share in the house.  Kim seemed to feel that Kyle’s payment to her was a loan and not a buy out.  You took money – you signed papers – live with it.  BTW if the topic wasn’t off limits, I’d love someone to ask Kim why she didn’t just purchase the house when Kyle put it up for sale.  It hadn’t appreciated in price (due to the recession).  I’m sure her favorite sister Kathy could have loaned her the money.  What also is not off limits is Kyle posting photos of her daughter Alexia in the hospital getting an IV antibiotic drip after Kingsley bit her hand.  You see, that isn’t off limits because Kim blames Kyle for causing too much of a fuss – which required Kingsley to be sent to doggy rehab – and that – combined with the press – led to the darkest period in Kim’s life.  Darker than losing her parents, or her fiance, darker than her first husband terminally ill with cancer.  One thing is for sure, if Bravo invites Kim back, nothing will be off limits.  The last person to pull the off-limits card was Ramona Singer – and that earned her the threat of being demoted to friend status.

So what should Bravo do with Kim?  On one hand, she’s sure giving people things to talk about.  She’s finally headlining the tabloids; she just may have become as much of a household name as her niece Paris.  On the other hand, she’s a pain in the ass to film, and she’s toxic to her castmates.  Last season on Housewives she pulled a Lance Armstrong – deflecting, belittling and attacking until the other ladies were too worn out and weary to deal with her.  Funny thing is, they were just worried about her sobriety. Because she has a reason for her assholeness – if she does return to the show the other ladies will likely sweep it all under the rug and move on.  Or maybe not.  She’s already had her Mulligan.

And now she’s – get the – blaming the show – and the reunion in particular – for driving her to drink.  In the latest in this saga that surrounds Kim, TMZ is reporting that Kim binge watched the reunion at daughter Brooke’s house — and was so upset she stopped at the lounge on her way home and started to drink.  As many of Lynnfam’s readers called it – it was all Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna’s fault.  Why LVP?  Kim thinks that Lisa V told Kyle that Kim didn’t want her at Brooke’s wedding – and drove a wedge between the sisters.  Nevermind that the sisters hadn’t been talking for months after Kingsley bit Alexia’s hand, and Kim refused to take any responsibility.  Other contributing factors to the relapse according to TMZ:

  • Monty’s illness
  • The pressure of planning Brooke’s (second and much more elaborate) wedding
  • Financial issues (TMZ says she receives no child support – does that mean she also doesn’t receive a spousal settlement – I’ve suspected as much – if she received $20,000 a month she’d have a stable place to live.
  • Her son Chad was released from UCLA Medical Center hours before the meltdown

And just why was she binge-watching the reunion?  To fulfill her contractual obligations to Bravo to blog – read – they wouldn’t cut her final check until she turned in her homework.  One might remember she appeared to be using Brandi’s blog writer mid-way through the season  – their blogs had a weird twisted logic harmony – but when episodes of her Amsterdam tirade aired, she removed herself from social media and didn’t approve any ghostwritten blogs.  I’ve always suspected she doesn’t watch the show – and lives in her own altered sense of reality.  Brooke probably told her to at least watch and cut aunt Kyle a break before submitting another bizzaro-Brandi like blog.

I have a solution for Bravo and the other lades.  Give Kim her own show.  Or let her have a show with Kathy Hilton and her spawn.  Let Kyle Richards stay on housewives, and draw a chalk line down the center of Beverly Hills so each group stays on their own side. Better yet – toss Brandi Glanville over to the Kim/Kathy/Paris/Conrad side of the line, and see how long they survive before they start feeding on each other.  It wouldn’t really matter to me what they did – I wouldn’t be watching.  Or just drop her.  Maybe she’s pulled a Jill Zarin with this latest TMZ article and is too toxic to deal with – even if she is able to pull in ratings.  She has claimed in the past that she credits the show with her sobriety – so now that the show has driven her to drink – she’s given Bravo a clear out.

I get that she’s got a disease – but that’s no excuse for her being such an asshole this season, and that’s what I have the problem with. As her castmates would say – own your shit. My one true hope is that this kicks Kim into “get help” mode, and she realizes that being on a reality show, and her addiction to fame, is just as damaging as the drinking – and probably related.  One thing is for sure – after last season – sister Kyle isn’t likely to be there to pick up the pieces.


RHOMelbourne – S2, Ep 7 ~ Manila Bound by Reality_Bytes

(Loosely Translated ~ The Gina Attack!)

Worthy Note: During last week’s episode, there wasn’t a single **WOW** or **Shine Shine Shine** ~ and we all survived…just sayin’!

Jackie, Lydia and Petti Shopping

This week opens with Lydia sharing that the top end of Collins Street in Melbourne is like the ‘Paris of shopping’, and Jackie, Lydia, and Petti are walking down (or up) the street lined with stores like Prada, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci,  Gorgio Armani.

Lydia thinks it will be a great time to take Petti shopping (short memory of the other excursions I guess) to catch up with her since her return from Sydney…the sales lady greets Lydia coming through the door and Lydia remarks to the girls that she has been shopping in that store since she was 18…Jackie says oh really, and Petti says that has been a long time!

DC/Lydia: The store knows what I like and when they shop in Paris they shop specifically for some of their clients, and I am one of them…HA HA HA

Then she asks if she ‘can’ try a dress on…the sales person says yes.

(NOTE TO LYDIA: ‘can’ indicates capability…’may’ indicates permission.)

Jackie’s response to anyone asking her if she likes something is “Very couture dahling!”

Jackie tries on a fur jacket, stating she bought one in Italy and it is very couture, and turns to the sales person and asks if it is real…she sales person says it is, and Jackie says I’m psychic…I pick up on images…(Then you should have known it was real Jacks…just picture the label!)

DC/Jackie: I don’t like wearing real fur AT ALL…if I do wear fur, it is always faux fur.

Lydia asks Petti how the Sydney trip went and Petti says it was like an eye opener for her because ever since met the girls they were all warm to her and then she started noticing little things building up with Gina. She goes on saying there was suddenly a puzzle in front of her and she started putting the pieces in. Lydia nods in agreement. Petti says it doesn’t look like a nice puzzle to her and Jackie quickly asked what happened. Petti goes on to relay the faux pas she made at the gallery about ‘whoever’ the painter was, and Petti is upset that Gina called her out mid-sentence. Lydia tries to explain about Gina in a nice way, but she has an epic fail when she states that Gina is always in work mode. Lydia said she should have talked to Gina one-on-one right then and explained what you were trying to say…Petti said there was too many cross conversations going on, and Jackie immediately says ‘you need to talk louder then’ and then starts lecturing to the camera (and all I could hear was the WAAH WAAH WAAH sound from Charlie Brown and Snoopy.) Lydia gets them to stop talking and get down to the business of shopping…so Jackie takes a pair of pants from the rack and gushed over them saying they were soooooooooooooooo couture!

Cash’s First Dog Show

Gamble has entered Cash in a dog show at the Royal Melbourne Show and she is really excited to see how he does because it is his first competition. She picks up her armband, goes to her bench to brush Cash and says she is really nervous because she has never shown a dog before and she doesn’t know what she is doing. Next she is seen walking him around saying she has not practiced with him, but he does know a few things…like how to walk, but not much else. She has on a nice red dress with a long sweater type full length cape thingie, and she chose leopard shoes! Gina arrives at the Dog Show to support Gamble…she says she has never been to a dog show but she has seen them on TV, so she is expecting a lot of cuteness!

First is the high jump (which is really only onto a bale of hay) and Gamble says he has had plenty of practice jumping on the bed and the other furniture so the trainers have to run with the dogs on a leash and the dogs are supposed to jump over it, I think but Cash stopped with his front paws on the hay, and wouldn’t go over even with Gamble prodding him saying “upsies”.

Next is the retrieving exercise…the trainers take them to an object and the dog is supposed to pick it up and return with their owner to the starting place. First Cash wanted to play with the toy, and then somehow Gamble dropped the leash and off he went carrying the toy in his mouth…Gamble is running across the grass in heels and she finally caught him.

Next is the dressing stage…where the owners place a coat or sweater on the dogs and Gamble was able to get Cash into a cute little coat. Then they give out the awards, and Gamble doesn’t think he will win one…and who’d-a-thunk-it…but Cash walked away with the 3rd place prize.



Gamble believes Cash won 3rd instead of 4th because the owner of the 4th place dog didn’t blow dry her hair that morning and the judges must have taken into consideration the owner and the dog as a team! Gamble is pretty cute with her naïve ways…and Cash seems happy enough, so who knows what kind of career Cash will have, eh?

Janet Has Lunch with “Some” of the Ladies

Janet, Chyka, Jackie, Manuela (I think) and Lydia meet for lunch so Janet can chatter and update everyone on her Tea Business (thought she was a property developer.) with her son Jake. Jackie looks like she is wearing one of Ben’s shirts with long shirttails as a dress…except Ben just wears T-shirts. Janet is telling the story again of how when Jake was 22 he was in a fire and very badly burned.

jackie touched

Janet said her son Jake was keen to start a foundation for other burn patients but they didn’t know how they were going to fund it, and Janet had just introduced him to the teas because during the healing process he was very toxic because of all the medicine he had been taken…so they decided to take a dollar from every bag of tea sold to fund the foundation.  They have six different teas and are working on two more. It was just something to get him interested in and to get him up off the couch during his recovery. Janet says if nothing happens from anything else, she has her boy back.

Jake has found a lady in the Philippines who is a Tea Master (prelude to their Manila trip I suppose). This tea master can identify the flavor of hundreds of different teas, and Janet says she is going to the Philippines to meet the Tea Master. She asks the ladies if they want to go and you would have thought she just divvied up lottery winnings.

tea excitement

Lydia asked if she was inviting all of the ladies and she says yes we can make it a bit of a holiday! (Then of course she has to snark about Gamble and Gina hoping they will behave!)

Hawthorne Common

Tempest, (Gamble’s sister) heads to Melbourne to get her cosmetic work done, and the ladies are sitting having a drink (is alcohol good right before Botox?) Tempest started out by saying “After I ripped Janet’s head off how are you getting along? I am sorry about that but she infuriated me.”

Gamble explains to Tempest that other than the cat fights, Janet is really a good person. She goes on to say she doesn’t look as forward to seeing her as much as seeing Gina, but that Janet has invited all the ladies to go to the Philippines, and that she is going to go.

Gamble then asks what kind of cosmetic work she is getting done and Tempest explains it to her, and then Gamble explains the after effects including they won’t let you leave the facility until you poop…LOL…TMI! Gamble tells her after the recovery she wants to take Tempest shopping and get her some outfits and shoes, etc. to go along with Tempest’s rejuvenated face and attitude.

Lunch with Chyka and Jackie

Chyka and Jackie head down the street and into The Toff In Town ostensibly to continue organizing Gambles Hen’s Party…so they are on a venue search. They enter an area with a small stage and vintage look and Chyka suggests some type of Cabaret entertainment, and Jackie looks at her like this…

jackie cabaret

Chyka goes on to explain her thoughts, and goes on to waiters with bowties and no shirts and a few more ideas.

DC/Jackie: Wait till she sees what else I have in store for her.

OK so we remember from last week that Chyka said Gamble doesn’t want strippers, and yet Jackie said she is going to do it anyway, so, they walk over to the stage and Chyka says can we go behind the curtain and see what is behind there? Jackie says OPEN THE CURTAINS, and the music starts and the curtain parts and there are the strippers!!!  However after Chyka finishes laughing she asks if they get to see them and Jackie says yes, so Chyka sits down and says “entertain us boys.”

The construction worker stripper borrows Jackie and sits her in a chair on stage and starts his routine.

DC/Jackie: Says she knows she is out there and loud but when it comes to this, she gets embarrassed – she guesses from how she was brought up.


DC/Chyka:  I am surprised by Jackie’s reaction, I would have thought she would have embraced it…but she kind of backed away and was a little bit prudish…who’d have thought!

The Policeman stripper comes and gets Chyka and takes her to the stage, and Jackie whoops with delight, and the stripper starts HIS routine.


Y’all just have to see this part…moving on…but suffice it to say, Chyka has changed her mind about having strippers…(I gotta tell ya…after all that has gone down about this with Gamble, I wouldn’t have done it for her Hen’s Party I don’t think.)


Crown Casino – Southbank

This is the Shane Warne Charity Poker Tournament Lydia spoke of in earlier episodes. You see Lydia, Jackie, Chyka and Petti walking into the casino. Remember Lydia is an ambassador to this charity.

Shane sees the ladies walk in and he joins them at the Step-and-Repeat

S and R

The ladies all sit down at one table, and Petti says to the DC that she has played before but never with Shane Warne…(I am blown away she didn’t say she was an expert poker player.)

Chyka says she doesn’t know anything about poker other than there are cards and money and wants to know if they can play an open (practice) hand first and Lydia says no…and they should just let her win and then laughs. Petti is seen picking her cards up off the table (which no real poker player would do…LOL), Jackie says she is hungry and someone brings some food around. They were all given 10k in chips, and Petti bets what she thought was $200 but was $2000 instead. Petti then asks Lydia how she knows Shane and how long she has known him, then puts her foot in her mouth insinuating he is gorgeous and they have great chemistry…and Lydia has to explain in her DC… “they are great mates!” Petti was obviously insinuating otherwise.

Chyka though she would catch on quickly and she hasn’t and Lydia is telling her to fold because she (Lydia) has better cards than Chyka…the hand is played and Lydia was bluffing…but won the money, and meanwhile Jackie is eating one of everything in sight!

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty much thinking this was just a fun episode until I remembered the highlights from the last episode, so now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Petti’s Apartment

Petti called her housekeeper Lia in by the closet and she says she needs help. Petti says it is time to pack and she will go through the clothes and hand off the clothes to be taken and laid out on the bed, and then the two of them can decide which clothes Lia packs.

She picks one outfit after the other saying only the designer’s name as she hands them off…she puts on some God awful hat and asks Lia if it is sexy, and Lia laughs and says “it’s ok”…Petti says she doesn’t dress to please any of the other ladies, she dresses to look FABULOUS and that is all that matters. Now she explains that all her clothes need to be wrapped in the tissue paper in the suitcase. The woman says “everything?” and Petti says “Yeah, everything.”

Next she brings out 6 handbags and asks Lia to try and fit them all in. They get everything in half the suitcase and Petti says to leave the other half empty so she can shop. Geez that was scintillating…NOT!


Lydias House

Lydia’s housekeeper, Johanna comes in to help her pack and tells Lydia about the weather and the traffic in the Philippines. Lydia asks if there are traffic lights. Johanna assures her there are and Lydia is amazed…Hmmm…then Johanna gives Lydia an envelope to give to her parents if she stops to see them…Lydia gives her a big hug and says if she doesn’t see them for some reason she will post it to them.


Arrival in Manila

The ladies (minus Jackie) arrive at Solaire Resort and Casino and walk into the lobby. Janet speaks to the concierge and says “Party for Roach”…Gamble says “and what a party that is going to be”…and Janet says “Ah this is my kind of place they have drinks waiting for us!”



Jackie and her Stylist

Jackie and her stylist Lyan who is from the Phippines are going over Jackies clothes. Jackie says she can’t live without him especially when traveling. (Really??? She has a stylist and still wears what she does? I haven’t seen him on any other trips.)

