Brandi Glanville Podcast “Brandi talks about her son’s heart condition, and her sister’s surgeries” plus Real Housewives of Melbourne – Gamble’s Hen Party

Brandi Glanville Podcast by Kit9

Guest: Pain Expert Dr. David Schechter, author of Think Away Your Pain

Grown up mostly snark free edition

Dr. Schechter teaches people to use their brain to overcome chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting three months or more. Brandi is allergic to pain meds and once had a condition that caused her so much pain she didn’t see the point in living. Schechter says that people have to be “open to this program” for his treatment to work. He says that it varies from person to person how long it takes for the program to work. Weeks for some people, months for others.

Brandi says her sister has not walked in nearly 2 years. She’s on crutches and has seen every doctor in Northern California. Doctors tell her whatever is wrong with her is in her head. Her sister used to be very active, is young, 43, and she’s now depressed and feels she has nothing to live for. And, her sister won’t take antidepressants.

Brandi mentions the Jennifer Aniston film, Cake, about a woman with chronic pain who resorts to getting pain meds in “Taiwan…that place in Mexico that everyone goes”. “Tijuana,” the Doctor corrects her. Brandi talks about going to a hypnotherapist to treat her problem with “self mutilization, if that’s a word.” She saw them for a year and it didn’t help her.

The Dr. talks about “distraction”, a way of keeping the mind active and away from thinking about the thing that it’s drawn to-pain for example. However, he says, that some people that may benefit from medication in addition to his holistic approach. People with severe anxiety, for example. He feels traditional medicine focuses too narrowly on the problem instead the person as a whole.

He started out in medical school at NYU. He was having knee pain at the time which wasn’t getting better. He met a Dr. Sarno who had a mind/body approach to treatment and, after attending one of the Dr’s seminars, found his pain go away quickly. He began to work with Sarno’s patients in a research study who had similar miraculous results. So, when he began his own practice, he wanted to incorporate Sarno’s teachings but found resistance from other doctors. Schechter claims there is “scientific evidence for this mind/body stuff. It’s not just guru stuff.”

Schechter finished medical school and went into family medicine while doing additional training in sports medicine. He’s credentialed in pain management and he’s taught at USC. Brandi thinks opening your mind to the idea of mind over matter is when it can help you. The Dr. says if somebody believes something, they can work their way out of physical conditions. He compares it to people born poor who had a dream of what they could do and then worked their way to success. He sees people who have no hope and he’s able to show them that the problem they thought was insurmountable actually has a solution.

Brandi says she “will not put energy into negative things. She sits in the morning and thinks about what she wants to happen during the day and it happens. But, when she’s in a “downward spiral”, if she puts energy into something negative, “it gets bigger and bigger.” She believes that you put out into the world what you want to happen and it happens (fireBrandifireBrandifireBrandifireBrandi).

The Dr. gets his patients empowered to believe that they have a problem that can be managed. Some people have what Dr. Schechter calls a “book cure.” They read either Dr. Sarno’s books or one of his own and their pain is gone. Others read the book but need a more detailed supervised program. In other cases, he’ll have an in person initial visit and conduct follow up by Skype sessions.

He advocates the technique of journaling as a way of releasing tension and stress. The Dr. encourages people to sit and write about their feelings (Dear diary, Kit here. Brandi sux). It’s an effective exercise to reduce stress and tension. He says there is scientific research to show it helps people with everything from asthma to arthritis. Brandi recently she wrote to express what was upsetting her and it only made her more upset. She won’t say what it was about.

Schechter says people who are skeptical of his treatments want to be skeptical. He says there is some research to support his methods but research is very expensive and the funding isn’t there to support it. Brandi wants the Dr. to meet her sister. Brandi jokes about tricking her sister to see him but the Dr. says she has to be open to it for it to work. Brandi says that her family knows that, with her, “all their business is gonna be out there.” Her sister had three surgeries that she didn’t need and Brandi doesn’t know what to say to her  anymore and it’s weighing on both of them.

