Real Housewives of New York City “Battle of the Brunches”

Real Housewives of New York City

“Battle of the Brunches” – S7E3

by Stars99

Group Shot

Remember Last Week…

LuAnn had a fireside sale of her old Hampton’s home… Everything must go! You can take a door knob and a faucet if you like since the house will be torn down. The Countess is now slumming it in Sag Harbor where is somehow beneath Sonja’s pretentious sensibilities. And under the title “Things you never thought you’d see” – Ramona sincerely apologizes to LuAnn for being a pain in the ass to her during the time LuAnn was experiencing a cheating husband and resulting divorce…

Ramona banished Sonja from the room she usually stays in (She had already given that one to her good friend Dorinda) and Ramona made Sonja sleep in the dungeon… Well, more like a basement…lol… We learned Carole is attracted to attractive young chefs named Adam… Sonja got caught smuggling beer into LuAnn’s party – But she didn’t bring enough to share – Only what would fit into her purse… and Ramona got flippy when there was more than one brunch option for the group.

Remember they were talking about brunch and the Countess wanted to go somewhere on a boat and Bethenny wanted to know what people really wanted to do – Did they want to go to a restaurant or she offered up the option of everyone going to her house. Sonja was right next to Bethenny and seemed to really like the idea of seeing Bethenny’s house for the first time – but Ramona butted in and said that Sonja would NOT be going because she is a guest of Ramona’s… Bethenny saw the crazy in Ramona and bolted. Ramona ran after her and tried to apologize but instead just succeeded in being very condescending and thus widening the rift between the two of them.

This Week…

Oh goodie – This entire episode has been set up as BrunchGate 2015™®©. It seems that Bravo wants the women on the show and the viewers to choose which brunch we’d like to go to…

Option 1: Brunch with Bethenny in the house that Skinny Girl built. The outside of her house is picture perfect with brightly colored red Adirondack chairs and a welcoming red front door. Wait… wouldn’t that mean Bethenny ISN’T actually homeless? I’m shocked… Honest I am.  Inside there are fun red Skinny Girl accents and strategically placed promotional products as far as the eye can see.

I mean everywhere you look there’s Skinny Girl product of some sort… Heck, in the bathroom there might even be a Skinny Girl toilet seat. But do you have to be skinny to use it? I wonder if there’s a Skinny Girl scale… hmmm… That would be kind of weird, no? It’s actually quite hilarious, because you just know Bethenny must host many Skinny Girl promotional events in that house. I giggle as I remember Bethenny’s shrink wrapped Skinny Girl car… that was fun! She’s smart that way… Never miss an opportunity for product promotion I always say. By the way, I do hope you all have ordered the Stars99 “SnarkFest 2015™®©” toilet paper (Which surprisingly coordinates well with Bethenny’s Skinny Girl toilet seat) and T-shirts I currently have on sale. Get them while you can – They’re selling fast…

But don’t we all know that Bethenny is on this show for predominately one reason – To promote her products? I think that’s why it was so important to her for the women to come to her house for brunch… Well, that is until Ramona rained on her parade. It was a “business” brunch for Bethenny. It was a pissing match for Ramona. Ramona is prolly gonna lose this one – Cuz Bethenny has some pretty big balls (Excuse the vulgarity – Please remember that I’m coming off of blogging RHOBH for the last several weeks… I will get less vulgar… At least I hope so…lol).

Option 2: Ramona insisted the women meet her at a local restaurant (75 Main) at 11:30 for Sundaybrunch even after she was made aware of Bethenny’s competing invitation. Since no one had received her previous email invitation, Ramona must have quickly googled how to send a brunch evite because magically all the women received their invitations the next morning. People seemed to want to get back to the city later that afternoon – So I guess that’s why there wasn’t enough time to stagger the events. Oh, and Bravo wants drama.

Ramona TH

Ramona attempted to draw a line in the sand and force the women choose between the two of them. Ramona added to her invitation that she was giving the brunch in honor of her “dear friend Dorinda” to further guilt them into joining her party. Of course, Sonja and Dorinda attended Ramona’s brunch because they were already a captive audience since they stayed at Ramona’s house. Ramona’s sister, Tanya, also attended – Is she angling to be a housewife? I’m sure one of you will know for sure…

However, the other women could read the writing on the wall from a mile away and LuAnn suggested that they NOT choose but instead attend both brunches. Bethenny was described as “The Rock” and Ramona was described as “The Hard Place.” Lol!  Carole was not happy with this solution because she would rather go to no brunches at all and instead go off boating with Adam the hot chef, but alas – She must work so heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to brunch they go. It’s tough work but someone’s gotta do it.

LuAnn TH Quotes

Kristen, Heather and Carole expressed they were quite confused by Bethenny’s reaction to Ramona the night before and asked LuAnn if Bethenny is a drama queen. LuAnn then fills them in on an inside scoop as to why Bethenny might have reacted the way she did to Ramona.

Evidently, when Ramona appeared on Bethenny’s talk show, she had spilled something on her dress and so she borrowed one of Bethenny’s designer dresses but never returned it. Everyone is incredulous that Bethenny would hold a grudge over a dress (Bethenny confirmed later she was indeed not mad at this situation at all but was cranky about the brunch thang). However, it was also pointed out that Ramona has done this same thing before. Carole cattily says, “It seems to be a pattern with Ramona – Stealing dresses – Thank God she’ll never fit into one of mine.” Meow… Actually, I think that was a pretty mean comment and one that is even questionable – But I refuse to enter into a debate over the nuance of dress sizes of stick figures with boobs.

Ramona, Sonja, Dorinda, and Tanya arrive at the restaurant at the appointed time and dutifully wait for the others to arrive. LuAnn had messaged that she would be late – but they hadn’t heard one way or another from the other women. Honestly, I kind of think the rest of them thought LuAnn was speaking on behalf of all of them who had stayed together at LuAnn’s house. It was certainly a group decision led by LuAnn. So the waiting begins…

Ramona Sonja and D

While they’re waiting, Sonja brings up the subject of Bethenny’s brunch and says that they were all invited. Ramona clearly does not think she was invited. When they discussed brunch plans as a group the night before it did seem like it was a general blanket invitation to everyone to brunch at Bethenny’s house. Bethenny confirms it in her Talking Head (TH) interview.

Sonja asks Ramona about her confrontation with Bethenny. Ramona says that tried to apologize to Bethenny about their brunch miscommunication but that Bethenny “Bit my head off.” Ramona says that Bethenny “got very verbally abusive” to her… OMG… Really? I’m so tired of women throwing around highly-charged words like that because it diminishes their meaning when they’re used in a real world context. Let me get this straight, Ramona… You were verbally abused while talking about a Sunday brunch in the Hamptons… Cry me a river… I’m surprised Ramona uses these volatile words so flippantly knowing Ramona’s background. The next thing we’ll hear is that Bethenny attempted to bully the women into going to brunch at her house. Puhleeze. It’s truly insulting to victims of abuse.

Ramona in your face

Sonja is not convinced Ramona actually apologized and so she asked where the “but” was in her apology… Ramona gets 2 inches away from Sonja’s face and says, “I don’t do ‘buts’ anymore.” Okay, so this is the first occurrence this season of seeing Ramona’s crazily expressive eyes…lol. Meanwhile, Dorinda asks for extra Worcestershire sauce and salt for her drink right away cuz they’ve been there for like 10 seconds and she can already tell she’s gonna need it.

Group talk

Kristin, Heather, LuAnn, and Carole are all at Bethenny’s house chatting away. Carole and Kristen decide they want a Skinny Girl blender to take home with them. Bethenny does not bat an eye. Carole asks, with her tongue solidly in her cheek, if she has a toaster oven. LuAnn says she should invent a Skinny Girl Toaster Oven… And I fall on the floor laughing. Bethenny asks about whatever happened to Sonja’s toaster oven and she was told there wasn’t any toaster oven at all…

Carole thinks it would be a great idea to think of a new product for Sonja but Heather really disagrees… Bethenny is told that Sonja says she has a ten thousand things going on but that really, nothing is really going on at all. Bethenny uses the terminology, “delusions of grandeur” to describe Sonja. She is assured that the word “delusional” comes up a lot regarding Sonja.

Bethenny - Kristin Confu

Heather tries her best to explain how Sonja is a little bit all over the place… Bethenny simplistically thinks Sonja just needs to get organized… She thinks Sonja just needs a “Come to Jesus” moment. It’s obvious that Bethenny has NOT seen the last couple of seasons of this show, right? Lol… Heather will give Bethenny a gold medal if she can focus Sonja somehow… She’s been down that road with Sonja and says, “It’s a long road to nowhere.”

Heather focus

As the easy, breezy brunchsters leave to go from one brunch to the other, they make sure they take plenty of Skinny Girl swag to go. Surprisingly, they actually do take blenders, etc. Bethenny seemed only too pleased to generously pawn off some of her products on them. I know everyone loves free stuff – But it’s always weird to me that people of means jump at this kind of stuff. Really, how many blenders does one really need? I guess you can give them away, use them for camping or something or better yet – Re-gift them for your niece’s wedding from which you’re now disinvited (Poor Kyle… Sorry everyone… I had a RHOBH flashback right then…) – but come the heck on. At our wedding, part of our centerpieces were kewl sandcastles – And we had one person actually try to take 5 of them. Are you kidding me? Who does this stuff?

As time ticks away, Ramona wonders where the other ladies are and has a feeling they aren’t going to show up. They receive a heads-up call that the others will be there in 5 minutes which is actually an hour and a half late – maybe even 2 hours late. Now, Dorinda has to leave to go back to the city and she’s pissed off.  Dorinda says, “I mean, no one ever showed up – We didn’t have any food – And I just listened to these old bitches fight the whole time.” Yikes! I wonder how Ramona and Sonja will like hearing her refer to them like that… Sonja has to leave soon, too so she can be home with her daughter. LuAnn says she needs to get back to her son, too… And in absolutely the saddest moment of this entire episode, Ramona mentascentally says that she has no one to go home to… Ouchies. You can really feel her pain – It’s palpable.

Dor TH bitches fight

Dorinda and “What’s His Name” (Can you tell I don’t like him? Lol…) are on a daytime date at some Italian restaurant (Gina’s). We’re told they’ve been dating for 2 ½ years – So I guess I was wrong about him dating Dorinda just because he wanted his business to be showcased on a reality show. He seems to really love public displays of affection (PDA) and Dorinda is not having any of it and tells us that she doesn’t like tongue as an appetizer. Plus, it’s just gross because it feels like he’s just mugging over and over again for the camera – It’s like he’s auditioning for future girlfriends or something. I dunno… Maybe I’m wrong, but this entire episode did absolutely nothing to change my mind about him.

The date takes a sour turn when “What’s His Name” takes a business call during their date. Dorinda is not happy about this and makes a big deal about it. I think it’s hilarious because he’s obviously taking the call for the sake of the cameras – I dunno – Does this make him look successful? I do happen to agree with Dorinda, that if you’re eating a meal with someone that you don’t answer your phone unless it’s a prearranged call or an emergency. She’s right – It’s rude. However, I would have handled it differently and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten on the phone with the person. This just cannot be the first time this has come up during their 2 ½ years of dating so I think this was all just for dramatic effect.

Bethenny meets with the same construction team she used to renovate her Tribeca apartment. She bought this new apartment for 4.2 million and is trying to quickly create a family home. She knows the construction guy is nuts but she also knows that he executes well. There is an adjacent apartment available but she says she doesn’t have the money at the moment to buy it. She also has a new designer who will be running interference for her a little with the construction team. In the whirlwind of this short segment it seemed like she wanted a whole lot of marble – Cuz you know, nothing says homey like a lot of cold marble. The designer is hopeful they will all survive. Dream on.

LuAnn takes the plunge and visits Ramona’s house. She hasn’t been there since the peace summit was attempted between Jill and Bethenny several seasons ago. I wonder why we’re seeing footage of Jill at this point… Hmmm… As they lunch on a seafood cobb salad, LuAnn finds out that Ramona’s dog is visiting Mario at the moment. They talk about Ramona’s divorce and LuAnn asks how much Avery knows about the whole situation. Ramona says that Avery knows everything. Avery insists that this Mario is not the man who raised her and she’s mad. Ramona is shocked she is at this place at this point in her life. She said that their family had something beyond special and everyone knew it.

Part of me winces at this statement because most of us saw Mario’s roving eye from the beginning. He would just tune out Ramona as he watched other women out of the corner of his eye – It seemed like whenever anyone talked to him, that he was one of those people you felt like never gave them his undivided attention – Well, at least that’s what I saw.

Ramona says that they had it so good for so long – LuAnn tells her to hold on to those memories. Ramona feels like this is all very humiliating. Oh Ramona, HE’s the jerk, not you. It’s humiliating to HIM – You have nothing to be embarrassed about at all – HE’s the one who didn’t respectfully leave a marriage when he clearly had already divorced his feelings from you a long time ago. I sincerely doubt there is one person who looks disparagingly on you about this situation at all. I mean I guess I understand it being embarrassing because you’re in the public eye and all – but let HIM take on that embarrassment – It has his name written all over it. This is HIS circus and HE is the clown.

Ramona explains to LuAnn that Mario wants to work it out but when Ramona refuses that he gets angry. Ramona has filed for divorce. Ramona is dating but doesn’t seem to like to call it “dating.” Ramona is just trying to enjoy the moments as they come without overthinking them. For the first time in her life, Ramona is just going with the flow with no plan, no direction and no control. LuAnn and Ramona are so glad they had this discussion. LuAnn confesses she knows that Mario is on some dating sites because one of her friends was matched up with him. Ramona says this doesn’t bother her – Unless the site was “grindr” (an online dating site to find local gay, bi and curious guys for dating or friendship).

There was a short snippet wherein Dorinda was cast in a very bad light. It feels like Dorinda may have pissed off someone in production or something – Because she really didn’t come out very well in tonight’s episode. Dorinda was the first to arrive at a restaurant and she sat down at a huge booth. She called for a man wearing a crisp white shirt and purple tie to come over and take her coat. The man, who happens to be black, said that he didn’t work there. As we’ve discussed on this blog before, people do this to me in stores and restaurants all the time. They ask me questions, etc. and sometimes I play along and sometimes I don’t. I don’t happen to be black but I’m sure if I was green it would still happen to me. The only purpose of this scene was for us to see this terrible blunder of the new girl. Dorinda does NOT help herself out when she volunteers additional information that one time she put $5 into the coffee cup of a guy in a wheelchair – It turns out the guy was an attorney waiting for a bus to go to work and because of her he had to go get a new cup of coffee.

Heather, LuAnn and Bethenny meet at a restaurant. Heather explained she was overdressed because she just did a segment on MSNBC that was kind of like a mini “Shark Tank” (the TV show) kind of thing. She explained how she and the other experts gave advice to those who were pitching their ideas about how they could refine their pitch so they would be funded more easily.

Bethenny Hands in face

After the requisite fish tank references were explored, the conversation steered around to Ramona and Bethenny. Bethenny does NOT want Ramona to be in her face – and she makes a hand gesture. Ramona is very intense for Bethenny who continues to carry on a conversation with Ramona (Who is NOT there) when Bethenny says, “Get off my jock!” Heather continues to talk about Ramona but Bethenny has already had way too much conversation about Ramona. There is something wonky going on between Bethenny and Heather. It will be interesting to see this unfold in the upcoming episodes…

Get off my jock

It’s pretty funny to watch Bethenny and Heather try to communicate with each other. I think Heather thinks she’s on an equal playing field as Bethenny since they are both women entrepreneurs. However, I think Bethenny may just think that Bethenny is “Up there” and Heather is “Down there.” It’s just a feeling I have… But the alpha women are already competing with each other to be top dog. I wonder which bitch will win ($1 into the cussin’ jar, I know, I know…).

