Shahs of Sunset – An Inconclusive Truth

The Shahs of Sunset – An Inconclusive Truth by SunnyGirl

First scene is at Asa’s house, where Reza and MJ and Asa are, of course, eating.  Reza has purchased FitBits for each of them, so that they can lose weight for Reza’s wedding which is just one month away.  Reza’s TH says “a bitch needs to lose weight.”  Asifa calls and invites them to a 70’s Bollywood themed party.  Asa asks if she is inviting Mike and Jessica.  Asifa says yes and that she is sure it will be fine between GG and Mike.  (What planet does Asifa live on?)  Asa still thinks that Mike and GG should sit down and work out their problems alone.

Now we see Asifa and Bobby, with Maximus.  Maximus is Bobby’s dog.  (Maximus kind of reminds me of Lily Ghalichi’s dog, but Maximus doesn’t twirl in circles.)  Asifa says living with Bobby is fun, but difficult.  Bobby wants a traditional kind of wife; Asifa is a 21st century kind of girl.   Booby says Asifa thinks she is a princess and that she needs to do the regular things in life.  Therefore, he wants her to give Maximus a bath.  (Come on, we all know that dog goes to the groomers.)  Asifa gives the dog a bath and then says that “this bitch will not be washing that bitch ever again.”

1 - gg and mj

GG arrives at MJ’s condo with flowers.  MJ is crying pitifully and GG hugs her.  We are told that Pablo has died, one of MJ’s dogs.  MJ tells GG that Pablo died in her arms.  GG is being so supportive and comforting to MJ.  She tells her that Pablo is barking at the angels now.  MJ says he had two seizures and then died.  She claims she wants to keep Pablo’s body; that she is not ready to give him up.  GG questions MJ about where Pablo’s body is.  MJ says here.  GG then asks where????  Turns out MJ has put Pablo in her freezer.  Yes, in her freezer.  GG is appalled.  MJ asks is GG wants to see Pablo.  At first, GG doesn’t want to because Pablo being in the freezer is really freaking her out.  Then she says yes.  MJ gets him out of the freezer.  He is wrapped in a towel and MJ is holding him like a baby.  A dead baby.  When MJ opens the towel to show GG, GG runs.  GG then recommends that MJ call the pet mortuary so they can figure out what to do.  MJ wants Pablo stuffed.  Yes, stuffed.   (I am the biggest dog lover on the earth and I have three Golden Retrievers that I love nearly as much as my children.  However, I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER wanted to stuff one of my dogs when they die.  I understand the pain MJ is experiencing but not sending Pablo to a taxidermist.  Has anyone here had their dog stuffed??)

We are at Mike’s office again.  I am so surprised that we have now seen him working TWO (count them, TWO) times in one season.  Jessica comes strolling in with the wedding planner and the planner’s posse.  They bring in cakes and dinnerware and invitation samples.  They begin setting up on Mike’s desk.  Mike looks very uncomfortable and tries to remind Jessica that it’s a workplace.  Mike’s co-workers are all watching.  Mike says to Jessica that he really needs to get back to work.  Jessica ignores this and states that they are planning a wedding in five months and she needs to get this done.  Mercifully the wedding planner realizes it’s their cue to exit.

Reza is at Dr. Down’s office.  Reza describes Dr. Downs as the gay relationship guru.  Reza is telling Dr. Downs about asking Adam to marry him.  Reza says now he is having panic attacks.  He is worried about the passion/sex in their relationship.  Turns out Reza and Adam only have sex about twice a month.  Reza tells the doctor that he is concerned because it seems Adam is on porno websites quite a bit.  Reza is concerned that Adam is spending too much time on porno and not enough on sex with Reza.  Dr. Downs says they have a lot of work to do.

At Asifa’s house, her brothers and father come over.  She has asked her father to pray for Bobby and Asifa.  She describes her father as an observant Muslim.  He covers all figures in the room and begins praying.  Asifa has ordered Indian takeout for dinner.  She says she knows how to cook but says it’s easier to order food.  She asks her brother what he thinks is the problem in the relationship between Asifa and Bobby.  He responds that they don’t listen to each other.  Asifa has always been told that her tongue is faster than her brain.  She doesn’t want to change that – she doesn’t see it as a problem.  Her father tells her to go back to a simple way of life and quit acting like Madonna, the material girl.  Smart man.

