Dr. Phil’s Interview with Kim Richards / Real Housewives of New York – The Art of Being a Cougar

Dr. Phil’s Real Housewives Exclusive Interview With Kim Richards By Texas Tart


The following is not the exact dialog, it does not include everything that was said, but hopefully will be cohesive enough to follow. I have to admit that I didn’t write down every time Dr. Phil mentioned “in a bar” but it would have been the drinking word game that made everyone horizontal fast.  After the news broke that Kim Richards was arrested at a bar, I posted here that she will claim she only had one drink.  Maybe a half a million other people were able to predict this too.

Dr. Phil opens his show with a view of the Beverly Hills Hotel in the background saying that Kim Richards’ family has found this hotel to be like a second home and they have spent many Christmas eves there. Kim has rubbed elbows with Hollywood elite.  But that was in the past. Now she has gone from VIP to being charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer. On April 16, 2015 at 2:04 am Kim was arrested at the famed Polo Lounge, where the police said she showed objective signs of alcohol intoxication and they had to drag her out of a bathroom after locking herself inside.

Media clips are shown and several clips from Bravo with everyone in entertainment media talking about her relapse.  Then they show Dr. Phil by himself waiting. It’s past the scheduled start. He said there was primping. Clothing changes. Bangs being fluffed. Dr. Phil is still waiting.  In walks Kim.

Phil: Are you delaying this for some reason?
Kim: Absolutely not.
Phil: I take what I do seriously.
Phil: You were arrested, you’re a mom. Why did you get arrested?
Kim: I’m a strong person. I have been sober. I haven’t been working a program. My youngest called, having a difficult time [Kimberly] so I went to spend the night with her. I needed to watch the show, to blog the show.  The fans are very hard on me.  Kimberly went to school the next morning and I was going to watch the show, but I went on Twitter first to see what people were saying.  It was horrible.  They were calling me names…

Phil: What did they say?
Kim: You’re a ho. You’re a drunk. Calling me all kinds of names.  I’m an alcoholic. I’ve said that. I’m tired of being talked about.
Phil: Have you been drunk on the show?
Kim: No, I have not drank on camera.
Phil: What is this? [shows a clip of the Amsterdam dinner from hell]
Phil: Why are you in that kind of exchange?
Kim: I’m acting this way because I’m angry.  And everyone told me Lisa Rinna was talking behind my back.
Phil: So you’re not acting this way because your super defensive, because you have something to hide?
Kim: No. I’m angry.
Phil: So you left Kimberly’s
Kim: I left Kimberley’s to pick up Brooke who was coming in from Dubai.
Phil: So what upset you?
Kim: It wasn’t the blog. It wasn’t the blog or the season that upset me. It was my relationship with my sister and my niece that’s been destroyed. [crying] The comments got to me. I couldn’t sleep.  I was thinking about the blog.  I poured a drink of vodka  [holds her fingers to indicate 2″]  I haven’t had vodka in over 10 years. Then I thought, what have I done?! [hands over mouth, shocked expression]  So I left. It kicked in when I was driving past the Beverly Hills Hotel and I pulled in because this is a familiar place.  I put my purse on the table where I always sit. I started talking to some people at a table.  I thought I knew them.

Phil: What caused the maitre’d to ask you to leave.
Kim: I don’t know. I don’t remember all of it.
Phil: Did you order a drink when you go there?
Kim: No, the bar was closed.  I went over and talked to some people I thought I knew. The waiter wanted me to leave and go back to my table. The waiter mentioned I was trespassing.
Phil: All of this because you had one 2″ drink? Was it in a paint can?
Kim: Just in a glass.
Phil: Let’s talk about common sense.  I have one drink. I go talk to people I don’t know and the maitre’d at a BAR asks you to leave at a BAR and then it gets to the point he has to say you need to leave, you’re trespassing. You need to leave the BAR. Were you loud, obnoxious or acting crazy?
Kim: I don’t remember all that! I remember bits and pieces.
Phil: He called the police.
Kim: I went to the bathroom. I was in the stall and the police came in.
Phil asks a lot of details and she claims she was scared. The cops were banging on the door. They grabbed her, etc. She doesn’t remember it all.

Phil: Usually when people are scared they are compliant.
Phil: You never had a drink the hour and a half you were there?
Kim: No
Phil: Shouldn’t you have already processed the alcohol from the one drink by now?  The cops said you had slurred speech.  Do you remember assaulting the officer?
Kim: I was maybe flailing around, I don’t know.
Phil: You had to be drinking a lot.
Kim: [shakes head no]
Phil: If you’re an alcoholic, then why go to a bar if you’re not getting a drink?
Kim: Because. Because. I was feeling it, so I pulled in so I wouldn’t be on the road. Because that’s a safe place for me.

Phil: You went to a bar.
Kim: That is where I usually go.
Phil: In a bar…
Kim: I sat in the same booth where her mother sat since she was 6 years old.
Phil: IN A BAR
Phil: You didn’t order a drink?
Kim: No
Kim: I’m sorry for my kids and those that were rooting for my sobriety. I feel horrible. I can only pick it up and move on.
Phil: So when you took that drink, it was the first in 3.5 years?
Kim: No. That’s not true. I did have drinks a couple of times the last few months. It was wine.

[clips from the reunion where Kim is chastising everyone for questioning her sobriety]

Kim: I was embarrassed to say at the reunion.  The girls [RHOBH cast] didn’t make it easy for me. I had been sober for 3 years….so it was a lie and it wasn’t a lie.
Phil: What do you think of Kyle’s reaction…she’s looking at you out the corner of her eye.
Kim: It’s been a bad year for us. Yolanda came to me, Brandi and Kyle telling me what Lisa Rinna was talking about me.
[crying] [pics of her and Kyle are shown]
Phil: Kyle is the one that revealed you were an alcoholic. Do you resent that?
Kim: Yes. I tried to put it behind me.
[Kingsley media clips about biting Kyle’s daughter, Alexia’s hand]
Phil: You and your sister had a fight about a dog bite. [speculation as why] but it was an accident.
Phil: Are you afraid your sister will see this [interview] and say that’s why she didn’t stand up for you, you were lying all along?
Kim: Kyle texted me after the arrest to see if I was okay. [crying] I haven’t spoken to her, but I’m sure some people are having a field day with this. And I don’t really care.

[clip of TMZ following Kyle on the street, she was on her phone and not responding]

Phil: You DO care what people think.  You look at Twitter and let it get to you.  People make judgments but just looking at now and not the whole life.

Phil references her fiance` getting shot in the head and killed while talking to her on the phone. And she had to identify his body. This draws the most intense reaction. Phil wonders if she thinks of this when she drinks. She says she thinks of it every day, but not drinking every day. Phil mentions she is a caretaker for an ex-husband who is a Stage 4 cancer patient [Monty].

Phil: When did you know this was a problem?
Kim: When my mom was sick, I was taking care of her and I started drinking a lot at night. I turned into a person I didn’t like. I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror.

Bravo footage is showing going into commercial and I’m glad to see they included some finger pointing footage.  Her children, Brooke Brinson, Kimberly Jackson and Chad Davis join the interview.  Not attending is daughter Whitney and son Kingsley.  The children were not introduced by name. They’re seated on a couch, horizontally aligned to keep Kim’s focus toward Dr. Phil.

Phil: I’m concerned about your Mom.  Did you see her take a drink?
Brooke: No. she wasn’t there when I woke up. She called me the next morning and told me she was driving home, she was in jail last night.

Kimberly found out through friends on social media.
Kim apologizes to her children.

Kimberly: we love you, support you and want you to get the help you need.
Phil: You said your friend that hangs out with you, Brandi [photos of Brandi Glanville] had your back. She’s described to me as someone who does drink. How do y’all feel about this friendship?
Kimberly: From the very beginning [interrupted by Chad]
Chad: Toxic.  She’s toxic. [Kim looks shocked] You need to be around people that are supporting your sobriety.
Kim: She’s a good friend. And Yolanda too. [Dr Phil knows Yolanda very well] Brandi doesn’t drink around me unless on the show. They all drink on the show.
Brooke: I personally don’t know Brandi that well, I can see where it makes Mom look bad hanging with her, from the show, but I do not personally know her.

Kim tells the kids she wants to do the right and says a lot of things that I don’t remember, but what struck me was all three of the children have a blank expression. Probably because they’ve heard this song and dance before.

Phil: You can’t handle the heat from the public, the criticisms from the show. Would you walk away from it?
Kim: If I can’t, yes, I will.
Phil: You reading Tweets were the trigger, that shows you can’t handle the heat.
Kim: I haven’t been working a program. I need to exercise.
Phil: Do you trust me?
Kim: [pause, looks away] I do.
[camera goes to the children]
Brooke: I do.
Phil: Something has to change. There are too many red flags. I’ve never seen an alcoholic that gets their story right and you’re no exception.  You go up to people you don’t know at the Polo Lounge and refuse to leave, you lock yourself in the bathroom, you attack a cop, that sounds like a drunk.
He references the pain pill.  The times she [admitted to] drank. Kim tried to interrupt and he claimed she was doing that to deflect and minimize.

Phil: Come’on you drink.
Kim: Never on the show.  Never on the show. I want to make that clear.
Phil: She didn’t drink on the show people! She’s just a slurry belligerent angry woman. I don’t care about the show.  You have a lot of anxiety. You are depressed, a caregiver for a stage 4 cancer patient, mother to 4 children, a life history with a lot of wounds.  You need help. You were drunk in a bar at 1:30 in the morning and fighting a cop, that is not good mothering! That is meltdown mothering.  You need help. You need treatment. I will make it a gift from me to you.

Kim: I actually told the kids I need to go recharge myself, that I didn’t want to go way [crying] 30 days. I want to go close to home.  [Kimberly looks so sad]
Brooke: Will you go to a 60 day program?
Kim: Not more than 30. Only if it’s close to home and I have not found a place that meets my needs.
Phil: You can’t make this about demands. I’m interested in one thing, and that’s your long term health and well being. Will you go?
Kim: No. Has to be close to home.
[Brooke has a very dissatisfied expression, her siblings have a stone face]
Phil: It’s about meeting your demands
Kim:  I don’t want to miss my daughters wedding.

[Brooke is already married. She had a ceremony featured on RHOBH. The upcoming wedding will be a more elaborate full scale wedding than the quickie they had so it could be on Bravo – I mean, so her father Monty could be there.]

Phil: You just need to say you trust the process and trust me.
Kim: Trust is a hard for me. [crying]
Kimberly: I don’t want you to go back home – there is so much going on at home [Kim interrupts]
Kim: Is this an intervention?!
Kimberly: No
Kim: I have to go home!
Chad: It’s just surrendering and not having to worry about that, you know.
Kim: I just want to stop, I’m done [she’s talking about the interview]
Phil: You’ve controlled this and it’s not really worked for you. I’m asking you to take a leap of faith and trust your family.
Kim: Who have I been able to trust? Who?
Phil: Why, don’t you trust me right now?
Kim: Okay, I trust you. [crying]
Phil: I’ve arranged a program for you that’s right down the street. [Kim interrupts]
Kim:  I have a lot of anxiety [abruptly walks out of the room]

Dr. Phil in a talking head explains why he wanted Kim to agree 100% about rehab before he gave her information on the facility. Kim is very controlling and like many addicts she is a deflector, with her I knew it would be critical to get all her excuses out of the way.  We knew of all of Kim’s concerns ahead of time, so all she had to do is accept.

We hear audio of Kim going down the hallway taking off her mic and saying you can forget this whole thing, I’m done.  XXXX him. [Which I can only assume is a profanity meant for Dr. Phil] I’m leaving. He totally put me on the spot in front of all those people.  [What in the world did she expect? She claimed to be a long time viewer of Dr. Phil?]

Dr. Phil sends Brooke to try to talk her mom into returning.  Brooke enters the hotel room Kim has retreated to. Kim is sitting facing a brunette woman, whos face is blurred. It could be Kim’s makeup artist. Bless her. The room has a lot of clothing and bags, notably a “Kyle” store shopping bag.  Kim starts moving and somewhat pacing back and forth, goes out on the balcony where there are a couple of people with their faces are blurred. I’m not seeing anyone I would recognize as a relative and I’ll note that I never saw her sister Kathy Hilton in any of these scenes with the camera following Kim. Here’s the dialog:

Kim: I’m done with you!
Brooke: Mom
Kim: 100% I am NOT going back in there.
Brooke: [unintelligible]
Kim: Stop it. You are giving me tons of anxiety. He [Dr. Phil] was being rude.
Brooke: He was not being rude.
Kim: I’m not going back in there.
Brooke: It’s by the beach, down the street. Come’on!
Kim: I don’t like secrets.  GET OUT!

[Camera is back outside of the room, so we just have audio now.]

Brooke: [unintelligible]
Kim: I’m done discussing it. I’m not going back in that room.
Brooke: This is not what we wanted….that was not the goal of coming here. He said its’right down the street, why do you have to be so xxxxx picky? Just go get the help you need.
Kim: I don’t … I can’t.

Arguing continues. I faintly hear other voices which might be the other two children.

Kim: …but you guys don’t see me every day….
Chad: Yeah, but you haven’t been sober.
Kim: Yeah, but…Chad…
Chad: I live with you!  I’m not saying you’re drinking, but you take pills, you smoke pot.
Kim: Every once and a while.