Lu and Kelly laughing

LuAnn organized a “Girl’s Night Out” for all the single or unattached women in the group. That means that Heather, Kristen and Dorinda were not invited. LuAnn happened to run into Kelly Bensimon (That’s right… The gummy bears and jelly bean loving, Scary Island protagonist, cartwheeling Kelly who calls on the name of Al Sharpton for no apparent reason) and so she invited her to join them for this event.

Ramona and Sonja were happy to see Kelly again and greeted her with open arms. It was all fun and games until Bethenny showed up. She took one look at Kelly and went straight to the bar. In her TH Bethenny says, “Really, Kelly Bensimon? That’s so 2000 and who cares…” lol.

Betheny TH Really

Bethenny soon became surrounded by men and LuAnn noticed that she wasn’t coming over to the table. LuAnn goes over to talk to Bethenny who calls out LuAnn for not giving her a heads up that Kelly would be there. LuAnn implies that it was all very last minute – But Bethenny makes the point of reminding LuAnn that she had asked just the day before who exactly was going to be there and LuAnn purposefully omitted telling her about Kelly’s attendance. Bethenny thinks it was a little slithery of LuAnn. LuAnn admits she should have told her and they make up and move forward. Bethenny goes over and cordially greets Kelly and I believe I felt the earth stop rotating for a moment.

Okay, so this “Girl’s Night Out” is happening at a very well-known pickup joint. Those who know this area and this place should chime in on if it’s Cougar Town or not – because I’m telling you these women were pouncing on some very young meat to the point of embarrassment. I don’t like it when older men go after young things and I don’t like it when older women going after young things… It just feels desperate – Especially at a place like this. Now, having said that, I know that age is often not a thing – Heck, I married a man who is 7 years younger than me. I don’t know if it’s the cameras, the alcohol, or what… But I kind of didn’t like the women on the prowl. I’m not a fan of Sonja sitting on a young man’s lap. It probably makes me a prude. But oh well, I think I can live with that.

Son and Car - Reel him in

Ramona is just starting to figure out how to flirt with men and she’s amazed that all it takes is a little eye contact and men will come over and talk with her. Ramona may be ready to date but I’m not so ready to see her date. It just feels weird to me. I know Ramona always had a flirty side to her – But this was a little different. Sonja and LuAnn both nab some young guys. I just shiver.

The weird part about this is that Dorinda’s boyfriend suddenly shows up. The girls ask him why he’s there without Dorinda – and he tries to explain that he’s having a business dinner. Right. Because, you know, people who need dry cleaning need to be wined and dined at a singles pick-up joint, right? The girls know this is not a place they would want their boyfriend to hang out. I do think it’s all a little wonky, though – Cuz otherwise the minute he saw the cameras (or the trucks in the parking lot) he would have bolted, I think. I suspect this may be a fabricated branch to a storyline. Perhaps this is supposed to lead to a big breakup or something – I dunno. But something smells fishy to me…

Next Week…

We get to see Carole as she dates the young, hot chef… Ramona returns to the dating scene (I’m just not ready for this)… Heather tries to confront Bethenny about how hurt Kristen’s feelings were when she didn’t receive an engraved invitation… And of course, we see Dorinda and “What’s His Name” fight.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride… lol!

Well, that’s it for this week – It looks like next week we’ll have way too much fun for words, too! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for reading… I’m new on Twitter and I’d love to follow you…@StarsNinetyNine…

Please continue to keep our much-loved Empress in your thoughts and prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved husband who passed away only a few days ago. 

Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails… Until we meet again…


Happy Birthday AZGirl


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658 Responses to Real Housewives of New York City “Battle of the Brunches”

  1. Great blog Stars! I too am constantly mistaken for an employee at Target! I NEVER wear a red shirt when I go there, yet everyone still wants me to show them where shit is!

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning,

    I can’t help but believe the twitter fuss with LuAnn and Heather was just for ratings.

    While I think Star’s recap is brilliant, I thought the episode itself was a little choppy – they kept showing snippits of other scenes / events to fill in the storyline – and I felt like i was missing a whole lot of the background as they rushed the episode to get to Cougar Town.

    I am also not into people in their late 40s early 50s trying to hook up with people in their early 20s – probably because I have kids in their early 20s (who knock on wood have always dated age appropriate people). The PDA was also too much for me – as was Sonja sitting on that young man’s lap. Now LuLu heading off to the “bathroom” with the young man was hilarious – just because she’s so kewl about the whole thing.

    Where’s Kristen. She was probably terrified she’d be last one standing in the game of housewife musical chairs, as it’s clear that Dorinda is a breath of fresh air and housewife material.

    • Powell says:

      The 20 somethings was ridic but whatev. LOL I just can’t try to figure Sonja out anymore. As I said to t-Rex Sonja is always On so I can no longer distinguish her flirting from being in heat. It all looks the same. The PDA? No. Not into that kissing like that. “Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss.”. Well DANG! What’s he trying to prove?

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I agree about the younger men. I have a 30 year old nephew and would never, ever think about hooking up with someone’s his age. NO

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Yeah, you’re right NMD… It was tough to weave the disjointed pieces together – I can’t tell if it’s because they have so many housewives – or if it was just bad editing. I’m finding it interesting that they played the Kelly card so quickly this season… I have a feeling this franchise is in deep kimchi… they should be doing things that will endear them to the viewers, no?

  3. AZGirl says:

    Thank you Starzy for the recap. Great job. I am so glad that I am not alone with that bar scene. I would be so uncomfortable in that situation. LuAnn was great with the “bathroom” comment. Dorinda’s boyfriend showing up for “business” or as Carole TH “Monkey business” was completely staged. Dorinda now has a storyline. Dorinda’s restaurant scene was really weird. She probably did piss off production cause that made her look terrible.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Happy Birthday – do you have anything special planned?

      • AZGirl says:

        Well not really anything. I am finally getting a locksmith over to the house to fix all the hardware on the doors that are broken. Simple things in life…
        I have been really busy at work so I have not posted here in awhile. FB is easier to get in and out of on the internet while pretending I am working 🙂

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      You’re welcome, AZ and I hope you have the mostest fun possible during your birthday season! 🙂 Yeah… I hate watching desperate people throw themselves at each other… I get embarrassed for them and actually blush on their behalf – I have issues with sympathetic embarrassment, I think…lol

  4. TexasTart says:

    Happy Birthday AZGirl! 🌞🌵

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. We are getting rain today. I hope its bright sun shiny in your neck of the woods.
    BH was fun last night. NY. JZ scene? I bet she was loving it. I really like Dorinda. We shall see if that changes.
    Have a great day.

  6. serenanyc says:

    Morning! Forgive any typos or grammatical errors as I’m typing on my phone…

    I didn’t like this week’s RHONY as much as last week’s episode. Still, I really like Dorinda. I think she’s a breath of fresh air. I think she handled the moment at the restaurant better than a lot of people would have.

    About RHOBH, did anyone else feel like Camille was working overtime to be back on the show next season? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have her back but it seemed like she was trying a bit much with the fancy caterer and playing tennis in the dress. I hope the house doesn’t sell if she does come back next year because that’s the best thing she has to offer.

    • T-Rex says:

      Serene- TwoFacedCamillaZilla has made “no bones” about the fact she wants Back ON the Ho-wives, she has said so on twatter, and in several interviews that she would come back in a heartbeat, she really wants back on the show!. Here is the thing MzAndy has said also numerous times that he is not having her back, again I don’t know what the issues are but he does not want her back as a full time regular nor even a friend status. She gets her two scenes a year and that’s it.

      • RabbleRouser says:

        I guess Andy liked having Ms. Kelsey Grammer on the show but isn’t crazy about ‘ just Camille’.

    • Austin says:

      I’m just curious how Dorinda gets a pass for an extremely rude faux pas, one that she’s apparently engaged in before. How did she handle it better than “most people”? I liked her last week and was ready for her to be a favorite, but that really soured things for me.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I agree, Austin. I gasped when she did that. Ouch. I kinda thought it was also rude to tell her BF to get off the phone in that manner. It looked like his conversion would’ve been like 1 minute but it’s like she had to prove a point. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I never have our phones close by when we’re together but if someone important (related to work ) is calling then I know he’s a big boy to know if he needs to take the call or not.

        • austin1963 says:

          Good point. I don’t like that behavior (with the phones), either, but once someone is actually on the call and trying to cut it short, is it really any less rude to sit there and yell in their face, “Get off – get off – get off!”? If anything, that attracts more attention and not in a good way. And there are calls that need to be taken, but most [polite] people, in the face of a really urgent call, will excuse themselves, saying, “I apologize, but I really need to take this call. I’ll be back in a flash”.

    • Powell says:

      Of course. Camille wants back on. I won’t mind if she’s back. Hopefully she learned her lesson w/Lisa V.

      • austin1963 says:

        I used to despise her, but I wouldn’t mind either, at this point. She’s had enough fall apart in her own world that she’s practically tolerable and can even be fun. Plus she’s got more money than god and it’s always nice to see her house and property.

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    I was watching RHBH last night and really enjoying it when I realized what was so good about it – no Brandi or Kim! I spoke too soon – there they were and there I went to another show. I wish Bravo would realize that you don’t need drama to sell these shows. I watch for the interaction – the good interaction – between the women. I also enjoy a view into their lives and families; you can keep the nasty language and horrible behavior.

    Then came RHNY and boy howdy, I was totally bored. So far, Bethenny is coming off very mean and very so above all of the others. I so hope the show gets better, but so far, I’m not feeling it. And I’m thinking waaaaay too many women to keep track of which makes for choppy story lines. So I’m thinking, who would I keep and who would I let go. Heather and Carole are definite keepers because I like their friendship and they have high-profile careers which I wish we could see more of. I want the old Bethenny back – the before I was a millionaire 17 times over Bethenny. Ramona is angry and sad and she has a reason to be, I just don’t want to watch it. Sonja is still a delusional cradle robber. Kirsten who? And she is even more irrelevant than she was last year. I’m hoping that Dorinda can bring something. Need to see more of her. How about Luann? So can’t believe I’m saying this, but after totally disliking her since forever, I’m coming around little by little. With a city the size of NY, there has to be more interesting women and how about a bit of diversity?

    Happy Hump Day y’all! Hope your week is going great.

  8. California35 says:

    Good morning everyine and happy Wednesday —

    Happy Admin Profesional (don’t call them secretary) day! 😊😊
    Happy B-Day AZGilr
    Welcome back Jill not that Jill – how was Mexico? Tell us!!

    Starts99 thanks for the blog, I enjoyed it as usual 😀 I like that you call what’s his name, what’s his name 😛. I do think he showed up at the club for the cameras, and took the call st lunch for the cameras. He is a “business man”, rememeber American Hustle? Having a dry cleaning front business ?
    The episode may have been uneventfull, but I liked it 😊 I liked to see Bethenny’s new home and enjoyed laughing at the fact that she had soooo much Skinny Girl stuff. It is so Bethenny 😛 but whoever is a fan and or follow her already knows about those products! Any ways, she is back to the the show for the same reason she joined the first time…for business! I am sure she is making less $ than the rest and was allowed to promote her business…as part of the contract, but I wonder how much less she is making. Also, if she will continue to show SOOO MUCH or hopefully she will slowly show less.
    On Ramona, it was so cute to see her trying the flirting and talking to guys. Noticed hiw she went for the more appropriate age? Not that there is anything wrong with dating younger guys, but come on Sonja looks pretty bad.
    On Heather and Bethenny, Heather always want to be portrayed as successfull business woman, and she acts like she is above the BS and bla bla. Around Sonja and Kristin and even Carol, sure she can act like that, woth Luann also because she doesnt care, but around Bethenny??? Pleeeaasse lol

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Thanks Cali!! Mexico was amazing!! We had way too much fun and I could a vacation from my vacation!! The resort was fabulous and the people who worked there were so lovely and nice. I wish I was still there but it’s back to reality for me!! I missed my girls like crazy so I was happy to get home to them!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      lol California35 my neighbor – I know his name is John… but for some reason I didn’t want to be bothered to type it… I don’t like him for some reason… At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt… but now the more I see him he makes me feel like I need to take a shower after I see him. He might be a lovely guy… but my spidey senses are at attention…

  9. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy! I depended on my DVR, and it didn’t record NY! … And I love your blog so much I don’t have to watch it now! Thank you for that hour 🙂 ❤

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    Hola everyone!! In my mind I’m still in Mexico!! Hope everyone is well!!

    Great blog Starzy-I missed the second half of the show (I feel alseep!!) and I’m so happy I got all the dirt right here!!
    Bethenny putting out all the skinny crap for brunch was beyond annoying to me-but at least she gave them parting gifts!! I love that Carole took the blender! Ramona was crazy at her brunch with the “no more buts” talk-she makes me itchy but I still love her!! The stolen dress story is hysterical and typical Ramona-I bet Bethenny laughed her skinny ass off when she saw the picture on Instagram b/c she knows Ramona’s ways!!
    Did Kristen not get invited to something on last nights episode or does that happen later? She was at Bethennys brunch right? I’m so confused!!

    I’m shocked that Kim is doing an interview with Dr. Phil-odd pairing but I’m going to be watching! I’m very curious about Kim’s mug shot being kept under wraps-that is not something that would happen in many arrests…must have cost Kathy a lot of money to clean up this mess!!

    • California35 says:

      Como te fue?
      I was confused about this too, but saw last night that Heather was talking about that moment. Kristen was hurt that she was not invited to that dinner or drinks thing then. Beyhenny then tells Heather that she only invited Carol and to bring whoever, carol brought her. Hetyer then is bothered that SHE was not invited either hahaha she was Carol’s “plus one” lol

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ok so the non-invite for Kristen was a dinner last night??? I need to watch again-and not fall asleep half way through!!

      • Laineylainey says:

        Not gonna lie…that was hilarious! “So I was Carole’s plus One????” And bethenny was straight w her. HollaHeather is soooo sensitive this season. Which is fine if you’re as sensitive toward others as you are preaching that others (Bethenny) should be!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Welcome home, Jill – The Best Jill In All The Land – Quickly writes down “Blender” on the Christmas list for you… I still think it’s wonky to take things just because they’re worth more… I get it if you can use them – but seriously…lol. Are they actually keeping Kim’s mug shot under wraps? I didn’t think that was even possible with the public information act and such… hmmmm… I just thought that not enough time had elapsed yet… but what do I know? lol… It’s great to have you back, my friend.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Thanks Starzy….
        About the mug shot-I had some wrong info. I thought all mug shot were made public but I read over on another blog that Beverly Hills doesn’t follow that rule-they do not release any mug shots.

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          oh wow… I did not know that… You learn something new every day… I guess the other star mug shots we have are from cities other than Beverly Hills… So… the takeaway is that if you’re gonna get arrested – get arrested in Beverly Hills?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes-I think most celebs must get arrested in LA!! It makes sense about BH because I never saw Brandi’s mug shot from her DUI and I thought that was weird-like TMZ or Radar would for sure have it but it’s never been out!! Lesson learned-get arrested in Beverly Hills!!

    watching last night…that one KID that was quickly shown w/ the cougar..ERIC.. sure did look like Eric Trump…. didn’t see him after that quick blurb… if it was him..pretty sure his WIFE wouldn’t appreciate him being there…lol
    also..seems set up that B had all that crap ready to go for brunch the next day…. production planned ??
    Dorinda…snapping for that guy to take her coat…WOW… why didn’t she check it when she entered…something OFF about her..not feeling her ……
    we shall see….
    hugs n peace

    BH…glad it’s OVER…..
    POWELL…. yes..I also watched ARRANGED..feel so bad for that Romani girl…like slavery in a way..I see her hauling ass….
    Married at First Sight…also good this season…….