GG, MJ and a friend (that is dressed like a leopard/poodle) are walking into the bar.  At first, because of the way they are dressed, that they are going to Asifa’s 70’s Bollywood party but it turns out they are just getting together to cheer MJ up.  Vida shows up being her normal self until the talk turns to ping pong.  Turns out, Vida describes herself as the ping pong champion of the world.  GG says let’s play!  Vida pulls out actual ping pong shoes to change into and the game begins.  Vida wins against GG & MJ, 21 to 3.  And MJ says it really has helped to have Vida around.

2 - reza

Mike is walking into a restaurant to meet with Reza.  Things are very quiet and uncomfortable.  Mike won’t even look Reza in the eye.  Mike says to Reza that he is hurt about Reza and the others not telling him about GG’s claim.  Reza tells Mike that if the incident with GG is fake, then he will apologize.  Reza says Mike is a “horn dog” and that the story sounds as if it could have happened.  Mike says GG has fabricated stories before, that she drinks too much and that she is volatile.  Mike claims GG has now screwed up the dynamic of the group.  Reza says that Mike has not been very friendly with the group, even before this incident.  Reza says Mike hasn’t even invited him to his new house and it’s been months.  Mike says Reza needs to work on the relationship with Jessica.  Mike says Jessica thinks Reza is evil.  Wrong thing to say to Reza.  You can tell he is not at all happy about that.

3 - gg

Now we are at the polygrapher’s office.  MJ says GG picked the right outfit for the visit.  Says the innocent schoolgirl look is proper attire for taking a polygraph.  GG says she is a ball of nerves.  They meet the polygrapher who takes them back to a conference room.  He asks GG to tell him the story.  GG says it occurred in August of 2014 in Turkey where the group had all been drinking.  They decide to go to a nightclub and do some more drinking.  We see a flashback of Mike grabbing at GG’s thong.  Both Mike and GG were being flirty with each other.  GG says she was drunk.  GG says it was time for her to go to bed because she was so drunk.  Mike knocks at her door and asks her to come to his room to hang out.  We see a flashback of Mike, in a white robe, leading GG to his room.  She is in pajama pants and a tank top.  She says when they got there, she laid across the bed.  Mike climbed on top of her and kissed her. She told him to get off and then she left.  She says it wasn’t an attack; it was a pass.

MJ says Mike has been in hiding and those actions show guilt.  She is hoping its not true, but she is pretty sure it is true.

GG takes the polygraph.  The polygrapher claims that the results were inconclusive because she answered differently on two of the same questions.  However, I replayed that.  The first question was “Between the ages of 20 and 30, have you ever lied to anybody benefit yourself?”  She answered no to that.  He then asked the same question but changed the age to 15 to 30.  GG answered yes.  He claims that caused an inconclusive result.

Now that I have seen more film about what happened in Turkey, I think GG’s story could be true.  Why would Mike show up at GG’s room in a robe?  Of course, why would GG go with him?  Alcohol can make people do very strange things.  Just ask Kim Richards.


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  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning

    That lie detector guy made me want to reach into my screen and shake him – he was treating GG like it was all her fault because she was drunk and not keeping his mind on the business at hand.

    And yes – she answered differently to two different questions – so unless editing was off – he’s inept (although I’d take bets on editing anyday)

    Hope everyone has a great day. I got a grant application in late last night – had to wait for a letter of endorsement that arrived after 7 in the evening – but it is in and now I have one huge load off my desk. It’s time to wait wait wait. So even though I slept in I’m going to take the time to ride my bike to work today – – because is is sunny out already.

  2. SunnyGirl says:

    He was ridiculously inept. I wonder where GG found him. He got pretty nasty with her. I’m surprised she wasn’t nasty back. She looked plenty surprised about inconclusive results.
    Have a great day – it’s beautiful in Michigan today too!