Lyan pulls a lot of clothes out of the closet when Jackie asks if he has anything cute for dinner. Then she spots an outfit and says…(all together now) “Oh that’s so couture.” And then she does a DC and explains that couture is her new word now and that this is couture and that is couture…and says it 5 times in a row, before she blows it by saying sometimes she even says she is having a very couture breakfast. Bless your heart Jackie, do you often have tailored or fashion-designed eggs and bacon?

She asks him how to say SHINE, and he doesn’t know even though Manila is his hometown, and then she asks how to say ‘I have arrived’…he tells her and of course she butchers it as badly as LaMascara…moving on now…



Gina, Gamble and Chyka decide the need a glass of champagne, and they propose a toast of good shopping and having fun together.

Chyka mentions to Gina she wants to ask her a question about Petti’s book because Petti has asked her to read it and she is, but said she Googled it and found someone in America who has done a book called ‘Bitch Switch’ as opposed to Petti’s ‘Switch the Bitch’ and asks if there is any legal problem with that?

Gina says it could be a problem and asked if Petti knows, and wonders if the content is the same. Gina wonders if it is plagiarism, and says in her DC it sounds like it might have been. Gina goes on to say she has a problem with the title because she believes Petti is trying to empower women, but that she is actually degrading women by calling them Bitch…Chyka agrees.

DC/Gina: If I walked into a store to buy a book about empowering women, I probably wouldn’t buy one with the word Bitch in the title.

Then Gina looks over at Chyka and says “I reckon she should flick the bitch”

Gamble tries to say Feminist (which she cannot say to save herself, bless her heart), and says she can’t say it, and speaks in her DC about people making fun of how she talks and she says it embarrasses her and she is trying to work on it. Gina says in her DC that it is hard for people to hear how they say their words…and goes on to give the example that Petti doesn’t think she has an accent.

Janet and Lydia and Petti are now setting out to shop (No Jackie with either bunch). They see a jewelry store and Lydia loves pearls and is trying on a necklace, and then Janet points out a line of jewelry called Petite Fleur to Petti who called it Pettifleur (granted they both mean the same thing but are spelled differently which totally goes over her head) and Petti was amazed at seeing it and says she almost pee’d her petti-pants. Petti then drags Lydia over to a showcase and shows her a Pettifleur ring…

DC/LYDIA:  Well Pettifleur can be a bit fluffy and cute and tizzy at times, and that ring was fluffy and cute and tizzy. (At least Tizzy is the word I think she is saying…I thought it was cheesy at first, but I kept trying to listen).

The girls suggest she take a picture of the ring and send it to Frank. Petti insists she buys what she needs for herself she doesn’t need him to buy it for her, she has her own money.

Janet goes on to explain how the pearls are more a gold color when coming from the Philippines. Petti says “speaking of where things come from…(really rotten segue here) there has been comments and snippets made by a certain person, about my race, and my accent. Lydia says BY WHOM…SAY IT…because we don’t know who you are talking about.

Petti says “IT’S GINA…and I wanted to know if you noticed because she has commented on my accent and referred to me by nationalities I’m not, and I have been here since my late teens and haven’t heard as many comments all those years as  I have heard from her, Hmmm…she says she thinks there is a pattern here.

In jumps Lydia summing it all up saying Petti is being petty is frustrated at Gina’s little comments…it’s not cool. (WHERE IS LUANN WHEN YOU NEED HER?)

AND IN BLUNDERS PETTI CALLING GINA RACIST! Oh NO she DI’INT…OH YES SHE DID! PettiGirl you just took a huge leap out of your league with that remark!

Janet jumps in and says Gina is not racist.

Racist [rey-sist]


  1. A person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior.

There ya go Petti! Please learn of which you speak!

DC/Janet: I do understand a little bit about what Petti is saying because it is Gina’s sense of humor to “take the mickey” (I am gonna have to look that one up…LOL) I have known Gina a long time and I have never ever see her be racist. (This must be the impetus for the fight that happens from the previews last week.)

Lydia tells Petti to “chat to her” sit her down and say it does disturb me and let her explain what she means. Petti says she would like to do that, and it is my guess only that it WON’T happen one-on-one like it should!

DC/Janet:  I think it is a very good idea that Petti bring it up with Gina, because it is the only way they are going to clear the air. I think that Gina is going to take it as an attack…I think it will be a very interesting conversation…and I do hope it happens in front of me! (Quick to jump to Gina’s defense you were… and just as quick to want there to be a fight!)


Roofdeck Terrace

The ladies, or part of them as in Janet Gamble, Petti and Chyka, were having a glass of champagne on the rooftop terrace and looking at each other and laughing about the huge amounts of hairspray they used and their hair is still sticking up in the air due to the humidity. Then Janet asks only Chyka if she will go with her to see the Tea Master, and goes on about how famous she is blah blah blah…


71 Grammercy

The ladies all arrive at 71 Grammercy for dinner…Janet assures us she checked and it is the best restaurant in Manila.

OMG…Lydia in her DC said the restaurant was on the seventy oneth floor…so it was extremely high…PRICELESS Lydia…just priceless… bless your heart!

Jackie sitting at the head of the table wants to know what the ladies were up to all day… and then shovels food in her mouth.

One said pearl shopping…Jackie said ballso…Gina asked what ballso meant…Jackie said boring…now Jackie thinks Petti looks sad or something…(doing a head tilt here)

(KEEP YOUR ARMS AND HANDS INSIDE UNTIL THE RIDE COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP, because Petti is gonna switch to her bitch!)

Now Petti asks Chyka is she has been reading her book, and Chyka says yes she usually doesn’t read self-help books but she loves what she has read, but she is not sure that the word Bitch is the right word to use when speaking of oneself and Petti says that is why she explained it in the first Chapter.

Chyka went on to say that the constant use of the word bitch she thought was quite confronting. Then she says she did a bit of a Google and in America there is someone who has released a book and it is called ‘Bitch Switch’. And then Chyka said the magic words (that she had talked to Gina earlier about it)…Gina tries to tell Petti something and Petti tells her to stop interrupting and let her talk! SO THERE GINA…LOL…

Gina salutes her and says ‘aye aye Captain.”

aye aye

Petti goes on saying that her son checked and saw there was another book by a similar title but it was about switching your bitch on and off…

Gina says “Oh then you did know”…

Petti says yes and the story was completely different…not interested…don’t care!

(Mind you, everyone around the table is sitting there with concerned looks on their faces while Petti is snarking.)

DC/Chyka:  Petti is passionate about that title, she does not want to change it, she totally has blinkers (blinders) on in that respect.

Gina says people might buy the wrong one…

Petti snarks back at Gina saying they are not going to buy the wrong one…what do you think they are stupid?

DC Petti: (Loaded for bear against Gina) That comment about people getting confused by the title is Goobley Gosh.

Gina…don’t you think the word bitch is derogatory?

Petti…I’ll tell you what

Gina…It’s really demeaning

Gamble…said something about a Fenamist, (Feminist) and Gina was saying it that way and come to find out Gamble has a hearing issue doesn’t hear some sounds so it sometimes affects her speech because she isn’t sure what it is supposed to sound like.

Gina…says the title to her is a bit off-putting

Petti…read the book

Gina…trying to explain to Petti that the book is about empowering women and by using the word bitch it is demeaning instead…

A ton of crosstalk and Jackie stopped eating long enough to say it is about the inner bitch…blah blah…Gina is looking at it from the consumer point-of-view and says just that, and Petti snarks about there is a lot that Gina doesn’t like. (Another segue into a fight)

Gina says “There is? I don’t know about that”

Petti says EVERYTHING…I hear you constantly bitching…

Gina says something about oh you know me well (NOT!)

Petti says constantly bitching or something like that…Jackie looks like she is choking on whatever words she was about to say, Janet is quiet (no doubt hoping for a good fight without her in it.)

Gina says “You can bet I am not interested in your opinion and you can keep it to yourself, thank you.”

Petti says “I just gave it to you!”

Gina (she’s gonna do it…she’s gonna throw that napkin down on the table) “Well I don’t want to hear your little opinion…can’t understand the rest

Petti…Big or little which one?….

Gina is trying to keep things lite and is saying  Big or little big or little

big or little

Jackie is winking at someone at the table…gee and no one chastised her for not paying attention to what was going on…Gina should have looked at her and said WHAT ARE YOU WINKING AT?

Gina says she won’t read her book now that she knows her and she didn’t see that little turn coming…

DC/Gina: Oh Petti dahling, get a life, really!

Next week…Manila Part 2

  • Petti has set the racist stage with her remarks and brings it up at dinner even after being told to do it with just Gina alone
  • Now Petti says Gina has been making comments about her color
  • Gamble lashed out at Petti saying she has not and calls Petti a liar
  • Jackie jumps in and says this person is not your friend (to Gamble) she wanted to throw you and you (pointing at someone else) under the bus.
  • Gina returns with…I reckon your demons possess you (to Jackie)
  • Janet yells STOP THAT…Jacks tells Gina she needs to get laid…
  • Gina tells Jackie to FO
  • Jackie flips Gina off…while yelling FU
  • In a new scene…Petti asks how Gamble buys stuff and asks if she gets an allowance or something…

The End

Y’all come on back next week…ya hear? Bless their hearts!


Million Dollar Listing New York Season 4 Episode 1 by NotInStCyr

Welcome to Season 4 of Million Dollar Listing New York, in which we’ll accompany Fredrik, Ryan and Luis as they sell some of Manhattan’s most exclusive and expensive real estate to the world’s 1%.  If you participated in Occupy Wall Street or believe in the redistribution of wealth, this is not the show for you.  Last season, Fredrik Eklund made some of the biggest and most prestigious property deals in the city.  However, his professional success was dimmed by his husband Derek’s refusal to have a daughter (already named Milla by Fredrik), because he preferred to concentrate on his artistic career.  Ryan Serhant, our resident bad boy and ladies’ man, took baby steps out of the primordial slime and began to evolve into a kinder, gentler and monogamous man, thanks to the positive influence of his girlfriend, Emilia. Luis Ortiz also made some impressive sales last year that improved his professional credibility.  However, he still longed to do business in the upper echelon of New York real estate lorded over by brokers like Fredrik and Ryan.  Fredrik recognized a kin ambition in Luis and tried to steer him into building relationships with budding developers.  Unfortunately, Luis’ insecurity and bad history with Fredrik led him to angrily rebuff Fredrik’s awkward, but heartfelt, attempt at mentorship.  By the end of the season, Luis and Ryan had developed a friendship based on their mutual dislike of Fredrik, and Fredrik felt like a cake left out in the rain.

This year, Fredrik boasts that he has the number 1 real estate team on the East Coast with gazillions of dollars in sales.  Feeling generous, as well as curious about the changes he’d recently noticed in Ryan, he decided to approach him about doing a deal together.  This attempt to mend fences would be commendable, if it weren’t for Fredrik’s Grinch-like glee about the possibility of breaking up the bromance between Ryan and Luis.

1 - Fredrik

What Fredrik didn’t know, was that the relationship between Ryan and Luis was already kaput. Just like a guy, Luis had refused to return Ryan’s phone calls, which made Ryan receptive to Fredrik’s overture.  We then hear Luis, who sports a boulder-sized chip on his narrow shoulders, raging about Ryan and Fredrik’s lack of integrity, and how he would never let business change the essence of who he is, because he “doesn’t work for money.”  Hmmmm – if that were the case, why don’t we see Luis tooling around New York in a Prius, instead of a brand new Maserati?

Fredrik is feeling cocky about having sold 24 out of 25 units at 215 Sullivan in Greenwich Village for $150 million in under 3 months.  So, when he meets with the building’s 2 developers, he’s taken aback by their no nonsense attitude and aggressive push to sell the last unit in the building.  They pressure him to sell the self-contained 3-story townhouse for the asking price of $17,250,000 and, worst yet, warn him not to do any “high kicking”.  That is like taking away one of Fredrik’s super powers.

Thanks to Bravo, we now know where Meryl Streep and Gwyneth Paltrow live, because Luis has a new listing in the same Laight St. building.  The seller reluctantly agrees with Luis’ suggestion to lower the asking price from $5.3 million to $5.1 million, to pay to stage his unit and to relocate his family until the sale is made.  We also see Luis push the stager into furnishing the unit for a lower price as a favor.  Although he may feel like an outsider in New York, Luis probably benefits from the ability to network in the city’s large Puerto Rican community.  Many of the people he deals with on the show, like the seller and stager, are Latinos.

Ryan has also realized that working with developers on new projects is the path to riches.  He meets with someone referred by his girlfriend who wants him to sell the 4 remaining units in a high-end building within 30 days.  Although this is an almost impossible task, the developer is savvy enough to present this as a challenge to Ryan and massage his ego at the same time.  If Ryan succeeds, he’ll walk away with a $390,000 commission and a potentially lucrative relationship with a developer.  After hosting an open house, Ryan is able to get the full asking price for the more attractive units on the 3rd and 5th floors.  Unfortunately, no one wants the 2nd floor unit, because it doesn’t have a view, or the 1st floor unit, which only has 1 street-level bedroom.

Ryan and Fredrik meet up at the open house for 215 Sullivan.  As a peace offering, Ryan promises not to take his clothes off this time, as he did a few years ago at one of Fredrik’s open houses.

2 - fredrik and ryan

While they’re talking, they see Luis drive up in his Maserati and park on the sidewalk in front of the building.  We hear Luis brag that the others now know he is one of the top brokers in New York.  Once he manages to get his head in through the doorway, Luis is surprised at the sight of the former archenemies chatting away.  When he asks if they’re friends now, Fredrik reminds Luis that he had his chance.  Ryan then mildly ribs Luis about being rich enough to own a Maserati.  Off camera, Ryan snarks that he owned a Maserati until he grew up.  Ryan also teases Luis about being so successful, that he should look to him for a job.  Instead of responding in kind, Luis goes dark and tells Ryan that there is an opening cleaning his shoes in the morning.  Fredrik sagely remarks that Luis has a bunch of issues.  Yes, Luis is as prickly as a hedgehog.  Ryan recalls  that when he was starting in the business, his mentor told him about the need to stay humble.  If Fredrik and Ryan are friendly, mature and dispensing wisdom like elder statesmen, could the apocalypse be far behind?

3 - Luis

Alas, all is not well with Luis.  While driving the much ridiculed Maserati, he gets a call from the seller, who was unable to find a temporary rental apartment for his family to move into and now wants to remain in the unit during the sale process.  Knowing that the movers were in the midst of boxing up the seller’s possessions, Luis immediately turns his car and rushes to the Goopster’s building to try and salvage the situation.  We witness Luis frantically working the phone to try and find short-term housing for the seller.

As Ryan is approaching his 30-day deadline, he wonders what he could do to sell the two ugly duckling units that no one wants.  He comes up with the idea of bringing in an architect to find out if the 1st and 2nd floor units could be combined into one large, more desirable living space.