The Dr. talks about how some people were raised to not speak openly about their feelings so it comes out of them in the form of pain. The Dr. believes levels of pain can be misleading. Sometimes severe pain can end up being the result of a very small problem and light pain can be a symptom of a very serious medical issue. And, by talking to a therapist, their physical pain can be helped. Brandi says it’s like the film, The Promise, but different (facepalm).

Brandi talks about how powerful our brains are but that a lot of us don’t use it to our full potential. The Dr. would like the mind/body connection to be taught in school. Brandi talks about the need for more physical education in schools. Her boys only have PE once a week. Brandi’s son has been to the ER 6 times in the past year. He was ultimately diagnosed with a heart condition called angioadema and has very high cholesterol.

Brandi goes on at length about her skin picking issue. She’s noticed that if she’s busy and focused on something else, she leaves her skin alone. The Dr. encourages her to practice distraction and refocusing away from her problem. She says that she has to stay busy to keep from picking at her face and that’s why she’s doing a lot more charity work now. Focusing on dying children and bigger problems keeps her from focusing on her skin and helps her heal.

She apologizes to the Dr. for being late and says she’s never late and this is her first time. She tells the Dr. (I freaking kid you not)…..”so you popped my late cherry. I’m kidding. That’s horrible”.


Real Housewives of Melbourne SEASON 2 EP 10 – A Day At The Races and Gamble’s HEN’S Night

 by Reality_Bytes

Loosely translated this episode is:

  • Lydia and Jackie behaving poorly
  • Book Launch Bomb
  • Strippers Anyhow…(even though Gamble specifically said NO)


Engagement Ring Shopping

This episode starts out with Gamble and Rick shopping for Gamble’s engagement ring…the ones she looked at were between the 100k and 400k range, and they were primarily a very pink diamond in the princess cut, and then a white diamond with a comfort cut (which I love and think is a really pretty cut). Since this will not be her first or his first engagement ring Rick doesn’t understand the need as much as Gamble does…however Rick does understand ‘her’ need for this and is willing to do whatever will make her happy. Gamble asks the salesman did they have a specific shape for the third time around…he says no, LOL. Rick has been married twice before and Gamble has been married once and engaged (not married) the second time.

They look at several and the salesman suggests they take a sample of each cut home and discuss it and choose and he will personally make the ring when they decide the cut/color.


Chyka and Daughter Chessie Shopping for Dresses and Hats

The Spring racing Carnival is coming up including Derby Day and there are 4 specific events surrounding this all of which will require new dresses, hats, hand bags and shoes. The first of these events is an all B/W event.

They started at Melissa Jackson; Milner for hats and Chyka tried on several and settled on several…that was pretty straightforward…LOL…

Next they went to La Louvre for dresses…


(NOTE: a mutual friend of WTG’s and mine has a cousin Georgina who owns this store, and the creations she sells (for any and all high-end occasions) are extremely well known throughout Australia, so that means we are almost related, right???) There is also an amazing high back PINK leather couch in the shop where Chessie sat and surveyed her mom modeling the different selections.


Chyka tried on quite a few dresses and they all looked stunning on her, and I can’t remember how many she chose, but remember the shoes, hand bag and hats were also required to complete the outfit. I think Chyka is a very smart dresser and I don’t think I have ever seen her in an outfit that was really bad…(unlike Jackie and Pettipants)


Housewives on the way to Darby Day 2 x 2

  • Gamble and Gina in the same car general conversation and Gina explaining a bit about Darby Day…Gamble thought it was Oaks Day
  • Jackie and Janet (Jacket) in the same car pi$$ing and moaning about the other HWs and Jackie has a chess piece on her head (a Melissa Jackson COUTURE creation) for a hat…poor choice for riding in the car, she has to keep her head bent at a strange angle because of the low car roof.

Jackie Queen Headpiece

  • Lydia and Pettipants talked about how tall Pettipants really is and I went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when she started talking…sorry I may have missed something, but I am sure nothing important!!!


Flemington Race Course – The Lexus Marquee – The Birdcage

Race Course Group

Jackie explains her hat and says it is an example of how she interacts with the group of ladies that she is the Queen Bee…Gina scoffs in a DC by saying she is all over that like a cheap suit, LOL.