    • kit9 says:

      So inept! He found it inconclusive because she gave two different answers to his question but what about the machine’s response to those and the other questions? Very strange. She didn’t need to be hooked up to anything for him to get the ‘results’ he got.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I survived the storm last night so I hope everyone on the east coast that experienced them did too.
    Have a great day.

  4. serenanyc says:

    It looks like Bobble may have already been invited back. She says she thinks everyone will be back for season 6.

    • T-Rex says:

      Aaaah, read that information very carefully! She has NOT been asked back as of yet, and the fact that she is stating that she is lying and acting for the cameras actually really PISSES MzAndy off! He hates when Ho-wives play that card since he claims nothing is acted, nor scripted. She THINKS she is coming back, she has been given NO contract at this point, and from what I had heard Bravo isn’t even taking her calls at this point! I have heard that Bravo already had one new Ho-wife lined up and now are scrambling for another one to possibly replace the SpaceCadetDrugAddictALCOHOLICKim.

      • serenanyc says:

        Thanks TRex. I can see her fibbing for that. Do you know if anyone has been asked back yet?

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        From your mouth to 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏☁️☁️⛅️

        Please baby jesus.

      • Powell says:

        “I just tell them I’m acting. I think one day they will understand that I’m a single-mom: I pay the rent, we have nice things, they go to a nice school, and I do it all myself. If I didn’t misbehave on television, I’m not sure how I would be paying those bills.”
        For this statement alone she should be fired. I’m sick to death of hearing it.

        • T-Rex says:

          I didn’t read the whole thing, but she DOESN’T PAY FOR SQUAT! Bravo pays her rent, her ex-husband pays for the kids extra-curricular activities, they spend the majority of their time with the ex-husbandLeAnnRimesHusband because he is the only one living in the school district where the kids attend school. I thought they went to private school, they go to public school, so the taxpayers of the county pay for the schooling. The only thing that dolt pays for is botched plastic surgeries and a huge ass car she can’t really afford. UGH UGH UGH! Oh, and freakin child support is not intermittent either, the COURTS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA determined the monthly child support payments and I can assure you if ManCandyLeAnRimesHusband ever was even a day late on that payment that bitch would go to the tabloids immediately calling him a deadbeat parent!!

          • Powell says:

            Right and the article said Eddie doesn’t work regularly so he doesn’t have the money. Like you said if he was a day late we would know because she would cry to the mags.
            Funny she said other kids are telling her kids how she acts on the show. Even if kids are too young to watch they hear their parents talk about it, they’re in the room at times when their parents watch and then they go to school and talk about it. So she tells her kids she’s “acting”. How long does she believe they will believe that lie?

        • Austin says:

          Right, BG, I’m sure that your kids will someday understand that they have a whore of a mother who will do anything for a buck.

      • Prince Ali says:

        T-Rex how do you find all this stuff out?!

        • T-Rex says:

          On the MzAndy hates when the Ho-wives claim they are acting, he has said numerous times he hates that and that this is NOT a scripted show! As for the other information I have a friend who is a producer in LA, she feeds me little tidbits here and there about the BHills franchise. She doesn’t give me everything though, she only gives me snippets, if I “out” her name, rank or serial number she will kill me. She knows WAY more but won’t divulge a lot of stuff, boo hiss. She said LA is a very small pond with a lot of producers, actors, etc. not a whole lot stays secret out there, unless you sign contracts to keep your mouth shut.

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            JZ really shot herself in the foot by recording her interview with Andy. I think had she not have done that, then she would be on maybe as a friend. If Kelly Jelly Beans can come on for a couple of episodes then anything’s possible.

            Brandi mentioned that she was acting on BH since the start of the new season. I will be out if they bring her back on.

          • Prince Ali says:

            Thanks for sharing the info you do know with us. . . and no need for names since I wouldn’t know who they are anyway.

    • Powell says:

      I won’t. 🙄

    • Powell says:

      She’s so dumb as JNNTJ says. She doesn’t get that the ratings were so high because viewers wanted to see what lies she and Kim would tell next and how Kim had “fallen off the wagon”. Now that it’s all played out and over many many viewers are saying if those two are back they’re not watching.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        Thank you!! I thought that there was going to be a last minute bomb dropped but there wasn’t. She’s completely delusional if she thinks anyone feels sorry for her because THIS is the only job she can get. Sorry, sweetie go out and get a real 9-5!