A screen graphic says 20 minutes later; Dr. Phil knocks on the door to say goodbye. She opens the door wearing all white and walks into the hall. Seems considerably refreshed and calmer and has a sweet voice. What she says seems so rehearsed.  No way it was only 20 minutes from the time she was arguing with her children.

Kim tells Dr. Phil that she appreciates and respects him. She just needs time to digest it. She has tons of anxiety going somewhere she doesn’t know. Dr. Phil asks to see the kids and they walk out into the hall. He tells them he’s sorry this didn’t work out. I told you what you need to do. I think you guys agree [the kids nod].  Kim notes her kids trust Dr. Phil and says “I trust you.” Dr. Phil says “Don’t cheat yourself… and don’t cheat your kids.”

Brooke looks resigned to knowing there’s still an uphill battle and hell to pay for this….or maybe I’m reading way too much into her facial expressions.  Kimberly is the quickest to smile, I’m pretty sure she is a people pleaser. I think Chad is Switzerland to some degree with his sisters.  I have the feeling that he’s taken a lot of heat and he refrains from saying much. He comes across looking either stern or disgusted.

Phil in a talking head: She refused treatment, but after sleeping on it, she accepted treatment and then she went back and forth with us, wanting special arrangements, private room, etc. In the last few days, it’s reported she checked herself in. We hope that’s true. Dr. Phil thanks Malibu Beach Sober Living and they show pics of how nice it is there. I hope Kim will stay long enough to get the help she needs.

Kim Richards wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Richards
Dr. Phil’s interview clips http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2408/
Dr. Phil’s 7 steps in breaking addiction  http://www.drphil.com/articles/article/173
Malibu Beach Sober Living   http://www.malibubeachsoberliving.org/


You can watch the video here:


Top 10 Things I Learned from

Dr. Phil’s Interview with Kim Richards


by Stars99

10.  Even with all those years of being an actress, it’s still hard for Kim to squeeze out tears on cue.#CrocodileTears #ActingLessonsMayHelp
9.  It’s All About the Size of the Glass…On the night she was arrested, Kim admitted to drinking about 2 inches of vodka – Dr. Phil aptly asked if it was from a paint can since the amount of time from when she drank it to when she was still slurring her speech, acting all wonky, and getting arrested was over 2 hours which was long enough for her to be sobering up. I’m thinking it was probably a trash can.
 8.  Once a diva – Always a Diva…Kim made Dr. Phil wait for her for quite a while before the interview and he was so not happy about it. She then proceeded to lie to his face about it and tell him she had been ready since her arrival at 10:00 AM. I’m not even going to go into her list of demands for a rehab facility.
7.  Kim’s son, Chad (who lives with her), calls Brandi “toxic”…And he should know, no?
6.  Evidently, alcoholics can drink wine and still be sober!Drinking wine evidently doesn’t count against Kim Richard’s brand of sobriety. Kim admitted to drinking wine a few times – but didn’t want to admit it on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Show because she was askeered of the big bad women from RHOBH. Personally, I think Kim should create and sell perfume called, “My Sobriety” – Which advertises that it’s comprised of fruity notes of pomegranate and passion fruit but is actually just 100% merlot. That way, if anyone smells wine on her – She can just say it’s her new perfume. It would be very convenient…
5.  Kim actually thinks people look up to her…Ummm yeah… I guess those who are shorter than Kim’s 5’1” frame and the high horse she rides on may have to physically look up to her… Okay…
4.  Kim doesn’t blog because we, the viewers, are meanie weenies.It’s true… I am… But at least I own it.
 3.  Kim insists that she never drank on the show this season on camera.Operative words: “on the show,” “this season” and “on camera.”
2.  No really, it’s perfectly acceptable for alcoholics to go to a bar when they’re relapsing.In Kim’s world – When you’re driving after you’ve been drinking (Pause and take that part in for a moment…) and you’re a recovering alcoholic who never struggles with her sobriety – It’s perfectly reasonable to go to a bar at 1:30 AM… You know… and NOT order a drink. Kim still asserts that she only drank 2 inches of vodka all night. However, she was evidently drunk enough to be bounced out of a bar… That she and her family have been frequenting all her life… By the police… Who arrested her… And whom she kicked… Puhleeze.
1.  No matter how you look at it – Kim is a lying liar who lies. She even lies about lying.Evidently, we are to blame for her drinking – Kim blames twitter, tweeters, bloggers, viewers, Bravo, the stuff with Kingsley, Brooke’s wedding, her dying ex-husband, and everyone else but herself for her drinking. She even stormed off the set and said “Fuck him” referring to Dr. Phil about how he put her on the spot during her interview – Ummm…. Duh… That’s what he does during every single interview…lol… She just demonstrated that she must have never really watched his show like she insisted she had – Unless of course she watched it while she was in the same “fog” that seemed to surround her on the night she was arrested thus conveniently clouding her memory.But don’t we ALL know – It’s really ALL Kyle’s fault?

In all seriousness, Kim is an alcoholic. According to her son, she also takes pills and smokes pot (Wow, she could have had some “space cake” in Amsterdam after all, no?). She is an addict in need of interventions (Just don’t use that word around her).

The bottom line is this – Even if Kim says she loves turtles while in a smoky fog of pot, if she spills pills all over a hotel bathroom floor and sits on the floor to pick them up, or if she plays with previously used tissues left in the back seat of a limousine while in a drunken stupor – I truly hope Kim will get and accept the type of help that she so desperately needs. I hope her kids do, too – They’ve had to deal with this their whole lives… Honestly, it’s almost put me over the edge and I’ve only had to watch it on TV. But, please know, that if I ever do become an alcoholic… I’ll be sure to blame Kyle!

My spidey senses are telling me that we just may have a Kim and Kyle reconciliation show mediated by none other than Dr. Phil in the not-so-distant future. Fingers crossed…lol. I wonder how much Kim got paid for this interview… Color me cynical.

Happy Trails!


Real Housewives of New York City

“The Art of Being a Cougar” – S7E4

by Stars99

Group Shot

Remember Last Week…

In a lame high school attempt of playing “Who Do You Like Better?” Ramona tried to make the women pledge their undying loyalty during BrunchGate 2015™®©… Unfortunately for Ramona, the women staying with LuAnn (Kristen, Heather and Carole) chose to attend both brunches but first went to Bethenny’s. They wanted to see the “House that Skinny Girl Built” and their loyalty bought them some Skinny Girl swag when they left (including blenders) – The remaining prisoners who were staying at Ramona’s house (Sonja and Dorinda) were forced at gunpoint to go to brunch at a restaurant with Ramona… There they waited… and waited… and waited…

Later on, Dorinda and “What’s His Name” (John) went on a hot daytime date and he was castrated by Dorinda for taking a business phone call… But don’t go feeling too sorry for him, because he arrived sans Dorinda at a well-known singles pick-up joint where Cougars pounce on easy young prey – Just ask Sonja, LuAnn, Ramona, Carole, Bethenny, and… Wait for it… Wait for it… Krazy “Satchels of Gold” Kelly. Yikes! Bethenny chides “slithery” LuAnn for not giving her a girl’s girl heads up on Kelly’s attendance and surprisingly LuAnn apologized and together they returned to the Cougars. The Pack began pouncing on some very young aspiring gazelles who were longing to be photographed for National Geographic and who were looking for free drinks, drooling women, and airtime on a reality show.

This Week…

Heather and Carole are going for a walk. Carole tells Heather she’s dating Adam (29 years old), the young chef  she met at LuAnn’s. On Halloween, they went to a club owned by one of Carole’s friends. She had a couple of tequilas and then “someone” gave Carole a gummy bear… Which she actually ate… Are you kidding me? Who does that? Haven’t we ALL learned not to eat crap like that at a club? Carole was “tripping” her head off and then she promptly got sick in the back of a petty cab with young Adam holding her hair back. She laughs it off as making her look vulnerable and it worked, cuz Adam didn’t go home. She has not told LuAnn yet because she knows that he dated LuAnn’s niece.

Oh goodie – It Bethenny’s birthday party. You may remember how wonky Bethenny generally is about her birthday – Probably because she shares it with her mother whom she loves, oh so much – Who knows? She puts on a black gladiator pantsuit with silver metal accents on the bodice. Or I guess it could be a dominatrix outfit, I’m not sure. It makes a strong statement… I’m just not sure what that statement is… It isn’t, “I’m cute, cuddly and approachable” that’s for sure. But she does look pretty – In a sweet, S & M kind of way.

Bthenny outfit

It makes all the sense in the world to me that she wanted it to be a small, intimate gathering of safe and sane people without a lot of drama in light of her current lifestyle situation. I’m guessing Bravo wanted to film so she needed to invite some of her coworkers. Bethenny invited Sonja, Ramona and LuAnn – All of whom she knows quite well. Since Bethenny had a great conversation with Carole the night before when they went to Boutique, she ended up extending a last minute invitation to her. It seems like she asked Carole if she wanted to also bring her friend (Heather) – So she was there, too. Neither Dorinda nor Kristen were invited – Seemingly because Bethenny doesn’t know them very well and neither were with the group the night before at Boutique (the pick-up bar)…

Sonja and Plus 1s

Frederick (Bethenny’s realtor from Million Dollar Listing) and his husband arrive at the venue… Sonja brings young (24 year old) Dominic that she met the previous night at Boutique… Dominic brings Matt (his equally young roommate)… Bethenny is surprised because she doesn’t think that +1s are generally supposed to invite other guests to an intimate dinner party.

It’s hilarious because Carole tries hard to make small talk with the youngsters. Carole used to have a rule that she didn’t like to date anyone who was born before the bicentennial – But I guess that rule was modified to accommodate the chef. Sonja’s guys are models (of course they are) and Carole tries to talk to them about Jordache jeans (Way before their time)… They, of course, have never heard of them and conclude that she must be mispronouncing the name of the jeans. In her TH, Carole indignantly says that she’s not mispronouncing it – And she would know because she was a Jordache fit model.

LuAnn intentionally pays Sonja a boomerang compliment that she is a “man magnet.” Sonja doesn’t disappoint and quickly says, “You’re the man magnet.” LuAnn was very pleased that Sonja returned the compliment. For whatever reason, the guys are flocking around the cougars like sheep…Baaaah… Baaah… Everyone seems to be enjoying every minute of it.

Sonja You're a man magnet

It was humorous to me, because there was a lot of talk about seating assignments – And yet what ended up happening was that Heather was seated on Bethenny’s right and Ramona sat on her left. That struck me as very funny for some reason since she barely knew Heather and was recently in a heated fight with Ramona. But Bethenny looks great and seems to be in a happy place… Toasts are made… Happy Birthday! Clink, clink!

The next day, Kristen calls Heather on the phone because she wants to make plans to do something with her. She asks her about what she did the night before and she learns about Bethenny’s party. Kristen concludes that she was the only one from the group that was not invited and she wanted to know what Bethenny’s beef was with her that would cause her not to invite her. Heather tells her that while she didn’t ask that particular question, she did notice that Kristen wasn’t there and that she was missed. Heather also explained that Dorinda wasn’t invited either.

In her TH, Kristen really didn’t make that big of a deal about it. She only said that it’s a bummer when you’re not invited to something but then she also said that maybe it was a win/win since she also didn’t have to buy her a birthday gift. Do we really expect birthday gifts from people we don’t know? Kristen did ask the person who helps her around the house about the situation – And she said that she wouldn’t worry about it.

We transition to Dorinda’s house. Dorinda has made a dental appointment for her adult daughter, Hannah. They banter back and forth at each other and Hannah tells her Mom that she should keep in mind that she will be deciding where she will go when she’s old and has dementia. Such a lovely thought, no? If I had a daughter like that – I’d be setting up a trust and accompanying legal documents to ensure I’m taken care of in the manner I want. I’m sure she’s perfectly lovely but so far she’s coming across as a bratty, entitled, bedazzled itch with a “b.”

Dorinda Chubby Chaser

Dorinda tells us that she loves “What’s His Name” (John) very much but that he and her daughter don’t have any kind of relationship at all. She keeps the two relationships very separate. “What’s His Name” never sleeps at her house. It doesn’t seem like Hannah likes “What’s His Name” very much – This may be the one and only subject on which Hannah and I will ever agree. Hannah calls her Mom “a chubby chaser” and tells her that she will see “a fat guy with a Yorkshire terrier” and that Dorinda will think that he’s hot. Don’t worry, Hannah is quick to tell her Mom that he’s, “Fudgie, the whale.” What a nice daughter. At the end of this short segment, Dorinda remarked that their dog was being “spastic.”  Hannah didn’t know the meaning of the word… lol.

Ramona Flirt

Ramona is footloose and fancy free walking her dog, Coco. Mario used to take up so much of her time that suddenly Ramona has all of this free time now. She walks Coco right into a sports bar. Oh wow, she’s now an investor in the Sports Bar. She’s meeting with Peter who is surprised she brought her dog inside the bar. Ramona said she didn’t bring Coco’s papers. Evidently, they’re going to renovate the bar.