The ladies continue to talk and Gamble says in the spirit of the Melbourne Cup she will be hosting a dog race, and Lydia thinks her dog will win because it is a greyhound.

More conversation leads to Tempest and her recent facelift and how good it looks and Gamble and Janet are interacting much better now towards each other. Then we get Pettipants on Plastic Surgery…

DC/Petti: If you want to have plastic surgery, just know when to tone it down, there are too many women looking like clowns.

Petti now turns to her book and invites them to the launch party, and hands them all an invitation.


The women all get into snapping their fingers like Petti does…zzzzzzzzzz

Gina asks if it is bound in a book cover, and Petti says yes…and technically she is right because the soft cover is still a cover…however that wasn’t what Gina was asking.


DC/Gina: I am curious about Pettifleur’s book because I’ve posted stuff on FaceBook longer than that. (Remember she only read the one page).

Chyka proposes they go have a drink and they all head off to find the booze.


Betting At Derby Day

As the ladies get down to the betting…Janet bets on everything in sight, Petti makes a few bets, Lydia says she loves betting on races, and Jackie says it goes against her beliefs to use her psychic gift for betting (I was wondering why she had not won the lottery yet) but she makes a small $10 bet on #4.

Petti wins on #3, Lydia wins on #3 and Janet wins on every race. Lydia calls everyone else losers!


Petti Book Launch

This segment opens with Pettipants signing a book and looking up and saying “OH my gosh I have a massive queue here…the camera pans to at least 15 people and I think the most I saw were 30 anywhere in the segment, and they most likely were Petti’s friends…and Petti says she is like a “Pig in Mud”…(from your mouth to God’s ear honey!!!)

Janet is singing her praises, Lydia loves the cover because it looks like Petti…and then she starts snapping her fingers and says that click and that bubble butt…Petti says “that girl on the cover…that’s me…eat it”…(and I don’t want to know what she means, ok?)

Gamble brings a different perspective to the conversation and it seems she actually read it and gives a much better overall synopsis than any of the other women. She also says she might take advice from a self-help book if it weren’t about becoming a bitch!

Jackie show up saying how COUTURE she looks tonight (talking about herself). But is greeted warmly by all the ladies…and tells Petti she loved every minute of her book (I think I yacked a bit right then…LOL.)

Gamble mentioned the other book on the market called the Bitch Switch when talking to Janet and Gamble said she read it…she goes on to tell Janet about the other book which is a real self-help book with pages for you to answer questions, etc.

Gina arrives and greets Gamble and Janet and then says in her DC…”I’m curious about Pettifleur’s book” and Gina asks if they know if she has a Publisher? Janet says she is going to announce it tonight.

Then all the ladies are standing at the Step and Repeat and clicking their fingers for a photo op.

Petti takes the microphone and says HI EVERYBODY….and the rest of what she says before asking if anyone has any questions, is totally incoherent! But after she asks if anyone has any questions, Gamble asks who the Publisher is…and you could hear a pin drop, and Petti gets a look on her face…meow! (Uh oh…there is gonna be a fight!)

meow face

Petti goes into the same speech from my last blog…: “I’m self-publishing, because I don’t want my message lost in editing or proofreading or whatever, and then goes on to say “I have that Bitch mentality and I switched my Bitch… Publishers take away the message from your book. My book is not about selling my book, it is my true raw message.” (Thanks Petti…clear as mud to me now!)

Jackie, Chyka, Janet, and Gamble all walk up to her to congratulate her after she finishes speaking…Janet, Jackie and Chyka all make snarky DC remarks…and then Petti says she hopes it gets made into a movie because she wants to portray herself and be the star of the show…Uh…NEVAH gonna happen!!!

Gina tries to ask Petti a question of how she found herself in that situation to begin with and Petti rambles on about something, Gamble says she didn’t like the Pathetic Bitch…and I couldn’t listen to any more…I think I went and checked the air in my tires!