    • I groaned when I saw that Eric guy cuz I thought it was the “Prince” lol, from BH!!!! hahaha!!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Miss Diva. Ok Romani is their culture. I just remember hearing one of them say Gypsy. I find it so fascinating. Previews before the season showed her standing up for herself w/her husband, so we shall see how long that lasts. And they’re 17. OMG. I love MAF also. Watched S1 on a marathon. I hope those couples are still together. This season is a doosy. The couple where the husband already has kids from a previous relationship and he and his wife have the big dog and she wants to get pregnant right away live here in MD, Silver Spring. I tweeted the wife and she favorited my tweet. I have to catch up. I’m 2 epis behind. Say hey to Mr. Ford. 😊

      • Powell… the couple you are talking about are on the BRAVO newlywed show..I am taling about the MAFS on FYI…. but I do watch the NEWLYWED one on Bravo…and into Little women terra’s spin off and little women NY… OMG..they are a hoot…. nice to have other shows to watch and not Bravo… whoo hoo
        mr ford is doing well and an EXCELLENT care taker of me ..for now…haven’t spoken to PITA since last love loss there… it is..what it is….
        hugs n peace

      • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

        A couple of years ago there was a series on the National Geographic channel “American Gypsies”, following a family of Romani. They certainly have a different culture than we’re generally familiar with.

  12. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Thank you Starzy for the great recap. It’s such a nice change from BH dark drama.

    Note to Dorinda: not every black man dressed nicely is a coat checker.
    I’m enjoying NYC, but there’s just too many of them. I forgot Kristen was still part of this show. Dorinda reminds me of Carmela Soprano with big balls. I can’t wait to see why Heather has a falling out with Luann. Maybe Luann sides with Bethenny?

    • austin1963 says:

      My immediate thought when she appeared on screen was Carmela Soprano, too.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      You’re welcome, Foxy… I’ve been trying to think of who Dorinda reminds me of… that could be it… It will be interesting to see the teams form and reform this season… There are a lot of very verbal people on this franchise… I kind of wish it was already Dorinda’s 2nd season – so she had her footing better to be able to go toe-to-toe with the others… But I have a feeling she will be able to anyway… lol

  13. austin1963 says:

    I am so over these cougar scenes. It makes me kind of nauseated, honestly. As someone new to their fifties (literally, I turned 50 yesterday), and with three sons in their early 20s, I can’t even imagine going after some boy like that. Not saying there’s anything objectively wrong with it, but it just makes me squeamish to think of some 50-something-year-old floozy falling all over one of my boys.

    • T-Rex says:

      Here is the thing, folks get all up in arms if they see boozy 50 year old men hitting on 20 something women, why is it okay for women to do the same. If some older DRUNK ass dude was on the show pawing away at some 20 something drunk ass woman folks would be wondering if he spiked her drink or was going to date rape her because she was too drunk to know what she was doing. Sorry, I can’t abide the double standards.

    • Powell says:

      Happy Birthday Austin. 😊

      • austin1963 says:

        Thanks, Powell. I tried to ignore it, but my family wouldn’t let me. lol

        • T-Rex says:

          LOL! I embraced 50, and since I got diagnosed with the creepinCrud #BigC, I now embrace my age and birthdays, puts things in a different perspective~ I hope you at least had a fabulous, and amazing party for your day!! 🙂

          • austin1963 says:

            Yes, my guys (husband and three sons) took me out for a fun dinner and then back to the homestead for ice cream cake. And I’ve overheard snippets of conversations about a big-to-do this Saturday with friends. Of course, any complaints I have about how things are changing not in a good way are nothing compared to what you’re going through. I just honestly never thought I’d live to be this age, so I guess I’m kind of dismayed to be here. I’ll adjust, I’m sure.

            • T-Rex says:

              Here is another perspective my mother joked that 50 was okay wait until sixty, and then I reminded her that this is the last year she will have any children without a “5” in front of their ages, LOL! Perspective, HA! (oh my mom did not think I was funny, LOL!)

              • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

                My brother was older than me. My mother said she was 49 until my brother’s 50th birthday. Then mom was 59. Just ask her! But this was fun for me, because when Mom’s age would come up and I’d say she was 59 (or earlier, 49) people would look at me and start doing some mental math (especially if they asked me how old I was) and I’d explain it to them like this: “My mother says she’s 59 years old. That means she’s either 59 years old or she’s lying. Are you calling my mother a liar?” I’d accompany the question with the meanest, hairiest eyeball look I could muster up. 😀

                • austin1963 says:

                  lol! My sons would never keep my age a secret. They have been telling everyone and their brother how old I am. Not really sure why. . .

              • Powell says:

                Don’t tease your mom. 🙂

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Happy Birthday Austin!! 💐🎁🎉🎈🎂

      • Hey I am right behind you at 48 last week so you are still young in my book!

        • austin1963 says:

          My BFF, who just turned 49 in February so is right on my heels, told me this week that 50 is the new 30. Not sure I’d go that far. . . lol.

    • TexasTart says:

      Happy Birthday Austin! 🎂

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      Happy Birthday Austin! What’s 1963?

    • ladebra says:

      Happy Birthday Austin!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Me too, Austin… me too!

    • RabbleRouser says:

      Happy Birthday Austin

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      Happiest of birthdays Austin. That’s an important one !!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  14. Powell says:

    Know what I was just thinking? Two franchises had predictions that husbands would leave their HW. Camille’s crazy friend Allison predicted Mo would leave Kyle but Allison misfired that one cuz it was Kelsey. Allison only said it to get under Kyle’s skin. Last night Lu reminded us that when they went to Morocco it was predicted that Mario would leave Ramona. I had forgotten about that. Funny isn’t it? Not in a haha sense.

    • austin1963 says:

      Interesting. But then again, you could spin a bottle towards any of these women and predict that their marriages will split and be guaranteed to be right in most cases, considering how many of them have had failed marriages.

  15. Happy birthday AZgirl

    Thanks so much Stars for the blog it was most excellent as always!
    The two I thought would really get along would be Bethenny and Carole because they are both quick witted for comebacks, and really I thought the same about Heather, although I am not sure that will happen after last night’s show. I am liking Dorinda so far, I think…not ready to commit, but I think I do because she has a refreshing attitude, and I am really tired of Sonja, I mean zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tired!
    Have a great day all.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Giggles at Reality_Bytes… I think for me every time I see Sonja on the show that she’s acting a part… a persona of some sort… I hope we find the REAL Sonja someday… I think it will be interesting to see who gets along with who a few more shows into the season… I have a feeling I will be very surprised…. lol 🙂

  16. Great Blog Stars!! You are working hard for the money!!! 😉 I enjoyed last night’s BH so much. This is what I want to see!! It was the best episode all season… THAT DRESS!!! OMG!!! Eileen’s dress for the Emmys was KILLER!!!! Also Lisa R can now add Prophetess to her resume’….. The one thing I did notice is the Lisa R is not a big woman and Kim was so tiny compared to her… was shocking to me…
    NY…I like it…I don’t have a problem with Sonja rubbing on men’s legs…I don’t care, just like I don’t care who Brandi sleeps with, it just doesn’t bother me… Idk why….is it ridiculous, maybe, but it’s not as bad as that poor kid on the boat in the Berks…now THAT was uncomfortable…at least these guys are willing…that poor kid looked scared… When Luann left with that guy, Princess Beanie Boo said, “There is no shame in her game.” hahaha!!! Would I act like that, no, but so far it doesn’t irk me. “What’s his name” glomming on to Dorina for a kiss was much more repulsive to me that the women, I wanted Dorina to say “I’M EATING HERE!!”…. Also about Dorina, I knew when that coat check thing happened, I said, “Oh brother, everyone is going to make a big deal out of this.” He had on a shirt and tie and was walking around the restaurant…simple mistake… I don’t understand how it is racist to think that a black man is working at a really nice, upscale restaurant….that doesn’t make any sense to me at all….I think people are looking for a problem where there isn’t one. I think that she gave the $5 to the guy in the wheelchair shows that she is kind…confused maybe but kind….

    And heck if I was at Bethenny’s and she was giving out stuff I would be loading up, lolol!!!

    • austin1963 says:

      Okay, but ask yourself the underlying, obvious question: why is it “understandable” that a black man in a nice restaurant is assumed to be an employee?

      Not everyone gets this, that’s for sure.

      • I think it is more that her attitude in life is that people are there to serve her and take care of her every need, not that he was black. I don’t think for her it was that he was black but that he was in a white shirt and tie and was walking past her… but not everyone gets this, that’s for sure.

        • austin1963 says:

          You and I could not disagree more on this, but this is not the place.

          • Overit says:

            I think it was more dorindas attitude… Seemed very entitled. I would’ve walked up to the front or waited for the server to comf around to ask about coat check. But she literally wagged her finger at him across the room barking orders… Then didn’t even apologize!!! Just kept saying.. “Oh this is a horrible mistake”… As if she knew how it would come across on tv. But no humility… Like I am so sorry! Ugg def rubbed me the wrong way

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          See your point now. My husband was in a very tight tux way back many years ago with his dad and as they were leaving a hotel, a man threw his car keys at my husband thinking he was there to valet cars! I miss that story each time my FIL would die laughing at how funny it was. My husband isn’t black.

          • That is funny! When I go shopping with my girlfriend and the store clerk in every flipping store follows her around but not me…when we go to the counter to buy and they want to wait on me first….when we go to a restaurant and they talk to me or want to take my order first…that to me is racism…it infuriates me…but we make jokes about it because even after 15 years it still happens….

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              That is racism and that’s horrible. 😦

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Well Pindy what happens to your friend is gross but I don’t think Dorinda was being racist-just stupid and spoiled. I think color had anything to do with the situation.

              • austin1963 says:

                Nothing is ever so simple. It doesn’t have to be all one thing or all another. To me, it’s pretty clear that her actions are a combination of racism and classism. I don’t disagree that she seems to see everyone else as a servant, which is just as bad.

      • mm in oc says:

        If the guy had been wearing his coat I doubt she would have been confused. For Many restaurants a white shirt and tie is the wait staff dress code.

        Wouldn’t it be nice if just gave people the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to a terrible and reputation damaging conclusion?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Lol Tiara… Yeah, I don’t know why the cougar thing bothers me so much… but it does…lol… but at least it’s been an entertaining season so far… I would love to live in either LuAnn’s or Bethenny’s house any day of the week…. But who am I kidding? I’d be a wimp in their weather…lol

  17. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    I’m comparing the work that the East Coast ladies have had done vs. West Coast. Does it seem more subtle in NY?

    • California35 says:

      Yes!! It is a difrent colture I think. It is more about treatments and some injectables, than surgeries. IF they do have a surgery they don’t talk about it as openly… It sounds like it is frowned upon hahaha.

    • serenanyc says:

      Ramona looks pretty darn good. And I agree with you… The only one who has had subtle work done on RHOBH is Eileen and Yolanda.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I couldn’t believe it when they showed Ramona, Mario and little Avery in the photo and how much Ramona looks the same. Subtle difference is good!

  18. Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:
  19. AZGirl says:

    Thank you for all the Birthday wishes. You are all great. I have not posted much lately. I have been over on FB. Just easier to get on and off the internet while at work. We don’t want Mr. AZGirl to think I waste my time talking about housewives hmmmmmmm????
    I am really enjoying NY this season. LuAnn is great. Ramona is a little softer except for the brunch crazy eyes. Why are Ramona and Bethenny fighting again. It is not over that dress is it? Did something else happen?
    The bar scene left me feeling icky. I would not be able to flirt like that. I am more a conversation “get to know” a person over coffee or lunch.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I like to hear about my single guy friends in their 30’s and how they go about dating. Apparently, they don’t even ask women to dinner anymore. It’s more casual, like lets get a drink kind of thing and go from there. So crazy!

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      AZG – how are you ?
      Happiest of birthdays – I’ve often wondered how you are.
      How is your doggie ???

      Hope all is well and have a wonderful healthy, happy year!🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

    • Darn I am going to have set the DVR and break my do not ever watch Dr. Phil rule aren’t I? We weren’t supposed to laugh at that article were we? Oops!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Sadly not surprised. What the hell did she expect Dr. Phil to do? Agree with her and pat her back? Of course he’s going to tell her to go to rehab! Ugh I can’t with Kim.

      • I guess she was “ready for her close up”…..

      • austin1963 says:

        She clearly doesn’t want help. She wants to go 60 days, not 90. She wants to go local. She wants, she wants, she wants. It’s all a bunch of excuses because she doesn’t want help. And as far as checking with her “life coach” and doctor, boy, what a crock. If she doesn’t go, that should really do her in at Bravo. It’s not illegal to be a drunk. If she really wants to be one, then they should let her be one. No one can help Kim unless Kim decides she wants help, that’s for sure.

        • T-Rex says:

          She is an Alcoholic, Drug Abuser, she does not want to be clean! She enjoys being in an “altered” state, she doesn’t care who it hurts, she only cares about herself. Her kids have watched her as an alcoholic since they were babies, it’s all they know, a drunk, drug abusing mom. I have watched those “intervention” shows and it’s clear while watching them who is willing to get clean and who isn’t. She has not hit rock bottom in her own mind, because she still thinks she is managing her booze and drugs, just FINE by herself. Her kids need to go to that show and really get an Intervention specialist that isn’t going to be wishywashy Dr. Phil, someone with real cajones, to get her into a proper rehab. Look she has been pulling this anger bullshit when confronted about her Drinking and drugging for years and years, and everyone gives her a “pass” because they don’t want to deal with out of control SpacecadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim when she gets like that. Sorry, but this is going to be very harsh, but the only bottom I see for her, is six feet under, she does not want any real help, and she certainly has no intentions of ever being clean and sober.

          • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

            Her kids need to get away from her.

          • austin1963 says:

            She needs Candy Finnegan. Or Jeff. A real interventionist that won’t even engage with her stupid excuses. I hope her kids and the rest of her family just go to Al-Anon and stop wasting time and energy on her until she makes an actual commitment to sobriety.

      • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

        And she only will consider a 30 day local program. Not what she needs.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Oh what a shock!! Kim doesn’t want to go to rehab…ya know why? You want me to tell? It’s because they don’t serve drinks on rehab and she won’t have any pills…rehab is so not fun!!

    • T-Rex says:

      Of course you know I am NOT surprised! Just finally glad it’s all coming out there! Monty is probably receiving medicinal marijuana for his condition and if it’s what they call “palliative” care marijuana that shit is STRONG! Plus taking his pain pills which would be a strong level, and then drinking still, oh but not Every day, just those that end in “Y” apparently. She hasn’t been sober for YEARS! I also think Bravo and it’s producers are a piece of utter CRAPOLA because they KNEW she was using but kept her on the show anyway, shame on them! Look they couldn’t stop her from using, but by god, they could have made it part of the contract that she had to be clean and sober to be on the show, with drug and alcohol testing!

      • Cartwheels says:

        I wonder how mad is Kim at Chad for revealing about the pills and the pot? She is going to let him have it.

        • She is going to tell a story about him and he won’t like it!

          • T-Rex says:

            yeah, she is a “dirty” fighter! Oh, and we shall see what transpires in the next few days but birdies are circling that the daughter who was not at the taping may be “fed up” with their mothers antics, and isn’t speaking to her! I don’t know if this is true, it’s just some random gossip circling in several places.