Ramona quickly flirted her way out of the hot water about her dog and asked if they were allowed to dance in the bar area. Peter told her only if she danced ON the bar.  Ramona has grandiose ideas on how to make the bar “Downtown Chic.” Peter thinks he probably will need to start dressing more “hip.” After giving him the once over, Ramona assures him he’s just fine the way he is (twinkle, twinkle… flirt, flirt…). Ramona suggests that he text her even though he knows she won’t respond for 7 hours. She coyly says that she receives lots of texts. Ramona is enjoying her freedom…lol. Good for her!

Adam - Ping pong

Carole and Adam are at Spin New York playing ping pong… Carole asks Adam how long he’s been playing ping pong and he tells her since he was 10. She jokingly responds with something like, “Oh, so for a couple of years, then…” lol… That was hilarious… Carole thinks she and Adam definitely have chemistry – I bet if she looked in his locker at school she’d find out they also have Algebra 2 (I know, wrong use of the word “too” but I couldn’t resist…lol)… Carole doesn’t think LuAnn is going to mind one bit when she finds out that she’s been dating Adam… Who here believes that? Yeah, I don’t think Carole does either – Otherwise she would have already told LuAnn. Carole and Adam ride off into the sunset down the streets of New York with Carole actually sitting on the handlebars of Adam’s bicycle. Seriously… His bicycle…

Yay – It’s another date night with Dorinda and “What’s His Name” (John). Dorinda asks him if he wants to stay at her house that night because Hannah won’t be home. He seems very excited about that prospect. Then Dorinda gets flippy about wanting to order her own food (and she should) even though “What’s His Name” usually orders what he wants because he knows he will be the one who ends up eating her meal anyway… They talk about going into business together. Rut roh… Red flags fly up all over the place.  For some inexplicable reason, “What’s His Name” decides to point out to Dorinda that Hannah is sometimes not happy with Dorinda period – and that it doesn’t have anything to do with him. Dorinda tells him to worry about his own life.

They get into a drawn out discussion about who is ranked #1 and #2 of importance in Dorinda’s life. Hannah will always be Dorinda’s #1 – Even when/if she gets married again – Don’t we all know that? Dorinda is not happy with this discussion and you can almost see the steam coming out of her ears. She’s done eating – Although according to John she hasn’t even touched her food.

There’s uncomfortable silence and Dorinda is fuming. John suggests that she have another cocktail. She wonders what else is there to do when he’s just sitting there. He flippantly suggests that she call her daughter. Dorinda itchly with a “b” replies, “If you bring up my f**king daughter again I’ll gonna f**king rip you a new asshole, get it? Back that s**t up and you back it up quick. Got it?” Whoa… She does know this is being filmed, right? I mean – Bravo’s not using hidden cameras now or anything… Jinkies!

Okay… and this is the part that truly makes my skin crawl… He tries to “charm” (cough, cough) his way out of this… Trying to take her hand… Look into her eyes, etc… Ack.. gag…gag… Is this guy for real? There just isn’t enough dry cleaning in the world to make me deal with the likes of him… Ugh… Okay, to close this out… He asks her, “Are we good?” No you freakin’ gooberhead… You’re NOT good… You’re not even marginally okay – And it has NOTHING to do with your looks. You ooze sleaziness out of every pore of your being. You might want to have a doctor check that out… Dorinda just wants to get her stuff out of his car. Awww, Hannah will be so disappointed they didn’t have a sleepover…lol.

Okay, in the 30 second fake out commercial break thingie – Bethenny is at her birthday party and is insisting that everyone physically get up on the dinner table and perform their very best dance moves… ON THE DINNER TABLE. Who does this at a place like this? Oh yeah, people who think they own the joint do things like this… Wisely, they decide to just do their smooth dancing moves on their chairs because they didn’t want the table to break.  Wow. Just wow.

Heather invited Carole, Dorinda and Bethenny out to dinner at a place called “Cherry.”  Dorinda is the first to arrive and she tells us that she hopes her time with Bethenny goes better than it did at LuAnn’s. Bethenny arrives only moments later and they both comment on the importance of being timely. Bethenny points out that actually Dorinda was ahead of schedule. They instantly bond like childhood friends over an 80% sample sale about which Dorinda tells Bethenny. Bethenny tries to input her information into Dorinda’s ancient cell phone (I’m sure it was just a tin can with a string). Dorinda confesses that she still has a rotary phone and a fax machine at home. She uses things until they break. There’s nothing wrong with that – Unless of course, the rotary phone NEVER EVER breaks…lol.

After Carole and Heather arrive, the conversation goes to the fact they all saw Dorinda’s boyfriend the other night at Boutique (the singles hook-up bar).  Dorinda tried to explain away John’s actions but we all know it’s highly likely that he’s just scum. She says he knows the owner and he was there to have a quick dinner. Right. There was some excessive talk about entrances and about how Dorinda wishes he would think more about how his actions reflect on her. Yeah, or how about just not going there without his girlfriend might be a good first step, no? They talk about John and Hannah’s non-existent relationship and people give Dorinda their opinions but who cares because I think John is on his way out of the scene… I mean, one can only hope, right?

The conversation turns to how both Carole and Dorinda are widows and that they refer to their husbands as their “late husband.” Bethenny decides that it makes them sound too old and that they should really remarket “widowry.” In her TH, Carole was amused that Bethenny was interested in rebranding death – But that she doesn’t think there’s any money in it though… This was clearly significant shade towards Bethenny… Oh snap!

Carole tells the women how when her husband died that the urn was interred at a church that the family had been a part of for generations. A few months ago, Carole received word that the church is selling the land and that the urn has been traveling around to different churches in England because they didn’t know what to do with it (and probably several others). Fortunately, the urn is now safely at Carole’s friend’s house. I believe we saw a preview of Carole sitting in the back of a car with an urn next to her in the 1st episode where they showed previews for the entire season. Bethenny refers to this as the “Sisterhood of the traveling ashes.”

Heather decides to tell Bethenny that Kristen’s feelings were hurt because she wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s bodacious birthday bash (I know, the 70s called and they want their word back…lol). Bethenny, like the grown-up juvenile she is, rolls her eyes and pretends to fall asleep and asks Heather to wake her up when it’s over because she just can’t believe that someone she doesn’t even know is cranky that she wasn’t invited to her birthday party. She thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous…

Beth-Work well with others

In her TH, Bethenny says, “We are at Cherry – But I’m not going to sugarcoat this thing.” Bethenny admits that she can be harsh and abrasive but that she’s also recently had a tough couple of years. She concedes, “So maybe I don’t work that well with others.” LOL… Captain Understatement!

Heather asks her if she wants to know why Kristen’s feelings were hurt and Bethenny really doesn’t want to hear anything more about it and suggests that Heather tell Dorinda about it if she’d like. I’m guessing that Kristen may have thrown out her Skinny Girl Blender after seeing this episode. Although to be fair, Heather is making a much bigger deal about it than Kristen seemed to – Sure, Kristen wondered why she wasn’t invited – But it really didn’t go much further than that.

Heather - Do you want to know why

At the risk of her head being guillotined, Dorinda admitted that she, too, was hurt for a minute when she learned that she wasn’t invited to the party. Bethenny looked at Dorinda incredulously and responded that she didn’t even know her. Dorinda stuck up for herself and insisted that it was okay for her to have those feelings but Bethenny disagreed. Isn’t it nice that Bethenny can tell people what they can feel and what they cannot feel? What WOULD we do without her?

There was talk about Bethenny knowing Josh (Kristen’s husband) – and Bethenny clarified that she thinks she has seen Josh maybe 5 times over the course of 15 – 20 years… Carole and Heather seem to have been under the impression that she knew him much better than that. Bethenny points out that if she knew him better than that – Then why wouldn’t she have met Kristen way before this?

Bethenny explains invitation

OMG… I cannot believe that Bethenny has been put in the position of having to explain her birthday bash invitation process. Wow. Bethenny says that she invited Carole the night before after having a great conversation with her at Boutique. Bethenny told Carole that she could also bring “her friend” (Heather).  Heather straight out asks Bethenny if she was Carole’s +1 and Bethenny honestly answers, “Kind of, yeah…” Heather bellyaches about how she had to cancel all her plans in order to attend the birthday bash… Bethenny said that if Kristen told her to her face that she was hurt about not being invited – That Bethenny would tell her that she thinks it’s ridiculous because she doesn’t even know her.

Heather tenderly suggests to Bethenny that instead of telling Kristen that it’s ridiculous for her to feel that way – That perhaps she could say something like, “I’m sorry that I hurt you and I would like to get to know you better.” Yes, because, isn’t that what Heather did her first season when the ONLY person she didn’t invite on her business trip to England for Yummy Tummy was Ramona? Sit yourself down, Heather.

In her TH, Heather wonders where Bethenny’s sensitivity chip is and then says, “What a B**ch.” Stars99 giggled. This is so going to be a great season… lol.

Heather - th What a bitch

Carole thinks Bethenny is being rude. Heather just can’t get over being Carole’s +1 and says so – Bethenny gently reminds Heather that Bethenny wasn’t the one who said it – That Heather herself said it. Bethenny just wants to return to the death and ashes conversation, please.

Next Week…

Carole starts telling the other housewives that she’s dating and practically living with the young chef Adam – Evidently, she finally tells LuAnn about it and she doesn’t take it as well as Carole had hoped she would. The girls talk about “slip ups” which I think means cheating… Someone’s hands are all over Sonja – but I’ll let that unfold in next week’s show. Oh, and surprise! Sonja has a fashion line – But she can’t talk about it yet. Sonja thinks the only person in the room that doesn’t lie is her… Okay, you just have to giggle about that one… Because we know Sonja doesn’t have to lie because she’s created her own alternate reality upon which we are merely players, right? Lol.

Well, that’s it for this week – It was painless, yes? I’m really enjoying recapping RHONYC – They’re all manageably insane… lol… Hope to see you next week… Happy Trails.


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403 Responses to Dr. Phil’s Interview with Kim Richards / Real Housewives of New York – The Art of Being a Cougar

  1. Sus says:

    “Kim: I’m a strong person. I have been sober. I haven’t been working a program. My youngest called, having a difficult time [Kimberly] so I went to spend the night with her. I needed to watch the show, to blog the show. ”

    So her daughter called and is having a difficult time. Kim goes to her and makes it all about herself.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t think Kimberly was having a difficult time. IDK why she couldn’t be truthful and say she needed support to watch so she went to Kimberly’s. She can’t be honest about the simplest things.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 😊 🌅

  3. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning everyone 😀

    My take away from the Dr. Phil show is that KIM is a blackout user. She still doesn’t think she needs help, despite her arrest. This is not her rock bottom and I fear that she will harm someone physically before she recognizes the severity of her addiction. She wants to appease her family, Dr. Phil and quiet possibly BravoTV executives – so she goes to rehab. Is Malibu Beach Sober Living a hardcore rehab? Will 30 days be enough? Will she even stay 30 days? Will this be the help she needs?
    I doubt it.

    She can’t change the past, but must realign herself for the future. She needs long enough to absorb and accept who she really is. She needs to understand the definition of sober. She needs to respect those that love her and make amends to all of those she’s harmed…at least the ones she remembers. She needs a program and someone to answer to every day. I wish she could find some peace through spirituality.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Thanks for recapping the interview. I hate to think how many times you had to listen to her lies to capture them. I’ve never watched Dr. Phil before, but I did like how he tried to get some kernel of truth from all those excuses and lies – just enough to make sure she knew that he knew that she was a liar liar. Those poor kids. And her entourage in the hotel room. What a debacle.

      • Speaking of Kim’s “entourage”, it’s interesting that Big Sis Kathy Hilton managed to stay off camera with Phil’s crew, but she was caught outside by the random cell phone video captured while they were all waiting for valet service or something as they were leaving.

      • Powell says:

        NMD a liar liar that went in a bar, in a bar. 😊

    • Jan – awesome job on the recap, I would meet you “in a bar” anytime!

      I think I am finally bored with Rambles – I have tried to care, but really she is such a mean, horrible person I can’t make myself care. I hope she doesn’t hurt anyone because she was obviously driving impaired.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Good job on the interview recap, TT!

    • Powell says:

      ITA.. I st say she needs to go out of state. She flees to easily. When she was on the balcony Brooke kept saying, ” Its on the beach.”. She didn’t even want to go close to home. She needs to stop appeasing her family and Bravo and look into her soul and say “I need help for me.” and get the heck out of California for at least 60 days,90 days preferably. Then get home, get a sponsor and therapist. Not a freakin life coach.

  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    LuAnn must have hired a new social media person, because ‘she’ was tweeting up a one liner storm last night – mainly against Carole – apparently Carole isn’t allowed to date LuAnn’s help / niece’s ex-boyfriend and everything Heather does rubs LuLu the wrong way as well. And she can’t stand Dorinda’s b-friend – but who could. Anyway – new LuLu – I’m not sure what to make of the change – but I kinda found her funny.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

    • ladebra says:

      I thought she was sorta not cool last night 😂

    • She was on fire last night – Miss Andy even mentioned it on WWHL. Not sure what to make of her rants, is she trying to be more relatable?

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Yes ~~~she’s trying to capitalize on the Barry White #1 hit single “Be All Cool”

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I personally – don’t think she herself typed those tweets. Either she had Victoria or her bestie something typing these “witty!” Answers right away, which Dorinda does quite easily naturally IMHO.

      And holla and / or the countless implied something much more is going on now.
      I think as Heather is ride or die skeletal bike rider Carole she sides with Carole her bestie.