Jackie starts a fight…Gina tells her she jumped in mid-conversation and doesn’t know what has been going on…Jackie calling Gamble Gina’s mouthpiece, Petti jumps in saying Gamble is Gina’s mouthpiece…Jackie does a DC saying Gina gets Gamble to be her mouthpiece, a little Chihuahua…Gina tells Jacks to FO and that she is being a pain in the a$$…Gina then says she thinks she’ll go have a cocktail and asks Jacks if she needs a half an hour to get over herself…”will that be enough time luv?”

Jackie lectures about telling Gina and Gamble that this is not the right place to start crap (guess she forgets that it is NEVER the right time when she starts all of HER crap, eh?” Then Lydia has a DC and says Gamble should just STFU for a minute…Gamble tries to explain why a Publisher is so important…to DEAF EARS.


Gamble’s HEN’S Night Party at Gamble’s House

Gamble and Tempest are talking and Tempest is getting her makeup done by Gamble’s make up person (which will be a bone of contention between her and Gina later on).

We get to see Cash and the newest addition to the family, “Wicket”, a little female Pom that Gamble wants to show in another year or so.

Lydia and Janet driving to Gamble’s party and said in a DC “We all know what Gamble is about and this evening could end up being sexy.” Janet making a big deal about Tempest will be there.

Thank heavens Gamble put her foot down and had her party at her home and not the original venue Jackie and Chyka picked out…she said she didn’t want to be humiliated in public and some of the girls are very good at that…the yard is set beautifully and the ladies all show up as “Bond Girls”…Lydia is being snarky in a DC, Petti is saying she is going to be the Mean Bitch at the party…Gina is stunning and Petti brings a fake gun as an accessory, and the rest of them look good as well. Lydia thought Gina looked wonderful but snarked about how long it must have taken her to get ready saying she must have started a 1am that morning…Jacks and Chyka arrive

gungina bond

Rick’s son Luke walked Tempest out into the backyard in a tux and Gamble presented her to the other guests. Janet thinks she looks 10 years younger since the surgery, Petti said it might be a little bit too subtle and she will need another lift very soon (snark), Jackie shakes Tempest’s hand and said HI I’VE HAVEN’T MET YOU BEFORE BUT I HAVE A PSYCHIC VIBE OF WHAT YOU LOOKED LIKE BEFORE…(cough, sputter, gag) then In her DC she said she kind of got the vision that her whole face was pulled back behind her ears, but she looked graceful and beautiful and the Dr. did a great job.

Gamble brings out the diamonds to show the girls from when she and Rick went shopping…Lydia asks her how big she wants the diamond, 2k,3k,4k…then does a DC and holds up her ring and says BEAT THAT GAMBLE…and then laughs like an idiot.

Shirtless waiters show up passing food around, then they set up two chairs and place Gina in one, and Gamble in another and the strippers start their strip dancing and gyrating around both of them…Gina takes it in stride, and Gamble is clearly uneasy and tries to get away and out of the chair… “Jacket” are the next two in the chairs and Janet is pulling the underwear off one guy and Jackie is telling about how she used to sow wild oats but NOW SHE IS MARRIED!

gina gamble chairs

Lydia snarks that Gamble is pretending she never saw a naked man’s body before, c’mon, isn’t she used to something like this?

gamble stripper

Jackie does a DC saying Gamble put the biggest act on known to man it was like STFU

Chyka thought it would be a bit of fun and is sorry Gamble didn’t enjoy it. Just maybe Chyka that is why she said she didn’t want it! Duh!

Gamble later is talking to Chyka and says someone took her to a strip club years ago and she hated it and has a phobia about strippers (NO WONDER she said she didn’t want strippers at her party) why couldn’t they have respected that?

Gamble’s comments from her own blog are: “My ex-husband was in the oil industry in Houston. Before we flew home to Australia to get married, the girls from his office took me to a male strip club called La Bears.

Texan girls are wild! The women were screaming and molested these guys. I was put on stage and subjected to some full on stuff that grossed me out. The strippers had prickly skin from shaving and had grabbed my hands and made me rub their oily bodies. I spent the next hour in the bathroom washing my hands. That is why I don’t like strippers.