  20. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Oh hai- crazy busy at work but I’ve been trying to catch up….

    Happy birthday AZ girl! Happy belated birthday Austin 1963!

    I didn’t watch NY yet, almost don’t have to with the blog tho.

    Back to the salt mines…

  21. majnon says:

    I really enjoyed last nights episode of bh
    When Kim was walking away from Lisa R, I yelled at the TV “Throw something at her Lisa”. My husband said you must be watching the housewives

    • I LOVED some of those segments. I was incredulous that they left them out of the season. People saying the others don’t bring anything to the show, but it was SO MUCH FUN seeing LisaR working, Eileen’s work & winning the Emmy, LisaVP with her family and the baby clothing, even Kyle precious little girl–so smart with that “ACTING.” LOL

      Soooooo much better than all that fighting over Kim and Brandi and their hateful, disgusting behaviors.

      • kit9 says:

        Yes! Yes and more yes! I loved the epi last night. The scene w/Portia and Kyle in the kitchen was great. Are those real tears or acting tears? LOL! LisaR and Kyle jumping at the pomegranates was so funny! Loved it all. Listen up Bravo.

      • TrashyT says:

        I totally agree. Except for any scenes with Kim and/or Brandi, last night was a delight! That is what I want to see. And I loved the way the Portia story was filmed. That may have really helped some parents struggling with the same issue with one of their children.

  22. Cartwheels says:

    Loved that little information about Ramona and the dress. I was LOL when Bravo showed the picture of Ramona with the dress two months after she said it fell off the back of her car.

    BTW Has Ramona said anything in her twitter about this dress?

  23. Prince Ali says:

    What was Chad (Kim’s son) treated for? Does he have a mental illness or is it drug abuse issues?

    I have no tolerance for Kim. I think back to Amsterdam where she was angry that her sobriety was questioned because in her mind it could cost her her relationship with her kids….an outside person questioning her sobriety does not threaten her relationship, but her actual lack of sobriety does! She lies and is aggressive because she thinks she actually masks her lack of sobriety well, but she doesn’t. No one believes she is not using and it is not because of what LisaR said, but rather because of her behavior and now arrest just confirms it!

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      I thought it was said he’s bipolar, yes?

    • T-Rex says:

      Prince – Very good question, all we know is that Chad has been in and out of voluntary and involuntary mental locations since he was 16 years old. There are two camps on what he has, some say it’s a sever bi-polar disorder and some say that he is actually schizophrenic, he could be a combination of both. From what has been reported when he is off his meds, he goes into psychotic episodes and into paranoid delusional states . It’s a very sad situation, I personally do not think it has anything to do with sobriety issues on his part. Unfortunately those with severe mental issues HATE taking their meds, they hate how the feel on them, so when they think they are “in control” they stop taking them and then relapse almost immediately. My neighbor has a child in this situation and it’s just heartbreaking for them.

      • Prince Ali says:

        Thanks! I have no judgement on people who suffer from mental illness. I knew he was in-and-out of treatment, but that is all I knew. Being that that is vague it led to my original confusion. But thanks for clearing it up that it is not drug abuse.

      • Powell says:

        That’s sad. And his mother isn’t helping. Does he live primarily w/Kim or his father or on his own? Who is his father again? I can’t keep Kim’s men straight.

        • T-Rex says:

          It’s extremely sad, and if she puts this on tv or lashes out at him regarding anything he has said that would so bad. He is the son of her husband Gregg Davis. I think he splits time with both of his parents, and honestly I think he lives with his mother because he is frightened of her drinking and drugging.

      • mm in oc says:

        I have a cousin with extreme bipolar disorder since she was a teen. Her mom was not responsible with her meds and she’d go into manic states. She’d walk around the mall telling people how much she loved them, hugging them. It freaked people out. She’d end up in the hospital for 2 weeks! Its not like a day on the meds make you normal again. Also, the drugs really make you feel lousy so it’s not uncommon for people to think the are all better, stop taking the med, then having a major incident. I’ve known 4-5 people with the disorder.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes, that is very common Bi-polar behaviour, but Chad has delusional and psychotic episodes, such as running naked through the streets saying that folks are chasing him and trying to kill him. Never heard of bi-polar folks with extreme delusions and such. I know a few Bi-polar folks and they go on huge spending sprees and do crazy things while they are on a “high” and off their meds, then they get into that major depression that makes them think of suicide and other things to injure themselves and can’t get out bed for weeks. It’s so sad, and they hate the meds because they don’t allow them to feel those “highs” they long for. I really do feel so extremely sorry for folks that have to go through mental illnesses or deal with them with their family.

  24. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Ashy !! How are you back so soon ! I feel like you just left !!!
    I was just adjusting emotionally to your absence.

    My emotions are all over the place now ! 😳


    • not THAT Jill says:

      Left Friday morning and got home last night…too short but I don’t think my poor liver would have made it another day!! When my girls are older I will travel longer but for now 4 nights is the most my in-laws can be expected to handle!! I packed so much fun into those 4 night though….

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I’m so happy you were able to exert your liver that much.
        I hope it was such a BLAST !!💥🌴🌴🌴🌊🌊🌊🌊!!!

        It was for someone’s bday right ?
        I want to FORCE my friends to go somewhere in a few years for my bday. So I need to get ideas 😜

        • not THAT Jill says:

          My youngest sister turned 40 in January so it was for her birthday. My brother turns 50 in June but I don’t think we are doing another tropical trip for him!! Too soon!! I think we may do Atlantic City or he will go to Las Vegas with just my brothers.

  25. Stars99, really good recap. You got me to thinking about some things, like how much is staged. That phone call at the table had me perplexed, but you’re probably right about this being odd after 2+ yrs. in a relationship: it was probably already planned between them as an argument that would get it onto the show’s final cut.

    I’m not a Bethenny fan anymore, but I half-heartedly thought, maybe she’ll change my mind again. So far, she’s cold, arrogant, and rude. She has made it clear that she does think she’s above the others. She’s channeled Kelly! Ironic, isn’t it?

    I feel like you about her obvious product pushing; she came back to make money to turn her hugely successful Brand into a ONCE IN A LIFETIME BRAND–her words. Seems there is never enough for Beth.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Yeah, WhiteTrashGirl… It’s pretty smart – if you think about it… Bethenny is being paid big bucks to advertise her product… But she does have to put up with the other housewives… She is sooooooooooooooooooooooo not happy about that from what I’ve seen thus far… lol

      • Beth went to Lu’s party & walked in, stayed just long enough to get everyone to her house to display her products like money can’t buy on TV, then exited pronto. Her “I’m not interested in hanging with you” to Ramona was so rude and dismissive, even I felt sorry for Crazy Eyes.

        The luncheon where Beth was looking Heather up and down, with that “Who is this woman?” look on her face, then telling her, I’m not interested in what you’re saying–was not a good look. It’s like she came to crack a few jokes to fulfill her contract, but could not have been less interested in the others. That whole “cocktail ingredients” competition was hilarious.

        So I’m not buying her current blog/WWHL attempt to sound so supportive of the other women–PR spin, too late.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          SO with you ….

          Haven’t read her contractually required blogs yet.

          But I’m ready to buy some of sandra lee’s drinks to support her so there’s that ! 😜

          • Laineylainey says:

            Heh heh heh. Sandra lee. Wendy liked her drinks!

          • Um…who is Sandra Lee? Who sells drinks? Sorry, hard to keep up sometimes, there’s so many HWs and shows and products and and and…whew!

            • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

              WA-LU: Sandra Lee is a successful TV chef/ entertainer – type star. She had shows on tv for some years I believe.

              She had a very poor upbringing and I think actually raised some of her siblings.
              She does work for some food organizations for the poor.

              I like her style/ the way she carries herself. The food stuff I believe is all leftover based or things in your cabinet already (?) – I may be wrong.

              She’s been dating our NY governor Andrew Cuomo for the past 10 years and I just LOVE them as a couple. She always wears white when with him and looks so classic.

              She just started some drink line – ? They looked good. I think Id buy one to try it.

              • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

                WA-LU – meant Whitetrash Girl — SORRY !

                For some reason I thought it was Was Lurking asking …..
                Forgive me

              • Interesting. I’ll check her out. Sounds like a lovely person. Which goes a LOOOOOONG way with me.

              • Powell says:

                Love Sandra Lee. Yes she raised her bro. I used to watch her show on food network. Love how she would have a store bought cake and then put her spin on it. Gov is said to be running for Pres. IDK how that’s going to work w/them not being married. I don’t have a problem w/it but there are many who will.

        • Overit says:

          Even though Luanne has been getting a good edit, I’m still wary of her. When she said she had something to tell ramona, Ramona said, “nothing about Mario” and Luanne just HAD to keep going on about Mario on dating sites. Totally unnecessary and was brought up to get a reaction (she admitted as much in her talking head). So glad Ramona didn’t give her one! That was a 🐍🐍🐍 move as well as bringing jelly belly Kelly in unannounced!!! Still don’t trust the countess!

          • Overit says:

            I also think that was majorly SHADY of Carole to say that she’s lucky Ramona would never fit in her clothes. Me thinks someone may be a bit jealous of ramona considering Carole has a face only a mother could love. Cool Carole is def getting on my nerves so far… Trying way too hard to be hip “sex and the city”. Not working

            • Austin says:

              I couldn’t agree more, Overit, on both counts. Carole has a face like a horse but you would think to listen to her that she is some sort of beauty queen. lol And LuMann is no one’s true friend and anyone who believes she is will eventually have a nasty surprise coming to them.

              • mm in oc says:

                And who the hell wants to be that skinny eating only cucumbers all day long. Go away horsey face Carole.

    • Powell says:

      I just thought it was weird that Dorinda would get on the phone and tell the person not to call during their lunch. I’m like yell at your BF, not the caller. Her BF didn’t have to answer. So if it was planned, boo on them.
      IDK if B is “I’m up here, you’re down there”, but I do think she feels she’s accomplished so much and she’s just as accomplished as many of them are.
      And of course it was product placement. I cracked up at Carole taking a blender. If I’d been there I would have asked for SWAG to.

      • Agree, it was a shocker for her to talk to a client like that. Not that money or business means anything in life…heh…but I’d have saved my cell phone throw down until the cameras and customers were nowhere in sight.

  26. ladebra says:

    I googled Lisa Rinna Playboy! Omg she wasn’t kidding, it’s all out there lol. She doesn’t need pictures on her phone 😂 I really like lisaR 😂

  27. Veena (NMD) says:

    How could Bethenny’s dress fit Ramona? Ramona isn’t a 0. Halston dresses run in the 400s – not exactly chump change.

  28. Laineylainey says:

    Stars, thanks for the blog. So good. Oh and thank you for the reminder for continued prayers for our Empress. Will do. 💔

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Right – ’cause Kyle was crawling around in the limo looking through tissues with her. Got it. He was such a creepo.

      • California35 says:

        He can not help because he has moved on, well, see her family doesn’t. Her family have helped or have hurt the situation, but they are there to see it all. Even if they have tried to “move on” with their life, they can’t or have not, at least not completely. I don’t doubt that there was judging and all of that tours him, we saw it on camera, but there were reasons for it. Same goes tours Kim, but again, for a reason.

      • RabbleRouser says:

        I totally forgot about Kim and her craziness with Ken…I forget, was this before or after she claimed her 3 years of sobriety.

        • California35 says:

          Before, this is when it was very ovbious she was using. Then broke up with him and went to rehab, then had a special sit down with Andy admiting it. Supposedly since then she had not used anymore.

          • RabbleRouser says:

            Ah thank you.
            But just now remembering her behavior when she was denying that she was using..only to later go into rehab, makes me think that she had more than just the slip on on poker night and the Polo lounge.

    • Powell says:

      Kyle didn’t like “We don’t care” because he seemed to be a part of her addiction. Can’t blame a sister for not being a fan of a negative influence on her sister’s life. Did you catch his “her family and Kyle”? So he’s saying her kids too?

      • California35 says:

        Kyle is family, so I wondered too. He may be saying her kids, I guess. Remember the scene when Kim cried and cried to Kyle, that she did not want to lose her kids and they didn’t like Ken. I don’t blame everyone for being suspicious of Ken, or any man that she is dating when she is using. If she was living her life away from everyone and just doing whatever she wanted, is one thing, but trying and pretending to live a regular life around her family is another. The family will worry, will say things, will try to protect her.

        • Powell says:

          Yes I remember that. She was saying something to the affect that the kids were growing up and she didn’t want to be alone.

      • T-Rex says:

        From the man who was drinking and drugging with her while she was supposedly sober, and her kids hated him because he was drinking and drugging with her, yeah he is the font of wisdom regarding this, gawd, just another loser selling his soul and looking for his 15 minutes of infamy. He hated her kids for taking away his potential “meal” ticket, and getting her to kick him to the curb so she could get sober, well “sober-ish” since we now know that sobriety wasn’t exactly what she was

    • Powell says:

      Her kids were not a fan of him either. They begged her not to move in w/him.

    • So the Bridge Troll emerges. How well we remember HIM, using Kim for trips and parties. Oh what fun he had getting Kim off the bathroom floor.

      Didn’t she accuse him of abusing her, at that season finale party at SUR? Where she hid in YET ANOTHER BATHROOM while he stood outside, banging on the door, looking like a fool trying to get her to come out?

      Yeah, spoken like a true enabler, Ken. Go back under your bridge.

  29. Veena (NMD) says:

    It would have been Nancy’s 57th birthday today. Whenever there is skating shown on TV I want to run to the blog and chat with her – I still can not believe she’s gone.

  30. Powell says:

    Morning peeps. 😃👋👋

    • Powell says:

      Hey Viki. Interesting that only Alexis and Gretch are the only ones that keep in touch. She did the right thing to leave OC when she felt it wasn’t a good environment. Maybe Kim should read her book. Never know what can help you.

  31. T-Rex says:

    Okay, more interesting SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim news, this is regarding the lawsuit from the woman that was bitten by her vicious out of control dog. Apparently the woman sued both SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim and she also included the Bravo Production company Evolution Film for a million dollars. I guess her lawyers thought adding them could ensure they get some money, but the courts threw out that cause of action and found that the victim could sue SpaceCadetDrugAddictAlcoholicKim but that Evolution Media and Bravo had nothing to do with the incident and they were dismissed from the action. I have the documents pulled from the courts, I believe a couple of other websites have also posted the information, I don’t wish to give them credit nor publicity, but can provide the documents if needed.

    • Powell says:

      It makes sense the court said no Bravo & Evolution. They didn’t tell Kim to bring out Kingsley, they didn’t get her Kingsley. But sue Kim. Yes.

      • T-Rex says:

        The victim was trying to say that Evolution production portrayed that unfortunately horrible pet as a well mannered dog, and such. It was RIDICULOUS to add them, they had nothing to do with the dog nor were they even filming when the woman was bit. Look it was a horrific bite, required stitches and such, but Production wasn’t a party to the situation.

  32. SJP’s random thought of the day. So I got to watch a little of NY last night. These chicks need to take some TH lessons from BH. They should look a whole lot better than they do, but backgrounds are cluttered, their make up could be fresher, lighting could be better. I mean come on even Rambles looks good in TH for BH.

    Hope everybody’s Thursday is going well!

    • Powell says:

      HA SJP!! You’re funny. Ramona looks best in her TH. She needs to cut that hair. She can’t do it on her own. As far as their background. Ramona needs to scrap all that crap in her apartment. It’s got Mario’s bad juju. Well Sonja’s place has been falling down since her 1st season.