Meanwhile, Fredrik receives an offer for the very expensive townhouse, but only if $1 million worth of changes are made at the developers’ expense.  The developers are less than impressed with Fredrik’s efforts, and he has to plead with them not to walk out of the meeting.  He is eventually able to coax the buyer into downscaling his demands and the developers into accepting $17,250,000 for the townhouse.  The developers drop their grim demeanor and even join Fredrik in doing a high kick to celebrate the deal.  Fredrik gets a commission for $690,000, which should buy his dogs Mousey and Fritzy many more outfits that will get featured on Instagram.

We’re next treated to the unholy sight of Ryan tamely letting his girlfriend apply a facial mask on his face.  The reformed rake admits to becoming domesticated and preferring to stay at home with Emilia rather than partying at night. He says he also has much better skin.  It does look dewy and fresh.

4 - ryan

Luis’ hard work finally pays off when one of his contacts agrees to rent his unit on to the Laight St. seller for a few weeks.  The seller once again agrees to move out, and thanks to Luis’ machinations, the crises is averted.

Ryan presents his architect’s plan to combine the 2 unwanted units to the developer.  After cannily countering every objection she makes, Ryan tells her that he already has a buyer for the space.  After more back and forth, he gets her to agree to lower the asking price for the combined units if the buyer pays for the build-out.  The developer then tells Ryan that she has 7 more buildings under construction, and he will be the broker.  Ryan realizes he can now buy Emilia a larger engagement ring.

Bravo then treats us to a montage of coming episodes.  We see a lot of beautiful real estate that most of the people on the planet could never afford and catch glimpses of Ryan, who may make another embarrassingly public display of affection; Derek, who may change his mind about having Milla; and Luis, who may try to be friends with Fredrik and Ryan at the same time.  Could we have the 3 amigos at long last?  It’s inconceivable!


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful 🇹🇬🇮🇫. I hope your day is great.

    SJP it’s the beginning of your birthday weekend. I hope you have a great time.

    I was just reading comments from this A.M. that LV, LR and Kyle caused Kim to go to The Polo Lounge. Hmmm. Seems to me she could have left Brooke’s house and gone to one of the many AA meetings they have in LA instead of The Polo Lounge, but hey that’s just me. 😏

    • kit9 says:

      And given LA’s size, I bet u can find a meeting at damn near anytime day/night. Of course, if she actually had a sponsor, she could have called them, too.

      And, this little detail from the La Times, “Once she was taken to booking, she allegedly tried kick a male officer in the groin but only hit his leg.”

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – a big welcome to our new blogger NotInStCyr. She will be blogging Million Dollar Listing New York for us this season – so get ready for the high kicks and weees.

    And for those that missed the excitement last week, after Reality Bytes blogged Gina’s book, Gina visited the blog and offered to send her a signed copy of the book. Emails have been exchanged and I’m sure Reality Bytes will let us know when it arrives. Happy Dance (no emojis for this PC user),

    I hope everyone has a wonderful spring day. I’m making my old ass get off the couch and bike to work this morning – it’s sunny out!

    • Welcome NotInStCyr!

    • kit9 says:


    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Thank you Veena for the blog—I agree about giving Bravo the way out with Kim.

      Welcome NotInStCyr!

      Thanks for the great blog, Reality_Bytes!

      I hope you all have an awesome Friday!

    • California35 says:

      Welcome and thank youNotInStCyr!
      Thanks and congrats Reality Bytes 😊.
      And Venna as always 😊 thank you thank you thank you 😊

    • Welcome and thank you for all the blogs.
      Haven’t warched one damn thing on bravo this week — what’s with me !!!!!?????
      I love my Gina and my Fred.

      Superb write up Veena on the Kim SITCH.

    • NotInStCyr says:

      Thanks for the good wishes — looking forward to recapping the show. Just wish I could win the lottery so I could hire one of these guys and get an obscenely priced pad in NYC.

    • Veena we don’t hear from you enough on the blogging side of this site, and we should…just sayin’…you re-established such a good point this morning regarding the HW’s sign contracts and receive money for their participation on the show…there should not be any “off-limits” to what clearly happened where millions of viewers could see her actions for themselves, and as you said…a perfect parallel to Ramona! The whole Hilton family is one big hot mess…not unlike the “K’s”. Off-limits should equal NOT on show! As for the book from Gina…I am like a kid checking the mailbox daily – I surely will let you know when it arrives…you will most likely hear the bicoastal WHOOPEE with your own ears.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Welcome and Thank You to NotInStCyr your skills are valued here. TGIF!

    • Powell says:

      Howdy NotInStCyr. 👋👋

    • Powell says:

      NMD did you DM Gina? She & I tweeted and she said she’s send you an autographed copy too. Check ur Twitter where I tweeted her and tagged you.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Powelly – I read that as Gina saying she’d get a signed copy to me to pass on to RealityBytes – not that she was offering another copy. I just had RealityBytes exchange her info directly with Gina.

  3. SunnyGirl says:

    Regarding Kim Richard’s financial situation – even if she has no support or alimony, she has her salary from Real Housewives AND I cannot imagine that Monty is not paying her bills while staying there.
    Regarding her stress level – has she considered her children’s stress levels? Brooke’s father is dying and she is getting married. Chad has been working on recovering from mental illness. They have ALL had to deal with their mother’s relapses and the pressure/stress regarding that. I would think that when Kim is using, no one is safe from her screaming and finger pointing.
    Good blog, Veena.

    • kit9 says:

      Excellent point about her kids.

    • ladebra says:

      Hey – you can’t talk about the children. Or Kim. Stop talking about Kim. … I can’t even type that with a straight face.

    • Donna says:

      on the dot √ √ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Hi Sunny – I apokofize as I am a late bloomer 🌾🌻when it comes to BH–
      What are Chad’s mental issues ? He has actual medical diagnoses?

      Thanks so much —-

      • SunnyGirl says:

        He has been hospitalized several times for a psychiatric issue. Reportedly, he has had a psychotic episode where he was hearing voices and walking naked in Kim’s neighborhood.
        I’m not sure what the diagnosis is, but it sounds to me like Bipolar Disorder with psychotic episodes.

    • Austin says:

      Didn’t she say at one point that her kids had told her that if she fell off the wagon again, they were done with her? I seem to remember something like that. . .

    • plainviewsue says:

      Great points SunnyGirl. I just can’t get over at the reunion when Kim was sitting there and crying how this is the worst time of her life, while Kyle is sitting there, whose daughter is the one who was hurt!!!!

      Veena, great analysis of Kim. I think this will be hopefully Bravo’s out to cut her loose. I think she frustrated Andy at the reunion. Besides her sobriety or lack of, she contributes nothing to the show except being Brandi’s sidekick.

      I hope Kim does focus on her health and stay clear of the reality camera.

  4. Kim lies and is a big asshole because she’s an addict and/or alcoholic.

    At this point- I wish her the best in rehab and hope to never see her again.

    What did the barber say at the barbershop?


  5. lila1star says:

    Morning and welcome NotInStCyr!
    I woke at about 4 am and by 4:30 I had my coffee and turned on the PC. The first I saw was a news feed about a reality star being arrested. Of course I had to check it out but I really did not expect it to be anyone I knew but my eyes grew wide when I saw it was Kim R.

    I admit my first reaction was to chuckle but then I checked myself and went to a place of anger and disgust. Mostly at Bravo and Andy–they knew as we all did that Kim was loaded this entire season and instead of doing anything to help or at least allow the truth to be exposed–Bravo used it and used it for ratings. We sat through not one or two but three reunion shows that added nothing to the first one other than listening to Kim screech, bully, control the narrative and Andy let her. Why?
    Ratings? Money? or is everybody really afraid of Kim?

    The season was painful–not fun because addiction is not fun and it touched a reality for many viewers. It is a subject that deserves respect and care.
    It doesn’t matter who or what Kim blames for this incident and I wonder at the ladies who have been around the block with Kim why they didn’t say anything as Kim claimed they would do if they saw her in trouble?
    I think Kyle did off camera and that would explain so much about the last reunion show. Kim was deathly afraid Kyle would out her once again. Now Kim has exposed herself–now what?

    Forget Bravo–what will we as viewers do? jmo

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Well, but what can anyone do except expose Kim for using, and that was done. Until Kim decides to get help, no one can force her. If forced, she would go through the motions (which likely is what has happened so far). It’s all up to Kim.

      • lila1star says:

        I am not suggesting forcing Kim to do anything. My point was that on the show her relapse was not exposed–not really. Just a whole season of speculation.

    • LILA – bravo and andy are so gross sometimes. Truly.

      #cantquityou (yet)

  6. serenanyc says:

    History shows that Bravo and Andy love to exploit unhealthy people. They had Koo Koo Kelly Bensimon back after her breakdown on Scary Island, they had Taylor back who was a mess as well as Sonja, Teresa, Jacqueline, etc. They don’t care.

  7. Shiny says:

    You called it perfectly. As soon as I read the news that Kim had been arrested and was likely intoxicated, I thought “she’ll blame it on Lisa R.” Because of course nothing has ever ever been Kim’s own fault.
    I hope the next rehab stay (with AA requirement) works for her, but she shouldn’t be on TV anymore.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I was wondering who fed that info to TMZ. I think Brandi’s little hand might have been in that info and I think of that because they automatically blamed Lisa V. Why would Kim start watching the school now when she doesn’t seem to ever watch it (don’t know for sure) and she very rarely blogs. That doesn’t even make sense to me. I don’t think Kim has seriously been sober this whole time but I think she has been hiding it quite well most of the time. As far as her “friends at the table” saying anything I would think the reason they never said anything is because they probably don’t spend time with her outside of filming, maybe had doubts about her being sober but no proof she was actually drinking again because other when she was angry she seemed fine on the show. They all saw what happened to Lisa R when she tried to say anything and maybe without the proof didn’t want to say anything. But I will say when I was watching Kim say she was sober I got the feeling from the look on the others faces and esp Kyle’s that they all had their doubts about what she was saying but didn’t speak up. Too bad they didn’t. I think Brandi’s statement of it being more than what anyone knows or whatever it was she said she knew she was using again. Too bad Brandi wasn’t a real friend who actually did something with that info. I think if she had gone and talked to both Kyle and Maurico together about what she was seeing I have no doubt they would have listened to her. I don’t know what they could have done but maybe they could have alerted her adult children that she really wasn’t ok. Another comment on all the comments about Brandi should get her own show, why? (I’ve seen those comments on the other blog I’ve been reading lately not here that I can remember but since I don’t comment on that blog I just wanted to ask why) Why would anyone thing Bravo show give her her own show. I don’t understand why anyone would think she deserved one.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Let’s hope that Bravo does the right thing and fires both Brandi and Kim. Maybe they can tell him if she goes to rehab she can get her job back?

        • Powell says:

          Yes. Andy needs to treat them like JZ and say absolutely not they won’t ever be back and he won’t ever give them a show.

  8. ladebra says:

    It’s not THE video, but it is TMZ. Karma comes so fast these days.

  9. jezzibel says:

    As someone who has been sober for 3yrs +, my thoughts are not so much on Kim (until she wants to stop, nothing will change)but on Kyle(who Kim will blame for this happening)who is probably twisting herself up in knots, trying to figure out if she should help or let Kim sort this out.
    I don’t care for Kyle from what I have seen of her on previous RHOBH seasons(she’s a follower), and too often Kims actions have brought out the worst in Kyle, but after seeing her at the receiving end of Kims abuse/delusions/anger, I have developed some sympathy for for her.
    Getting Kim on this show might have started out as a good intention of Kyles part, but too often the road to hell is paved with good intentions, to much of the previous seasons have been taken over by the Richards family drama and Kims loose attempt at sobriety .
    From here on out anyway Kyle steps regarding Kim’s issues, she is damned if she does or damned if she does not.

    • mariareads says:

      So agree with you Jezzibel. I have not been a huge Kyle fan through this RHBH series but this year I softened toward her because of the way Kim was with her as well as others. I thought the exact same thing-damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

    • austin1963 says:

      I agree with you that Kyle is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. It’s already popping up in comments sections, etc. Some skewer her for not “being there” for Kim in regards to this arrest, others skewer her for “cleaning up after Kim”. People can’t just make up their minds on what they want, so it’s easier to blame Kyle. I have felt like I’ve been in the minority here for a long time along with a few others, as I always saw the dynamic that Kyle was stuck in, having dealt with it myself with family members. I even stopped reading here during BH seasons for awhile, because the Kyle-hate was so strong and there was ongoing sympathy for poor-poor-Kimmie. At any rate, I’m glad many people are starting to realize the situation that she has been in for a long time and how incredibly vicious and mean Kim is. Kyle is far from perfect and is fraught with insecurities but she’s not the monster some have tried to paint her to be.

      • Powell says:

        I’ve always liked Kyle. I have not always liked what she has done. Like Jezzibel said Kyle is a follower And that’s what she did last season against Lisa. I can see Kyle beating herself up over what happened. Nothing she could have done.

        • austin1963 says:

          I don’t disagree that she’s a follower. Lots of people are. I think the friendship between Kyle and LVP is more complicated than most people realize, but I think there is a genuine friendship there – whatever that means in BH – and both have, at times, hurt each other, as happens sometimes in friendship. I’m sure Kyle is not proud of all of her actions with LVP, nor should she be. Just as LVP is probably not proud of every action or comment she’s made.

  10. T-Rex says:

    Interesting note her Facebook Page has been Removed, there is a Fan page left, but that is all. I think it got blasted yesterday with tons of not so well wishes regarding her arrest. OH and she IS getting alimony she is getting 20k/month, she was receiving an additional 20k when her children were younger but that stopped when the turned 18. Unfortunately her son had been 5150’d(placed on involuntary mental hold) again this week, and was released after the mandatory 72 hour hold was up. It’s been clear she has been drinking for MONTHS, she was just doing it privately, as many folks will note that alcoholics hide their alcohol abuse from their family and friends. Alcoholics think that they can FOOL everyone and appear sober when their not, uhm, they can’t and don’t it’s part of their disease. I remember watching that show Intervention and a CLEARLY drunk person was falling down and slurring and stating that she WASN’T drinking and how dare the family member accuse her of that! I am actually astonished that she isn’t in rehab as of today, but in pure CryptKeeperSpaceCadetDrugAddictALCOHOLICKim style, she is probably telling her family that the whole thing was made up and she doesn’t drink nor have a problem. She doesn’t go to AA she clearly doesn’t have an active Sponsor to deal with her alcoholism, and while some folks can continue to be sober without these tools, she is NOT one of them. It sickens me that she is blaming anyone else on the planet, OTHER than herself for her alcoholic behaviour, but as we have read and heard from folks here dealing with alcoholic behaviour from family members, that’s their Typical M.O., blame everyone but themselves. You know it’s times like these I really miss the insight of Ms. Nancy, she was so open with her alcoholism and ravages of what alcohol can do to a person. I thank Jezzibel for being open with what she had to struggle with personally, and with Kit9 who is dealing with a current family member in the same situation. I do hope that Bravo comes to their senses and doesn’t bring her back, unless she goes to a Proper Rehab, 3 months to a year, not go in for 7 days and check out like she is cured.