      PLUS isn’t the super exotic super far away super long flight trip when they’re away and countless 🐍says her wonderful tagline of the season ABOUT holla not feeling comfortable with the strange pirates or Italians 🇮🇹she brings back to the house they’re staying at ??? and HOLLA yells at her when they stomp out.

      So Lu’s besties are now Beth💀….. & we’ll see.

      So there’s more to come.

      Clueann is just being preemptive on what Heather is going at her for in the Caribbean.

      • Powell says:

        Well Heather said doesn’t B know who she’s dealing w/when it comes to Ramona so I suppose we can say the same about her and Lu while they are on vaca. You should expect that Lu may have a pirate or Italian or two as late night guests. 🎶Holla!!!!🎶

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She was hilarious. Frick and frack will make her pay at the reunion as Andy eggs them on. My prediction.

      Bethenny was hilarious w Heather who all of a sudden feels it’s important to be sensitive about people who feel left out. She was pretty cold about leaving Ramona out of the London trip so her new sensitivity standard rings hollow to me.

      • chismosa says:

        Hi Lainey! —

        It may not have been you (i thought it was for some reason) -but i don’t know who said this— that Heather had had actual BAD run ins with Ramona before blatantly not inviting her to London .
        Also London was partly a business trip for Heather.

        Yes, Bethenny/ SJ’s last minute brunch was also somewhat a business thing— to highlight if there was quite ever the remote possibility that something in her house was not SG trademarked and to show her entrée back DOWN HERE into the inferno of HWs that she long ago left behind.

        She signed a contract to be with these other ladies, never had a confrontation with Kristen nor Dorinda, so i see no reason for them to have been excluded from her *intimate* dinner.

        Apples and tangerines to me– and remember i was no huge fan of HOLLA before.

        And that Talking head of Bethenny saying ‘you’ll be the Jewish P2 from the Berkshires if you don’t watch yourself’ ….. 😮 :o_O:


    • ramonacoaster says:

      Woo hoo! Luann getting down with her bad self! I love it! Been wanting to see this for years.

  5. ladebra says:

    OMG I can’t wait to read Tartsy and Starz!! Gee wiz I hate when work interferes with my fun 😜

  6. Morning!

    Oh, Texas and Stars, thanks so much! It’s a rainy day here, so I will enjoy reading your blogs. Muah!

  7. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    What an amazing blog today!! I will comment on it all later (I know y’all are dying to read my long drawn out long winded comments…hahaha I’m gift people and don’t you forget it) but for now I have to say that picture of Kim makes me want to kick her ass!!
    Have a great day…I need to do my household chores before I get sucked into a day of commenting!!

    • Are you going “to a bar” before you comment?

      I am kind of liking Square Jaw being back – she doesn’t take prisoners. I normally like Yummy, but she does seem to be stirring the pot this season.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Tried to post before and my comment went pfffft. I’m on my phone at the salon.

      Just wanted thank you Texas tart and stars for today’s blog. Sunnygirl thanks for the shah blog. I noticed when MJ told the table that GG took 2 polygraphs and passed, that it might have been more accurate to say 1 was inconclusive and the other one, she passed. In not saying I don’t believe GG. I just thought the way MJ made this announcement was a little misleading. Just a pinch!

      I feel sorry for Jessica. I think she will regret her appearance on this show but what do I know? They all love being on TV and I guess that’s the bottom line with all of them.

    • TexasTart says:

      The gift that keeps giving, lol XD

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        You know it Tartsy!!!
        Great job on the Kim blog!! If I knew it was going to be blog in such great detail I wouldn’t have pressed “rewind” so many times!!

        • TexasTart says:

          Hey Jill, I’ll have to give you a heads up next time, no need for any additional suffering!

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            I’m not kidding Tartsy-I could have saved a lot of time yesterday! I hit rewind so many times it was crazy and I still missed a bunch of stuff that you had in your blog! Seriously -great job…you’re good at this blogging thing!! XOXO

  8. TexasTart says:

    It was so difficult to follow Kim’s words for portions of the interview, her words would become very disjointed and not make sense. But there were a few simple answers that was all we needed to know. This confirms what our T-Rex has been telling us since her arrest:
    Phil: You went to a bar.
    Kim: That is where I usually go.

  9. Powell says:

    I wish Dr Phil had gone a step further and shown more than 1 clip of Kim going after the ladies to confront her w/the behavior she exhibited, the deflecting she did when confronted and how she treated Kyle. Also wish he’d shown clips from several seasons of Kyle doing nothing but covering for her, being protective and “having her back” like she says Kyle doesn’t, and said to her the entire season Kyle has been nothing but supportive but she has said she hasn’t but what was on tv Cleary shows Kyle’s been nothing but supportive. He should have also told her that it was clear all the ladies were concerned and had her best interests at heart and that if she’d told them the truth he bet they would have been supportive.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I wonder how much of what he said got through to her – she just sat there with that satisfied smile on her face – like if I keep lying they’ll believe me look

      And please tell me why she thinks it is better for her to have been drinking THEN driving and be insistent that she didn’t drink in the bar – her brain is mush mush mush

  10. To TT and Stars, there is a plethora of great information on here this morning so thanks to you both for all this incredible detail…a fresh cup of coffee for me and I am going to immerse myself in reading everything.

  11. Tartsy and Stars! You two deserve a medal! GREAT GREAT JOB! I was watching the interview last night and was blown away at how very fake she is. There wasn’t one real tear. Her poor kids are being subjected to this (OK, I thought she had 4 kids? Who wasn’t there?)
    I have no pity for her. She is an addict that cannot help herself. I am currently reading House Of Hilton (thank you to all on the blog that recommended I read this) and Kim is SO much like her own mother. Very disturbing. I am actually surprised Kyle is so “normal” compared to her sisters.

    • I guess this is why I can’t hate on Kyle so much–at least not this year. For how she was raised, in that Hollywood land of shallow opportunism, she manages to have a stable family and marriage with Mauricio. Dealing with an alcoholic mother and an addict like Kim her whole life, I know from experience, is a daily fright show.

    • T-Rex says:

      Her daughter Whitney was not there. Again this is just gossip, I don’t have real evidence, but weird word on the street is that she is DONE DONE DONE with her mother’s antics and lies, and she wanted no part of the interview. She feels her mother needs serious rehab and has distanced herself from her right now, again this is speculation based on some other sites and gossip out in LA

  12. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    OMG I now finally get why the constant “in a bar!!!” References last night !!!

    I hadn’t watched the DR P yet (still haven’t) — I thought you were all referencing that Reese Witherspoon movie where she says “you brought a baby…. To a bar ….!”


    Thanks for the recaps// great pic of demure little vixen Kim 😂😂😂😂😂

    Going to read now !!!! You all have me all day so feel very very hashtag###blessed#####🙏🏾

    • I would suggest reading while “in a bar”.
      After being a consultant in NYC for 23 years I guess Square Jaw just rolls off me, I could never work in the South again (from Virginia originally) – I can be very blunt also and I have been told “I do not suffer fools well” Silly me took that as a compliment, but it wasn’t meant to be one 😮

      • lila1star says:

        LOL–me too! It may not have been a compliment but I see it as one. Or at the very least–true 🙂

  13. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I’m totally loving RHONY…LOVING!!
    I love Dorinda-she needs to blow her nose but I love her! She’s not playing for the camera yet she’s just opening her mouth and letting it all out-it’s wonderful! Her life is far from ideal and I’m not liking that boyfriend-he wants to be number 1 in her life but she already has a number 1…he needs to get it or move on!!
    Kristen should have been cut-she’s so boring and complainey!!
    Carole is trying a little to hard to live up to her downtown hipster thing she thinks she has going on. Seriously-ping pong…whatevs! The kid is young -he looks uncomfortable and confused-maybe that’s his normal look? Idk? I don’t see this as a long last relationship
    Sonja looked fab on WWHL-she looked silly at Bethennys party. I love Sonja and always will-despite the fact that she lives on the hot mess express!!
    Luann -the Countess done lost her mind!! The tweeting was out of control! I found it amusing but I get kind of worried when a HW is more entertaining on twitter than they are on the show
    Ramona…oh Ramona…
    Heather seriously needs to stop worrying about Kristen and thinking she’s her mouth piece. Why would Kristen even care about Bethenny’s party? She doesn’t know her and filming just started-calm down people-you have the whole season to worry about who invites who!! At this point in filming it’s kind of stupid to go to battle for anyone. Oh and Heather-stop with the nick naming! If she wanted people to call her Beth don’t you think she would say her name is Beth? Annoying to me!! (People who call Kevin “Kev” after knowing him for 5 minutes get on my nerves-you need to KNOW someone before you nick name them!!)
    Bethenny…the B is back and I’m loving it!! I love that she shut Heather down and didn’t go for the fake drama of Kristen and her fake hurt feelings. Bethenny knows this was fake so she didn’t even give it air-I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I think Heath (my nickname) is trying to show she is top dog on the show and doesn’t want that honor to go to Betheney. She’s trying to hard to outshine B and who is she to tak about laving someon out, she left Ramona out of her trip to London the first season

      • well she isn’t top dog so good luck with that Yummie.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        this exactly – this is Heather trying to prove that she is the top business person, the one who can advise others and – in her own mind – a great defender – I found the calling Bethenny Beth to be a bit patronizing – Bethenny has been there done that and then some – Heather will come out of this looking bad – not good for her business – Bethenny knows this – Heather does not –

      • ramonacoaster says:

        I agree. Heather wants to be in control of the drama and B isn’t having it. I didn’t like that Heather tried to manipulate B out of guilt. “Wake me up when this is over” was a good line to shut her down. And then the episode before when Heather tried to explain to her the situation and B didn’t want to hear it during lunch with Luann. She has Heather’s number.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I can’t believe Heather is making me like B.

    • T-Rex says:

      Love this, well except for your love of the DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja, but crap we got to have something to agree to disagree about right? I find it so funny that even early on Kristen is an “afterthought” even a “no thought” I am not sure why they even brought her back this season. On the nickames, I TOTALLY agree, I have a name that can be shortened, I HATE when people shorten it, I introduce myself with my whole name, if I used a shortened version, wouldn’t I have introduced myself that way, ugh. I think Dorinda is kind of a hoot, at least she tells it like it is. I do love bethenny and again I really don’t think she is that much different I think folks need to maybe re-watch season 1 and 2, not the show with Jason, to see she isn’t that much different, she just has more confidence than she did before. LUMannCountessDeleHubcaps must have gone off the rails on twatter, everyone is talking about it. and it sounds like everyone is going to have a beef against her this season, Switzerland she is NOT.

      • It actually came to me last night that Bethenny perhaps sees her “Brand of a Lifetime” as a Martha Stewart-type of mega-empire? I remembered that her first foray into TV was in a Stewart competition. She once said Martha was her role model, didn’t she? She also had Martha on her talk show, where she pointed out Bethenny didn’t win because she was a beotch, more or less. Oops.

        It just seems too obvious Bethenny isn’t on this show for any reason other than to promote herself and her company.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        T-Rex -my Sonja love will never come between us!! I don’t love her enough to defend her!! My love for comes from knowing how much Tyler loves her-in the real world. I know we all know that not everything it what it seems…hearing about her from a person who really knows her changes my opinion of what I see on TV-but I totally understand why she’s never going to be a fan favorite!!

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          I don’t know anyone who knows her but I will still always love her. I find her joyful and wanting to see the good in people. One of those qualities I’ll never have.

          So I’m with ya!👩‍❤️‍👩

          • Powell says:

            Sonja can be so much fun. But picking up the teenagers is just too much. It’s not a good look. And it wouldn’t be a good look if she was a man going after young women. And last Sonja is lazy. If we could just see one product of hers in a store I’d be happy. All those 50 million contracts she has for products. Just sign o e contract Sonja and put your product in the marketplace.

      • Foxymel(Mel) says:

        I think it’s going to be Luann, Bethenny, Sonja vs. everyone else at the reunion.

  14. jezzibel says:

    Kim got drunk because someone on twitter or the blogs called her a ho!!!….aside from her kids Kim is probably the most nonsexual of the all the housewives, aside from landing a rich guy and procreation, I get the impression she considers sex a duty rather than a mutually enjoyable experience between consenting adults.

    • T-Rex says:

      I agree, not a single person I have every seen has called her a HO, unless of course someone is “feeding” her this information, because personally I don’t think she ever reads twatter, We never even really ever see her with a phone most of the time. In addition when has she blogged, I don’t remember her ever blogging??

      • I’d bet the farm Kim had a ghost-blogger writing for her earlier this season. Her past seasons, when she deigned to actually blog, she wasn’t all that…articulate? (Being kind, here.)

        Her earlier blogs this season are a much higher level of writing than she’s capable of, IMO. Then even that stopped, sometime around the taping of the Reunion, I’m thinking? Was she paying someone but forgot to send the check or some such?

        Also, I am now thinking Kim was referring to the other cast blogs on Bravo that upset her, not the fan blogs like this one. I think she might be referring to Kyle’s, specifically, but that’s just a guess, of course.

        Maybe she was told if she didn’t blog she wouldn’t get paid? Is that in their contract? LisaR once tweeted about it, rather pointing out “someone” was getting special treatment. Kim’s fans piled on LisaR for that, so she apologize dand deleted.