        • T-Rex says:

          She is setting things up for when she gets fired, she will blame TheRoyalVpump, LypsLisa and VileKyle for getting her fired, and that these “rich” women took food out of a poor woman’s mouth and her children are now starving and homeless. She had to be a WHORE for her kids, yadda yadda. GIVE ME A BREAK! She is going to use the same lame excuse TheLunaticZarin used after she got fired, she was only doing what Bravo wanted her to do for the ratings. Problem is, in both of their cases Bravo told them NOT to do what they did, and they did it anyway.

  5. jezzibel says:

    Is Reza upset that Jessica thinks he’s evil, because there might be a smidgen of truth to her feelings about him.

    • austin1963 says:

      I thought she denied she was drinking before the arrest?

      • Exit4 says:

        You didn’t believe her did you? 😉

        • T-Rex says:

          At least those that were posting she wasn’t drinking based on that idiot’s lies, are now given the proof that she WAS drinking and lied about it.

          • Exit4 says:

            I Was willing to believe she stopped drinking and was hitting the pills-but when they picked her up-I knew she was drinking and probably pill mixing too. Now I don’t believe she was ever sober. Or if she was, it was a short sobriety. Looking back at the reunion, I think kyle knew it the whole time.

  6. Powell says:

    Sandra Lee was on Wendy Williams. She has new drinks out like Bs margaritas. Different flavors but on the back of her bottle there are recipes for different drinks. The way Sandra describes it I think it may be better than Bs. This was the debute of the line. I like the bottle design more than Bs. It will probably take a little time before I see them in my area but I’ll be on the lookout and will let you know.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      In my neck of the woods, Skinny Girl is pretty much non-existent after being all over the place not that long ago. I usually find it on the clearance shelves. I’ve never tried it, but I don’t drink diet pop either because of the after taste which I imagine SG has. I’m not a big drinker as it is, but it’s nice to sometimes have the ‘go to’ drink when I desire one. My husband makes a killer Moscow Mule which I love! But my all-time favorite is a Bloody Mary and Zig Zag makes the best mix. I even make chili with it!

      • Powell says:

        To me SG margarita didn’t have an after taste. It was just sour. I don’t know where the agave was but it wasn’t in my bottle. I made myself drink it because it was $14.99. That was the first and last bottle I purchased. I still do want to try her sangria.

        • I forgot to report that when I was at Target that her Skinny Girl Sangria was on clearance….

        • austin1963 says:

          I agree that it is too sour. I finally dumped the rest of my bottle after the sons’ college age girlfriends wouldn’t even touch it.

        • catmom1 says:

          Don’t shoot me, but I actually like the SG margarita. I’ll agree that as it is, straight out of the bottle is lousy, to be kind. After I tried my first taste, I was also ready to pour it down the sink. But then in an act of desperation I tried adding honey to it. Made ALL the difference to me. I would pour a couple of tablespoons of SG into a glass, add a tablespoon or two of honey, then microwave it for 20 – 30 seconds. Stir well to blend the honey with the SG, add ice to the glass and more SG, give it another stir and its pretty good.

  7. Hey Sunnygirl, thank you so much for the blog!
    No taxidermy for me, but I have had 2 of the most special babies over the years cremated. (I find my Grandmother’s fruitcake a suitable doorstop, so I don’t need to stuff my pooches!)

    • SunnyGirl says:

      Cremation is the right way to go, in my mind. I was totally creeped out when MJ pulled that poor dog out of the freezer. Don’t use any ice cubes at MJ’s house.

    • T-Rex says:

      I have had two fur-babies die at home, and neither one went in the freezer, they went straight to the vet’s office and they had them cremated for us. I could not even IMAGINE placing them in a freezer that I also have food in, and then keep around for days and days. If you were going to taxidermy wouldn’t you take the animal to them right away? I don’t watch this show, but am really all creeped out at reading about the episode. Oh, and the SUNNYGIRL did an amazing job recapping and blogging the Creep-show!