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh, after I typed up about the Facebook page being down, its now back up and modified

    • jezzibel says:

      I am one of the very fortunate ones, that got sober and am staying sober, on my own(I’m incredibly stubborn and when I make up my mind to do something, I go through with it). Until Kim starts to acknowledge her own issues(with booze and pills)and accepts that she is at the heart of her own addiction and the blame for her dependency is hers and hers alone, she is going to keep on this vicious cycle.
      Like you said T-Rex she needs real intensive rehab(out of california) not some spa weekend in Malibu, where she can check herself out . The best thing that Kyle can do is let her nieces and nephew know that she is there for them and her home is their safe haven if they need it.

      • T-Rex says:

        Jezzi – Congrats on your new life! You seem to be doing so very well. You also aren’t substituting alcohol with prescription drugs either, which is what CryptKeeperSpaceCadetDrugAddictALCOHOLICKim did. She is also clearly not in control of her own life and well being if she isn’t making amends to those she wronged, she is doing the opposite, she is blaming everyone else for her addiction. Again congrats Jezzi and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Jezzibel Amen! I stopped drinking 2 1/2 years ago and have not touched alcohol since. It’s bad enough I have to take pain meds for my fibromyalgia and arthritis. I go to a pain clinic to get my meds because I don’t wish to become addicted to pain killers.
        I was so stressed out Tuesday I wished I could just take a shot of whatever alcohol and forget the day. But I didn’t!
        I constantly keep in mind the mean words I said to my youngest daughter years ago and I never want to repeat that ever again. No drink is worth losing my family over. My husband has been 100% supportive to my staying sober and never lets people pressure me to drink. I usually respond that I take pain killers so I can’t drink, they usually respond with “Oh sure you can I did it” to which I say “I’m not famous enough to drink and take pain pills!” At that point they either laugh nervously or remain silent. I’m okay if others drink around me, in fact I use their slow slide into drunkenness to strengthen my resolve to never drink again.
        Kyle does need to let Kim fall to her bottom and Kyle needs to know it’s OK to not bail her sister out anymore. Be there for her nieces and nephew as you stated. But not to enable her sister to keep blaming others and then using, as is her M.O.
        The LynnFam is the best support group I’ve ever been in and I feel blessed every day to come in and read or post. No pressure and lots of love with the support network here!
        I Love You All

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Diana, kudos to you for staying so strong! 🙂

        • jezzibel says:

          I have sleep issues connected to my time in the military, so I take OTC sleep aids as needed, but I won’t touch the heavy duty prescription stuff. I happens that I like the sober me, a whole hell of a lot better than the drinking me. My family has been very supportive about my sobriety.
          It is a struggle and I have had days and moments where I’ve wanted to have that glass of wine or the chilled beer to take the edge off, but I would feel like such a failure if I gave in to the weak impulse.
          The LynnFam is the by far the best unintentional support/counseling/therapy group whether its realised or not.

        • Powell says:

          You keep doing it Miss Diana. I don’t know why some people try to pressure people, in recovery or not, to drink. If a person says no thank you why isn’t that enough?

      • Austin says:

        Your story should be an inspiration to many, Jezzibel. I wish you every success in your life.

      • Powell says:

        Jezzibel I said she needs to go to Arizona or Colorado. Someplace far away that she can’t get to easily by car or a quick airplane ride.

    • Powell says:

      How can she be there for Chad when she can’t help herself?

  11. A big welcome to Welcome NotInStCyr!, and you have a fine choice of blogs…I have a love/ hate relationship with these guys mainly because they are as bad as the Housewives in suits, and by the way…you owe me a keyboard on the “High Kicking” equating to his super powers. I keep telling myself I need not drink coffee reading these blogs…but alas I will never learn. You, on the other hand did an excellent job on this show…kudos! Look forward to reading more from you as the show continues.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      71th floor! LOL I love it! it sounds better than 71st. Lydia talks so slow it you can’t miss anything she says. Hehe

    • Powell says:

      LOL. I wonder how long the Fred and Ryan love fest will last? I think Fred was right about Louis last season. Louis is brand spanking new to BIG real estate. Fred is so successful I sure would have wanted to learn from him. But Louis thinks he’s beyond that.

  12. Exit4 says:

    I can’t imagine how Kim treats kyle in private, if she’s willing to go that low on TV?

  13. ladebra says:

    Thank you Veena, and Reality_Bytes and Welcome NotInStCyr! Great blogs!

    I didn’t get a chance to watch anything last night, but reading your blogs totally caught me up!

    I watched Survivor this morning, and **spoiler alert** I really liked the way this person played, but it was a smart move to get rid of them!

    • designernailsdiana says:

      ladebra I asked my Dad about survivor and when he told me I said smart move on their part!

  14. California35 says:

    TGIF! 😊

    Thanks for the recaps!

    I may go try to watch Melborne…since Inhave missed most episodes. Interesting that I thought or feared Pettyflower and Gina would become close. I am glad to read that they didn’t. I also worried that Petty would try and succeed on being the big B (😛) the big queen. I just didn’t feel her. Gamble on the other hand, seem like she is easier to take. My worry was that she may be a gossip, because she told Gina right away about what the girls said about her entrance that first episode. Even though, it is good that Gina knows about it, I just worried that could turn into a Jannet, switching teams and gossip. Other than that, I liked her. I’m not into Janet and Lydia. Any wyas, with the recaps, I get to find out what is going on. Thank you! 😊

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I’m besties with Gina and im so happy she’s not with Petty – how ANNOYING is this woman and what issues she has — constantly trying to one up and point things out. She thinks she’s SO AMAZING and it cracks me up. Ha!

      I havent watched yet but I wished Gina a happy easter last week – she’s beyond kind.
      I completely am WITH you on Gamble. I’m into her right now.
      Janet is JillZ3.0/sly

      I tolerate Lydia bc my friends say she’s my doppelgänger on the other side of the world 😆LOL
      But my brain and iq levels are polar opposite to hers.

      • California35 says:

        You look like her? Well her looks are not the problem lol so you’re just fine 😜 she is pretty and looks better this season.

      • Powell says:

        Yes Gina is beyond kind. We’ve tweeted a few times and she’s favorited some of my tweets. Chyka has tweeted me back too.

    • Powell says:

      Gamble totally blew what Janet said about the gossip out of proportion. I didn’t watch last night so I hope #strippergate2.0©® is over with.

  15. Kim says that she had to watch the reunion so that she could write her blogs & fulfill her obligations. Hmm, I wonder where these alleged blogs are, because they certainly aren’t on Bravo’s site.

  16. California35 says:

    Can I say something about Kim and Kingley? “Sure you always do” 😛

    I never got the feeling like she was real about Kingsley, I may be wrong. She may be very attached to him, but the way I saw it was more like for cameras than for real. A story line, for sympathy, I don’t know.

    • ladebra says:

      I know what you mean Cali. I got the feeling she was always trying to act when she was on camera. With everyone/anyone anything. She was always just trying to portray the kid star that in her mind she is. Remember all that hiding behind p,ants, spying on JR on Hollywood Blvd? What grown ass woman does that with a BFF? That was a scene out of Parent Trap enacted poorly. 😜

      I’m not trying to pile on, I just don’t like her, and never have.

      • California35 says:

        I agree about the acting. Praying by a trash can, feeding squirrels, crying scenes with Kyle, telling us how she never learn how to do her make up and hair when she was a child, ummmm she had how many years after that to learn? It was hard to believe her to be true or real. As you, I am not trying to pile on, I am just saying there is so many reasons that SHE herself gave us, not to believe what she says. Then the addiction, well I am trying hard not to say much about that.

  17. Amber...RealWife says:

    As disgusted as I was with KIm’s antics on the reunion, I didn’t think karma would bite her in the arse that quick! It’s sad really, that her demons rear their heads but she’s already blaming others. That’s her M.O. She always had Kyle as a whipping girl, now she’s thrown LipsaRinna and MVP.LVP in as the catalyst for this latest ‘setback’.

    Sidebar. My nephew was illegally detained by the TampaPD. He suffers from back spasms and was being hog tied in the middle of the street because he’d asked a roommate that wasn’t paying rent to move and she called the police and said he was beating on his girlfriend. When the cops came, his girlfriend was in the shower, my nephew watching TV and the roommate answered the door. The cops came in and started questioning my bewildered RealNephew who didn’t understand why they were there in the first place. They take him outside continue asking questions my nephew asks what he’s being charged with and immediately one officer starts to cuff him, throws him on the ground and a beating ensues. When being hogtied and beaten my nephews back spasmed and his leg ‘brushed’ the officer who immediately said “Resisting arrest and Battery of a Police Officer.” I asked my nephew why didn’t he go limp and he explained the following. You’ve done nothing wrong, all of the sudden they’re coming at you aggressively, twisting you arms to cause pain and you’re body is going to react. As you react to one pain they are now seeing this as resistance and either kicking your legs from under you or twisting your arm to flip you down and you keep reacting out of shock.

    When my nephew’s girlfriend comes out of the bathroom in a towel she sees the roommate being interviewed and goes to the door to see my nephew hogtied in the middle of the street with cars driving a foot away from him. They start questioning her, she denies domestic abuse and says its the roommate that is lying and is doing this out of revenge because they asked her to leave. The cops now charged my nephew with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and Battery of a Police Officer.

    His bail was set at 100,000 and he was in jail for 45 days before going to court. He was found guilty because the DA and the judge would not allow him, his girlfriend or mother to testify about the actions that evening of being beaten, illegally detained and .cops that signed the police report weren’t even there, His case is currently under appeal but the DA wanted to sentence my nephew to 5 years in prison for kicking a police officer. My nephew had no priors so they gave him 5 years probation, 1 year minimum with an ankle bracelet before he could even petition for a reduction, and the judge wanted him to do 500 hours community service cleaning police cars as a lesson in humility. That was found to be a conflict of interest as his charges were against the police so they made it regular community service. His appeal is focusing on police brutality and civil rights violation.

    I’ll be interested to see if Kim gets such treatment.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      WOW my jaw dropped reading what happened. Crazy roommates! I pray this all works out for him.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Oh my goodness Amber, I’m so sorry for what your nephew has gone through. What a sick/scary situation to be in. I’d write more but don’t want to sound like a cop basher.

    • California35 says:

      Wow! So sorry for your nephew (and girlfriend) what a wako that roommate is. Where is that roommate now??! I hope feeling bad and not having fun with it.

      • Amber...RealWife says:

        The roommate had her people come pick her up to get her stuff and left laughing at my nephew who was hogtied in the middle of the street and taunting his girlfriend. She testified for the police that my nephew was resisting arrest, and the DA didn’t allow any testimony that she hadn’t payed rent for 3 months and was asked to leave that day within 30 days. She had told the couple she wasn’t going anywhere and wouldn’t be paying rent either. She then went to her room and called the cops.

    • And this is why “Brazil” is one of my Top Ten movies. Fighting the insanity of bureaucracy is almost impossible.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      Amber…RealWife wonders “I’ll be interested to see if Kim gets such treatment.”

      Perhaps some of you are too young to remember the time Zsa Zsa Gabor got stopped by the police for some minor infraction and she slapped the officer in the face. I can’t be buggered to google it, but I’m certain she saw no jail time for that. She did get an appearance on Johnny Carson, though.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’m not to young to remember, I remember. I don’t remember her doing jail time either.

    • austin1963 says:

      That sounds godawful, Amber. I’m sure it’s been very trying for your family – what a nightmare. And no, clearly Kim will not get that sort of treatment. Not very many people assault a cop and get released the next morning. In fact, in some locations in the country, that’s an offense worthy of execution.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      What a nightmare. What part of the country did this happen in?

  18. HuskerHuny says:

    I see that Jackie from RHMel has a new word to go with her ‘shine, shine, shine.’ Now she says her new word is ‘couture.’ I have a new word for Jackie – it’s ‘annoying.’

  19. Thanks, ladies, for the blogs. Can’t wait to read them. And all the comments, half of yesterday’s, too, which I’m not caught up on. So much excitement going on. What did I do before the HouseWives?


  20. T-Rex says:

    Mmmmkay, well since re-reading some of the stories and now reading a response from someone at the Bar at the time of the arrest, it’s clear that she has been drinking for a while now, and had one too many and “lost it”. SOOooo, I read the whole LIE about her being depressed about watching the reunion and pissed at TheRoyalVpump for dislosing personal family information to HER OWN sister. Uhm, first off, TheRoyalVpump isn’t even invited to the wedding, nor does she know anyone but KruellaDe-Kathy Hilton in your family, I would highly doubt that Kruella-DeKathy divulged family information to her, so the ONLY person that may know your little secret about dis inviting your own sister VyleKyle, would be none other than THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONGSTFUBrandi, who probably blabbed that information to everyone, just like she blabbed that you weren’t really SOBER! Her son has been in the mental facility apparently for 30 days on a voluntary 30 day lockdown, which he agreed to instead of being involuntarily committed. I would think THAT would be something that would make a mother highly stressed, not some stupid reality show. I guess word on the street, is that CryptKeeperSpaceCadetDrugAddictALCOHOLICKim has REFUSED to go to Rehab and is telling folks she was NOT drunk, ugh. Hopefully Bravo fires her ass. The lies being spewed about her finances is not from her camp either, she still gets alimony, this is in place unless she remarries, which is why she didn’t marry her last baby-daddy, she didn’t want to lose that support.

    • California35 says:

      According Brandi (to Lisa R) she has and more. I have tought that she has been using pills of nothing else. Easier to hide, I’ve known people who when trying to stop “using” or trying to hide that they are using, they have all kinds of pains. I can believe there is a real pain and aches as they are not using or as the drugs are losing the effect, I don’t doubt the pain…but real or not they do act it up a lot and they just want pain killers and try to get them with manipulation or whatever. Even if the Pills are mild, they will just take too many of them at a time. They would go to doctors or clinics or friends or anywhere. The trips she has taken to the hospital or doctors, even from when she got her nose job, I was like, yeah Kim get a nose job so you can get all you can get out of the medicine cabinet.

      Some of the people I have been in contact with, have succeeded in their Sobriety and others have not. Those who have, say even now the stuff they did and said, there are others who succeed and then fall back on. It is a struggle, I’m sure. I also saw many episodes of intervention to try to understand, and hoped some of the people in my life would watch so they won’t end like those on the episodes. One of the ways it helped me was To not blame myself for anything regarding someone else’s addiction. For anything they said to me, for anything I think I did or said. As far as helping, I did not learn anything other than stay away if I can’t handle it because they will drag you down. I read Guts by Kristen Johnson, and that was very helpful and help me understand the addict. I shared the book and even bough it for others. I mean I am not an addict (or may be on other things as KJ said in her book we all may have something) and never been, but becasue I had people around, I really felt like learning more about it. I am glad for those who succeeded and even if they struggle they are staying sober. I feel bad for those who do not, and I hope they eventually do. When those act like everything is okay, but I can clearly see they have used or are under the influence, I just pretend with them but I walk away.

      • T-Rex says:

        Apparently there is now evidence she has been actually drinking for months, The “outing” of her Drinking is now being posted in several articles, they talked to the folks at the Polo Club, and they basically ratted her out. That particular club is a place you can go and NOT be ratted out for drinking, hooking up with folks outside your marriage/relationship, seeing people you shouldn’t etc. There is a “hidden” way in and out of the place so the famous folks can be as incognito as possible. Here is the kicker, they stated that she had been a “regular” fixture for the past 6 to 8 months, ding ding ding, so that’s probably about how long she has been secretly drinking. I can now see how frustrating this must have been for Kyle and you know what Kudos to her for not standing up and telling the world that she has been drinking and to stop lying about it.