        But I agree with LisaR: Kim always gets “special treatment” and that’s called ENABLING. As long as Kim gets away without being accountable, she will never get control of her addiction because…why would she? She’s having a great time. Like LisaVP told Brandi, it’s everyone else who pays.

        • T-Rex says:

          I have been thinking that THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITHMORONSTFUBrandi has been fueling the fires of her insecurities, IMO. I think that’s why her kids think she is toxic,

          • Absolutely. The segment Bravo left out of an episode, but put up on the website as an additional scene, where Brandi and Kim had returned home from…was it the Gay Party? There they sat…Brandi was drinking a huge glass of wine…and Brandi was flat out telling Kim what a terrible sister Kyle is. My jaw dropped. Quite the psychological mine Brandi was planting, and she knew it, too.

            It’s what Brandi does, and Kim picked up on it and took it to the next level all season: “Let’s don’t talk about the husband”; “Do you want me to tell what really happened, Kyle?”

            Those two may go down as the most toxic HWs’ Duo of the Damned ever.

  15. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Thank you for all your effort on these blogs!

    Personally? Kim is an addict & an Alcoholic.

    Lies lies lies and more lies, because she’s an addict and alcoholic. Any questions? See above.

    I wish her the best- but she’s gotta go. So heartily sick of her.

    • TexasTart says:

      You’re welcome. She does need to go. Out of all the excuses and conditions not to go to rehab – none of them were about money or the need to work….just sayin’ she doesn’t need the job. Kyle got it for her to help keep her accountable for something.

  16. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning,

    Again i will complain that NotRealDrPhil should have used more ammo regarding the Arrest night wherein we all know she was lying through her teeth, because those teeth were swimming in Vodka from a night of numerous drinks and she doesn’t have a CLUE as to what happened that evening. I believe like everyone else does she is a blackout drunk and rarely remembers anything that happens once she has “two feet” of vodka in her ass. I would have liked for him to have the police statement in hand, and even better the actual copy of the Police record, which I am sure he could have gotten if he asked for it. The bar was NOT closed, uhm other patrons sitting in the bar, bar doors were open so she could go into the bar etc. She was drunk and belligerent IN A BAR, probably thought people were talking about her being DRUNK IN A BAR, so she went over to confront them while she was DRUNK IN A BAR. The bar staff went to rescue those poor PAYING Bar patrons having a nice cocktail in A BAR, from a drunkassLunatic and she went bat shit crazy. I agree above that this isn’t even CLOSE to her “bottom” and she will do the plan to appease her children, her lawyers and Bravo but she will NOT stop “using” any time soon. She LIKES being drunk, she likes being high, she doesn’t think she has a problem, ask her she will tell you she doesn’t have a problem. This is why unfortunately many alcoholics fail at sobriety, they don’t choose to be sober. As our lovely blog family here that are on the “sober bandwagon” have said you have to make A CHOICE a DECISION to be sober and DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim is MILES away from making that choice, IMo

    • TexasTart says:

      I agree – except I believe that Dr. Phil had a copy of the police report and recited some of the facts that were from that report. I know there was a graphic on the screen behind him in the opening that looked like it could be a copy of it.

    • I would have like to hear what she blew…I haven’t heard what her blood alcohol was …..WE WANT ANSWERS!!! 😉

      • I believe the BHPD account is she wasn’t given a Blood Alcohol test. She wasn’t driving when the police became involved, after all. There is direct evidence she was served at the bar and drinking, as well as displaying behavior the officers “objectively observed” as slurred speech, smelling of alcohol, etc.

        I also read between the lines when the BHPD sargent said at the press conference, as related to the officer she kicked, they were attempting to process her–i.e., take fingerprints, a mugshot, etc. She wasn’t cooperating, and that’s when she kicked the officer.

        Someone–don’t remember who, sorry–mentioned when a suspect is “unable” to pose for the mug shot, they don’t release them if they’re passed out or can’t do the shot. That has me wondering if Kim refused to take the mug shot, as well. I know the BHPD doesn’t release them as a rule, but I can imagine Kim throwing a fit, refusing to do the mugshot, afraid it would be released or leaked.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exactly, they do not do a BAC unless you were driving a vehicle, in addition they have witness statements from the bar staff, the hotel security, etc. of her drunken lunatic behaviour, plus the statements from the Police officers involved. I think she tried to refuse to be finger printed and pose for the mugshot, and that’s when she tried kicking the officers, they probably placed her in a holding cell and let her sleep the drunk off, she wasn’t released until 10:30am. They were nice enough to have her car towed to the police department since she said she drove home from there on her own, but that could be a lie and her lawyers could have driven her to the hotel where she picked up her car. Bet she won’t be a drinking in that bar bar bar anytime soon, bectcha that got her poster on the wall of who should never be let in that place. Guess she is going to have to find a new bar bar bar to drink in unnoticed.

          • Since you have local sources there, do you think this little episode of Kim losing her family table at the Polo might have something to do with the controversial change of ownership last year? Just a thought: maybe the Richards/Hiltons don’t have the cache there they once did. Middle East oil money is hard to intimidate.

        • Powell says:

          You don’t have slurred speech and smell if alcohol from two inches of vodka, that’s for sure. 🙄

    • mrs peabody says:

      Kim doesn’t have a problem with her drinking so she thinks she is fine. Like LisaV said about Brandi’s drinking, it’s may not be a problem for Brandi but it sure becomes a problem for everyone else or however she stated it. It’s the same thing with Kim, she doesn’t have a problem but it sure as h*ll is a problem for everyone around her.
      Bottom line Kim is sick, she has not reached rock bottom and this is going to end bad for someone whether its her or the person she hurts/kills when she is out driving drunk. There is no point really in arguing with her about this and trying to point out she is lying she does not think she has a problem and until she sees she does no one will get through to her. I think she has been drinking and doing drunks since she was a teenager not since her mom passed away. Just another lie

  17. lila1star says:

    Beyond Kim’s addiction–we have a woman who really is so arrogant that she believes her self entitled and above everyone. She was raised that way and boy has it stuck. Dr. Phil knew what he was coming up against and I think he did a good job thwarting the excuses. On him–I understood him to say Kim called and was going to take his offer and then back and forth but she didn’t and chose her own place. idk

    Little K was there–she was filmed after the show and she could be heard saying “Yes you are done” after Kim said it.(in the room) I must have rewound and re-watched that 10 times to be sure.
    Kim walked off because the good Dr. did not allow her to control the interview. She has been found out and it bothers me that Bravo has been exploiting this very dangerous behavior for years.

    Because addiction tends to jump from one generation to another–I fear for the kids. Either as users or enablers. I don’t mean the mother they already enable but in their personal relationships beyond their mother. They have my prayers and if Kim could see past herself she has a chance to break these chains that encompass this family.

    • TexasTart says:

      Arrogant! Now why didn’t I use that word to describe Kim. So true. Thanks for that clarification that you heard Kathy. I was hearing voices in the background and also rewinding to see if I could spy Kathy when the cameras started roaming – but no such luck. Thanks, lila.

  18. TexasTart says:

    Chismosaaaa 📢📢📢📢
    I luvs ya’ but I can’t deal with the name changes, they keep going to the spam folder. Please use your regular name. Thanks.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:


      Ok …..
      Well whatevs ……… How super annoying I must say !

      Thanks girl – and I’m sorry to put you out- truly 💁🏽

  19. SerenaNYC says:

    Everything about Kim’s interview was sad. Her state of mind, the way she treats her children, and her downright meanness and hostility.

    And what was it with her making the point several times that she “grew up” at the Beverly Hills Hotel? The same hotel that called the cops on her lol. She was clearlythe issue trying to deflect with Dr. Phil by rambling about how she’s “sat in that booth with her mom” since she was a little girl. It was very Grey Gardens-esque.

  20. serenanyc says:

    Also, does Kim have an attorney?? If she does then surely he would not have advised her to do this interview with her court date coming up. She admitted to driving while intoxicated and gave her story of the police incident which was clearly a lie…

    • This is the burning question, isn’t it?

      TMZ did a TV suck-up to Kim yesterday, which reminded me of how much pull the Richards/Hiltons have in that “town.” Half TMZ’s connections must weave through those families’ and their constant celeb lives and scandals.

      Makes me wonder if Kim’s court appearance in May is already worked out with the Office of the D.A.

    • T-Rex says:

      I am not sure, she didn’t have any representation against the Dog Bite case, and due to that fact she has now been dealt a 1 million dollar judgement against her. I don’t understand folks ignoring legal documents and lawsuits. Her failure to respond caused the judge to issue a final judgement, and she can’t say she wasn’t properly “noticed” because she was, this shit just doesn’t go away. I would assume that KruellaKathy has obtained some sort of counsel for her, she is going to have to go to court, or at least plea to the charges, again they aren’t just going to disappear.

      • mrs peabody says:

        That lawsuit about the dog bite was already settled? I didn’t know that, when? I’m shocked given how she is her sister that is always there for her or maybe her kids or Monty didn’t try to get her to an atty, being sued is serious business and esp for 1million dollars, that’s nothing to ignore. Wow.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes, the woman sued both DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim and Evolution Media, and Evolution Media counter sued that they were NOT a party to the action, and the judge agreed, then the lawyers immediately asked for a Judgement against DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim and since she had not responded to ANY of the legal actions, including a deposition, the judge had no choice but to give them an immediate judgement against her. We do this a lot here, if we sue you and you don’t respond or even show up to court, the judge gives us an immediate judgement against them. It’s an extremely quick case if the defendant never responds or bothers to show up, the judge made that note numerous times in the judgement. I looked at the dates as well, the case was filed in December of last year and signed and sealed on 04/21/2015.

          • So did the woman win a million bucks in the settlement? Is it confidential if Kim didn’t bother to contest it and flat out lost?

            Lord. Kim is going to end up pushing a buggy around LA, isn’t she?

            • T-Rex says:

              The woman was awarded a 1 million dollar judgement against her yes, now she will have to fight to get any money from her. DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim will have to show up to depositions about her finances, if not, she will be given an arrest warrant(I have two mugshots of idiots that didn’t show to depositions when required on my wall at work) showing up to them is NOT an option. She will have to disclose her finances under oath, etc. Unless she agrees to some sort of settlement with the woman who sued her, which I doubt she will do, because I don’t think she cares about this lawsuit/judgement she just thinks if she ignores it, it will go away, it won’t!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      She must not have an attorney advising her regarding the Dr. Phil interview.

      She clearly incriminated herself several times.

  21. California35 says:

    Great recaps TexasTarts and Stars99 😀 thank you!!!

    I only watched the end if NY last night, so having the blog is always good 😀 but more today, to know what i missed. I will watch it tonight. Bethenny looks pretty bad in that picture 😕 . I dont like Beth fir her, specially since she has been known as BETHENNY! Heather and her short names, Lu, Son, ok Heath…

    What a oleasant surprise to have a blog about Dr Phill and Kim’ THANK YOU! Im glad Kim checked herself in, I wonder if she did to the place Phil had suggested. I hope she gets the help and she surenders and really do stop. Also, that she stays off cameras, so basically no more RealHousewives. I know, if she doesnt do RH then what will she do with ber time?! Another reason to get back to her addictions. So who knows.

  22. Powell says:

    Dorinda went the hell off in her BF and B went the hell off on Heather. Heather had a legit concern and it made me think she thought back to S1 when I didn’t like her. She didn’t invite Ramona to London. I believe she did apologize for that later. WTH was that all about?!? 😏

    • shamrockblonde says:

      I think she thought she would make Bethenny look badly in front of everyone – to bring her down a bit – I don’t think it had anything to do with Kristin not being invited – she clearly does not know Bethenny – at all –

      • California35 says:

        Yep! First telling her she should give Luanne something because she helped her. Now tellong her she did not invite Kristin. She is here to poloce Bethenny.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      Heather knows B for a hot second and thinks she can just say whatever she wants. She’s definitely marking her territory.

  23. Texas Tart, this is GENIUS: “Not attending is daughter Whitney and son Kingsley.”

    😀 😀 😀

  24. Stars99, I didn’t find Bethenny very convincing in her little birthday speech about how it was the perfect group for the perfect birthday and how happy she is now and blahblah. She did not emanate happiness to me. She seemed to be phoning it in…which is pretty much every scene she is in.

    Also, that dancing on the table/chairs stuff…is “pathetic” the word I’m looking for? Or is it “forced revelry”?

    Maybe it’s too soon for me, with half a year of the awful RHOBH S5 not even under our belts yet–thanks to Kim AT THE BAR. I’m just finding the beautiful women of NY look desperate. I know it’s for the show, but I want them to have some dignity–and this ain’t it.

  25. T-Rex says:

    Off topic does anyone know how to block the ads on WordPress? It’s constantly crashing my computer and I have tried two different computers and it’s the ads that are crashing adobe thanks!

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      T-Rex, I use Google Chrome and have AdBlockPlus, AVG Do Not Track, and JavaScript Popup Blocker. Your mileage may vary.

    • TexasTart says:

      Same problem here, it was maddening! I had to uninstall Adobe Flash just to be able to read! My experience is these crazy things that happen in WordPress only seem to malfunction for a day. I’m going to reinstall the flash player tomorrow.