  33. Powell says:

    Yo is on TMZ Live. They cal lled her because GiGi was named a most Influential in Time Mag. They asked her about Kim. She said it makes her sad. she hopes she finds the help she needs and gets well soon. They asked if she knows if Kim is coming back. She said she doesn’t know. They’re two mths out from shooting. They asked about her Lyme Disease & how she’s been able to work. She said they film for 4 mths and the other times she’s on a search, searching the globe for a cure. Avril Lavin reached out to her about her illness. They showed Lisa R & Lisa VP & GiGi did her Line challenge. She challenged TMZ to do it. Harvey said they will. One of the staff said hi to Yo and did it on tv. Yo thanked her and asked her to challenge others. Yo sounded good.

    • SerenaNYC says:

      Hmmm so does this mean Yo will be back full-time?

      • Powell says:

        I’m thinking yes.

        • ladebra says:

          I think so too Powell — now Brandi has someone to film with. 🙂

        • Okay, caveat: What I’m about to say is just a personal observation, and I’m not a doctor of any kind.

          Amazing how that Lyme cycles so Yo can be on the show when needed, doing yoga, attending parties and events, traveling, looking like a million bucks….

          I’m not saying she’s not sick. I am saying that the number of bags full of scores of pills she was shown gobbling down in her self-prescribed regimen of herbs and “holistic” remedies from around the world told me the woman may be suffering from a self-induced illness more than anything.

          I can’t even…with all those IV drips she gets all over the place, posting photos of herself doing so…lordy, what is going into her body straight into her veins?

          And before I get buried for what is only my opinion, let me say that whatever she’s doing isn’t working, as she herself says and demonstrates with her worldwide search for a cure–for how many years now?

          It has crossed my mind that Yo could be a hypochondriac. Don’t mean to be cruel, but like Kim and some others, I wonder if Yo is making herself sick.

          I wonder if she went to one good hospital and got clean from all her cleanses and herbal overdoses and combinations, maybe ate real food for a few weeks, would she find she’s already feeling better?

          Because a couple of doctors who spoke of her publicized condition have said what’s she’s doing is questionable. One stated that those weeks-long, acidic cleanse will mess you up all by themselves. Not to mention, I can’t skip a meal without feeling fuzzy and weak, and I’m healthy as a horse. If I tried to live on lemon juice and an almond a week, I’d be dead.

          Anywho…that’s another BH topic I’ve tired of year after year: Yo’s Medical Mystery Tour.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            WTG – Thank you for posting that.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            You’re opinion is valid.


            A high school friend of mine contracted Lyme disease in Sept. It was caught VERY early, about a week after he was bitten.

            He told me that his doctors gave him the one week of recommended antibiotics and sent him on his way. He only can manage to go to work 1-2 days per week and only a few hours at a time.

            He is very angry and bitter that there is nothing else the medical community can do for him, and like Yolanda has turned to holistic healing because he feels he has no other choice.

            Any doctor who’s offered their opinion has not treated her or seen her medical records.

            Dunno. At this point? I personally take her at face value. If she says she’s sick? Okay by me- she’s sick.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I’m sorry for your friend.

            • I understand. I’m not saying Lyme Disease isn’t serious or difficult.

              And yes, those doctors stated up front they aren’t associated with diagnosing or treating her in any way.

              Sorry about your friend. Being from the South, we know a few people who have had it, as well. So far, they’ve all recovered in time.

          • TexasTart says:

            Reminds me of the last episode of Nurse Jackie she was doing some home nursing and the elderly woman bedridden, seemed to be on her last leg. Jackie looked all the pills she took and consulted a pharmacist and replaced a lot of those pills with placebo/candy and the woman was up and walking again.

            I know that’s a fictional script; but the fact is all the treatments, supplements and pharmaceuticals a person can take can come with their own side effects and they can stack up against one another and make you have other ailments.

            In that same respect; when trying to troubleshoot or solve problems, health or otherwise, it’s never good to throw everything you got in the mix, because then you don’t know what worked or what failed….especially with the body, because it has a collective response that is not limited to self-imposed time frames.

            • THIS! Thank you.

              You see, my MIL was elderly, and her daughter, my SIL, took it upon herself to care for her needs, including medical visits, treatments, etc., because they lived in the same town.

              Long story short, her daughter was the one answering the doctor’s questions and in the end, MIL was on so many meds, she became disoriented, unable to walk, etc. We expressed concern for all those meds, but were shot down quickly, as in, mind your own biz. They were even treating her for Parkinson’s.

              Fast forward: she was finally taken to the hospital and off all her meds. She immediately got better. I had looked up a lot of her meds, and she was being treated for symptoms common with some meds with other meds, which caused more symptoms–etc.

              So I do wonder how Yo can determine what’s helping when she’s doing so much to her own metabolism with all those treatments and pills.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I believe Yolanda is sick. I also believe she is at the point where she will do anything she can to treat what she believes she has. Having time and money may be Yolanda’s downfall-idk? It seems like she is taking everything but the kitchen sink but it’s not like she didn’t try it the “medical” way first. She did the treatments they recommended and it didn’t do much so now she’s gone waaayyyyyy to the other side. I think during filming she looked fab and seemed to be feeling good but at the reunion she looked a bit defeated. I feel bad for her. It seems this relapse is really kicking her ass.

                • Well, I certainly can’t diagnose her. But the treatments she got from one medical doctor were extreme, as I remember it. She was on a cancer treatment, more or less? That is something which in itself does harm to the body, so has to be taken with close monitoring and serious follow-up. And she may have had that, I don’t know.

                  Still, I can’t help but have questions, I’m sorry.

                  A big part of that was seeing her on a hospital bed on the phone with her teen daughter, who called to say SHE was feeling ill on the “lemon master cleanse” and wanted to eat something. Lying there, so sick she was in the hospital, because Gigi was nearing a modeling booking date, Yo told her to eat HALF AN ALMOND.

                  I thought then, this woman is insanely obsessed with body image.

                  Well, just my thoughts. I could be 100% wrong. I hope she gets well, I truly do. She is a beautiful woman and has a very kind heart, when she’s not letting Brandi lead her around by the nose.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              Nurse Jackie isn’t working in the ER anymore?? I’ve missed a lot. Lol

              Very true about all the meds Working against the other, and making it less effective.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I have GOT to watch Nurse Jackie!!!

          • mrs peabody says:

            I’ve wondered if everything she is doing is making her worse than what she would be if she just went to one doctor and stuck to what he is saying. I can’t see how doing all that stuff to her body would be good for her.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              I wonder what the U.S. Doctors have told her? Anyway to possibly put her on another targeted antibiotics? It scares me that she goes around the world seeking help but you know that some places may just sell her anything just for her money.

            • Exactly. I wonder if she’s been to one too many Suzanne Somers dinner parties. #SelfHelpGuru

          • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

            WTG- our dear VV has said something not so unlike what you posited.

            Good post.

  34. TexasTart says:

    Here’s an ad for the Dr. Phil and KIM interview…

    • Powell says:

      Ok her kids too. Interesting.

    • Powell says:

      “Is this an intervention?” She says and gets up and leaves. She just leaves her 3 kids. Sighhhh. Doesn’t look like Dr. Phil was holding back.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Ok seriously???? “Is this an intervention”???? No asshole, it’s a surprise party!!! What a stupid ass!!!

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        WTF was she thinking going on Dr. Phil was all about?

        • I MEAN…she had 3 children there, her BEST SISTER KATHY, of course various other TEAM KIM supporters, like agent, PR person, friends?

          I kept asking myself, Self, does that NOT look like…GASP…an INTERVENTION?

          I can’t wait to see Kim try to stomp out when the JUDGE starts talking. Has anyone informed Kim she ADMITTED many times on national TV that she took a narcotic that was illegally given to her by her beloved Monty–a felony. Does she understand that assaulting a police officer is actual BATTER….?

          LOL Okay, that was mean…BATTERY. Guess she and Brandi will finally learn what that means now.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            HAHAHAHAHA WTG!! BATTER!! I can’t!!

          • Foxymel(Mel) says:

            Good thing Kyle wasn’t there because I’m sure she would’ve been blamed for the whole thing somehow.
            So the show next week, we’re going to see Kim with Dr. Phil and her bolting. Is it a to be continued sort of thing where he finds her the next day or a failed interview? Why show that?

            • Good questions. He’s got an hour to run, so who knows? Minus 20 min’s or so of ads, of course. He may talk to the children more, but I doubt she’d allow that. Maybe he brought in an addiction doctor, like Dr. Drew, to discuss the problems?

              Kim’s and Brandi’s fans are still blaming Kyle, of course. And LisaR. Anyone but Kim.

              I have now learned the answer to LisaR’s question, though: Why is everyone so afraid of Kim?

              Because Kim is the one who will EF YOU UP! She is a bully, in every sense of the word: hateful, irrational, and malicious when anyone calls her into accountability for HER bad behavior. She wields her supporters and enablers like a weapon, demanding everyone bow to her control of the situation, no matter how damaging she is to others. The look on the faces of her poor children…heart wrenching.

              If I had any question, the “Secrets Revealed” wrapped it up in a bow. I could understand Kim meeting with LisaR to ask about the threat “textes” [sic]; but the abusive behavior pattern that stood out was Kim’s. She was. yet again, abrasive, bossy, and hurtful to LisaR. Kim said here’s what I want and you WILL do what I say and you get NOTHING! Don’t talk about anything I don’t want you to talk about! You’re not allowed to have thoughts and feelings and consideration! I CONTROL EVERYTHING!

              And what gave her that moral highground? The “threats”? BS! When did Kim ever say to Brandi, YOU DON’T GET TO PUSH, SHOVE, RESTRAIN, AND THREATEN MY SISTER BECAUSE YOU’RE ANGRY? To Kyle’s face, multiple times Brandi threatened bodily harm, with Kim right there. No worry for her sister’s safety from the Towering Menace? Guess Kyle’s safety can’t trump an enabling, pseudo bodyguard.

              But LisaR did have the last word, and how prophetic was it? “Someday someone is going to hold you accountable, Kim Richards.”

              That day has come.

      • California35 says:

        She is not in it to quit it yet.

        Just wow! She is not doing it for the right reasons, she doesnt want to help herself yet, why did she go?

        Sorry a quick and run.

        • T-Rex says:

          Nope, she doesn’t WANT to be clean, when she can’t handle life she wants to be able to drink and drug so she doesn’t have to deal with things, she thinks she can handle it, she can’t and frankly the only bottom for her is jail or death, because her kids have tried, but they still give her a pass and as long as the family keeps doing that why should she quit. She apologizes says she’s sorry and makes herself another drink!


      • Overit says:

        lol right. But I honestly think in Kim’s delusional mind, she thought she’d be able to defend herself around the issue again like she did with Monty’s “I’m in so much pain-oh the pain!” pill. I think she’s used to people accepting her dumb excuses. I am really hoping dr Phil challenges her on this stuff.. Bc it seems she really never has been!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      So her kids can’t even call her out, in regards to when she asks if it’s an intervention? Wtf! I feel so bad for her kids especially Chad. He needs to take care of himself and not have to continue worrying about a selfish mother.

      • TexasTart says:

        Especially Chad. It’s reported that one of the things KIM said after she fled the interview was that she couldn’t go away so long for rehab because of Brooke’s wedding. Okay, KIM let’s see, first of all SHE’S ALREADY MARRIED! Second of all, you’ve just set up Brooke to cancel her second ceremony to eliminate one of your excuses to avoid rehab!

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          I feel so bad for Chad. She’s more worried about Brooke’s second wedding and Monty and Kingsley etc. what about Chad? He’s in his 20’s and very vulnerable if he’s feeling stressed out. I hope the siblings can come together to help each other out and really let Kim go until she’s back after 6 months or rehab and therapy.

        • Powell says:

          Right TexasTart. Excuses.

    • ladebra says:

      I KNEW she was going to bolt out of this interview. She was going to sit there and try to bullcrap her way through it — cause no one ever calls her out on her baloney — and when Phil called her out she was going to tuck her tail and run faster than Kyle did out of that restaurant.

      Dr. Phil was going to send her for a 90 day rehab and she wouldn’t have it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      My dvr is ready!!! RADDDDDDYYYY!

    • OH MY! Didn’t realize her poor kids were going to have to be dragged into her ridiculousness!

      • Powell says:

        Sad isn’t it? 😔

      • jezzibel says:

        The expression on her sons face seems to say that they have been at this rodeo roundup before.She’s scrambling to find excuses not to get clean, it annoys me that she is willing to cop to the drinking, but not the pills and possibly other drugs. She doesn’t want to acknowledge the pill abuse because than she would be seriously pressured to not just stop drinking, but also have to stop taking her precious prescription drugs.
        Kim needs a serious rehab, and a serious doctor to examine, what symptoms/issues she really has that warrants those prescriptions, what pills is she taking, can the dosage be lowered, the medication changed to something that would treat her symptoms,but not provide a narcotic like side effect, or done away with altogether. I’m not saying she doesn’t have issues that require medication, but I’m remembering that “oh this explains everything” look on Dr Pauls face when she listed what she was taking.

  35. Since we have been talking about Kim and Kyle aka “Siblings”…if you have a few minutes Princess Beanie Boo has a survey for her Psych class and the more responses she gets the better grade she gets. It is anonymous and you can rant if you want, lol! Please and Thank You!!!

  36. mm in oc says:

    Regarding the dueling brunches (and I apologize if someone already mentioned this theory), I think ramona was worried about being demoted to friend status. Didn’t seem like Ramona was invited to the beth brunch, say Sonja being invited and freaked out thinking she was odd man out. I just think she was working overtime to secure her position. In typical Ramona fashion. She kind of went off the deep end. But I don’t think she was being malicious.

    PS bethrnny is a bitchy brat. I don’t think her one liners are cute anymore and she definitely thinks she’s the show ala ms. Naynay.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Bethenny’s victim act is not going over really well with a lot of her fans – former and current. I don’t want to watch her in all of her misery when really she has so much more than 99.9 percent of us will ever see. Goes to prove the money can’t buy you . . . happiness. She should take a big look around at other divorced mothers who have more than one child and raise their children on less than what Bethenny makes in one day. Reality check time! Boo hoo B – get over yourself already!

      • Powell says:

        No the victim act will not work.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m still loving Bethenny and her zingers. The homeless/victim thing didn’t bother me because I know she says things like that. I think she’s funny and a perfect foil for Ramona. I listened to Brandi cry about being a poor single mother for all these season so maybe I’m just immune to the victim thing now!!
        Ramona almost shit a brick when Bethenny was taking Sonja away from her but she was annoyed with Sonja the second she showed up at her house so I totally think she was worried about her status and Bethenny probably knew it too.

        • austin1963 says:

          It didn’t bother me, either. I think she was going for self-deprecating but just missed the mark – widely. Her mouth runs so fast that I think her brain doesn’t always engage before she opens her mouth.

      • Bam. I’m already thinking I’ve lost interest in this season, which I hate because I actually enjoyed last season. This one is an hour long stealth SkinnyGirl infomercial each week. Featuring Bethenny, the ball-busting, big swinging dick in the room.

        No thanks.

    • That is a good theory.. I’ve been over B for awhile but I am enjoying this season so far..we will see…

    • Powell says:

      No I don’t think Ramona was being malicious. Just Ramona being on that Ramonacoaster and not listening and thinking before going off the handle. Frankly B handled it all wrong IMO. I’d have sat there and looked at Ramona like she was crazy. I still love Bs one-liners.

  37. Powell says:

    Anyone a Vincent Price fan? ✋I’m watching The house of Wax. One of my favs that I’ve seen dozens of times. 🙂

  38. Powell says:

    Have y’all missed Leg?