        • Get off my jock! says:

          THIS! Long time lurker here. Lynn once caught me up on RHNY gossip via email and I have been checking in daily ever since. After I read the news yesterday, I recalled an episode in a prior season where someone casually mentioned to Kyle that he had bumped into her sister Kim at the Polo Club. I didn’t know it was a bar, but Kyle’s expression was that of shock and disbelief. You mean my recently rehabilitated sister is hanging out at a bar? I doubt that she has ever really been sober. It’s all very sad and makes me worry that this is a downward Russell spiral 2.0.

      • California35 says:

        By the way, those who succeed or while they are are ok before falling back on it, are very apologetic and feel bad for what they had said. Others pretend nothing is really wrong and pretend nothing ever was. They want to be accepted as they are and even would say, that they can use again because they owe no one, becasue it is their life and bla bla. That they don’t use any more just becasue they don’t want to. Others act all mighty becasue they succeeded and frown upon anyone having a drink. Others have mood swings,super nice and then supper angry. There are many types of reactions. My problem and concern is why do we (the ones in their life) have to adjust constantly to their state of mind? Making thins hard for us who stick by them? I don’t think that in any way we demand apologies or pay or anything, but why continue to hurt us?
        As many here have said, Kyle needs to walk away. Sister or not, SHE needs to live her life away from Kim. Since they are family they will see each other on family functions and maybe an occasional gathering or even a call from time to time…but not be in each other’s life as they have now.

        • WasLurking says:

          I think the whole “amends” step is like 8 out of 12. Not sure but know it’s on the high side. Went thru it will my mother who’d been pretty well drunk stupid for years and years.
          It was quite the conversation……….lots of tears.
          I don’t think Kim is any where near that step…… so thinking the constant desire/demand that she own up and apologize isn’t any where close to reality at this point.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Maybe she’ll turn it around and blame Brandi because she enabled her and filled her head with vile things about Kyle. She was manipulated by the horrible Brandi. There.

      • California35 says:

        Hahaha you are right!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        After the fog is lifted from her brain and she gets weeks and weeks of intensive psychological counseling (no 30 day thing here), I so hope that she can see the good guys from the bad guys. I also hope she can see that a dog is not now nor will never be on the same level as her children. Kim has a whole lot of work to do. Time will tell. At her age, there’s not a whole lot of chances left.

        • T-Rex says:

          I would hope this would happen and she would apologize to her family for all the HELL she is putting them through, uhm, could it be that your son has Mental issues because his mother was a drunk for most of his life? Seriously, she does not think of anyone else but herself, but I guess that’s how most alcoholics and addicts live their lives, it’s all about them, them, them, and no one else. I hope that someone gets a hold of her and gets her into a serious facility, but from what I have been reading she doesn’t think she needs it and is not planning on heading to rehab any time soon.

          • WasLurking says:

            And that is no ones fault but her own. not Kyles/Lisa’s/Brandi’s…
            On a different note my mother stopped drinking after I’d had kids. She so loved children but knew I would never let her be alone with them if she was still drinking. She read the AA book……..cause she was.a bibliophile and truly did the detox or whatever all on her own. No groups, nor sponsors. Very determined my mom!! .
            She spent many summers with my boys before she passed away.
            Just saying there are many types of addiction and different types of recovery.

          • austin1963 says:

            I wondered how much Kim’s drinking, which she has clearly been engaged in for months, had to do with her son’s mental health deterioration, too. I realize he’s had long-term problems but how much has Kim’s drinking, over the decades, exacerbated that. Her children are “off-limits” to everyone else, but too bad they’re not off-limits to her. How bad must it have been for Chad to make a statement to the effect of if she drinks again, he’s done with her?

    • austin1963 says:

      I agree that Kim has been off the wagon for months.

  21. T-Rex says:

    Okay so to get on another Ho-Wives tangent. The ConvictFelonJuicy’s have of course been foreclosed upon, as we all saw coming. One note I will make regarding the information that the Jersey Shore house was not listed in foreclosure information, it was, but it has already been auctioned off by the bank, which is why they can’t find the documents probably. Their rental unit, which was their house, prior to Ho-Wives is still in Foreclosure and I haven’t yet seen the docs on the OverpricedMonstrosity, but will take it that this is indeed in foreclosure. Side notes, ConvictFelonJuicyJoe, also stopped paying the utilities on the place, which is how the bank was alerted that there was major issues financially. In addition, the Feds have also placed a lien on the home, and Exit, they are NOT paying those fines they were supposed to pay. ConvictFelonJuicyJoe has refused to become gainfully employed, and with his wife in the “hoosegow”, their appearance and tabloid stories have dried up. Federal Prison isn’t a playground, so they don’t really allow interviews and such, even Martha Stewart had to wait until out of prison to do interviews. I am actually afraid for their children right now, his mother has been taking care of the girls, while ConvictFelonJuicyJoe spends his days drinking at the local liquor club, so where are they going to go once the house is foreclosed? I guess they will live with his brother. They will be able to stay in the home until the Auction is set, unless someone purchases prior to the Auction, however they will have to have everything out of the home 10 days prior to Auction, anything left in the home at that time becomes the property of the new owners. One thing about Zillow is that the Zestimate costs listed are usually fairly close to what the Auction costs will be. So, after the Bank gets their money, I doubt if they will have enough left to cover the fines they still owe the Federal Government.They haven’t paid ANY of their attorneys, and he said that he thinks that the guy that was shilling for them when she went to prison is no longer their attorney. Also, my Fed friend did alert me yesterday that the Feds are ACTIVELY watching to see if they filed their IRS returns this week

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Do you know how long the have to vacate the home? Is it a fast process or a slow takes years kind of thing?

      • T-Rex says:

        Foxy, it depends on the bank actually. Some banks railroad it right to auction, which is what happened with their Shore house. That bank foreclosed and set it for immediate Auction, the ConvictFelonJuicy’s were given a 45 day Auction notice to remove their belongings, that Auction was set on 03/31/2015. I don’t know yet who purchased the home that takes a month or two to sort out. The banks are not totally heartless, their MonstrosityOverpricedCrapShack is their main home, they have minor children living there, so I am sure they are going to give them plenty of notice to vacate the property, they may or may not auction the home, they may decide to keep it on the market and not send it to auction. Again, the foreclosure hasn’t hit the dockets just yet, so we will have to see what the bank notice states, whether the bank will try to sell it or auction it. The reason the shore house went for auction is that the amount owed on the mortgage, exceeded anything the bank was going to receive, so they just auctioned it off to get it out of inventory.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Thanks for breaking things down. I feel so bad for their four girls.

          • T-Rex says:

            I absolutely feel sorry for their children, they should not have to be dealing with this crap, but their parents decided that the Laws do not apply to them, and can do what they want, and unfortunately their father still thinks this way. Thankfully, his mother is young enough to be helping out with the girls, but to be basically thrown out of your house, because your parents are crooks is awful

    • Exit4 says:

      I love that you just include me in your posts! Lol. There’s so much mess to clean up with these people-who knows where to start! I do think though, they’ll be in their home for a good amount of time. The bank can’t foreclose because of your utility bills-they have to have stopped paying their mortgage a while ago. Her lawyer is still representing her. He’s not concerned with payment. Just trust me on that!

      • T-Rex says:

        Exit, of course, you are my goto Jersey girl!! Oh, I didn’t mean that the bank foreclosed because of utilities, they haven’t paid a mortgage payment in a year from what I read, and then the utilities are placing liens on the home, so the bank gets alerted to that, and probably just realized they aren’t going to pay and before more liens get heaped on the property just take it over. I am curious as to whether the bank will list is as a short sale or will set it for auction. If they list as a short sale then they can live in it until is sells, if it’s set for auction they will have I think 45 days to vacate the premises.

        • Exit4 says:

          It’s a long process-and they can still try to sell the properties. Until the whole foreclosure thing winds through the court. Whether that auction happened or not-she couldnt confirm-but it takes time for the paper to reconcile.

          • T-Rex says:

            Exit, I looked at the auction site the Shore house was auctioned off. LIke you said Foreclosure CAN be a long process, HOWEVER, now that there isn’t a huge backlog in foreclosures, they are going through a lot faster. My bro works for a huge major bank and he said that foreclosures that used to take up to two years are taking less than six months now.

          • T-Rex says:

            Oh also once your home is listed at AUCTION it becomes the property of the bank, you have 45 days to get your crap out of it and anything left 10 days prior to auction becomes part of the sale. You get nothing back out of the property

            • vilzvet says:

              Kinda sad that all these years they have been going to the Jersey Shore house, it had to be rebuilt after Sandy, and now Teresa will never step foot in it again, and possibly will not see her “dream home” again? But I gather it will be a longer process to foreclose on the big house as mentioned above, a couple of years possibly.

        • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

          Utility companies cannot place a lien on property without a court awarding them damages. They usually just shut them off. They’re only protection would have been bankruptcy, and we all know how that went.

  22. Carolinagirl says:

    OK. Lol. I have lurked long enough. I read you guys EVERY day but have never posted. I have this question to pose to you all. Why has crack cocaine never been mentioned? I ask this for three reasons. First of all that episode where she is with Bulldog face boyfriend and she is on the floor looking for something….(crack addicts always hope that they dropped a piece) and then there was an episode with her thumb being bandaided up….(holding the lighter too long) and last but not least…I am an ex crack person. Not proud…not ashamed…just a fact. I KNOW alcohol is involved but alcohol doesn’t make you linger in your hotel room on the bathroom floor looking around……….

    • Carolinagirl says:

      veena….take me down now. If I can’t say what I feel…..screw it.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        ? Sorry – I didn’t check the pending comments until now. WordPress puts all new posters in moderation – it had nothing to do with your post in particular. Everyone is free to say what they want about housewives here – that’s how we roll! Welcome aboard.

      • Amber...RealWife says:

        Hi Carolinagirl! Not a user of crack but have seen it’s effects. Yes they sure will ‘search’ high and low the floors in particular like looking for diamonds. When I saw her in the bathroom and limo doing it I thought ‘OMG…. she’s a crackhead too. Or is she doing ICE or BAZOOKA? Either way she was definitely free basing something! SMH She was a mess then and I think her problem has ALWAYS been pills, booze and some coke derivative.

      • austin1963 says:

        I thought you made some very good points. Welcome.

    • TexasTart says:

      Welcome Carolinagirl, that’s a good question!

    • VV™ says:

      If this is your first post, WordPress will send you to moderation. It happened to all of us.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Welcome, Carolinagirl!!

    • jezzibel says:

      wow…Carolinagirl you might be on to something, with your observation. Welcome

  23. TexasTart says:

    My sister asked me what I was binging on TV and I told her Nurse Jackie. She didn’t know what that was, so I told her it’s a show about a drug addicted Nurse. Shows about drug addicts are not for everyone and safe to say not for my sister…..but at least Nurse Jackie is a high functioning addict who is well meaning – unlike KIM who is an evil monster – sober or not! I can not get over how brutal KIM was in the RHOBH reunion. I’m sure she has some mental illness and the drug use is on top of that. Whatever the reason, I want to banish her mean ugly face and finger pointing from my memory!!!

    So when I heard the news yesterday, I danced on the table in glee. I stopped for a second and thought I was a bad person for feeling this way and where the hell is my compassion gone? [I think it got lost in the editing room at Evolution Media!]. I resumed dancing on the table again because KIM can’t claim this didn’t happen, right?!

    Then I saw the pic of her from yesterday afternoon and realized KIM didn’t look bad. Probably not grossly hungover because she is accustomed to drug and alcohol use. In any event, she is not ashamed of anything to be out and photographed already. I predict she will get off easy paying a fine. It will not affect what little of a career she thinks she has. She will throw blame, deny it all happened. Tell us she had one drink and the cop is the one that kicked her!

    Then I got mad. Again. What a vicious circle. The irony is all this makes me ashamed for giving it as much thought and typing such a long post…..I need help y’all…..I need a housewives detox!

  24. TexasTart says:

    Welcome NotInStCyr! Thank you for recapping for Lynn’s Place! I enjoy MDLNY, but missed the premiere – never fear, the recap is here! Curious about your screen name, so I Googled St.Cyr to know it’s pronounced St. SEE-ER, but I’m still not hip to the meaning. And hey, that is okay, don’t ask me about Tart and I won’t ask you. 😉

    Thanks Reality Bytes and Veena. Well done KIM blog, makes it so crazy, when laid out like that, but wait, it is crazy! I wonder if we will discover one day the reason we don’t see KIM and KINGSLEY together anymore is because they are one in the same entity! No offense to pit bulls. My “son” is still embarrased that he’s wearing a cone in his blog portrait!

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      My “daughter Jenga” wants to know how pup tart is doing other than his embarrassment.

      • TexasTart says:

        👋 Barb! Tell Jenga that even though he had surgery, he might still want to play chase! He’s doing so much better than what I anticipated. He’s so gracious about my having to doctor him, keep him laying where and how he should. If I have to put on that collar, he gives me a dirty look, but is totally cooperative. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

        Are you and Jenga enjoying spring or perhaps that more troublesome for you when things bloom. Wish you could see all the beautiful flowers we have now! 🌷🌸🌹🌺

        • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

          Jan they are so resilient aren’t they? Having a ” child” that cooperates is a blessing. I don’t think she knows it’s spring yet but I’ve been enjoying it. I did some errands a couple days ago and drove with my window down the entire time. Lovely. The yard hasn’t figured out it should start growing yet but it will eventually. I have a problem when the oak tree drops it’s pollen, then I stay in.

          Since my blood pressure has returned to my normal I’m so darned sleepy. I can’t wait to get off this medicine or I will sleep my life away. Enjoy your flowers.

          • TexasTart says:

            They are so resilient! So glad you’ve been out when you can. Too much sleep is probably better than too little… I get so stupid when I’m sleep deprived. Glad to see you pop in and say hi! Have a good weekend. 😊

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Isn’t notinstcyr pronounced non insincere? It’s brilliant by the way. As was the recap.

  25. shamrockblonde says:

    welcome NotInStCyr! great recap and thank you! – looking forward to many more! Reality_bytes thank you too! – now I am caught up on Melbourne! – I checked my twitter account and found that Gina is now following me! – soo happy and honored! –

    *hugs jezzibel &designernailsdiana really hard* – your courage – and your determination is a truly powerful thing – while I do not have anyone in my family who has gone through it, a friend of mine did – her Father was an alcoholic – he was functioning most of the time – went to work, held his job, but sometimes he would go on a bender and not be seen for days at a time – her Mom had to bail him out of jail once for drunk and disorderly – I only saw him like that once, and it broke my heart – we happened to be at a bar with a bunch of friends, just having a drink and having some fun, and we overheard some guys laughing and making jokes about a guy at the bar who was very drunk – they were imitating him, pretending to fall off the stool, slurring his words, things like that – well my friend glanced over – and it was her Dad – it was just horrid seeing the look of heartbreak on her face – she said nothing, but got up and helped her Father out of the bar, called a cab and went home with him – I commenced yelling at the guys who were making fun at him, and our other friend paid the bill and got us both out of there before an actual fight broke out – I didn’t see my friend for a few days after that, but when I did I asked her how he was, and all she said was that he was ok, but did not wish to talk about it – I told her if she ever did that I would be there, and then dropped it – she very often seemed so close to tears – she was an only child – I will never forget the look on her face when she realized it was her Dad –

    I am actually liking Ryan this season so far – I know, first episode and all – but he was quite funny last nite – so was Fredrick – if I ever hit the lotto big time, he’s my realtor – does anyone know whatever happened to his plans for homes out on the east end of LI?