      • T-Rex says:

        TT- as Moderator I read there is a way for you to keep certain websites from appearing on the blogs, I don’t know how it’s done though, but when I googled how to remove the ads, all I could find was how moderators could remove them from showing in their own blogs.

        • Veena (NMD) says:

          I use google chrome with adblock and the ads are blocked – although as TT said – there was a day when it didn’t work for some reason.

          I see the ads on my phone or when I use explorer.

          Adblock is amazeballs – works on most ads – like in facebook as well.

  26. shamrockblonde says:

    T-Rex a hammer works – but then you would have other troubles….I have never been a fan of Carole’s – she has always been just meh to me – she has a way of throwing shade – not to be confused with humor, or wit – at the othber ladies, and this season it seems to be in high gear – she is also acting slightly desperate – where did that come from? – it has been embarrassing to watch her – a gummy bear? I expected Kelly B to stroll by with her sachels of gold and gummy bears…..

    Bethenny is much more Bethenny this season – I get she has had a hard go – but that giant piece of concrete on her shoulder is going to crush her if she keeps going this way – and the fall will be epic – she seems to be super hyped and tightly controlled – a dangerous combo –

    no comment on Kim at all from me – just prayers for her children – and a question – where is Monty’s current wife? he is married no? he should be moved out –

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’ve never been into Carole either , she seems like she wants to be the cool kid in the class that really is a mean person at heart. Acts nice but throws shade at you and others but does it so calmly and quietly that most people don’t catch on to what she is really like.

    • Monty tweeted a few months ago that he is not currently married, but has two ex-wives: Kim and the second one who lives near Kim (I believe I read somewhere). He has two daughters with his second ex-wife, as well, both grown now, too.

  27. VV™ says:

    Kim check ed herself into rehab not because she wants to get better but because it cleans up her image to the public, judge, and Bravo. I think it’s sad but on that interview I don’t see somebody that knows has issues. IMO.

    very disappointed her two daughter on the clip didn’t see Brandi for the user she is. If they cannot see how BG used their mom then those two are plain IDIOTS!

    Bravo might bring Kim back. They probably think viewers want to see how Kim is doing. Didn’t we see rehab/back on the show already? M I want Kim gone.

    Why is Monty burdening Kim. I see the man flying constantly to Vegas enjoying himself. I know he is sick but he picked the wrong nurse. Kinda selfish if you ask me.

    Yolanda told Kim that castmates were talking about her. The always manipulative Yolanda.

    I thought BG said that she knew Kim’s kids because they hang out in the same circles as her. This was confirmed on a blog and I believe confirmed it too. How is it that the two daughters claim not to know BG.

    I know daughter Whitney is very private. Couldn’t even go to support her mother?

    If this is the storyline for next season and they bring BG back,I am checking out.DONE

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Hey VV
      I totally agree about the Monty thing-he doesn’t seem like he needs to be under Kim’s care-so why is he? If Kim has so much stress in her life why are people adding more? I don’t understand anything that has to do with Kim Richards!!

      I just listened to a podcast that Brandi was on-not her own-she said she talked to Kim after her arrest but promised she wouldn’t talk about her to anyone…she didn’t say much more than that except-she thinks it’s annoying for Kim to have everyone on the show always talking about Kim’s sobriety. I had to stop myself from throwing my iPad across the room. Brandi doesn’t seem to understand that Kim’s sobriety came into question because of KIM!! If Kim wasn’t high no one would talk about her so called sobriety. Kim popping pills is Kim’s story line because SHE made it her story line…Brandi is just as dumb on other peoples podcast as she is on her own..FYI

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Finished listening to this Brandi interview…Brandi said that when she asked Kim (during filming) if she was ok, Kim said “yes”. Brandi said you can’t help anyone until they ask for help. If you tell them they need help they will only get mad at you and never talk to you again.
        Brandi knew Kim wasn’t “ok” and she chose to do nothing-that’s her prerogative-however…she’s very judge when it comes to what the other women did. She doesn’t think anyone should have said anything on camera-they should have waited until the cameras were off. Does she really think we, the viewers, didn’t notice Kim was high as F?? I don’t believe in this “don’t talk about it” approach-it doesn’t do anything for anyone.
        I remember Kyle saying once that when Kim would start drinking again everyone kind of ignored it because they knew if they confronted Kim then Kim would start drinking more because the cat was out of the bag and Kim felt free to drink in front of anyone-this I understand more than Brandi’s idea …sadly no approach works with Kim Richards!!

        Brandi also repeated that Lisa Vanderpump has a closet FULL of furs….

        • VV™ says:

          I think Chad said it best. Brandi is TOXIC. I just can’t with these two. They need to b fired PERIOD!

          Of course, it’s NEVER THEIR FAULT. The addict and the enabler. Kim must not watch the show. Her behavior is there for the world to see.

        • chismosa says:

          I thought– someone here please correct me if (the many times) i am wrong:

          if you own furs BEFORE A CERTAIN YEAR—- that is acceptable — as those furs were designed and made before awareness was out there about the horrors of actually making them.

          Yes, of course you could set them on fire or destroy them to make a statement but i’m just saying.
          And this could go for any of them.
          Wouldn’t Big Kathy have furs and left them to her daughters?

      • chismosa says:

        you’re going to break that ipad one day….. for sure.

    • T-Rex says:

      VV- I am totally with you they bring back THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTFUBrandi, I am OUT OUT OUT OUT AND OUT, possibly in a bar bar bar bar.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Wherever to begin…

      Totally disagree with you on some of your points.

      How are Kim’s daughters idiots? Just because she didn’t let on she saw, doesn’t mean she didn’t see. Also didn’t see them claiming not to know BG, just not know her WELL. Since that’s a matter of perspective, they could be telling their version of the truth.

      IMHO Monty is with Kim because they use together. He’s as selfish as she is.

      I kinda feel like Kim’s kids have been through enough. They haven’t done anything “wrong” other than Chad having mental problems.

      They seem like they’re just trying to cope with a whole bunch of crazy.

      • VV™ says:

        How can Kim’s daughters not see Brandi for the msnipulator she is? The son was very clear. Brandi is toxic.

        I thought about the knowing/not knowing. I think they didn’t say they knew Brandi or that Brandi is toxic because they have mutual friends and didn’t want to offend their friend Cari Sladek comes to mind.

        Monty recently came back to Kin’s life “after” his cancer diagnosis. Too convenient if you ask me. He’s Ben MIA from her life for a long time prior to getting sick.

        I don’t know much about Chad’s “mental issues”. I only heard rumors. Do we know for sure sabo it this mental issues rumors?

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I’m not even reading your comment ✋🏼
      I’m going to read you for FILTH! I have beef witchoo 🐄🍔🍖—-
      You owe Princess some sparkles !!!!!!

      Missed you !!!!

      (Haven’t watched DR P yet )

      Love ya ! 👵🏾

      • VV™ says:

        What? What did I do? I’ve been away,I know. Sorry.

        • chismosa says:


          how can i resist THOSE EYESSSSSS


          It was our Princess’ birthday so she needed a little ‘pizazz’ a little – SOMETHING, you know– jazz hands….

          Hope you are well!! missed you!
          just because BH is over don’t leave me this way!!!

          I have no one to hate Beth with — i’m so alone….


  28. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Go Tartsy, Go Tartsy!! Hats off to you for breaking everything down for us. I missed several key things from the show and was so happy you were able to fill me in.

    Great job, Starzy! Gosh, what change from the dark BH to the petty, I didn’t invite so and so to my party! I prefer this much more.
    I gotta say, I think I’m team Luann and team Bethenny this year. Luann basically doesn’t care and is throwing everything out there and I enjoyed Bethenny in the last episode because she wasn’t victimizing herself. Who the hell is Heather to tell someone she barely knows that she hurt someone because she didn’t invite her to her party? Let’s not forget how Heather excluded Ramona from the London trip.
    I’m going to give Dorinda one more episode before I decide if I like her. She’s great around the ladies but strange around what’s his name and her daughter.
    Kristen should be scared. She was one for 1 second and I didn’t mind.

    TeamJNNTJ forever! <————you see that, Chismosita?

  29. TexasTart says:

    Stars and Namaste thank you both for the RHONY blogs. I plan to read them both tonight! Stars, your Top Ten List tickled my funny bone! XD

  30. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Wow, Jan is blue today and Veena isn’t? I’m feeling backasswards here lol. Thank you Jan and stars for the recap it is most appreciated. I’ll be back later to read the comments. Gotta watch G General Hospital at the moment.

  31. shamrockblonde says:

    Just another little peek into my life at home –

    Last nite Katie Kelly and Bob were watching tv – I was upstairs in the kitchen – no not cooking, just cleaning up – there was a commercial on and I could hear Kelly asking Bob what a saving scoopon was – before he could answer, Katie said –
    “Its not saving scoopon – its savings coupon”
    Kelly – that’s what I said – saving scoopon
    Katie – nooo – its two words – savings coupon – she said it slower
    Kelly – getting frustrated – I SAID that! I just wanna know what it is!!!!
    Katie – stomping out of the den saying I give up!!

    At this point Bob came upstairs looked at me, rolled his eyes and got a piece of paper and in big letters wrote out

    Underneath it he wrote – no such thing as a saving scoopon!!!!

    Kelly – oooooohhh – now I get it
    Katie – laughing herself silly – Kelly laughing too
    Just listening to the laughter warms my heart every time –

  32. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    I’m seriously on my spaceship to Mars 🚀🌁 and that’s cool- I’m into the color RED 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

    I was never a huge fan of Heather holla but I didn’t see her just saying one little thing about Kristen as such a huge kerfuffle. Plus I think she’s just trying to have her friends Carole and Kristen (and cluann🐍🚽) ‘s backs as they are the returning newbies just meeting the OG SquareJ.

    Seriously – it’s not my disdain for SJ that is making me think Holla holla’d too much – I feel like once she said one tiny thing – B flipped the Bit?h switch and Dorinda and H (and Carole ) were like …. Um, yeah ok …… 😳😳😳

    That’s all. Seriously I don’t think it was dumbed down or edited weirdly.

    I love how Barf signs back down to this level show and is shocked and dismayed and has to feign napping at some stupid gossip. Girl GET AS REAL AS YOU CLAIM TO BE. GET A NEW JOCK Beeeyotch. 👅😴

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      She was being real-sadly Heather was trying to create a fake problem to drum up some drama and my girl Bethenny knows fake drama doesn’t cut it…Heather should take a seat and learn…THE B IS BACK BABY…live it…love it!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Jnntj- You know after thinking about it, St.HeatheroftheTwear was in my opinion getting into a “pissing” match with B, you know like how dogs mark their territory, etc. I think when B said that she could corral that DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja I think she got her little tummywear-in-a-wad about that line. Folks gave St.HeatheroftheTwear a pass last year because FauxlegViva was just so annoying and overthetop and then the whole DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja sinking into an alternate imaginary reality of her life made her seem well the normal person of the group. Fact is, no matter how witty you think you are B will be faster and wittier it’s just her nature. Oh and I can’t wait for the showing of DrunkDelusionalGreyGardensSonja imaginary clothing line that is being marketed with a free toaster oven, with it’s own beautiful box. I love that Andy totally busted her about it on WWHL and ever delusional as she is, she said just you wait, uhm yeah right.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        Well fake drama on a housewives show is what this B signed up for so she should saddle the FU&$ up and not act so shocked and obnoxious about it. She doesn’t need to pop her veins at every tiny drama because she SIGNED THE CONTRACT TO COME BACK so I’m not crying for her BUENOS AIRES! 😩😪
        (Gauchos>> horses>> saddling– I tied it together 🎀)

        You can be REAL and not OBNOXIOUS and I love THOSE people. There is a line.


        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Ummmm sorry but Bethnenny didn’t sign up for FAKE drama-if Heather had a REAL issue to discuss I’m sure Bethenny would have been fine going head to head with her-Heather wanted to start something fake and Bethenny said NO…you can do that when you’re the B..and you’re BACK!!

          • California35 says:

            😀 and you are in a bar 😉

          • kit9 says:

            I think Bethenny’s made some fake drama herself so far. She completely overreacted to Ramona in the Hamptons. Like a lot. She kept saying how crazy Ramona had gotten and I’m thinking, did I miss something? So, I went back and rewatched. Nope. Always a Bethenny fan and I like her in her TH’s but with the other women, she’s been weird. And, I’m not sure what it is. Is she uncomfortable in front of the cameras in company and forcing things to be interesting because she’s feeling more pressure to deliver in her comeback?

            I don’t know what it is, but it’s annoying. And, now Heather. Ok, first off, newsflash B, you’re on a reality show. The whole, “I don’t know her” thing makes sense in real life but not on the show. You don’t know Heather or Carole, either, so don’t act like Kristen having an issue w/not being invited is crazy. It’s not. And, I don’t think she made a big deal about it, just wondered why she wasn’t invited. And, I’m on no side on whether Heather should have said something but Bethenny’s reaction was, again, over the top and just plain dumb. Fake sleeping? It’s stupid when Vicki does it and really stupid when Bethenny does it because she’s not dumb.

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              I agree that Bethenny’s reaction was ridiculous, but now Heather has created a real wedge between Bethenny and Kristen by making it a bigger deal than it was.

              • chismosa says:

                heather was like — oh fyi….



                the reaction did not fit the situation. seriously. Like a huge cannon fell on that table. The other 3 were like WTF??? Read their faces.