  39. Even tho I’m not loving Bethenny this season like I have in the past? she is a breath of fresh air after the RHOBH darkness. They all are.

    ” Problems” like dresses falling out of cars, double-booked brunches, and billionaires being homeless seem downright hilarious right about now.


  40. not THAT Jill says:

    The hits keep coming today …..this is Monty’s Instagram-I will tweet a picture of his comments in a minute.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • He’s totally covering for her.

        I cannot imagine dying of cancer and also dealing with this fool.

        She really should be ashamed of herself.

        Sigh. Never happen.

      • TexasTart says:


        Wow. You see, Monty doesn’t have anything to lose and Monty didn’t have a clue what drugs were already in her system!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Uhm, okay well Vicodin is a Schedule 2 drug that can only be prescribed by a doctor and is a controlled substance, and is a felony to distribute to someone that is not on the prescription. It’s in the same family with Oxycode and Oxycontin. Wow and now they are claiming a herniated disc that’s a new lie for why she was in the hospital and she was now in the hospital for two days not seven, OH and no way she was MADE to go that shoot, she has not showed up for many shoots and outings previously. I used to feel sorry for him, but he is just as much an enabler and liar as she is!

        • TexasTart says:

          Ditto all that.

        • mm in oc says:

          My cousin who is a pill addict is always talking about her pain, but then she goes on mile long hikes. This is addict behavior. Kim could have a hangnail and proclaim she was being tortured to get her hands on pills. Addict I tell you!

      • jezzibel says:

        SO thanks to Monty we know that her hospital stay consisted of 2 night, not a 6,9,74,12 day stay.
        5 drs couldn’t figure out she had a herniated disc(not bronchitis-pneumonia-ebola-dengue fever-compound fracture-smallpox-polio), who are these quacks, or did the 5 drs just give her a prescription no questions asked.
        He might not lie about the circumstance, but he is willfully ignoring the fact he gave a known addict a vicodin pill.
        Production demanded she film that night…………um okay, sure.
        I think the closer truth is that poor man is dying and in pain constantly, Kim didn’t move him into her house from the bottom of her heart(isn’t he married, where is his current wife during all of this), she moved him there so she could have access to his medication, and after probably listening to her go on and on about how much pain(psychosomatic, I’m sure), she was is, and how much production was demanding of her, he acquiesced, probably hoping he could get some peace and quiet.
        I’m sorry if I have come across as cruel and cynical about Kim.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh and maybe he didn’t think it was a Big Deal or issue she chased down that measly little Schedule2 Drug with a heaping glass of Vodka. You know why MOST alcoholics drink Vodka? It’s the easiest alcohol to mask so that you can’t smell it on their breath.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          You I knew that about Vodka but didn’t think that’s what she might be drinking so no one can smell it. That’s why I really thought she was on something on PN. Probably took it with Vodka.

          • T-Rex says:

            She even said above she had a half of glass of vodka which really means she had like 5 to glasses, uhm that is a LOT, and it was straight vodka, that’s the alcoholics drink of choice.

      • mrs peabody says:

        Sounds like the whole family is in denial about her problems. They all need help.

        • jezzibel says:

          I’m not sure if Monty throwing himself on the sword for Kim’s issues, was supposed to make it all okay or for it to go away, but all its done, is made it worse, by exposing her lies. I’m pretty sure he didn’t make this admission without Kim whingeing on and on about how it will destroy their children, make her look bad…etc etc

          • T-Rex says:

            Like I posted, I think he Truly loves her, she LEFT HIM in their marriage ,when she met the bigger paycheck and prize, and he seems to still have a huge torch for her, he is going to do whatever it takes to keep her happy with him while he is going through this illness.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            She guilted him into doing this. I think.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Gag me. Their reality consists of dog paddling to keep from drowning in a sea of lies, denial, and blame. I know he is very ill but he is part of the problem.

        • T-Rex says:

          Also think about this if she can go from zero to SuperBitch in 3 seconds on national TV, IMAGINE what she is like in real life! She could have just spent the better half of a day screaming bloody murder at him to defend her ass, and he gave in and did it. This is speculation but certainly makes sense, because you know she is NOT a happy drunk, that’s a PROVEN FACT, so she may verbally abuse him on a regular basis. He doesn’t wish to die alone, and loves her so much that he will do anything for her. It’s sad that she is such a narcissistic bitch that she is using her dying ex-husband to do her dirty work and lies. When he does pass away she will have NO ONE, once her kids start having children, they are not going to want some drugged out alcoholic around their babies, she will be all alone with her drugs and alcohol.

      • kit9 says:

        HE takes “full responsibility”. Jeez no wonder Princess Kim never takes responsibility w/co dependent crap like this. Unreal. He’s acting like Kim is a child! She’s a 50 yo woman. She’s responsible for what she shoved down her throat. And, what a crock. Kim said she was in pain from bronchitis and pneumonia. Can these two at least pow wow and get their lies straight?

        In the other Kim news, I cannot BELIEVE her poor kids were actually PART of this Dr. Phil stunt. I want to wring Kim and Kathy’s rotten necks since Queen Kathy probably set this up and both obviously care more about PR for the family than really doing anything to get sober. If Kim were serious she’d just go to rehab. She wouldn’t be doing a tv show. It’s absurd! Still, do this on your own! To have her poor kids there, involved with this tv spectacle, is unforgivable.

      • That little story has quite a few holes in it. Guess it’s hard for him and Kim to get their stories straight, since neither can actually tell the same one twice.

        Wonder if Monty is going to be arrested now for distributing narcotics?

      • Powell says:

        If anyone of the ladies from any HW city is so sick, so much in pain that they need to be in bed or in the hospital, they need to tell Bravo to Eff off & kick rocks. They need to stop blaming Bravo. As much as Kim can tell Kyle, her kids, the other ladies to Eff off and she’s not doing what she wants to do, I don’t believe she has any problem telling Bravo the same. So this is all sn excuse to take drugs(prescription) that she knows she shouldn’t. Of course any medicine, even an aspirin, Tylenol can have adverse effects on a recovering/drug addict. So even if Monty meant well and had no idea it would effect her in that wsy, Kim knew. 😝

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      This is not a good look.

      I don’t like men with jewelry and I dont like men with instagram accounts. (Scott Eastwood not included)

  41. not THAT Jill says:

    Kim has told so many lies this season I thought I would make a list!
    Cracked rib
    Fractured rib
    Chronic pain
    “In and out of doctors offices” (idk what that means)
    When she went to the hospital
    How long she stayed in the hospital
    Kyle wanted to talk to her in the bathroom
    Monty gave her a pill that the doctor gave HER
    Harry did…
    Kyle did…
    The whole dog trainer story
    Monty waiting for her at home on poker night
    Not knowing where Monty was on poker night

    I’m sure I left a few lies out so feel free to add…also the fact that she said “texas” instead of texts makes me like even less-random I know but it needed to be said!! WTF is a texas????

    • jezzibel says:

      well to most normal people, Texas is a state located in the southern US….in Kim speak it could mean anything

    • mrs peabody says:

      don’t forget “let’s talk about the husband” and her I’ll tell a story and you won’t like it about Kyle’s daughter, and all the lies about what a great person Brandi is.

    • T-Rex says:

      Maybe she was trying to mind-meld with our Tart of Texas here on the blog, LOL!. I love you posted all of that in some sort of order, because this is the TYPICAL MO of drug addicts and alcoholics! it’s all about deflection, look at the shiny object to the left, while I drink and drug over here to the right. Personally I think she had a reaction to the Vicodin and Alcohol and fell down after filming. They kept her in the hospital to “dry” her out for 48 hours saw she had NO herniated anything and sent her ass home. Look I am all too well acquainted with pretty much every SCAN machine known to man, they probably found absolutely NOTHING WRONG with her. Oh and IF she had a herniated ANYTHING her ass would have been sent to physical therapy after her hospital stay that shit doesn’t fix itself overnight it takes weeks and in some cases months. I wouldn’t stand anywhere near either of those two because lightning may strike them at any time for all of those lies. But we now see that he is her biggest Enabler, he probably has always loved her, she left him for a bigger payday and now he is reliving his life with her, I am sure his wife is thrilled, NOT

      • TexasTart says:

        The Tarts of Texas are upon you…all the live long days 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

      • TexasTart says:

        Honest to goodness ✋ my first thoughts with the Kim and Monty scenes was that they were drug buddies. Probably when they were married and now has come full circle in truly unfortunate circumstances.

        Hearing Monty has a wife was odd…does anyone have any facts on that?

      • Powell says:

        And she wouldn’t have been standing on a step stool in her kitchen right after coming home from the hospital.

        • kit9 says:

          That’s right! And, I think she was reaching over her head.

          • And it’s been pointed out many times that Kim was jumping up and down and smoking a cigar and hollering at the poker party. I am not sure how painful a herniated disc is, but hubs has deteriorating discs and when he’s been in pain, no jumping. Also he had bruised ribs from a work-related fall once, and there was no jumping. He couldn’t even lay down in bed, had to sleep in his recliner for a month.

    • TexasTart says:

      I thought she said Text-es like Teresa. It was probably Teresa’s fault for saying it on TV and it confused KIM! o_O

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It sounded like “texas” to me because she mumbles-I think Teresa said “textesis”…
        Brandi’s friend Jennifer used “texas” when she was trying to say “texts”…Brandi surprisingly knew how to say it correctly!

    • TexasTart says:

      Jill, we would have needed to start this list in season one. IMO she has lied about why she missed most of the RHOBH functions. Her voice was clearly slurred in some of those last minute calls to Lisa V.

      And so on, and so on, heavens I would be up all night if we were to strive for a complete list. ✏📝📝📝📝📝📝📝📝

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Oh we would run out of blog space if we listed every lie she ever told!! Girl can spit out a lie like nobody’s business!!

    • Powell says:

      According to her everyone else is lying.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She lied when she said that Lisa R takes Undignified jobs, when Kim Richards did diving with the stars. Is that a lie?

      She lied when she said Brandi has been there more for her than Kyle has ever been.
      Really? Didn’t you just call Brandi a slut pig about a minute ago?

      She lied/exaggerated when she said she talks to Kathy Hilton 4 times a day. Literally?

    • kit9 says:

      Alexia did…

    • You got a lot of them for this season, especially.

      Don’t forget Kyle stole her house!

  42. not THAT Jill says:

    WhiteTrashGal-your post about Bethenny crack me up! All the reason you have for not liking her are the exact reasons why I love her…you and I would be BESTIES with a twist in real life!!!

  43. not THAT Jill says:

    Now this is weird to me…with all that going with Kim…he’s off to Vegas? I’m so confused by these 2

    • T-Rex says:

      Well he is a Gambling Addict, er supposed professional Poker Player.

      • I got a sense of his and Kim’s lives from his Instagram pics and captions. He knows a lot of very rich and famous people. There are many cross links when you realize how many of the RHs have Vegas connections, parties, etc. Adrienne comes to mind, for one.

        Monty also is very close to the Hiltons, with photos of him in Vegas with them for a New Year’s Eve weekend or something, without Kim, who doesn’t appear to go with him to events like professional fights, etc. He’s got pics in front of or inside of several private planes, as well.

        I was trying to track him on the dates of Kim’s little herniated disk/pneumonia/bronchitis/hernia/crackedribs pain pill break down. She was in the hospital Aug. 28, or the photo of her in the bed was posted on that date. It’s hard to pin down the dates as when they’re taken and when they’re posted can vary by a day or week or month, even.

        But she has pictures on her Instagram where she was partying with her son and daughter in a game arcade kind of place, then with Brandi later, then off to poker party that night, it appears.

        Like I said, it’s hard to nail that down, but it appears Brandi and Kim have on the poker night clothing, thought it’s a dark photo so I can’t be 100% on that.

        At LisaR’s jewelry party, Eileen mentions “last Friday night at the poker party”, so looking at the TL posted here by one of you good sleuths, I’m trying to lay out the exact dates for that nebulous week of partying, hospital, more parties, etc.

        I do remember Kyle and Kim both referring to Kim going into the hospital on Saturday, I thought, “the next day” after the poker party. I even remember a mention of Kim being at the doctor’s all day and tests and then she said she was admitted to the hospital that night, as I understood it, which I thought odd because doctors don’t do office hours on Saturday, unless she went to an emergency care clinic.

        Of course, with all the changing stories, I’m confused. That’s the point, isn’t it?

        I’ll try to work on it again this weekend.

        • T-Rex says:

          WTG, well Monty lists his “profession” as Professional Poker Player, there are quite a number of folks that are on the Professional circuit in Vegas, I remember back in the 80’s my dad’s friend sold his house in Chicago and tried to be a professional out there, he was not a wealthy guy, he only lasted two years then had to go back to a real job, he actually wrote a book about it. I know that he and Rick Hilton have been friends since they were kids, I believe LyingDrugAddictAlcoholicKim met him through Kathy and Rick. Like I said the word on the street is that she was not in pain nor injured prior to Poker night. Look you can get admitted to an ER and hospital with no problems, shoot when I was at the EVIL hospital my one roommate WAS there to score drug prescriptions they ran TONS of tests on her she kept complaining of pain and they found absolutely NOTHING wrong with her, she was there for almost 3 days. I believe she either had a reaction to the alcohol mixed with the drugs, which you are NOT supposed to do, or she fell after she got home when she was wasted out of her gourd. I just think it’s interesting that her condition was listed as a hernia, then she had breathing and lung issues, then she had bronchitis, and not it’s a herniated disc, it’s ridiculous

          • TexasTart says:

            So beyond ridiculous.
            That was the “evil” hospital, I still remember your horrible stay there! This is before your diagnosis, when they were running every test that could, right.

          • Oh, you jogged my memory about those Vegas connections that keep popping up: EILEEN’S HUBS, the PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER. No doubt he spends a lot of time there, too.

            It’s a common ruse used by addicts: the “mystery pain” that no doctor or test can find, used to get drugs.

            And as many have said, Kim was jumping around on poker night, smoking a cigar–she was in NO PAIN. I don’t believe that “one little pill” would have given her that much painless energy.

    • TexasTart says:

      I remember when she said in a TH that while Monty was is staying with her that he would disappear to Vegas and just reappear days later…she said something to that effect. All her words in that episode made me think he was very likely and addict and heavy gambler. They probably both were drugging and treated one another similarily when married….just do what you want -when you please.

    • I finally gave in and went in deep with Monty this week: Instagram and Twitter. He spends a lot of time in Vegas. If you go way back on his Twitter to 2012, he tweets his daughter read him the riot act so he was trying to be good–he’s got several daughters, so don’t know which one. Then he tweets shortly after he’s doing what he wants as it’s his life, basically.

  44. Powell says:

    I am mad at Shonda Rhimes tonight. 😠

    • mrs peabody says:

      I just read about it and I’m not going to watch it. I’m mad too,

    • I am devastated…she lured me into a false sense of security twice..and then broke my f*cking heart…I gave this show too many years to be treated like this……have I not suffered enough for this show??!!?? I knew you would understand Powell!!

      • MM in OC says:

        Seriously, that hospital and the staff are doomed!! It’s like Final Destination for doctors. How many have died or almost died?? I haven’t religiously watched the show for several years, but I’m thinking the number has to be about 7-10.

        • McSteamy, George, McDreamy, the intern in the hospital shooting, Denny (not a dr. but sob worthy) Meridith’s sister Lexie….Coach Taylor got blown up as a Paramedic…she has squeezed every last tear out of me!!!! I am so torn about watching next week…TWO hours of sobbing…..I don’t know if my sinuses can take it!!!! Christina has to come back to the funeral, and WHO/M is going to take care of poor addled Meridith when the Alzheimers kicks in????? #shondrarhimesisthedevil

  45. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Hi all !
    So excited just spoke to my “connection” for the Bethenny event. I am going to go 2 hrs early and a seat SHALL BE SAVED for me !!!
    VIP …. It’s how I roll 🚬🚗

    Bringing my sandra Lee margarita and im all set !!!
    I shall take photos!