  26. California35 says:

    Andy reached out to Kyle and he extended his well wishes to Kim.

    • Andy can kiss my grits! He isn’t responsible for creating these addicts and criminals, but at this point he’s coming off like a straight-up soul-sucking vampire.

      ANDY! Or should I say Count Bravula?! Your predatory tendencies are reaching EPIC status! Check yourself into a Blood Bank in the Caribbean and give us a BREAK!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        You know, in a way (and only a slim % of a way) I feel for Andy. He created this monster hit show, he hired people based on recommendations, everything seemed great. And then it becomes clear some of his “stars” are troubled. Because of the type of trouble, he can’t outright fire them. He could have not hired them again, but that would highlight their “troubles” even more. He’s kind of in a difficult position. When any employer fires or refuses to rehire someone, they violate privacy codes if they make public what the person did. This being reality tv really muddies the waters because private becomes public. But I kind of feel for him, not wanting to just outright fire Kim for being an addict. We don’t know what he’s done behind the scenes to attempt to push her to get help, and we should not know that. I guess I just can’t view him totally as a heartless puppet-master. These are all real people doing their best in life.

        • Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. But nobody is going to out Kim now, are they? She did that all by herself.

          As for the heartless puppet-master, I am quite fond of Andy on one level, but on another, not so much.

        • jezzibel says:

          knowing about her issues for awhile now, he could have put a clause in her contract, that if she did not maintain her sobriety during filming she would be reduced to friend status and pay.
          I think I am disgusted by Bravo’s handling of Kim on poker night and afterward, the producers should have removed her(like they did with Kelly B)put in a programing note due to concerns about Kim’s health and welfare, she has taken a temporary leave of absence from filming..etc. I think the viewers would have understood and wished her well(but then we wouldn’t have that drama filled trip to Amsterdam). This whole thing with Kim is a farce turning into a travesty .

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            They do that on the MTV shows all the time!

          • ladebra says:

            I think there is a clause. And I think that is part of the reason she is so adamant about being sober.

            • T-Rex says:

              LaDebra- I think you are right, I think that she did sign some sort of agreement, HOWEVER, I think the production staff knew fully well that she was drinking and drugging and didn’t out her fall off the proverbial wagon!

            • T-Rex says:

              OOOOO after I re-read your statement it just occurred to me that maybe the FINANCIAL hardship folks are really referring to is maybe her not being paid in full from Bravo, she is already the LOWEST paid full time Ho=wife in Ho=wife history, so maybe they aren’t paying her the balance on her contract due to her insobriety.

              • jezzibel says:

                I know that actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers(Tudors) did that series Dracula last year, He has had issues with his sobriety in the past, and the studio that was producing the tv series, had his contract set up in such away, that he only got 10% of his pay up front, and the rest after the final episode was filmed, and if he screwed up in anyway or caused a halt in production he wouldn’t get paid period. I remember reading that he checked himself in to the Priory in the UK during a lull in filming, because he felt he was slipping. He’s a good actor, and I hope he is around for a very long time, and the network of support is there for him. But it must have been really bad if they had to structure his contract that way and for it to be known to the viewing public like that.

          • austin1963 says:

            It doesn’t seem to me that Kim is any less compromised than Koo-koo Kelly.

  27. California35 says:

    Kyle doesn’t want to speak to Kim at the moment, instead she has spoken to Kathy to see if she can convince Kim to get treatment.

  28. California35 says:

    Both of those statements are from tabloids so who knows.

  29. designernailsdiana says:

    I found Caroline Manzo’s Book “Let me tell you” in the $5 bargain bin at Cub Foods so I bought it. I’ll let you know what I learned from it.

  30. If this has already been discussed, sorry, too far behind to catch up right now. But I do have some questions.

    Has the location of Kim’s little “slip up” been explored, as in the HILTON family’s connections in the Hotel industry there? Not to mention, high end real estate business and entertainment connections going back decades?

    I see it has been mentioned that the Polo Lounge has a long history of protecting the celebs who frequent the bar to indulge their vices; so it’s a surprise to me that someone actually called the cops on Kim. I can imagine they made other phone calls first? Did no one want to show up for yet another “rescue”?

    Then there all of Lisa VP’s connections through her restaurants and friends. I wonder if this is why “a source” is going after LVP to blame for some non-existent interference regarding Kyle being disinvited to the wedding. LVP probably has some good sources in LA hotel/service industries, as well, so if Kim’s been hanging out at the Polo, maybe LisaVP heard about it?

    I know all this is gossip, but it has me wondering. I see the Hilton’s son was right on fleek when eh abused the passengers of that plane and told them they are peasants and his dad will buy him out of any trouble: that’s exactly what happens to all of these miscreants every time.

    Now look at the photo of Kim’s son, which he posted on his Instagram where it looked like his face has skidded across the pavement. What really happened to him? I even have wondered if Kingsley might have gone after him. Or did he get into a fight, or fall down on a sidewalk? I feel for him, so I haven’t voiced my questions, as it’s personal. But he is the one who posted that picture, like he wants people to know he’s in serious trouble, yet no one is talking about it. Is he still a minor?

    Now once again, we see the Richie Riches blaming two women who have NOTHING to do with Kim’s addiction issues, other than being abused repeatedly by this skank of a has been Kim.

    Also, I wonder if that’s not Brandi or her little gang of tabloid gossip sources selling stories [read lies]; she seems always to be in the middle when the gossip in this group involves hurting LVP one way or another.

    Okay, too many questions, I know.

    • TexasTart says:

      Good point about the “rescue”. Probably when they called someone to come get her at the Polo Lounge, they got a “we don’t care”. Yes, I am making light of the mastiff/drug buddy (Ken) but I imagine it’s probably rare the Polo Club has to call the cops, because someone would know someone and let’s keep it quiet. Surely the Polo Club does not want to be in the news! But didn’t Anna Nicole and/or Linday Lohan make some news after being there? Oh, sorry. Not to add to the questions….

      Chad is not a minor. I felt certain the marks on his face were scabs healing from being restrained face down on the pavement. You’ll commonly see that after anyone resists arrest.

      • Eeeowww. So that didn’t make it into a police blotter–if that’s what happened? Whever happened, it seems it would have meant a 911 call.

        Guess then the screw-ups always get “swept under the carpet” and no one is ever held accountable, so no need to do any self-improvement thinking or soul searching? What a screwed up family.

        • TexasTart says:

          That is speculation based on the fact that Chad has previously been arrested and held 5150. I don’t know if that’s what happened to his face in the recent Instagram pic, it just looks like it. Doesn’t look like a canine got a hold of his face!

          • I understand. I didn’t think of Kingsley at first, either. It only occurred to me after all the talk at the Reunion about the dog. Whatever happened, it looked painful, but pictures a couple of weeks later show him healed well. I’m glad for that, because I feel like the kid has gone through hell with his mother’s addiction.

            • TexasTart says:

              Oh, don’t you know it. The girls too, but more so Chad because he has some mental illness. I get the impression, from people that read House of Hilton that Big Kathy might have had some form of mental illness and it’s been passed to Kim and now Chad. 😦

              • What addicts pass on to their children in the nightmare of their abusive lives is enough to drive the soundest mind to the edge.

                I blame Kim. Period. I held out judgment on tabloid gossip and “The House of Hilton” claims until now, because gossip and unsourced stories can be wrong.

                But now we’ve seen for ourselves how irrational, vindictive, and yes, MEAN, Kim is. I bet her children have had that witchy finger pointed an inch from their faces innumerable times with “that scary voice” aimed at them.

                The thing about addiction is that over time, the addict’s behavior gets worse as the disease progresses. Some organ damage is irreversible.

                Alcohol damages the liver. When severely damaged it causes changes in temperament, as well as other illness. Irritability is one symptom. Alcoholics can get meaner over time, IMO.

                I think we have seen Kim’s disease progress over the five years she’s been on the show.

                I fear what Chad had to experience as a child.

                I think this is what Kyle tried to mitigate, why she felt she couldn’t just walk away.

                Just speculation, of course.

                • TexasTart says:

                  Of course, but seems as if it could all be true! I couldn’t agree more with that first sentence. I have felt that Kyle has gone beyond the call of duty for the sake of those kids, more so than Kim.

    • jezzibel says:

      These places, that the hollyweird crowd go to indulge their vices, protect their customers as long as they are able to afford that silence, Kim may not have had enough money to cover her bar tab and LVP, Kyle, and Kathy were unable/unwilling to provide the necessary assurances for on her behalf. Once you can’t pay or have powerful/wealthy people vouch for you, you get treated like the commoners do.

      • T-Rex says:

        Jezzi as long as you mind your Ps and Qs these places let you stay, but if you don’t follow the rules than you ass is gone. Look she had to be really really really making a HUGE ASS SCENE in the place to get the cops called. Normally, they quietly remove you place you in a towncar and send your drunk ass home. According to numerous reports she had been a regular fixture at the bar for more than 8 months, so they saw her drunk many many times, again she had to have made a HUGE scene to get arrested!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Maybe she was a prick to the staff there and they decided enough is enough with this heifer!

          • T-Rex says:

            Oh according to reports she was kicking and screaming at them as well. One source said she was berating other folks in the bar, she called the bartender a bunch of disgusting names for cutting her off. It was a HUGE scene. Even the cops said she was belligerent and wouldn’t come out of the bathroom and they had to take her to the ground and handcuff her and dragged her out the back. I asked my cousin why a mugshot may not be released, she said if the prisoner has “passed out” or so out of it that they have to hold them against the backdrop for a picture they don’t usually release those, I am not saying that’s what happened but she said that is a possibility

          • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

            I think she crossed the line when she locked herself in the restroom and wouldn’t let anyone else in. She did the same thing on RH that time when then boyfriend Ken tried to talk her out.

            I seem to have picked up the thought that although she left the Polo Lounge proper, she was creating a disturbance in the BH Hotel, which could be another can of worms. The code of silence that works in the PL may not necessarily work in the hotel lobby. Oh, is the BH Hotel part of the Hilton empire? If not, that might have something to do with it also.

            And I’m confused about her court date. I’ve read May 10, 18, and June 10. Sort of like her hospital stay, huh?

            • About the BHills Hotel and the Polo Lounge: I googled and just using the various “history’ that came up, it would appear that’s one the Hiltons never actually owned. But that industry is like most: they all interact and connect for many events, professional and personal. I imagine there are industry awards and conventions, or something along that line, annually.

              I’d be surprised if the Hiltons and Richards and Umanskys and all their famous relatives, not to mention rich ex-husbands, don’t have many connections to reach out and touch in such situations as this.

        • jezzibel says:

          she must have really pissed off the staff or management

        • Maybe they watched the Reunion.

      • Interesting. Thanks.

  31. ladebra says:

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t released the mug shot. Wth?

  32. ladebra says:

    So in other HW games

  33. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    It is with a deep and heavy heart that I share the heartbreaking news that our much-loved Empress lost her beloved husband today. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you and all who loved him.

  34. VV™ says:

  35. majnon says:

    Empress, please know that many prayers are going out to you and your family

  36. Powell says:

    Did the RHOMelbourne go to the Upfront partty in NY? I can’t remember.

    • California35 says:

      I’ve thought of this for a long time, and I am going to say it now. The movie Man on the Moon comes to mind regarding her treatments. Andy Kaufman had lung cancer and he looked for natural treatments and travel to other country. I feel so bad for her and she will try whatever she can and believes will help her. Good for her to be able to afford it and she just keeps on going. I just also feel bad to think that there are people out there who make a business out of people who are desperate to get help AND have the money.

    • She is addicted to posting treatment pictures, it is almost like she can’t help herself. I really wish she would step away and just take care of herself.

  37. VV™ says:

    • Wow, she still manages to make me smh.

    • mrs peabody says:

      You know it sure doesn’t say much for the type of people they hire at the AgencyRE if they are ok with their girlfriends posting crap like this about people that work there. The boy friend must be a real winner if he goes out with a dope like her who posts things about his fellow workers. If my boyfriend or husband posted something like this I’d be so embarrassed and mad.

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      Is she trying to get him fired?

    • Let “your man” fight his own battles you stupid Booble Bobble Head

    • Ladina says:

      She is trying really hard to piss of Kyle and Mauricio, she wants them to fire “the boyfriend” and then play the poor little me card as always, make them look bad and say they fire him because He is in love with her. .. I truly believe this. She was dating this guy on and off for two years, he cheated, she cheated, can we really believe they have a steady relationship now? Please, she just wants to mess with Kyle, theres real hate in there. SMH

    • austin1963 says:

      Charming, isn’t she?

  38. I am over Kim Richards. If they have her back next year on BH, I am out. I am not going to watch another season of this bitch and her issues. #overit #gotwise #doyouknowwhoiam

    • ladebra says:

      Ditto-ish. 😜. I just can’t quit a good car wreck 😕

      • LOL! Now we will see how resolute I am when the season starts! But today that is how I feel, haha!

        • Powell says:

          You’re a Princess and you’re allowed to change your mind. But this Peasant here will be out if Kim or Booble Bobble Head are back. #OffWithHerHead 😊

          • I no longer watch NJ, Atl, OC, couldn’t stand Miami…so it really won’t be too hard to stop…I occasionally watch a episode in reruns of Atl…but it is no longer MUST SEE TV!!!

    • I am with you, I won’t watch her again, or Brandi again, but we must be careful what we ask for since the cray cray psychic from Melbourne is in talks with Andy about coming to LA and switching to a U.S. HW show…
      …from Twitter…” TeamJackie USA @JackieGfans · 9h 9 hours ago
      Excited Our QUEEN @JackieGilliesTV in works W/ @Bravotv @Andy Coming to America, Shes the perfect fit! #RHOMelbourne”…
      I guess it would be ok if she were on RHONJ though, LOL!

  39. VV™ says:

    Sorry Bravo. This is pure BS. This was last season when they went after Lisa V. There is no freaking way Giggy lost.
    #fixed #juvenilebravointerns

  40. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:
    • VV™ says:

      I wouldn’t put it pass Bravo. They live stuff like that.

    • austin1963 says:

      Well, since she doesn’t appear to be in the head space to really tackle actual sobriety, that may be the best way to get her off the show. She’ll end up doing it to herself because Kim Richards does not give a damn about becoming sober and maintaining sobriety.

    • Powell says:

      UGH!! Not watching then. 😏

    • I’m not going to believe Radar without sources named and solid ones, at that. They’ve published gossip stories that turn out to be false too many times.