  • Tempest apologized to Janet for how she acted in Sydney
  • Janet said she would have defended her sister in the same way
  • Gina talking to Gamble saying she is trying to work out where the bloody rumors came from…you weren’t comfortable with the strippers…the rumors have to be coming from Carlos, does he have photos
  • Gamble no
  • Gina are you sure
  • Gamble I’m 100% sure
  • Gina I am worried for you more than anything
  • Gina spoke to Gamble and said do you know where part of your rumor came from?
  • Gamble NO
  • Gina, it’s your makeup artist, apparently she also does makeup for strippers
  • Jacqueline?
  • Janet starting on Gamble again with Tempest.
  • Gamble brings out the new puppy
  • Puppy licking Gina’s face
  • Petty Petti snarking it would take Wicket an hour to lick off Gina’s makup
  • Chyka brings out the sex toy gifts
  • I’m done!

NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST REGULAR SHOW, then a 2-part reunion…and guess what? Jackie and Gina have another fight…YAY…been there-done that-bought the T-shirt!!!

Ciao for now!


Don’t forget Gina has agreed to an “Ask Me Anything”  Please leave you your questions for Gina on the blog for Reality_Bytes.


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57 Responses to Brandi Glanville Podcast “Brandi talks about her son’s heart condition, and her sister’s surgeries” plus Real Housewives of Melbourne – Gamble’s Hen Party

  1. Good job – Kit & Reality Bytes!

  2. lila1star says:

    Oh Kit–one of these days I will learn not to be drinking coffee when reading your posts 🙂 Your Fire Brandi did it–lol. As one who deals with Chronic pain I am not sure how much faith I would put into a Doc who is hawking his theories on a BG podcast. However–the mind over body is not a new idea and I use it a lot. Distraction is good for a whole lot of ailments. Reality Bytes–good blog–another HW show I do not have to actually watch–just come and read 🙂
    Happy Mothers day to all you moms–have a good one.

  3. Powell says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! 😊🎁💐

  4. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!! 💃🎉💐🎈❤️😎

    Thank you Kit and Reality_Bytes for two super blogs!
    Once again, Brandi is throwing her sister under the bus. I’m surprised she doesn’t think Yo’s illness is all in her head too. Very interesting take on pain management because he’s using some aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
    I can’t wait to see how the last episode of RHOMel ends. I’m starting to really dislike most of the women.
    After seeing the pictures of RHOMiami that Tartsy posted, I would’ve really wanted to see more. Lisa and Lea live on Star Island, hello!?

  5. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! I had knee surgery on Thursday to repair my torn meniscus on my left knee. I’ve been on GOOD pain meds but I’m out of the fog now. Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

    • ladebra says:

      Glad your better!

    • Hope you have a quick recovery. Are you weight bearing? I had three surgeries where I wasn’t weight bearing for like 6-8 weeks at a time and it was not fun. I am the world’s worst klutz on crutches. I was miserable until I found this contraption called a knee walker where I could scoot around on.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I can put no more than 50% of my weight on it….using crutches. I’m on oxycodone, percocet and ambien to aid me. Haven’t used the ambien yet. The other stiff knocks me out. I went to my 1st physical therapy session on Fri. They tested my range of motion to determine how to proceed. I did ok with the pain meds in me.

    • Foxymel(Mel) says:

      I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. Take it easy.

  6. ladebra says:

    🐈💨. 🏃🏻💨.

    My new favorite emojis haha .. Ok I’m pathetic

    Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers. 😉

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to all – it is so quiet here today because you must all be out celebrating. Took my husband to see Dame Helen Mirren on Broadway since his birthday is coming up. The play was ok, but she was awesome!

  8. chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas on the blog I hope you have a stupendous day !!!!!!

    Quickie question before we go out for Chinese food yet …… Again……. 😴😴😴😴😴……. But it’s my mother’s choice.

    Someone posted a pic of Eileen with – her son ???? A dark haired boy at “cal poly”
    Is one of her kids at CalPolytech– is that THE Caltech???? The super school?
    Just wondering …….