  8. Oh Lordy. Season three RHNYC marathon today. Scary Island. *winces*

  9. Laineylainey says:

    Hi Sunny … Yesterday my life was filled with rain…sunny!🎶. I love that old song!

    I am just now watching shahs on my dvr… And reading your blog. It’s nice you kept from being judgmental toward reza when he was talking about Adam to his therapist. You were So nice, because I was disgusted by REZA! How dare he throw his fiancée under the bus like that!!! Alleging that Adam looks at fetish sites… I mean, he should have talked about only HIMSELF!!! Esp on camera. Well Adam must also be desperate for fame and a place on this show to align himself with such a publicity who&$ like Reza.

    Now I’m watching mj and THE CHAMPION. The Ping pong champ! W ping pong shoes!! This is fun (so far).

    • SunnyGirl says:

      I love that song too!
      I just kept thinking that Reza sounded like a whiny housewife, complaining about her husband wanting porn instead of her. Reza made himself look bad, in that scene. He did throw Adam under the bus. I wonder what Adam will say about Reza.
      Have fun with the Shahs!

  10. Laineylainey says:

    What was the purpose of Asifa washing Bobby’s dog? To make me hate Bobby? To make me think Asifa says one thing but does another? She says she is progressive independent… But yet submits on camera to wading the dog even though she SAYS it’s never gonna happen again. I don’t believe her. I don’t think she believes herself.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Washing not wading! 🚿🛀

      • SunnyGirl says:

        I really think they are trying to develop a story line. Asifa the Princess, and Bobby the patient saint. Bobby wants a traditional woman, but Asifa works (as she describes it) 24/7. (BTW, what does she do?)

        • Powell says:

          They were already married right? Didn’t he say her temper is why they divorced?

          • SunnyGirl says:

            Yes, they were. There was conversation that they got married in Vegas and both sets of parents were upset. Then her temper and reluctance to do anything around the house caused issues. She doesn’t get along with his mom. She doesn’t like his dog.

            • Laineylainey says:

              I wd find their couples storyline more interesting if she had stuck to her guns or if she washed the pup and surprised him.,, but to have him goading her while she washed the dog…No thanks, Bravo

  11. Oh man. Watching Ramona and Mario’s vow renewal is just a punch in the gut.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I remember it seemed so disingenuous back then. She seemed desperate to prove something, he seemed somewhat coerced. Like he was trying to keep the peace.., or buying time…

      I never bought into this renewal or Vicki & Donn’s renewal from RHOC.

  12. TexasTart says:

    So cute!

  13. TexasTart says:

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    drove home last night in foggy overcast weather – chilly, damp, and the fog was pretty thick – when I pulled into the driveway, Kelly was holding open the door for me – as I walked toward her she said “hurry up Gaga – don’t let the dementors get you!!” this is one of a thousand reasons why I love those two! – the weather was a perfect description of them!! –

    SunnyGirl – thanks for the blog! – I do not like Reza – he is a fame ho through and through, and now he sees no reason to not use Adam – you know, the love of his life – knowing Reza’s great affection for attention, in all ways, I worry for this relationship – the whole Rachel and the wedding planner thing was just so Josh Flagg – at least that was what it reminded me of – I would never ever show up at my husband’s place of business with a wedding planner and her minion in tow to discuss wedding cakes, colors and heaven knows what else – ever – that just seemed staged to me – I would like to think that Rachel has more sense than that – oh SunnyGirl you handled that whole dog in the freezer thing really well – I am still hoping that the whole thing was just faked – there is something not right with her if that is true – how would anyone be able to eat anything that was in that house? I don’t blame GG at all for feeling sick – she was a really good friend to MJ and handled that very well – as for the whole lie detector thing – absolutely ridiculous – something did indeed happen – just not sure it was GG thought it was – doubt very much that Mike even remembers it, but I do feel badly for Rachel having to watch that –

    • Laineylainey says:

      We are on the same page regarding Reza. ^5!!!