      Checking Kyle’s Twitter timeline and found this from 2 days ago:

      Kyle Richards @KyleRichards · Apr 16
      . @radar_online please stop with the invented , inaccurate stories
      106 retweets 627 favorites
      Reply Retweet106 Favorite627

    • T-Rex says:

      Actually I see it as the excuse they use to FIRE her ass. Look one thing that moron is good at is NOT staying clean and sober. They know it, they have watched it, and this is now their excuse as to why they can no longer hire her. Look she is already trying to imply she was NOT drunk when arrested, uhm I guess those bartenders were pouring her non-alcoholic VODKA, and had been pouring this type of Vodka for almost a year!

  41. Carolinagirl says:

    Ahhhhhh!!! Sorry Veena for the snarky comment. I really thought that my post would never see the light of day. My bad. I LOVE this website! I have digital impatience out the yin yang. But so glad that I finally got to say what has been on my mind for so long. I tried YEARS ago to post this on a Bravo thread. LOL. They never let it out of ‘moderation’.

  42. Carolinagirl says:

    And HI everybody. 🙂 So glad to be a part of this group!


    As a quasi Bethenny fan? She’s really not helping herself with these stupid homeless comments…

    • California35 says:

      Working hard to protect her daughter, oh poor nice man….while he is asking for more money… Ugh .. How embarrassing, he is the one that doesn’t look to me.

    • TexasTart says:


    • Powell says:

      LOL! DAMN B couldn’t wait to use her line she’s the wealthiest homeless person on epi 1 of the new season. It’s like she said to herself “I’m going to use this line.”. Kinda sad because it really wasn’t a genuine moment w/Fred. No, no one likes her wealthiest homeless person. A commentER on WWHL even said so. It may be how she really felt at the time she decided to leave the apt and I can see her putting it in the book. But to then say it in the context she did just makes it disingenuous, fake.

      • Also, by the time she’s said it five times, while crying, “Poor me, he’s got MY DREAM APARTMENT,” but after she’s talked about her Hampton’s home and her new apartment being remodeled and her HUGELY successful international biz (which has made her fabulously rich) that she’s NOW going to push to THE BRAND OF A LIFETIME (I thought it already was)…she begins to appear to be insatiable.

        It’s not a good look for a Skinnygirl.

    • TexasTart says:

      Don’t “drop” anything like that on us! 😉

      • California35 says:

        The very first photo looks more like Ramona, no?

        I didn’t know people were saying stuff about her cellulite. Also the one picture where she is wearing a bikini, and her legs are pale, look more like her. What I remember from all her previous photos and from BH. So did she JUST started to change her legs recently?

    • Powell says:

      You can do stuff but you can’t completely get rid of it and cosmetic surgery doesn’t do it. She needs to stop wearing dental floss bikinis and you won’t even be able to see it.

  44. TexasTart says:

    While E! News did their update on KIM, there was (BG please take note of the use of their/there!) a background graphic that was supposedly an inmate doc. that had her name and identifying information. It said she was 5’2″ and 100#. Hmm. I’m pretty sure that Lisa Rinna stated she was 5’7″ and 115#. Not much difference between the two, taking height into consideration. So why is KIM harping in LisaR needs to have a piece of bread or eat?!
    Has KIM ever looked at herself – in any capacity!?

  45. TexasTart says:

    We already knew Kandi was getting yet another spin-off, so this is not news…other than the fact this is not a series folks. It’s a 3 part special. You could miss it and not know! 😉

  46. Veena (NMD) says:

    This should turn the attention away from Kim for a moment or two

  47. TexasTart says:

    In case you missed it…

  48. Audition tape if newest RHOBH HoWife?

    Reminds me of a Brandi except classier and with a better ass…

  49. Powell says:

    Gooday Mates! Don’t know why I came here all Australian. HA!! Hey peeps! I hope you’re having a great day. It’s nice and sunny. Got up to 79 yesterday so here’s looking at you Miss Spring! 😁👋👋🌅🌷🌷🌷
    JNNTJ just left us so I hope she and Kevin are having a blast!! They deserve it. 😊

  50. So I’ve been watching a little bit of interesting drama unfolding over at TamaraTattles site…

    Cease and desist from whatshername from Southern Comfort?

    She has a link to her original post in the above link. Verrrrrry innnnnerrrresting…

    • Powell says:

      OMIB that was hilarious. I say she shouldn’t take it down if she doesn’t want to. I don’t know how lawyers get off telling someone to cease and desist w/something they just reposted and gave credit to the original article/writer.

      • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

        Sounds to me like something that Southern Comfort law school graduate who hasn’t taken the Bar exam would write. Just for the record, JFK Jr had to take the Bar exam several times before he passed it. I don’t believe, however, that he ever worked for a law firm.

        • Oh it’s a real law firm- google it

          • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

            I didn’t say that C&D letter didn’t come from a real law firm. I just meant that maybe it wasn’t written by a real lawyer.

            • Odd comment.

              You’re kinda missing the point.

              A reality TV personality, a fan favorite, has been accused of theft and outright fraud in several articles.

              A blogger, a contemporary of Veena’s BTW, aggregated those articles and wrote an online post that garnered over 200 comments.

              Said TV personality has hired a law firm who has then sent a cease and desist order.

              Which IMHO? Is slightly chilling considering the venue we are chatting on.

              Somehow, someway you have derailed the discussion into a history lesson regarding JFK Jr.s law career.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I remember. I can’t recall if he worked at a firm either.

        • VV™ says:

          Nation IN BRIEF : NEW YORK : John F. Kennedy Jr. Passes Bar Exam – latimes

          • VV™ says:

            The link doesn’t work (copy/paste).

            John F. Kennedy Jr., 29, finally passed the New York State bar exam on his third try, the New York Post reported. The only son of the assassinated President also passed the Connecticut state bar exam, allowing him to practice law in that state, judicial officials said Friday. If Kennedy had failed on his third attempt, he would have been out as a prosecutor in the office of the Manhattan district attorney. Kennedy graduated from New York University Law School in 1989. He has been assigned to a unit that focuses on white-collar crime, low-level political corruption and other felonies. His sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, 32, passed the bar exam on her first attempt three years ago.

      • They have her UNTIL FRIDAY. Lol.


  51. Powell says:

    Just a reminder because I’m sure it’s slipped your minds since its been a while since we talked about it but Lily Pulitzer goes on sale tomorrow at Target.

    • Thx Powelly!

      I might have forgotten in the whirlwind of Housewife shenanigans.

      • Powell says:

        I already checked them out online. I see quite a few pieces that I like but I’m only going to try to get two. A shirt and a top. $22 & $24 dollars. I was thinking about going but every location won’t get everything so I’m going to be online at midnight. 😊

  52. TexasTart says:

  53. TexasTart says:

    • Powell says:

      Yeah Chad. LOL I hated that obnoxious Beber cut. And those tight jeans he wore. Chad cracked me up legally sharing the pup w/his GF.

      • VV™ says:

        He has full custody of Starla now. Poor Victoria, I’m glad she’s no longer with him.
        His body transformation is amazing. It takes a lot of discipline. He does need a new Hair Stylist. ALL of his haircuts are cartoonish looking.

      • mrs peabody says:

        who is he?

    • Holy smokes, that is quite a transformation!!!

      • vilzvet says:

        I just have to say that my dog Zoey looks exactly like Starla but mine is half Pom, half Chihuahua, and I believe his is a full Pom, so that is weird.

        • I have 2 dogs that are sisters from the same litter. They are Chihuahua~Bichon Frise, one looks like a long hair Chihuahua the other looks like a Bichon….you never know which genes are going to be dominant..:)

  54. VV™ says:

    I’m sure Kim called somebody while in the restroom at The Polo Lounge. Did she call her “good sister” Kathy? Did she call any of her kids? Whitney and Kimberly were at Coachella (not sure if they were still there at the time of the offense). Daughter Brooke was in Dubai at around that time. Kyle was in NY. Did she call her BFF Brandi? Who IF came to her help? I would like to get a hold on those phone records that night.

    • Girl, I can’t even hold the phone upright after 2 glasses of champagne! I talk into the wrong end, drunk dial people By accident and so on.

      What makes you think she was in any shape to call anyone?

      The phone was prolly in the toilet. That’s happened too….

      • VV™ says:

        She’s s professional drunk/drug addict. I just think she did call somebody. We’ve seen her drunk/high on TV so , she can function to a certain extent. I wonder if she called her BFF BG and BG ignore the call as soon as she saw the number.

  55. Just read this. Kim doesn’t want rehab, she wants a sober living companion instead:

    Guess she hasn’t hit bottom yet!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Oh it gets better….. Kim is denying that she was drinking.

      • You know what?

        She might not have been drinking- but just did a lot of pills and patches.

      • T-Rex says:

        OMGosh We KNEW this would happen, unfortunately for her LYING ASS the bartenders have already copped to the fact they were serving her vodka in the police report. Oh, I guess vodka is maybe no longer alcohol? Like heavy duty Oxycodone pills prescribed for someone else are not taking drugs. I don’t see this ending well for her, unless she gets help!

        • Where have you seen a copy of the police report?

          The officers said that she “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol” but there are other medications and conditions that can cause that appearance without alcohol being involved.

          There were unknown “sources” that claimed she was drinking vodka tonics, but I had not seen that verified.

          IMHO Kim is a drug addict so it’s kinda splitting hairs, but she may believe she’s telling her version of the truth.

          • T-Rex says:

            She was drunk pure and simple, the Police Department spokesperson would not have even mentioned alcohol if that wasn’t involved. sorry she was DRUNK and has been drinking for months. It’s not splitting hairs, she is an alcoholic and even her own CHILDREN believe it!

            • Again, Have you seen a copy of the police report?

              I have an acquaintance that has been arrested numerous times for public intoxication yet beats a Breathalyzer every time because she’s popping pills. Her high mimics drunkedness.

              So yes, IMHO, it IS splitting hairs.

              I don’t think Kim is deliberately lying. I think she is crazy. And a drug addict. And she may not be drinking at all.

        • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

          Maybe the bartenders and the police are just obeying the orders they got from LVP, Kyle, and Lisa R?

    • ladebra says:

      She can’t afford a sober living companion. *shiver* talk about a job from hell

      • austin1963 says:

        I’d rather clean toilets at McDonalds than take that job.

      • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

        “Sober living companion”? She wants a baby sitter. She needs a full time experienced psychiatric and rehab nurse. I guess a nurse who could ride herd on both Kim and Chad. Snark aside, for a change, I guess Chad’s father or the father’s family could ride herd over Chad if Kim goes to get the help she actually and really needs.

    • kit9 says:

    • Powell says:

      That didn’t work well for Lindsay.

  56. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    I know this sounds nuts. But Kim considers herself to be an alcoholic. Ok, what if she’s popping pills and doing other things and she doesn’t consider that falling off the wagon because she’s not drinking. I only say this because when she got in the car with Lisa R she was acting crazy. Even once she was at Eileen’s house she was still nuts….alcohol would’ve probably been out of her system by then, right? That’s if she was drinking. I think all it took for her to act wild that night was one of Monty’s pills. I do t think this is her rock bottom. Her kids will have to make a tough decision about their mom.

    • IMHO- she’s not drinking. She drugging. Big time.

      Which is why she’s so angry that she’s being accused of being drunk.

      Her hard won sobriety? She would be better off if she WAS drunk because she would willingly go to rehab. Now? She can’t see herself.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        What a strange situation. I wonder what she’ll tell the judge.

      • Okay, if Veena bans me because I’m breaking rules, I’m blaming you! I can’t be bothered to read gawdawful Terms of Service, because MY SOBRIETY, DAMMIT!

        But here’s a fairly detailed article, and while the “sources” are named, I’m pretty sure People Mag has a good law firm on retainer and so they may try to confirm their stories…possibly?

        I’ll look for the LA spokesperson’s press conference I saw somewhere…it’s pretty detailed and official, as well.

        She was drunk. Allegedly.

      • Half way down the report is a BHPD video which details all of it, including “the fact that she was drinking” according to BH Hotel security.

        Also “…during the whole time officers knew that she was intoxicated, could see the objective symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol….”

        They had to subdue her when she wouldn’t leave the bathroom or obey the police officers–meaning cuff her, I am assuming, to get her into the police car.

        She also refused to cooperate in getting her fingerprints, mug shot taken, etc. She was “…seated on a bench and she was not going along with the [booking] program…” and that’s when she kicked an officer. That got her a charge for assault on a police officer. That’s going to be the one that she regrets the most, IMO.

        It’s pretty clear, this police interview. And we need to see that mug shot.

        • Exit4 says:

          In the first article that came out-TMZ-it states she smelled of alcohol. However she was acting, the smell of booze is in unmistakable and usually the first clue that Something is going on. IMHO she drinks and mixes it with pills.

          • I agree. We’ve seen the pattern very clearly now.

            I imagine that the cops talked to the bartender who was serving her drinks at the Polo. If the sergeant says on camera she was drinking, she was drinking.

            But we know from her history, she takes pills, as well.

            • Exit4 says:

              They would-they want to know what happened, what led up to the incident etc. I think the bartender flagging her was a catalyst. She’s only denying it because she insisted publicly, she was sober. I think a lot of people knew what was going on. Brandis statement “it’s worse then you know” may have actually been prophetic! Imagine that?

          • T-Rex says:

            EXACTLY! In addition, any police officer that rolls up into a situation with a combative subject, gets their facts from the establishment, just in case they need to take the person they are arresting to the hospital for an overdose. She was drinking, pure and simple, the police were told she had been drinking. Had she NOT been drinking and was going beserko and off the rails, they would have 5150’d her to the nearest hospital, not brought her to the police station. Ask ANY law enforcement personnel and they will tell you the same thing. I don’t get folks NOT buying she was drunk

    • Powell says:

      When they went to Paris and she was acting funny Lisa asked her did she take a sleeping pill and Kim got mad and told Lisa she couldn’t take sleeping pills, blah blah blah, pissed at Lisa. Lisa said she didn’t know if she could or couldn’t take sleeping pills. She just thought Kim was acting funny and was concerned. So I don’t think Kim thinks it’s ok to take pills.

      • Exit4 says:

        The theory over in the FB group is that she was dumping her pills, or whatever she was taking when she locked herself in the bathroom. Total speculation, but plausible. That’s a criminal charge.

        • Astonishing to me that Kim hasn’t figured out her repeated statements on camera that “MONTY” gave her a pill is an accusation that he committed a crime. Having cancer doesn’t excuse you for breaking the law.

      • Sure, she knows it’s not okay–except when she needs another excuse as to why she’s stoned silly.

      • Thanks for the clarification WhiteTrashGirl.

        In my humble opinion? What we saw in the limo and filmed at other times was far more than just booze.

        My acquaintance was arrested again last night. Not one drop of booze, but evidently high enough to put her hand down the officer’s pants. So now she has a solicitation charge on top of everything else.

        She acts just like Kim but not as mean when sober.

        It’s really too bad. They both are relatively attractive woman, both have had success in their lives, both should have the world by the tail but they choose to self destruct.

        Lots of broken people in this world…

  57. Ladina says:

    I am watching #RHONY never have before, so does Bettany ever shut up? lol

  58. austin1963 says:

    Does anybody know when Kim’s daughter’s (Brooke?) second wedding is?