    Ok going to read anything I can before we leave.

    Happy mama’s day!!!!

    • ladebra says:

      Cal Poly is a great school, but it isn’t Cal Tech.

    • ladebra says:

      CalTech is also very small & in Pasadena. It’s about as tough to get into as MIT & there are quite a few students who apply to both schools. There is a “friendly rivalry” between the two schools, where the do geek pranks on one another.
      Santa Clara University is another school that has a good engineering program & good internship opportunities, especially due to its location in/near Silicon Valley.
      Both CalTech and Santa Clara U are smaller private schools & would cost more than in-state publics for CA residents (unless you get merit or need-based aid).

  9. Good job, Kit9 and RBytes. Enjoyed both your blogs so much.

    Again, we’re finding out personal personal secrets of those unfortunate enough to have Brandi in their business: poor sister, I think maybe Brandi hates her. Otherwise, Brandi has a serious mental deficiency that does make her a dangerous person to have around.

    RBytes, I hated the “hen party” strippers segment. I know people want to have some naughty fun, but I just don’t like seeing anyone, man or woman, having their clothing pulled at like that–it’s a bit too much like sexual assault to me. I know they’re paid and expect it, therefore it’s “implied” consent, but I don’t like it. I also feel Gamble had every right not to want some stranger’s junk in her face, party or no, and she had told them not to do it. So thumbs down to the women who then had the gall to criticize her for her feelings. It ALL makes me queasy because sexual assault is rampant on this planet.

    Pettifleur’s taking some liberty to call that a book. 😀

    • ladebra says:

      I agree WTG. Gamble looked very uncomfortable, and to have the fake psychic call it all an act and have Gamble’s sensibilities marginalized – I thought was vulgar of Jackie. Not couture. She is slime, slime, slime.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      And interestingly the girl on Blood Sweat and Heels who appears to be such a Beeeyotch – is also self publishing.

      What’s wrong with these people !?????
      They can’t get pubs !??????

      • Well, in Pettifleur’s case, she hasn’t actually written A BOOK, as far as I can tell. That’s a very slim volume, and she can’t even talk about it coherently. Maybe she should have written a picture book.

        So I’m guessing no, she couldn’t get an actual publisher.

        • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

          I’m with you on that !!!!

          Remember Andrea from Season 1 meeting with the publisher —- and the publisher was looking as Andrea all aghast …… Andrea was SO sanctimonious —

          Andrea and Petty would make wonderful friends.

          I wonder if Andrea self published her wonderful “mothering rules” book.

          • Good question. Because lord knows there’s nowhere to read anything like that now. 😉

            I’d like to see Andrea and Petti together. They’d be BFFs…until they killed each other.

    • chismosa / aka Bethenny's #1 Fan says:

      I’m with you and I hate strippers !

      I wanted to tweet gamble – I am like her — grossssssss👹

  10. Powell says:

    Hope you all had a great mother’s day. 😊

  11. Powell says:

    So do y’all think this is NeNe’s last season?

    • Rebecca wishes dragons would appear and roast every Housewife who says or does something stupid. says:

      This episode was billed the “last Atlanta reunion.” Could Bravo have cancelled RHOA?

    • I wonder. She’s being quoted as saying she’ll return IF so-and-so doesn’t. That’s not good to say out loud, much less to the producers. Some people don’t like caving to DIVA behavior.

      I like Nene, though I can’t defend some of her immature behavior. I keep hoping she’s not over playing her hand in a very fickle industry. She’s cracked a nut that countless talented, highly trained, and skilled entertainers cannot. But Fate holds the high cards in life. I hope she learns that and prepares for the worm to turn.

      It always does.

  12. ladebra says:

    Just around the corner. woohoo

  13. mrs peabody says:

    I thought that was really interesting how 4 of the women went to Nene’s side and 2 just set there in their chairs. I think there is something wrong with Kandi and her lack of feelings for people. Clearly Nene was in pain and Kandi has been on this show from almost the beginning with her. You’d think she’d have some passion for her. I’m not a Claudia fan so I expect nothing from her but Kandi I did. Kind of like she treats her husband when it involves her mom and Todd, no feelings for what he’s feeling. Wonder if she is really this cold hearted in real life.