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        LAINEY I jabsnt warched yet but it seems people are seeing the Snakey 🐍Reza who showed his fangs back when he threw his basically- sister under the bus at that reunion.

        So glad it’s “out”

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        LAINEY I havent watched yet but it seems people are seeing the Snakey 🐍Reza who showed his fangs back when he threw his basically- sister under the bus at that reunion.

        So glad it’s “out”

    • SunnyGirl says:

      Thanks for the compliment! I am still slightly sick over Pablo – I am hoping that I lose a few pounds over it. And I agree – there is definitely something not right about MJ. Like I said before, I have grown up loving dogs more than most people and I just could not put a dog in the freezer.

      I think, at times, Reza can be a real person. But he doesn’t treat Adam well. I didn’t like how he treated Adam during the time Adam’s parents were there.

      Something happened that shouldn’t have happened between Mike and GG, of that I’m sure. I don’t know if it’s as big a deal as GG makes it, but it sure isn’t “nothing.” If I were Mike’s girl, I wouldn’t have liked the film at the nightclub, much less the walk down the hall from GG’s room.

    • Powell says:

      Reza knows Adam coming out was a hard thing for his father. He’s accepting it all and Reza’s relationship. Why would he say those things on tv?
      Yeah I do think Mike tried something w/GG. I don’t think it was as GG said it though and I don’t think Mike remembers a dang thing. But you know I’m not going to discount GGs feelings. People doubting sexual assaults, attempted sexual assaults of a person is why many don’t like to report it or tell anyone. I’m not saying it went that far but you get the gist.

  15. TexasTart says:

  16. Powell says:

    Exit thks for posting last night the people mag article that Kim will be in Dr. Phil on the 28th. I’ll be watching. I dvr his show to watch every now and then. Dr. Phil will do his research. And he will tell Kim to own her sh*t. Will probably offer to send her to rehab. Yup I believe like you do that it’s a preemptive strike to secure her place for next season. Of course the article said “a friend or source” says she’s refusing rehab. We shall see. If Bravo didn’t bring Booble Bobble Head back next season but brought Kim back and if she did not turn on Kyle like she did the last few epis I was willing to watch w/her on next season but now I won’t, especially after her blaming Alexia and having sympathy for her dog over her niece.

    • Exit4 says:

      I don’t want to watch her either! But I’m not surprised she wants to save herself. I hope he gets some truth out of her too! How fast was that set up? She gets released Thursday morning, the interview was up Monday night. Someone had him on speed dial.

  17. I was wondering when that Fame Whore Phil McGraw, PhD, would get involved in this mess with Kim….

  18. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    I have a serious BH question for you all in regards to tonight’s episode and what has come to light in the past few days :

    Is there any way Antsy Andy would have put a gun to Evolution editors these past couple of days and said “scramble some other footage of kim /// or kill her out of it altogether”” since he’d be upset over her going to dr Phil/ her scrambling to try to get a new contract or at least “friendship” status// the PUBLIC’s perception of bravo and production’s role in this, etc. /// behind closed doors meetings about this disaster over at NBCU & Bravo? ????
    Is there any way they could mock something else up for tonight?

    Where are the effin editorials on this mess and how TV channels and networks and execs are never heald accountable !?!?
    I’m waiting ….. Tapping my 👡👡 and 💅💅

    • Powell says:

      I believe they could have did some re-editing. And of course they’ve been having meeting after meeting and will have more after Dr. Phil airs.

    • Exit4 says:

      Well, unless any Kim related clips that have been shown as previews or in first look are missing-then possibly yes. Otherwise, we’ll have no idea because we’ve never seen the episode. The really isn’t any reason to hide anything (or to expose anything) regarding Kim-once she got arrested, it’s already out there. Most viewers have already made up their minds about kims problems anyway-at most, people will just read more into the secrets revealed.

      As far as her being on Dr. Phil-I don’t see why anyone would be mad. I’ve seen the HWs on GMA, The View and Fox, Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey-not NBCU related. Andy has multiple guests on WWHL from shows that air on different networks and they promote their shows. Even the big shows like Fallon have people from other networks. They focus on their own first, but they all share promotion of each other, it would make no sense not to.