  59. ladebra says:

    I haven’t seen a comment from BB in a long time.. granted I don’t always get to read through everything everyday. But I was thinking about you a lot today, and hope you are well, and are enjoying you grandchildren, and your life, and your OBX

  60. ladebra says:

    Shameless plug 😜😜 Baby girl quilt I finished this morning and took over to my friend for her first baby!

  61. ladebra says:

    Orphan Black starts back tonight! I almost missed it! Oh goodie 👏👏👏

  62. Veena (NMD) says:

    Aussie sense of humor?

    • VV™ says:

      I don’t watch Melbourne. It could be a cultural thing. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. In poor taste, if you ask me.

    • California35 says:

      Absolutely! Or English… A joke a bit too soon. And publicly becasue she doesn’t think it is.

      • California35 says:

        I forgot also.
        She is making fun of herself as she is making the joke about Kim…implying she did what Kid but did not get into trouble.
        So to her this is not rude. The culture thing. It is unfortunate that this joke is not just to Australians to read, but America too.

  63. VV™ says:


    Cat from OC. A few months ago she came back to the U.S. and posted she would be here for a long time. A few months a layer she’s back in the UK. Does anybody know what happened?

    Alex and Simon from RHONY. Are they working or blowing of the profit they made when they sold their townhouse? I’m still not buying the excuse they couldn’t get a job in the U.S. That excuse is so lame I don’t think anybody believes it.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      More random. I met Josh Altman tonight.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Alex is going to school – she just finished her first term – she’s not saying what she’s studying. They moved to be closer to his family. I think Simon is working.

      • VV™ says:

        Good for Alex. Why the secrecy? 😏

        “I” honestly still don’t buy the family excuse or that they cannot find jobs.

        Like with everything time will tell..

        • California35 says:

          Thanks Veena, I have wondered too.
          Thanks Vv for asking. I follow both Alex and Cat and I enjoy their posts, but they do not talk about that. About Cat I assumed she ahs her hands full with growing teens and a baby, so she may not be working. With Alex, hands full with finding s home, adjusting to the new life, her boys, looking for a home for next year… Since this home is only for one year.

    • ladebra says:

      Just a random thought … did she think she was getting back on a show and it fell through?

      • California35 says:

        Who? Cat or Alex?
        Cat has gotten questions and coments about the ladies of London, she has replied that she has not watched it. Would she be a good addition to that!?!

        • ladebra says:

          I meant Cat, wasn’t there a rumor she wanted on one of the HW shows? Ladies of London might be a good show for her. She would shake that group up!

  64. ladebra says:

    This really makes me want to visit

  65. kit9 says:

    Did Rinna ever post a pic of Harry from CoftT of him holding Medusa’s head and label it Kim?

  66. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

    I went to a food and wine tasting event at the Scottsdale Waterfront last night. From their website:
    “Proceeds from Original Taste benefit Executive Council Charities to fund critical youth programs at organizations like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, Ryan House, Foundation for Blind Children, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Sojourner Center, New Pathways for Youth, UMOM New Day Centers and many more.”

    So it’s a good event, costing $100 and up to get in. It was packed and there must have been a couple miles worth of restaurant and wine booths. It was so big I never met up with half of my friends there. After hitting few bad barbecue booths (so disappointing) my friend and I found a fun stretch of line where everyone was friendly a jolly after a half an hour of wine and cocktails. I’ve been off sugar for a while but a lady in front of me had cannols, so that was the end of the sugar ban. After going without sugar for a while, they were righteous cannolis even though they were lacking sambuca. It was a boozie event, but they were fresh. Behind me someone says, “she’s got a cannoli” so I turn around and say, “excellent cannolis, you’ll regret it if you don’t grab one.” It took me a second to process, because….. HE’S SHORT! As is his brother and their two friends. I’m about 5’10” in my heels so I figure out that he tops 5’6″ maybe.

    I asked him if o was right about the cannoli and he shook his head. Then I asked him how he was enjoying Scottsdale, and that I recognized him from TV, so he didn’t think I was hitting on him. He said it was his favorite place and that he’d live here if he could. With that I bid him to enjoy his evening a I veered off in another direction.

    Without any cameras around he was a nice, normal guy, which was good. I just assumed he was, I hate to say, normal sized, because I always assumed Heather was tall. Now I’m worried they’re all that short. Could our beloved josh Flagg be petite too?

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      *not shook his head, nodded his head

      My typing sucks on an iPad.

    • Powell says:

      Oh cool event. Mmmmm Mmmmm. 😋😋
      I’m jealous. Food and wine. Josh Flagg huh? You should’ve asked him if they got married. HA!! Didn’t Heather call off the wedding the last epi? I’m glad you had a great time.

    • T-Rex says:

      LOL! I guess I never thought the Altman brothers were over about 5;5 or 5’6, based upon when they would stand next to other folks on the show.

  67. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I think it’s going to be a beautiful day out. Slept w/my window open. 🙌 #SpringHasNotWaivedGoodBye 😃I hope you had a great weekend.
    I’m so pissed right now. 12:00am I was on target’s site ready for Lilly Pulitzer. 1am on the site. They didn’t have it ready. I kept checking. Around 1:30am I noticed something whacky on the Lilly page. It kept reloading automatically. I thought to myself Target is taking the site down. A few minutes later “Sorry the site in unavailable, blah, blah, blah……”. I kept trying to almost 2am. Woke up 5:40. Same message. Kept trying then the site was up before 7am. I just wanted 2 pieces. “Out of stock”. I tried all the sizes just to see. “Out of stock”. If I wanted shoes they were available. They have cute espadrilles. I don’t want shoes. Just 2 tops. I was on Twitter tweeting. TexasTart tweeted me back that she saw actress Kristen Davis, Charlotte from Sex in the City was on Twitter saying she was having problems. Kristen was tweeting all night w/a bunch of other women. They were on Target, put items in their shopping cart and the items would disappear. She tweeted she finally got a few items. I saw a tweet someone said an online reseller/buyer was already selling some of the items double the price. I went to the site. You have to be a member. They buy and resell. Saw a $32 top for $100 & a $34 kaftan for $300. First off how did a reseller get the items before they were launched to the public? I did see that Target/Lilly had a pop up store in Bryant Park, NY on Friday. So if you were there you could buy early. I don’t have a problem w/that. Did they let resellers purchase earlier than the public? How were they getting them before this morning? Are there some kickbacks involved? I’ve seen pics on Twitter that are hundreds deep w/women and people tweeting there’s one item per size of a style. Also people saying people are taking racks of items. Target announced this collab Jan/Feb something like that and this is how prepared they were? Something is not right. I’ve been tweeting up a storm to media outlets because I want some answers. This is the 3rd designer collab that I have tried to get something w/no success. I think Target as a Corporate entity has to answer to their consumers.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Ok I went to Target this morning at 8:30 am. I needed shampoo (Toni & Guy is buy one, get one 50% off) so I went by the ladies clothing- cleaned out. There were maybe three items left. Women were walking around with those weird jumpsuits like a prized animal they had just shot. You know all those photos of dads and uncles kneeling in a field with their retrievers and dead pheasants or rabbits? Yeah, it was that kind of pride. Anyway, the ladies working were talking about the chaotic morning. There was a line out the door before the store opened. Now I live in snooty,tooty Scottsdale so I’m a bit surprised by this. Apparently women were just grabbing everything and then throwing back the sizes that didn’t fit them- not even trying anything on. The MEN were pushing women out of the way and even dragging items out of the employees’ hands. When I went off on my Kerry way, I found discarded Lilly clothes all over the shore. They should have set it up this way to avoid the chaos. The ladies that DID find items to try on said the sizes ran big and the jumpers truly fit just awfully, like children’s pajamas.

      Then when I was checking out, some crazy woman in front of me had probably eight of the items, checked out, and promptly returned all the items at customer service. Can anyone explain the logic behind this?

      • Powell says:

        Rebecca I can’t understand that logic at all. I just wanTed 2 items. Not much to ask for. Cameron from Southern Charm tweeted a pic a friend sent her. Had to have been at least. 100 or so women. She said she’d rather go to Saks 30% off sale. LOL. I read a tweet where a man was in, saw the line, asked what was going on and said his wife just sent him to get OJ. LOL. Too funny. I’m more disappointed in how Target let this happen, than I am that I didn’t get anything.

  68. Veena (NMD) says:

    A blind item revealed to be Kim – documenting a lot of abuse when she was a child.

    • Powell says:

      if it did happen I’m sorry. It’s disgusting and ALL involved should have paid a price w/the law. I can only imagine how hard it would be for anyone. Unfortunately that’s why there are therapist that people who have been thru such things should seek. And it’s not an excuse to treat others badly. I hope she gets the help she needs and finds peace within.

      • I’m going to have to hear/see Kim make these claims herself. Look a few comments down where I include the disclaimer of that site. Not very reassuring.

    • California35 says:


    • Austin says:

      Interesting. I’ve never seen that site before and the blogger doesn’t really cite any credible sources, just states things as fact that you’re supposed to accept, so it has me wondering. Maybe I’m missing something. . .

      I don’t doubt that Kim’s childhood was messed up. Being a child actor is no life for any child, IMO. I’m not a big fan of having children model or act, but those are just my sensibilities. I’m an education-first type of person, as I believe that education, once gained, is yours for life that no one can take away. Obviously Big Kathy and I would have little in common as mothers and no doubt, Kim’s childhood was crappy. I’m sure she had many demons to exorcise and obstacles to overcome. But many people manage to overcome similar difficulties with far few resources than Kim Richards has had.

      • Exit4 says:

        Youre not missing anything-this site does tons of blinds and I always question them. I’m skeptical of blinds in general, but the guessing part is fun. I did the baby model thing with my oldest and its a pain in the ass. He was so young, I stopped it. It’s for the parents at that age. If he was older and expressed an interest in it-Id be more willing to let him try. But he hasn’t and I doubt he will. I will never broach it as an option! I’m sure Kim had rough times as a working child actress, but she can overcome them if she’d admit she needs and accepts help. But she won’t! It’s sad.

    • VV™ says:

      This is from 2 years ago! Did we discuss here? Why haven’t we seen this before? I’m skeptical, very. We know shady things go on in Hollywood but why is this surfacing now. Are we to excuse Kim’s behavior because of some blog? I’m not giving Kim a pass. Again….I’m SKEPTICAL about this.

    • Well, I’m going to remain extremely skeptical because this is what is published at the bottom of the web site’s page:


      • Oops. Sorry that came out in all caps. I just did copy&paste.

        • Exit4 says:

          I was going to comment above-but I’ll catch ya here. The BHPD didnt approach the Kim richards situation as fans of the show with a working knowledge of all things Kim, like us. I’m sure they’re aware of the TV show, but they’re not going to be considering what happened at poker night or anything like that! Same with the bartender, the hotel guests, hotel employees etc. So, they’re going to look at everything professionally and objectively. I take the police report and their comments at face value.

          • Exactly. Kim can continue to deny the truth until her liver gives out, but when the police enter the picture and state the facts, the jig is up.

          • T-Rex says:

            Also as i posted above. When the Police receive an order that someone has gone BEZERKO in an establishment the FIRST thing they ask the establishment was if the person being arrested has ingested any Alcohol or drugs?? This is SOP for the Police. IF the subject has NOT ingested ANY alcohol guess what the police do, they decide that they have a LooneyTune on their hands and 5150 them and take them to the nearest hospital with Mental in patient facilities and place them there~ The cops SMELLED alcohol, I can guarantee you the establishment said they were SERVING HER ALCOHOL, because the POLICE ask that question. Again, I worked in a BAR we had a patron or ten get carted off to the Pokey, they always asked us “were they drinking” “did we notice if they were taking any drugs”. Especially if the person getting arrested was EXTREMELY COMBATIVE. In addition even at the Police announcements they said they handcuffed her, now, she is a celebrity in a celebrity bar, I am sure they did not want to handcuff her, they wanted to get her out of the situation amicably, but they couldn’t. Again, the gossip is they had to get her to the ground to handcuff her, she was combative the entire time.

  69. ladebra says:

    This is an interesting article Veena. Apologies if you already know about the subject, I remember you were at Knossos on your trip. The site has fascinated me since I visited back in 1966.

  70. ladebra says:

    you know, there is nothing you can say to a piece of work like this. If you express skepticism to the veracity, you sound callous. If you express the feeling that as an adult she can’t blame crap that happened to her as a child for the rest of her life. At some point you take responsibility for your life and make the choice to get help … But then you sound unfeeling.

    • ladebra says:

      And ops, this is supposed to be in reply to the blind article.

    • California35 says:

      Yeah it’s kind of sad either way 😕 if the person never got the appropriate help for her/his specific issue and her/his personality the negative or destructive behavior will go on and on forever. it is not fair to others though and that is unfair.

    • austin1963 says:

      I hear you, ladebra, and commented above before I saw your comment. I don’t know if what that blogger wrote is truth, half-truth, or complete lies – as no sources are cited, but in the end, I’m not sure how much it matters. Many, many people have overcome similar difficulties with far few resources than Kim Richards has had. I am one of them, and I know many, many women who have survived and even thrived after very abusive childhoods. Women who pulled together money for therapy that they couldn’t afford, who were willing to take on the work that that sort of recovery involves, and who take responsibility for their own lives. I am very sorry for the women who don’t make it – and that includes Kim Richards (although the clock has not run out for her – she still has choices) but the truth of the matter is that we only get this one go-around in life and at some point it does become a very active choice on our parts to either embrace our lives or throw them away.

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I absolutely hate watching Kim on the show, and I don’t give a rats ass about her off the show. I feel badly for his children because she clearly puts them second behind her addictions.

      Is that callous?

  71. California35 says:

    I noticed there was a first look for BH, I thought that was OVER!!! I guess this one is about the lost footage.
    And first look on NY – so there were TWO brunches??!!? Hahaha

  72. I am off to Target to get my Gluten Free bread….I will report back….

  73. ladebra says:

    Dr. Dubrow and Heather are on my TV selling Volumagen Cream, Concentrate & Beaute Cocktail. It’s not HSN and not QVC.. it’s called Evine… New one for me! They are putting on the hard sell. It took Dr Dubrow 12 years to discover this and put it all together. Huh, I’m not buying it 😜

  74. If not for the signage hanging above when you first walked in the store you would not know that there had been anything “Lily Pulitzer” in the store….but I got my bread…

  75. Pulling up the rear, as usual, I realize the bloggers this week got short shrift–I BLAME KIM!

    I don’t watch the Million Dollar Listing show, so sorry about that convo, NotInStCyr, but Bravo has so many shows going on now, it’s just impossible to keep up.

    I did love this in your RHOMel blog, Reality_Bytes: “(KEEP YOUR ARMS AND HANDS INSIDE UNTIL THE RIDE COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP, because Petti is gonna switch to her bitch!).”

    Because yeah, that’s exactly what she did! Wonder if Petti gets the irony here? :\

    Also, I was a bit shocked at Chyka. She seemed to be enjoying herself a teensy bit too much?

    But my favorite segment was the dog show! Oh, Gamble was hilarious. I about fell out at the end when she pointed out her belief that this show judged the grooming of the HUMANS! Ha ha ha!

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