    • Kandi has lost me this season. In fact, I was surprised when she didn’t get the pre-nup taken care of long before her wedding day. She put Todd in a terrible position and she held all the cards. She basically clipped his balls right there on camera. Anyone would resent that, and it’s not a good way to start a marriage.

      • mrs peabody says:

        You’d think if they were ever to divorce he’d have a valid request to have it invalidated given how late it was given to him to sign. If I remember there was something said on camera about not being under any pressure to sign it or whatever was said but still there was pressure there. He either signed it as is or he didn’t get married. If I was him I probably would have walked away. She had plenty of time to get it ready. She appears to be on Kandi time in everything she does. Someday it is going to bite her in the butt big time.

        • ladebra says:

          I think I remember that both Kandi and Todd dropped the ball on the prenup. I think I remember that Todd was asked for weeks to get his lawyer to review the prenup and he procrastinated. I think a prenup is a smart idea, especially for later marriages where one or both people have significant assets. It’s always a good idea to get things spelled out while everyone is calm and still in love.

          I watched Part3 last night; I’m not a Nene fan. I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her. And I remember that this reunion was shot in one day. Naynay had just shouted down Kandi a few hours before. I believe these two are not friends. I believe Kandi has seen that person manipulate and con people to run her agenda. And I get why Kandi stayed in her seat. They don’t like each other. They see each other.

  14. VV™ says:

    Kim comentes on this pic. So, she has access to Social Media and/or Internet.

    We know Barron’s graduation was yesterday and her comment shows date.

    • VV™ says:

      I meant of course, Kim Ruchards as Barron is Kathy’s son.

      Typo above: “Kim comentes”, I meant to type “Kim commented”

      • T-Rex says:

        From what I read they get a certain portion of their day they can use internet, social media. I gave a link to the place, it’s a Sober House, you have daily AA meetings you must attend, you are drug tested and tested for alcohol several times a day. You can’t leave the premises without an escort and express permission, and your family cannot visit at first, then they can visit with supervised permission.

  15. ladebra says:


  16. T-Rex says:

    OMFG again KIT way to go and way to go Reality Bytes I don’t watch Melbourne but great you are posting. OKAY first off, that moron THELIARSUPREMESLUTBAGSCUMBAGLYINGLIARJEALOUSBITCHMORONSTUFBrandi must have zero to do with her children’s actual doctor visits, because Angioedema is NOT a heart condition and has zero to do with that, it’s a form of EDEMA which causes swelling, particularly in the face and mouth. By the way most cases, especially in children are from an allergic reaction, particularly medications. IN addition, childhood cholesterol issues have, in most cases, to do with issues in eating foods that are high in calories and fat, some children do have this from heredity, but like in my eldest nephews case, his was from lunchables and a steady diet of fast food. He had super skyhigh cholesterol as a child and teen, and now that he is an adult, eats healthy, and exercises, his cholesterol is completely normal. I don’t believe her kid has cholesterol issues she is one of those folks that is worse than a hypochondriac, she thinks having an ailment is like a GOLD STAR and she will milk it for all it’s worth. Since I have chronic pain, as do a few others here on the boards, I take a LOT of issues with doctors that would tell me it’s all in my head, and if I just “wished” the pain away I could. UHM nope, I have cancer, I see a pain management specialist at a CANCER center. We even had discussions when I first came to see him, he told me flat out that more than 65% of the world on pain management do not need it, they do it to get high, they like being medicated etc. He said that was the same thing with anti-depressants and more than 65% of folks on Xanax were over prescribed, hmmmm, like that idiot above. ~ I am on pain managers and we have weaned me down to an acceptable level, I hope to be off them some day, my Pain doc said that may not be a realistic goal, but he was all for me trying that, he also stated that mentally trying to manage pain was a great idea, but that in cases where a patient is in real chronic pain daily that it may not work.

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