    • TexasTart says:

      YAY! 📢📢📢📢 Insider info, sweet and you will have her book too!

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I asked about “having” to buy the book and they said only if I want a picture with her.

        Mmmmmmm no thanks !

        So ill be so upfront I can just watch everyone salivate and be “so real” with her. I don’t need advice from her. ✋

        • TexasTart says:

          Oh come’on, doncha wanna know her secrets revealed in the book?! 😛

          At the Austin signing, you had to buy or bring a book to attend. I wasn’t sure if that was BF’s deal or the bookstore.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      OMGOsh!! How exciting! I hope your photographic memory is in top working order, you did a great job with your LVP sangria report. No pressure,…just saying!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Yay! Go Chismosita!! Bring back all the juice for us!

      • vilzvet says:

        Oooh, she’s gonna be in the city?

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          Hi Vilz- as far as I know I would assume she’d have many nyc appearances but maybe leave those for the tale end (or tail end ? Too tired to look up ) – of her book touring. Since she lives there – HOMELESSLY, of course.

          This is an appearance in long island – and it happens to be in the library i used growing up and its a beautiful location — im sort of pissed she’s coming there. HAHA
          Also the movie St. Vincent incidentally filmed some scenes there allegedly – near the pond.

          This weekend I believe on the 25th (?) – she’s going to be at Bottles and Cases – I saw her bony a$$ in posters all over huntington.

  46. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Princess can I still take your daughter’s quiz ??is it due at a certain day or time ?

  47. TexasTart says:

    Namaste, I saw your comment about people mistaking you for a Target employee, lol. And you weren’t even wearing red!!!

    Long ago, when Whole Foods was in it’s infancy, I was always asked where is this, and can you tell me….it was super annoying. Some time later, looking for an accounting job, there was one at Whole Foods main office- this is before they were national – I got an interview and they were asking if there was anything else interesting about myself that was otherwise not shared and I said “everytime I shop here, people think I work here – so I’m your girl!”

    It turns out that I wasn’t their girl, but everyone who knew I was annoyed shopping there thought it was hilarious that I was interviewing with them. Imagine what that job in the corporate office could have been like today?!!!

  48. TexasTart says:

    Had a scare yesterday when my dog who had surgery last week went to chase a cat and I lost control of the leash he ran – he wasn’t supposed to run for a month. He swelled up something frightful around one of the sutures. I took him in and they didn’t think it was internal bleeding but he did compromise some of the deep tissue and it will take longer to heal. Put some ice on it throughout the evening and some today. All is much better.

    So I just removed 12 or more stitches and he was perfectly good and calm the entire time….it took me a long time I was practically bent over in half on the floor with a headlamp and magnifier. Very tedious, but I couldn’t ask for a more cooperative dog – as long as a cat is not involved! 🙆 🐶

  49. ladebra says:

    Oh goodness, Donna Mills is on ET … She’s 74 and holly cow she looks good!

    • TexasTart says:

      I saw that too. I’m sure Brandi was sift ng on her couch tearing her apart for the 20 year old hair style and completely miss the fact she looks fantastic! I sure did enjoy Knotts Landing.

    • T-Rex says:

      What is so great is that she hasn’t done a boatload of plastic surgery and fillers. She is aging pretty much gracefully, good for her

      • vilzvet says:

        She was always the most beautiful woman on TV back then. And that show was my favorite, wayyy better than “Dynasty”.

        • austin1963 says:

          At the time, it seemed so much more down to earth. Not very different from our lives, perhaps. At least the houses and the cars, not the drama.

      • IMHO- she has had both plastic surgery and fillers. The difference is you are seeing VERY well done work. This is how it’s meant to be done.

        • ladebra says:

          I think you are right OMIB. But I think she didn’t go overboard, a little done maybe often, she started early, and didn’t want anything changed just counter the effects of gravity. But her skin looked wonderful, I’m sure good genes helped too!

    • Powell says:

      Love her. During that time she had the best eye makeup. There were tutorials on how to get her look. I can’t remember if it was her/ABC and a cosmetic company collab.

  50. TexasTart says:

    • Another weird topic – I heard the other day that cursive writing is dying out because we use keyboards so much today and read so much on the computer that we default to block letters.

      • TexasTart says:

        It’s true! And I heard there people that can’t read/write cursive!

        • ladebra says:

          That’s very sad 😦 sometimes when I watch Antiques Road Show, and they have letters, I wonder what they are going to drag out 100 years from now. Certainly not letters, no one writes letters any more. I can’t imagine emails being worth anything.

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Very true. I taught 4th grade and I would only allow them to write in cursive after I knew that they were comfortable writing and 4th grade was the year to get them to start learning. Anyhow, with all the testing especially at this school, they told me to stop wasting my time and start teaching them what’s going to be on the test. :/

        • LaineyLainey says:

          There’s a movement afoot in early education to discourage the use of crayola markers. Twenty thirty some years ago the crayola markers were a bit of a novelty, much easier for little hands to grasp the marker and they didn’t have to press as hard as they did with the crayons. Well, those same kids were later really struggling to write with a pencil. Struggling to tie their shoes. Struggling to draw with anything that wasn’t a marker. Struggling to use scissors! Their hands got tired!!! They didn’t have a firm grasp. In other words, their fine motor skills were/are lacking in comparison with kids who grew up coloring with crayons. The crayons strengthen the ligaments and muscles in the hand, wrist and arm in a way that markers do not. My kids were in that crayola marker generation. We. had tubs of those things! I worked with them at home with penmanship but it was sooooo tedious and they whined so much. I kinda gave up. Both of my kids are college grads now, but when they write a message on a card their handwriting is like mine was when I was in second grade. I love them and they write beautiful heartfelt messages, but their penmanship makes me a bit sad or nostalgic for pretty writing. They use block print or skinny little hurried cursive. Not hating on them, I adore my kids!!!! I don’t mean to be critical and I don’t mention their penmanship ever. But I do notice it. They are both doing well in their worlds, so it’s not holding them back in anyway. Just wanted to add my fourteen cents to the convo.

          Princess, my son couldn’t tie his shoes well until the age of 14ish. He tried, but his fingers would get all jumbled and tangled up. He started playing the guitar one summer and his fingers and hands got stronger, which helped with the shoe thing thing.

          Personally, I find it a bit sad that penmanship has gone by the wayside. I see letters from my husband’s grandmother. Perfect cursive. But we don’t really write letters anymore, do we. Unless you’re in prison. I wrote to a friend who was incarcerated, OMG,…it was very difficult. Somebody (incorrectly) told me I couldn’t type a letter to him. I was so fatigued after writing a one page letter. It really opened my eyes to how much even my fine motor skills have gone downhill. Type, type type type…so glad I learned how to type in 8th grade.

          Typing,…that’s a whole nuther ball of wax!!!! LOLOLOLOL

          • That is sooo interesting!! I can remember the struggle with my son and writing. He had OT for it but he didn’t hold the pencil right, it was a disaster. I bought all those grips for him….nothing worked.. I remember telling him that one day there would be software that he could just speak into the microphone and it would type it for him… He loved crayons, still does… the funny thing is that he is a quite the writer. He prints everything or types….loves to write stories.. My daughter has beautiful penmanship and can type like a demon. Actually they both type unbelievably fast… If I want him to go shopping for me I have to print the list or text it…he can’t read my “hieroglyphics” lol!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Hi Princess!!! My son, like yours, is a great writer, I was really only talking about penmanship, not the act of expressing oneself via the written word. When our kids are parents, they will most likely not look at penmanship in the same way we do, I suspect. I used to have pretty handwriting, but my lack of practice has rendered my penmanship somewhat illegible as well. If I slow down, and really concentrate, I can still write nicely. But it’s not without a fair amount of effort, focus, and concentration.

              At one of my state mandated continuing ed classes, we were asked to write a sentence with a crayola marker and then write the same sentence with a crayon. The instructor wanted us to have the physical experience of using both. Her point was how effortless the markers were in contrast to the crayons. She suggested that it’s important to keep markers out of reach sometimes to encourage the physical effort, concentration and focus of using a crayon. The children don’t know they are “working” …they are just coloring or drawing! But it’s an important part of their early fine motor skills development.

              • Yes, penmanship, I knew what you meant….I didn’t express myself well, lol…It was diagnosed as Dysgraphia….it took me a long time to find that one out….but after lots of research I found it! I just love learning new info!! Thanks for sharing…

      • T-Rex says:

        My niece and nephew go to private school and they take a cursive writing class starting in the second grade, my nephew is just starting and my little niece has to do everything her big brother is doing and so she is learning early. She is an artist, she has written her own little books and stories, and she is loving cursive she said it looks so pretty when she is doing her stories. So at least some kids are still learning the practice, but most kids don’t. I have a friend that teaches fourth grade in public school and he said PARENTS are the ones that don’t want them to waste time teaching kids how to write properly!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Maggie is in 3rd grade and she is OBSESSED with cursive writing! OBSESSED!! She’s not learning it in school but she tries to use it in her “diary”. I got her book that shows how to write each letter and girlfriend acted like I gave her glittery lip gloss!!! I need to order more books!! She’s been practicing her “signature”….God help me!!

        • Just sad that parents don’t want their kids to learn

          • T-Rex says:

            My friend is actually quitting teaching after this term, he is fed up with the system and he said it’s not the new testing procedures, he said he is tired of dealing with the PARENTS! Jimmy is failing because Jimmy doesn’t get proper help at home, parent says it’s the teachers fault he has them all day, if Jimmy is failing it’s the school’s fault. He hears that constantly and he is done. He is a great teacher as well,and the school system is going to be lacking a great teacher

            • austin1963 says:

              My husband, a National Board Certified educator with 40 years in the classroom, just retired for many of the same reasons. This is the second time he’s retired – after the first time he just couldn’t give it up so he went back – but more and more, it’s getting so discouraging. Many parents don’t consider themselves responsible for anything, they just put the kids on the bus and expect teachers to be able to tend to all of their needs, including psychological and everything else, and then when things don’t work out, it’s all the teachers’ fault, of course.

              Two of our three sons are in the process of becoming educators, and we have serious concerns about their career choice at this point. But then again, we always told them to follow their bliss. I hope it works out. I

          • austin1963 says:

            That’s not really fair. I am very pro-education, but we pretty much considered, for OUR sons, cursive to be a waste of time. It has nothing to do with not “wanting our children to learn”. Hardly.

            • austin1963 says:

              And they’re all in college, one about to graduate from OSU with a 4.0 GPA in Math Education, and they’re all highly successful. There’s nothing “sad” about it. Geesh.

              • 2Stupid says:

                The thing is my son looked forward to learning it in kindergarten. It was a rite of passage. For that reason alone, I don’t think it’s a waste of time. Granted my son is only in third grade, but he has never made less than a 100 and reads on 7 1/2 grade level. So the time spent on learnig cursive must no be too distractful from other subjects. I hate so see things just die a slow death.

                • austin1963 says:

                  Well, that’s your opinion, and that’s fine, but carrying on about it being so “sad” and about parents “not wanting their kids to learn” is offensive. If that works for your son, more power to him. I’m not advocating that anyone’s kid not learn it if they want to, as it doesn’t matter in the least to me.

                  • TexasTart says:

                    Austin, I don’t see where 2Stupid was carrying on or where she said some of the things you have referenced as being offensive. It was just her personal experience with the topic at hand. SJP’s comment, earlier in this thread, is what you have quoted from an it was just an opinion. Nothing was “offensive” about it other than it varied from your opinion.

                    • austin1963 says:

                      So it’s not offensive when someone suggests that it’s “sad” that not everybody sees cursive writing as a priority or that parents that don’t agree with them that it should be “don’t want their children to learn”. Good to know.

                    • Seriously don’t get your panties knotted up – I was just making a general comment on T’s comment. IT WAS GENERAL STATEMENT AND WAS NO WAY MEANT TO SAY YOU ARE A BAD COMMENT

                • austin1963 says:

                  And perhaps you missed the part where I clearly emphasized “OUR sons”.

      • Shiny says:

        Our public schools stopped teaching cursive this year. They seemed to think they were being progressive, as if that time would be spent on computers now. There is one computer in each classroom, so I doubt it.

        • vilzvet says:

          I just can’t believe that! Writing script as we called it was something we started learning in 2nd grade! How can they not teach it anymore?! And how crazy is this, my now 19-year-old son was never taught to tie his shoelaces in school, as we did, because it’s Velcro or no laces at all on the sneakers of the past many years. To this day I have to tighten his laces for him, it is so funny. I had always bought him the Velcro sneakers when he was a kid.

          • 🙂 about learning to tie shoe-laces.
            But really – how did that become something to be taught in *school?* I’d call that a very basic life skill that ought to be taught at home, along with dealing with zippers, buttons, getting dressed (in general)…. But then, what do I know. I just taught for 45 years…. 😉

            • Powell says:

              Yes. That’s all apart of the learning process to dress yourself. That’s done at home.

              • vilzvet says:

                I have all my own report cards, and in my kindergarden one, it has “Ties Shoelaces By Themselves”, as part of a checklist of certain skills.

            • austin1963 says:

              That’s my question. We taught our children to tie shoes long before school. And if people want their kids to learn to tie their shoes but then buy them velcro shoes, how is it the school’s fault? Same with cursive. If you want your children to learn cursive and your school doesn’t teach it, you can buy any number of books to teach cursive in any teacher supply shot or online. No need to insult those who don’t agree with you.

              • austin1963 says:

                Just to be clear: I have nothing against velcro shoes and if that’s what parents purchase, fine by me. Just don’t blame it on the school if the child can’t tie shoes in that case.

                • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                  My son has Autism so for now, he uses Velcro shoes. It’s not because we don’t try helping him tie his shoes at home but it’s because it might take him 20 minutes or so to put shoes with laces (don’t really see many shoes with) on and it can becoming frustrating. I am very happy for you, though that your children were able to learn all of these things at a young age.

              • TexasTart says:

                Austin, you have good input about the education, but I don’t think that PastBostonian has insulted you. Please tread lightly, we can, and often do agree to disagree around here, but it’s not fair to label people as being insulting or offensive when they are simply explaining their personal experience. Thank you, TexasTart

                • austin1963 says:

                  I never said she did. I was referring to the earlier comments that it’s a “sad” situation if other parents don’t consider cursive a high priority or that if parents feel that way, they “don’t want their children to learn”. I was actually agreeing with PastBostonian in her assertion that not everything is the school’s responsibility.

                  • I think it is wonderful that you were in tune with all of your son’s capabilities and needs. Knowing that it would be a waste of time to try and teach them cursive is pro-active parenting. Avoiding the frustration of learning cursive is knowing what your child is capable of and that is what a Mom does. Making sure that their education is focused on their strengths instead of wasting time on their weaknesses.. I applaud your decision!!! #gomom #notsad

                  • TexasTart says:

                    Sorry I misunderstood who ” No need to insult those who don’t agree with you.” was intended for, but my point is still the same. I don’t see where anyone insulted you. It’s just a difference of opinion.

          • My son finally got the shoelaces figured out at 19, I told him we would call Grandma and tell her, she will be so proud, lol!! I always bought him velcro and slip on because he just couldn’t do it….I thought he was the only one!

      • Powell says:

        I heard that years ago that it wasn’t being practiced as much in school.