      Andy interviewing Kim about her arrest etc. wouldn’t really work. If the general goal is to help this woman and Dr Phil fits that-she goes there. He’s syndicated anyway, it’s not a problem. More then likely, they gave her (and Dr Phil) their permission and blessing. I don’t think there’s any anger about it at all.

      There’s no reason to hold Bravo or Andy responsible for kims arrest. Filming was over, she made the choice and she’s solely responsible for her own behavior.

  19. Powell says:

    View this post on Instagram

    PAGEANT GIRLS, I need to see you on that stage May 16-17, 2015! Register today for our Miss Georgia United States Pageant! This is an amazing opportunity for girls/ladies between the ages of 0-39 years old. Visit for more information or email • You must live in Georgia to participate in this particular pageant. If you do not live in Georgia, please visit @TheBaileyAgency page for information on my Miss Renaissance Pageant. 😘👭👭👭 @TheBaileyAgency #TheBaileyAgency #MissGAUS #Pageants #PageantGirls

    A post shared by Cynthia Bailey (@cynthiabailey) on

    Cynthia is working w/that pageant guy. Remember he was on one or two epis?

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    I never see the instagram pictures posted here – just blank space – and speaking of Cynthia – I have an honest question about her – when she was attempting to act in Kenya’s show – was that really her real hair under that wig, and if so, does wearing so many different wigs do that to your hair? from what I could see it looked not so good – just curious –

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock it is blank. IDK why it wouldn’t post right that’s why I went back and posted the link. It could be the way she posted the pics. IDK.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah that was her hair. That’s why I asked the question why doesn’t she wears her real hair? She did her 1st season but not anymore. I like most of her wigs and I don’t mind when she, Kim Z and others wear wigs. I just wish they’d wear their real hair since there isn’t any problems w/their hair. Esp Kim Z. She has gorgeous hair. Wendy Williams wears wigs all the time due to hair loss because if her thyroid so I get that.

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks Powell! – I will check the link! – agree about the wigs – I like Kim’s hair naturally, but I don’t mind the wigs on any of them – just wasn’t sure about Cynthia’s hair – I did not care for the bangs one and the one that is shown on the reunion – at first I had no idea who that was – worst wig award goes to NeNe though – that blonde shredded straw helmet with bangs thing was horrid! As I am not brave enough to experiment with different hair colors, I would try a wig..maybe freak out my daughter and go for a blue or hot pink one…oh my – she would probably lock me in the basement!!!

  22. Powell says:

    Anyone been watching Arranged on FYI channel? I saw a rerun Saturday or Sunday. I don’t know if it was epi 1 or 2. I Like it. 3 couples that didn’t know one another. An Indian couple, a couple from SC and a couple who I’m not sure of their culture. They live in NY and I heard them refer to themselves as Gypsy at one time but that’s not their nationality/culture. I couldn’t make it out, but they’re 17. 😨 Their traditions are interesting and I’ve heard of other cultures that are like them. The married couple will live w/the groom’s family after they marry. The groom’s mother basically becomes the new wife’s mother. She belongs to her new family. They were the only couple that was married so far. In their culture they do not send wedding invitations. It’s done by word of mouth so the groom’s parents just guess how many will come to the wedding. They have the reception first. The groom’s parents help the waiters serve the guest. This is all going on before the bride arrives w/her parents. The groom and his family are nervous that the hundreds they expect are not there before the bride. It would be an embarrassment to the groom’s parents and look bad on the bride’s parents if the many guests are not there. It L looked like the hundreds showed up, then the bride arrives w/her parents wearing a colored gown that her parents purchased. The groom’s mother takes the bride shopping for her white wedding gown and another color gown and it is on display at the reception. When the bride arrives they take pictures, then the groom’s mother takes the bride to change into her coloring dress. Now the bride to be belongs to her knew family. With her coloring dress on they go back for pictures, dancing. They then change into the wedding gown and the ceremony is performed. They didn’t show the ceremony in the epi I watched. That was the beginning of the next epi. This is very interesting. I’m looking forward to watching more.

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