                Debatable about whether H should have said whatever but who gives a F? She’s keeping it real- something many loved about Holla last year and year before- she’s ‘real’….
                and she’s right- what a Bit*& to react that way.

                I felt almost like B had something put into her drink. It was scary.

                She’s like bipolar — and NO i’m not forgetting how she was all previous seasons — i own them on dvd thanks very much, curtsy.

                • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                  Hahaha “it was scary”….hahahaha I’m dying!! DYING!!!

                  • So Chiszy is going to nickname this Scary Cherry since they were eating at a restaurant named Cherry?

                  • chismosa says:

                    she seriously switched a bit&* switch or whatever that petty BS gal on Melbourne says!

                    Flip/ Keep it Real
                    Flip/ psychosis
                    Flip/ mickey(sp?)-roofie in your drink/slash/ didn’t eat anything all day/ skinnygirlalways
                    Flip/ just got bad news

                    #oddball nevertheless and odd reaction!
                    But i’m happy it made you laugh. I would have been like Dorinda and Carol and H like whoaaaaaaaaa baby, slow your roll.

                • Foxymel(Mel) says:

                  I never said I liked Heather last year. Remember, I felt a little bad for Aviva because Heather was fighting everyone’s battles against her. Yes B is nuts but she’s been crazy and sometimes not social since season 1. I’m tolerating her now because she didn’t bring up a pity party for the first time this season. Honestly, the other ladies outside of Lu, B, and Ramona are boring. Yawwwn

                  • chismosa says:

                    sorry darling, never meant you specifically. I just meant in general i feel that some here (Pindy, cough, cough) liked Heather.

                    I like how she articulates things a lot. I mean, ‘bifurcate’ —-> last night? Just slipped that in there at the cherry dinner. heehee.

                    Clueann got a clue and knows she has to BRING it if she wants that damn apple. So — she’s pumping it up. I don’t think she typed out those tweets last night. She was with someone. She’s slow on the uptake a lot. (remember jill and the google alert on bethenny…. ha haaaaaa)

            • chismosa says:


              ashy—- KitKat put it in a much better way than i.

              In her wobbly talking heads– one with wide hair and veiny face — ghoulish— vs. the dark black hair and pink dress and more work done— she’s all OVER the place.

              Her reaction to Ramona WHO SHE KNOWS should not have been like that. Sorry– i don’t get it.
              Why not simmah’ down nowah’ and slowly come back into this show you were SO ABOVE before???

              Sorry, something is tres tres tres tres off in her TH’s, especially that super nasty one last night about the Jewish P2 in the Berkshires. Yikes x10000000000

            • floridagirl88 says:

              I think Bethenny is trying too hard and it shows. She is past due her expiration date for this show. It’s kind of like being a college senior crashing her former high school’s junior prom and trying to show off her cool moves.

              • chismosa says:

                that’s the dance moves on the table at the restaurant. She has the same moves she always does- i always imitate her to my friends.

                i completely concur FLGal88

                or, to be like Heather— FLO.

                HA HAAA, just kidding!

            • OMG, you made me laugh because when Vickie does it I crack up, I find it hilarious for some strange reason…I didn’t find it funny when B did it…

      • Oh, please. Bethenny is so dried up with bitterness now, she can’t even muster a half decent snark.

        I, however, can….

        Just for you, JNNTJ:


        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          I live for comments that start with “oh, please”!!!
          I’m flattered that you did something just for me…am I supposed to be flattered?? Hahahahah!!

          I’m not going to defend Bethenny-she’s the only HW that I LOVE and the only HW that needs no defending-she got this!!! …the B is BACK!!!

          • chismosa says:

            wait what about Lisa Rinna? You don’t love her most anymore?

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              Now that The B is BACK…Lisa R can beat it!!

              • chismosa says:


                Maybe they’ll do a crossover of Kyle and Lisa visiting Bethenny.

          • Oh, PLEASE! LOL

            My deepest apologies for missing the mark with my flattery! I obviously mistook your devotion to a MAJOR BEETCH as an indication you’d appreciate my own efforts in that direction.

            Of course, I’m no Martha Stewart wannabe, but come on…you didn’t even like it one teensy, little bit?

            Fine! Mea culpa! Namasté! Ciao!

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              I like it…I loved it!!
              I’m all for MAJOR BEETCH devotion and flattery!!
              The only thing that I live for more than a comment that begins with “Oh, Please” is one that ends with “Fine!” You have made my day!!

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I think I have a problem with it is because Bethenny didn’t really know anyone of the ladies (Dorinda, Carole and Heather) and it seemed a little too much to bring up when she was probably expecting things to be light. Kinda like talking about a sample sale, etc.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I think Bethenny was over Heather the second she told Bethenny she should buy the Countess a car….

        • T-Rex says:

          EXACTLY< she was like, who the F are you telling me what to do with my money, and she didn't help create the product, or market it, or sit in Costco trying to get publicity for it, etc. She was just there when she came up with the idea, ugh. Oh and I don't think St.HeaatheroftheTWear gave HER friend anything, she told her if she sold the company she would, uhm, okay, whatevah!

        • California35 says:

          Yep yep, i know that is when i was 😜

        • Foxymel(Mel) says:

          Heather’s marking her territory. Can’t stand a Heather giving people nicknames either. I guess I just don’t really like Heather.

          • chismosa says:

            i do NOT care for nicknames or shortening people’s names without their consent.
            It took me forever to feel comfortable calling my bestie’s Mare (maryellen) jacks (jacqueline/ jackie- hello that one needs a nickname duh)- and i had a Doreen, went to Dor….
            or maureen/ maurrrr.
            So since my name begins with a T- i have people who call me T-Bird or T-Bone and i only allow certain people to call me that. it’s funny!!!!!

            I think if you’re 2 syllables or less YOU DON’T NEED A NICKNAME. Going to three, then you meh… could get one.. IF YOU SIGN A CONSENT FORM.

            I dont care for that from Heather or the ‘mama’ or the ‘holla’.

            I never cared for her the past two years until she warmed to Ramona a bit more & chillaxed. Plus i DESPISED the way she was with Kristen last year in the friggin woods in Montana.

            But she’s making me see her in a new light i can tell you that. Beth is helping that along BIG time for me! LOL

            • Foxymel(Mel) says:

              I think if Heather came across a little softer then it would be cute with the nicknames but I don’t like. Don’t dare call me Meli! Can I call you T Dawg?

              • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

                Awww melt is what we put on our Greek yogurt …… It’s 🍯honey ….
                Melissa means === sweet.

                You can call me whatever you’d like, fax over the consent form 📠

        • Well good lord so was I…ridiculous!!!

          Who is Heather to tell Bethenny what to do with her $$$?

          Just stirring the pot. Easy to say she’ll give her friend a car when her company HASNT been sold.

          Ugh. Holla back girl is annoying me already.

          • California35 says:

            I wanted B to tell Heather, “ok when you do, let’s talk”. Hahaha
            Yes back off Heather!

        • chismosa says:

          i know because a sarcastic joke is so beyond the total literal way B talks….. how DARE H say that!!!!!

  33. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Ash—- I just notified my bestie that the fdny house / ladder that her late father was part of is having a huge open house on May 2nd — is your Kev taking part in this ?

    I hope my friend goes – I know she’d love to take her sons. She misses her dad so much to this day. I am always so sad for her. (He died when we were seniors right before the prom- hospital huge malpractice – not in the line/ on duty)

    I say Ash and Kev because we’re close like that 👭😛

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Do you know what Firehouse it is? I will ask Kev when he gets home later
      You know a Kevin right? Your friends husband? It’s understandable if you know a Kevin to go right into “Kev” when you meet another one…this is usually explained to Kevin right away in the form of “oh my sister has a husband named Kevin and I just say “Kev” out of habit”…or something like that!!

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I joke with you about that …… Yes one of my bestie’s is husband’s — Kevin.

        She’s not the one whose dad was the fireman. She’s the one who I’ll never forget cried on the phone telling me Maryellen (my friend)’s dad had passed.

        The house itself is on 85th between 3rd and Lex – just checked.
        Engine 22 ladder 13 battalion 10 ???

  34. Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

    Hmmm… my posts aren’t showing up. It’s been quite a while since I changed my name here too.

    Anyway, it’s been reported that Kim isn’t any too happy with the Malibu Spa/Rehab Resort Dr Phil is paying for. They won’t allow her to leave to visit her dog and Kim was insisting on a private room. Let’s just face it the truth… Kim’s just going through the motions. She’s just pretending to go to rehab for her kids. And maybe it’s been pointed out that it’ll look good for her when she goes before a judge. In CA, can a judge order someone into an out of state 90 day rehab program?

    I suspect the only reason she binge watched the reunion is because Bravo made it clear to her that she wouldn’t get paid for the reunion until AFTER she submitted her blog of it.

    I don’t have much of a problem with Sonja hitting on younger men, but I’ve noticed that she preys on employees. I mean, repairmen who have to come to fix something before they go on their next job, chefs who are paid to be there to prepare meals… these are guys who really don’t have the option to blow her off, you know? And I’m pretty sure if a guy did that to a younger girl, he’d be considered “predatory”.

    Oh, and what exactly are the rules for dating someone else’s ex or employee?

    • TexasTart says:

      But did KIM actually binge watch the reunion? Her story is she was going to watch, so she could blog and she went to Twitter and that caused her to get drunk and arrested. Who knows!

  35. Okay, I’m going to hell for this, so please come visit me. I’ll have lots of vodka and pills to share, not to mention, as much wine-glass busting and throttling as you can manage is encouraged.


  36. designernailsdiana says:

    The guy GrayGardensSonJa invited invited his roommate. The roommate is the one who gave me an impression that he plays for the other team. What is going on with these crazy single women on a houseWIVES show? If you were married when you joined them get divorced you can stay if you’re not married you can only be a friend of, IMDNDHO

    • California35 says:

      Interesting…and Sonjia was never a “wife” por say. No husband and no child to show her mother side.

      • California35 says:

        The peoblem with that is that ONLY 2 of the current “wives” are married.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        So she should exit with Carole and Dorinda. I don’t like Dorinda and I don’t think I’ll like her daughter either. That boyfriend has greasy slime ball written all over his dry cleaned forehead! 👔🍸👴🏽

        • California35 says:

          Yeah well it would be cool to just get new wives each season, or retire the old once after a certain amount of seasons. I don’t know, but we keep getting some wives we wish we didn’t anymore. I loved when Bravo started doing only one season for the newbies. Bedazzel wife on NY, Witch wife on BH. You know, this way.

  37. TexasTart says:

    Orson I found you in the Spam folder. IDK I think I’m trapped in a technical nightmare!

    • Orson who doesn't own a circus or any monkeys says:

      I thought it could have been Twaddler’s Revenge. But then I thought better; you’re not THAT kind of turnip twaddler.

      • TexasTart says:

        No, I’m not but isn’t that hard to believe when this post gets held up too?!

        If you could please log out and log back in and post something that would interest a turnip twaddler 😉

    • Orson says:

      Maybe they changed something and they don’t like the long names?

      • TexasTart says:

        I was pleased to see you were getting through and I saw your name was shortened – so that does support the theory of WordPress having altered their parameters to decide what might be menacing….not that you personally are a menace! 😉

  38. VV™ says:


  39. Orson says:


  40. kit9 says:

    Kim on Dr. Phil. What a joke. It was 45 min of bad lying w/commercials. My fav part was when she bolted the interview and let the mask totally slip, revealing everything we’d seen of her prior was AN ACT. Her voice changed from meek to strong in an instant and her vulnerable weak act went straight out the window. The contrast was striking. Once she crossed that threshold, it was all “f*ck him” and “I’m done with you!”. She’s done w/her daughter? Nice.

    Couple more things. Hasn’t had vodka in 10 years my effing a**. Kimmy goes to have some alcohol at Brooke’s-who I assume has a selection-and Kim just happens to choose that? Not the scotch, not the rum? She just happens to choose the booze of choice for most chronic alcoholics? It’s super cheap, clear and therefore, hideable, a high proof and many believe it can’t be smelled on them. And, I also have trouble believing Brooke would have booze accessible when her mother was staying over. I’ve been hiding/locking up what alcohol I have at my house for years-including all cooking wine and other things like vanilla because she will drink it. And, I have to believe, as long as this has been going on that Brooke knows that. I think if Kim drank at Brooke’s, Kim brought it with her. After all, it was a sleep over and Kimmy wasn’t going to miss her night cap. Hid it in her car, or outside her house or outside Brooke’s house. I’ve found empty bottles all around my house over the years.

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks Kit, I was waiting for you to chime in, as you know exactly what that family is going through since you unfortunately have had to experience this kind of stuff first hand. I personally think that the reason she went BSCLunaticCrazy at the bar is that this time she mixed pills with the copious amounts of alcohol and went “OFF”. She has been drunk loads of times, and hadn’t gone off the rails, but this time she may have added a couple of Monty’s Oxyies for an extra Kick. Also she never explained why she got in her car to drive when she was supposed to be spending the night at Brooke’s house, well that could be because Brookiepoo has been through this circus enough times and she locked up the booze, and DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim needed her “fix”. Just like you stated above you lock up all alcohol when your alcoholic family member comes by, I am sure her kids do the same. You know her poor children have had to be at the receiving end of some extremely abusive behaviour when she is drunk and drinking. It’s sad because it’s all they probably know and excuse the behaviour not to “set off” their mother’s wrath.