  51. TexasTart says:

    I can’t wait for my SnarkFest2015™ Toilet paper to arrive. 😆
    Thanks for the recap Stars!

  52. TexasTart says:

    • T-Rex says:

      I love all the double talk about her “pilot” for a new show. As I suspected it’s a pilot like the myriad of hundreds that are shown to the various networks during the “pilot” season. First off, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE in that industry gives two nickels on what is and isn’t trending on the twatter machine for a pilot, that’s not how it works. Networks have a “formula” they have had them for decades, and a show is picked up based on the formula of a particular network. The fact that she is producing this with her “own” money and has no real production company behind her, does not bode well for a series “pickup”. A studio is NOT going to be on the hook for millions of dollars for a “homemade” pilot. With that being said, the only network that could possibly pick this up would be Bravo, and that would be as a spin-off, or a one time special, but no real network is picking up a privately produced show, from someone who doesn’t have tens of millions of dollars of their own to get a show going

      • TexasTart says:

        I’m very amused, as well. I’m guessing it will somehow end up airing on the internet. Either way, I have to admire her drive and tenacity. I guess Lisa R would call it her “hustle”.

      • Powell says:

        Yup. A 1 hr spin off. That’s it. And whatever she’s paid won’t cover the personal money she put out. Her being in HW for 20+ yrs Luke she loves to let us know, and having a production company, she should know that.

  53. TexasTart says:

  54. Shiny says:

    Among all of Kim’s supposed physical ailments in the list above, we forgot her Knee! complaints during the scavenger hunt.

    • ladebra says:

      I. ❤ your kitty!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Yes Shiny!! I was going to add her knee issue but I’m not sure if it’s a lie-I gave her a pass on the knee because it was the least ridiculous ailment!!

      • I was thinking about that knee when she was doing her Pilates with Brandi in that “Secrets Revealed” segment. Working her legs on the bench with that weighted line–that puts lots of stress on knees. So on the Scavenger Hunt she could have had knee pain from that–gosh, how’d she forget that in her long list of reasons she was IN SOOOOO MUCH PAIN?

    • TexasTart says:

      I love your kitty giving us the side-eye gravatar, LOL! Beautiful cat.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      That cat is looking shady at us all. 😾😾😼


  55. Very interesting- the blogger Tamara Tattles wrote the BHPD regarding why Kim’s mugshot was not released to the public. They responded that they consider it part of their investigation and will not be releasing it.

    • TexasTart says:

      Maybe because she was horizontal.

      • Lol! They held her for 8 hours, she had to sober up at a certain point…

        • TexasTart says:

          Uh huh. And she was photographed going out that afternoon, getting in her black Jeep, at least so it’s said those pics of her were the afternoon following the arrest……just like any ole’ day. My point to that matter is usually when a celebrity gets a trip to the pokey, they are ashamed and lie LOW for a while thereafter. But not our KIM. 🙄 Just another day in the life.

          Anyone else notice that she’s wearing one thing in the Dr. Phil interview and another completely different, white outfit when she leaves – yet the Daily Mail characterized that whole thing as if she stormed out and immediately left. That’s the way many report that, but she took time for a wardrobe change – OR it was the next day? Not that it matters, lol.

          • Huh. I didn’t notice the costume change.

            I’ll have to go back and look.

          • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

            She fled the Dr Phil interview to another room in the hotel that the family had. In those video clips of her leaving the hotel and getting in her jeep, she’s holding a garment bag. So, I’m assuming she had a change of clothes waiting for her in that other hotel room that she changed into before she left the hotel.

    • ladebra says:

      She’s smart enough not to drink in Van Nuys or Bu — they release them !

  56. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s coldddddd! 😨

    • TexasTart says:

      Sorry Powell, you live in the wrong part of the country 😉 we’ve been running A/C all the time. Why don’t we trade places, I also live in the wrong part of the country. Can’t take the heat!

    • California35 says:

      Good morning!
      Now is FRIDAY!! 😀

      Sorry you are cold 😌

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      Yes, I’m getting tired of this sine wave weather we’re having here. This going from freeze warnings to mid-50s, 60s is annoying. I think LVP is behind this.

  57. T-Rex says:

    SOOooooo after reading the comments again about our LyingLiarDrugAddictAlcoholicKim, I re-watched the Dr. Phil excerpt above and went and read some other information on the subject. We shall have to see the interview, in it’s entirety, to see the context of something I noted as a huge red flag, that she has been drinking all along. She, in that blurb above, says she “poured herself” a glass full of vodka and was thinking “what am I doing”, okay well that had to be either before she went to the bar, or her recent daily consumption of vodka, etc. That’s not what she was “served” at the bar, you can’t pour yourself a drink at a bar unless you are the owner, in fact, under certain laws, no patron can serve themselves, as it’s a violation of their liquor license and NO WAY the prestigious Polo Lounge is allowing you to sling your own drinks. We have now numerous stories from patrons and “anonymous” employees that the bar had indeed “served” her alcohol on the night she was arrested, and several have said she was a regular at the bar for about 8 months. Again we shall see what the NotREALDrPhilshow airs, but it looks like he does the “soft sell” approach and isn’t really going to make her own her crap! I hope I am wrong on that though and that they really did try to stage an intervention.

    • California35 says:

      I watched a couple of episodes of Mom this week.
      Mom and daughter are Alcoholics, go to meetings, live together, is an all silly type of sitcome. I had not watched it in some weeks. Any ways, these three episodes show that the Mom began using. I couldn’t help but think of Kim and any other addict. They showed how she got back into meds for a legitamete reason, she had help keeping herself in ck, then she started sneaking around taking way more pills than she needed. The she went yo another alone and got more meds, then she stole some from a neighbor and so on. The daughter and friends noticed het change, they would talk about it, when the saughter asked her questions she acted just like Kim, getting offended her daughter would even ask, bringing out all of her daughters mistakes, etc. The daughter felt bad and dropped it. Mom kept acting up and finaly it was very clear. So while I watched I though, WOW the writers sure know about this issue and did their research.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        This ^^^^ is a comedy ?????? 😳

        And a “CBS” one at that !???!!???

        • California35 says:

          Yeah, its pretty funny, I am surprise too that this tyoe of issue can be treated in a funny way. All along it is more of their live after they quit their addiction, how they resist the temptation, their AA meetings and friendships. These last episodes i saw were about falling back to the addiction, which is sad, but I guess they kind of had to have that too, to make it realistic. Addicts CAN fall back. The latest episode seems to have the Mom quit again and is like a week sobber.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            C35-hi! I have only watched about 3 episodes of this show and I really like it. Somehow it manages to be funny without taking away from the seriousness of addiction. It’s got good writing and the performances are really really good. Allison Janney is stellar in anything she does, MOM is no exception.

            • California35 says:

              Hi Lainey,
              I saw the 2 following episodes of the three I wrote about, thise two episodes are of her dealing with her fall. Went to jail, is sick, and goes to court. Sh does have her support group, her daughter and AA girls. They also show how the daughter is affected about it and her reaction to Mom. She herself is an addict.

              Any wyas, enjoy the show. Inwatch a few episodes at a time, an dmay have missed a few along because I watch from On Demand. The daughter has a daughter also, and she is trying to break the cycle. She comes accross as very judgy and bit rude to mom and grandma, but they don’t hate her for it. They actually understand her.

    • TexasTart says:

      I heard the “poured myself” and then the look of shock, like she couldn’t believe she did it. It’s all acting. When the shit got real she ran faster than Kyle out or the Amsterdam dinner from hell!

      • California35 says:


      • jezzibel says:

        watching her facial expressions, she is a certain extent, up until Phil calls her a bad mother and she looks around and realizes that her family being there is too close to an intervention….she tears up a little bit, but she closes her eyes and squeezes them shut, her hands keep going to her face to cover her eyes..she is trying to cry on cue(Kyle is so much better at that , then Kim is).

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh, I think it’s totally acting, and that ONE drink means one drink per day, she is not fooling anyone she is still drinking and probably had a drink yesterday~

        • Powell says:

          You read the Daily Mail link WTG posted? Chad said Kim’s been smoking pot too. Also Kim said she’s not drinking “all the time” & Chad said she’s drinking. We shall see if the DM got all their info correct. If this is how it all goes down it seems to me she’s been using all kinds if stuff before BH started shooting this last season.

          • It appears to me the Daily Mail bought that [obvious] cell phone video from someone who was there, outside where they were waiting for valet parking or something?

            As I read it, the information about what was said when Kim ran from the interview was “heard” by those in the hallway, possibly crew for the show, or hotel staff?

            I wonder if the report about Phil going to Kim’s suite to implore her to take the rehab offer, or to check on her or whatever, was filmed?

            Really, it’s all too strange. I can’t fathom how Kim didn’t see this was an intervention all along. If it didn’t occur to her beforehand, then the only thing I can surmise is her family, including her BEST SISTER KATHY and three of her children, told her this was her opportunity to publicly defend her behavior and do PR spin? AND…she fell for it.

            What I don’t understand is why ANY of them would think it’s a good idea to stage an intervention ON CAMERA ON A TV SHOW? It didn’t exactly go well all season on the RHOBH when people tried to even talk to her about her addiction. The Reunion was a revelation of how far gone Kim actually is in her relapse.

            Who are these people, that think their worst private struggles need to be filmed and aired? I don’t get it.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              You brought up some great points. Maybe her kids asked her to get help and she tells them to stop because they’re stressing her out and this is probably the only way that they can at least provide her with help since Dr. Phil has some experience with this. Maybe he told the family what was going to happen beforehand? Also, we’re assuming it’s an intervention but it’s probably just her kids begging her to get back into rehab.

              • True. I just feel so sorry for her kids. I know how many times their hearts have broken over the years. If she can’t see that or just doesn’t care, even worse.

              • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

                Publicity for Dr Phil and guaranteed good ratings for an episode of his show. An opportunity for some PR first aid for Kim. And for Kim’s family, someone else to foot the bill for Kim’s rehab. It was potentially a win-win-win situation.

                Here’s one thing… Kim’s hesitant about a 30 day program. Everyone else is talking about her needing a 90 day one. I think the only way it can happen if maybe the Judge hearing her case sentences her to a 90 day program. And not a local one.

    • I noticed Kim’s little demonstration of how small her drink was…OH! WHAT HAVE I DONE? lol Clearly you haven’t had acting lessons in a while, Kim. A little rusty, there?

      Is she confessing to another drinking episode, because brown bagging would surprise me at the Polo Lounge?

    • Amber says:

      T-R, I use to watch his show regularly and don’t expect him to pull punches. However, I also mostly expect to learn Kim having a change of heart and accepted Dr. Phil McGraw’s offer of recovery since the taping fiasco. She may have been stupid enough to think she could control that interview as she has for a large part of RHOBH’s season and probably since, but, clearly, the jig is up. What’s else can she do at this point?

  58. TexasTart says:

    Vintage, lol

  59. TexasTart says:

  60. TexasTart says:

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Aww I miss Tammy. She was so nice. I wonder how her daughters are?

      • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

        I like her the most of the OC housewives because she did the right thing by taking herself and her kids off the show when it got to be too much.

  61. shamrockblonde says:

    *sets down several ice cream cakes* – Happy Birthday AZGirl and everyone else that I missed! T-Rex! as usual, you were right! – Tre is not getting an early release from prison – but we all knew that thanks to you! as for NY – I don’t like Carole – before she was just meh – but I am really starting to not like her – and the whole cougar thing – eww – Luamne heading off to the “bathroom” with that Trump/Prince guy? so casual, so no big deal – WTH!!! – oh Sonja – please just stop! – has anyone heard anything about Ramona’s sister trying to be on the show? I don’t know if I like Dorinda – I don’t care for her daughter’s behavior and her boyfriend – that whole “kiss me” thing at lunch – nonono – as for B- I agreed with her about Luanne – it would have taken Lu a hot minute to pull out her cell and shoot B a text about Ms. sachels of gold being there –

    in other news, papers were served on my Mom’s tenant – he has three days to pay the back rent – today being the last day – if not he has 30 days to vacate – if he does not we get the sheriff to evict him – we already knew we would not see the money, so now we wait – we have a family member staying near by who keeps checking on the house and checking on the tenant – he even peeked in the windows into the house – could not see much but said he did not see any major damage – lawyer told him to stop being on the property – walking by is ok – on the property – no –

    Princess! – I did your daughter’s survey! – hope she does well with it! – and Kristin who is 8 LOVES writing cursive! – she writes stories and they are always in cursive – Ryan who is 5 is a whole other kettle – he’d rather TELL you the story –

    hope you all are well, happy and safe – go hug someone you love – really hard – time goes by way too fast – don’t miss a minute of it – love you all!!

  62. Princess Beanie Boo wants to thank everyone that took her survey. She told me many times yesterday to make sure I thanked you all!!! She is very excited with all the results and the demographics she got from “US”…. It helped to balance out the “younger” generation demographics she got from her Tumblr followers….lol! She has twice as much info as was the minimum requirement so it will make it easier to do her report!! So thank you all that “spilled your guts”, lol!! You helped my daughter to succeed!!! #girlpower

  63. Radar Online is reporting that Amber Marchese’s breast cancer is back.

    • Yeah I posted that from another site a few days ago.

      Jim got into a twitter tiff with Andy recently and sarcastically thanked him for calling a Amber after her surgery.

      I’ll go see if I can find it.

      Can’t stand him but sad for her- she must be scared.

    • Austin says:

      That’s too bad. Not a fan, but I wish her the very best in her fight to beat breast cancer once again.

    • California35 says:

      This is sad poor Amber and family, including her … Husband. Hopefully they get closer than ever and he continues to shiw her support and love. Unless it was all an act. He did seem to treat her well and love her.

  64. justanothermary says:

    OMG – Bruce Jenner with his hair down looks like Kelly Bensimon.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Just started watching this. This should be interesting.

      • California35 says:

        Ihabe not wayched, but it is on my DVR. i dont know why, but I am very interested to watch this interview. Apart from getting facts and his story on his way, since there has been sooooo much on the magazines and tv about it.

        I have seen him a few times around town, around the time he was separating or moving out, so I did wonder how he was doing, but I never approach him. I had not heard about the “change” yet then.

  65. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Saturday. It’s still cold in my hood. 48 degrees. 😨 We’re going backwards Mother Nature m. What’s up? 😏 I hope you all will have a great day chillin.

    • California35 says:

      Happy Saturday 😊
      It has bren cold here also. I finally dressed appropriately for it yesterday. It was cloudy and it really lookied like it would rain. This morning the heater was on, so it must have been colder.

  66. Sorry got very skinny up there. It was a general comment and so sorry Austin that you felt I insulted your parenting skills. I was just trying to note a fun fact about cursive writing and then I made a comment agreeing with T about parents not wanting their kids to learn.

    I have enough stress without people getting all hot and bothered over innocuous comments. It has been fun and I will miss you guys but I am checking out from the site for a while.

    • California35 says:

      😞 i missed what happened….. I did read the begining of that convo, and I guess I didnt go back to read the rest. So far it had been interesting to read about writing vs typing.

      Don’t stay away too long…we will miss you 😩

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Please SJP, come back. I can’t tell you enough how you and most people on here are my little escape of everyday crap. Plus, we haven’t discussed in detail which NY ladies need a make over. 🙂

    • ladebra says:

      You will be missed, please don’t stay away too long. I enjoy your POV, and your humor 😉

    • You will be missed, my friend.

      Come back soon.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You get 8 hours off unless it’s a vacation, and then you must return!!! It’s in your contract. You are one of my faves!!! I don’t want to be here w/out you!! It’s all about meeeeeee!

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