      • kit9 says:

        Can you imagine what her kids have been through? It’s so depressing. Imagine finding your mother passed out as a young kid. You’d have no clue what was wrong and be worried she was dead or dying. Kim is so far from a bottom. And, of course, this ‘rehab’ is a joke and will never work. I’ve found out the very hard and expensive way that if the person doesn’t want to go(not relents after tons of pressure, but really WANTS to go), that’s its a complete waste of time. Her poor kids have hope this will work and I know it will not.

        So, in addition to the overt abuse of suffering Kim’s rage-there’s the emotional abuse-giving them that hope and the inevitable disappointment they will feel in the end. And, the pill aspect is SO scary. My sister is a straight alcoholic but has, on rare occasion, taken pills when she was too sick to drink. I think Kim, like you said, is more dependent on them and that’s truly terrifying. It’s so dangerous to mix the two.

        • T-Rex says:

          Thanks again Kit for your insight. I think that the reason that Chad lives with his mother is he is afraid that she will pass out drunk and hurt herself, as I posted yesterday he has probably found her in a pool of vomit and had to clean her up and put her to bed more than once. No child should have to see that kind of nonsense. I know from first hand experience that Pills and Alcohol are NOT to be mixed, our very close family friend we went to highschool together, his mom and my mom besties, well his wife left him before his 40th birthday and he was super depressed and he washed down some oxyies and not a huge level of dosage with some bourbon, and well he never saw his 40th birthday party because he died that afternoon. There was no suicide note, and even the coroner and police ruled it an accidental overdose. We found out from his wife she left him due to his drinking and when he started taking pills she told him he needed to go to rehab, he said he knew what he was doing and she took the kids and left. We all apologized to her because we treated her pretty badly when she left him, but she was keeping his secret until he died. I hope that DrunkMcDrunkyDrugAddictAlcoholicKim would just get a cluephone and cleanup her act, for her kids, her future grandkids, otherwise I don’t see her coming out of this well.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I have been waiting to see what you would say about Kim’s “acting” gig on Dr. Phil…I’m sure it’s an act you know all too well! Did you notice how she tried to be so cutesy and charming to Dr. a Phil as if he wouldn’t see right through that shit? She really is a classic addict-like Right out of a text book on addiction! After all these years of her hiding and lying you would think she would be a master at it…are any addicts good actors??

      • jezzibel says:

        Robert Downey Jr. is the only success story I can think of.

      • kit9 says:

        I recognize a lot but not all of Kim’s behavior. The excuse making is VERY familiar. My sister has a whole other basket of non diva excuses–more like know-it-all excuses to avoid treatment/meetings over the years. My sister is very smart and knows the pathology of her illness and actually used to counsel addicts before she was one. So, she knows inside of a minute if whoever she’s talking to knows their stuff and if they don’t she refuses to see them-which pretty much means every rehab in our city. About AA? It’s a meat market, pick up joint. No sponsor? They’re all too dumb, etc etc etc. But, unlike Kim, she doesn’t blame others for her behavior. She always takes responsibility. She’s also apologetic and extremely remorseful. And, she isn’t vicious and mean when called on her behavior. I’ve said before if she were like Kim in that way, I’d have dropped her a decade ago. It’s bad enough dealing with them drunk but a vicious a**hole even sober is unthinkable to me to deal with. Couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t do it.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          I wonder if Kim was ever nice? Did she get bitchy when she started drinking or was she always a bitch? She looks so nice and wholesome in her younger years but looks can be deceiving! I would love to know what she was like back in the sober days!

          • kit9 says:

            You know, I have to think she was. My sister isn’t even really mean or vicious when she’s drunk. Oh, she’s a freaking nightmare to deal and can be combative when you try to separate her from her booze but she’s never personally attacked me with some horrible comments. Ever.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          Kit, hugs 🙆🏼💓

          Thank the good lord she doesn’t have Kim’s arrogance about blaming others.

    • Do you really think it was a joke? I thought it was a masterful exposure of her complete drug fueled, alcoholic delusion.

      You can’t really even call this lying anymore. It’s gone way past that and is now pulling into the Crazy Train Station.

      I’m also beginning to wonder if Kim might have an underlying mental condition similar to Chad’s schizophrenia- there are times she seems to be “splitting” and goes into an alter personality.

      Mean Kim. Little girl Kim.

      • TexasTart says:

        I think that is a very legitimate thing to wonder, OMIB

      • At the Reunion, Pt. 3, when Kim was going after Kyle over the dogbite, from the peanut gallery LisaR said, “There’s that voice…the scary voice.”

        I heard it, too. It was the same voice Kim went into at the blow-up dinner in Amsterdam. It’s the “Let’s talk about the husband” voice; the “Do you want me to tell, do you” voice; the “Get out of here” voice. No doubt the BHPD heard it, too.

        I think that’s the unmasked Kim.

      • kit9 says:

        I say it was a joke because it was a PR move to go on his show and it failed miserably. She could have actually done some good by apologizing to the people at the hotel and the cop. But, oh no. I don’t think she’s delusional-more like crazy arrogant thinking people won’t see straight through her lies. I think she knows she’s lying. She hasn’t reached ‘wet brain’ territory, yet. I think if she were really delusional and believed the lies, she wouldn’t have slipped up and admitted she’d drank a few times. I think Kim is manipulative, an actor and doing what she has to do to minimally appease her family, ie Kathy, by doing the interview and her children and court-by going to fauxhab.

      • mrs peabody says:

        never thought about that possibility but you sure have to wonder.

  41. Just because I haven’t said it in a hour or so “in a bar, in a bar, in a bar”…

    • kit9 says:

      Rofl! To pick apart the interview and it’s lies is hard because there were so many. And, it’s not just lies-it’s insulting everyone’s intelligence lies. And, with Kim, she lies about every little thing. And, her poor kids can’t call her on all of it or they’d never get anywhere. They have to pick and choose. I don’t trust she was at Brooke’s at all. If she was, I don’t buy she drank Brooke’s booze, and on and on.

      • I don’t think anybody here was “buying” what she was selling. I would also think that the general public got enough of Dr. Obvious’ incredulity to hopefully not buy her lies. I know you have dealt with this so love your insights, but I think we saw the real Rambles when she was saying XXXX him, etc and glad they showed that so the general public will not be too easy on her. I just hope Bravo sees what a liability she is – I am amazed she hasn’t hurt anyone while driving, etc. while under the influence.

  42. jezzibel says:

    Here is the article with pictures for Sonja Morgan’s clothing line that she debuted at Fashion week
    Its okay, but not anything that is going to set the fashion world alight or make her an internationally recognized household name like CoCo Chanel

  43. California35 says:

    Oh nooooo! NY

    • California35 says:

      Is not in my DVR!! 😔😔

      I’m gonna check twitter, serve myself 2″ of vodka, and drive to a bar.

  44. chismosa says:

    SJP i hadn’t realized the name of the restaurant — it looked cozy—

    i was just thinking- as everyone seems to think it was just so above and beyond annoying and appalling (i jest) that Heather brought up the Kristin-heads-up to Bethenny—- then why didn’t Carole or Dorinda- especially Dorinda- who is new to them ALL— say anything either in talking head or at the table like— mehhhh it’s ok we don’t need to discuss this—- oh heather don’t bring that up… etc…
    Did anyone say that?? I seriously may be forgetting because i was shocked at B’s talking heads- moreso than her at the table. Make fun of me all you want jill, i can take it. 😥

    i have to poll my friends who sadly are still in the Beth-camp and are in the same tribe as Jill, braiding lanyard bracelets for #teamBethenny. I’ll see what they all think. (better than braiding something else beth said the other week, right? 😮 )
    I know my friend Mare can’t stand Heather’s face for some reason. LOL. odd.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t dislike Heather-I liked from the beginning but I didn’t like that she went in on Ramona right away and didn’t invite on the trip b/c she thought Ramona would ruin her whole yummie business…whatever with that mess!! I just think she was stupid to try to play Bethenny with that Kristen crap-as if she really believed Bethenny would invite that drip to her party!! Then the way Heather said Kristen’s feelings were hurt-how can she be hurt when she barely knows Bethenny? It was fake and dumb and it pissed The B off…but I wasn’t scared!!! Hahahahaha

      • chismosa says:

        oh my god i’m never going to live down this ‘scared’ BS now…….

        I find Carole a bit of a pill, to quote Whitney/SouthernCharm- at times.
        Dorinda is fun– why not invite her? just a weird way to start off your filming timetable. We know filming starte around october– as beth’s bday is early november and Ramona is also. Dont know why we didn’t see Halloween.

        Heather just articulates a certain way… i wonder if she took some sort of literary / litigation/ whatever words— classes are called in college.

        i’m going to BIFURCATE my love for you and my hate from Bethenny, so i can go on and you don’t make fun of my ‘scary’ thing!
        i hate when i’m the only one who sees things a certain way! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah/ baby emoji

        Be(thenn)y is scary. DEAL. A little valium or lexapro would do her good.

        i’m itchy when she’s on. Heart palpatations!!!!!

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Scary and itchy….
          I don’t think Bethenny would have even invited Carole if she didn’t see her the night before. Maybe if Dorinda and Kristen were out with them Bethenny would have invited the whole gang? Who knows?? I just think Heather was being stupid-poor Kristen got her feelings hurt by a person she hardly knows? Come on now…that’s scary!!!

    • Scary Cherry, scary cherry, scary cherry and it has a bar, bar, bar….

  45. Love Orson for suggesting the William Tell Overture and JumptheShark for the lyrics. Now sign it with me!!!!

    “Kim drank and drove to a bar, bar, bar! Sat in her booth in the bar, bar, bar. Ordered a drink in the bar, bar bar. Drew a blank in a bar, bar, bar!”

  46. Shiny says:

    and I immediately heard that in the Lone Ranger theme – thanks to this blog for a new earworm.
    Recaps were great – so much better than the TV versions! Thank you for being my favorite entertainment.

  47. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Re: MDLNY – I only watched the premiere and the WWHL —

    But is anyone else as annoyed evermore by Luis as I am?
    So arrogant and so Napoleon !?!? Jesus man get a grip ….. He didn’t learn at ALL.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Luis makes me itchy-seriously! I have to change the channel sometimes! He’s always ready to EFFF Something up and it makes me very nervous

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Last week was so bad I changed the channel and didn’t want to put it back on! Everything is the hard way with Luis-idk if it’s his fault or what but it’s not enjoyable to watch!

  48. Exit4 says:

    Watching MDLNY-where would you live if you lived in NYC?

    • Orson says:

      I loved living on Governor’s Island.

      • Exit4 says:

        Was that when you were in the military?

        • Orson says:

          Yes, I was stationed there twice when I was in the Coast Guard. First time, I was a student at one of the schools there. Then I returned after a year to be an instructor at one of the schools. I thought of it as an oasis in the middle of NYC.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I suppose as it is so expensive and would appreciate — where Carrie / S&C really filmed her townhouse – downtown west village near the cupcake place. Where filming took place, not her mailing address on the show.

      • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

        I also got mad mad love for Chelsea. The safer areas. Ie the totally gay ones.

  49. VV™ says:

    Didn’t Bethenny hate Birthday parties? She shares the same birthday as her mom and blah blah blah.

    #idontbuyherBS #neverboughtherBS

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      VV that’s aggressive ! LOVIN it ! Where was it for Kim and Brandi !???? Hahahaaaa

      Yes – she makes her speech about it. Then gets up and dances. That’s her “schtick”

      Keep the emojis coming !!!!!! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👌🏽

  50. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Wait…..did I read in these comments that Chismosa called into WWHL?? Is that for real or a joke? I just watched the clip on Bravo.com…is it really YOU? Or was it just a question you would have asked? I’m confused?!??!?!?

  51. kit9 says:

    Omg. I ran across the funniest thing yesterday. I was reading the linked story on The Daily Mail about Kim’s mom and they mention her father’s name. So I do a quick search to see a pic of him and through a few more links end up on a Richard’s related Geni page. I’m familiar w/this genealogy site-actually discovered pics of my own family I’d never seen that another family member I don’t know had posted. Anyway. So I’m looking at the Richards info and most of the stuff is private user protected but there is a link titled, My granddaughter Farrah’s HS graduation party. Okay, so I click and it’s this big folder of pics from the 2006 party. Ok, so cute pics of very young Alexia, family, etc. But two rather odd things pop up. First, C Thomas Howell was there. At first I wasn’t sure but it’s him-smiling, in turn, with Mo and Kyle along with, I assume, his wife. Gee, how many people invite their teenage ex boyfriends to their daughter’s graduation? Lol. But what was REALLY weird/funny are several pics showing Kyle on a stretcher looking sheepish. Huh? At first I thought it was a joke but more photos reveal an ambulance and everything. In one she’s smiling with an oxygen feed up her nose. Wth? She’s perfectly fine in other photos and looks well even in the ambulance so it couldn’t have been serious. But, really, wth?! I know Kyle’s neurotic but, wow. I wouldn’t be making jokes, btw, if it looked remotely serious. But, really, wth?! I want the story on this one! lol

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